Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms [Games] App Description & Overview

11 Civilizations, 34 Heroes, Real Warfare

From the depths of obscurity to the peaks of legend, you will be the author of your civilization's history. Will you launch epic wars and conquer the entire world? Or rise up as a virtuous leader renowned for your sagacity? Will you set off to explore the unknown as a pioneer? Or dedicate yourself to helping your own people?

Only time will tell...

#Real-Time Battles#
Battles are not pre-calculated but happen in real time on the map. Anyone can join or leave a battle at any time, allowing true RTS gameplay. See an ally being attacked right in your backyard? Send some troops to help your buddy out, or launch a surprise counterattack on the attacker’s city.

#Seamless World Map#
All in-game action takes place on a single, enormous map inhabited by players and NPC characters. No isolated bases or separate battle screens. Never before seen on mobile “infinite zoom” feature allows you to transition freely between the world view and individual cities or barbarian outposts. Map features include natural obstructions such as rivers and mountain ranges and strategic passes that must be captured to gain entrance to neighboring regions.

#Eleven Unique Civilizations#
Choose one of 11 historical civilizations (more to come!) and guide your civilization from a lone clan into a great power. Each civilization has its own architecture, unique units, and special advantages.

#Exploration & Investigation#
The world of Rise of Kingdoms is covered in thick fog. Dispatch scouts to explore this mysterious land and uncover the hidden treasure within. Investigate lost temples, barbarian fortresses, mysterious caves, and tribal villages, gather intelligence on your enemies, and prepare yourself for the ultimate clash!

#Unrestricted Troop Movements#
New orders can be issued to troops at any time, offering limitless strategic possibilities. Launch a feint at an enemy city, then circle back and meet up with your alliance army to capture a pass. Dispatch troops to collect lumber from a nearby forest and have them pick off a few barbarian clans along the way. Forces can also be split up between multiple commanders so that you can engage in multiple actions simultaneously.

#Alliance System#
Full set of alliance features allow players to help one another: alliance chat with built-in translation function, officer roles, map indicators to coordinate strategies, and more! Alliances can expand their territory to gain resources, capture mountain passes and barbarian outposts to strengthen their position, and work together to unlock group achievements.

#Conquer the Kingdom#
Fight alongside your alliance to take control of this vast kingdom. Clash with other players and use superior tactics to emerge victorious in a MMO strategy battle royale. Rise to the top and you and your civilization will be written down in your kingdom’s history!

#RPG Commanders#
Call upon dozens of historical figures who will serve as your trustworthy commanders, from Julius Caesar and Sun Tzu to Joan of Arc and Kusunoki Masashige. Level up your commanders by defeating barbarians and sending them into battles, then upgrade their abilities using an RPG style talent tree and skill system.

*Expedition Mode
*Infinite Zoom--never before seen on mobile!
*Kingdom Progression
*Civilization Specific Cities
*Stunning Graphics
*3D Character Models
And more…


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Rise of Kingdoms Customer Service, Editor Notes:

