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Debt Snowball Calculator App Description & Overview

What is debt snowball calculator app? The simplest way to stop feeling overwhelmed with debt is to take your first step towards financial freedom. Use the Debt Snowball app to create an action plan that calculates your debt free journey and allows you to track your progress with our debt tracker. Your financial toolbox just got bigger, pair it with your budget, mortgage, student loan, car loan apps, to help you achieve your ultimate goal - Financial Independence.

The Debt Snowball Calculator calculates the number of months and years it will take to become debt free using your smallest balance, highest interest or any order you choose. Depending on your debt, you will either save big or not much at all. Choose a method that works for you.

The Debt Tracker allows you to track your progress by recording monthly payments made to your debt. Every time a payment is recorded your status will be updated and changes will be made to your overall journey.

Here's how to use it.

Enter in your debt and the app will create a debt free plan. This plan will give you a timeline for car loan payoffs, credit card payoffs, student loan payoffs and mortgage payoffs. Track your monthly progress by recording your payments allowing you to view how much your journey has changed.

Create printable debt-free charts. Choose between two styles: a blank chart where you can fill in your own information or a chart where the app generates all your payments. You'll be tracking your debt-free journey in no time!

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App Name Debt Snowball Calculator
Category Finance
Updated 02 October 2020, Friday
File Size 22.31 MB

Debt Snowball Calculator Comments & Reviews 2024

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Dev team is very helpful.. I had one issue with calculation and dev team responded in no time and explain that to me.

Needs more work. Overall I think it is a good debt calculator but I would make a few changes. For instance when I put in one of my debts I like putting in the exact interest rate especially on student loan debts. Well the app rounds it to an even percentage which isn’t that accurate. I would like the app to use my exact percentage. Also, I would like it to pay off my debt month by month as I go and be able to put in what I actually owe that month and that might be different than what my actual monthly payment is (its student loans so they are very different) and I would also like it to ask how much extra if any that I paid for that month. I think all of these extra features would add more focus and help see when I’m expected to pay off my debts.

Not Impressed 😩. While I like the concept of logging my debts and their details, I was expecting much more from this app. I was expecting to list the debt and the details, then see an actual tracker to include me listing the payments made and seeing the balance decrease ... similar to the way I have it set on my excel spreadsheet which is what I will stick to using. We all know that feeling you get from seeing a balance decrease and this app doesn’t do it for me. It’s very basic and not helpful at all. I don’t have a ton of debt but I don’t think this app being provided at its full potential. I’m sure there are some other features that could be applied to make this app #1 but in its current state it’s just not what I need. The purpose of using this app is to stay on top of paying down debt and this app is very boring and doesn’t motivate you, remind you, allow you to set goals (or send any alerts when you’ve reached a goal), have any cool color schemes or anything ... you’d be better off saving your money and using excel. At least it’s free and customizable!

Pretty useful!. I purchased this app to help myself achieve my goal to be consumer debt free within a realistic time frame. I give this app 3 stars for the reasons mentioned below. Pros: Not too bad for a one time purchase of $1.99. It’s great to see your overall expenses as “the bigger picture” with the amount of time it would take you to pay off each debt. It’s possible to pay off all your debt sooner than stated by making your own comfortable adjustments with the overall visualization. For me, it’s easier to view my finances in one place versus logging on to each finance app for balances. It’s simple to edit each debt should your balance increase due to a finance charge & or purchase just by tapping the selected creditor. I think this app is a great tool for those who are looking to begin or are already on their journey to financial freedom. LOVE this app for being ad-free!! Cons: The user interface is ok. Dislike there is no settings or help feature to help you navigate through the app. Would be helpful to have a tutorial upon setting up for first time users or even a link to a tutorial for future reference. Would be nice to have a profile set up for the user to enter general information & goals (short term & or long term). Maybe have acheivement awards for reaching said goal or even for paying off a creditor? I personally enjoy & feel proud kf myself when an app recognizes my acheivement for implemented goals. Would also be useful to have a section for each creditor to add some notes for yourself such as a reminder that a double payment is possible for upcoming dates etc. Also this app would be even better if an expense tracker section was add to help the user become more cautious of their spending in terms of a learning tool. Possibly add some “Tip of the day” or “positive encouragement of the day” with daily log ins. Would be perfect to be able to have this app protected by a login with either a username & password or even just a 4 digit pin with fingerprint capability to protect information in case you let someone use your phone for other things & want to keep nosey folks out of your personal business. Lastly, would be nice to be able to back up entries every so often to icloud in case the app somehow gets accidentally deleted etc. I am hopeful that with time, this app can improve with more features. There is always room for improvement! Overall, I would recommend this app to anyone who is looking for a way to see their finances in one place.

Joy. I like how it breaks down the debt snow ball I just wish it could keep a tally that is updated monthly.

