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A game I made
For a certain kind of person

To hurt them.

• Climb up an enormous mountain with nothing but a hammer and a pot.
• Listen as I make philosophical observations about the problem at hand.
• Between 2 and ∞ hours of agonizing gameplay, depending. The median time to finish for my playtesters was 5 hours, but the mean was closer to ∞.
• Lose all your progress, over and over.
• Feel new types of frustration you didn't know you were capable of.

Getting Over It App Description & Overview

The applications Getting Over It was published in the category Games on 2017-12-06 and was developed by Bennett Foddy. The file size is 264.02 MB. The current version is 1.04 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

-Huge performance improvements on all devices
-60fps & Battery Saver Modes
-Reorganized Settings Menu

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Glitch  DylanJH03  3 star

The game is really fun, in a frustrating way. However, it wasn’t even one day before I discovered a game-breaking glitch that caused me to need to redownload the game. I would get the sound of the player and the background, but the video would stay frozen with some black squares on it. Every time I restarted the game it was different.


BUGGY AF  Van20056  1 star

When you first get into the game it’s fun but once you have had enough you log off. When you try to log back in it will either show you a blank screen or just the background colors of what ever part your on. The only way to fix this is by re installing the game which resets your progress. Very annoying and pissing me off


The game doesn’t understand difficulty.  Whytfulieng  1 star

Difficulty should come from the obstacles within the game not the sheer randomness of the absolute catastrophe this game calls controls. The absurdity of the controls takes away any feeling of accomplishment of any progression in the game. The game fails at it’s only job of being high difficulty, high reward.

Zert Mania - Gaming & Vlogs

Read this  Zert Mania - Gaming & Vlogs  1 star

To glitchy and the game is already hard enough so why do u have to put ways where you can fall off it’s ridiculous I’ve fallen so many times only at two areas I think you should remove that Not worth five dollars more like one


What you expect  WillPurpz  5 star

This game is fairly frustrating and enraging I love it(when you beat the game the satisfaction is so nice).


Bruh  Zack5656  1 star

I think i just wasted 5 bucks


Really fun game  bladude123  4 star

i like it!

CJ Beans

Great game, but...  CJ Beans  5 star

I don't know if it's just me/my phone, but the graphics look really pixelated.

Chronic Storm01

Wth Bennett got Rid of my Review?!  Chronic Storm01  3 star

Bennett deleted one of my reviews I wrote about the game being so good that I spent 2 hours writing and he doesn't even want to do the things I say?! I said that the streaming is flawed and that the ledge before tower is flawed, he also needs and I mean it needs to add livesplits into the game for speedrunners like me and others that care!! The email at the end also doesn't work.


100 Times More Difficult Than PC  Ocelot1989  3 star

Taking your finger off the screen and then back on will cause explosive movements when you actually wanted a small movement. I’ve beaten the PC port without difficulty but the inherent differences with using touchscreen makes the mobile port MUCH more difficult.


Uninstall simulator  ArmourDyldo  1 star

$7.99 for a game that loads 1in10 times. Atleast there’s uninstall instructions.


Was nice ..  Laiteux  2 star

I played it for a bit and it was nice but now I can't start the app anymore, it do the loading screen, load the game but stuck on the image after and sometimes is black, can't play anymore please fix it :(


Thank you  RequiemForATower  5 star

I feel like killing myself now :)


Best worst game I ever played  madlep  5 star

Solid -5 out of 13 stars. Climbing a mountain sitting in a pot, using only a sledge hammer, is as ridiculous and ineffective as you’d imagine it is in real life. Very accurate simulation


This game is not worth it  DeathGun156  1 star

I just downloaded the game and it has a long loading screen. Then when I went to play it the graphics were TERRIBLE. Everything was pixelated. The audio was echoed whenever he spoke or when the person grunted etc. Very disappointed. Please fix ASAP, but until then it’s one star. P.S: I have an IPhone 6 updated to the latest version of iOS.

