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Getting Over It Game Description & Overview

What is getting over it app? A game I made
For a certain kind of person

To hurt them.

• Climb up an enormous mountain with nothing but a hammer and a pot.
• Listen as I make philosophical observations about the problem at hand.
• Between 2 and ∞ hours of agonizing gameplay, depending. The median time to finish for my playtesters was 5 hours, but the mean was closer to ∞.
• Lose all your progress, over and over.
• Feel new types of frustration you didn't know you were capable of.

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App Name Getting Over It
Category Games
Updated 26 July 2021, Monday
File Size 236.8 MB

Getting Over It Comments & Reviews 2023

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Well worth 5$ and hatred. I was probably the kind of person this game was aimed at. I used to scream and occasionally throw things as I lost nearly all my progress on the mountain. I kept going because I refused to let myself be conquered by anything. This game teaches you lots of things about anger and repetition. It was great and and the same time not great to hear Bennet Foddy grate on your failures and give you inspiration to keep going. I’d occasionally spend so long on a particular section Bennet would just tell me how to get past. Very good game and worth the frustration.

Speed running. I got this game about a year ago on my computer but I never beat it until about a week ago. I decided to try beating it faster and faster until I could beat it in under 10 minutes. I decided to try it on my phone and on only my 3rd completed run I finished in 13 minutes. This game is so fun to go back and play through over and over. I would highly recommend for anyone who is strong willed and who has a lot of patience.

Disgustingly unrefined controls. As someone who has beaten the game many times on pc, I was excited to see a mobile release. To my dismay, the controls are so awfully refined for a touchscreen that it makes me wonder if more that an hour of coding was put into it. The sensitivity bar changes virtually nothing, the tracking is inaccurate, and letting go and tapping again mid grab will cause your hammer to flail unpredictably in any direction. My suggestion: go get the game on your computer if you want a genuine experience. It will be miles more worthy of your time and money. EDIT: The no acceleration mode fixes many of these issues, but many still exist as this game is still developing to its full potential on mobile. Good work!

You should download! I mean it. Now imma start off with why I like it now I never won but I was close (I fell back to the start) but it’s about trying and well getting over it now it has very nice graphics and I love the fact it’s not a game that resets every time you leave and I got this game today and was like “oh it’s gonna be impossible im gonna hate this” but it’s very nice I mean well except the fact you are always at the risk of falling but like I said just get over it and now second imma talk about the reason it’s fun now it’s fun if you keep trying thats what you want to do now last imma say a few words for if you get this “never give up”

Should allow for controller support (but not in a average way). Okay, first off, I just want to say that I haven’t completed this game so I have nothing to say about the difficulty of it. Instead, I’m going to be focusing on one thing: Controls. You see, I’m a person who likes controller implementations on mobile. This would benefit this game so much. But, instead of your average “push in one direction to turn,” instead I want something better: flick stick. There is this thing called flick stick on steam in which it makes it so that when you turn your stick, at least in fps games, it turns to that direction. That would be such a great feature, as it would allow for us to mimic mouse controls. But, I have another idea for the other stick. This one would be able to pogo you up, and make the game possible. One final thing. Make it so that when you stop moving a stick, it stays in its previous position. This would make everything so much easier. If you could do these things, that would be great. I know you can do it bennet!

A great game (if you know what you're getting yourself into). The first thing that comes to my mind is the graphics. It's great, for an IOS game. But there's just too much bugs. There are several issues that plagued the PC version, and they've only gotten worse on the IOS. The controls are mediocre at best, but at most times, it's just too sensitive. (And no, lowering the sensitivity does not work.) I usually found myself to be jerked off a mountain, like my hammer had a mind of its own. Carefully placing yourself on things is extremely difficult, which makes many parts of the game almost impossible to get past. That on top of the camera bounce, makes this game extremely harder than it needs to be. (And it was already very difficult.) there's a line between a rage game and a poorly made one, and Getting Over it sits directly in between. There's a lot of good things going on here, but it's a really bumpy ride. I would refrain from buying this if you're a casual gamer. If you really want a challenge, if you want to get so frustrated you want to gorge your eyes out, then go ahead.

Surprisingly beautiful game. This was an unexpectedly wonderful game. The controls are tricky though I’d say the most difficult part is keeping yourself calm as you make your way up. I went with a slow, deliberate style of playing through this game and it was actually a rather lovely experience. Bit of warning: do not close your game at the end or accidentally swipe it closed. Also make sure your battery is charged. I had an issue where my game actually locked up the first time I finished so I didn’t get to see much past the credits. That was a bummer but I liked the game so much, I decided to beat it again and see the ending. It was totally worth it (both times).

Game breaking glitches force me to reinstall. I love this game, but there are a few game breaking glitches that made me reset everything I worked for. I sent an email about one of them, where when you spawn your hammer gets stuck under ground, but I just recently found a new one that forces you to reinstall. Here’s how it goes. When you spawn, and go into the water, if you point your hammer down diagonally, your hammer will get partially stick in the floor. When it un jams itself you get thrown into space. Then your game freezes and you can’t do anything but reinstall. Even when you restart the screen is still frozen. It would be great if you could take a look at the glitches.

A True Piece of Art. I must have finished the game over 30 times now, and I can still continue to go back to it almost every day now. The satisfaction of getting over the mountain and into space never gets old. It may be the definition of hell for new players, but it is completely worth the play through; If you’re someone like me, then you won’t just play it one time. If you can really get used to controlling the man in the pot, then you’ll get to the point where it nearly feels like a speed run. Here’s my challenge for those who read this review: Download this game, ESPECIALLY if you own an IPad, and try to go quick enough to the point where Bennett never stops talking. It’s art, it’s philosophy, it’s the best game of 2017 and one of if not the best app I own on my IPad. A true Masterpiece ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I dont know why but this game is actually fun!!!!!. This game may not be for people who dont have patience, but it has something that makes it so fun to play, the controls are not that hard, the difficulty gradually increases the further up you go. But you can also master each segment and get a flawless run thru each segment of this map. Then after all of that you finally make it to the top of the mountain and you feel relived and then it happens you get the bad ending. Overall this game is really fun (for some people) and pretty easy to master. Bennet toddy, please make a sequel its been 5 years, please do a sequel it would be pretty cool. Please do🙏

I have never written a review before, but.... This game is a roller coaster ride that is not for everyone, but for the few that do persists and make it to the top it is an extremely rewarding and unforgettable experience. The only problem I have is that at the end of the game, after the credits, you just keep floating. You don’t the “reward”, like on pc, but that’s really the only complaint I have. There is an even greater reward in the accomplishment of beating the game. Over all it is one of the best mobile games I’ve ever played and I think I’ll remember it for a long time.

The most important game ever made. I FINALLY beat it and learned so many important lessons along the way. (Also thanks Apple Pencil 2! Couldn’t have done it without you!). The difficulty, the majesty, the beauty of beating this does something (or can do something) to teach what it means to keep striving, to not give up, to learn from others, and to dedicate oneself to improve until the peak of change is actually reached and you are set free (to pursue the next peak, or to rest a little while).

Are you thinking of buying a new phone?. If you have been drooling over any of the latest iPhones but can’t justify the upgrade because your current phone is good enough, download this game! It has all the challenges of the pc game but with the added difficulty of no fast movements! Without a mouse, you can’t simply flick your hammer in a tight circle. Every move must be dragged across your grubby screen as fast as your finger allows. Forget about a quick swipe from the bottom of the screen, because that will close the app and your poor, cauldron-legged man will be frozen in pause limbo until you reopen the app, unpause the game, and witness him plummet back to the bottom. Devote enough time to this game and I can guarantee you’ll be in the market for a new phone sooner than later. Seriously, as someone who has beaten the PC version, this game is unplayable in comparison. I haven’t given up on it yet, but I’m one of the few who never got flustered on the pc game, so your mileage may vary. If you raged at all playing it on PC, this game is not for you.

This was an experience.. It is rare for me to come across a game that is excruciatingly challenging, but has a reason for being. “Getting Over It” is not just a difficult game to play, but a testament for a player to learn that failure is okay. Every time that I fell from high up, sure I lost plenty of my progress, but I got faster at observing and adapting to my surroundings that it didn’t take me too long to get back to where I originally was. What each section of the game that seemed like an impossible jump or climb, later became just another bump in the road on my journey, because I’ve seen what failure looked and felt like from that before. This maybe an homage to another game (similar in gameplay) called “Sexy Climbing”, but Bennett Foddy has put together something with his own original spin and artistic liberties that makes this game differ from it enough. In fact, I will go as far as to say that this is one of the greatest experiences that I’ve ever had playing a video game. When it comes to negatives… I honestly wouldn’t change a single thing about it. 10/10

The best “rage” game I’ve ever played. This game is truly a piece of art. It teaches you to appreciate every step of the way, because if you don’t, you’ll probably have to start over anyway. I find Bennet foddy to be a very smart, interesting guy. I’m so sick of all the spoiled Youtubers who thought his commentary was annoying, this game should be experienced alone. I’ve beat this game 3 times. First time took 13 hours, second took 4 hours, and third took 48 minutes. Thank you for making this game, Bennet. It’s such a breath of fresh air, compared to the games that are a “quick fix to the fickle of the feckless” I don’t know if there will ever be a sequel, but I’m glad enough that something like this would ever be made.

