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You rule the world!
It's the Ottoman Empire's golden age, and you're in charge! As the Sultan or Sultanah, you're on top of the world — take your place in the royal palace and rule over your empire. You'll meet gorgeous companions, enjoy thrilling romantic encounters, manage your court alongside wise viziers, and raise your heirs to continue your incredible dynasty! In this new update, Piyale has organized a Court Pet Pen, and it's waiting for you to fill it with adorable animals!


Play with Your Furry Friends!
The Court Pet Pen is open now! Play with your loyal pets and send them to explore the wild! Take good care of them, and the bravest will stand by your side and protect the empire!

Romance Gorgeous Companions
Beautiful people travel from all over the world to meet you, but who will win your heart? Choose your soulmate and write your love story!

Raise Your Heirs
What could be better than nurturing your legacy and helping your children grow up to be successful? When they're old enough, marry them to your friends' heirs to forge powerful alliances!

Design Your Own Image
Choose your own character image and decorate your profile with fancy Avatars and Frames! Rule your empire in style!

Empower your Viziers
Recruit elite warriors and build your army! Under your strong leadership, your Empire will grow by the day!

Fun Events Every Day
Check out our minigames to increase your power and prestige — with weekly and monthly events, there's never a dull moment! Have fun competing or teaming up with friends in Dungeon Delve, Fortune’s Favor, Horse Race, Dagger Heroes, Palace Delight, and many more. Every day is a chance to win!

Conquer the World with your Union
Players from all over the world can join your Union! Fight with them for honor and glory!

Super Benefits!
Complete Daily Quests to gain VIP points and level up your game. No purchase required – it's completely free to play! It's time for you to take your throne and begin ruling your empire! Download Game of Sultans today!

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Game of Sultans - Royal Pets Version 4.0.0119 May 2022

1.New Event: the Social Square! Use your Chibi avatar to Chat with friends and join in on fun mini-games! 2.New Pet: Call Duck. 3.New Ruler’s Clothes, Cleopatra Avatar Frame, and Live Avatars. 4.Optimizations based on player’s reviews..

Game of Sultans - Royal Pets Version 3.9.0102 March 2022

1. Optimized Clash of Heroes. Unlock more fun with the cards! 2. Special Bazaar is available now! Pick up various packs with fair prices! 3. A New Pet — Cockatiel — and new skins for Viziers and Companions! 4. Valentine's Postcards, new Chat Bubbles, Chibi images, and Avatar Frames are available. 5. Optimized the system based on players' feedback..

Game of Sultans - Royal Pets Version 3.7.0118 December 2021

1. Crystal Carnival has begun! 2. Try your luck in Empire Extravaganza and get rich rewards! 3. New Furry Friends: Hedgehog, Red Squirrel, and Emperor Penguin! 4. New Skins for Companions and Viziers and new Appearances: including Suits, Avatars, Stickers and Avatar Frames. 5. Optimized systems based on players' feedback..

Game of Sultans - Royal Pets Comments & Reviews 2022

- It’s a fun game.

I enjoy this game for the reason I don’t lose resources or placements or advancement if I can’t play for a bit. What I would like to see though is that you don’t lose resources or points in the mini-games (such as Romance of the Sultan or the feast game that I can’t remember the name) where in a game you spend so much to get so close, never quite making it only to have to start all over the next time. I think the players should be able to keep their flowers, baskets, traps, eating attempts, or whatever other resources they earn or spend diamonds or cash on to be played the next time the game opens up. I would also like to see the amount of points needed to exchange something lower a little to make it possible for everyone to earn everything the game has to offer, no matter how long it takes. Another thing I think would be beneficial to the game is when new clothing or accessories comes out for visited and companions, having the initial promotion period is great...where if you want to spend the money to get those right away, you can but after the promotion, I would like to see them show up in the “store” so they can be purchased later if desired using either diamonds or clothing tickets. There have been a lot i have wanted but I couldn’t get them at that time. Also in the Dagger Slide, I would like to see additional rewards available for diamonds in addition to cash. Other than those...for now...I really like the game.

- After a one year test drive.

Hello gamers, it's me, Lilith. If you want a multifaceted, socially connected game that allows you to strategize in myriad ways, ally with others for phenomenal boosts, and get rewarded for simply being there, then I strongly recommend this game. You literally get bonuses for simply signing in. I have played this game for a year now, and have found that it is emotionally satisfying by means of the genuine connections that you can make, and intellectually satisfying by means of solving problems through logic and reason/standard deviations. This game literally rewards you for simply playing, and I recommend daily visits, as rewards refresh each day. Money required? No. Being a business, it is expected that the developers urge you to pay SOMETHING, but success in this game doesn't rely solely on your wallet; it instead depends on your appeal to others and your ability to adapt to new challenges. In short, GoS is a great way to have intellectually stimulating fun while establishing meaningful connections with actual...human...beings. The downsides to this game are: You are limited to 100 characters per post, so you can't be long-winded, and should you be one who enjoys playful words, you are likely to find yourself very annoyed at their censorship of words that even REMOTELY resemble vulgarity. All things considered, I give GoS an 8 of 10 score.

- New players on only servers

I am so frustrated by the fact that Developers are opening up new servers for new players, but not adding new players to existing servers. I have been playing on American Server 8 since that server started. I am a VIP6, almost a 7, and have watched the server basically die. Transferring to a new server would solve this problem, BUT if you do move to a new server, you start all over again. Yep, all over again. I would be a VIP0 and a newbie, despite the hours I have played this game and hundreds I have willing spent. The bullying on the servers drives players away, many players who paid loads of money to play like I have, and yet crickets from the devs. I love this game, it’s fun to play. My union people are awesome and I don’t mind spending money off and on, what I am annoyed with is a problem people have been actively complaining about for well over a year now, and nothing! Royal Affairs is a similar game, and it’s just as fun. I started it a week ago and am rapidly moving up the rankings ladder because I know how to play it. I find myself playing that game more than GOS because I’m sick of the drama in the Local chat, and I’m tired of reporting the same people only to have them not be blocked. I’m also tired of the second and third accounts being the only “new” players. Fix the problem! Especially since it’s the most popular suggestion in the Discord group!

- Great Concept But Needs Work

I've had this game for a day and I'm already addicted. I love the concept of the game, however there are a few things that can be improved. It would be cool if the heirs were more personalized. I suggest that each heir has it's own set of traits and that they can actually grow up to be a playable character in the future. Also, I've seen a lot of fellow players' heirs and it seems like there are only a few skins available. I would like it if each consort has different looking kids. Speaking about consorts, I think we should be able to do more with them and have them be more of a playable character. Also, I dislike the masquerade system. I rarely get to talk to girls; it's always the same guys. Plus, you can't even get anything out of them. I believe the game gives you gold, but it would be cool if I can develop a relationship with all the people I meet. Lastly, the battle system is a bit boring and needs some work. Maybe implementing a system where players can use different strategies would make it more interesting. Although this game needs work, and I have only touched on a few things that need to be fixed, I still really like the concept of the game and I believe Game of Sultans has a lot of potential.

- Quality, deceptive, and frustrating.

While I completely understand the need for VIP and covering expenses, the time it takes for things to load like children aging or leveling up consorts, or normal XP of the Sultan is ridiculous. The ads did mention making choices which hasn’t happened once in the two months of me owning this app. I like the theme but it is missing what it advertised. People in chats are sexually horrific and there is no set block for people who are in appropriate or monitor. There are kids 14-17 who know about things yes, but should they be exposed to the continual graphic sexual speech when they are trying to play a game? I don’t think that’s acceptable. They should have a monitor of sorts. Yes they block out words but there are ways around it. Yes you can block them but not everyone does and why should we have to block someone because they are being the inconvenience. Many of the elitist players are rude about their position in the game. They think they can bully other players. If maybe they monitored the chat every once in awhile they would know. And from what I know doesn’t Apple not like the kind of hate represented often in the chat. I shouldn’t have to stick up for myself and others constantly. With the sexual content in the chat either ban it or change the age level requirement. I do like many parts to the game. But some of the main parts need addressing in how they are managed.

- Worst Game that I have played in years.

This game has so many issues that I am not sure where to start. But, I will give it a try. First, I just started to play it because it had so many ads on my Sims game. When it downloaded it took for ever to get on my iPad, did not have very good instructions, and so many ads it was overwhelming. Second, it pushes you to buy, buy, buy. I was only looking at some items and all of a sudden I purchased it, Twice! I did not even want it the first time. So, I thought ok I better play this game because I am in it for $2. Sultan game is cultural incorrect in every way(like only white man was Sultan and he does very little), very narrow in game play but try’s to make you think there is so much to do. So, I got to the part where some areas opened up. Do NOT do the chat area or UNIONS! You have to give an application for the unions. Some unions are 300 applications full. The chats do not help you because they are to busy showing off there Harems. I many listened for hours so I could try to learn how to play. NO help really. Be careful especially if you are a woman, gay, or minority. Major cyber bullying. It does not look like anyone is doing anything about it and you can bully or say anything you want about anyone, anything, or what you believe about any culture. I could not get the conversation ever to leave the bottom of my game. Four days I had to read this when I went on. It was awful. I will never play this game or any game they make!

