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Live Wallpapers for Me [Entertainment] App Description & Overview

IMPORTANT: ONLY WORKS ON iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone X, iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 & 7 Plus, iPhone 6s & 6s Plus!

Great news: optimized for iOS 14!

Ready to take a step up in customizing your device? Animate your screen with spectacular time-lapse sceneries, cute pets bringing a ​smile to your face, or hypnotic abstract dynamic patterns, carrying your thoughts away. You can even witness a powerful cosmic explosion right on your Lock Screen!

We add new great animations and dynamic themes weekly, on the fly, so you’ll always have something new for your screen at hand.

Also, we have something special for you! With our Live Wallpaper Maker tool, you can turn your videos into live wallpapers and keep happy memories alive on your device's Lock Screen!

Here’s how to WOW everyone with the new look of your device:

- Choose from impressive live wallpapers and press Save
- Set the Live background you selected as your Lock Screen wallpaper
- Press your Lock Screen to let the magic happen!

You can also create a personal collection of wallpapers of your choice in a tap! Save and store them in the “Favorite” category. Have the wallpapers you liked at your fingertips to customize your lock screen anytime you want.

Get high-quality animations for your screen and make your device draw admiring glances!

For complete access to all Live Wallpapers for Me features, you will need to allow access to the following:

*Photos - to import backgrounds you like and set them to your Lock Screen;
*Notifications to keep you informed when new live wallpapers are added to the app.

Get Live Wallpapers for Me Premium
Upgrade to the Premium version and unlock all premium wallpapers, get regular content updates and remove ads!
* Choose from different subscription options. Our standard subscription options are:
1-month Subscription
3-month Subscription
1-year Subscription

* Subscription payments will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of your purchase and upon commencement of each renewal term. Subscription with a free trial period will automatically renew to a paid subscription. You can cancel your subscription or free trial in the iTunes settings at least 24-hours before the end of the free trial period. The cancellation will take effect the day after the last day of the current subscription period and you will be downgraded to the free service.
* Please note: any unused portion of a free trial period (if offered) will be forfeited when you purchase a premium subscription during the free trial period.
* Please note that you can’t set Live wallpapers if you’re using the Low Power Mode.

Privacy Policy:
California Privacy Notice:

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Live Wallpapers for Me Comments & Reviews

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So it didn’t work for me, but I’m on I-pad so probably why it doesn’t. Though there is lots of adds I really like this app, maybe you could get rid of the adds and maybe just maybe make it work on any device. That would be great though I only tried one ( and it didn’t work ) all of them are cool. I was hoping to find a lightning one. But I didn’t. But I am still going to watch them because they are so cool! Though they may not work on your device there still really really fun to watch, you download this app! Also just because it doesn’t work doesn’t mean you can’t watch them! This deserves a lot ( and by a lot a mean like a lot a lot ) of likes. Thanks for reading this and bye!

- Not Worth It

Not worth getting what seems to be a “free app”.DO NOT MAKE PEOPLE PAY FOR THEIR OWN WALLPAPERS. I’m sure you might have heard it before but it is not helpful to create an app where you are always constricted to certain things and bombarded by apps, just because you want a change in wallpaper, it’s ridiculous. “Live Wallpapers for Me” should be completely free with all of its features, excluding apps completely. It’s annoying that I cannot look for nice wallpapers for myself while being spammed with other ads I don’t want. In addition, what good is it to pay you guys just to have a simple wallpaper on my phone? So what you created these wallpapers? This is supposed to be an app that helps us find wallpapers according to our preferences, not an app that you pay for just to give credit to those who made it. NO ONE CARES. What kind of scam do you think you are pulling off? You seriously need to reprimand yourselves and think about the fact that wallpapers are not products. And no, I am not going to give you a good rating on this app. I downloaded this app today and I will delete it on this same day. Thank you for your kind attention and I hope you realize what blasphemy of an app this is.

- Much better than I thought it would be

At first I thought this might just be yet another stupid Live Wallpapers app where you literally get 1 or 2 free live wallpapers (the worst ones of course) and anytime you select anything but the default free wallpaper the stupid premium access pops up and have to pay for premium on anything but the 1 or 2 default wallpapers, but after navigating through it I was pleasantly surprised to see far more actual decent live wallpapers. While there is still a premium option and the premium wallpapers are better, at least this app enables you to have a broader selection of free live wallpapers, and that some are actually pretty good you just have to browse a bit. I’d advise them adding even more and better free live wallpapers as the more sampling they give out the more people might be willing to upgrade to the premium wallpapers. But good job much better than I was expecting.

- Good app, some improvements.

Now, let me start this off by saying that this IS a good app. However, if you don’t have an IPhone6S or above, you might not get what you’re looking for. I did this on an IPhone6S, which allows live wallpapers. But I didn’t get what I was looking for. 3/4s of the wallpapers require a membership and not everybody has the money to afford a background. I understand you’re trying to make money off of this, completely okay. Maybe making half free, half needing a membership would be helpful for your younger audience looking for backgrounds etc. Next and last issue, advertisements. This is the issue I’m marking 2 off of. There’s advertisements wherever I scroll, this is annoying and there should be less. Adding 5 ads every minute is inhumane. It’s more of a personal issue for me, but overall great app. I love the layout and the organization, I just feel like I got lost because of how many ads there were. Thanks for the great app.

- Works great for newer models!

I see that a lot of the reviews contain negative remarks about this app. In my opinion, if you have an IPhone 7 model or up, this app will work great. If you have the IPhone 6 models and down, it will obviously not be compatible (with said device). The 3D gesture works with the newer IPhone models and that’s probably why most reviews are negative. I have an IPhone 8 and it works completely fine. Before I got the IPhone 8, I had the IPhone 5s. I downloaded this same app and the performance was not that great. One thing I will also mention, is the amount of ads that pop up before and/or after you save a live photo. Unfortunately, the ads will eventually get annoying and the Live Photo’s themselves tend to get a bit laggy (which means “slow performance”). On the other hand, I really like this app. Nice work!

- Finally!!!! MUST READ

I have been looking for a free wallpaper app for awhile now. I was sick and tired of having me have to agree to pay $10 a week for a wallpaper. Now keep in mind this app offers a premium deal, but you don’t HAVE to do it. Instead it uses adds to make money if you don’t get premium, which personally I am fine with. I would take three 30 sec adds over a weekly payment any day. Also the categories they give you is super nice and easy to use. I highly recommend this app for anyone who just wants to find a super cool wallpaper without paying high amount weekly. I give 4 stars because I think any app can improve, I recommend less adds because I have noticed some people complaint about that issues. But overall great app, keep working !! Thanks for reading 🙏🙏🙏🙏

- I’m not able to even know

If this was really a good app or not. Since I have the free version I was only able to make one live wallpaper from a video in my library and save it for free after watching ad which was cool (thus the 3 stars and not 1) however that was all I got to do. Afterwards I tried browsing free WPs but the same ad kept popping up after the same 3 wallpapers and it had no way of exiting the ad even after waiting for some length of time, an X never appeared anywhere and every time I was forced to click on ad which took me out of the app entirely and I would have to restart the app. So it did let me make my own live WP and let me browse 3 other free WPs (which we’re boring and basic). I downloaded a few other similar apps which let me browse and save dozens of live WP for free w ad view. So Overall it could be better but could be worse.

- Disappointed

I was looking for dynamic wallpaper and this was rated top app. But after downloading and paying for the premium version, I was disappointed to find that all the pictures are live pictures. Don’t get me wrong they are beautiful with wonderful graphics. I just wish I didn’t have to touch the screen in order to enjoy it. Is there anyway the developers can have an option for the pictures to move on their own. I would like to be able to just have ability to just lay my phone down and enjoy the art as it moves across my screen. It gets very redundant to touch the screen to see the screen move. If this can be achieved I would give this app five stars and tell all my friends about it. But for now. I’ll just look at the pretty pictures since I already payed for a year prescription.

- Update 😡

Okay, so I got this about three months ago and it was fine. A couple ads but that was it. I was happy. But then, the new update came along and it made it so that you either have to pay to get every wallpaper or watch a video for any of the good ones. Literally all that they left free are some that are either not that great or they barely move at all. Also too, there are ads that randomly pop up right after you save a wallpaper/watch a video, so you need to sit through that video just to watch another video because you found a cool wallpaper but it's not free. Also, being a member to get all of the wallpapers is $5.99 a week!!! Please take me back to the old days when I didn't have to watch a video for every single wallpaper I wanted!

