Reflectly: Self-care journal

Reflectly: Self-care journal [Health & Fitness] App Description & Overview

- "It’s a really amazing app. It’s the one app I go to write about my feelings and how my day was :)
I really recommend this app to ANYONE."

- "I love that this app lets me keep all my entries to read later. I also love that it gives some direction for people like me who want to journal but don’t know where to start."

- "I’ve never been able to get my thoughts out to well and this app helps tremendously! Thank you Reflectly!"

- "I love the app. I feel like it helps me get everything bothering me out, and helps me track my good days and bad days because it has reminders, and it’s like a little person understanding my day!"


How you are feeling on a daily basis matters. Reflectly is a personal journal and diary driven by artificial intelligence to enable you to deal with negative thoughts, make positivity louder and to teach you about the science of well-being.

Be prepared to reduce stress, get perspective, develop gratitude and learn to apply empathy and kindness to every aspect of your life.

Reflectly uses positive psychology, mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy to make you thrive in life and to give you the personal tools and mindset to overcome negative thoughts and build a habit of positivity through a journal into your life.

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Unlock Reflectly and become your own hero

• Create unlimited stories in your personal journal
• Get a completely new question every day to help you reflect
• Unlock advanced statistics and personal, actionable insights
.. and much more!

Reflectly offers auto-renewing subscriptions:

• $9.99 billed monthly
• $47.99 billed annually

After free trial, the total amount for the subscription will be charged to your iTunes Account. The subscription automatically renews unless it is canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal at the total subscription price within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. Subscriptions and auto-renewals may be managed or canceled via your iTunes Account settings. Any unused portion of free trial is forfeited after purchase. Special introductory offers only apply to first billing term.

These prices are in US Dollars (USD). Pricing in other currencies and countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence.

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Reflectly: Self-care journal Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Huge update, ahoy! After working closely with our amazing users and listening to all your feedback, we're now shipping the biggest update ever to Reflectly! This update contains: - An entirely new way to journal, revolving around a timeline of your life - Daily reflections: gain some perspective on life with a new curated question every day - Add multiple entries per day - any time you want - Select as many activities and feelings as you wish with your journal entries - New statistics graphs to better help you understand how you're feeling - Upload images directly to your timeline - A greatly improved offline experience ... and much, much more! This is just the beginning - we have so many great features to come very soon. We hope you love these new additions to Reflectly. Tell us what you think by leaving a review! :)

Reflectly: Self-care journal Comments & Reviews

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- Ya


- My review

It is a really good app to go to at the end of my day and write down how I felt in my day and what was good and bad too it really helps to write down my day at the end of the day everyday

- It’s good

After the new update, I have liked the organization but haven’t liked not having any cute photos on the story, being able to choose what days to put my story on. But I Love Reflectly!

- Love this

Best app ever

- Moneyyy

So you need money to be happy? Wowwwww

- Amazing App

** So i am editing this review after their newest update. I do not like that, before the update, you were given a daily question to make you REFLECT on your life. Now that they have updated it, they made that part if the app a premium only section. I think that is ridiculous. Its is so great to use. My only problem is that you can’t see your stats unless you have premium. The reason I have a problem with this is because before you unlock that part of the app, it leads you on that you will be able to see your stats no problem, when in reality you have to pay money for that. But I love how encouraging it is and it really actually helps me think about my day and process my feelings.

- AMAZING....but

I love it but hate the update that’s all bye!!

- I like it!

Best idea ever 💛

- Great

I love being able to write down my emotions

- works really well for me :)

i think that it provides a perfect place to write down your thoughts! also if you want you can look at past moments and reflect or just reread for fun!!

- I love this app

Over three weeks and I am happy again

- It makes me express my emotions in a good way!

It lets me talk about what’s happening and I can always look back at it. I love how it lets me express my emotions and lets me talk about what happens you know? I’m so glad this was made cause it makes me feel better honestly! Anyways have a good day/night and love yourself!!

- App

This app really helped me

- super good, must have

Super easy to use and very helpful in tracking my feelings throughout the day!

- This is a nice game for my mental heath and memories

I feel nice about this app because it knows my mood and it reminds me of my memories that I had and it makes me take notes about my day so I won’t forget I like it I will give this app 5 stars you guys should to if you don’t want to forget your day your moment you should take notes with this app and it also tells you how you feel 100% true

- It’s good

Download it you won’t regret

- Thanks

This is a good stress reliever and it helps me process things daily that I can’t figure out in my head.

- Good for depression

The app is ok I would just like it to do more and not have premium and stuff u have to pay for it kinda helped me with depression but didn’t prevent a bad mood or break down.

