Live Wallpapers for Me

Live Wallpapers for Me [Entertainment] App Description & Overview

IMPORTANT: ONLY WORKS ON iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone X, iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 & 7 Plus, iPhone 6s & 6s Plus!

Great news! The app now works on iPhone XR on iOS 13.1 and later!

Ready to take a step up in customizing your device? Animate your screen with spectacular time-lapse sceneries, cute pets bringing a ​smile to your face, or hypnotic abstract dynamic patterns, carrying your thoughts away. You can even witness a powerful cosmic explosion right on your Lock Screen!

We add new great animations and dynamic themes weekly, on the fly, so you’ll always have something new for your screen at hand.

Here’s how to WOW everyone with the new look of your device:

- Choose from impressive live wallpapers and press Save
- Set the Live background you selected as your Lock Screen wallpaper
- Press your Lock Screen to let the magic happen!

You can also create a personal collection of wallpapers of your choice in a tap! Save and store them in the “Favorite” category. Have the wallpapers you liked at your fingertips to customize your lock screen anytime you want.

Get high-quality animations for your screen and make your device draw admiring glances!

For complete access to all Live Wallpapers for Me features, you will need to allow access to the following:

*Photos - to import backgrounds you like and set them to your Lock Screen;
*Notifications to keep you informed when new live wallpapers are added to the app.

Get Live Wallpapers for Me Premium
Upgrade to the Premium version and unlock all premium wallpapers, get regular content updates and remove ads!
* Choose from different subscription options. Our standard subscription options are:
1-month Subscription
3-month Subscription
1-year Subscription

* Subscription payments will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of your purchase and upon commencement of each renewal term. Subscription with a free trial period will automatically renew to a paid subscription. You can cancel your subscription or free trial in the iTunes settings at least 24-hours before the end of the free trial period. The cancellation will take effect the day after the last day of the current subscription period and you will be downgraded to the free service.
* Please note: any unused portion of a free trial period (if offered) will be forfeited when you purchase a premium subscription during the free trial period.
* Please note that you can’t set Live wallpapers if you’re using the Low Power Mode.

Privacy Policy:

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Live Wallpapers for Me Comments & Reviews

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- This app is trash

You have to pay for everything and it doesn’t even work😫

- Won’t let me do what I want q

I was getting a wallpaper then a money ad came up and won’t let me get out of it cause I have to pay every time it dose this to me

- Cool 😎 app

I like this app it’s really cool 😎 and fun!🥰🙂😄😁😌😁

- Not worth it

It doesn’t say before you download but you have to buy each wallpaper

- Definitely a oof

DONT BUT THESE WALLPAPERs!!! NOT WORTH THE MONEY AND SOO MANY ADS I had already gone threw 10 adds in 2 minutes no joke definitely not worth it

- Too many advertisements

This app makes it a pain to download anything with having to watch an advertisement for every download. Better off finding another app that has less advertising.

- Total SCAM

Biggest ripoff in the entire App Store. False advertising. Will lock you into a $24 dollar auto subscription. Offer screen savers that don’t load or are static if they do load.

- Review

Way too many ads

- it’s ok but here are some problems

it makes me want to puke on how many ads there are it also doesn’t work it’s not live and it’s not moving but besides that the app is ok

- So greedy with the ads

Ads are so aggressive. I understand it is free but every pic is an ad or video. Greedy

- Nice 👍

Nice 👍 photo

- Mad

It was not live on my iPhone

- Nope

Not paying for a wall paper

- Lucy

My wallpaper doesn’t move on my home screen


Couldn’t even use it. Ad pops up every time you try to see a different wallpaper to the point where it’s not even functional.

- It’s not live

It gives you cool wallpapers but it’s not live

- Lots of ads

The wallpapers are pretty cool, I guess, but there are SO. MANY. ADS. So I mean if you like to watch ads because you like discovering new apps, then great! This app is for you. But if you don’t, I wouldn’t recommend it. Also, there aren’t a whole lot of wallpapers. I wouldn’t get again and might delete it. I gave it two stars because the wallpapers are pretty cool.

