Getting Over It

Getting Over It [Games] App Description & Overview

A game I made
For a certain kind of person

To hurt them.

• Climb up an enormous mountain with nothing but a hammer and a pot.
• Listen as I make philosophical observations about the problem at hand.
• Between 2 and ∞ hours of agonizing gameplay, depending. The median time to finish for my playtesters was 5 hours, but the mean was closer to ∞.
• Lose all your progress, over and over.
• Feel new types of frustration you didn't know you were capable of.

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- 1 year and 7 months

I got this game exactly 1 year and 7 months ago. I played it raged, got really high up, fell down. Reached up again, fell raged. Didn’t play for a few months, played again. Raged. Until this day, I can’t believe I finished it, never in my life i’ve been so happy for winning a game. I 100% recommend this, but you have to be patient, amd not give up.

- Hard But Fun

All though it is hard something about it makes you keep playing.

- Why?

What is the point of making a game like this? Consumers pay $5 for a mobile game that takes ridiculous amounts of time away from you in order to set you back in a tiny fraction of that time? Come on devs this isn’t PC gaming here nobody has time to run through these same obstacles 500x over just to have to restart.

- Worst game ever

Please do not waste your money on the bugged controls and awful feeling you have while playing this game

- There’s no feeling more intense than starting over.

If you deleted your homework the day before it was due, as I have, or you forgot your wallet after spending an hour in the commute. Starting over is harder than starting up.

- It coo

It coo

- Don’t play on iPhone X or 11

This game is already hard enough without accidentally closing the app or pulling down your notifications banner every time your finger crossed one of the two on screen button especially while you’re hangin over a spot that could potentially send you back down to the bottom. Seriously don’t even try buy and play it if you have iPhone 10 or 11 all you gone do is rage even harder. Fix it gdi

- I Amazing

The first thing I have to say is that I have never gotten as mad at a video game as I did on this one. It is extremely frustrating but also very fun. This game has taught me to control my anger and I appreciate that. The graphics on this game are amazing, especially for an iOS game. Even after 9 hours of trying to beat it I think is is definitely worth buying.

- I got a blister for playing it over an hour

Fun, i accepted a bet That i couldn't beat the game in a day, it's been an hour and i'm a quater of the game done.. and my finger hurts so bad when i press down

- Thank you, Bennett Foddy.


- ⚠️⚠️⚠️DO NOT BUY!!!⚠️⚠️⚠️

⚠️⚠️⚠️It’s not worth it!!! Don’t pay $5 dollars for this garbage!!!Way to stressful!⚠️⚠️⚠️

- Controls

Pretty bad on controls, I request a refund

- Very fun

Very fun but frustrating. Just keep going and you will make it.

- This game is awesome just one tiny thing

I’ve been playing this game for about 1 month. So far I am loving my experience with this game. This game is actually easier then you think except for one part. The devils chimney. This part is so hard! I will fall down to the bottom and start going back up It’s pretty easy to get up except for when you get to the devils chimney. I know this game is supposed to be hard, but this is just way way too hard. I really wish this part could be easier. If this could be fixed then this would be my favorite game. Anyway though I have really enjoyed this game and would like to see more updates. Bye!!

- The audio doesn’t work

The game play is tough but the worst thing is that the audio doesn’t work at all

- Frustrating is even close.

You should really only play this game if you hate yourself. Seriously it’s the most frustrating thing you can possibly do with your free time. The game was designed by a sadist. You can put all the inspirational quotes in the game you want but it doesn’t change the fact that this game was intended to drive you insane.

- Actually better than i expected

This game is totally awesome! its hard and fun BUT there is a big BUT its good only on ipad i tried it on my phone and it was kind of terrible but still im reviewing this from the device that i played on :)

- Not recommended.

This game is OK...BUT IT IS SO DANG FRUSTRATING!!! When you finally make it up to the top but make a mistake, you get sent allllllll the way down to the bottom again, to start over. I don’t think it’s worth 5 bucks.

- Frustrating!!

It is a hard and frustrating game but once you beat it it is really fun

- Horrible

I hate Getting Over It with every fiber of my being. No game has left with me with more hatred in my heart. I have no love left anywhere in my soul as a result of this terrible, terrible game

- One of the best games I have ever played👌👌

This game just fills me with happiness and sadness, it is a roller coaster of emotions. I have actually learned things about myself through this game so in my opinion 1000000/1000000😁

- Amazing

This game is very frustrating, but in the end it pays off. Countless times I fell down the mountain. I recently finished the game. Even though it’s frustrating it’s worth it when you finally get past a part, or finish the game.

