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Farming Simulator 18 [Games] App Description & Overview

Become a modern farmer in Farming Simulator 18! Immerse yourself in a huge open world and harvest many types of crops, take care of your livestock - cows, sheep, and pigs - take part in forestry, and sell your products on a dynamic market to expand your farm!

You have access to a huge selection of over 50 farming vehicles and machines, faithfully recreated from over 30 of the biggest names in the industry, including AGCO™’s most respected brands: Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson and Valtra. Drive and use brand new equipment and harvest sugar beet, potatoes, wheat, canola, corn, and for the first time sunflowers.

With a deep and powerful simulation experience, a vast open world and a wide fleet of vehicles including brand new machines, Farming Simulator 18 invites you aboard the most complete handheld farming simulation ever created!

Features of Farming Simulator 18 include:

• Use realistic tractors and trucks from some of the biggest agriculture machine makers
• Plant and harvest six different crops: Wheat, canola, corn, sugar beet, potatoes and sunflower
• Breed pigs and sell them for profit
• Feed your cows and sheep to produce and sell milk and wool
• New front loader attachments expand your options when transporting bales or wood
• Manage AI helpers for better results or let them drive your vehicles to a destination of your choice
• New 3D graphics show even more detail on your machinery and the southern US environment
• Harvest wood with dedicated machinery and sell the timber
• Play with friends in local multiplayer mode via WiFi

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Farming Simulator 18 Customer Service, Editor Notes:

This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate. New tractor: JCB Fastrac 8310 New truck: Tatra Phoenix 6x6

Farming Simulator 18 Comments & Reviews

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- Good Game Few Complaints

I love farming simulator so much! But there are some complaints and things that I want to be added in. I think you should be able to go in first person if you would like to. Because sometimes driving your vehicles in third person isn’t that fun. Also I would like to have a bridge by the house because it takes forever to get to the harbor the grass field and the railroad. I also want to have crop destruction so if u drive on your crops they will get destroyed. I would also like to be able to add mods into farming simulator 18 because playing with some stuff that isn’t exactly in the game is kind of fun. I would love to have an area where you can just join random multiplayer servers. I would love just love to have slid steers and like have to clean out the cows and pigs pens and stuff like that. I would want to be able to get out of my tractor and just walk around so we wouldn’t just gab over to the next tractor because that isn’t very realistic. I’m just hoping some of this will get added in. Thx

- It’s good, few complaints 😶

I love farming so much and so of course I love this game. But seriously, why would you farm in Arizona or wherever the setting is. There is so much canyons and rocks. Why can’t you install bridges?!? Like seriously there is a tiny gap where you could put a bridge easy by the house. But NO I have to drive all the way around on the road to get to my meadow and field which takes FOREVER. I’m sick of it! Also the fields are tiny, and you mow and Tedder and bale a meadow and when you give the hay to your cow/sheep they eat it so fast and they literally take forever to grow back again. I really wish you could go into the city and sell your crops there for a higher cost. I also wish that you could tell your workers to drive somewhere on the map so you could finish something quick. But also worker’s pay is so much! Like you can just sit there and watch your money go down super fast. But other than those I like the game and it keeps me entertained. Please think about my requests!

- Only one huge flaw

The game is probably the best mobile FS game, other than the newly released FS 20. The flaw is that the menu in game is literally the exact same as the older games. I never played FS 20 so I don’t know how that changed, but I just hate the menu since it is starting to get old. But first time players won’t get it if they’re new to the series. I also hated that FS 17 has equipment leasing and you can do missions at any time. But you can’t lease in this game and missions are very occasional. That’s all the bad parts, but I also noticed that the price to buy money in the game is actually a really good deal! It isn’t a rip off with paying $100 to get a certain amount of money in game, which is very good if you’re like someone like me who is a bit impatient. Other than that, the game is a blast to play and is very fun and well made!

- Rather disapointed

Played 14 and for the time it's been out played many many hours on 16, when I paid and downloaded 18, I bought lots of coins to get land and equipment, but to my dismay, there is not really much difference in game play or graphics between 16 and 18. the auto drive in 16 was bad enough, but was tolerable, but did not expect 18 to be worse, they look like drunk drivers spinning 340 degree turns when all the had to do was take off the other way, can't fit in the bridges without getting stuck on bridge rails, and the animal trailer is junk, been feeding pigs gobs and have many, but can't load nor sale them, or cows.. The slaughter house don't work and the hired help is too high, watch your numbers go down fast as a driver hauls a load for you... And what's with the small fields? I do love FS, as it's a great pass time, but if the developers don't make it BETTEr the the previous versions, then what's the sense in making new games? And farming location? Who was on crack when they picked this layout? Very unsatisfied

- Farmazing!

This game is on point. Great graphics, good tool selection, gentle on battery and enjoyable economy. I find this game to be very rewarding as far as time spent to game progression. Some tools you will find are useless but many tools work well in harmony with each other. Tap to select or along with a free camera that locks when equipment is selected would be a nice feature. Scrolling through machines to get the one needed at any particular field gets daunting if your operation is large Or when large map is open assigning equipment to work fields from this screen could be helpful. I don’t know if the wind rower attachment is supposed to alter workers paths but it doesn’t. My workers still drive up and down entire meadow picking up nothing 50% of the time. That would be a nice fix. Thanks again for a great experience!