1. The “Golden Kingdom” Event is beginning! Invaders are rampaging throughout Karaku. The legendary Golden Kingdom calls to you, a savior from the outside world foretold in prophecy. You are the last hope of the Golden Kingdom! An epic adventure that will take you on an unpredictable journey filled with random special events, the brand new single-player dungeon “Golden Kingdom” is coming soon! Prepare your troops and steel your hearts, for the fate of the Golden Kingdom hangs on every choice you make. 2. New “Alliance Event Calendar” We have added the new “Alliance Event Calendar” function, where you can schedule and arrange Alliance events more conveniently and flexibly. Come try it out! 3. Dragon Boat Festival events The Dragon Boat Festival is almost here, so we’ve prepared plenty of exciting holiday events for you! See below for details: - Dragon Boat Bonanza: 7 days of questing for great rewards! - Mouth-Watering Zongzi: Wrap zongzi, celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, and win fabulous rewards! - Find the Leaves: Collect Bamboo Leaves to wrap the most delicious Zongzi! - Battle on the Water: Boost your power and fight your way upstream! - Strange Incidents: Investigate unexplained villages fires and catch the culprits. 4. "Ceroli Crisis" Improvements 1) Added team skills. Use them wisely to gain an advantage. 2) Added a Select Target feature to allow Governors to shift targets while fighting. 3). Optimized the Enmity mechanism. Chieftains will now use logic to choose their targets, so watch out! Skills of some Chieftains have also been tuned accordingly. 5. “Ian's Ballads” Improvements 1) Added team skills. Use them wisely to gain an advantage. 2) Added a chat channel exclusive to Ian's Ballads. Now you can communicate with your allies more conveniently during the battle. 3) Added notifications for when you have fallen troops to revive and when the dungeon ends, as well as an Exit button to exit the battlefield. 6. “Arms Training” Improvements 1) Added 10+ new skills to Armsmaster Lohar. He will become a much more challenging opponent! 2) UI screens have been adjusted to make them more player-friendly. 7. “Lost Kingdom” & “Past Glory” Improvements Based on your feedback about the “Lost Kingdom” and other events, we have made the following optimizations: 1) Æthelflæd sculptures will no longer be reclaimed at stage 3 of the “Past Glory” event. 2) Immigration during the "Lost Kingdom" event may cause certain unlocked commanders to become unavailable again. Governors who have assigned such a commander as garrison commander before immigrating will need to assign a new one after immigrating. 3) Reduced the chance to encounter the Ancient Ruins and Altar of Darkness events, and increased Honor Points gained from them. 4) Reduced the stalker kill count requirements of Ancient Ruins or Altars of Darkness in the kingdom history progression. 8. “Barbarian Keep” Improvements 1) Notifications will now be displayed when a Chieftain appears or is defeated. 2) Optimized the “Rewards Preview” screen to make it more intuitive. 3) Barbarian Keeps have a higher initial level in Provinces closer to the center of the Kingdom Map. 9. Equipment Attribute Optimizations 1) Pendant of Eternal Night: “Skill damage +5%, normal attack damage -2%” was changed to “Skill damage +5”. 2) Delane’s Amulet: “Incoming normal attack damage +3, incoming counterattack damage -10%” was changed to “Counterattack damage taken -5%”. 10. Other Changes

Rise of Kingdoms Comments & Reviews

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- Korean cheater fk this game,and Lilith did nothing about it.

It was a good game, since kvk2 start ,1526and 1518 start use cheater program auto atk auto farm.they can send 5 army out in 1second and focus atk , auto heal and auto help in second.they Also have many auto farm account to farm and support the war. these Korean clans all use same cheater program , we try to report and Lilith just deleted what we said on web.We can only blame what they did at here.

- Money,money,again

Les créateurs du jeu doivent être multi-millionaire et ils en veulent encore plus argentssss les mini jeux sont des pièges pour nous faire dépenser aucune chance d’avoir un commendant notoire sans sortir de l’argent encore,,,,encore plus et quand un roi du monde est en place ils détruisent les plus petits pour encore nous faire encore dépenser notre argent......

- Frustrasion

I gave it a 1 star because of what I am dealing.. the game always seems to crash... I’ve formatted the iPad... I have uninstalled and installed it and just seems like it keeps on happening

- Awesome game

A great game for everybody, whether you want to progress at your own pace or pay to play. Just find a good alliance to join.

- First time playing

I’ve never played this game and I think this game is going to be fun

- Isnt a bad game but some stuff is stupid

It is a fun game but my one issue is when i was offline for a day or two it teleported me away from my alliance and it said it teleported my city somewhere safe

- money spending

unlike most reviews seen, spending money on this is completely optional and you can go far without spending any. What you need to get T5 as a F2P is a good alliance, kingdom and king. Spending boosts your progres yes, but do not feel unmotivated if you dont pay.

- Wtf

I can’t click on the game without getting kicked when I click on it it send me back to home screen u good

- Pls fix

The aliance chat won't show me what anyone said so I have to tell them to repeat in so I can see it pls fix but other then that the game is addicting and fun

- The ads are fake!!!

There’s nothing in the that are in the game not as good as I thot

- Great game

This game is really good! I like how it’s not difficult to get free speed ups. It tasks a while to get your power up a lot, but that also means that you have much more gameplay before everything is levelled out. I don’t anything else to say.

