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Music Library Tracker App Description & Overview

What is music library tracker app? Music Library Tracker keeps an eye on your music library and automatically monitors additions, deletions, and any changes to your songs as well as upgrades to Spatial Audio. With streaming becoming more popular, it is very easy for song metadata to change or for songs to disappear as licensing deals expire; with Music Library Tracker you will always know when something in your library changes.

- Automatic monitoring of the media library on your iPhone or iPad (including iCloud Music Library if enabled on your device). Music Tracker checks the title, artist, album, album artist, genre, year of release, disc number, track number, rating, and Spatial Audio status.
- See which of your tracks have been upgraded to Spatial Audio and have them placed into an automatic playlist within Apple Music. You can also opt-in to receive notifications when tracks are upgraded.
- View an overview of changes to your library with filters to personalise the display to your requirements
- Drill down into the detail of individual tracks to see exactly which metadata changed and when along with dates for when tracks were added or deleted from your library
- A daily notification giving you a summary of changes in the previous day (this can be customised to just tell you about added, changed, or deleted tracks)
- Automation via x-callback-url allowing you to see changes to your library in the Shortcuts app or with Siri
- Full support for split screen views on iPad along with trackpad and keyboard integration
- Dark mode

Music Library Tracker contains no in-app purchases and does not require an internet connection; I believe in your privacy so none of your media library data ever leaves your device and I do not collect usage data or perform any data analytics. Spatial Audio matching is "opt-in" as it requires the app to send your music identifiers to my server; no personally identifiable information is ever sent and the data is kept only for as long as it takes to serve the request (typically less than a couple of seconds). You can read more about this in my privacy policy at

If you have any issues at all, please email and I'll help you.

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App Name Music Library Tracker
Category Music
Updated 20 January 2024, Saturday
File Size 10.13 MB

Music Library Tracker Comments & Reviews 2024

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Needs to be updated!. Needs work. Good idea though. Needs to put an up to date album library that automatically keeps all of our songs current.

Music Library Tracker. Finding Dolby Atmos music and single individual tracks can be very frustrating for Apple Music. This amazing IOS app helps immensely.. it will show you the new weekly Atmos albums, new individual tracks and even older albums and individual tracks that have been upgraded from regular 2 channel stereo to Atmos. A must have app!

Automatically increases the value of your music library. This app does exactly what it claims to do. In the first 24 hours, it converted 652 of my 16,545 recordings to Spatial Audio (i.e., Dolby Atmos). It’d be wildly impractical for me to attempt to manually perform that task. The app automatically runs once a day, but you can push a button to run it anytime you desire. Up to five other members of your Apple Family account can download it for free after you buy it. You can also install it in macOS at no additional charge. This is single payment; not a subscription.

Great all for spatial audio tracks. Really like it. Finally to know all my songs that are in spatial audio. Would like to see this for apple tv also.

MUST HAVE FOR APPLE MUSIC SUBSCRIBERS. This app should be pre-installed on every Apple device, or bought out by Apple. Streaming music is amazing, but because of copy-write changes, artists moving over to different record labels often times songs in your library are gone missing. This app lets you know any change in your music library. It's wonderful. So if someone goes missing you'll know, and in most cases you just search on Apple Music and you're able to find it again. It's a life saver. It's not a perfect app, but it's a must have app. In the future I would love to sort by album, and if possible the ability to "open in" Apple Music to easily find the missing songs in Apple Music. Either way, I love this app.

Perfect!. Apple Music keeps replacing the songs with different versions and messing up my library, until this app came up! :D I wonder if you could also track “love” status as well, the music keep disappearing from my list of loved tracks, adding that feature would be amazing!

Worked Correctly. This app filters your Apple music library to find spacial audio tracks and then creates a playlist of the tracks the app works wonderfully and quite fast aswell however if it’s possible it would be really cool to sort by audio quality aswell and should be a feature

Absolutely does not work. I keep this on my iPhone hoping to see an update that actually allows this app to work, but none have done that so far. I’ve made sure the settings for Music are set they way they need to be for the app to work, but it just won’t. This update at least allowed it to *attempt* to be correct, as it previously updated exactly one time - when it was installed - and then never again read my collection. Unfortunately, it’s so woefully off that it’s kind of hilarious. For example, according to the app, 166,368 tracks were deleted about a week ago - which, if you know Apple Music, is dozens of thousands of tracks above the limit of 100,000 songs. Then it reported that 1,324 songs were added while 273 were deleted… the next update says 82,910 songs were added, followed by another 30,064 added a day later. It just doesn’t work, but I guess at least it’s kind of entertaining seeing the app’s exaggerated idea of what it thinks has been happening in your collection.

A Brilliant Solution to a Real Problem. I love this app! I am so glad I stumbled upon it. Clean UI and works as expected. Apple should buy this app and integrate it into Music/iTunes, but until then, this is perfect. I can now rest easy knowing that I have a record of all library changes/removals. Thank you!

Apple should have done this. Keeps your library up to date with the highest quality version of your albums. Who doesn’t want better quality?


Works great!. This app is great for people who share an Apple Music account!