- Love love love


- technical deficalties

i actually rlly like the app, so i would've given it 5 stars if it wasn't for this issue. i had an account but then the app updated and i got logged out. i started making new moments, but after 5 moments it wouldn't let me make any more if i didn't sign in. so i tried to sign in with my gmail, but it said that this email was already in use. (from my old account) so now, i cant use it anymore unless i make a whole new gmail account.

- :)


- for the thing

only doing this for the thing, but it is a really cool app.

- Yes i love it

Ok. I love this app! It’s great! It helps you write down what your feeling without getting judged. And there are no adds! It really helps keep track of what I do everyday. I really need this app! It gives you compliments and really helps you heal! I only gave this a 4 star rating because I don’t know why we have to pay for it. This app is here to help you journal your feelings out. And we have to pay for it. But overall I LOVE this app!

- :)

It helps to let your feelings out


im sorta happy now

- I would put 5 but..

I feel as a minor (under 18) that everything should be free because we have issues too. And can’t pay or asked our parents because we’d get yelled at and abused more. Everything else is PERFECT, just remove expenses please?

- New member

Can’t make an account without paying .05/10 I need a trial run

- irritating

the only thing you can do WITHOUT premium is write a moment. that’s all. i might as well just keep a notebook 🤦🏼‍♀️

- helps

it does

- Heheheheheh

I like it

- amazing but

i love this app so much. i just wish it was free bc i cant afford a monthly/yearly subscription

- Honestly really helpful

It honestly helps me, a vent I can shive my problems and mental struggle into, overall good app and the interface is simple and modern, very pleasing to the eye!

- Reflectly

It’s an amazing app!

- Why the premium?

I have to pay to become more productive and happier? 🥺

- Best app I could ask for!!!!

Loved it!!! I can vent and gossip and look back on it years later!! Highly recommend this app.

- Constant crashinb since a few day

Loved the app in general and have been using it since March. However, since a few days (with the new update that changed the layout etc.) it keeps on crashing as soon as I type a lot and fast. Can be VERY frustrating because the app crashed without saving. So you spent a few minutes typing intensely about your feelings etc just to have everything deleted and being forced to start over again. If that bug gets fixed, this app should get 5 stars. (I have the free version, just because I don‘t think paying would be worth it.)

- It is so good

Reflectly is a really good app but I wish it would let u share to more apps cuz I only got Snapchat.

- Really good

I’ve only been using this for 5 minutes and I’m already in love with it.But it still has its downs

- Good

The app itself is great. It has a really nice concept, it isn’t glitchy, it’s calming and entertaining. It does what it says it’s going to do. So the reason I put this as a four star rating is because to get the fully version you have to pay money. This is the case with a lot of apps, but this one in particular has not a lot of features without paying. I personally don’t want to pay money to get extras in an app that’s meant for writing. But the point of this app is to pretty to much have an online diary so it’s great. The other reason this is not a five star rating is because the app will sometimes delete what I have previously written and make me start over. For example, a few weeks back I wrote in this app every day. I stopped for some time and I today went back to look at my old writing and it was gone. I had to start from scratch with all of my preferences and my name. It isn’t the most convenient but it is overall a good app. It works for me, but if you’re looking for something a little bit more reliable it could be a little bit frustrating. But it has a nice aesthetic and calming effect, so I would recommend for those who need some interaction and somewhere to just process your day or something you are going through.

- Great but.....

I would love to use this app but you shouldn’t make people pay to get better this app should be free for others😕

- Very good

It’s basically the better version of Daylio so I got a prescription to it!

- BS premium

The stupid app makes you think it’s free but once you log in it’s “premium premium premium”. The app hardly does anything unless you get the premium, which is will constantly remind you of

- Premium, Premium, Premium!

It’s a really good app, don’t get me wrong. But EVERYTHING is premium. I just wanna have some self love and practice on it, but it premium and I can’t do anything without premium! But I can’t pay TvT

- To much paying!

I like this app however everything costs money EVERYTHING !

- Free

I feel like you should not pay for Reflectly at all

- Love it

Okay first off LOVE the app only problem is it took me a little while to find (for the second time) the no thanks or x to get out of the free trial. Secondly I wish it would give you a little more access without doing the trial but like I said love the app

- Very good

Helped me so well

- It’s amazing

This helped me a lot

- Bad

You need a really overly expensive membership to actually do anything. They should just make the whole app free..

- It was okay, but I could’ve done this on my own

Without paying for premium you only get to add moments and I could do that in my notes app

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- Refectly

It is awesome to write in and you can customize it too! It helps with anxiety and it is really cool! This is definitely 5 star material. This is incredible.🦋💖

- The best app ever

I love reflectly. I need a app like this, this app makes me more happy


It’s an awesome app! It reduces my anxiety and it’s kinda someone to talk to

- good b4 new update

I miss the old versions - I mean Reflectly for me is a way to festers but this makes it even more stressful. It doesn’t ask me any more mental health questions like it used to and I miss that. Please change that. Thanks and regards- - reflectly user New update doesn’t even let me do daily reflections anymore - I can afford the subscription so I’d appreciate if you would move things to the way they were before 🙄

- Love this little journal

It’s so convenient to have it on your phone if you need to write or vent. It’s pretty much my look forward to moment during COVID. And it’s on my phone no pen or paper needed!