- Improvements

One i wish the map was bigger instead of how it is now its nice but if the map was bigger i played farming simulator 14 and it map was bigger i like how spread out things were put but i do like the new equipment and other stuff and if you do take my advice a update would be great also i use to be able to get my combines with attachments on them through bridges Now I can't also i wish there was access to the city and more land oh i also wish that there was a hay trailer for the semi and a hay trailer that you can load and unloads on it instead of just loading and i wish there was a stock trailer for the semi too. I really think that this could make it a lot better for y'all and the community if a update comes out can y'all put this in it and a back hay spear for the tractors

- The Steering

Don’t get me wrong this game is amazing. I love it. But, the steering of the vehicles and all that makes my arms hurt after just 10 min of me just laying in bed playing this game. I would love to just maybe have to tap one side of the phone screen to turn one way and then another side to turn the other way or you could have a steering wheel or something like that at the bottom left/right of the screen. You can change the steering wheel from the left of the car screen to the right of the screen (and vise-versa) in the setting. The tilting the phone thing again really makes my arms hurt. But, other than that the game is amazing. If you would change the steering to one of my suggestions or what ever you feel like doing , that would be amazing! Thank you!

- Great game with a few improvements needed

Seemingly endless gameplay that you can play as often as you want, as much as you want. This definitely sets it apart in the freemium energy pointless-waiting app world we live in. A few improvements I’d love to see, to make regular gameplay less annoying: —Save vehicle camera zoom levels. Every time I open the game, vehicles are fully zoomed in. I play fully zoomed out, so every time I play, I have to fully zoom out dozens of vehicle cameras. —Add a quick camera auto-center button or functionality. When my finger accidentally drags the camera to the side, i want to be able to quickly re-center the camera, instead of the slow careful drag, accompanied with the judgement call if its centered or not again. —Add a camera rotate invert option in the menu. When I drag left, the camera looks left, as if I’m dragging the camera. I want the opposite. I want to drag the ground. When I drag left, I want to see to the right. Just give me that option with a simple toggle.

- Disappointed in one of my favorite apps

Game play is stale. Equipment and layout are better in FS 16. I wasted my money without getting into the game. Cloud function still does not work. Fields are too small, too many obstacles to use the auto drive feature, not sure who farms the Grand Canyon, or who farms in the middle of a city. Not much thought went into the planning of this game. I would delete if I had not already spent $40 on it. With the cloud function not operating, I would lose all of that. I really hope there is an improvement. And why do you not honor the amount of money people put into the previous versions? I spent money on all of the previous versions only to have to start over completely each time a new one was developed. I really hope you read the reviews and improve this game. I absolutely love the FS brand and would love to keep supporting your company but I will not put another dime into FS 18. I am disappointed in the new experience.

- Absolutely and amazing app

I love this app but I might add a couple requests that would be handy and simple! Maybe add a huge hay barn near the silos and at the harbor maybe add like a dolce where you can tell your ranch hand to go down and get some fish that you can sell also maybe make the map bigger and make it where like where the simi can go past the gates across the big bridges so you can sell your crops in a bigger city to make a little more money but overall this is a great app and I'm addicted to it and my family thinks I'm crazy haha!!!!!!!!! Also it would be nice if there was like a big Diesel truck the truck on the game is fast and I like that it just slows way down why you put anything on it also maybe add a big stock trailer for the simi

- Tips for this game’s updates and possibly the new 2019 or 20 simulator

It would be cool and helpful to have a pickup truck with a flatbed with bale forks as a option when you buy the truck. Also how about a flatbed semi truck for logging and to put bales on! Love the game also but next games lets get some hills we can go over and were you can make roads, plant grass in a field, and more roundish/ less square fields, and were you can design and make maps to play on and download other maps that people have made, and were you can place barns, sheds, and other structures. That would help out the next game. In conclusion make it more like the computer version and download mods. That would be cool. Thanks

- When is the new version coming out

I have played the 16 and the 18 I am ready for the new one this one was a big change from last one but I have about got all off the implements and things and I want a bigger farm to work up and the new stuff make it more real life where you can play it on a realistic and change it over to where younger people can play it also but make it more realistic I can’t wait great game if you really do it in real life and enjoy the country life great game to play for adult and defiantly teaches younger kids how to manage and know what beads done when older make it compatible with the xs max

- Great game! A few suggestions!

Overall this is a really fun game and I have been sinking a lot of hours into it! I like the mechanics of this game over the competitors and I like the hints they give. I wish there was a way to improve your property- expand storage etc. Also wish there was an option to pay for a bridge to be built between the home farm and the fields by the RR. A little more fleshed out help manual explaining the icons in the machine purchasing area would have been nice and saved me from buying a few wrong machinery. Watch out- some of the harvesting heads will only work with tractors of the same make. Over all an awesome game!

- I can't stop

Seriously... I have logged an unhealthy amount of time on this game... and I will continue to do so!!! This is way better than the previous version, and much more convenient than PC or Console. I love this game! The two recent equipment additions are excellent as well, love that the developers continue to update the game. The fields are way bigger than the previous version which I love, but they could still use more large fields (and less tight bridges). A list of my least favorite things or things that could be updated: Hay and livestock is tedious and bit pointless unless you just want something different (I understand IRL livestock requires more effort... but still), and all of the forage related equipment really needs some improved automation. Also a bigger cultivator maybe? And I wish the sprayer didn't get stuck on everything in automation mode. And wouldn't be upset if you managed to add an articulating tractor (and some John Deere)😁! Otherwise 5/5

- Umm super wired glitch

So umm I was trying to get a lizard truck off my low loader and it fling across the road off the front off my trailer and I left the app to the App Store I love FS 18 and I have fs 14 and fs 15 but I didn’t think that would happen please fix this glitch I hate that it happens because you like pop a wheelie and like jump I would rate 5 stars if this wasn’t a glitch thank you for reading This And it isn’t like I hate the game now I love it I play it with my family and friends but be warned about this glitch not being rude just letting y’all know thanks for listening and have a good day thank you!

