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What is survivalcraft 2 app? You are marooned on the shores of an infinite blocky world. Explore, mine resources, craft tools and weapons, make traps and grow plants. Tailor clothes and hunt over 30 real world animals for food and resources. Build a shelter to survive cold nights and share your worlds online. Ride horses, camels or donkeys and herd cattle to protect them from predators. Blast your way through the rock with explosives. Build complex electric devices. Craft custom furniture. Paint. Use pistons to build moving machines. Farm crops and plant trees. Make and combine 40 different items of clothing to protect yourself from attacks and weather or to look smart. Play with up to 3 friends using split screen. Possibilities are infinite in this long-running sandbox survival and construction game series.


What's new in the 2.3 update:

- Compressed terrain file format, up to 100x size reduction of world files
- Added cairns which drop experience and diamonds when mined
- Motion detector detects moving blocks, pickables, projectiles
- Added easier Survival mode which is the new default
- Added pigeons
- Added sparrows
- Optimizations to reduce stuttering due to GC pressure
- Using 3D-extruded blocks when flat items held in hand
- Crouching allows player to crawl into 1-block-high spaces
- Switch and button blocks are editable (adjust generated voltage)
- Proper font kerning for nicer looking text
- Increased amount of gunpowder, bullets and bombs that get crafted

... and many more: full list of changes on our website

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App Name Survivalcraft 2
Category Games
Updated 18 February 2022, Friday
File Size 73.11 MB

Survivalcraft 2 Comments & Reviews 2024

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Amazing. I’ve been playing for around 10 years now and have wanted alout of stuff I know we recently got the musket which is really cool of its pyhsics and how it blows you back words. Can we have like more guns like old fashion pistols and yeah that’s it and more muskets different colored different powered. I think we should also have more updates a year maybe 4 instead of like 2. And if we could have online multiplayer not like servers and all that but like you being able to join a friends world and play with them. Split screen is good but online WiFi would help too. I hoped this help and another thing that would be good is swimming animations more skins being able to be a baby and have swim animations and a crawl button too. hoped this help do what you want to do. Thank you for you’re support survival craft!

Great game, but..... I LOVE Survival Craft I have had it for about 3 years and think it’s great. My friends and I play it all the time! If I were to make any suggestions it would be more kinds of horse, like paint, Appaloosa and maybe even a dappled grey! I know that a lot of people say this but I do think this game needs some pets! Also you need to add BREEDING!!! It would also be cool if you added things like fruits and vegetables! It would be interesting if you had seasons too and sorry to make it longer, but I think i would be fun to have rabbits, snakes, sheep, and chickens! Please add natural disasters too!!! Thanks so much! Hope you think about our ideas! P.S. you should do updates more often😝 and ur hair should come over ur shirt!

It’s awesome but.... !!!!!!PLEASE READ!!!!!! I love this game it’s really cool with all the animals but what would make it better is different breeds of dogs and cats that you can tame like Persians and golden retrievers to hairless cats and Dobermans and you should be able to make them guard dogs or do agility with all the dog toys you can think of,I know that’s a lot already but there’s more.i think it would be cute to have baby animals of all kinds, and I was wondering if you could make the animals male or female like with the lion only male lions have manes and females protect the babies, again I know it’s a lot but a bunch of baby animals would be really cool along with dogs cats and male and female animals! Also I was wondering if you could add in different breeds of horses like Clydesdales,Appaloosas,thoroughbreds,ect.,and wagons for the horses to pull! I think that would be awesome also horse armor. I think this is a really cool game and I think these ideas would make it even better! If you read this thank you!

Good game, but Diamonds are too weak. It costs both Iron and diamonds to make diamond tools so I can see the additional 240 durability from the diamonds. 100 additional durability for the diamonds for armor. You see, that’s exactly the problem. The diamonds are weak because when I go strip mining, for every 1 diamond pickaxe, I only make 3 diamonds profit. I’m getting wayyy more Iron like 4 stacks from using 4 diamond pickaxes and guess what? I only got 20 diamonds from all that. I can probably just use Iron pickaxes instead and make much more diamond profit. I suggest making the Iron tools the diamonds durability and the copper tools the Iron durability and the stone tools the copper durability. Make diamonds at least in the Thousands range of strength. Upgrade the armor Durability as well. Fix these weak tools make them as strong as like in Minecraft. Thank you and Goodbye🛠💎💎🔧

There is a bug in colder climates. This game is unique due to it being the only best survival game out there, and it is like a clone of Minecraft and unturned in a way, but there is a bug I have to point out. in colder climates, the trees tops are invisible, and you can’t build over a certain point. This is really frustrating and completely takes away the feeling of survival if you are creating your own world in this type of environment. Plz fix this bug and keep adding on to this amazing game, have a good one and keep me posted on some new updates coming in the future. Thanks again I appreciate it, 👋🏻

Way too punishing!. The game is okay, but it is punishing beyond the point of abusive dad. The game feels the need to punish me for anything that I do. If I walk into a cave before the bronze stage, a bear or feline will maul me. The dangerous animals spawn WAY too much. It’s unrealistic. In a normal ecosystem, herbivores outpopulate carnivores in a 2:1 ratio. In this game, carnivores outpopulate herbivores in a 3:1 ratio. It makes the game way too hard. Harmless is lame because it takes out all challenge whatsoever, but challenging is unrealistically hard. There is no happy medium. Everything kills you, it’s like the land wants to kill you and when it succeeds, you will probably lose all your items and half your xp. I understand the items, but the xp is way to much. In conclusion, this game is mean and it needs to be made less that way.

So. This game is challenging especially at the start and i like a challenge but in this game the challenges are more frustrating than they are fun. Everytime i spawn for the first time im put in really mountainous terrain which isnt fun because your character cant climb them without panting so hard which requires waiting to recharge. It also rains your first day, every single time, which makes the player wet which is hard to deal with, especially with cold temperatures which are always present as each time i create a new world there is a snow biome always so close to where i spawn, so it is hard to travel anywhere because you will freeze to death. Some animals take a very long time to kill with stone and wooden weapons, the missed hit addition is extremely frustrating. I thought this would change in the second game but it didnt: every time i wake up to a huge pack of wolves, a few lions, some hyenas, and maybe a bear or tiger that decide to join the party. This happens every. Single. Time. And it is annoying.🙄 Im not saying these things should be removed or made extremely easy but they should be tweaked at least. I dislike how you cant place blocks when you jump. All aside i like the game i guess, and I really liked the first one.

Hey.......what can I say?👌🏻. This game is awesome! It's much more realistic than Minecraft and it has parkour.........and I love a good parkour session. And you can get that from the community content. (Idk if I spelled that right). On Minecraft, HAVE to download an app. I'm not saying Minecraft is junky..........I'm saying this is more convenient. (I have mentioned Minecraft a LOT more times than I should have). But...... I really wish I could search out some levels that I want. For example; I like Sonic the hedgehog and I want some levels related to that sort of stuff. And I can't 😐. So if you could just put a search thing like that in there, that'd be great! -Shadowchick 358

Make Multiplayer Without Splitscreen!!!!. Make it so you can join over wifi or worldwide please!!! My sister that is 8 Hates It that you have to play splitscreen and she stopped playing the game!!! :( She said she would only play without a splitscreen But then I realized that there was you multiplayer without splitscreen and you had to play on the same device!!! And also can you make the feature of saving so when you make an accident by say I accidentally destroyed my Whole House. Can you make it so you can reload like every 20 blocks you save so if it gets destroyed you can resume rebuilding it. Because for me it's really annoying when that happens. I put Kegs thinking they were a second type of battery I put it next to the regular battery, and BOOM!!!! My whole entire plane exploded... and I had to rebuild... thanks for reading!!! :) 🇪🇨🇪🇨🇪🇨

Exquisite game But it needs a HUGE Update. I love this game it is much more realistic than Minecraft pocket edition because you’ve gotta take care of yourself and survive…But there are some problems like these number one is please add fishing rods,Cats and dogs and that are for house, Add air vehicles like planes,jets,helicopters and cars and trucks, add every single animal in the world, Add more crops and farm animals, add a thirst bar and every kind of food, Every drink and anything for a city and also add fake blood for funny pranks and a dead person so it could be for Roleplay and everything in the world and PLEASE make the updates come quicker like Minecraft and thank you for creating this excellent game keep the good work up and please add these😁👍🏼!!!

Absolutely stunning. Incredibly inventive. Wonderful game.. I love Survivalcraft. I have played this game for years and with every update it only gets better. This game is the only one that hasn't been deleted from my phone since I downloaded the original version years ago. Of course there are a few bugs, (which are very few and far between, and hardly even noticeable and not at all a hindrance) and there are a few features to be desired, but there's no doubt an update will make this game even better. The graphics of this game are simplistically beautiful, and the gameplay itself is just so entrancing with so much room for creativity. No app of similar substance even comes close. Survivalcraft just knocks it out of the park. Is it worth it? Absolutely. You will not regret purchasing this app. It is for sure, one of the best in the App Store. Great job Kaalus.

Great Game. You need to fix the bugs with like riding the horses and you hate leaves and then you die instantly well you need to fix that where you take away a heart and then you’ll take another heart warning you to break your lease so you don’t die in Philly I got on my camera because I wanted a horse and I couldn’t find my horse that I seen and I got on a camel and I had a four block high roof for the horse in the industry so I could get off but the camel I guess with the hump make you go one block her so I died because I got off you should just be pushed aside or just hit your head and then take like half a heart or something and also you need to fix where are you die you lose all your levels you should be able to get your level s back

/:. when I tell you i’ve loved this game for years, I mean it. I’ve been playing for around 5 years now and I still love it. There’s just one problem, the switch from SC1 to SC2. There were worlds I put hours and hours of work into and they crashed and I can’t get them back on the first survivalcraft app. I found some of the worlds I worked so hard on in SC2 under community and I was ready to make everything again. But it says error every time I try to download it. I just wish there was a way to retrieve those worlds and get them back. It’s almost heartbreaking to work so hard on something just to have it deleted and have no way to get it back. Someone who works on this app needs to figure it out instead of having the same 30 worlds available over and over. I wouldn’t be surprised if SC2 lost a lot of users for the same reason.