- To many ads

Great game but to many ads

- No sense in downloading if you’re not gonna pay

No sense in having cool wallpapers when you cant go through them without an ad every 3 seconds

- Good app

It’s a really good app just lots of ads but it’s a really good app I even have the wallPaper

- Too many adds

Slow it down on the adds

- Ads

A lot of ads

- Horrible

Can’t even close some ads. I’ve never used such an unusable app. DO NOT GIVE THIS COMPANY MONEY by watching the ads.

- To many adds

I had this app and about every time I scrolled an add appeared after time it got really annoying ing FIX IT

- ??

When I turn on my phone the photos won’t move at all

- Good app

Just got it love it but what the heck there are a lot of ads!! And they don’t freaking move!!!

- I love the app OwO


- Don’t buy the subscription

It’s difficult to find out how to cancel the subscription.... to a point of where I still don’t know how.

- What the hell?

Okay what the hecc bro. So I just uploaded it to my lock screen and held it down. But it didn’t work. I have the iPhone idk pretty sure it’s 8 or something but it’s not working

- Live Image not HD or 4k

I have an iPhone 11 got the premium version , downloaded the wallpaper , set it up and when i tried out the live wallpaper on my lock-screen it gives me poor quality it looks like 360p. Is there a solution to this ? The images are fine but the quality of the live images aren’t so unless there is a solution i’m leaving this rating.

- I

I want a full refund

- It’s okay

Just needs no adds and pop-ups

- Just Another Cash Grab App

A monthly subscription for a background? Hahah. The backgrounds are ok but they aren’t good enough to command a monthly fee. Sorry

- Trash

It makes you pay to see colors.

- Subscription model?!

I get wanting to be paid for work, but a subscription model for a wallpaper app is ridiculously.

- Yes


- Joke

Decided to try out some free ones before buying....won’t even accept the video I just watched to get the free download. Not gonna get a subscription for an app that doesn’t work.

- Live

I love this happiness app. Cool

- ?

I would give it a 5-stars but why do you have to pay just for searching something? Update =nvm wrong app

- Scam!

I got this app on my phone and it was so cool and working properly but then it said I have to pay 15.00$! Then I deleted the app

- Love it but not the best..

So I have a I pod touch and I tried and it never worked I mean it would probably work for an iPhone but you know. And also I thought it was kind of weird because it’s only three days in you’d have to pay more for so like I mean you would have to pay money so tell me a three day trial and I was really sad about that because it’s a free app but when you get into the app nope so I mean it’s good and all but I would recommend it but it wasn’t the best I mean if you want to pay for it but you get the point-Anna 𝕄𝕖𝕚𝕜𝕝𝕖

- Love good app’s

Love the best app yet

- What?!

Hi I’m Kate idk if I like this... First,Do you have to pay?Because if you do I’m deleting the app Next,WHY PREMIUM LIKE WHY?!?!?!? Last,Pls answer me developer... Kate:<

- This game stinks!👎👎

Umm what the frisk I download lis game and I get this there is one thing I have to say stop it get some help plz

- Nice

Very pretty pictures

- Refund my Subscription Money Immediately!

... OR I Will be filing a complaint with Apple! There Is NO Reason What-So-Ever that this App shouldn’t work on my iphone Yet it does Not! And, you took my money! Refund it All Now or I will put in a formal complaintwith Apple, to say the least . I am sick & tired of these people who sell supposed App’s & end up taking Money that they shouldn’t be taking! Period!

- Stupid

It won’t download and all of them will

- This app is trash

This App is super trash!

- Backgrounds? More like Ad app

I get people need to make a buck, but dang! Ads pop up so much I never get to browse the backgrounds. Deleted the app after several attempts.

- Doesn’t work

I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong but it’s live for me. Please respond if you know how to fix it. I did hold the screen several times. I saved the video. I saw a tik tok which showed a quick text of saying that hold to animate, but I didn’t receive that.