Way too laggy but an amazing game. I had to play around a bunch with the deep lay and resolution settings in order to make the game actually playable. Lag only really affected me at the top of the mountain I don’t know why. To beat the game I had to load up the Yam with no other apps open, have it on the lowest resolution, and never exit the app unless I was prepared to reload the game all over again (which takes some time). Other than that this was honestly more of a journey than a game and I for one am really glad I went on it. The game is so fun I will likely continue playing for the golden cauldron (awarded at 50 completions). If you have a solid PC or laptop I seriously recommend you buy this on that platform instead though.

One of the best experiences out there.. I have had this game for about a week now, and I think it is really ( This game is obama am currently trying to get to the “Orange Hell” part. My highest point is by the security camera by the stairs. It can be frustrating at times whenever you fall down and maybe even loose everything,once you practice a lot, the obstacles can become easier and easier until you find yourself where you always wanted to be. The creator of the game, (I won’t say his name because I forget how to spell it and also I’m going to only say part of what he said) that “whenever the moment was gone, it was trash” or something like that. For me, the moments in this game never pass. To me, it is all new, even though I’ve already cleared some parts. To me, it is never trash. I just wanted to quickly tell you want I thought of the game 😀

Anger. When I first started playing this game I thought of it as a chance to under take a challenge and beat it, it took me 4 years or neck breaking anger and needed breaks to see it through. I started this as a 14 year old and now as I approach adulthood I see this game as not a challenge but a journey that taught me anger management and failure better than any teacher I had before and after all this time and pain i feel like once I myself had gotten over my own problems , the mountain became not a challenge but a pleasure. So as a long time player to a new player don’t worry about getting over it , just enjoy the ride

Not made properly for the phone. Honestly as a speed runner for pc I can tell this game isn’t made for the phone. I can run any game on high graphics and I’ll be fine but I run this game on 60 fps and every time I try to jump up to grab the hand it loads the second half of the world making it completely luck if I actually grab the hand and it’s not like it’s frame spike back to normal no it straight freezes for a second and a half and when it unfreezes the game registers I was falling that whole time while swinging the hammer so it just makes me get hit off the cliff. Also I understand the wonkiness of the controls and that’s the point but when I take my entire hand off the phone as I’ve tested it I make a movement and take my hand off completely the guy will make another whole movement sometimes which just should happen when no input is being given at that point.

Brilliant Game, But Hard on my Phone (Edited). I played some Getting Over It on my friends PC and loved it. It’s an uncompromising, tough as nails puzzle/platformer that sets you up for hundreds of little successes/failures that will make you experience a wide range of emotions (mostly exhaustion). I love that I can play it on iOS now, and the touch controls are surprisingly responsive. This is a great, fully featured version of the game. HOWEVER after just a few minutes of playing my iPhone X is burning up. The area around the camera is hot to the touch. I doubt any real damage is being done, but it does make me worry. I highly recommend you play this game, just maybe consider the Steam/PC version if you worry about your phone’s wellbeing like me! Edit: after a number of improvements, the aforementioned heat issue on my iPhone X is almost entirely solved! Playing the game on max settings I noticed only a small heat up (normal for any taxing mobile game) and when I switched to battery saver mode (which removes a lot of the background art) the heat was gone almost entirely. I’m glad the developer is so committed to improving the mobile version of the game!

Super tough to endure, but all worth it. I bought this game after seeing a playthrough of this game by one of my favorite YouTubers, Markiplier. It is safe to say that his reactions were not exaggerated. At any moment, you were at risk of starting all over, and because of that you needed to be careful. However, the reason that this is five stars is because that at the end of it all, the satisfaction of knowing that I have managed to overcome the mountainous challenge that is this game made The whole experience worth it. You can expect to swear at the top of your lungs at a few points, but when it’s all over, the dopamine rush to your head makes it all worth it. All in all, it’s a great purchase for 5 dollars.

I never raged in my life. Today I saw youtubers play this monstrosity of a game and I laughed at their pain and suffering until I got this game. The machanics are horrible but on purpose and you get glinted off everywhere you go but it’s not like any other game I’ve played over the years, no this game is physical and real maneuver for a person and it might be frustrating and I absolutely hated it I also loved it it’s awful but I could keep away from playing. It took me a while I raged a lot and finally I made it up the hill and it was the most amazing feeling I ever felt, I felt like i did something incredible and to me I did. So in conclusion this game was hard but rewarding, for me at least.

Great Game, Worth It. I downloaded this game a couple of years ago and beat it once with a time of around 6 hours. I (obviously) was frustrated at the game but since I beat it I put it down thinking I was done with it. It stayed in my home screen for around a year and I never looked at it until one day when I decided to revisit it. This was both great and agonizing as the parts of the game that I despised were back to haunt me. But, as time went on I kept beating it and falling then climbing back up and beating it again. 3 successful climbs grew to 15 then 25 and soon I began wondering if I had it in me to get the golden pot. As time went on I kept getting wins and my pot kept getting more shiny. Once it was fully golden I decided to keep going and I’m glad I did as 6 hours of gameplay to win once became 30, then 20, 10, until I reached my record time of 4 minutes to beat the game. I understand that that isn’t nearly as good as world record material but I feel proud of my accomplishment. If you left the game thinking it was too difficult, try it again because it’s worth it.

The perfect challenge. Getting Over It is absolutely incredible! I just beat the game (which I never thought I’d be able to do) and generally this is a hard game, no questions whatsoever about that. This game can be infuriating at times when you fall, but I promise you that this game will make you learn to either control your anger or destroy something within your vicinity. If you can get past the anger, this game is a lot of fun. This is where the beautiful part of this game comes in (for me personally) I learned how to gain self control because of this game. That isn’t a joke, and that’s why I said earlier that this game will make you learn to control your temper. This has been a life changing experience for me, and is absolutely worth the $5.00!

Would love to try this on PC. However, I have to give the mobile version a low score. I bought this game for $5 on my iPad while I was on vacation for a couple of days and did not have a PC with me. I have to agree with other reviews that say the game’s real challenge is overcoming the touch controls. The screen will miss gestures entirely, or misinterpret them, sending my character flying off the map in a random direction after I barely move my finger. In addition, the game’s “60 FPS” video setting will completely nullify the sensitivity settings, and it becomes absolutely unplayable at any sensitivity. At this point, the voiceover becomes a true source of frustration, as the developer removes responsibility from himself as a game designer and places blame on the player for being unable to complete the challenge. In reality, the mobile version of this game still has a slew of design problems that prevent a skilled, patient player from advancing, and which need to be addressed. I will probably still buy this on Steam so I can prove myself, but I regret spending $5 on this.

Base game is good, but not ported to mobile well. So the base game is very good, obviously. manny ppl say the reason the game is so hard, is the controls. and well that is mildly true, the pc controls are at least consistent and responsive. playing this on a table/phone is really painful, because it exaggerates your movements so much. even with the movement sensitivity at the lowest speed, and acceleration off- moving the hammer even a little causes it to fly around usuall knock you back, losing progress. In the base game, loosing progress like that is a skill issue. however on mobile, it feels as if you have no control over where the guy swings his hammer.

Amazing game. NOTE: Causes overheating on iPhone X. Not sure about other iPhones, but have seen many complaints about X overheating from resource-intensive games. Once the heat starts, it starts lagging everything including home screen/outside of app & drains battery. None of the online tips worked. Playing in low power mode (background app refresh off, etc) seems to only delay the onset. Only remedy I’ve found so far is holding the phone close to a fan or car AC and manually cooling it off. Don’t think Apple has been willing to comment on it. Amazing game. Frustrating and at times annoying, but fun and well worth the struggle.

Weird Bug. This game is super great. Probably one of the hardest games I’ve ever played. But there is a really weird bug/glitch that won’t let me play the game. Any time I open the app the loading screen appears for about 7 seconds. After that the screen changes and looks like the background from where I left off. It’s just that. The character isn’t there. Not even the mountain. It’s just a plain green background. For a minute I thought it was part of the loading screen. But after sliding my finger around the screen I heard the character grunting and his hammer hitting a rock. I moved it around some more and I realized I’m controlling the player, but I can’t see anything. It’s really weird and I hope you can fix it. This game will earn it fifth star once that bug is fixed. EDIT: The bug is now fixed. Thank you so much for taking time to fix this bug.

