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What is - fun online snake app? Develop your skills, try to survive as much as you can and become the biggest snake. You start as a small snake, get bigger by eating other snakes who try to do the same. You have to attack wisely but defend skillfully. How long can you survive?

Attack fast with the mass-eject booster and get in front of other snakes to beat them when they hit you head on, no matter how small you are or how big they are. The best one wins. has no lag issues or performance problems caused by internet connection. Play wherever and whenever you like.

The left or right handed joystick controller and mass eject button are fine tuned for higher precision maneuvers and for more fun.

Game Features:
- Grow fast to dominate the board with smooth gameplay
- No lag due to connectivity issues
- High precision gameplay with joystick control
- Improved CPU and battery performance for all mobile devices
- Unique online live events and real-time leaderboards

How to play:
- Cut in front of other snakes quickly to make them explode when they hit you head on
- Once you get them to hit you, eat them as fast as you can to gain more mass
- Eject mass to boost your speed with one button
- Try to beat the highest score based on your length during a session
- Internet connection is not needed, play wherever, you are offline or online

Are you a snake or a worm?

Thanks to you, the original is back with new regular updates. We are a small team who are all motivated with your comments, reviews and support. As you know the game is still in active development and we constantly try to make it more fun. Your reviews are important for us!

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App Name - Fun Online Snake
Category Games
Updated 06 February 2024, Tuesday
File Size 174.29 MB - Fun Online Snake Comments & Reviews 2024

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Great game! I love it and all the a good way!. I love this game. I tried it in Beta mode when it was all glitchy and you got booted off a lot. That was tears ago. Now it’s running at peak performance with one exception. I play on a currently update iPad with plenty of storage so I don’t think it’s me… the home play screen in Apple arcade gets stuck and you can only play the same event over and over even though you complete the task or quest or whatever you want to call it. The actual game in its own app form does it sometimes too. Like I want to play a random snake and it starts out fast. Sometimes the screen doesn’t give that option so you have to play the same thing again. Hope that makes sense. The Apple Arcade version is way worse, glitch-wise than the App. 👍

Best Game in the World. First of all, you aren’t having the most challenge because the other snakes are bots, and you get a lot of experience in the game. There are lots of cool skins with descriptions and challenges to get skins, it’s very cool. I also think that the events are very fun because you get a little bit more of a challenge because there is a boss and you get chased by it, and you can defeat it by going to a circle and circling around it. Also, I know that I was giving a review and ended up giving a tutorial, but this game is so much fun, and I can’t stop going on about it, the game is so addicting and you can make cool names for your snake. Anyways, you should definitely download the app, and they don’t make you pay for much, and they give you constant adds 🙄, but, everything else is awesome! I hope you like the game just as much as me!

awesome to awesomer. Pls do something that when we kill other snakes we will get money (in game) like maybe some sort of coin or something that we can buy particular skins instead of waiting and doing quests maybe still have some with quests and the one with quests maybe if you will buy them make them extra expensive and fancy snakes will cost more and maybe some snakes can have like a power or something like that or maybe a aura lake a dirty one have flies and a fiery one has fire and maybe a water one with bubbles some like that anyways pls make one of those true and maybe make a game similar to this one that it’s a wolf and then the tail grows longer every time u eat meat chunks please do something similar to these ideas and creators of this game make that wolf game anyway HAVE A GOOD DAY!

Soooo addictive. Omg i totally recommend for people who get bored a lot and people who dont this game is a FIVE STAR there is no bugs and glitches there is ads butttt it’s not that bad guys the ads only play every other game and you can skip the ads most of the time so that’s not a big problem at alll so don’t say it’s bad because of the ads but I do have a few suggestions maybe let there be safe chat and I think you should make a icon at the top that says your direct player target and then if somebody else kills your target those people become your next target also I have been thinking if u guys could add a flamingo because I love flamingos I hate the color pink though lol but I love flamingos I just got this game and it’s sooooooooooooo addicting and fun! Totally recommend for kids 6+ ik it says 4+ but I feel like 4 year olds would be a little to young to understand how to play anyway that’s your opinion Thanks for reading!

Kid friendly version of Slither io.. This is a great game! Now in the reviews I’ve seen people saying that this game copied Slither io., but Snake io. is more of a kid friendly version. First of all, it’s easier for kids. In Slither io., sometimes I die in five seconds. Second of all, in Slither io. some players name their worms vulgar names, their political opinion that might be offensive to other people, racist names, and bad words. All of these things are things kids shouldn’t see. But in Snake io., there is none of that. No offensive names or anything like that. It is a safe game, nothing to worry about parents! There’s one thing. (About ads) When your worm dies, it has an option to continue or watch an ad to revive your snake. Sometimes I don’t want to watch an ad. So I press continue and it gives me an add anyways 😑. It’s kinda annoying, but a great game overall. Hope my review helps! :3 Have a great day.

Loooove it!. This game is so fun and I love playing get the most out of the snake game and I also like the steak in the most than any snake game and I love this game so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much! This game is crazy I always try to win but sometimes I lose sometimes I win sometimes and sometimes I get like the same score. You have to be actually playing this game or else you’re not gonna or else you’re not gonna like really like the game. You should try playing it or else you’re not gonna have fun and I’m so addicted to this game that you can not believe that I am but I’m actually addicted to this snake in the mouth this is the most addicting snake it to me actually. I can’t believe how close this game is you should just like try to make this game more and more and more and more addicting to you by playing it and checking if you like it and if you don’t don’t play it if you like it then you should keep this app. So try it right now if you see this game right now and see my review.

Fun but confusing🤷‍♀️. When I first got this game it was fun it’s still is funIn my opinion I love this game but why I rate that a four out of five Is because this game is kind of confusing why it’s confusing first of all when you get the AmongUs skins I just don’t understand this because I only got one skin from it and I played five rounds I just don’t think that makes sense to me but also don’t get how to change the background most slithering games you can change the background To black or normal I just don’t see how you can do that I looked around the settings I pressed every button but I still couldn’t find it this game does not give exact details my favorite skin is the cat skin to be pacific the cat named midnight and also my characters name is Luna moon if you happen to see me I but yes this game is confusing but fun

The best game ever! Pls read this!. Hello there! I got this game a while back and it is my fav game ever! I really recommend it, it is fun, entertaining, and awesome!! I have some pro and cons for this game so here we go: cons 1. It gets a little glitchy if you get really long my record is 18,086. but just turn off the Wi-Fi and it works.I, personally, turn it on if there is a character that I really want. 3. There is this character that I really want it’s yaya, I think it’s too much to play 390 games. I have played 276 games. Almost there!!! Ok! So I have taken care of the cons now it’s time for the pros so here is my feedback: is very entertaining, i hear that it can get boring, I do kinda agree but just a teeny tiny ensy beensy bit. 2. I think this is very age appropriate, ads are ok. I think the makers have done a very good job so 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻good job. 3. I love that you don’t have to have internet even though it is a online game I just looooove it! So yeah, that is my feed back and have a good year! BBailey over and out

LLLLLLLOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEIIIIIITTTT🦄🦄. I love this game so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so sssoooo much it is so easy and I love this game it’s so much fun and you can choose a bunch of different snakes and yeah it’s the best game ever and I don’t know if you know but a lot of people have gave five stars out of this and I think it’s for free and it is so much fun plus on different seasonsThere are different challenges and yeah it is a so much fun and my favorite one is the spring and Halloween I mean Christmas and Halloween and it isSo much fun I can’t stop saying it it is really so much fun and if you are the editor I absolutely loveThis game thank you for editing it and yeah I love it so yeah thanks for making this game and thanks for the letting me tell you all about this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BEST GAME EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. So great game but one problem as usual in my opinion there are too many ads not always but sometimes there are too many ads and I hate ads but all in all a really great game I’ve been enjoying it for quite a while and it’s a great game keep up the great work that’s all I can say about it SO KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK also I have a few suggestions maybe do a few more skins I know there’s a lot but there could be tons more also maybe there could be a whole new area of skins like candy skins and stuff and the no ads thing should be free because some people (including me) don’t want to buy it I got another idea for an event snakes 🐍 in snow ❄️ there could be some snowflakes and snowmen and other things like that but BEST GAME EVER edit: When I first got the game I thought it was a little too easy but during the special events there’s this (almost) invincible boss who chased the biggest snake 🐍 that is a great touch but during the snakes in space it was impossible to get the last skin because you needed to get twenty thousand points to get it it’s impossible because you have a giant monster snake breathing down your neck trying to kill you I got all the skins but one in snakes in space so maybe take it down a notch but otherwise LOVE IT

Not what it seems…. I know it says online multiplayer, but it’s actually not. 🫤 I know this because twice now when I was killed by the ‘king’, I come back to the same game with the same ‘king’ immediately after, but the ‘king’ has magically changed skins mid-game — which is impossible to do. The only explanation for this is that the ‘other online players’ are computers. I already wondered whether or not this was true in the first place, because my friend and I never get in the same game—ever. I don’t recognize the players on leaderboards, and yet I see a lot of the same ‘players’. I don’t mind the unending amount of ads as much as I do the false advertising. Overall, this is a fun game, but you’re not playing with other real people which means they could have a pause button, but then they say ‘oh we can’t because the other snakes are moving in real time’…LIES.

Amazing or is it?. Well the game is amazing 😻 I absolutely adore it it’s like the old version but better. I had the other one and it was ok I guess compared to this one it’s not as good the new one is creative 🎇 and festive. You get soooooo many new skins my (favorite is totally the unicorn 🦄). The game has a good amount of adds not to much and not barely any. There is no problem, the other game had not as many skins it only has color not cats and unicorns for now this is my favorite game no doubts about it. There is this one thing the box where the snakes move around in is a little bit small compared to the other game. If the creators of this game could make the space bigger I would appreciate it. But so far thanks to the creators 👌👍🤩🥳.

NOOOO FIX UP THIS GAME!. This game is great! You get to unlock new skins you get collect little balls that make you bigger and bigger and bigger! There is a problem that I don't like whatsoever. TOO MUCH ADS! There are ads after every round, short or long. This bothers me A LOT! I want to get to playing my game, I don't want to deal with ads when I'm finished with each round, I want to play more. So this is overall a great game except for the fact that ads are most of it.😞 I would love if the creators would improve the amount. of ads to at least and ad every 2 or 3 rounds so we can get more game time in... if you know what I mean. As i was reading other reviews they aid they had ads in the middle of their games that has never happened to me but it sounds reasonable to me. this game needs a lot of improvements and i don't care if your reading this and you like the game you have to admit it needs a lot of improvements. i say hey rid of ads and unlock more different kinds of skins and make the character limitation a little bit longer for people who want a long name. SO PEOPLE A FAVOR AND FIX UP THIS GAME!