Great App!. This app is extremely helpful at organizing your debt and creating an action plan that will put you in the right path to becoming debt-free. The feelings most of us have of anxiety and chaos around managing is definitely reduced. Thank you!

Great app for tracking progress!. I love the user interface for this app and also the way it all works together. It allows you to print a chart where you can cross off payments and see your progress towards being debt free. It also lets you add extra payments if you’re trying to pay off your debt quicker. Overall great app!

Just One Small Suggestion. I really love this app! It’s very easy to use. My one suggestion is to not require a monthly minimum payment. I have a debt I owe to a family member, and they said to not worry about paying them back until my other debts are paid. I’m still planning on using the snowball method with the amount I owe them. I couldn’t put “0” in the minimum monthly payment, so I ended up putting $1. That’s the only small snag I’ve run into! :)

Easy to use - Simplistic - No paywall - One suggestion. I’ve been combing over snowball calculators lately, something to put the information in a simple format. This app is a wonderfully visualizes debt in an easy to read way. The only suggestion or feature I wouldn’t mind having is a way to put in your monthly net income to see how feasible adding extra payments will be for individual situations. Or to a lesser extent a total of monthly overpayments so we can do the math without scrolling. Adding up overpayments and doing the math myself isn’t really an inconvenience, just a thought though.

Love it!!!. Okay so I just downloaded this yesterday and I already love it! It gives me a visual and something to look forward too! My only request is that you make the app available to Android users. My husband isn’t on the iPhone bandwagon 😊 I can’t wait to start paying off debt

So easy & love the all-inclusive view. It was super simple to funnel all my accounts into one place. So great that I can see it all in a single platform. I love that it quickly tabulates the payoff when I make additional seeing how much it reduces my payoff period!

iPad Pro. The app looked promising and I was looking forward to using, but it doesn’t seem to work with the IPad Pro. There’s only a continuous loading screen. I am giving a neutral 3 stars.

Share account??. Just got this app but wondering if there is a way to be able to share the same info on two phones. Would like mine and my husbands phone to be able to share the info so we don’t have to input it all twice.

Needs More Options. I love the app, but I would like to able to add the extra payment to a debt specifically instead of the app doing it on its own. And then it can apply it to the following debt on its own once the smaller one is paid. The 3 options for the extra payments are a bit confusing to me. It would be great to see how much you actually paid to that debt including interest in the app, like to be able to click within that specific debt and see it. Overall, great app and best $2 I ever spent on a debt calculator. I’ve been looking for something like this that also calculates my interests.

No snowball options. Using ipad pro.. this app needs work. At first the app wouldn't open, I had to delete it and do a reset on my ipad, reinstall it, then finally got it to work. The left side doesn't scroll, so you cant see the information. There are much better app out there. In my opinion.

Edit: Great in-app purchase. Edit: Update greatly improves the chart. It’s now personalized and I plan to print them off. Thanks! Original: There’s no preview of what the in-app purchase chart will look like, but I figured it’s only a dollar and bought it. But the chart is just a name of the debt with a bunch of lines through it. No numbers, no dates. Just a lot of lines. I’m sure the lines mean something but I’m confused as to what.

Thumbs up!. Simple & handy app

What a waste. I just literally paid for this app. I am trying to add the first debt and everyone I put the information in and go to add it it just locks me out of the app. There’s nothing saved. I have to open the app all over again and then enter the information all over again for it to kick me out of the app all over again. This was a waste. There’s no resolution no back button and nothing saved to go back to. I’m so disappointed.

iPad Version. I am currently running the latest version of iOS for my iPad Pro and there app does not open. Tried to reinstall and nothing

Okay needs works.... Apps is clean and user friendly. Only reason I gave 3 stars is because I thought the printable .99 was all combine. The whole point of a snowball was to apply finish payments to the next debt. Thereby reducing the over all debt quicker. Need a bit of work.

Paid for printable chart but doesn’t work. So let me the fact that I think this is a great app out of the way. Only thing is that I paid $0.99 for the printable charts and all I get is a pdf with lines and and the debtor name in the center of the page in large font. This renders the feature and payment I made useless. Please fix.

Great App. I really like this app and have been using it for several months. The only issues I’ve had is that the downloadable payoff charts don’t print well. I tried to contact the Developer about it but couldn’t find a way to message them. I would give this app a solid 5 stars if I could print the charts.

Misleading. So the entire point of the snowball method is that when you pay off the lowest balance, you add that payment to your payment on the next lowest balance, then when that one is paid off the payments from the paid off loans now go to the next highest and so on. The method is designed to use the amount you already pay every month to help you pay off your debt quickly. The ONLY thing this app does it tell you how long it’s going to take to pay off debt making the minimum payment. It’s literally just a list of payments... all equal and no snowball at all. I don’t need to know how long it’s going to take to do what I’m ally doing I wanted to create a plan to get rid of it faster and have somewhere to track it.

