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Yubo: Make real friends live [Social Networking] App Description & Overview

Yubo is a social video live-streaming app to find new friends, chat and text with people just like you, and build a social community based on YOUR interests! Friendship is going live on Yubo! Meet friends nearby or from your college or around the world and go social with our live chat... and all for free!

1.- STREAM: Go live and stream videos with friends! You can start a live video chat with up to 10 friends, and even invite new friends to join you. Sing, dance, talk about your day, send messages to the friends you love, or play a party game - you can do it all on Yubo.

2.- CHAT: Use the chat feature to say hi to new friends as well as reconnect with old ones. You never know who you’ll meet on Yubo!

3.- SWIPE: Find new people nearby AND from all around the world in seconds, with a swipe of your finger. Discover new people and find friends easily. It's all about socializing!

4.- FIND A COMMUNITY: Are you into art, games, theater, beauty, yoga, sports, music, dance, travel, manga, cinema or LGBTQ+? There are friends all over the world for you! Discover and connect with the perfect online community, full of friends to meet.

5.- SHARE: Earn rewards for inviting your best friends to join Yubo on Snapchat and other social media. Chat and text online with your friends and share your interests and stories livestream!

6.- PLAY: Have hours of fun playing our Q&A game To Be Honest (go live with questions about YOU and let the people vote on your answers) or guessing pictures in our challenging drawing quiz, Would You Rather and Let Them Guess!

Yubo is free to download and use. However, we also offer an optional subscription package (Power Pack). In-App Purchase information:
- Subscribe to the Yubo Power Pack for only $5.99 per week (amount in USD in US App Store).
- Your iTunes Account will automatically be charged $5.99 every week after you confirm your subscription.
- The subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of your billing period. You can manage subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to Account Settings after purchase.
- A current subscription cannot be canceled during an active subscription period.
- Save 66% by subscribing to the Yubo Power Pack for only $8.99 per month (amount in USD in US App Store).
- Your iTunes Account will automatically be charged $8.99 every month after you confirm your subscription.
- The subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of your billing period. You can manage subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to Account Settings after purchase.
- A current subscription cannot be canceled during an active subscription period.
- Save 77% by subscribing to the Power Pack for $14,99 for 3 months (amount in USD in the US App store).
- Your iTunes Account will automatically be charged $14,99 every 3 months after you confirm your subscription.
- The subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of your billing period. You can manage subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to Account Settings after purchase.
- A current subscription cannot be canceled during an active subscription period.

Privacy Policy: https://yubo.live/legal/privacy
Terms of Service: https://yubo.live/legal/terms
If you need any help with Yubo, make sure to visit our Help Center (https://support.yubo.live). You can contact us from there! You can also reach us on Instagram: @yubo_App! We can’t wait to meet you! We love receiving feedback from the Yubo community, and we use it to continuously make our app better!

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Yubo: Make real friends live Comments & Reviews

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- Meh

I love the app because i can meet people from all around the world. It has introduced me to many new friends that i can gladly say that are people in which i can trust. But you guys have some very strict guidelines which can sometimes be too strict. I once got banned from the app because of a picture i mean, i know i had my shirt off on the picture but i don't think it can count as nudity and if it does, it shouldn't be a ban from the app. Regardless of that, people have already started to leave because of your strict rules. This incredible app has the potential to gain many new people on the app but instead is losing many do to the overly strict rules and dumb, unnecessary bans. Ive also been trying to get verified but it wont take my drivers license do to it being from Puerto Rico. Many other people have had this problem. If you don't accept specific types of documents from specific countries then you shouldn’t have them as options because if because of my date of birth i cant get verified at least i suspect that the rules are less strict and more of a free and safe place where i can talk to people and not be afraid ill get banned for something as stupid as a picture. In conclusion, i've seen many people have given reviews and have never seen a change on the app so i hope yall see this and maybe think swith things around or there will be no more people on the app because of a new one with the same theme but less strict. I hope i see a new update sometime soon.

- YUBO is meant to find a “friendship”

I downloaded this app because my friend told me to, but later on deleted it because I found the ONE for me on here. It started by me setting up my profile with cute pics and funny videos. And then the swiping...I swiped left on TONS of people and only swiped right on those who I thought were “cute” or “boyfriend material”. Every now and then when someone would swiped right on me I would do the same to them and text them a quick “heyyy”. Of course they would never respond and I lost hope. But then this one guy replied and I said this sentence that just meant the world to him, “yeah let’s see where this “friendship” goes.” He instantly loved it because he hates when people put a label on something they have not even fully explored yet. So from there I gave him my number and now we’re on the road to talking for about 2 weeks and we’re mad crazy about each other. YUBO helped me find someone when I thought there was no one out there for me. I will forever cherish this app and I owe my future to it. Now that I think I’ve found the ONE, I deleted the app, but if you were thinking about downloading it...DO IT! I know you may be scared of stalkers or creepy people, but if you are just know that you can completely delete your profile if you feel like it. But also know that I gained a “friendship” with the ONE and other friendships with lots of other lovely people. Just don’t put terms on anything before you explore the ins and outs of it!

- More manage swipe settings

I 100% love this app. But there is one thing that bothers me. You should have a setting to where you are able to see people from your own state on the manage swipe thing. It’s awesome to meet and make new friends around the world but if you want to hang out with them it’s a hassle because they are across the country. I would love to make new friends in my state. I don’t know many people and would like to know more but I don’t know where they are from and I can’t exactly travel across the world in one second to meet them for an hour. Please add a my state only feature to the app. It will make everyone’s life so much easier and you will have more people coming and downloading the app. In my opinion it is a win-win situation. Please take this into consideration and update the app soon. I’m am not complaining about anything else. The app works so well and it is the best to make and meet new friends and people. But another downside is you won’t let me post a picture of my stomach because a quarter of my nipple shows. It’s super weird because it gets counted as nudity even though we all have a stomach and they all look the same. (Btw I am a guy) Please work on what I said, it will just make the app so much more popular and so much more useful. Thank you so much hope to see the update soon🙃🙃.

- Amazing, but could be better

Hey yubo, I really love your app but I have a few suggestions if you guys are ok with that. Number 1, you should really look into group chats because so many people would love it. Number 2, being able to send videos to people. Number 3, give people 3 warnings before you ban them. Number 4 maybe have like an free power-pack time, like a certain time of week you can get the power pack for free for only about 5-10 minutes. Number 5 being able to post things like pictures and videos where people can like and comment, like a spin off of swipe and spotlight combined. Number 6 let people have stories like what snapchat and instagram have. Number 7 letting you have the option of deleting text automatically after a certain period of time. Number 8 having mini games you and your friends can play with it each other like truth or dare or 8 ball and icebreakers to start a new convo. Number 9 customizing quick with the line you want instead of just “hey” or the emoji. Number 10 introduce another way to meet and make friends. Well, this is all I have for right now. I know you aren’t probably going to read this but I hope all of these get implemented into this amazing app. Thank you for creating this, until next update. See you soon👋🏾.

- Thx Yubo

I would just like to say thank you to Yubo as it helped find a really special girl that completes me. I got yubo as a joke and I never thought anything would come of it you know maybe see a cute girl once in a while and get her snapchat. But one day I saw this beautiful girl named Madison and swiped right on her which was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She added me back and we instantly vibed she texted with all exclamation points it was so cute and I felt a connection so I asked her to ft which one also one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. So after FaceTiming almost evernight for like a month we built a really special bond. So we decided to hangout and see where things went. And the second I saw her at mini golf I knew she was the one and that she was really special. Ever since we have been hanging out and honestly I fell in love with her personality she is such an amazing person and never fails to put a smile on my face and she is so caring and cares about others and always makes me so happy. She’s also the cutest girl that I have ever seen and I wouldn’t trade her for anything I’m the luckiest person alive and I’m just so glad that Yubo brought us together thank you so much☺️

- Used to like it.

Alright so when I first got this app it was great, I had no problem with anything until now. It seems like since yubo is now getting more popular more updates are happening which makes the app crappy, like the fact that you have to pay to keep swiping on profiles and to see who swiped on you is ridiculous. But that’s not the only thing that’s messed up, so I recently uploaded a photo to my profile which was just me in a skirt with a shirt on but apparently that’s inappropriate to show off your thighs, which got my account blocked. I then updated the profile as it told me too and I did this like 100 times but it kept telling me I needed to change it, and that I needed to show my face , which I had 4 pictures of my face clearly on there. I then sent an email to yubo and they received my email and so to them fixing the problem was to completely lock me out of my account ( can’t even delete it) and force me to download some app called “yoti” which makes you give your identity to them. I don’t know why you need my identity? The pictures on the profile were me I have no idea why yubo suspected something wrong I’ve never had this problem. It’s so weird , I really used to love this app but it’s trash now. I’m not giving up my identity just to unlock my profile, yoti has a 2 star review with a bunch of people saying it’s a scam. Don’t download this app it’s costly and crappy and you’ll probably get banned for no reason.

- Age problems !