- We’re can I restore my purchases

I spent like $12 for money in the game and my phone had something wrong so I sent it back and got the same phone but works better ( iPhone 6s ) and I downloaded the game again and I thought it would save my purchases but it didn’t please fix this I love the game. You guys need to add more maps to go on, add first person driving, add more tractors, add DLC packs and skid steers wheel loaders excavators add options for tractors like have 4 tires in the front and 8 tires in the back make the game more fun. Hope you could add this and tell me what you think.


I've never been a fan or these types of games but this just changed everything. Farming simulator 18 is well worth the money based on the time that you will put into it. I've been playing for a play time of 48 hours. That's right 48 hours of gameplay and still counting. Farming simulator never gets boring. Eventually you'll stop playing it and maybe delete it but within 2 weeks you'll re download it and be happy that iCloud exists. I highly recommend it. Also not too much IAP's in game. Thanks for reading this and I hope you enjoy. Cya.

- LOVE the game!

For only $5 you cannot find a better way to take up some time while on your phone, waiting for a meeting or appointment, or to just occupy your mind. This is a great game! The graphics are nice, details to the machinery and scenery are great, and the free roam form of it allows you to choose how YOU want to go about the game. I would like to see more cultivators, preferably one larger than the current largest one. In addition, I would love the ability to link several tippers together, that way, if there are several fields farther away you don’t have to drive back to the storage facilities to empty the tipper.

- Love it

Well to start off you can’t put in 50hrs of gameplay into a game if you don’t like it. I’ve played every farming simulator since I’ve heard of it on mobile. It’s a very addicting game. **Only thing I can say I have issues with is a bug where while my hired hands are either spraying and planting it seems every field I start on they want to wander completely off the field, it would be greatly appreciated if you guys could fix it.** Otherwise do other problems at all and continue to happily play for a very long time!

- Great game can be better

I like a lot of it I wish there was bigger fields ! And more hay fields would be nice if the auto stack bail machines could pick them up on their own . Would like if you could see which feeds haven’t been fertilized and how much longer until the crops were ready by simply clicking on them sorta like you can see the status of the animals by clicking on them . The auto driving from place to place or field to field could be better and so they don’t just run into each other and get stuck

- Awesome Game!

I love this game and recommend it to others. However a few things they could add would be a flat bed trailer to haul equipment that hooks up to the pickup, some equipment sheds, and also where you could haul a tractor and trailer together on the the flat bed for the semi truck. I also wish there was another bridge. On your next game I suggest that you would put some John Deere tractors in the game. I have 140hr and I bought 75 pieces of equipment which is the max so it’s kinda boring cause you can’t buy anymore equipment🤨 other than that I love this game!!

- I screwed up on the text

You must add in the hydrous fertilizer/Nh3 you must add steam tractors at least Steamengine is for my passion you could even add train song actually run that you have to have water tanks so you can fill it up and drive to move around and cool stations you must add reason to the game that’s just what makes it easy you can make itPlease do so there isn’t a reason we should be able to make mods for these games should be able to be seen we can make the game so we can build our own creations

- Fine

Good game, I have 14, 16, and 18 on my iPad. It would be nice if somehow you could import the currency to the newest game. Also issues I found were that the gyroscope doesn't work. After a while it turns no matter how you tilt you're phone. If you do all these things, I will come back and rate it 5 stars! Also please add some John Deere equipment, that would be cool. Also I want to compliment on your automatic driving! It is very amazing, and the worker knows right where to go and goes smoothly around obstacles. Also, I will continue to play this game even more because it surprisingly is easy on your battery! Great game. Thanks!

- Not as good as I hoped

This is not a bad game, that’s why I gave it four stars, but I was expecting a lot more. It’s really not that much different from the 2016 version but other than that it was a good game. The graphics are pretty bad still they look about as good as a 2014 Mobile game that I had a while back and it was really good for its time. I was just expecting a lot more. So really unless you want front loaders I would recommend buying the 2016 version because it seems to lag a little bit less.

- Day/Night toggle and more equipment please

I would really like to see more equipment particularly a trackhoe with a logging grapple and workable blade. I do tree removal for a living in the North GA mountains. We use this equipment for tracking out the trees and brush and loading them onto our truck. It’s kind of the heart of our operation. Also the Buffalo is for forwarding the logs out of the tough spots to be loaded onto a semi and taken to the mill. That vehicle isn’t meant to haul logs to the mill. More levels would be cool too. Great job this game is addicting.

- Love this game!!!

The graphics are so realistic, I love that there are so many pieces of equipment that you can buy with coins from the game, but in my opinion I would not buy coins because there are so many ways to earn them plus that’s the fun of it is earning coins by doing crops, forestry, milk, cotton, and missions. I love that your crops don’t grow and whither when you are off the game and I love that you can choose tilt drive or to use a slider. Nothing about this game disappoints me!!!

- Needs improvements - no updates in 11 months

So much potential here. It is unfortunate that the developer has gone 100% hands off on this game. If they were developing FS19 for iOS that would fix the bugs then that would be fine, but it seems there will be no FS19. One of my biggest complaints is that vehicles that are driving with hired help are essentially useless. There is physically not enough room for tractors to move around on tiny fields without getting stuck. I’m sure there is a fix, but it is obvious the developers are not interested in addressing those issues.

- Fun game

The game is fun and addictive, but it needs a bigger cultivator. The biggest cultivator available is smaller then the ones in farming simulator 16. Also let’s make it a little more real life like having it rain or mechanical issues with the equipment. Again the game is fun, but you just keep going and going. The money keeps coming in and you buy everything and keep going. With weather issues or mechanical issues you could potentially have a bad harvest and loose money. That’s realistic!!!

