Scale [Games] App Description & Overview

Scale is a free and an addictive arcade game with an unique gameplay containing slicer and balls.

Truly a brain teaser and Its super fun!

How to play?

Its easy, all you have to do is to cut and shrink the board by placing the slicers.

You need to be strategic to scale the board visely and watch out for the ball!

If you touch the balls before your cut is complete, you lose a life.

Increase your score, get diamonds, check the leaderboard and compete your friends.

Try this fun game now!

Best arcade game ever, how far can you go?

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Scale Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We are working to improve our game. Hope you enjoy this update!

Scale Comments & Reviews

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- This game is great

Hi. I think this game is great for about 6 reasons. Number one: this game is free and it doesn’t make you pay to have fun! The games that make you pay may by fun but you should be able to have fun without paying. Number two: This game makes you think. It may not seem like it to most people but if you want to get all the way to level ten, it takes a lot of thinking. For example: you have to get the timing right to be able to make sure the ball dose not hit it and make you start over. Number three: you can tell your friends to get it and race! You could see who gets the farthest fastest! I think it’s awesome to play against others and be competitive. Number four: you don’t have to have internet to play! You can take the game anywhere and be able to play! You can have fun wherever you go. Number five: you can also do epic levels and play wit different courses every time you play! Number six: this game motivates you to try harder. It is a goal that people like me want to reach. And some do! I didn’t give up until I passed level ten. Even then I tried to make my own new goals and I had a lot of fun. So thanks. — Evie Morris

- 5 stars all the way!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Ok I love this game!♥️ just making that clear! I mean it’s challenging, it’s fun, there’s not that many ads. And actually it’s really enjoyable! 😊👍 it also gets you concentrated and exited to play the game. And if you don’t want to play any of the levels just play endless mode. And they even made like goals for you to achieve! This game is awesome and usually I don’t say that cause some games are just like”.... what’s going on again...?” Or “.....zzzZzzz...! What was I doing? Waaa? Zzzzzz....” seriously like some games are just so boring or they have no meaning no goals no nothing! It’s like the game is filled with mostly ads! Like “ uh another ad!!!... 10 min later... omg another ad?!? I only got to do like one level!!!!” You know?!? So I’m glad that this game is actually enjoyable and fun! And you can enjoy it!♥️ no regrets! Five stars for sure!👍😁⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️👍😁

- Scale

This is a fun and challenging game! I’ve only been playing a few days so I’m still waiting to see if it will continue to be fun or get too hard and become frustrating. Some of the other reviews I read before I downloaded it complained about too many ads or ads that were very long. That has not been my experience. After about Level 12 or 13, it started asking me to watch an ad to get the third star. I guess I can live with only two stars! LOL. and it finally learned that I wasn’t clicking on that so now it’s back to giving me the third star if I’ve played well enough. Give it a go..heck you can always delete it if you decide you don’t like it.

- Add, ads, ads every 5 seconds

You literally can’t even go to the menu or look at anything longer than a few seconds before ads pop up. I went to the remove ads tab to see what options there were. I can tell you there are 4, but I can’t tell you what they are because ads kept popping up before I could read the options. That’s what the entire game is like. You can’t even look at the lost of available levels or game options for a few seconds without ads popping up.. so you have to watch ads to even select a game and you better select it under 5 seconds or another ad will pop up. Lost that game in 10 seconds? Sorry, that’s 45 seconds of ads. I find myself closing this game out at least every minute. 5 seconds of closing the app is way better than a minute of commercial. Not sure it’s worth the headache. #anxiety just go start a game. Let alone if you lose.

- Too many ads, but a good challenge and fun

The ads are too frequent — almost after every level failed or won — but the games themselves are very engaging. They keep my attention, have me waiting to step up to each challenge, and provide variation. The different balls one can choose to use are not as much different in the ways they respond to the game as they are different in their appearance. High scores are kept, although only the most recent score with whichever ball was used, not the high scores with each of the different balls, which would be appealing (but probably too messy to keep track of). Many thanks to the creators of the variations, as they give the game much more depth of interest. Please reduce the frequency of ads (to, maybe, 50% of how often they occur now).

- Best game ever

I love this game I never give games 5 stars but this game is so good I just had to it has adds but ( there is a no adds but they aren’t that bad to have to buy that) they fixed the bug so if you are debating whether or not to get this game I would I mean come on it is so addicting and it is FREE how can you pass that deal up but the adds are not like other games I have got they have adds that interrupt me while I am playing the game but definitely 5 star worthy 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

- Laggy

I saw an ad for this game stating that only 1% can pass level 10. I took that as a challenge accepted and I downloaded the game. I played a couple times, getting the hang of the game. I never got higher then level 3. Once I got the hang of it, is when I started having problems. Around level 5 it started getting extremely laggy. A couple of times it closed out of the app. I got to level 6 and for no reason, every time I tried to touch the screen to play, it shot me to the App Store. After being directed to the App Store 10 times, without even clicking on an ad or anything, I was finally able to continue. The game was increasingly laggy and when I got to level 8 the game completely shut down. I see why only 1% can pass level 10 and it is not because of difficulty.

- can't get over this game

I have never given a 5 star review before, because there is always room for improvement. there are a few things to be fixed on this one, but it is honestly so freakin' good that I just HAVE TO give it 5. so, this is a super fun and addicting game. I love the different modes, they are all so fun an engaging. there is no penalty for losing, you just restart the level. the ads really aren't that bad compared to other games. (there is also a "remove ads for money" option, although I haven't purchased it yet) there is a 5 sec pop up in between every few games. they REALLY arent that bad. the backgrounds cycle every level and every time you open the app, and they are BEAUTIFUL and relaxing. the only thing I would say to the developers, is that having a diagonal (right angle) piece would be cool. it could be a special move, or a regular piece. or maybe having 2 pieces at the bottom of the screen to choose from to use... I duno just some thoughts. FANTASTICALLY FUN. bravo.

- It’s Grrrreat

Hi I’m Samuel! I’ve been writing reviews for a few games from 1-5 stars based on the platform, idea, and overall gaming experience. I think this game is great because once you get to stage 6 you have to really look at the time increments you are placing your slicers. I also love how they have different mods. in the game. It also helps, especially since I am a child in 4th grade, so It helps me get smarter and really forces and manipulates the brain to do what it needs to. This game is amazing and I will recommend it to my friends Very soon. Good luck for the developers -Sincerely, Samuel Duarte

- Almost There...