- Basic B!tch approved

This is the last game I would ever normally download but I was convinced by a friend to download it. I am literally obsessed with it lol! Highly recommend!

- So annoying

Its so annoying that when you are at a mid level that you keep getting attacked over and over again. Pls do something about this.

- Love this game

I got only one thing to say.... i enjoy playing this beautiful and original game!

- Lots of bugs and glitches

This game is good and fun, but I noticed that all of my cave chests come out as lvl 1 even when I investigate medium and high level caves. I want compensation! I investigated at least 10 high level caves before I realized this! I expect to be given the high level chests that I was robbed of. Governor ID #54753934

- It’s a pure pay to play game

It’s simple, the developers don’t care about free to play players. Each update, pay to win players get enhancements and bonuses, while free to play, get hindered. A great example, why have epic commanders stopped being released? When comparing to legendaries, there is an overwhelming gap! How can low paying/free to play have fun exactly? The short answer, you can’t. Enjoy farming all day. Take a page out of Clash of Clans or something because, you’re seriously moving in the wrong direction and losing long term/loyal players. Do not be fooled by “no ads” or great graphics!

- Sad I wanted to grind it

Love the game but it wouldn’t open so I deleted it and now it won’t let me reinstall

- Best game

I love the warfare, and the strategic gameplay. Keep it up!

- Great time killer

Great way to kill time

- Great game

One of my favourite games.

- Eats items without rewards

I used the ‘Pick me’ chest items and selected gold because I was low. I only had 20k gold but had storage capacity up to 325k. To save time I used all of my pick me items at once but after using them, the amount of gold I had stayed the same. I had been saving those items for a few days and it is very frustrating to not get any gold and not even get the items back to use on something else. 😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬

- nice game ill buy ur stocks!

nice game ill buy ur stocks!

- Best game

One of the best games

- Love it but

I phone5s crashes I just wanna play without it crashing all the time

- Awesome game and something you can add

Recycle heroes for hero exp

- Rise of Wallets

Great game, way to expensive if you want to compete.

- Only paid player win

This game is good may be the best one. But the money they charge to win and bullhead by paid players are crazy. Their verbal and city destroying until you left the game is depressing. All this game need to find another way like one time paid thing otherwise only rich take all game. I played buy a lot but now I am just tired such useless mental harassing game.

- crash after couple minutes

i am using iphone 6 plus, starting this year, it has been crashing every time after couple minutes of playing. really like this game but i cannot enjoy any more...

- Super Fun

Downloaded the game expecting another Clash if Clans rip off and was pleasantly surprised by how much detail there was and also how many elements to the game there are. You can choose to pay for gems but so far I haven’t needed it and with alliance help and boosts it’s super easy to keep things upgrading. Great game overall though I do wish that there were some choices that you could make like in the ads maybe to receive extra soldiers or something like that.

- boring

besides kill events and ark of osiris, things are kinda boring as in it’s the same thing every day.

- The game is for paid players

Free players are slaughtered like sheep by paid players. You need spend at least $5,000 to be a top player. Don’t waste your time and money.

- Rok

Good game but requires money to be spent.

- Waste my money and time.

The fortress was destroyed when it was not even built. You win because you have $$$ to upgrade and get stronger heroes.

- Great

Very good game

- Love this game

It’s very nice game

- Bad experience

Got a few attacks by the same person within an hour. It’s not fun at all that after woke up and saw I lost everything. And nothing the player can do except paid to recover. Surprised that there is no limits for attack!!! Players are forced to uninstall the game if they are not rich enough.

- credit bureau

Will be reporting this game, as I was charged 25$ for a 6.99 purchase. On top of the 6.99 plus tax. So over 30$ for a 7$ purchase and the company refuses to acknowledge any emails I’ve sent to them. Love the game. Don’t like being ripped off even when in app purchases are turned on for approval For every one. Only a 6.99 got approved. I I’ll be escalating threw my credit card company as this game company they have refused to reply for over a week. DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME. CHANCE OF OVERCHARGE WITH NO REVERSE PAYMENT. I didn’t even GET anything for 25, I only got the 6.99 boost that I also paid for. Feel free to reach out and find the photos online of the incident as I will be posting it on YouTube and other places to raise awareness this month over this dumb fraud. Fraud, ripping someone out of there money KNOWINGLY. If they didn’t know they should have fixed the issue by replying to one of my 7 emails.