Nukes!!!. I love this game. Everyone at my school is sick of Minecraft and I know that that is probably what this game is based of off but there’s one thing of why my entire 8th grade plays it... It’s realistic. Minecraft has zombies, live skeletons, etc. we all aren’t looking for that. The point is that I have an idea of a couple things to add that would make my grade very happy, radiation, uranium and nuclear bombs. We were talking about Marie Curie and radiation today in class and I thought to myself “what if survivalcraft 2 had huge nuclear bombs?” So I have an idea that you can make radiation and mine uranium but if you don’t have a hazmat suit or something. Well, you get cancer😂. And you need to keep finding or making something to keep yourself alive. That would be hilariously awesome. As for the nuclear bombs. We all want a big boom with radiation filled radius. That’s all

ADDITIONS. I really like playing this game and I’ve been playing it for years but not that much has changed. I wish we had cars or some sort of transportation like trains and railroads or something to get around faster. I also wish we could breed animals. I really enjoy playing this game for the horses and i know other people do too and I think it would be cool if you introduced horse breeds and made them act different (ex: thoroughbreds, Arabians, Clydesdale, etc) I also wish they had more speeds and could jump higher and I think it would be really cool if you added that. Also adding more realistic and different animals would be cool. Also for multiplayer I wish you could add friends and join them instead of doing the spilt screen. I love this game but there’s barely any updates and I really want new things and improvements.

Please read: important:. Hello, first of all love the new game. Survival craft 1 was good. But this is great. Thanks for all your hard work. Few ideas that would love to see in the game. Maybe like some different guns you know Like machine gun, sniper rifle, pistol, or like a shotgun. And elephants would be awesome, like big ole elephants. Stomping around and you could make like a special saddle for them and ride them, on there back. Also maybe a diver suit, so you could take your world underwater. Maybe like villages could spawn in the world. And you could have an option on world settings. Spawn villages or not. And villages could have like tribes in them and you could raid the tribes and get weapons, food, tools, clothes, ect… Just a few ideas. The game beats Minecraft. 1,000,000,000,000,000 to 1. So much better, love everything. Hope you can add some of my ideas. Know you guys are busy. Also mine carts feel overdue. Thanks for your time

Suggestions. I think this game is amazing and I think there are some things that can be added. I think the oceans are very lackluster and should be expanded upon. Maybe mobs like whales or new ocean plants. It might be a stretch but diving gear that can let you breath underwater and keep you warm. There could be trenches in the ocean that go deeper than the rest of the ocean. Coral in warmer parts of the ocean. Angler fish and jellyfish FISHING RODS would be a welcome feature. Maybe even shipwrecks in the ocean. I think THIRST would make the game more realistic and more challenging. The hotter you are, the faster you get dehydrated and you need to drink water. More mobs would be very cool too. Sprinting would also be another cool feature. Sprinting in water will allow you to swim. Pets like a cat or a dog would be nice. That’s all the suggestions I have for this game and I hope to see them added. Thank You.

Some ideas for future updates \/ \/ \/. Hey! First off, amazing game. Much better than any other craft and survive games out there. There is so much to love and I appreciate all of the features. Great game! There are just a few ideas that I feel would, if added, make the game even better. They are listed below: 1. Minecarts and tracks. This feels overdue. 2. More guns. Maybe add a mode where you have guns from WWII or Vietnam. You could have machine guns and grenade launchers. 3. Search bar for the community content section. It’s so hard to scroll through all that stuff looking for a specific world or texture pack. This would make it easier. 4. Elephants. It already has lions and giraffes and zebras. Where are the giant grey beasts? You could tame them and ride them. 5. The grass is empty. We need snakes and spiders and lizards that are small and crawl through the grass. 6. What if you could find bird nests in the trees with eggs. Maybe add some birds of prey and have it to where you can grab the eggs, hatch them, and raise them as pets. Genius! There is also a glitch. When wearing a specific combination of armor, you sink through water at unnatural speeds and die of impact. Huh? When does that happen in real life? Thanks for listening. Please respond so I know you at least read these ideas, even if you respond to say “We hate your stupid ideas, don’t ever review again.”

Fun game. Overall this is an amazing game, this game is very fun and very addicting. I love how it’s realistic and you can do endless amounts of things. The game runs pretty well and has few issues. Although these things are true I am writing the review out of frustration. I have played the game for a few years on and off and just got back into it and been playing everyday for a few hours. I been on challenging in my world for almost a week in real life and have worked really hard to get ores such as copper and iron. I have gotten a lot of ores, tools and things made that took hours of time and effort. I was redisigning my home with my chests which are mostly almost full. I took down my chest without taking the items out. I let them all lay on the ground in my shelter while I move things around and I go to put my items back in the chest and notice some of my items missing. I had probably around 60 copper, a bunch of sulfur, and iron, as well as a few tools and coal. I somehow lost these items as they were nowhere to be found which greatly upset me as I worked extremely hard for them to just lose it to what I expect to be a “bug”. Regardless of this still s great game, especially if that gets fixed.

Hmm Great game...BUT. So..I've been playing survival craft ever since it came and I've always wanted you guys to add animal mating to the game. It would make it look so realistic! If not mating, then at least babies. Also, you guys should add different types of horses, like; Clydesdales, Appaloosas, Thoroughbreds,Shetland Ponies. You guys should also make it that when you place a saddle on a horse, Camel or Donkey you could be able to take it off whenever you wish. You should add beds. Instead of split screen add multiplayer. Add more interesting animals too, such as; Crocodiles, Parrots, Pink Dolphins, Ants, Beavers, Bees, etc. You guys should also add Cities! Add other players to your worlds without split screen, those players would be able to do the same stuff you do! Add different types of saddles and all that. Please read this review and at least think about it.

A helpful review. The person who has made this game has kids, this game is more of a hobby than a job, so for people saying “add this add that,” it’s hard for a single person to add all these suggestions. For the people saying that there should be a multiplayer system, servers cost a lot of money for the dev, he even stated himself on one of his blogs that the current system is clunky (split screen) but it’s the best he can do as of right now. As for the 9+ rating, it should be more like 17+. There are worlds that you can download from the community that are not kid friendly because of foul language and inappropriate concepts. I’ve been playing this game ever since it came out and I’m still in love with it, however I do think there could be improvements. I do agree with a bunch of the other comments there should be pets, how adorable would that be? I also wish there could be a search box for community worlds/textures and the like. It would be much easier to find things :) Overall this is a wonderful app, and I hope the dev keeps pushing out those updates

Fantastic. I have been playing since the original survival craft was new. I have loved the advancements especially when we finally got a musket. Here are some suggestions to make the game even better. First off plz add online multiplayer like at least local wifi join. Split screen is a good start but if you added online multiplayer it would be so much better. In my opinion, I would love if you added more guns, maybe some modern and different kinds like pistols, revolvers, assault rifles, light machine guns, launchers, etc. It would also be cool to add pets to the game like a dog, cat, or parrot. Maybe add a backpack to carry more items. One more thing that would be awesome is if you added things like usable drawers, chests, refrigerators, sinks, etc. Basically usable storage and appliances. Other than that, it is a fantastic game. The main thing you should consider is online/local wifi multiplayer. Other than that keep it up!

Slay. This game isn’t a ripoff of Minecraft, Minecraft is a ripoff of this game. I grew up playing this game and I gotta say… its 10 times better then Minecraft🙌 not only is it more realistic but it has more styles of combat. While Minecraft has boring swords, axes, and bows, This game has guns, spears, and C4… I don’t know about you but that’s my kind of combat😉. There’s also unique furniture options built into the game so you don’t have to use a stair as a chair or download pesky mods (that probably don’t work🤫). In conclusion, This game is way better then Minecraft because of its superior weapons and combat and stylization. Don’t be a nerd like all the homeschool kids that play Minecraft, be a cool kid for once and play this game🗣️🔥🗿

Some Suggestions!. These suggestions won’t be life changing if you do or don’t do it, so that’s that. Here are the suggestions~ • Refrigerators- to store food so that it won’t rot. • More rideable characters- maybe even griffons, or hippogriffs, whatever you want to call them. They are supernatural creatures, and they could be ridden on. • Dogs and cats (pets)- to have a trusty dog at your side to hunt with you could alter your future in the game. • More sicknesses, like sore throat, common cough, just things you may get every once and a while. If you do this, then you could make colds more common if you live in the colder areas. • More biomes- like tundra, arctic, sand dunes, mountains, jungle, caverns, swamp, and also more decor (lily pads, weeds, and more) • More plants and crops- farming is my favorite activity in this game, and I hope that more plants will come around- anyways, here are some examples~ - corn - rice - beans - tomatoes - potatoes - carrots - celery - wheat - grape - olive - sugarcane - tree nuts - barley - apple Holy cow, that is a lot. Don’t have to do all of that. • More meats- like for pig, pork, and bacon (that stuff). That’s it for now! I’ll add more through time.

Tweaks. I've been playing this game before there were bows furniture mods and I have to say you need more things like a blunderbuss or a flintlock and different foods maybe fruits and need more mythical creatures because the supernatural on off button don't do much also needs more animals also add scooped musket also needs to upgrade the crouch feature so you can go under things also should have wall climb like dirt you can climb up dirt walls and tamable animals also more electrical stuff also new bombs like cluster,bouncy,acidic,and electrical also you don't need xp orbs thare downright useless and remove the 3D models an moldy food because 3D models don't work with any texture also moldy food everything molds to fast and no more split screen also add Npcs like shops add a horse powers cart like a regular cart and if you ride a horse up to it it connects also add rails and carts

Might be the best Minecraft knockoff out there. They are many games in the app store and in google play that try and copy Minecraft PE yet they are poorly made and have little to no variety. This game doesn’t take the cake and sure it is a knock off of Minecraft but the creator of this game worked really hard on it and try to make it really realistic by warning the player that his body temperature is getting low and by adding sickness to the game and you name it. My recommendation to the creator of the game is to add an hydration feature where if you don’t drink water in a while you will get dehydrated and that could lower your health and if you drink water without treating it (by putting it in the furnace) you will get sick just like what happens when you eat something spoiled

Almost 5 stars.. Just going to mention my suggestion ahead of time: Search bar, more sharks, and more creatures. Don’t care what kind so long as more creatures and a search bar are added. What I liked: *Split Screen works well with this, the devs of this proved it’s more then possible on IOS, me and some one close to me built a entire mansion on the water and connected it to a snow covered island, I call BS on any one who says it does not work. *Add-ons that are free! Something you only would see in PC games, finally in a IOS game, Hell Yeah! * Furniture, that was a good idea, now you don’t need to add more guns that are restricted to creative mode aka uncraftable. (Still, please consider adding some, Musket is kinda trash considering as how you only get one bullet and if you miss, well your dead no matter what you do because you don’t have more ammo. Guns would be uncraftable but have more ammo, you could have mags, and clips which hold more then one round.) *Sharks: Sharks? GOTY. For you kids who don’t know, Game Of The Year = GOTY. I would go more into detail if I want added, but I’d rather do it after the next update since I’m not sure what you all have planned for the future updates.