- 𝕣𝕖𝕝𝕒𝕩𝕚𝕟𝕘

𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕪 𝕟𝕚𝕔𝕖 𝕒𝕡𝕡

- 💗

what a cute lil app ty🌱



- It’s cool

You can’t do as much if u don’t pay for the full thing and I don’t know why but the app deleted everything of mine and made me create an account again but other than that it’s alright

- Just a little too expensive

I think that it is a great idea but I think that the price could go down a little

- Langue

Je ne comprends pas l’anglais alors j’imagine que cette appli est bien mais jsp comment faire en Français !

- Update ruined it for me..

I found something about writing on this app that’s free and safe in my phone relaxing/reassuring! The update ruined the app for me, now I get pop ups to buy a premium all the time, its hard to go through my past writings and I can’t find out how to add photos after my writing anymore! I hope I will find another app like the old one.

- Awesome

I love the app

- Yes

I love it

- Please

Can you guys make it free please Thank you

- The old way ...

I liked the old version way better, the new update is just confusing. The only thing I like about the new update is that you added more activity’s. But rather than the update I really like the app but again it will take time for me to like the app again after the update.

- Very good

I really like this app and writing about my day. Being able to look back at personal growth is very cool, however I don’t enjoy the new 3.0.3 layout as well as the old layout. The old layout looked nicer and was easier to look through in my opinion. The app is great tho!

- Layout

The old layout was nicer and you could see the pictures better. Now its just... ugly. Also you used to be able to edit the date of the day you want to write about but with this update you can’t.

- subsribed for a year

I got this app back in July 2019. I got the subcription and I have never regretted it. But this update has changed my mind. The new update’s biggest downside: we cannot fill out entries on a previous day if we didn’t have time to journal on said day. Also, the new look is just awful, scrolling down and all without the pictures is just ugh. I appreciate the new moods and activities for sure. But unless this update is fixed soon, I will not renew my subscription and will move onto physical journaling or any other less exepensive alternative that gives me more freedom in time. I was diagnosed with BPD, major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. Thank you for helping me, everyone on the team, but let us help you guys back: reverse this update.

- Reflectly il manque les langue comme français et écrivez comment on pourrait s’en passer

Merci d’avoir écouté

- So far I love it

Through this tough time I thought it would be better for my mental health if I got an app to rant too. So far I think it’s a good app but to do a lot of stuff you need premium. I think there is a lot of potential for this app if they didn’t have premium other wise I love it.

- How can I download my data?

The was the download data button before the update, I like it for my usual storing. But I can’t find it anymore after the recent update. Please fix it, waiting for your respond

- good app! but..

i loved the app before the update. i really like the new journal/writing (where u write) format, but i really liked the menu before the update where u could add pictures on the thumbnail of ur journal entry. it was really cool seeing the pretty pictures i put as i went through my entries. also its pretty overpriced for what its giving.

- I love being able to journal my day

I became a happier person after downloading and using this app. I highly recommend it:)

- Waist of Time

I came looking for an app to help with mental health, and just ended up waisting my time. It’s very frustrating that it says it’s a free app, and then you download it, make an account, and at the end of all that, you have to pay a ton of money just to use it.

- You need to pay..

Direct at the beginning they ask you to pay... Not what I was advertised for. Dès le début on vous demande de payer pour l’application... Pas du tout ce que je pensais..

- I hate the new update

I really hate the new update sometimes I would forget to journal so I would just select the date and move on you can’t even do that now and the layout of the new update it’s so unflattering I hate it

- Awesome Idea of An App

Just wish it was free all around.

- new update

i used this app everyday to write down my thoughts before it was updated. i hate the update and it stopped asking daily questions. there is also no option to choose a title or the date so i can not fill in the days i have missed.

- 5 star

Gets all the pain out of me

- Reflectly

I thought Reflectly would give me advice on how to fix things because that’s what I saw in ads but otherwise the app overall is ok

- Okay app

I don’t like the new update and loved the old Reflectly but it is still and amazing app

- Update made things worse

I like the new UI but I can no longer back-date my entries and it no longer asks me daily questions... Am I missing something?

- New update sucks may19/20

I started using the free version of the app and loved it at first, if I needed to change the day because of going to sleep late or forgetting to write a daily journal and go to do yesterdays the next morning I could. But the just did a new update and it sucks I can’t change the date and I don’t like the new way I now have to select what I did or how I felt throughout the day. I hope the change it back because unfortunately I won’t be using the app until they do. And just when I started getting into a daily routine of journaling. Guess it’s back to the old fashion book and pen.