- Amazing!

This game has it all. It’s a great clash between strategy and warfare. Im having a blast!

- Really good

I saw this game watching sssniperwolf and I was attached in seconds

- Nioce

U get Gus stuff from the game even if u are a nub

- Love it

Good game

- My game keeps shutting down on me

I have been playing this game for a while. The newest update only gets me to the city and then shuts down on me. I can’t play this game anymore, please. I really do love this game.

- Great

Great game, should have limits on attacking ex 1 mill power should not be able to attack 200k power. Very fun ! Should be able to delete old accounts.

- There is a Little Problem

I played this Game since Summer 2019 And I enjoyed it Until Now The Problem is that people are Turning me into sinners with the Lost temple And it’s very annoying and PLEASE Please please please REMOVE THE LOST TEMPLE It sucks having the Lost temple in rise of kingdoms!!!😡😡😡😡😡😤😤☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️


This game is soooooo fun,i have been playing for 1 year now and i don’t think i will stop.this game is really fun and please download it,this takes up hours of my day.Keep up the good work👍🏼

- Crashes

Good, but can you fix the crashes?

- Played for a year. Love it!!

I have been playing RoK for a year now and I see myself playing for many years to come. Of course the game has flaws like crahes (happens a lot lately) and chat bugs, but the efforts the devs put into new content is simply outstanding! Always working towards new events to do as individual, alliance or kingdom. A lot of new commanders and new metas make the game feel fresh. I won’t lie, it is a pay to win. But not a pay to play. You can play for free and still have access to end game content and strong alliances and be a very good asset to your team. For instance, I invested money and my girlfriend is total free to play and we are both in the same alliance and going at war together. Graphics, mechanics, community, etc.. everything about RoK makes it a great game overall and by far the best game I have ever played on mobile

- Every 10minutes there’s ad

App is a scam, every 10 minute they ask you to verify your account. Even after you do it you have to keep doing it over and over again. It’s a bug, they hack into your phone.

- Great game it’s the best extremely fun!!!

The only thing that makes me kinda mad cause I get kicked out every 10 minutes but ohter wise best game ever thanks!

- Great game from so long

This game came out around 1 year ago and it still is really fun right now. I just started and made a lot of friends. Please try this game. You wont regret it.


1. \. /\. /. /\. /\. / ^ \. /. \. /. ___. /. \. /. __*__ \/. \/. /. \. /. \/. * * 2.why be powerful dominate and control planes too also i like the ability to switch into one of the soldiers

- Fun game

Enjoying the game - have been playing for over a year now - features like kvk has made it a lot of fun. The only area they could improve is looking after the older kingdoms that are slowly dying. Migrating is so dear - hopefully developers will look at merging some older kingdoms.

- Need to add more kingdoms

The game is really good and it gives more knowledge but they need to add more dynasties for example the Mughal empire and more

- Great

Great game

- Good but didnt last long

I played this game for two weeks and now I can’t even get in the game without it crashing, all the time I spent for nothing ? The bar loads up to 8% and the game just crashes. Could the developers plz fix this issue.

- Great

Great game I play this on another iPad and my castle is level 12 and I like all the things

- The recent update is just killing people who don’t want to spend

Why banned donations using Aethflaed heads in past glory?


I find this game to be entertaining and the best game by far.

- Bad

It’s really boring graphics are dum you just grow your empire and fight

- Really good

It has really good animations it is sort of like clash of clans

- Buy time with lots of money

Another money and time wasting game. Every single day they try to sell so called packages!! Also its almost impossible to communicate to customer service.

- Good potential

Very solid game with a good rewards system, would be nice to have more customisation options when it comes to your generals though.

- Amazing

This is my fave it game ever out of Evry game there is I love it so mush soory I’m not an good speller and your game is so amazing

- Please do something

Dudes you have to add a delete character function, other than that the game is great!