- Option to turn off the day & night cycle

I really like this game but when it turns to night I can barely see anything. I know that this is the case in real life but it is annoying to try to play when it is in the night cycle. Usually I play during the day and when it gets dark on the game it is really hard to play the game. Other than that, I would like the ability to build or purchase a bridge (farm money not real money).

- Opinion

Honestly, at first I didn’t like the farming simulator 18. But after a while I started to enjoy playing the game more and more. I will highly recommended this game to others. But what I was wondering is when your pulling a logging trailer for trees that you cut down or the trailer that u pull for your harvest food, I’m just wondering if you guys can custom make something where you can put two (2) trailers onto your simi.

- Almost Perfect

This game is a wonderful game. It is very fun and does not drain your battery too quickly. However, the auto driving function gets caught up on almost everything. Also the stump remover could work better at getting stumps if they had a bigger hit box. I would highly recommend this game. However, if you are used to the pc version, stick to it. This game is heavily restricted from this being a mobile game.

- Good but can be upgraded

This is one of my favorite games and I love the idea of it all I even have other farming sim games on my pc but there is not enough in the mobile version then in the pc or consol version I would personally add some features from 2017 like making land cheaper as you progress maintaining someone’s field but an overall steady game and feels a lot quicker and another from 2016 and 14

- Fun but a few recommendations

Fun game but there could be more detail. This includes weather changes and the ability to do more with the map like access to the house and the ability to make it your own. When it gets cold the plants could crystallize And when it’s warm you can tell. And the vehicles need some interiors and ability to keep running when a vehicle is changed.


I used to have the other version then I saw this one and downloaded it thinking it would be ok. I played it for hours and it is my favorite games. I recommend getting This even if you not a kid. One question is why do the cars keep stopping all of a sudden. The cars are fine with me it’s just they randomly just stop otherwise it’s well worth the money, I just had a question

- I love this game

I love this game but I do believe that u could add a couple of things like instead of u hitting the switch vehicle button we should be able to walk around and I should really put some John Deere combines and tractors in here and we should be able to drive in first person instead of 3rd person and maybe u all could put some dump trucks and make the maps bigger and have skidloaders but that what I think

- Great game

Very fun game it would be great if you could put more different kinds of animals, trailers, equipments, expand the farm to have more land, machines that pick up the fruits, vegetables, put more different kinds fruits trees, vegetables, plants, more different kinds, fruits, vegetables, that don’t rotten on the harvest, bark, sawdust to sell make more money, more different kinds trees to cut down, have more grass, each animals have there manure.

- Needs more things

I think it is awesome but it could use some things like a grain cart for the tractors so you can dump grain into the semi or trailers that hull grain and the last thing I want added is fuel barrels to pull around. Because 14 had them and 16 didn’t so I’d like it to have fuel barrels so a machine runs out of fuel I can fill it up without driving so far. And one more thing it should have a snowplow for the pickup and snow season so we can do snow removal.

- Bank

You should add a bank, loans etc that would make so much better also make it so that you can plant grass instead of having just three Meadows. Overall great game but the equipment could be improved. More equipment, and maybe keep track of hours on a tractor and sell it according to the amount it was used. Not the same price every time please. Thanks for the great game. Well worth the money

- Disappointed

The land layout is worse than fs 16 and there are still glitches with the automated AI driver. The vehicles get stuck on fences, buildings, etc and do not make it to their destinations. I would not recommend the purchase at all. If anything get fs 16 and buy the coins for equipment. I would really like to see a farm game that works and has more in game options. The Automation needs to be better in order to expand and diversify. I cannot manage even half the map on fs16 and play all the various equipment/plots at the speed it takes to harvest.

- Ok

I love the game but I think they need to make the front wheels on the big black bale trailer turn like a dolly trailer. Also they should make new equipment and add in new brand of things like John deer. Also you should make bigger equipment. Overall tho it’s a fun game. I love the new cultivator and the planter and the new vaulter tractors. They should add in class equipment too. Also you should add in the feature where you can get out of your equipment

- Great game but could be better

Giant’s Software please read. I have at least 40 hours into this game already and I am just addicted.(not literally) a thing that I would like to see is having road trains. All you really need to do is set up the trailers to connect to the dolly. Also first person would be cool. One more thing is having a version that would be from the USA. It’s a fun game and would recommend it to anyone that is into farming. Just please add more things.

- Good game but needs more

FS 18 is a good game but needs more things like tractors and trucks because we can only drive one truck. The strangest thing is that I can only play with my Dad because he is on the same WiFi as me but I can’t play with someone on a different WiFi and make more updates! Pls it’s getting boring but loooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeee IT

- Again

I know you guys have heard from me and always I received a email in return, just to say that 2 of my Samsug tablets crash and my Mac Pro hard drive crash so I had to buy a new but is ok I got all the games back and started all over again, I don’t know how to save them yet so i pay for again cause I love all your games, again thank you Frank.

- Time waster

If you don’t want to waste your time, don’t buy this. And by “waste your time,” understand this game is addictive and you will have a hard time getting any work done IRL. I’ve been a fan of FS since FS15 on pc but this is the first I’ve actually purchased on my iPhone. Now my grass will never get mowed and my real life crops will whither. Thanks Giants.

- Amazing

This game will never be topped to me. It is absolutely amazing. It’s so real I love the music the tractors. They made this game absolutely perfect. I do wish they would put more horse power in the truck though. This game is totally worth its money. I love it. I do wish they had John Deere tractors. Nothing runs like a Deere. I love John Deere’s so please add them. Other than that this game is awesome. Buy it.