- Greedy Developers!!!!

I started playing this game end of June/beginning of July and really took a liking to it. I joined a union, made some friends and spent way to much money to try to grow my power and it was worth it, till it wasn’t. Servers are dying because there is no new blood coming in since all new players get dropped into a brand new server. Ridiculous if you ask me. Mini games stopped being fun because you have to spend sooooooo much money to even reap the rewards. Special characters are impossible to win when you compete against other servers and the money they are willing to spend. You can’t win War is Supremacy without spending money. Want to be top dog in Brawl, spend money. Some of the mini games the added like daggers, the Halloween bubble shooter and the jigsaw puzzle were fun and enjoyable. Power Fund and Intimacy Fund are nice if you have the money to reap all the rewards. Lately I feel like the developers have become so money hungry that they have lost sight of providing a great game to play. I really wish they would issue my money back because being a VIP 6 just isn’t worth it. My heart is torn between playing and not playing because of how much time and money I have invested in this game. I would still recommend this game to friend and family but I would tell them to not spend on a dime on it and I do not plan to spend anymore money on this game. Such a disappointing factor ruining a fun game.

- Needs some changes

It’s a really fun, addictive game that offers in-app purchases, but you can 100% be successful without them, which is so rare. Of course, you do get better perks when you pay, but that’s understand and expected. You still have just as much chance as those who do buy to raise the ranks — you’ll just move slower. The in-game ads are option and they reward you for them, the community chat and unions are a great touch, and it’s all around an excellent game. My one major grip which is why this got 4 instead of 5 stars is the XP. From start to finish, you get the same 5 XP points from battles. The battles get increasingly difficult in terms of how many there are and how many soldiers you need to complete one section of the campaign, but the XP stays at 5. When you level up your sultan, the amount of XP you need triples, which is fine in itself, but not only do I need to wait longer to get the soldiers I need in order to just complete one campaign, it’s going to take me 2x that to level up my sultan again. That’s a recipe for making people who drop $5 here or there (or nothing) to make them lose interest. I’d advise that being altered in future updates.

- Fun addicting game!!!!

This game is really fun to play and is very addicting, there’s on feature of the game that I feel has more potential to grow it would like to see more added to it is the Haram feature, it would be nice if there were more child types then what is offered so that your not getting the same children over and over again make it to where each consort has their own gene pool, it would also be fun if the consorts could have twins and triplets every now and then as well as well as being able to do more with your married children add a feature so they can have children and you can raise them to receive their own grown up title like like prince or princess/lord or lady depending on where the heirs are in line for the throne and hey also can receive junior/ senior levels you could build your own royal family and have a family tree that would be really fun to do it would love to see the Haram feature grow more into that a bit of customization for the heirs and consorts would be nice to and maybe add more consorts to the game as well that would be fun other then that the rest of the game is fun just would like to see the Haram feature grow more so you can build a royal family

- Power rush missing before war

Why not have a power rush this time around? Was a report of badges not being used and number of badges dispersed into the server indicating lower purchases for power rush? You guys already put a Low probability on level 5 and 6 military stars! People hoarded those badges and pearls and etc from previous purchases in the mini games. My union members and I spent so much money on this game. In 1 month I spent 970 dollars in this game. My union member is VIP 7 and one is VIP 5. We stay focused on this game because our union although high ranking in this server is still weak. We spend hours on this game during work and after work. We don’t get any sleep cause we are playing. It’s unfair to your users. I even spent my time validating after the update and found out you guys censored “lol”. The data you gather from us helps increase user satisfaction. I’m sure you guys monitor chat too. People aren’t going to buy because this game is made to discourage players cause basically you have to throw money at everything to win. Thank you for ruining Labor Day weekend of lonely/dejected people who play your game. You need to put a monitor for people who say they want to harm themselves too. Cause I’ve seen people who say things that they want to harm themselves. But instead you take away power rush. Great job guys! Best developers ever! It doesn’t matter anyway because your support doesn’t respond to anything.

- Cyber Bullying

I don’t normally write bad reviews about an app, and this isn’t a bad review about the games aesthetic or mechanics, that in itself would get 5 stars from me, I really enjoy the game. It’s more or so about the lack of support by the developers about players breaking terms of use. For awhile now the server I’m on has the same group of people always causing issues, starting drama disrespecting other players. Last night one of these players threatened another player. A moderator was on and didn’t even mute this player, and they had no repercussions. Yes I’m aware of the block button, but that doesn’t help. It affects the tone of the whole server I can’t block 1/4 of the server. This has been going on for months and it has been brought to GoS’s attention numerous times from people on our server, and nothing gets done about it. It makes the game unenjoyable to play when every time you go into local chat it’s always something, and people going at it. Which they don’t even allow us to switch servers without resetting our whole progress so we can’t even get away from it. I’m vip 7 I don’t want to lose all that money and time spent building my account to have to start back at 0. But if things don’t change soon, and they don’t do anything about it. I will leave and take my money elsewhere to another app, and quite a few on my server feel exact the same way.

- Awesome game!

This game is one of my favorites, which is obvious because every day, I find myself going back to it. There’s always something to do, and in-game purchases aren’t necessary at all which makes this game so much more enjoyable. I love the strategy involved by leveling up viziers and the collector in me is satisfied by getting as many consorts and viziers as I can. It’s also fun to have lots of heirs 😄 It’s not frustrating at all because you get rewards for leveling up, special gifts, completing main quests and the special events in the game! With all these rewards, it’s easy to do even more stuff with it, and then get even more rewards, and then do more stuff with it, and so on! Really makes the experience much more enjoyable. Even though this game is almost perfect, it doesn’t have very good instructions. I’m already a master sultan 2 and I don’t understand how to upgrade my vizier’s power. Only recently did I find out that talent is what gives a greater edge in the arena. If you haven’t played yet, this is probably confusing (me, too bud) so I would love for there to be a more in-depth game guide, especially because there’s a lot of cool mechanics to the game.

- Drama Central PVP

Overall this game is significantly better than others that attempt the same features. I’ve downloaded similar games and the interfaces are impossible to look at, the graphics and text are awful. Sultan has them beat hands down, crisp easy to read and navigate. I’ve deleted all others. The problem I have found is not so much with the features as people’s reaction to them. Some servers are so toxic people leave and have to start all over on a new one. Since there is no server transfer option they lose everything they build and their money put in. Server transfer is a MUST in a game like this. I’m in a good guild and ignore local chat, but be warned people take this game very personally. Be prepared to get harassed by people you boot from a paint room or beat in arena. The game is very pvp based but people take losing extremely poor and personal. They think everyone should get a trophy. This is not something the developers can control but if you are not a gamer used to pvp you will find the server culture ridiculous. My advice is find a decent union and stay off the game chat lines for your sanity.

- One of the better empire building games

I’ve played so many of the pvp empire building games and what they all lack is a fair handicap system to let new players grow, while still being fun for the strong players. This is one the biggest strengths of this game. It does a decent job of matching you up against people your own strength and when you lose, you don’t lose all your hard work. The game doesn’t have a lot of strategy. It’s mostly mindless time-sink, but that’s what I want. If you’re serious then you should read some guides on reddit to see how all the systems work. That will help you grow faster. If it’s going slow, don’t fret - power is a bit exponential. You have to get over the hump. As everyone else has said, purchases aren’t necessary to be successful. I see several strong players that haven’t spent a dime, and since your work/time cannot be destroyed by other players, you still grow - just maybe not quite as fast as those who spend. I’ve been playing 3 months and still desire to play, which has not been the case in any other game like this.

- Oh the Potential

Still very new to this game and on the uphill battle that is the very steep learning curve. I don’t yet have much insight to the technical deficits on the game but I get to write a review so here’s my opinion. I learned that the option to elect a female Sultan is a recent improvement of the game. However, the rest of the game has not been adapted to that which is incredibly confusing until you start researching what’s going on. Example: I chose a female Sultan but I still meet with female consorts to create heirs. I’m not an expert programmer but a obvious correction to this would be to exchange the (mostly) male Viziers with the all female consorts. So what if males can’t bare children, developers can create advantages to particular male consorts and female Viziers already exist, they’re strengths can easily be subbed out for their male Vizier counterpart. I also think there should be more mini-games that allow you to win resources. After half an hour the game has lost my attention because I have to actually wait for resources to refill. When that happens I just close out of the app. Ultimately, it just needs more strategy play, something to keep patrons engaging with the app and feeling like the decisions they make actually matter.

