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MyScript Calculator [Productivity] App Description & Overview

The new MyScript© Calculator 2 makes daily math fun and easy!

Calculator 2 turns your device into an interactive piece of paper. Simply write a calculation and it gets you the result in real time. Develop it further with editing gestures or by adding new elements anywhere. Reuse previous results with drag and drop. Calculator 2 interprets everything you do on the fly.

Calculator 2 is based on MyScript Interactive Ink®, the next step for digital ink. It is the successor of the award-winning first handwriting calculator.


· Write calculations in an intuitive and natural way without a keyboard.
· Erase easily by using scratch-out gestures to remove symbols and numbers.
· Drag and drop numbers from and to the canvas, the memory bar or to an external app.
· Copy your results to the clipboard or export them to other apps.
· Fractions: Display results using decimals, fractions or mixed numbers.
· Multi-line: Continue the same calculation on the next line or write several calculations on multiple lines.
· Memory: Save results into memory. Reuse them anytime in your calculations.
· History: Retrieve all your past calculations to reuse or export.


· Basic operations: +, -, ×, ÷, /, ·, :
· Powers, roots, exponentials: 7², √, ∛, e³
· Miscellaneous operations: %, |5|, 3!
· Brackets: ( )
· Trigonometry: sin, cos, tan, cot, cosh, sinh, tanh, coth
· Inverse trigonometry: asin, acos, atan, acot, arcsin, arccos, arctan, arccot, acosh, asinh, atanh, acoth, arcosh, arsinh, artanh, arcoth
· Logarithms: ln, log
· Constants: π, e, phi

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MyScript Calculator Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Now compatible with the iPad Pro 2018.

MyScript Calculator Comments & Reviews

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- Great calculator for simple mathematics!

I go to this calculator app to run simple calculations. It’s not the best app for algebraic functions and higher order mathematics, but it can serve as a bit of a precursor for solving simple algebra questions. Most books use “x” but this app uses “?” and that’s fine, especially since “x” can be misinterpreted as the multiplication symbol. I’d recommend other math apps for students starting in algebra, but this app is INVALUABLE in performing multiplication and especially division. The visual output of numerators and denominators, I believe, can help students not fear fractions as much as is typically the case.

- This Is The Future.

I have never before written an app review—such is my enthusiasm for this app. I am using a 2018 iPad Pro with Apple Pencil, and the handwriting recognition is incredible. For basic numerical calculations, it is simply stupendous to see a string of calculations reduced to a single solution in one step. The speed and fluidity of writing numbers down and then tapping calculate (or doing it in real time(there is a setting in the menu)) feels like the future of basic calculators. I wish there were more powerful calculation options, or that this input method was available for other calculation tools like PocketCAS or others, but for simple numerical calculations the rapidity is just unmatched. For accuracy or complexity, look elsewhere, but what makes this special is the handwriting recognition. Having used it, I would now pay far more and feel it was worth it—but then again, if it cost more, I might not have tried it out. I wouldn’t hesitate for anyone using a stylus type thing on a notepad sized device.

- Helpful to see everyday calculations on magical paper

This is quite a useful app. It’s helpful to see your math on a page anytime you have the chance to write it down. This time, however, the page finishes your calculations once you show your work. Magic. This is something from the future. Helps me with mundane household budgeting when comparing shopping options. Especially great with the Apple Pencil, where I use this app the most, though the iPhone app is there in a pinch when you’re out and about. Very cool stuff. It would be cool to be able to change the weight of the ink; I think it’s too thick. Altering the auto-calculate time to be a little bit longer would be good too, perhaps as an adjustable setting.

- Not for smaller device users

There are a few major problems on this app. For example, it is very difficult to write any equation because the writing space is very limited; though that might be just a small device problem. Another problem is having a difficult time editing the equation. Say you wrote an equation already. You then realize you messed up and try to fix it~ it gets confused and tries to put something else instead or it just doesn’t work at all. This is happened to me plenty of times and it’s gotten to the point where I’ve given up. Everything else works fine though, like the simpler problems. All in all I think this app is all right, although if I had to say, I would NOT recommend purchasing this item. Very disappointed in this!

- Great Calculator!