I enjoy playing this game in the office when there is nothing really for me to do. It’s a fun game to play because I like to challenge my brother at home to see who can make it further in the game. With that being said, there are 2 issues (at least for me) that cannot go unnoticed. The first issue is that the game randomly closes as I’m playing. The second is that random adds pop up on-screen, in the middle of the game, and then it diverts me to the App Store to download those games. Other than that, the game is pretty fun.

- Ads, ads, ads

This game has banner ads all the time, optional ads to keep playing if the ball hits your line, and then you get ads anyways if you don’t select the optional ads. So what’s the point in playing this game if I’m just gonna be inundated with ads all the time? The optional ads and banner ads are somewhat acceptable. But forcing you to watch an ad anyways after you declined the optional ad is beyond annoying. I’m trying to give this game a chance but the useless barrage of ads is incredibly annoying.

- The new ads are absolutely unreasonable, and a piece of advice.

Until this last update advertisements respected the phone's state of being on silent mode. I just got an advertisement on maximum volume in a sensitive situation while in vibrate mode. This is absolutely absurd. Please restrict this behavior before it affects more people! Immediately after that, and having to force-quit the app, get the phone's media volume down to mute, and beating the level, I was presented with the reward of a 30-second ad. Here's a piece of advice: people are more likely to pay for the game, to remove the ads, if they truly enjoy the experience of playing it. That is several times more likely if you reward beating a level with the non-showing of an ad, which would happen if you failed.

- One thing

I enjoy this game very much. I liked it so much I decided it was a good investment to purchase the no ads. The only complaint I have is the continuous pop up after about every 20 games that asks you to allow this game to send you notifications. Now, I don’t personally want to see notifications of this game while I am not playing, so I keep saying no. Please stop asking me if I want to allow notifications. I know it is a little thing, but the fact that game producers decided to keep asking their users until they agree is not very professional.

- Scale

I love this game but the one that has the doubling balls gets annoying. 😒 because everytime I pass a Level it keeps adding 2 balls. But other than that it’s really fun but just need a change on the double one So I guess. If they fix the double part and make it a lil easier than I’ll make my rating a 5! 😁 it’s my opinion oh and when I’m playing levels it won’t let me earn those diamonds so just fix those two. So I hope everyone from around the world can play this 😜😃

- New mode doesn’t have all described levels

The new mode that came with the latest update described itself as having 50 levels, but the only way to “progress” after level 10 is to push the button that says “Next Level” with the gift package that leads to an ad, which I went along with. After the ad, that button had disappeared and I was left only with the option to retry the level. Given that it’s been a bunch of updates with no new additions to the shop for ball or slicer skins, I can’t help but feel like this app keeps making promises and not fulfilling them.

- Another game that is all ads!

If you play game; you get an ad. If you win the game you get an ad. If you lose the game; you get an ad. If you win a prize; you get an ad. If you make it to certain level; you get an ad. If you change your ball; you get an ad. If the app is open for certain amount of time; you get an ad. I’ve never seen a game that gives you so many ads. You spend more time going through 30 second ads then you do playing the game. How can one game expect people to play with so many ads? The creativity of this game is wasted because of all the ads. For every time I wrote the word ad, you watch and ad in your first 15 minutes of playing. The ads also lead to games they have too many ads.

- I love this game

I love this game for three major reasons. 1: it’s completely free, and you don’t have to pay for anything to have fun, 2: It doesn’t have too many ads, and the ads are great when you get them, and the ads are short 3: there are several colors! I love rainbows... if you haven’t gotten this game, consider the reasons why this game is amazing, and maybe you should get it! No hate for this game! I can’t think of anything about this game that I don’t like.

- 😢

I really really love this game. I really do as you can see below. It’s peaceful fun. But how can it be peaceful when after you cut the ball EVERY time (if your on level 1 or 26) you get a 30 sec ad. Then, a demo of the game you just watched the ad for that takes 15 secs to skip. Sooo many ads. Definitely warning y’all. Original review - Must get! Highly, highly addictive. I love it! ❤️ it is a great app and a great puzzler. I feel like the only downside is the 1-2 ads after every round once I lose. I understand you gotta make money, but why not have an option to double your points by watching an ad or double your diamonds? Very easy to get diamonds and overall a fun casual game. Definitely addicting though so watch out ✌🏻

- If your looking for pain, get this app.

Great reviews, great app, great quality, yet there is one problem for me. Sorry for those who actually like this game and sorry about the roasting I am about to do. This game is the worst game I’ve ever seen. Maybe not the worst of the worst but probably at least the worst of the games I’ve seen. it’s very boring and all you do is just drag a line across a shape and trap a ball inside. I need more excitement. Sorry for those who had to hear that. And people who are thinking about getting this app, I suggest you don’t, but if you want to waste your time, be my guest.🙃And by the way, if you actually do end up liking the game, don’t blame me because this is my review and not just me complaining. Just saying.

- Is a good game but...

Is a good game, but it's stupid because I am addicted to it :p... so I had to get rid of ads, because ads are stupid, but otherwise this game is stupid and I hate when I like something I keep getting bombarded by ads, like it did here, but I got rid of them so it's good enough to get rid of them because they are annoying... This was a review This review was also stupid Also! I love you developer for making this, I guess it hits something in my brain to be addicted, and now I feel playing this makes me more of a filthy casual and I'm a "real" gamer who plays "real" games that aren't on phone all the time! But I find myself playing this when listening to something or just sitting in boredom and don't want to do anything else... I feel I was gonna say something else but I forgot so... Thanks again dev I hate you But I love you Dis game is good and too casual for me but dangit I'm gonna play it

- This Is A AWESOME Game!!!!

I know you complain about the ads but would you rather be paying for this game? This is a good game and it is FREE so I don’t complain like some people, I am not trying to be mean but you people complain about a “little video”. So, this is a great game and you can’t say anything against it unless you don’t like the actual game then you can pay for the ads to go away. Anyways, developers thank you for creating this wonderful game 😊

- Fun game

Gameplay is interesting, tricky and all around fun. I enjoy the different modes that stop the game from becoming too boring. There is a reason this receives only 4/5 stars. When I pay $1.99 to remove ads, I expect the game not to harass me every 5 minutes to turn on push notifications as well. You would think it would stop with an in app purchase, there is no aspect of this game that would require push notifications even be activated. If this is resolved I’ll gladly change this to 5

- Stop with the notification asks!