Getting Over It: Frustration, then Numbness.. So when I bought this game, I had watched Markiplier play it and scream in agony at the progress he continuously lost. I began to play it and I got to the orange with no problem. Oh boy did my rage begin there. I tried to push the orange off the table and ended up picking myself up and panicking because my hammer was on the orange as it was moving and ended flinging myself off. After that everything is a blur. When I finished it, I was refreshed and relaxed, and I’m grateful for that. So I give this game 5 stars.

Absurd, unique, and awesome.. When I bought this game I had no idea what I was about to go through. The game is so hard and so unforgiving that it gives you an immense amount of satisfaction after passing a challenging part. The narration is one of the reasons to persevere, since you want to hear Bennett continue on his commentary about the player, the game, and society. When I beat the game for the first time, with a time of four hours, I enjoyed looking back on all of he tough moments I had and laughing at them. Definitely worth the money, if you are sick of easy, forgiving, and bland content in games I would definitely recommend you buy the game.

Something Rewarding. This game yes, it is frustrating, but if you look at the bad reviews, most of them think it is too frustrating, but if you make it to the top, it can teach you something about yourself. There is something solemn about the fact that if you put the time into it you will get something out of it that no one else can. A lot of people say the controls are bad, but that is just complete bupgus, if you don’t think you can handle it then you probably can’t, but if you can’t work towards it, it is absolutely one of the best games you can play.

Life. While this game is a caution for ones susceptible to ungodly rage, I’ve happened to find a particular appreciation for this masterpiece we collectively call a video game. The gameplay is unlike any other one I’ve played before, and the narration is charitable, as well as knowledgeable. When I found myself down, I’d be negatively afflicted, but eventually, I came back to come back up. This game is not for the impatient, but even so, it can teach us all many amazing things, and for that, I give Sir Foddy my deepest gratitude. -Justin Eden

Good game, but buggy and abandoned. I really enjoy this so far, and I’ve seen it all over the net for years now. I decided to try it out finally and overall it’s a fun/challenging experience, but there are some serious issues with the stability. About 30 min in I started getting hard stutters and low FPS, regardless of the video settings, and this causes the hammer movements to be sporadic- I’ll move the hammer right, it stutters, then slams the hammer full speed launching me far away. Incredibly frustrating for a game that’s built on frustration. The screen controls also end up interacting with the iOS controls (dragging a window up to view the open apps) and that had happened to me countless times - but it’s not as bad as the performance issue for me. Hasn’t been updated in 2 years so I’m not holding my breath.

Getting over this game. This game…. I don’t know how to describe it, this game was phenomenal in every way possible. The challenges alone and the struggles you face to get to the top of this hellish mountain are amazing. Everything about this game is awesome, from the graphics, to the obstacles, to the little hammer you play with. This game took me a long time, but i finally beat it and I have never been happier to beat it. Thank you for making an amazing game and experience Bennett, and I hope one day you make another one, so I can get over the mountain all over again!

Outstanding and mind-blowing!. I absolutely love this game. It challenges me in a way very few games have ever challenged me. I love the simple mechanics yet complex movements that you can achieve just by moving in certain ways. Each time I solve a challenge, it is viscerally satisfying. I really enjoy the commentary and it makes me feel more connected to the creator of the game in a way I’ve never experienced before with a game. It is definitely a frustrating experience, but so is life. This game shows that taking things one step at a time and thinking through your actions can truly make a difference in your success, both in the game and in real life. Overall A+ for a unique and challenging experience!

Getting over it. When I originally purchased this game, I just did it so I could act like I was a streamer and maybe some kids would befriend me. That was around 2 years ago when I first installed this game. I have downloaded and deleted the game many times, not just because of frustration but also because of space issues, and general unplayability on certain devices. This may seem like a rage game but I like to restart just to listen to the narrative and just to help me focus on something else. This game trained my mind to not just quit on something because you were bored and frustrated. The game told me to stick with my failures and get over them. Finally, I am happy to announce after about 2 years and maybe 10 hours in actual focused playtime, I have conquered the game. Even though this game is very old and not trending, it is very well worth you time.

Amazing for people who give up easily and that are doubters. I got this game on my birthday if this year (feb 5) and I’ve been stuck on this one part since and just today I finally got past it and I never got mad at the game at all and just persevered and soon I’ll beat the game just to all the doubters you got this and plz download this game it’s really fun for those who don’t have anything to do but don’t play it if you have a short temper because you will get mad quick but honestly you should make a second game

Very Captivating Game. For most games, I play them for only a week or so, and quit right after. But with this game, it was just so addicting to want to het higher and higher, until I beat the game. And when I did, I just wanted to progressively get faster and faster, which is why this to me isn’t any normal game. It’s one of the games that keeps giving, and always has more to offer, which is why I recommend you to play this, even if at first it seems impossible. (Especially with the orange mountains lol)

This game is awesome just one tiny thing. I’ve been playing this game for about 1 month. So far I am loving my experience with this game. This game is actually easier then you think except for one part. The devils chimney. This part is so hard! I will fall down to the bottom and start going back up It’s pretty easy to get up except for when you get to the devils chimney. I know this game is supposed to be hard, but this is just way way too hard. I really wish this part could be easier. If this could be fixed then this would be my favorite game. Anyway though I have really enjoyed this game and would like to see more updates. Bye!!

Game ruining sensitivity glitches. Ok so for the first hour of play i loved this game. The occasional lag was annoying but not that bad. However the more i played it the more i noticed one issue; sometimes the sensitivity will randomly freak out, sending you flying into a direction you didnt tap in at. Ill be doing a section thats incredibly familiar to me, only to have a maneuver ive done 100 times randomly send me flying to the bottom of the mountain. Now i get that falling is part of the game. I have no problem with that, but i do have a problem when the fall is clearly not my own fault... its the worst feeling in the world when you carefully position the hammer beneath you, swipe down to launch yourself upwards as youve done so many times before, and then get sent flying across the screen to the left!!!

Perfect Game Bennett. Bugs have been fixed, thanks a whole lot Bennett! I will report to you anything I find that's glitchy or buggy in each new version! New update has fixed all bugs anything found I will report. Edit: The only way to stream this game on twitch with 60 fps settings is you need to use omelet arcade, use 360 p (even this is too much for the game so it spazzes the hammer out) bet the game and since it tricks the game you are still streaming even though it says you aren't. Then switch the graphics to 60 fps, you're welcome for allowing for you to figure this out cause I know much about the game. Double Edit: The game has its casual lag spikes constantly which are so annoying. Nvm I got to the top of the mountain once and there after there was no more lag and it ran perfectly. Edit no it did not fix it I still lag way more than im Supposed to. Suggestion: you should add a bug/dev menu for making maps to upload and play for both pc and mobile, also the idea of livesplits option when streaming for those who speedrun of course. Nvm this won't ever happen... Thanks for taking your time to read this Bennett really appreciate it! Know that I strive for the best of this game! Hopefully you read this!like you have given the others a response.

Glitches n stuff. It’s fun and a good way to test your patience and see how calm you are but there’s a fatal problem; the controls. The sensitivity for some reason likes to surprise you and so the game will randomly accelerate your hammer and send you in directions you did not wish to go in. Until this no longer happens, the game won’t be as good as it should. Also another thing that happened after I wrote the review, which I had put to three stars but now I moved it to one, when trying to reopen the app after like an hour or so of inactivity, it’s impossible to play. There is no pause button. The screen is either black or zoomed into the background with no movement whatsoever. The character still moves, you can hear him but you cannot see him or any of the obstacles. Other players have had this same issue please fix this.

This game is absolutely terrible. I saw this game was labeled as “psychological horror”. I was like shiiiet, I put myself through psychological horror this won’t be too bad. You climb all the way up, just to fall back down. You get to the very top, just to take a ride on the snake. Anything worth doing isn’t easy, apply that to everyday life and don’t settle. This game not only is hard, but teaches a lot of lessons too. Not to mention, the Grateful Dead plug with “going down the road feeling bad” Give this game a try, it’s worth the $5. You might end up breaking your phone though and needing a new one. I’m only on my third phone with this game……

Quite frustration on mobile. As someone whose !pb is 8 minutes on PC it took me 3 1/2 hours to beat it on iOS. I didn’t face any of the lag or overheating issues others have noted, but this most frustrating thing I encountered was the actions that would occur from my iPhone. If I swiped up from too low on the screen then the app would close. Alternatively, if I swiped down from too high it would trigger my notification menu to drop down, which would pause the game and always interrupted my jump. Absolutely infuriating. I like that the reward at the end of the game has been modified and you don’t get the same thing as if you beat it on PC. They give you a something a little different, which I loved. I’m glad I beat it, but I don’t see myself ever playing this game on iOS again due to the menu interruptions. I’ll stick to the PC version. It’s much more enjoyable with a mouse.

This is the hardest most frustrating game I've ever played. I love it.. Most games these days try to coddle you and get you to like them. But this game is different. It is a combination of frustrating and hard "levels" but each let you get closer to the top, but then you fall. And when you reach the end, you realise that the run that you beat it, you realised something. It is not the fear of falling that got you there. It was that you worked so hard and spent so much time that you felt like you deserved it. Most games will give you what you want. If you are an enjoyer of easy games, this is not for you.

