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Detective needs you to solve some difficult cases. You’ll be drawn into the plot of multiple investigations, each with its own unique fugitive to catch, challenges, and surprises.

Where players must find a set number of differences between two otherwise similar images.

● Find 5 clues in a limited time!
● 36 cases to be resolved and continuous update!
● 360 levels and 2000+ differences!
● Use the hint option to provide a clue!
● Full Color images!
● Free to play!

Find Differences: Detective App Description & Overview

The applications Find Differences: Detective was published in the category Games on 2018-10-28 and was developed by Fastone Games. The file size is 224.74 MB. The current version is 1.3.7 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Added 160 new levels.

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Poor quality pictures - Horrible game - ugly - out of control ads - not worth the time  acharlie212  1 star

Horrible. Poor quality pictures. Titles have nothing to do with the pictures. Photos of drug needles and casinos/gambling. Game is definitely not worth even $0.01. Do not waste your money or time. Cartoon drawings in first few pictures then most ugly photographs ever seen of the most depressing run down places. What kind of person/people would make such a sick, lazy, disgusting game then loaded with ads to abuse gamers even more. Delete, delete, delete. I’m angry with the instagram for advertising this beyond horrible game. People beware, do not download this game. If I could give a zero stars, I would. One star is one too many as it translates into 20% and this game is below 0%. It seems to be made by someone with marital problems. HORRIBLE, LAZY, UGLY, POOR QUALITY, RIPOFF, WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY, DISGUSTING, FALSE ADVERTISING, GLITCHY, FREEZES IPAD, STAY AWAY, DISAPPOINTING


False advertising  Rinner14_YT  2 star

The game is nothing like the adds


Is A shiiit  Tusnalgasabiertas  5 star



Gracias  puertobrico  5 star

Muy bueno 👍


incorrect advertising  j.-.1243  1 star

I had an ad for this game, where you had to match the baby to the father. While waiting for the ad to finish, I played along, and found errors. The ad showed a mother with blonde hair and blue eyes, a baby with blonde hair and blue eyes, and 4 possible fathers. One with brown hair and brown eyes, blonde hair and brown eyes, light brown hair and brown eyes, and black hair and blue eyes, As the ad played on, and eliminates the two men with blonde hair, and light brown hair, the only reasonable response would be the father with black hair and blue eyes, because blue eyes are a recessive trait, so it takes both parents to pass on the trait. Blonde hair is also a recessive trait, so it would take both parents to pass on the trait, if the baby had blonde hair, but the dad has brown hair.


Ads aren’t like the game  rgewavhfhkvasehfauies  1 star

The game itself is insanely boring. The ads aren’t anything like the actual game.


It’s just ok  24;;0  3 star

If you want to do something for a while and like to find difference, have at it. You’ll be deleting it before long. Reason? Kinda boring, not much of a challenge. Can’t find something? Use a hint, watch an ad and get your heart ( life) back. You got 5 to burn per clip ( for lack of a better term). Starts with 3 to 4 to 5, then next clip , same thing different pic. You receive $$ for a successful round, watch an ad receive $200. Still don’t know why, I see nothing to buy or no ( store)! Fairly easy to see the small differences on my phone for the most part. You can enlarge the picture, sometimes. I can’t seem to do it every time, could be me. SO have fun for awhile, then delete like I will very soon.


Work of Art  teachusyou  5 star

Totally Satisfying !


False advertising ❌❌  sialai  2 star

The game seemed interesting in the ads but when you download it, its simply just boring.


Concerned  Lulu1954B  1 star

I was playing your game when I realized one of your pictures in your game in Sleepy town is my building. How can you use people’s buildings In your game without my consent? Makes me wonder how many of the buildings in your game are you using without owners consent.


THIS IS HORRIBLE  alrightson  1 star

i was so excited to play this game and i got onto it and i played the first level and it suddenly froze!! i thought it was my phone's problem so i exited and got back on. then it froze again when i was halfway through level 2 so i exited and power offed my phone. then when i finished level 3 and it froze!!!! what is this??? i'm so mad because i actually want to play it but it FREEZES EVERY TIME

ryan hasan

Worst game ever  ryan hasan  1 star

It is not how it looks like!!! It gives attractive set up but when you gonna download it you will play simply “find a differences” !!! So, if you wanna play to find a difference, go for it guys you gonna love it!!! But, if you really want to play detective type of game just like me, then you’ve chose the wrong one!!!!

Lazy Lottie

Lottie  Lazy Lottie  5 star

Fun and relaxing


Nothing special!! Need to develop the concept!  Trungmuoi  2 star

This game has an advertisement that let people think that there would be some scenarios behind the games but it’s nothing else but the titles?! Animation graphics are decent, feel boring after a few levels. Deleted the apps within 10min, plus I don’t know what to do with the money???


meh  gfggghhhhhhhhhhhhhghbjh  1 star

its not as good as the ad i like the ad this is just a spot the difference games idli


Beautiful Graphics, Mysterious Game Objective  MarkOfSydney  4 star

The game is graphically gorgeous and well designed. But it’s ultimate objective is a mystery! You play, watch endless ads, collect coins. Then what is not clear. How do u get rid of the video 30s ads? What do u do with the coins? Why would u pay for extra coins? How do u unlock extra levels? This could become the classic Spot the Difference game but it needs more clarity of approach and objectives.


Good game  gregoriedis  5 star

Brain buster. Great.


Stars review  Mz_Dv8  5 star

This game is good so if they aren’t go anywhere like that say the house looks like someone else’s house they could spot the difference maybe so it’s really good so yeah I like it because like now I can spot the difference at my house like one of my drawers and like I had a bit of white and another one doesn’t have white so it does teach stuff it’s not like one of those games that you know so this game is good weather make this the smart at making games so

game lover🤗

Totally addictive  game lover🤗  5 star

This is amazing I just got the app and I am already addicted. So this is why I rate it 5 stars


Love the game  Munchicn  5 star

I got this game say…5 minutes ago and I love it it’s just fun to play. Especially when watching a movie, so if your looking at getting the game get it.


Apple store  zi❗️😭💍  5 star

This game us a lot of fun

yuyu yenyen

So many advertisements  yuyu yenyen  2 star

Simple game with ugly graphics and a lot of advertisements.


Needs Improvement  shayybadd97  3 star

Games Keep Freezing During Game Play , Music Doesn’t Stop ASAP After Exiting App , Games Moved Extremely Slow Needs An Update ASAP


It got stuck like 108492749181 times....  shiazhia  1 star

I don’t know why but the game got stuck a hundred times..... really bad experience.

Lil bubble bee

I love dis game  Lil bubble bee  4 star

I just now downloaded this game like oh my gawd I WUV IT

Captian Jr

Strong  Captian Jr  5 star

Beast app 10/10

send for you

Review  send for you  5 star

It is good I really like it it gives you good times


Too much pop up  fadif50  1 star

Much commercial come out you can’t even enjoy the game it’s too difficult to play it it’s not for kids


To many ads  mz.virgo1  2 star

So far this game is ok but I really don’t know cause EVERYTIME I get into the game here comes a ad 🤦🏽‍♀️ it to much can’t enjoy the game lease fix other then that it ok ok so far


Faking the ads for more players  migueltheplayar  3 star

The ads are fake

Anisah Lovely

IM HAPPY  Anisah Lovely  5 star

You guys always make this add come up on my phone I’m 10 didn’t try it yet but I luv spot the difference 😍😍


Popsicle perfect morning Show I love the sun  Carrig23  5 star

Great game could have better graphics

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