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Pure Synth® Platinum is a full-blown rompler/synthesizer for your iOS device. Neither the synth engine or the sample engine is an afterthought: Both engines are fully capable and feature-rich. The romper section contains a well rounded assortment of analog, synth, string, digital, and acoustic instruments. The beauty of Pure Synth® is the ability to mix between the two worlds of analog and sample based instruments. From rich and warm pianos, to lush strings and articulated woodwind sounds, your thirst for real world instruments will be quenched. This is probably one of the most extensive, feature-rich, and preset laden plugins you can get for iOS device. PS: We also have an affinity for 80’s and 90’s digital synths, so look for your favorite old school sounds in there as well.


When you first purchase, you will have access to all of the analog oscillators. You can use as-is without loading your device with the 6GB sample content, but there will be no presets. Go to the Settings——>IAP section and you will be able to download two sets of IAP

1. Factory Preset Samples - Contains 3.23GB of the samples needed for the presets.
2. Factory Samples Additional Content - Contains 2.7GB of the remaining sample content that is not used in any of the presets

So in the future, when we add additional content and IAP, you are free to delete the sample content to free up your device for other content.


▪ 650 Presets
▪ 1,000 Sounds including acoustic
▪ 21619 Samples
▪ 6.0GB Sample Size
▪ 108 custom wavetables recreated from analog sources
▪ Warm Table™ technology for analog rich sounding wavetables
▪ PWM for Analog Oscillators
▪ JP-Like Detuning with variable blend modes
▪ Tap+Hold to Assign Modulation to a parameter
▪ 20 High Quality Digital Effects, including the FULL VKFX Suite from Overloud™
▪ Series and Parallel Effects Routing Options

iOS Features:

▪ iOS 11+
▪ AUv3 Full View Support
▪ Supports Scrolling to see all parameters
▪ Background Audio
▪ Virtual MIDI
▪ Separate MIDI Channel Selections
▪ Full 2732 x 2048 HD View
▪ Virtual Keyboard Sends MIDI
▪ MIDI Learn any parameter
▪ File Sharing of Presets


▪ Flexible Preset System with Fast search, loading, and saving
▪ Favorites option for sounds and presets
▪ Lightening fast sample streaming engine
▪ Warm analog rich simple-set ran through analog gear
▪ Warm Wavetable Technology
▪ Easy modulation system - Tap+Hold to assign modulation to virtually any source
▪ A VA circuit modeled State Variable Filter
▪ Ability to select edit multiple oscillators
▪ JP-8000 Supersaw Unison/Detune
▪ Powered Scale Option - Scales the detuning in a unique way.
▪ Brand New FX System
▪ Dynamically and Graphically position FX signal flow in virtual racks.
▪ Separate Oscillator FX sends for Reverb and Insert FX.
▪ Featuring Overloud's VKFX Suite.
▪ New Dattorro's figure-of-eight Algorithmic Reverb.
▪ New Schroeder Algorithmic Reverb.
▪ New Soft Master Limiter with Tube Saturation.
▪ New Stereo Spread/Widener with Safe Bass Multi-Mode Settings.

Custom Impulse Responses taken from high quality reverbs:

▪ ASR-10/DP4 from the Ensoniq hardware.
▪ EMT-44 Delay.
▪ Lexicon 200 Digital Reverb
▪ Lexicon 480X Digital Reverb
▪ Lexicon PCX900
▪ Roland DEP3 Echo
▪ Roland RE201
▪ Rare Spring

> 2GHz ARM Processor Recommended - iPad Pro 12.9 and 9.7 in, iPad 5th Gen, iPad Pro 12.9 in. (Gen 2), iPad Pro 10.5 in., iPad 6th Gen, iPad Pro 11 in., iPad Pro 12.9 in. (Gen 3), iPad Air (Gen 3)

Pure Synth® Platinum App Description & Overview

The applications Pure Synth® Platinum was published in the category Productivity on 2019-06-11 and was developed by MIDIculous LLC. The file size is 245.66 MB. The current version is 2.3.1 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

- Fixed Issues with MIDI Recording
- Added User Manual
- Fixed Crash in MultitrackStudio and other Apps
- Added support for Full View in GarageBand
- Reduced CPU in Presets

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Pure Synth® Platinum Reviews


An Amazing Synth for iPad  B-dub1111  5 star

This synth truly is amazing. I love the fact that I can dial-in the exact frequencies in both the modulation and the LFO! I also love the sounds. I am already using this in my productions, I will buy all the apps from this company instantly. Great job, this is far beyond worth the value for the price!