Thanks :). Finally support for the X, XS and XS Max :’)

iPhone X. Great app, but needs to be updated for the iPhone X.

Crashes a lot. Not updated for iOS 10. Crashes a lot on startup.

Doesn't update. Doesn't auto update to provide stats, and often fails to manually update.

If you had it installed already, you might need to remove and reload. This keeps dumping my iDevices to the app's menu in "Settings," but it needs to be listed in Settings, Privacy, Media & Apple Music and go there to enable it. But the app doesn't actually show up in that menu from the update, and therefore nothing to enable. Remove and reload the app, and it prompts for that access first and then the notifications option. Sadly, the prior records get wiped.

Great functionality. I had been hoping to find an app such as this after being frustrated by certain tracks becoming unavailable or disappearing completely from Beats/Apple Music over time. Thanks to the dev for whipping this up.

Who knew? Shine a light.. Great for tracking shady autodeletions and growth of your music library over time. Keeps track of 22k+ tracks no problem except for some confusion and display issues once or twice when I removed and re-added an album or two.

Just spins and spins. Now when I try to update, the indicator just spins infinitely. When the app did work, it didn't update automatically or keep track of which days songs were actually added to my library. I.e., if I added/modified 1,000 songs on Friday but didn't open the app until Monday, the app would incorrectly say that those 1,000 tracks were added/modified on Monday. The app listing falsely advertised that the app automatically monitors changes to your library, which is why I bought it. It doesn't. You have to manually update daily to get accurate results. But again, the app doesn't even work at all since this new update. I either want the app to function as advertised at the time of purchase or I want my money back. It's only .99 but I feel tricked.

Great App. Needs iOS 11 or 12 Polish. This App keeps iTunes and Apple Music honest. I can’t tell you how often iTunes drops tracks or are deleted. This App tells me when that happens after every sync. A godsend of an App for those of us the purchase music and subscribe to music.

So easy to find spatial audio songs. Thank you! Definitely worth $3!

Does not update. You have to manually check the app, it doesn't update on its own like it used to. App has been broken for months now.

Incredible app for those with large libraries. I’m so thankful for an app like this that helps me keep track of when tracks get pulled so I can go and fix the Apple Music corruption issue or delete and add the re-release. However because of Apple Music’s (idiotic) tradition to delete songs from playlists when the song is deleted from the user’s library, I was wondering if there could also be a playlist tracking feature that would keep track of when songs are removed from a user’s playlist? It would help for both the issue I described above, so that a user could restore their playlists to before if they had to delete and re-add a release for whatever reason. And it would also help if a playlist has non-library tracks in it that eventually get removed. Of course, I understand if the current APIs do not allow for this.

Very informative. Lots of behind the scenes changes going on Metadata id3 tags etc. are finally being properly edited, either the studios finally got their act together and or Apple has got their act together and his properly getting the catalog tagged. Hooray 🥳 I bought it to see what of my iTunes match albums were being upgraded to special audio, but the big thing is seeing how the wrong meta-data that’s been there for years is being corrected. I gave up on manually editing meditated for my iTunes match stuff because so much of it was wrong in Apple/iTunes/Apple Music. This app allows me to see that it’s finally being edited properly. Bought app in January 2023.

Nearly Perfect. The only thing keeping this app from 5 stars is that it doesn't detect changes in "Year" metadata. With that one change this would be a 5 star app

Useful app. Great for control freaks like me, paranoid about Apple Music randomly deleting my stuff

No longer recommended. I've been using this app since it launched. It did a great job keeping track of changes Apple made to my Apple Music library. It ran in the background on its own, and would actively notify me if songs in my library were removed or changed, so I could go fix them. The app no longer does anything automatically. I have to open it and hit 'refresh' if I want to know whether anything has changed. That core function does still work, and I get a list of what's chagned, but scrolling through that list is now incredibly slow. Too bad the developer let this once useful app fall apart. At this point I'd look for an alternative.

BE CAREFUL. I’ve spent nearly 20 years curating my Apple Music library, and this app exploded it in a matter of 2 minutes. Albums that were previously downloaded in full have now been fragmented into single songs. Hundreds of songs have been added as “single” tracks instead of albums. I immediately deleted the app but I’m afraid the damage is done.

Essential!. Apple Music keeps moving, deleting, renaming, and changing music. I can’t rely on them so this app tells me which artists I need to replace streaming songs and albums with downloaded/purchased versions. Thanks so much and please keep this going!

Love it. It’s a great app that keeps track of all my tracks either the ones uploaded to iCloud Music Library or Apple Music tracks. Thank you for updating the layout to fit the newer phone versions. Truly worth it.

Very valuable utility! Know when your music is changed or removed.. While this app has some performance issues here and there (slow scrolling or freezing) among other issues (case changes like of to Of can be noisy), it works. It does the job. And that’s awesome. It’s so annoying and disappointing when tracks are removed from Apple Music. It’s worse when I go to play something and I can’t because it’s not there and I have no idea. Now at least I know when it happens and to exactly which tracks before I hit a wall for my listening mood. I can then proactively find the tracks elsewhere and get them back into my library. The daily summary notifications are great. It works in the background and tells me what happened every morning. I love this app and hope it sticks around forever.