SC. I love this game but if anything had to change for me it would be the animal options. I think if there is horses and cows and stuff I think there should be goats, chickens, roosters, sheep, pigs, rabbits, cats, and dogs. And when I say cats yes I mean house cats and that sort of thing but why not cougars or pumas? I like that there is leopards and tigers, but again a cougar would be cool. I think it would be a good idea to have like a multiplayer too. I think that you should leave it optional to play multiplayer or by your self. But instead of just throwing us into a world you are not familiar with I think you should be able to still build your own world, and maybe have a thing were you wait until your friends are online and then pick who is going into your world with you instead of be put in a world with a bunch of people you don't know. And there should be a chat page so you know what you partner or partners are going to do. One more thing is when I'm building and there's a tree I either have to take forever to hit each individual block, or burn it which leaves a risk of what you were building. Hope you take this into consideration.

More mobs in next update. I wish for next update to have dinosaurs, dragons, and more animals! I wanna be able to ride the dragons soooo bad if you make them. I even want SNAKES! I also agree with starkythegreat! It sounds cool and they want dragons too! Add a lot of our ideas and get better rates, on subway surfers, I’m in the most helpful/was. Thx if you do!!!!! Btw I will be writing off and on, also a complaint, wolves are spawning in my horses, camels, and bulls cages! They are dying and I want that to STOP! I thought they broke in, but it turns out that they were spawning cause I killed one and when I went back there was Another one though there was none. All I can do now is keep them in their stables please fix. I also want horses to have armor and dragons to have them also. Love this game... It’s better then Minecraft. There should be like, nearly or all the animals. There should be a male lion, girl lion, and baby lion spawner and male and female and baby’s.

Good game but Minecraft is better. This one is not so bad, it’s more realistic than Minecraft and is quite fun, but it’s missing some stuff! First off, the game NEEDS pets! You should start off with dogs and cats, cats just bring treasure to you every morning while dogs will defend you from predators and other players! Another thing that is in Minecraft that isn’t in this game is vehicles, in this one I’ve seen people make things like electric cars and trains, and this game intentionally has boats, but are aircrafts possible? No! In Minecraft, you can use command blocks or slime blocks to make crazy flying machines, or even 6 directional helicopters which is what I made in Minecraft, but flying machines are impossible in this one! An easier way to have aircrafts is to download mods! Anyway, I am going for 4 stars, this game is good but I’d rather play Minecraft itself!

Electricity and generation glitches (game breaking). So ive been a fan of survival craft almost scince it came out, and have been playing ever scince but for the past year the glitches have completely broken the game, most noteably electricity and terrain generation. The trees in the game are just cut off in a imaginary line (chunk borders im geussing) it makes the game look really unrealistic and unfinished, but its worked before so maybe a update broke something. As with electricity its completely broken, and the only reason i like playing survivalcraft is because of this special technological aspect! The glitch happens with logic gates and makes them turn on with false inputs. For example a AND gate with 2 wires out the side of it that are unpowered make the AND gate suddenly turn on, it applys to all the logic gates aswell, and with all the diffrent wire colors. Thus until this is fixed I am unstalling survivalcraft because all my contraptions and computers have broken in the game and I refuse to put more hours of work into the game, just to see it all break agian.

Awesome game, wish we were getting more updates.. So I’d like to say I’ve been playing this game since around 2015 and I always liked the variety of animals and resources and how the survival is much more in depth than minecraft. I love the variety of blocks too, like the painted stuff. I’d absolutely love to see this game getting updated again. I also really hope we get the option to tame pets (unless it’s already a feature and I just don’t know lol.) the controls are a little wonky but I generally don’t like mobile games in general but I make do for this one because it’s actually enjoyable and satisfies my need for an immersive survival game more than anything else has. I will say it would be nice to see some more variety to the wood planks and more coat colors for animals + better animal models in general. Overall though super fun survival game and I like it more than Minecraft PE.

Great game! “Read Before buy!. [What is this?] when You first see this the first thing that might come to your mind is “ugh, a minecraft ripoff”. I was like that too… but when I got it, I realized this is completely different to minecraft. Sure the terrain is similar but they have new mechanics. Like Temperatures, Advanced pistons, And you are able to make your own furniture with the community! And has a much more Realistic and More varieties of animals! And much more! [what is the Community?] Like you would expect the community is a place where people can share Maps, Skins, and furniture. The maps are rated in stars, So Be creative and make a fun and enjoyable Thing! Some of the maps on the community are impressive! Especially some of the complicated redstone maps. [What if I don’t know how to use/know any blocks/items?] That’s ok! In the menu you can find a List of information about the various blocks/items! Also showing how they can be crafted! [What do you think of it?] Honestly, I think it’s as fun as the normal Minecraft (shockingly) It’s fun to mess around with community maps and see what wonders they have… while being creative like making a house with a elevator… or more! Please enjoy this map!

Horse Mount death bug. Yes, it's been around forever, since the original game. Every time I try to mount my horse and I happen to be underneath or near a tree whom leaves are only two blocks above the ground, I die instantly to "ground impact." It's super frustrating and I've lost countless Cruel worlds to this bug. My solution would be to make yourself unable to mount your horse in an area you could suffocate, giving the message, "area too low to mount animal" or something like that. Or just make it so you can ride your horse straight through leaves, similar to Minecraft. Anyways, please fix this as this is supposed to be realistic, and I don't think I'd die instantaneously if I had tried to sit up on a horse in real life and hit my head against the leaves of a tree overhead. Thank you.

Love this game! Plenty of room for improvement.. I am so glad that Survivalcraft 2 is still getting updated! There are lots of things I want in later versions of the game. 1. Add a search bar for the community worlds, so you can search for a specific name world. 2. Add Mine Carts and Rails. 3. Add Orange default painted blocks and items. 4. Add refrigerators so you can make food last longer in Survival, Cruel and Challenging modes. 5. Add more food and drinks. 6. Add new different types of lights. Also there is a bug in Adventure Mode where reseting does not send you to the place you last set but your original spawn place, so please fix that. Also please fix this bug where there’s fire in the sky from a burning tree from a lightning strike and a bug when the same animal respawns if you go away from the spot after killing the animal.

Recommendations. This is perhaps my favorite mobile game. It can be described as Minecraft on an entire new level. It has many more factors and is much more complicated. The majority of the game I am happy with. However, the one thing I struggle with in this game is the challenging mode. I can never find food in the first day while still building a shelter. And I am always attacked through he walls on my first night by a hostile animal (please fix that). After that, you’re basically screwed. The hostile animal will stick around your shelter and whenever you come out, you will be attacked. And since you don’t have good weapons, you can’t fight it. The only other thing I struggle with is the controls. There needs to be a jump button separate from the move button so you can jump over holes. I also have some ideas on what fun things could be added to the game. Please take these into consideration. - Community Content search bar - Horse carriages (to carry around mass loads of things) - Tents (easy to put up, sleep safely during travel) - Flintlock Pistol (more variety to the firearms) - Bayonet (ability to stab with your musket) - Natives (Tribes you can find and trade with or fight) - Ships (Build ships and sail across the ocean) - Rodents (Rabbits, Squirrels, etc.) Thanks for reading. - William

You need to do more than just the great white shark. I love the new update...but I’m a little bit upset that you just added the great white shark and not other species of animals to the game and I have some suggestions for the biomes in survival craft in the plains you can have African elephants antelope gazelle and for the rivers have crocodiles alligators and hippopotamus for the forest you can add white tailed deer and mule deer raccoons skunks squirrels beavers hawks and for the desert you can add the two humped camel since they’re are two camel species in real life and if you can to make your game different than Minecraft add some extinct species also and I have some suggestions...but no non-avian dinosaurs because that would be too easy to add Extinct animals:woolly mammoth American mastodon American lion smilodon(saber toothed cat) short faced bear gylptodon dodo bird passenger pigeon steller seacow thylacine megalania Procomptodon diprotodon giant camel giant ground sloth javan tiger baiju(Japanese river dolphin) elasmotherium woolly rhinoceros Carolina parakeet Columbian mammoth thylacoleo(marsupial lion) If you don’t know what these extinct animals look like look them up on google and find the facts on their that could help you what they could have looked like and how they may have behaved

Parents read first part.. Bad bad bad bad bad Curse words on furniture? Really bad ones. Very unkidfriendly stuff on here. Content made by other people. People are BAD I tell you. They are putting stuff on here that is very bad and very unkidfriendly. I saw the F word on a furniture item. I AM A KID. And I want this game to fun, and CLEAN. Plus, this is legit rated 9+. Oh and by the way, if it gets too bad, I AM GOING TO HAVE TO DELETE. This is a FUN GAME. It has some cool furniture. But it SO HAPPENS that other people (not developer, I hope) had to RUIN IT by putting STUPID STUPID CURSE WORDS! STUPID. WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TOO? THE F WORLD ON A KIDS GAME? Excuse me what? I payed four bucks for this game! Yes, it is horrible. And I do have one more thing that is as not important as banning those players or whatever. It is the multiplayer mode. We we said multiplayer, we didn’t mean share one device to play together. Please oh please change it to where we can ACTUALLY USE ARE OWN DEVICES TO PLAY ON ANOTHER’s WORLD Like Minecraft.

Good concept, but needs huge fixes.. First of all, I’d like to start with the positives. I love the realism and all the challenges you face. It’s a step up from Minecraft and really would be fun for anyone looking for a more in depth experience. Love the mechanics and the mobs. Now to the negatives. Missing hits. I understand the need to make it harder but it’s like every other hit is a miss. I’ve had up to 8-9 misses in a row to the point where it was ridiculous. There should be a way to turn it off completely. Also, weapons do hardly any damage and need to be fixed. It would also be nice to be able to toggle decomposition. That being said, it's lost its charm to me because of these issues. I just wish they’d update some of the mechanics or at least make settings more customizable. I want to be able to turn off the garbage leveling system, toggle some of the realism settings, and possibly have difficulty settings. You can either play creative and have no challenge at all or play survival and get spawn trapped by a predator and die 50 times because 75% of your punches miss and the animal has insane health. All it would take to make this a huge hit is for there to be difficulty controls to toggle certain settings. Gameplay is fun when it works but mechanics kill it.

One more thing. I love Survivalcraft in my book it is better than minecraft but there are a few things things you should put in your next update like, more animals elephants, Cheetahs, rabbits,etc. and maybe make the animals have young and domestic animals too then there should be inhabits of the Island I mean if there are graves there should be people and they can help you or they can be hostile finally I save the best for last natural disasters like tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes,forest fires, maybe even water spouts also have it where animals can sense the storm coming before you any way these are my requests plz plz plzzzzzzzzzz! Make them be in your next update thx!