This is a great calculator and I would highly suggest it! It can do fractions, decimals, variables, all of that plus more! The detection is great and it always knows what I’m drawing! It also helps with the problem I sometimes have where I press a wrong number on the regular calculator and have to delete it all. With this you obviously draw so messing up is pretty hard! Even if you do you can just scribble it out or hit the undo button! In the end I highly recommend this app! It will save you time that may be wasted when using the built in calculator app! 5 Stars! Great App!

- Lack of functionality

I am disappointed by the lack of functions, as someone who used your previous app which was fully functional though didn’t calculate, it is disappointing that this app can not solve “complex” equations such as finding the value of a variable in equations such as: 3+X=2, due to the fact that it does not recognize variable. While is can solve equations such as “2 x __ = 8” saying the empty area is four. The function is immensely confusing. I do not however want to trash this app as a programmer I am in awe of your hand writing recognition capabilities, though I am disappointed in its lack of ability to compute most every equation, especially series’s. In any case, nice work.

- Good at first

At first this app is awesome. It’s amazing that it can translate what you write so clearly. It actually is pretty impressive. I decided to try it out to see how accurate it is however it cannot do any college algebra problems. When I try it just gives me a question mark. I read some reviews and others seemed to have the same problem with high school algebra. This app has great potential to become better than Mathway and Photomath if it adds geometry and algebra aspects. Hell if they made a version of this app just for algebra, I’d buy it.

- Despite having rating nags turned off

The company disregards my wishes and nags me at very annoying times. I had to hold a number in my memory, and when I switched over to write it down, a rating nag pops up. I have to read through the options with a number in my head, and I ended up recording the wrong one. Nice. All so the company can spam me AS I'M CALCULATING. If devs had their way, I'd do nothing but type reviews all day. It's asinine. What the customer wants or needs is secondary to the whimsical wants of the company. I can never work, confident that I will be unimpeded. I always have to be wary of when the next nag is going to intrude. Let me ask you something, if I wanted to type a review, why would I be using a calculator? I mean, don't you have your answer right there? Better yet, stop punishing me for being a customer and feeling entitled to use my device to send me text messages begging me for stuff. At the very last, stop being hostile to customers, and respect their choices. Anyone that doesn't 1-Star rating nags aren't part of the problem, they ARE the problem. Don't be the problem.

- Great App as is, 2 more features would make perfect

I really LOVE this app, it’s certainly performs as advertised and my review could end here. but, I have 2 features to request; 1) DARK mode, please. && 2) a way to press a new button CLEANUP, to just cleanup the hand written equation WITHOUT solving for X. That way one could work out all of the steps by hand, but not SOLVING or expressing variables, keeping them SYMBOLIC until such time when the SOLVE button is pressed which then would work as it does now. — I wear an 2XL t-shirt. Thanks

- Stopped working after certain number of characters

Stopped working after certain number of characters, I did very very lengthy calculation (just basic calculations like adding numbers and subtracting numbers) to find out this app capability, it did well in starting and I was impressed, but when i’m keep adding numbers to the same calculation, it started messing with my calculation and not recognizing the symbols as well. But if you do regular calculations for your daily purposes, it works awesome.

- Good but not a real calculator

I bought this calculator thinking it would be perfect for school, since I am often writing down algebraic formulas and then having to go back and plug variables into a calculator later. It works well for simple math, but the truth is this isn’t really a full calculator. It won’t do decimals with more than 6 leading zeros and if you do a calculation involving negative exponents you likely to get an answer of zero. I like the app, but honestly, how hard is it to display a number in scientific notation? If you can display 1 billion why not one billionth? I can’t even really use this half the time

- Almost Great

I am happy with this app, it is great to have to write calculations on the fly. I love the way you can slide the app to the side and use with other app (I use this a lot in tandem with my note apps). One think that would make it better is to have commas in larger numbers to make them easier to read. I’d up my review to 5 stars with this feature.

- Great improvement

I wasn’t sure if paying for what seemed like minor improvements was worth it, but it is. Just the ability to take the total of one equation, drag it to the next line, and work with that number in a new equation is fabulous. I use it far more than expected. If there was to be one improvement, it would be the option to have numerical commas inserted. 5-stars, though. No doubt. Big thanks to the MyScript.


