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Mast is a beautiful Mastodon app built with iOS design guidelines in mind. It’s as feature-packed as it is gorgeous. With customisable content and themes, it’s most definitely the perfect choice.

The stunning timelines make reading the latest content a joy, and tapping the on-screen elements gives you a wonderful haptic response. Long-holding anywhere in the app quickly lets you toggle themes, and Siri Shortcuts let you do the same, and more. Awesome.

I've also thrown in some cool things like 3D Touch support, Today Extension, Share Extensions, iMessage Stickers, a Watch app, Siri Shortcuts, and an iPad app! I hope you enjoy using Mast.


“What is Mastodon?”, you may ask. Well, it’s a federated and decentralised social network. Think of it as email, where you can choose your provider, yet talk with almost anyone from anywhere regardless of their choices. The instances on Mastodon and Pleroma give users freedom to find their community, whilst allowing everyone to talk with each other with the level of visibility that they want. The content warning feature makes it safer, and the increased character count makes it far more expressible. It’s what microblogging should have always been.


If you're a fan of details, here's what Mast contains:

- Beautiful and clean interface
- Fast and lightweight
- Light mode (day), dark mode (dusk), darker mode (night), true black dark mode (midnight), and midnight blue themes (you could even set up Siri Shortcuts to do this for you magically)
- Themes and customization
- Multiple user accounts
- Supercharged toot composition screen with a powerful media gallery, text styling options, ASCII text face insertion, instance emoticons, now playing content insertion, picture pasting, and user autocomplete
- Browse and add GIFs to toots when composing
- Powerful media app-drawer with a gallery slider, and drag-and-drop deletion
- Polls support (create, view, vote)
- Supercharged media viewer and Picture-in-Picture videos that can be dragged around
- Dedicated chat-like direct messages section
- Media galleries
- Swipe actions to like/boost/reply (swipe right)
- Swipe actions to mute/block/report/translate/share (swipe left)
- Alt image text addition and viewing support
- Pinch the screen anywhere to toot a screenshot
- Schedule toots for the future
- Filter toots
- Endorse accounts
- Translate toots
- Threaded toot conversations
- Notifications and activity
- List creation support
- View pinned and liked toots
- View muted and blocked users
- Gorgeous profiles with links
- Dynamic hashtags, related, and user search
- Content warning overlays (shake to display again)
- Dynamic history view
- Adjustable segments
- Instance emoticons display and composition support
- Account locking and follower requests
- Customizable gestures
- iPad app
- Hardware keyboard shortcuts
- 3D Touch Peek and Pop
- 3D Touch Quick Actions
- Today Extension
- Share Extensions for Photos and Safari
- Siri Shortcuts
- Watch app with timelines and profile, works over cellular
- Cute iMessage stickers
- Joyful haptics and alerts
- Real time streaming
- Push notifications
- URL schemes
- Subtle volume indicator
- Dynamic app icon changing
- Useful settings to customize as you see fit
- Image and video audio to text conversion
- VoiceOver accessibility for the visually impaired
- Universal iOS app (iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro)
- Supports iOS multitasking on the iPad (Slide Over and Split View)

(Requires a Mastodon account)


I'm constantly evolving and crafting Mast to create the perfect Mastodon app for you. If you have any suggestions or feedback, I’d love to hear it! Come visit us on Mastodon and let’s craft an incredible toot browsing experience together.

Mastodon Developer: @[email protected]

Mast App Description & Overview

The applications Mast was published in the category Social Networking on 2018-10-21 and was developed by Shihab Mehboob. The file size is 135.16 MB. The current version is 1.7.0 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

Mast 1.7.0 is here, and I think you're going to love it!