- Costumer support

So I was gonna give this app a 2 star considering I would open the app and ads would pop up within 10 second. (which was very annoying) I could barely look at any Live Photo’s without being interrupted by one. Although I don’t like the ads. I will admit for getting a high quality moving photos like that without paying money is pretty sweet.(only for certain photos) j went the the reviews to see what other people thought about the app. I looked over 200 reviews and on every single one a developer of this app commented thanking them for there feedback and if their were problems trying to help them they would give them they’re email and everything. Although I don’t like the ads I do love how they are there to help you if you have a problem unlike most developers are.

- Amazing choices, way better than other apps!

At first, I was skeptical about this as I have tried sooo many apps that claim to make live wallpapers but they never worked! But this app is very special, it actually gives you beautiful and high quality live wallpapers that come in so many styles! I was so surprised by the results and every person I met and showed them the wallpapers this app has, they were so jealous and they wanted to know about this app! I would definitely recommend this app, it is amazing and it deserves 5 stars for a rating, 10/10 would recommend for anybody who wants a beautiful moving wallpaper!

- I don’t get how this app has this many stars

Was looking forward to trying this feature out on my phone. Downloaded the app, when I opened it I was greeted by a pop up saying I need to download the full version to get full access to everything. Understandable. I proceeded to exit out and across through some of the wallpapers. Ad after ad after ad interrupted me, almost deleting the app right then and there. Instead I decided to back out of that menu and go into another genre of wallpapers where I found one I liked. Tried to save it and was told I needed to subscribe for 15$ for a year??? Why would anyone every pay 15$ for wall papers???? Yeah I mean they are pretty cool but like really? Idk maybe I’m just over thinking this whole thing but when I come across apps that strike me as money hungry with all of their ads and stuff, usually the rating is not as good as this one. Hence my confusion.

- It’s okay...

This is a great app, but there are so many adds, that I have to go thorough one almost every time I look at a new wallpaper! It could be one of those ones that you can just ex out, but a lot of them are mini games which just waste my time because if I was looking to get a new app I would be on the App Store. Also I think about 97% of all the super cool wallpapers are premium, which makes sense for the creators of the app that are trying to make money. But at the same time I think it’s almost like tricking the people who get the app. You say it’s free and then every wallpaper you want is premium so then your pretty much screwed. That to me is just saying for the people who get the app just to go find a new one unless they want to pay for a WALLPAPER that goes on the screen of your phone for goodness sake! Why would I pay money for a WALLPAPER.

- Worst 👎👎👎👎👎

So when I got this app I had high hopes. When I first got on the app I was impressed. Then I try actually USING the wallpapers, and it was an epic fail. You can look use SOME wallpapers for free. Only like, the extremely boring ones. And the free ones I tried? Don’t even work that good Once you use them they aren’t even live! I don’t know if I did it wrong (if there IS a way to do it wrong) but all I got was a boring, still, wallpaper. I’m perfectly fine with still wallpapers too! I have a normal wallpaper app and I LOVE it! But your advertising live wallpapers and I didn’t get one. And if there IS way to somehow mess it up only making still, they should warn you! I don’t know what happened but I tried again and same result. The wallpapers aren’t live. And I have an iPhone 7! So it’s new enough to work. But I have not had a good time with this app. Don’t wast your time with this app.

- ?

So basically, I have a compatible iPhone and I thought this would be a cool app to download. I downloaded it and saw it had a subscription so I went through that but I realized how freaking expensive it was. Obviously I wasn’t really happy about the price and I’m a younger person so I can’t usually afford these things. I thought it would be better in terms of quality and amazingness but I wasn’t happy with what I got. Why pay so much for photos you probably just got from videos or pictures online? Also what bothers me about it is the fact that you don’t give clear instructions on how to end a subscription. Don’t just link an apple site, tell it to us yourself. Obviously you don’t want people ending their money to you. I mean, there are some live ones that I enjoy, but I don’t think I want this app.

- Miss NotADamnRobot

Geek tech thot here and if I’m writing a review then I’m prob way to high and someone needs to take away my phone BUT with that being typed (lol) this is seriously a rarity where I get actual happiness from a wallpaper app. A LIVE wallpaper app, too?!! If you can deal with the few “watch this video to get wallpaper” stuff and just hit X on anything else aside from the “save” button- otherwise it’s been overall refreshing. I’m still discovering at entry level with this mind you so I’ll try to come back to update. Thanks COVID for my newly found pleasure of review and comments... so sexy you’ll definitely be married in no time

- It’s not the best

At first I though this would be another one of those dumb live wallpapers that you have to get access and are mostly just photos but when I saw this app I was wrong it is amazing!! I love that you can like stuff and save it to your drive and when you hold it it does a live background. I rated it four stars because you have to pay for some and if you buy it you get unlimited access which is cool but I think it should be free because why would some apps make you pay for unlimited access which is having not to pay for the best backgrounds overall I think unlimited access should be free. Then I would change my review and write 5 stars.

- Amazing

Don’t listen to the people who are complaining who don’t have phones under the iPhone 7 version, because Live Photo’s are not compatible with those. That’s where a lot of the bad reviews are from. I’ve downloaded quite a few Live Photo wallpaper apps, and they have all been super annoying and this one has been superb. This one does not limit how many you can look at or download in a day, and it does not ask for your money or require money for stuff, which is actually making me want to donate/spend my money on it as a sort of appreciation thing. Lots of cool, unique, HD live wallpapers. I love it.

- Really good, recommended

If you want a app that gives you live wallpapers, here it is. This app is amazing. It’s so amazing you don’t have to pay for it and could get the wallpapers you want. It’s really cool and split up into sections. If you are a type of person that really likes cool stuff with nature, sports and etc.... I think you should get this app. This app is amazing and I thought you had to buy the wallpaper, but no you don’t. A thing for the creator, can you add funny stuff like Spider-Man and other stuff like Deadpool and stuff and just a funny category in general. Thank you

- Doesn’t work for iPhone XR

So a friend told me to get this app because it was a actual Live Photo App that you didn’t have to pay for (mostly). You need to have 3D Touch, and IPhone XR doesn’t have it. It does however, have Haptic Touch. This app does not support Haptic Touch unfortunately. I think it’s kind of silly that Apple decided to make Haptic Touch for IPhone XR when they could just use 3D Touch. Its basically the same thing. What really got me annoyed though it that every time you click on to the app, it says that it supports iPhone 6 a above when really it doesn’t. The only other problem with this app is that there is a lot of adds. Other than that this is a very good app. Update- Thanks so much for understanding and I hope you can add Haptic Touch soon.

- Ads.

Okay so, I love Gacha life a lot and had an app that has Gacha life wallpapers on it and I thought I wanted to get different wallpapers. So, I was scrolling through the App Store until I saw this app. It had many stars but some of the reviews were bad. But I tried it out anyway. The wallpapers were beautiful and so cool! That was until, I just looked at like, 3 or 4 wallpapers and then suddenly, ADD! This add was really long too. Then it finally passed and suddenly, ADD. I didn’t get it. But this add was thankfully much shorter. But right after that add, yep, you guessed it right! Add. I didn’t like this so I deleted the game. I might get it again later in the year or in my future but for now, I’ll just be my 11 year old girl self that likes Gacha life and making videos about it.

- Nice app

So most of the bad reviews here are saying the wallpapers don’t work for the 6, 5s or under. Those phones don’t have the live wallpaper feature. I believe it’s for at least the 7 and up, maybe 6s. I’m on the 7, and the app works great. All the wallpapers work, and it has a really nice selection to choose from. My only problem is the ads. Yes, it’s free, but there’s an overload of them. Some I have to wait almost a minute to be able to click out. Some even take me to random websites. Like I said it’s free, but there’s wayyy to much ads. If the amount of ads were reduced, even just by a few, I would probably give it 5 stars

- Great app

I got this game in hopes of having a better wallpaper for my phone and I got just that. This app gives multiple options for a moveable wallpaper and it takes no hassle at all. You chose a wallpaper and press save at the bottom of the screen then it will save to your photos where you can press use as wallpaper. You do have to pay for some wallpapers but most of them are free. It also has a huge amount of ads that you have to get used to when you are scrolling through your options. Overall this is a great app that of course has its flaws like every other app. I thoroughly enjoy this app.

- I am confusion lol

I saw this as an add on instagram, I was thinking about trying it out but yet debating it because the last time I tried an app similar to this one it did not work. But I decided to give this app a try. I downloaded the app and yes I have a phone that was listed to supposedly work on my phone(iPhone 6s) I opened the app to find several free wallpapers that were decent. I picked one out, allowed access to photos. Then in photos it said “ Live Photo” which it worked in photos, I added as a wallpaper but whenever I went check my lock screen it acted just like a photo no moving or anything. Well I give up on “ live wallpapers” just for those who want to download this.