I bought this app because I mean, it obviously looks fun being able to write and sometimes makes doing math more fun either if you take breads drawing on it (though the drawings soon becomes a math equations or question mark) and I thought it would help me do my math hw faster. The first few days or weeks it’ll be fine and it works to solve basic math equations, but for long term use, A WASTE OF MONEY! Due to me trying to write my problems quickly at times, it makes me frustrated that sometimes as I write one number or another, it’ll give me a different one than I asked and i soon becomes annoyed. Perhaps if the developers were to be add a part to this app, somewhat like math was, that would help you solve problems as well it may be worth, but for a calculator that just solves basic problems still and even has function problems, I wouldn’t spend money on this. Wish I could get mine back

- Garbage for anyone who knows some math

I hardly write a review for an App, but the overall 4.3 review is so confusing miss leading. I regret purchasing this App. As long as you can do very basic math, this App is not what you want. It can only do adding, subtracting and meaningless fractional convention. IT CANNOT DO INTEGRALS, RECOGNIZING FIRST/SECOND ORDER EQUATIONS, OR MATRICES. In other words, if you are above primary school level, you don’t need this. You spend several seconds to write input a math your brain can solve in 1 second. When you want it to solve some real time-consuming equations, it doesn’t work! Not even convert it into the correct formula.

- Incredible

I pre-ordered this app & it just download to my iPhone X and the app works flawlessly. The UI is clean and very simple. I like the light blue color within the app. Minimal reading and instructions. It looks great on the iPhone X in landscape so you can write longer equations. I just wish this app existed 10 years ago! It’s a must needed app!

- Lots of fun

This app is lots of fun to play with and handy when working on budgets for events. However, I do agree it would be more useful as an educational tool if algebra functions were added. I’m planning to use this app for a basic math for programming class and will update my review after i've started the class.

- Possibility of adding detailed step-by-step problem solving information?

AKA when inputting a problem to solve, can the steps taken to arrive at the answer also be displayed? I’m a teacher and i could really use a feature like this for my students

- Better Than Normal Calculators

It’s better than all the other calculators because it can solve the literal equation how many of you guys have been asked this question example: 5+?=10 well this calculator can solve those kinds of questions over all great app

- Almost there

The app is overall amazing although it could do some improvements (especially with decimal points and fractions sometimes). It would also benefit greatly from a significant figures mode in addition to the truncate and round options it currently has.

- Outstanding

As someone who struggles with math, or fractions in general, this app is amazing and it really helps me out. Since most calculator apps don’t feature a easy fraction option. This is a necessity for all phone users or those who struggle in math like me. It’s well worth the price.

- My Go-To Calculator

It works just like writing on paper but so much better. Entries are recognized flawlessly by the app, corrections are quick and easy and the history is easily available. All this my handwriting without having to hunt and peck. Excellent work!

- Suggestions

Awesome App! Works perfect and it feels completely natural to do calculations and even edit! The biggest addition you could do is to let users use algebra. I understand it would take much more time and effort but it would be amazing!

- Wonderful

I keep it handy as I read or hear the news to check or extrapolate on the countless numbers that flow over the airwaves. Great for helping me solve “What if?” problems. Or to fudge a bit if I’m too lazy to figure things out in my head. A+.

- Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!

I can’t say enough good about this app. I use it with the Apple Pencil on an iPad. The ability to hand-write complex equations and get immediate answers is great, then you can go back in history and call up a series of calculations and work on them some more! Amazing!

- Handy

This is a very useful tool. I had to run a tour and I could just jot on the ipad as I went along, but also get the answers to specific things like tips, who owed how much to whom and all that. I do hope they will update, but I find it pretty useful, amazing even, even now.

- Natural input is so comforting vs pushing buttons.

Been waiting for an update for ages and it is finally here. We have been drawing and writing on caves wall from early records, natural inputs are just so second nature. Looking forward for updates to other ageing apps from same dev.

- Helpful... but

This app is incredible, it’s only downsides are it doesn’t really recognize less than, greater than, less than or equal too, greater than or equal too, if you get the idea. If that could be fixed up, I’m not sure how this app could get any better

- Background Style

Can y’all bring back the grid background that y’all had on the previous script calculator or an option to change the background to various things? Would greatly appreciate.