- One of my favorite games. Five Stars.

This game was really frustrating and lil' bit of rage when I played for the first time. But with the time I learned that it was my fault about feeling like that, so now I don't get frustrated very much anymore. This game is like a therapy, like if I fall from top to the bottom I have to do it good like last time I got to the top. Playing this game without hearing Bennett Foddy we will not learn nothing, I know it's annoying hearing almost all the time that guy as a commenter but it’ll make the game worse. This game is about of practice of moving good the hammer with your thumbs and getting the domain of the game. Getting Over It is not about getting over the mountain, is getting over the anger to not feeling like that anymore. To control your bad emotions. A tip is to take a breath and think about how did you feel about getting very up. I beat this game more than five times. Sorry if you don’t like my opinion but, this game is worth it when you get over it and feeling the best relief you've never had. In addiction I would like a sequel or a new feature of the game like custom mountains by players or a multiplayer race about who is going to be the first to get over that mountain. I don’t know how to express my opinion about this game but simply I will say that even the game is really frustrating and raging, it’s worth it to play it when you’re bored, is very entertaining and interesting. Thank you for reading my review of this incredible game.

- Great Game, Honestly..

It really is and amazing game and you will undoubtedly find it an enriching experience!

- It’s amazing

Do yourself a favor and buy this

- Could Be Better

I understand the object of this game is to be complicated, but honestly I’m getting sick of it after just downloading it, this game is very annoying and angering to play. Whenever I try to climb up, my hammer suddenly loses control and I fall back to the bottom again. I was so excited that I had gotten past the light bulbs and then my hammer lost control and made me fall back to the bottom while I slowly tried swinging. This game shouldn’t be designed to be so hard, and it was a waste of money to purchase, terrible.

- It’s good


- Sensitivity, great in oc

On Pc. this game is actually playable and a challenge. on mobile, this game is very hard....much harder than pc. if you finish this game on mobile, it is the ultimate flex. the tiniest of movement will send you flying of the map and start you over. plus the controls are just terrible. if Pc is a challenge this is a suicide gotta be pretty skilled....or decent at these types of games.

- I love it

It’s a nice game.

- Terrible

This games is just a terrible rage inducing game don’t play it if you don’t wanna break something

- Sure

I always beat the devils chimney but I kept falling this game is not possible on iOS I’m writing this review to say if I could rate this negative 5 stars I would this game is terrible the point is this game is NOT worth the 5 dollars if you buy it you will immediately regret all of it so DO NOT BUY THIS is all I have to say.

- The creator needs help

The moment you start to think the game is going to be fair and a good challenge, it kicks you all but half way down the mountain just to show you that you really know nothing. The controls are nowhere near as good as they should be for a game of this difficulty, making it feel like it’s less of a challenge, and more just that your losing because you were never really in control to begin with. When the game works it’s because it feels like it. When it doesn’t it just points that you’ve made a mistake. The game is quality, but it struggles with feeling fair. The hammer feels slippery and the pot you’re in just feels like it goes where ever it wants. Sliding off a surface one time and then a minute and a half later, it’s perfectly content with being stuck in that same spot and not letting you move. I enjoy the game when it works, but I quickly become frustrated with the poor controls, rather than genuine complexity of the environment.

- This is the hardest most frustrating game I've ever played. I love it.

Most games these days try to coddle you and get you to like them. But this game is different. It is a combination of frustrating and hard "levels" but each let you get closer to the top, but then you fall. And when you reach the end, you realise that the run that you beat it, you realised something. It is not the fear of falling that got you there. It was that you worked so hard and spent so much time that you felt like you deserved it. Most games will give you what you want. If you are an enjoyer of easy games, this is not for you.


I went up the mountain

- This game is terrible

This game is terrible I’m never playing it again!!!!!

- It took me too long to beat this game lol


- The Test

This game is meant to test your determination. I recommend this game 100% to all users. “How much can you take before you break?”

- Too Difficult & Very Limited

The map is tiny and pretty difficult even for intermediate to advanced people, and especially when playing off an iPhone screen. It was exciting at first but it just became really boring since you can’t pass points. Maybe if there were other maps it would have been better, but In total a complete was of 5$ and time.