I didn’t know iOS apps could ask you more than once if you want to be notified of stuff. I’ve been playing this game for the past hour and it has asked me to allow notifications no less than 20 times. Between the constant begging to allow notifications and also constant asking for ratings in the App Store, it makes the game almost unplayable. Other than that this game is very addictive to my somewhat OCD self.

- Listen to me

It’s fun but it’s also hard and it kind of gets annoying sometimes but it would be better if it was not that hard so yeah maybe you should make level l easy level ll just like medium level lll end it just gets a little bit harder every single Level so it would be better if that doesn’t get like easy medium hard X hard XX hard so it would be a good thing to do that bye-bye

- Aggravated

I like this game a lot. Fun concept but it literally makes me want to punch myself in the face because of the ads. I load up the game and immediately get an ad without even playing. It’s horrible... after every single game it brings up an ad I can’t even skip after five seconds like other games do. All I wish is to go back to the 2012 days where there were no ads on games at all and all the game developers wanted was to provide good games for the people and not be greedy and put ads every 5 seconds.

- Awesome - Just too many adds

I’ve had this game for a while and it’s awesome! It runs smoothly, makes sense, and I can just play round after round without being bored. Although lately there is too many ads. There used to only be ads when you want coins are something. But now there is ads after EVERY. SINGLE. ROUND. It’s very irritating. So please fix that. That’s the only problem! 😊

- OMG such a great game!!!

Although it is difficult, it is such a fun game! It’s so satisfying and time consuming, which is great because its summer vacation, therefore I’m not in school at the time. This means that I have lots of free time, and I mostly spend it on this game! I do have one issue though. Sometimes, the game glitches and goes out of control, which makes me mess up and have to start over again.

- Review of ________ SCALE

This game is really fun and I get addicted a lot one thing that gets me upset is the way it always asks you do you want to buy this or this it gets me upset and another thing is when the ball glitches and the app says the ball it the it aggravates me soooo much one last thing that gets me upset is how you need to wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait to get new skins and how you can’t get all the levels😥this is why this game is 4 stars

- I like this game but......

This game is really fun. I like to have competitions with my brother. I like all the different levels. But there are SOOOOOOOOOOOO many ads!!!!! There are even ads when I am in the middle of the game!!! And then when the ad is over, the slicer is frozen and I have to restart the game. This happened to me when I was very close to finishing a level of split and there was an ad in the middle of the game and I had to restart it. I would give this game more stars if there were not literally ads in the middle of the game!!!!

- Great on the top Scale 🤪

This game is really fun and addictive!! I really like this game so this is not gonna be as long as most of the ones cause usually there are paragraphs but I can’t do that because I just have a few things to say so here they are alright this game is very fun and interesting. I love this game now I play it all the time the ads say this game is soo hard well nope! It’s soooooo EASY!!!!! So I don’t even know what to say. It’s just very easy some levels are tricky but it’s so fun

- Bad ux

So many issues with this game, it’s fun at first but the more I play the more inconsistencies and problems I find. The first mode called “levels” makes sense, balls disappear when you cut out an area with one inside - perfect. Once you get to the shapes mode that doesn’t happen anymore, when you cut out a ball it just reappears. Second issue is I have no idea what the cheats actually do, the lightning bolt cheat seems to have no effect other than a change in color. The ball and slicer store is also confusing and things get purchased with an accidental tap.

- Shape Stage - no level after 20??!

Why doesn’t it go to the next level after completely level 20 on the Shapes stage?? Are you doing an upgrade soon with the rest? Are those only if you buy the app? After completely level 20 and you click the gift with next level it goes to an Ad and then it says to “try again.”

- I adore this game

I’m not big on phone games but this one is a must 😍😍😍 I’m so addicted to it I can’t get over it!! The only semi problem I have is that my favorite game mode doesn’t seem to be working correctly. When I click on Shapes I’ve completed 20 but the main page says their is 20/50. I cannot access anything past 20! I hope they fix this or add more levels to shape !!

- Ok game🥳😇😂🥺

So first of all this game is good it’s not great it’s not bad it good or ok so I would play this game I would evan call it my top 5 star ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ game it makes me sad when I die it makes me happy when I pass level 5 but I have too share this game when my friend is over and that’s bad because I don’t like sharing but it works out good and we take turns. Hope u liked my review!😊

- Pop ups ruin gameplay

The game is a lot of fun but the pop ups often occur WHILE you are in the middle of taking a turn, ruining your game. When the ad is over, you can’t do anything with your game piece for that turn. I’ve had so many games ruined because of the pop ups. I get that these are how the games make money but they can time them better. Please fix it so the pop ups occur before or after a game, not right in the middle of it during gameplay.

- Great game!!

This game is awesome! Soooo addicting and I play it all the time. I literally love this game so much that my sister is mad at me because I play with the game more than I do with her. I am obsessed with the idea that every level you pass you get 10 whole diamonds 💎 (in the game of corse) I recommend you get this game right now or you will regret not getting it soooo much. (Best game in the entire App Store)

- Everything got erased!

I play this game all the time because it is addicting. On the modes; I had 100% on EVERYTHING; and really high scores for the ones that go to infinity. I went to play the game and it was teaching me how to play. As I went through the tutorial again... everything was deleted since I updated the app. It was kind of heartbreaking but, sadly it’s going to be deleted because of this problem. 🤷‍♀️

- Great time consumer.

I am not one to write these kinds of things but the game has helped anytime I’m bored. Since I’ve downloaded it I’ve deleted 4 other apps off my phone as I don’t need them anymore. The ads are also not overwhelming which is a rare quality with most of these games. I look forward to future games by this developer.

- Love it . . But

Love the game. I played a similar game years ago so was excited to find this. Like that you can rotate the cuts some times. Like how when you reach the goal it enlarges and you keep playing. What I don’t like is an ad after every round. Wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t the same ad almost every time. I really don’t mind ads. Have discovered some great games. But the same ad for two days is a bit over kill.

- Ads!!!