- Great utility

Overall great app, detects handwriting amazingly, understands exactly what I want to do and simplifies everything down, it can even understand written out patterns and solve them, find percentages, and much more. 5 Stars all the way.

- Excellent

This is a very good app. After playing with it for a couple of hours I decided it deserves a spot on my home screen. One must be careful with the placement of a decimal or not be too sloppy with writing out an equation but the app handled everything I threw at it.

- 7th Grade Math

I am a mother of a seventh grader who has exactly my amount of skills in math. None. This has been an ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS HELPFUL tool for someone like us who are clueless when in comes to solving math problems. THANK YOU! I have had no problems with pop-ups.

- Great app. Room for growth!

Things that can be added : Writing formulations any direction on the page Why isn't there an eraser option? To work with this app just use the stroke delete method only. Think about it. Regardless I love the concept!

- What about variables

I like the app but it cannot solve equations. For example 2x+9y=-10, how could the calculator solve that it cannot solve equations or the slope or anything like find x. This calculator is more of numbers than letters you shouldn’t just put numbers. What if we wanted to find a diff answer then what, other than that great app.

- Disappointed

Mathaway is by far better and the free version of mathaway actually can solve 9x+9y this program cannot it’ll mistake y for 1 and re-edit your math problem completely frustrating I hope updates fix this if not it’ll be deleted off my phone and avoided like the plague. It claims it can do algebra, geometry and calculus but when you type anything in it rewrites your problem you want it to solve

- It’s useful

Sometimes it transforms the numbers before I’m done writing (edit: turning off the recognition is great). Then it interprets stuff wrong, like slashes get turned into minus signs, ones get turned to minuses, negative powers get turned into minuses. Scientific notation needs to be implemented.

- Easy to calculate percentages

It’s already helped me figure out what % I need to discount an item to get it to the number i wanted. I also used it to do algebra with my high school son, helped me check his work!

- Easy Fast Effective

This is the best calculator for most every day work. Way more intuitive than standard calculators. It is also more visual in figuring calculations. So, from a non math person, I love it.

- Bottom line, doesn’t recognize American 7s

We don’t write our 1s like 7s and don’t put lines through our 7s. Not for Americans and until they fix this, it’s too erratic and cumbersome. Need to have a setting for American usage. I write the number 17 and it comes out 11. I’m not going to change for the app. FIX IT!

- Lacks scrolling capability and use of variables

Would be great if it could use variable do derivatives and integral calculations. More importantly would be integrating variables and allow scrolling of page instead of being limited to delete page each time to do more calcs

- Last updated a year ago!

I just bought this app for my son to help him with his homework. However I noticed that the app was last updated a year ago! Is this now a forgotten app from the developer? This is a nice app and would be great to see it do more.

- Tears of joy

I have been using this app to check my 5th graders math work all year and it has literally saved my sanity. It is fantastic and every upper elementary school parent should have it. Best $3 I’ve ever spent.

- Difficult interface

While trying to use the calculator, it begins attempting to solve the equation while I am still writing it. I find myself repeatedly trying to enter in the full equation fast enough before it starts calculating before it’s fully entered. I suppose this could work if your doing very short calculations, but for longer formulas, I found this calculator was not helpful.

- Has potential but needs to solve Algebra

I would love to be able to solve algebraic equations. It would make sense to have an Algebra mode for recognition for variables and other algebraic functions. Sure there is the ?, but variables would be nice.

- Z!E!R!O S!T!A!A!R!S

This app is HORRIBLE !!!!! It does not give me the right answer !!! And does not even let me finish writing my problem down before already solving it !!! And it doesn’t even give me a step-by step process !!!! I would like my $2.99 back PLEASE !!!!! I am disappointed I had my hopes up and what was I given disappointment!! For Gods sake man it’s only Tuesday afternoon !!! All I’m trying to do is help out a friend on Radical Functions !!!


That is really good example it is really good at understanding your handwriting and equations but fractions on the other hand it is not good at that all right 2/4 and it comes out with 1×2. Can you please fix this!