- Oof

Ngl he be vibn in space


I Saw Markiplier Play This Game And I Thought Why Not? Its Really Good But I Almost Threw My IPad Out The Flipping Window.

- Dudes

I think you critics are just bad at the game, it’s so fun and addicting. We even posted some videos of us playing it on yt 😂 it’s an awesome game, there should be more like it

- A Masterpiece That Plays With Your Emotion.

I’ve beaten this game 5 times. First play-through took me 7 hours, latest took me 11 minutes. I can’t find a way with words to describe this game, just get it. It plays with your emotions but by the end you feel like Bennett is your friend. Just Get The Game.

- Something Rewarding

This game yes, it is frustrating, but if you look at the bad reviews, most of them think it is too frustrating, but if you make it to the top, it can teach you something about yourself. There is something solemn about the fact that if you put the time into it you will get something out of it that no one else can. A lot of people say the controls are bad, but that is just complete bupgus, if you don’t think you can handle it then you probably can’t, but if you can’t work towards it, it is absolutely one of the best games you can play.

- Omg this is good!!!

Ok, I know this game is really frustrating. No really this game will give you a seizure, but if you want to play this play it on a IPad or a kindle because if you you play this on a phone it will be really difficult. But other than that, I really recommend this game.

- This game is a joke

The controls are laughably bad, its not even frustrating its more of an absolute joke. Nearly impossible to do anything, if you do buy this have fun getting soft locked at a mediocrely hard area that would be easy on pc. I know the controls are supposed to be “bad” but combo this with mobile and you have a 5$ JOKE OF A VIDEO GAME. Way more frustrated at the waste of money and time this game brought me. Trying to refund with all my power at the moment.

- Yo this game has to be controlled support

Has to be plz

- Impossible and glitches and good

Impossible,fun,terrible,glitchy,and stupid This game is just.................BAD BUT GOOOOOOOOD I hate it I love it more of a hateful game than fun also 😆🤦🏻‍♂️😃😱🤣🤨😮🤬😉👎🏻👍🏻😡😄😞✔️🔝🔜🔚🔙

- How do get past the lamps at the end of the first mood

It’s way to hard to get past the lamps

- gg


- Getting over it with Bennett Foddy

This game is where you basically get mad at this game because it’s so frustrating but the more you complete it, it’s more easier to keep trying and get that anger out of you.

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- Crappy game!!!

I hate it get rid of it right know!!!

- Its great but one problem......

Hi. This really is an amzing game for anyone looking to challenge themselves but (spoiler warning!) when i beat the game and fly into space after the credits i dont get the chat room. I dont know what to do with this and i really want to get to tne chat room so pls look into this!

- bad


- Finally

I was very entertained playing this game because I totally didn’t throw my computer out the window.

- A fantastic game

This game is a very annoying rage game but it is also very fun in a way and is an emotional experience of a game. I love it and hate it. When I first got the game I found it very difficult to get over it and I was stuck on the devils chimney and I gave up on it. Months after I got the game I reinstalled it and kept trying and I eventually made it through the tunne. The next bit started off hard and I kept falling way back down from the slide repeatedly. And was continuously falling from the stairs and the camera. It was pain. Once I got to orange hell I struggled on the steep rock and fell repeatedly. I finally figured out how to do it and got over the church. The hat and anvil was pretty easy after that but the bucket was so painful. It took me ages to get past the bucket and the ice cliff. The tower was also very difficult but I did make it up there which took me months on end. This game is terrible and fantastic and is an experience that you would never have before. I would recommend this game to anyone. With the pain the Bennet gives you with his annoying quotes and songs. It’s a great game that purposely tries to punish you that’s why I love it.

- Poor controls

Don’t bother buying this game on iPhone/any app format. The controls just aren’t as fluid or precise as using a mouse and results in being punished far more due the the touch sensitivity.

- Sooooooooooooooooo hard


- Great game!

Made it to the top of the mountain, had a great time!

- I wanna die

Good game but major suicide incourager

- Yesseee

It is good the controls are better on the phone than a computer

- Garbage

Game runs like trash and looks like it to

- Bad


- Best game ever better than fortnite

Easy game and fun I recommend you get it I’m only a kid

- Unplayable

It should be a good physics based game but the controls make it a case of randomly swiping and hoping for the best. A waste of money.

