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Download now and try out Ukyo Tachibana for 7 days, free!

News of this otherworldly swordman has reached Esperia.
Nobody knows what this mysterious figure is capable of.
Not even the wisest Mauler Chieftain, Skriath has seen such a swordman.
“As agile as a swallow, as fine as snow”
This is how his fighting skills have been described as by those who have witnessed him in combat.
Every hero in Esperia wants Ukyo Tachibana by their side in battle.
What about you?

##Game Features##
— Ukyo Tachibana, The Wandering Swordman has arrived!
Try out the latest Dimensional hero for free and level up with ease!

— Enjoy a world of vivid beauty!
Discover heroes and factions that each possess their own unique and gorgeous art styles, all inspired by Celtic mythology.

— Kick back and enjoy
No complicated strategies needed. Constantly advance while you relax!

— Share levels among your heroes
Use the Resonating Crystal to make your low-level heroes stronger!

— Turn the tides of battle!
Employ a multitude of different heroes and strategies!

— Explore Unique mazes!
Discover amazing treasures while exploring the Peaks of Time and Voyage of Wonders!


About Subscriptions and Apple Website Subscriptions

1. Pricing & Billing Cycle
Enable “Subscription (Weekly)” within the game for $0.99 a week, which will be billed weekly (every 7 days). (Price may vary depending on your location.)
Enable “Subscription (Monthly)” within the game for $2.99 a week, which will be billed every natural month (every 30 days). (Price may vary depending on your location.)

2. Subscription Content
Subscribers will be eligible for certain perks during the subscription period, including:
- Team Bounty Quests +1
- Increases AFK Rewards Gold Quantity By +10%
- Increases King’s Tower Mercenary Uses By +1
- Increases Faction Tower Mercenary Uses By +1
- Increases Campaign Mercenary Uses By +1
- Guild Coin Drop Quantity +10%
- Labyrinth Token Drop Quantity +10%

3. Automatic Subscription Renewal
The App Store subscription is auto-renewed with payment confirmed via your iTunes Account. Users can manage the auto-renew manually through the iTunes/Apple ID Settings Manager. The subscription will auto-renew for the assigned billing period if the auto-renew feature is not turned off 24 hours before the current subscription expires.

4. User Agreement and Privacy Policy
User Agreement
Privacy Statement

5. Subscription Cancellation
If you would like to cancel your subscription, go to ‘Settings’ on your iOS device --> ‘iTunes & App Store’ --> tap ‘Apple ID’ and then ‘View Apple ID’. Enter ‘Account Settings’, tap ‘Subscriptions’ --> ‘Manage’ and select the subscription for ‘AFK Arena’ to cancel it.

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AFK Arena Customer Service, Editor Notes:

1. Added the new Graveborn hero: Torne - The Wandering Corsair

AFK Arena Comments & Reviews

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- Awesome

Good game

- Great game

I love this game, it’s fun one of the best for a game like this type of style!!

- Great fun game

Game is great, I can play for hours a day.

- ...

I’m waiting for fixing beastman but don’t see it so i have trouble when fighting tower systems.It made me hard and dissapointed.Hope to see ur next update as soon as possible. Luv

- Awesome game

Awesome game

- Not bad

Pretty decent game

- Buen juego

Sinseramente debo admitir que me encantan los juego con una historia que se desarrolla de acuerdo a cada personaje así que por eso se gano mis 5 estrellas, además de la variedad que ay en las especies que aparecen como “héroes”

- Great game

Really addictive and helps pass time

- I

Good game

- Boss like

I love this game

- good game

its great

- Worth playing

Quite enjoyable

- Great but still needs work

This is perfect if you’re looking for a very chill, but entertaining, gacha game. I love the art of all the heroes and the simplicity of the game. However, I think it still needs some work. The pixelation on my iPad is okay, but could be better.