- Problem with small numbers

The handwriting seems to work great though the lines are unnecessarily thick and the font is larger than I would like. My problem is that it rounds small numbers to zero rather than returning them in scientific notation. I see this starting around 10E-18.

- App works great !

App is just work great👍 Far better to draw the number with finger and calculate ~ it ! Waiting for more better feature to come on next update ~!

- Great app, is inaccurate at times

I love the functionality and I feel like I’m writing into my notebook quickly. However sometimes I’ll get numbers that are just plain inaccurate and I have to re-input my calculations on my phones calculator...

- Cute toy

I heard about this and thought it was a really cool idea! Paid for it but a little disappointed. I can’t seem to recognize even a decimal point and gets confused. My calculations end up with all kinds of?’s and assumptions that The app wants to make. I still think this is a great idea but needs a little more work.

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- Does not deal well with Physics problems

I really like this app, but unfortunately it does not handle very large or very small answers well. These are often needed in Physics calculations. It is annoying to put your calculation in then end up with an answer of 0 because it has not detected that the answer needs to be expressed in scientific notation.

- Generally having a hard time recognizing hand reading

Spent more time trying to correct the equation than writing it or putting it in an actual calculator. Especially in the split screen mode with an apple pen and a somewhat larger equation. Please consider the case with apple pen where the palm would sometimes touch the screen and the app would pick it up and think it’s part of the equation. Please consider the function of snapshotting a hand written equation from another app (clipboard) and pasting it into this one, most likely happens in the split screen view . So I do not have to write the same equation twice. I’m happy to pay more if that is a functionality. Please also consider a toolbar on top of the screen for some quick frequent use cases because I feel like the screen is not fully used or occupied. For cases where I need to put a ? In the equation, I was not able to do it on two equations at the same time. Please tell me if I did it the wrong way. General a helpful app, but it’s not good enough for a $5 app. Hope to see improvements. :)

- Great for Collaborating With Others

Excellent when doing calculations, using an iPad Pro, in a meeting or a workshop, because the others can see the logic and the results are instantaneous. My only gripe is that I like to use the comma as a thousands separator (I often deal in big numbers), but the app always recognizes them as a decimal point.

- Excellent product

This is one of the best quick calculators available. Care is needed when bringing down saved numbers from the top of the page as the font size becomes very large.( must be a setting somewhere). Otherwise can’t be faulted.

- Love it.....but...

It is a great tool and perhaps I just need practice. The issue I have is using a thousands comma, and deleting numbers and other corrections. I think the developers just need to work on some of the usability issues and it will be perfect.

- Script calculator

This Calculator keeps getting better. Now able to calculate down the page. Best thing is being able to put in an unknown factor in a calculation and it works it out. Good for calculating percentages etc.

- It’s a good app for basic math

The calculator works for fractions and simple operations but not for algebra and complex order of operations. But still it is good good app to download.

- Perfect for quick calculations

I use this everyday, it’s so easy to bring it up in split screen and make quick calculations with the Apple Pencil in hand

- No longer inaccurate on iPad Pro

On the iPad Pro this app tells me that 1.89 squared = 7921. On the iPhone 1.89 squared = 3.572 Disabling the multiplication dot in settings fixed the problem. Thank you. This app works well now.

- excellent calculator

This is an excellent app. It recognises my handwriting (often better than I do). The interface is excellent and it works flawlessly with the Apple Pencil. Highly recommended

- Concept great - but ...

The idea of thus app is terrific but it gets things mixed up more often that getting them correct. If free app i would say fair enough but when you pay it is reasonable to expect to get something that has already been tested and fixed

- Brilliant for tutoring students!

I tutor, and this app is great as it lets me show my students exactly how the calculations work, line by line.

- Its really fun!

You can write, draw and you can know what your drawing is in math!

- #thebest

I love it you anything and It turns to math

- Awesome app

This app is so fun to use thanks whoever made it.

- Excellent

- Wrong version

The link takes you to AppleStore, says it’s Calculator2, but installs version 1. No link to version 2.

- good but

it’s good and everything but it please enable variables to be recognised then i would be really good!

- Calculater2

It helps me with my maths

- Not Worth It

Just use a normal calculator

- Damn do good

The best app ...ever and it free and no pop up adds .