Smooth, fun, ads aren’t crazy, read this. As someone who has next to no tolerance for ads whatsoever, I’d say the amount of ads in this game is pretty reasonable. You get an ad nearly every time you die, yes, but they aren’t long at all they last a few seconds at most before you’re allowed to skip. Aside from that, the ads don’t pop up if you die early into the game. The reason I mention the ads first is because that’s the first thing to deter me from a game is when the ads are obnoxious. Also the price for removing ads completely is only 2 dollars anyway. Apart from that, the game is fun, smooth, I’ve never had a problem with internet and I’ve never had difficulty with the game due to a flaw in mechanics. I definitely recommend this game.

Snake.o. I love this game, it is so cool! You can be a snake, and snakes are my favorite animal! And I love how the snake grows by eating other snakes. It’s like it grows by eating an animal that is the same as them, that is cool. And the new skins are awesome. I love all the colors of the rainbow and all of my favorite colors are in the new skins! OMG!!!!!!! I love this so much! It is the best game ever! And the only change I would like is that before you play the game you should get to chose the music, I LOVE all kinds of music, but I don’t like when the same song plays over and over, I would like to chose a song before I play so it won’t bore me out by listening to the same song over and over again. But other than that, I LOVE this game, OMG air is so cool. I will be sure to tell my Betsy’s about this game. They will LOVE it and I love it too. From: Layel Brown.

So good 😊. This game is so good and doesn’t have any glitches but the levels to unlock new skins are really hard so would not recommended to anyone who is looking for a game that is calm and relaxing, but would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a game that is fun and challenging so just take that into consideration. This game is so fun and love it some of the reviews say stuff like “it was glitchy” so either the game had some major updates or these people were just lying because this game was so fun and challenging for my style. Would definitely download it right now I always love to read the reviews before I download the app this one I’m telling you that you should download this app. PS if you read this all the way through thx but nobody probably did🥲♥️

Great game but some stuff to fix. So I started playing a while ago(1 year ago) so when I started I was like okay what do I do how do I play? So I FaceTimed my friend and asked her how to play so she told me and I started playing. After a week later I figured out that you can kill them if you hit their head with your head or something like that. So I finally got to my score I got to 3,998 I beat that score and I was very excited because it took me awhile to beat that score and I did. But one thing that happend and is still happening is when I kill someone it glitches me out and won’t let me back in unless I go to my home screen and delete the game so I would please like that and maybe add boosts for when you kill someone like giving them 50 points every time they kill like 2 or 3 people just saying some ideas. Thank you for reading this I hope this gives you some input to the game🙂

Why does game is so good and why this game is so bad. The reasons why this game is so bad is because you have to have an ad to revise and also another reason why it’s bad is because you have to watch a bunch of ads to get the longer snake in to get spayed birth and get the clever thing those are all the reasons why it’s bad in here is all the reasons why it’s good first up there’s different skins to choose from and you unlock them by playing games and also you can get new skins every day I’m not so I just really enjoy playing the game and it’s just really satisfying to come on the game and play it and it’s also nice to know that you have other people and you can also film it to you can also fill me reputation to so does all the good things about slither Io app

Excellent but a few things. So after each game there’s an ad and then if you wanna revive there’s an ad and then whenever you’re out of the round there’s an ad why are there so many ads I hope you can make maybe I can downsize the ads so there is less but otherwise I’ll love this game it is really good I like collecting the little ball food things and I really like the little tournaments except one thing the giant bosses like I wish they weren’t that big but otherwise I gave it a five star cause it’s awesome I play every day it’s really good you can unlock really you can or not really really really cute skins my favorite one is the fox and the cow one and maybe that like blue electric wolf or like that like an epic area that little light purple scaly dragon swordfish kind of by don’t know it’s kind of a but really really good game please get it but you can and you can remove ads they just cost 99 cent

AWSOME!💕😍. This app is Even better then the accrual ads and I just love that there are a bunch of skins and so much colorful things to eat in this game and they make you pay nothing and let you play for free. Unless you are a v.i.p then you will get charged and if you remove ads as well I love this game and can’t stop playing! Overall this game is lovely 10-10 recommended for you and if there’s any bad review don’t listen to them they are trying to make the game look bad trust me this is a really good game and definitely needs 5 stars for every review omg it is a good one and I wish everyone would like this game but unfortunately that is not the case and that’s okay I ofc love this game it’s fun and it didn’t lie to me this time and I would just love if there’re no bad reviews because it breaks my heart when they lie about a good game/ app but as you know I love this game and 10-10 recommend 💕❤️💕😍🥰😚

LOVE THE GAME BUT....... Hi I think the game is amazing but I have a couple problems the first problem is that there are waaaaay too many ads every time you die...there’s an ad whenever you want a power boost...there’s an ad whenever you want to play a event you always have to watch an ad don’t you think whenever you die you shouldn’t have to watch one??? So if you guys can change that I probably wouldn’t even think about deleting the game and problem two I think you should make it a bit easier to unlock new skins and for some improvements, make the X’s bigger make more events like food events and maybe a funny event and the little killer snake could be a clown you also need to have these little coins or something to collect so you can unlock snakes if you have enough and that’s really all I had to say well.... bye!

It’s great. I love it and yeah I just got it today and it’s awesome I have no well actually I do have some complaints so what one of my complaint is is I was literally on the side of one person and it killed me and like I wasn’t even touching it I was like a block away at it held me and like can we have a bigger area to move around or like have it like be really big and remake it shrinks over minutes lol be really cool excellent it’s like someone really just like spawns in and it’s like 2 inches wide that it would be really funny so yeah I think that should happen but yeah overall this game is really good and and why I’m giving it to stars and Forest Los Tres because it needs some work but later on I feel like I can change my review and give you a five star thank you so much for reading this if you did I hope you make some changes and I will always keep playing I just wanted you to know that thank you so much for reading this if you did buy

NOOO oh uh please add these suggestions of mine so we can get this app out of the trash. Super boring I am I’m bored 😔 (I fell asleep cause I was so bored so make it more entertaining please!). Also make human skins that would be cool and uh also make female and male ones, thanks again developers. So you should make an event called “snakes in the ocean” like how you have “snakes in the sky” so I’ve been playing for 4 years now and it’s gotten pretty boring when I first installed it I was happy but now I’m so bored so please add these updates and please respond soon and then I might add 5 stars! And also........ I want you to make a cobra 🐍 skin and a green anaconda (the largest snake in the world) too! And also please just make no ads for free maybe someone wants no ads but doesn’t want to spend money just for a game? So please do that for free and uh all my other suggestions! Thank you developers. By ACEPUPPY15 ruler of ROBLOX 🥰

I love this game. When you go headfirst into somebody’s tail they will eat you because you would go in little dots and then they’ll swirl around and then eat you but the best part is when you eat everybody up not everybody they can respond but the more bigger the more you eat then they’ll put A crown above your head then everybody will try to eat you even though they’re little they will try to eat you because they’re trying to get bigger by eating you but if you if they eat you it’s OK you can respond and try to get the crown again but there might be a crown over somebody Else if you eat them then you can have the crown but they might eat you the one that has a crown of the head but again it’s OK you will respond and the second time or any kind of time you might get the Crown your head if you are a Master at this game you can tell your mom or dad and they might be proud of you so probably clap for you but yeah this is a really really good game you should download it!!!

Best game ever 👍👍. This game is so fun it is challenging but fun all you have to do is try to get all the little dots and you get a longer warm the longer your warm is the more higher you go on the scoreboard and then you going to get more chances on the scoreboard the more chances you will get to be the king download this game I dare you it is so fun and awesome thank you whoever invented this game is so fun and challenging but really fun I encourage you want to download this game this is probably the best game I’ve ever downloaded in my life and I have downloaded a lot of games check this game out it’s awesome and free free free free free free free sound cool yes free is cool because you don’t have to buy it you just download it and it’s free so it is free free free free free free to you 👍👍 download this game I downloaded it and I will download it again millions of times 😄

How I got my favorites like after accidentally deleteding app. I love OK like I was playing it as usual when it’s all getting mad not at the game or a different day so I thought that was shut off my father and delete all of the app I had forgotten by the wayI love OK like I was playing it as usual when it’s all getting mad not at the game or a different day so I thought that was shut off my iPad and deleteing all of the apps I had the game by the way way wrong with that how much progress I had on this game and I deleted it they already downloaded it off private downloaded everything and then I got closer he was the one that I’ve been wanting for a long time that’s my dinner because like testing is giving me ads and I can’t get rid of one like I asked to play like that again I wanted to get the snake real bad and I thought oh and I got the others for free I got the whole set by the way I Pro at this game

Good game!. Yes this game is good as you can see by the title, you can unlock new skins I have the unicorn one right now, But adds don’t really come often only if you like wanna do like the race or like that and to start of As a big Snake. ITS REALLY FUN!! AWESOME!!❤️🌸 also you can record and actually post it which is so cool! I posted for example I think maybe 1-2 videos, But they are worth it to watch some adds to start as A big snake Or for the race. *Story that happened* So one time in the race I just started right like the first time I raced right, And so basically I was going straight then right and straight again then left, And guess what, There was like 1-3 or 1-2 people that died and they were so long. ,Anway if your looking at reviews and don’t know if you should Download it I suggest you do It’s a really Awesome game , bye!

U Will love this. This is a game of snake as u can see so and this game is about killing the other snakes so so so so this game is so fun I can’t even think the game is about getting the crown to you instead of other people self you see the photo of the game with a snake with a crown he’s trying to get that crown and if you do you’re in first place but the one that you’re playing is a practice you’re going to get on the people on the practice track so technically there’s this game other game on the game that is the real round so if you get that crown there’s gonna be a business making you wanna count down and it gets to zero the biggest snake is gamut is going to come for you and when it does and if you survive it’s gonna die I didn’t deserve pieces of the body it’s going to wait did you figure because there’s gonna be a lot of it and that’s why I love this game but the favorite part of the game is the real round because you’re going to get other people and also the boss and if you finish it when you get off am I offer you is new skin as you can see there’s little three are you get the last one in you got a new skin every time when you get in first place and then you stop and get a new skin even in a practice round that’s the most play what I love about this game

The best. Hi your game is so fun so you can go right a name your if you dont want to it will be a name like Player5755 or something like that this is really fun and if you want too start as a big player you can just do one little add and all most ever time you die you just get more skins!!!, to change in too like it’s the best so fun and they even have a new world I haven’t tried it yet it i know that that world is probably so fun like this game name so much and all so if you don’t know how too play they give you instruction how too play when you first join how ever made this is amazing I love you if you have been reading this download this game it is so soooooooo sooooo fun you are gunna love Why are you still reading download this fun game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s fun but a few things could be fixed. I love this game but there are some things that need to be changed. For starters whenever I start playing and I’m near someone I will get out. And whenever I am trying to trap someone they can just hover over me without getting out and I know I know there is some type of thing that lets u hover over others for a matter of time but even if a person does not have one they can still hover over me without getting out and I would like that to be changed. I also had a high record of 16,000 something and I died but when I tried to revive there was no longer a revive button and I know that you can only use it a few times but if possible I would like it to be there until the user decides they don’t want to use it anymore. I know that it is how it is suppose to be so others can get a chance to be on top but like I said before if possible can it be changed. But over all this game is amazing and I cannot stop playing it.