So I’ve been a part of the yubo community back when it was considered yellow and I’ve always liked being able to go on the app and pass time but suddenly I’m now getting an error about my age? I’m a paying user for yubo so it’s really such an inconvenience not being able to use my account with the intended membership I’ve paid for (which I’ll tell you aren’t cheap either). I’ve tried contacting yubo for their help and it’s genuinely frustrating as the responses have been so slow, I have yet to get a response back. The app itself directs me to download Yoti and I have to which I find out that I still can’t even verify my age on there. The app sorta contradicts itself as you need to verify that you’re not over 18 trying to use the app for a younger community but doesn’t take into consideration that 1) if I’m truly underaged, why would I have a drivers license ? That immediately crosses off 1 of the 3 options. 2) if I’ve never traveled beforehand, I really wouldn’t have a passport at ALL to use to verify my age so that crosses off my 2nd option. 3) lastly my only hopeful option is the state ID to which I still don’t have. I’ve yet to get one for myself and more than likely most of the community on yubo under 18 wouldn’t have theirs yet either considering it’s not in their control whether they could get one or not due to parents. There’s a lot of flaws to this system and it’d be appreciated if this could be fixed ASAP

- Overall a great app

*Personal perspective* I got to honest say from my point of view of having this app since it was called yellow. I think it’s a great app all around the fact that you meet new people on here daily is amazing, I’ve met several people from this app and became great friends with them in person. Also when stream you have so many options to removed/ban or mute from chatting users who are not friendly or rude. In addition to that this app has a swipe feature where you can swipe right or left to add new friends. So it expands the variety of people you can meet. How ever it doesn’t give you a filter where you can just choose to match with people in your area. If that feature was added it would be great! In addition to all that the yubo team does Q&A to get the opinion of the users on the app and they gather those opinions and suggestion and put them on feature updates. Overall the app has great potential to it specially if you are patient. I plan to stay using this all and suggesting it to friends for a while.

- Verification Blues

I know everyone is going through the same issue. The verification process. The makers of this app are starting to prompt all its users to verify themselves on a sketchy third party app that not only takes your ID, but also tracks your movement, your phone movement, how you unlock your phone with fingerprint and etc. (Learned this reading on the Yoti website.) I absolutely resent any type of thing like this on my phone!!! Why would anyone ever want to download something that has that much control?!! Why is it that necessary for folks to verify their identity? Instagram doesn’t do this, Twitter & Facebook doesn’t. Why does this??? Also I’ve seen verified catfishes!! All you have to do is have your profile set up properly and with your face and all and submit proper documentation and once you’re verified you changed the pics to something random. I’ve seen verified barack obama’s on this app. You guys are going to lose a lot of members because of this. You should take this verification feature away because it’s very flawed and it’s totally unnecessary and unsafe and i’m going to contact the App Store about this because there’s a lot of children that uses this app, No one should be prompted and obligated to provide detrimental personal information. All in all, Great app & concept, Terrible Dev Team.

- Pay for friendship!

I've been using this app for a few days and it's a pretty decent and solid concept. It would honestly be such a fun and cool app if the in-app purchases weren't so stupid. The app has a swiping function where you can swipe around multiple accounts, see their interests and you can add then, or choose to pass, kinda like tinder. The funny thing is, you can't see who added you as their friend! Spotlight could be another useful way to make new friends, randomly appear on other people's feed, if they share similar interests, you can add them. These are great concepts for starting friendships, but it costs 6.99 a week. No i did not stutter. Most of this app's users are teenagers and it's pretty absurd you'd want them to dish out 7 dollars a week just for an app that isn't even guaranteed to life long friendships. 7 dollars a month would be more reasonable than a week. Swiping and spotlights should be included for free in the app anyways! I understand that they need to make money, but joining lives and video calling isn't for everyone, including myself. Good app, but executed poorly. Has a lot of potential, but the free version of this app is practically useless. I'm probably going to hop on another app :(

- Nice app, cool to meet people, but...

Decent app with nice features and it’s a safe way to meet people that are your age online. Only downside that is the most frustrating thing on my phone is the notifications for when people go live. I always get notifications for when someone I added or has added me goes live and it is the most annoying thing. My notifications fill up with only that and it takes up my whole screen and goes off so often that it interrupts everything that I’m doing on my phone and it angers me to no end. It’s a cool app and has been proven so far to be pretty safe and fun, but oh my god, make the notifications for people going live STOP. No one cares so much that they need to know every second when a person who friended them starts a live. It’s annoying and useless, so please change that and it’ll be a 5 star app from me because every other feature is fine and as I said before, it’s a pretty cool app.

- it’s cool but ..

it’s a cool app , i love meeting new people , but the more they change up rules and add features the less and less people get on, making viewers harder to find and making everyone hate the app. there’s two different communities, so you can’t hang out with your older friends which is the dumbest thing i have ever heard of. all my friends are 20+ but i’m 17 so i don’t get to join their lives, i mean who wants to join a 17 and under live ? the swipe app doesn’t work on multiple accounts, and the app changes what year you’re born in to a year that you weren’t born in. you don’t get notifications for lives or texts anymore and for a lot of people, the dms don’t work, they can receive dms but not send them. this app needs serious work and needs to listen to the people ON the app instead of the workers because making two communities is the worst thing they could’ve done for the app. ruined the app completely. as for having an iphone XS max , the screen recording option doesn’t work . they took off the option to lock rooms which makes it very difficult if you want to talk about a topic no one else needs to hear.

- Used to love it

I used to love this app and made a lot of friends on it, but now the new rule Yubo implemented preventing people younger than 18 to join the lives of people 18 or older has ruined it. I had a group of friends who I’d go live with and now 3 of are friends we can’t go live with. I also had another group who were between the ages of 18-21 and it wasn’t a safety issue, but now I can’t join their live. I’m 17 I can’t join half my friends lives because half or so of my friends are 18 or older and when I turn 18 next month I won’t be able to join the other half’s lives because they’re younger than 18. I really loved this app and I have tons of friends who do too, but we’re all extremely upset over this new rule. It doesn’t make the app better like updates are supposed to, it makes it worse. The live setting that allowed you to restrict viewing age worked just fine. I understand y’all just wanna ensure people’s safety but it’s frustrating to people who have already made friends with people and can’t talk to them now. Please consider changing this rule, hopefully before I turn 18, so I can still talk to my friends who are 17 and 16. Thank you!

- Great app but major issues

This is a great app and I’ve met a few people on here that I’ve been friends with for awhile. Although, this app has some major problems, if there was P2W in an app like there is on games, this would be the headliner. You have to pay to make friends, you can’t swipe right more than 5 times within a certain time period or it gives a 15 minute timer, to do infinite you have to pay ELEVEN DOLLARS, PER MONTH, which is an insanely high price. Not only that but you can’t even see who’s swiped on you, you have to just go through and eventually hope you see all of them in your swipes, if you don’t, the only way to see it is with that same monthly cost as before. I get paying to boost yourself, maybe get yourself out there more or even to see who’s swiped you but limiting your swipes is absurd and it’s hugely overpriced. Not to mention the fact that everyone on there is between 13-18 so probably won’t even have a job and I doubt you’re gonna be on that app if you’re some rich superstar so idk who tf has enough money to pay for that

- Needs a lot of work.

One of the main problems I’ve noticed is the swiping algorithm once you turn 18+. They do Not want your profile to pop up at all, or rarely. When I was under 18 I’d get a lot of matches, then the day I turn 18 I little to no matches. The only way for your profile to pop is is literally if you buy boost, which in itself is pretty expensive for 5. I’d get 30-40 matches in 30 minutes. But the problem itself isn’t this only. So let’s say you buy the boost package for 5, you want to start swiping as much as possible, right? Wrong. 10 minutes in and it’ll say you now need to put another 10 bucks for the “power package” in order to be able to keep swiping. The app is trying to drag every penny out of you. Why not just run ads instead? Sure you can have premium features to buy, but please invest more time in these features. The limited amount of swipes is pretty ridiculous because if you just choose to buy the boost itself it’s worthless. And this app clearly wants to segregate you based on age and your forced to by the boost of you want to make friends and get matches.

- Ad watch? maybe. :)

i really love the app, it’s a great way to connect with and find new people but i think that it’s way too hard to actually add people back once it’s from the swipe category unless you buy the swipes or send a link and get more than one person to open it at a time. I think a better way to do this for people to actually be able to add people who swipe on them would be you could add an option where you could put in ads for the user to watch to receive unlocks on the people who’ve swiped? i feel like it could be affective :) because sometimes people aren’t able to but the unlocks whether it’s because they don’t have the money or aren’t able to because of some kind of situation going on for them so if you added the ad watch feature to gain unlocks it might help a lot of people and be easier to add them back :)

- Really good app, unnecessary and dumb verification requirements

I love this app and have been using it since it came out as yellow, but they are now requiring me to verify with the dumb Yoti app. To verify you must provide any sort of Id like a drivers license. This app was made for 13-17 year olds, most of the people that are 16 and under don’t even have any sort of identification so how are you supposed to identify yourself?? I know a lot of other people this is happening to. Emailed the yubo team but they just send automated messsges back everytime that are no help at all, I need a actual person to help not a bot. I even pay for the subscription for yubo monthly. It’s impossible for me to verify because I’m 16 and have no id or access to any, and you can also use a school id but my school has never given us access to a school id or a physical school id so it is virtually impossible for me to use yubo now unless they unlock my account. It is ridiculous and unnecessary and no one from yubo is helping. I suggest they take away the requirements of a Yoti verification like it was before or they will lose a lot of their active users.