- Good game

Nice game

- Nice game and good GUI

Is is one of the game that i play and want to play more. The interface is smooth.

- Where is Persian Empire?!?!

Why there is not Persian Empire?! While the Persian empire is the biggest empire in the world. 44% of the worlds belonged to Persian why is not existent?!?! That is awful. You can not change the history

- It’s a great game

I love this game its fun and enjoyable

- Got charged double and can not get any help from developer

Hi there, I got charged extra when buying the VIP level 6 bundle, this was a week ago and I have not been able to get any replies from the developers (I used apple pay and have the NaCl receipt) my account is "Aussie fofo II"

- Keeps dropping out.

I like the game but it keeps losing connection and dropping out. No other games do this to me so I know it’s not my connection but something related to this game.

- Extremely poor customer service for such an extremely expensive game

For an extremely expensive game u should focus more on customer service , tackle issues related to login problem, server problem and all .... which we don’t get that from our money ... customer service assistant should be on the spot ... u r not making 500 dollar a day but at least 5 figures a day easily from your customers...

- Good


- Enjoy


- This is good


- Please add more units and eras

This is not going to be a long review so I will keep it brief This game is quite enjoyable and the different civilisations allow me feel more customised to my position anyway let me get to the point Please and a bunch of new individual civ special units at earlier staged in you empire and please add more eras I would love to see more eras going up to the industrial revolution And colonisation Anyway that is it Thus game has got great promise and I hope you make this game into one of the best strategy games on the apps store

- Great Game, Worst Support EVER!

The game itself is great, despite the usual Pay-to-Win hassles these games all have. I’d give it a 4.5 rating. But Lilith have to be THE worst people to deal with I’ve ever encountered. Support just plays canned responses at you and does nothing. And they keep adding bells and whistles which bloat the footprint (9gb+ currently) instead of fixing a laundry list of big and little issues that actually matter. And then they break stuff, in every single update. Seriously break it. And always in the middle of events when you can’t afford to be out of action. Right now, in the middle of KvK, they pull an update that freezes the game at 6% loading and reports constant network errors. And they post advice that the only fix is to delete and reinstall. And then the download crashes before completion. Over and over. I’m about to lose a full year’s progress because of this, not to mention all sorts of tasks I was working on. And I’ve pretty much had a gutful. If it doesn’t work in the next few hours, I’ll finally give up on it and find something from a better publisher.

- Help

I haven’t been able to login for 12hrs during a kill event 😤just stuck at 6% loading

- Update

Please fix the ios update, I’ve been stuck on either 6% or 8% loading at open screen and our server is having war at the moment. Been trying to access app all day on my phone but won’t open

- Please fix ASAP

Game stuck on 6%, please fix this bug.

- Dont play this game

First, unless you are planing to spend a lot of money, then you wont go far. I have been playing for a year, and didnt even get close to getting the highest level of fighters, the T5s. None of the ones in my territory did either, and they spent some money. Also you will sometimes have to get up in the middle of the night to fight, as the time sones are different. I used to play up to 16 hours a day, and didnt get far. It is not worht it, and people who do get far in the game, is loosing interest after a while. This is one of the worst games out there. You will have to spend $1000s and loads of time. Bad management as well.

- 24hrs and we a still cannot log in.

Common comment is, loading 6% or 8%. KvK is on and sht is hitting the fan and we cannot log in. We cannot spend money on a game we cannot play. Fix this before KvK is ends. 😡

- Awesome game

5 stars cause it is a great game but since this morning stuck on 6% plz fix cause I don’t want my alliance I’m running to fail. Still great game last update just causes issues.

- Latest update can’t play game

Since the new update that was supposed to fix a lot of problems, suddenly it won’t load on my iPad on which I have played for such a long time and now it will now let me play. Have reset iPad, and still can’t play. For a game that I have spent a lot of time and money on I would expect better. It seems like when there is an update to fix something another thing stuffs up. A better effort please.

- Can’t load

Having trouble loading the game since iPad update.

- Not loading

Continuously stuck on 6% since update....please fix

- Stuck at 6% since latest update

Good game to play with friends. But since yesterday it doesn’t want to load up past 6%. Please fix it...