- Amazing

This game is honestly amazing. Controls can be glitchy but overall an amazing game. Also there’s a game called hammer man which looks like a copy of getting over it

- Breathe in....Breathe out

If you counted the amount of times I cussed,counted to ten and shouted.It would most likely be more than 256 times.Remind yourself that before buying it.

- Woah

At first I kept cursing this game but know that I beat this game 4 times it very good 4 stars

- The Graphics

Best Graphics On Mobile, Hands Down.

- Really poor controls

I love this game and will probably get it on pc but the controls on mobile are way too twitchy. I tried changing the sensitivity but it’s still either too sensitive or not sensitive enough. I understand that there isn’t many ways you could have made the controls but I think they could have been made less twitchy.

- Amazing game

This game is amazing over 50 wins I think this is ipad so idk

- Amazingly hard game

This game is fun but hard

- It’s easy !

It’s easy if you put your mind to it. If you rage , you’ll never beat the game.I love this game because of how he tells you to keep going ! If you give up you’ll never beat the obstacle you need to beat. However, it isn’t beating the game. It’s expirencing the world’s mind set . Great game 👍

- This game is 💩😭🤯😭😭😭😭😤😠😡🤬🤔😡👹👹👺👺👿👿👿👿👿👿💩

If you want to go into a mental asylum with joker than you should play this game for a whole day straight

- Best game to play when bored

This game is the perfect solution for when you are bored because it tests your patience and what not but wouldn’t give 5 stars

- Great game

I love this game! It is very challenging and some parts are very hard, but that’s all part of the fun! Don’t let the £4.99 put you off as I would say it is worth every penny

- I got over it

Months after giving up at this game on the computer shortly after it’s release I felt like I needed to overcome it so I got it on my phone so I could hack at it more and after a good month of constant trial and error I got too the top proving I could do it in a mere overall total of 12h but I played again after a short break and ended up completing it in 46 minutes such a inspirational and uplifting game once you have the patience and peace to understand it

- Do not recommend for iPhone or iPad user

Controls are not consistent when playing in iPhone and surprisingly very glitchy on the iPad Pro. Do not recommend

- Great!

So my review... It’s funny.... stuck in a cauldron tryin’ to climb a mountain... what’s with the things on the mountain though. It’s hard to but good... I’ve never completed it before so I don’t know why he’s doing this. Maybe there’s a donut there.

- Amazing

I always watched people play this game on YouTube when I had some spare money I finally decided to buy it. With multiple restarts and hours of frustration I beat it in a time of 6 hours. Would definitely recommend.

- Oh help

This is one of the best and hardest games I’ve ever played. Currently, I’m stuck at the ladder bit, idk how to move on. Great game, 4.5/5 (for no optional save/ player customisation)

- 😂

This game is very fun but it seems bad at first. WARNING: this game is very hard and you can lose 10 hours of progress in one mistake.

- It’s brilliant

What a great idea for a touch-screen game, very challenging but very addictive and difficult to put down. Frustrating when you make a mistake and fly a long way down, but fun for it!


I do not get how I am meant to do this it is fricken stupid I mean it’s annoying better controls and able to do like a tiny jump would be best

- The controls 😭

Long story short, the controls are awful. Have a lovely day!

- 4

This game could actually make you commit suicide

- Would be fun...

Game is good minus the fact You can’t actually play it on iPhone X! Please fix this issue!!! I really want to play the game without closing it every 5 seconds.

- It’s not tough..

But pointless. As many have mentioned, in certain situations the controls invert meaning the character does the opposite to what he should!? This means it’s not tough but pointless as you can’t master random changes in controls. A tough game is a good idea but not when it can’t be learnt.

- Dosnt work

Paid for it, doesn't work...don’t buy

- Greatest game for me

I am 8 years old and I’ve completed this game 3 times.It is so frustrating at times but if you don’t rage quit within 24 hours you’ll soon get used to it. Do not buy this game if you have low patience with games since you will probably rage quit.On my iPad after the credits roll it doesn’t go to the end screen so I have to press pause and then press the skip credits button which is 2 arrows.This game is so fun to play!The graphics are really superb and I’m really enjoying this game!I’m not an experienced gamer so if you want to beat it you have to have a fair amount of skill and lots of patience so that you’ll be really good at the game as you get nearer to the end.Don’t get mad and🤬,it won’t help.

