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Become a modern farmer in Farming Simulator 18! Immerse yourself in a huge open world and harvest many types of crops, take care of your livestock - cows, sheep, and pigs - take part in forestry, and sell your products on a dynamic market to expand your farm!

You have access to a huge selection of over 50 farming vehicles and machines, faithfully recreated from over 30 of the biggest names in the industry, including AGCO™’s most respected brands: Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson and Valtra. Drive and use brand new equipment and harvest sugar beet, potatoes, wheat, canola, corn, and for the first time sunflowers.

With a deep and powerful simulation experience, a vast open world and a wide fleet of vehicles including brand new machines, Farming Simulator 18 invites you aboard the most complete handheld farming simulation ever created!

Features of Farming Simulator 18 include:

• Use realistic tractors and trucks from some of the biggest agriculture machine makers
• Plant and harvest six different crops: Wheat, canola, corn, sugar beet, potatoes and sunflower
• Breed pigs and sell them for profit
• Feed your cows and sheep to produce and sell milk and wool
• New front loader attachments expand your options when transporting bales or wood
• Manage AI helpers for better results or let them drive your vehicles to a destination of your choice
• New 3D graphics show even more detail on your machinery and the southern US environment
• Harvest wood with dedicated machinery and sell the timber
• Play with friends in local multiplayer mode via WiFi

Farming Simulator 18 App Description & Overview

The applications Farming Simulator 18 was published in the category Games on 2017-06-06 and was developed by GIANTS Software GmbH. The file size is 308.50 MB. The current version is 1.0.2 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- networking improvements
- bugfixes

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Farming Simulator 18 Reviews


More Settings!!!!  Leripper  3 star

Make it like PC where you can buy placeable solar panels and windmills to get money and the setting to make it so crops don't die!! Then it will be 5 stars like PC is! And I think my Iphone 7 plus has no problem running this game so maybe some ultra improved graphics setting!


Great Game  Chabralem  5 star

For an app, this is a great game. If I was creating or updating this game, I would make map bigger, do a automatic short clip video when putting logs on log trailer (watching the action take place like the loading trailer for big equipment), and have a way of playing multiplayer outside your own wifi(household). These few things would I ask about doing. Other than that, for an app, I find it pretty pleasing. Great job Giants Software!!


Great game  slave45  4 star

Its a great game but the bridges need to be short enough to drive the combine over with the grain head on.


Best game ever  Ggajdudjj  5 star

I stayed up 3 nights in a row playing I'm addicted


Why so small??  E.koennecke  5 star

I have been a Farming Simulator fan for YEARS. I have most of the games and kick butt on all of them. Compared to the maps of '14 and '16, FS18 has a great map. I just wish all of the fields weren't so spread out as they are. Because of the distance, I have yet to buy a field away from the farm. But my biggest problem is the cultivators. WHY is the biggest cultivator so SMALL? In FS16, we were able to buy the 3,6,10, and 12 row cultivators. Why kick back down to only a 6? Fields take FOREVER to cultivate because of this.


Need more  Jz302  3 star

Loving it. Looking at reviews and think yeah, UTV would be neat but what would it's purpose be? I'll keep my review to the point and realistic. I would like to see first of all more vehicles. For instance, an old (or new) 1 ton. Heck both! Just think an older one would give some character to the game. And what about let's say a International Harvester LoadStar w/flat bed (ability for it to haul hay) and one with dump bed/grain truck. Also I would like to see a couple more pickup trucks and older one maybe there. I think too a dually is needed with more HP. Naturally a goose neck trailer would go well cattle (with ability to haul more) and low boy (loading trailer). Leads me to my next idea, another Semi truck old or new and lets say one older too like a IH with no bed. A cattle trailer for the semi to haul more animals. Ok so would be neat if he Buffalo could transfer logs to the log trailers since they haul more and they're more efficient. If not how about a trailer with just a loader. This could be moved and unattached like when log trailers are, but functional to load the logs. While we're at it, a skidder (yep that's right) to pull logs to it. Easiest would just be to make the Buffalo able to transfer logs to a trailer when pulled beside it. NEED MORE TREES!! Ok so back to hay. How about a rear fork too? And some more hay fields be nice too if hey took on a dryer look after cut instead of just bright green. Ok ok...long I know....chickens and eggs? As far as game play from bank like in the PC version and game consoles. Leasing of equipment. Would like to add too, a few more tractors like dual wheels. Another seeder and cultivator (bigger). Crops wither too fast for farming multiple fields. Need some soy beans added to crop type. I would like to see a game play option for seasons where you have to plan accordingly and survive. If not you would go bankrupt or loose farm (let's say to the Bank) hence the loans. There's much more and I know this is a mobile game, but paid 4.99 and think it could be improved. Doing same old fields over and over in same environment gets redundant. A map addition or too would be sweet one that's not in the desert!


Great but...  Missy750000  4 star

The store needs A cop car Skid steer A big tractor Lights on the pick up truck and semi A flat bed truck to haul tractors/truck Car


This game is great but  asee121  4 star

This game is great but I wish it had a police station and you could by a cop car


The best  Kkgriff  5 star

It is the best farming game on the AppStore


GREAT GAME but  Ilovejoelfavre  4 star

Great game but I think you should add more tools from 16 and 14 for more stuff. Also you should add front attachments like mowers and weights and add detachable front loaders also let us get out of our vehicles and stop giving all the good stuff to computer players and add some of that stuff our games


Great game but  T9658  4 star

Do more with forestry add workers, skidders, and loaders

Spanish mastir

Great game  Spanish mastir  5 star

My only complaint about the game is that you have to disc the fields. Other than that this is an amazing game and I think everyone should get it I love the animals and how you do it I love how fast the crops grow such a great game but I think there should be more equipment


Cool game. Love it!!  CoolGamer36  5 star

Great game!! And for the live stock you have to press the button to activate the tool. Like when you activate a tool for the harvester or the plow. You have to press the activation button to buy the livestock. Easy.

Brian Liter

Great game but change needed  Brian Liter  4 star

First off I love this game, loved and still play FS 16. With that said, it is early but I can't get enough hay or grass for my animals to fill the barn in order to produce milk and cotton. I feel like the grass field doesn't produce enough or takes too long to grow or something. Granted I haven't been able to purchase more than the one, but even after a cut I just can't keep up with filling the barn. Graphics in this game is great. Only complaint so far.

Cool cow is cool

👍  Cool cow is cool  4 star

Great game, could have added a little more.

sdj fan of fs

Little disappointed  sdj fan of fs  2 star

A lot of time on graphics but scenery not why I buy the game. Fs14 had the best planter. Fs16 had the best cultivator. They all have ok tractors. Just feel disappointed with fs18. I would be happy to pay to unlock great implements like in fs 14, it was worth it!!! Please take time on farming equipment not scenery!!


Thank you and needs just a little more  contryboy987656789  4 star

I love that we got Massey fergasons but we need the older Massey fergasons to and a better map it's all around great but it need so older and bigger stuff


Great game  Knoop34:  4 star

Great game each one keeps getting better just need to be able to turn the bright up so you can see at night and I play on a iPhone and have my setting all the way up and sometimes still can't see other then that love the game and can't wait to keep playing it


Fun but needs some graphic updates  😀👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼  4 star

More equipment than the FS 16 but the graphics is not as good and neither are the controls. Other than that it is fun!


Stupid. Can I give it 0 stars??  Spaz-E  1 star

This is about the dumbest thing ever. Very slow. Very boring. Rip off. Wish I could get my $5 back. These 5 star reviews have to be fake!

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