- Update

Having trouble with the game opening since the update. It tries to log in then crashes out. Love this game, shame about the issue though :(

- Help

It’s stuck on loading screen after new update n their is no way to get into the actual game can on if the devs please get back to everyone with this problem

- Good

Good game my fav But recently I’ve been locked out and can’t open the game please help

- Stuck on 6%

Love the game but this latest update has me stuck at 6% loading page. Can’t even get into the game. Please fix this ASAP.

- Help

I really enjoy the game, but I can’t log in the game whole morning, what should I do?

- Freeze

Hey lilith, i played this game for almost 140 days and nothing happened. But after yesterday update for the Ark invitation, my game is stuck at 6% loading page and cannot enter the game. Im currently using iPhone with the latest iOS. I tried using my iPad and its fine because havent update it yet after the maintenance. Could you please fix it?

- Unable to get into the game

After the updated I couldn’t get into game, high rating for attention.

- Addictive and awesome

I wasn’t sure what to expect. I am in love with this game. Looking forward to more updates. Everything is awesome. My only thing was to do with the graphics when I just started playing it but then soon realised the settings can be changed 😄 I don’t know how to explain but it is simply just awesome and I love the game. A huge thank you to the developers and all the efforts you all put into it. Keep it coming. 👍

- Technical Support

At the start the technical support was great however now I keep getting ignored when I asked technical question regarding glitches and problems that were suppose to be fixed. I’m not pleased that such a good game with such potential has such a lazy support team. I asked how to fix my devices in game chat not linking and I got told to send screenshots or video evidence even though I can’t send a screenshot of something that isn’t there??? I’ve been ignored on other questions and it’s been weeks. I’ve just given up on those issues now. Support team and severe need an upgrade. MAJORLY!

- good

fun game

- Good

Good game

- Amazing game

Awesome game. Would be so good if we could see some battle up close.

- Enjoyable Experience

Rise of kingdoms is a fun strategy game. It has a lot of potential and has frequent upgrades. The only problem I have had with the game is that the game crashes from time to time which can get a bit frustrating. I hope they can fix this issue because I’m sure I’m not the only one.

- Good game

Fun and addictive

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- Scam

Everything’s fake don’t download all your hard work is just going to be lost

- N’ouvre plus

Après 4 mois a jouer chaque jour je perds ma progression et mon bonus de connexion consécutive parce que le jeu n’ouvre plus suite a la dernière update... merci

- Awesome

It is such an interesting app

- Good game

I have been playing this game for 95 days. There are many good events and could make friends in the game. Also, using historical commanders is the key of the game. It’s good to try it.

- Was a great game

It was a great game, even though very P2W you could still manage as a F2P, until those server lags that killed all your troops at the opening of z6 gates during kvk2. Before you could react due to the lag, all your troops were killed and your castle got serious damages.

- Really good.

Really really addicting. Easily the best game I have played.

- Pay to win garbage with cringe repetitive false advertisements

Completely fail to win with overly repetitive advertisements written by some first grader with incoherent grammar. Gameplay depicted in ads does NOT appear in game. Do not download this garbage

- Holy crap

This game is awesome thanks soooo Much!!!

- So much fun


- Please fix

This game is amazing but you guys need to fix as I log in the game will kick me out after a certain time please fix

- New update, now I can’t login.

Great game love playing it lots. Unfortunately there was a recent update and now I can’t log in. Goes to 6 or 8 percent and then doesn’t do anything. Please fix!!!!!!!! I’m running this game on an iPhone XR.

- good game

good game

- Costumer service

Can’t contact the costumer service. Lots of lags.

- Great game

Really good game no ads tons of content doesn't feel like a mobile game

- Introduce Indian king in the game

Please introduce legendary Indian king into game to attract Indian players......

- Was perfect but now stuck

I’ve been playing the game for a long time now and never had any concerns until now, whenever I open the game it is stuck at 6% loading until it crashes, I’ve tried everything and it’s still stuck. I’ve emailed support and they still haven’t replied to my email. Please fix this.

- What the heck guys?! Fix this crashing issue. Ridiculous.

Won’t even load up since this update....

