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Clumsiest of all climbing games!

The flood is coming, hang in there and grab for your life!

Climb as far as you can, go through all levels and unlock more than 80 cosmetic items.

Clumsy Climber App Description & Overview

The applications Clumsy Climber was published in the category Games on 2018-07-17 and was developed by Ketchapp. The file size is 293.17 MB. The current version is 1.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

◉ You can now continue the game by watching a video
◉ Improved performance
◉ Numerous bugs fixed

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Clumsy Climber Reviews


Good game, but is annoying.  makennabreaux  3 star

When you first open the game it looks fun but when you press play an ad pops up and almost kills you. Then once you get past the ad you can’t grab some of the sticks. Then you drown. It’s a fun game but annoying.


Mountain climber  69di;:;;:;  5 star

It’s very fun although challenging and very addictive it’s awesome good job keep working hard


Won’t let go  LJarmon96  1 star

My climber won’t let go after reaching the blimp so I can’t advance to the next level and when I leave the app it makes me start the level over...I’ve beat the same level three times and it won’t let me advance. Please fix


Aggravating  trippyman1029475  1 star

This game is really fun but won’t let you pass certain levels because of glitches . Even if you make it to the top it freezes . I have tried restarting the game , level , phone . Nothing fixes is it .

girl savage

Horible game  girl savage  1 star

It is a horible game if the water moves to fast and the monkey is so dumb you will never get through levels never get this gam it is a complete waist of storage and time!!!!🤨


It has way too many adds  mâddìë  3 star

This game has lots of adds if you are looking for a game without too many adds this might not be the one for you. I got really upset when right in the middle of playing it gave me an had! Then I had lost. Overall this is a great and addicting game.


Good concept, but performance flaws ruin it  kaileemi  3 star

I really enjoy this game when it’s working properly. However, that seems to be a minority of the time. More often than not, even when I tap at the right time, the game won’t register me as having tapped, and then it frequently won’t register my attempts to save myself and I’ll simply end up dying even though I definitely tapped at the right time in several different places. It’s incredibly frustrating, and when it happens I generally just quit the game. Life’s too short to deal with crappy performance.


It’s fun  _norial_  4 star

I actually really enjoy this game, but is there no level after X? And why can’t I go back to previous levels. I have noticed sometimes that the climber won’t grab as accurately when he’s falls and that probably needs to be fixed. Also, if I go to settings and turn the sound off, it comes right back on. Once the new update is released and more levels are put out, I hope those of us who have already finished won’t be penalized. I’ve done X four or five times, hoping my game was just glitching


Ads are obnoxious  HappyRocksGirl  2 star

Decent game but every five seconds there’s an ad, often times in the middle of the game causing you to die. Which is frustrating. Other than that the games pretty fun.


DO NOT GET THIS  Hsoanw  1 star

This game is soooo bad when u are in a round it will pop up adds in the middle of the round


Game glitch  AnneLaura5243  1 star

My game glitches at the end. The little man doesn’t let go of the wood when he takes hold of the blimp and I can’t do anything but close the game. Thanks for the fun of one level but I am taking this off my phone right away.


Super fun!!! but....  BemBoopy  3 star

The game is super fun to play when ur waiting for something for when u have free time...but the adds! They always pop up mid game and I die because of the adds. Most of the time I’m almost about to complete a level, then....ADD.


?  2025$$  2 star

Good game but super laggy

Bye bye69

Bad game  Bye bye69  1 star

This game was bad because the game was had to many ads and it was gust a bad game


Great!!! But...  i#yolofrolo  3 star

I love this game. It’s so fun and my mum says t suits me. But the only real BIG problem is the adds. They come on after 1 or 2 rounds and it gets really annoying! I som times just go onto another game. But it is a really fun game other than that one problem. So could you please fix that. And if your thinking of buying this should! Just watch out for the adds!!😂👀


Mid ads  DaReGaM1Ng  3 star

Why does ads pop up at the most important second i just escaped the water level then an ad comes up the water rises then I’m done do ads after the game ends

tracy stanmoore

Scam  tracy stanmoore  1 star

After I downloaded this game, in my bank statement it says o have $14 taken from my account from apple iTunes Store, will make a complaint



I like the game, but every second time I try and play an ad pops up halfway through the level and you automatically die. Need to at the very least regulate ads to after you die or finish a level :/


Way too many ads ruin the game  Matie000  1 star

To the developers: Why don’t you listen to all the feedback and cutback on all those ads, especially those in mid-game. I’m deleting this app.


Trash  bubdogger  1 star

It is just trash


Poorly optimized with tons of ads during gameplay  Waqas409-sf  1 star

This is th first game i have ever seen on appstore which is poorly optimized and lags crazy. On top of that there are many ads during gameplay. I feel like im using android after playing this bad game which is really broken and has spams of ads. Reported this game!!


Ads  Sammirose9197  3 star

Random ads pop up at the worst times killing me in the middle of the game.


hey debra  ilovedebra104872666484&  5 star

debby come back to me. i miss you. please i’m so sorry i didn’t mean it. you love this game i didn’t mean to hurt you. i love you don’t do this to me please i’ll do anything

Blake is 😏💁🏼😘😀👍🏻😂😆😀

Good game-minor fixes  Blake is 😏💁🏼😘😀👍🏻😂😆😀  4 star

Very good game, fun to play, a nice way to pass the time, however the ads can be at odd times and sometimes the character doesn’t grab onto pieces (this is quite rare) overall though I would urge you to download.


Great game  deathdefiance99  4 star

I have not run into any bugs like some other people. But my major gripe with the game is the random add pop ups during gameplay. Like how you’re in the middle of a level and an ad for another game will pop up and since you’re so into the game, you just keep tapping the screen and the ad pops up and brings you to the App Store. And then you lose because the game doesn’t pause. That’s not making me interested in the ad. It’s just annoying. I don’t care if you want to put ads in a game. But when you have to trick people into clicking on it then you’re losing a player base. Do it like other game developers. Make the pop up occur after a loss or win or something. Or have people watch a 30 second video to get extra coins and that’s it. Tricking people is not the way to get customers. You have to make them interested enough to check it out. Overall, game itself is very addicting.

Meggie moo pigs

Assssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss  Meggie moo pigs  5 star


Anonymous person, 11-year-old

Depends on your operating system.  Anonymous person, 11-year-old  5 star

I have a Apple iPad and the app works fine... I think maybe different types of devices or versions work better than others. But on my device it works bug-free and perfect fun game!


Trash  jshabbaban  1 star

Trash trash trash trash trash


glitchy  Quinnie072  3 star

i go on the app and play one game and it’s fine, then once i die, it gets all glitchy and stops all the time. i think it’s because of all of the ads. please fix this


Trash  misppitank  1 star

Don’t waste your time on it.

ox gamming1

Exelent  ox gamming1  4 star

Love it


Hey  fhjxhbjnc  1 star

I don’t like this app because it is useless and I never play it ,it is so confusing to play just make a better game plzzzzz😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬


Worst game ever  Zoe_jorgensen_  1 star

In the middle of playing the game, adverts pop up and interrupt constantly.

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