- Please stop....

I loved this app as it was a way to meet new friends and cool people, I had so much fun on lives listening to people tell funny stories and embarrassing times, now everytime the app updates I have to be afraid of worried about what else is it going to try to make me pay for? First it was to see who added me so I can talk to more people and now they took away the right to swipe right on as many people as you wanted and are charging you $6 dollars a week, $10 a month and like $20 for 3 months. That’s absurd, it shouldn’t have to be monthly to meet new people, the purpose of the app says it’s to connect people around the world and make friends who would be interesting, however all I’m starting to see are money hungry developers who are driving away the diversity and people who roam this app. I have many high hopes for this app and I hope they do a 180 and decide to calm down a bit but they also separated the community in two. 18 and below and 18 and up. You cannot add or contact anyone in the other community and I think it’s absurd.

- Poor dev choice

So Ive been using this app for a minute and I really do enjoy the swiping mechanic, but why in the hell am I capped at 1k people? I want to use your app more but you are preventing me from using the key feature I enjoy about the app. I am never going to buy the premium, but I will gladly sit through the ads you put in between swipes. Just make the amount of people you can swipe on infinite and just let me watch ads and give you more revenue. It would be a win-win. A few other notes: Upon app launch, several profiles, usually 5 or 6 of the first that pop up to swipe from, display no bios this is a very odd issue. The other major issue is location algorithm, not exactly a fresh criticism. I input my location and a distance cap, yet I still get people on the other side of the country or in different countries entirely. Besides these things, it is a great app and I will gladly give it five stars if these are fixed, I will hail it as the greatest friend finder app ever made, march it down the street on parade, etc.

- Great BUT...

I think that the app is a really great platform for making friends and getting to know others, especially with the different tags you can include in your bio. Gives you an insight as to what the person you’re viewing might share in common with you interest-wise. I’ve had an overall positive experience on this app but my biggest issue is as follows: !! The methods of accessing people’s requests. I have over 200 untouched requests that require me to share a link on snapchat and per every person that clicks, I can access ONE SINGLE REQUEST. Do you guys understand how absurd that is? No one has enough friends to do this, much less ones that would even bother to click the link all on its own. I think this shouldn’t be a thing AT ALL but if it must as a form of promotion, it should be done so in an easier more openly accessible method. !! That one issue is precisely the reason I cannot give this app 5 stars. Apart from this issue, I love yubo.

- “Pay-to-play”

This app used to be so great back in the day. I would spend hours, and I sincerely mean so many hours, swiping and chatting and whatnot. But now I can’t do a single thing without having to pay. I can’t swipe on more than 900 people a day? Just yesterday that number was 1000, and even that’s ridiculous. This app is so fun to use and just relax with because it’s basically Omegle without the hassle. Don’t get me wrong, I still love it. I met my current boyfriend on this app and now we’re moving in together and we’re really solid, but still. It’s not only a dating app; meeting people and talking to them is still nice. It just feels like one of those games you have to pay to win, like Clash of Clans. It’s really annoying because this app used to be just so much fun. It got ruined because the devs felt the need to jack up their development costs. And the “power ups” are ridiculous. Stop it with this lol. Bring the old app back. Also Yubo is literally the weirdest name ever. Just bring yellow back 🤦‍♂️ smh

- annoying bugs

Very fun app but every time I try to change my profile pictures it completely zooms in on my face so the only thing you can see is my forehead and eyes. I’ve tried cropping the photo multiple times but i can’t seem to figure the problem out, it’s very frustrating. I’ve also noticed that every update says bug fixes but i really haven’t noticed my bugs being fixed. I’ve been banned from live at least 3 times because it says I have inappropriate content which I completely don’t. There is not one picture on my profile that has anything inappropriate and i’ve never don’t anything inappropriate while on live. People just like to troll but when it tells me to change my profile pictures it still doesn’t let me back into the app. I’ve noticed while scrolling through my messages i’m not getting any notifications for when people text me. I scroll through and find people months ago that texted me and i never saw the notification. Honestly this app is getting way more complex and complicated then it can handle and bugs and glitches are over flowing and never getting fixed. Scrolling through the reviews of this app and i’m realizing every single review is people complaining about the problems they have been having. And I realize my comment sounds exactly like everybody else’s and nobody is ever gunna read this essay of a review and i’m just wasting my time but i just need to explain my point of view but yea i hope you at least fix some of the problems thx.

- Swiping function

I understand that apps and such need money in order to stay afloat, but this is ridiculous. You expect teenagers to pay 7 dollars a week just to try and make friends that are not even guaranteed to be life-long or even last longer than a month. If you want your app to be popular and actually user friendly, then take away the payment portion of the app so we can actually see who added us as a friend. For the people who might read this comment, yeah, you have to pay in order to see who added you as a friend. Sure, you can send the link to friends and you can reveal who added you based on the number of people who opened the link, but that’s not only embarrassing but also frustrating. Again, if you want your app to actually be functional and well liked, then take away that payment option. If you’re so desperate for money, use advertisements in between swipes or when you’re scrolling through the recommended friends list.

- Good app but needs fixing

I’ve been a user for some time, I found this app when it was called yellow. One of the problems I’m having is it says I have chats but all of them are open. The second someone new messages me old messages appear and by the time I reply, that person doesn’t want to talk because I replied so late. The other day I got a message from someone who sent that 3 months ago. Now the other thing I dislike and others seem to dislike is having the pay to swipe on people. I understand the limit but isn’t this app made for finding friends and new people to chat with? I want to say about 50% of the users are teens and most of us teens don’t have money. I love the app.. it’s great. It has those toxic group of people who bully others which I hate but other than that I like the app. I just dislike how I have to pay to swipe on more people. Just have us watch ads in between swipes or give a limit per day or week. Don’t make us pay :( I just want to make friendsssss 🥺

- App rating &review

I love this app, you can meet all kinds of different people from different areas and connect with them on a deep level. I made some amazing friends here and besides all the drama that happens on it, I’m on here a lot and it has helped me get in contact with people I wouldn’t see myself talking to. I’d rate this app a 4.5/5 their is some small things that need to be fixed but other than that, you should download it. It helps when you need someone to talk to the beat part about it is the live part, we kinda made little games on it that I don’t think will go away but the app is a pretty good way to get outta ur boundaries and y’all to new people. Download yubo guys I’m telling you it’s better than most these apps out here, it’s fast easy and able to understand after a few minutes of messing around on it.

- location algorithm

this app is okay, and while there is a bit of problems here and there, this is a relatively new app, so we can’t promise perfection right away. however, one of the problems i find really major is, you guess it, the location settings. for swiping, i set my location distance to 18 miles, and i live an hour away from philly, so you’d figured to get people within that radius (essentially southeastern pa). but nope, this app gives me people from California, Washington (state), Florida, etc. how am i gonna want to plan to meet these people if i physically can’t even meet them by means of travel? not that i would ever want to meet them in person or anything, but if i ever wanted to. and i know you guys are like “if we run out of people we will go further” but cmon you can’t tell me there are limited people in my region especially if it’s an 18 mile radius (which is pretty far imo) when i know people from my town who have the app. again, you guys are new, but this is definitely one of the things that needs to be worked on ASAP.

- Unfair Age Restriction

It was a great app when I first got it, what I didn't realize was the fact that every single time I took a break from the app, the creators of it, would make the updates on Yubo much more worse. Yes I'm above the age of 18, however, I have friends that are at the border line of 17 or younger that are like siblings to me and I used to talk with them on the daily basis and they'd come to me for advice. Now, I can't talk to them at all because of the age restriction!!! If I would've known that Yubo was going to update and prevent me from using it completely, then I would've never redownload this app to waste my time and space!!! Until this app can go back to how it use to be where I can talk to EVERYONE!!! Then I'll consider putting this rate back up and tell others about it but if not, I will never again use this app again until Yubo fixes this issue and allows me to use it the same way I got it!!!!! To anyone who reads this, please stay from this app because it's not worth the time or effort if you can't be able to communicate with everyone regardless of age.

- I can’t even use this app

I downloaded this app after moving back to California after living abroad for a while. I didn’t know many people here, so I wanted to download Yubo for the first time and see if I could make some friends my age! When I went to create an account, it said my phone number was already associated with an account and did not let me create a new account (which would be my first one). The only option is “Yes log me in” or “cancel”. I choose log me in because I thought that I could just deactivate the account associated with my phone number because it’s not my account... but then the app instantly banned me and won’t allow me to make an account anymore. This is RIDICULOUS. I tried contacting customer support but they took over a month to respond to me and when they finally did, they told me I’ve been banned for violating their guidelines... But remember, I’ve never had an account before. Maybe this app is just a scam? I don’t know. But I don’t suggest anyone use this app because it will just ban you for creating an account.