AWESOME GAME IT IS TOTALLY WOTH IT!. I’ve played this game since I was little, and I loved it! I still play the old version today. One day, on the homepage for the old version, I saw something that said, “ Look at our Survivalcraft 2.0!”. So I did. This morning, I bought the new version, and started playing. IT WAS AMAZING! I loved all the new animals, updates, and just about everything! I played survival mode and creative, both were great! I enjoyed every bit of challenge in survival! Everything was great! If I had to change something, it would be making furniture. I love making my own furniture, but the problem is it’s a little confusing with the sizes and whatnot. That’s all that I have to say. THIS GAME IS AMAZING YOU SHOULD GET IT!

MORE UPDATES!!. I’ve been playing survival craft since the days where there were only a few animals, tools, and blocks. I’ve watched this game grow over a span of around five years, very slowly... I don’t like how there are only around 2 updates a year (content updates not bug fixes). Every update makes the game even more perfect than it already is with each update adding in a ton of new content. I would really like to see more frequent content updates with them being just as massive. Some ideas I have are humans and villages, it would be fun to see them running around the map every now and then. Also, I would like to see breeding animals and natural disasters. Another thing to add in are of course, more animals, not only that but I would like to see be textures for animals, not reusing other animal textures such as the wolf and coyote. Another thing that would be nice is if you guys made better animal animations such as when they run or attack. Thank you for this wonderful game. PLEASE READ!!

I really like it, but..... Hi! I have been playing survival craft on and off since 2013 when it was called survivalcraft DEMO and the crafting tables looked like minecraft ines and you had about five ruby hearts; I really like the direction this game has went with new dangerous beasts as well as the viruses. I wanted to ask if it is possible to make a multiplayer mode where two devices connected to the same network would be able to play online together in a way where you don't need one device and one person on either side; I think this would make the game very much more fun as the stress of having to hold onto the dame device is diminished. Thank you so much for the fun over the years with this game, the realism it has is unique to the crafting games out today, much love, -Gian

Good, but could use some minor fixes. I've found some issues such as breaking blocks in creative mode is painfully slow compared to other block based games (like Minecraft creative mode) and it is really hard to see through water when you build fish tanks (making water more clear or making it easier to see water through glass would fix this). Another improvement could be a search bar in the inventory, especially in creative mode. Also, I’ve noticed that you can override magnets by sleeping somewhere, which has caused me to lose a few hard to build houses in creative and survival because I slept and the compass didn’t point to the magnets anymore. Other than that, I love the diversity of the animals and the dyed blocks.

Bugs and multiplayer. So I have played survival craft for a long time and it’s a great game but there’s a few bugs…like there is a bug when u mount a horse or something u can ride under some leaves or any type of block when u get on u will die instantly from fall damage or something and this is a bug I really hate. I thing I really don’t like about this game is the multiplayer! Pls make it so it cross platform and online multiplayer instead of split screen bc I tried to play split screen on my phone and it was terrible I couldn’t even hit some of the buttons so pls make online multiplayer and cross play and also add some more mythical creatures too but other than that it’s a great game PLS READ.

Update please! Read these humble suggestions 👀. I have been playing this game for at least 2 years or better. I immediately bought SC2 when it was release. The last update was a huge improvement. But a couple of things were left out. Some suggestions -FISHING 🎣! What’s a survival game without fishing with a pole and hook , instead of hitting the fish with a machete or spear. Fishing pole is way cooler. - Refrigerator. Since you can build electronics, and design furniture, why not have a way to craft a fridge to preserve food? - Increase mining speed in survival mode not creative mode. Mining is painfully slow, even with a diamond pick axe at level 8. More gardening options. Besides growing wheat 🌾, it would be great to grow more of a variety.

Something new, new egg, and depend on mods and new creative place!. I love griffin! Will ya make a new griffin egg or depend on mods maybe! Will ya make a different a fancy saddle, crown, and king clothes, I always want to ride them! I love Christmas decorations and clothes for reindeer! I will decorations my a new house if ya make them like simple carpet, candy, present, snowman, Santa, sleigh, bell, tea, Christmas wallpaper in the wall in the house I will be happy! I have 1 question! I don’t know how to say it but if can ya make reindeer in front of sleigh and probably keep reindeer can move everywhere on path I want it so badly I love unicorn ( egg or mods) , I wish if ya make an ( wings) angel and devil wolf (egg or mods), dog, cat, hamster, panda, ride dolphin, creative dragon ( need an saddle), and everything for pets and ride too I am so excited if ya make a bowl for pets and rider too! Pet house and Rider house I am thinking.... if ya make an babies eggs and adult eggs like Minecraft they have an babies egg and adult eggs too if it’s up to ya no rush too! I don’t want an normal place but if ya make a new creative place like simple, crane place, glow place, kawaii place, and more! If it’s up to ya too! I know I want them! Anyway thank ya so much!

New things. Either updated or make a number three I think you should be able to rope things, have pets, have hunting dogs ,have your horse have limits for more challenging like it gets tired or it won’t go unless you feed it, have smaller animals like snakes rabbits, have a Whitetail deer, don’t get cold so fast that’s kind of annoying , be able to ride bulls and have Longhorn cattle , have baby animals, have like four wheelers or buggies not necessarily cars, have different colors of horses, have your horses get old more life realistic and more challenging, have more albino and rare animals that you cannot Spohn yourself, have different color magnets and different color compasses so you can have different locations, just some different ideas if you make a number three or or you update number two, also make more natural disasters but like let them come really rare❤️love your game

Good game, but.... First this is a good game, realer than Minecraft, and has more items. I’ve been playing it for many years, but as it updated so many versions, actually I prefer the old version which was in 2016 or so. Yes, SC2 didn’t exist at that time. What I wanna say is sometimes the game is too real. Like durability of clothes, it’s hard to get the food at the begging of the game, while clothes have worn out. You will feel cold then lose HP without hat, shirt or pants. And you will move slower without shoes. Yes of course, that’s absolutely reasonable, but it’s hard to get fur or leather because you need to fight with those animals which would attack back as well. Weapons are not easy to make at the begging of the game, either. When you are dead, you will also lose a large amount of EXP! Yes, the next silly thing that I wanna say is the level system. You cannot make iron sword unless you’re Lv.3, WHAT THE ... and it’s so hard to level up! And you will lose so much exp after you die. Just stupid. You will also catch a cold when your body temperature is too low but it is so hard to search for the materials to make clothes. So my suggestion is to delete the level system and durability of clothes. I really want this game to get better. Thanks.

I love it but.... I love this game but it could be a tad bit better. I think that there should be baby animals and also domesticated animals. Could u also make various types of guns and make characters customizable(height, width, strength, voice) and the entire creating furniture is a little too hard in some terrains. I also think that there should be a multiplayer mode where on iPads/iPhones it’s not 3 or 4 people playing on one device. There could also be more technology(phones, computers, tv) that actually work. I also think that we should have the option to go in a game mode where we can be one of the supernatural creatures or any other creature in the game. And the werewolves, can there be villages with NPC’s and then that actually turn into wolves. And can there be more wolf types. I kinda don’t like how there is only one wolf type. Can there be foxes too? (This is a lot sorry)

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Really good game but.... Good game but it needs more guns and items and it barley gets updates even when it does get updates its only bug fixes

I love it! But I think you should do this... I think it would be great if you can add some animals that attack from ranged. Every single animal has a melee attack. Example, llamas, maybe they can spit on you and this causes an illness. Maybe eagles, and they swoop down and hurt you, but you can tame them with raw meat or fish and they hunt for you. Idk. I think you should also add blood, as in bleeding out being one of the death messages, and seeing actual puddles and foot steps of blood when you get hurt, or when you hurt an animal, it bleeds out and dies, etc. Maybe add baby animals? Their AI could be based purely around their parents, and you see the parents mate and everything. Maybe make a few medical items? As in bandaids, a first aid kit, etc. This would add a more “oh I’m trying my best to survive” kind of vibe, and it would make sense. Adding fruit trees would make the game more realistic too. Just a few basics, like apple, oranges, bananas, etc. It would add a nice touch on farms! You should add more vegetables and foods to the game, like maybe cucumber, and tomato, and lettuce combined together make a salad? That’ll be nice. I’ve been playing this game for ages now! I’ve started since 2016 by playing the first one, and when you came out with the second, I was so happy!

Great game, but I have a few suggestions.. Instead of split screen (Because it makes the screen crowded) Maybe you could add multiplayer online? Just because it makes the screen so crowded when you play it with one screen. So my brother and I can play on separate iPads And also, I would also like it more if you added maybe more animals? The game already has heaps of animals, and I like that! But maybe it could do a little more with some other animals. Like maybe a small lizard? Or a small scorpion that goes in the desert? That would be fantastic. I love this game so much, and I look forward to some updates. Thankyou!

Furniture???!!!. Like to know how to get furniture. Like the next update to have a section of furniture instead of a confusing section with add and ...

Really good. This game, to me, is a hallmark in entertainment. The split screen multiplayer, improvements to other larger block video game and the slow continuous output of updates is amazing. Truely changed my younger years and continues to entertain me throughout my life. Thank you greatly for this. Now for the review: Its like minecraft, but slightly better. Game mechanics need a little bit of work and the lack of an endgame is also a little annoying. But the sea of unending creativity in the community page is awe inspiring and has truely elevated my gaming experience. I personally enjoy downloading large city maps and carefully planning out its complete destruction using the range of explosives and detonating methods. Only wish is the addition of fully or semi automatic firearms. That would be epic indeed. To the devs: love your work. Keep it coming!

New Items or animals ?. This game is amazing I love it to be honest I’m always on it making this and pretending I’m a owner of a horse ranch and own a boarding facility but when are we going to get a search bar when downloading furniture or worlds or skins because I think it would help us search for items that we want instead of scrolling down to try and find what we’re looking for. Also can we pls have sheep,pigs and dogs in the game like minecraft but make it better ? If you get this review pls consider it other than that I love the game.

Furniture complexity cap. Ok I LOVE this game good god I wish more people knew about it but I have a small complaint. The furniture block complexity cap. What is the cap for. What EXACTLY does it do other then frustrate me. Here’s a great idea, how about you just, you know, kick it’s business end out of here. I mean I can’t just be there for nothing, and no matter how many times I run the question “what does this limit do” My brain says “don’t ask me I’ve got no clue as to why” so PLEASE either explain it or get it out of here #online multiplayer

Update. I can’t wait to see if there is a future for survival craft ! Hopefully it come out before my life gets to busy .

