Roller Splat!

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Grab this unique new exciting painting puzzle game for FREE!

Swipe up, down and all around to send your vibrant paintball rolling through the maze as you splash, splat and sploosh color all over the clean white maze. Complete the levels of each puzzle by covering every corridor and corner with beautifully bright paint. It feels so satisfying, who doesn't love a clean coat of fresh paint?

Roller Splat! is the exciting free game you'll want to tell your friends about. Which level can they get to?!

- Unique and fun puzzles levels
- Smooth and satisfying ball-rolling action.
- Fun and relaxing to play
- Free to play
- Bright and colourful
- Loads of vibrant paint colors
- Simple and satisfying
- Beautifully clean and fluid paint physics

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Roller Splat! Comments & Reviews

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- A phew things to work on

Hey developer(s)👋🏻! I love the game! It’s really fun and really addictive! I just have a phew things that I think could improve the game... so for starters you guys made the game where it repeats levels. It doesn’t really bother me but when I showed this game to my friends, they got really annoyed and deleted the game. I think you should work on that a little bit. Another thing is the skip this level thing. It makes the game a lot easier and all but I think it would be a lot cooler if you could show us how we could have passed the level. It could really help the players of this game with future levels. Also I think the levels could be a little harder. I just started this app a phew days ago and I’m already passed level 200. I also think you get rid of some of the adds that pop up on almost every level. If that is something you cannot get rid of then I totally understand but it gets kind of annoying. Over all I think this game is really fun and enjoyable. I do recommend these kinds of games but if you’re a short tempered person that throws their phone when their annoyed or mad then I don’t think I would recommend it because it is really challenging at some levels and I really enjoy those levels😁. Anyway thanks for reading this and I hope you can make this game even more fun than it already is!😁👍🏻

- It is fun but repetitive

Ok so if you hv read any of these reviews you would see that ever one says the levels repeat. And that is true. At first you get super addicted to the game and can’t stop playing and you think it is the best but it is not. When you go back to it the next day or later you start to realize the levels repeat especially in the 200’s I had a super hard level and a passed it. Not even 10 levels later it repeated again me and my friend were both playing and started to get mad and frustrated. We knew the levels repeated but it was never that close I mean come on. Then like ever 10-15 levels the same levels were repeating and we are both pretty good at this game so 10-15 levels was like 1-2 min tops. I didn’t delete the app because it takes up time when you are absolutely board out of your Skull!! Or when you want to play a game when you are watching tv but not take away from the show over all I would hv prolly have given it a 0 if it was not at first fun and helps you from not losing your mind when you are board. Sorry this is so long 😐 Ok so I thought I was a little harsh I give this 3 ✨. As I explained before it keeps you from getting board and doesn’t take awY from things. This is my new favorite game to play whale on the phone because it doesn’t make much noise and is relaxing. Me and my friend hv been seeing who can pass faster but do get board after about 15-20 min so that is why I give it 3 stars and guys keep on going it gets better

- Mindless Fun!

Looking for a puzzle game that doesn’t get too hard but you can go back to at any time and enjoy? Roller Splat is just that! While the puzzles themselves never get too difficult and seem to almost repeat themselves, it’s still a nice game to keep coming back too just for fun! You can play as many levels as you like and go back for more. The paintball itself has pretty colors and I like watching it roll across the map. You can change the ball as you go higher to difficult levels - even getting a cute Unicorn! The reason I gave this game three stars is because there’s tons of ads! Every two to three levels I get an ad, and though they might not last long, it definitely deters from the gameplay. Another reason is that I can play the game for a short amount of time (like three minutes or so) before my phone starts to heat up and get extremely hot! I’m unsure why it does this but a game with low graphics and not a lot of huge gameplay shouldn’t make my phone get super hot. I have to put the game down a lot since I worry about what the overheating can do to my phone’s battery. Personally I feel like if the game developers fixed the ad issues without having their customers pay to get rid of ads, and fix the overheating, the game would be much more fun! Overall, if you don’t mind the ads and your phone doesn’t get hot, this game is fun to play in small amount of spurts and is just easy fun!

- Don’t get! Stupid

I have a few things to say about this app. 1. The levels are not hard at all! But then when you get a challenging one you think “ ooooh this is goons be good” it’s just gives you another easy one a 3 year old could solve. Like common. Improve on that! I came onto this game thinking that this was going to be hard and challenging and I like stuff like that but nope! Easiest thing on earth. So if you like hard core, brain tricking, fun stuff this is NOT for you! 2. Ads. Ads. Ads. Now I know you might be thinking that’s how they make money or it’s fine it’s just a few ads every now and then. NO! I get a stupid pop up add every level. Oh and every 5 mins a get this 30 second long add and sometimes ones for minutes!! I’m okay with that if they give you and x or a skip add thing but no it never gives me an x or skip. 3. They repeat levels. It’s fine if they did it once or twice as a mistake but on level 3 they give you this easy one and then on level 109 they give you the same easy one! 4. The ONLY reason why I gave this 2 stars is because when there is no internet or you are bored as a chicken in a coop then you can play this. Also since it’s so easy you level up real quick and get to high levels fast so when I get to 100 or 430 I feel like I have accomplished something and it makes me feel good. I want to see how high I can get! Hope you enjoyed reading my review and found it helpful also thanks if you did read it! Have a good day or rest of day!!

- So awesome! But please read

This game is SUPER addictive. I could play it for hours. Ut there are three things that are annoying. 1. The worst thing about this game is the adds! Oh my gosh, every ten seconds there’s an add! I get that the game needs to make money, but if you lowered the amount of adds, more people would get the game! 2. The next thing is that the game isn’t super hard. I’m on level 123 and it’s just the same as level 6. Some are big, as if that makes them better, but are just as easy. When do the levels get hard? Or do they never? 3. The last thing is that the levels are pretty repetitive. This is said in almost every review! Some levels are actually the SAME!! But a lot are very similar. This is a really fun game, and I love it so much!💕 It’s a logic puzzle game that is super addictive. I like that there are skins, to add something to work towards. I also enjoy that when you get to a certain level it tells you you’re in the something percent. I like that because it makes me feel accomplished, and I like to challenge myself so that’s cool. If you like any sort of logic games, I would recommend this to you. If these three things were fixed, this would be a perfect, 5 star review game.

- Meh...

Okay, so I downloaded this game because I had seen an add whilst playing Helix Jump, and I thought “oh cool, I don’t have many puzzle games on my phone, and this looks like a challenge! I’ll download.” So I downloaded it, and I was super excited. BUT THEN, I soon realized that the game was totally different from the add. Firstly, it’s poorly designed, and the graphics aren’t nearly as clean as the advertisement. Secondly, I don’t know who the heck designed it, but there is literally no home page showing the amount of levels that there are, or a button that says “pause.” Also, this game is just too easy. The day I downloaded it, it seemed okay and it got harder. However, I noticed once I reached level 100, the levels became TOO familiar. This game recycles levels, which is seriously so annoying. The only levels that are actually challenging are the “bonus levels” which are also recycled, and they aren’t even hard anymore because I’ve memorized the pattern. Surprisingly, I don’t actually have to watch too many ads, and when I do watch them, I usually get to skip them, so I guess it depends. I am now on level 517, and I play this game whenever there is no internet because it’s honestly the only one that works with no internet. So yeah. If you’re looking for a game to play when you’re super bored, or you easily get satisfied by coloring, this is the game for you. If you’re looking for a challenge, this is not the game for you.

- Ok,hear me out on this

Ok so I only just started having AMAZE and this GaMe¿ so I think this is worse then AMEZE Because look if you take sometime to realize this is ALOT SLOWER if your just going to fast it will mess up and you will go backwards it’s REALLY ANNOYING so I would definitely suggest: if your the person that want a actual good quality game like this I highly suggest AMAZE it’s faster and better quality it has less ads (for me it may not for you) it does not make you go backwards or nothing (for me may not for you) so please fix this if not I think I am going to possibly have to delete this at this point you may say:YoUr OvEr ReAcTiNg¡! Well I am not over exaggerating I am standing up for what is happening on my screen I am not trying to pile trash on this game and just leave this like it’s trash all together! So developers please make this game more enjoyable and please please do what I request and again if not I may have to delete this because this is like this!! Please understand! Thank you whoever understands this or who is taking there own time to read this I don’t really like this I am telling you why so you can’t really get mad with so please actually fix this please and thank you i appreciate you using your time reading this thanks for reading developers understand this and update game I would very very much enjoy this better!

- Fun but my friends take my phone...

Ok, so, I deleted this app and there is a long story about that, and I’ll get to that in a second. This game is wayyyyy too easy and it reuses levels so then I just kept on playing the same levels over again. Here is why I deleted it though... so one day I was playing this game on my phone and my friend shows up and says, “hey can I play?” So I said sure. She starts playing and asks me what the game is called because she is practically addicted to it within 1 minute. I tell her it’s called roller splat. So the next day she texted and asked what it was called again and I told her. She downloaded it and within an hour she was on level 100. Then another hour had passed and she somehow made it to level 400. I asked her what level she was on the next day and she said “I deleted it because I was so addicted to it. I made it to like, 450.” So then all my other friends wanted to play it off my phone so I just deleted it because I am NOT wasting my battery on a game. But now thinking about it, this game is obviously too easy if she made it to 450 within 2and a half hours....

- Best game ever!!

This is my favorite, go-to game. I play it EVERYDAY. I am currently on level 813 and counting, and I am still enjoying every level. There is lots of repetition in the levels, but you get to memorize them, and it becomes a fun challenge. There are also an incredible amount of ads, but that’s how VooDoo makes money, so there’s nothing you can do, other then buying the no-ads thing, for $4.99. It’s sounds like a lot just to take away a few adds but it’s worth it. Otherwise, if you do not want adds to show up, just turn on Airplane Mode, and none of the ads will be able to connect due to the absence of a connection, because Airplane Mode turns off cellular data, WiFi, and Bluetooth. Even though the ads are not able to connect to be able to appear, the game only lags a little tiny bit. I am only thirteen, but I love this game and play it everyday. It has truly changed my life, because I play it when I have an anxiety attack, and it QUICKLY calms me down. Anyways, I hope that this review helped you determine whether to buy this app or not (Btw, you totally should!) INSTALL IT NOW!!!

- VooDoo back at it

It’s interesting seeing a game like this get so successful. As you may notice after reading through all of these reviews, most of not ALL of the problems people have stem from the obnoxious amount of ads. Now you may say “Oh that’s just how they make money”. Well, here’s the thing, the app store for free games has evolved into some weird type of oligopoly. VooDoo, being one of the developers that takes part in this sick practice of literally SHOVING ads down consumer’s throats, has yet to change their ways because it’s an easy way to make money. They care so little about the consumer that the way they “fix” the ad problem is by making you pay a fee to get rid of ads so you can play a mediocre game that has no life-expectancy whatsoever. Honestly, how many of you will play this game in two months. I would rather have VooDoo make a QUALITY game that can be played for years and years. Look at Super Cell. They made multiple games which have been extremely relevant for YEARS. VooDoo, get your stuff together. Stop feeding players your underdeveloped garbage and make a game WORTH playing. Thank you.

- So addictive but please read this

I downloaded this game yesterday and I’m already on level 345! This game is so fun and addictive. I can barely stop playing it. Something that I really like about this game is that when every you reach level 100,200,300..., the game encourages you saying that only certain people can get as far as we did, which makes me want to keep going to be the 1% person to complete the level. I love this game but there are some things that could be improved. 1: adds. I get that adds are important and sometimes introduce fin new games, but I don’t need to see an add every other level. 2: repeated levels. I also understand that creating new levels for every time is difficult, but can you please not repeat the really easy levels so much. I could do those with my eyes closed. 3: no music. Some people don’t like music, but it just feels off to play a game that doesn’t have any music. Can you please add sounds at the very least? Thanks. I get that making a game can be hard, but please try to do something about this. I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!

- Themes and Colors!

I enjoy this game a lot. It really is mindless entertainment, which works well for my mood. Just a suggestion: I’d love to have more control over colors and themes. It was probably a glitch, but I opened the app and the landscape was dimmed out and the paint ball was glowing with the trail looking glittery. It looked very cool and I was somewhat pleased with the change until it seemed to fix itself after that level. I love the ball having the paint splatter trail, it makes the game more visually satisfying. But I’d love to choose darker colors of paint, rusty red or burnt orange or a dark midnight blue or forest green, or perhaps different color themes altogether. Same with the background landscape. It would be great to be able to choose your background or at least have some options. I’d also really like the levels to get more difficult overall as you progress through the game, or maybe just have the larger, more difficult ones appear more frequently, the ones that aren’t as straight forward to complete. The game kills time in a mildly satisfying way, and I like that. I’d love to keep this game, but I’d love for it to be a little more developed. Thanks for the app. I really do enjoy it. 😊

- Fun, but ...