- Toxic Community, unless you pay to play

I really enjoyed this game for about a week, then I made a mistake by booting someone out of a painting room that had a lower level consort than I did. I received messages and threats from the individual that I kicked out and I told them that it was a game mechanic the developers built into the game because they wanted people to use it. That response angered the individual and they had my character name basically blacklisted with people high on the leaderboards. They would bully me in the chatroom and tell me to delete my account all because someone got their feeling hurt from a normal game mechanic. The entire situation was extremely petty and it made playing the game almost impossible - I couldn’t get into rooms or feasts and it made it hard to level up. The game was no longer fun. I had to make a decision, was I going to buy my way to the top so I could be at the same level as the people who were making it difficult to play? Or was I just going to delete the game? I decided to delete the game. The entire culture of the game is pay to play, and the people who are paying make the game unenjoyable and difficult for the people who aren’t. It’s toxic game development that promotes and props up a toxic community - it is not anything that anyone should support.

- A Lot of Praise and a Single Request

This game is so addicting because it offers so much more than normal game apps. It has so much going on in game that there is always something to do, changes out events and offers rewards regularly, and has managed to find that perfect balance of giving just enough daily rewards to keep you going, but not enough to make it dull or too easy. The only thing that could make it better is if the cross-server chat became a permanent fixture and we were allowed to befriend others on different servers. Some of the best conversations I’ve ever had in the game have been on the cross-server, and it makes me sad that the only way I can ever speak to these people again are to either make multiple accounts across various servers (which would be so frustrating considering I have a difficult enough time keeping up with a single account) or find somewhere outside of the game to chat (such as Discord). Please keep the cross-server chat! And please allow us to befriend each other so we can also chat privately! So many people would be over the moon if you did this!

- Poor Advertising

The advertisements for this game are inappropriate and offensive. Each time I see one on a social media platform, I scroll through the all comments of people (who, often, also find the ads to be disgusting). The most recent ad that I’ve seen portrayed one of the sultans daughters as being overweight and therefore ugly and unsuccessful because “overweight people are not beautiful nor successful.” Regardless of if this appears in the game, your advertisements need to change! I am aware that the Ottoman Empire existed in a different time period and therefore the roles of men and women may have been slightly different during that period. But, as a student I am also aware that women during the Ottoman’s reign were often educated, talented, and respected by their husbands. There were still things such as when a woman got too old in the sultan’s eyes, she would be removed from the harem. But, often times, when removed, she would be married to member of the Janissaries (she would still have a job). If you research women of the Ottoman empire, you might find a few historical inaccuracies within your advertisements or game. The historical images and and art featuring women do not exhibit extremely skinny, white women, but are still considered beautiful and powerful. Please do a fact check next time.

- Really love this game but...

I really like this game. I’ve been playing it for a long time and it’s super fun and addicting. I was able to forget about the game for a while do what I had to do for like months and come back and still had all of my progress and still enjoyed it just as much and since I came back I haven’t stopped playing again. There’s a nice community on there personally I haven’t experienced any bullying and everyone in my server(34) is super cool and welcoming. My only issue is that I would love for there to be more diversity. I noticed the update adding female sultans which is great but there still isn’t any representation for me. I would love to see a black sultan or even a black woman sultan or even a vizier maybe but preferably sultan. It just feels like I can’t see myself if the game that I love and it also gives the feeling that they don’t see black women as anything more than a consort which I’m grateful for at least having Ceren on the game but I hope you get my point. But if it wasn’t for the representation issue definitely 5 stars🙆🏾‍♀️🔥

- Love this game. I have so many ideas for it.

Okay so I think this game is wonderful. I also think a lot could be added to it and I’m sure the developers are constantly working at it, but I think there is a lot more potential here. Such as, adding family trees as one other commenter said. Or adding “chapters” to the harem in which there is actual interactions with the women where your choices can hurt or grow the relationship. Separate art for the children of each consort. More story or choices for the battle, such as taking prisoners, and maybe adding levies and such for each conquered area, an ability to meet new consorts in each place. I think having a personalized palace would be great too. The masquerade is fun but it would be nice to have more story in each interaction with choices as well. I’d love to hear what the developers are working on so if anyone wants to email me about it I’d love to hear! I’m also a writer and I’d love to write the little interactions between the consort and sultan with choices and such. Anyway, love this game. I’m excited to see how it develops!

- Bullying

I have been playing this game now close to two years. The game play itself I do enjoy for the most part. I play on multiple servers. However, we have an issue on one server with cyber bullying that is just beyond inappropriate and multiple people playing on that server has reached out to the devs and all they do is mute these people. This doesn’t help with the hostile play so they come back stronger and meaner. These said players have told other players in game to kill themselves!!!! And are still continuing to do it no matter how much we report. These said player also sexually harass women in the game as well. I am at this point trying to decide if I want to continue playing or to just stop playing and giving them my money. I just wanted other to be aware of this situation in case you are thinking about playing this game to know the full extent of what you may have to deal with. With that being said if you have children this may not be the platform for them.

- Overall a good game

Normally I don’t enjoy reviewing games like this because I either get bored or get tired of having to pay real money in order to make actual progress in the game. I paid only twice playing the game, other then that I mainly rely on the rewards system. I always like the reward system because basically you get rewards for different things, example child get married have a few diamonds. They give you things actual want or need for things within the game. Also I like how they change the quests every few days so you actually reach certain levels of the reward system. Also how many events that our constantly going on is amazing. One con though is I don’t like the walk through that starts in the beginning, when you first start playing I feel there should be a way to turn it off for some people that enjoy learning as the play . Despite this and not understanding how to properly tell how much power your advisors have. I do love playing this game and it has kept me entertained for about two weeks now.

- Really fun game

I started this game not really thinking too much about it, but now I’m a month into it and it’s super fun. I like the new features with the elegance gems and the learning rooms for consorts. But there are a few things I think should be changed. I don’t think we should have to wait so long for refills for bread pieces for heirs, I think 3 hours is way too long. I also think it should take less soldiers each battle because we’re losing them so quickly and not spending as much time on the game as we could be if they lasted longer. And finally, I think there should be a private chat spot where you can click on another Sultan and chat with them without looking to union chat or world/local chat. I think having those features changed or added, will make current players a lot happier and want them to show others the game. It will also keep current players on the game longer instead of a quick check in to see how much longer they have for affairs and heirs and levies.

- Really fun game!.. although it’s not what was advertised

I don’t normally do these kinds of reviews but I really like this game. I like how simple it is but also how many features there are, and you don’t have to pay for anything if you don’t want. My favorite system is the harem system, which I feel is the most fleshed out. Although this is where my biggest complaint is, advertisements made it seem like this would be some kind of drama, episode type game which it’s not at all, it’s a leader simulator more or less. Another complaint I would have is that the battle system is TOO simple all you’re able to do is just sit and wait for the battle to be done. I also wish there was some system where you had the build up your city and make sure citizens and armies are happy. In all I think this game is super addicting and awesome I would recommend it to my friends because there are social aspects to it, and the community is very helpful which is really great!

- Mmm-hmmm....

Very addictive! My hubby says I spend WAAAY too much time on my phone now, so watch out it’s hard to become good in the game and have life priorities too lol. It does take a very long time to progress in this game (I’ve been going for months now and only just now have a shot at taking someone on in the consort painting rooms), but it’s exactly this that makes it feel so accomplished: all the work you put into it makes it sooo satisfying when you can finally advance in the game. The one most frustrating thing about the game is that it takes so long to become GOOD at it, that when you finally do you realize you should’ve done everything different from the very start!! TIP: the union you join can make or break your fun, so make sure you pick one with like minded people and if they’re not to your liking?? LEAVE. It’s better to be alone than to find yourself playing to serve someone else’s fun. I see this too often...remember it’s JUST A GAME—have fun and hold on for the ride!

- Poor servers

Connection issues out the rear end. Any other online game I have, plays just fine, this one crashes constantly. Especially during the middle of a transaction, therefore they get their money and I don’t get my goods. It’s happened multiple times , it takes them FOREVER!!! to contact you and resolve your issue. It took over a month one time to get one of my buys. I wanted to be a higher VIP to get better rewards, but it’s just ridiculous how mush time and effort I have to spend to get something I have already bought. I send receipt after receipt and screenshots of everything .. they’re slow and the game isn’t stable enough to make purchases. I feel I’ve wasted what money I did spend because I won’t be spending anymore and I’m nowhere near the rank I wanted to be. I see people lower level than me getting arch princesses and princes, and I get ordinary children. Barely any seniors. If it’s based on chance , since this is a pay to win type of game, then it being based on chance is stupid. I paid, I should get better chances and rewards than someone with no VIP access. They have all the same wives and the same powers and vizers... I got jack squat for spending money.