- Good if you have time on your hands

This game is gorgeous and also something to do if your on holiday or just bored as this game will take a lot of time to complete so recommended if you have the time and your very calm as don’t expect to not shout

- Frustrating yet rewarding!!!

The first I completed this game it took me 14 hours of gameplay and was the most frustrating feeling falling all the way from the radio tower down to the barbecue. I’ve just completed the game for the 4th time in 26 minutes of gameplay. The sense of satisfaction when you learn all the techniques on where to climb is great. Well worth the £4.99 if you want a game that will test you!

- When you get to Tower it lives.


- It’s great but needs improvements

I love it and i complete it 2 times but it kept crashing on the credits please fix is it even possible to get the golden cauldron, also at the last tower to reach the end lags please fix Thanks 👍

- Makes pc version look like childs play

Seriously if you have played the original version of this and try it on IOS...prepare yourself! This game is nigh on impossible on IOS. The controls just DO.NOT.WORK! 9 times out of 10 it will do the complete opposite of what you intended or will simple not be quick enough to register your input causing you to plummet back from that hours progress you just made. Leave this to the PC and move along to something that IOS can actually handle.

- :(


- When to buy, when not to buy (brief reasoning)

Hello potential buyer, there is two types of difficulty in games, first one is a challenge that is difficult to overcome, but is rewarded by mechanical or strategical improvement. The second type is difficulty that is simply unfair in design and coding. This game is the Latter of the two. Controls are flawed, such that a precisely same rotation of a finger that you’ve done a second ago, will give you a new result, rather than repeat the one you previously learnt. My conclusion: Buy this game (A) if you truly hate and want to punish yourself in all ways possible (B) if you wanted to break your iOS device and were just looking for a reason. Don’t buy this game if you like a fair challenge that revolves around consistent mechanics encoded into the game. I fall under the second type of gamer, so in my opinion the game only deserves 2stars on touchscreen devices. Hope I helped you to make an educated decision!

- Why

I love this game but the graphics are different to how it's showing me😭

- The rage is strong

Yes...yes!...YES!....NOOOOOO! That’s what this game should be called.


Literally wanna kill my self

- Yes!

I got over it!

- Not worth the money

The controls are terrible it doesn’t feel like we’re a fully grown person it feels like an infant learning to use his arms the controls are very weird (moving ever so slowly yet when the hammer touches something I go flying) even played with all the acceleration settings and it hasn’t changed anything. It’s good to have a narrator for the journey but if you get stuck some where get ready for complete silence until you make it past. Also from what I’ve seen so far the dialogue is very boring I haven’t found it entertaining at all so far.

- I hate how much I love it.

This game has taken over my life. The skin on my right thumb is smooth and ridge-less, and I have almost worn through my phones screen protector. This game is my crack. (p.s. I still haven’t won)

- One of the best games on iOS but not without its flaws

The game is fantastic but the laggy controls from time to time make for a frustrating experience. It truly is a fantastic experience that is occasionally flawed by jerky controls. If that is fixed it would be the best game on iOS, no exaggeration.


I love this game soooo much! But the thing is, when ever you beat the game, your sensitivity gets BOOSTED up sooooo high! So yeah, GREAT game I LOVE challenging games!

- Such hard .

It’s as hard as it looks , seriously it’s a challenge. A huge Thanks you to the creator , I hope you continue to make hard challenging games . Also a big f you to the creator because the game is so challenging 😉

- This game is brilliant but....

I hope that the creator is a big Game of Thrones fan and somebody spoils every episode of Season 8 before they get to watch it!

- Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

F&@k you Bennett Foddy haha, so addictive and yet so frustrating at the same time, the sarcastic remarks when you fall have nearly cost me my phone already 😂

- Addictive game....

This game is frustratingly good, but I don’t like being taught philosophy by “Julian Assange” as I slide down the mountain. Let me enjoy my own failures as a person in silence as I let a $8 game get the better of me.

- F U Bennet Foddy!!!!!!!

This game mad me rage so effing much I quit for about three effing Months!!!!! but congrats, you’ve made a good game!

- Will not work

I have tried I play this a few times it won’t load it is stuck on the first loading screen please fix thank you

- Why?