I’m addicted to this game, so you can take my negative comments with a grain of salt. I do love this game. However, there are a couple of fairly big problems with the app. First of all, a large majority of the levels are way too easy. That’s not a huge problem because you can get past them pretty fast and get to a more challenging level. Every level that’s divisible by 25 is suitably challenging. But that brings me to a much bigger problem, which is starting to become a deal-breaker for me. When you get to a level that’s divisible by 100, a banner pops up that covers most of the screen telling you what percentage of people reach that level. That’s all well and good, except that after it disappears, it then keeps popping up over and over again — while you’re trying to play one of the most difficult levels! That’s something they’ve GOT to fix. I was just trying to finish level 500, and it’s pretty hard. I gave up not because the level is too hard, but because that &$%# pop-up kept getting in my way! I think I’m done playing until they fix that.

- Have to waste time on to many easy levels

The game works well and there are a lot of ads but I don’t really mind the adds. What gets me is all the easy levels you have to go through that are literally no challenge at all. I’m not trying to sound smart, really, they are literally not challenging... you can be on level 150 and still have to go through puzzle after puzzle that a 2 year old could solve. The challenging levels are really fun though. But they only pop up every 15-20 levels or so. When you get to a challenging level you think “alright, this game is about to get good.” But no, as soon as you finish that challenging level it’s back to 15 consecutive levels for the 2 year old. If there is a way to bypass the easy levels I haven’t found it. I have given up on this game at about level 60 and if it were just me I’d give it 3 stars. However, my 5 and 8 year old children love it much more and are both on some level above 200 and still loving it. They would give it 5 stars. So I’m going with a rating in the middle... 4 stars.

- This is the hardest they tried huh

So I’ve had this game for a while and I’m really disappointed. I play it whenever I literally have no internet because it’s the only game that even works (which means almost never) I got the game through an add on Helex jump, and I thought to myself “wow this like a fun game to play on my phone!” It was fine for the first HOUR that I had it at least. 30 minutes later I finally realized that this game was not like the add at all! The graphics are crappy! I usually don’t say that about game graphics but IT IS! Also it looks NOTHING like the add! Idk who made this game, whoever did just seriously. =_= I’m at level 567 right now and I’m starting to recognize the levels from the start of the game. Basically the game just’s store’s it in the game memory to bring out later so you hopefully don’t recognize it. Ok so I know what your probably wondering “why didn’t she notice that at the start?” I didn’t recognize the levels because I had just got it.(No offense tho). Hears the part that makes me a little mad. I was reading the age warning thing and THEY LIED! Oh I know who made this, Pinocchio. =-=. They said there’s gambling and nudity in the adds..? There’s. Not. yet I can still have common sense unlike voodoo so please change your status.

- Good but needs a little fixes, and there are some hints to have more fun

All you have to do, to stop the adds, is turn off WiFi or turn off data ( if you have it). When WiFi is turned off, you fly through the levels much more faster, like I went through 100 levels in 15 minutes!! What they could fix is that sometimes, even with WiFi or data, it lags or it is a little slow. I think that you should update this app and kind of make that better. Overall, this game is good. How they give you and option of what “balls” to use, like watermelon, basketball, soccer ball, etc. is really cool. Also, how if you struggle on the first 100, you can watch a video. That really helped me when I couldn’t pass 2 levels. Overall, this is an amazingly amazing, addictive game that you should play, but there are some things you can do to enjoy it more, and it may need to be updated.

- Too Many Ads and Repeated Levels

So I’ve played many games from this company or creator and they have all turned out to be super good and fun to play. With this being said I waited to write my review (I am now on level 548) this game has way too many ads as others are saying. Every 2-3 levels there’s a pop up ad that you can X out after 5 or so seconds but it’s annoying, and causes the game to lag somewhat. This needs to be fixed or spaced out a little more. Another thing I noticed is the repetition between levels. Now on level 548 like said, I’ve noticed that I have played some levels at least 5-10 time. I get that there is only so many combos you can make but maybe make the map size bigger in order to have different levels added too. (I.E a3x3 4x4 5x5 etc etc). Overall the game is fun though and Ill continue to go to the highest level I can achieve. Hopefully this becomes harder to obtain though. Also would like to see some more customization to the ball and colors or the game or something on that line in the future too as someone else said. Thanks for the game guys! Happy playing to all!

- Simple, mindless. Too many ads

A fun game that somehow leaves you wanting more - and not necessarily in a good way. Certainly not more ads (of which there are many which seem to run whether you click them or not, and too many 30-second ads you can’t cancel). No, instead the ‘more’ is more challenge and more clarity. Too many of the levels are so simple - only one path through, impossible to miss, yet others require thought to discover the optimal path (fastest, fewest swipes, etc.). What’s frustrating, though is sometimes you get a ‘Perfect!’ splash, but for no known reason. Certainly on the single-threaded levels there is no possible way you could make fewer moves, so perfect can’t be based on that. On other levels where you think you screwed up and repaint over huge swaths of area, you get a ‘Perfect!’ It doesn’t make sense. Moreover, you have no way of going back and repeating a level to find the ‘optimal’ path. So, unfortunately, this game falls into the bucket of ‘how many ads can we show with the minimal level of actual gameplay’. Good for an hour or two, at best.


Okay so when I was about to first download this I checked the reviews just to make sure and I was a little skeptical, but when I did download, I had a WAYYYY better experience then what the other reviews say this app is like. Honestly, I’m fine with the ads. Cause if you’ve ever had a game from a big mini game company, you know that they need to put the ads so their company doesn’t loose money. And most of the time they let you skip it anyways so yeah! I like the repetitive levels. I know it’s weird to like that sort of thing but you start to memorize them and pass them fast which I enjoy because I’m on a race with my friend who is on like level 600 or whatever. Those are really the only 2 things that this game might have a flaw in but I’m good with them! So yeah. I just wanted to put this out there so more people actually get this app because it’s really fun. (You can play with no WiFi so that’s another plus) Thank you Voodoo for making another awesome game!

- Good, but ads :(

Okay, please read this review, people that want to buy this app and developer(s). It’s a really good game, don’t get me wrong, but there’s room for improvements. I just got this game like five minutes ago and there’s already problems. First of all, there are WAY too many ads. As soon as you finish a level, there’s an ad. It is so fricking annoying, if it wasn’t for the coolness of the levels, I would’ve deleted it. And then there’s the levels. The levels are great and all, but they’re way too easy. A two year old could solve your hardest one. I thought this game was supposed to be a challenge!! Why did I get this app, you ask? I kept seeing ads for it saying “Harder than it looks,” and I thought “Oh hey, I always see ads for this, so why don’t I get it, I want a challenge!” but it turns out, it’s really easy. I like the game in general, but it needs work. PLEASE TAKE AWAY THE ADS!!! I mean you can keep a few, to make money and stuff, but you kinda took it over the top. If you want a five star rating on your app, take away the ads. Please. Thank you for reading this!! ;)

- In my opinion,

I just started playing this game, but before I downloaded it I read the reviews, and it could be because I just started the game but, I disagree with most of the reviews. I’m on level 11 and a few of the levels I’ve been playing, sure they are pretty easy but, they are just like the SLIGHTEST bit hard. Just a little bit. In my opinion, they are pretty fun though even though they are kinda easy, and I’m sure the levels will get a little bit harder the more I play. This is a game for people who are bored and have played all their favorite games and are looking for something to do. About the add problem, I just did what I do in ever game that doesn’t need WiFi and shows to many adds. I turn off my WiFi and BAM no more adds. I hope this review helps you and your decision to download or to not download the game. And depending on how you like your game this may or may not be the game for you. Anyway, Have a great day! Sincerely, Kaitlyn

- Too easy, 150% too many ads

So, I got this game today, and at first I was like “hey, this is nice!” But then I realized-eventually, it just gets easier and easier. Seriously. Level 52 is just a zig-zag. It’s like, level 3 all over again. I don’t know what IDIOT designed this game, but the levels just repeat and get easier. In the ads for this game the were like “Harder than it looks!” Don”t listen to these ads. Which reminds me-the ads. After every single level is an ad for another voodoo game. And each ad uses the same template too, so it’s not even interesting. But then sometimes, there is another ad after that, too. And this one is a really long video ad. You know how voodoo makes these fake “tester” games with bad graphics, where as soon as you click, it brings you to the App Store page for that app? Well, this game is no exception. And as if that wasn’t enough, there are ALSO banner ads at the bottom of the screen while your playing the game. The whole game is one big advertisement campaign. The ONLY reason I gave this game 2 stars, is because at FIRST, it’s pretty fun.

- Too many ads, even for a free game

I literally don’t write reviews, but this game has so many positive that I really felt it needed an honest, critical review from a young adult who values their time. If you have this game for your young I’d to play, it’s probably really great. There are WAY too many ads while trying to play this, even for a free game there seems to be more than the usual amount. The start menu even has an ad playing all the time as soon as you open the app. I’m sure it’s for a game by the same developer, but it makes the minimal start menu seem even less credible. Speaking of minimal, there’s an icon with 3 gears that can only be assumed to be the “settings” button, but it doesn’t even seem functional. Overall, the game was a decent time-filler but it’s hard to fill time with actual gameplay when there are 5 second ads between every level. I didn’t even get far enough to see the repetitiveness other reviews mentioned. I’ve had the app on my phone for 2 days and it’s getting deleted today because I can’t stand the constant interruptions.

- Good game but also not

Ok so this would be a solid 5 starts IF... I got bonus levels. I’m on level 400 now yet I’ve never not once gotten a bonus level. I’ve tried to see if there were updates or look up how to get them and blah blah blah but nothing is there. My friend got the game before me and gets bonus levels so I know it’s not the time I downloaded tha I don’t get them. Also my friend just got the app and is only on level 10 yet she has gotten at least 4 bonus levels already. Please fix this thx! And the next star lost is because of the impossible levels. Some of the levels are impossible such as a level I got recently where the squares you can move up and down or side to side are trapped inside a section you cannot get to. It isn’t a glitch that only happened once because I seem to get the same level like that a lot. Or sometimes when going towards one, you get trapped inside it and can only get out the way you got there making it impossible to get around. Please fix this thx!

- Good game but, not challenging

I finally got this game because advertisements about it had been popping up on my phone for weeks and those advertisements gave me the assumption that this game was difficult in some degree. It isn’t. It’s a mindless game, at least up to level 72 which is where I stopped because I was so bored of it. There are also a mountain of ads within the game, about after every other level, and considering how fast each level goes it just feels like I’m using an ad watching app. The bonus levels are also really weak and easier than any of the non-bonus levels. The game is good for anyone who needs something to relax with or who doesn’t like a challenge. The mechanics of the game itself are easy to use and are effective. The little bit of reward system that there is was enough to keep me playing for as long as I did. Maybe the game does get more challenging but after 71 levels of mind-numbingly easy levels it just doesn’t seem worth it to me to continue playing.

- Great Game, but a few complaints

1. ADS ADS ADS!!! I don’t want a silly ad for a stupid game after every round!!! It’s a waste of time! I get it, you guys are trying to make money, but the amount ads gets extensive. 2. Difficulty. Now mainly, these levels are easy. I actually really enjoy the levels and think that they are fun! But I don’t like that you need to skip a level. I know that makes no sense... bear with me. So let’s say you’re playing particularly hard level. To learn, you need to see how it’s done. If you skip right over a level, you can’t see what you did wrong solving the puzzle so you can’t make changes in your gameplay. 3. Inconsistently in levels. So I know how I just said that I generally enjoy the levels which is true! I do like the levels, but what I don’t like is that some levels are easy and some are hard. It goes from a level 1 to level 75 between levels

- Too easy!

I’ve had this game for less than a day, and I’ve already reached level 52. I could probably reach level 100 in about a half hour if I sat down and played. But I won’t. This game is too easy. I can understand having levels like this at the start, but now it’s just boring to play. Either the puzzle will be so small it’s obvious how to solve it, or it’s laid out so that during the entire level there’s only one way to go. That last one’s hard to explain, but basically you’ll start out the level and maybe the only way to go is up. Then there’ll be only one way to go from there, and it’s left. Then right. It’s too straightforward and doesn’t require any brain power. I’ve gotten a perfect score on almost every level. I think it would have been more fun to design this game than to play it. The only level I liked was I think 30, where it was big and kept me on it for several minutes, and I was backtracking a lot. I wish the other levels were like this, but unfortunately level 50 is the same difficulty as level 1.

- A Few Suggestions

Ok. So hi. This game is fun and addictive, but I just need to recommend a few things. So, for starters, this game takes up a lot of my battery and then when I want to go play another game, I only have the 30% left when I started on 100%. Another thing is the adds. I know that other apps are trying to advertise, but it’s literally every level. Another thing is the Bonus Levels. If it’s a bonus, then shouldn’t it be at the end? Also, when one level is just to hard and you press the button to skip it, please tell us how to actually complete it. And when you DO complete a level, sometimes there is confetti and it says “Good Job!”. But other times that doesn’t happen. Is it like how long it takes you? Well, I didn’t mean any of this as criticism. But I just wanted to tell you how to improve. One last thing is that sometimes the screen just freezes up so please also fix that. If anyone reads this then thank you for your time and have a nice day!