- New MAJ

Lots of bug with new MAJ that horrible ...

- Crashes

The game crashes a lot which I would rather have annoying ads everywhere then have the game crash every 5-7 minutes of getting into the game

- Stuck at 6%

Game is still stuck at 6% and keep on crashing

- Keeps crashing

Whenever I try to play it stops loading at 6% for like 30 sec and then logs me out so I cant play😭😭😭please fix this cause the game and I don’t want to give a bad review on my favourite game so please fix this🥺🙏🥺🙏

- Game not working!!!!

I can’t get into my game anymore it keeps crashing !!!! Please fix it I spent money on this game and I’d really hate to loose everything !!!

- App won’t launch

App won’t launch, fyi I’m on a brand new iPad Air on the most recent OS. I don’t have a Facebook account so I cannot link my profile, so I cannot delete and reinstall the app. Please fix the issue


What’s going on Lilith?!? Only getting 6 maybe 15% and game crashes. IM IN KINGS LAND... please tell me your compensating. :(

- Does not work after latest update

This company messed up the coding and this game no longer works for me at least after their latest update. So i would recomend not getting this app

- The game dos not open any ore on my ipad

Please help me all players who couldn’t connect yesterday becaue of the application we have lost huge amount of ressources and our cities where attack by enemies. We loose huge number of trOops and rss. Plus thousands of hours of Accelerators. Poor application. The compensation we receive was nothing compare to all the lost. Please correct urgently this situation and give huge compensations to all the players who couldn’t connect because of this bug. Very deceptive after many mounts of playing. If not i think i will stop playing this game and will not recommended. Have so much fun before this bug.

- App Crash

DO NOT UPDATE: Please fix this bug, just updated the game today and it keeps crashing while trying to load the game IF YOU UPDATE YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PLAY THE GAME

- App is crashing

For the past couple of days, the app is crashing every 2 minutes. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 2 times, and once afters the notice, but it is still crashing on 3 different devices!!

- Crash

Game will not open since last update? Game keeps crashing?

- Great game

Can’t open the game if I reinstall do I lose everything??

- My favourite game is not working

I try keep trying and trying too play and it’s not working

- Broken

Todays update just broke the game, cant even get past the loading screen now. It just sits at 6% until it times out and the app crashes. Update: After talking to other alliance members on discord, a lot of players are unable to log on. Fix your bug infested update

- 587 Day of Amazing Disappointment

I have played this game for 587 days. I love the concept, the creativity and the idea behind the game play. Unfortunately I highly recommend you do not install it. The developers have done a terrible job both in constructing a stable platform and in recognizing the faults of the gaming system. This is a beautifully imagined disaster. This game will cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in wasted money and the company does not stand behind their product. Compensation if given at all is usually on the order of pennies on the dollar and is typically only given after they have told you it’s your own fault at least a dozen times. It’s the exact opposite of putting your customers first. You may be wondering why I’m talking about compensation but the reality is there are weekly if not daily stability and game play issues with the platform. I have met many great people from all over the world playing it. I hope one day a better company will develop a similar game. For those of you that don’t heed this warning best of luck.

- Crashing

App keeps crashing at 6%.

- Please stop making fake ads

Why not use the HD trailer with voice acting on your youtube channel as an ad? It would attract more people, make less people who would hate your game, and show everyone that you care a lot about this game.

- Mise à jour

Depuis la mise à jour incapable de charger le jeu👎👎👎👎

- Game won’t go past loading screen

Love this game but haven’t been able to get into the game for last few hours, keeps crashing at loading screen 6%! Spent a lot of time and money on this and now I don’t want to lose my account, also missing out on Kill event and resource gathering etc. What’s going on with this?



- Loading in bug

fix the bug that you are about to enter to play the game

- Won’t open after update

Loading stops at 6% and kicks me out. It’s been like over 12hrs of waiting. Please fix it!

- The ads

The ads really made me want to play the game because it looked so clean and good the way the siege battles and stuff were but when I got the game the gameplay was 👎and not even close to what they were like in the ads, please make it so that the siege battles and battles in general look like they were in the ads, I’m sure lots of other people have fallen into this trap

- 1 star

Rating Rok with 1 star. All the lag and sh**t updates you guys do makes the game even more unplayable. Kindly, really fix the issue... The Chat update still horrible. Actually even worse...