- Adding people back

This app is a really awesome way to get to know more people around the world and it’s great. BUT the ONE thing that I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE about this app is blurring out the people who added you. Like I get this app’s one desire is to be known worldwide and it already is. I get that it’s for business but there really is no point in meeting people who wants to meet you or who you want to meet when you blur out the people who added you for business. Like again, it is gonna get your ratings up but it’s also gonna lower it cause of this horrible feature. Sure, it’s not a big deal when I just follow what it says so I can see one person who added me but no there are people who won’t open the link because they don’t want to, or people who don’t want to spend their money but are desperate to meet the people that added them. Please, I beg you to remove the blur feature on the update. PLEASE!!!

- Good for socializing at a distance

I found it hard to make friend so I joined this app. At first I thought it was dumb until I found friends in my city who had the same interests as me. But with COVID-19 going on in the world hanging out with friends is very difficult. With the live chat rooms on yubo I was able to meet and connect with my friends rather than risking my life and the lives of others by meeting them in public. I have met a few in public and maintained social distancing (SD) and these people are not fake they are the age they say they are and no fake profiles to what I’ve seen. I’m always scared of a fake profile because Ik 5’1” and 80 lbs anyone can easily kidnap me. I love this app very much but I would prefer a cheaper version of premium or whatever you wanna call it. But over all this is a lovely app and I highly recommend

- This app is a scam

I don’t like this app for many reasons. 1. They locked my account multiple times for “security reasons” when I haven’t even been doing anything suspicious and they did this randomly right after I bought a turbo pack for 14$ (I’m in desperate need for friends) they’ve take over $100 of my money and I want a refund. They’ve also haven’t responded to any of my emails since November 5th. I emailed them about not being able to see any of the people who swipe on me, like it just disappeared it said I had 0 people who’ve swiped on me. When I emailed them about this they did not even try to respond to me. I read on Reddit that many people have been having the same big problem. 2. When I went to the app “Yoti” to get my account unlocked I used my moms valid drivers license and it was declined. I heard this app was a scam to get your money. And I don’t understand how other people on this app have a verified account..??? This app is honestly terrible and I’ve had some terrible experiences with the quality and people. Thank you 😐.

- 5/5 but...

The apps a solid 5/5, new updates and bug fixes are great. I’ve had yubo since it was called yellow, for like four or five years and what I’ve noticed is when you change things like that one time we could only swipe right like ten times a day, that was kind of terrible. Also spotlights need to be buffed cause even attractive ppl don’t get that many messages from it, other apps have there versions of it too and all go significantly longer than your three minute ones, others will go for 30 minutes while it would take 10 of yours to do that. I’m not saying make them thirty but if you made them 7 or 10 that would be a lot better and may even help with sales because people would be getting more bang for there buck. Idk thanks if you read this far

- Why just now??

I’ve had this app for around year now. I’ve had fun using it and liked how simple it was to talk to people. I’ve created a few good friends and had some ups and downs with some others. But after all this I just now get locked out of using yubo because I’m not verified? It’s really confusing and completely out of the blue. I tried resolving this issue by trying to verify myself through one of the processes you guys listed without using yoti and got my email. Thought that would settle things out. But it’s been almost 5 days and still haven’t been able to get access into my account. If I can’t get in then what’s the point of getting all the notifications of people texting me? If I can’t get in then I might as well delete the app even though I liked it and thought it was well made. I’m just confused and this issue has happened to a couple of people I knew. It’s just a seriously stupid issue with no actual resolution other than getting a sketchy third party app.

- Used to be good

The app used to be good and fun. You could swipe on as many people as you wanted and now they are starting to charge and making updates which always ruins the app. One day my account got blocked for no reason, nothing was wrong with my account at all everything was appropriate considering i wore hoodies and jeans or sweat pants in all of my photos and my bio was about video games. So they blocked my account and said i needed to use york to verify my identity to unlock my account and sorry but i see that as an invasion of privacy. So i emailed yubo and told them how i am uncomfortable letting an app scam my face and how i feel its an extreme invasion of privacy and they did not care at all. It was like they didn’t understand. And i couldn’t even delete my account because there was no way to get in so i did the yoti thing and it still didn’t work, they then force you to scan your personal ID and enter information only you should know. It’s an awful app and yubo is running their app patterning up with yoti so i then deleted both apps.

- Why a Personal ID?

I was really enjoying until they started implementing the thing from out of nowhere where they lock you out of your account and force to download yoti and take a pic of a personal ID in order to gain access to your profile. Yubo all i ask can we please stop implementing the most unfair features. Because for people who are new to yubo, they shouldn't have to first experience being locked out and having to show a personal ID to use the app. What i say yall should do is make sure they have a pic or video of their face at all times instead of locking them out and making them show you a personal ID because a personal ID is something everyone doesnt have. All i ask yubo is to kinda start think about the stuff you implement into your app becuz so far everything that has been implemented has become unfair and unnecessary.

- Inconvenient

I really like yubo, the concept in general is really fun. Two things that have caused me to rate this app 2 stars is the fact that 1) you can’t see who’s adding you. And most of the time a lot of the swipes aren’t even people that have added you so you might never get the chance to add someone that added you initially without purchasing the premium version. On top of that, you can’t add people on your swipe without reaching a max number or sharing your yubo link on snapchat to attract other people. It’s really frustrating not being able to see who added you without purchasing, i feel like you should at LEAST have that feature without purchasing the premium. Most people who download the app are young and don’t have money to purchase the premium (which is quite pricey even for a week). The app itself is great but how it’s being marketed is misleading, the whole idea is to basically make people purchase the right to see who likes you?

- I like it but:..

Although I still have this app and it totally has helped me with making new friends I feel like I’m being judged for who I’m dating and what my love life is about when really why the heck does that matter?!? I really thought this app could be better and about friends! Not actually tinder! I feel like kids including me (14) should be wanting to make friends not finding who’s in their area to hook up with or date! That should NOT matter yet I still text people and they text me back saying “Your seeing someone?” And that really makes me upset! I really want friends yet I can’t seem to go anywhere without people wanting to know if I have an I test in dating them or if I’m “freaky”. This needs to STOP I’m tired of it and I’m really close to deleting this app.

- Pay to meet

App used to be good because you actually had to swipe people in your area first before you got to further away people, but now you have to pay be to be visible to people within 30 minutes of you and you don’t have unlimited swipes anymore either. And to the developers of this app, if you’re so money hungry, revert to the old ways where you can swipe however much you want in a day and you meet the closest people to you first, but make it so an ad plays every 200 swipes or so, I promise you’d make more money as roughly no one is going to purchase what you’re selling now to “boost your views” and have unlimited swipes. This used to be a really good app and it grew so much because of the fact that you didn’t have to pay to meet people, but now the whole thing has gotten out of hand. No one will care for ads if they were to be brought in as money isn’t coming out of our pockets, so please implement this instead of the terrible system now.

- Can't Even Sign Up

I had an old Yubo account connected to my number. I had deleted the app for 7 months and redownloaded it today. That said, I updated my profile and media and while doing so received 3 friend requests. Once I finished my profile I go to accept only for the app to bug and prevent me from accepting at all. I removed the requests only for them to pop back up. I tried accepting again only to fail. While doing this, I grew sick of it so I tried deleting my account. The app made me type in DELETE to confirm my decision, and after doing so, my profile was, guess what, not deleted. I decided to just log out and make a new account. While trying, it wouldn't even let me input my first name, birthdate, and gender without it claiming my connection was the issue. My connection was perfectly fine since I was able to complain to my friend on Messenger about the ordeal. Nope, it was the app that was the issue. It baffles me as to how they expect people to pay for a low quality app that can't even function properly.

- needs improvement!!

App is great and cool to meet people but a good majority of the app i’m sure gets the attention of an older crowd(20+). And constantly flags and bans people over things that aren’t even close to violating their “guidelines”. you should make the app acceptable for ALL ages and make it valid so it’s a win win for everyone in the app instead of banning people who just try to live up the app and crack up jokes. everyone should have to be verified with a VALID license. you have people under 15 under the app all the time when you claim the app is for 17+🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ you should worry about those accounts their constantly on the app. maybe even throw in a cut off time for ages 20 nd under after certain hours. it ruins the quality nd has the older crowd banned because little eyes and hears(that aren’t even supposed to be on there) report us when their at the proper age to speak freely. apps cool but their y’all too strict on 21+ makes the app lame after awhile.

- New update

Dear Yubo devs, I have been a member of this app for approximately a year, if not longer at this point. When I first joined it was still called ‘Yellow’. Personally, I enjoy using the app, but as of recently, you made it so now the users of this app have to PAY to see who friend requested them. In my opinion, and I’m sure that I do not share this opinion alone, should not have to pay just to see who swiped right on my profile, as well as who friend requested me. This app was amazing, and I have made a few new friends in the time that I have used this app. I can understand paying to use the ‘unlimited reverse swipes’ as well as the ‘turbo’ features to boost visibility/popularity on the app. But in all seriousness, why should anyone have to pay to see who wants to be their friend?! I hope you take the time and read this review, because I am quite sure you may see more like it. I thank you for your time.