- My Worst-Rated App Yet......😞

I love pics and lock screen pics and the iOS update enabled Live Photo’s, so I was quite happy. When my mum showed me the book pages one, I asked her to get it for me too. So I was really happy. Mum and I were gonna have matching lock screens. But however, the photos wouldn’t work on my lock screen, and I couldn’t use them. So I looked up why it wouldn’t work for me , and apparently it only works for the newest iPhones, but not the SE, which is what I have. I was upset, and now the photos only work as a normal one would. If you have anything under a 7 or whatever, I wouldn’t get this. It just wastes storage. But I keep it because the photos are kinda cool, and yeah.


First of all, this app is amazing!!!!😍😍 I love it because it’s not like other live wallpaper apps that I have tried.👏👏 I can look through tons of AMAZING wallpapers and I can even find free wallpapers that I actually like! Most live wallpaper apps I tried only have 2-3 free wallpapers and the rest you have to pay for😢😢 LUCKILY,,, I found this (wonderful) app!! I love that I can easily look through the live wallpapers!! VERY VERY FLEXIBLE!!!👏😀😀 So if you’re looking through all of these reviews, and you see this one... TAKE MY ADVICE AND GET THE APP!! -Sincerely, a VERY happy customer 🤩

- Doesn't work for the iPhone 5C

Your application doesn't work for the iPhone 5c. I installed this app thinking if it worked for the iPhone SE then it would for the 5c but I was wrong. There are too many advertisements and pretty much nobody looks at them anyway. In my opinion, it's outrageous that we would have to buy the "full version" just so it would be ad free. Is there any way this application could be updated to work on the iPhone 5c? That would be great. I'm guessing not since the iPhone 5c doesn't have "live". Every 3 seconds there's an ad. I literally got a migraine from all of them. You should mention what kinds of iPhones this application works on. It was a waste of space on my device and I'm frustrated with all the ads. On top of it all, it doesn't work on my device.

- Very good

This app is way better than I was thinking it would be. While others would let you get the app for free, they still make you pay for it, and they don’t have any free ones. But, unlike those, this app lets you have some free choices without having to pay the premium. One thing I would like for them to change is to have a section where it is all free, without having to browse through the premiums too. Overall the app is GREAT, definitely one of my favorites!

- Not many wallpapers, will charge you after 7 days

I never leave reviews but before this amateur app is technically a subscription & charges you PER WEEK until you cancel. Usually apple will alert you if you’re subscribing to a service like pandora, etc, but this one skipped through obvious detection. The wallpapers are cool, but there could definitely be more for what this app found as an excuse to charge that much money for. To developer's response: it was unclear to me through reading product description that downloading the app was a "subscription" nor did Apple prompt downloading would begin a subscription. I'm really not sure why a wallpaper app would be a subscription in the first place.

- I really like it

I downloaded this app because I wanted to explore different wallpapers and I never really used live wallpapers before on my phone. After testing the app out, I did not receive any issues so far and really am liking the choices. But since there is both free and premium version wallpapers, I personally would feel like it would be a nice touch to have a category for only the free wallpapers for people who are not able to pay for the subscription and it’ll be more convenient to see only those options we are able to use.

- Terrible

I did exactly as the instructions said, I went to settings, wallpaper, photos, then changed it to my lock screen and I touched the screen and held down. Absolutely nothing. I honestly don't know why this app has 4 3/4 star rating it does nothing close to what it says it does. The whole point of this app is to have wallpaper that can move when you press on it, it comes to life, no, no it doesn't. I am extremely upset that this doesn't work. I can see that everybody's having a great time with this, I apologize if it is just my iPhone or what, but I don't believe it is. I want them either taking this app off the App Store and make them build an actual live effect background, or just shut it down in all. Thank you for your time.

- It’s great but one problem😤😤😤😤

Ok so I got the app and it worked perfectly. To all the bozos out there it clearly states IOS 6 and up so stop your talking about I not working on 5C. I’m only giving three stars because of the pop ups. And don’t come to me saying that happens because it’s free I counted and did the math an average of 3 to 5 ads pop up a minute and they come out of nowhere it’s really frustrating. And there was an add for porn they should take some of these ads off and they do nothing just pop up they take me to safari and it’s really annoying please fix this that is really my only issue so please fix😡😡😡😡🤯

- Expensive and glitchy

Paying $8/month for backgrounds on an iPhone seems expensive when for just a few dollars more a month I can get Netflix. I may have considered it though, since it's entirely possible that I spend more time looking at my phone screen than my TV screen, except for the fact that the app is constantly going to a black screen and I have to close the app and restart to see anything again. If the free version wasn't so problematic, it might have gotten a try from me. As of now, I would avoid giving money to an app that always freezes up within two minutes of opening it. The up side is that it offers free live wallpapers, if you don't mind dealing with the problematic app.

- Horrible

This app had a monthly subscription that you had. Pay no matter what it was awful do not buy this app it is a total waste of money it is awful awful and more awful just don’t get this app it’s a total waste of money you waste all your money on it I’ll just keep on grabbing your money from the bank it’ll be off or do you not get this app do not get us at Mark my words do not get this app it is total waste of money awful awful off

- Too much exclusive content

I think that the backgrounds are SUPER pretty. But, I can’t use any of them because almost all of them are premium. I don’t want to have to pay the ridiculous price of nearly $4 a week just for a silly app that I only use once a month. Roughly $16 a month is more than I pay for Pandora (which I actually DO use). For an app that literally has one, occasional use, the membership isn’t worth it. And without the membership, well... it’s basically useless. So just do yourself a favor and skip over this app. You can find other apps that do the same thing for cheaper, or create your own moving phone backgrounds. At least that’s free.

- Just downloaded, saving impossible

I downloaded the app yesterday and found a bunch of cool backgrounds to save, but was unable to. Anytime I try to save, it first prompts access to my photos, and then immediately flashes to an error message saying “unable to complete request, email support.” I’ve gone back and forth with the support team multiple times to no avail. I have the most up to date iOS, version of this app, plenty of storage, and have provided access to the app, but there’s no understanding of what went wrong or how to fix besides “delete and retry” which doesn’t help. It’s now permanently deleted. Even if it’s fixed, I’m not bothering to redownload again when there are plenty of alternatives.

- It stopped working....

This app was ok until it just completely stopped updating the wallpapers. I update the app when it tells me to, and it says at least once a day that it has new wallpapers up, but it’s been the same one every time since the first of the year. Oh well. On to a new one I guess. Update: so I didn’t end up deleting this app because it finally worked itself out and the new wallpapers were added, but now they have this I guess it’s called “premium wallpapers” that you have to pay for. This is a free wallpapers app. If you want people to pay then they should just pay for the app itself. Who wants to go spend money on something that should be free??? So this is me actually deleting the app.

- Too many pop up ads

I wanted to like this app. The different wallpapers seem really cool. However, I keep running into pop ups that I can’t close and end up having to completely quit the app and relaunch. Some of the “x” buttons to close the ads are in the very top or very bottom corner of the screen on the iPhone X, and when you tap on them, nothing happens and the ad doesn’t go away. If you click on the ad to take you to the App Store and then go back into the wallpaper app, the ad is still there. Couldn’t search through the different wallpapers without the hassle of fighting to close the ads. It’s just not worth the time.

- Cool but,

I love this app but once I upload it to be my wallpaper, it doesn’t work! I do love watching them even though it would be better if I could just turn on my phone and see my favorite one. I believe I did everything right I tried 7 times yet still nothing. And before you ask yes I am using an iPhone. I love it over all keep up the good work and add some improvements to make it easier to apply so people will give your app a better rating and use it more often! Thank you for reading this! Bye bye! 😁👍👋

- Great at taking your money and not allowing you to cancel your subscription

This app has been running in my back round for months. Checked my bank account and have been being charged 2.99 a week and this week was double charged. Attempted to cancel subscription several times times however there is no cancel subscription in settings and app developers are silent. I was only supposed to have one week for premium live wallpapers, this money farming app has been charging me weekly for months. I demand to have this canceled and if app owner dose not refund my money I will be seeking out an Attourney. I have sent multiple emails and have yet to hear a response. DO NOT BUY THIS APP IT IS DISHONEST AND WILL SLOWLY BLEED YOU FOR 2.99 a week!