I’ve never rated a game a 5. I’ve also never written a game review. This game was incredibly frustrating and hard. Took me 22 hrs of gameplay (according to the final splash screen) to finish over a period of about 6 months. I learned a lot about myself and that’s why I’m writing this review. Most games are entertaining/addicting/fun, or whatever; this game is all of those plus a level of frustration that is hard to explain. Overcoming frustration and the beginnings of rage was a start to mastering the ‘game’. The final key for me was to learn to enjoy the journey, especially starting over. Once you realize that you can climb, falling no longer scares you. This ‘game’ helped me to see these things and I understand that this is simply a microcosm of life. I highly recommend this game if you are willing to power through the hard times. Don’t bother if you are impatient and have a low threshold for pain.

Anticlimactic. [SPOILER-ISH] Honestly, the only reason I bought this game was for that end reward. I refused to watch any videos of it, i wanted to experience is myself. I’ve spent a good 10 hours off and on for about a week trying to beat this, and I finally did. I flew up, got the written letter, and was left floating up. I’ve been floating up for about 20 minutes with nothing else. It is probably some odd bug but I can’t click the pause menu. I never got a prompt for getting all the way up, or my time. I actually really wanted to see my time and how long it took. I don’t know if it is intentional or not, but it was a large factor in buying the game.

Dumbest game ever. Worst game ever invented!! I demand a refund I was scrolling through the App Store and saw this game lots of great reviews but they are all bull crap. I downloaded the game and wasted 5 dollars It started out okay but when I got further the hammer started to glitch. I was at the top of a hard part and the hammer on its own right away flings me to the bottom and won’t let me back up. Every time I try to climb some thing the hammer doesn’t work right this game is not possible to play on mobile. I highly don’t recommend this game to other. When you are falling I try to put the hammer out so it can catch on to something and it lifts up on its own so you can catch your self on some thing so if you fall you are going to the bottom or if you are lucky you will land on something.

Try it. Seriously. This game is not easy, it is perhaps one of the tougher games you can play. However, it’s amazing, you most likely won’t get far for a while. That’s ok, you don’t learn anything if you complete it quickly. This game almost teaches you not only to get back up, but why you need to get back up. The narrator knows how challenging the task at hand is, and seems almost condescending at first, but as the game progresses you learn he’s on your side. Play this in the spare time you have in the morning, it’s going to frustrate you, but maybe when you get to work and have a large assignment due in a short time frame, you can remember that you already made progress in something harder and less meaningful that morning, so this will be easy. It’s like therapy for IOS. One of the best apps I’ve downloaded

Great game on pc. Terrible on iPhone. I found this game on steam and bought it playing it until eventually I got to the top and even though I was very frustrating I got through it and it was a very good game. However when I decided I was good enough at pc I made the mistake of buying it on mobile. First of all the sensitivity is all over the place. I feel like when I change it nothing happens. Secondly the resolution is just plain garbage. I’m not sure if this is just an apple thing but it is running at like 440p. Lastly the thing that gets on my nerves the most is the lag. I found this extremely frustrating when playing because of the lag. There are like main parts in the game we’re it lags and I usually get past them because I would consider myself pretty good except for the end of the game. I find it almost impossible to beat going up the cell tower and because of how sensitive your hammer is you will find yourself flying off the ice hill when barely moving your finger. All in all I think this game would be 1 star and IS NOT WORRH 5 DOLLARS AT ALL. So there ya go a review on one of the worst mobile games ever.

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Yeet just finished. Well ported game that runs pretty smooth if you change to 60 FPS mode (on 6s plus btw). Controls can be pretty icky and doesn’t really work as well as pc but still pretty fun, can also be pretty draining on battery. Fun af tho.

good but kinda glitchy. I’ve completed this game many times and i think its kinda fun, but the an annoying glitch is when i try going forward on a plain my hammer doesn’t always grip the ground so it takes a few more seconds. over all i see why people would enjoy this game and i guess its kinda well made.

What an experience. This is not just a game. I say that with all seriousness. After spending 6 hours and finally completing it I am here to say how amazing this is. The feeling after completing this is the one of the best dopamine rush I have ever been on. Yes it lags, yes it is beyond difficult but that is part of the fun.

Terrible, terrible port. This game is phenomenal. I’ll give it that. But this port to iOS is one of THE WORST ports ever. Far from being the smooth, seamless game of the PC, its buggy, bouncing physics make this game simply not fun to play. The ‘sensitivity’ is higher in the middle of the settings than at maximum sensitivity! Diogenes will move or jump himself at random points, the hammer won’t extend at times, and quite often something or other will clip through a texture and send you crashing back down to where you started. I know it’s a rage game, but this is ridiculous.

Getting over it Hi Seb. This is a great game and reaching the top of the mountain was the best feeling I have ever felt on a mobile game. The anger and rage you endure up to that point makes the ending all the better. You should definitely buy this game. It was a little glitchy nearing the top of the mountain but otherwise the controls are fluent and precise. Top notch

Check points. Your game is very good and awesome I could play it all day. But I won’t play it anymore until you poot in a check point or something beacause I have had this game for some time now and I still haven’t finshed the bit where you get up where the kid is on the slide because I fall down so many times and have to restart again and I get stuck on something and I try and try again and when I do get past it I fall down somewhere else and I can’t get past it again so fix it or I’m never playing again. But awesome game though:)

Actual torture. I don’t know why I got this game, I thought it was easy, boy. I was wrong, you get the feeling of excitement after you get up the mountain and finally feel like all your effort was worth it. Until you place your hammer wrong and slip all the way down, trust me, going down is faster then going up. When this happened to me I instantly raged quit. Thank you for the lesson -me

Good game but lags. When I get to the grey rocks it lags and makes it impossible. Please fix this bug

Great game! But laggy FPS at times. Please fix !!. Hey I’ve been playing this for quite some time now! I really really enjoy it but the only thing that has been stopping me is sudden drop in FPS at certain areas, I’ve got my setting on 60 FPS, but it still happens!

Great game but..... It’s an amazing game but just after a day of playing it it doesn’t allow me to play it. It just kicks me out every time I get to the loading screen. I’ve re downloaded the game many times and it still won’t let me pass the loading screen. But it was fun and frustrating while playing it in that one day.

Rip off. This game literally makes you fail. I don’t even touch the screen and it sends me flying back to the start. Needs better controls and proper physics (like, not being sent flying just because your holding an axe). Is rated this 1 star because I couldn’t rate it any lower (otherwise it would be rated -5. The physics are just bull#(85!

I really wanted to like it. I understand what the developer is doing but the game is more punishing and annoying than it is fun. Spend ten minutes working around the unintuitive controls and you lose your entire game's progress from moving your finger at a slightly higher speed. I'm over it.

I think it’s frustrating. I am always doing really well up the mountain and so far up but then my game glitches and my hammer flys around and pushes me down to the very start from the weird sky houses to the first rock. Other then that I think that it’s pretty good

Such hard .. It’s as hard as it looks , seriously it’s a challenge. A huge Thanks you to the creator , I hope you continue to make hard challenging games . Also a big f you to the creator because the game is so challenging 😉

The rely on precision and performance. I noticed that this game depends on smooth frames, muscle memory, and precision more than any other game. Therefore, in the phone, or any IOS, you cannot have much precision. It’s not like a mouse with a large mouse pad, more like a thumb touching the screen. A tiny mistake by the hand, a tiny lag spike, a slight drop of frame rates, or a slight decrease in the responsiveness of the screen- all can mean that you might completely lose all of your progress and start over again. Just because of a tiny lag spike or a mistake of your movement.

11/10. This app is great fun and always has me climbing again and again every so often. I happened to get a new iPad Air 4th gen and the screen doesn’t fit. Please fix if there is time.

Dear Bennett foddy. This is a really good game, it is challenging and can make you rage😱 but that makes it fun, especially what the narrator says when u fall. The only thing that has got my 5th star is that the controls can be a bit glitchy other than that it’s perfect... for getting over the mountain. Do u have any plans on remaking more flash games? There’s this flash game I really like but i don’t have pc, if u want to take a look at it and maybe consider making it search up ( Arcanorum ) its a flash game with flying medieval machines , it may even make another good game for a narrator. If ur reading this Bennett foddy thanks for reading 🙂

One of the best games on iOS but not without its flaws. The game is fantastic but the laggy controls from time to time make for a frustrating experience. It truly is a fantastic experience that is occasionally flawed by jerky controls. If that is fixed it would be the best game on iOS, no exaggeration.

Getting too easy!!. Please make the map harder I have beaten the game almost 100 times. Make it 2 times harder, I’m ready for another challenge.

