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Must use brain to finish all levels. It's easy to learn but very difficult to master.

The job of each level is to guide a ball from a predetermined start point so that it touches all of the stars placed on the level. The ball and nearly all objects on the screen are affected by gravity. The first few levels are almost too easy, but as the difficulty increases you'll be thankful that you were able to practice the fundamentals of draw. As the game progresses, you'll have to use all sorts of theory to figure out a solution for each puzzle.

The Game Features:
- Hundreds of ways to solve each puzzle, can you find the best solution?
- 200+ of physics puzzles, more levels are coming soon!
- Flexible thinking is going to become the key to victory.
- Solutions can be found in the end of each level.
- Play 100+ of challenging
- Interesting physics puzzles, they're not as easy as they look.

Feel free to contact us by [email protected] if you have any problem about Hello Stars.

Hello Stars App Description & Overview

The applications Hello Stars was published in the category Games on 2018-08-03 and was developed by Fastone Games. The file size is 179.59 MB. The current version is 1.8.6 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Fix bugs.

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Not as fun as I thought  Baldllama93  2 star

The ad for the game misrepresented what the game would be like.

Gamer mallory

Great but easy  Gamer mallory  5 star

So this game is great but it’s also easy I still give it five stars because I’ve played games somewhat like this but not like this it is different but still kinda easy I mean I’m complicated I like things hard but not super duper hard I like to be challenged but not to challenged but I love the game and if the developers read this please make it a little harder if you don’t I will still keep my five stars great game by the way

worlds championship

Diana  worlds championship  5 star

Ana 😋



Hiiii it is a fun game



The ads were annoying before, but tonight the Listen To The Pigs ad popped up after both levels I played. It's disgusting, and crosses a line when you have players of all ages here. I'm disgusted. Whoever thought playing that ad every 30 seconds was a good idea should be fired.

Soso k.

Sophia.  Soso k.  5 star

This is the most fun,retaking and weirdest game ever.


Copy  Banana5821  1 star

This game is just a copy of Love Balls, so if you like that game you will like this one, too.

Lol_Im_Nat is my musically

So addictive!  Lol_Im_Nat is my musically  5 star

I can’t stop playing this game! Each time I have to reach level 50, it’s like I only did 30! Never stop playing!


Sa  Family5=love  5 star


a random person lol

Terrible rewards  a random person lol  1 star

Every time you get some kind of ball or color it lasts for 24 hours even if you spend coins on in the shop. The game doesn’t even tell you they last 24 hours until you get them. And I don’t even think that anybody would play this game for more than ten minutes and if they do they have problems. Maybe if the whole 24 hour limit was gone it would be a good game but it’s not


Fun  Hhoohhaaa  4 star

Rotate screen would be handy

Castiels Wife

I think it’s a little too easy  Castiels Wife  3 star

Kinda boring

D.k master assault

Illogical methods of finishing the levels  D.k master assault  2 star

This game has lots of adds and makes it frustrating once actually finishing a level. I’m very very far into the game now but the levels are at the points unless you draw a perfect line then you are basically stuck!

too many ads 2

Too many ads2  too many ads 2  1 star

Too many ads


Level 74 broken  bdjdjbx  2 star

It’s a pretty good game iv been playing if for 74 levels which I can’t get pass even when I buy the hint , the hint is just telling you the answers to the puzzle iv brought the hint and it still won’t let me pass it


Horrid game  catevictoria  1 star

The entire game is obviously made by some Asian who wrote stuff in google translate and hoped it made sense, the game is horridly made and the animations could give me headaches

Lela Bella

So awesome  Lela Bella  4 star

I love this because it’s funny entertaining and awesome it’s so addictive thx

Apple co leader

Bad  Apple co leader  1 star


maddi Benham

Hello stars  maddi Benham  5 star

Just like the game love ball so I really like it😘😀😀😃


Just fake and bad  Jtc7205  1 star

DO NOT DOWNLOAD ! When I downloaded this I thought it looked fun but all of it was fake😡


Love it  x_junior_x  4 star

It's a very fun easy game for all ages

seals are so cute

Read this  seals are so cute  4 star

This game is a good there’s bearly any ads which is good but I think this game is just like love balls go download it and this game is just to hard and some times to easy


Not a lot of ads :)  Babymama76  5 star



I don't like this app  ?/?/?/?/?/??/??/?/?/?/?/?:?:  1 star

I really don't like your app because all you do is wake up the guy little but the rest is get the ball get to that star and when you get to wake up level make them harder and make more of waking up the guy

that guy in the street

COPYRIGHT INFRINGMINT  that guy in the street  1 star

I saw an ad on this and the original song from legend of Zelda (NES) was used in it now that is property of Nintendo and it’s not right to use that to sell your profit and I don’t know how to report so well but that ain’t right cause koji kondo had to spend a sleepless night to make that theme so you can’t just use it in you own ad


#boring  2333445444334444  1 star

The only reasons I bought it was to wake up the guy not to get stupid stars it’s stupid that they trick you to play there game

Emoni smith

I wish  Emoni smith  4 star

I wish that you wouldn’t have to wait for the tiny person Plz update

gamer studio

Kind of hard  gamer studio  4 star

I don’t know about you but this game is kinda hard can you make it easier plz?


ADS!!  modo_24  1 star

SO MANY ADS. you can barely play the game with all the ads. after you clear one level and go onto the next one there is an ad in between. get boring fast having to wait around for all the 30 second ads


TRASH  tatdpoll21  1 star

It has sooo many ads the game is not good DO NOT GET!!!

Gavin O'Brien

Alright  Gavin O'Brien  5 star

Is not bad love the game!


Great game  fhrdehuddbedhyjnr  5 star

Addictive game, obviously there will be ads but I didn’t find them too frequent


dieheb  Jurgita360  1 star


Xcess Lockdown

Spam central  Xcess Lockdown  1 star

The game itself is only barely enjoyable with such low quality graphics that it looks like I would run it on an iPhone 3GS but on top of that any enjoyment that I did have is stripped away after you’re bombarded with all the ads amor power ups that you need to watch an ad for making the game itself severely frustrating


Too many ads  ifrazzy  3 star

Their is way to many ads in this I like the game but the ads ruined it


Ads  [email protected]:mc  1 star

Way too many ads playing after nearly every round


Ridiculous amount of ads  eireminer  3 star

Good game, I like the concept a lot, but the amount of ads in it ruined it for me and I stopped playing. I understand that free games make their money from ads but this game has over done it, there is an add for every three plays in the game.


DO NOT INSTALL  foucheliane  1 star

Way. Too. Many. Ads. Jou cant play for more than 20 seconds without seeing an ad. You also cannot get all stars wothout watcing an ad.


Fun  Rrthe  3 star

Nice concept and really fun to play but way too many ads, deleted after 15 lvls as it’s irritating.


To much ads  haterifads  1 star

Like the game and I understand that money has to be made there’s just way to many ads popping up after each level that takes 10 to 15 seconds...really annoying


FAKE 😡😡  CUZZIE1  1 star

‘This game is a fake so not cool😱😱😡


Crashes  djstassen  1 star

This app gets stuck on each new level. You have to force quit the app and then relaunch the app to get to the next level.

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