So I just discovered the levels. After EVERY LEVEL there is an ad! I’m not going to buy the games, I never do, so could you show a little less? Most people, or at least some, get angry when there are to many ads and then decide to never but anything that involves that app company. If you have less, I might consider getting something. Fix the ad problem, please and thank you.

- Scale is out of balance

This could be a great game if I spent more time actually playing instead of watching ads. We all realize a free game needs sponsorship but, this is out of hand. When more time is spent watching ads than playing the game, it is no longer enjoyable. I will be deleting this game. P.S. making players “X” out of an ad twice is incredibly aggravating. I would rather not get the first “X” as I know, after I’ve tapped it, I’m still watching an ad and have to wait for the second “X.” You have violated the sanctity of the “X.”

- Good game but...

I’ve had this game for a while and I got to the game modes and I played the mode “split” I couldn’t get past level 19 so I skipped to 20 now after that I went back to 19 and it isn’t letting me get to the rest of the levels on split I just wanted to point it out because I don’t want to delete the app. Though it would be smart to delete it I just don’t want to get rid of the scores.

- Bad Ads

This game is enjoyable and simplistic; a great app to kill time. Though the gameplay is nice, however, the tidal wave of ads you face completely discourages me to play at all. I feel as if I’m spending more time playing the games on the ads than I am playing Scale. If you could use the in-game currency (diamonds) as a payment for ad blocking instead of actual money would be a nice improvement, as the people who have actually sat through the ads have more than likely made you more that enough money as it is.

- To many ads

I literally found that closing out of the game & opening it was better than watching the whole ad. It’s a good game & I had fun, it is free but I think it’s over rated It’s a cash grab, it’s obvious their #1 goal is to make as much money as possible. You have the 3 choices 1- watch countless ads making them a lot of money 2- Pay them to remove the ads 3- save your time & money & just do something else. If it just had shorter & fewer ads it would be a easy 5 stars. But it’s really not worth it

- Great game, trashy ads...

I love this game. Super addictive and fun. However, I can’t let my nephew play it because of the trashy ads. There is an ad that specifically comes up for the app “Rules of Engagement”, where a girl comes home and finds her boyfriend/husband cheating on her with a guy nude in bed together. Then her “choice” pops up. Her choices are to “Run Away” or to “Join in”?! This is complete trash and I almost want to delete Scale because of these ads. The game itself is definitely a 5 Star game, but the ads it promotes bring it down to a 2 Star for me.

- Absolutely Way Too Many Ads

For one, this game has WAY too many ads. There is literally an ad after even single time you play. Now a few ads are fine. But this many ads is not okay. I understand that the company wants ad revenue, but really you’re just driving away players because of the amount of ads. Nobody wants to play a game full of ads. Other than that, the game is great. Quite challenging, but boring after a while. I would have rated this game 4/5 if there weren’t a ton of ads.

- Used to be a fun game

I’ve played this for a while and just now went back to it after taking a bit of a break. While the game itself is still fun, the ads are absolutely terrible, and they still play noise even with my phone on silent. It makes it impossible to play this game if you’re anywhere where you need your phone to be quiet, and they play after almost every level. If you want a fun free game, don’t get this. If you’re willing to pay to get rid of ads, then you’ll love it.

- New Tricks

The game is very fun and addictive! I really recommend this game for anyone who would like to kill time either in a long line or a road/ airplane trip❤️ idk if other people have found about the fact that if you get 3 perfects you get an extra life, but love it🍉 although the ads are a bit annoying it is still an awesome app! May you guys just cut down on the ads a little??

- 2-star if you pay to remove the ads; 1 otherwise

As many other people have commented, there are an absurd number of ads that interrupt gameplay. I paid to remove those, and the game gets pretty decent for what it is. There are bugs, though, including cases where you can make the balls flying off the screen or the level unwinnable, and Game Center integration, especially leaderboards, are partly busted. Also, no apparent syncing of progress between devices, which is frustrating.

- Fun game for first hour....

Level 1-49 are pretty reasonable when it comes to difficulty and then all of sudden when you reach the last level they quadruple the amount of balls in the area. I understand you don’t want the last level to be easy but quadruple the difficulty level?!?!? There needs to be some better build up to better prepare a player! Good luck trying to get any straight line through all of final verdict: this is a fun game but that’s it. After an hour I’m over it.

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- Paid to remove ads, still getting them

Great game, but if I pay to remove ads I expect to see no more again at all and certainly not full page rubbish.

- Good game bad experience

I like this came. But usually when i die and try to retry again. game screen shows up, but every time it get stuck on that screen only. I have to kill the app and rerun to play game again. Gets me frustrated enough to delete the app. Please if this can be fixed. what ever app is trying to do. can timeout be used so that. if its not loading in this much time take user to main screen and try again from there. I feel app is tryin to get some advertisements during this time and if connection is bad it stays stuck over there.

- ‘Meh’ experience.

Gameplay was good and made me reminisce those times playing a similar game on my calculator nearly 10years ago I’m high school. However, a major flaw was literally after every 1-2 levels there’s an ad. I get you’re trying to find the game through players watching the ads and/or purchasing the ‘remove ads’ function. But too many for a simplistic game. Played the game for like 5mins, and ran into 3-3:30mins worth of ads. Can you see the problem here?

- Better before update

I LOVED this game, and I still enjoy now but used to have 3 lives and could gain lives by scaling in a single move, now it is only one life unless you watch a video to get a second. Much much much better with multiple lives!!!

- FREE ad removal

i was just about to delete the app because of all the ads but then it hit me ads need internet so if i cut of the internet then the ads have no source of broadcasting SOLUTION turn wifi off

- Yeah, no. Ad chaos.

Entertaining for a few minutes, then you start to notice that not only does it feed you an ad every chance it gets: If it says "watch an ad to continue!" and you decline, it gives you unskippable ads anyway. Also, that free gift? Actually just another ad. Maybe if the ads weren't so absurdly over the top like an average ketchapp game has, I'd like it, but they ruined everything with the mountains of them.

- Best game ever

The game is very easy to use challenging people that want games are challenging this is the right game for you – what are you about it because if you worry about it you’re not gonna get it that’s the best game in the world

- Mother of 7

I enjoy this fun filled, frustrating game. This game challenges the young and old through fun filled levels. The fact that you have to work in order to unlock fun new levels is extremely frustrating and original. I love this game! 👍

- Yo this game rocks 👍🤑😜

Think of a good game that you have This game is better! I know lots of people don’t like the ads but just turn off the Internet and then no ads can broadcast ads off free yo!😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

- What and why?