- More equipment

I love this game. However I am really wanting to see more updates. Everything is flat.... how about adding some scenery and hills and mountains. Another thing add some good rugged logging roads for us guys that like to log. Let’s get on the equipment... what kind of farming game don’t have John Deere equipment??? Obviously this one. I’d really like to see a big 6 wheel or 8 wheel tractor. I would be willing to pay a extra dollar or so if it meant these upgrades.

- Can this game get more controls?

Ok, it’s a good game but I can’t get out of my vehicle. I play on Xbox and I can get out. But on my iPad I can’t get out. Can this game have that control for iPad please? think about it for a while. Reply to me when you want to. Oh, one more thing, can the game get turn signals and four-ways and engine start/stop? Over all it’s a good game.

- Awesome updates

Current updates are great use grades!!! Thank you!!!!! A lot of time on graphics but scenery not why I buy the game. Fs14 had the best planter. Fs16 had the best cultivator. They all have ok tractors. Just feel disappointed with fs18. I would be happy to pay to unlock great implements like in fs 14, it was worth it!!! Please take time on farming equipment not scenery!!

- Suggestions

Great game. You should be able to double haul trailers. On the low rider trailer you should be able to put tractors on backwards and put two of them on there. To load a manure spreader you should need a skid steer. You should put a list of tractors on the map where you can go to them from there.

- Things that would make like this game even more.

1.If you could get out. 2.If their was a attachment that you could use to clean your tractors with. 3. If you had a house and you could go in and you could have pets and you could park the pickup truck. 4. If there were more updates.

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- Bales off trailer

I really love the game but I think that you should be able to remove the bales off the trailer and to be able to tip the trailers anywhere. You should also to be able to plant grass and make silage. You also need a larger range of equipment and could you please add John Deere into the game because it is my favourite brand of tractor, and could you make the fields have odd shapes and trees in them, but other than that it is a brilliant game

- Awesome. Ideas for FS 2020.

Ok so I love the game. However there are a few new items that would be greatly appreciated for ‘Farming Simulator 20’ like the ability to keep the tool folded down but whilst off the field the tool is disabled. Another would be to have more than colour options on tractors and equipment like thin wheels, double wheels, tracks on tractors that allow them and tele-handlers added to the garage section. I would also like to see the Krone Big M mower with option to activate the windrow ability. And the option to have front loader attachment so you can have optional front loader for some tractors. And front hydraulic attachments to have equipment or hoppers on the front of your tractor for when fertilising or sowing fields. Plows. Weights. Tree planters. Weeds. Also with harvesters, Instead of dumping straw to bale have the option to spread and then plow to increase soil fertility to increase the next yield. Introduce John Deer machinery too. I still love all FS games and these are just some ideas for the next game. So please acknowledge these ideas into the next mobile FS game. Thanks.

- More realism

Good game but wish the fields were different shapes and sizes. Can you put in more tracked vehicles. Could there be more sheds to put stuff in. More crops, animals, vehicles, an air seeder and planter. A quad track with a massive range of big implimants. Bigger map with more trees because cat all down and their is not there many. With farming simulator 19 or 20 which ever one is next for iPad CAN YOU DO A AUSTRALIAN map with chickpeas sorghum, and mungbeans. Can you make the Australian map have different shaped fields so it has more relism then can you get chaser bin so you can empty out the harvester. Maybe acoupple more sheds. Can you store bales in the sheds instead of selling them. Can there be a local feedlot where you buy muck home with a side tipper so you can dump it into the field and load up the spreader. If you make this in farming simulator 18 it will be hard to get me off of my ipad. The game that you have now is super addictive but if you make these changes it Would be the best game in the AppStore. I would give it a 5/4 because it is so good. Thanks giants.

- Update 1.5.0. Adds lots more things in the game.

Giants Software can you please add in update 1.5.0 these things and features: 1. If you could hitch a dolly on the back of a trailer so you can have a road train. Road trains are a semi towing a dolly hitched to a B-double trailer. 2. If there were chickens in the game so you could sell eggs to the bakery for 1,500 dollars each. 3. If there were different trucks like a Kenworth T610 or a 1972 Mack convoy. (Just a thought) 4. If you could carry out different missions with any of the trucks instead of just doing them with a tractor. 5. If you could drive in the yard the house is in so you could have more parking space. The reason I thought of this is because I have lots of vehicles and nowhere to park them any more. :’( Giants Software, if you could PLEASE put these features and ideas into Farming Simulator 18, that would be FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANTASTIC of you all. If you like my ideas, please leave a comment on the review page.

- Awesome!

This game is absolutely awesome, the only thing I would like to say is front attachments on tractors and definitely make the knew farming sim 20 available for more mobiles for example iPad minis and older phones. Over all this is a great game but I have played farming sim since the first one fs14 and I would like to continue on to fs20 but sadly I cannot install it because it says it’s no available! Please fix🙏🙏

- My favourite game

Much better than 14 - has more machinery options & a more realistic experience. Needs more tracked vehicles, a backhoe or similar for digging, seasonal changes, and definitely needs sugar cane! Would be interesting if machinery could break down and you could fix it. And if weeds grew and you could spray them. Overall, a great game! Looking forward to Farming Simulator 19!

- Great game but would love few improvements

Our six year old plays this game like a pro. Following are a few comments from him. Would like to see hens as a forth animal. Either include more grass fields, about 8 or allow seeding grass onto normal fields. If there could a sugar cane planter and harvester, maybe another header for the corn chopper. Include seasons, rain, snow and have a chart for planting various crops depending on the season. Speed up the time to adjust the growth speed. Include bigger fields. Using front loaders to scoop up muck from the muck piles and load it onto muck spreaders. Extend the map when all field are purchased and allow for more machines to be purchased. Thanks very much for this awesome game and consideration for upgrades.

