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Detective needs you to solve some difficult cases. You’ll be drawn into the plot of multiple investigations, each with its own unique fugitive to catch, challenges, and surprises.

Where players must find a set number of differences between two otherwise similar images.

● Find 5 clues in a limited time!
● 20 cases to be resolved and continuous update!
● 200 levels and 1000+ differences!
● Use the hint option to provide a clue!
● Full Color images!
● Free to play!

Find Differences: Detective App Description & Overview

The applications Find Differences: Detective was published in the category Games on 2018-10-28 and was developed by Fastone Games. The file size is 196.22 MB. The current version is 1.3.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

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Make a game that is what was advertised please  fdhgdynxjfhbfdt  2 star

I had watched the advertisement and I like the game idea a lot but when I hit the add it was find the difference and I was very disappointed, I’m not saying it was a bad game though.

ayub omer

Fake  ayub omer  1 star

Fake ad fake game


Is this game a joke?  seriouslyallthenamesaretaken12  1 star

Maybe mines broken but what’s the point in having case files and specific items to find and it doesn’t even tell you what they’re for. The only one that made sense to me was the cheating husband one because it’s part animated and you’re looking for signs of another women being there but the others make no sense and the items aren’t even cohesive. There’s no story as to why you’re looking for stuff or even what’s going on you just find differences and then next level. I downloaded this game thinking it would be like the add I saw and maybe have more information behind each case file. Very disappointed in that. Plus there’s in game currency and it has no function. You can buy in game currency for what? There’s no where to use it. Plus there are items that don’t even exist I’m not giving the developers ad revenue for an unfinished game so I turn on airplane mode to avoid ads.

pricess girl

I like it!  pricess girl  5 star

I like it because its so funny wen you can hit the people

Joey Bells

Addictive.  Joey Bells  5 star

More levels please??????


Good game  Diamondback1990  2 star

Fun game but not what was advertised! So disappointed:-/

Boner chile

It’s chill  Boner chile  5 star

Classic find the difference game. It’s a good game if you need something to do. You play a level here or there. I’ve had this game for a couple weeks and I play for a little bit every day. It’s nice that it doesn’t require a whole lot of thinking or doing things. The ads aren’t bad at all the only reason I have seen an ad so far is when you use a free hint if you use one they will give you an ad to watch after that level but still most times you can immediately close out of it. The graphics are good and the response to your touch is good. Btw in the beginning it’s to easy they give you two minutes to find pretty obvious differences but as you go along it does get pretty tough. I’m to the point where they will show a picture of a full bar with dozens of bottles of alcohol shown and the only difference will be something small on one of the labels and it might take me a couple of try’s to figure it out. I recommend it


FUN  Natuerboy79  5 star

Great keeps it interesting 👍🏾


It help  saniyya4507  5 star

It really help to see what I can do🤪

Perfect time Taker

Find Differences  Perfect time Taker  5 star

Great Game it just gets better and better and Harder and Harder!! 😁👍🏼👍🏼💯


Nice Game For Time Pass  Sabbir_rulerz  5 star

Oh Yah

maen person

Hey what’s up  maen person  5 star

Love the game


Good game  CM_Wakanda  5 star

The game is good but you can easily overthink some of them and it is pretty hard

oldie mags

Find the difference  oldie mags  5 star

Great game for seniors


Fun, nice concept "find it" game.  Cameljockey1  4 star

I've just started playing this game and so far I'm finding it a fun way to kill some spare time. I like the adult concept of a Private Eye (Detective) investigating adultery etc, but unlike the ad I saw for the app, so far Ive seen no actual animated stories, just the "find it" game screen. I do like the basically drawn comic animations, its simplistic but it works. I don't understand what you use the money you get (awarded to you or won via lucky spins etc). So far the game is working well and I have no real major complaints. Good work developers.


Mrs p  Irmala  5 star

It’s lots of fun


This game is the best  phirabear123  5 star

I think this is a cool game because there’s lots of different quizzes and stagers


Says it’s free but it’s not  bullcrap99  1 star

Says the game is free and yet just took money when I downloaded it. Not happy at all.

Kittin lol

This game is so go I just I love this app !  Kittin lol  5 star

I love this app so much I will play this app every day it is so good I absolutely love it !


false  Gigwiggla  1 star

i got an ad to this game and it is not what it says it is


It’s fun  qnoel724  5 star

This game is very interesting and tons of fun!


Ugh  Jfsxvnj  2 star

Played for awhile, until it started freezing up. Deleted!


Good  bdjdhscufhwjshdbdueg  5 star



I love this game  Sophie58904  5 star

I love this game what level are you guys on


Weezo game  Weezo614  5 star

Yea the game is pretty awesome really keeps you on your toes💯


TOO MANY ADS  Alimac200  2 star

fun overall, but every time you finish part of a level you get a 30 second+ ad. Takes away from the fun significantly


Great game  lilpump10000  5 star

I have no bad thing to say for this game so just download this game


I love it  prince1105  5 star

This game is so addictive I haven’t stopped playing it since I got it🤩 it is probably the best game on my phone so I think you should get the game


Review  Harakiri85  5 star

Liking it so far I wish the pics were side to side but otherwise be a great game


Spoiler alert  Drayclor  4 star

It’s easy if you turn it sideways, and cross your eyes.


Popsicle perfect morning Show I love the sun  Carrig23  5 star

Great game could have better graphics

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