I would start a mode and before I can finish the mode. It won’t let me move on to the next. I’m stuck on level20 in split mode but I have completed level 20 but it has 30 levels on split mode. Can someone please fix it!

- Pretty

It makes you think a bit on exactly when and where to put it whilst still being rather fun. A good to have a game like that and I can’t think of any feed back right now.

- Consistent Ad Spam

Game feels designed to be hard enough that you pay for options to win and after every failure you get shown an ad. Was an interesting game until you start to have to spend gems to progress and then have to purchase more. Deleted but got 2 days of semi enjoyment well being show ads every few minutes.

- Amazing but one thing

It’s absolutely amazing but how do you get more gems and you can’t use gems to revive and I’d like less ads and harder levels

- Sweet as candy

I love the game it’s truly the best game it is pretty easy but one thing the game is quite plain if I will say can make it have some more pazzas maybe it would be great

- Awesome

This game is awesome I only just got it today I have been playing it for 5 minutes and it is already good please make more games like this

- Game

In my opinion for this game it is really fun to unlock new areas and to test your ability to now get hit by the ball. This is new game for me but I already love it.❤️

- Very addictive

This game is perfect for when your bored and I highly recommend it

- Great but could be better

Scale is a great game just there is lots of adds and sometimes when you tap watch an add to continue you watch an add but don’t continue.

- The ads

The ads are to much, when I’ve had the option to watch an ad and I choose not to, an ad automatically plays. Very annoying.

- Too many adds

There are way too many adds, every time I lose it comes up with an add, then I have to wait 30 seconds for it too close down. But the app itself is fun, but they need to add more vertical and horizontal lines to cut the area

- Hi

I love your game! My brother used to call it snake days. It was so cute! 😊👍 I recon it is the kind of game that everyone likes. I have an addiction to it! Sorry if you do have one but I would recommend a add for it if you can. Keep up the great work!😊👍😁😂❤️😄😎😉😘🤗☀️😃👏👏👏👏👏

- Scale games

Hi I rated your game one star cause who wants to play a game with a ball flying around while you TRY to put lines all through it like come on you can make a better game than that. Please probably no one will play that its like no offence but your game is so boring and horrible. But still thank you for all your love and support😘

- Scales

Dear scales, I am loving this game. I found out about this game on an add. I think that it is quite a challenge to do. But I do really enjoy it.

- Omgggggggg

This game is awesome it is totally out of the box but you should make it a little easier it is tooooooo hard


I opened the game and played it. It glitched and crashed. I went back on and i had to restart. Please help me!

- My reveiw

I couldn’t really find a flaw in the game, i love it that much. Though it could seem boring or repetitive to some.

- scale

It is very good for kids so they get smarter and better at maths and all that stuff

- The adds

I found the game fun but every time I failed I went to tap the retry button and a video ads would show up every single time. This got me frustrated enough to delete the app.

- Adds

I love this game and always get addicted but in games and between games there’s way too many adds!!!!!!!

- Oh no..

I just finishing looking at reviews. Before, I was pretty exited to play this game but after I read reviews I'm feeling a bit disappointed now. Why do all free games have to have so many ads

- Half and Half 🙂🙁

Scale is really fun but if you get super angry when you lose... well let's just say.... DON'T PLAY SCALE. But apart from that scale it is really fun! 😄👌🏻 l give scale 4 out of 5 stars!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- What happened??

Used to start with three lives and have the ability to gain more with perfect slices. Now it’s just a single life and no chance to gain new ones. So now I’ve got a high score that I’m just never going to beat. Excruciatingly unforgiving. Deleted

- Interesting, but too many ads!

Installed and in the first ten minutes of playing there was probably seven minutes of ads to three minutes of actually playing the game. Uninstalled.

- Over a million people play scale


- Too many adds

Too many adds

- Game isn’t that bad but way to many ads

The game is made only for the intention of making money, every single time u retry u have to watch a 30 second as and it just ruins the game, the only way to play is offline

- Ads

I love this game it’s super fun except that there are ads after every go

- Too many of the same ad

Right now I am frustrated. This would have been a good game if it didnt keep playing that same stupid color bump 3d ad!!!

- Addictive

Love to master each mode

- Way too many ads

Not worth playing if your gonna have to watch an ad everytime you die which is about every 20 seconds

- Too many ads

The amount of ads is ridiculous. Every time you lose you have to sit through an ad. Game is not worth all of the ads.

- Scale

I like scale because it’s using your mindset and makes u/people smart

- Average

Game is ok, however the advertisements are ridiculous. Can’t even string two consecutive games without a 20 second advert appearing on the screen.


It takes about 15 seconds to complete a level, to which You have to watch a 30 second ad. not worth it

- Awesome and addictive 😁😊😁

I highly recommend this game! I play it every day! ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️


I've only had the game for ten minutes and already love it!

- My review

It’s ok but it’s really hard.... I still love it :)


turn off your WiFi on your device bammm

- So many ads.

This game plays a 30 second unstoppable add after ever loss. Gameplay was alright but there were more ads than gameplay.

- Disappointed

The fact that you only have one life now and can’t gain lives by scaling in one move is upsetting. I used to love this game and now I just find it infuriating.

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- Good


- I Think I Won The Game

Got a block too thin to place a slicer and the balls glitched out of it.

- Go Scale!!

From Kayla♥️

- Fun

Addictingly funnn

- Good game to burn some time

Awesome to free ur mind Less commercials be better

- Game bug??

I updated scale and it said that I was going to be getting new modes and it's not allowing me to play them it just keeps saying please update scale to unlock mode but I already have it updated.

- Love it ❤️❤️❤️

I have been playing this game for the past two days non stop and I can't or haven't come across a problem

- Love it

I'm so addicted! I had to buy the no add version as there was an add every time I finished a level or died.


Hi this game is really awesome it is so addicting

- I🧡thisgame

Great game but I cant figure out how to get more lives while I’m playin so I lose as soon as the ball hits my slicer help me

- Fun but annoying.

Xhvugugyyy by

- Awful game

Tons of ads, cant play more than a minute without getting interrupted by ads-that, of course, you have to watch completly.