- Approved

Very good and fast gameplay also doesn’t lag out my phone unlike most games

- Good game

Really injoy this game been playing for a bit and have level 40 characters and as a plus no ads in the middle of a battle

- Free gems for review


- More free gifts at start of the game

Add gold characters, more free rewards, and black characters

- Great game v

Woohoo crazy fun addicted game

- Amazing game

I love this game so much it’s such a fun distraction from your parents fighting .

- Grind forever

Big grind much fun wow

- Game

Good game

- good game

omg epic game

- Fun fun

Fun fun fun meh meh meh boring uninstall

- Cool


- P good

Great game but had to restart. Even though my account was linked I had no data anymore.

- lit game

lit game pretty coll lol

- Wow

Awesome game

- Great job

Fantastic game. Better than others like it

- Great game

Definitely worth the download!

- Dope

Good game

- Awesome

Very entertaining game

- Ok


- Decent game


- AFK arena love it

Best game ever

- Awesome

Great Game!

- Decent time killer


- Good game

Lots of fun if you’re bored

- A beautiful game !!

Would recomendable to anyone looking for a mobile game.

- Kool


- I love it but I wish.....

I love this game so much but one thing I think they could make better is having a multiplayer mode where you can work together to defeat one big boss or like really strong enemies

- Fun

Chill and relaxing

- Cute

Really nice art good game

- GUd game

Give dimonz

- Noice


- Not really a problem

I find the game very fun but the only thing I don’t like is that your heroes don’t upgrade enough because it’s so hard to get all the things you need. Over all the game is fun.

- So fun!

Love the game it’s very addicting

- Well made

It’s a very well designed game

- Nice

Solid game

- Great game

Best battle game! Epic characters!

- Very Good Game

This Game is One of My Favorites to Play.

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- Funn

I like it

- Trải nghiệm ổn

Nice ❤️ phải chi có auto nhảy chapter là hay rồi

- 好玩雷霆嘎巴


- Fun


- Love it!

Really love this game. Theres nothing quite like it.

- It’s a good game

It’s nice

- Awesome

Great game love it

- Oooooooo


- It’s aight

It’s pretty aight

- AFK arena


- It is ok...

It's addicting but after awhile it's getting boring.

- It good but bad

It ok

- 非常好玩的游戏

简单上手 送礼多

- Great game

love it so much

- Better than expected

Easy to play at your own pace

- Great!

Loving it so far!

- 还行


- Just started and it’s not bad

I really enjoy these type of games and the start of it suits me well. Also love that it is not landscape mode

- Good game

No ads good game

- good


- Review

I like this game a lot

- Awesome game! Love it very much!

Great art all kind of activities to keep you busy and still grow even when not playing.

- ybb


- Nice game

Actually good

- Solid

Solid game

- It’s pretty good

It’s good

- Good game.

Good game

- Great little game

It takes a little to get into it, but when you start rolling, it becomes pretty fun. Don’t need to spend to much time on it every day and still feel like you’re progressing.

- Parfait mais...

Parfait mais il a souvent des bugs et autre

- Cool


- Ok


- Gg

Gg 😂😂

- E

Good game

- So far I like it

I’m just a beginner but it seems pretty fun so far

- It’s fun

It’s a very fun game it’s just kind of gets boring when you play the game because like you don’t even have to do much but still it’s kind of fun to see you at new heroes you get anything it’s very awesome so I’m giving this a five stars

- An actually good game

The visuals are great, the non-pay route is amazing and the Bach’s component is easy. Overall I love this game

- It's fine

Neat art style

- Nel complesso bel gioco, dopo un po’ diventa parecchio difficile proseguire

Buon gioco, troppo lento nel late game, e praticamente impossibile proseguire senza spenderci un po’ di soldi

- Fun

Nice game

- Very fun

Great game.

- Le jeu est beaucoup plus stable

Les dernières maj on été utiles

- Nice


- 好玩 绝对好玩不骗人


- Fogged was

R Ghosh. You ye hh Was fbo. Huh

- Great!

Fun- wish there were more character art though

- Great game


- interesting and fun


- That’s nice.