- This sometimes works better than a conventional calculator

Every now and then there are huge equations with a lot of fractions and rational powers. I find it more convenient to write it out on this app compared to traditional calculators for simple calculations like those. It would be great if there was a better way to insert a space somewhere in the expression that I’ve written so that I can write more numbers in between. For example, if I had 1/2+3, and I want to write (1+5/6)/2+3 after wards. In this particular case it’s easy as it’s quite short and it would still appear quite big it the app, but if this was really really long, it becomes impossible to insert something in between. Another feature that would be really helpful is if I could define my own constants, like A, B or C that I could change on the fly. Thanks!

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- Good but could be great

Cool app but would be amazing if you could actually show the steps instead of just providing the answer. That would make it a great learning tool.

- Amazing, but no derivative/integrals

Love the app but it would be nice to have derivatives and integrals. Would be very helpful with my work.

- Best way to do calculations, hands down

I’ve been using the first myscript calculator for some time now and the few features I thought it could use are now available in this version. My only request is that when the “only Apple Pencil” mode is on the time it takes to drag a number should be reduced, and possibly shrink the calculations a bit so there is always enough room to write another step below.

- Rate

The math part is really cool but... I wish there was away for it to expand the work so see all the steps and I’d also like to know if there’s away to do algebra because it’s was not working when I tried and this that was that only reason I got the app. But Luther then that it kinda cool

- Too basic

This app doesn’t support advanced math at all. I regret so much to pay for it

- Très bon outil de calcul

Vraiment impressionnant pour son utilié. Ce serait un plus si le calcul pour les mesures Anglaises (pouces, pied, verge, mille....) et métriques étaient possible (cm, kilometre, kilo, ......).

- En fait c bien

Finalement, cette application est très bien. Des fois, ça bug, mais sinon ça va.

- The app is really nice but some crucial downsides

Suffers seriously from cancellation problem in floating system. Such as the quadratic solving equation or e^x-1. Hope it will be solved in future

- Amazing!

Absolutely worth every penny.

- Great for Basics

It’s a great tool for basic math. To make it better, it would be nice to have more scientific calculations available for more complex equations. Another great add on would be to see all the work involved in the equation written down.

- Very inaccurate

It has a really hard time distinguishing between bracket and 1, cons and decimal. It’s also really hard to edit a misrecognition because it’s hard to erase a small thing like a decimal or bracket. Also hard to insert a number between two things. Not worth it for something paid

- Go-To Calculator

I prefer using this calculator over the stock one, and I usually feel bad when using another calculator when I don’t have access to this one.

- Perfect... except they need WatchOS version

When will it be available for Apple Watch? Then we can finally replace the old calculator program with an exceptional and professional calculator.

- This app can’t discern your writing well

Every time I use this app to calculate, I feel all the world against me. It makes me feel **** because of the awful discern. But it still a very good calculator, because it can calculate very well. If the discern can be improved, it’ll be the best phone calculator ever before.

- Palm Rejection not working

Hi,I like the app. It’s easy and straightforward.I don’t have an Apple Pencil but do have an Adonit Pixel which works great on it. But palm rejection doesn’t work for me I tried moving the PR slider Off/On. Nothing....please fix!😟

- Fun/learning app

Absolutely love it!!Great fun and learning tool for kids...and adults

- Calculator 2

I love this app! I don't do long calculations so I'm very happy with it. I see some reviews that are less than positive. I think these are prior to the last update. There are additional features that were suggested by some.

- Pretty good, but needs more features to be useful

It works well with elementary math. However as a second year computer engineering student, it lacks the features required to be of any real use. For example, you can’t write x=2 and then use x for a later calculation. It would also be more useful if it could use math functions Iike takings the module of two numbers, or even the derivative of a function.

- Not worth it

Trash it is not worth 5 dollars,

- Best calculator for iPad

Worth purchasing for 5 dollars

- Annoying

I am really annoyed that I’m not able to paste some numbers....

- Been waiting for something like this for YEARS!

Disclaimer: I don’t have anything to do with this app... Very happy to find this calculator. Technology has been around for a long time to do something like this. I’m glad someone has been able to implement it and do it so well. Very clean and simple design. Hand writing recognition works really well also. A few other features that are well thought out. Great job!