- Drew

I came here cause of drew gooden

- Fun

It’s really fun and I get better every time I play it

- Pretty fun

It has a nice difficulty curve which keeps it enjoyable unlike 90% of the other mobile games. A lot of replay-ability .

- Amazing game

Really fun it’s like a puzzle game that teaches you angles

- 50 more times than I’m never going to play this anymore.3:

I still can’t get past level three just like the stars that are used to rate.

- It’s ok I guess

Pretty fun to play if you like cutting

- It’s okay

The ball moves way to fast on the first level like make the ball move slower and then faster as you get on higher levels but otherwise it great.

- To hard

It’s a little to hard you can’t make it pass level 8

- Can’t skip levels

Keep trying to unlock next level by watching an ad and the button does nothing. So I’m stuck on Shapes level 30 for 7 days now.. please fix this glitch

- Actually did a good job


- Amazing

So much fun

- Scale

You giys did a good job but next you should make the game more 3D


Reminds me of an old video arcade game called QIX.

- 😩 boo


- Fun but wayyyyy to many adds

Toooo manny addss

- Great

Love it

- OOF XD it was a good game

I like it

- To many ads

Game was ok lines moved a little slow but that’s what made it fun and challenging. Game is very easy for anyone to figure out how to play, but when you fail there is an ad after every other game and it’s down right annoying. I will not be keeping the app because it’s more annoying then fun.


If you are a person that loves a challenge get this game but if not don’t

- Yes queen

My peepee hurts lol

- It’s annoying

There is way too much ads and when I go on it crashes or says I need to purchase something I hate it

- Ad overload

Every 1-2 levels you’re forced into a 30 second ad. Great game, but the ads completely ruin it. Delete.

- H

Good game

- Greedy

Too many ads

- Free with WAY too many ads.

Crazy. See ya

- Love it

Lovin this game except the commercial part, but it makes up for it when u play offline. Overall this is a great game and hope u guys continue making it even greater. Much love❤️❤️❤️


A huge waste of time its to easy then gets way to hard and it’s ads make you click on the ad even though you press the exit button!! DO NOT GET THIS GAME

- It’s my favourite phone go get it!!!


- Ads

There is an INSANE number of ads. The game is awesome but the fact that a press on any button will load an ad is terribly annoying.

- Scale 👌

Best app ever

- This game is AWESOME

I love this game. I am addicted and I just got it. I recommend it for all ages. I know u will love it!

- Intrusive ads

The base gameplay is very solid, but the ads are incredibly intrusive to the point where I no longer want to play the game.

- Great time waster

This game is addictive, it’s so well made!

- Way too many ads

45 second video ads appear between every single game (even when it ends in just one round or after declining to watch a bonus video) as well as the moment you open the app sometimes. Not worth your time.

- Hello

I really love this game thank you for making it!!!!!!

- Bon jeux

C’est un tres bonne jeux et he l’aime aloes c’est bon

- Enjoyable but full of ads

The game is fun to play, and is considerably difficult which I enjoyed. The difficulty means trying levels over again, but that also means having ads play very often and makes it seem like they are constantly running.

- Love the game but...

To many ads lol 🤯🤫😮🥴

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- Awesome

I have been using this app for a long time and here is what I think about it. Firstly, it has multiple modes and levels. I like the fact that they have that! Secondly, it makes you think. Should i put the corner in the left or the right? For example. Lastly, it is very challenging. In Conclusion, this is a very great app!! 👌🏻❤️😄

- Love it!! ♥️

This game is so challenging but easy at the same time! I guess it’s expected to be easy but it’s actually pretty challenging, the ball moves faster than the add, but once you get the hang of it you will enjoy it a lot! Not once did I notice any glitches, it moves very smoothly and does not kick you out of the game.

- So-so

There are bugs, I have 3 stars on level 20 in one particular mode, but can’t move on because the “next level” button doesn’t appear no matter how many times I beat it. Also, quit spamming me with the “turn on notifications” message - if I say no, then I don’t want your game to have notification privilege - be sensible enough to store my choice and stop asking. Aside from those annoying failures, it is a so-so game.

- Never get this game under any circumstances.

Would give zero stars if I could, but how can you play a game with an add every thirty seconds? (Not an exaggeration.) The game itself is about two stars, it has an interesting idea but not enough to make a whole game out of. But about the adds........there is one almost every time you lose. Even adds pop up WHILE I’m playing the game. I finally snapped and deleted it in about .02 seconds when I was about to beat a difficult level twice, when the game try’s to run an add then crashes.

- Good fun

I don't like fast games that increase my anxiety. I don't like slow games where I'm waiting around. This is good for me: I can decide my next move just when I'm ready; and the game itself makes its moves quickly - and also no big pauses between levels or after losses

- Love this game

I love scale because it is easy to play but still hard and you don’t need internet to play it. When you first start to play it is really hard but it gets gets easier after a while. I love this game because you learn strategy while playing it. I suggest to get this game if you like games like rolling sky, dancing line and ketchupp games. I just love this game!!


it’s a super fun game and i would be super addicting to it IF there weren’t as many ads. i understand that that’s how the creator makes profit but an ad pops up almost every single time you lose. it is so annoying that it makes me NOT want to play the game which defeats the purpose and won’t make any profit. so if the creator or whoever is in charge of it could please cut down on the ads i would really appreciate it. thanks.

- Good Game, Many Ads

I will admit: This game is fun and addictive. I play it often, and I’m entertained. It’s simple and enjoyable. However... The game contains MANY Ads. I understand a free game needs Ads to gain revenue, or keep the game going. However, this game is chock full of Ads. After each death, selecting a new mode: All require you to watch an Ad. These aren’t simple, 2 second Ads. These are 30 second video-required interactive ads. Understandable in small portions, but becomes frustrating when they pop up every minute. You CAN go Ad Free for $1.99, but I am not willing to pay $2 for a simple game to be playable. I’d be willing to pay $0.99, but no more for a simple Ad Free addition. Overall: A good game, but tainted by too many ads.

- Too many adds

The game is super fun. I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy it because I sure did. Now the problem is the insane amount of adds. I get it you have to make your coins and adds are fine, the game is free! But you guys went over board with it. Thank you for the game it was very enjoyable but it had to get uninstalled, the amount of adds isn’t worth playing it. Good luck with your game, it is really fun!