Don’t buy!. Not helpful! Wasted my money on this :/

Calculation Errors. I’ve been using this app for a while now with no issues. About a month ago, it randomly deleted all of my information and I has to reinput it. Ever since then, when I pay off a debt and delete it, it extends my debt snowball! The last debt I deleted (about $1800) took my debt snowball from 2.4 years to 3.6 years. This is an ongoing issue that’s been happening and at this point I’m looking for another app that’s accurate. Fix the bugs developers! Also, find a way to record a debt is paid off instead of just deleting it. The app won’t let you put $0 as a balance.

Won’t let me enter my debt. Went to start entering our debt and couldn’t even enter the first one. It told me that my payments were too low for the debt and that it will never be payed off. It wanted to me enter info that wasn’t accurate. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Worth every penny!. Simple to use, clear in it’s presentation and user friendly.

Love it but..... Love this app but is there a way to print all of your debt on one sheet instead of different sheets?

Don’t bother. App only works in vertical orientation on iPad. Entered one debt and came back later to enter more - only showed original debt. Added all my debts, synced and still only showed orignal debt entered. Buggy, drag and drop to are custom order didn’t work. No instructions or help file. Save your money.

One time payment doesn’t specify the month. I would like it if you could choose which month you made extra payments. We get bonuses certain times a year and when you add the “extra payment” it calculates it in month 1 and no the actual month you’re planning on making the payment. Otherwise it works great.

More options. I would love to have the ability to payoff higher interest first instead of lowest balance. Paid $1.99 for the app and slightly disappointed.

More Features Needed. It would be nice to be able to enter dates. For example, what if a debt is paid bi-weekly? Can I set goals or target dates in addition to paying extra on the debts? I can list out my own debts... I need an app that can help forecast and provide insight on how to manage and tackle paying the debt off.

Great update. Love the new features

Get rid of your debt!. I have been looking for a app that helps me pay off my debt with the snowball method. I tried many different ones and then i saw this one. I read reviews and thought about not purchasing but i did and it turns out to be the best one. You add all your debts. You choose how you want to tackle them. Low interest. Low balance or just choose exactly what order you want. Then you can add how much extra you want to add to the snowball. It will then show you all your debts by month and how much you will be paying to each. It also shows you how long it would take to pay it off. My only issue is that it does not show you up to date info. So if i make those payments to my card, i would have to go into each debt manually and edit the amount owed so that it updates the payments plan. It should have a button to make payments to each debt and allow you yo input exactly how much you paid, which then would update the plan. Besides that, i think this is a very good app. Wry useful and will motivate you to get out of debt quickly. So add a $1.99 debt to one or your cards and buy this app.

No Snowball Options. I wish I had read reviews before purchasing this one. The only payoff method is paying lowest balances first. The dev responded to another review stating that paying highest interest rates first is called “debt avalanche”, but I have *never* heard of that. I’ve always seen both those options considered to be snowballing. The snowball method is that you take the money from a paid off debt and apply it to the next debt - that isn’t confined just to paying lowest balances first method. My bad for not finding out this app only has one payoff plan option and won’t work for me as I want/need to pay off higher interest rate balances first. 2 stars for the inspiration to make my own payoff plan charts like the ones in this app (using a payoff plan from another app that has highest interest rate first option).

Not enough for the cost. Needs to allow for tracking payments after snowball plan is generated. Adjust snowball projection based on each entered monthly payment.

Purchaser. Not what I expected. Waste of money, do not buy.

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On the right track. App is beautiful with easy to follow prompts. Lacking in functionality with less features then the other free apps out there. Would love to see extra payments able to be allocated off certain debts, debt charts for total debt able to be created and % of debt paid off available.

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Disappointed I paid for this.. When inputting my line of credit it told me it would never be paid off and to change the data. Which is incorrect. Also it doesn’t seem to save your information so you can keep coming back it just turns it into a printable chart. NOT happy.

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Language English
Price $1.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 2.0
Play Store com.everydayworks.SNO
Compatibility iOS 12.1 or later

Debt Snowball Calculator (Versiyon 2.0) Install & Download

The application Debt Snowball Calculator was published in the category Finance on 24 February 2019, Sunday and was developed by Jesse Flores [Developer ID: 1445750174]. This program file size is 22.31 MB. This app has been rated by 52 users and has a rating of 3.6 out of 5. Debt Snowball Calculator - Finance app posted on 02 October 2020, Friday current version is 2.0 and works well on iOS 12.1 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.everydayworks.SNO. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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Debt Snowball Calculator App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

NEW! Now you can track your debt every month by recording the payments you make to each debt. Once recorded, your debt-free journey will be automatically adjusted.

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