- Boo! :b

When I was playing Helix Jump the app Roller Splat! came on and I thought oh that’s super cool and then when I press download and I started playing when I was on level eight I realize that they copied And pasting things onto different levels so that it looks like the same thing the only level that I like are the bonus levels but there is still the same thing they just keep copying and pasting and then until I got to level 103 then I realized that from level one it was the same thing over and over again until level 120 and it really annoyed me to just see how they did that whoever the heck did that needs to shut this down it’s so boring and when ever I go up a level it’s like the same thing level one is the same as level 3 level four is the same as level six end it has no button to go home and like choose a level and you can’t even go anywhere it’s just the pause button that you have it’s like you can’t even do anything except play the game and pause it and the graphics aren’t nearly as good as I thought they would be.

- Love the game, but some issues

I love this game and enjoy going through the levels when I am bored or stressed. However, there are two major issues that bother me when I am in the game. 1: you can’t access the settings once you’re playing the game (past the “tap to continue”) and 2: the “skip by watching this video” icon that pops up is SO ANNOYING that I want to stop for this reason alone sometimes. You can’t remove it anywhere and I don’t want to click on it, I want to keep trying the level. It is bright and repeatedly wiggles which bothers me when I’m trying to play, especially on the harder levels that require more than a few swipes. Please make this either smaller/less obtrusive to the game play or put it as an option to skip video in settings (which, again, would be nice to access during game play). Thank you for reading!

- Great, easy game for a cure to boredom

Yes, this game is repetitive but it’s a great cure for boredom. If you want something more challenging play Helix Jump or TENKYU but don’t complain about this game because it’s not hard enough or diverse enough with the levels. I’ve had this game for like 2 weeks now and I’m already on level 970 and have completed roughly 700 or more levels in about a week’s time. Some might say I’m addicted but I get bored easily. If you have trouble sleeping, this is an easy, almost therapeutically relaxing game that in a way could help shutdown your brain for the night. It’s mainly based off of patterns but you have the option to skip levels for free via an ad and not gonna lie, I do use it quite a bit when I’m stuck and starting to get frustrated. But overall, this is a good, relaxing game that, albeit repetitive, is super duper fun for all ages.

- Really addictive game, but...

I really like this game and I am on level 316 after playing for the last two days! But there are a couple changes that I think would make this game better! I would like the mazes to get harder and harder (but not impossible) to solve as you go up in levels. I feel like the levels are way too easy and it can get a little boring. My favorite thing about this game is the bonus levels because they can be very difficult to solve. Also there are way too many ads. I am sure A LOT of people complained about this but there is literally an ad on every single level and a video ad on every other on top of that. I know that’s where you make a lot of your money but it’s too much. I know you have a premium with no ads but for those of us who don’t want to pay I think that it’s annoying and makes me not want to play at all. With all of that in mind the game is really fun but it can be better.

- WAY too many ads

I played this game for about 20 minutes before deleting it. The amount of ads is ridiculous. There's a pop up ad that you have to close before EVERY LEVEL and about half the time a full screen ad will start after closing the pop up. This creates a ton of lag and makes the gaming experience exceptionally unpleasant. The game itself is decent to pass the time, but as other reviews have stated, levels begin to repeat. If you're going to create a game that throws ads at the user before every level, then those levels should be unique, not the same thing over and over. A major problem with the game is that there is no reward system, no requirement to beat a difficult level before moving into the next one, no timer, no motivation to go back to a level to improve your score, and no sense of accomplishment. I received a "perfect" designation on levels that I had made mistakes on and did not receive it on levels that I had finished with no unnecessary moves. Graphics are pretty lackluster. You unlock sports-themed balls as you complete levels and I think there's a huge missed opportunity in the customization area of the game. Give users the ability to purchase special balls and paint colors or create challenges required to unlock them (such as completing ten perfect levels) and do away with the ad overload. The developers obviously created this to make money off of short term users, not to make a fun game.

- Alright Game, Unbearable Amount Of Ads

The game in itself is fairly entertaining and can be useful for when you need to just waste a little time, such as waiting for an appointment or waiting for your food to finish in the oven. But, as per usual with these “Free To Play” games that blast advertisements for their game on every imaginable platform, the game in itself is riddled with advertisements. I got to level 25 before I had to uninstall the game because of how many godd*mn ads I kept getting (I kept note, an ad appears every 2-3 levels, with levels only taking about 30-60 second to complete). The worst part is that they weren’t even short ads, some of them were 45-60 second long ads that you COULD NOT skip. So for every minute of gameplay, you get an equal minute of advertisements. As much as I’d like to say this is a fun game, the sheer number of advertisements blasted into your face is just awful and makes the game utterly unplayable. I will not be reinstalling the game unless all that crap gets sorted out.

- Great Game, But VERY Disappointed!!

Dear Roller Splat! Developers, I want to say that I love the game! It’s very fun and it’s one of those that you can play for hours, and it just never gets boring. You never get tired of it. However, I want to say I am very sadden to know that for whatever reason you guys only created 1,100 levels of Roller Splat! I have completed every single level, and obtained every skin you guys created, and therefore beat the game. Even though I have beat the game in its entirety, that is not good enough. 1,100 LEVELS IS NOWHERE NEAR ENOUGH! SO, I DEMAND YOU GUYS CREATE MORE. I absolutely love this game, and the fact that you guys only created 1,100 levels is crazy and mind blowing. I even updated the game, because you guys said there were “new levels” and “more skins,” however there were not. So, you guys lied there, which I do not find acceptable in any way. Did you guys not expect people to play the game this much and get this far or what?This is preposterous! MAKE MORE LEVELS NOW!! Next time you guys might want to make a game you think people will enjoy and play, so then you might actually put forth effort into creating more levels, and not just stopping after only 1,100. I’m just saying, but I will be waiting for further levels. Thank you. Have a nice day. Signed, Makayla Walker

- Terrible game

First off do you want to play a game that dose not really get harder?In Roller Splat the level just keep repeating themselves. You could have the same level on 2 and say maybe 102, really I am NOT kidding. You would think the levels 20 and up at lest would get harder. Also they repeat the same adds witch some people might not be a problem for some people, but It’s a problem for me because adds catch my eyes, and then I can find games that I might like to play. So if the same adds are coming up it’s so annoying. I am pretty sure that the age level for this game is 12+ why? If the levels aren’t going to get harder you could just say 6+ really this game is so easy that a 6 year old could play it. And I have proof my 6 year old sister could easily play this game. Also the adds are pretty much a lie see as though it says that the game is hard. News flash it’s NOT. Ugh I am so annoyed with this game. I made a mistake buying this game and I hope you don’t.🙄😣😖😫😔😞😒😤😤😤😤😤

- Not fun, just addictive

Everyone saying they disliked the game at first because of the lack of challenge and repeated levels only to say they love it now because it’s “relaxing,” even though challenge doesn’t really increase after your first big puzzle and they continue to repeat puzzles indefinitely and have no clear goals or objectives... that is literally how an addiction works. You don’t like it but you keep doing it for a bit because it’s designed to be stimulating and satisfying even as it makes you unhappy, and the more you do it the more you crave it and suddenly you can’t put it down and you sink hours into it to “pass the time.” This developer has countless games like this, with either computer generated levels that require no creative design on their part, or with repeating random levels, with pretty colors and haptic feedback designed to lure you into a feedback loop. It is deliberately trying to hook you so you can’t put it down and you become an ad revenue machine for them. They don’t care about user experience beyond getting us hooked. You might think you’re having fun but there are so many better things to put your time into that will actually respect your time. Granted almost none of them are on mobile platforms because developers only care about profit to the detriment of game design, but generating revenue for these parasite games is only encouraging that behavior. In short, this game (and most voodoo games) are everything wrong with mobile gaming.

- I like it but...

I really like this game! It is very addictive, and I like that it is like a maze! I play it too much haha! But I don’t like the new update. The new backgrounds are not my favorite and now the color of the maze changes and it’s confusing because if you have a blue colored paint ball and the maze is blue, you don’t know where you need to go to finish because it blends in. But other than that, I really like this game! It is great! I have been playing for a while and I still really like it! So if you are looking for a game to play when you don’t have anything else to do, download this game! Trust me, it is really fun! I’m on level 2,450 which is a lot for me! It did take a while but it is just as good as any other maze game. But if you don’t like maze games, and if you don’t like using your brain that much, then maybe this isn’t the game for you. But otherwise download this game!

- I used to love this game... what happened?!

I used to play this all the time!! I loved it! It’s a great game to people who like solving puzzles. After a while though, it started to get on my nerves, it would give you the same puzzles over and over again in a row! I put up with that, and then ads started appearing in the middle of me solving the puzzles that I’m constantly solving over and over again...I put up with this too, and I got to level 200. It said, only 28% get there, which now I see why, because people get tired of ads popping up and repeating puzzles! Anyway, I was in the middle of solving the puzzle, and then, that same message(only 28% get to level 200) popped up again, and started doing that every 2 seconds... I’ve put up with these little bugs for quite some time, but I’m done now...If you think you are patient enough to handle these issues, this is a great game... but if not, don’t waste your time.

- Pretty Good but...

I love this app, and it is a great time killer, but there are three problems so far that I have come upon. I’ve had it for like a week, and I’m on level 330 or something like that. * Te first problem is that for the last 30 levels or so, I have been playing with the different skins. I didn’t like the one I was playing with, and it happened to be the last of my earned skins. So, I sped through the skins, and selected the paintball. For some reason, the app glitched and my skin turned to a brain. I looked back at the skins menu, and there isn’t a brain at all! * The second problem is that every time I get on the app, it zooms into the puzzle and then zooms out. This is really annoying as it takes about 10 seconds to zoom out. * The 3rd and final problem isn’t really a problem with the game, but it still needs to be addressed. For almost every single level especially the bonus levels (which by the way give you no bonus), I will play for about 20-30 seconds and then the skip option pops up. Ok, that’s not a problem. However, the button keeps wiggling over and over and over, and I am the type person to want to finish the whole level myself. I don’t want to use the skip. * Still like the game, but maybe these problems could be resolved. 🤗

- cool game

for all the people who keep complaining about it getting easier and easier i agree it does! but some levels are difficult and hard and big while is a challenge for people who get up to levels 200 and up. if you guys don’t want any ads i suggest not having internet or turning it off. ads won’t bother you if you don’t have any internet, trust me it works for games like these. when you get up to the hundred levels it starts to get harder for newer players saying it only gets easier. i like that it gets easier because do you want the game to get harder once you go up the levels? no! because one day you will be on a level and it’s SO hard you can’t complete it and you would wanna undownload the game. there are reasons why the game is a lil easier than harder

- your apps need work

Dear Voodoo team, I get ads of your apps all the time within other apps. I even downloaded a couple. Soon after downloading each app, the same thing happens. With each app i’ve downloaded it’s the same problem! Horrible lagging, and so SO many ads. Sure a few ads once in a while is cool but every level? On the home screen of some you’ve made? Above all the smoothness of EVERY game that i’ve downloaded from you guys (voodoo) is what makes me irritated. The ideas of each game are really great, and the layout, cool not going to lie! Not trying to be too hard here, but maybe instead of producing more and more games, try making the ones you have already, faster and smoother. I’ve downloaded multiple games and have deleted every single one of them because of the lagging and bugs. Please consider this, thank you. P.S it’s not because of the phone I have. Other games that i’ve downloaded don’t lag as much or give as many ads as your games do. I understand if it’s to make revenue, but every level?

- A few things

Dear developer (s) This game is AMAZING, and soo addictive, but, sadly there are things you could improve. The first thing you could improve is the ads. Ads pop up every 2-4 levels. I know you have to have ads to show your sponsors, but make the game just like your other ones. Have a few ads here and there and have game sponsors on the home page, which you do. The second thing you could improve is the repetitive levels. I know that this game probably never ends, and I like that, but, it gets boring getting a level that you got on level 2, and you got it again at level 235. It gets annoying because you feel accomplished, but you know you’re just repeatedly putting the same level to make the game longer. The last complaint I have is that the game is SOOO easy! Even at the higher levels they are easy. The ads I see on other games promoting this game makes the game seem harder than it is. If you like brain working games, this game is not for you. This is all because you replete the levels to make it longer. The game doesn’t have to be long to be fun! I feel bad that I have to write a literal essay of problems for this app, but it had to be done by someone. I hope that the developer(s) see this and make a few changes.