- Yubo Review

I neverrrrr ever do reviews but I wanted to let y’all know my experience with this app. I got this app recently and was have a fun time with it in the beginning. This app has so so so much potential. If Yubo fixes the unlock to see who swiped on you thing it would be much better, you have to pay to see who swiped on you. Also it would be fun if they had a voice chat or text with this person based on your interests etc. Another cool feature would be to automatically only allow people to use audio in the beginning of their live and to change to video if they wish. I embarrassed myself really badly by not knowing my face cam was on when I was invited to a live it was very embarrazing. Anyways it’s a fun app that has potential to be one of the greatest friend making app if the changes stuff on there. For now it is not a long term using app but it is fun for a little while.

- Greatest app

Honestly I love this app. I had problems in the past with lives but honestly this app has made me feel better about myself. Growing up I didn’t have a lot of friends but yubo has helped me step into my comfort zone and now I have made the best of friends and some of them I’ve met in real life. I got the app when it was called yellow and now this app is really great. I love all the updates and I miss the dance challenges the most. If you bring back the dance challenges than it’ll be so much better for me honestly. Other than that, I’m on this app for hours because it’s fun and addicting. Thank you so much for creating this app. Without this app, I wouldn’t have found some of the greatest friends I’m blessed to have in my life. Can’t wait for more updates in the near future.

- What the HECK Yubo.

The app is very fun. I’ve met some cool people and had plenty of fun on the live feature. However, I’ve got a bone to pick with the people operating Yubo, specifically the ones who deleted my biography on my account. I was notified with a message by yubo that claimed “We removed your bio as it is not appropriate and breaks our community rules ☹️ Please be careful next time! 😇” Pay attention to how there is no indication of what I had typed onto my bio that got me into this situation! In my bio, I claimed my religious beliefs, preferences, and my opinions on their “verified” system. (Which just gives you a fancy check mark by your name if you give them a minimum of 7$/ 5.56£ 🙄). I have no clue what I have done, or why they completely deleted my bio! I’ve put lots of time and care into it, too! I’m not sure if they had access to my account, (which I’m not sure if it is a violation of privacy or not) or if I was reported for any reason, but this is totally unfair! What the HECK Yubo??

- Incredible app

This app is honestly amazing. I was ify about downloading it but I now have no regrets. This app has sections for lives, messages and swipes. Swiping is very fun and I have made a lot of new friends in my area and in other states which is awesome. It is entertaining and has cured my boredom during this quarantine 😂 you put your age in and it gives people in your age group. Mine is 13-17 and the next group up is 18+. You can also put a preferred gender and country and all that. The only complaints I have is that you have to pay a few dollars to see most of the swipes people made on you and a lot of teens use this app to ask for nudes or hu. Just a warning 😂 overall this app is amazing and I totally recommend it. I have gotten a lot of my friends hooked to the app. Enjoy❤️

- The app can use some improvements

I had this app for only 1 week now and I really do enjoy it sometimes. I was able to make some friends from there which is pretty exciting. But I personally think this app would be 10x better if they had this one adjustment. For the first part i would always need to send a link to people in order for me to unlock someone that added me. I don’t have a lot of people I’m friends which makes me unable to see who added me anymore. If the creator made this daily pick up for example, how hoop the app everyday I login, I can pick up 100 gems. So for Yubo everyday we log in we can possibly receive 5 unlocks to see who added us. But it’s honestly just a suggestion that I think would make the app more enjoyable instead of people always having to constantly advertise when probably a lot of people have downloaded or have the app.

- Amazing!

I love this app a lot! I’ve met a lot of people but they never stay. Two things though. 1) People should be able to see EVERYONE who’s added them rather than having to pay or send their link. I understand it’s probably to get more people to download it but if you’re someone like me that has 2 people that slide up on their snapchat story and you have 200+ adds on Yubo, two people won’t give you the opportunity to add people back and make friends. 2) I know this isn’t your problem but I have no way of being verified. My school ID doesn’t work since it doesn’t have anything on the back, I don’t have a passport or anything. Maybe there could be another way to get verified? I love this app how it is but in my opinion, you should just make people pay for the power pack and the super messages.

- This app is a good a idea but...

Everything on this app is good. But to see who add you with a blurred profile is beyond me. Since it’s quarantine this app has grow tremendously, people are getting added more frequently. Right now I have 164 people that added me but not as “friends.” And with maximum times that you can swipe is ridiculous. I understand if the app was before but to self promote the app? What?! By using snap to gain keys to see if you want to add is stupid. It would makes since if it had a limit. At least give everyone this : super messages twice a week, see people who added you or pick the blurred one you want at least 3-5 times a day or every other day, 3 reverse swipe, and last but not least increase the maximum amount of swipes. This would also improve the chances of people buying the power mode. Edit: add iMessage games or something to break the ice.

- Great app. Customer service is poor

For about 5 months now I have been using yubo has a everyday app go talk to friends that I have made on the app and further relations that I have made on the app. To be frank the app is great but has its share of problems to the lives going haywire every so often to making it where it would crash out of nowhere. All these problems are fine but there’s one problem that is seen from very far away. The customer service and help for this app. I was device banned not to long ago for what reason still hasn’t been brought to light for me. But when I contacted them to find the reason why and to see if things could be fixed I never got a answer. So I hope this app succeed and only grows from here on out. Also this app is great for young adults preferably 16 and up.

- terrible customer service

when i had yubo i really enjoyed it. my account was suspended and that’s my fault but i reached out to them very nice asking if there is a way my account would ever be unsuspended. from the start the yubo team has been absolutely TERRIBLE with costumer service. eventually they replied yes and told me how i could get my account back. it’s been a month and i still haven’t gotten my account back. they leave me on read and don’t reply, they aren’t thorough AT ALL with their directions. they aren’t just simple and straight to the point, everything is extremely confusing when communicating with them. anyways, they told me i could log in, so i tried logging back and i got a glitch on my account. i dmed the instagram and they told me their “team” was working on it. it’s been a week with no updates. i reached out again to ask very nicely if there had been any updates. i was left on read. so disappointing. this whole entire app and the “team” is so unprofessional.

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- Honesty

When i was creating an account I didn’t like the idea of this app and it felt very unsafe. It has been a month or so now and i’ve made so many new friends and i find this app is great entertainment (live streams). It is really cool just to talk to people as if you have known them forever. I have taken a look at the critical reviews and i think the app does a really great job avoiding these concerns of bullying and supervising livestreams!! You get mean people everywhere you go! I have been locked out my account for 5 days to verify which i have been struggling with but i have been been chatting with the yuboteam back and forth. Hopefully it will all be sorted soon!

- Teenage Tinder, but not ALWAYS a bad thing

I’ll admit, when I first downloaded this, I actually expected a way to simply make friends. And you CAN do that. But this app is far more efficient as a Tinder clone. For teens. Now, that’s associated often with flashing, warning signs. “A Tinder for teenagers?! OMG, that’s dangerous af!” Yes, it is, if your teenage child is an idiot that is. If your child is responsible enough to talk to people and make friends, or perhaps start a relationship online, make sure they know the risks, they can handle them, and they know what information to give and what not to. But the app in itself is wonderful. It has a nice, addictive system of swiping people that you want to talk to, whether for relationship purposes or for friendship. Very nice app, highly recommended to anyone from the age 13-25. If you feel your teenage child is responsible, and isn’t rebellious in any way, I say personally, letting them have this app is a good idea; they’d have a great time.

- It’s fine but infuriating

The app is good in the way that you get to swipe through profiles and meet new people and it’s very diverse however every time you first open the app and go to swipe through profiles it comes up with the demonstration of what way to swipe if you like them vs if you don’t. This demonstration keeps going and going so for that first person you can’t tap through the pictures or see their bio which is infuriating. Also needing to pay to see who swiped on you is dumb, and for the people who really want to see there should be an option where you exclusively can purchase that “power up” instead of all five that fewer people want. Maybe if there was three free unlocks each day like a sort of rewards system for logging on people would like the app better because many bios express how people should just add them on Snapchat and talk there because they don’t have the money to spend

- Entertaining

Yeah, it can be Tinder for Teens if you want it to be. On every single platform, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder itself even you'll find many unlikable people. Doesn't mean the whole app should be taken down; just block them if you feel as if the person is being awful and report if they're being inappropriate. Very entertaining and have had no MAJOR issues other than people not being able to hold a conversation. I don't see why it gets hated on so much... it's literally for teenagers and then teenagers get the app "ironically". Yeah, just admit you can't bring yourself to delete it; it's not that bad. Recommend to people who are willing to go out of their comfort zone and find somebody new to talk to. Plenty of weird people just as much as there are plenty of decent people.

- Fix Age Section

So I’ve recently turned 18 which now automatically puts me on the adult section. But I keep getting requests from older guys, which is starting to make me feel uncomfortable. These older guys look like they’re in their mid-20s and are faking their age. I don’t feel safe that these older men are swiping left on me. I wish I could make the settings 18-19 instead of it automatically staying at 18-20. Also, 18 year olds should still be allowed to see other 17 year olds as these 17 year olds could be turning 18 later on. I want to see ppl that are actually MY age, even if that means they’re a few months younger. I just don’t feel comfortable and safe seeing men who are older than 19 years old. You should change this about the app and give us users the option to specifically see the ages we want to see, for our own safety.