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- It works but only on Apple phones

So the app is really good



- I only rated it one star

beacause i havent got it yet

- Scam it takes your money


- !!

I just wish everything was free. I am still enjoying it though!!

- Horrible not free

This is a scam


IT’S NOT FREE... It’s not a good app and would never recommend this app to anyone

- Listen

Download app. Accept 3 day trial. Go to your subscriptions in settings. Cancel subscription. Now you have 3 days of wall papers that you can steal. Not live but nice photos. Your welcome.

- No heads up?!

I got this app a while ago and I had a 3 day free trial and then it doesn’t even tell me and starts charging me monthly?! SCAM

- Nice

Very nice wallpapers

- It’s just like a still screen

Not even when I tap and hold

- Scam

It’s a scam

- Meh

It’s good but the home screen wallpaper doesn’t work just the lock screen

- Not worth it I was charged without being asked

Just one question how do I get my money back.

- Fake

Trash fake app dont waste your time

- 🥱 It doesn’t even work

Doesn’t work when u save a wallpaper and put it on your screen it isn’t a live wallpaper if it doesn’t work and is not LIVE so what’s the point of LIVE WALLPAPER if it doesn’t work!!!!😑 Nickname T-Bear Vucurevich

- Toooop

It is so lit and work with my ipone xr

- Sucks

You have to pay to even get a wallpaper! This is pointless...

- Waste of time

It doesn’t work at all

- Not working

Uh i dont know mine is not really working i saved one went to photos and chose it as a wallpaper but when i pressed and held it it didnt work 🙁By the way i use iphone se if it makes a difference

- Please don’t download. Total Scam

They want $15 just for wallpaper and I paid for that, but when I set them as wallpaper those were just a normal image nothing like live wallpaper. Just waist of money, time and storage.

- I can’t cancel my subscription because it doesn’t show in the app

Whenever I press the premium button, it only says congratulations that i have a premium acc but doesn’t give me the option to cancel my subscription. if anyone knows how please help me

- Great stuff

They have everything you’ll need for holidays to sports. Great job and keep up the great work :)

- Ad ridden. Not worth 20$ a year

Full of ads. Paid app is no better. Easier to just download live wall papers from google than pay for this expensive useless app Dave your money

- It’s great I love it

It’s great I love it

- It’s a garbage do not download this app

Bye~ uninstalled in 5mins

- Review

Great app keep it up. Thanks brother

- SO BAD!😡

I literally tried all of them tapped them hold my screen it didn’t work I tried so many apps there all like this 😡😡😡🙄🙄🙄🙄

- Misleading

I clicked to get this app, now it wants to charge me $10.49 every month. Does not say this in the description. I uninstalled it, hopefully I won’t be charged. Do not get this! Scam


Why did it not work on iPhone 6s+

- Don’t waste your time and money

It is not what it is clams.

- Don’t buy app

I have to pay I mean who needs to pay for those wall papers I mean the adds don’t bother me but the price bothers,JUST MAKE IT FREE ITS SIMPLE

- 👎

The app says LIVE wall papers the wallpaper was not live don’t waste ur time!

- Do not buy

Do not buy you will have to pay 646$ a year

- Pls More free things!

It sucks not being able to use a lot of the wallpapers! Because you have to pay for it! Please makes some free and make people happy :)

- Scam- charges you $15 auto matic a month

Garbage. Avoid. Unless you don't mind spending $180 usd a year on wallpapers.

- 垃圾坑钱软件


- Live Wallpapers for Me

LIVE wallpapers means wallpapers pictures or videos moving on their own on the lock AND main screen. NOT holding down the picture on the lock screen to see it move. Apple learn from the competitor phone seller. I cannot give a zero star rating as I cannot leave the stats blank. Very smart.