Great game. This is great game. We just need multiplayer for actual online and in the game. Be able to use shells to fire out the dispenser and make shells like Ap round and He rounds. And make engines to make an vechile move

JUST MAKE AN UPDATE. This game hasn't really changed you could of just made an update for number 1 cause now I'm paying $2 for the same thing. I would of expected a number 2 to be completely different instead it's number 1 with furniture add ons. But you are still doing good at least you made a number 2...cough cough (Minecraft)

Horses. Hey I love this game and I play it all the time but here are a few things that I don't like or want: 1 the update u added when horses get to far away the try to get to the herd thing is really annoying. 2 I would love if u added horse breeding with foals and when u breed them the foals are smaller than the adults and that the foals colours can combine for example I breed a bay and a grey I had a few different options like I could get a bay or a grey or a bay paint. Other than that this game is great.

Ok and Good. I play this game very often, but I think everybody would love some Online/Local multiplayer, and as said before, different horse breeds and accessories. And maybe some more, supernatural creatures. Such as UNICORNS or PEGASUS, or DRAGONSSSS! That would make the game SO much more Interesting! And they can all be tamed and once that is done, they could have special abilities...... Sorry, my Suggestions are just flowing out of my mind, but if you could do that one step at a time, that, would, be, AWESOMEEEE!!!! OKkk, other than that, the game DOES have SOME interesting things in it. Thanks if you read the whole thing. :P

Please add!!!. 1st thing: Please add breeding!! At least for horses since we can 'tame' them by putting a saddle on them! 2nd thing: please add more animals! Like maybe rideable elephants and some more big sea and land creatures! 3rd thing: Maybe you could add people that give you quests like for example: if you get them 3 copper you can trade it for a horse spawn egg or a saddle or a diamond or something like that! Thanks for reading!!

New weapon. Hello I have an idea for a new weapon. Why don't you add the Winchester. And also add online mode too.

Muiltiplayer. Like a multiplayer Minecraft how u can play with friends this has to happen with this game then I think it will thrive over all very good game

1 man developer. Firstly, this game is sick with all it’s features. And even though he hasn’t updated in a while I’m still impressed

THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!😜😍😇😃😄🤣👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻. Ok, this game is (my opinion) better than Minecraft! (But don’t tell Mojang!) I LOVE it how it has split screen, new amazing animals. I really recommend it to people who saw this! I would NEVER regret this! (Thanks sooooooo much Igor! Best. Game. Ever.... (see ya!)🤠🤠😍😍😜😜🤗🤗😏😏

Good game. Survivalcraft 2 is a great game!!, but if it had multiplayer online or Bluetooth that would be even better than it is right now!!!

Local multiplayer. Add it so it's not split screen and it's local multiplayer so then you can play on 2 3 or even 6 iPads together with friends. It would be amazing if this was a addition and if would make the game even better

A Good Game. I love how the horses, cows and other animals stay together in a herd. It’s also really nice that there are now male and female players. I think that it is good that you can create furniture. The split screen is also great. But I have get some suggestions. I think that it would be if you added a couple more horse colours, for example a buckskin and a dapple grey. It would also so be good if you could get solid coloured brown or black cow and a brown and white/black and white bull. Another thing that I think would make the game better is being able to lead certain animals, for example when you walk up to an animal a lead button comes up just like the ride one. Something else that would be cool is being able to breed the animals and they also breed in the wild, for example I think that the cows and bulls should be able to breed. And when the baby animals are first born they are small until they grow up. I also think something that would be super fun would be that you cloud play as an animal, for example if you played as a horse a human might come and tame you and you would have to stay clear of animals that may eat you. But overall I think the game is amazing.

Multiplayer. Please make multiplayer, the game would become much more satisfying and will be more popular I feel, me and my brother have been waiting for a multiplayer update since number one was kinda new and it never came, it would be so much more fun to play with friends, even if it was only local multiplayer.

Unlimitless animal PLEASE. I have played this game for so long, I love it so much but recently I downloaded a super large stable map and it’s so big that I have reached the amount of animals aloud in the world, I have killed off so many to make room for more but it’s no use I also remember making a zoo and not being able to add all the animals because I reached the limit so I think making the amount of animals limitless would be awesome!

Why though. This is the worst game they just added furniture things and all that they should've just made an update on the regular version of the game, they made a new game just so they could get money

Great game. Great game love it 😀

Glitches. What’s with all the gaming glitches when adding furniture and designing???? 😭😭😭😭

Add corner wire through blocks. I love this game but it would make it easier and make it look better if there were also wire through blocks with a wire that doesn't go straight through but comes in through the top and comes out on the side.

Great. Awesome 👍

Great game. I love the game there's so many animals it's just awesome 👍😄❤️I just don't understand is the furniture it may just be me though

Dragons please. Hello I love this game so dam much but I think you should add dragons into this game it’ll make it much better then it already is please read this and I beg please add dragons ps hopefully we can tame them 🐉

Pets. Hey there I’m just here to suggest something, can u add cats and dogs in the game please that would be a big dream to have I know there are big cats in the game but I want house cats u know what I mean This game so far is AMAZING! Keep up the good work

A really good game.. I would really appreciate if make another app that makes you download or install mods for Survival Craft 2. That’s my suggestion. It will make the game much more awesome and really fun to play.

UPDATE MORE OFTEN. This game is the best and I mean it! (Well not as good as minecraft but that’s way different in ways). I find that update take a year to do and it is crazy!

Controls. How can split the items on the crafting boxes? For ex- I tried making a working bench in game but I couldn’t drag the stack of wood into each boxes, it just moves the entire stack of wood into the other boxes I drag into. Please reply ASAP.

Trees. When you cut down a tree make it disappear like minecraft

Great game but.... this is a great game but add online multiplayer please, it gets pretty boring playing alone

This needs a update. It’s been a year update please

It should have multiplayer. It should have multiplayer on other devices so other people can join from their device like it's by vpn connection that allows other people to join your world

Great game but.... I’m getting a bit fed up with the game saying that my furniture is too complex but I understand that you should have a limit to the but is it okay if you make the complexity limit higher. In the meantime, this game deserves to be #1 in whatever category it is in. I also really want a online/LAN mode. Thanks for reading

A Good game. Seagulls and wolves are so annoying so firstly seagulls laid an egg secondly wolves came to my raft because of the nighttime appeared.

Terrible. Didn’t show my new furniture so if anyone can help me with that please

Hi. Add guns and more armor like brass and steal and titanium and weapons pls I’m loving this game

Can you add this. Hey can you guys add 1: multiplayer 2: cars and planes 3: people 4: a story mode 5: new weapons and can you make that you can make your own cars and weapons and planes it would be so awesome to see

Online Multiplayer and achievements. Can you please add a feature that you can play online multiplayer mode or split screen online multiplayer mode so I can play with my friends on multiple devices because that would be awesome especially on the Day One version and also can you add achievements to the game because that would be nice. And also thinking for using nearby players feature when devices are close together without wifi and I you don’t know what I mean you don’t have to do it Thanks for reading my review and creating this game. 😊😊😊

AMAZING!. Now this is a good game this is better (in my opinion) than minecraft good job dev team! Note to devs: if someone says your a ripoff don’t let that disencourage you ok? Good

Was a bit better. This game I amazing however split screen was not a good idea, online multiplayer would have been better. Also could you please, PLEASE add more horse colours, like a lot more. Five different coloured horses is getting kind of boring, also there are so many other ideas about horses I have. Like being able to take their saddles off, saddle blankets, blankets, western and English saddles ect. Thank you for reading.

love it, and i have a couple of suggestions for improvements. let me start by saying i absolutely love this game, it’s a great challenge and fun to play, having played for many years (ever since it first came out on my old iPad 1) i have had a few ideas, some are now obsolete as they or better ones have already been implemented in the game but some are still good, first would be some kind of track (like minecraft’s carts) to transport yourself/resources from your mine, and second would be a rope/lead to tie up your boat/horse etc, last of all more wild plant foods would be really helpful (for example there could be berries, perhaps some poisonous some not, as well as fruit trees, maybe some potatoes, and perhaps some coconut and/or date palms)

Needs an anvil but is a great game.. Can you please add an anvil in your next update of this game? It will be better with an anvil so you can repair your tools and weapons when they lose their durability so that they can last longer. Thanks for reading.

Updates!. I would love this game to get a few updates. Online multiplayer with friends would be sooo good! More horse items... colours and even sizes. More animals would be good, little babies. Leads and name tags. But definitely online would be good

Amazing buttttttttttt. I LOVE this game but it would be amazing if carriages/ wagons that horses could pull were added. Then u could travel around with more things. Plz plz plz think about adding this

Good game. This is a good game. A great game! Also, I think that this game is really good. Like, really good. So I think this game should take another step. Put it on some consoles like the PS4 and the Xbox. Even better, for the Nintendo switch! This would be perfect for the switch! Portable AND a console! Make it happen!

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Multiplayer. I love this game but I really want to have multiplayer on multiple devices

Game thing. The game is great but could you maybe make it easier to download skins and could you have more fashion choices

Add elk, hippos and elephants. If you got rhinos why not these? They would fill the biodiversity even more

Add more animals. Love the game but some more animals like Buffalo in deserts and more kinds of deer would be pretty cool

Sorry. Sorry but olny 3 stars it would be 5 stars IF you could play together on different iPad/iPhone/etc and may you please allow us to tame animals, if so thank you!!!

Awesome Sauce. Please add a Multiplayer option !!

Help us Kalus!. I hope I got your name right. I love this game like nothing else. Thank you so much already! For all your hard work, you made a wonderful thing. I love this game and if you don’t do anything else for it, that’s ok too, it was beautiful. But please update. I’ve been playing for maybe 4- 5 years, maybe longer, since really early updates. Always on cruel! That makes it real for me. I would play this game forever, but it’s starting to glitch on my iPad pretty often. I want to keep playing, but if a Jaguar is going to kill me in my house while I sleep, and there’s no way to stop that anymore, I just keep getting frustrated. I’ve been alive 200 or so days on cruel, and maybe I actually feel a bit alive. Irl. This helped with anxiety and depression in a real way. I didn’t know I would miss this game this much. Didn’t know I could care enough about a game to write a review, but you did it; please update. P.S no other way to reach you?

MULTIPLAYER WITHOUT SPILT SCREEN PLS. Add multiplayer without the split screen. Make it so that you can join people’s worlds when connected to the same wifi as them and you can play on separate devices. If you did that then this would be so fun and it might even be better than Minecraft.

Great game. There are a lot of Minecraft rip offs out there but this is not one of them! Good job on the game, keep it up, and keep updating with new features. 😁

Add. Add a flare gun please and other weapons

Pets please. I love it but you should add cats or dogs!