Awesome game! But it needs a little bit more work.. This game is really fun! This game is about trying to kill the other snakes to get bigger and bigger! So in this game, you have to try to reach the top of the leaderboard. Then when you die, you could reach a top score! Also, when you reach a top score, you unlock new little snake carecters! But the problem is that it is sometimes a little bit glitchy, I’m not trying to be mean, I’m just saying. Also, I’m only 9 years old, I’m almost 10! Also, the other problem is that the music plays over and over again, and it’s kind of annoying, and I was thinking that the people who created this game, should change the music, what I’m trying to say is that when one song in done, then a different song comes on, just a couple different songs, and make them fun and creative, ok. So download this game, and try it out, it is really fun!!!

The person or company that made this it god!🤩🤩🤩. I have so many apps on my iPad and honestly this is the best game. I am kind of a app critic and I judge them and this app is the bomb, the only thing I don’t like about the app is that in the skin challenges the feathered boa and frost bite kill the king/queen. Whom ever made this app is a god/goddess that came to earth and knows how to make a understandable game for kids. Other apps like, gardenscaps, township and roblox are not understandable apps because they make kids and teens frustrated, but snake .io🐍 is different. Even though in the App Store you can’t write more than 5 stars on a app I give this app a 9,000,00 star review. On the other hand slither .io the old one was meh but snake .io🐍 is BETTER!!! I’ve unlocked so many skins I love ❤️ in this app but in slither .io you can’t chose animal skins. You can only chose snake skins in different colors and designs. So now you know how much I love this app so yeah thank you whom ever made this I love you 😘 your the best who ever made snake .io🐍

Good game. Heyo! Sooooooo I have some suggestions like well... get rid of the adds... I bet people have problems with the adds and I do too. There is WAY to many adds and when I die there’s an add when I first played the game there was an add. And like I said when I die theres an add well to revive watch an another add. My other suggestion is don’t make people pay for the skins or anything else for the game. Because sometimes people want to save up there money and not spend it on a game. And I know it’s very little money to spend but sometimes people still want to save it up and I know you might need the money for the game but pls don’t make people spend it. It would be very appreciated. Bye developer or anyone who is watching this and have a great day or night!

Awesome game!!!!. I love this game so much, although it can be very addicting. If you get this game just make sure to take a screen break every once in a while, especially if you are super competitive. This game can make you feel like you need to keep playing over and over again to win. However, it is fun because it saves your high score and it has so many different skins that are super easy to get. Once in a while they will ask you to watch and ad to get a new skin, however the ads aren’t that annoying. It is also glitch free! If you love .io games then this is definitely the game for you. One recommendation however, can you make the game so that you are able to play with friends? Overall, I love this game and I think you will too.

This is the best game I’ve ever downloaded.. Snake IO. is AWESOME. There’s NO in-game purchases (except for the no-ads pass I think) and there’s no limit to how big you can get. You can respawn three times with only one ad each, and it cost’s NOTHING to download. It’s absolutely free, 100%. I highly recommend this. (To all the developers, I have only one question. Could you maybe add more skins with bigger goals, and a weekly trial with tasks? Each task you do could earn you like-gold or diamonds that you could use to buy accessories for your snake. Only a request!) This game is extremely fun and challenging. So, if you’re a parent with a child, or you just need something addicting and strategic to play, Snake IO. is the game for you! ( ◠‿◠ ) Have fun everyone!

Awesome simple competitive game. A incredible sample of one of the best game genres...simple but addictive and I’m always coming back for more. I download games a lot and most don’t make the cut but this game is as one of my first and I will never boot it off. This is a perfect example of one of the kinds of games that I look hard for and rarely find this good quality. It’s a simple(not a long backstory with toooons of in-game purchases being pushed on you constantly) and very fun and competitive addictive game. I understand that these game developers have to get ads but sometimes it’s ridiculous how often and sometimes you’re so annoyed with ads that you don’t want to blow off playing the game but when your gameplay experience is greatly diminished by being interrupted every few seconds

Appreciate this game. This game has simple rules and is a lot of potential fun. You exist in an ecosystem of snakes and it’s a snake eat snake world. Until you become the biggest snake and begin to dominate the competition by wrapping around your opponents and constricting them to smithereens. Do the events to unlock cool skins. Pay $2 and eliminate ads. I really would appreciate a weekly and monthly leaderboard and maybe recognition to the top player by giving them a say in the next skin design. This would add to the passion of players and increase gamer retention. I had a not so crazy idea where once you get big enough to perimeter the map you transcend to a higher plane (With point auto generation) and face other large worms in high sNake duals. After that you become king snake and face challengers! It’s a great game and I think there is potential for more! But its simplicity is still quite charming. I’m knocking a star after seeing this game runs in airplane mode with apparently no difference. Is this online at all? I don’t appreciate being deceived.

Best game😘😘😘😊. This game is soooooo good you try to be the biggest snake ever and so you eat little dots to get big but other players can eat you if you touch there bodies with your head but they can do the same with you and die and then turn in to little food you can eat and that’s really the gist of the game it is not the best but it entertaining for the first few hours you can get sooo big. I was on there for an hour with no deaths but the reall reson I wrote this was because there is no spawn… any one can spawn right away righ In front of you and you die😵 it’s not conmen to happen but it dose and i5s annoying so like in the corner or really anywhere just put a spawn and while I talk about anywhere could you come out with like new places as another thing to unlock like a flower forest or snow or something to make it a bit more pretty 🤩 that’s really all it’s truly a great game though 😉. Itzkitty Your fan😘

You have got to get this game!!!!🥰. Don’t second guess yourself when you want to get this game. Just get it. You will not regret getting this game. You can unlock different skins for your snake, you can play special addition places like Candy land, among us, Halloween, Christmas and more. You can even watch an add to start as a big snake. You can kill the other snakes by getting them to run into you but if you run into a different snake then they kill you. Also warning do not run into the red outside of the game. If you do you will die. In the game of course. When I say kill and die I mean the snakes in the game not in real life. Please again this game is great and you won’t regret getting it. Enjoy!!!!!!

Love itt. This game was a BIG part of my childhood. I recently found it again a few days ago and gosh it brought me back so many memories of my father! My dad used to play this all the time, and I would watch him for hours, heck I even stole his phone a few times so I could play too! Although it’s a bit different from what I remembered it’s still as fun as it was when I was a kid. There’s a bunch of awesome skins to choose from; hardly any ads if I’m being honest, only once after you lose and or if you want to revive or join a round as a fast ‘big’ snake for around 30 seconds! Gosh don’t even get me started on how addictive it is to play, I would play all day if I could. This game is seriously one of the best ones you can find on on the AppStore ‼️‼️

Great game to start.. Started playing this game because it was getting popular and I wanted to see what the hype was all about. Started really good, it was a fun game to occupy time when bored or just to see how much you can score. But as I played more I noticed that the joy stick you use to navigate your work started glitching, and not allow you to turn or move in a direction and you’d die instantly because in the game sometimes you have to move fast. Well I thought it was just me or my thumb but I had someone else play on my phone and it is in fact true the joy stick that controls your worm is glitchy bad. It will start moving in the center and then randomly move your worm in the complete opposite direction which sometimes isn’t good. Glitch gets fixed I’ll definitely play the game again but for someone that has gotten scores 54,000+ turns into not even being able to score 2,000. That’s a problem. Please fix the joy stick! Thankyou!

5 STAR ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️. I give this a five star it is so fun. The funny thing that happened to me is I just started playing 10 minutes ago and when I was playing my 3rd round I played five minutes of that round and I was the longest snake! Anyway, whoever is reading this, my user name is Catgamer9 and my sisters name is Doggamer9 if you see any of these two names then that is me or my sis. Anyway it’s very fun and I already unlocked about 11 skins. I even got the unicorn! (That’s my favorite skin so far because my 3 most favorite animals are a cat and a bird and a unicorn) anyway this is a realllllllly old iPad and there are no glitches and it’s not laggy! Sooo yeah I give it a five star. I wish I could give 100 stars but, I will have to stick with five that’s the most you can do. I hope you get this special message! 😊

Almost best game!. This is a great game a I love this game so I add going to share some good and bad parts about the game. The first good part is that you can change the skin of your snake. The second good part is that you can watch an add to start of big. The third good part is that it is challenging but not to much. Last but not the least relaxing and fun for a road trip. Now why don’t we talk about the bad part. The only bad part is that there are way to many ads. I get that people have to advertise but can they do that like only every time you dye not every time you get in, every time you dye and just sometimes they just make you watch adds randomly. I know this was short but I hoped it helped and thank you for reading this.

Amazing, but recommend a few things... I love this game, its fabulous. But, personally, I’m very picky about my games. This game is over all great, and really addicting. Which is helpful because I have a lot of time on my hands. But, there are a lot of ads for the following reason: I die a lot, and there is a add almost every time waiting for me, which I do not think is reasonable. And over all, there are just a lot of ads put in random times in the game. I also like that we get to have our own names, but the number of letters we get is a little short for me. Yes, I think there should still be a limit, so people’s names are not paragraphs, but the limit is under. I like to make my name related to the skin I am using. At the beginning of me using the game, I got a black cat skin and wanted to make my name MidnightMeow. But because of the limit, that was not possible. I had to make it MMeow for short. Over all this is a amazing game and I do recommend it. But, if possible, please fix these minor issues, thanks!

Best game ever. I LOVE this game. There was an old version I used to play on my mom’s old ipad, and It was SO FUN!! So I asked her if I could get this and I love it. All the skins are so creative and the rarest skin is a wolf, my favorite animal and I’m so close to getting it!! My only concern is that you have to watch an ad to do the event, and I die RIGHT when I spawn almost every time, so it’s pretty annoying. But other than that, I LOVE this game. I have been playing this for hours. And, I play this game all the time I’m like a complete pro at it! But here is something confusing, it says this is an online game, but I feel like the other snakes are computers. They are easy to kill, and I can play this offline! (And I see the same names a lot.) But that is completely fine! I can play both offline AND online! I love this game. I’d give it 10 stars if I could.