- False reviews

it seems the majority of the reviews on this game are auto generated or they are made by people who actually played a different game. I saw somebody in the reviews talking about an overwatch or fortnite type of game they were reviewing, and that’s definitely not this one. scale is mediocre at best, and that’s if you can even manage to play it with all of the obnoxiously intrusive ads. don’t waste your time- that is, if anyone ever even gets to read this review since it isn’t fake or a 5 star one. good job, Good Job Games. you’re a fraud.

- too many ads

It’s an okay game, and I wouldn’t mind playing it, but there are wayyyyyy too many ads. I usually don’t mind games with ads but because each round is so short lived there is ALWAYS an ad after each game and it’s so annoying. It pauses my music and I have to end up playing in airplane mode. I usually use these games to relax but I keep getting ads. If they would just chill with them and use them every other game I’d be ok, but for real, it’s excessive.

- Annoyed.

This looked fun so I downloaded it the moment I laid my eyes on it and I wasn’t wrong. I love it. Now, I like to consider myself a patient person when it comes to ads, but this, it really needs some fixing. The rate in which ads pop up is insane and caused me to delete the game despite how entertaining it was, most of the time I found myself bored to death and again, surprise surprise, watching an ad that popped up. All in all, this was a huge disappointment.

- Excellent

I love this game. I just got it today and I’m already addicted 😱! I love this game because of 2 reasons . I love this game because it is free for all the fun stuff! You do have to pay for gems but you don’t have to. I also you have to time it just right to move up to level 10. - Aubrey Helms

- I love this game!

This game (scale) is absolutely amazing. There is no glitches and it’s fun and challenging I do prefer this game. It is amazing to play when your bored like when I’m driving for quite a while or something the whole time I was playing this game. This game is a great game and you should really buy it !!!

- To much ads

You guys every time u die u got to do some long dumb ad the game is ok but the ads messes it up!!! So this is an waste of my time my life and probably yours so I wish I could give it 0 stars but I can’t so ur lucky creators but I hate it dude! Its garbage so if u read this don’t download it or you’ll probably end up like me giving these creators an bad review I hate hate hate hate hate infinite hate this game it’s the worst game I ever played and it had the most adds I every seen before so byeeeeeeeee. Sincerely gamers across the globe 🌎

- Plagued by ads

Fun and addicting game play. But ruined by the ridiculous number of ads. Forces you to watch an ad when you open the app before even playing. Then every other attempt in the app it forces you to watch an ad. I’m fine with ad supported games, but the game is ruined when you spend more time on ads than gameplay. Could be 5 stars, but when you have to watch 6 ads to play 10 games, I’ll pass.

- Levels 21-30 in Split Aren't Available

I actually love this app. There are adds, but they aren't too frequent, which is nice. I've finished just about every game mode; however, in Split it says there are 30 levels, but no levels load for me past level 20.

- Great Idea - Bad Game

The game is really lame. It would be great, if it did what it was supposed to do - scale. Unfortunately, the game does not often SCALE. I can take out multiple pieces of the area and the area just gets smaller and smaller, until it is literally impossible to play another piece. It should scale after you reduce it to a certain percentage... sometimes it will scale at 50%, other times I have reduced it to less than 5% and it won’t scale. Because of this, the game is horrible and not worth playing.

- Stupid amount of adds

The game its self would be so much better if i could go .5 seconds without getting an ad, i am deleting the game simply due to the fact of the obsessive amount of ads this game has, i hate games that just want excessive ad revenue and thats what this game is. I would consider redownloading it if it ever fixes the amount of ads it gives you, till then tho it isnt worth it i mean you cant even try to think about what game mode you want to play without getting an ad

- Nothing beats it !!!!😆

This app is so addicting I could play it for a week !!! This is the best app I have on my phone.... trust me I have a lot of apps but this is the best !!!! I play it everywhere I go. I have to say thank you for making this app because I probably couldn’t live with out it !!!!

- Scale

Well this game is so awesome it tests to see how smart you are you even get a free life if you watch a VIDEO! Wow so cool ok enough. If you are reading this you need to get this game it so awesome you have to get it I’m telling you it is so awesome and if you don’t like it then just delete it but it will be your loss not mine. PLEASE GET IT PLEASE!

- Overkill

So I love the concept of this game and even most of the execution. I understand it’s a free game and I expect ads. This is not an issue for me. What is an issue for me is when I open the app, get to the menu and am instantly greeted to a 30 second video ad that’s unskipable before I’ve even touched any gameplay. There’s a time and a place for ads at natural points in an apps use. When you start the app is not one of them. Uninstalled.

- Fun game, but it just keeps asking

I really like the game, but for some reason, it keeps asking me to turn on notifications for the game. I don't want to get updates from the game but it seems like it won't stop until I do. If you could fix this so when you say no it stops asking, then I'd give it 5 stars.

- Addictive

All I have to say about this game is that it’s really addictive. The only problem I have is that when I go to put down the lines it puts the line where I didn’t put it. Overall this game is pretty fun and I totally recommend it.

- THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this game and it’s so fun and I really enjoy playing this game and I have been to many other apps that you have made (specifically 1 of the games you made) and I love that game too!This is the first and best review I have done with a actual review so I hope you like this real review.P.S. 😁😊😘

- Scale Problem

i just recently downloaded this game and every time i fail a level, it pops up an add and then my game completely crashes. i don’t know why or how but i would like to know if this will be fix or if anyone else has this problem (playing on Iphone 8, ios 12.1)

- Stop with all the stupid notifications

Even when you pay to turn off the obtrusive adverts, you still get annoying notifications asking you if you want to turn on notifications... and if you say no, it just asks you again in a few minutes... there is no way to turn off those annoying pop-up windows... this is a pretty amazing game ruined by forceful nudging.

- Frustrating

I have never written a review for any game before. So this will be my first one. This game very addicting. But the ads gotta chill!! I know you’re making money off of it but I don’t need an ad to play every time I die!!! Like seriously, give it a break for a while. Besides the ad problem I give it a 4 star rating.