- Started good got boring

If you don’t spend cash in this game things can get boring and it takes incredibly long to really advance after you get close to level 50 I have not spent any in game money yet and I have gotten to level 47 and now things have kinda stalled a bit. And I have been playing daily evryday and check a few times a day for few weeks now I think I’ve put too much time in this not enough progress. And I should have read the reviews before hand because I felt the same way about the ONLY BLACK consort who is merely a fashion designer who doesn’t produce mixed children. There was def a time before racism this world thinks racism was from the beginning there were def times where there were both black and white royalty so there should be some skin color variety. And I’m def going to read more reviews before I invest in any game. I don’t think developers really think about the gamer world and how much money they lose by small promotional advertising mistakes and by not doing their research on history you bound to leave certain cultures out. Hopefully this developer will read the reviews of its players and make some adjustments other than that I think I’ll give this game a break

- Nothing like advertised

There was (and still are) ads of this game plastered all over my social media. It’s perceived as a decision making drama, where your actions will affect the outcome. In some ways, it is kind of like this, but nothing at all like advertised. However, It is a very rewarding game as you’re praised for just playing, signing in every day, playing mini games, etc., but it’s also very challenging to understand consorts and advisors and how to level them up properly for battle and gaining power. I gave this game a solid 6 month attempt during quarantine to pass time. There is a local chat on your server; better hope you have nice welcoming people. Most clans require you to join discord. That is an entire task in itself for just a mobile game. Especially if you’re not planning on being super invested. This game is a big grind. Impossible to compete with high ranking players as they have been at it for YEARS. If it was less about WAR and power and more about fictional relationships and decision making (like advertised)I would have liked it more.

- Much to be desired

Though the game is fun, there’s a few things that bother me... a lot. For one, you’re not allowed to be a girl, which is kind of messed up in the first place, but even then all of the player character options are the same white guy with different beard lengths. Then there’s the consorts. Oooh boy. You’d think a game set largely in the Middle East would have darker skinned characters, but they’re all very (with the exception of one or two) pale. If the game doesn’t let you be a girl, which I’m assuming is for “historical accuracy” then the fact that all of the characters are white is pretty messed up. As far as actual gameplay goes, the UI is pretty confusing, and the chat system is pretty dismal. I also believe that there should be specific heirs for specific consorts, since a light skinned dude and a black girl wouldn’t have a pale-as-moonlight daughter. But that’s just my opinion. If none of this stuff bothers you, the game is pretty addicting, but there are still a few gameplay things that just aren’t that interesting, such as leveling up viziers, that you still need to do for quests even though it’s mostly a waste of money.

- Very nice addictive game!

I like this game. It’s more interesting when you play with one of the unions. Makes you visit this game everyday. I spend a lot of time playing this game. Some mini games inside of this game, like “romance”, “kitchen”, “pirates”, “horse riding” and “daggers” are really cool. I like the “coalition”. And I’m glad that finally you able to see the power of your viziers, before I would have to calculate or wait for the “war” to see it. The only thing I found annoying is to visit consorts. Because it takes lots of time and it’s interesting only when you just start playing this game, the same like masquerading. And I understand that for some things you have to spend money in this game like getting special viziers (Da Vinci etc) but I wish I don’t have to spend more to be able to visit all the consorts at once since it’s available only to VIP 3 members and I’m only VIP 2. I have over 2000 vigor orbs but can’t use it because to see every visit is annoying.

- Overall, Amazing

this game is addicting, and i really love it. I love the features, the prizes, and the people. I would love it even more if it fixed some things up, after you earn all of your daily chests in chat-they should clear up and not spam anymore chests. Second, I would like if a more diverse change of characters was available. And the option to have two main characters, one a male, another female, and be able to customize your main characters better. I would also enjoy if the married children were still able to be with the empire and earn gold or so for them sultan. Even with everything I feel should be added some features I really do enjoy are: the different options in women, the availability of both gifted and ordinary kids, the game quality, the battles, and the union achievements. Thanks for reading this, I do recommend the game for anybody looking for a interactive battle, and power game.

- Feast problem and getting heirs and bullying in the painting rooms

This s new i come up with use gold for feast instead diamonds also instead of using diamonds to get heirs use gold it will make easier for have more feast and heirs than using diamonds. One my consort is beauty and thousand diamonds for a new heirs on her I can’t afford buying diamonds just for feast and heirs the gold when we levey it will safe us from using diamonds all the time and we can save the diamonds for the store like packs and things like gold rings for heirs and sliver rings marriage also instead 300 diamonds gold rings for the sliver ring have them set for ten diamonds. I’m lowering it to two stars because of bullying from other player in the painting rooms when your consort put in seat they be kick by a high ranking player and consort higher than your. My consort was in a painting room and for six minutes and was kicked out by another player just for the pearls for there’s and they think they are the sharks and newer player are guppy’s, I think the game developers needs to looking into this painting room bullying between other players

- Buying option -be careful

I had been enjoying this game a lot. Then the other day I bought a 99 cent gem pack and put my password in for my account and everything froze and it said it didn’t go through. I didn’t think anything of it and tried again and it went through. Then the next time I went on a message popped up saying I had an incomplete order. It was for 49 dollars. I tried to delete it and waited a few days. It didn’t go away but kept popping up. While trying again to delete it the order went through and it didn’t ask me to reverify the order. I immediately stopped playing the game. I didn’t use or accept any of the rewards and sent a message to support asking if they can return my money. I got a response this morning saying that because of complicated data they can not do a refund. I still haven’t accepted any of the rewards. I even offered to restart the game. So words of warning - I never clicked on the 49 dollar gem pack. I would never spend that kind of money on a game but it glitched and then kept showing up in the incomplete orders. Be very careful when you buy gems!!

- The ad is enraging

First let me say that the game it self is a pretty ok and sorta fun sorta boring game. I however have become enraged by your ads you are implying that the king has to have someone beautiful and they can not be normal or ugly which I think is horrible and honestly I don’t know why many people downloaded after seeing that and it’s horrible and you should be ashamed for the making of this ad what a young girl had dreams of becoming a beautiful girl and marrying someone like a king or something and she thinks she is “ordinary” and try's to “fix” herself to become a beautiful girl and ends up hurting herself or falls into depression what then because that is what some young kids will do some kids feel they need to be perfect and you game ad just puts more of that into there head the people are already amazing beautiful and should not have to worry about being called ugly and only kind says it about the girls it’s Not like the girls say it to the guys in this game so u honestly am angry because the ad is what try’s to persuade me to get or buy your game and I only got it so I could judge fully in this but I hope to see fix I these ads and soon

- Really enjoy this game, but ....

This is actually a fairly enjoyable game. However, I do have to give it only three stars and there are several reasons why. I have listed the reasons below in the order for the most important to me to least. 1. This game is glitchy and I am constantly getting kicked off the server or having the game freeze up. 2. I think when you start the game you should be able to customize your sultan from skin color, clothing to hair style and facial hair. 3. I think when you are with your consorts and you have a child there should be some kind of option as to the child you get. I am tired of having the same handful of heir options and none of them look like their parents. At least give us some sort of genetic mash up of the mother and father. 4. Also I think we should be able to do more with our heirs from assigning them jobs, titles, and having them have heirs. 5. I think their should be more interaction available with the consorts. 6. The XP on campaigns should increase as you climb in level. When you start reaching the higher levels and you are still only receiving 5 XP it isn’t really worth the time. 7. I hate the way the consort hall is currently set up. I think it should be more like the learning academy; I believe it would make it more fair and beneficial. 8. I think there should be things to do with the viziers. Like side missions or something that could help increase their skills. Overall though it is s nice game to kill time on.

- Fun game to pass time with

Like the title says, this game is perfect if you’re bored and just want something to distract you for a bit. Gameplay is fine for what this game is, and in my first week of playing I acquired over a thousand gems and a million coins without paying, which is awesome. My only problem, however, is that there’s a lack of diversity amongst who you can play as. Your choices range among men with different lengths of beards and that’s it. As a girl myself, I’d like to be able to play as a girl and maybe collect a harem of men this time, as opposed to what you get in the actual game, which is reversed. This aspect doesn’t bother me too much but most of the game’s players are women anyway, so why not just add this feature in a future update? I’ve read some of the dev reviews and they say that you can’t play as a girl “yet,” so I’m hoping they will add playable women in soon. In the meantime I’ll continue to play this game as a fun time passer.