- live wallpapers review

i have had this app for an hour now and it has good quality wallpapers!! But the only thing i dont like about it is the advertisements... 😂 i mean almost every “free” app has them but one of the advertisement told me i won a $1000 Walmart gift card and it needed all of my info in order to receive it...😒 and another thing is it doesnt want you to save the live wallpapers, it wants you to only set it for your screen and thats it!!😞☹️but everything else is fine with me!!🙂😊

- Not worth it

Unless u wanna pay for an overpriced subscription fee u will be bombarded with inappropriate adds for the worst kinds of games. U might think it might be worth it to forage through these overbearing monetization practices to get those cool wallpapers the AppStore site proudly shows. Unfortunately as soon as u download a few of these “dynamic” wallpapers u will quickly realize that the dynamic part (the reason why u would consider this app over others) is very low Rez and short. Also it doesn’t simply move in the background of your apps u have to activate it each time u wanna see this low Rez background move for one second. Don’t waste ur time with this app unless it is vastly improved.

- It’s a SCAM

This thing is a scam literally all the goodwill papers or premium and literally like all the time there’s only ads and then when I tried to use the wallpapers that I’ve saved they don’t even move like they’re supposed to this is on an iPad mini and I don’t know if it supposed to work on that or if it’s not but if you don’t fix this I’m probably never going to order any apps that include your name Also do something about the ads it’s really annoying and make it be fair on the wallpaper is cause for the premium they’re the only good ones literally like I think it’s so unfair so let the others who don’t have premium have some of the good ones not just Boring ones

- INSANE amount of ads

I don’t mind a few ads, esp for a free app that happens to be amazing. However, the ads on this app are INSANE. When you start scrolling through the wallpapers (you can only see one at a time, not a gallery view to just select what you like) there is an ad 3 photos in that you’re required to watch. Ok, whatever. Then, another 3 photos.. another ad. I would have no problem watching an ad for a wallpaper I actually chose to look at, but when you have zero influence on the wallpapers you’re shown and only see 3 before you get yet ANOTHER 30 second ad, it’s WAAY too much. Don’t waste your time. App is not even worth the storage on your phone 🤷🏻‍♀️

- Um...

I’m really confused. Every tine I save a wallpaper and go to my settings to switch my wallpaper it’s never live action. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong but if the wallpaper doesn’t move it’s ridiculous that you have to pay for it! The wallpapers are all very nice, pretty, and cool can someone please tell me how to get the wallpaper to move. Also I do believe the subscription is a little over priced...I just realized I’m using a I-pad mini, it is the latest version but does it not work on my device? If not then I’m truly disappointed and upset. Thanks for listening!

- Ads interrupt user experience

The app can’t wait to show you pop-up and interstitial ads at the most awkward times. Every time I open the app and start browsing the wallpapers, an ad for another app completely takes over the screen. It happens within seconds of opening the app. It also shows an small ad on every wallpaper preview, which is fine, but the full screen interstitial ads interrupt the workflow of just trying to browse. It would have been better to insert the ads as one of the wallpapers (as you swipe); instead a timer-based pop up that just interrupts what the user is doing is just plain awful. I couldn’t wait to delete it.

- Does not work on iPhone SE (2020) like stated.

I had been trying to customize my phone the whole day and kept running into dead end after dead end because I use an iPhone SE 2020. After a long day of this denial everywhere I decided “Maybe I can settle for a live wallpaper.” Guess what, that didn’t work either. I had my suspicions as I could not set live wallpapers in settings and multiple Google searches told me it wouldn’t work. I looked in the description, and it said it supported my phone. Huzzah! I spent about half an hour gathering wallpapers and I tried to set them. It didn’t work. THIS APP DOES NOT WORK WITH IPHONE SE 2020 LIKE STATED. YOU CANNOT SET ANY LIVE PHOTO AS A WALLPAPER ON THE IPHONE SE 2020. So, screw you devs, you outright lied.

- Wallpaper

This wallpaper it’s super cool, but it doesn’t move a lot. If you could make it clear in the title that when you put it up as your wallpaper is doesn’t move. Also every time I want to save a wallpapered I like it keeps wanting me to get premium and I don’t want it now. Someone please reply to me telling me what they can do about everything I suggest. Over all this app has cool landscapes and photos you could have as your wallpaper. If anyone is reading this just keep in mind that the app might want you to get premium. Thanks for reading. 😀😀😀

- I thought it’d be good...

I thought this app would be good, but I discovered it’s not. When I first got in the wallpapers actually moved, so I downloaded one with a snake on it. I went my photos to make it my wallpaper as my lock screen. I turn my phone off, and then turned it back on to see my wallpaper, but it didn’t move! Did I do something wrong? Hey thanks for responding to my review, you didn’t help much ,but I’ll keep the app , and keep trying it. I’ll also give you four stars.

- Good, but...

This app has a lot of good categories and fun pictures for any gender or age. The pictures fit the screen very well, and I have an IPhone X. Good graphics as well. The only downside is there are a lot of adds and it has a free three day trial. There is a close out for that, but almost all the wallpapers that I liked were for the premium, which you have to pay. Also, every wallpaper that I clicked “save” on it took me straight into an ad, including both premium ones and free ones. I like the free pictures, but not the adds or the premium. Ok app

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- 👌🏼💖

This app is really great it is always up to date with the season (Christmas, Halloween and more) I really enjoy this app! The only bad thing about this app is that there is a lot of ads. To some people it might not seem like a if deal but to me it is kind of a key thing in this app. This app is still so great though and I still really enjoy this app! I do recommend this app to everyone and anyone! Thank you guys!💖

- Great wallpapers but too many ads

Great wallpapers but too too many pop up ads. Some ads are fine but these pop up while scrolling the through every couple of pictures, impossible to choose a wallpaper as it takes forever to see anything but ads that take up the whole screen. Thanks to the developer for the reply, just to clarify my point, ads are completely expected and fine given that it is a free app, my comment was merely that the frequency of the ads interferes too substantially with the use of the app, compromising an otherwise good product because video pop ups start playing every 2-3 wallpapers you scroll through. Perhaps if the ads were more spread out in timing it would lessen the impact on function while still displaying the ads.

- Selection

This app could have more selection devices but is still love it. My sister got it and looks amazing but I got a iPad Air. This could have more wallpapers that didn’t cost any money because if it did people could just get other apps with the background for free, so maybe do a free background each day but I still can’t get the texture properly

- Hey its meeee

This app was amazing! As a matter of fact, it IS amazing! I ❤️❤️❤️ everything about it except for two things: 1.the ads. There are just way too many ads and we would all love it if you took them all off. 2.the cost. Just dont make some premium stuff and make us pay please. Other than that, I LOVE THIS APP

- Ok but needs a bug fix

Great wallpapers and everything but for some reason it wasn’t moving when I made it a wallpaper it would work in photos but not as my wallpaper. I found it really disappointing because I really enjoyed this app. I’d like it if I could get some feedback on why this happens to me. But I will still rate you a three star because I love this app layout✌️

- Great app but....

Hello! I think that this is an awesome thing except for 1 thing. It isn’t live when I set it on wallpaper, but is live when it is in photos. I would love to have some feedback on why this happens to me, But I still I love the design and everything! Still an awesome app!!! 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼

- Only lets you download 1 free wallpaper

What they don’t tell you is that it only allows you to save 1 free wallpaper, then wants you to join a free 30 day trial (read: hook you into paying) for 3 more free wallpapers. Doesn’t make me want to try the trial at all, I’ve barely used the app! Constant pop up ads after every tap which makes me give up. Looks like the wallpapers are good, but I couldn’t say for sure because of the limitations and poor experience.

- Terrible!

First thing I am greeted to upon opening this app is a free trial, then a ‘download this other app from us too!’ Then ‘do you want to turn on notifications’. Why on earth would I need notifications from a wallpaper app??? Not to mention after every 3 or so wallpapers you look at (didn’t find any Half decent ones anyways) you have to watch a 30 second long ad???? No thanks.

- Obnoxious amount of ads

I was quite interested in the idea of having an interactive lock screen. However after opening the app up I had a total of around about 8-9 ads come up in a minute, some popping up as I tapped a button meaning I would tap the ad, either taking me to the app being advertised or wanting me to pay money for their “premium service”. Immediate deletion of this app. I’ll stick to a normal image.

- Wallpaper not running?

I am so glad I finally found a free app that does / allows this cool effect. The problem I am facing now is once I save chosen wallpaper (it runs on the app) but once save on lock screen, it is stationary. Help / reason?!

- Addressing problems.

Before you think about downloading it. First of all it’s $6.49, with that you need better wallpapers and an option to search for exactly what you want.. not swipe across a million times looking at average wallpapers, don’t mean to put your app down, maybe update it? Give it more value? Make it worth paying for? 👍🏼

- Pretty good

Not bad, too expensive. Please make an app for iOS that has live weather from current location. Thank you.