It’s a good game.

- More fun than I thought!

Well made and great graphics

- Good for new people

Easy to get into

- Fun

Fun game

- Good game

Very good game to play with afk style best for busy people

- Away

You don’t have to be on site all time to gather items and experience your hero’s do it for you

- Love it

Just love it... nothing really makes me hate this. Maybe an overpowered character or two but love it

- Life absorbing

Will eat free time

- Yeah

Bot BaAaaAd

- Nice game

Very nice game

- Good game

good game

- Best

Nice game !!

- Gg


- The best game

The best game ever

- Overall, a Good Game

It has only been a few hours since downloading this hame and I am addicted to it!!!

- Good game

Was a little worried to play this game at first but I’m really enjoying it having loads of fun and falling in love with a few characters

- Fun

It’s a fun game, great when you need some time to kill

- Recommended game

This game is fun and has good graphics.

- Its kinda fun to play.

Fun to play..

- Well done

Good AFK game with no ads

- Pretty good game

Pretty good game to kill time every now and then

- Great game


- Love this game!

The game is great, I have so much fun playing it. A few bugs every now and again where you have to shut out of the game and back in but aside from that I have absolutely no complaints :)

- ㅇ


- gpodgame


- AFK arena

Solid game. Saw it on fb.

- Fun game

Very enjoyable

- Good


- Not bad

Not bad

- Amazing

I love it

- AFK Arena

Great game!

- Hoa

Good and fun

- English version is cool as well

I used to play the Chinese version and really like this game. I don’t have to spend a lot of time every day playing it to get something. Like it!

- Fun

It’s a decent time waster

- Mmmm

Just here for the 1k diamonds

- Very good game

Entertaining game

- Great game

It’s just a really good game

- Free

Free stuff

- Overall good game

It’s pretty good for an idle clicker

- Great

Addict to these kind of games

- Great game

This is the best idle game I have played

- Too early to review

Just started using, asked me to review it before I’ve even really played. So far 1 Star but that’s with very little gameplay to actually review.

- Game keeps changing for the better

Afk not the same game it was a week ago really brought me back. Very excited with Abyssal expedition, very different style of play and loads of freebies. Rowan giveaway from Children’s Week event is totally awesome. It would be nice if you could receive codes from same event batch the following years.

- Solid Game

AFK Arena is a solid game. You can easily sink a lot of hours into the game and you can do a lot as a free to play player. The game can be a little pay to win sometimes and a quick look at the store will clearly show that, however, the game is mostly pve so it doesn’t really matter. In my opinion the game should introduce step summons so people don’t get such bad summons all the time. Good game though.

- Haha


- AFK Arena

Afk arena is a brilliant game but you may need to wait to progress further in the game

- 1


- very good :)

Very fun game would definitely recommend

- Easy

Easy going game

- Brilliant

Awesome game. Great graphics and play style. Could work on making it more simple.


Love it!!!

- Great


- Great game but...

This game is super fun! But it could do with a trading system. So if you are looking for a specific character you can get it with the trading system. But overall a great game😀

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- Fun game

Fun game that doesn’t require spending

- Amazing game should play

One of the best games I’ve ever played all of those ads I’ve seen have been right it’s such a great game and would recommend for everyone

- Great game

Very good

- I have a lot of fun playing it

Awesome game

- Nhận xét

Game mượt khá hay ace nhé

- Great game

This game has been great so far, I’ve played it for about 3 days, and I’m loving it.

- 不错


- AFK arena

Amazing just an amazing game I play everyday and play for hours

- Afk

Great app

- Great game to kill time

Nice way to kill time during lockdown

- great game

this game is perfect to play while watching stuff. you don’t need to pay too much attention and there’s always rewards that makes it so satisfying!

- Why did I not download this earlier?!