This is the best game and so addicting. I love this and you get to have goals and do a lot with this game. There are endless skins and I have a question for the developers. So am I playing with real people because all of them seem very like they don’t see me coming to attack it is so weird has anyone else noticed this at all? And I also noticed I see a lot of the same people every time I play is this like normal? Anyways this is a great game I think it is awesome and I play almost everyday but these snakes seem dumb almost is it just me???? It is bugging me so bad. If a developer sees this please reply with the answer. I have to know. But you need to download this it is better than most games maybe not to you but it is great. You will love this so much please play and be unlike the other ones and understand that I need smarter snakes in here I feel like I am the only snake that ever tries to beat the other ones up til’ I’m king so PLEASEEEEEEEEEE I BEGGGGG YOUUUU!!!!

Amazing 🐍. The game is so amazing and I think it’s really interesting when I started playing this I have a lot of ads but it was only because I kept dying and are you when you die you have to watch an ad to get back in so that was kind of frustrating for me because I kept dying but then I got better and better at it and it ended up being really fun I also love the new rainbow update it’s so fun oh so can you maybe add like you can earn coins and then you can buy snakes and also can you make aRed panda snake because I love red pandas so much they are the cutest animals otherwise this game is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so amazingly good sometimes the game can be a bit frustrating but it is so amazing so get this game now enjoy

Love it. I love this game I love all this maker makes but this one it my favorite! I really like Paper io. But sometimes that one get a bit easy. So I really like this game it’s a bit harder and so much fun I’ve made it up to almost 20k points on my iPad and it is so much fun you can just wrap yourselves around the other players. But the only thing I don’t like is that you have to have your phone turned longways and I most times want it the other way. One other thing you have to leave at some point. So you can revive when you get out but I think if you have over 5 thousand points than when you get out and leave you can revive back into another game you can’t revive more than once but J think that would make the game a bit better!! 😊😀😝🤪😃😅😄😁 I hope you download right this instant it is so worth it! ( oh I’ll give you a tip don’t run into the wall) ( LOL).

Very enjoyable! (Please read). This game is so fun! There’s always games I come across that have to many adds. Or games that are too hard. But, this one has barely any adds and is challenging but not too difficult. Like in a way that I can do it but it can be hard sometimes depending on what I do with my character in the game. There is also so many cute and fun characters! Like a cow, dog, cat, and different colored snakes. This game is one of my favorites, of course I have other games but non like this. But, with other annoying games that have a ridiculous amount of adds, this one has barely any. There isn’t any problem with this game. So, if you like what you see here, put this game into consideration. Have a great day! (I’m sure you will with this game!)

So fun. It’s so fun it’s totally worth the money and it’s only 199 so cool I mean like I know other games are cool too but this one is on my top list of favorites I’m always looking for a good game to play kind of like action and also competitive and this is definitely action in competitive the makers must have worked really hard on this because it’s so detailed you get so many skins the first time ever playing I know she’s been so much fun you should definitely write a review and give your opinion I think most of everybody’s opinion is going to be a good opinion but if you don’t like it that’s Ok everybody has their own opinions in my own opinion that this is worth the money and worth the time and effort which he doesn’t even take that much time and doesn’t even take that much effort it’s totally relatable to afford!

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AMAZING!. I can’t believe that they could make a game so much better than the other games I have! It is a challenge and I love challenge games! I like that you can change your skins and that you could RECORD what your doing. And it is so fun, that I would recommend this to all ages! I hope you download and have so much fun with the fun app and get more skins!

Fun but many adds. This game is fun and easy going. Every round is different! If you want a simple but adorable game this is the one. Have had this game for a while but never gets old! Many different outfits and you choose your own name! You can share your score with others, too! The only complaint I have is there are too many adds! Please change this!

One of the BEST games on earth❤️💝💖💗🥰. I’ve never seen a game so fun. This game is SO ENTERTAINING and MIND BLOWING that you should definitely download it. This game is famous all around the earth and I love it so much. My Dad told me millions of people know this game and whenever I play it my little sister always looks on my iPad. That’s why I think that you should absolutely download this amazing game. 😍❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤍🤎🖤💗💓💖💝❤️‍🔥❣️

It’s an okay game. I’m not really happy about but some updates will do like 1v1s or some bots/ai in the game and more biomes like a forest map and the last one is map and game creator so in map created get to make a map but it cost some of your energy, then put it out in the showcase part and you choose which one is second or third. Okay for host game you make a game done my sister is angry. LOL!

Love it but name is a lie. I have had this game for a loooooong time and I LOVE it and never get sick of it you should totally get it you will love it as well Other than that I must say that even though it says online game it is not at all I know this because I once was playing with someone called virus (not very good name I know) and then I went back to home screen to check something real quick and when I went back in they had not moved wich would be fine except players must be moving at all times wich means if you are looking for an online one well this isn’t the one for you as you are only playing with bots other than that up there with my top 5 fav games it is a must get but still a huge lie. Hope you have fun if you get it! Byeee

I love this. Hello I am hirochan and I love this game! (Especially being the biggest snake!) the skins are fun and love the boosters and i would love it if there was a different event right after the event before cuz I love events. I gave it a five star rating cuz it is soooooooooo fun. The sounds also remind me if I am eating a snake or not .

How do you do custom snakes?. Hi, how do you make custom snakes because I saw the among us snakes and it’s not in this in the change snake button I was wondering how you can make custom snakes and ohso I was thinking maybe you could make some more room for the name because some people might want to do some bigger names thank you for this game and the game keeps doing weird noises I think it’s a glitch

This game is amazing. I love this game but it does glitch when you have no wifi. There are lots of skins to choose from but you do have to unlock them first. You can change your name, your skin and there are even lots of little games you can pick to play as well, well only if they are being advertised on the home page.

The best game in world. Hi Now you may think that my review is a bit small but this game is soooooo good! It is addictive but good and when I play it I just feel so good! It relives stress for me and it’s just soooooo good I can’t say it too many times it’s just amazing! Definitely download, its sooooooooo good!

Fun game. But the adds ruin it.. Great game just so many ads. I enjoy playing this but the adds become very annoying and I would play it more often if there weren’t so many. It also needs some form of a pause button. It’s really annoying to have die on the game because you need to take your hands off the device.

Omg. This game is so great and it has become better by a lot from what it was originally, It is such a fun and addictive game (in a good way) play it all the time and it can be played OFFLINE and has a really small amount of ads! I recommend this to anyone reading this! Thanks

Good but. Hi I love snake io sooo much it is so addictive and make s my day enjoyable. The thing is that there are sooooooo many adds and it really annoys me because I want to keep on playing. Also sometimes the adds glitch and you get stuck in them forever! One last thing the skins cost wayyyy to much work and you need to wait ages until you finally complete the challenge. Thanks for the game - Unikitty137

Amazing stuff!. How cool! A mixture of stress intensity and fun! A game that can be enjoyed by any and everyone. Pay a low fees to get rid of nasty adds and change your name and skin as you please! Customise to your taste and connect to a server to battle the death! Rank up, show who’s boss and claim victorious, but watch out other snakes are getting greedy and are on your tail. Keep your wealth but watch out for nosy snakes. Love how casual and uniquely made game this is, easy to understand and fun to play. You’ve stolen my heart and hopefully everyone else’s, keep up the good work!

Decently good. It’s a pretty decent game, great for kids and well all ages. Reminds me of the old slither but without all of these hungry eating ads this app has. If u don’t like ads everytime u die probs best to stay off the game cause you will get annoyed after the third ad😅

I love the idea that. The first time you have a chance at the top is the second one you get a free pass and you can go on your way back and then go to your car to pick it out of there so I don’t have a ticket for the first time

So awesome. This game is so awesome has so many new characters so many power up and it is the best game I ever played love playing this game I think it deserves five stars and it is also what I call I want to play every day every time never stop playing ever since I downloaded it I’ve always wanted to play this is the best game ever thanks for making this game who ever make it yes and it’s also got lots of lots of lots of lots of lots of lots of lots of lots of incredible things

ADDS KEEP CRASHING ON ME! Good Game Though.. GOOD: I really love Snake io, IT IS LITERALLY ADDICTIVE! I just wish there were less adds and the game always crashes on me but that aside, this is one of my favourite games ever, I really love it! I recommend it to anyone who wants to play a new game or anyone who is bored, this game is for EVERYONE! Great game overall! BAD: THE AMOUNT OF ADDS IN THIS GAME STINKS! Add after add after add, there are so many and almost every time there is an add is causes the game to crash and then you lose your progress. I also think you should have unlimited revives, even though I can’t revive at all because the adds always crash on me when I revive! AAUGGHH! I HATE THE ADDS! SOMEONE FIX THE ADDS! Sorry, that was longer than expected, Byee!

The best game to play when you bored!. This game is so good! There is nothing I would change about it! The only thing I would change would be that all skins could be unlocked! This game is so awesome that this would be except able to be the only game on the AppStore!

I call it long snakes🐍. Once there was one green snake he was feriose and really angry 😡 the owners oh I forgot the zoo ceper decided to feed him but he bited her hand she went ahhhhhhh as she wanted thee snake owt of the zoo she went that’s anoth your going owt of the zoo the zoo ceper was soo feriose that she chucked the snake 🐍 owt the snake was hissing for help but now on would help the snake 🐍 the lion 🦁 the king the snake 🐍 Seid raaarrrrreee what are u doing owt of your prosin ugh the king lion went rare well the lion 🦁 felt bad so he gave him some soup 🍜 and went to hes old den the end.

It’s a fun game. It’s a really fun game it has fun things you can go fast on different around and kill other people to make your snake bigger it’s really fun and exciting you can get up to next levels and get the best scores of how big you have get in different valleys you could be the murderer or you can be the queen or king you can get the schools and it’s really fun I recommend this as a five star

Account loss. So I have been playing this game for a long time with my brother and we would like to know if we are able to get our old accounts back? I just got a new iPad and I realised as I was going in there was nothing to get an account back. I’m not complaining but if u read this please try and do something about it! Great game after all though

Love it!!. This is an amazing game, I play it all the time and it’s really fun. Like the second I woke up I got straight on my phone and started to play. The only thing I don’t like is the amount of adds, almost every time you die there’s like a 30 second add. But besides from that it’s an amazing game! PLEASE DOWNLOADDDD!!!!🫶🏻👾🎮

Its amazing. Hi I haven’t been playing this game for long but it’s amazing! Its so fun and its the most addicting game I have ever played. I have only ever been second on the leaderboard but was working to the top and i accidentally ran into the red outline wich killed me, i didn't know you couldn't touch it but overall its a great game.

It’s great. This game is fun and never gets old i have been playing it now for 2 years and i must say the amount of adds in the game are annoying and they way you can’t play with friends is frustrating but overall it’s a great game and would recommend it.