- Irritated 😫

Hi my names aaniyah and you probably like why are you irritated by this FUN! FUN! FUN! GAME!?well it’s because soon I downloaded this app I played it right....? but when I was tryna to it was a ad soooo I just waited 25 seconds and then another ad came after the first ad so yea I waited again I thought it could’ve been just a glitch or something but the ads was over so I played Roller solar and soon I past that level three ads came like come on voodoo and I just went on the app and they want me to buy no ads like they just want to irritated you with the ads basically so you can pay for no ads and see I’m a kid and I do like chores for money I don’t like when people give me money if I didn’t do nothing I like to earn money not just take it a less it’s my birthday 😂 my birthday May 5th and I wouldn’t want to buy nothing cause I’m saving for my feature (I can’t read this sentence right now so if it sound stupid sorry 😐)


For anyone out there who is looking for a game to mess with you brain, is o suggest this one! I am on level 193 and I have only been playing it for 2 days I can’t put my phone down! The ads are not that bad. You go on 3 or 4 levels then you get a ad. I have been noticing a different game exactly like this on just different set up. It is called “Amaze” I downloaded it to test it out… no! It is a bad set up! Sorry if I am a fending the people who like Amaze but in my opinion it is a really bad game and it’s like the creators were jealous of this one and made there own version! But if we keep going on this game you will get caught in to it! Some levels will repeat, but I think you should down load this app! You will not be able to put your phone down! I really do recommend this game! Go play it now!

- Pretty Darn Good

This game is really pretty good because you have to use at least some brain cells to get past some levels. For some of the levels I couldn’t even pass! I’m not really sure if there are any repeated levels, because I’m too busy thinking about how I’m going to pass the next level and then the next. There are small and easy levels and then there are huge and hard levels that you have to pass! I recommend this game to you reading this, because I’m already on level 103 and it’s still not boring! And I only got this game 5 days ago! SUPER addictive too! But...everyone has their own opinions and I respect if you feel the exact opposite. Thank you for reading this!😊 Edited 2 days later: Okay, i am on level 300 now. its still really fun to play when you're bored, but i am experiencing A LOT of repeated levels. There are also a lot of adds too. I still recommend it though...🤩

- too easy

I can’t understand how or why this got such good reviews. For starters, I reached level 200 in one day, and no I didn’t sit on my phone all day, I worked 8 hours and went to class for 2 hours, I simply did it mindlessly in my free time. It is too easy!! There is also no rhyme or reason to the levels, I’ve done the same maze multiple times at different levels, the mazes don’t increase in difficulty which makes the game way too easy. The only hard part of the game is the “bonus levels” that come every 4th or 5th win on the regular mazes, but even those are easy. There are too many ads that it makes my phone lag. There’s usually 2-3 ads per level that are always on the screen and every other level you have to watch a 30 second ad before you can continue playing. I was excited for the game because I thought it looked challenging but it’s not at all

- Needs more features

It’s a good game in concept but it would be better if you could select your levels or make things more customizable like ball color, for this idea you could add a point system; You would get some points for completing a level and more for getting it perfect and possibly a watch add for double points. I would personally like a level select because sometimes you mess up or would just like to get a perfect. If you guys would create a level select and point system it would be a problem for points so my solution would to make it so you wouldn’t get any points for it unless you redo it and get it perfect first time then a lower amount of points then normal would be awarded (This is just an opinionated suggestion it’s a decent game though)

- Quality game, but the ads...

This game is a great was to pass time and problem solve but the amount of ads that this app shoves in your face is ridiculous. I haven’t wrote any game review but the amount of ads made me write this. For context, There is an 30 second ad every two levels. To follow that up before each level, another “tap to continue” ad is displayed before you could play. And wait! Watch where you tap to continue because it may bring you to the App Store to buy the game in the ad!! Also you have the opportunity to skip a level by watching an ad. I believe that part is a great feature but instead they like to ruin this feature by making an irritating, shaking button for it, 1 second into each level. Truly, this company has sold out and just is looking for as much ad revenue as possible instead of thinking about the consumer. This app definitely takes the cake on the most ad placement in a game I have seen.

- Fun, but repetitive and horrible ads

This game is pretty fun and is something to do when you’re bored. But they were more focused on quantity instead of quality. There are thousands of levels in this game which sounds cool. But there are only like ~50 original levels. They just repeat the same level over and over again. Also the ads. Every two levels they shove an ad down your throat, and I am not going to pay $2.99 to get rid of ads when I’m going to delete this game in the future anyway. And not only that, but when I am typing this review in May 2020, the only ads I get are Tik Tok ads. Now I have to cringe every time I play this game. Don’t get me wrong it’s fun, but reduce the levels so there are only original ones and no repeats. Also reduce the ads and make them have variety instead of only Tik Tok ads. It just reminds me how cringy and annoying Millenials and Gen-Zs can be.

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- Great app for autistic kids

First off, before starting this review I wanted to say I’m autistic myself. Specifically ASD DSM-5 (Aspergers). Everything is well about the game, kept me busy when I was bored and helped my sensory sensitivity. Love it, only complaints are: No sound (Silent mode off, volume more than 2) iPad heats up after around 30 minutes. If you are a parent that have an autistic child(s), I recommend this game for them, if you are autistic then this is the BOMB. Great work!

- Ehhh....

Well, I had VERY high expectations for this game, I found it on an ad. The ad showed one of the bonus levels (which I find the most amusing, just quietly.). I thought that that was one the HIGHER levels. So, I downloaded and started playing. I played the first few levels, thinking it was easy because it was the first few levels. Anyway, I’m on level 259, and it feels like I’m on level one. I also believe that the game lies. I make it up to level 150 (which took me like, 3 days tops) and it says “Congrats! You made it up to level 150! 50% of players don’t get this far when it easy as moving up your arm. I also think it’s SO disappointing when it’s a bonus level and it just LEADS you to the end! It’s like saying “Here! A game that looks hard on an ad, but actually it is just swiping your fingers and following something! Even better, you get bombed with ads! So that is just straight up disappointing. I thought this was gonna be a good game, but NOPE! Not trying to be mean, but it was a good idea for a game, but totally wasted. So sorry for the TL;DR. Just wanted to give this out and yeah. So bye haters and raters.

- Game review

I had such high hopes for this game. I payed for the no ads so i could enjoy the game without being annoyed by the ads that are pushed only to find out that i would be completing the same level multiple times or same level but a mirrored version. I was shocked to fine out that level 98 was EASIER than the first level, there was no room for failure, literally one straight line. This game has such potential, i suggest maybe adding more challenging levels as you progress, maybe add a certain amount of steps you need to complete the level in and give room in the level to move around a little to challenge and really work the brain. I would also like to see a menu option where you can go back to certain levels and see how many steps you completed it in to see if you can improve. I hope the next update includes new challenging levels and updated features.

- Well...

You know when I first started playing this game I thought yeah this is a good game I’ll stick with it, but then I thought could be better I mean come on let’s work this out. Say you finished level 10 on your first try you could go earning some money or you could have races against other people like someone’s game mode is at the top right hand corner then the top left hand corner, then the bottom right hand corner then ok I’m nearly there then the bottom left hand corner. Ok you know this is a good game and yes I agree but yes when it comes to deciding what game to choose like weather it’s this or that yes I would choose this but I think well... I’m going to let loose on roller splat for a while. No I’m not deleting it I’m just going to give it a break in my head right now I’m thinking it’s still a good game but it does need work ok I’ll end it there. 26 May 2019 #thedoglover

- Something is Really annoying of this game

Whenever you start a level, there’s a skip button. I know it’s helpful but maybe it should be less irritating and distracting, (This review is for people with anger issues) it’s really distracting. Maybe you should put it in the corner of the screen. And maybe don’t make it move. And it pops up straight away when you start the level. Levels aren’t that hard. This may be over reacting. But it’s irritating in my opinion, also. WAY too many ads. Literally whenever you finish a level. An ad pops up. And you can’t even skip it. Remove a little ads you can keep some but remove a little. It’s really irritating as well, y’know?

- Absolute waste

I saw this game being advertised all over my social media, like Instagram and Facebook. And I had such high hopes for it! I was so excited to play. But.... There are a few things I have to say about this game and how it’s terrible and such a waste of time/space. Firstly, the levels are absolutely ridiculous. They don’t even get harder. By the time you get to like level 100 it’s literally just like you started the game from the start. There was potential for this game, but developers totally missed the mark. Secondly, the amount of ads in this game is mind blowing. Every two/three levels that is completed, you are forced to watch yet another ad. You spend more time watching advertisements instead of playing the actual game! Thirdly, the game drains your battery! I had it open for like 2 minutes and I lost at least 10 percent of my battery, minimum! If you played this game for like 20 minutes, you would go through all your charge easily! In conclusion, the game is absolutely horrific. Being bombarded by ads in between the easiest gameplay just isn’t worth your battery, time and space. Don’t download this game. There are far better games to be playing.

- Repetitive, disappointing and a wasted opportunity

Constantly throughout my experience with this game I have been subjected to the same levels on multiple occasions. I also agree with others that the game is disappointing easy and like many found it in a ad from another game and thought ‘this would be challenging’. I personally feel that the developers thought a longer game would entice consumers Another grievance I have with this game is the fact these is an ad played after every two levels. However I do enjoy the concept of the game but I think they have failed to demonstrate this at a from a difficulty point of view. To give context one level I have faced multiple times you can’t fail because there is only one way for the player to move the roller.

- Great game but wayyyy too many ads

I loved this game. It’s the sort of thing that gets my mind working, and is a fun and challenging game. However, I ended up uninstalling the game because there was an ad after every single level and it was becoming ridiculous. For example, if I complete a level in 20 seconds then have to watch a 30 second video, it gets really annoying and really took the fun out of it for me. Hopefully the developers see my comment because I’m sure they’d get a lot more use and money out of the game by decreasing the amount of ads they hit u with. Hope this was really helpful for both the developers of the game, and anybody wishing to download it.

- Good but Bad

Too. Many. Ads. At first, I thought it was just my phone being laggy and all by realised it was just preparing an ad. An ADVERTISEMENT Every. Single. Map. Tap to continue? More like tap for an ad. I know it’s to make money but you need to entertain the players. That’s what the game is all about. The creator (Don’t know name and don’t care) has many simple yet addictive games and needs to manage them all. I think he made helix jump, idk and idc so he would need to manage that because it’s probably the most popular. CARE. ABOUT. ALL. YOUR. APPS/GAMES. Entertain 👏🏽 The 👏🏽 Players 👏🏽. I’m deleting the app. I’m disappointed.. I know I couldn’t make a game but there are to many ads. I would’ve kept the app if you didn’t have an ad EVERY SINGLE MAP. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

- I had higher hopes

I saw my little cousin playing it and I was like huh I should try this so I did and one problem was the skip. It should be a tome affected thing not sitting in the corner shaking it really annoys me. Also this is a very common problem the ads. There are to many adds like come on I wanna play a game without getting interrupted every two levels. I would also like to point out the lag I can barley play because it is so laggy even when my internet is fine. Oh and when I watch an add it sometimes doesn’t let me skip. Overall these are the things I wanted to point out. Thanks for listening P.S sorry for the bad English it’s my second language

- Extremely easy...

The ads of this game say that this game is “harder than it looks!”. It really isn’t, the ads are deceiving and not true. When playing this game with very high hopes I was disappointed with extremely easy levels. The levels don’t progress and even when you’ve reached a vey high level it still feels like you are playing the first few levels. I have to repeat once again that the levels don’t progress because it really is true. I downloaded this app thinking that it would be fun to try and figure out how to solve these so called ‘puzzles’, I was disappointed with the fact that literally anyone with or without a brain could figure this out.

- Good game idea, needs improvement

This game has a great idea but is flawed. I read the reviews about the ads before downloading and took the liberty of turning wi-fi off, but the game still is IMMENSELY slow. I have to wait half a second or more between swipes. Other people probably don't have this problem, as my iPad is really old, but I still wanted to let the developers know that I think the paint-trail effect and the shiny ball use a lot of computing power, and it would be really nice if they could be turned off. The puzzles are well designed, but the 'bonus levels' are just annoying, and the levels could definitely be harder.

- Repetitive, losing interest

I’m an avid puzzle app person so seeing an ad for this app had me intrigued. Downloaded and played my way through but after 50 or so levels the regular ones (not every fifth which looks harder than they are) the puzzles repeat themselves regularly. There’s even one where you literally cannot stuff up. It’s one path. No intersections. I (perhaps stupidly) went through to level 500 and now I’m done with it. There’s no greater challenge. No goals except the number and the top % (7 at 500 for those interested). Was fun while it lasted but gets dull quickly.

- It’s ok...

I had really high hopes for this game but it’s not as good as I thought it would be. I’ll be able to play a few rounds but it will glitch and it won’t let me play again. I usually have to reset my device so I can play another round. I sometimes get a delay when I swipe my character which makes it so my character doesn’t move where I want it to. I do think it’s a good concept and when these glitches don’t happen this game is actually pretty enjoyable. It’s a good game but it’s definitely not the best so that’s why overall I rate it 3 stars.

- Need harder levels

This game is great but i hate that you only get a few hard levels here and there. It makes the game too easy to go up levels. It would be good to see on the next update harder levels and more puzzling ones to. Other than that it’s a great game, could be a 5 star but games too easy to go through the levels.