You like to see people suffer don’t you

- Ending reward and lag

There’s a bit of lag in various parts of the game that needs to be fixed, also when I finish the reward doesn’t appear for me?

- Dear Bennett foddy

This is a really good game, it is challenging and can make you rage😱 but that makes it fun, especially what the narrator says when u fall. The only thing that has got my 5th star is that the controls can be a bit glitchy other than that it’s perfect... for getting over the mountain. Do u have any plans on remaking more flash games? There’s this flash game I really like but i don’t have pc, if u want to take a look at it and maybe consider making it search up ( Arcanorum ) its a flash game with flying medieval machines , it may even make another good game for a narrator. If ur reading this Bennett foddy thanks for reading 🙂

- Awesome

But sometimes it glitches

- What an experience

This is not just a game. I say that with all seriousness. After spending 6 hours and finally completing it I am here to say how amazing this is. The feeling after completing this is the one of the best dopamine rush I have ever been on. Yes it lags, yes it is beyond difficult but that is part of the fun.

- Game is poor quality

The game is good and all but lag is still present, and almost all of the game is lag, so please, fix it

- There’s a Huge Problem you Need to Fix

My game went from running completely smoothly to lagging every two seconds when I got to the shopping cart and didn’t stop until I either fell back down or somehow got up to the asteroid up in space. Also I only managed to win this game because my game crashed and when I reloaded it, I was flung upwards due to my hammer glitching and I reached the end that way. Other than that almost game breaking glitch, I had a lot of fun with this game so until you fix the problem, I can’t give this game a higher rating than three stars. So hopefully you are reading this Bennett Foddy so you can look into this problem and fix it. P.S. Slide Boy is best Character.

- Worth it?

I just finished this amazing game and I’d just like to say a few words. First off, I love it to bits, it’s a fun and unique game, although on the mobile version I encountered many spots of lag, which caused the hammer to jerk rapidly and send my flying off the side of the mountain, especially on the final tower. Although this was quite a nuisance, i still recommend the game for anyone and everyone. <3

- Constantly crashes

Every time I enter the game it crashes and I’ve tried everything please help

- Fantastic and Challenging Climbing Game

Getting Over It has been a great little title I jump in and out of. It is of course very difficult so I find myself playing just a little at a time. However just when I think the current area is insurmountable I manage to work it out through patience and grit. The game runs well and has been fun to play. Just don’t play it if you're not the patient kind, or if you’ve had a bad day at work ha ha.

- Subtitle

What happened to the subtitles on this game I never took them off but they disappeared

- Not Amazing

I’m not writing this review because I’m struggling with the game and it’s too hard. I’m focussing in the gameplay. The sensitivity is whack, it’s so hard to do slow movements in the lowest sense and input acceleration. The amount of random movements that happen because I ever so slightly move my finger ruins the game. It’s a fun concept but gameplay and graphics wise it’s executed badly.

- Awesome game recommend it

I gave his a 5 star because it’s challenging and it’s fun and I do rage but it’s what the game is about CHALLENGING and no bugs eighther great job Bennett Foddy

- Not enough stress in your life? Here is the perfect solution for you!

accidently bought the game. Worst game EVER. Don't buy it!

- Urgent Fix

The 60 FPS mode starts of perfect but after around 4 to 5 minutes the game begins to lag a lot and therefore the controls are twitchy. The issue is noticed earlier in the game on iPhone X.

- This game makes me wanna kill myself.

I love it. 10/10.

- Uninstall simulator

$7.99 for a game that loads 1in10 times. Atleast there’s uninstall instructions.

- Was nice ..

I played it for a bit and it was nice but now I can't start the app anymore, it do the loading screen, load the game but stuck on the image after and sometimes is black, can't play anymore please fix it :(

- Thank you

I feel like killing myself now :)

- Best worst game I ever played

Solid -5 out of 13 stars. Climbing a mountain sitting in a pot, using only a sledge hammer, is as ridiculous and ineffective as you’d imagine it is in real life. Very accurate simulation

- This game is not worth it

I just downloaded the game and it has a long loading screen. Then when I went to play it the graphics were TERRIBLE. Everything was pixelated. The audio was echoed whenever he spoke or when the person grunted etc. Very disappointed. Please fix ASAP, but until then it’s one star. P.S: I have an IPhone 6 updated to the latest version of iOS.