- Great

I would give it 5 stars, but there is a couple problems. The game lags on all devices I’ve tried, and after you die, an advertisement plays. I know it’s normal, but not in all games. You may think I’m stupid for saying that last bit, but it’s true. Snapchat - IcyCorgi Instagram- watchingnetflixallday Roblox - o_Keria or IcyCorgii

- Scale

Dear Scale, I love scale, it is a great game to play when you are bored or need a fun and challenging game. I love this game dearly, but there is some things I dislike which is all the adds I get, after almost every game. I think the money to pay for a new ball is a little to much too. Otherwise, I love this game and I recommend this to everyone.

- Ads

So much ads not that much though I wish you could make ads free or at least 99 cents like lot of games. thank you for your time and reading this I am 10 so I think most children will agree.

- Hard yet fun

Game is unique it’s a very fun but it’s also really challenging it’ll make you really just at the same time it’ll help you with planning a head and all in all I think everybody should get this game so you can have better coordinate

- Way too glitchy

This game , while fun is ridiculously glitchy. I lost all my progress from a glitch, and I had over 1000 gems. Also it has way too many ads. It is nearly unplayable and this issue has happened twice so far. I lost everything.

- This game is do relaxing

This game is so relaxing and really calms your mind. The only thing is though is that they lie about only 10% can pass level 10. The game is pretty simple but challenging. I give this my bet review I can! I recommend downloading this game.

- Instantly Addictive !!!

The game seems so simple yet you are instantly addicted to it. Really fun! If you think it's looks too easy your wrong! that's part of why it is so additive. You feel like you should be able to breeze through it but... NOPE. I love it

- Great concept, but total money grab

Great gameplay in between the multitude of ads. Maybe they’re using that money to pay for better reviews because I do not understand how it has such high ratings when you get a 30 second ad every minute or so. Also, the ads will change or even hide the quit button so it’s a mini game in itself to stop the ad. Do not recommend unless you like seeing tons of ads for other games.

- 1 word— AWESOME

I can’t seem to be off of this game it’s like that kind of game that when you loose you give up. No. It’s the kind of game that you loose and try agin until you get as far as you can in the squares. Hope you enjoy as much as I did 💜👍

- Ad after ad after ad...

Hi! I would write a lot but about 2 minutes ago I wrote a whole paragraph and it got all deleted.😤😔. But I came to tell you guys the game has SOO MANY ADS!! You cant even beat a level without an ad popping up in the middle of your level. This game is amazing 😉..... minus the ads.

- Simple yet challenging

This game depends much on patience and a good eye. Several times I’ve blown a level simply by getting tired of waiting for a good opening or by greed. It hangs now and then, which can throw off your rhythm, especially if you aren’t patient enough to pick it up again.

- Could be better!

This game is a really fun game but also very addictive which makes the game challenging. But there are a bunch of adds and I can’t take that. I think this game is fun and enjoyable to play but I think that it would be even better if there was not this many adds.

- Too many ads

I don't think there should be an ad after EVERY single level. I know they are trying to SELL the "no ads" in app purchase, but I was annoying before it had a chance to be fun or made me want to buy it. I like the idea of the game but having to waste 30 second while an ad plays before I can play again is discouraging. It also just annoying.

- This game is fun

This game is decent because it provides a good pastime when without WiFi. However many of the adds come a inappropriate times making it hard to play the game. Enjoy!

- Hi

It’s a fun game, but ads are constantly being thrown at you. It’s just not enjoyable because of them. You are better off closing the game by double clicking the home button and swiping up on the game and opening the game up again immediately after over waiting for a stupid ad to be skip able.

- Too many adds

I love the game but every 20 seconds there is an add! It’s ridiculous that I need to pay if i don’t want adds! I would be fine with the occasional add but I don’t like multiple adds every second. I listen to music while I play games and all the adds turn off my music because of the sound. So I can’t listen to music and I can barely play the game! Please stop with ALL these adds!

- Too many ads

When I fail a level and get the “would you like to watch an ad to continue?” Option and click “no” I end up getting an ad anyways, which is what I was trying to avoid by hitting “no”... you could get the same revenue from putting an ad on every 10th level because more people would keep playing for longer periods of time.

- Neutral

I really love this game. It has many different styles to play with tons of levels in each type. 3 stars because of the ad spam. Every 2 tries, whether you win or lose, there’s an ad. It’s a bit ridiculous and it makes me want to delete the game and find something with less annoying ads.

- Doesn’t work properly

Through out the game I had points where the pieces would move faster than my finger or would turn when it’s placed and end a long game due to faulty coding. Other than that the modes are kinda interesting but on the last level they become impossible to beat, the closest I’ve been to beating any of the last level is 8% with 3 stars, who had the idea to make the last level with 10 balls?!

- To many ads

I used to love this game but they have put so many ads on it. That you spend more Time watching them then playing the game . I rarely play it now because of that. Every 3rd board you have to watch a 30 sec. ad👎 I understand you have to pay for the game but why so many ads. It wasn’t like that when I first started playing. I’m deleting after this review.

- Scale is awesome

I love scale it is so fun it kind of gets a little bit frustrating when the ball hits the cutting line but you shouldn’t give up. So yeah I’m gonna give feedback or rate and give a review and say 4.50 percent it gets a little bit hard but don’t give up because it is sooooooooooo much fun. 😁😘❤️👍🏻😃

- Adds

There aren't as many adds as other games I have played. I really like this games but there seems to be an add after every time you play. The only time I want/need an add is for an extra life for the game. It is a really fun game all around I would recommend it if you can handle add spam while trying to have fun playing the game.

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Who asked mattresses to be so expensive ? What is the pricing scale ???


A new project joins the $EGLD ecosystem! 🤩 AI-powered trust services provider @UTU_trust leverages the internet-scale @ElrondNetwork mainnet as a growth catalyst for P2P economies & business services in African markets. #eGoldMarathon Day 15 👊


@DragonFlyGlitta Social media has given birth to a whole new means for a cult to spread itself on a global scale. Would be individuals like Dani depending upon mass communications can infect the population with their ideas and incite radicalization under the cover of morality and decency.

Scale 2.4.7 Screenshots & Images

Scale iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Scale iphone images
Scale iphone images
Scale iphone images
Scale iphone images
Scale iphone images

Scale (Version 2.4.7) Install & Download

The applications Scale was published in the category Games on 2017-03-17 and was developed by Good Job Games [Developer ID: 1191495496]. This application file size is 69.29 MB. Scale - Games app posted on 2020-04-28 current version is 2.4.7 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.bulupe.scale

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