Totally get the game. So I love this game because you can also get to unlock new beautiful skins and also there are different themes every Year and they have better skins then the others you can also kill other children and then you get much longer and there’s a table when you have points and you can choose your own name OH! And you can become a king or queen I don’t know Which one but I say you can become a king so TELL YOUR MUM AND DAD TO GET IT

This game is amazing. I just downloaded this an hour ago but it’s the best Game in the world you can change your snakes you can do superfast speed you can glow and you can circle other snakes as you get bigger and then you can eat then to be the longest snake snake to be the king and you’re not allowed to touch other snakes if your little a baby snake I love this game so much I would give it 100 stars if I had a choice

Advertising and Age Appropriateness. Hi there. Love the game; however, you need to consider the appropriateness of advertising that appears in a game cited as being suitable for ages 4+. An advertisement for an R18 game is not indicative of the game experience being suitable for young players. Appreciate that there is an option to pay for no advertising; however, I imagine most people do not choose this option.

Advice. It’s a really good game but can you please add a button on one of the corners that allows the player to pause the game for them. When the player pauses the game the game will not unpause unless the player chooses to and a barrier/shield will be on the snake. When a snake is about to touch the paused snake the snake will just go through the paused snake like a ghost or the snake can be teleported on the other side. When the paused snake unpauses, the barrier/shield will lasts for three or five seconds and then dissapear. Please add this idea.

Really fun but 2 things. Nice game I love it but when I hit record and actendentlly press record microphone and screen I need to wait like a day or something so I can choose again and the other problem is that im worried that I’ll miss click and then the snake skin I want is gone forever.

Great game. I love this I used to play snake io back in 2017 when it really blew up and honestly haven’t stopped playing it when I was browsing the App Store And saw this I downloaded it straight away wasting no time there are adds but you can buy no adds for $3 aud

Love this game. I love this game because it has barely any adds, and I love the skins and building my snake up. I have only been playing for like 10 mins and I am already loving it. The only reason why I give it 4 stars not five is because after every game it asks you to rate them and it gets pretty annoying. Apart from that I really like this game and I am going to go continue playing it now!

Yes it’s great buuut.... The game is so fun! I think that the only problem is that when you try to finish your round after you die, the add come and you have to wait extra long. Also the daily skin challenge is a bit hard when you have to get to 3000 to own the skin. Can you lower it down just a little?

It the best and…. You can get skins get in top levels play with other players and you can do it again but the only thing is that there are so Mandy ads but I think it’s better to get it then not🫦

It’s not a very good game!. It’s not a very good game because you get out straight away. They get you out on purpose. The big snakes can scare little kids. There’s lots of adds. The rating should be 12 and over but it’s not! You can’t fit a big name for your snake even though other names can be massive

Great game! But a couple things. This game is amazing. Rly entertaining and I could play it all day. Buuuuut… i think all of us know that we r playing with bots. When I accidentally went out of the game and came back in the same person was in the exact same spot as last time (and it’s happened more than once) that doesn’t rly matter but 4 some people it would. Second things is, ADDSSSSS. SO MANY ADDDDDDSSSSSSSSSS! Most of the time I turn my wifi of when I play because of the adds🤣🤣 otherwise this game is amazing, there’s room for improvement but still a great game. Omg! What happened!? I used to love this game haven’t played this since 2017 I was like the first person to get this..What happened the update it’s-...changed! Originally...I liked the original one better but now..what’s happened? If anyone knows the anwser comment rate this write a comment saying “@TheTruthfulGamer, I agree with you” or “@TheTruthfulGmaer, here’s the reason” (Don’t agreeing people) Okay so- and also- so what-?

I will never stop playing this game in my life😍. I love this game so much you should make another version of it please I love it so much I will never stop playing my life this is the only game I have in my iPad and I love it I am never gonna buy another game ever again thank you for making this game so much I love it

Let us play with our friends. Iv had this game n it’s really good but let us play with our friends then it’ll be a five star rating game n get rid of the adds n it will be a really good game for everyone. It will be really cool if we could talk to our friends when we’re playing the game that will be really awesome too. By the way is it true we only play with robots instead of real people? Other wise this game is a really good one n amazing to play I play 24/7 because it’s super energetic n u get find new ways to kill the other people on the game thank you for making this game it’s fun. From a good player Felicpe P.s. I know it’s a really weird name but i got from a show n it’s really good to watch. It called “GO!Live your way”

Our daughter loves it, we think it’s noisy!. Our 6yo daughter loves this game, but we think it’s extremely noisy and annoying as background noise. Please get some settings to remove or change those PLING! point catching noises, it’s driving me insane. Softer noise, a soft click sound or just something ELSE less annoying and loud/pitching. We don’t want her to have headphones with this noise and she claims it’s not fun to play without any sounds. Help. I am this close to just deleting the app. 😆 thank you

Hello. I absolutely love this game and give it a five star rating! I love all the skins you can have!! After a while the game does start to get boring so maybe create different settings/places you can go in to adventure around like woods where you can slide up the trees and collect points! Or an underwater one at the beach and you can go onto the sand but you have to find the points in a certain amount of time and then when that time runs out you have to try and get rid of everyone by getting them to bump into you and the last one standing is the winner! Other than that it’s amazing I would definitely recommend this game!

Great Game But Needs Some Improvements. I love this game but it does need some tweaks. First of, When you want to earn say RainbowBoa, you need a ridiculous amount of points to get it or you have to pay for it or you need to do the skin challenge which you need 3000 points which is almost impossible because you would be king and the Dragon spawns and always kills you which is not fair if you are king. The other thing is that it is quite dumb that you need to watch an add to play a skin challenge and many of the adds are quite inappropriate! Overall, it needs some tweaks and more appropriate adds. Please change!

Not glitchy but needs a bigger playing field and less adds!. The playing field is too small and the adds are ridiculous. Other than those issues, it doesn’t freeze up unlike the other snake game.

A good game but…. The game gets annoying sometimes when other snakes take your points. I want the game made so it can not have other players steal your points and it’s really annoying because I love the game. I am not willing to pay money for no adds and there’s way to many adds that come up on the screen but otherwise it’s a very fun game. you can’t chat online so it’s a very safe game for kids. I hope they can make some modifications to the game. Thank you for your time Have a great life? Sorry not very good at this Bye!

Events are so annoying. Why do you need ads to enter the events? They are very time consuming and not worth it for the skins. I would rather use the normal achievable skins instead of playing for 5 hours just to get a skin. This is the same with all of the events and is crucial to f2p people. And no, I am no just gonna buy the “no ads” package because I am a f2p and would love to have free entry to events and enjoy the game more. Otherwise the game is fun and joyful until the events come up and block you from getting the skin you want. Please make the events no ads and thank you for your time. Thanks!

It is so much fun indeed. The best you can do this is so much fun and all the other ones so much fun to so if it’s your first time you should play this and try not to get caught what when you’re the king of this game and I’m a pro indeed so you can try to beat my high score 1000 it’s also really fun download it for free

Great game but a few issues. This game is one of my favourites! I love going around and just eating everybody and trying to get a higher rank. The issue I have is how many ads there is. Normally in a game there would be around an ad every 5 goes. Yet this game has it 2 or less. I understand this is for advertising purposes but I just wanted to say that. Anyway great game and I look forward to unlocking more skins!

You are the best game in the world snake io. You are a very fun game because you can be a cool snake and get so long but only if you do not touch other snakes or the red border if you do that you will be asked these things share and next! Now I will tell you why I give this game 5 stars. 1.i like to kill other snakes and eat there stuff! can get so big and trap snakes in side you . 3.its fun collecting the blobs you eat! 4.its fun killing yourself! I rely like the game but could you add some cool stuff to it like Forcefield Obstacle races Hide and seek tip Fun activity’s to do Next I do like the game ever so so so so so so much but some times it bugs me here are some answers why When you press the speed arrow you louse blobs that you ate It is so hard to not die And I’m done by

Critical review.. Hi, hello. I have been playing this game for a long while now and I used to like it a lot more before the big update. The main problem with the newer version is the insane amount of ads. Like, I get that you have to make money but the amount of ads is enough to put anyone off playing. I have to wait 30 seconds every time I die, which is a lot considering the style of game. However, I do like the music a lot and the graphics aren’t half bad. Another problem is the controls. They are overly sensitive and hard to use. Mainly because the control button is really, really small. It would be better than rather having a little circle, you could touch anywhere on the screen, like how it used to be. Thanks for reading.

My feed back. I love the game it’s so intense I find it a bit hard this game would be Suitable for kids over 5 and I know a girl who played this game and it’s very fun to play with friends😁🙏❤️👍I love that you don’t have to keep your real name you can change it to about anything so that is really cool

I give this game 5 stars. It’s a great game and some people don’t no that when you turn off your internet the adds don’t pop up but if you don’t want to turn off your internet then you can pay for no adds 🥰😍

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Amazing. This is an amazing game i love it it’s just so good

COPY OF SLITHER.IO. This game is a rip off of the original game, This game is extremely laggy and slow. Why can’t these game developers just make a game of there own?! Anyone agree? 👍😂

You can’t destroy the boss is really fun treat yourself download it. It’s really good

Hmm. I am tired of the glitches be happy I’m a fan if the glitches don’t go away I will put many bad reviews


Good. Pretty good but lots of ads, when I revive, I sometimes spawn in someone else so I die, someone steals my food, and also I want to be spawn in a game that is just starting because, when I join, most people are like at, 2000. How am I supposed to catch up with that?

Fun game. To many adds sometimes. Worst are the 60sec ones. I’m about to hold the world record of like 300k

dont download, this is a copy of is better, this game drains my battery and its super laggy.

Stupid. stupid game copy slither io

AMAZING Game!!!. Loving it, I Got Because Miruna Arabella Chirap Got this game Too!, My My name in Is BrightSar Thanks So Much Sincerely, XxRLBOYZxX aka VINGOTFI

The best game😁. The best it’s really fun best way to come home

The best game ever. It so cool!!!!

Great way to pass time and Have FUN. Best game ever I played this game a lot while growing up and I’m back the game is really fun when you get a good strategy down.

I hate it. I fo not like dieing

Max. It’s a really good game it mostly gives you ads when you die but the good thing is that there are no ads when your in the middle of the game

This game is a total ripoff! Nothing like Dontcha or Jamal. Everything in this game copied including, the picture of the game, the name, and basically everything else!

Best game I’ve ever played and seen. This is my favourite app ever!!!!!!!

