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##Game Features##

【Collect an array of legendary hero cards】
Discover heroes and factions that each possess their own unique and gorgeous art style inspired by Celtic mythology. You'll want to add each and every card to your collection!

【Kick back and enjoy all the rewards that come your way】
Work and study will become the last thing on your mind as you enjoy playing AFK Arena. No complicated gestures or strategies needed. Let your army of heroes fight and amass riches for you. All it takes is ten minutes a day!

【Uncover secret treasures in mazes】
Venture deep into the heart of Esperia's many mazes situated within the Peaks of Time. Play at your own pace without time restrictions or deadlines.

【Unite and fight together with players all around the world】
Forge alliances with other players you meet and take on an array of dangerous opponents together! Assemble a robust team of heroes and go to battle in AFK Arena's global 'Legends' Championship'.

【Strategize and dominate】
You’ll be surprised at just how many hero formations are possible as you overcome each of your adversaries. Get more out of heroic unions and factional bonuses as they play to your advantage and allow you to turn the tide of battles at your fingertips.


The demon invasion looms. Esperia must be saved! Call upon heroes from 6 unique factions, train your heroes, forge weaponry and unite with players from all around the globe. Send back those demonic hordes from whence they came!


AFK Arena App Description & Overview

The applications AFK Arena was published in the category Games on 2019-04-09 and was developed by Lilith Games. The file size is 202.28 MB. The current version is 1.18.04 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

1. Added the new Graveborn hero: Nara - Heartcarver
2. Added the new Graveborn hero: Baden - The Abomination
3. Added 4 new faction-based towers within the King's Tower than can be unlocked after completing Chapter 15-1.

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AFK Arena Reviews


Not bad so far  TidalFi  5 star

I just started this game and so far I’m enjoying it. Love a game that plays for me.

Cross country 101234

Good  Cross country 101234  5 star

Like it doing this for 1000 gems



there is not one thing wrong with this game except u have to pay to change ur name but that’s minor soooo this game is completely amazing!!!

magical gloop

It’s amazing,but one glitch❣️  magical gloop  5 star

I’ve been playing this game for 2 days and it’s been my favorite! I love the characters design, the collectables and everything else!! One thing that keeps happening is that it glitches me out the game sometimes. It doesn’t bother me much, but it sometimes annoy me when I’m in battle.(or could just be my phone being stupid) Any who great game would recommend!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️


Dope game  Dxvbgfdsdbbvcccc  5 star

Having a blast

Donna Bui

Glitch  Donna Bui  5 star

This game is great and super fun, but there is one glitch in the guild because for the first symbol it doesn’t match what you really have outside of the guild. But over all this game is great and give it a 5 out of 5!


Glitches  FlakeyPudding  3 star

I love This game but there way to many glitches


Cool  Poemshd  5 star

Great stuff


Very fun game and the art is great.  Nightman213  5 star

Title says it all. I was looking for a new mobile game with rpg elements to it and saw this from Facebook. I love that you can read about so many of the characters’ backstories. Keep it coming!


Fun game but...  rawrbearian  1 star

You get a 1* review for blatantly lying in your video, portraying the game as an action rpg. Shame on you! This game is nowhere near an action rpg at all!


A decent game to pass the time  Miceman29  4 star

AFK arena is well the same as most other idle games albeit it does give a little bit more animation when you play and it has the same money hungry agenda but that has never all that much fazed me so in my opinion if you put those factors aside it’s a nice game to sit down and pass the time with.


Good one  translover  5 star

Good game for killing time


換湯不換藥  元寶小弟  1 star



A  dbdgkeyjerh  5 star



너무재밌어요  Earinz  3 star


Phi Snake

Great  Phi Snake  5 star



Good  TJ_Bright  5 star



Gj  Skyuii  5 star

Nice game!

Slydoesminecraft lover

Great game so far  Slydoesminecraft lover  4 star

Feels like it’s not pay-to-win but I’m noticing a pretty huge and sudden difficulty curve that’s slowing down gameplay. If the diamonds were a little cheaper I’d buy a bunch, but $80 for enough to get a pack of heroes? Not worth it atm.


good  abcdefghaaaaa  5 star


Alani Morr

.  Alani Morr  5 star



Lootboy808  Lootboy808  5 star

Great game Love it so much

The Big Macdaddy

The chat groups are filthy  The Big Macdaddy  4 star

Please fix the chat groups. Put a reporting system in for players who obnoxiously vulgar and disgusting. Thanks.

bs toir

Best  bs toir  5 star

This game is so fun and creative


New  ...jamesh...  5 star

New but lovin’ it so far


It’s addictive!  GraceyMayK  5 star

I just started today and have been playing it for hours!!! It’s seriously a good quality game that keeps you immersed. The chatting feature does have some...interesting chatters though.


好玩  randomnnamr  5 star



Lit  Sophia.comm  5 star



Still new  ;78847;7$2$1$  3 star

Still new to this game just trying to figure it out


Cool game  Whycantiturnofftheradio  5 star



Second account  Lukasifer  5 star

This game is the only game I’m playing twice. Got my second account under way love it so much

hanna 199

Add a report button to the game  hanna 199  4 star

This game is really good but they should have a report button and a person to make sure that the chat is subtable because there are a lot of old creeps asking young girls for nudes


AFK arena  fschmitt76  5 star

Great game enjoy it


Best  lebvks  5 star

Love this app so much


Op  Ahhdjd1  5 star



Good game  joshhhhlim  5 star

Def worth a try !

i gues 101 sis

Amazing  i gues 101 sis  5 star

This game is amazing I love the art style the story it’s perfect

luna nox

<3  luna nox  4 star

really fun :))


Addictive  hehdhfn  5 star

It’s great and the art style is excellent


Brilliant  cereberus31  5 star

Ok so I’ll start by say yes it’s an idle game, but honestly the art design, layout and overall story is brilliant! So please don’t go in prejudicial of it all.

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