- Disappointed

It’s a good game, but ALL levels are EASY, I have only been playing for a month and I’m already on level 696, I wish there was a choice of Super hard, Hard, Medium or easy, I mean seriously if your going to make an ad make it truthful and not just a big fat lie. Im so bored with it, because it’s just to easy. I’m generally angry and disappointed with Rollor Splat I’m just glad you don’t have to pay for it. Honestly it should be 5+ not 12+ because a 5 year old could easy get to at least level 100. All I’m asking is to make the levels harder.

- Potential but nah

So the idea of the game is good, but the levels don’t get harder as you go, I’ve repeated so many levels and I’m only on level 80, then finally I get a level that looks hard and all you do is follow the path, no thinking is involved. Could of been a great game is they made the levels harder! Most are super simple and the ads ! Oh my gosh finish 1 round and you have to watch a 30 second ad every time ! And if you want to get rid of ads it’s something like a 45$ subscription! Great if you’re shopping for new games you get plenty of ads! But all these apps have the same amount of ads!!

- This game is a copy

Firstly, this game reminds me of Amaze. I feel like you got the inspiration of creating this game from crazy labs. Secondly, it’s glitchy. When your screen glitches on this game you have a very low chance of beating your high score. This happens on original and helix. Thirdly, starter levels are much harder than levels further in the game. If you want to make a great game, please make level further in the game harder, and levels earlier in game easier. This game needs to be challenging. Fourthly, why? This looks like an exact replica of Amaze. If you want a great game, there’s one thing we all agree on. STOP WITH ALL THE ADS! I see about 20 of your ads a day. You can do better than this. Just delete this game already. Lastly, this game has a lot of bad reviews. So you can hear from other people’s experiences with this game and their feedback. My personal feedback is, delete this game, and don’t copy crazy labs again.

- Nice but a bit of a problem

I was playing this and I had covered about quarter of the white parts when I decided to play something else. I came back and I had to start the level all over again with a different colour! Pleaseee fix this! Tip: Instead of paying for the no ads, you can just turn on aeroplane mode, and BAM! No ads! (I do this all the time when I play games with really annoying ads!) Anyway, except for that, this game is really good to play! I really enjoy it! 😊

- Half way

I loved and enjoyed this fun relaxing game at the start and now I’m on level 1001 and I’m just angry .... not only are the levels easy but I have only seen about 50 different puzzles all up including the bonus levels in the game which aren’t even that hard. I have only found one puzzle which was a bit hard at the start but when you see the same puzzles over and over they all become easy ..... come on and challenge us !!!!

- What I think about the game

It can be really glitchy sometimes I hate it how every time I complete a level there is a add straight after it gets annoying how the levels get repeated because then you all ready know how to do it Other then those things the game is a amazing it is entitaning and every body I know plays the game it is a really good game

- It’s a no from me...

This game is extremely repetitive the levels become the exact same after a certain point, constantly the same puzzle over and over again. Completely mind numbing. A suggestion for the game it should have a certain amount of moves you can make per level also adding in a time limit would also make it more challenging as well as exciting. Game becomes very boring quite quickly. Easily fixed with minor adjustments.....

- Good concept

I downloaded thinking it would be a fun little mind puzzle game, but only the first few levels provided any thinking of routes while most were just one way swipe options. No thinking required in some because you can only go one way. Ads are expected but silly, app also kept freezing mid levels making you have to restart the app multiple times. All in all it’s a good concept idea but this is far from a finished or challenging game.

- How?

Just play this without wifi or data and no ads! Easy. But it could be fixed by letting the user go back to other levels to see if they can do it better or quicker- I’m on level 961 (idk how I’m still playing) and its all pretty easy AND repetitive

- Bit disappointed but still enjoy

I really like this game, especially when I can’t sleep as I find it quite calming. However there is one major flaw in it, it doesn’t actually really get hard at all. At higher levels I expected it to get harder and harder but nope some of the a lot higher levels were almost as basic and easy as the starting levels.

- Disappointed

This game is pretty disappointing. The ad I saw for the game looked really cool but come to find 600 levels later they’re nothing like the add and they only get easier. Also the game tells me making it to level 600 I’m in the top 5% of players and that message flashes every 5 seconds which makes level 600 near impossible to play. It’s a shame because this has so much potentials

- Repetitive

Really enjoying the graphics and design of the game, however the levels are just too easy. I kept playing past level 100 hoping it would get more challenging. Unfortunately some of the levels seem to be repeat themselves and with no challenge after a while it gets boring. This is the kind of game you play once and never return.

- It's pretty good...

My sister was the first person to play this game. I really liked it and decided tl get it for myself. I played it until I got to level 60. By that time I realised they just keep repeating levels over and over again. Another thing that bugged my is that there are way too many ads. I think if they make more levels and cut some ads, then it would be good

- Disappointing

I had high hopes for this game but the difficulty is it’s biggest crutch. Some levels appear to believe that just because it’s big, more time consuming then other levels and colourful, it is therefore more entertaining and challenging. Some of these levels don’t even give you multiple options of completing them. You have one path to go throughout the whole level and no other reasonable choice.

- Well....

Look, don’t get me wrong this game is great but not that great. When I hade seen this game on a add it looked hard and fun, so I got it. I tried it as soon as I got it and bye the first night, I was already on level 50. As the days went by I flew though all the levels getting up to 118. It’s too easy!!!, It looked hard on the add but it’s easy in real life. It’s a rip off how you get a game that looks hard but it’s way too easy!!!. And I have a suspicion: This game lies!.

- Potential, but needs improvement

Levels seem to be played at random... level 76 was easier than level 1. Also seem to now be playing the same levels over again... could use some structure and maybe a level menu. I would also like to see a move counter. Just some suggestions for future updates!

- I could make this game with my eyes closed

Don’t pay for no ads please! All you have to do is turn off your wifi/cellular to try this pathetic game without ads. Once you have done this, you will realise that there isn’t really any “levels” in this game. Lv 1 is literally harder than Lv 99. Although the game will prompt you with a skip option (which requires you to watch yet another ad), there is no point because you have an unlimited amount of swipes. Literally doesn’t take any amount of intelligence to finish a level of this waste of time. There is no range of difficulty and it is disgusting to see that all this “game” is doing is getting you to watch ads. You may be leeching money of others VooDoo, but I played this excuse of a game without giving you a single cent.

- Easy and fun

It’s so super easy and fun but also no adds. But like once you have finished a level it doesn’t say like, “well done your so good” and stuff like that it just gets straight to the next level. so I definitely recommend it for all ages!

- Good but its hacked!

I’ve had this game for a couple of months and I’ve had some hard levels and when your struggling there is a green button that you can press that says skip and you have to watch a video. When I pressed skip it makes you watch a video and it doesn’t skip the level for you. I recommend this game is for 7-14 years of children but I also recommend that you don’t download this game because I think someone has hacked it!

- You need new levels!

I’m on level 188 now and I’ve started to notice that you repeat some levels. I’m starting to get bored of the game because it is just the same levels repeating over and over again. I know it would be hard to think of new levels but I highly recommend it because it would make the game so much better.

- Mediocre

I thought that the game was fun but honestly the amount of ads they play is insane I don’t enjoy it when I’m forced to watch a million ad a day Secondly I saw this game all over my Instagram and it was really annoying they kept spamming me with ads all over insta Thirdly it is a fun thing that I can do when I’m bored So that is why it is mediocre it’s not great but I still play it

- I don’t like it

I love the sound effects and design. The simplicity of the game is excellent and addicting so it’s pretty good! But, there’s too many adds. It’s so annoying how many adds there are! Also, it never gets harder. No matter how much higher I get in the levels, it never gets harder. It’s becomes so boring. There are good things but more bad things that can be fixed. I think it would be a better, more popular game if what I listed was fixed.

- Amazing

It’s a great app if you have any to waste time having fun the first levels are easy but the higher the harder I’m on level 426 I’m the only person past 300! Well that’s what the game manager told me in App Store but great game see if you can beat me

- Not challenging, too many ads

So frustrating that the levels aren’t challenging whatsoever. Levels 50+ are the exact same challenge as level 1 is. The two ads that play every 2/3 levels is infuriating and makes it impossible to even play the game with out it opening new windows and frustrating you beyond belief. The game has potential, but currently it’s the worst.

- Do not play

Ok so I’ve played the game for about a day and a bit and this game is absolutely a poor example of a game the sponsored clip I saw that got me to get the game shows a person struggling to complete the level I got to level 260 and have now called a quits as I thought it would get harder but it’s the same thing over and over and over again it takes minimum effort to complete the levels not happy with the game at all very bad and unsatisfying

- Good but....

Roller splat is a good game the levels get hard but just get easier and repeats. I also like how they do small then big then a few more small ones. The only thing I don’t really like is their are to many adds the only way to stop them is to pay and it always asks you to “tap to continue”

- Adds plus

At level 615, this seems to only be a platform for delivering adds as you can’t turn them off. The support page does not actually offer support but it’s full of adds to tell you how good they are. I have enjoyed this time waster even though it’s repetitive and seems to be on a loop so even at this level you still get level 1 challenges.

- boring after a while

First of all, the amount of adds are enough to drive anyone to delete it instantly. However i persisted as i kind of enjoyed it at first.. until i realised by level like 100 or so it’s the same level over and over just flipped with a different coloured ball. Please do not trust the ads about this game, go get something that actually deserves your download.

- Way too simple

I’m up to level 50 and with the exception of one tricky bonus level, this game is infuriatingly easy. In most levels there is a clear path set for the ball and following it requires no skill or imagination. I can pass every level in under 5 seconds and have to endure 30 seconds of ads to progress. It would be fun if you had to use your brain but I don’t have high hopes after 50 levels. Delete!

- Too many adds for this type of game

The puzzles in this game aren't exactly complex, they aren't really puzzles, more like just push the ball along and you complete the colour for the shape. Also every 2 levels you have to sit through an add as well as every level starts with an add. Considering every level takes you 20 seconds to go through, that is a LOT of adds

- No challenge too many ads

Too easy - levels don’t get any harder as you progress no real challenge Way too many ads between levels - it can take 10 seconds to complete a level but then you’re forced to watch a 30 second ad in between?

- Good Game - Could Be Better

This game is based on a good idea and is actually therapeutic. It doesn’t get harder as the game progresses though and it would be good if there was an increase in challenge. The main issue is the constant barrage of ads - it is way over the top and they really interfere with the experience of the game.

- A few bugs.......

Is it just me, or do the levels seem to really not be in order of difficulty? To me it seemed like the levels just went up and down in difficulty and it made it really confusing. Also, there are SO many ads and it’s REALLY annoying. The game also gets boring after a while and is really continuous. Please fix this up!

- Love it but soooo many ads!

I love the game so much but the ads that constantly pop up when you are about to start a level! It is very annoying and wish they would not do that. I AM NOT BUYING THOSE STUPID APPS!

- Ad Frenzy

The game itself and quite enjoyable. But you can barely get through 2-3 levels before hitting an ad. I understand the need for ad revenue and whatever, since it is a free game, but maybe not put it after nearly every single level. It makes people more likely to delete the app than pay to remove ads.

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- Thank you

Thank ya for all these updates and fun stuff. I started today and it is a very extreme game when it comes to bonus level.I am rating it 4 stars. See you in the next rate!

- Repetitive and full of Ads

Levels start repeating themselves. Way too many ads, it makes the game unplayable.

- Personal Data? No.

Until today, I’ve never run into an app that clearly tells you it’ll take your personal data. Not sure what my personal data has to do with pushing a ball back and forth but I deleted it immediately. That mixed with the fact that it’s endless ads, don’t waste your time.

- Read Below Before Getting the app

When I first read the reviews and though “it can’t be that bad” but I was wrong! After every single level (which take 2 seconds each) it gives you a pop-up ad the forces you to press it! And the game is awful. 1. The game is super easy! 2. It is very boring and 3. It is super glitchy! This game sucks.

- Les niveaux sont toujours pareil!

Je suis rendu au niveau 534! Et c tjr les mêmes niveaux!

- Too easy

The game is way too easy and the levels repeat themselves. Ive only played for a hour and I’m already at level 300. There is also way too many ads in this game. DONT PLAY THIS GAME. I do not recommend it.

- Boring game and data scam

Game gets boring real quick. And they want access to you data way too much. If I could give 0 star I would.

- Predatory and repetitive

The TOS is pretty sketchy, they harvest your data and keep it for 13 months, and the ads are very aggressive. The games levels start repeating, don’t bother.

- Horrible game. Super easy and repetivite

Hardly a "puzzle"

- Ugh

Play a level, watch an ad. Play a level watch two ads. Play a level, watch an ad. Play a level, watch 3 ads. Seriously?! For the data that you take from us and keep for 13 months, you’d think you’d be a little less greedy with the ads. Even 5 levels per ad is acceptable, but this is just garbage. Figure it out.

- Advertising trap

Lost me at forcing you to surrender your data to even play the game. This game wasn’t made with fun in mind, it was made with bombing you with advertising in mind.