- the most toxic app you will ever come across.

what should i start with? the racism, the homophobia, the sexism, the death threats... hmm, or maybe that time someone killed themselves on a live... you will literally NEVER come across an app quite as disgraceful as yubo. there are literal nazis on the app. people will be minding their own business while on live and all of the sudden these toxic people (which are aged 17-23) will join and there is actually just no words to describe the things they say and do. i’m not even being dramatic, it’s the most infuriating and disgusting thing i have ever witnessed. this app should have been delete, YEARS AGO! why is it still here?! anything for money... right.

- It keeps asking for verification

So I had this app for about 6 months- and to be honest I could find no fault. I understood the cool-downs it has and the paid items- it needs money to survive and I will gladly pay to get extra boosts and all. However this last two months it has not let me into my account and keeps asking me to use another app called Yoti to verify my account. This app asks for your driving license or passport details and is not at all a safe application. I tried deleting my account and creating a new one but lo and behold- I need to verify my account before I have even used it?! My friends do not have this problem and I have tried multiple times to create and delete accounts just to get back on. I even tried sending multiple emails to the Yubo website to tell them Yoti doesn’t work- because it actually doesn’t- and that I am not a robot. It is one of the stupidest things I have come across and I cannot access the app now. Yubo, could you just stop doing this Yoti thing because many people are stuck out if their accounts and forced into an unsafe website that steals details. Please fix this ASAP. Thank you

- Outrageous

This is completely ridiculous. This app just opens up further emotional insecurity’s in very young girls because it is full of young boys who as for nudes, and it doesn’t matter, you can report them but it takes forever for there to be any action from Yubo and even then the damage is already done. Who on earth thought it was okay to subject 13-17 year olds to this. You have created a platform to turn 13 year olds into sexualised young girls and all the way up to 17 year olds to question their beauty and worth based upon the approval of young boys. Plus you’re creating boys who have no respect for woman and allowing them to believe they are entitled to asking to seek nude women, how long before they decide they don’t need to ask anymore and resort to taking in their schools or their community. This is absolutely disgusting and there are no parental controls on the app so that we can try and protect our children.

- Good App. One thing I hope they add

I use Yubo on a daily basis to talk to new people and I am getting a bit frustrated on how when I set my distance to people within 30-40km. I always get people from the other side of the country. I was wondering if an update could be released so that it would only give people in your state while using the “Swipe” feature. I know people that would also like this idea as we would like to talk to people near us “Melbourne” so that if we were connected, it would be easier to meet and socialise.

- Teenage tinder but good

I personally love this app but it has its disadvantages like having to pay to see who added you and and not being able to find people in your area which I dislike and think the app should add being able to only find people in your city. I think this app is great if your child is trustworthy and not idiotic and I would make sure your child knows how it all works and the bad side like saying no to the few people who ask for nudes. Overall this app is brilliant and I love being on it and finding friends and finding a relationship.

- Thank you! Would recommend But...

Big thank you to yubo got to meet my boyfriend on here as well as heaps of others. Although Yubo hasn’t always been the best experience with having other girls be extremely disrespectful and some guys constantly asking for nudes. Once I matched with my boyfriend and he joined my live we clicked now going on 3 months later haven’t looked back since. Would never recommend your app HOWEVER you must be a really strong person and not be a kinda person who is easily manipulated because you do have some extremely sketchy people on here it isn’t the apps fault but watch your back. Thanks again Yubo wish all apps had as good monitoring as the Yubo team does. Xx

- Really good, just if...

I think this is an amazing way to find friends outside of your school and generally become more sociable. I’ve made a few close friends through this, but unfortunately had to face a lot of guys that didn’t have the same intentions as me, as well as a few people only using it to gain followers on Instagram and other social media platforms. Now this isn’t at all the apps fault, just making sure people are aware of that aspect of the app. Ever since I’ve gotten the app I’ve always had problems with notifications, and I’d really like to use this app more but it never sends me notifications, so it makes it quite easy for me to forget about it.

- Messages need to be fixed

When people send me messages I can see them as notifications on my phone but when I go into the app to read the messages and reply etc it doesn’t show up and I have to shut off my phone and they still don’t show up and it’s quite embarrassing to ask again what they said. Other wise a great app I’ve met loads of friends and ex’s but it’s a great app and the people who talk about nudes on this app there is but it’s there choice I personally say no but this app is great just need to fix the app

- Review

At first I though this would be another fake typical bot app but it’s the furthest thing from it. This apps privacy policy’s alone stand out offering an enjoyable, yet safe social networking platform. It’s simple to use as well as understand AND guess what, FREE unrestricted access - with no tricky subscribe now pay later irritations. Also this app allows you to search social world, or confine a search to your country // region. On this app you make real friends, you have fun & meet people. 10/10 would and have suggested to friends!

- Great to make friends but we careful

(This app does make you pay for premium things which is ridiculous as it’s used for making friends, why should you pay to make friends??) So I downloaded this as an attempt to make friends and sure enough I made friends, but there are for sure weird people on this app who treat it like a dating app. It’s fine if ur talking to someone as friends and slowly catch feelings but straight out using it as an intent to start dating is not so okay. There are dangerous people on this app who just want inappropriate things but it’s good if you’re smart and careful about who you make friends with

- I met my soulmate on this :)

This app is incredible!!! I met this girl from the United States and I'm from Australia, we fell in love right off the bat and I immediately knew that she was the one for me. As the seasons went by and days spent talking together turned into months, we started planning our future together amidst this time of absolute madness. Yes I know, long distance is painful, but if you really love someone it's worth giving a go. I am forever thankful that I stumbled upon this app as I wouldn't have found the love of my life!

- frustrating af

the app it self was great, fun even until all of a sudden it decided to report me for such an invalid reason. It said my profile and/or account was inappropriate and showed signs of other people in my photos that were not myself, which i had neither showed or said in my account and profile. I deleted the app and redownloaded it numerous of times, hoping it would fix the problem. I then deleted my account in hopes of being able to make a new one. But with no such luck it was the same thing. It also has a problem wth uploaded pictures to your profile and after waiting 14 minutes i gave up.

- Furious

I’m so upset I can’t even make an account cause it wants me to verify with yoti. I did download yoti entered a pin but decided to delete it cause I don’t trust it. Why all of a sudden do you have to download yoti in order to use this ? So you can see who’s being fake or not but either way why should we trust you guys with our personal IDs and stuff like either way it’s bad. So please remove verifying with yoti pleaseeeeeee I want to be able to use yubo againnnn!!!!.

- Overall okay

Had yubo for a while and overall been a pretty good app for meeting new people and making new friends but I’ve had a couples too. I’m transgender and like to go by a certain name but with yubo you have to use your legal name which I do not like to do. And if you do not you have to confirm your identity. I’ve already been locked from using the app because I used my preferred name as my name on the app and had to change my name periodically so I could be unlocked but I have a suspicion that they will ban me again as I’ve changed my name back. But other than that no problems

- Great app+recent update

Honestly this is a great app. I’ve made 3 great friends and met one of my ex’s there. I think it’s a great idea for making friends or finding a s/o. Ppl complain about kids sending nudes, yet that’s what they do. This app doesn’t make it easier, it just widens options. Although this app is great, I do have one concern, I just recently updated the app, just now in fact (20th of March 2018) and it no longer shows the ages of people on their profile, was this deliberate or is it a bug? Because I’d like to know the ages of those I swipe past, in case they are older than they look

- Issues

The current version has a few issues: 1) the matching with people within x distance rarely ever works. - this could be fixed by having an option “only match with people x km away from you” so then I guess a complete search would be completed 2) notifications and messages are a bit delayed and sometimes you get the notification and can’t see the message Suggestions: 1) post match searching, for people with 1000+ friends it is difficult finding people for example if I want to talk to people in a place I’m holidaying why can’t I search my current friends by age, gender and distance. 2) maybe a button which you can click which automatically opens up Snapchat with it being promoted to add that user 3) add distance away from you, not just their city as a lot of the time it is naming such small cities and you don’t really know where it is without googling. Thanks for reading this. I hope you can implement these :)

- Pay for people

I used to like this app, but why has it brought in this system where we now have to pay for the app? I understand that the creators may think it could be a much more profitable app but like seriously? It’s meant for teens that’s it, which is parent or teen is gonna wanna pay just too see if they found a match or a new friend, unless this idea was to stop the constant flow of boys asking for nudes it isn’t going to work, people will simply stop using the app because of it and the business will loose any revenue, this has been a total failure of misguidance, the app needs to go back to the way it used to be just good old swipe left swipe right no cost

- Age group ?

I love this app , I met my first ex boyfriend on here . But I think when you’re choosing your age you should be able to choose 1 age : eg : I’m 15 so I would choose 16 not 16-17 . While a lot of people have written stuff about child pornography that’s their choice . It’s up to them to send nudes we can’t do anything about that . Anyways I just think it’s better to be able to choose 1 age and multiple if you would like . But I don’t .

- it’s alright, but..