- ad every where


- Garbage

I clicked on this app to try it and it also charged me, no refund what a scam


you have to pay 10 dollars for a background just make your own

- Horrible

The wallpapers don’t even work they’re just pictures total scam

- Stuff


- Ugh

I love the wallpapers and all, but when I press save it goes to my photos so I set it to my wallpaper and then I turn off my iPad and turn it on so I can press it and make it move BUT It DOESN’T MOVE!!! Please respond to me and see if I can fix that... thx

- Garbage-only use if you love ads

Do not waste your time.

- Awesome app

My fav app ever

- Loss of quality in practice

The photos look great when you see them in the app, but when you set them up as wallpaper and hold the screen, the live mode loses all the quality in a way that without exception made me want to revert back

- Resolution

I have a question. Why is it that the wallpapers that I want are all pretty, in HD and requires a subscription and literally all the rest are absolute crap? Serious question someone please answer.

- Very terrible app

It sucks it you don’t get a live wallpaper at all!!!!

- Terrible

Just wants you to subscribe for a ridiculous price, don’t even bother with this

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- Give me v bucks


- This is lie

It doesn’t work don’t spend ur time it makes U spend money on a rip off

- live doesn’t work

even with talking on the screen..

- Disappointed

There are no good wallpapers unless you are willing to buy premium.

- Thanks

Thanks for helping me customize and be happy with my phone without trying to charge me on top of every day living. Times are tough. And I apppreciate the free option

- Nah

I got the app but when I put the wallpaper on and tapped it it didn’t move so much for live wallpapers

- Sucks

This app sucks it doesn’t work do not spend your time on it or getting the app

- Nice work

Very high quality wallpapers

- Tons of ads

There are new ad types I’ve seen on this app that I didn’t know existed but it did give me an ad that gave me a 63% discount (I didn’t take it so don’t hope on it working).

- To much ads

Cant even look at the samples without ads coming up every 5 seconds. If you not prepared to pay, don't look at this one

- Trash and doesn’t work

I did everything and it didn’t work I bought 3 devices you said it worked on and none of them worked complete scam and your luck where I live and where I bought my phones I pay less money either wise I would sew you for everything you have. I have an iPad and it doesn’t work and I have the newest software update

- Nanh

It is very good!! But has to many ads...😑😑

- Bad

Cant look at the images because adds are popung up every second. App is advartised to give you few free wallpapers but it is misleading. You have to pay to save any image. Scam! Don’t download!

- Not worth it

Got the new Xs some of the live walls are not sharp as what you pay for waste of money :( $6.50 a month F that... .99cents ya $6.50 nope

- Unimpressive

App does what it said it would do, but boy is it a struggle with all those ads popping up every 5 seconds. And a premium ad-free experience costs an unreasonable $18.99 PER MONTH. You could get a lot better apps for that price! Live Photo’s are much lower resolution when actually applied to your home screen. Do yourself a favor and skip this app!

- Horrible

I never write reviews ever but this app is a full scam I had it for less than 3 minutes and I was watching ads and I can scroll through a wallpaper without some type of add that I can’t close and have to watch i don’t know how this app gets 4 stars I was doubting that’s it’s this bad because of the rating but know I now that the good reviews are most likely fake because this app is horrible.

- Fake and terrible

“The app is free”... As soon as you open it. “Try for 3 days” but you need to sign up with a credit card. What a joke

- what?

you have to pay 6 dollars a month for wallpapers! there’s 1hour games that don’t cost money!😡

- Absolute garbage

Well that was my last hope for finding live wallpapers for the IPhone X. This app has a terrible business model that feels like a scam just like all the other live wallpaper apps. Won’t waste your time downloading the app

- Charged without asking

Anyway to get my money back?

- Low quality

Low quality and low resolution wallpapers. Scummy subscription practices, tries to trick you into subscribing monthly. Too many ads and cant use the app without subscribing.

- Crap..