There's a lot that's changed, and even more that's improved. Here are the highlights:

- Added conversation threading and depth indication to toot replies
- Added the ability to drag the profile icon around in profile screens to get a better look at the header image
- Added camera and gallery picker buttons to the direct messages chat views to improve accessibility and allow directly sending media items
- Added a button in direct messages chat views to go to the detailed composer
- Added the ability to drag the Picture in Picture video container to screen edges to dismiss the video
- Added the ability to reload and fetch more content when scrolling through lists
- Toots are now consistent with their like/boost status throughout the app
- Filtering content via the Filter Toots section (accessible via the ••• more icon in profiles) now appropriately filters it from the respective areas of the app
- Added the option to crop and resize after selecting a new profile or header image
- Tap an image that has been added in the compose screen to be presented with the option to crop and resize the respective image
- Added a distinct share option in toot conversation details
- Receiving new notifications now automatically updates the notifications tab with the newly received content without having to pull to refresh
- Direct messages now always display the other user's account in the list of received messages
- Improved overall app performance
- Various UI adjustments and bug fixes


If you're a fan of detailed change logs, I've got you covered. Head over to for an extensive rundown of everything that's changed since the previous update.


If you like this update and enjoy using Mast, please leave a review! It really helps. I'd also love to hear your thoughts and questions via Mastodon through @[email protected]

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Mast Reviews


Buggy and crashy  Reggie_VanZant  1 star

This is hardly alpha quality software let alone “production” ready. Scrolling through the timeline causes the app to crash. Multi-account support doesn’t work. Viewing another instance’s timeline may or may not cause the app to crash. Pulling down to refresh the timeline may or may not work. Definitely not worth $5. And honestly, adding a “tip the author” feature on top of charging for the app outright seems arrogant.

Barnabus Crumpleberry

Improved over time  Barnabus Crumpleberry  5 star

Updated review: Beautiful app, used to be almost unusable but developer has since fixed critical bugs in a responsive manner. App is now fully functional and works properly but still has a few UI bugs. Do not regret my purchase one bit.

Alex Sleepy

unstable  Alex Sleepy  2 star

very unstable and glitchy :(

Uncle Gritty

Mast  Uncle Gritty  2 star

Thank you for adding multi-account support. however, deleting an account requires deleting the app. cannot disable specific notifications. please address these bugs.


Crashy  fivekan  1 star

Instead of making fun of the legitimate and valid reviews for an app that does nothing but crash, maybe the developer should actually spend his time fixing these bugs. This isn’t a free app. (Feel free to frame this one, too.)


Crashes on iPad, notifications broken on iPhone  Supster131  2 star

The app looks great! Best UI in all of the Mastodon apps I have tried. Unfortunately, the app constantly keeps crashing on my iPad (non-Pro) 2018. Logs in fine, but the moment I touched on the hamburger menu icon, it crashed. Upon reopening the app, my feed is blank. No way to get my feed back without reinstalling the app, but the hamburger menu crash still persists. The app itself works fine on my iPhone 8+, fortunately. But, there is a weird issue with notifications. They show up in the Notification Center on my phone just fine, but they do not show up on the app. I’ve tried to manually sync them, but new ones will not show up. Only notifications that I had at the time I logged in. Logging out and back in again makes newer notifications appear, but this is not ideal.


Barely Functional  Kitdrewne  2 star

This application barely functions. I tried this on both an iPhone XR and iPad Pro and had a different but still very poor experience on both. On iPad it just crashes when trying to use any function after signing into an instance. When reopening, the application is blank and trying to do anything again crashes it. This does not change after reloading the application and was tested using multiple instances. On iPhone it works... sort of. It still crashes at random points (consistently when trying to delete a list), only loads two posts in your own profile (boosts only), and just seems to sporadically display posts on any other profile. The Activity and Mentions pages just never load anything. Various functions appear to be buggy or just broken altogether. Aside from the surprising bugginess and crashing issues, the interface is... weird. Things are pretty disorganized, sized weird and just look weird in general. It’s an application for iOS, but it doesn’t work or feel like an iOS app at all. There are also a TON of options, to the point it’s probably overwhelming for most users, most settings are for very specific things (ex: profile picture shapes, posted image shapes, different themes for each type of post, etc.) and there is no organization for settings, they’re just all thrown together in one huge page. The application also has weird extra features that add nothing to the experience, such as being able to long press the screen (or posting/liking/boosting) to make confetti fall across the screen, haptic feedback for certain taps, haptic feedback for key presses, etc. That said, I can definitely see that Mast does have some great ideas going into it, but the execution, performance, and stability just aren’t there. This application needs a lot of work before it is regularly usable. It feels like an early beta. Cutting out the unnecessary functions, getting at least the basics working, and cleaning up the interface would be a good start.

