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"It’s the perfect sort of game for mobile devices and there’s so much to do here [...]" -
5/5 - Toucharcade

Game Dev Tycoon is a casual business simulation game where your success depends on your creativity and willingness to experiment. The game does *not* contain any in-app purchases or ads. Slip into the role of a game developer: start your own company, design your own games and make your way to the top to become a Game Dev Tycoon.

- Start your own game development company in the 80s
- Replay gaming history
- Design and create your own games
- Hold your breath and wait for reviews to come in
- Research new technologies
- Hire and manage a world-leading development team
- Become the leader of the market
- Gain worldwide fans

Game Dev Tycoon for iPhone and iPad introduces:
- An updated story line
- New topics to enable even more varied games
- A challenging (but optional) ‘pirate mode’
- Built-in screen recording and streaming support

Game Dev Tycoon does not require an internet connection so go ahead and build your gaming empire in Airplane Mode.

Game Dev Tycoon App Description & Overview

The applications Game Dev Tycoon was published in the category Games on 2017-11-28 and was developed by Greenheart Games Pty. Ltd.. The file size is 164.48 MB. The current version is 1.0.9 and works well on 9.1 and high ios versions.

Thank you for playing <3

- Fixed iPhone X startup issues (sorry, everyone! hopefully this fixes it.)
- Fixed recording preview issue on iPad
- Fixed GameCenter-related issues
- Fixed text rendering issue for users with a right-to-left OS language
- Fixed an issue with the game complete screen

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Game Dev Tycoon Reviews


Just like the PC  PrinceZeroXion  5 star

Man I love this game so much! I hope Greenheart games make more tycoon games just like this one because they clearly have something special here! Buy this game and let your imagination run wild!

Jaybles the Gorbith

Love the game, guys.  Jaybles the Gorbith  5 star

Thanks for putting in the hard work to make sure the port is a polished one. It feels and looks just as good as on PC, of course being optimized for mobile in some respects to the layout.

A fallout lover

Amazing  A fallout lover  5 star

Never seen a tycoon so unique and interesting

Craven human ant

Great port  Craven human ant  5 star

I've had this game for PC since it first came out & this is a great adaptation!


Perfect Fit  jmelia  5 star

GDC is the promise of a quality mobile game fulfilled:it fits perfectly with a touch interface, great price point, and well thought out gameplay. 10/10 would buy again.

-Tyler Z.

A great port  -Tyler Z.  5 star

This is merely a port from PC, and while I would appreciate more settings I do like that the visuals have been cleaned up and the game is basically what it already was; great and addictive.

Troll masterbhhhggggggggg

Amazing  Troll masterbhhhggggggggg  5 star

I saw Jacksepticeye play his and I had a ton of fun watching. Now I’m having even more fun playing


Addicted! But read rest  LOLBOLTZ  5 star

Hey This Is So Cool! It’s just that I never know what game to make! I Would Also Like That When Your 200k In debt I’d like it to give me Like 300k and pay back 400k Not Get 600k and pay back like 1.5m Or It’s Game Over. Also I’d Like A God Mode Where You Have Unlimited $ That Would Be Awesome! Also On The Pc Edition You Can Make PCs And I Don’t Think You Can In Mobile. Make More Console Models Cus I Made 1 Cube And I Can Only Make A White Cube And A Black Cube And It’s Just Sad.


Incredible  Horn0901  5 star

This game is great. Hours of fun, challenging, visual pleasing and all the bells and whistles.


Might be better than the PC version  SisterNeko  5 star

I remember playing this game on my PC and so I brought out my old laptop and played it to see how it compares to its mobile port. The UI is way more organized on the mobile app, the notifications stay in the corner until you want to view it (this was a problem fore me because I sometimes accidentally skip stuff), and the G3 convention events actually tell you how many people you've attracted. I haven't updated the PC version, so I don't know if it's close to how the mobile app is, but I can certainly say this "Game Dev" has improved since the beginning.


Fun and clever!  pagona  5 star

Addicted to the game play. Funny, well thought out and thoroughly enjoyable.


More!!!  Bazza891  5 star

Great game but I finished it in a couple days. More!!!!!

Fred Walls

Great Game  Fred Walls  5 star

Great Game! More please. One minor annoyance/feature request: Please add ability to see previously generated game reports.