Can you guys add more weapons?. Please add more weapons!!! Suggestions for future weapons: Repeater rifle Revolver Coach gun Hunting knife If you could add these that would be awesome! Great game btw.

Pls add vehicles. Hey I love this game no matter what people say it is not a copy of minecraft I'll recommend this to all people but it needs vehicles like trains, cars, jets, submarines etc... Great game

I love it. This game is awesome but it needs multiplayer and more furniture

Don’t download. Apparently this game is a weekly /monthly / yearly payment . I have to keep on paying for this game

Pets. Love everything about this game but.. where’s the dogs and cats??

Good job man 👍. This game is awesome! I’m having a lot of fun with it! It would really help out if you added NPC people like townsfolk that would make the city’s look more lively, I hope in the future this is possible🙏 good work.

Awesome but.... Survival craft is my favourite game! It's super fun! The one and only thing I wish was different is the multiplayer. You should make it where you can play multiplayer on multiple devices instead of split screen on one device. It would be so much better and easier to play with other people. Well worth the money.

Add more things in Survivalcraft 2. Things that should be added to Survivalcraft 2: Gold ores and gold bars Amethyst ores and amethyst gems Killer whale and beluga spawner eggs Bones and fossils Trees with different colours of wood Dolphins and sea turtles Elephants Hippos Rainforest biomes Fruits Mountain goats Palm trees and coconuts More fish (clown fish, blue tangs, butterfly fish, pufferfish,) More birds (owls, eagles, hawks, falcons, seagulls, songbirds,) Rainforest animals (monkeys, parrots, toucans, gorillas, tapirs, capybaras,) Watermelons Squashes and Gourds More animals (llamas, hippos, emus, yaks, pandas, deer, elk, cougars, cheetahs, turkeys, foxes, peccaries, and raccoons,) Coral reef biomes Hostile monsters (zombies, ghouls, ghosts, trolls, cyclopses,) And much more

Multiplayer. Make online and local multiplayer please

Some glitches. When I place blocks in certain parts, it disappears and makes a weird line that goes across. Please fix.

Just do yourself a favor and don't download this game.. So many glitches it's impossible to play, this game SUCKS!

Ehh. Deleted itself and I lost all my worlds. Very disappointed, please fix. Is there any way to get my works back if they weren’t put into Dropbox?

Suggestion. Good game but would be great game if the design limit or remove it

Great. I like playing with my friends, but we have trouble playing since my phone screen is so small, and we don’t have enough game controllers for everyone. It would be awesome if you added local wifi multiplayer, it would be much easier to play. Keep up the great work! Edit: rhinoceros’s spawn way too often. I get out of my shelter, rhinoceros. I finish cutting down a tree, rhinoceros. I’m a safe distance away from rhinoceros, rhinoceros. Right when I start, rhinoceros. It’s become impossible to start. Could you please just tone down the spawning of rhinoceros? Thank you.

Animals. Great game needs more animals though Like gorillas,kangaroos,alligators ,elephants,hippopotamus to name a few 🦍🦘🐊🐘🦏

Cool. I love that you can build with furniture! The only thing I would add would be people. Babies and adults and kids and elders. It would be awesome to be able to have a family. Great app though!

Disappointing. I have been playing this game for a long time. I really love and enjoy this game but recently blocks have started disappearing when you place them in a certain spot. Also sometimes I get a glitch which creates a big long line across the world. This has really changed my opinion on this game. This issue never happened in the first game. Whenever I create something and the blocks disappear I have to start over or delete the world entirely because of the problem. I hope this problem can be resolved because I really like this game and would love to continue playing it.

Search for worlds. I do like the fact that there is a built in community system. However one thing that should be added there is a search bar. This way it’s easy to find the content your looking for.

Should of put this in first one. Make it as local or online multiplayer too then it will be a better game

please make an unlimited number of worlds. I’m tired of constantly cleaning up the old worlds to create new ones. I don’t have enough

Maybe. Maybe make a multi player part we’re u can play if u have same wifi

Amazing Game. I love the variety of animals and realistic survival mechanics. Being able to create custom furniture is a really unique and enjoyable feature. One thing I’d like to see is the ability for animals to reproduce. Currently, keeping cattle is usually a lot more effort than it’s worth, since you can only milk the cows or kill the bulls off for a few pieces of meat. If livestock could breed, we could build up herds and create another reliable food source. That would also make other creatures like gnu, reindeer, and boar practical to keep as livestock (as they are in various parts of the world). Also, it would be nice to have rope to lead and tie up mounts. Some kind of mobile chest or saddle bags that could be carried by a pack animal would be great as well. (And obviously online multiplayer, but everyone else has said that already.) Thanks for this amazing game!

Noice👍. I think we should have a paint brush tool to paint materials and have a colour picker like the one in IbisPaint X for example the current colour slider is a little complicated.We should also have more domesticated animals in game the wild animals outnumber the somewhat domesticated animals like horses,donkeys,cows,bulls and camels.

iPhone 10. Can you update it so the screen fits the iPhone 10 screen please.

Best game!!. This was my absolute favourite as a kid :) So many fond memories of chasing after whales and building weird little houses. 10/10, would absolutely recommend

Suggestion. This is a great game but it would be even better if people could play together using multiplayer on separate devices

Update please. Love this game but can you please update it it has been over a year since the last update

Keep er going. It’s getting better, keep working on online multiplayer instead of split screen. Hope to see it in the future. If you manage to make it online then add custom games or something and new skins for both the character and weapons (you have to pay for them).

Great game... but... I’m very sure me and my friends can’t all play off my little iPhone screen, in a future update plz add multiplayer on separate devices! I love the game though!

Very Very good. This is such a wonderful game and so realistic, but I think it would be even more realistic if there was baby animals! But overall it's Very Very good 👍 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I love this game!!!. Thanks for the update! Noticed a difference and have been enjoying this game for many years now!! I personally really enjoy challenging mode and looking forward to trying the new survival mode!

Please take away food rot. I get that your trying to make it realistic but it’s weird Or add a food that is non perishable

Really good. I find this game really fun to play but I think there should be a feature where you can game say a wolf to attack for you or be able to ride a giraffe... I would also love some more species of land animals and perhaps some more supernatural animals like the werewolf but make them really rare or only found in a certain place...

Awesome. This game is awesome but it would be even cooler with npcs and villages even online multiplayer

Good. This is a great game but if you could make local or online multiplayer that would be great

Amazing. Love it, its so fun and realistic plus if u don’t wanna build ur own world you can download one that’s already built. Its better then Minecraft, but can you add a feature where you can tame animals, that would make it 100% better then it already is. Please. Either then that, it’s perfect!

I loved it but... I loved it but I think that you should be able to TAME all animals, make them breed. You should also make animals of different genders look different ex: Female lions shouldn’t have manes and should be smaller I think there should also be different wolf patterns in fur same with lions leapords, etc.. It would be amazing if you could update the game to have these included even if it’s seperate updates. As long as I don’t have to buy another game, I would be very happy if this happened. Thanks!

PLEASE ADD!!!. In the next update can you please add a pump shotgun for a weapon, I think it would be a great weapon for if you climb up a small hill and all of a sudden there is 3 wolfs there, just pull out that shotgun and boom all of them dead the player is alive. So please add a pump shotgun, it would make me and a lot of other people happy.

S’il vous plaît créer une update (fr). Rajouter une baleine et que les animaux carnivores donnent de la viande crue en plus de la pourrie et aussi peut-être un arc et une arbalète en cuivre, fer et diamant. Et pourquoi pas la reproduction des animaux. Et le multijoueur en ligne.

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I got an Idea, Please listen!!!. Can you add the following... - Dragons to tame n ride - Ghosts that come out randomly at night but don’t attack, they just float there. - Goblins that can be found in forest biomes, they don't really attack you, they just take a random item from your inventory and run away, but there are two types of goblins! The other being shooting arrows at you. - Giant cyclops which can be spotted around mountainous regions of the world, they are quite friendly and won’t attack. - Dungeons - outer space, for example building your own rocket then adding fuel to the game (which can be crafted by oil found in caves as ore) - Evil monsters that live in caves - mermaids - magical seashell that gives you gills to breathe when diving under water! - Psychic powers - Super powers and so much more i cant even say it all! These are just some ideas of mine out of billions, hope you like my ideas i shared to you!!!!

Good game, some things should be updated. This game is really enjoyable and ive been playing for a while. I love making furniture, but i hate it when its “too complex”. Its in the preview, so why cant it work? If the complexity can be boosted up or removed that would be good. And also with the movement, basically the entire screen is “look around” and that small box is move. if the move box could be at least half the screen that would be better than a small box, since id rather run away from boars than standing still looking around

Survival craft. I never write reviews for anything but I’m making an exception for this one. I always enjoyed this game and liked how it was way more realistic than Minecraft. But ever since survival craft 2 came out it looked like all development for this game has ceased. Months have passed then a year, then 2. Then I noticed this game started getting minor updates which I thought was strange. And then today you update it again. Glad to see you back mate.

Amazing improvement. Hey delelopment team I know 1 review isn’t much but this is more of a thank you letter. I just wanted to say how amazed I am by the recent changes I was just scrolling through the AppStore and I something told me to check if they updated survival craft and to my surprise not only did you guys update but you just tipped the expectation scales. I was playing through and to be honest what I saw was amazing. The only thing missing is more cosmetic items and weapons and more animals. Other than that the game is phenomenal. Thank you for keeping up with this game. :)))

Love it. I enjoy everything about this game, and it takes my boredom away! If I could add something it would be online multiplayer. So that I could invite friends and play all together! It would definitely bring more people to buy this game! The split screen though is a bit weird...anywho, I know it may be hard to add it or so, but it would definitely have people buying this a lot more knowing they can invite there friends!

