Deer Calls & Hunting Sounds

Deer Calls & Hunting Sounds [Sports] App Description & Overview

Deer Calls & Hunting Sounds brings you proven, high quality sound bytes to keep you ahead of the game.

HD Sounds include:
- 19 deer call sound bytes
- 10 deer call sound mixes

* Optimized for low power usage
* Customizable sound repeat frequency

You must consult your states laws and regulations prior to the use of any electronic game calling equipment, including this application, specifically for deer hunting.

Have questions? Feel free to email us at


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Deer Calls & Hunting Sounds Customer Service, Editor Notes:

+ Fixed a minor bugs Thank you for the positive feedback!

Deer Calls & Hunting Sounds Comments & Reviews

- Great app for out in the stand!

Can’t make this stuff up. Downloaded this app because I was bored in the stand. Started playing around with it, reading the reviews to see what the best sounds were. Next thing I know 2 doe are 40 yards away. I let them pass because I didn’t have time to get a shot off. I started using the Doe 1 sound thinking nothing would come around. Next thing I know, an 8 pointer comes walking down one of my shooting lanes. Could have been a coincidence, but I think the sounds helped real him in!!! Would definitely recommend trying if you’re bored in the stand and nothing seems to me coming around.

- Doesn’t scare deer 😉

I used doe call 2 times and 18 min later 2 does came 1st time. then a 3 point came in and chased them away. I tried calling him back with other calls to see what would happen but nothing . 2nd time I called in 6 does my daughter took shot and missed 😔 I doubt this call made deer changer there minds of where they where going but I know they came in a lot faster than usual. And doesn’t scare them away. I am surprised but I can’t refute what I’ve seen. Good luck fellas and ladies try it what the hell how much we spend on everything else for hunting!!!???


Hunters, add your location (i.e. my location is Southeast Alabama) when saying which specific call works best for you. Let’s help our fellow hunters out! I’ve had this app for 2 years now. The sounds are great! By far the best quality sounds for an iOS app. I haven’t honestly called anything directly to me yet but I’ve used it plenty of times while deer were in sight and the calls do not scare them at all. I mainly use Doe Bleat, Estrous Bleat, Estrous Bleat 2, and Tending Grunts. Still trying to find the magic one that will start drawing them in closer.

- Great app!!

Downloaded the app after frustration with the free app I had been using. Used doe 1 two times about 6 mins apart. A few mins later a long horn spike walked out and came within 30 yards of me. Let him walk in hopes of seeing him in a couple years. My only critique would be is that it would be nice if there was a play button to initiate calling. I accidentally called once trying to look through the calls bc of cold fingers not working quite like I wanted them too. Very good quality sounds tho.

- Damnnnn son!!! Worked in an unexpected way.

Okay, I never write reviews but I had to for this one! I was sitting in the tree stand and download it just to see. I played around a couple minutes hitting some of the doe and fawn sounds. Within 5 minutes I see a some movement out the corner of my eye. It was a coyote running across a clearing. He was on the hunt, looking for his next meal. I hit the fawn again and he came right back out. Needless to say, it didn’t end well for him... Hopefully next time it’s a deer!

- Great tool!

I couldn’t find my buck grunt so I looked to see if there was an app. This one was top of the list with great reviews. I figured why not give it a try. Well I got a nice buck yesterday and today my son pulled in a big doe with this app on my phone. I am truly amazed with this app. I will be using it for years to come. Thank you for making such a wonderful product! It’s working quite well on my iPhone XS Max.

- Unbelievable

I read reviews of this app working wonders and was skeptical at first, but I had been in the stand all day seeing doe after doe pass so decided to play around with the light grunt mix (early season hunting) within minutes I see a 6 point walk right in the middle of the open. Trust me this app works give it a try after all it’s only $5.

- Great app im on year 2

Had this for 2 years now last year i had issues with the timer but the developer was great emailed me many times and got a fix out. I got a doe early bow 2019 with the fawn mix and a buck gun season with the dow mix. So far this year 2020 iv seen a bunch of deer come running after i called just not the one im looking for. Awesome app

- Works great

I was sitting in deer stand looking for deer call apps on my phone. Found this one read the reviews and all seemed positive so I’m like what the hell let’s give it a try. Downloaded the app and just started randomly hitting the calls. Mostly the doe 1. In about 15 minutes a buck walked within 50 yards of our deer stand.

- Worked as planned

This is a great ap. I was able to take a nice 10 point buck today. Was using the Doe 3 three times and then one Buck Grunt. The buck came down a ridge heading right toward my speaker. I use a JBL Charge 4 Bluetooth speaker and sit it away from where I am sitting. Works just as I had planned.

- Works

Was skeptical but decided to try it out anyway. Played Doe 1 call and no joke right away two smaller bucks came running right towards me from thicket. Haven’t tried it on a mature buck yet but still pretty cool. Worth the money!

- Great App

Really enjoyed it last year, I’m trying to find out if there’s a sequence calls available as if you don’t see any action in the field. Which calls should be made first?

- Question?

This is a good app. Can’t speak to accuracy or effectiveness. Curious if any users read this can you comment on how you’ve applied this? Ex. Which calls in which situations? Is the phone loud enough or use a speaker? How loud should it be? How often do you play a sound? Thanks

- Great app but...

I downloaded it and when I opened it the “Is this legal in your state” thing came up and I googled my state to see and turns out NO it’s not legal in my state so is there a way I can get a refund?