I am so glad. Snake io 🐍 is a great game to play 👍

UGHhhH. ITS SUPER HARD AND ANNOYING!!!!! I HAVE AN ENTIRE LIST OF PROBLEMS!!!:’s a COPY of 2.the way you die is super annoying 3.too many ADDS!!’s super hard to get my dream skin! 5.EVERYONE is so ANNOYING 6.EVERYTHING ABOUT IT IS STUPID I COULD GO ON! >:(

Snake. Very entertaining. Found it fun to play.

I love Your games are great

To fast!!!. Other people are to fast and a lot of lag but fun

A really fun game. I play it day and night its the best game ever

Player. This game is only online and every time after you die there is an add and it gets annoying. You also can’t turn very easily and over all it is just not a good game. DO NOT get it I very much regret getting it.

Best game in the world🥰😍👍. I love it so good yes yes yes it’s amazing that’s all I can say😍❤️❤️❤️❤️ it’s so cool

Wrong people. These people are calling it slither in ITS NOT THAT they don’t even pay attention, by the way good app🥳

Amazing!. Stop saying it’s a copy, it’s ok they just want us to have fun. And just don’t give up then you get your dream snake like me :D and it’s a offline game too if ur WiFi is off no adds :)

Hi. Hey buddy is that the game snake io best game

Amazing. I love this game, it’s addicting! I play it everyday!

Controls are lagged to the point the games is almost unplayable. New update looks better but the controls are so slow now

Omgg = Oh My Good Game!. If youre debating whether or not to get this game, I am in my teens and this game I've had ever since I was 8 and I am still OBSESSED! If I say so myself I am a pro 😎 You might have a friend or family member who says it's not not a good game, they're lying! By the way if u want to play with me my name is Hvntpld2y :)

ADDICTING. I’m so happy it also can be played offline

Laggy. It literally reseted my progress when I did nothing

Copy of slether. Io. It’s a copy

thesus. By the sus to much ads.

I LOVE IT! 👁👄👁. It’s very good online because it’s more of a competition ^~^

A copy game with more ads. Too many ads after each and every game. Frustrating to play the game. Game’s over.

To many ads. To many ads

Great. It’s insane

Hi. Brown

Is so cool. Iris so cool

A lot of fun. It is a great game and no glitches….

super. wowwwww

total ripoff. lol just a ripoff of

Cool. C’est très bon comme jeux

Super fun. It’s free and is such a great game. I got hooked the first day I downloaded it and I still have the same love now. Although there are lots of ads, the game works without wifi and turning that off really improves the experience. Overall a great game and I would recommend to anyone. One small problem is that you are invincible when you log in and if you start big, you can just kill anybody easily and that is really annoying especially when I was at 36000 and died due to that. Other than that, this is just great.

Literally a copy of It’s a literal copy of, they just added more skins. I’m super surprised nobody hated it or said it was a copy.

Great. Nice game I really like it!🍄🐸

This app rocks. I luv this game so much you can play with out wifi which comes in handy for road trips and I'm a hockey goalie for the u11 AA BROCK BADGERS but download this game it rocks P.S I’m really picky with my games

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😍😊❤️GRAT GAME!!!❤️😊 🤩🥳 SO MUCH FUN!!!🤩🥳😍. So much fun so many different skins you can use! how fun to beat your record! I thought since it was online it was gonna be inappropriate, but no one writes bad things! You can create fun and silly names! so fun I recommend this game to everyone! you don’t even have to buy anything! and the game is completely free!!!! and each skin comes with a hilarious story! And if you die in the game, can you revive yourself and keep going! if you were looking for a good game to get, this is an amazing game! there’s nothing I would do to change it! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗 💕💖💞💓😻💝💟 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

Great but one thing it tells you how to play. I’m here to show YOU the bad and good about this game let’s be positive and start with good. It’s a great game! Challenging fun and creative and hard to win (easy to loose lol) so yeah it’s wonderful game keep reading to find out how to play. Ok let’s get to the bad. Honestly there’s isn’t much there are adds EVERY time you die but that kinda it. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Press play 2. Collect the colorful balls 3. Press the …> to go faster 4. Dont run into the other players or you WILL die. 5. Avoid the red line outside the map it’s like a glowing laser it will also kill you. 6. Touch players heads to kill them. 7. Keep doing all those things until you get to 1st place :). Hope this review helped you and everyone and enjoy 😊

i like this game SOOO much!. there’s really nothing negative i have to say towards the game itself, just that i’ve spent waaay too much time playing it. i find it kinda addicting, that’s because it’s so fun! & that’s not usually the way i am either! i’m never on my phone playing games or using social media or doing anything besides listening to music or texting or whatever, stuff like that. until i found this game, now you can find me spending about 45min to an hour a day playing this game and this game alone. LOL pretty flippin’ fun, & that’s coming from a not-glued-to-the-phone-ever type of person. 😜

Soooo fun and amazing. It is just so entertaining I play 24/7 and more than my other games .there are so many different and fun skins and I love the text based on the characters but there are few things that I personally don’t like about it one there are way to many ads every single time I die there is a ad second you should think of more skins because I have all of the skins and I get bored with them three I think you should have an opinion of what backgrounds you want I get tired of the gray background and I have to join tournaments to use the different background. Thank you for reading my report😇

Love it but need a pause button. I love this game!!!!!!! My daughter downloaded it. She found this and boy I love it.. I get as big as possible but what I do is just circle the outer rim. That way others can play in the middle I don’t go for points really. I tried the event game I don’t like getting first place the reaper comes after you but I found do the same thing go to outer rim and hit speed button he hasn’t caught me since I do that as long as others stay outta way I can beat him I love playing But when my daughter needs something I have to die to help her, could you add a pause button please??? I have been playing everyday still says I have18 days it has been over a month. I need my last snake Cottonehead'!!!!!!!! Please give me my Cottonhead snake!!!!! Thanks Thanks Deb G

Great Game!. I got this game as something to do to pass the time. I love to get the many different snakes, especially from the events that occur almost monthly. It doesn’t require internet except if you are playing for the event. I bought the ad free pack and i have no regrets! The customer service, it may take a couple of days for them to answer but they are helpful in solving any issues or questions concerning the game. I had a issue where the event disappeared on my end before it was supposed to and they addressed the issue and didn’t give me canned or scripted info. James took into consideration my time and awarded me the snake skin that i asked about. Thanks for the great support !! :)

please read about me and this game in this review!. Hi I’m Victoria some people call me Tori for short I’m in second grade it is getting harder with homework and stuff but anyways this game is really fun and you guys who read this are really nice and I like you for reading this 😊 I’m glad whoever made this game made it because I LOVE IT! I’m a really nice person with blonde hair favorite color blue I’m 8 years old and I’m loving carding nice kind so if you like my personality you sure can be my friend! My whole family was born in USA 🇺🇸 I was too so if you like me you will like this game. Thank you guys so much for reading! P.S I love everyone in the whole world!

Hate it 😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬. My iPad has this app for my work and I played this issue for the last two days of my life and I hate adds in the app and it’s annoying when it gets annoying adds up and I played this app today but all of this app was adds all the time and I didn’t want to play this anymore because of the adds and the vip and I hate that too much adds up and vip but all is annoying when I play this app and it crashes every time I try to open a new skin and then I can’t play on with a add and a add and all the skins drop off me too far from the app and I hate that too much adds up and vip crashes when I click on the play button and it’s so annoying when it freezes up my skins and I will stomp on it right now because it freezes up my skins and then I can’t play because it has too much adds up

Could be better. Don’t get me wrong, this game is great! It has lots of pretty skins that you can easily get, great design, and gives you just an overall great experience. The only thing is that I always feel like there are more npcs than actual players. The npcs all have really sharp turns, so you can see who’s not real easily. If you guys feel like the game doesn’t have enough players, it does. Sometimes there are just npcs crowding in a certain area, and there are so much that you can’t really do anything. I find myself getting frustrated easily by that problem. So can you guys fix it so that there are less npcs or have them act more like they’re being played by real players?

Amazing or is it?. Well the game is amazing 😻 I absolutely adore it it’s like the old version but better. I had the other one and it was ok I guess compared to this one it’s not as good the new one is creative 🎇 and festive. You get soooooo many new skins my (favorite is totally the unicorn 🦄). The game has a good amount of adds not to much and not barely any. There is no problem, the other game had not as many skins it only has color not cats and unicorns for now this is my favorite game no doubts about it. There is this one thing the box where the snakes move around in is a little bit small compared to the other game. If the creators of this game could make the space bigger I would appreciate it. But so far thanks to the creators 👌👍🤩🥳.

Mind blowing🤯🤯🤯🤯🤗. This game is so fun I mean wow I play this every morning and mostly I like the sparkle Hoof it’s sort of like a unicornMy name is cupcake I know that stupid but so much FUNI mean I can’t stop playing it you guys should really download it it is like the most beautiful thing I have ever seen snakes or that dangerous all you do is make other people run into your body get their lives and you become a longer snake I’ve become a queen for about almost 5 days now I’ve been playing this for five days it wasn’t that hard to download all you have to say is get and you can make best friends on it it is so mind blowing you guys have to download it😚😍😍😍😍😍😍Because me 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

LOVE IT!!!😁. Ok so omg this game is awesome! Like I never write reviews but this game so so cool that I had to. I have been playing this game a lot lately and it's a little bit addicting. One thing I love Is how you can start big by watching only one ad and then you can kill a bunch of snakes with a power up. There are barely any ad's too so you don't like need to watch an ad every few minutes. You can also change your skins and names too whenever you want to. There are also little wonder lands like, "Snakes in the Sky" or, "Snakes in Candy Land" which I think os really cool. So, overall, I really do think you should download this and I promise that I'm not a person who owns this game! 😊

I love this game and so will you.. This game is like the bEsT!! It’s fun, amazing, and more! To people who has never played this, or had seen this, PLEASE TRY IT! A 5 star rate is really worth it. It’s also very addicting but also fun at the same time, it might get kinda hard sometimes to be king/queen, but the best part is that we can eliminate other players. I love it so much, and I recommend you playing this game. It really doesn’t matter weather your an adult, or a little kid. It a game for everyone! So I really recommend you playing this game. Play it! so what are you waiting for?! DOWNLOAD IT NOW AND TRY IT! 🌸🌸 Thank you for reading! Have an awesome day. 👏

awesome to awesomer. Pls do something that when we kill other snakes we will get money (in game) like maybe some sort of coin or something that we can buy particular skins instead of waiting and doing quests maybe still have some with quests and the one with quests maybe if you will buy them make them extra expensive and fancy snakes will cost more and maybe some snakes can have like a power or something like that or maybe a aura lake a dirty one have flies and a fiery one has fire and maybe a water one with bubbles some like that anyways pls make one of those true and maybe make a game similar to this one that it’s a wolf and then the tail grows longer every time u eat meat chunks please do something similar to these ideas and creators of this game make that wolf game anyway HAVE A GOOD DAY!