- Great App!

Very convenient, hope you can add the recognition of permutations and combination. It is really help with the data management students! Hope you can see my comment!

- Doesn’t work for me on small screen

I bought this because the concept is great, but I just can’t get it to be reliable on an iPhone screen. It’s just too hard to write with your finger on a small screen and have it recognize it properly. Maybe it works better with a stylus, but to me that defeats the purpose. For me a traditional calculator button interface will have to suffice. I don’t have time to struggle with calculator input, sorry! Maybe it works better for others.

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- Just use your finger

Love this little calculator. Don’t have to clear your entire calculation and can just keep on going as changes come to mind.

- Amazing technology

I’ve only used it once, just playing around with it to see how accurate it is and I’m amazed at the simplicity and ease of use.

- Very easy

I have this manual calculator for more than 2 years. It is still a fun experience. I don’t even touch my regular calculator anymore.

- Unusable

I always have problems with the calculator reading what I write into it. My handwriting on an iPad screen isn’t bad at all, but apparently this app thinks otherwise. Whenever I write a dot symbol for multiplication, about 3/4 of the time it comes out as a decimal. For some reason, this also happens when I write in the subtraction and addition symbols. I really regret buying this app.

- This app is amazing!!!

Ok first of all I would like to see variables and a note taking page to write down formulas and stuff. Otherwise keep up the great work!!!❤️

- What kind of calculator is this

I wrote out “(3+2i)squared” and it doesn’t give an answer. Anything that isn’t simple that I pie into it, I get question marks. Even when I put an equals sign, it still gives a question Mark like it doesn’t know how to do it. Just wasted 3$ on an app that can’t do its own job that it was MADE FOR. I personally think it needs countless updates.

- Magic

This is fantastic. Using an Apple Pencil with screen split between this and a notes app is a super efficient way to work math problems.

- Worth it

I pre-ordered this app and it was totally worth it. This is a must need app. It would be great if it allows multi variable algebraic expressions and equations (instead of just "?"). Overall it’s a great app!

- Y is seen as 11 or 1/1 or 1/2 or 1/ never y

I adjusted the Apple Pencil ,rounding ,played with all the menu settings. The way I wrote ,my hand placement. Uninstalled reinstalled. No luck and other hand writing Apps no problem. It couldn’t handle y so I didn’t see trying any other inputs after playin with the menu. Hopefully they’ll fix it right now not so much.

- Fun and useful.

Fun and quick when you need to do math without paper. Could be better with single variable name, currently it uses a “?” As the variable name.

- Love it

I’m a sailing instructor advanced and do a lot of navigation problems and it makes my job faster and easier.

- Very annovative

I like this one for simple calculations on ipad. Could done some complicated calculations too. Just needs thousands separate comma for results!

- Symbols

Recently purchased the application and I was impressed. Since this is scripted I would to be able to use symbols like $ and %. Doesn’t make much sense if a calculator can’t perform those simple functions. Back to the old calculator.

- No Calculus

Other functions are fine, but pretty disappointing for college classes. No support for any derivatives, limits, series, or integrals. I guess it pays to read how limited this app is before buying.

- Fun and Effective

I love using this app while baking when I need to weigh out and divide bread dough into equal pieces. I’ve not run into any problems at all and find it fun to use.

- Great App! but...

I really wish there was a mode for algebraic equations. Every time I try to use it to do algebra it converts it to other numerical figures. So 7.5/10 👍🏻

- Quick and useful

Highly recommended for quick calculations.

- I’m speechless!! ❤️

Sorry my English is weak. This calculator app is the best calculating app that I have used in my whole life. My huge thanks and Appreciation to the people who worked on the App. ❤️❤️

- Love this app

It’s so much more efficient than typing in numbers on a keyboard. And it’s quite good at character recognition. I’m impressed!

- hope Permutation and Combination support

as a china student,this app is very helpful but could u plz add this in as C(m,n) A(m,n)?so that could be more easy to write without !

- Not very good

It was very frustrating becauseI would type something in like 18 times what equals 36 and it what have like a question mark I was like what are you asking I’m like that’s what I’m asking you it was kind a like bogus so overall I don’t recommend spending three dollars for something that’s as good as the regular calculator for free

- One of my favorite apps!

