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Amazing Frog? is a kind of bonkers game stuffed with a bunch of physics sandbox fun, all set in the glorious UK town of Swindon. Fly out of cannons, bounce off trampolines and for the more conventional... drive cars or jetskis. Unlock items, outfits, collect cats? and sorts of weird stuff.
Clean up the Town for Swindon Citizen Points
Brave the Sewer zombie outbreaks, Unlock the Swindon Space Program and Discover the Magical Mystery Toilet.
Take a trip to Fart gyms
Lock up the criminals or flush them down the toilet.. watch out for the sea life it has got some bite to it.
Ants? Lazers? Grapple Hooks? Balloons? buses? and the rest
Amazing Frog? pocket edition - from Gaz n Hal at Fayju.

Amazing Frog? App Description & Overview

The applications Amazing Frog? was published in the category Games on 2018-12-31 and was developed by FAYJU. The file size is 882.89 MB. The current version is 1.0.1 and works well on 11.3 and high ios versions.

Minor Update for fixes
• go frog button fix after death
• adjustments to controls

More content updates on the way.

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Amazing Frog? Reviews


Awesome game , but where is swindon at sea!!!!???  lukep_LP  5 star

When i found out this game was realeased on mobile i was overjoyed.But as i started playing, i couldnt find swindon.Looked it up and found out it wasnt there. Plz add this and please add megolodon. Thx for putting this on mobile and still five stars


Ok  Evro10  3 star

I need to add guns to the game I saw a youtuber play this game it had guns but he was on computer add guns!!!


Add more criminals  fhxnbfjsxjx  4 star

I’m trying to get the bat frog costume but the only one exzets and add the jet pack and please increase the population

im nut telling u

This game is great but needs stuff  im nut telling u  4 star

Like multiplayer and make the map bigger like on PC and if you use the flamethrower on the zombies there skeletons chase you and fix the giant sandworm because it won’t spawn (edit) this is 6 months after this comment and you still have not updated your game so ...UPDATE YOUR FRICKEN GAME ITS BEEN 6 FRICKEN MONTHS


Awesome, but,  ooflord123  4 star

The game is great don't get me wrong, but I hate how the aiming isn't smooth and how you can’t ride the blimps. The aiming works in blocks, and I can't hit anything with that mechanic. I also hate how there are no blimps or pics on mobile.

nguyen 96

thank you  nguyen 96  5 star

I Like do game it is cool and the ather amzing frog? are lam but i like tiss game thank you for making the game

amazing frogy

Awesome game but it’s hard to get to jetpack  amazing frogy  5 star

I love this game but its so hard to get the jetpack


Can you pls update  ughghhv  5 star

I want this to be updated pls

Jacky the boy64

AWESOME 😎  Jacky the boy64  5 star

Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome 😎

cba cesar

Pretty fun  cba cesar  5 star

It is pretty fun it’s almost as fun as the pc Xbox ps


Maybe add this...  Kimmyben  5 star

I would like it if there was a way to toggle the mobile island map since there is a lot that is impossible to do without the normal map outside of Swindon I love amazing frog and would probably play it more if I could use the map on computers and other devices. The mobile map also removes: Swindon at sea, pig girl, rideable blimps, the transparent ball’s on the mountain, the pug statue, giant cookie, that’s a lot of stuff and there is probably more. Without the larger map there is also no reason to ever ever leave Swindon..... so the most fun place’s there is are space/Swindon/sewers that’s it.

this game is actual Hair lice

Can I have my money back  this game is actual Hair lice  1 star

Don’t buy it please


Please addd muuuuLllllltttttiiiiiiiyyyyyppppplllaaaaaayyyyyyeeeeeeerrrrrr  Brendanjverma  5 star

My bro and cousin has it and I want to play with them


Glitchy  D9901_PRO  2 star

It’s really glitchy.


The graphics are horrible  Cowy_McCowface  3 star

Hello the creators of this game I bought this game 3 months ago I thought it would be amazing but it’s not really the graphics of this game make it so hard to play I can’t even do the controls properly pls make an update on the graphics better and I’m playing on an iPad Pro so most games look pretty good


MULTIPLAYER  LeatherCreeper  4 star

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS GAME and my brother and I have been playing it for a while and I would of given 5 out of 5 stars if multiplayer was in the game because I would love to join my friends world it would be so cool.

billabong mcbill

The balloons glitch and the updates  billabong mcbill  5 star

Hi every time I’m on the last balloon in the balloon challenge the game freezes and crashes so I hope you can fix this also could you please make the game just like computer and when will the update for the huge magic toilet and rocket come out because I can’t wait till the updates!


Where are the crocodiles?  zapkeanu  5 star

ive seen the crocodiles on PC but i don’t know where they are? Can you please tell me where the crocodiles are?


Awesome!!!  Gebediah  5 star

It’s just so good because it’s just like the actual game thank you


Awesome game  GlendaGlitagrrl  5 star

I can’t wait for the updates

Logan Dempsey

Best game in the whole wide world  Logan Dempsey  5 star



Love it but some problems  CreeperLover009  4 star

Can you change the outside map to make it the same as pc pls.


Reload issue  SharksVsMossasaur  5 star

To use the grappling hook you have to undo which meaning you have to reload to undo last shots but reload button doesn’t work


Why does this have to be like this?  SteelBison24  2 star

Srsly, at first, I loved the game so much it was so fun. But now in 2019, this app keeps kicking me out when I go out to the world of Swindon. Please fix the game.


Can I pls have a refund  okepic  1 star

I think the game is bad cuz of the controls


Best mobile game ever!!!!!!  duckboss000  5 star

It is sooooo much fun just to walk around and fart. You can go to space as well or throw stuff down the magic toilet . You can also go out on the ocean and fly around looking for sharks. The megalodon is in the game. I got the jet packs, so I look at the crazy giant shark. There are so many possibilities ,but a game has to have a bug the phone buttons do not work most of the time. Same with the clothes. Still the best ever though.🐸 thank you Gaz and Hal for the great game you call amazing frog.


It’s good game but  nikki2019  3 star

It needs a update

Bailey Hatfield

Good, but  Bailey Hatfield  1 star

The controls are sooo hard to use! I’m not a fan of them and it’s very hard to even run on this game,


Five stars I love it  kekeksks  5 star

The game is amazing the graphics are really good I just love it

jt magoo

Great game but...  jt magoo  4 star

It’s a great game, the cars will not move and it’s quite boring to.


I wanted this so much  JoshAllGaming12  5 star

Thanks so much for bringing this to ios

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