7$/month for wallpapers and I can’t even make a search for finding a good wallpaper and don’t even work correctly... don’t download it! This app is a piece of crap! 😡

- DO NOT GET THIS APP!! Cannot Use Without In-App Purchase

***UPDATE*** “Certain functionality limitations”??? LIKE THE WHOLE APP?? There is ZERO functionality in this app! This isn’t a functionality limitation, this is an app LITTERED with advertisements AND a pay wall! Most apps use ads to supplement the lack of a pay wall; this app has advertisements AND a pay wall!! You can have ONE, not BOTH! This app is NOT free, despite what the App Store suggests, and even if you try to use it for free and deal with all the advertisements, you will STILL be asked to pay for it in order to have ANY functionality! What a despicable, capitalist, garbage response. DO NOT EVER GET THIS APP!!!! *Original Comment* Literally the most garbage piece of trash app I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s a “free” app, and what that means is you can scroll through the Live Photos, with ad breaks after ever third god damn picture, but if you find one you actually like, you 100% cannot download it without signing up for either the free trial (requires your iTunes password so they can start charging you after three days) or by purchasing a month or a full year’s worth of usage ($60??? I think the f*ck not!!). 0/10, would never EVER recommend, not even to my worst enemy. DO NOT BOTHER GETTING THIS APP! IT IS LITERALLY WORTHLESS!

- Horrible

Whenever I try to save a wallpaper it says I have to go premium AND I DI JOT WANT TO GO PREMIUM ugh I hate it

- ??

Does it work on iPhone 6


Free to download, then after 3 days you’ll automatically be charged $8 a week thereafter.... No thanks.

- Payant !?

Il faut payer pour avoir des fonds d’écran. Oui, j’ai bien dis des fonds d’écran et en plus ça marche pas sur tous les téléphones

- Boo

Absolutely hate the subscription model.

- Don’t install

It charged me $15 US and it says it was free uninstalled right away. I did not authorize it to charge me I want my money back

- 😁

I really like it!

- Cancel Premium

How do I cancel premium? I literally just wanted to see the wallpapers and it gave me a ‘trial’ for 3 days before it bills me $7.50 a week. Do NOT charge my account under any circumstances.

- Juste pour vous faire acheter

Rien de gratuit

- Trash!!!!

$7.49 per week for this trash?! LMAO!!!!

- This is as stupid as is gets

Sure “live” wallpaper is enticing, but who the heck is paying 8$ a week just so their backgrounds move? Don’t be a fool

- Pretty but frustrating

Most aren’t free, so it’s misleading

- Great

Works well , some ads don’t bother me , and very cool

- Trop cher

Ne vaut pas la peine 7,49$ par semaines .. NON par mois j’aurais peut-être adhérer mais la c abusé

- The new rip off scheme. Shame apple!

3 day free trial. If you cancel 24h before 3 days. So 2 day free trial. How much? Did u read the small print? $30 month. Doesnt sound like much? That will buy you a new smartphone every 2 years. If it says free dont trust it ever!

- Good if you have money!

Everything requires a paid subscription!

- Don’t bother

It’s only free for three days then there’s a weekly charge. Not worth $400 (yes really) a year!

- Why tho

Every background that is good costs MONEY WHY?!?!

- Okay

The app works really well but there are a lot of ads and if you want to get cute wallpapers you need to pay per week. But in general; it works pretty well.

- Terrible

You have to pay every week and it sucks. Don’t download this. It’s a waste of money

- Not worth it

The app is alright, but you REALLY don’t get much for free. Ads come up all the time as well. And going ‘premium’ is overly expensive!

- To many adds

There are to many adds and the wallpapers I liked had the July calendar which looks good on the 4th of July ones but the butterflies and stuff, no.

- Scam

I downloaded it and got free service then chargered me $10, total scam DONTDOWNLOAD

- Fake

This app does not work I even have the right iPhone I pressed and held and it did not work I am dissatisfied 😐😡


I got it thinking that I was going to get free wallpapers, BUT it ended charging me 7 DOLLARS A WEEK. I didn’t realize it for awhile and ended up costing me 45 DOLLARS.