- Fun game, but there’s a big problem

I’ve been on this game a lot, spent a fair amount as well. Love my union, and the game is fun. The main problem: bullies are never dealt with. There is one specific player in my server who has been extremely verbally abusive not only to me but also to many others; he’s reported many times with screenshots included, but is still there. If the developers would be able to boot bullies who cause the server to be extremely toxic, that would help. I am seriously considering leaving the game entirely because of this persons bullying, and now he’s gone to telling outright lies, very inflammatory and slanderous. Yet he continues to be allowed to remain no matter how many times his behavior is reported. It’s very sad because otherwise the game has been excellent. This is the reason I only give it two stars. I’d give it five if not for allowing toxic players to remain. If you are going to have a policy of a safe, fun environment, start actually acting like it and stop brushing aside complaints of toxic players.

- Great game could use a few changes

Love this game it is so addictive but there are a few things are troublesome like the heirs would love for the feed time to be shorter or at least do something to where we can help them grow faster. The divination is a little annoying when doing the tasks because it stops you for a moment until you can do another one. The feast is a bit daunting as well not sure what you can do for that. I have more trouble trying to raise my heirs and find marriages for them because the game won’t allow me to or it cost gems to take back a lot and I wish it would be that it cost the coins on some things considering Gems are hard to get as you progress unless you pay for them. At that point I’m spending to much money on it and don’t want to play anymore. But other than that this game is great I just started yesterday and already getting up in the ranks!

- Fun But Unfair

I’ve been playing the game for about 6months now and I can say I enjoy it and it’s definitely a good way to pass time. Some cons though I would agree with most reviews is that you have to pay to some extent to really win. I spend a few dollars every blue moon and I literally mean a few dollars lol...but that doesn’t really get you anywhere. Every rush, war, competition the SAME players win because they’ve paid their way to the top. This has gotten kind of predictable and unfair. There’s no real competition or strategizing just whoever has the most cash. Also I agree with other reviews that there are bullies as I’ve experienced some. As a fairly new player learning the game for myself you get higher ranking players who will msg you if they don’t like you playing the game the way it was created. Fun game to pass time but annoying during others.

- Unable to use because of beta 2.1

I love the game it’s simple and relaxing after a hard day of using my brain. It’s pretty direct and addictive in that regard. But ever since I was in the top 200 to try the new version I haven’t been able to use it at all. I tried redownloading it via cloud multiple times and it won’t download and I feel like I put so much work into my account and I can’t even ply the game 😢 so it just feel like extra meaningless. after the new update i haven’t been able to redownload making all my time n efforts kinda useless .. okay so I’m updating my post and now give it an even lower score because I’m now able to redownload it from the cloud and my character is erased all my money I spent isn’t refunded and no one is helping I’ve emailed and sent msgs with no response! THIS APP WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY ! I had charges I didn’t even make in my records from you guys! All my children lost and I had like 23 kids almost all the consorts constantly in the top ranking... something needs to be done because I shouldn’t have to go all out my way to play a game.. let alone loose money on a falsely advertised product.

- Overpriced

I really did like this game at first, but the price for vip is RIDICULOUS after level 5. Come on, seriously 20k for a new visier or consort? Also the bullies as many people mentioned kill the game. Every server has that one person who will outbuy every single event and use their power to sabotage your game and all the money you put into it. The developers do nothing about it. You shouldn’t have to lose all the money and effort you put into a game when you are forced to start a new server due to being bullied. The game seems to only care about profit and the the big spenders and don’t do anything for the average joe. Cross server events are even worse because you get the highest spenders from several servers making a new visier cost THOUSANDS of dollars to win. That’s just unrealistic. They need to add more characters and make them attainable for a reasonable cost. So far Amber has been the only new consort that can be won without putting a down payment on a house. If they added more consorts and visiers like that this game would be much better.

- Things changing...

I’ve had to restart the game for some reason after changing phones... which is fine. So much has changed since I first started playing this game... I don’t seem to be able to keep up and instructions aren’t very clear on some of it. It would be nice if there were some explanation of new items on here. Update: if I went back to my old game it would still have the same game play it does now, so whoever replied to my review completely misinterpreted my complaint... basically there is so much going on with this game, and no clear instructions on any of it. You just have to jump in and attempt to figure it out. After 1 session of playing a Sultana, and mating with females, I grew tired of getting women pregnant (as a woman myself, takes the fun of role play out since there’s nothing realistic about a woman having children with a woman) that I have put it on the back burner hoping you people would fix the issues of the game, cause that is not the only issue of the game.

- Loved the game, then got screwed

I loved this game. Had it for about a year and was very early to join it. I had 3 accounts on 3 different servers so I’d have 1 for each of my 2 friends I knew were on it and the one I started with. I synced my data. I had it backed up. Then, I had to get a new phone and went to open the game. It treated me like a new player. Shouldn’t have been an issue except they don’t have a button specifically to back up from existing data and their wording was weird. Basically, what should’ve restored my data, overwrote it instead with the brand new player data. Of course I didn’t have each of my 3 ID #s just memorized, and customer support was VERY unhelpful. I don’t even think they ever got back to me with so much as an apology. So, I deleted the game entirely. I had put a LOT of work into those accounts and their faulty backup system screwed me. Go ahead and play, but apparently there’s no point to backing up your data cause they’ll just make it impossible to restore. The game is fun enough for 4 or 5 stars, but this mess merited a demotion!

- It’s Good but there are issues

I do like this game. I’ve been playing for almost a year and the mini games keep getting better. It can get a little boring because growth rate is so slow and melancholy. Sometimes I just wanna quit playing because of it, but then I remember how much my Union depends on me sometimes. Your ads are very deceiving, which is why I am only giving you three stars. I see ads all over and they’re not even an inkling like the real game. How do you expect people to actually respect your game if you deceive them into downloading it? They’re going to be more likely to delete it because of the wrongful ads. As far as cost goes, your prices are so high with minimal rewards that barely help you grow. Power fund was great when we could actually make what we spent back plus a little profit and some loot, but now it costs tons of diamonds AND money to get those diamonds back. If your prices keep progressing the way they are without progressing loot, I’ll be deleting the app for sure.

- Daylight Savings Time Glitch

If you are thinking of downloading this game, I would like to encourage you not to until the developers show that they are a trust worthy company and not manufacturing glitches as a way to steal people’s money. Willing to write a positive review of the game if I’m compensated for the real money I lost due to the Dev’s rolling the server back TOO FAR. The 1000 diamond compensation doesn’t compare to money spent in game at all and the progress I bought that was lost due to YOUR error. Prior to this incident, I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game and felt comfortable spending money to buy packs to improve my game play experience. The roll back is incredibly unfair to your money paying patrons who lost their rewards gained from PAYMENT. I’m asking that you not steal from people that support your product and either issue a refund, reissue things that were bought, or just roll the thing forward and give the midnight glitchers their stuff back so paying folks can have their PAID FOR ITEMS restored and normal game play progress back on track. Please don’t screw over people who actually make purchases.

- Developers will not respond when complaining

OK so I spent quite a few dollars to help myself get tokens I earned way over 20,000 tokens to get a reading key when I try to purchase my reading key with my tokens they said that the event has not started yet? I sat up there and tried to purchase the key all day I contacted them several times via the game and via emails and I never got a response! You would think that they would actually care about this problem they do not I’ve checked my emails up and down every day and I believe it’s almost been a whole week! Here’s my thing now, I joined a community and a lot of people are heartbroken because they block peoples accounts and they don’t allow them to play anymore because they report them to the bank. However, when you post stuff like this you should expect people to call their bank because what you essentially did to me was cheat me out of my purchase. Although I did not call the bank I see other people going through what I went through and I think that this is completely unfair and it needs to be addressed

- Love it

I really like the game. I have recently noticed in cross server chat that some established players would like switch servers but not lose their current progress they. I wouldn’t mind seeing that happen in the next update. It would allow players to be with friends on other servers. Could we have a cross server Union War but instead of servers close to the server one you are playing in example AS15 vs AS65. This would make for great competition. What also bothers some players is that the same group of players or Unions always winning because of big spender. Others feel discouraged by this. It’s really disappointing when you see the same Union winning on one server AS65 they don’t let anyone else win. Other players have noticed they are to the point of leaving the game or server. We don’t have enough players in the game as it because of the Union Dark Souls.