Fantastic! B+. This game is unlike any other games, except for the one it was inspired by, “Sexy Hiking”. Although annoying and extremely frustrating, the challenge ALWAYS brings me back for more. I have seen several other games that, once Getting Over It had gained some popularity, came out to try and steal some fame for itself, but this game, the original, always kept the spotlight on itself. Even though it’s idea was taken from a previous game, it still has some originality and you definitely didn’t keep it secret or sell it off as your own. As for the actually game, the narrator gives some interesting thoughts, almost trying to distract you from the stress of not falling. This is great and it really added another element to this game and made it that tad bit better. The unique style of art helped also differentiate this game from its rip-offs, making it considerably easier to recognise it instantaneously. And it doesn’t stop there. It has some secrets and other humorous objects in the game that just make even watching it so amazing. When it’s fun for both the viewer and the player, that’s when you know that you’ve made a great game. Overall, this game has brought something completely different to the spotlight and I hope that you will continue to make mind-blowing games and wish that they can top this one, if that’s even possible. Keep up the good work, - The Critic

Getting over it. Best game I have ever played, when I finished the game and saw the credits it made me feel like I have finally achieved something big in my life. BEST GAME EVER

Controls are terrible. It is a good game don’t get me wrong, but the controls of the mobile version are very bad. I’ve tried to bring myself in to sit down on parts but it would move the hammer instead. There are also some parts were you get stuck and you have to lose progress in order to get out.

A Cruel Lesson. Video games are tangible art forms. They can teach you important lessons; inspire you, punish you, allow you to change who you see the world through or create your own path to decide your own fate. They are games. They are experiences. They are freedom. Getting Over It is not. Getting Over It is a task. Getting Over It is cruel. Getting Over It is one of my favourite games of all time. Keep climbing, start again. Keep climbing, start again. Make lots of progress, keep climbing. Start again. If you are reading this and you are one of the few people to make it to the top, I applaud you. I inspire to be like you. I hate you. Bennett Foddy is the sculptor of this prison. This taunting pile of garbage that is the past. I wanted to review this game to help people make up their mind on what it really is but I can already see that I have done the opposite. If you have not played Getting Over It yet- Do. But I must warn you in full caps lock for the sake of everyone who skim reads App Store reviews: YOU WILL ALMOST CERTAINLY NEVER FINISH Well done game. You win. I lose. And so do you. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 🏳️

Just horrible. How anyone can get any enjoyment from this is beyond me..I'm fine with it being difficult and also fine with requiring patience to progress but these God awful controls are just ridiculous. Can't get a refund unfortunately but hopefully will save someone else from wasting their money.

12. I’m only 12 and it took a total of 2 years to complete this game

Very difficult - Git Gud. Have only had a few go’s at this so far and only near the start but this is a great game. Goes to show that hard work, perseverance and dedication will get you over your obstacles

Love it but overheats my phone. I love this game it drives me crazy! But every time I play it my iphone 6S+ overheats in the top right hand side of the back of my phone. I don’t want to delete the game and lose my progress but I def am not damaging my phone to play it. This is even after changing the settings so it’s not streaming, uses the lowest pixels, no data etc.

Nice. This game is very good as a 3 time winner I would say the difficulty is fine, however my one complaint is that it’s to hard to get trick shots that save time like on pc speed runs. Secondly the amount of skin I rubbed of on my first play through hurt but still good :)

Bad thing but good game. Sometimes when I play this game I cannot here the person talking or the music sadly. It is also super hard. But other than that it is good

Troubles With Getting Over It.. This game is great, but there are the challenging parts that really get you frustrated. Getting Over It does have a few glitches in it such as; Diogenes automatically jumping when hanging or sliding, fasing through small objects such as the lanterns and sometimes the hammer can teleport in a different directions. I know I sound kinda crazy since this is a rage game. But I’d like to have Bennett to fix these things or if those features are intended then I’d like him to tell players about these features, and it might just be a mobile problem too. But, this is just my opinion.

Never been so frustrated. This game was designed to hurt you, which it successfully does. The controls are rubbish, cough on the screen and it will think that you wish to restart the entire game. Controls are rubbish. Devils chimney took me four hours, once I got over it the guy thought it would be funny to flick me back down to the pit. If you somehow reach the top without having flicked yourself back to the beginning, then you would agree this is a fun game. Not for beginners, fun challenge for pros.

Awesome!. I just completed the game and it was the worst experience I’ve ever dealt with. The game is awesome and great though. However when I started a new game, every time I put my finger on the screen the hammer would go crazy and start shaking in random directions even though I’m not doing anything. But at least I completed it.

Review. Annoying to play on recent apple devices because of the swipe up home feature, also input delay for movement on my device.

This game genuinely caused me physical pain, but it was so satisfying to beat. This game is good there might be something wrong with me but I don’t find this game rage inducing at all the only thing that I find rage inducing is the controlles are confusing at times but otherwise very good

Wow, pain! But good pain!. This was an exceedingly annoying experience, but only as annoying

Love this game. I love this game, it’s almost addicting. I almost got to the very top and I fell allllllllllll the way back to the first section. This was sooooo annoying. Still I love this game.

Weird controls. Sometimes the controls are normal but sometimes the controls are inverted please make there be an option to change the controls All in all very good and challenging game

I hate how much I love it.. This game has taken over my life. The skin on my right thumb is smooth and ridge-less, and I have almost worn through my phones screen protector. This game is my crack. (p.s. I still haven’t won)

I beat it 3 times now. The pain, suffering and anguish I experienced was extreme. I never knew I could scream that loud. Anyway I finished it but my two dumb brain cells decided to do a new game. The second time it was a bit easier but still this game had nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat. I beat it again after almost crying. And I decided to do it AGAIN. It was much easier because my first game I beat in 8 HOURS. The second try 1 hour and the third just 23 minutes. I’m getting better and better with every game I play. At time of writing I am on my 4th attempt. Thank you Bennet Foddy.

Great game, however. I love this game on PC top notch message to the game, and simple but challenging gameplay. That being said though, this game truly isn’t optimised for a Smartphone, the screen feels too zoomed out and it’s very easy to exit out of the application if you’re using an iPhone that doesn’t have a home button. I’d say if you are wanting to give it a go, either get it on PC or make sure you play it on an iPad, as the much bigger screen will make it a much better experience.

There’s a Huge Problem you Need to Fix. My game went from running completely smoothly to lagging every two seconds when I got to the shopping cart and didn’t stop until I either fell back down or somehow got up to the asteroid up in space. Also I only managed to win this game because my game crashed and when I reloaded it, I was flung upwards due to my hammer glitching and I reached the end that way. Other than that almost game breaking glitch, I had a lot of fun with this game so until you fix the problem, I can’t give this game a higher rating than three stars. So hopefully you are reading this Bennett Foddy so you can look into this problem and fix it. P.S. Slide Boy is best Character.

Great game but frustrating. Great game but so frustrating only because it is nearly impossible to jump up on an iPhone with out swiping the screen up to the main screen

Null_explanation. I have never been so upset over a game. It has completely ruined my night. I got to the slippery slide after about 2 hours and then I fall. Right back to the bottom. There are glass shards in my hand from punching the phone. Great game!

Thanks so much. This game is the best you will fall down allot I got over it like the game GETING over it you should play it

So good. This is a really good game but you should make it more like the computer version where there is stuff like mods.

Brilliant!. I’ve played this game for the last 4 months and it is awesome! The numerous obstacles you come, each one more harder than the one before, makes the the game challenging and really fun. The only problem is that the game lags when you reach the bit of the sliding red metal. Please fix that bug. Other than that, keep up the great work!

The Feeling of Finally Getting Over It. The feeling of finally beating this game after all the struggles makes it so worth it. I felt like I actually did good for every section except the orange. I spent probably 5 hours of my 8 hour first completion trying to get past the orange. It sent me crazy, but that anxious feeling knowing you’re almost at the top was the scariest 10 minutes of my life. But I finally beat it and I have never felt so free. Thankyou Bennett Foddy for this experience.

Worth it?. I just finished this amazing game and I’d just like to say a few words. First off, I love it to bits, it’s a fun and unique game, although on the mobile version I encountered many spots of lag, which caused the hammer to jerk rapidly and send my flying off the side of the mountain, especially on the final tower. Although this was quite a nuisance, i still recommend the game for anyone and everyone. <3

Awesome!. This game teaches a brilliant lesson. No amount of preparation can help the player overcome this game. Every time the player falls is not their failure, it is teaching patience. By the end of the game if the player somehow falls using the snake, it’s easier to get back up to the ice hill because of the countless times they have overcome the same challenge before. One last thing: the controls aren’t broken, the movement circle returns to the hammer if it isn’t moved. The game is about positioning, patience and eventually the skill to proceed forward.