- Live Wallpapers

I love this App. There's so many to choose from I can change my screen everyday if I wanted to. I've got all my family onto this App now they live it too.

- All premium. Must pay.

There’s ad every 2-3 swipe when you’re browsing, and most of “decent” (although this is subjective) wallpapers are premium that requires you to pay. You can watch a video to unlock for free, but most times these ad videos are not available so your only option is to pay for subscription. Way too many ads.

- Great app

The live wallpapers are very good with equally good quality, the selection could be little better tho. The amount of adds was reasonable and the amount of free wallpapers is surprising but great, definitely recommend downloading

- not bad...

I like this app but... 1. it has too many ads. 2. when I press on my wallpaper it doesn't move. 3. this app requires too much patience when I try to save them

- Help?

Hi I was wondering if it works on iPhone 6 Plus because I have been trying out the other apps and I really want this to work and your app has been really fun.

- Looks like a good app but...

The content looks good but way too many adds and slow load times. I unloaded it minutes after downloading as it is not functional with so many adds and pop ups. I would suggest adds that scroll like a wallpaper instead of pop ups or videos. This way they don’t interfere with functionality.

- Horrible

I got this app in order to find MOVING BACKGROUNDS but in stead it wouldn’t move I did every thing correct but it would move I tried for ages I did every wallpaper but nothing I eventually deleted the app also there are lots of adds that are fine for me but still annoying I recommend getting another live wallpaper app 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

- 💖 Don’t download please 💖

It keeps on giving me adds when I just want a background and it won’t tell me how to make it live in my screen so please listen to me and don’t install like everyone else please just this once but ifyou like adds this would be great for you


IF I COULD GIVE IT NO STARS I WOULD so i got the app and went in, and ad popped up. I was like, ok right that’s fine. So i went in and apparently u cant even browse the wallpapers like i had to scroll past a bajillion wallpapers to find one I like and every 3 wallpapers the ad comes up. And then i found a nice wallpaper but it wouldn’t let me download it so I deleted the app. Complete waste of time.

- Amazing

Absolutely great!! I have an iPhone 7 and it works perfectly! I definitely recommend this app.


This is an amazing app!!! You can get live wallpapers for FREE! But you can pay for premium for no ads and even more stuff! I really recommend to get this app

- Review

It is an amazing wallpaper app and you can still get pretty ones without paying!!! 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- 'Free' trial

The three day trial is dodgy. They don't inform you when you sign up that they will charge you if you don't turn off auto-renew 24 hours before the end of a short THREE day trial. If you are willing to pay however, they have a large range of options to choose from (on the plus side).


I love this app it is so so so so good I mean there is some what secret it is sooooo good there are not that manny ads people are saying there are I give this game a... ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Wallpaper are good but an ad problem

I don’t mind ads on this because the app is free but I had an ad that was a porno subscription and that’s not ok if children are using this app please remove any explicit ads thanks

- To many ads, to frustrated to even bother.

Didn’t even have the patience to look over the wallpapers as every third one an ad would pop up felt like I spent over half my time looking at ads rather than getting a chance to even bother to try a wallpaper out.


Agreed it’s good but just it costs so much and the ads are crazy! If I had to rate it out of ten it would be 7/10 3 star rating just change those things and 10 5 star rating!

- Live Wallpaper

Thank you Quite a lot of selections ✔️ Happy with my choice 😀

- How do you do it

It’s okay like the wallpapers are pretty but they don’t move on your lock screen and all of the cool ones you need to buy premium.

- ...

It’s a good app, I must admit but then I stopped using it and when I tried to cancel my subscription it already got renewed because of the renew 24 hours before next subscription thing.

- You ruined it

This app was fine, maybe a little too many ads but it was fine. But now you have ruined it by making us pay, I’m pretty sure no one is going to pay just for a wallpaper, seriously

- Terrible app!!

Dislike this app, wont download it again and I I would want to waste my money on it!😠This is a terrible app, it has nice wallpapers but you can’t use any of them unless you pay for them. I don’t like this and it’s a huge con. Don’t download this app!!

- Transfer u to premium member after 1month

Very sneaky I deleted the app long time ago and didn’t realize ive been charged $13 a month even I don’t have it on my phone anymore nice work IPhone App Store...🤢ppl downloading it should be aware of this issue.

- Not worth a subscription

Some great wallpapers but you can only save one before you have to subscribe. I’d happily buy this app but there is no way I would subscribe for a monthly fee. I think you are over estimating the worth of this app. Shame.

- It’s decent

It’s a great app and lots of good stuff thank you developer

- Its alright

Okay 3 things. 1. The wallpapers are pretty cool to scroll through and look at 2. It doesn’t actually move when I set it >:( 3. Sooooooo many of the same ads grrr Overall I wouldn’t bother getting this app. It is a waste of time. But if u just want to look at the wallpapers or you don’t care if it doesn’t move. I won’t judge you. But personally I don’t really recommend it. Thx for reading (*^3^)/~☆

- Cancellation

Decent app, qualities on the live photos drop when you set them as wallpapers. ***Important*** How do you cancel your subscription? I need to know so I can cancel before I am charged. Thanks

- Wallpaper App

Pretty amazing how technology can make your life 3D. Kind regards Tash love this app to be honest 🙂

- Heaps of ads

There were a lot of ads but at least you can save more than one wallpaper each day... not sure if it’s worth it.

- Don’t get it!!!

It’s the worst wallpaper game ever it said i had to pay $14 and i hot mad it’s so stupid don’t get at all i hated it you could only get 2 wallpapers on my IPhone 11 so it’s so bad and it’s not my iPhone ll pro max so yeah horrible don’t get it. Thx for reading

- Good app

Good app, not as bad as reviewers would have you believe.

- What?

So I got a wallpaper and I put it on my screen and it wasn’t working it was not moving?But it is a good app and I would use it but it doesn’t work for me!😡

- It's not free- not even close

I thought it was free but the only wallpaper I chose ( which is the one on the app and) was $8.99 a week! Who either can afford too or wants to pay nearly $500 a year to have a wallpaper!!

- Don’t download this apps until the problems been fixed

Wanted to download wallpapers but too many pop up ads, stuck with all the ads, so annoying.

- 💕

I think it is ok but im not sure how to actually make it my wallpaper because when i did make it my wallpaper it was not moving

- Ads

Don’t get this app, it is terrible there is way to many pop ups literally every second one will be on the screen, just avoid yourself the trouble

- Doesn’t work

When I downloaded the app it was going okay but when you put it as ur saver it doesn’t work


This app is not good at all the price for a few moving pictures is ridiculous($153 a year) and on top of that the pictures that are supposed to be live and animated don’t move at all!!!!!!!!!🤨

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- To many ads

To many adds can you guys put slower ones and all the ok ones you have to buy 😩

- Poor

I clicked "get" to try it out and charged me 15$ without even asking. It doesn't work. Scam!

- Disappointed

This either does not play live on anyone's phone or this doesn't work on iPhone even after I pressed and held on my lock screen . Tell me if it did work on your phone.

- Charged without asking

Anyway to get my money back?

- Don’t waste your time and money

It is not what it is clams.

- Sad

Doesn't work don't recommend :(

- what?

you have to pay 6 dollars a month for wallpapers! there’s 1hour games that don’t cost money!😡

- Terrible

I hate it very glitchy and slow also bad quality on some of them

- 🖕🏻

This piece of crap doesnt work dont get it

- Money hungry - dev response only proves that

They want you to watch an ad after viewing every single wallpaper


I didn’t need to pay and they look so real i LOVE this app

- Impressed then disappointed

On the iPhone 12 Pro, the live wallpapers look stunning... until you try them for real and realize that the animations look blurry or overcompressed. Not optimal when viewed on such a great retina screen

- What P O S

Pure trash. More like a scam. What a pity. Shame on you thieves. I hope you develop incurable sickness. 👍

- Too many ads

This app is great, but there are WAY to many ads. If this problem would cut down a little, I would have rated it a 5/5. Thank you for these cool wallpapers.

- To many adds

Way way way way way way way way To many adds

- Free version has ads but it’s free

... when you download the app and open it up, it will ask you if you want to try the trial. There is an (x) top left of the screen (I have iPhone 11), and you get skip passed the trial subscription page this way... now scroll threw the wallpapers and save the ones you like. You will get a lot of add but 🤷🏻‍♀️ Update (response to developer): this was a positive review lol I was helping you because so many people were writing “you have to subscribe” and you don’t have to. Trying to help you get more downloads.

- It’s amazing

This app is amazing!!!

- Worst

Never download this app


Biggest scam! My kid downloaded this app not knowing and we have been charged $5 per week because of it. Any app that can’t indicate price up front is shady and can’t be trusted. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!