- Glitchy and ads

The game itself is actually pretty fun but the app is very (pardon my language) crappy. There are ads like every 5 seconds, the ”tap to play” button has to be tapped a hundred times and it is also VERY glitchy. I personally would not recommend this app. But this was my opinion on the app please do not take offence by my statement.

- Unplayable

Very laggy, repetitive, and full of ads. just like all of their games.

- Repeating levels

So many ads. And theres probably only 10 different puzzles to complete they just keep wither turning them around or they repeat them in another level. Lazy people when making a game make it different

- Ads!

If you don’t want ads, just turn off ur wifi and BOOM no more ads! Hope this was helpful 😊

- Hate the u reached a level thing

Every time I reach a 100 level I can barely finish it because of the congratulations ad I hate it

- Boring

Boring and repetitive. Most of the puzzles you follow a path with no real choices.

- Ughhhhhh😭😭

How do I pass level 30? Like, imma bout to brake my phone.

- Roller Splat

Fail! Your ads are placed over the game play and will not go away so I can play. Absolutely useless game with a big glitch

- Make it harder =_=

When I play 3 levels guess what? When I play the 4th level, IT BECOMES EASY AGAIN. Please fix this. Also there are too many ads!

- Too many adds

Adds hide screen

- Not challenging

One in every fifteen games is slightly challenging. I played to over level 100 and still didn’t get to a puzzle as interesting as the Instagram add. What a waste of time. If you are going to make a puzzle at least make it challenging enough to sit through the constant adds. Do not recommend.


The levels are just way to easy and plus WAY to many adds so don’t wast your time on this easy game...

- Awesome Game! 😆😻

This game is awesome 😘 but.. I HATE ADD’S! 😠

- G

Trop d’interruption pour des publicités par suite je le conseille pas à quelqu’un et je l’ai desintaller

- Too many ads

Way too many ads in the game. After every levels there is not one but two ads back to back. Super annoying .... not even 10 mins into the game and already uninstalled

- Holy ads, Batman!!

It is drowning in ads! I get the need for ads, but it runs 3 ads in between EVERY level! Also, the swipe control is very quirky. It is not smooth, or quick. I found it quite annoying to use. I have deleted the game.

- Too many easy levels and ads

You’ll have to go through 20 painfully easy levels just to get to one challenging one. And the ads are incessant. Deleted the app.

- Boring

Levels repeat themselves and on some levels you get a congrats, only x% of players have made it this far, which repeatedly pops up and makes it impossible to see the screen.

- Ads

Can't even write a review. Just too many freaking ads

- Crap game

This is a very repetitive game and is too easy to play. You are constantly bombed with. Would give a zero if possible.

- Good, almost great

This game is a lot of fun! It is very satisfying, and it is also quite stress relieving. I would recommend this game for anyone who is 8 or older. My only problem with this game is the ads. They aren’t too bad, but it would be an improvement if there were less of the ads. Overall though, it’s a great game, and I recommend that you go download it ASAP!!!!

- Don’t get it

An ad after almost every single level. Pretty much impossible to play.

- Skip this one

Way too many ads. Ads are hard to turn off. Difficulty resets at level 30. App is basically intended for ads. Find something else.

- Boring!

Repetitive, monotonous, boring. Requires NO skill and there is no challenge (not even a score) FAR too many ads!! Ads between the levels take longer to get through than the level. Not all the ads can be silenced so this is NOT something to play while you’re talking on the phone (working from home?) Stuck with it for over 100 levels, hoping it would get better but nope! Total waste of storage space on my phone. Deleting!

- Too many ads

Too many ads


This game is fun. But there are way too many ads, I only play two games and there’s another damn ad. Deleting it for that reason.

- It sucks.

It just sucks.

- So Bad

The game is so easy and you can’t even play 2 seconds without seeing an ad.

- Dont waste your time on this

Way to many adds, level looks like all the same and their is nothing hard.. they only want you to do another level just to watch their freaking adds

- Niveaux répétitifs

Je suis niveau 1500 et les niveaux se répètes

- Smocks

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- ADS covering the game

Ads are covering the game

- Too many ads

Every level there’s an ad

- 😡😡😡


- Game sucks

Not cool bro you can make a better game than this 😭😡

- The Adventure Of Alex Color

Alex And Friends Splash Color

- Cool but pubs suce

Ads in the niddle of the screen

- Best game ever

I love this game because it has so many levels and they are not to easy and not so hard I just love this game whoever is reading this try this game oh and ignore the other reviews because they are wrong

- Good game

So cool

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- Please read ...

I think it’s s fun game. I like it and it’s just about the right level of easiness. One thing that really annoys me is there’s no hint button. There’s only skip button. And I don’t like giving up but if I can’t get it for some reason I can only skip and I can’t find out what I should’ve done to complete it. And you can only skip for an ad. But speaking of ads, they come up a lot in the app. A gaming app shouldn’t just be about ads for the company to have fun with. I want to have fun but I’m constantly watching ads or skipping them or even going out of the app to avoid them and going back in. Which gets annoying. And I know obviously ads are one of the things that get the companys money, but then it takes away from the fun in our game. Like I said before it’s still a fun game, these are just some thoughts 🙂

- Boring

When I first stared 15 minutes it was boring so make me satisfied and my mom had to those weird slime gem things because my storage was full we at least have more storage when we first start the game and when we make slime we be able to lose some storage I’m on level 35 and it’s so easy it should be level 4 or 5 . Do you ever play a simulator game on roblox like here’s an example texting simulator AKA on roblox the Slimeatory app should be like that and the Slimeatory app should have challenges on some levels like maybe if we to get a higher level to get one of those machines but we’re not that level yet you should like put you need this much money to get to that level and the machines shouldn’t be you to get to that level it should just be like you have to pay that money or those amout of slime gems and I’d like to see that kind of fixed before I meet up with a friend to meet up to see who’s is the best in a couple of days.!

- Too easy, majority is Ads & repeat levels

I’m at level 150 already having this game only a day. You would think the levels would get harder but they don’t; it’s completely random. They may look complex on the bonus levels l, but you just follow the flow/pattern and it solves itself. There’s hella ads, one at least every three levels or every other level. I’m not paying to get them removed because I have patience but I’m sure minority’s doesn’t. Also noticed some levels are already repeating or it’s just flipped to make it seem like a new design. This is overall a cool game; I’d recommend for Children’s use since it’s easy and fun looking. Maybe for adults that get off on the satisfaction when you fill everything. It’s a good game just to pass a couple minutes. Just the Ads are annoying and there’s no fun with no increasing difficulty (my opinion, of course).

- Good game/app

I really like the app. IMO I can’t really call it a game since it’s not too many challenging levels but I can call it a great app since it is so very relaxing. I play it everyday and it’s good for when you play a challenging level of candy crush you just can’t pass so it relaxes you after being so frustrated. I have two suggestions however. One - When you skip a level show us how it should have been played/solved and Two - when you get stuck on a level but don’t want to skip it have a replay or restart button so you can try it again to send the ball in a whole new direction without needing to skip the level entirely. That is the only reason why I give this game app 4 stars. Add one or both of those suggestions during your next update and I will change this rating to 5 stars.

- Meh...

Ok so, I was just bored and decided to go onto this app (tha t I have been playing forever now and I'm on level 1010) but I saw that it has been updated. I hate the new layout. I like how you added new skins, but not the layout. Why did you change the color of the top of the map? It looks terrible. I liked it how it was before. Another thing is, that this game is very repetitive. I’ve gotten the same few levels probably about 30 times. Maybe more. But it’s just annoying. The last thing is, is that it gets pretty boring. You’re basically doing the same thing over and over again. Swiping right, swiping up, swiping left, swiping down. The ads act like this is the hardest thing to do, but it’s too easy. If you are looking for a challenge, this is not the game for you. Ok, bye now.

- Perfect 👌 in every way

Hi 👋 I’m hear to tell you this game is awesome 😎. First it’s good for all ages. Two It’s addicting in the way that you want to play but you don’t need to play it. Three it’s relaxing 😌 whenever I’m angry 😤 or annoyed 😒 I play this game I’m chill in under five minutes. Four it’s a good bored game because you can speed through levels but unlike say Wobble Man the levels are all different I’m on level four hundred fifty something like that I’ve almost never seen a level twice. Five it’s a very challenging game but the levels are easy to play and most of all...FUN it is so fun I can’t I can’t. Finally and almost most important there are very few adds. Thanks for reading I hope you download this game and most of all have fun and stay strong.🏋️‍♂️🚵‍♀️🧗🏻‍♂️😷

- Good but not great

The ads that play every two levels take longer to get through than most levels, and I’ve come close to level 40. Out of those, I’ve only managed to get stuck on one single level, most are straight forward like the devs are holding your hand like you’re a kid in a corn maze following the guide the whole time. Idk why I expected much more from it, most of these games are easy enough for toddlers to get through, for the most part. But seriously, the number of ads in this game precedes the number of people in Europe I swear to Christ. Not only are they slapped on your screen mid game the whole time, but videos play like I said, every two levels once you get passed level ten or fifteen. I get that they need money to keep this game up to date but I mean it seems like it’s a bit much, how expensive could THIS game be to support? Feels like a cash grab.

- Voodoo steps up their game

Voodoo is back... and epic! This game is so satisfying, it can even satisfy a sweet tooth! For this game, Voodoo made an amazing comeback from how this game used to be... with ads. The ads used to be CRAZY which caused the game to lag. Don’t be looking at me like I’m an idiot saying “Are you poor or dumb, just buy no ads,” yeah I know to do that but I have heard of people doing that and it didn’t work so I am smart with money. ? I have to say, this game has come further than how it started so there have some clappy hands. But seriously this game has grown like how a child gets bigger as it ages. I rated this 5 stars because this game has something that not many have. Good job, I am hard to impress. Thank you for considering this message. -FireStar

- Good, but glitchy.

Okay, I would have given this game 5 stars but I won’t. This game is kind of glitchy and glitchy games get on my nerves. I have read the reviews about the ads and the ads do get on my nerve too. There is an ad every time I finish a level and I have to click to continue but I shouldn’t have to. I should just be able to go on but I have to watch an ad first. The levels are not challenging enough and as soon as I see the level I think, hey, this is super easy! I hope that you could please make sure that you make your levels a tad more complicated and reduce the number of ads and then the game will be more fun and I will give you back your star. Thank you so much for taking my concerns into thought. Otherwise this would be such a fun game . Thank you!

- Avoid the game and avoid being exploited!!!!!

Non-stop prompting you steal your personal information. They want you to pay for no ads, and then hand over your data for free. Changed my rate to one star. STOP asking me to give you data you have no right. I paid to remove the ads since the game has replay value. I would NO LONGER recommend giving the developer one cent. They are data thieves ( why do you think your battery drains? Constant streaming of your private personal data. They have started placing on overlay at the top of the game stating “support us again by allowing data sharing”. It shows up again and again with a short interval between dismisses. It feels a lot like an ad that is stating “Want us to stop harassing you in the game? Then let us share your personal data!” The overlay obstructs the top portion of the game. Clearly, they care not if you can’t see the game without dismissing. Feels like extortion in someway as well. If it keeps up, the rating is going to zero and it will be time to send a complaint and possibly refund request to Apple. Instead of harassing users with ads or data requests you should add other in-app purchases that act like expansions ( like new maps or game modes ). Skins, not so much but maybe. This is a dishonest, foreign game company stealing your data while extorting you to pay for that privilege. Avoid the game, avoid being exploited.

- Very lazy

First of lets begin with how you advertise the game. You advertise it like it rather difficult. So most would assume that it is with your captions like harder than you think, what am I missing here? And so on. Well I feel like this is false advertising. I will admit some levels were tricky, but still wasn't really hard not to mention how little of them are here. In fact even the bonus levels are easy. Mostly because you just have to follow one path. Also the game gets boring. If you play and look hard enough you just used the same levels and turned it or added some different features and reused it. Very Lazy. Another thing is adds. A lot of voodoo games have this problem, but this take it to a whole other level. You cant go 5 seconds without an ad. Every time you beat a level ad. while playing on the bottom screen ad. The levels are so easy most people breeze through them so we get a lot more ads or at least feel like we do then other voodoo games. Also most of the time your just advertising yourself. By this point your probably swimming in money. listen I really enjoy your games, but the ads and false advertising is a huge letdown and makes me hesitant to download or play more of your games. I'm just tired of it being lazy, have tons of bugs, and have more minutes of ads then time spent playing the actual game. Please take note.

- WAY too many ads also...too easy

I downloaded this thinking it might be fun but tbh it’s just really boring. At first it’s fine but the levels never get any harder and even the levels that I think are supposed to be hard are really easy. Less than 20 seconds per level and then you get to deal with all the ads. Every time. There’s a small ad that pops up on the beginning of each level that you have to swipe/tap to get rid of, and then about every three levels? You have to watch a 15 second ad. There’s a couple of 30 second ads that you can’t close out of as well. I just closed the app because that’s ridiculous. Also the levels kind of repeat which makes it even more boring. I reached level 70 in under ten minutes and that’s a generous estimate. That being said there’s potential if the developers get rid of all the ads and make the levels progressively harder.

