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Grab this unique new exciting painting puzzle game for FREE!

Swipe up, down and all around to send your vibrant paintball rolling through the maze as you splash, splat and sploosh color all over the clean white maze. Complete the levels of each puzzle by covering every corridor and corner with beautifully bright paint. It feels so satisfying, who doesn't love a clean coat of fresh paint?

Roller Splat! is the exciting free game you'll want to tell your friends about. Which level can they get to?!

- Unique and fun puzzles levels
- Smooth and satisfying ball-rolling action.
- Fun and relaxing to play
- Free to play
- Bright and colourful
- Loads of vibrant paint colors
- Simple and satisfying
- Beautifully clean and fluid paint physics

Roller Splat! App Description & Overview

The applications Roller Splat! was published in the category Games on 2019-01-26 and was developed by Voodoo. The file size is 316.21 MB. The current version is 1.6.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes and update to game services

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Roller Splat! Reviews


So easy  mehdiraptor22  1 star

It so easy and doesn't have any challenge level I was pass 450 level but didn't steack any level


Download AMAZE! instead, it’s much better  Emmee_Gee  1 star

Fun game, I enjoy it, but I may end up deleting it just because there’s an ad that pops up nearly every. single. level. And then on top of those constant, forced pop-up ads, there are ad banners on the bottom, and then you can watch ads to skip levels... I get that ads= money, but this is just ridiculous. I almost feel like there are more ads than game content at this point, which is really disappointing because the concept of the game is fun. Update: I’ve had this game for about 20 mins and have decided to delete the app because I feel like the ads are like 70% of the game. I downloaded AMAZE! and it’s exactly this game but so much better.

i am Suzanne

Too easy, too many ads  i am Suzanne  1 star

The levels don't get much harder, and there are too many ads to wait on or accidentally click. The puzzle nature of the game is similar to Ricochet Robots, but without the added challenge of finding the path with the fewest moves.


Not Worth It  anemecek33  2 star

Too many adds and the levels begin to repeat themselves.


Bad  TheForgetfulLady  1 star

It’s the stupidest game I’ve have ever played, easy , repeated levels , boring.


Roller splat  bahdbskdbeisbsisbs  1 star

This game is absolutely terrible. There are so many ads and the game is just waaayyy too laggy.

VA is poppin

Lags out, glitches, recycled levels, bad.  VA is poppin  1 star

I’ve played a few of these painting games before. This is by far the worst. It lags so hard that you have to restart it after every few levels. It glitches out so bad that the paint shot through a wall and painted an area I hadn’t gotten to yet. The ads are made even worse since they’re “interactive” which just means they are memory heavy and cause the game to freeze... the graphics are SUPER memory heavy which makes the game freeze. The levels are all the same and it’s just bad.


1 star game  dudesucker  1 star

This game does not ramp in difficulty. It’s seemingly just random levels. It also asks you if you want to skip the level by watching an ad?? That’s so dumb. Why would I want to do that? It’s not fun and not hard.


Too many advertisements  ☺️☺️☺️cal  1 star

Whenever I go onto YouTube, I see an ad for this game. The ads are so unbelievably terrible and retarded that I wish I could just erase them from YouTube. I like some Voodoo games but the ads that they put on the internet are utterly horrible.


Decent  Notymenow  4 star

Great time waster, don’t expect much of a story or combos, though…


Great game but wayyyy too many ads  missabell16  3 star

I loved this game. It’s the sort of thing that gets my mind working, and is a fun and challenging game. However, I ended up uninstalling the game because there was an ad after every single level and it was becoming ridiculous. For example, if I complete a level in 20 seconds then have to watch a 30 second video, it gets really annoying and really took the fun out of it for me. Hopefully the developers see my comment because I’m sure they’d get a lot more use and money out of the game by decreasing the amount of ads they hit u with. Hope this was really helpful for both the developers of the game, and anybody wishing to download it.


Fix it!!  anyideawhatnickmamecangothru  1 star

Takes forever to load (not running smooth at all). And too frequent ads.


Way too easy and way too many apps  Captain_Leghairs  1 star

There’s no room for failure 90% of the puzzles are just follow the path. Oh and an add every 2 levels is really annoying

Henry deal

Too many adds  Henry deal  2 star

Too many adds


Waste of space  pizzalove48🍕  1 star

This game isn’t even good if u won’t a good game to play then don’t get this game When I first got this game it wouldn’t let me play it it would always glitch out and kick e out of the game. I highly recommend that you don’t get this game


Glitchy Piece of S##t  Faze_Killer.TTV  1 star

This game was so glitchy and continued to crash over and over again once I hit level 70. So frustrating in the end I deleted. I do not recommend anyone downloading it.


Way too simple  slangkentucky  1 star

I’m up to level 50 and with the exception of one tricky bonus level, this game is infuriatingly easy. In most levels there is a clear path set for the ball and following it requires no skill or imagination. I can pass every level in under 5 seconds and have to endure 30 seconds of ads to progress. It would be fun if you had to use your brain but I don’t have high hopes after 50 levels. Delete!

