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- Clash with real players worldwide in strategic turn-based battles.
- Summon powerful spirits called “shikigami” to fight by your side.
- Customize your shikigami team to become the ultimate onmyoji.
- Hundreds of shikigami to discover, each with their own unique skills, skins and side stories.
- Team-up with your friends and guild mates to battle epic bosses and win awesome rewards!
- All-star voice cast, featuring Rie Kugimiya, Jun Fukuyama, Miyuki Sawashiro, Tomokazu Sugita, Yuki Kaji and more!
- Breathtaking soundtrack written by legendary composer Shigeru Umebayashi.

In a time when demons and humans coexisted… Evil spirits from the underworld have begun a quest for power, strength, and dominance. The balance between the two worlds is now in jeopardy.
Fortunately, there's a group of gifted humans who can read the stars and draw amulets. They have the power to connect the two worlds, and even tame the spirits. They are willing to lay everything on the line to maintain peace and order between the two worlds. They are known as Onmyoji.
The gate to this magical world of spirits and beauty will now open for you…

App Store 10 Best Apps/Games of the Year
Google Play Best of 2017: Most Competitive Game
Facebook's 2016 Game of the Year: Best Mobile Game
200+ million downloads smash hit now available worldwide!

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Official Website: https://en.onmyojigame.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Onmyojigame/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgHDGNxYhvXb_LlVd6RVRmQ
Forum: https://forum.onmyojigame.com/

For customer support, you can submit your questions in-game or contact:
[email protected]

Onmyoji App Description & Overview

The applications Onmyoji was published in the category Games on 2018-01-25 and was developed by NetEase Games. The file size is 1.89 GB. The current version is 1.0.44 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- Anniversary Events

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big wow  kíkú  5 star

this game is so much fun! highly suggest downloading it to anyone who appreciates good art and music in games.


Awesome  Aekesksjan  3 star

The game is awesome. My biggest problem is that the game will not allow you to play from platforms to platforms (I.e. iOS to android, vise versa). I have 4 accounts that are bind to each(apple Game Center, FB, Twitter, and Steam). On iOS, you can play any of the 4 accounts but when you play the game on PC, you can only play it through Steam and only your Steam account will play. You can’t open your FB, twitter, or Game Center through Steam on the PC. I think this also applies to android. You cannot play Game Center, FB, Twitter while switching to android. I wish they could make the game to play any account on any platform.


Game Problem  Sleeping_Dummie  2 star

I loved the game, but I am experiencing some trouble with the game downloading ! It takes too long, and also it too slow and freezing.


A Truly Marvelous Experience!  KionAzai  5 star

My friend begged me to try it out, she’s gotten so many of our group to join and I did and WOW. I REGRET NOT PLAYING SOONER! This game is amazing, the art, the voice acting and the music ♥️♥️♥️ I’m in LOVE 😍♥️


🎮💙💸  ninja96792  5 star

I love the graphics and story plot. It’s great being in a team . Even the characters and audio are excellent too. The events help a little to get SSR. They’re only downfalls is items are very expensive. Wish that you can get move free items or lower the price. Buy items with coins. Summoning is very expensive. It took me $200.00 to get one SSR. I maybe deleting this app cause cost to high. It takes so long to obtain items to involve your characters as well. I recommend this game only if you love RPG games and have a lot of space in your phone or device.


Sound coming from the top speaker of the phone  Atheris0vv0  3 star

When I mute my phone it means I don’t want any sound on, it doesn’t means that you could mute the speaker on the bottom of the phone and change it to the top speaker where I normally answer my calls. It happens every time when I mute during the game or muted open the game then charge my phone. Fix it please!


Dope Game!!  htownfinest78  5 star

Found this game on IG in my feed. Now I got my whole family playing it. Great find for sure. I’m hooked!!


epic  lolo382eep  5 star

deeps corp


False advertising, auto play garbage.  Unlistedturtle  1 star

This game was advertised as a 5v5 moba on Facebook so i will rate it as a moba. *turns on auto play* Is this fun?


Used to be fun  decus  2 star

This game used to be great. Now it’s a pay-to-win black hole. Soul drop rates are awful, so unless you farmed like it was your job 9 months ago you’re not going to get anything good. I was busy playing the content back then like an idiot. The changes in content to balance the game are basically just releasing new shiki that don’t counter the old ones. Some sections are hard for the sake of being hard (you need 170% hit chance, because 125% just isn’t good enough). It’s become a game of sub stats where you have to pay enormous sums (over a grand) to get anything good. And if you don’t it won’t matter what shiny new shiki you pull, someone will still have a first strike dps that one shots its target, freezes your entire team, and cannot be killed. Oh, and if you write this message as a suggestion in the in-game chat you’ll get a nice message in Chinese that probably says “we don’t care” because your messages never send. It’s maddening because this game used to be great.

Omega hour

Excellent  Omega hour  5 star

This is amazing, visuals and culture.

U turned mango

Very engaging  U turned mango  5 star

A good, fun app, with a massive array of beautiful characters and great voice acting, however my Events page from the Courtyard has remained broken throughout multiple page updates and I cannot access some of the limited time content. I'm wondering if it's on my side, but I'd like some help to fix it if possible.

teh voirus

Verr Gud  teh voirus  5 star

it’s a really fun and addictive game to just play. it’s feels rewarding and it keeps your interests centralised around the excitement of new and old content, and the quest to obtain it. so um yeah... get it


Wft!  djgamejam  1 star

You backas your wasting our time! I tried downloading the long update at the start of the game but after all the waiting and waiting it just lags me out and i keep having to do it again! Not impressed!!!😡😤👎

Charlos Satriani

Best!  Charlos Satriani  5 star

Been playing for few years, bit repetitive but still fun. Great games!!