Qwerty hoop 1234875

Just one thing  Qwerty hoop 1234875  3 star

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I found that the graphics were very pixelated, and not clear. Other than that, a very good game


Ignore My Other Reviews  Commando9966  5 star

Please ignore my other reviews as I know how to fix that now. I just beat the game and it filled me with so much joy. Honestly, Bennett Foddy, even though you probably won’t see this, thank you from the bottom of my heart, it was a truly amazing experience filled with anger, sadness, happiness, hope and most of all, fun. I highly recommend buying this game. I have loved and hated this, and only one other game has made me love and hate it, and that game is Cuphead. But enough about that, Bennett Foddy, thank you for all of the gems you have released in your game-making career.

the one who got over it

Very good  the one who got over it  5 star

I think you should definitely get this awesome game. But I am a bit disappointed that the reward doesn’t exist on iPad or iPod or phone


FIX NOW!  Leroy2008  5 star

Edit: problem resolved here is your 5 star rating and to fix the problem load the game a second time I got the game, only to open it ZOOMED IN! I try to zoom out and IT DOESNT WORK, and I reinstalled it! will get 5 star if resolved. Message to MELONISLIVE: your not getting it’s supposed to be hard


Great game but uses battery  evgwvfuyqervuy  5 star

This game is great and i really love playing it but it uses heaps of my battery


Opening App Bug  Ansndnidnends  2 star

This game is great and I want it on my phone. I have an iPhone 7 fully updated and I can open this app once but if I leave it closed too long I can open it but my screen is blank. I can see the background and when I tap the screen I can hear the hammer but I don’t see anything else. PLEASE HELP!!!


Can’t even play  theBonomo  1 star

Using the iPhone 6s when the game finally gets passed the 10 minute loading screen, all I see is a bunch of black blocks. I can hear the audio of the game but there’s no visuals at all.


Annoying but hard and fun  dinotough  5 star

I like this game but it’s kinda annoying and hard but fun I love this game I’ve seen Dantdm play it and he inspired me to play this


Awesome  Gsjkly123  5 star

Wow 60 fps


Ben, can I have my money back?  iphone6s_owner  2 star

I enjoy your work and willingly paid money for this game! Please fix it so I don’t feel like I was scammed. I had fun playing the game at first, when it was working. After launching the game for the 5th or 6th time I got the same bug many others have mentioned. Working sound but black boxes and backdrop with nothing else. After that the game is broken every time. The only fix was re-downloading and installing. Now that doesn’t even work and it’s been a month or more. As I understand the aesthetic of getting over it is to coax rage and frustration, I hope this isn’t an intentional mechanic...


Black pixelated screen  #Herobrine#  1 star

After closing out of the game the first time you can’t go back or you will be greeted by a black pixelated screen and can’t ever open the game again without the screen being like this I’ll change review when fixed


Good game  Joe777777777777  5 star

I’m in a mixed state of laughing and crying as I play this game. I laugh at the fact that I can’t get up the mountain, and I cry at the fact that I can’t get up the mountain. Hopefully I’ll get to the top one day.


Weird Bug  SlideIn2HerDMs  4 star

This game is super great. Probably one of the hardest games I’ve ever played. But there is a really weird bug/glitch that won’t let me play the game. Any time I open the app the loading screen appears for about 7 seconds. After that the screen changes and looks like the background from where I left off. It’s just that. The character isn’t there. Not even the mountain. It’s just a plain green background. For a minute I thought it was part of the loading screen. But after sliding my finger around the screen I heard the character grunting and his hammer hitting a rock. I moved it around some more and I realized I’m controlling the player, but I can’t see anything. It’s really weird and I hope you can fix it. This game will earn it fifth star once that bug is fixed.


Great game but  iBored1  3 star

Its crashing when i try to open it. Just shows green screen. Might ask for refund


Fun at first, then annoying as heck  jrosario1013  1 star


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