So fun. This game is so fun you can play crossing good and evil not for long though it’s so much fun you can like you can get these really cool skins it’s like so cool this game is really fun you should also try Aquapark Io paper Io two and paper Io 1 and you should try snowball Ayo this game is so fun I totally recommend it so go for it go get it today it does have ads though but not a lot of ads there’s really cool skins you customize your name it is so fun I totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally recommend this game so go for it get snake io today

M/O/. I think this game is so so cool and I would recommend you playing it is so fun but the only thing is I wish like you could go even more faster even though you don't get the little stars in and I wish you could get more diamonds in the game and I wished you could get him more characters to unlock for worms I think they look like little worms or I don't know what else and I think you should really playlist I recommend it really my name well I'm not gonna say it MO that's what I Collett bye I really like the game by the way and you can do all hot lot things on the game it's so cool and I think I love the game that I just wanna play every time I like this game better than all the games I even have.💎

Fun, but shady. This game is fun and all but I have several skins that I’ve accumulated over time, and I noticed the most recent “event” is a repeat. Okay fine, give people a second chance to get those skins, buy more time if dev.s don’t have a new one ready, win win situation. HOWEVER!!! I had unlocked all the 3 regular skins for this event, including the “cosmic corgi,” and when I opened my game, they’d taken it away! So now I guess I have to redo the milestones to get it back? That’s messed up, it’s one of my favorite skins and they just took it away. They should have just let you pick up where you left off in the challenge. I’d have liked to try to work on getting the special fourth one, but now I’m so upset I don’t even wanna play and see everyone else getting to use one of my favorite skins, while I can’t because it was taken for no reason.

Love playing it,but…. I love playing it on my off time and it’s really entertaining but I have a phew problems so first off the map is just not that big and I would hope it could get an expansion soon, next I wish that you could kill yourself I think it would be a lot more challenging and make the game more interesting but it would also be a little more harder and more difficult Rage quitting and mabye not get so many good reviews as I don’t think many people would agree with me but, I think that’s all at the time there isn’t that much wrong with the game and when I say wrong it in my own opinion so overall it’s really fun game to play 😝🥳

LOVE IT!!! But a few kinks. Snake io is awesome. You can get power ups and get a second shot. The skins are cool too. I like how it gets you in the “Oh shoot! That was a close call.” Mood. There are ads after you finish a round and they last about 30 seconds. Also to get a power up. Which isn’t amazing cause it can get boring but not that bad. Also you can’t pause in the middle of a game which is annoying sometimes. It does make sense through cause you play with real-time players and not a robot. But other than that, this game is fun and a really good time killer. And you never get bored with the game, which is nice. Highly recommend 4 stars because of the ads and not being able to pause in the middle of a game.

Love it but..... I love the game it’s so fun and I love all the skins but the new event not the among us one but the one with four different skins like dragons and things like that I can’t join it I don’t have and on the skin challenges I can’t play the play button on the skin challenge is broken I can’t press it it’s just grey so can you pls fix this I really want those skins and I already tried to delete the app again but it didn’t work and I can’t delete it again because I bought something so when I delete the app the thing that I purchases will be gone So pls fix this Thank you, love your game.

Is this game even online?. This game was fun for about half a day until you realize how incredibly easy it is, it’s pretty much only possible to lose if you crash yourself into the wall , even the challenge mode is easy. I reach high scores & never see anyone reach over 5000 points . it’s not fun to play when you’re over 100,000 points & everyone is tiny . I just end up resetting to get smaller because at least there’s a chance of a challenge.. oh wait no there isn’t, because this game doesn’t know the meaning of the word. i’ll restart and be back in 1st place in a matter of 30 seconds, and then i stay in 1st until i have to move on with my day because it seems like it’s impossible to die in this game. there’s no way on this green earth that this game features online players. unless i’m only ever playing with 2 year olds . how disappointing

Robots I think please respond. I have been playing Snake i.o for a while now and the game is pretty fun. But I am beginning to think the other snakes are robots. The only reason I think that is because there so easy to kill and my record is 18,000 or something like that the other snakes when there kings usually get up to only 3,000 it’s not spot fun and I recommend Slither i.o it is made by this same company and it’s more of a challenge I still love this game I just think it’s for beginners so when you feel confident start playing Slither i.o it’s just more of a challenge and I personally like it better. If anyone reads this please reply if you like slither i.o better and agree thank you, Someone who wrote a review

Me and my sister loves to play it. There is no complains about it same with all the people who already play this app this makes you want to play more than all the rest of your apps. It just has a place in my video Game favs it’s on my number one [note for people that didn’t download it yet you do not have to follow this opinion this is just mine] my favorite game and it’s so easy people who bought the no ads made the right choice. It kinda gets really bad if you don’t have an ad so I recommend you buy it if you want this game you have to buy the no ads so you do not have to spend your whole life watching ads developer. I hope you love this review. I love this game.

Great game but could be bots playing. So overall the game is fun and enjoyable. There is a lot of ads though. But I have reason to suspect the game is using bots!! First of all, when I turned off the wifi, it still worked! No disconnection message, no one leaving, and no being kicked! Second of all, the game always connects me to the same server, even though I left the game and returned after a day. The same people are always on, and there’s no bot version or online version so the game might be using bots instead of real players. There’s nothing really wrong with the game like glitches or kicking me out or anything like that. There is no shortage of skins either.

Well it’s just knock of slither io. So the reason I downloaded this app is because I download knock off apps of games and make fun off them with her. So we found an add for this game and downloaded it I thought it would be a lot worse but it wasn’t to bad I mean it’s just slither io but the knock version I can’t say much else it’s just the controls are worse I guess. The reason of this game is just to make money I mean it’s simple you knock off a popular game and it makes money it’s easy. You don’t have to create an idea your just stealing a idea. Like I said I can’t say much up but it isn’t that bad so if you need information on it I’d just say it’s knock off slither io and there’s not rlly any difference of the two one just has better controls.

Addictive, Actually Pleased with Purchase. There have been mobile games I’ve paid for ad free before and they are still loaded with ads and timers. This game has been so respectful that not only did it remove the ads but it automatically gives you the few seconds of invincibility start and the longer work for every play through. Things that would otherwise require watching a video for each and every time, not to mention a free revive every game. Apart from it actually giving what you pay for, it has a huge collection of cosmetics that if you don’t have time to unlock you can even purchase if you want. But honestly the gameplay is so fun and addicting I doubt it’ll be long before you get the hang of this game and start unlocking lots of skins. They are also active in events! Events that you can actually play and that aren’t painful or too time-stealing to play. It’s simple, fun, aesthetically pleasing, and it’s not even that expensive. I’d recommend it. Give the game a shot. If you like it, I’d definitely recommend buying it and supporting the games developers for a job well done.

It is so good. It’s so good that when you be queen you could kill everybody and it’s like a dream come true and I just wanna say who invented this is amazing and I want to give this to whoever made this game and you can share your your kills that you killed be a queen to your friends and you could be an ad and I really like that when people like vote like write something please do it good because it’s amazing it’s so so so so amazing that I love it so much and I play this game every single day after school or like at seven in the morning and I really like this game so so so so so so much so please read this game five out of five and read it read it every single time and I want you to say that’s so good so so so so so so so so so so so so good so that’s why I love this game.🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

It’s really good game but…(pls read this). So first of all I get the came thinking omg yay a good game once I got the game there’s a add so then I just play until I die and you know it’s great that you can watch a add to revive but every time you don’t revive it still plays a add!so I’m getting off my phone to right about this and I go to the App Store and there’s like 50 other things that are from the adds like it didn’t have to be every single seconds!and nobody and I mean nobody it going to pay for the pay 1.99$ for no adds because a GOOD game doesn’t say that so I would fix this now or other people are going to be mad because I’m sharing this game with my friends but every thing else is amazing and pls read this!

This game is easier then slither I.o. So I won a kill skin I was in love with it I wonder if my score is high I killed MILLIONS of people now, on to the point. This game is better then slither I.O everything I play slither it’s just..... how can I say this without ANY hate..... I’m not hating slither i.o it’s just hard for me every time I play.... a lot of people take kills I NEVER practice in slither i.o so I am suggesting you guys should play this! I’m always first! Not trying to be rude the second part is that it’s much brighter and there’s a lot of festivals! This game is very understandable if you play slither then it’s kinda.... hard am i right? Again I am not trying to be rude that’s all I wanna say

Lost progress. Ok so I used to love the game, until I deleted it but I did not even mean to. I lost ALL my progress. It was so hard to get that far and when I downloaded the game again, it was all gone. But other then that, I have a suggestion. When there is two events going on at the same time but you can’t see the other one so you can not play it and it goes away befor the other one does. There should be a tab with all of the events going on right that second so that you don’t miss out on anything. Anyways, I really like this game except for those things I just described. So if you are bored you should definitely download the game, but never delete it if you want to keep you’r progress.

Fun Game But... It’s a fun game but I’m pretty sure it is singleplayer or a mix of AI snakes and multiplayer. Once you get used to it you notice it’s too easy (in a bad way- non-human way). Other snakes often act very dumb- not using their speed boost when it’s obvious they should to survive. Or they have an invincible boost but instead of taking advantage of it as a major power play they instead just wander around. Another thing is the invincibility boost is very OP. I have a hard time believing that if it were actually multiplayer they would implement such a feature because you can literally easily kill the king snake on a map if you have invincibility. Overall the game is a lot of fun but if you’re someone that wants to play REAL multiplayer and actually have a challenge then this is not the game. However, this game design is very clever because it basically tricks people into thinking they’re doing really well against other players- when in reality most (if not all) of the snakes are AIs on each map. No wonder they have so many good reviews.

READ THIS. I find it funny that I can literally turn on airplane mode in the middle of the match and continue playing like normal even during an event match I really enjoy the base gameplay aspect and I like the skins a lot but it pisses me off that it’s basically all bots that you’re playing against and if anyone from the dev team can disprove that I will remove this review another problem I have is my game does not allow me to play the event 70 percent of the time either saying there’s no internet access to watch the ad or the ad itself doesn’t play if a dev could fix that too that would be great like I said before the gameplay mechanics at its core is fun but I’m getting really frustrated at the ad problems and the fact that it’s most likely bots that I’m playing against

One Thing…. So, I’m not going to say that this game is bad, because it’s not. I used to play this game like two years ago on my grandmother’s iPad, and I still love it as much as I did back then. I just got it back yesterday and I was so happy. I love all the events, the skins, the cute little catchphrases, and all that. But, the ads are so annoying. Now, of course, lots of games have ads. But specifically, this one, the ads are the same ones over and over again. I keep seeing an ad for Worm Zone over and over again. It’s just nonstop! So, I know you guys are just trying to do your job and add ads, but please, put in some different ones!