I love this game

- Fun

Very fun

- Good game

This good game

- Good game

It’s a really good game just needs some more updates

- Really good

I have played this game for a few days now an just can’t stop

- AFK arena

This game is so fun

- Review

Fun as hell and incredibly diverse and thought out

- ;)


- AFK arena

The best game ever

- Really good


- Excellent

Great game with solid features.


Highly addictive! No energy required to do any actions in game. Really amazing.

- Yes

V nice

- 👌🏼

Not bad so far!

- Overall gameplay

Been playing for over a year. Very good game to keep on phone to play whenever you want. Developers do listen to community and try cater for both F2P and Pay to Win players. Content gets added regularly as well

- Marketplace

Everything about this game is what I asked for but the marketplace I too expensive!!!!.

- Ta

Good game

- .....


- Problem

Wrote a review a few weeks after I started playing, gave the game quite a high rating. Recently, I haven’t been able to play the game because it’s not letting me play it. It stays on the starting screen, without letting me in the game. It doesn’t even display the loading bar at the bottom anymore. Read a few other reviews and the same thing has been happening. I don’t think it’s a problem with my iPad because I only got it recently, having over 80 gigabytes of storage left. Would love to have this fixed soon.

- Great game


- Nice game

Fun to play

- Absolute cakewalk


- Great game

It’s pretty good tbh

- This games adds are anoying but the game is fun

Honestly I wasn’t really interested in this game so I did what all bored teens do and well I downloaded it.

- good game

Recover from Dota legend, this one should be much better

- c h h j j


- P

The early stage belongs to the leisure game, the late phase does not charge money is impossible

- Honestly a great game!

Reminds of Diablo

- Atmok


- Good

Good game 🤙🏽🤙🏽

- Great game

Awesome game highly recommend

- Meh

Old player but it just hasn’t changed a lot but good rewards I guess

- Friend list

I love this game the only downfall is you can have only 30 friends I would of liked to add more

- I was surprised

At first I was very skeptical but it turns out I can’t stop playing

- bbbb


- Shaviooo


- Oof


- Review


- Horrible

It’s a horrible game and it’s not fun at all

- Guild Unduly given away. An outraged player.

My guild was given away within 4days of my absence due to faulty phone. Let it be on record that I created this guild and nurtured it for more than a year and just when I started gaining members, it was given away! This is not okay. I am so outraged that I am even tempted to uninstall this game.

- Great game

So awesome

- Worth it

Enjoyable game and it helps that I gain more when I'm afk

- Great game

Really smooth strategic game.. love it

- Crashes too much

This game crashes so fricken much whenever I play it, the updates only seem to make it worse. The only reason I haven’t deleted it is that I’m fully invested and I don’t want to lose my progress

- AFK Arena

The games so kul I love it

@afk_arena_jp ウでお願いします!

@afk_arena_jp ア で、お願いします。

@afk_arena_jp 「ア」かな 悠木さんわかりやすいw

@afk_arena_jp ア

@afk_arena_jp アです!

@vNinj4XBL @beautifulmoron9 @AFK_Arena

@afk_arena_jp ア。

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AFK Arena 1.39.04 Screenshots & Images

AFK Arena iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

AFK Arena iphone images
AFK Arena iphone images
AFK Arena iphone images
AFK Arena iphone images
AFK Arena iphone images
AFK Arena iphone images
AFK Arena iphone images
AFK Arena iphone images
AFK Arena iphone images
AFK Arena iphone images
AFK Arena ipad images
AFK Arena ipad images
AFK Arena ipad images
AFK Arena ipad images
AFK Arena ipad images
AFK Arena ipad images
AFK Arena ipad images
AFK Arena ipad images
AFK Arena ipad images
AFK Arena ipad images
AFK Arena Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
AFK Arena Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

AFK Arena (Version 1.39.04) Install & Download

The applications AFK Arena was published in the category Games on 2019-04-09 and was developed by Lilith Games [Developer ID: 982119759]. This application file size is 314.37 MB. AFK Arena - Games posted on 2020-06-02 current version is 1.39.04 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

AFK Arena Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

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