- Only how many players get this far? Bogus.

I got this game because I saw an ad for it on another game I play. I started playing, initially trying to compete against my boyfriend. I started gaining more levels. Each time I’d hit 100 levels a prompt would pop up saying “Wow! Only ____ players get this far!” I think I had gotten to level 300 when the prompt said “Only 27% of players get this far!” At that point, I decided I wasn’t going to stop until I reached the 1%. I climbed levels. 700, 800, 900. May I say the levels are repetitive at this point. Also, if you close out the game and reopen it you can change the level completely. At level 1000 I finally reached 1%. I was so proud of my accomplishment that I decided to check the leaderboard and try to go further. Only to find out the number one rank goes to a person who is on level 2 BILLION. I will now be deleting this game. Sad to say I wasted the time I had. Sigh.

- Too many ads😾

This game is good but the problem is the game has way too many ads and the levels are easy. When I got to level 20 it felt like level 5 because you can literally see the path you go to get the level done. Also there is no way you can mess up on the first like 25 levels, after that it is a little harder, but not that much harder. Also this game is LAGGY which means it crashes a lot which is annoying in some ways like in the middle of a level and getting kicked out of the game. Last thing I want to mention it has way to many ADS, after every level it shows a game that was probably made by Voodoo and sometimes the game does not work and I have to close out the app. Also the kind of good thing with this game is that you do not need Wi-Fi for it which is nice. But all that I said I am going to rate this app 2 stars ⭐️⭐️. Write your opinion about this app!

- Not a 4 or 5 star game by any means...

I am usually not harsh at rating games and usually don’t write reviews. But I just don’t understand how this game has a 4.3 overall rating. I would have given it 3 stars but I feel the need to balance out all the undeserving 5 star ratings. People have complaints in their reviews but then still rate it 5 stars... maybe to be nice? If so, that’s good. But this game is super simple and pretty boring. I played it with my internet off (which I recommend) so I’m not even taking the ad situation into account. I could see it as a stress-reliever. It’s visually pleasing and never frustrating. You get an unlimited amount of tries. But it’s repetitive, unchallenging, and only interesting for about the first 2 minutes. If you’re into free simple super-easy relaxing games, then it might be for you. As that goes, it might be one of the best in its genre. But it is definitely not a 5-star game.

- My opinion

So, overall this is a good game! It’s a cool enough game to keep you occupied when you have nothing better to do especially car trips!! But I noticed that a lot of the levels repeated themselves. And don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with that considering this is a never ending game, who has time to make 20-30,000 separate levels. But could you at least add maybe like 10-20 more new levels ? Again this is MY OPINION so don’t go coming for me !! Have a nice day to whoever is reading this 🤪 Edit:: Mmk so, for the first like 30 levels no ads !! So you’d think no ads through out the rest of the levels. YOU THOUGHT WRONG!! There was an ad after like every level completed 😩. Maybe work on that !! What’s up with people and these apps clout chasing ? It’s whatever tho

- Could be better

1) too many ads. I get they’re trying to make money but come on. There’s an ad pop up after every level and a mandatory video that plays after every three or so. These are such a pain that it’s easier and faster to just exit and restart the app than it is to watch the ad. I’d much rather just have a banner that doesn’t stop gameplay. 2) wayyy too easy. Expected this to actually be a puzzle game, but even up to level 100, half of the puzzles are just following the route they laid out with no actual problem solving. Any actual puzzling takes 30 seconds of thought maximum. Could be super cool, but they kind of just threw it together without thought. I would prefer a menu to see progress and future levels, maybe something other than watching an ad to let you skip a level.

- Addictive but ads!!!

Ok I absolutely love this game. Honestly I think this is my favorite game and the is saying a lot. If you are suspicious because of the other reviews take it from me, M3SHIE, to tell you the truth. It’s super addictive in the best way. But WAY to many ads every other time you finish a level I get a talking Tom sleeping, getting up, and then peeing in da toilet. Don’t get me wrong I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ this game but I really think it needs less ads. If you do that I think overall the reviews it will go up to 4.9. Almost perfect 👌🏻. Not 5 because there’s always gonna be haters. One more thing, no idea why it’s rated 12+ it’s completely fine. Lol the worst thing there is oh the danger of rage quitting. Love this app, hope this helped you choose, have a good day.

- Is this a scam or are you just lazy?

Story time: I downloaded this game and loved it. It was fun, clever, and the little paint-splash animations were fun to watch. The one problem was all the ads, but I liked the game so much that after playing it for a day I gave in and paid for the “premium” experience. Right away felt a little cheated; the ads went away but none of the other promised features became available. But even worse, the creativity and diversity of the levels just... stopped. I thought I was going crazy, but after playing a bit more I realized that I was repeating the same 5 or so levels over and over. The colors and level numbers changed, but the actual puzzles were in a loop. They weren't even the most challenging levels. I don’t know if it’s an actual scam or if the levels get repeated no matter what, but I really feel like it started right after I gave ‘em my money.

- My 2¢ And a suggestion to developers

I’m at like “Level 150” something and I can tell you this: I think there have been a total of 20-30 actual levels. I’m pretty certain the levels are endless, but the developers got lazy I guess and just repeated the initial 20-30 levels endlessly. I mean, I probably did the exact same “S” shape level 20 different times. For example, for me Level 5 was the exact same as Level 20 and 39 and 50 something. They just repeat. I’m not even gonna talk about the ads in the game, as I see that’s been covered by nearly all the reviews. Pretty ridiculous. I do, have a suggestion to the developers; (other than take out at least half the ads) add a destination point for each map that you MUST end on to complete the level. So you have to navigate each puzzle a different way in order for the ball to end on the destination point. This would make it more interesting and at least a bit more challenging.


This game has really super-cool ads that reflect the game well. But do not believe the words you are reading, because Voodoo has committed false marketing MANY times. Look at the reviews on these apps: Blockbuster, Collect the cubes, and this very app. The ads fill the app up, causing it to crash and log you out. Also the levels NEVER get harder you just swipe your finger in random directions and paint the area. Roller Splat, sounds like fun, but really, it’s not. So if you are looking for an entertaining game, get something else that has BETTER reviews. Thank you for reading and have a good day. I am deleting this game because this game is garbage. Voodoo obviously did not put enough time and thought into this game they just threw it on the App Store and receive the money from the ads. Voodoo is a scam 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 P.S. I rated this game two stars because graphics and concept is good

- Not enough game

Downloaded this game and just kinda played it passively for a couple days just playing a few minutes at a time, there’s just no challenge at all I got to 150 plus and there were maybe 2 or 3 levels you actually had to think about for a second to beat and even then they weren’t that hard it was usually something small you just didn’t see at first and the rest of the levels are mostly just linear paths and it makes it to where you either have to go one way or would be stupid not to, just no challenge at all and on top of that there’s an ad nearly every time you finish a level which most of the time takes less than 30 seconds to do so you really spend more time watching ads than playing the game, this is a good concept with horrible execution if they would have actually put effort into level design it could have actually been worth the time to download it

- . . .

Alright, to be honest the levels are repetitive. There are some levels that are exactly the same as other ones used from a lower level. It’s gotten boring. The “Good” part about is the bonus level things. But! I even those can be easy. Swipe this way, literally just follow the path. Takes out the ingenuity of it. Sometimes you get a hard one, but generally (in my opinion anyway) they are too hard. Meaning you might have to reset your app multiple times (double tapping the home button and swiping up to close the application) to get a new level. I guess I understand the reason that so little people make to some of milestones is because they find the in between levels too hard, and the normal levels too easy. Would recommend to people though who just want to brag or something about getting to level 1000 in something I people.

- My review

I got this game about 2 mins ago. I am on level twenty. But anyway, you GOTTA REMOVE THE ADS!!! The ads come up after every level and it is very annoying! I heard that the no ads that you need to pay for doesn’t even work! Please fix this and I will add the remaining 2 stars. It the levels are very fun and you still should get this game. EDIT: It’s been ten mins and I realized that it has a thing that tracks you and can hear everything going around you. You can find out if it has it by putting your phone close to your ear, and you should hear a static sound if the tracker is built in. So I tried it and I heard the static and I freaked me out and so I deleted it. UNLESS YOU ARR GOING TO RISK YOUR LIFE, DONT GET THIS! (If you still want it, then get Amaze! because it is a game that is identical to this, but doesn’t track you and stuff.

- Isn’t the worst or the best

Okay so a few problems here. Like multiple people stated there is repetition in levels and it’s like a loop. There aren’t many different levels and I don’t know about you but looking at the same levels and playing them repeatedly makes me a little frustrated. I do get to recognize them I suppose but it isn’t much of a challenge. It is on the other hand a boredom buster game I guess. If you aren’t sure what to do or out and about this game doesn’t require WiFi so that’s a plus. Another downside is that there isn’t a menu for the levels and the quality isn’t spectacular or anything. It seems there are endless levels so it’s something to do! I recommend this for a bored day like I stated and not if you’ve come for a challenge or something unique. I do enjoy the bigger levels

- How is this on the top games list???

this game is actually so easy and bland it’s pathetic. The levels really aren’t hard to begin with and there’s no way you can actually “lose” so you can keep going till you finally solve it. Which doesn’t take long at all anyways. I’m on level 50 or something and I started seeing repeats already and read ads and people say on even level 500 it doesn’t get harder. This game is a hard pass. I have absolutely no idea how it’s in the top games list. Must be the company voodoo not the actual gameplay. They’re well known for games but this one was awful. Whoever created this game needs to be reevaluated and the people who approved of it and put it on the App Store also need to be reevaluated. If you’re looking for a game with repeat levels and so easy a 3 year old can beat it. Download this game. If you want a decent game to pass the time. Keep searching cause this is the farthest thing from it

- I’m Addicted but it’s Not That Great

Okay so I’ve been playing for 24 hours and am already on level 1051 (I’ve been doing a decent amount of other things as well, I haven’t been playing continuously). That being said, I’ve played some of the same levels 20 times and the vast majority of levels are super easy. It’s super relaxing but I really wish it was more of a challenge and not as easy. It definitely got slightly harder around level 900 but not by much. I don’t know if you can repeat levels and I’m almost positive you can’t go back and replay levels, which is silly seeing as they give out “perfect” scores. Some of the perfect scores I’ve gotten are also total frauds because I know I’ve made useless moves (like accidentally sliding back to where I just came from) and still gotten “perfect” scores. Overall, it’s really relaxing but it needs to be harder.

- Fun but needs more to it

So, the levels do repeat which kind of blows, but once you get far, you’ll understand why it’s kind of needed. I’m on level 2505 and at this point it’s kind of boring. I’ve unlocked all the skins and there’s nothing else to it, just playing the same levels over and over. At one point when you unlock the final skin, it tells you how many people have got to that level, but once you break maybe 1,000, it doesn’t tell you anymore. it made it still a little rewarding rather than getting no skin, overall, the game is fun for someone who likes to just fidget with their phone. there’s nothing really special to it besides just a fun game to always play when the time comes

- Fun to play, but...

This game is dreamy fun to play. It is definitely more of a game meant for relaxation as opposed to a game meant to challenge. The levels do repeat, but I see it as a breather between bigger levels sometimes. There is one, pretty irritating, problem. Whenever you reach an interval of 100, it gives you this banner congratulating you and saying how many people have gotten to that point. The banner is fine. It should go away once you start rolling, but it keeps popping up throughout the level. I see the banner at least ten times every hundredth level. The game, overall, is fun. This issue is not too big of a concern for me, but it is still pretty annoying. Great game though!

- It’s ehh

Ok let me first say by I’m at level 1,086 so I’m now in the 1% (according to the game) so I have the in game experience to write this review throughly. HINT: if you turn of data/WiFi you get no ads, you’re welcome:) All the maps are all in a Rotation of maybe 10-15 after that they rotate the maps to throw you off. It doesn’t work if new maps like actual new maps came into the game it would keep you interested enough to keep playing. They had an update for the balls not a problem, but who is going to play this game enough to get the new ones at 100k+? This game is a good time waster but definitely not 100k maps complete. If the developer sees this comment and they probably will, what I really would like to see is NEW maps not rotated maps, “balls” after 1k but don’t make it 100k that’s way to high and it disrupts the experience. Add new things and I’ll bump up the rating

- Got boring quick

It was fun at first, but after a few levels I was bored. First, it is a huge battery drainer. I don’t like to play games that drain my battery quickly unless I’m charging my phone, or it’s really fun. This game is not fun. The levels repeat. Once you pass level 10 there are just the same ten levels repeated. And, 9 out of those 10 levels have only one way to solve them. When you move the ball, it only has two directions to go in, back the way it came, and to one side. Therefore, it is impossible to not pass the level. Just move the ball in the only available path. It isn’t fun because there is no challenge. The ones that are a little challenging and have more than one path are still easy and can be solved under a minute. I’m on level 549, and the levels repeat and take less than 30 seconds. Will be deleting.

