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Clumsiest of all climbing games!

The flood is coming, hang in there and grab for your life!

Climb as far as you can, go through all levels and unlock more than 80 cosmetic items.

Clumsy Climber App Description & Overview

The applications Clumsy Climber was published in the category Games on 2018-07-29 and was developed by Ketchapp. The file size is 293.23 MB. The current version is 1.1.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Performance improvements and bug fixes.

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Clumsy Climber Reviews


Playing  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$&  2 star

You need a direction on how to play🤦‍♂️


glitching  lulbabybre  3 star

i agree with all the great comments except that i was going from level x to y and my hand was stuck. one in the blimp and another in the stick


To many ads  kayla43😏  4 star

I give this game 4 stars because the ADS. TOO MANY ADS. And on that note, I do not recommend this game but IT IS FUN I have to admit. So you should try it but too many ads. 🤪😊🥰🤩😜😎😏😁😗😋😜😙😚😀


Game Review  Peter2000087737  3 star

I really like the game, but the there are too many adds. The adds interrupt the game and mess it up.


😭🥺😫why?  Morgiebear005  1 star

I love playing this game, it is a time passer and it is easy. But ever since the update I try to complete level x and go on to level y but when I get to the top and the air thing try’s to take me away it glitches and my the hand that isn’t on the air thing gets stuck and it stays that way so I can’t pass the level if anyone knows how to fix this please let me know. I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS WILL DELETE IF DOESN'T GET FIXED


Like not love  BostonFruit  4 star

I like it but too many ads. Fix it thx

Rodeo music

Again and again  Rodeo music  1 star

The game is fairly easy, it will take you a few rounds to get past a level. The main reason for my one star is that on level x when I latch onto the zeppelin it keeps my hand stuck to the board so I can’t fly away. Thus, I kept replaying the same level, always getting to the top but not being able to pass the level because of this glitch.


It is good but...  Likrey  3 star

When getting from level x to y my little character doesn’t move on. When I touched the blimp my arm is still caught on the other stick and it doesn’t count as a win for me. Even thought I did touch the blimp.


Meh  DragonBofer101  4 star

This game is ok. It’s very addictive so be prepared. The reason I give this game four stars instead of five, is because, when I’m climbing, and I miss the branch and fall, it’s really hard to recover from that. The guy has no grip. I can’t recover from a fall, or the green tubes Over all though, it’s a decent game, and you should try it. Ps, it gets really frustrating after a while. My trick is to take a break.


Fun  lilsis300  4 star

Really fun very addictive only problem I had was at the end the monkey doesn’t fly away he just get pulled between the wood and the blimp


the ads  lolstar012  2 star

i love playing this game but i realised the ads come during the game when i am playing and the water drowns him please fix this


Good but too much glitching  Jasminehaig  3 star

It glitches right at the end when you’ve won a level the monkey doesn’t let go of the wood as his flying away with the blimp and its soooo frustrating and its happened about 15 times but now I’m going to delete I can’t deal with it anymore.


Why It’s Three Stars..  Gsighsghahagg  3 star

I would happily rate this game five out of five stars, yes like other people have said the adds are annoying, so turn off your internet! Simple. BUT.. BIG FAT BUT.... I, do play this obviously, and am on level 11, stuck on it because, and I’m fairly sure this is not my iPad, when you are near the water it is like a blizzard type thing is around you, anyway, that then makes my game glitch a little and I can not grab onto anything, or at least it’s very very difficult. At first I thought I was just bad at the game so I got my friends to try it and they could not grasp onto anything. If I do manage to grab onto things then, once out of the blizzard zone and away from the water.. it’s fine! But the water just catches up again and again and it keeps happening, I just can’t finish the level! Please make just a bug fix update, and either turn off the blizzard zone or just make it less laggy. Thank you, for this great game, but please help me! 🤞🏻👍🏻😐🙃😟😤


Game glitch  AnneLaura5243  1 star

My game glitches at the end. The little man doesn’t let go of the wood when he takes hold of the blimp and I can’t do anything but close the game. Thanks for the fun of one level but I am taking this off my phone right away.


Super fun!!! but....  BemBoopy  3 star

The game is super fun to play when ur waiting for something for when u have free time...but the adds! They always pop up mid game and I die because of the adds. Most of the time I’m almost about to complete a level, then....ADD.


?  2025$$  2 star

Good game but super laggy

Bye bye69

Bad game  Bye bye69  1 star

This game was bad because the game was had to many ads and it was gust a bad game


Great!!! But...  i#yolofrolo  3 star

I love this game. It’s so fun and my mum says t suits me. But the only real BIG problem is the adds. They come on after 1 or 2 rounds and it gets really annoying! I som times just go onto another game. But it is a really fun game other than that one problem. So could you please fix that. And if your thinking of buying this should! Just watch out for the adds!!😂👀


Mid ads  DaReGaM1Ng  3 star

Why does ads pop up at the most important second i just escaped the water level then an ad comes up the water rises then I’m done do ads after the game ends

tracy stanmoore

Scam  tracy stanmoore  1 star

After I downloaded this game, in my bank statement it says o have $14 taken from my account from apple iTunes Store, will make a complaint


Needs improvements  Coldpresence  1 star

I was really enjoying this game. Then I got to level x to level y and when I grabbed the helicopter my other arm wouldn’t release from the branch. Please fix this I’ve replayed the level in hopes that it was just a momentary glitch and it’s not, it happens every time I finish the level.

Jenna Januseski

This game really gets me mad  Jenna Januseski  1 star

Is anyone else getting level x and y or is it just me.


Too many adds!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Merrick213456789022  1 star

There are so many adds every game I play there’s an add!!!!?!


It’s Mostly Fun  Cristy🤣🤪🤩  3 star

So at first this game was amazing and even now, it still is but recently when I’ve been playing, there are ads that are interrupting the round I’m on that mess me up! It didn’t happen before but now all of a sudden it’s happening so much! Don’t get me wrong, I love all Ketchup games like helix jump, I just don’t like when adds are happening in the middle of rounds. I know apps show ads to get money it’s just the time they decide to show them. Hope you guys have a better experience of this game.

Azure two

Freezes !!  Azure two  2 star

Good game but now when I’m on the 2nd level I cannot get passed it, every time I reach the ballloon it freezes.Please fix I’m tired of playing the same level every day😢😭



Fix your game


Ad  5001ekim  5 star

To much ads in the middle of the game


too many bugs  sophiazhuu  3 star

1. ads: y’all r complaining abt ads in the middle but u can just turn off ur wifi while ur playing. it’s annoying but 🤷🏻‍♀️ 2. the weird arm glitch: when ur playing a level it’ll sometimes turn to level x to y (instead of 8-9) and once you finish the arm won’t let go of the branch b4 the blimp, and you can’t finish the level. u usually have to replay a bunch 3. you can’t go back levels :/ the japanese one was rlly prettyy 4. coin glitch: sometimes the coin amt will turn to some arbitrary number like 13839 or smth. the actual amount of coins u have doesn’t change tho so it’s annoying when ur trying to buy stuff in the store tl;dr: nice and fun game, but too many bugs :l ketchapp needs to spend more time debugging their games tbh stop rushing


Best game  supersadi81  5 star

Super addicting 👍🏼


Fix Please  IndyVolFan  1 star

Hand gets stuck every time on the stick when the other is on the blimp. (Between X and Y level)

ox gamming1

Exelent  ox gamming1  4 star

Love it


Hey  fhjxhbjnc  1 star

I don’t like this app because it is useless and I never play it ,it is so confusing to play just make a better game plzzzzz😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬

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