- Works great but no instructions

Sounds are really good. Only thing lacking is some instructions on when to use the various calls. There is a long list to choose from and I think some guidance would help inexperienced hunters.

- Awesome

Some of the best sounds I’ve heard on an app. My only suggestion would be that down at the bottom where it shows how long the intervals are that you add a countdown.

- Great sound but...

Sounds really good but it would be nice to have a favorites option so I can remember which of the sounds I like to use.

- Meh

The sounds are ok, but I bought the app in hopes that it had a snort wheez, which is difficult to replicate. I wish I hadn’t spent the $5, but it might work for you if you’re not proficient with handhelds. I think handhelds sound better.

- Sounds are great!!

Sounds are really great however it only plays one time with my iPhone X’s max on lock then I have to open for it to play again. Also if possible, to include a snort wheeze would be cool.

- Works great

Calls sound legit. Sitting in blind looking for deer calls on my phone and this had great reviews. Tried it out and works great

- Sounds good

Not sure if it’s luck but downloaded this app in the woods then used a few calls and a 7 point walked up

- True sound

True sound and like the volume range

- Sounds great

Sounds great but the timer, while trying to set it lets out calls.. you can’t adjust the time, without it sending out random calls from behind it.. but sounds are great, just app organization needs attention.

- Good app

Like the variety, only thing missing is a snort wheeze! Plssssss add. It’s a great app for when I forget to bring my calls with me

- Doe bleat

November 11, 2018 I used the doe bleat just for testing/videoing and had a buck show within 15 minutes. Nice app with a nice selection of sounds

- Share

I purchased this app for my phone... can I share with my son or does he had to buy as well.

- Awesome app

Downloaded at 7:30 and had an 11point on the ground by 8:45. Probably just coincidence but I’m sold.

- HD deer sounds/call App

Quality and quantity. Solid App. Worth a few the few dollars.

- Deer Running

First call I tried deer came running right out!

- Great wildlife sounds.

Good sounds that I have seen work in the Whitetail world. Good job!

- Aggravating to use

The calls are pretty legit but the app itself is aggravating. You have to manually turn off the repeat function every time you open and use the app

- Hopefully it works

Well read some on the reviews thought I’d try it out. Hopefully it works good in the woods!

- Works!

Works great. Doe #1 worked on four bucks this season.

- Awesome app

I was skeptical about this app, but it works great. This is a must have app. Git er done.

- Real Deal

Best deer calling app I’ve used

- Deer call app

Doesn’t explain what different sounds mean need better explanation

- Crazy what happened

Ok I sound like all the other reviews but I promise I’m not paid nor have I think ever written a review of an app. This happened this evening. Was hunting late because it rained this morning in southeast MO so I didn’t get to my stand until 11. Didn’t think I would have any luck honestly and didn’t pack anything besides my rifle. Woods were dead for hours, even fell asleep for a bit. Around 3:30 I was bored and decided to look at deer apps and came across this one and read a few reviews. I read several about how they downloaded it just for fun or whatever and several shot a buck shortly after using it. I thought to myself, yeah right, sure you did but for $5 bucks i thought screw it why not. Downloaded it and started listening to the calls at low volume before I tried any where a deer could maybe hear it. Decided on the doe 1 because it sounded like my doe can I’ve used. Turned the volume up all the way and did it one time, btw be sure to turn off the 45 second automatic repeat. Personally I think the default should not have that on. I can see you not noticing that and it going off again when a deer was under you. Anyway I put my phone up and was just sitting back in my stand and I kid you not, about 5 minutes later I heard something walking behind me and turned slowly and there was a big mature 6pt. Don’t usually shoot a 6pt but he clearly was a mature buck just never developed a lot of points. Needless to say the 308 dropped him like a bad habit. I guess he could have already been coming my way, who knows but that sure seemed like he was coming up the ridge to see where the doe was to me. Kinda unbelievable but will make a cool story to remember about this years harvest. Have a good one to all the hunters out there. Taylor Southeast MO 2020 rifle opening day

- Won’t work

It locked up and won’t work

- Deer call

Best one yet

- Snort Wheeze

Please add a snort wheeze!

- Tree stand

Loaded the app from my tree stand. Small buck came in on the doe bleat. I’m a believer!

- Refund

How do I get a refund?

- To much

Not that good for the price

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- Absolutely realistic sound.

Almost end of the season. Was sitting on the tree stand and watching all the action below. It was amazing watching buck chasing does. I had 3 big bucks around me. Watching them for a couple of hours and couldn’t figure out how to stop them for a good shot. Then I recall I have this app. As they again ran under my tree stand I made the sound. He stopped in his tracks and forgot about the lady he’s been chasing. She stopped about 30 yards later and was waiting for him and he did not care.. 🤣🤣🤣 Absolutely realistic sound. Probably even better as I saw it works great.

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Deer Calls & Hunting Sounds 1.1.2 Screenshots & Images

Deer Calls & Hunting Sounds iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Deer Calls & Hunting Sounds iphone images
Deer Calls & Hunting Sounds iphone images
Deer Calls & Hunting Sounds iphone images

Deer Calls & Hunting Sounds (Version 1.1.2) Install & Download

The applications Deer Calls & Hunting Sounds was published in the category Sports on 2018-11-05 and was developed by LW Brands, LLC [Developer ID: 963599018]. This application file size is 5.27 MB. Deer Calls & Hunting Sounds - Sports app posted on 2021-09-11 current version is 1.1.2 and works well on IOS 12.1 and high versions. Google Play ID: deer.calls.lwbrandsllc