Not worth the money. The controls are terrible it doesn’t feel like we’re a fully grown person it feels like an infant learning to use his arms the controls are very weird (moving ever so slowly yet when the hammer touches something I go flying) even played with all the acceleration settings and it hasn’t changed anything. It’s good to have a narrator for the journey but if you get stuck some where get ready for complete silence until you make it past. Also from what I’ve seen so far the dialogue is very boring I haven’t found it entertaining at all so far.

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It kills my finger. Is there any way to avoid getting my finger killed?

So good. It is hard but that’s what makes it fun

Great!. The game’s really good and well made. All of these kids who think it’s a bad game because it’s hard are dumb. The game was made to be hard. Personally for me, I don’t like the game. It’s well made and as much as I love it for what it is meant to be, I find myself struggling on the simplest parts. Basically what this review is meant to say is that I think this game is great, and anybody who loves a tough challenge will enjoy it. But for me, I like games that I can jump into and play for an hour or two and have a fun time. This is not that kind of game though, it’s one that while trying to complete for your first time is a god damn project. You WILL struggle. Basically, this game is really good, but I don’t enjoy these type of games. 5 stars.

Worse game ever. Make it easier I’m crying I almost broke something terrible game read my comment.

Amazing challenge!. What’s not to love about this?

Great Game!. This game is really fun to play, the controls are easy to understand, and it has amazing graphics! I would recommend playing this game if you love climbing games!

Not worth it. Nigh unplayable, just get the pc version.

Just beat it less go. See ya

Best game. I really like this game but this is thank you make it game

This game is bad. It is torture to play this game, it should be free.

Good. Controls are really hard at first, but after it’s all fun, and well... rage, obviously, would recommend it, although it is kind of overpriced. If it becomes cheaper that’s a 5 star one hundred percent. 👍

This game is pure art!. 5 stars

Literally a bad game and a waste of $6.99 with no refunds. Whoever made this game should be in jail for fraud.

Good game. Took me a while to get over it, and now that I have gotten over it, every time I replay this game I end up beating it. At first the controls are a bit wonky and you do have to get used to it, you could literally lose all your progress at any given moment but eventually you get the hang of it, get into the groove, find the right sensitivity and the right techniques to eventually beat it. This game’s message is great as well, and also all the people writing bad reviews are little kids who just couldn’t get over it.

Really good. Just beat the game, my life is now complete

This game is cool if you are not trash at it.. Ye

Hard but enjoyable. Took me some time on my first try, now I have completed the game 6 times. It gets better each time you finish, I want the golden pot 🤞.

Refund. Is there a way to refund

Commentaire positif. Facil

This sucks. Never buy this

PC version is much better than the mobile version. As title

2fps. This game is so much fun to play, despite it being difficult. The only problem, is that there’ll be points where the game speed slows to like 2fps that makes it completely unplayable. I’ve tried everything from changing the visual settings to playing on airplane mode. My phone (iPhone 6) is accepted by the app, so why’s it running so choppy? Ive taken screen recordings of it at its worst and it’s just terrible. This game is an easy 5/5 without the issue, which is a 1/5 when it happens. Figured I’d average it out.

garbage controls. Fun but the controls kinda ruin it just get it on computer

I in fact. Dod get over it

great game. just as frustrating as the original, probably more than that even 👍

Bugs. When I am playing, a lot of the times I move my finger very slightly the hammer moves very far messing me up when I am going slow, and my sensitivity changed for no reason without me even changing it or going to the menu

where’s the ending surprise. on mobile if you reach the top you dont get the surprise…

An experience everyone deserves to receive.. Getting over it is just damn beautiful.

I MADE IT. I finished the game in June but today I did my record. 9 minutes and 8 seconds. I love this game. If you’re here for downloading the game but you want to win don’t buy it. It take me 1 year to beat the game. If you like defeating buy it and good luck!

Mhm. I was about to beat the game but then his arms started stretching out and he was flying all over the map then it froze and every time I tried opening the game it crashed and I even tried restarting my phone still same thing good game though

I finaly won. It took me 4 hours to beat this game and I finally did it :)

Good but. Good game but I fell to the bottom today. Otherwise I like it but it brings anger and is also meant to. It has no ads tho which is nice. So if you like to struggle like a bug in a web you’ll like this game. I like it a little but I don’t like to struggle lol but if you play it enjoy it!

YAAAAAA. This game is amazing I love how parts are hard but all it takes is practice literally a 10/10 game and don’t forget GOD IS ALL POWERFUL AND BRING ALL HAPPYNESS AND N ARE LIFE

LES COMMANDES SONT HORRIBLES. le jeu est vraiment agréable mais les commandes sont juste horrible, les graphismes sont ok mais la sensibilité et l’accélération sont juste insupportable, parfois le perso bug et nous pousse du mur ou même parfois il bouge tt seul. Tous ce que j’ai à dire c’est ton jeu il est cool mais t commandes et tes sensibilités elle pue la d.

Wonderful Game.. A great job representation of life, and how although things may set us back, we just keep going and pushing because of our will and hope for a better tomorrow.

Getting over it. This is the best game ever there is people who acted in it it’s 3-D models it’s frustrating but it’s cool

Game sucks. I’m not mad that it is difficult but it is just garbage don’t waste your money on this pathetic game devs should remove it from the play store or make it free I want my money back

I Did It!. This game was really painful but also felt so good. Highly recommend it

its good but.... you need to make it compatible with controllers it will be easier

.... This game is very had because of it’s physics and awkward controls. I have a suggestion... I know that rage games are not supposed to be easy but checkpoints would be helpful. Thank you for my now broken hopes and devices.

How to refund game. I just realized that their is a game for 4 bucks and a lot of people know it it is called poppy play time I have been trying to get my mom to buy me it and she said no and a couple months later here I am and I am trying to find a way to refund the game

No check point. No check point

iPhone X! swipe up to home!!!!!!. You need to please do something about the iPhone X swipe up to home. You get into a groove and then the damn game closes and you have to relaunch and pray you can salvage your jump. 12 stars if you fix it.

This game is hard but it’s not that bad. I have to say, if you’re going in this thinking you’re going to have a good time. You’re wrong. In your first play trough, you may think that the game is too hard or it unfair. But with ma having beaten this game 5 times now. I can say, it’s not as bad as it look.and it’s a great game over all.

Great game, fun and addictive!. New update fixed my game, thanks! I really enjoy it now and I would totally recommend it to anyone. Keep up the good work!

Just Don’t. Don’t give this man credit for making us scream. I hate getting over it with every bit of my soul

Fun. Bro it took me 9hrs just to beat this game😭 so glad i beat it. It was fun tho, even tho the narrator annoyed me so much

Best but Shiite game. This game so fun I like it. Bro I fall where the save button. The end

Masterpiece. Its story is phenomenal! You will have very high highs, and very low lows. When you reach the top of the mountain you will have found every piece to your puzzle. :)

Too easy. I beat this game in 3 hours

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Good game. I left a bad review on this game outta rage before.. I have now beaten the game 8 times and if you really let the game get to you instead of beating it you will actually decline in progress. You swing the hammer harder, causing inaccurate swings, every once in a while put down the game to take a mental break, after a few time beating the game you probably won’t need it because it just gets easier every time you beat it. By my 5th time beating it I got under 30 minutes. And also if you are really annoyed at Bennet Foddys commentating just turn him of in settings, I don’t do that though, I feel like it’s part of the experience in a way, almost like in obligated to listen to him. But yeah great game.

Furstrating But Fun. I have raged many times in this game but theres something that kept me going. The fact that you have to climb a mountain in incredibly awesome. It also that the fact when you have gotten forward progress makes you confident and you wanna play more. I have said that i hate this game for a billion times, but on the inside, I love it. Thanks for making this game that will give me nightmares about unsatisfying moments in the game!

The creator needs help. The moment you start to think the game is going to be fair and a good challenge, it kicks you all but half way down the mountain just to show you that you really know nothing. The controls are nowhere near as good as they should be for a game of this difficulty, making it feel like it’s less of a challenge, and more just that your losing because you were never really in control to begin with. When the game works it’s because it feels like it. When it doesn’t it just points that you’ve made a mistake. The game is quality, but it struggles with feeling fair. The hammer feels slippery and the pot you’re in just feels like it goes where ever it wants. Sliding off a surface one time and then a minute and a half later, it’s perfectly content with being stuck in that same spot and not letting you move. I enjoy the game when it works, but I quickly become frustrated with the poor controls, rather than genuine complexity of the environment.

Fun, but angering. There are some parts of this game that are way too hard. After playing for a while, I got better at learning the different areas and how to get past them. There were many times, however, where I get to a super far point and make a tiny mistake, just to fall all the way back down. If you have problems with raging, definitely don’t get this game. I don’t rage or get mad with video games hardly ever and this game made me wanna throw my phone across the room at times. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a fun game and a good challenge, just beware of the fall.