Great game! But needs more.... This game is great and you should totally get it! Developers, please read this: it should have underwater cities and portals that take you to a boss battle with something like a giant wolf or bear! Thank you for adding the choice to remove supernatural creatures, and please keep it! Also if you could add things like dogs and cats, that would be cool! Also more ways for food like plants that are edible or a fishing rod! 'Cuzz no one catches a fish by hitting it. And villages would be cool! There should be places that are pre built in the world that have fake people you can trade with! And maybe make the player start with a pickax and a sword or something like that. This game is great but needs those things

Awesome game. Just ask if you do local multiplayer on wifi so we don't have to share the same screen when I play with friends but other than that aaaawwweeessssoooommmmmeeeeee game great game dynamics controls so diverse in creatures so much to build explore then you can upload your games skins furniture soooo awesome there is split screen multiplayer which is great for real big tablets but medium uhhhh no also clever how e split screen is set up. You can make your own furniture build as much you want in an endless world too. So if you looking for a fun game and hours of fun GET IT

Please read. Please add humans to game like you can spawn them and add dogs with bones then cats with tuna like tuna and bones are in food section and you feed to the dogs and cats them to become a pet also I want a parrot 🦜 and leads and a task board for like go get a rare white bull or something like that thanks for reading I love this game it’s better than Minecraft in my opinion! Have a wonderful day and stay safe! This game is amazing. I’ve played for 5 years and never have complained! Fav game so far

Fantastic game, just one thing to consider. I have had both Survivalcraft games for a long time and loved them. But the only problem is with the Community Dowload games. It would be so much easier if you could just make a world and just make something like an account and just click upload. Also, I have found some well... interesting games. Such as strip clubs. It would be great if you could look over games for approval so we don’t see such... stuff. Overall fantastic game, just a problem for me.

Really good, but…. I like this game a lot, but why are days so short? Once you build a shelter, the game stops being as interesting (in challenging mode, anyway) because you can’t really do much. Days go by in a heartbeat. If y’all would make days a little longer, folks could have more time to go explore their world and hunt and such. Also, it’d be nice if there could be more supernatural creatures like the werewolves. It’d give players something new to see. But that’s just a personal preference. Anyway, this game is great so keep up the good work!

I loved Survival craft 1 but not this. I use to play survival craft and had so much fun playing it. Then I found out about Minecraft. After playing Minecraft for years, I decided to play survival craft 2 because of the furniture. I hated it, no wooden weapons or any weapons except those stone axe things that does nothing against a lion or wolf. It’s so hard to find copper of iron or even coal, it’s crazy. I mined all the way down, branch mined on several levels and only found germanium once and one vein of coal. After about the third or fourth day of looking for basic ores that will help me survive, I deleted the game and went back to survival craft 1. It’s so much easier to play survival craft. I don’t understand why you created survival craft 2 to be so hard to where it’s unplayable, smh.

I love it <3. I absolutely love this game it's amazing! I think it's better than the original minecraft ( in my own opinion) I have a few suggestions too. I was thinking you could add dogs and cats. There could be different dog breeds like you have different horse colors. You could have border collie spawner, and it can be used to herd cattle like irl and you could add a German Shepherd for protection or maybe even a pit bull or any other big dogs, and you could add a corgi or a golden retriever or other family dogs like that for a travel companion or to play with, kinda like the cats can be. :3 thanks for reading!

Animals. I love this game and I’ve been playing for years but it needs more animals farm animals and pets to be specific I typed some animals and other update ideas in this review. Animals:Dogs,cats,snakes,lizards,frogs,turtles(aquatic and not)llamas,sheep,goats,more birds(parrots and cockatiels),peacocks,elephants,gazelles,dinosaurs,dragons Other Animal Things: Breeding animals and Baby Animals: This connects to my next part in the review) you should be able to breed two of the same animals or even two different species (horses and donkeys to make a mule)baby animals would follow the parent around until it grew up baby animals would be less aggressive than the adults an adult wolf would attack you while the baby wouldn’t Animal Genders:There should be male and female animals for example lions, the females should be lionesses, the females could be either larger or smaller than the males depending on the species (yes I am aware most animals look the same regardless of gender but still) This is all I could really think of thank you for reading

Fun, but..... I love this game but I wish they had beds and that instead of split screen you could play with 2 devices (or more). If you kept split screen that would be fine but it would be nice to use 2 devices (or more). It really hurts my neck when I have to look down for the hours that I play this game (it is really fun!) i know that I could make the beds but I feel that just having the beds that you can use (I'm kinda a noob and i don't know how to make furniture) it would also be cool to see some baby animals and pets. I also think u should add (rideable/ tameable) dragons and refrigerators to keep food from getting rotten. Also chickens (that can't fly) would be cool! And elephants!

I like this game but.... Overall, this game is fun. I enjoy it and all, but I think it would be cool if we could play multiplayer or something. Like on different devices , not split screen. Also, I think there should be some sort of search bar in the community content section. Once you lose a world you found, it's gone for good. There's no way to find it, unless you want to spend hours scrolling through all the random worlds. Also, it be nice if we could upload more than five worlds. I hope you at least think about these suggestions.

Magazine. One thing I want to see is bullet shells. Made with some sort of metal, and you put the bullet, gun powder and the metal to make it. It would give you more than one shell per craft maybe. And the reason I want shells is so we can have a clip for the rifle. Or have a bolt action rifle with a clip. And the ability to make a scope for some sort of hunting rifle that is a one shot on most animals. And rather than the hold to shoot when you have a scope it would be aim and tap. Also maybe the ability to paint your weapons. So you can make a green bow or a green rifle. You can’t put a clip on a musket but I’d love to see a rifle of some sort and maybe a pistol.

Love it Love it Love it. Oh my goodness I had the original Survival Craft and that was great but this was is amazing. I do have a few suggestions can we be able to remove saddles from horses. Another one is can the next update have others people. Not like multiplayer more like villagers on Minecraft. People that help you out or something like that. Can we also have like cats, dogs, or pets. And the last things is can we have like fridges and drakes we can actually use.

So close to being the perfect game. And do recommend.. First of all I love this game I have played it for years but these new updates add some thing that could use some work. I know it’s probably not gonna get an update any time soon but I’ve got a few ideas. First please make the xp system optional I really hate xp systems and just takes away from the joy. ..Ideas But if you need another type of progression I suggest a bit of a tech tree so it takes work before you get a gun or iron equipment. Or if that’s all to much just lower the amount of xp need to level up. Idea 2 A way to cure meat or refrigerate it would be awesome. I would even like having the rot timer back to what it was before the update and add curing and refrigerated depending on where you are curing dessert and refrigerate in the snow. Idea 3 Horse and boat storage for a nomadic game style. Anyways hope the devs see this just think this would help people. Hope to see your projects in the future.

Just needs a tweaking. Great game except the new update has an issue. Rotten food. There needs to be ways to keep it for longer. Ability to smoke meat would be a nice option. It makes meat last longer. Maybe making it so if we built a root cellar (having meat stored several levels below ground) it could help it last longer. And,can we finally get a fishing pole!!!! I have been playing Survivalcraft for years and have really enjoyed this game!!

Love this game, but.... Okay I like this game, it’s fun and it’s like Minecraft but more realistic. But I do have problems though.. for example i don’t like the “complexity” system, like ill be trying to make furniture, and it’s apparently “too complex”. I feel like I’m limited to my creativity. Also I do not like the fact that you miss your hits, it’s just dumb and you miss most of your hits and end up dying. I understand it’s to make it harder, but it’s just annoying. Please fix these, thanks!

Multiplayer needs fixed. I’ve been playing for 2 years now and my friends and I need you to fix 3 and 4 player mode. It would be so much easier than having to all be on the same side. I love it myself to and really enjoy playing it in my free time. But plz fix that 3 and 4 player mode, it is annoying. If those of you want to buy this. I would. It has all the things you need and would like to do. So a definitely 5*****.🤗

I like it. I like it it’s awesome but I still can’t I’m new to the game I got it yesterday and I didn’t understand it I didn’t even know how to split but I watched a few videos and I am still in the Cave almost into a real house but I am not able to make a pic I don’t sound coal and no iron haven’t found a cave and I think there should be a few mobs other than just a werewolf that’s the only one that I’ve seen but there might be more I don’t know it’s good

GREAT GAME⭐️⭐️⭐️. Honestly the best survival/block game out there. Idk why people would even pay for mine craft when this game has WAY cooler stuff like guns and bombs and all that fun stuff. Although I'll admit it is ,or can be ,a lot more challenging and annoying than games like mine craft at times because of the things like wearing warm clothes in cold climates, and having to sleep if your to exhausted, or just small things like that. It can also lag a little if you download a premade world from another user. But all in all, really fun game.

I really hope it’s still active. I love this game I’ve played it as a child and I really hope the developer(s) don’t abandon it I hope the game can become better than it is right now. I hope it soon has a lot of uniqueness to it I hope the devs read this Some glitches/bugs I’ve found -if you try to open a door with a rake it uses the durability and does not open the door - you can waste seeds by planting it on an already planted plot

Fun.. but glitchy. This game is fun and I love to blow stuff up, but whenever i place tnt under a house for example.. most of the blocks inside of the house will either turn invisible or stretch out before I'm even done placing the blocks. Another thing I noticed was that animals can see you through solid structures, so a bear will just be standing outside of your house waiting for u to come out. Another think I noticed was that buildings don’t usually protect me from the cold weather, but other than that this game is super fun.

Truly expands on Minecraft, and very well done at that.. Most people would've seen this title as just another Minecraft ripoff (at least the first title), but this one actually has a direction and a goal - to provide a survival experience while still providing casual, fun gameplay. SurvivalCraft (especially this second installment) has features that Minecraft itself never even had throughout its lifetime, and that most clones wouldn't ever even get around to. For example, Furniture, which can be created with an Iron Hammer using different blocks in certain formations, is something I've yet to see in literally any other Minecraft-like game, ever.

Better then SC 1! But.... So I first wanna start off by saying I love this game so much. Especially the world/Skin download section. Not to mention the block creator is the best feature in this game! The fact you can personalize furniture and random stuff is amazing. The only problem with this game is that it’s not enjoyable in survival mode. I like the temp system and all but it’s way too intense to get far at all. Clothes is cool and all but I can only enjoy this game in creative mode because of how in depth it is. But I think if the difficulty was softened this would be wonderful in survival mode.

Please Update the game. I have been playing this game since the first one originally came out, and I too have loved the advancements, however there needs to be a major update coming out. It’s been WAY too long without an update, and there are still major areas that need to be addressed. Personally, I think there needs to be alligators and or crocodiles in deep lakes, and add something like a Yeti for snow biomes, since you have wear wolves, a mythical creature. I think there also needs to be a bigger food variety for farmers, something easier to find and grow. PLEASE ADD THESE

Please Read. Hello, I recently bought Survivalcraft 2 after playing Survivalcraft 1, but it was very hard to start a world, especially if you spawn in a winter biome. Please make it so you cannot spawn in a winter biome and you don’t get mauled instantly the second you step out of your home during night. Also, it is impossible to see anything at night without a torch, so the first few nights, you are stuck in the dark not able to sleep in your 2x2 wooden hut. You do not have enough time to build a better house during the daytime before you can’t see. Also, the boars and things shouldn’t just attack the second you get too close. And add multiplayer please. Thanks.