- Just one thing

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I found that the graphics were very pixelated, and not clear. Other than that, a very good game

- Ignore My Other Reviews

Please ignore my other reviews as I know how to fix that now. I just beat the game and it filled me with so much joy. Honestly, Bennett Foddy, even though you probably won’t see this, thank you from the bottom of my heart, it was a truly amazing experience filled with anger, sadness, happiness, hope and most of all, fun. I highly recommend buying this game. I have loved and hated this, and only one other game has made me love and hate it, and that game is Cuphead. But enough about that, Bennett Foddy, thank you for all of the gems you have released in your game-making career.


Edit: problem resolved here is your 5 star rating and to fix the problem load the game a second time I got the game, only to open it ZOOMED IN! I try to zoom out and IT DOESNT WORK, and I reinstalled it! will get 5 star if resolved. Message to MELONISLIVE: your not getting it’s supposed to be hard

- Great game but uses battery

This game is great and i really love playing it but it uses heaps of my battery

- XD

Don’t download it and waste your money the game is a piece of $#*@

- I can’t play!!!!

When I open the game the screen is really zoomed in so I can’t see what I’m doing. I have seen you tubers play this and I really want to play but because of the problem I cannot🙁

- It’s good but to hard

I have been trying to get past the tree for days

- Terrible controls

The controls are terrible, no tutorial, supersensitive. Even if you turn down the sensitivity it’s still ridiculous, feels like it ruined a good game, if your gonna spend the money I advise you buy it on PC.

- Decent

Controls are cancer but it’s still a good game, kinda regret buying it for $8 tho

- Game Bug

Whenever I open the game, it’s either just the background or a black screen. I can still tap it and hear sounds of the player moving around and grunting, but all I see is a dark screen and I keep having to reinstall the game to fix it, but I have to start from the bottom again. This problem is getting annoying and is more frustrating than the game itself, so please fix this bug.

- View

I was on my iPad and the camera was way to high to see the ground and the player so blpblpblpblpblpblpblbplpn

- Ipad pro issue

I tried to play this game on my ipad pro but the camera was too high for me to see what was happening and when pausing part of the menus are cut off.

- Good game but

This game offers a lot of things and it is a really good game but the controls are stupidly sensitive

- Frustrating

This game is fun and annoying at the same time and the graphics is horrible and why would u make a game for your enemy. Worst game ever

- Can I get a refund

Please it’s not the game it’s just we need the money back from the gift card

- It pretty good

EDIT: I fixed the problem! I deleted the game and re-downloaded it. The game works perfectly now. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a challenge. After this update I have been unable to finish the game. Not because of the controls, but because of an in game bug which crashes the game when making the final jump. Please fix this bug! I’m on the latest IOS version and on an iPhone 6s plus.

- It’s very good but needs some improvements

This game is everything it wants to be, frustrating, fun and enjoyable. Coming into this you can’t expect to be perfect cause it is made to be really difficult. But the controls are super touchy and that was the main thing that I didn’t like about it, even when I lowered it it didn’t really lower, if anything it lowered by at least 1% I couldn’t tell the difference. That was my main issue. This is an amazing game and I love it no matter how many times it makes me rage quit.

- Awesome

I am really enjoying this game but when I first opened up the app the graphics were not what I was expecting. They don’t look to good. This would get 5 ⭐️’s if you can add a graphics section to make it from low to high or something like that. I would recommend this game.

- Great game

Although somewhat infuriating this game is oddly satisfying to play with basic controls and a simple challenge in mind Getting Over it with Bennet Foddy challenges even the most noble players. Paired with motivational quotes and music that helps you push on the game allows the player to find humour in ones shortcomings.

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Getting Over It 1.13 Screenshots & Images

Getting Over It iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Getting Over It iphone images
Getting Over It iphone images
Getting Over It iphone images
Getting Over It iphone images
Getting Over It iphone images
Getting Over It ipad images
Getting Over It ipad images
Getting Over It ipad images
Getting Over It ipad images
Getting Over It ipad images
Getting Over It Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Getting Over It Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Getting Over It (Version 1.13) Install & Download

The applications Getting Over It was published in the category Games on 2017-12-06 and was developed by Bennett Foddy [Developer ID: 289213177]. This application file size is 181.31 MB. Getting Over It - Games posted on 2018-09-19 current version is 1.13 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

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