- Very amazing game

It’s a good game but very addictive. There’s one problem I have is that the consort halls. Usually you can only get the painting key. The other two keys library and music key. You have to win them in a event to get them. Isn’t there a way to get it without wining the event like in the redeem points of the feast. It’s very impossible how they will be put it in rank 1 or 2. Couldn’t the library or the music room key be in ranks 1-100 or something? It would be great if we atleast get one of the keys while the top rank gets more keys. But also the messaging system could be a little longer. It’ll also be helpful to know how many typing you can do. Edit: please do something about the darkness rising union. They have been continually harass me and my peers in the union I am in. Continually kicking us out of supreme feast seat and paint rooms. It’s really stressing me and some of them out. Please do something about this union.

- Decent game but rude players

I wanted to point out that this game is relatively easy to play. It’s simple and does the job if you want to kill time. my low rating is mainly due the really rude people who also plays this game that made this game really completely Unenjoyable. This game provides an option for you to allow join paint rooms and as a new player, you’re not aware of this “invisible” rule that you’re not allowed to kick people from the same union out of the room. People will literally message you and be really condescending and rude to tell you that you should not have kicked their friend out of the room (granted you’re new and unaware of said rule, and the whole point of the these rooms is to rack points per se by obtaining a seat. How do you obtain a seat? By kicking other ppl out of the room). A game is meant to be enjoyable. Not they way these other ppl play it. I wouldn’t recommend this game solely for this reason because honestly and realistically speaking, who wants to play games with unreasonable people whether online or in person?

- Great game!

The game is simple to play, not too time consuming, relaxing yet entertaining and addictive. I enjoy all the avenues we have in order to strengthen the sultans kingdom. I have spent quite a bit of money on the game but it’s not necessary. They give you a lot of rewards and are not too stingy with diamonds. This makes me want to contribute more financially since I hate games that are greedy and make it impossible for people to excel without having to spend money. I would like to have more customization options and agree that the heirs should resemble the parents more. I get tired of seeing the same faces. I don’t care much for a lot of pvp but it’s nice to have the option. I do really enjoy the frontier events. Would like to see more exclusive events and better explanations on how to better utilize or attain certain items. Overall a very enjoyable game.

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- not pay to play at all

i’ve been playing this game for about 6 months now and have been playing consistently, hardly ever missing a sign-in day. this game has a huge variety of aspects which can be confusing at first but once you get the hang of it, you feel pretty cool. i read a review below from a player who has all of the Magnificent Five viziers and now they have just the leftover shards and badges. the leftover badges can be used to upgrade the vizier if you click on them, then click the right-most tab, you should see what i mean! i just figured that out a few weeks ago and thought that was pretty cool. i agree with some reviews saying there should be a wider variety of ethnicity of consorts and for the heir system to be more interactive. it does seem a bit wasteful/pointless just marrying them off and then having them displayed on a list. more faces for the heirs couldn’t help- i really am sick of seeing the same 4 faces. i would also like to suggest to the developers add another theme to the main page. the 1 year anniversary theme has expired but still available to view but unable to use, which i think is a bit stupid and cruel- ha. i give this game 3.8 out of 5 because it’s good enough that i consistently play everyday but as with all things, can be improved. i really hope the developers take our feedback into account as improve accordingly as this game has the potential to be great ☺️⭐️

- I’m not the only one who’d like to be able to buy or swap for items

I love the game, & I get that the creators have to make money- & thankfully the minimum cost in this game is better than many others I’ve seen, but it takes *a lot* of small spends to get many of the rewards. I also feel like some of the things I’ve got are sitting around uselessly; ie. I have all of the Magnificent Five Viziers, but I now have a heap of the badges & shards for them, that I obviously can’t use anymore- something like the food swap in Cuisine would be great, or even the transformation like the rewards in Horserider- that would be fantastic.

- I enjoy it

Here’s some tips; • players should be able to sell certain items or buy from one another if need be instead of having to wait for it, • more portraits for the children I’m sick of seeing the same faces • some variety in concubines as we know some were Hindu also and there seems to be none, • it would be nice to see your children also have a family so some updates in marriage section would be nice

- Consort visits needs to be quicker

Can you make consort visit quicker? Some people can’t and don’t want to spend real money to get into VIP 3. Doesn’t need to be as quick as VIP 3 (so people in VIP 3 won’t complain) but that curtain close and open really digs my head in. But overall game is very addictive. I’m still in VIP0 but am getting pretty strong. You just need to be patience and always a benefit to join a very good union as the benefits helps you to be strong without having to pay real money.

- Please take time to read

I would like to give this a 5 star but i’d rather not. This is pay to play game. I know that devs need to make money as well but I wish that they would do something on this game to be fair on those people who bully, used profanity words. I believe that the report button is not really working. They have a new skin which is similar to mlbb game, why not copy the fair rules from them as well.

- Needs some work

The game is enjoyable, but quickly becomes boring because it doesn’t have much of a purpose. The campaign is pointless just watching them fight the same thing over and over and even when you can “skip” it you don’t get to skip the whole thing or that much faster. Needs more explanation in the game too. I find lots of parts so confusing, lucky there is the chat option to ask other players. Good potential though, lots of great parts please focus on campaign.

- My second game to Lords

I don’t know why everyone is going on about it being pay to win, I haven’t paid a single cent and I’m really far into the game and I started about 3 weeks ago. I play Lords Mobile and this is a nice breathe of fresh air because you don’t have to worry about being soloed lol

- Great so far, but some things confused me

I was wondering if there could be some additions, like more Viziers and Consorts, not to mention maybe Envoys? With the consorts, WHY VIP 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11 etc. some of us don’t have that amount of time to spend on the app or great amounts of money to spend, just saying. Also, I noticed one of the consorts has “Romance of Sultan” and I do not know what that means?

- $800USD for a Halloween theme, you’re insane

Devs don’t listen to players. Devs don’t listen to mods. Devs only care about how much money they can get from you and how tightly they can squeeze non-paying players until they leave. The devs do not care about their customer base. Potentially a great, time consuming game that makes you want to spend money, but the greed and the poor management completely take away from it. The developers do not care about their players. They only care about how much money you will spend. Don’t waste your time downloading.

- Great idle game needs some direction

I love most everything about this game and only have two suggestions that would Inhance it (imo) More variety in the portraits of your children, just for the role play aspect I’m sure others would disagree And a way for you to see how close you are to unlocking certain concubines, perhaps when you press their info card a graphic or simple numbers. My only real complaint is that the screen can be cluttered and there’s a certain lack of direction and understanding in things like the union but playing the game you can get used to it with time

- I really like it

I really like this game but I wish we had the option to have different races and diversities of sultans and sultanas that would be amazing . It would also be awesome if it had interactive stories

- Best game on Apps Store

One of the best games I’ve played. This game gets me excited to be on my phone. It’s truly addictive and very fun. I highly recommend if you enjoy a story line game in which you can build up an empire without disturbing adverts.

- Great

Love this game so far! It would be nice if they explained a few things in further depth as I was a little confused at times. Edit: currently isn't opening for me at the moment... not too sure what is going on.

- Disappointed

I had been playing the game for a while and one day I went to play it and it got me to start all over again? No memory of my game history - nothing. Really disappointing that my game history just got thrown out the window with no way to get it back.

- Horrible Customer Support

Have not been able to log in to play even after updating for over 2 weeks. I have spent a few hundred dollars on this game and haven’t even had a response from their customer service team through social media, in-game or via email. Really enjoyed the game but really disappointed in their lack of service or response.

- Good game

Saw a review of someone saying this game promotes body shaming in the game, I honestly thought i had clicked on the wrong game to update. No idea where they got that idea, have been playing for a while and never seen anything like that.

- Latest update

I enjoy this game but ever since the most recent update all my heirs have been ordinary. Has there been any change in what level consorts need to be to have better heirs?

- New player

New player today, found it easy to pick up and follow, I enjoy playing and I’d recommend to anyone who enjoys idle and conquest games

- Help

I love this game but since the last update it freezes while loading, can't contact support because of it to get help.

- Enjoyable

Enjoyable game - ability to skip battles earlier would be good

- Keeps Attention

Highly Recommend

- Changing event

The developer supposed not to change the event a day before because some people hoard and use real money when they hoard the items so they can win so disappointed I use $300 so I can win this time now it’s expired and won’t play anymore thank you

- It’s very good

Would honestly recommend anybody I know who plays iPhone games like this to play it

- Shameful tech support

The game itself is very addictive, and I’d rate it higher on this alone, however tech support is unbelievably bad. After spending this much time and money on the game, swapping phones has lost my account with no assistance in retrieval. Very disappointed.

- This is a scam

I made a purchase, I didn’t receive what I purchased. They took $7.99. I tried to put in a support ticket. It’s impossible, even if you manage to find all the information they ask for (purchase ID, player ID, etc) the ticket wont submit. This is a scam. Please refrain from downloading.