Walking ted

mr hankey  Walking ted  5 star

it finally works fully thank you

Mad Chipmunk

Great UI & Constantly Updated  Mad Chipmunk  5 star

This app does wonders replacing the native Mastodon UI. The developer constantly updates it with bug fixes and features. It’s a real treat. Well worth the small price. I love it!


Flashy UI of nothing.  Becktonic  1 star

Very pretty user interface. Unfortunately, it doesn’t interface well with my mastadon instance of interest. In particular, it isn’t able to show any content.


Great Tumblr alternative.  France2013  4 star

This app is amazing. Its clean and so many contents. Im loving it. Keep up the hardwork:):) The only reason is not 5 star is that gif should play while browsing in feed. Its little bit annoying i have to press the gif just to see whats happening in that gif. Also sometimes the app close by itself.

Tycho Quad

Most fully featured, beautiful Mastodon app I’ve ever seen  Tycho Quad  5 star

If you’re looking for a mastodon client that uses iOS features in every aspect of the app, then this is the one you’re after 🥰


Promising but needs a bit of work  breakfastgolem  3 star

It works well for browsing Mastodon but it eschews the default layout of toots which is a bit annoying. I wish boost/favorite buttons appeared by default instead of having to swipe to get to them, and sometimes I can’t see whole threads when viewing a subtoot. The biggest issues are notifications and crashing when I try to view activity for my profile; Amaroq and Tootdon has these issues as well. Notifications worked great up until a week ago but now they’re gone which is a bit annoying.


Please fix bugs  LibertyBeckons  3 star

When i touch avatar always crash


Good start  ultramookie  3 star

Good start. Looks a great. It only has read-only access to Pleroma instances at this point. I cannot post to my Pleroma instance even thought other Mastodon compatible apps can. I am hoping this gets rectified.


Pretty good.  Mr.funk.e.dude  4 star

I don't usually buy apps but this one had features that I liked so I thought I'd give it a try. I wasn't disappointed. Sure there are a few bugs here and there, but it's obvious the developer is working on them and to me, that's worth a few bucks. Pros: clean, customizable, lists, 3d touch, share, etc. Cons: nothing other then a few UI choices. I don't like where the list menu is placed.


Very promising, pleasant to use, minor snags yet  antifoochs  4 star

I've been using Mast for a few days so far, and it's been quite great! The interface feels well thought out and behaves as I'd expect it to. It supports the Mastodon features you need (message privacy, CW's, sensitivity and textual descriptions for pictures), and feels pleasant and fast. Some toothing problems in this revision, but I expect they'll get fixed soon! * the "activity" view crashes very often * you can use the app one handed! Great when waiting in line: double-tap images to zoom, throw them away to dismiss; unfortunately, dismissing animated GIFs requires stretching your thumb all the way to the X in the far left corner (Mast does picture in picture, which seems neat but I don't use it) * It still loses scroll state on occasion (but is pretty good at retaining the position usually!) * content-warning posts, once revealed, can't be closed again; the only way I found to do that has been to scroll away, which restores the warning (weirdly: I've seen background refreshes restore the content warning without any interaction from me) Overall, I think this app is more than worth the price! Once the crasher bugs are fixed, I'd absolutely recommend using it for anyone's Mastodon needs!


Doesn't work with my instance  AberrentAlpaca  5 star

Can't get past the first screen. The app says my domain (.camp) is invalid

Nate Steiner

Friendly and comfortable  Nate Steiner  5 star

I’ve used several Mastodon iOS clients, but Mast is more fun and enjoyable to use; it doesn’t feel like work. The animations are features are thoughtful and create delight. It’s my favorite social app right now.


Beautiful Mastodon Client  Domics  5 star

Came from Tootdon to this, and I’m majorly impressed. Very polished and stable. I love the use of haptics as part of the interface as well—very handy. Apple Watch app is a much appreciated addition as well.


It's the tootiest  namtastic  5 star

A really elegant and full-featured Mastodon client. Best one on the store!


The best mastodon client  CharlesV  5 star

Hands down the best, most usable, and most gorgeous mastodon client on the App Store.

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