They need to include the persons age BEFORE we swipe, and let us actually narrow down our preferred ages more. As a 17 year old, I do NOT want 15 year olds on my account, but they’ll hide their age with a long name and pretend they’re older than they are. They also need more ID checks, or some proof of age, as I’ve had 20-30 year olds pretending to be my age or younger to try get nudes, and a lot of my friends have experienced similar problems. Yubo needs to change how they suggest people, or make people go through checks, as if I set my preferences to “Girls only”, I’ll get so many guys who are just trying to “get with a lesbian”. And suggest people closer to where we live, its cool getting people from across the country, but they’re basically the only people anyone gets. Yubo is an amazing app for pedos and predators, as well as people who like to harass others for nudes.

- Swipe needs a fix

Hey guys, great stuff with the new features on the app. However, there seems to be an issue with the “My country first” algorithm, as I only just made a fresh account and I’m constantly being shown people from my country well outside my even the maximum range, as well as people from other countries. Haven’t had this problem last time I used the app a week or so ago. Otherwise, good stuff!

- Really Yubo. Really?

As if it wasn’t annoying enough having to pay to see who swiped right on you, now you can’t even swipe right on more than 5 girls without them saying you have to share a link on Snapchat, or buy it, or have to wait 15 minutes. This is frustrating. I came on here as a pass time to see/talk to new people and they are just slowly stripping that away. (Keep in mind I did share the link, it got opened and they still didn’t acknowledge the fact that it got open and it still says 0/5 people opened your link). What’s next, you gotta pay to download the app? Jesus Christ were teenagers not adults.

- App

Yubo is an overall great app other than people bullying everyone 🤣 I honestly believe you guys need to remove the verification thing as it is so unnecessary to the app like honestly the amount of times my account has been blocked just for me to verify my account is unbelievable would never make an account ever again I wouldn’t recommend this to any new generation kids out there

- Disappointing

A bit disappointing that I can’t even see who swiped right on me without paying for a subscription! I would much rather them have heaps of ads and me not have to pay for anything than have me pay for some of the features! Other than that it is a pretty good app, i have already made a few friends and would rate it a 3.5/5 starts if I could!

- The app is frustrating

I deleted the app once as an accident and all of a sudden I re-download app so I could use it but the app wouldn’t let login back into so I tried re-download me up a couple times i’ll try login to the app and when I login it goes straight to the new account page and when I try to make a new account and I add a photo it just simply go back to the login page if Yubo see this please try and fix this issue for me or try and get in touch with me so that I we can work together on a solution thanks?

- Yubo is excellent!

I had always been a quite person and therefore never able to make a lot of friends. I had all the other social media apps, however still no friends. Then one day, my friend showed me this app and, instantly U had been able to make many many friends all over the world and built awesome friendships. Awesome app! I love it!

- Problems but good fun

It did nothing wrong followed the rules and I had to verify my identity like 2 weeks in When I tried it went wrong I sent emails never replied so I got rid of the app because I could not use it but I would love to get it back but the same thing happens again my number is tied to the old account and I can’t make a new one I would love to have my old account back because I did not get one persons contact and I have no way to contact them But I did make a few really good friends on there and I talk to them off the app because I can’t fix my account One of them is my best friend and the other a good friend they both are grate fun and I am happy I meet them on the app I would not have known what I was missing in my life without this app

- Non-moderated app

I don’t think this app is even worth downloading because it’s not moderated and when you Report something nothing gets done about your report so there for I have deleted my profile and never using this app ever again and I highly recommend you don’t use this app it’s not what they say it is

- Good but there’s issues

I love the idea of the app but there are numerous issues that need to be addressed to make the experience better. The notification system has been broken for numerous updates now and it makes life extremely difficult when you may be messaged and you don’t receive anything to indicate that you’ve received a message. Until that issue is fixed I won’t even contemplate spending money on Yubo.

- Needs to be removed from AppStore

While this app is fun and interesting, it encourages young people to talk to randoms and potential creeps! Which is exactly what we don’t want in this technological world. Worst of all, the app is used for NUDES! These boys and girls talk to each other and it always seems to lead to exchanging of nudes on snapchat! I don’t think we want an app that endorses child pornography!!? If you don’t believe me get the app, check everyone’s profiles and message people and they’ll all say n4n. (I also feel that while it starts friendship and joins people together, it can also feed rejection)

- Bug Fixes

This app is great. It's a great way to communicate and get more friends. However, it's extremely annoying when it sends a previous message that I viewed already. Sometimes someone would send me a message saying for example ”Hey How r u?” 10 mins would past and it would send me a notification saying that he send me that message when I already viewed it.

- Bugs

The app as a whole is great, I’ve met many new friends there as well as renewed friendships with friends I hadn’t seen in years. The are many bugs though. Notifications reappear, push notifications don’t actually go through, messages don’t send properly. For anyone who doesn’t have the app yet, my only recommendation is to use it for the live chat feature. If you wish to text someone, ask for their number or Snapchat. Until these bugs get fixed of course.

- Really frustrated

Hi yubo, this app was great but you have somehow managed to ruin it. Putting a 15 minute cooldown timer after like 20 or so swipes really ruins the whole experience. The option to share to your Snapchat story does not work when people open your link. Please go back to what it was before, this is dumb, nobody likes it.

- The app is becoming a must pay to use

I have had the app for years now coming off and on it several times but now I have to force my friends to open a link so I can get unlimited swipes which was originally free is incredibly annoying and embarrassing, and if I don’t do this I need to buy the unlimited swipes is robbery, I loved this app but it’s annoying, but it is a good app to make friends if your responsible. But I wish there was no need to share your use of the app or pay as I’m broke.

- Yellow stopped working

I really enjoy this app I use it almost daily. But recently when I tried to log in it was on the part where it asks to have permission to have my location I press only when I’m app in my settings because there is no allow option. And it just loads it’s been like that for days and it won’t go past that part.

- Great, but wish there was a way to filter

I love this app but I do have a couple of suggestions for the developers. 1. Provide a way to filter your searches past the ‘what gender to you want’. Say like hair colour, interests 2. Don’t go outside the search radius that the user has indicated. it’s quite annoying having a bunch of people from Melbourne pop up instead of Sydney people

- Pretty good app, BUT

Ight look, this app is admittedly pretty good but there's just one thing I feel would make yubo even better, could you pretty please add a feature even a paid one I don't care that looks at your geographic location and sorts people in order of proximity to you. I feel that would make Yubo the best app it could be and would highly persuade me into purchasing premium. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

- Swipes

The app it fun and entertaining, however the limited amount of swipes is really annoying. You only get around 10-15 swipes right (left swipes are unlimited), and then you have to wait 15 minutes to be able to swipe right again. It really annoys me because the app wasn’t like that when I first got it. Please change it back to the way it used to be, this has really let my experience down.

- My account

The app is great and all, but I recently went into it and my account was locked. I couldn’t get back into it so I deleted the account and made a new one, within the first 2 seconds of me having the new account, it locked me out? I made another, and another. They all got locked? I’m very confused as I didn’t do anything to violate the guidelines or anything. So if this could be fixed, or I was told how to fix it, that would be great. I had a few friends on there and now I can’t talk to them cause of this issue. Please help

- Emoji issue

Love the app making tons of friends the one problem I have (other than the swipe limit 🙄) is that I can’t add emojis, it keeps on telling me Error: invalid type for key : emojis and whoops please check your internet connection and try again. I’ve restarted my phone and deleted and redowloaded the app but it still won’t work PLSSSSS HELP as it’s really annoying, thanks.

- Teen tinder but it’s not a bad thing

This is basically teen tinder but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. As long as your child isn’t an idiot they should be fine using this app not only for friendship but for relationships as well. I’m a 15 yr old and I met my boyfriend on here so I think it’s a great app if your smart and know how to be safe online.

- Pay to make friends

I have been on this app a number of times. I use to love making new friends from across the globe but now that I have to pay to unlock to see when swiped on me is annoying because I don’t want to pay just to make friends. Also that fact that there isn’t even a free trial before you have to pay to see if it is even worth using. I feel like it would be easier and cheaper to just go on a different app that it doesn’t require me to pay to make friends.

- sketchy

Everything was going amazing. I finally got use to things after a week, then all of a sudden i locked out of my account because of a security threat around my age. Which i don’t understand because everything regarding my age was correct. And now i cant make a new account because i only have one phone number. Can you please make it in option to also sign up with an email. It would make things way easier.

- 3 year review

I used this app when it was under old management and called yellow I’ve used the app ever since It’s been good but recently I’ve only been able to swipe to about 15 people before it prompts me to upgrade to a paid version not a big fan Also when messaging people it’s not always 100% and don’t get the reply shown

- Super like feature

You have done well with this app. My only suggestion is that you put a super like feature that alerts someone when has been super liked, you can only have a couple of these a day otherwise things would get crazy

- There’s a problem

I’m somewhat enjoying my experience on Yubo currently, but a problem has come up for me whenever I use the swipe feature. Bios are not coming up for me when I use swipe. I refresh the app and it still doesn’t work. Rarely, the bio does come back, but only after I have already swiped past multiple people because I couldn’t see their bio so I knew nothing about them

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- Damn

It won't let me go live anymore

- Why is this happening

It’s making me Verify my account because it’s locked and i didn’t do any thing but live with friends but i can’t verify with because i don’t wanna show my passport information. Can someone help...?