- Great game but needs more equiptment

I would love this game a lot but it would be even better if you add these ideas into the game .you could walk around and you could buy a chainsaw .A skid steer loader .A wood chipper .More utes like a Chevy, Ford and Toyota .water trailers to water fields .Body trucks with a tipper, flatbed, water tank, livestock cage and fuel tank . Flatbed trailers that can be pulled by a Ute .placable sheds .fuel trailer . More trucks like mack, man, frietliner and kenworth .Case IH quadtrack .john deer equipment .bigger fields .You can make your own fields .more maps .Bigger livestock trailer .pedestrients .Placeable livestock pens .uneven land .You can drive in water .Open world gameplay .machine bucket to removove wood chips .cat machines

- Farming sim

This game is the best but it needs a bit of poo to keep it going. I love this game it is the best I think it could have some more sheds to put stuff in and better ploughing and planting quality. I think when you have to go get more spray it costs too much money I love You 💓 😘 💋

- Great farming game but needs improvements

I wish it had more machines like front end loaders and ect. And kenworh and Mack trucks that are able to have b doubles attached to them. And mods that we can access for free like old school John Deere and case ih. And normal tractors like the 9rx John Deere and the case quad track

- More maps and bigger tractors

Love playing this game got everything just needs some different stuff because playing the same map with the same small tractors gets boring but done well with the quality

- Great but needs more

So the game is great and all, see I may be asking for a lot. Just asking if you can let people like NPCs and players Rome around. And they could teleport to vehicles. Just something to make the game a lot better👌. Thanks!👍p.s please make an Australian map? 👌😀

- Love the game

I love the game so much but there are a couple thing which should be added for one is allowing mods for IOS and the another one is pls make the iOS version like the computer version pls also PLS READ THIS

- Awesome but could be better

It’s a very good game but it would be better if the fields were bigger because it takes me a minute to harvest the fields so f you could plz make the fields bigger and that’s pretty much it other than that it’s a very good game... CONGRATULATIONS GIANTS SOFTWARE!!!!!!!

- On/off option

Can you please add an on/off button to take off the vehicles in the game to save fuel. Also can you please add camera option also a walking option. One more then please update the graphics to make it more enjoyable and realistic please

- Things you need to fix/add

Please add more types of pickup trucks,trailers and harvesters also add sports cars,campingtrailers and jetskies/boat’s/yachts and a larger map personal island and ocean new animals such as dogs,horse,lizards and snakes for breeding and selling across the country also please add planes/helicopters/private jets. pls add fishing

- Good but could be more in the game

Maybe you could add a crop duster plane into the game and be able to loan money from a bank that could be added to the game but over all I think it is a good game

- Farm sim 18

Great game but this is for farm sim twenty coz it says I need to own it to send a review so I’m doing on here instead. Farm sim is sick but I prefer farm sim 19 coz it is way cooler than 20, can u please add thing that farm sim 19 has please, still a great game

- Please make more vehicles

I’ve been playing this game for about a year now and I want just one more thing put into the game. Maybe some classic tractors. Other than that I’m happy how fs18 has come to place.

- One or two changes please

Great game, but is it possible to have the option to upgrade the size of the trailer for the milk and wool to something the big semi truck can transport?

- Silence

Love the game. Downloaded it two days ago, and I’m addicted. The only problem I have, is that there’s no sound. I’ve checked all settings etc, but still nothing. Using on a new iPad.

- Why can’t I play multiplayer

I cannot play multiplayer it just glitches out and goes back to the home screen

- Awesome but

It’s great and all but I can’t buy anything I only have $9.275 can you make things a lot cheaper thank you and every thing else it’s awsome

- Game is great but some flaws

In the next update can there be a sugar cane planter and harvester, more different animals and an option to plant grass in normal paddocks. Can there also be some John Deere tractors and other brands

- Should be more equipment

I think the game should have a mine you can work at Or make a mine and costume you own equipment and build your own house and equipment Thanks

- Shedding and storage

I love this game but it needs more shedding and parking spots for machines and implements and maybe a place to store bales instead of feeding them straight to animals But I love this game keep up the good work

- Awesome Idea for farming simulator 18

Please add some more Machines like a excavator for logging, wood chipper, cat dozer, log trailer with crane, a cane harvester and gear and a chainsaw, thank you giants your games are the best and please do it soon.

- Love it

{Love it} but i would love if you could have a button that could tern on The Orange lights on on the next update i will love it and I’m shore uther people will love it too.

- Needs more

My IPad doesn’t work with the new farming sim and this one is boring now because it doesn’t have enough new features and it needs an update. I’m starting to stop playing it. It really needs an update!

- Multiplayer?

Maybe can we have it so that we can play with people across the world, that way it can be more fun! But, overall a GREAT game!

- Awesome game!!!!!

Dear giants, You have done a outstanding job at this game!!! And congrats, but I would like 3 things. Just 3 things... —————————————————————— 1: could you try to make a interior camera. 2: could we get money from silage to make it a more usable method of earning money 3: could you please try to make crop animations and looks look like the PC game FS17?? Thanks for making this game!!

- Good game but needs update

When I play the game the switch vehicles mode keeps switching vehicles its self and when I drive/reverse the view keeps changing dramatically.