- Don’t update

Updated game and now I can’t log in. Plus the chat “fixes” made everything worse. Typical Lilith

- 不能进入游戏了!


- Login Issues

After the newest update on May 7th 2020 every time I go to open the app it’s closes itself and I have spent money so a fix would be nice

- Log in IOS

I’ve been trying to log in for hours now with no success. What if I had been attacked and lost everything. You’d think after thousands of dollars that people spend they could at least make the game functional.

- Misleading ads

The game is okay but the ads I get for the game are very misleading. The game isn’t really what it shows in the ads :( Update: I continue to see the ads are getting more and more misleading, when I downloaded the game their were no features that the ads showed off in the game.

- Was great

It was fun but with latest update May 7, it keeps crashing and won’t open. I would give it a 4star because it was fun. Hopefully this can get fixed so I can play again.


Game won't load past 6% since update. FIX IT

- Mise à jour

À cause de la nouvelle mise à jour, je n’arrive plus à ouvrir le jeu. S’il-vous-plaît améliorer cela.

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- Fun

I would have given 5 stars but I am using an iPhone 6 and the app keeps quitting after playing for abt 5-10 mins .. I don’t know why. I changed the graphics level but it’s still the same .. Plz what can I do to make it work permanently am starting to loose interest and I just got to 11mil power

- Immersive experience

The game is really good; from the back stories of the commanders to the way alliances work. So good

- Hi

Hello lovely game getting addicted to it already but I can’t login my account now for no reason it keep telling me network unstable pls what can I do about it

- Fun

Hummm I would have given five stars but the game quits after about 10-15 minutes of playing and it’s kinda annoying... but everything else is pretty cool please help work on the game so it works permanently

- My account can’t be verified.

I can’t finish the puzzle to verify my account. Whenever I try the game stops working. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the game still i haven’t been able to log in to my account. Please help.

- Addictive

It’s everything and more when you see it in the ads

- My me

Cool game

- Addictive

My most awesome game presently.. all the way from west Africa

- Great Job

Nice game but could not continue the game on my Android after linking my Facebook account on iPad. Then game suddenly stops opening. Kindly check

- Wonderful job guys

Not bad and nice graphics

- 😆

Best Game 😏😀😄👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾. Just awesome

- Awesome Game

Can’t put the me game down!!!!

@tu05656609 Coin master took a while to credit. Rise of kingdoms credited immediately for me.

@OrdinaryGamers Rise of Kingdoms

Hoy amanecí con la energía del que hace los ads de Rise of kingdoms en youtube

Kingdoms of Fire VFX Breakdown By @RISE_VFX RISE VFX supervisor Oliver Hohn was given the chance to develop photor…

@OrdinaryGamers I love how Rise of Kingdoms is an ad in this video

rise of kingdoms gathel

plis stop iklan rise of kingdoms. elek.

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Rise of Kingdoms Screenshots & Images

Rise of Kingdoms iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Rise of Kingdoms iphone images
Rise of Kingdoms iphone images
Rise of Kingdoms iphone images
Rise of Kingdoms iphone images
Rise of Kingdoms iphone images
Rise of Kingdoms iphone images
Rise of Kingdoms iphone images
Rise of Kingdoms iphone images
Rise of Kingdoms iphone images
Rise of Kingdoms ipad images
Rise of Kingdoms ipad images
Rise of Kingdoms ipad images
Rise of Kingdoms ipad images
Rise of Kingdoms ipad images
Rise of Kingdoms ipad images
Rise of Kingdoms ipad images
Rise of Kingdoms ipad images
Rise of Kingdoms ipad images
Rise of Kingdoms Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Rise of Kingdoms Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Rise of Kingdoms (Version Install & Download

The applications Rise of Kingdoms was published in the category Games on 2018-09-20 and was developed by Lilith Games [Developer ID: 982119759]. This application file size is 913.66 MB. Rise of Kingdoms - Games posted on 2020-06-01 current version is and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

Rise of Kingdoms Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

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