- Adscampopupscamadad

Absolutely the worst thing I have ever installed. The app continues to pound you for permission to charge your iTunes account an outrageous subscription fee every week. If you authorize it once, it will continue debiting your iTunes account. It’s full of sparkles and multiple pop ups and auto loading pages and banner ads and 1/2 page ads linking to other dirty apps with a touch of theft. Simple as that. I don’t know why apple even allowed this app on their site. It’s like having some dance club reject slap you with a peacock feather, kick your phone out of your hand, throw glitter in your eyes and then getting your credit card information. Truly horrible. I hope my lengthy review is warning enough for you. Seriously. Don’t.

- This is garbage

I hate that you made us pay like just give us free wallpapers👊 BOOOO

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- Adverts

To many adds

- I❤️this app but sometimes it’s confusing!

I absolutely love this game sometimes it’s confusing cus it doesn’t move on my screen 📺 and can this app make it move on the screen plz🙏🏻

- Great app, just one thing...

I generally think this is a really good app but there is 2 big things wrong with it. The first is I could only set a LIVE wallpaper on my lock screen not my home, normally this wouldn’t bother me but this is what I got the app for. The second thing is quite a common problem adverts but not just any adverts, adverts about FISH and FISHING I’m sorry but I don’t really want an app with any of those things. But overall good app.

- Live wallpaper junk

When you upload the wallpaper and put it on you screen it is live


It’s a con! Don’t buy, I can’t cancel my subscription and now I am forced to pay £4.99 a week. Deserves 0 stars. How do I cancel my subscription?


Waste of money they have very very limited amount of wallpapers and the majority are complete garbage

- Ok

It isn’t the best but all the wallpapers for my 11 pro max are so soothing and calming but the only problem is the advertisements 😡

- Never had a better app

This app is glorious. I hope you keep this app going forever

- Crap

Make it compatible with IPhone 5 I was really excited because I really wanted a live shark wallpaper and it didn't work What a waste of time downloading this

- Doesn’t move

The pictures are really cool but they don’t move.

- Cool but bad

Good looking wallpapers but when I saved it and put it as my lock screen and it didn’t even work do not download

- good app

even though the pictures dont move for me I am still enjoying the cool photos😊

- We’re do I start..

This game is crap,I downloaded it thinking it’s gonna be the best game and yeah. I got into the game and I scrolled to look at the live wallpapers and I saw one I liked I put it as my wallpaper and it didn’t work I tried to put it as my wallpaper again it didn’t work I tried it again it finally worked when I tried to make it move by tapping and holding my screen but it didn’t move. So I tried a different wallpaper,I went in the app and it showed the front screen and it immediately took me onto my home screen.😤 I went into the app again to see if it was a glitch but no it wasn’t and then my phone started to be really glitchy even though I had a lot of charge and my phone is brand new ☹️😠 So I just deleted it and got a different live Walllpaper app which is way better then this one. If you wanna get it then go ahead I can’t stop you


WallPapers won’t move Overheated my phone this is the app in hopes that it would did not be overheating but it it overheated my phone horrible app

- I want my money back

Just lies what you see is not what you get I’m know £30 lighter more fool me 😢😤

- A subscription model for wallpapers?

This may be a great app and have very beautiful wallpapers but when you hit us with subscription info right off the bat it puts people off using it. I deleted straight away. Now if it was a paid app. I’d probably buy it but this subscription trend in apps nowadays is a path that a lot of people don’t wanna tread.

- I have an iPhone se and it doesn’t work

Very disappointed don’t download

- It doesn’t work DO NOT BUY

I put the Live Photo as my Home screen and I tap and hold and nothing happens it’s just a normal pic. I don’t recommend this atall it’s a waste of time do not buy.

- It’s reallllyyyy goooddddd I recommend it!

I really love this app! I was looking through others but it scammed you and all sorts but h then I came to this app and! It was amazing! You don’t need to pay, it’s all completely free (unless you want a subscription) and you can easily download really cool wallpapers in a wide range of different kinds of phones! I heard that the people who run the app make are working on adding more phones which is even better! It’s so easy to download, goes straight to the camera roll and easy to set up! Lastly, another thing I noticed that there was a LOT of different wallpapers that I really liked , but wanted to keep looking so you could like it and then look back at it later! I only got through 2 short ads in the procession and I really am going to keep this app! Well done!