Pointless.. I'm really sad that I actually spent a dollar on this. Thought there would be a little more info then what is displayed.

This is a great app. Specially if you have a lot of music. Probably anything over a few hundred songs. I have 30k and it's not easy to keep track of. Way before I got this app I noticed for some reason things change in my iTunes. I'm glad I found this app and this tells me every little detail that changes with my music libary in iTunes. Now if I can only figure out why it happens. Until I can, this app makes me a little less nuts when trying to keep track of my music. Great idea

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Spatial Audio Utility. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. It has been a time saver. Instead of myself doing a manual search Spatial Audio version, this app will do this for me based on my existing songs.

Link out to Apple Music. This app is almost there and I love they added spatial audio atmos support. One thing I would love to see and feel is missing is the ability to have a button to tap that links out to the album or song on Apple Music Apps like Music harbour can do this and I’d love to see this integrated into this app please🙏🏻

Please bring back Apple Watch app!. Such a perfect app but was so disappointed when the Apple Watch app was removed. This type of app is ideal for the Watch, and as I like many have so many issues with the mess that is iTunes I use this app regularly, and loved the ease of checking what has gone wrong with my sync from my wrist. Other than that a great and really well designed music tracker!

Great! Help catch the myriad of Apple Music bugs. Apple Music (both the app (ex iTunes) and the streaming service) is great, but it’s so full of bugs that it’s embarrassing Apple has let them sneak past QA. This app is great at catching when Apple Music randomly decides to change your metadata for no apparent reason than to annoy us. You change star ratings or genre and out of nowhere Apple decides they don’t agree and change them with no warning. Or they “delete” an album that’s there with I guess a different ID so it disappears from your library and you have to add it again. It’s so bad that I’ve seriously considered giving up on streaming and going back to owning my own music. This app has kept me from going insane. All I wish is that it had a filter to show me changes in only specific metadata like genre, play count, last played, album name (yes, Apple Music messes with this, especially on greatest hits albums it tends to break them out into the original albums).

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So far so good. I stumbled across this accidentally but I am glad I did. I'll be curious to see what kind of changes I see.

Amazing app. Amazing app to help track library changes, especially when Apple Music removes songs silently.

Best Tool for those with Atmos home setups.. If you’re like me and have an Atmos home theatre set up. And we’re blown away by how Spatial Audio/Dolby Atmos song sounded from that kind of Set up, just to be disappointed that there was no easy way to filter your library by Spatial Audio songs to play them all. Then this app is for you I’ve been looking and wide for something that would immediately create a playlist with all my Spatial Audio music, so I could just listen to them nonstop. This is the solution I was looking for! Well worth $5

Awesome!. Thank you for this app, it is great!

Great. Very handy app

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Music Library Tracker 2.1 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of the Music Library Tracker app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with Dodo Apps and other users?

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Language English
Price $3.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 2.1
Play Store io.dodoapps.musiclog
Compatibility iOS 15.0 or later

Music Library Tracker (Versiyon 2.1) Install & Download

The application Music Library Tracker was published in the category Music on 12 January 2016, Tuesday and was developed by Dodo Apps [Developer ID: 1062583711]. This program file size is 10.13 MB. This app has been rated by 78 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. Music Library Tracker - Music app posted on 20 January 2024, Saturday current version is 2.1 and works well on iOS 15.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: io.dodoapps.musiclog. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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Music Library Tracker App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Added a "Send Test Notification" option to settings to test if push notifications are working correctly - Fixed an issue which was preventing automatic scanning of libraries - Minor UI and bug fixes Recently in v2.0: Spatial Audio Scanning - Music Library Tracker can now detect if your tracks have a Spatial Audio version - A new page lists all of these upgraded tracks in a timeline (tap a song to play it) - Optional: The app can generate a Spatial Audio playlist within Apple Music that is updated automatically - Optional: A daily notification detailing any new tracks that were upgraded in the previous day - Spatial Audio scanning is an "opt-in" feature as it requires sending your music identifiers to a remote server. More information is available in my privacy policy and within the app. No personally identifiable information is ever sent. Redesigned UI - The app has had a bit of a facelift with new colours, icons, and layout. - Updated settings page with more detailed options for notifications - Brand new onboarding experience to walk you through enabling library access, Spatial Audio, playlist generation, and notifications - Improved UI on iPad including additional padding for readability, keyboard shortcuts, and support for trackpad pointers Scanning Improvements - The process of scanning for changes is around 10-20x faster than the previous version of the app Other Changes - Additional metadata that is tracked: album artist, disc number, track number, and Spatial Audio status - Minor diacratic changes are now ignored (i.e. a genre updating from Electrónica to Electronica will no longer show as a change) - Fixed some issues with sort filters when viewing deleted tracks - Fixed an issue with review prompts being shown too frequently - Lots of other UI improvements and minor fixes

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Find on this site the customer service details of Music Library Tracker. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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