Gets worse. Been playing from the beginning and has gone from a five star favorite to a two star disappointment. Useless animals clog the game after a few game days have passed and cruel setting gameplay becomes unplayable. It's like playing a game with a great first level, but the first level is as good as it gets. Now another update and officially down from 5 stars to 1. Review update...I recently tried to play this again to see if I had been too hard on the updates. If anything, I was too soft. After several years of paying for apps this is still the only one I can say was an absolute waste. The developer should refund everyone’s money and apologize.

Needs multiplayer!. It would be really awesome if this game had at least local network multiplayer, split screen is cool but having to half your screen size is annoying. Also, in world options if they could be a setting to disable food rotting and all sensitivity to temperature and sickness would be cool. I can’t even explore snow biomes because I freeze and get the flu(btw you can’t get the flu from just being cold, it’s a virus in real life). Overall a great game with much potential!

I think you should make it more realistic.. I love this game a LOT, but I think you should add a few things. I was thinking you should add brown, green, and pink cotton plants. Also, if you haven’t added a thirst bar, you should add that as well as require you to filter it. I think you could also add insects (and their eggs) that will eat your crops. Also predatory insects and pesticides that you would use to tackle pests eating the crops you should also add. You should also add mushrooms.

Idea for another survival challenge. There is already tempature, a very critical hunger bar and actually trying not to take to much damage to ruin the clothing. Is it possible to add a thirst bar? I think the player would need to make some sort of canteen to get water from a small pond or lake (the ocean could be salt water). In my opinion it could bring more of a challenge in the game so people will have to bring a bottle of water when going out to mine or build something.

A few ideas. Hey, so ive played the first Survivalcraft, and i must say its AWSOME! Ive had this game since second or third grade. But theres one or more suggestions. So one...add a search bar in community content. That’ll make things easier to find worlds or furniture packs(ect.) And maybe expand the furniture limit by double or triple? Doubles fine though. And maybe add like ACTUAL CANNONS or something. And heres the last one...its a little laggy sometimes and it freezes up, so maybe fix that? Otherwise AWSOME games. Keep up the good work! You dont have to add them all, but at least put a search bar and when you search for a world, itll bring it up or anything similar. I dont know, just a thought. Good game!

More than 5 worlds. I have been playing Survivalcraft for a while so I was excited when SC2 came out! I have really enjoyed playing this game, well worth the money. However, I would like to be able to upload more than 5 worlds. Every time I want to go and change something in a world I already uploaded, I have to go to Dropbox, delete that world, go to SC, upload that one, the go BACK to DB and export the updated world in SC and then publish. I know it’s not that hard to do, but I would like to not have to go through the hassle.

Have always liked the game. I have always liked the game. Especially the furniture part you can make some complicated structures. There are only a few things I’d love to see updated. 1. Render distance it would be nice to be able to see farther out on creative mode and have it to were you could adjust how much you can see. The second would be more furniture to be added in the worlds instead of 1024 maybe more like 1124 but hey that might be just me! Either way it’s a great game and have always enjoyed playing it since it came out back in 2011!

Love the update! But..... I've loved Survivalcraft for years, I first played it on a friend's device and loved how it was compared to Minecraft. Several years later, it's still one of my favorites. The realism is a huge part of what makes it so great, and personally I like the new sicknesses and rot as they add another challenge to the player's survival strategy. When I saw that multiplayer was a part of the new update, I opened it instantly, only to find that it was splitscreen. Seriously?! SPLITSCREEN on a PHONE?! It's so small it hurts my eyes to play! Please add online or LAN multiplayer, otherwise I love the new update!

Love it. I love this game! It’s kept me busy for hours and the furniture makes it so much better! I love it better than Minecraft. However I do have a few suggestions, I wish there was rope to lead animals around and tie to a fence post. I also wish there were more colors to the horses, and more farm like animals e.x. chickens, goats, sheep, pigs, etc. last thing, I wish you could search community content for specific content you want. It becomes a pain looking for worlds or furniture that you want and having to go through tons and tons of content to search for it. Even just typing in a key word would be great

Love this game. I’ve been playing this game for yearrssss now and I love it main reason because of the furniture. I mostly play in creative because of how hard it is to survive lol but my main issue that I hope you guys can fix is the lightning. I know it’s supposed to be realistic and you can turn off rain in the worlds settings, but I like the rain and i think you should add a setting that says you can turn off things from getting destroyed or catching on fire from the lightning. Every time I build a cabin or something made of wood it gets destroyed and that’s honestly really stressful. But other than that I love this game.

I have some ideas. I love this game and i’ve been playing it for a really long time. I have some ideas for the next update. I think more fruit trees and vegetable plants would be a really cool update. You could have apple trees, mango trees, coconut trees, etc. I also think that berry plants would be a good idea. Maybe have different types of edible berries, and then some inedible that could make you sick or even kill you. The next thing would be pets! I feel like this is a very desired update for a lot of players. You can spawn pets such as cats, dogs, hamsters, etc. The last thing is sprinting. I think that this could be very valuable when running from predators. It takes up more stamina, but it gives the player more of a chance to escape predators. Those are all of my ideas! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next update :)

Too much.. This game is not playable. The devs tried to do way too much with the features in this game, I know they probably want it to be realistic and all but it’s literally easier to survive in real life stranded in an island than it is in the game. Right when you spawn you “Start to feel a little chilly.” How are you supposed to craft clothes and get food and all that when it’s you’re first 5 minutes of the day, and I know it’s not just me being a sucky player because I play lots of 1st person survival games, and I was playing on harmless and I froze to death in the first 10 minutes. I really, really love the concept of the game and all, but please just tone it down with all the extra stuff and I hope one of y’all sees this.

Been Playing for YEARS. I think this game is fantastic, and with all of the updates it gets better and better. Thank you! Side note- I frequently build barns/stables and equestrian centers in the game. If you want to pasture your horses, you can only do five at a time with the coat options available. If we could figure out a way to either tag them with visible names or add more horse coat options (brown pinto, black pinto, dun, albino, blue roan, red roan for example) or even adding markings. Thank ya!!

I want to see a new mechanic for the bears. I love this game and the rework was a good decision but I still think there could be more for example the polar bears are to small and I think they should be larger and do more damage and that all three bears in the game to be able to stand on there hind legs when they smell an animal but need a better view and if the animal or the player is spotted they would roar and Immediately start chasing you or the animal.

Ideas. It's a great game, and I enjoy playing it. Good job on adding multiplayer to the game. However, there are some things that can be added. NPC's like Natives could be the next step. Server compatibility would also be a great thing to add as well since multiplayer is a thing now. Also if you can make different modes of survival like other than island survival. Also add natural disasters like tornados and hurricanes. Also update the game soon. I'm so close to giving this game 5 stars if those things would be added.

This game it’s challenging and fun.. Things the dev you add in the game are more animals like for the jungle : example like gorilas, snakes, monkeys and exotic birds too. Some other stuff like fruits should be added like bananas, coconuts, apples etc like for the different biomes. Overall this game is under rated I hope people play this more and the devs give this game more life and I am happy we got a update, hope we get more in the future and stuff. Good game 👍🏽

I’m sure this would be a great game, if I could play.. So I started off in a new world, built a house and got some tools. But then I felt like hunting. So I attacked ONE animal, and they all started attacking me. Which makes sense I guess, but was kind of annoying because every time I would go back to that area, they would just kill me. But then, it turned night time. And oh my god, night is broken as hell. I can’t survive more than 5 seconds because I keep getting spawn killed by wolves, and when I actually escape from them, other animals start attacking me. Jaguars, coyotes, more wolfs, boars, bears, and for some reason, 2 lions. I really wish I could play this game, but I can’t because I keep getting killed.

Great!. This game is fun. It is a bit hard… but that is ok! I like Challenge! Well… it does go a bit far. Even on easy mode you can die within one minute. Please fix this! I think this game is kind of like Minecraft but it is more realistic. Also please read the reviews we write! If you do read the reviews, please respond to them so we know you do and that you are working on something, making an update about someone’s problem, etc.

Cool game but tedious. I like that there are newer content than the original version I played several years ago, although the game didn’t really changed all that much to be called 2.0. Some of the mechanics need balancing. “Normal” temperature setting in this game is Canada winter where you constantly in freezing state until you get some fur clothing, in which you need to kill a bear for. You suffer from freezing temp in almost every biome except desert. Catching a cold in early game basically mean game over. I have to crank up temperature setting to be able to play the game normally, at least the players are given the option to change global temp. Food rot mechanics is frustrating. I want to spend time exploring yet every time I go hunting I can’t hunt or gather excess food. There is no way to permanently store food even though temperature in the game can get insanely low, snow biome exist and salt can be mined in this game. There are no option in the menu or game starting options to allow you to opt out this thing. Just buy the original game.

Good job but needs one thing. This game is really good although it’s basically just the first one with some updates. I just wanted to say that it would be helpful when building things that there is no furniture design limit and you should be able to export things from the trash because in one map that someone made they have somethings in the trash that I would like to use for one of my own maps and I can’t export it and I don’t know what the packs are called. Also I like the idea that people are making cars with the furniture and it would be cool if you guys added in cars

Suggestions. I love this game, but some things to make it cooler or more appealing would be to add the ability to play as the animals. Sharks, Lions, Jaguars and Bears would be a perfect peek into what they're all about. There is a downside to this, however. It would be very boring once you've played it so much. Something that's simpler would be to add in the ability to become a werewolf if you're attacked by one without armor and survive. On every full moon and new moon you transform to become faster, smarter, and have heightened senses. These are only a few suggestions, though. Still rate five stars!

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Language English
Price $3.99
Adult Rating 9+ years and older
Current Version
Play Store com.candyrufusgames.survivalcraft2
Compatibility iOS 8.0 or later

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The application Survivalcraft 2 was published in the category Games on 14 December 2016, Wednesday and was developed by Igor Kalicinski [Developer ID: 622613682]. This program file size is 73.11 MB. This app has been rated by 1,673 users and has a rating of 4.1 out of 5. Survivalcraft 2 - Games app posted on 18 February 2022, Friday current version is and works well on iOS 8.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.candyrufusgames.survivalcraft2. Languages supported by the app:

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Survivalcraft 2 Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

This is a bugfix release in the 2.3 series: - Fixed broken uploading/downloading of 2.3 worlds - Crouching deaths in low spaces fixed - General crouching behavior improvements - Reduced Sparrows spawn rate - Different, more varied new world names - Fixed glitches and improved wooden ladder - Fixed depth clipping when crouching near a wall - Hammer makes appropriate material sound when used to make furniture - Reduced chance of spawning of many creatures of the same type - Reduced number of pickables created by explosions - Fixed cairn collision box

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