- So bad don’t get

Rubbish don’t get I thought it would be amazing but no don’t even think to get it

- Dear cutesmileyhorse ~

No, you do not sound dumb but just to help, it does say which iPhones it works on! Thx for reading to this point and I do hope that the developers can reply when I write the next part of my review (I haven’t tried the cool- looking app yet!) My review: This is cool with live wallpapers however, I thought my phone was 6s but mine turns out to be just an s this has upset me but I said to myself: ‘doesn’t matter, at least I got the wallpaper!’ Also I love the fact that it stays in your camera role 💕 that’s makes me SO happy cause I think that they are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you soooooo much for making this and I completely understand why it doesn’t work for me and I love the wallpapers anyways! I got this app because I was bored and it looked AWESOME 😎! Turns out I was right! No doubt, you will not be disappointed with this app!! Please get and if I could I would do a monthly payment for you but I am actually only 12 so I am not allowed but anyways, I will get back to you after about a week or so to tell you if I am bored of them yet! (This will be a great test as I am not at school cause of the deadly corona!) Ty for making this app and please respond also, as I can’t do a payment, I will be sharing this to every contact that I have saved on my phone! Another thing is that I do not know how much battery this takes up but.. not their fault in ANY way! Awesome app! I highly recommend.. also to make some misunderstandings clear, they can’t fix the ‘only a certain phone’ problem so this is NOTHING to do with the app whatsoever and they do say what it will move on! also the battery thing also is not their fault so send NO hate! With the ‘only a certain phone’ problem it just doesn’t move but it still is SUPER cool and if you don’t like to time that it is at then save it to photos, screenshot it when you want, cut off the bits that you would rather not have and put it as your background! So I hope anyone reading this found it helpful as I have cleared up some of the problems and I want to say a HUGE thank you to every staff member (if it isn’t just one person) because without them, our screens would be the same old backgrounds every day! I hope No one sends any hate as I can’t imagine how long this must have taken 😮 .. I’ll get back to you in 2 weeks! 2 weeks later:

- Live Wallpaper

Why do it have to be money

- Really good

This app is really good I have been looking for something like this for ages and I finally found it, the wallpapers are really cool and some are satisfying ( if you ask me) I do recommend this app

- Very good

I downloaded this app even though I thought it would be a scam but it turned out amazing you select the wallpaper and go to settings and then you can have it I recommend this app well done xx

- No

They don’t work on home background and I don’t want to pay


I love this app it makes me so excited and happy I love it and I am speechless

- this is trash


- Not good

Doesn’t work wouldn’t recommend you get it

- Be clear

Thought this looked great and was free. Expected to pay for the screensavers, nice and simple. Download a free app and at for the screensaver you want, but no! You start with a free trail and go into a monthly subscription. Not for me, if I’d have known I wouldn’t have downloaded it. Paying for a screensaver is one thing, paying for it every month is a rip off.

- 3 Star

Because when you save it and use it as a wallpaper it doesn’t go live🤨

- Good

I love the wallpaper but too many in app purchases. The live works rly well. It does what it says it will. Maybe less in app purchases as it is rly annoying


Will show up black screen when you save a wallpaper. Very few wallpapers if you are not a member.

- Good

Amazingly fun and cool

- Awesome

Really good app

- The Best App!

As many reviews say, this is not on their device. However, on MT IPhone 11, it’s amazing. Just one concern, it’s not free. I have TP pay for mine. Everything else, spot on! Moving wallpapers actually work. Amazing! Thank you! By TDN Super

- I was super excited but...