- Awful

In the beginning it was great! But then it kept glitching and I would lose everything I had earned. I went from 10 consorts back to two, I lost all my diamonds and gold for the second time. Now I’m just deleting the game, these issues need to be fixed.

- I liked it until

I liked this game until you added more consort titles I personally think their should only be one empress title

- I got this game and I don’t like it

It’s really confusing and weird and you hardly ever lose a battle. There is a really weird story line and it would be better if it was a simulation.

- Just one thing

Maybe you could add one that lets you be a queen? And add in some hot guys or something? Cause I don’t really swing that way with girls and this sound like a semi cool game.

- Meh

When u see this game as an add I would say the add u see is false advertising. It’s still an ok game but I would of preferred what they showed

- Good game but

Good game , good graphics it would be nice if there’s story scene. The negative in this game mostly the player. Some of them are pervos. Needs parental advisory added on this game 😂 So far good , but too flat. Thank you

- Do not get this app

I downloaded it to try and ever since I have had problems with it, tried to delete it and it continues to try to download...

- Good game!

Overall, good, but i reckon it would be more entertaining if the storyline had some sort of choices.

- False Advertising

Saw this game sponsored on Facebook but it’s totally irrelevant to the actual game. Stop false advertising and actually make a game that’s to do with the ad you sponsor or don’t make any at all. Fail!

- Keeps crashing

Keep trying to log in and it just won’t work.... seems to happen a lot lately

- Heirs

Would be nice to see genealogy with wife’s and heirs and their partners

- Love

Love! However I spent a small fortune on this game

- Total waste

Don’t go for advertisements which shows it a role play where maid does things. It doesn’t have that at all.

- Helpful hint

Here’s an idea for you guys how about fixing all problems. I can’t even load the game let alone play the game

- Screwed!!

I changed server and EVERYTHING got swiped !! I have to start from rock bottom and the money I put in it to be VIP has gone too!!

- It’s addictive..

Really enjoy playing the game.. quests are achievable and rewards are generous. Also the price of purchases are pretty reasonable too - it would be good if there was an option to customise your purchase package - eg.. choose any 3,5 or 10 items for $1.49 etc It would also be great if feast food could be used for pirate hunter also.. just seems like a waste of food.m, especially when they are offered so often in the rewards (I personally find the feast side of things quite boring and would rather use 100diamonds for other things) Also more variation for heir portraits would be nice.. I find it strange that Ceren is obviously darker skinned but none of her offspring seem to resemble her., I also find it strange that the heirs don’t age once they’ve been married off and feel that would be another story arc that could be explored and extended so that they can still grow & contribute to yours/in-laws empire strength.. It would be nice to have some new consorts (I’ve unlocked all except for the VIP ones - these could be adjusted to “unlock at VIP X or when empire strength reaches XXXXXXXXX amount) Also, more options for rewards for the consorts.. as a woman, I would be bored receiving 10 of the same earrings or rings that are only worth 1 or 2 intimacy/charm points. Would be nice if we could make our own, like in romance of sultans.. Otherwise the game itself is a great concept.. it’s a shame that the advertisement for the game doesn’t accurately reflect game play. There definitely are no options to make a “fat” or “ugly” princess, nor have I ever had the scenario where a consort has borne an illegitimate child (which is a great concept by the way). Hope the developers can take some suggestions on board. Keep up the great work, I am thoroughly enjoying this game ✌🏽

- Disappointed

Not even catchy. Besides too many mistakes in Russian translation. Even in the AD!

- Great

Very addictive game

- Game doesn’t work

Can’t get past the title.

- Great


- Rubbish

End of the year events and developers are rubbish . Avoid!

- no

didn’t even get past the home screen. i tried to be patient but after like 20minutes i was done and deleted it lol

- Rubbish

Trash game. Just a copy of other games

- Review

Good fluid game

- Good game

it is fun

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- Pretty fun

It’s not particularly immersive, but it’s a fun little game to play when you’re bored. However, in the chat, both “gay” and “lesbian” are censored, which surprised me. I would expect that in 2018 they wouldn’t be seen as inappropriate.

- History and More

I do agree that gay and lesbian shouldn’t count as swear words. Also I have a point to make to you people calling this sexist, this game based of of history and plays real roles and what would happen. A queen, sadly, has no real tile to play other then to have heir and look as wife figure. This not from some mans point of view I am also a female.

- Sexist

The fact that you can’t “begin your reign” as a queen / female is problematic

- Worth a Read ❗️

I just find it concerning that the “developer” only responds to unproblematic feedback... they see all these comments about how sexist and over sexualized this game is.. I mean ffs the consorts tits shake when she breathes??? If you’re going to put a sexist game out there where women are practically opening their virtual legs for you every night saying how much they love you and want to spend time with you put that in your ads, but you won’t because you guys know it’s vile and problematic :)

- Be Honest When Promoting Your Game!

I downloaded this game because all the video ads for it I saw on Facebook looked so fun. Turns out the game is nothing like the ads, you can’t play as a consort, can’t pick and choose outfits to win his attention, nothing! I deleted it. If you could actually play the way the video ads say you could this would be such a fun game!

- If only I could give zero stars!!

The game is extremely sexist - conveying the message that girls are only meant for breeding and cannot be both beautiful and intelligent is almost like I’m in the 1950’s. Also question to the developers - do you really think enforcing a beauty standard and degrading women based on appearance would be great game? The game by itself is fine but what the developers should realize is that - we do not live in cave time, it’s the 21st century where women are struggling for important things like equal pay, education, having a voice in the society. By promoting such games - especially the content in your ads, you’re just embarrassed yourselves. Also, sultans and their reign is something that has rich history and great culture to it - it’s not something that was solely built on berating women and developing a masochist society. Shame on you guys!

- Not my type of games

I downloaded this game because I saw many ads on Facebook and Instagram. I just wanna say that the ads are very, very bad and VERY NOT representative of the game. When I saw the ads, I thought the goal was to have a pretty daughter and a pretty wife (?), so kind of a misogynist game. I was shocked, so I downloaded the game to see. And that’s totally something else. That’s not my type of game anyway. J’ai téléchargé ce jeu parce que j’ai vu plusieurs pubs sur Facebook et Instagram. Je veux juste dire que les pubs sont vraiment, vraiment mauvaises et VRAIMENT PAS représentatives du jeu. Quand j’ai vu les pubs, j’ai cru que le but était d’avoir une jolie fille et une jolie femme (?), donc un genre de jeu misogyne. J’étais plutôt choquée, alors j’ai téléchargé pour voir. Et c’est complètement quelque chose d’autre. Ce n’est pas mon genre de jeu de toute façon.

- Is it really that bad people?

I’ve been playing this game for over a year now. Sure it opens as your avatar being male, but once you unlock avatars you can make yourself a queen. The woman ARE beautiful/smart, you NEED the wives to be smart so they can increase the vizier stats. There is no nudity to make woman feel degraded, no derogatory comments in the text. I believe in equal rights all around, but ITS JUST A GAME!!! The games world wouldn’t be fun if it was all peaches and cream, rainbows and gold. Please remember that. Respect to everyone’s opinions.

- expensive

okay so I've been playing for a while, and they have themes for the "empire".. the Halloween theme IS $800!?!!?!!? absolutely ridiculous. will not be spending any money on this game ever again and chances are I'll stop playing.. $800 for one theme. thats some BS if I've ever seen some.

- Less for more

After playing happily and paying regularly for 8 months I noticed all the prices kept getting higher and higher, items that used to be easy to obtain for free were now costing more money. New content was being introduced at higher and higher price points. And keep in mind, this is already a pay to win game with a terrible reward trickledown structure. After 10 months I am left with a sour taste in my mouth and a vip7 who can’t compete. Not worth the time invested, and certainly not worth the money. And let’s not even get into the massive unmoderated drama/racism/hate rage that seems to be the norm on servers rather than the exception.

- Wth

This game is really weird. 1. Why are all the sultans white?! 2. Why can’t we be female? 3. I chose a name with the randomizer and the game told me it was inappropriate? Bad game design.

- Not very good NOT LIKE AD

It’s not at all like the ad basically your father and the prince die so you are put as the sultan and from that point on it it’s is exactly like clash of clans not happy please don’t fool people with the ad

- Good

The game is very fun but I think there is still something to change. I think there is not enough variety for the heirs. They all have brown hair and some are exactly the same. Otherwise for wars I think it’s too long and there is nothing to do. It would be nice to be able to control the wars a little more. I am sorry if this message is poorly translated, I speak French.

- False advertising

Advertising highly misleading. Not representative of the game at all. Big deception.