Boii 🙃

Hmm  Boii 🙃  2 star

My experience with voodoo.. Yes! This company is very good! But then AMAZE came out. When I look at this, I think "Discount AMAZE" and that's bad. I never thought voodoo, a very successful company, would make a clone to get a lot of people to like them, AND IT WORKED?!😩

South Coogee

This is COPYRIGHT  South Coogee  1 star

Hi guys. Do not download this game because this is a Copyright! There is a game called Amaze which is the exact same AND it was made first! Voodoo Studios have been doing this a lot lately with other games. I know I like a couple of their originals, but still, Voodoo Studios should know better. I hope you all take my advice seriously.


Too many ads  jostarr711  2 star

Ridiculous amount of ads


Gets old fast  mgraves522  2 star

Game is fun in a mindless kinda way but it recycles the levels and with all of the games from this developer it seems like I spend more time watching adds than actually playing


Level 50 in 10mins  AahBhe  2 star

Level 31 and 32 are same. You can actually reach level 50, which includes 5 seconds of ads 😂


Ok  Wiwoehaojabxnzoqhebxnal  3 star

It has many repeat levels, many glitches, it takes a while to even start playing the game, it doesn’t take even 5 seconds of you playing a level for the skip button to show up and it makes you feel like you’re doing something wrong, and there are ads after every level. I love these types of games but I was a little disappointed downloading this one. But it is fun when you have the repeat levels the first time!!


Don’t waste time or money  Jaber247  1 star

Terrible game, levels are repeated, no real challenge. You get frustrated with how many ads pop up you buy the game. I bought hoping for it to get better and to get rid of the doesn’t get better at all.


Disappointing  SlightlyPsychotic  2 star

This game is boring after 10 minutes. After awhile you will see they are just recycling the levels and not offering new or interesting. Lazy, and way to easy. Free? yes. Fun? No.


Amazing... but one problem  RichardPlayz8Real  5 star

I love this game I’m I. The top 5 percent and this is like all I play. but there is one issue it is when I go on and it says I’m on level one but I know I’m not so when I restart the app it says my real level. So nothing big! Keep it up


Game ok, ads obnoxious  Knitad  2 star

The game was okay but there was up to 30 seconds of ad between almost all screens. I understand ads are why the apps are free but come on! I’ll be deleting this ap

frmfchfe4(es&j rrd4

I love it but we’ll find out the problem by reading  frmfchfe4(es&j rrd4  5 star

I love playing it but after every level their is an add the game is amazing tho I love it and I just downloaded it is a challenge but I like chalenges you will like no love this game


...  RobloxDash23  2 star

I like the game and all but it’s just that there is WAY TOO MANY ADS. Every time you start another level, it either shows a ad first, second, or last. SUPER ANNOYING


To many ads  hbvhgfcvbvghyrdc  1 star

Well on my phone when I get ads it goes straight to the App Store and it’s annoying there is ads at the end when you pass the level and for me THERE DUMB ADS 😡🤬😡 dont download this app the creator says that there is a lot of 5 stars from other people well it’s fake probably cause I don’t see a lot of people saying it’s 5 stars like they have that so people can get it and I have been having games like this and there boring like amaze have you seen the creator like don’t download it’s stupid game don’t


Disappointing  Martinaitis  1 star

I downloaded this game thinking it’ll give me a mental challenge, however all the levels are very basic and give next to no satisfaction. You can’t choose levels or make your own, and there’s ads after every second level. Not worth your download, waste of time.


Too many adds  Sha_booby  1 star

At least 30 seconds of adverts between each level. Life is too short


Repetitive  flo1996saidi  1 star

Just the same few levels being played over and over


Don’t bother  shadow82638  1 star

The app was very slow and like everyone else is saying there is wayyy to many ads.Plus my battery goes down very fast while I’m playing the game😕


It’s not the worst  Zlipz-_-  2 star

I like the game but I’m not paying money just to get rid of ads. I’m not saying I don’t play the game, I’m on level 900


It is good and bad  evievate  3 star

It is a good game just that there are so many adds and they repeat the levels


Repetitive and boring after a while 😔  Gdeburca  2 star

I played this game for 2 days, it was fun a first but then I got past level 100 and I started to relise that they are reusing levels. That’s a big no no, would not recommend


Don’t bother downloading  Mrhegy101  1 star

Total waste of time the first 25 are just repeated in different orders constantly. Very disappointing.


Horrible  CarzieWarzie  1 star

The levels in this game are so easy. All this app does is eats up battery life. My iPad went from 45% to 23% in literally 5 minutes. There are ads after every level. Do not download this game.


More ads than anything.  KarlBoland95  1 star

Deleted it after ten minutes, the ads were ridiculous. The game is 90% ads lol

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