I wish handwriting to text apps were as simple an clean as this.

- Thank you I love math

This is a good App for teaching kids math you can turn off The answers then the kid can the answers

- Very good

A very good app to make calculations. My only suggestion is to use AMOLED black instead of normal black on screens that support it for a richer color.

- I love it, but…

I would like greater precision ... 15 decimal positions & programmable functions, possibly derived from an RPL HP48gx calculator ??? & maybe some graphic capabilities, drawing circles and rays ... ? & so on !< $ 40 ?

- No Variables

Sure this is a great app and very useful, until you need to use variables and it’s no help at all. This app is terrible with algebra, which is the whole reason I downloaded it in the first place.


I prefer mathpad a lot but can’t even download it anymore, it is said that this is the new version of mathpad(maybe?) but I don’t think so, mathpad can do more than calculator2, please at least upgrade some functions like ‘export as LaTex’, and I also feel handwriting recognition is not good as mathpad, I’m so sad.😔

- Very useful!

My only complaint is every time I try to write the percentage symbol it corrects it to zero over zero.😝

- Needs to be better

This is a decent calculator, but the app it’s self has terrible recognition when it comes to certain things. A good calculator but it’s not worth $2.99.

- Little things

Doesn't read all hand writting but other than that the app is awesome and is great with my math homework

- Units

Great app. It would be even better if it could incorporate units of measure (feet, minutes, grams/mL, etc). Perhaps as an in-app purchase?

- Quick & Easy

It’s faster for me to calculate using my finger to write my equations than to hunt and tape the keys.

- Straight up magic

Shocked at how good the hand writing recognition is! Especially since I have THE WORST penmanship.

- Very Usable App

Great app for doing calculations and so easy to use. I use it regularly.

- Fantastic calculator!

Really easy to use and works well on IPhone X!

- Same as original app 😞

This app is exactly like the original app with no tangible changes or improvements. Just a quick way to earn a buck (from a sucker like me) without putting any work into it. The app STILL won’t calculate in landscape 😞.

- Great app

Love how I can enter the exact equation and get the correct answer

- Fails with decimals

This app constantly fails to correctly capture decimal signs, making it practically useless for me. I purchased because the original version worked well... unfortunately I cannot say the same about V2


It does what it says it will do... but not perfectly. When writing complex equations it jumps to conclusion about what i want to write vs what it thinks i wrote. It’s good... but no more than just a fun thing to use sometimes.

- Don’t Buy

Doesn’t work well. Can’t even recognize decimals or dollars. This is why I wish Apple had a “try before you buy” feature in the App Store. Or an option to return it. Waste of money.

- Great app—wish I could store variables

Great recognition for the Apple Pencil, but I wish there was a way to store variables and formulae

- Bad

This app just puts random numbers in for anything and can’t recognize something for the life of it, also it completely breaks when you try to use variables. Normal calculator apps that are free are better.

- Incredible

This is so handy to write out equations.

- Natural - Love It!

It only keeps getting better...!

- Yikes

So I downloaded this app to help me with my factoring, and to do factory equations but it doesn’t do that. Also when I tried to multiply “ 2 * 2 “ just to see if it works, and can read my handwriting... it kept typing Tan. Ugh

- .

Very easy to use and helpful

- Cheating tool

If you plan on cheating on an online test, best tool ever

- Nice App

This is a fun app as long as you’re using it on the iPad Pro!

- It’s like Hogwarts!

It’s like paper that I’d use if I were Hermione Granger.

- Good calculator

Good calculator but would love to have the option to show step by step problem solving.

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MyScript Calculator 2.0.6 Screenshots & Images

MyScript Calculator iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

MyScript Calculator iphone images
MyScript Calculator iphone images
MyScript Calculator iphone images
MyScript Calculator iphone images
MyScript Calculator iphone images

MyScript Calculator (Version 2.0.6) Install & Download

The applications MyScript Calculator was published in the category Productivity on 2018-01-23 and was developed by MyScript [Developer ID: 446368119]. This application file size is 15.78 MB. MyScript Calculator - Productivity app posted on 2018-12-21 current version is 2.0.6 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.myscript.calculator

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