Why it’s always connecting!  zaiminZhou  1 star

Can you support this to the iPad pro2018 and iPhone X’s max


Great game, except.....  Saerbhreathach88  1 star

Ok, so I have to say up front, this isn’t noob saltiness. I’ve played this game pretty much since launch, continuously. And I love it to bits. Why am I giving it a 1-star rating then? you might be asking. Well, the problem is this.... the entire game is almost 100% RNG. In almost 1 year of playing, doing all the things you should to maximise effectiveness, I’m still sitting on one lone solitary SSR character.... try as I might to draw anything, I get nothing. Sure I can trade and all that, yeah, if I can find someone who will trade 1 shard a day (u need 50 to summon.... two and a half months....), but most people pull the best stuff just by trying their luck at summoning. And boy did I try. I was at 445/500 tries before. The next 10 I did finally brought me the success I’d deserved - 6 months into the game.... now, does this mean that I’m not having a good time? No. I enjoy the game, and I do pretty well with a team of Rs and SRs and my lone SSR (Hana - arguably one of the ones u WANT to have if u can’t have any others...) but the problem comes when u see some noob summoning and endless tirade of the best level stuff a few days into playing.... how on earth is that fair NetEase? I mean c’mon, it’s not as if I don’t invest in your game.... I feel pretty cheated that my summoning is basically out on hold constantly because even during chance-up events I still get nothing, despite dumping ticket after ticket into the summoning circle.... seriously NetEase - do something about balancing out your summons. There’s more to the game than simply having a top-tier team, so I’m ok - but I’m also content-locked behind a wall that requires a certain amount of DPS to survive breaching.... (yes this is a figurative wall, not an actual feature, but without better stuff there’s almost no way to go beyond a certain point...) So, one more time for the road - FIX YOUR RNG........ you should still be languishing in Plebville a year into play, guys....


Good enough to spend time!!!!  Nek_penguin  5 star

This is my first game I tried playing online on the phone and now feel so good to spend my free time in there, saw many good ppl here and can sharing many good moments as well. Was a bit boring time before update or event but when the new shiki or new event it’s so good time with guild mate and friends there!!!!


Pls pls pls pls pls increase the chance of getting SSRs  EbieFive  5 star

Great graphic design and voice acting. But pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls increase the chance of getting SSRs. I want them so badly! But still a good game, especially for people like me who enjoy collecting and developing my characters and customizing them to make them stronger and stronger. Thank NetEase.

Sherry ψ(`∇´)ψ

A👏m👏a👏z👏i👏n👏g  Sherry ψ(`∇´)ψ  5 star

Great VA, good graphics, and I’ve encountered no lag whatsoever!


Pretty fun~  Tina12234;  5 star

I downloaded the game but didn’t play it until a couple months later lol. But the game is really fun and pretty addicting! My favorite part is collecting the different shikigamis


LOVE IT... but  natciel  4 star

I would rate this five stars if I could transfer my game play from iPhone to my new galaxy. I’m really far in the game with a lot of limited edition skins that I’ve really worked hard for. I would really hate to start over now... are you guys gonna make it possible to transfer data over? If so when???....Other then that major issue, it’s a great game. I usually loose interest in games such as this really fast but I’ve been doing playing this for more than a year now. There is always something new to do with great rewards. You won’t regret downloading this game it’s really fun and really aesthetic. It’s one of my favorites.


Great game  Karen.D  5 star

One of the greatest game i have play


Love it and hate it.  Benistakenbawwwww  1 star

Beautiful story and visuals and awesome characters, unmatched by any other game imo. The reason for a low star rating is the terribly frustrating RNG nature of drawing Shikigamis and the blatant pay to win theme in pvp (I have a solid team and usually win besides when facing the OP PAY TO WIN SSR TEAMS and sometimes I can beat them too). It’s a great money maker and a good business plan I’m sure but it really destroys the user experience. I don’t even want to play when I’m constantly destroyed in pvp by players of all levels who have multiple G6 SSR’s and I know they are only winning because they spend hundreds (literally) of hard earned dollars on this game.


De  hrcfdxvfsc  2 star

If you have a luck in the game, you can get tons of ssr, but if you don’t you get nothing even if you do 100 summons.


Love it and I have a question :>  Keiiso  5 star

Hello! I love the game and all, but I still dont know how a couple things work. On the chat, I could see people talking about trading shikigami, is this true? Second, how many summons does it take to summon an SSR? not really a question but it would be really funny if your replies would be similar to Wendys XD


Great  No_Face_o_0  5 star

Love the game ! The story line is great ! It’s one of the best games I’ve played


I love the game, however  krazychan  5 star

The game is amazing and I love it a lot, however I would’ve given this five stars, but there is just one problem with the game. It keeps telling me to install the update package and I don’t have it, it’s probably because I put the game off for a good five months due to personal reasons, but it won’t let me play the game without the update package and I have no idea what that update package is.


Good  D E K U  4 star

I’m having fun

Jacob Morson

WHY CAN’T I PLAY?!  Jacob Morson  1 star

I had this game for almost a year now, and it just will not let me play anymore. PLEASE FIX THIS!!


Nice  EzakiRyoto  5 star

Just started yesterday and so far it looks like a great game

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