- TfufifigkghvGjghhh chi if chi if TSS you to t it


- Didint work.

Sorry, it didint work for me.

- 😤

Terrible. It says it works for iPhone SE 2020, but when I put it for my Lock Screen, it tapped and held, it didn’t work! 😤😫☹️

- God dam trash

If you like looking at ads every 3 seconds go download this

- Doesnt work

So my wallpaper was boring, so I decided to get a live wallpaper. I downloaded this but ended up deleting it. The animation is nice but the app is really confusing when you first start. It also doesn’t work. It saves the animation as a picture and ends up in your camera roll. Would not recommend!

- Omggg

Ok so I got it and it’s free and it works!!

- So easy

This app is so easy to use it’s amazing

- Confused

I don’t get why we have to pay for wallpapers

- Pub

Too many pub! It’s so ridiculis, you swipe 2 times then you have a 30 secs add, then an other one and it keep going. Not recommend, this app is usefull

- Bad

Tried to use a live wallpaper didnt evan move.

- Never again

I’ve been charged 13$ since I didn’t mention I didn’t want to be premium (???). Plus it’s fake representation and doesn’t even work as well as the commercials subjects

- Subscription

I love this app! It’s amazing. But: there are a lot of ads, and a lot of wallpapers are not free... but you don’t HAVE to pay money! Just get the ones that are free, they are awesome too! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Nice

Very nice wallpapers

- Horrible - don’t waste any money on this garbage

The wallpapers don’t even move even when you click them this is such a money grabbing scam DO NOT BUY!!! And developers, don’t respond “you need to click and hold BECAUSE I TRIED IT.

- So many ads

Why are there so many adds it’s so annoying!!! 😡😡😡 but on the other hand I really like it I find that the Live Photo’s work great on my phone at first I didn’t know how to do it but now it’s so easy I love it besides all the adds!!! Can you make it so there are not so many adds and you don’t have to pay for no adds maybe🙃

- So horrible

Plays an add every 5 seconds. If u don’t pay 💰 you can only see 5 wall papers. If you save a wall paper it isn’t live anymore it’s just a pic

- not free, way to expensive.

i seen an add for this and it looked cool so i tried it out. once i opened it i was met with a 6.99/week. that is insane. to put that in better calculations, netflix is 17.99 a month. this is 28$ and month just for wallpapers??? Wallpaper engine on computer is i think 15$ and is all free wallpapers no weekly payments. this is crazy and i have no idea who would ever pay 28$ a month or 336$ a year. you’re crazy.


This is a scam, Do Not Download

- Hilariously awful price

This app costs $6.99/WEEK, that’s $364/year, I think I’d rather put that money towards most of the cost of a speaker system or 4K tv. I don’t know what these developers are thinking to value something so cheap, at such a high mark

- Scam

Scam app, please remove

- Horrible!

This is a lie! I downloaded the wallpaper and it wasn’t live! This is rigged. I’m surprised this app hasn’t been shut down yet.

- Too many adds

I went on to it and it automatically popped up an add then when it was over I got another one that is my only problem with it

- It works but only on Apple phones

So the app is really good



- I only rated it one star

beacause i havent got it yet

- Scam it takes your money


- !!

I just wish everything was free. I am still enjoying it though!!

- Horrible not free

This is a scam


IT’S NOT FREE... It’s not a good app and would never recommend this app to anyone

- Listen

Download app. Accept 3 day trial. Go to your subscriptions in settings. Cancel subscription. Now you have 3 days of wall papers that you can steal. Not live but nice photos. Your welcome.

- No heads up?!

I got this app a while ago and I had a 3 day free trial and then it doesn’t even tell me and starts charging me monthly?! SCAM

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- Best wallpaper App yet

This app is different it like just gives u so many options to choose from and I honestly love this app it’s not one of those trashy crappy apps that gives u so laggy "pixelated” wallpapers to choose from it’s clear and u have so many categories to choose from and in my opinion that what a animated wallpaper app should have and should provide for there customers so download this app it’s amazing

- I’m annoyed

There are a few semi decent wallpapers that I found on it but none in really good quality. So I started the free trial for 3 days or something then I deleted the app. Thinking about it now, I probably should have found a way to stop the trial but the app is really annoying to get around and it just has a terrible layout overall. So anyways the app charged me for 6.50 or something like that just because it has my information on it and it likes to be retarded. So if I could get that money back that would be nice. And btw I didn’t continue to use the app after the trial was over.

- Low image quality, not seamless.

The photos degrade in quality once you set it as your background. It also does this weird zoom effect when you 3D Touch to animate the picture. It’s like a low quality attempt at apple’s live wallpapers. Plus the original Apple live wallpapers start animating from whatever the sill image looks like. These have a different still image, once it starts animating it jumps to a different point in time, it’s not seamless. Apple ones are also reversible if you start releasing pressure on the screen the animation goes back. These only move forward and stay paused. Also the live wallpapers are the wrong aspect ratio for iPhone X, XS, and XS max.

- Love it but not the best..

So I have a I pod touch and I tried and it never worked I mean it would probably work for an iPhone but you know. And also I thought it was kind of weird because it’s only three days in you’d have to pay more for so like I mean you would have to pay money so tell me a three day trial and I was really sad about that because it’s a free app but when you get into the app nope so I mean it’s good and all but I would recommend it but it wasn’t the best I mean if you want to pay for it but you get the point-Anna 𝕄𝕖𝕚𝕜𝕝𝕖

- It worked!

I don’t know why everyone is saying that it doesn’t work but I tried it and I does it might be the kind of phone I have cause I have apple iPhone but if you have an apple iPhone than I would recommend this cause it works so well all you have to do is save it and go to your camera roll and you will see it and touch it so it moves to see if it worked and put it on your wallpaper!

- Basically Forced Premium service

The Wall papers are nice, but when browsing the app constantly spams advertisements and even goes as far to hide some wall papers behind an advertisement and the only way you can see it is to sit through some 30 second video. This is all just to see the wallpapers, because most wall papers are locked behind a monthly premium service that removes all of the ads and allows you to download the wallpapers. At that point there are other apps out there that either gives you just as good wallpapers for free or at least with no monthly cost or just get a still wallpapers from google at that point.

- Awesome

This app amazed me. When I usually want to change my wallpaper I go to apps. A lot of apps have subscriptions. But some cost so much like 10$. (Not offending your price) When I first started this app I was shocked that this app has free live wallpapers. Other apps have live wallpapers but you need to pay and only 1-2 free live wallpapers. This app has a lot of free live papers which I like. I recommend this app to anyone who wants wallpapers. Awesome app!

- Amazing

Some people have complained that all of them are live says it in the name so Idk why you’re confused. Also the fact that you have to watch a video for the good ones.’s just a video, they aren’t even that long and after a while some of them you can skip so...I think it’s awesome. They are all really cool, and I don’t mind watching a video when I’m ready to change my wall paper.

- Love the app a bunch!

I loved it a lot! Although there are too many ads, and most of them are extremely inappropriate or constant. I recommend you remove these inappropriate ads as there are children using the application. By the way, the app description clearly says it only works for the iPhone 6s, 7, 7+, 8, 8+ and the X, so don’t come whining saying it didn’t work for your SE or 5C or 5s. Pay more attention next time.

- Knew it was too good to be true.

I figured that when I downloaded this app I’d be getting some decent wallpapers, but i was very wrong. Sure, you can scroll through the all of the wallpapers and get your hopes up on one that you’ve stumbled upon, only to be told you need Premium. PREMIUM. FOR WALLPAPERS. I’m sorry but nobody on this planet changes their wallpapers THAT often. And some people might buy it, but unless you’re the type of person that changes your wallpaper every few DAYS (which I highly doubt), the Premium will just end up being a surprise bill popping up at the end of the month that you completely forgot you even had.

- Continued to charge me even though I deleted the app during the free trial

I originally thought that this was a free app, and I deleted it when I realized it wasn’t. I never agreed to a subscription, and I assumed that the free trial would just end when I deleted the app. I DEFINITELY didn’t think that it would charge me for a subscription I didn’t agree to after I’d deleted it off of my phone. I’ve been paying $7.99 a month for an app that I’ve never used and don’t even own because I wasn’t informed that it would automatically charge my iTunes account if I didn’t manually cancel the subscription, which again, I never agreed to.