An experience worth going through.. This game is hard. Very hard but don't let that keep you away from buying/playing this game. I highly recommend you to go back and attempt to beat it if you have given up and if you haven't bought it I would highly recommend this game. There are a bit of bugs but I haven't really experienced any. You will definitely get angry and lose lots of progress but as a great man once said, it's not whether you get knocked down, its whether you get up.

ez (sarcasm). I beat the game after 6 hours of playing (spread out through 2 weeks) and it has a beautiful moral. You won’t waste money on it makes you really happy once you beat it. Thank you for reading my review, I don’t know you but just know that one day if you get this game, you’ll push off the last obstacle and win the game. I wish you the best.

Mobile - Pretty good now. I originally wrote a bad review on this game in anger and pain from sore fingers and laggy gameplay, decided to give it a try again a few years later on a new phone and it’s much better and actually way easier to beat now on mobile (up the sensitivity if your fingers start hurting) Is the game still very frustrating? Yes, and it still hurts to deal with being punished for experimenting; but that was the design of the game so just know what you’re getting into.

This is a cool game.. I agree with Bennett Foddy when you are at the living room. Felling frustrated is underrated. This game is hard and feels really good when you win. I am a fan of hard games and this one is probably my favorite. As of typing this, I have 16 wins. Wish me luck on the golden pot. I don’t recommend this game to people who rage easily because I myself was barley able to compose myself the first big fall. Also, this game is not meant for mobile and some parts really lag terribly. List of lag -part before devils chimney -orange mountain -beginning I also don’t like that you don’t get the special reward at the end so I had to look up the end online, and I really wish it was here on mobile.

Great game, but it’s too difficult. The problem isn’t the graphics or anything else like that, it’s just that I would do well. Up until I got to the cardboard boxes, that is, then I couldn’t progress. Sure, you can say that it’s “my fault,” but Bennett could’ve left SOMETHING to grab onto, yet didn’t. And then he plays an annoying song like Going Down The Road Feeling Bad, or gives a quote. And when I say “he plays an annoying song,” I mean the WHOLE song. My whole point is that it would’ve been nice if the lowest shelf could’ve been something you could grab.

Difficulty curve too high. The difficulty curve is more than I’m willing to devote time to. The narrators constant prattling about failure gets annoying after the 5th time you went from failing the chimney to bottom. Game feels like it’s not been given much attention to the mobile port, and could definitely do with some accessibility features like a darker cursor. Gave up after finally scaling the chimney after 3 days and immediately went to the bottom.

For some it is calming... Personally I thought it was the greatest solo game of my life. It tends to calm me and give me peace rather than how others tend to feel angry and frustrated over it. For me it’s the dopamine rush I get when I find a technique that a certain push or pull on an object will give me progress or not. When I fail I try harder and much patient than before. But sometimes I tend to rush it and I still manage to beat the odds. This is by far my favorite idle game. 11/10.

Playing is its own reward. It's frustrating. It's hurtful. You get subtly taunted with inspirational quotes. Some obstacles will appear insurmountable. But you'll preservere. You'll endure. You'll get to the top of the mountain and you'll reach triumph. I believe in you. Also I'm screaming because the game never gave me my final reward and I sat through the credits, they ended, and I just kept floating forever. Surely that's not right?! Do developers love when people complain about bugs in the review?

Amazing game, don’t break your phone. I have (as of the time of writing) beaten this game 5 times and I have loved every single second of it. I have only one gripe with this game, that being that the mobile controls are poor, but part of me feels like it adds to the experience. The commentary provided by Bennett Foddy was interesting and made me think about the nature of challenge in video games. All in all, great game.

Top of the mountain... I started this journey four years ago in 2017. I never finished the game, which bugged me so much..then i saw it on mobile. I decided to return to the game of masochism that is getting over it. I reached the top after four years, and i felt a huge weight lifted off my chest, and I finally can say “I got over it”. Thank you bennett foddy for this amazing (and Torturous) game! -InfernoSixGamingYT

Trying to figure something out. So, I beat the game (finally!) and when I did they credits finished rolling, and I just ended up floating through a seemingly looped space background. Idk if that is what’s supposed to happen bc when I closed the tab and loaded back in, it sent me back to the main menu/opening screen/whatever. I dunno if that was a bug or if that is supposed to happen or what, but I am kind of confused by it. Otherwise great game! Absolutely hated it sometimes but I also realize that the game is meant to do that so good job!

This game will literally cure depression. Once I started this game, it felt very calming. Then the narrator came in and started talking. After awhile I was pretty frustrated after losing all my progress. But then the narrator started talking again proving why the rage that you feel is important and I realized, this game is awesome, he kept giving me quotes, and stuff that will help me get through. This game is the literal definition of calm.

Hard. I turned 13 years old today I got this game for my bday I knew this was going be hard I got past the first obstacle the tree it took me a half hour I’m on the big mountain with the house it is but I will pass it someday I like this game it keeps me busy bennit can you please make a version of sexy climber 🧗‍♀️ please please respond two this review as soon as possible please make GAME LESS HARDEr I Can’t GET PAST ThE ThE Mountain you

This game is terrible. But I love it. I absolutely love it. It destroys your soul in such a way that you just want to quit. The annoying quotes, the music when you fall. It’s like he finds joy in your faliure. But I finally beat this game. Unlike triple A games, that take a long time to beat. You CAN beat it in a couple of minutes. But 99% of people don’t finish. The ones who do beat it take months, or years. This game is awesome. I highly recommend it. Unless you have anger issues. Then don’t buy it.

Love it!!. It’s uniquely frustrating but very addictive. The developer tells you about another game by someone else and how we was making the game. He teaches you with philosophy and many other things. When you fall and lose progress he cheers you up. I think this is a wonderful game and I still am on the giant mountain with the house tunnel

Bittersweet. Despite all of the pain and suffering i endured that one time then i pushed off the radio tower only to fall through the snake and that annoying rock and lantern part before the vertical wall the sense of accomplishment after reaching a new area I honestly thought impossible it makes a amazing game i only feel upset at not having a chance to experience it for the first time again much love for the game screw you and thank you Mr Foddy it was truly a pleasure.

This game i amazing. This game is a masterpiece. The music is wonderful, the annoying quotes every time you fall, the voiceovers, and the amazing feeling you get when finally beating it. I have beaten this game over 200 times with a fastest time of 4 minutes and 49 seconds and am still trying to get faster. I recommend getting the pc version of you can for the secret at the end!

What a great game. I love this game in all but I did hate myself playing it. But I still got over it and I am glad that I put in the time so that I could buy the shirt and earn it. I now know what everyone else had to go through. Also there was one glitch that would fling me randomly and make me restart. But it was still worth it. I got over it.

I like the concept of Sexy Hiking. Honestly Getting Over It is fun frustrating but easy I’ve beaten the game for the 3rd time now. The living room was really the only challenge but after the first time I passed it I never fell back down it. The ice cliff is very easy as I just pull myself up and boom done. I also like the fact that you thought that people would fell bad beating the game so at the bucket you put in the snake. But overall it’s very good and deserves a five star.

I have never played a harder game in my life. This game is extremely hard on mobile, can’t say for pc. It is a great challenge if are up for it or have the mental capacity to sit in a room for hours just to make one mistake and have your progress reset. It almost feels like the pickaxe is slipping off the material, making it near impossible to complete. It’s a waste of money if you rage quit a lot like me because you will probably quit in the first 2minutes of playing. Seriously

Oddly Perfect. This game was very interesting to play, and after my 10 minute speedrun was complete, I figured I would finally come over here and give my opinion on the game. A pretty interesting experience, from the lakeside to the cell tower. Rage was an integral part of my experience, as was most, but it taught me about what is worth getting upset over. Very few bugs, just one small soft lock that really made me mad: Cell tower, accidentally swinging behind the right side. Traps you right before the end of the game. Very upsetting to experience. Outside of that, was a good competition among friends and deserving of my rare positive rating. Thanks, Bennett, for making a frustrating yet overwhelmingly positive gameplay experience for me. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Best Game of 2020 for mobile (in my opinion). This is a great game. It does make you mad, but once you beat it, you start to feel accomplished. I haven’t beat the game yet but I know I will someday. And that day will be the best day of my life. If you have anger issues or something like that, I wouldn’t recommend playing this. It’s a fun game to play and I think this should be a 5 star game and it should not be an underrated game.

To easy. The title is too misleading this game took me over a year on PC and once I got to phone it was even harder. When I very first beat the game I cried a little from joy of getting over it. I will forever put this game in my highest of games I have played and hope that the person reading this will have as much fun anger sadness and joy that I had playing it as well. We’ll done Bennett Foddy

1 year and 7 months. I got this game exactly 1 year and 7 months ago. I played it raged, got really high up, fell down. Reached up again, fell raged. Didn’t play for a few months, played again. Raged. Until this day, I can’t believe I finished it, never in my life i’ve been so happy for winning a game. I 100% recommend this, but you have to be patient, amd not give up.