- Horrible 🙁

Every time you complete a level, an add pops up. This is why I rated this game 1 ⭐️ 💫 ✨ star. I don’t really like the game. It’s always so glitchy and not really nothing to do... don’t get the game,... EVER! It is not a fun game! I was very bored 😐 😑 and had nothing to do, so, I played a random game. Then, an add popped up about the game. So, I decided to download it. Then, I played it, and, IT WAS SUPER GLITCHY!! so, I kept playing the game, 💭 🤔 thinking it would go away, and, IT DIDN’T!! So, I kept noticing adds, so, I decided to make a review to tell the editor, to make some changes!! Changes to make: Please make the game less glitchy and fix it with the adds! It is very annoying when adds pop up every level you finish! And, I think they should add a update like a paint color 🎨. To buy at a shop. So, this would make it more funner! It’s always so bored without at least an update, no more glitches, and make not always the adds pop up!

- A few ideas

So I played this game for a good amount of time. My main issue is: if you want a successful game, I would personally suggest less ads and more micro-transactions. Hear me out: you get x amount of points when you complete a level, and you can use that to buy some type of new ball or color or background (the app is yours to explore of course!) and instead, make it to where you can buy points (and maybe watch an ad to get a few extra, or a multiplier for five minutes or something) and I feel like you would keep a lot of potential. Regardless, reading through the reviews I can tell you actually care about your app, and I love puzzle apps a lot, so good luck!

- Too easy

It was fun at first but there are some issues. For starters, the ads after every other level are annoying. Also, the levels don’t seem to increase in difficulty. It seems to be random as to the difficulty of the level. I’m in the hundreds in levels and I still get ones that are soooo easy. And a lot of those levels are the same ones repeated. There needs to be more levels where you aren’t just following the one possible path to beat the level. So many of these levels, even if they appear to be complicated, are really just one path that takes you through the whole thing and is impossible to not beat the level because there are no alternative directions to move and you may as well just make those levels a straight line.

- Great Game, But a Few Flaws

Let me begin this review by saying that this is a fun game. It is addicting and engaging, and is a great idea. There are just a few problems that need to be fixed. The first and biggest problem is the repeating levels and that the level’s difficultly doesn’t change as you go on. When I first started noticing the repetition of the levels, it didn’t bother me too much. But then as I got further into the game it came to my attention that because all of the levels were just being repeated the difficulty was not increasing either. Levels 869, 773, and 661 are all the same, even though they are very far away fr9m each other. Also, I’ve gotten to a point in the game where it is so repetitive and the only challenging levels are every 25 levels. This makes it so I am only playing for those 4 levels out of every hundred. This gets really boring at times because the other levels are all so easy. In conclusion, this is a good game with some issues. This is a really great idea for a game, but it could have been executed better. I do not regret downloading this app nor am I considering deleting it. It is still fun to play, but I think it could be so much more fun.

- I like it

I don’t really write reviews on games just because I don’t feel like it. So when I do write reviews it probably means something. I love this game it is very addicting and fun to play anytime. Some of the levels are a bit easy but my favorite are the bonus levels because of how challenging they get. I’m on level 900 right know and I don’t know if when I get to the thousands if they get harder but it would be cool if once you did or even past 500 that instead of the easy normal levels that it was the bonus levels. Overall I liked this game I didn’t have really anything to complain about the creators/developers did and excellent job in creating this app😁!

- More ads than gameplay

If this was a more interesting/challenging game I might be willing to put up with the ads. But seriously? A mini ad on every level and a full screen ad almost every level? I literally spent more time watching ads than actually playing the game. I get that developers need income from ads to provide content, but this feels excessive. The content just isn’t engaging enough to justify it in my opinion, so I deleted the app pretty quickly. The way I see it, there are other puzzle games and idle clickers I can use to pass the time that require me to watch way fewer ads (and they actually help you advance in the game when you do watch them) and have more interesting and involved gameplay to boot. But if you don’t care about excessive ads and you just want something to keep your hands busy, this is fine.

- Exceptionally mediocre

I downloaded this game because I had played one of the little ad demos and thought it was decent enough. It’s alright at first but then you start to notice how repetitive the levels are. There are like 20 different levels but the game goes on forever. I’m on level 250 but have really only played like 20 different layouts. None of them are hard either, it’s like one path that’s really easy to follow. The only ones that require more than 5 seconds are the “bonus levels” and those happen every 3 levels or so. Also, there is an obscene amount of ads. I understand the developer has to make money but it’s a common theme across all voodoo games. They’re just being greedy and advertising their other games. There an ad at least every 2 levels. This game is just a filler if you have nothing to do but can be really boring.

- Not worth it

It’s really barely a game, nothing special, but it looked like some of the mini games I had fun with in the middle of regular console video games, so I gave it a try. Out of all the levels I found two interesting, the rest are boring, a couple are so straightforward it hurts playing them. It’s also got such a limited number of maps it’s not worth the ads that play every two seconds. Maybe worth downloading if you want something to idle through for a bit, but it didn’t last a day before I played every level and it started cycling through the old ones again. And it’s too many ads to even recommend for a game to keep a kid idle for a bit, they’re so intrusive and bad you are likely to get some kind of junk on your phone slowing it down and wasting space. I honestly couldn’t recommend it for anything other than a few minutes, and even then it’s not really worth it.

- Amazing... but the ads!

(READ THIS!!!) I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this game and play it almost everyday but there are so many ads that it makes me want to smash my phone with a hammer. I know you are trying to make money but when there are ads on the screen in between EVERY LEVEL and there are the actual ad videos after every other level it gets annoying. I was trying to listen to Pandora while playing this and the ads would make the music stop so would have to go back to Pandora to play it again and then this game would completely freeze up and even sometimes kick me out and I would have to clear my apps just to play again. The ads on the bottom aren’t a problem though. If the ads and the lagging was fixed I would 10/10 recommend this app.

- Great game but...

This is a great game. What I don’t like are all the adds! Also, how is a game that is literally just getting a ball to cover the gray parts with color?! I read the description for why it’s 12 and up, but how is a game that again, is getting a ball to cover gray with color going to feature drug/tobacco references, mild fantasy violence images, mild real life horror images and much more?! It just doesn’t make sense. Otherwise, this is a really great game! I just got a new phone which is where I’m writing this review from, and it was one of the first eight apps/games I downloaded, because my brother has it on his iPad, and I played it. Once I did, I couldn’t stop! When my mom told me to get in bed, I was devastated because I didn’t want to stop playing! This is a great game and you should get it, 12 or not.

- I thought it would be easy but not

I thought this game would be easy but it’s not on level 100 I was scared that when my phone would die I would not get pass it the time I wanted to but after 23 tries I made it to level 101 that one was the trickiest one i ever saw. It was big with a lot of circles my baby sister looked at it and laughed I was wondering why was she laughing at me:( I think she was because she saw it was difaccle for me. My mom tried it she got pass it phew, “Thank You Mom Ur Awesome” she said it It wasent that hard so she said the next one? U wanted me to do! 102 nooooo I cant do that sorry baby:( ... me I said ... she said sorry, then my dog barked then my baby brother cried WHYYYYYY! My life as a big sister!

- Find a different puzzle game.

So I saw an add and thought it might be fun because I like puzzles and I needed a game like this for when I needed a distraction. The game was a little different than the add made it seem but whatever it’s still the same idea. It’s just too easy. I’m on level 90 because it’s the same puzzles used over and over again. There’s no menu you can go to to pause and the only menu there is only appears between levels. It vibrates every time you make a move and you can’t turn that off until completing a level (which takes about 5 seconds so I guess it’s no big deal). There only like 10 maps that get recycled and the pattern is so easy to figure out so it’s just boring. I’ll keep it for maybe another day or so because it scratches the puzzle itch I get (barely) but I’ll be looking for something different.

- Needs Updates

I would almost call this a five star but I have a few problems that should not be happening, if your looking for something new after level 100 well your not in luck, because as soon as you reach about 100 the levels will start repeating... the next complaint I have is that about every 2 levels then you get a commercial and sometimes my screen goes black and it kicks me out, anyways it’s fun and quite addictive cause I play this app everyday I really recommend it to anyone. I have really no other complaints. So it’s decided for me it will stay with updates needed once they’re added ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️’s it’s a good game that’s what this review meant pretty much only.


Ok so voodoo, let me just start off by saying, I HATE YOU!!! And all your games. I gave this game a chance, which was the wrong thing to do. First of all whenever I beat a level all I see is ads, ads, ads and more FREAKING ADS!!!! If you want your game to be successful stop being a sellout. Second their ads in other games say things to make you believe there will be a challenge, there is no challenge I played to lvl 200 hoping it would get harder, and the idiot in the ad saying “my brain just broke” must have an IQ of -500, Voodoo how stupid do you think we are? Third of all they just keep reusing the same levels over and over again!!! Conclusion: Voodoo is a sellout who only cares about profit and think that their customers are idiots who have no IQ, their are lying scandals and hope you take the time to read this I would rate this app -5 if I could. (Pewdiepie is shaking his head in shame voodoo)

- Ok

It doesn’t require any skill. The skip button is essentially useless. Since there isn’t a set of moves you have to make to beat the level, you can literally just keep sliding until it gets you there. The “Perfect” at the end of each level is inconsistent, it doesn’t actually mean it was perfectly done, it’s as if they randomly make it pop up at the end of each level. It doesn’t progressively get harder either, so it’s inconsistent with the level of difficulty with each level. The game seems rushed, could use a lot of improvements and I haven’t even got into the annoyance of ads this game has. It has too many ads for it to be this poorly designed. Only real positive is that it’s somewhat fun for the first 50 Levels and it’s a good thing to get on when you’re bored and have nothing to do.

- It needs work

I feel like the developers were very lazy/ bored with the game. Most/ all the higher levels are repeated from the lower levels. The levels are also very easy and boring. The only really “hard” levels are the bonus, but as well as the regular levels they repeat. Although the levels are very boring, the game is addicting in some way. I find myself keep coming back to it. I feel like the developers should add more levels, make the levels harder as the level number increases, and make sure there are no repeating levels. Unlike other players, I don’t think there is too many ads. You will get an ad between every 2 to 4 games you play, but it varies. This game really has potential, but the game developers really need to care and work on the game.

- This game is ok

Ok this game is fun and all but I don’t know if any of you guys have noticed this but the levels repeat a LOT and the they are VERY easy too. For example I’m on level 500 something and it literally gave the Level I did when I was on the FIRST level! And I don’t know if this is true or not but when I got to on the 500th level it said that only 7 percent of people got the level and I thought it was a lie just to make you feel good about yourself but I honestly have no idea if that’s true or not!🤪 about the repeating levels it kinda seemed like they took only 2 days to make this game just to put one out there and really didn’t give this game any thought! So please if you go and fix this game or whatever y’all do to them please make the levels harder and please don’t repeat any of them. P.S: Sorry that I repeated words a lot! 😐

- It’s good

I just started today it’s nothing like in the adds why why why tell mehhh enyway adds adds adds like in every review in every level be for one thir is a ADD I’m enoid by the add a few more things one is in the adds it shows that this is no levels in the level I’m comfiesd 😟 by that and you finish a level a grayish scren I don’t like that can you change that pleases if you cant I under stand that why I gave it a 2 star hehe I hope you can approve it and if you can’t I under stand pleases do it’s so bad my sis just got it one minute and she deleted right now have a good day or rest of a day or good night I’m so cofised I really don’t know what I’m saying hehe byeeeeee👋🏻 .like my sister said there’s to many adds it’s glitchy the levels are to easy it’s nothing like the add I rate it 1.

- Great game ruined by ads and “bonus rounds”

Overall the game is really addicting and is a great way to waste some time. But to pass one level there is five stages what would be fine but, you are forced to watch 2-3 30sec ads per level what doesn’t let you skip for the first 5 seconds and there are these “bonus levels” and have you collect coins what you can’t spend on anything... so I just set my phone down for the 10 seconds that goes on for as it is pointless. So in total there is 3 to 5 interruptions per level totaling 20 to 35 seconds what doesn’t sound like a lot but get very annoying and adds up very fast if you also add up that these levels are super easy, repeat, and that load time for these ads aren’t include the the time estimates.

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Roller Splat! 3.1.0 Screenshots & Images

Roller Splat! iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Roller Splat! iphone images
Roller Splat! iphone images
Roller Splat! iphone images
Roller Splat! iphone images
Roller Splat! iphone images

Roller Splat! (Version 3.1.0) Install & Download

The applications Roller Splat! was published in the category Games on 2019-01-26 and was developed by Voodoo [Developer ID: 714804730]. This application file size is 318.37 MB. Roller Splat! - Games app posted on 2020-07-11 current version is 3.1.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.neonplay.casualrollersplat2

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