- It’s not stupid anymore

U have to pay all they want is money jerks I said earlier but once you buy it these are amazing ! I love this app! I was very nasty but this is worth it way worth it ! You should get it! I thought it was terrible but itss amazing! I’m sorry for my other comments cause this app is absolutely amazing my daughter loves it! You have to pay but that’s fine ! I would love to have more updates tho

- Idk and Idc

I’ve had this app for a while now, yes I may be giving this app a five star review but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have a complaint. I think that this app should have all backdrops free. No that doesn’t mean that they cannot have a specific type of background for purchasing. Anyway, I know this a short Review but this is all I’m wanting to have to type right now.

- Adds everywhere

I’m not against paying for a decent app or service but in just the time it took me to scroll around and find the first wallpaper I wanted to try I had been assaulted with a dozen adds. Finally found a little space scene I thought I’d try and I get hit with a 3 min wait timer. Not even an add just literally makes me watch a clock almost like I’m being punished for wanting to download one. Timer finally finished and it didn’t save so I hit save again and get a new fresh timer. All this just to try out a single wallpaper and I never even got it. Speaks a lot to the quality of the app and the people behind it.

- Overall it is ok.

Ok this is a pretty good app. The only problem is that the instructions to make the wall paper actually move is wrong. I have been working on trying to make it move for about 2 hours now. I finally got it to work but I had to go though all my settings. And another thing, there is to many adds. Yes, maybe they need to be there but the same add pops up for the same game every time I want to look at a new wallpaper. Change the add every once in a wile!!! It won’t make us as bored!!!

- Probably the best free live Wallpaper app

This is probably as far as we could get without paying a dime for good live wallpapers that actually work majority of the time,Yea the ads are a problem but compared to the other apps that we’ve wasted our times on just trying to get something to fit your device is just annoying and irritating. This is an app on the right track and I honestly do recommend this app for free wallpapers(not all are free.)

- Not very happy😬

This app is a really nice app. It’s just there is too many ads. Every time I swipe too another wallpaper there is an ad. I know you need your money in jazz but that’s too many ads. I get it if there is 4 in a minute but over 4 is Unnecessary. I’m not trying too be mean but it’s not the best. Other than that the app is mmm o..k.The ones with the premium are better😬 A WARNING TO ALL OF THE PEOPLE WITH A IPHONE SE THIS DOES NOT WORK FOR YOU BEFORE YOU WASTE YOUR MONEY ⚠️ It would be better if you add more better wallpapers😀

- Mostly great

When I was reading through the reviews I heard it only works for iPhone 8 and up. I think that’s just plain STUPID in my opinion. Like, if you want people to get your app than make it so everyone can use it. Also...there are a JILLION adds and pop ups which are really annoying. But overall it’s a good and fun app. I like how it has a diverse selection of wallpapers so everyone might like it. This is overall a great app and you should really get it.😊

- Won’t work

This won’t work for my iPhone SE and I was pretty disappointed when I saw the results please fix this? There are way many adds can you at least get rid of some adds because I went on the app and then one quickly popped up right when I went on there and when I saw this pretty wallpaper and then a add interrupted me so please get rid of some adds? But when I saw a cool wallpaper I saved it but it wasn’t live when I put it as my wallpaper. I mean it still looks cool when it’s not live but it would be cooler if it was live on my SE. the only part I like about the app is that the wallpapers are cool. Sorry but it’s true.

- Ideas

This app is awesome already! But what would make the app more awesome is if you were to click the on button on the phone and the live image starts to play on it’s own without you having to hold the screen. Also, if the image would last a few seconds longer that would be pretty cool. Keep up the good work though!😁

- ?????

I like this app but thee are a few things I don’t like about it. You have to pay for most of the wallpapers and that’s not cool. Also, when I want to have a moving wallpaper on my lock screen, it just saves the picture to my camera roll and is a live picture. But then when I put the photo on my lock screen it doesn’t move around or anything cool. I don’t know if it’s supposed to do that or not, but it should have like a description on how to make it move all around.

- Loved it except for one thing

This app is wonderful! The pictures are unique and pretty. The title of the app is live wallpaper except one thing: it’s not live!! There are also many ads and some can be close to inappropriate, so I would change that too. I’m not trying to sound rude, but why would you pay for wallpapers on your phone? That is not a deal I would make. Thank you for giving me your time to read through my review, I hope some things can be improved. Peace out!😜

- A no no for iPod touch

So I just downloaded this app and it is a bit pricey just for premium but I get it they have to make money some how. Anyway I downloaded a couple and none of them show up live they are still on my iPod touch so idk if it is just for iPhones or what but over all it is not worth it. If any body has an idea why it will not work for me that will be great thank you. But over not great at all.😟☹️ Thanks app people for understanding I am curious on why I am not tech savvy so I am interested also do u know of other apps for iPod touch live wallpaper🤗

- Just Plain Bad

This app is just ridiculous, I was expecting to open this app and see a couple of default wallpapers available. I was wrong. As soon as you open the app it automatically asks for you to sign up for a free trial and asks for your credit/debit info. You can’t even skip the option to NOT enter your credit/debit info. This app is pointless and a waste of time, it tries to rip you off by sneakily getting you to sign up for their “free trial” expecting you to forget so they can charge you weekly fees. I am completely shocked how an app can ask for your money before you see what they offer.

- Money stealers

I downloaded this game a month ago and it gave me the option to pay for a subscription. Of course I said no and chose to go the free way. I got only two free wallpapers that don’t even work I might add and then deleted the app. Today I got a bill of $50 for the subscription I never bought and I’m a kid who doesn’t have that money. This means no kid can use the app without being stuck in a subscription of which I never paid for and had no idea that it was still going on after a deleted it. If you think it’s a good idea to get it, then you think it’s a good idea to lose your money.

- Must read!😻😻

I love this app so much. It’s really cool. It has so many great wallpapers❤️❤️ But I am a little confused.🤔 Why do we have to pay for our wallpapers? Also there are way too many ads. I see an ad almost every two wallpapers I look at. Aside from those, this app is the best wallpaper app I have had. (Please did the ads and money issues) Thanks so much for reading! ❤️😻❤️😻❤️😻

- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

App has many choices for free live wallpapers and also the option to watch 30 sec videos but free live wallpapers in plenty more choices. While I’m usually not a fan of watching ads, the live wallpapers were worth it and I even downloaded an app from one of the videos (first time I’ve ever done that🤷🏻‍♀️). Definitely recommend💯

- It is only “live” on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

I would definitely recommend this to anyone with an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6 Plus. The “live” effect only works for someone with these types of phones. Other than that, the wallpapers are beautiful! Though you can only get certain wallpapers if you don’t want to buy the subscription. All of the wallpapers are very beautiful, even the free ones. Overall good app.

- Sorry to the people who thought this was a good app

I got this app because I thought it looked cool. Actually it doesn’t even work!! I have a iPhone SE and on the app it said that it would work. It didn't. Plus when I looked at the picture in my photos, IT WAS JUST A STUPID LIVE PHOTO! This app it totally a rip off!! I’ve tried multiple of these kinds off apps and they all don’t work. I don’t know if this is just because I have a iPhone SE or it is because this is just a rip off app. There are so many ads. It’s ok to have a ad once and a while on a game but on this!!!! Don’t waste your time on this and have a good day.


I downloaded another version off this app and was not happy with it. When I downloaded this I loved ❤️❤️ all of the different wallpapers; However, after swiping through 2-4 wallpapers the same ads pop up constantly and don’t let you ex out of them!! I would recommend this app to anyone but there are sooooo many advertisements that it gets frustrating. Overall love it but adjustments need to be made to improve the overall app!😃

- 1 minute then deleted app

Downloaded and started scrolling thru live pictures. Didn’t see any way to choose which one to look at. You just had to look at them all. Got to an ad for a game in the top third of my screen- I didn’t want to play it’s little demo so I waited for a close option but it didn’t work! So I played along and it went away. More scrolling then came upon a second ad for the same game- this time its full screen. Again it wouldn’t close. I forced closed the app and deleted it. Don’t have time for an app with this many issues so soon after downloading

- Eh

So I read the reviews, and I was all excited. Free wallpapers! Cool others if I want to pay. But at least I get to try it first. Cuz at the end of the day I’m not cheap. But I’m tired of paying for things that don’t deliver. Unfortunately, with this app, I’ll never find out. Because the free wallpapers aren’t free. You have to agree to a trial. And then pay. For the ‘free’ wallpapers. So I guess I’ll never know if it’s something I wanted to pay for, because I’m not signing up for anything free that’s going to hook me for a payment. It’s possible I missed something, but I doubt it...

- Please make it work on iPod Touch

Please make it compatible and please make it work on a iPod Touch, please oh Please PLEASE. And I’m very upset that you said that it’s compatible on iPod Touch but it doesn’t and I wasted my data JUST for this app. I was really hoping that it might work but it doesn’t and I have to wait a long time to get a real phone AND for the app to work. So please I don’t really wanna wait a long time to get a phone and so I really really REALLY want you to make it work and be compatible on iPod Touch.