Kinda a copy.. Hello, I love the game overall, but when ever I play the game and I come to another person when move the joystick around auther people it won’t go where I want it to go. And that happens all the time. And the ads are CRAZY every two rounds it has a ad. And that’s a problem for me. And I don’t feel like paying do the no ads. And there’s a game called Slither io. It’s really similar.. it’s the same cover but with a crown. And it even has the speed button. So I think it’s a copy. What I REALLY love about the game is that they give you skins every round! And my FAVORITE ONE IS THE UNICORN!❤️❤️🥰 All if the skins are really cute!☺️and you even can change the speed! But you have to watch a ad.....😑😑 but anyway I recommend this game if you don’t mind ads and very similar features! So I like the game very much but I think you should do something about the ads. BUT I REALLY LIKE THE GAME!🥰✋ From, Maya

Best game for no wifi or wifi. This is a very good game if your looking for something that entertains. My only problem is the ads, almost every time you die you get an ad. I found a solution to that problem, you can turn your table, phone , or whatever electronic your on on airplane mode. That does make it so there is not ads and this is a no wifi game so there will not be any glitches. This is a very entertaining and fun to play and content that is all ages for appropriateness. It takes strategic skills and is good for your brain. Anyways, I really recommend this app for anybody.

Raaaaannnnnnnddddddddyyyy. The first time I saw this I thought it was an actual photograph and then I realized I had to take it down because it was so beautiful I thought I had to do something about it but then it turned into something that was really beautiful and it was really beautiful but then again it was just too expensive for my family to afford it so I had to buy the whole house for myself so I didn’t have to buy the house myself so I bought a new house for myself and my wife and my daughter and her two grandchildren and children so they could afford the place house but they didn’t really want to move in and they didn’t really care about it so they decided they wanted to move

Try it!!❤️❤️. OK well hello, this game I would highly recommend. It’s a perfect fit! If your in your car and don’t have wi-fi you can play this game. Not only you can beat your high score you can collet skins and have legendary outfits! Usually I get dumb games that you HAVE to have Wi-Fi with but then I saw this game and I thought “ this game is going to have-so many ads that ima have to write a bad review” until I started playing w it in the car and it was a total game changer. After my first experience I would say I would love to experience it again. So u should try it. It has EVERYTHING!! Hope you try it! - HARPER 👺❤️❤️

Love the game. So far I’ve been playing and I love the 1 ad revive instead of having to cost money and I recently got a free unicorn snake for just watching an ad! I love the game a lot it’s pretty challenging but also super fun I got the app like 10-15 minutes ago and it’s pretty fun it kept me playing on my phone but I am used to roblox but this is not and it’s so fun! I love the game a lot I play games in the morning at school and I can totally play on my laptop at school so that’s great to and the fact that there is like nothing that costs money in this app its great I love the app so much I hope you make it even better. - Madi Date: Tuesday November 30 (I’m to lazy to get up and go get my laptop and login to get the date)

Quiet fun. The game is fun itself but one thing I've noticed is that they aren't real people, the game is totally lag free, nobody seems to use strategy making them easy to beat (even the biggest snake there is easily beatable) and I turned my phones wifi off and put in air plane mode but it still works fine without any lag, not only that but if you exit the screen without closing the app and go back to the app everything still the same, like the game paused but if it was online with actual people they would've moved places. That's that but also a thing that bugs me quiet a bit is the ads, every single time you die an ad comes up making it extremely frustrating

Fun game get rid of ads it will be perfect. I love snake io don’t get me wrong it is one of my favorite games I have ever bought I just thought if there was no ads it would make the game absolutely perfect if there were no ads you would see five stars on my rating for the game. And also all of the snakes are locked 🗝 I don’t understand the only snakes you can be are the plain and boring ones and then you see all these people being these cool snakes 🐍 and all you can be is a boring skin until you Level up. Besides those two flaws the game is perfect I would definitely recommend for kids to adults to buy this game you won’t regret it. I love snake 🐍 io buy this game it is the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️✨✨✨✨🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😃😃😀😀😀😀

BIG GLITCH (but still a good game). Ok so I keep having to download this game again and again because of one ad. This ad always appears atleast once and then you can’t play the game. So basically there is an ad where you have to like choose which path to take and it seems like a good game so I click to download it and I do download it but then I head back to this game and I can’t exit out of the ad. There is no x that you can press to leave the game and it’s really annoying bc I have to delete and download ALL OVER AGAIN. So can you guys please take a look at that because I rlly like this game but it’s just so annoying when that happens. But Ty for reading the review and hope u have a good day/night bye!

Read my review!⭐️😙. Snake io has adds after every round but honestly it is so worth it. It is really fun! So you eat the little balls/ snake parts gosh see on the ground and they made you longer. I think if you get bigger you get slower. You can also kill the other snakes by making them bump into you or sometimes if you eat their head it’ll work. This game is rated 4+ which is a understandable rating so a four year old buddy has been playing this as well!🥰 he hasn’t gotten the hang of it just yet. But mistakes help you learn! If you want this game just get it! It will be fun and you can delete it if you don’t like it!! Trust me

To many adds but great game. I went in the App Store to get more games and I saw this one and I said oh this one looks like a great game but then I actually played it it was a fun game, at first but then as you play it more it gets more boring cuz it’s just the same game sure they but a different sequence in every month but it’s just the same the goal of this game is to get bigger and bigger and kill the leader I achieved that with ease I just clicked a button and I was in first. But the real issue with this game is the adds like at first they didn’t bother me but as I played it it got more frustrating how much more adds there was. Over all this is a great game just WAY TOO MANY ADDS.

Getting very annoyed with this app. Every time I turn around, this app is asking me to leave a review. I have left reviews, multiple. But yet the app STILL asks me after EVERY round, to leave a review for the game. It’s getting very annoying. Along with the amount of adds. I play the game for two seconds, die right off the bad and then have to sit through an add when I didn’t even get to play for 1 min. And don’t even get me started on the notifications, I didn’t want notifications on. And usually an app will automatically stop asking if you say no to notifications the first time. Not this one! Kept asking me over and over and over to the point where I just turned it on for it to stop asking me. Don’t get me wrong, once you’re in a game it’s fine. But seriously stop asking me to leave reviews cause I’m just going to leave bad ones if you annoy me too much.

AMAZINGLY AMAZING!. To be honest this is the best .io game i’ve ever played! I always watch the bonus ad to become bigger and my top score is over 29,000! I hope anyone who plays has a perfect time and my only complaint is that I would like there to be a few less ads. My advice for beginners is once you get to be the biggest, try circling smaller snakes to become bigger. I also create closed off pockets that generate tons of snake food. When I am small, a lot of the time I don’t even try to kill other snakes, I just eat snake food and watch out until I become the biggest and then I circle other people. It is an easy game to learn and very fun to play.

LLLLLLLOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEIIIIIITTTT🦄🦄. I love this game so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so sssoooo much it is so easy and I love this game it’s so much fun and you can choose a bunch of different snakes and yeah it’s the best game ever and I don’t know if you know but a lot of people have gave five stars out of this and I think it’s for free and it is so much fun plus on different seasonsThere are different challenges and yeah it is a so much fun and my favorite one is the spring and Halloween I mean Christmas and Halloween and it isSo much fun I can’t stop saying it it is really so much fun and if you are the editor I absolutely loveThis game thank you for editing it and yeah I love it so yeah thanks for making this game and thanks for the letting me tell you all about this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have got to get this game!!!!🥰. Don’t second guess yourself when you want to get this game. Just get it. You will not regret getting this game. You can unlock different skins for your snake, you can play special addition places like Candy land, among us, Halloween, Christmas and more. You can even watch an add to start as a big snake. You can kill the other snakes by getting them to run into you but if you run into a different snake then they kill you. Also warning do not run into the red outside of the game. If you do you will die. In the game of course. When I say kill and die I mean the snakes in the game not in real life. Please again this game is great and you won’t regret getting it. Enjoy!!!!!!

Get rid of the tracking. Tracking is very bad tracking remove tracking or this 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬but this game is very 🤩 fun Boom boom sing a song 🎧 sing 🎶 dance 🪩 boom boom sing a song 🎧 sing 🎤 dance 🪩 boom boom sing 🎤a song 🎧 dance 🪩 sing 🎤 dance 💃 sing 🎤 bump song dance sing 🎤 we say boom boom sing a song 🎧 are you ready for a song 🎧 o look want you made me doooo bum bub bbbbbum do do do you you ooooooooooooooo you do my do guuuuuuuuuuuup vote 🗳 I want a good 😌 and a hug 🤗 I want a friend for a friend who love 💗 love 💗 sister and I have been friends and love 💕 sister and my sister and I will take you out for your help stop 🛑 love 💕 sister ha ha so funny 😆 lol 😂 the deers opps that’s not proper grammar

This is the best game I’ve ever downloaded.. Snake IO. is AWESOME. There’s NO in-game purchases (except for the no-ads pass I think) and there’s no limit to how big you can get. You can respawn three times with only one ad each, and it cost’s NOTHING to download. It’s absolutely free, 100%. I highly recommend this. (To all the developers, I have only one question. Could you maybe add more skins with bigger goals, and a weekly trial with tasks? Each task you do could earn you like-gold or diamonds that you could use to buy accessories for your snake. Only a request!) This game is extremely fun and challenging. So, if you’re a parent with a child, or you just need something addicting and strategic to play, Snake IO. is the game for you! ( ◠‿◠ ) Have fun everyone!

It’s like it tricks your mind but it deserves a five star rating. Honestly I think this game is great because it’s like one of my favorite games for my sisters favorite game it’s not my favorite game in the whole world but it’s still a great game well the first reason the first real reason I like it is because it’s fun the second reason I like it it’s just challenging it’s like you want to be first place but at the same time you die when you’re about to be the first place so it’s really challenging that’s why I like it so much it has a lot more different ways I don’t really want to make this too long for the people who want to read it that’s all: please give a five star rating Hehe 😜

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.19.93
Play Store com.amelosinteractive.snake
Compatibility iOS 10.0 or later - Fun Online Snake (Versiyon 1.19.93) Install & Download

The application - Fun Online Snake was published in the category Games on 21 April 2016, Thursday and was developed by Kooapps [Developer ID: 290924809]. This program file size is 174.29 MB. This app has been rated by 267,862 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. - Fun Online Snake - Games app posted on 06 February 2024, Tuesday current version is 1.19.93 and works well on iOS 10.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.amelosinteractive.snake. Languages supported by the app:

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Love is a battlefield between angels and demons... Release Features: - Event: Horns and Halos - Horns and Halos skins are now available for a limited time! - Bug fixes and optimizations!

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