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There is one way out to reach freedom. Can you escape all of the shapes?

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The applications Shape Escape! was published in the category Games on 2018-01-31 and was developed by tastypill. The file size is 37.44 MB. The current version is 1.7 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

◉ New! Collect Daily Rewards
◉ Fixed critical bug affecting iOS 11 users
◉ More new cool stuff coming soon. Stay tuned!

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:,( THE END  ilikeusingsarcasm  4 star

Ok this is just weird , I got to the end after level 50 and it was just a black screen with a white dot and it says level failed. Other than that it’s pretty cool. MOAR LEVELS

Carlee gearlds

Name  Carlee gearlds  5 star

Its a little hard but it is fun


Terrible difficulty  Flsbebakjajebf  1 star

Games aren’t supposed to be easy, I know that, but a game shouldn't be THIS hard. This may as well be called “The World’s Hardest Game” BECAUSE IT FEELS LIKE IT IS! YOU CANT EVEN REALLY TELL WHAT LEVEL YOU’VE COMPLETED! You can’t really jump half the time, difficulty gets near impossible starting with level 5, AND TOO MANY ADS! I hope this game dies.

gymanst kk❤️

Rating  gymanst kk❤️  5 star

An awesome game u can have lots of fun


Addictive  gtc799  5 star

This game is addictive so don’t play while working


Can I give 0 stars.  UR NME  1 star



Awesomeness with adds  sparkleliz  4 star

This game is very fun and I enjoy playing it a lot! I have fun with it and enjoy all the levels they have. There is a problem though. Adds are constant after every 3-4 times you die. I am aware of the option to pay two dollars to get rid of them but that’s a lot just for adds. If the adds could be removed this would be one of my favorite games ever!!


Level 5 is IMPOSSIBLE  mcsonicboom11  5 star


motion mover

Share  motion mover  5 star

Shape escape is a fun and challenging game I made it to level 8 there is tight shapes loose shapes just watch out for those sharp points

Fresh Queen Of Games

🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖  Fresh Queen Of Games  5 star

SIX STARS!!!!!!! SOO SUPER 🔥 🔥 🔥 . I don’t care what anyone else says. Extremely tough game!


Too many ads and impossible levels  maestro_hanson  1 star

Good game concept but too many ads and some impossible levels (eg lv5 starts on spike)


An okay game 👌  sausagedogqeen  3 star

I think it’s a good a good game but sometimes it keeps lagging and sometimes it won’t let you jump 😢😒


Review of someone who finished this game!  jidstar1  5 star

Awesome game! Completed every level. Loved passing through the challenging levels.


Ad delivery app  Peter_S73  2 star

This ‘game’ is all about getting you to watch video ads. Avoid unless you have loads of free time and nothing better to do than watch dumb ads.


Can’t pass level five  Minilesh  1 star

People have already wrote about this but I want to make it obvious that it doesn’t work on level 5 and spawns right on a spike

doggy scoop

Lit  doggy scoop  5 star

This game is lit

ash smash bash

Shape escape  ash smash bash  3 star

I like the song on the ad but I wish what it was levels,maybe a bit hard game doesn’t give enough time to jump I score this game a 3.5 stars


Impossible game  benjomon836  2 star

I think this game is way to hard because it spawns you right next to the spikes and too many ads! But does challenge you


Yup  Geezer-Guy  1 star

I hate it


Review  I❤️Schnapp  2 star

Good game but there are way too many adds, you hardy get to try it 3 times and your watching another add


Turtles😂🤣  turtles♥️🤣😂  5 star

This game is amazing,lit,fun,awesome,challenging and fireeeeee!


I like the game but...  foxlover262  4 star

I like the game it’s very addictive but it has so many adds I understand that’s how you make money but you need to take some off there is so many I’m just watching the same ones over and over and over. Plz fix this and I can rate this five stars!


Trash  m88/?  1 star

This app is trash, you literally cannot play for two minutes without coming across multiple long ads. Ridiculous, it's more ad time than game.


Ads  vincentrobles1211  2 star

The game is very fun and I enjoy it but the reason I am uninstalling it, as well as many others might be too is because of the constantly irritating ads I understand the promotional value in getting consumers to buy your no ad product but it gets overwhelming after every what 3-5 deaths. Please tone it down a bit because I hate to see such a fun game be wasted on ad after ad after ad


Ok  Delilah❤️❤️  4 star

It’s fine


Timing! Not the players fault!!  Yashica_Purohit  2 star

On level 5 and many other when you start the ball lands right next to the spikes so we have NO TIME to jump! That isn’t the fault of the ppl who are playing the game. Fix this!


I❤️shape escape  BirdGirl213  4 star

I love this game so much!

Dom Clemenza

Great game  Dom Clemenza  5 star

I just finished all the levels and to be honest I thought it was really cool and challenging. I woul love to see more put out.


Horrible  GrimmDrawer  1 star

I have a new iPad and the game is extremely laggy with so many adds, I can’t get past a level because at the very beginning you have to jump to not hit a spike. There are SO many adds in this game, it’s a great concept but so poor quality that it is clearly just trying to make money. And most of the time the ball doesn’t even jump when you press it. I don’t understand how you can make such a simple game so bad. I would not play this game again, absolutely horrible.


Shape escape  kendall❤️slime  4 star

I love this game but a little to much adds I have tons of tasty pull games and they are so entertaining


ADs  WaxySpider  4 star

It’s a very good game don’t get me wrong but there are way to many ads. Every 3 go’s there’s an ad I wouldn’t mind if it was like every 9-10. But overall very good game


Ads  Dheery  1 star

There’s a video ad every 3 times you fail which is way too many for a game like this and it’s really annoying.


Quite good!  😎Konan😎  4 star

This is a fun and addicting app but I have one complaint. Why is there so many ads!!! I know its a free app but there is ads at the bottom of the screen and there are even more ads after nearly each fail or success in the level!!! Please fix

Wolf 24();

Too hard  Wolf 24();  2 star

You need the reflexes of a computer to complete this game.

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