- They aren’t live

It’s a good app I’ll admit it has cool wallpapers but when I click save it says that I have it on my photos so when I set it as my wallpaper it doesn’t move or anything I tried putting it on perspective but it didn’t do anything so the wallpapers aren’t really “live” but they are pretty cool also when I tap, tap and hold, or do anything interacting with the wallpaper it still doesn’t move it could just be that it doesn’t work with my phone I have an iPhone XR

- Good Wallpapers but....

There is really good wallpapers and they are really pretty and there’s a thing on the app that is called premium and that means you have to pay if you want the wallpaper and when your looking through them if there is an orange star in the top right corner that means you have to pay for it and pretty much all of the wallpapers that are pretty and cool you have to pay for and I think there should be at least some pretty ones with pretty flowers that aren’t premium.

- TOO MANY ADS 🤦🏻‍♀️

They have HQ live wallpapers but the best ones are premium, which makes sense. Want quality? Then pay for it. Totally understandable. I was about to do that but the amount of ads you get while searching is ridiculous. There’s no search bar or at least I couldn’t find one. To look for the wallpapers you have to slide through each one. I would say you get an ad approximately after every five slides and a video ad after every minute. IS ANNOYING! After so many ads I ended deleting the app.

- Eh It’s... Ok

Ok so this app is fine. The wallpapers are beautiful, but when you try to download to wallpapers on to your iPhone, you first have to pay for trying the app for a week. I thought this app would be free to use and have good useable wallpapers. I wouldn’t recommend this app to people who don’t like to pay to use apps. Another thing that the company needs to focus on is how many ads there are. If you scroll through two images there’s an Ad. This app needs some work. Please consider my review and try to fix these problems.

- No XR support!

I am writing this review and giving 1 star because the app clearly states that this only works on iPhone 6 and later models. Well, I have an iPhone XR which is clearly a later model. When I downloaded the app and subsequently subscribed to the Premium package I found that the live wallpapers do NOT work on my phone. I read all the reviews and they continually state the app’s functions are for iPhone 6 and later models but no where did it say that the XR was not supported. Not I have a year long subscription to an app that my phone doesn’t support. Thanks for nothing. I want my money back.

- A sales pitch

Any movement of any sort or trying to even look at the wallpaper prompts you to try there $7.99 (really? For lock screens?) premium service. I’m sorry but I have no interest in trying out a trial of any sort or give you guys any kind of reason to take my money after a 3 day trial should I forget that this app exists (likely) Maybe if I could have actually viewed any of them so that I at least would know what I would be paying for (reoccurring 7.99$ is still a ridiculous price for lock screens Jesus is rather pay you 1$ per screen that I actually liked than have a reoccurring payment) So, in closing, I’m sure they have some nice live wallpapers (I couldn’t view any so this is all assumption), if you feel like starting a free scam trial and or think getting fancy lock screens that you could make yourself for free is worth 7.99$ then more power to you you’ll probably like the app

- Amazing app!!

This app was much better than I thought it would be! The live wallpapers actually work!! The downside is they don’t work on my home screen, and a lot of the time lapse wallpapers are for premium only, but that’s ok! This is a wonderful app and I have been looking for one like this for a VERY long time!! Thank you so much to whoever created this app!!

- Love this app and hate

This App is my favorite when I first downloaded it I didn’t know if this App of live wallpapers we’re going to work for my iPhone 12 and it actually did work for my iPhone 12 I love this app but the one thing I hate the freeking Ads that keep popping up every time yes you could pay the 3 month subscription to remove the ADS but who wants to spend money on a freaking app.

- It’s pretty Cool

I like the variety that’s on the app to choose from. They have a nice selection! I just don’t like that I have to hold my screen to get it to move. If I don’t press on my lock screen it just looks like a regular photo. I was thinking it would be like when I had my droid. I have been with iPhone for almost 2 years and it’s very good I just wish there was a app that live wallpaper moved on its own

- Still getting Ads 🙄

Payed for the 15$|year premium yesterday and when I open the app the first thing it says is “Congratulations! You have premium features, no ads, all wallpapers, regular updates” I scroll through two wallpapers and get a loud af ad playing out of nowhere unexpectedly when I’m laying in bed about to fall asleep, scroll through two more and get another ear raping 5 second cancerous ad. Ontop of all that there’s barely any live wallpapers I like, and the ones I do like aren’t really HD, it’s like 720p at best. This is bs.

- Lovin it!!

At first I thought maybe it might be a bit different then all the other apps and it is. I love it so so much, I usually have my friends as my wallpaper but I wanted to try something a bit different. I love this app so much my, friends always ask me “what’s that app called??”. Overall I think people should give it a try<3

- Live wallpapers are nice but...

There are way too many ads. I just opened the app for the first time, scrolled through two wallpapers and received an ad. Then I scrolled one wallpaper and received another ad. This is ridiculous. I recommend you find the wallpaper you like, and then delete the app because there’s more ad runtime then there is app runtime. I literally just went back into the app to see if an ad would pop up and it did! Ad #3 in 2 minutes! And this ad is a pop up ad that is shaped like a windows install .exe. Very poor app. Changing from original 3 star to 1

- Made it cooler!!😎🤩❤️❤️😆🥳

When I first got this app I thought it would be another app but it was so much different! This app is has incredibly cool wallpapers and the ads are not so long like if you do one ad then you will not get another one next time! I am telling you this app will change well your well wallpaper but in a AMAZING way!❤️🥳😆😎🤩

- needs more content - don’t buy

Not sure why I expected the app to be different. Saw a couple of the holiday wallpapers and anticipated the quality and quantity to be similar in all of the other categories so I bought the ‘limited time’ $10/year premium deal that pops up. Really disappointing both in quality and quantity for everything else. Good start with the app but this is not worth money yet; simply needs so much more content. Photos are very low quality and very rough transitions for live wallpapers. Incredibly limited number of wallpapers available.

- Great pictures, but Live Photo doesn’t work.

I absolutely love the app and all of the pictures that it gives you, but when I set a picture from the app my wallpaper when it is supposed to come “alive” when you hold down on the background. It does not for me. I have an iPhone 6, if that is a problem with my model of a phone please tell me, and I will delete the app. Thank you.

- Too many ads 😡

When I first got this app, I was exited to have an awesome live wallpaper to show my friends, but apps aren’t as what they seem... Every time I scroll to see the next wallpaper, there’s either a pop up or an ad.. Please get rid of these obnoxious ads! 🤬 If I had to tell my friends about this app and what I recommend, I would say that it has WAY too many ads and you can’t even have a 5 second break with no pop ups or ads! And I would recommend to find a hd wallpaper online. So if you read this creator, then fix your ads.

- very ✨confusing✨

so i wanted to make my own live wallpaper for my iphone se (2020). it says in the description that it supports my phone. so i made my wallpaper and set it to my lock screen, but when i tried it out it didn’t work. it may be because i don’t have the 3D feature or whatever but i’m still pretty upset that it told me it would work when it obviously did not. if you have a iphone se 2020 i wouldn’t bother downloading. if there was something i may could do, or if you think i’ve done something wrong please let me know.

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Go give it a follow for live wallpapers - not all will be football but just give me a DM if you want a specific one


I opened a page where you can support me, as well as buy some digital extras from my shop like live/animated wallpapers (more to come, feel free to share your ideas for new extras) ! Please consider checking it out 💕

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hiii making wallpapers for diamonds ? like 100 diamonds each ? idk. here are some examples. (i can also make live wallpapers just tell me what kind of video u want and then u can make it live with one of those apps lol) also i just made these to match my aesthetic phone lol

Live Wallpapers for Me 2.32.0 Screenshots & Images

Live Wallpapers for Me iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Live Wallpapers for Me iphone images
Live Wallpapers for Me iphone images
Live Wallpapers for Me iphone images
Live Wallpapers for Me iphone images
Live Wallpapers for Me iphone images
Live Wallpapers for Me iphone images
Live Wallpapers for Me iphone images
Live Wallpapers for Me iphone images
Live Wallpapers for Me iphone images

Live Wallpapers for Me (Version 2.32.0) Install & Download

The applications Live Wallpapers for Me was published in the category Entertainment on 2016-02-02 and was developed by CUSTOMLY LLC [Developer ID: 1512477424]. This application file size is 210.33 MB. Live Wallpapers for Me - Entertainment app posted on 2020-11-25 current version is 2.32.0 and works well on IOS 12.4 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.apalonapps.livewallpapersfree

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