Do. Not. Buy. If you want this game I’d rather spend 500 getting a laptop and another 100 getting the game then spending a penny getting it on phone. It’s WAY to buggy my grubby fingers aren’t the problem. Whenever I move the hammer it barely moves at all. And when ever I move into a full circle with the hammer it does weird movements and the hammer goes into the center of the body. Do not buy on phone no matter what. Please fix this or refund anyone who has this bug I have had this sitting on my phone for a month already. And I do not want it since I downloaded it.

Prepare to be mad. This is not a game you “play”, in fact, it doesn’t even feel like a game at times. The ‘Getting Over It’ experience consists of anger, self doubt, and a hatred for the creator. The controls are punishingly bad, most obstacles feel genuinely impossible, and because of that, it’s perfect. If there wasn’t a way for someone to prove they beat the game, I would never believe anyone had. It’s that hard. Good luck

Needs work. The reason I’m giving this one star is because the controls make it unplayable in its current state. I set my sensitivity and acceleration to the max and have decent control of the mallet. The issue is that when you try to pull yourself over an obstacle on an iPhone X or later you close the app because you’re dragging up from the bottom of the screen. Either a joystick needs to be incorporated or there needs to be a way to disable it for the game. Seeing as the swipe to close feature is integrated into all new iPhones then a joystick or different control option (gamepad support) NEEDS to be implemented. Love the game, but don’t buy it if your phone has the swipe to close app feature. You’ve been warned

Definitely not cheating/update. Shoutout to the people who’ve had 3,000+ successful climbs in one day, it takes some serious skill to accomplish that. To you I tip my fedora and itch my neck beard... My previous review was 1 star due to the mechanics on mobile. I’ve discovered that I just despise mobile games in general. So you have earned your 5 stars because the game is a masterpiece. I just hate phones I guess. I’m off to go destroy some phones. Have an adequate day.

Just Amazing!. From the moment I downloaded this game it was fantastic. The relief when you save yourself from falling, the sense of accomplishment when you reach a new park, and the overwhelming sense of awe when you finish it. This game is not one to try to rush, apart from speed running, this game is a journey and an amazing one to.I highly recommend this game to anyone! But remember, never give up no matter how many times you fall, just keep on climbing.

Why doesn’t the hammer head follow the finger?. The title speaks for itself. If you just program it so the head of the hammer always points to the finger, then this game would actually work like it does on PC. But as it stands, it only follows the direction your finger is rotating half the time, and the opposite direction the other half of the time, and seems nearly impossible to actually control, even when trying to move as slowly as possible, regardless of the sensitivity settings. I want to actually play this game, instead of constantly fighting the janky controls just to move. Please for the love of god just program the hammer to follow the control finger so this game is actually playable.

Bravo 👏. This has honestly got to be my most favorite iOS games. great job! I just think you should add a couple things. A saving button would be SO good b/c I hate when I get somewhere high and fall and have to restart. Last thing that would be good is if you made custom characters or an online racing mode That would be Perfect. I know you guys are working hard and I am excited to see the future of this game. Thank you!

Some issues and bugs. This is a great game but I’m giving this a 4 star because you see you decide to save eeeevery mistake you see that’s messed up BECAUSE I went to the tree ok when suddenly my hammer got stuck behind the trees tried for 2 hours to get it out you need to fix this bug I and this is why I’m giving you 4 stars oh yes 1 more thing your gonna get bad ratings sir and guess what bad ratings mean no $ 5 for you if there’s ever bad ratings to a game you need to fix them and don’t be lazy or else NO ONES GONNA BUY YOUR GAME! Some typical advice / cash is what ppl call me

This game is fantastic.. When I first went to download this game, I saw a review from a guy who beat the game 50 times and got the golden pot. After seeing this, I decided to download the game. Months later and after 50 rounds of the game, I got the golden pot. I hope that the person who reads this review will do the same and get the golden pot just like me and the person before me did. Anyways, great game, I'd recommend this to anyone who wants a fun past-time or a grand journey to get the golden pot. Good luck!

This game is a life changer. The one who made the game is a genius! The point of playing this game is not just wasting time, it’s actually great for your anger management and giving up! It will teach you how not to give up so easily and accept the bad things that happens in life but always keep working on it and not because it hurt to start over that means that you need to give up! No you need to keep doing it until you get it! I loved this game even though I didn’t finish it.

u r a sadist. 5 stars However, the controls are not optimized for mobile. Yes, I bought this with the knowledge as to what I was getting into, however there are some elements (such as press escape to adjust mouse sensitivity) that do not lend to this games level or portability. Going right feels different than going left, and there are a good deal many misfires because the physics were made with a mouse in mind.

I got over it.. It’s a challenging game but as you go through it could take you hours, days, or even weeks. But the feeling of “winning” is great. You might act like you hate Bennet Foddy after “winning” or actually hate him, but in reality that challenge with all the really hard or even “over hard” obstacles made it fun and challenging. Thank you Bennet Foddy.

Amazing game that will teach you a lot.. I really loved this game. I’ve been playing since around December with over 25 hours of gameplay. At first this game is really really frustrating and will make you want to quit. That is the great part, it helps you learn a lot about how persevering you are. And if you aren’t normally preserving, it will teach you how to be. Overall, I think this is definitely worth buying and it is one of my favorite games.

WORTH IT!!!. This is the first time I wrote a review on any thing but this game even know it looks hard it really is fun some times I got stuck but with a little time I can get through it. I like how the game has quotes sometimes I fall on purpose just to hear them. Getting over it is a great game five stars I recommend to all people who don’t have anger issues.

WARNING: You will rage!. This was an amazing game with pretty good graphics and fun gameplay! Of course, this game can be really, really, really hard. Sometimes, the controls can be frustrating because they could cause you to fall, but other than that, the game is great. Even after beating the game I found myself going back and playing it because of the addicting gameplay. If you like a good challenge, I would totally recommend this game.

Open minded review. I am glad this game was created, I am very picky about games like this and must say it doesn’t disappoint (IOS). I do not find the controls sensitive, it just takes FOCUS and patience when deciding where to move, I have hand tremors and can handle the controls easy. The game is challenging, perhaps the most challenging you’ll play, it makes for a good time killer (love the narrator and history).

My review of the game. So. I had this game for quite some time and gave up on it for another quite some time. It’s a frustrating yet wonderful experience once you’ve gotten used to the controls. I got back into it recently and beat the game for the first, second and third time in 2 days. It takes a certain type of resilience to beat the game and it’s a beautiful feeling once you do.😁🙏

Note: not your average Getting Over It.. While the original average was five hours, this game in itself adds an additional 2 hours of playtime due to the limited space for hammer movement, the common errors of hammer placement, and the unusually laggy time when loading in new regions. At minimum, a part will take two tries due to the lag.

Woah. This game is breathtaking. I guess I am that certain person your talking about because man it hurts when I fail. This game is like geometry dash in a way. You just want to keep going no matter how much you fail. I love the voiceover and the incredibly appropriate songs, but seriously it’s so frustrating! And can you make it so you can record a video in game to send to people with streaming live as well? Thank you.

Appears to be fully functional! (Almost). Now all the bugs are fixed, including the save bug. However, I don't know if this is important: it only shows the title screen when I initially start the game. After I have started it, it doesn't ever show the title screen unless I reinstall the app. This really doesn't bother me, but if it's unintentional, then here are my stats: iPhone SE, iOS 11.2.2

Hard but controls make it harder than it should be. Game is very picky but the controls make it harder than it should be. Game has a random spazz from time to time. You’ll be trying to position your hammer very slowly and precisely and then all of a sudden the guy spazzes and launches you to who knows where. Really random. I’ve tried adjusting settings but still does it. Perhaps a year later… Controls seem better. I hadn’t played for quite some time but recently I was on some awfully dull online meeting and I dusted the thing off. I had been getting down to under 15 mins before when I got my golden pot but now a good game is under 30 minutes. Not sure I’ll spend time to get better or not. Game is crazy hard for sure.

Great App. I gotta admit, the game starts pretty rocky. You gotta want to win, or else you won’t get through the game. I spent over 16 hours on my first win, and I rid the snake once sadly. For some reason whenever I get into space, the stars show up and credits roll, but the game doesnt show the top of the mountain thing and the jumpscare keeps on doing sound (So the game still thinks its my first game) So I cant get the golden pot ; ( EDIT: If anyone else has this problem just pause the game and double tap the >> symbol (Im blind) and it will go to the top of the mountain.

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Language English
Price $4.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.14
Play Store net.Foddy.GettingOverIt
Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

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The application Getting Over It was published in the category Games on 06 December 2017, Wednesday and was developed by Bennett Foddy [Developer ID: 289213177]. This program file size is 236.8 MB. This app has been rated by 5,787 users and has a rating of 4.2 out of 5. Getting Over It - Games app posted on 26 July 2021, Monday current version is 1.14 and works well on iOS 13.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: net.Foddy.GettingOverIt. Languages supported by the app:

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Getting Over It Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Support for all modern devices, various bug fixes.

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