- Good game

I love it but it needs to rain more often than what it does and the paddocks

- Shops and trailers

Good game but needs more shops like a butchers and a flat bed trailer. Could also add a bigger stock trailer for the animals to go on the truck. Great game

- Fs 17 console abilities

Make an update so you can get out of your vehicles and walk around

- New trucks

Needs more trucks like some Mack’s kenworth’s some western star’s a freight liner and an Aussie map and a Holden 1 toner in farming sim 2020 and a Toyota Land Cruiser and a hilux.

- Best game ever

I just love this game it’s the best game I ever played and I have one question how do you buy animals?

- Settings could be better

Can’t really fit all the vehicles in one big spot

- Love this game, it's so much better than 2016!!!

Love this game and it is so good. The map is awesome but u could add in a bigger cultivater.👍

- Farming

Congrats for you but there could be a quad track bigger fields a ager wagon a root rack getting out of tractors chansons and when will farming sim 2020 come out

- This would be better

Pls make it so u can get out of the vechils and ride horses so yeah that’s it

- Kyle

I love the game but I wish it could have vehicle options like put toe hitch on the back of the trailers

- Bigger

Can you please make the fields bigger then it will be 5 star

- Good but

Fs18 is good but it has a lot of annoying glitches and lags and pls put John Deere and lower price vechiles

- Great but just need work to the map

Great game just need work on map

- Best

It is such a good game so much. Fun and Very nice and net game to you should get it is a great game to play

- Silage

You should be able to make silage bales in the game

- New tractor

Great game, just needs bigger tractors so you can work quicker, and drive faster from places!

- Farming simulator 18

You could lower the prices on everything but yeah it's a great game 👌

- Love it

I love haw it has trackers and drive I love it Because you do mishens

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- Great so far but

Please add first person mode, and perhaps steering that’s just tap and drag, I’m always turning my view trying to get the button to steer. Not a fan of tilting my device. Also a map with a little more character would be nice. On further review: The game is pretty ill thought out, the elevated train tracks are constantly in the way of my middle starter feild, feild workers are at best terrible at their jobs if not completely inept. the missions lack variety all together, if it’s not the demand for one crop it the transport of another. some tractors are better in stats but don’t perform that way, and the game gives very little help, the manual needs some love and some expansion, our phones are totally capable of running something far more substantial I’d even expect video tutorials at this point. Even multiplayer barely works and is unstable over even a strong wifi signal. It feels as though this game was just one guy throwing something together in a couple months. Definitely not worth the money. Need some serious improvement if you’re going to release further instalments of this IP.

- Awesome so far but

Can you get rid of some invisible barriers so I can put my tractors in the river and add a city and a ferry to get to the city and can you also add a plane and can you add a feature that allows you to get out of vehicles plz?

- Great, could be better if:

The fields were larger, or be able to create/bust up you own fields. Design your farm and construct it the way you want. Be able to better feed and take care of livestock and grow the herd.

- Great game

You should add ram pick up trucks and bob cats and make the map bigger

- Good Game

This game is fun, addicting, and it’s impossible to put down. I love all the features like multiplayer, forestry, front loaders, car customization, and etc. Could you please add all those features to FS 20? The map is large and well thought out, the tractors are the best. I’d even want you to add those tractors to FS 20. FS 18 is the best mobile version I’ve ever played, and I encourage FS 20 to be better.

- Best game ever

Please add John Deere equipment

- Great so far but

If u had multiplayer I think that would be a game changer for this game

- Great game.

Needs getting out of the cars.

- No Bluetooth Multiplayer

It has good graphics but it doesn’t have Bluetooth multiplayer and wifi doesn’t seem to pick up other devices

- Add John Deere

Pleas in the next game add John Deere but the game is also very good

- Fs 18

10/8 the map is poor fields spread out

- Good but glitches

Straw bales keep disappearing before I can pick them up. Needs to be fixed ASAP

- Iit is the best game in the world

I am addicted to this game me and my dad all ways play this game

- Terrible game on phone

Way better on console you can’t get out of vehicles and you have to tilt the device to steer which no one likes

- Liam

We need first person

- Améliorer

Je crois que vous devriez faire la même chose mais avec la coupe de bois et la siviculture

- Refund

Hello I did not purchase this game can you please contact me if it’s possible to get a refund?

- Great, needs updates

Great game, would love to see more quests or challenges. Needs update to fit iPad Pro 11 resolution. Would like a deeper focus on livestock breeding and trading. Add horses.

- It’s a good game

Over all it’s a great game to play. Would be nice if there were bigger fields and maybe a forestry map. More equipment too

- Nice

Cool mais on ne peut acheter de pièce $

- Great game but

Can you add barley, on my Xbox in Fe 15 and 19 I can harvest barley. Why not add it, and allow to creat fields and oats. To creat the fields you need a plow, but the plow can be used as a cultivater.

- An amazing game

I tried to get my in app purchases back after deleting the the game for a while and it said I “needed to be connected”. I was connected to game centre and my internet was on. Other than that, keep it giants softwares

- Review

Awesome game! Great job! The only thing that would make it better is if there was no boundaries and if the prices were a little bit lower

- Great game but got ripped off TWICE

Farming sim 18 is fun and all and I love to play it but they ripped me off TWICE! The first time was in real cash when I was trying to buy the 200 000 coins for 1.39 +tax. So it said that I needed to confirm my credit card and whatever so I did that and it charged my card for 1.60 with tax but I didn’t get a single coin. But I wasn’t too mad about that because 1.60 isn’t too much. Anyway the second time was when I was earning a good amount of coins and I had 2 of the JCB fasttrac tractors (the cheapest ones in the shop) and they each have 250hp and max speed 60. So I looked at this other tractor that I wanted and it had 313hp and max speed 50 so I sold one of the jcbs and bought this other one expecting it to be faster when I’m tilling and stuff but to my surprise it’s actually SLOWER than the jcb even though it’s over 60hp stronger! That doesn’t seem fair if you ask me. Now I have like 15 000 coins and a tractor that I don’t even want. PLEASE if you see this giant I want a full refund of coins on that tractor and on the 1.60 that I spent. Thank you other than that this is a fun game.