I found out this app doesnt even work on any phone except iPhone 11 and higher. So unless you have a super expensive phone that only very few people can afford then I recommend this. 😡👎

- Battery

This works but at a condition you need a lot of battery I had this for half an hour and all my battery I am now on 4 battery and used to be 60 battery so i got rid but it does work also way too many ads Edit: this used a lot of battery if it is set to live

- This is good

Hello I have this app for my iPhone X

- Please reply to me

I’m so sorry if this review hurts your feelings but I’m being honest....the game it’s tragic I have 5G internet and this app is telling me that I have NO internet when I have 5G and it had ads every 5 seconds.As soon as I went on to the app it took 5-10 minutes to load and when I got on to the app it kept on glitching and it would keep on saying premium trials and I got the app for free so sorry if I am insulting your creation it’s just not for me

- Overpriced

Nearly £10 a month! What a rip off! I’d have paid a couple of quid for the app but this is daylight robbery. I’m surprised it doesn’t come with its own animated highwayman saying “stand and deliver” Deleted immediately. Don’t bother downloading!

- Non movement

This is an amazing app I love it and it is so satisfying. But the only one issue is when I apply one it doesn’t move it is still and also cool but still 😒. I have an SE so that may be why but it is still very cool

- Review

The images are so cool bit they do t work when you put them as your wallpaper and that’s soooooo Annoying. It says live wallpaper but it clearly isn’t unless it just doesn’t work on iPhone 6

- Mommy

I love

- Great app

Its an amazing app but once i got the wallpaper on my screen it wouldnt move anymore😕.

- Love it

I love this app it does exactly what it says it would and now I have great wallpapers yay 😃👍

- I feel like this app lies

The app says it has a free trial for 3 days but you can see that they immediately bill you the £7.99. Who would pay that for live wallpapers anyway?

- UMMM !.....

Well not the best app ever 😡

- I’m disappointed

When i make it my wallpaper and then press and hold, the picture doesn't move when it is a live one!! Please make an improvement, Sophie

- TRASH!!!

Doesn’t even work!

- Terrible

I downloaded this app for a good background and, first of all, half of its content you had to purchase. Second, too many ads. I know this is a common complain on most apps but it kept playing the same ad every three minutes or so. Finally, the most disappointing, none of these actually worked on my iPhone 8. I have no clue what this app has wrong with it but it needs fixing. I would recommend better apps.

- Theft

You guys are criminal minded You took money off my account after deleting your app You guys are worst

- Review


@thatmirac: 🔴 is now live A place for me to upload and for you to download all of my wallpapers. @Renaitare and…

Hi! I will making Live Wallpapers upon request. For the rest of May, up to three requests per person will be free!…

@thatmirac: 🔴 is now live A place for me to upload and for you to download all of my wallpapers. @Renaitare and…

@thatmirac: 🔴 is now live A place for me to upload and for you to download all of my wallpapers. @Renaitare and…

@thatmirac: 🔴 is now live A place for me to upload and for you to download all of my wallpapers. @Renaitare and…

@GodsgreatG: My photos are not the regular kind of photo you see, I practically live on water. Here are some quotidian events on the Sea…

🩸Also.. I’m making live iPhone anime wallpapers if any mutuals want them just let me know okay? Here’s the one I m…

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Live Wallpapers for Me 2.24.0 Screenshots & Images

Live Wallpapers for Me iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Live Wallpapers for Me iphone images
Live Wallpapers for Me iphone images
Live Wallpapers for Me iphone images
Live Wallpapers for Me iphone images
Live Wallpapers for Me iphone images
Live Wallpapers for Me iphone images
Live Wallpapers for Me iphone images
Live Wallpapers for Me iphone images
Live Wallpapers for Me iphone images
Live Wallpapers for Me iphone images
Live Wallpapers for Me Entertainment application ipad screenshots and images not ready...
Live Wallpapers for Me Entertainment application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Live Wallpapers for Me Entertainment application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Live Wallpapers for Me (Version 2.24.0) Install & Download

The applications Live Wallpapers for Me was published in the category Entertainment on 2016-02-02 and was developed by CUSTOMLY LLC [Developer ID: 1512477424]. This application file size is 227.52 MB. Live Wallpapers for Me - Entertainment posted on 2020-05-13 current version is 2.24.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

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