Here it is again. Apple keeps removing it.  Eriptron  4 star

(1st generation iPad Pro on iOS 12.3.1) Pure Synth Platinum 2 keyboard is all but useless. There isn’t an octave adjustment and I gather the little square with the zero inside would, if it was completed, show the selected octave. No note latching. No mod control. No pitch control. No key size adjustment. As an AUv3, the full screen size requires sliding the app up and down to see everything and since synth screens are usually filled pretty full, making finding a ‘safe’ touch location challenging to find. Keyboard should be able to be slid up and down to uncover controls it’s on top of. It makes more sense to use a long touch to open a control’s Menu and a double-touch to set the control to zero or a normal starting value Installing the 4 extra packs were problematical. The first time the download didn’t want to start and the App crashed. Deleted and reloaded App. Tried downloading the first pack again. App crashed again. Cancel download wasn’t working. Removed app. Without the app installed. The first download pack started downloading. Loaded PSP2 again. This time I could cancel the download though. Waited about 5-6 minutes until it finally did cancel. Cycled power twice on my device. Reinstalled app and successfully installed all four packs without incident. Took not quite 5.9GB. Several tabs under the Settings screen are now gone, one being Audio? The virtual keyboards are a problem. The built in one, the App screen will scroll completely above it but only from where the App’s virtual keyboard sits though. We need to be able to move the keyboard up or down like iVCS3 can. That doesn’t work with AUM’s virtual keyboard. You can’t scroll up high enough to to access the bottom of the Control screen. With jockeying the windows location and size, I was able to get the AUM keyboard and PSP2 to play nicely together and scroll up to access the very bottom of the App’s screen. The downside of using the full screen AUv3 and scrolling around the UI, is that you frequently can’t make simultaneous adjustments when one control is off screen. The biggest downside that I see with Pure Synth Platinum 2 is that it doesn’t seem to have a personality. It seems like just a bunch of things that were thrown together. Nothing actually matched together for an overall unique experience (eg Poison 202, Spacecraft, WaveSHAPER Pro, OuttBass, LayR, Magellan to name a few). PSP is inconsistent when using AUM’s virtual keyboard with it’s key latching capability. With samples, changing to another one, the latched note/s are released, making checking samples extremely laborious. Adjusting various settings in PSP2 caused AUM’s latched key/s to be released. What are the unlabeled controls Under Attack and Decay sliders? Inconsistent labeling under Amp and Filt; Decay/Dec and Sustain/SusI if you can fit the label Control, you could fit Filter instead of Filt. Inconsistencies are symptomatic of poor company/dept organization. That all said, the prefab sounds sound wonderful. And setting a control to zero (or any value) is waaaay easier in PSP2 than 98% of the other synth app’s. I’ve never seen a synth with a ‘pitch’ wheel module and a mod wheel module before but it still makes sense to put those two wheels on the keyboard for ease of access. Then to have the pitch wheel in the bottom left and the Mod wheel in the upper right?? That just doesn’t make a lot of sense. The other aspects that could stand improving would be to add non-standard wave forms for the LFO. With 4 Oscillators, 4 Amp envelopes, 4 Filter envelopes and 4 Control sections with separate pitch controls YET PSP2 only has 1 LFO?! Why hamstring it? Why not 4? Here’s the rating killer. NO MANUAL OR DOCUMENTATION NOR IN APP HELP! And videos are not documentation. (You can’t search videos for answers like you can a PDF for one.)


Jamal and his crew keeps killing it  Dimapicstudio  4 star

Thanks Jamal you know exactly what we want. I just wish other companies took something from your playbook. We need more musicians who have programming skills to do what you do. I don’t normally write reviews but boy if you made a hardware performance workstation I would be interested. Good job keep up the good work. And blessings to you. This is sure worth more money than you guys are asking. Just did a reggae bubble with this. Yes it’s good for all types of music even Caribbean

Least significant digit

Strong where the competition is weak  Least significant digit  5 star

I bought this in the Amun’s 2019 intro promotion. Quite frankly, the first time I ran it, it drove me crazy (2019 iPad Air) with glitches and dropouts on some sounds. Then I closed a bunch of other programs and it ran fine. Prior to this, my main source for romper sounds have been SampleTank, GarageBand, and KORG M1. Pure synth offers a lot more variety in the piano and orchestral categories especially. It is much better for synth sounds than M1 as it has portamento. Pure Synth does not have drums or percussion as of now., but my other instruments cover that pretty well.


Awesome perfect sounds  Oldrumguy  5 star

I have many synth apps but this app is a must for more standard sounds no Matter what your looking for choirs, strings, guitars electric pianos acoustic pianos you name it it’s here and they all sound great.


Yeah!  SlowlyIturn  5 star

Great sounds! The most fun you can probably have for this little money! I almost feel bad paying so little. Many great sounds!


Premium Synthesis App  Brock_Harris  5 star

Just do it!


Jamal Hartwell’s Products Never Disappoint!!!  Timstrel  5 star

I have many of his iOS products, BASSalicious 1&2, MIDIculous and MKSensation and I. Use all of them in recording and live performance and they always turn heads because of the fact that it’s an iPad. Thanks again for this wonderful sounding program.

Babble on One

Good stuff, as usual!  Babble on One  5 star

Great stuff, team! I don’t know how you do it! ✌🏻😎🎹🌴🌞










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