- Great

Greatest tractor game I’ve played Thing I would add: If you could get out of the tractor

- Best game ever

Best game ever🚜🚜🚜🚜 needs track combines but why can’t they just use farming simulator 19 from the Xbox it is a lot more fun. I live on a farm and I think more combine’s

- Great game but it crashes

I had it for a while now and it’s awesome but right now and the past month or so it has started to not load and crash for. Me please fox or I would like a refund

- Great

Can you please add a cool c10 truck and a 10 foot pg goose neck and a new turbo rzr four seater and a flat deck lifted 2011 Ford F-350 and a spot on the farm where you can custimize rims paint interior and lift kit

- Simply Amazing :)

I generally don’t spend money on games but this one is different one. Enjoying this game so far and don’t have any complaints. 100% worth money.

- Love it

So awesome the ai needs to be more independent. Lower prices

- Logan

Desist game but not the best

- Good to a point.

Fun game but needs expansion. Ran into a wall, can't spend the money I've made. Have all the machines I need and more and it is just the same old same.

- Great farming game

Another good farming game. I have owned 14, 16, and now 18. They are all good, like the additions each time. You need to make bigger fields though, or make the fields so you can expand them. Also fix the bugs with auto steer it makes a full pass one way but half pass going the other, it has been a problem on all three. It’s ok to have trees to move at end of fields but frustrating when fences and buildings or unmovable objects at end of fields so it won’t turn around, also a problem in all three games

- Good game

Really good game, but when ever i go on messenger and then go back to the game, the keyboard is still there... plz fix it😐

- Great game

Really good game I played for hours straight

- Amazing

You could add some John Deere and maybe a bigger new holland harvester.

- Awsome game

It could use more trucks, both semis and pickups slash flat beds, and fifth wheel 1 ton trucks. I would like it if u added articulated 4 wheeled drive 8 tire tractors. Semis kenworth and more American trucks and Australian trucks. It needs a tandem trailers for grain, tandem means 2 trailers Pulled at once.i would love it if u made a mode for people to go to tractor pulls with old and new tractors. Could u add classic tractors like the Oliver super 99, and the ihc super w d9. Thx plz I agree with 1234msm, lokgkgkf

- game revew

bought game couple days ago love it cant stop playing it the only thing id like to see is were u can control speed of crop growth but other then that love it

- Ford

Can you add a Chainsaw Jeep ford 7.3 and ford 6.7 and ford suvs and gmc pick up truck and gmc suvs and aFlatbed trailer and the detachable low bed trailer with a Kenworth can’t hunt and high hood a T8 hundred I heard him do you live in our closer I’d beat you I have an RNNNH I’m in the DEA then Catapillar ca flatbed trailer and the detachable low bed trailer with a Kenworth can’t hunt and high hood a T8 hundred I heard him do you live in our closer I’d beat you I have an RNNNH I’m in the DA then Catapillar d8n

- Best game ever

I love to play this game as I live on a farm but I wish you could pull two bale trailers at once with a tractor because I always do that on my farm and add john deere to the game I would like to see it being updated to and add what I whips the game had.


Love this game soooooo much I have played 82 hours on one map!! 2020 or the next mobile FS game needs more stock trailer brands and zoom booms and skid steers and pretty much just like the 2019 that came out a few days ago!!! Love your game!!! 😀😀🐶🐕🐾

- Well thought out

Gameplay is literally better than ps4 in some aspects

- Game play

Great game love playing. But could use more map space. And more grass fields. As well as. Dirt fields. Maybe more types of crops. Such as carrots

- Great game

Love the game. Very addictive. Would be great if the fields were bigger though. And maybe a livestock trailer for the transport and be able to haul double tippers.

- More equipment

Love the game just wondering when we can expect to see anything from John deer from tractors, combines, and hay equipment. Would also be nice to have couple different maps a person could play on. Another thing would be cool is introducing Brent or Avalanche grain carts. And portable storage would be a cool thing too.

- Farming simulator

Graphics are terrible and the fields are way too small

- Big bud

I think if u add the big bud as one of the tractors it would be really cool and big horse power and bigger every thing and also you need to make different maps so one in one country one in another...

- Add a different map

The map is getting boring

- Good if you like boring

Its good if like to be bored out of your mind

- ???

I like how it works and I think you should add lots of John Deere farm equipment and I think there should be a thick large forest for logging because there are very little trees to cut

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@TheChowderhead I got some too, what abouuuut, Embr ,Door Kickers 2, Bus Simulator 18, Farming sim 19 and Unrailed ?


farming simulator 18 gay sex glitch (not clickbait)

Tommy Miller

Now With Commentary! 🕋 TOV #18 🕋 ✔ Farming Simulator 2019 ✔ FDR Logging via @YouTube

Farming Simulator 18 1.4.0 Screenshots & Images

Farming Simulator 18 iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Farming Simulator 18 iphone images
Farming Simulator 18 iphone images
Farming Simulator 18 iphone images
Farming Simulator 18 iphone images
Farming Simulator 18 iphone images

Farming Simulator 18 (Version 1.4.0) Install & Download

The applications Farming Simulator 18 was published in the category Games on 2017-06-06 and was developed by GIANTS Software GmbH [Developer ID: 502494443]. This application file size is 311.39 MB. Farming Simulator 18 - Games app posted on 2018-07-09 current version is 1.4.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.giants-software.fs18

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