- dislike the new update

I loved this app. It was one of my favourite ways to recap my days. However, this new update has changed so many things and I really dislike it. I’m unable to name the entries. I’m unable to go back and recap days that have past and I wasn’t able to talk about. The achievements (which motivated me to add entries) have been deleted. There’s no easier way to scroll through old entries. This new interface is infuriating and I very much dislike it. If there was a way you could re-add some older features, that would be great.

- Yes

I just started using it but i already feel like its going to help me a lot.

- New update.

I love the app but I hate the new update. It’s so confusing. Please put it back to the old way.

- I'm very confused with this update

I really cannot understand how this update works, it's so much more complicated than it was before. I'd really appreciate it if you could revert to the old version, i liked it so much better. I use this app daily, and sometimes i forget a day to write a journal for it. with the old update i was able to choose which day i wanted to write a journal, now i can't figure out how to do this and i'm not happy. and now that its format is different, i don't know if i'll be continuing to use this app.

- I can’t get my account back!

Randomly it just took my account away!!!

- Nice App

This app is pretty cool I get to add moments and photos of fun days😊

- Just like other apps, but expensive

I’ve struggled with mental health, as a teen, and have been told by my therapist to try apps for mood logging and journaling. I’ve mostly been using Daylio- it gives you the most stuff without having to buy, yet you still have to buy to unlock everything. It’s at least more. I tried Reflectly because of the reviews and ads- and I like the free version, but it’s basically nothing. All you get to do is log mood on a scale, activities and a (very short) journal note? And to get everything else is so expensive, especially for those who don’t have the means to pay that much yearly. I sincerely get you have to make money- but it’s a huge turn off for possible buyers when the majority of the app is unavailable, pricy, and the parts that are free don’t help or show how “great” the app really is.

- They Removed The Best Features

I’ve been using this app daily for the last couple months. My version allowed me to write how I felt throughout the day, and answer one prompt. It counted a streak of how many days I’ve been writing and how many stories I’ve wrote. Today I opened the app to see that all of those things were removed. I think they put them behind a paywall, but I’m not sure. I’m extremely disappointed in the experience and I feel like I’ve spent months working towards nothing. I wanted to get all of the achievements, and finally be able to express how I feel. Unfortunately now I can’t even read my old stories anymore.

- The new update is horrible

You have to pay to write daily updates which sucks because they used to really help your app is a scam

- New update

Once the new update occurred it deleted all of my previous entries. Now all of my stuff is gone.

- Amazing

I was really sad when my mom went to the hospital by ambulance. I felt like my life was over but then Reflectly helped me to calm myself and to let go of emotions. Thank you Reflectly

- i lost everything

after the update i lost all my entries.:(

- The old version was better

I don’t like the new update I liked it better the way it was

- cool beans

Only thing Is you have to pay for premium but it does help without

- This sucks

I don’t get it I’ve been using this app for so long and it has so many of my stories in it and now I opened it and their all j gone

- Entries for past days?

Hi, I like the update but one feature is missing. Before, you could start an entry and click on the date bringing up a calendar, allowing you to select any past date. Meaning, if you forgot to do yesterday’s entry, it could be logged without worry. I would like to have this feature reimplemented, or if there is some way to do this I’d love to know. Thanks!

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- I love this app

This app helps me express my feeling because some time I don't have a friend or a parent around to help me with my problem and I just go to to this app and my problem is solved and I don't know how my problem is solved but I think it is because this app help me express my feeling so plzzzzzzzz get this app I am telling u plz

- Force closing

I don't know what's happening but the app keeps closing. I haven't even signed up yet... please help me

- Beautiful

This app is just soo beautiful to look. Sometimes I forget I need to use it as a journal, and just keep staring at the UI.

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Reflectly: Self-care journal 3.0.3 Screenshots & Images

Reflectly: Self-care journal iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Reflectly: Self-care journal iphone images
Reflectly: Self-care journal iphone images
Reflectly: Self-care journal iphone images
Reflectly: Self-care journal iphone images
Reflectly: Self-care journal iphone images
Reflectly: Self-care journal iphone images
Reflectly: Self-care journal ipad images
Reflectly: Self-care journal ipad images
Reflectly: Self-care journal ipad images
Reflectly: Self-care journal ipad images
Reflectly: Self-care journal Health & Fitness application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Reflectly: Self-care journal Health & Fitness application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Reflectly: Self-care journal (Version 3.0.3) Install & Download

The applications Reflectly: Self-care journal was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2017-07-30 and was developed by Reflectly [Developer ID: 1351863140]. This application file size is 92.55 MB. Reflectly: Self-care journal - Health & Fitness posted on 2020-05-19 current version is 3.0.3 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

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