- Wouldn’t Recommend

As a player I have noticed a strong increase in the harassment, bullying, and toxicity in the sever chat of the game in the last several months. While the game itself is fun I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone at this point. There is no moderation and no option to report players for harassment. I’ve never seen a server chat so disgusting. Go find a different game with similar gameplay and a better community. This isn’t worth your time or money to get into.

- Worst game ever

Not as advertised at all, gave it a chance and it’s so boring. A bunch of fake reviews and misleading ads

- Account Recovery & Bad Staff

This game was fun till it became a joke. If you ever get locked out of the game (back to the beginning) on your phone due to a glitch (or whatever reason) they won’t help you. They have no plan with recovering your I.D/Account (even if you know it) Users beware, that includes players that are paying. This wasn’t my first issue either.

- Unresponsive Support Team

The game was good, I’ve been playing for awhile now and have sunk in a decent amount of cash to support the game. I’ve recently experienced account progress loss, which was really upsetting considering how much of a pain it is to unlock anything without spending an insane amount of money. I’ve attempted to contact support multiple times for over a month about this to be blatantly ignored. This is extremely unprofessional behaviour. Please reconsider your support system.

- Unmet Expectations

Downloaded the game because of the adds I saw. They showed that you can play as female character but when you start you are forced to chose/play as a male character. Also the other aspects of the game are nothing like what the add shows which was disappointing :/

- False advertising

I saw the ad to this game multiple times in social media and finally I decided to try it. The ads are complete lies, you can only play as a male and the game becomes boring very very very fast. You’re basically king of a place, in order to advance your “kingdom” you need to do the story line, which is literally the same battle recycled over and over again with no dialogue until the very end which is usually “argh! You beat me sultan!” There’s nothing else to this game. You can have kids with your wives but other than that, you can control your kids, your army or anything else in the game for that matter. If I could rate this game 0 out of 5 I would Also, to do anything remotely fun for this game you have to buy coins, which isn’t the usual 100 coins for 1.99....they don’t have any packs below 6.99 to buy, which for a Canadian jumps to 9.99 because of where the game is from. And my credit card statement showed that it’s from different collectors which is just very scam like. Avoid yourself the headache, don’t buy the game. There are tones of COMPLETELY FREE games out there that have so much content to them.

- Pay to play

Despite the title of this review, I was hooked immediately. I play everyday and unfortunately spent a small fortune. If you have money to burn and are looking for something fun, I would recommend

- Luv it.

The game is suitable for a mature gamer at 9 or 10. Sometime the live world chat gets very Adult. Apps store advertisements maybe should include, live chat included in the game. Heads up to parents. Luv the game, even though last nights update has my rankings exclamation mark stuck lit up. Ie: wont clear. Wondering where Semi comes from......

- Looks good and sounds good

One of the best voice acting I’ve listened to so far for mobile games like this. I really like that they went and followed the proper “accent” to match the location setting of the story. Graphics look nice, and story thus far seems interesting too. I might give it a five star once I play further in, but for now, I’m impressed.

- Inappropriate content

This game should be Adult the themes of consorts and maids is ancient and sexist and not good modelling for 12+ year old boys & girls.

- Do you hate women?!?

Good job alienating 1/2 the gamers out there. Making it seem like a woman having brains is the kids of death?!!! Even if also pretty?!?! You’ve got to be kidding.

- Boring

The game was really boring. There was almost no game play

- Fun and engaging

I find this game very soothing to play. There’s always something new going on. It’s fun and engaging!

- I'm addict to this game!

Since a year!

- Sexist And apparently this is for only straight people

This is dumb as hell. I can’t me lesbian?? Whoever came up with this idea probably is a teenage boy who’s straight sexist and does not like gay or lesbian people. WHO THE HE-

- I love this game

This is my favorite game ever ya maybe the ads are not what the game actually is but once you play it you will see how great it is but the game play is a little complicated not saying it’s bad but sometimes you gotta wait for like 1 or 2 months just to know what intimacy is and a great game over all tho so I rate it five stars I normally don’t but this is the best game I’ve experienced and it’s great almost every server has really kind and nice people and rarely any are toxic where as other games they are really popular but almost every server their his very toxic people and they talk about inappropriate things a lot in the chat and I don’t think the game needs to improve or anything I think it’s great how it is now and I have no ideas either but if I do I’ll make suggestions

- Actually free to play

Not ad-riddled and annoying and “pay for premium” like every other game these days. Decent storyline, nice art, simple gameplay and fun events. 5/5 distraction during the pandemic. (I especially love that you don’t have to pay for VIP if you play long enough.)

- Why?

Why do u have to make the game sooo addicting ?????lol

- Not the same as the ads

I was on YouTube and I saw an ad for this game it looked really good so I downloaded it. This game is nothing like the ad but it still is a good game it’s just not what u was looking for.

- Save your time and $$$

Yet another online game where the people who throw at it prosper and regular players can’t take part because they are booted out of rooms and other parts designed to help level your characters forget about being able to progress otherwise. So if you like to spend lots of time in a game with very little progress and watch those who play to win at the cost and expense of others you might enjoy it. The graphics are nice but I agree with other reviews about the sexist and unrealistic characters. It is nothing like how it is advertised on Facebook. Also there is little in the way of in game help and back to back events. I quit after just under a month of game play.

- Enjoy the game

I enjoy game but you will have a lot of difficulty accessing your account should you ever become logged off. Support is painfully slow at getting back to you. What’s more, is there is no log on screen, it starts you over like your prior account did not exist. That is why it only gets 3 stars.

- ...

I was curious to try the game but i regret it this game is sexist , why boy would be better than woman !?! We’re humans too ! Dont try it you’re just going to lose your time ! And i hope the game creator will answer this feedback... ; if they are dare

- Game is fun but...

The game is fun and you get to meet other players in chat however the dev’s do not resolve issues regarding toxic or bullying behaviour from players when they spend a lot of money. This includes inappropriate remarks to underage players. There needs to be accountability.

- Good game but.....

I used to have this game on my phone and I really liked it so I downloaded it on my iPad it’s open but I can’t get in, there’s just a circle in the middle pls fix this!

- Very boring

It’s so boring all you really do is fight and other stuff you can dress them like the adds. It’s so boring!

- Lack of Diversity

They’re all white

- Not happy

I redownladed the game because I saw that I could be a sultana, but when I opened it, I didn’t get the option

- Fun

Thank you for adding sultanas!

- Needs improvement

Pay to win game 100%. Games are fun and it’s even better if you can find a good union. They really need to combine older servers where 90% of players are inactive.

- Not for iPad

Another third rate game cannot play in portrait mode. If you can’t figure that out I just delete. Second rate programming

- Harassment and bullying tolerance

The game isnt bad. Not the greatest game of the years but is a good divertissement. The problem is the bad drama in some server. It should not be tolerate in any game but they don’t seem take it seriously. They mute people for 24 hours then they come back and continue to harass people again. I will definitely stop to play if they don’t do anything about it. A game should be about fun and be an entertainment from life, not another source of anxiety.

- Good game.

It’s a good game, but I wish you could see the mother of your kids in the married section, as you can’t after the kids are married off.

- Totally dependent on what server you’re on

Clearly a pay to win sort of game where some people clearly pay hundreds to reach new “VIP” levels... takes about one month to achieve VIP1 without paying and mainly the perks of VIP levels are to not waste so much time clicking different actions... some genius made this game because it kinda makes you want to pay just in order not to waste your time. The only joy I’ve gotten from this game is from reading the server chat which is from what I understand is incredibly cliquey to the point that it’s hilarious when someone breaks their unspoken rules and about 10 different people all losing their marbles at once.

- Fun

I’m afflicted. Good job to the game designers - it worked. Hooked! Can we work out a special rate for the in-app purchased?

- Slow

Since new update can hardly do anything stuck on loading screens. Have to close game. And game crashes a lot

- It’s okay

This game is NOTHING like the adds at all, it’s not immersive, and it does not let you continue through the main quests without paying. It’s an ok game for when you are bored. However, the story line is based off of the male character even though in the beginning you can pick between male and female and and it makes women seem like property that can be given as gifts or collected as trophies and can only make babies. Also when you have kids they always look the same, there is no variety with anything about them. Honestly I have had this game for about a week now and already I’m considering deleting it, because it got boring pretty fast.

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Game of Sultans - Royal Pets 4.0.01 Screenshots & Images

Game of Sultans - Royal Pets iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Game of Sultans - Royal Pets Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Game of Sultans - Royal Pets (Version 4.0.01) Install & Download

The applications Game of Sultans - Royal Pets was published in the category Games on 2018-08-04 and was developed by Mechanist [Developer ID: 1004862412]. This application file size is 1.17 GB. Game of Sultans - Royal Pets - Games app posted on 2022-05-19 current version is 4.0.01 and works well on IOS 10 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.dcdc.hwsj