Dragon _ Sword262

Great game  Dragon _ Sword262  5 star

I love the game


Totally Worth it  ceejay267  5 star

Absolutely love this game played it on pc and now i get to play it again and its one of those titles that works so well on mobiles, i highly recommend this to anyone who likes tycoon style games or sim games. The Devs did an awesome job, keep up the good work


As good as on PC  Atcote  5 star

A great [Simulator] game in the [Game Development] topic. It's focus on [Engine] and [Gameplay] have served it well.


Don’t stop here!!!  Zaff5525  5 star

This game done well to follow a mature themed base of kairosofts masterpiece “game dev story” but don’t stop there keep them coming because I haven’t played a good game like this for years! No in app purchases and with the prices you charge I’d happily pay 7-8 bucks for a good game like this! Keep up the great work greenheart games and keep the content coming for 2018 Cheers


Incredible  zev6  5 star

This game was and still is my favourite game on pc and now on my phone! This game was so well made and was exactly what I would like in a game... about making games! This idea was so creative and a original Thanks


Great game, so fun!  jjtguitar  5 star

I played the original on PC, but the iOS format is perfect for this game. So much fun, so addictive, and NO in-app purchases!!!!! Excellent work, keep it up!


A must have  uglyduckling81  5 star

Just as it is on PC, it's amazing. The UI is perfectly implemented for IPhone.


Great game  Sleepy718  5 star

Please keep making good updates. Please and maybe ability to play with friends sounds nice.


Great  <>Dude42$<>  4 star

Only one thing, please add a casual game mode. Like where there isn’t bankruptcy. Other than the slight learning curve great game!

G8r Fan

Iphone x  G8r Fan  5 star

Never had an issue until latest update to fix “iphone x startup issue”. Now it sits on orange startup screen indefinitely. Nice update. Edit: restarting gamecenter fixed it, back to game developing. Thanks! Great game, deserves all 5 stars!


I wish I could give it 0 stars  Joey032906  1 star

This app used to be great. The first time I played it was great, now it won’t even open up the app. Please fix it.


Dear Devs, great game! But..  Nickb92  5 star

Awesome game guys. I love it. I cant stop playing it. i definitely don't have what it takes to be a game dev tycoon. Yet. But there are a few little issues that don’t detract but are just minor annoyance. A little bug maybe. After going in the red I was asked if I wanted to take a loan out for about 400K, but later payback only 25K. I thought I was about to just make out with that extra money, but the bailout ended up actually being over 500K. Maybe a mistake in the writing? Also, playing on the iPhone x, I tend to hold my phone with the Volume buttons down. The start up screen will display that orientation, but is soon as you get to the game menu and the game itself it automatically flips 180°. And you can’t rotate it back.


Easily worth the 5 dollars  jeudhdjxudnxjk  5 star

This game is so cool because when you sell a hit game it gives you the best rush and sense of accomplishment and that is awesome and I hope to see more games from you guys in the future because greenheart you have some real talent.

M. Starr Brannigan

So addictive  M. Starr Brannigan  5 star

This game is a blast and hard to put down. I expected an idle game, but I was sorely mistaken.


Amazing game about making games!  jerryturcios08  5 star

I rarely leave reviews, but hear me out on this one. I was originally planning on trying this on my MacOS but never was able to. When I saw that it became available for iOS, I gave it a try. After playing it for a couple of hours, I have to say that it seems very well constructed and the developers must have put good thought into it. Overall, I really enjoy the game as well as the references to events in game development history. I definitely would recommend it to anyway who is curious to give this game a try!


You will be addicted at not just playing but making games!  iKollector  5 star

It’s been quite some time since I played the PC version, the same addictive gameplay remains with this game. Some updates like new gaming systems like the Switch will make their debut here. You could still look up the charts online to make the right game or play multiple times to master them all on your own. That’s how I play. If this is your first time playing, then your in for a real treat.


Honestly love this game. I named my company micro transactions.  Tanto95  5 star

This game costs money, but I promise it is worth it. I’m a gamer at heart and seeing the process even if it is a small window is exciting to me. I think this idea is fresh, concept is solid, and over all is a great game. I have no regrets spending the money. If these game devs make anymore games I’ll be first to check it out. Also I named my company micro transactions. Ps Dear game developer, consider moving this game or something like this game to the console platforms. I only hope to see you all grow. Sincerely Tanto

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