- Umm...

I can’t swipe like the button go swiping doesn’t even show up


Got banned, for no apparent reason, got hacked then got banned as soon as I got my account back. Not fair, the support team just keeps reading my messages and not answering me and helping me, what a support team.

- Payments

You’re about to loose all your users by not letting people swipe right for free. This app is horrible now.

- Problème

Je n’ai plus l’option swiper

- Disappointed

I’m very sad that u took away swiping it made the app so much better now all u have is lives pretty disappointed about this

- Nothing against the app

Why is this basically tinder for kids💀😂🤷🏽‍♀️

- Bddbbd

I got called a egg

- Good app, but...

I think you guys should include a option for the swipe, that allows you to see people from your specific province or city, rather than just country


I CANT MESSAGE ANYONE !! They cant see my message and i cant see theirs. I tried messaging my friend and he told me he didn’t see anything!! Please fix this im disappointed.

- Account

I deleted my account over a month ago and people are still finding me on there. I’ve tried logging in and it says my account is non existent. I would like my account taken off permanently if that’s what the delete account is for

- Not fun anymore

What’s with the limited number of swipes now? It’s really dumb, probably gonna delete the app unless it’s changed

- Swiping

Plz bring back swipe right yes swipe left no

- Yubo

Far too many people trying to sell themselves. Spare yourself the temptation and consider doing something else to quell your loneliness. I know that’s what I’ll be doing.

- City

They’re should be a button where it’s your city only but other wise good app!

- A time waster! And too many thirsty hipsters

This app is basically tinder for thirsty narcissistic trendy teenagers ..Don’t waste your time on this app .

- :)

i met some really cool people on here

- Shit

Full of racism.

- plz no pay

i do not like how you have to basically pay to make friends like... and also the link sending thing doesn’t even work and now i have all these people that added me and i can’t even add them back and be friends with them

- swipe limit

it's such a waste now. Get rid of the swipe, 5 per 15 mins? At least up the limit if you need to have one.

- Needs to be better

What is the point of having a swiping app when you can’t even see who’s swiped on you? The price to make friends is way too much and if I, the consumer is watching ads then why should I have to pay to basically use the whole point of the app?! It used to be good when I could see who wanted to be friends with me but now there’s just no point. People would love to use this app but y’all gotta do better.

- Paying to see who swiped?

Gotta say the old version was better. Seems like a new low to have to pay in order to see who swiped🤷🏽‍♀️

- Can't even sign up.

I keep trying differents usernames and it always tells me they are unavailable. Even if I try to put valaiehenwlsishkaoq at the end. Can't create an account.

- swiping limit?

swiping limit is awful. remove it please

- Crashes constantly

Love the app but it crashes all the time. And right now I can't even start a live! For some reason it wont let me and I can only see three lives around the world

- This is stupid

It’s a ok app. I made a rly good friend and a day later it locked me out and now I can’t talk to her. This pisses me off fix it . This don’t even deserve a star👎🏼

- This isn’t the best

It won’t let me get back into my account unless I go through this yoti thing and the yoti asks for your personal information like pass port ID and drivers license. Please fix this.

- Snapchat

The fact that you can’t see who swiped on you unless you have Snapchat sucks. Especially since I don’t have Snapchat so I wish they’d make that section more accessible but besides that 👍🏿

- It’s all your fault

I caught my son jerking off to a cow on this app. YES A REAL LIFE COW. Not even a WOMEN. What have you done to my son.

- Stop making everything cost money

It's dumb on how an app to make friends. You have to pay to see the friends you could've made. Or you have to get people to open a link. I have 17 people who added me back but I can't even see them. If they are worried about money just slap some ads on it and yubo could probably get so many more users.

- Review

Dear Yubo Team, I think you should rewrite the self-injury and suicide part of your community guidelines. I found it very offensive the way it was worded and the way you made it seem like those things can be controlled when they can’t. Thank you

- Got my account locked because I didn’t look my age

They really locked my account just because I have a beard. There’s ppl that grow beards at a young age on this planet yubo

- Smh

I really enjoyed this app, until I got banned for no reason saying i was a catfish, and The confirming process asks for way too many private personal information that does not make people comfortable, sending a picture of me holding a sign to confirm it’s me is enough,I’m not gonna send a picture of my passport or drivers license for a company that doesn’t need to know much that kind of information,

- Won’t let me see profile

As soon as I tap on a profile it crash which is super annoying

- Dumb

It’s kinda dumb that you can’t see who is swiping right on you because even if you do share it people won’t open it and then your still stuck not bieng able to open who swiped you

- Login problem

I can’t login anymore it won’t let me it doesn’t send a code to my phone number...

- Can’t see who swiped you

It’s so dumb that you have to pay to see who swiped for u. And you only have limited swipes. So dumb I’m deleting this app

- It’s not bad

It’s not a bad app for making Friends but you still have to be on a lookout for fake accounts but also. Instead of free 1000 swipes a day, there’s one thing that would make this app worth five stars. N that’s allowing us to see who added us. Allowing us to see who added us back is a better perk than swiping.

- I’m just Trynna make some friends

This is my first day and the app is fun. But like why can’t I see the people that added me . Take in you said it’s a platform to make friends but you’re making us pay to make friends. You might lose a lot just by doing this.

- Stupid Monitization

I thought the point of the app was to find new friends. so why the hell do you make ppl pay $8 a week just to do that. yall must be money hungry as hell god damn smh

- Waste Of Time

I spent about an hour swiping until I realized you have to either share you Yubo link on snap chat to see who you matched with or PAY the app to SEE the people you matched. Intrusive grabage

- Having to pay to swipe and see who adds you

You should go back to when it wasn’t all about money, just let people add and talk to people who added them without having to share the link or pay for it

- Please update

Please developers can you update the app to where we can get at least a trial of the power pack. It’s supposed to be a fun game and we cannot see who added us on the swipe I have over 120 swipes and can’t see not one of them it’s very disappointing how I have to pay to see who swiped (MONEY HUNGRY )🤬


This app is just a cash grab and is LITERALLY not worth your time. After a while your account will be locked and you’ll need to “verify” your account with a very shady app called “Yoti”. This Yoti app requires you to give out very personal information that shouldn’t be disclosed to anyone. If you don’t verify using Yoti, you can however email the Yubo support team, but good luck with waiting almost a month for a response. TERRIBLE APP DO NOT DOWNLOAD

- Stupid

Why do I have to pay or share my profile to people just to see who added me? This is stupid

- Horrible

It’s literally pay to use Terrible app

- Someone plz explain

why isn’t it let me login in with a new account on my phone even with a different number. so basically my original account got banned and i decided to make a different one on another phone with a different number and it works but when i try logging in with that new account on my phone it still says i’m banned even on the new account. someone explain why

- Sucks

This app sucks. I joined a live but it WOULD NOT turn off, I kept turning my volume off, ringer off, exiting the app, everything. So I decided to delete the app, which was the only thing to get the live to stop. After re downloading it and trying to log in again, it claimed my password or user was wrong. (It wasn’t) so I tried to reset the password, but when I did it told me I had the maximum number of retries allowed (even though I only tried once?) And still, not that good of an app, 90% of these profiles are fake catfishes

- bad

keep locking my account for no reason and the only way to unlock it is to show u personal info👎

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- Great App!!

I am pleased to inform anyone who is debating on downloading this app that it is definitely a great choice! Whether you are looking for friends or for anything more than that this app is 100% something you should look into! It pretty much allows you to swipe as much as you want and get as many matches as you want, I’m not even sure if there’s a swipe limit… I believe that this app doesn’t get the credit it deserves. In my personal opinion it has completely blown its competition out of the water (Tinder, etc.). I definitely recommend this app. Not to mention that it seems to do a very good job at keeping fake profiles off of the servers and keeps its customers from being scammed by fake accounts. Keep up the good work Yubo!!

- not a bad app

i just downloaded Yubo yesterday and i have already made a couple of friends, and they are actually really nice. some of them are even only 30 minutes away from where i live which is convenient, because i need friends who i can hang with. i like being able to see people with the same interests as me. but i have to agree with a couple other reviews i have read. i don’t wanna pay a crazy amount of money to be able to swipe more. maybe you can make ads a consideration, but not ones that pop up every 3 seconds while you’re using the app. also the verification process needs too much personal information. i don’t really trust yoti with my state id. but overall it’s a good app and i’m glad i downloaded it.

- This app is ok but....

The app is ok but I dont like the fact that in order to add new friends that added you, you have to pay to see who added you. That bull crap needs to get out the system, O and another thing fix bans and fix the swiping, there is no need to be strict about, theres need for me to meet someone that is across the country I want to hangout with people that is close in my area not far, it would be a lot easier if this app was organized and it would be a lot of excitement in this app if it wasn't so strict or money hungry about everything. We get that yall are trying to get some sort of income out of this app, but there is no need to pay to add friends. This app is good, but its a waste of time. It kinda reminds me of tinder but even more stupid. Fix the app and organize it, stay positive creators.

- amazing but....

i really like the idea of this app it’s let’s you meet new people all over the world it makes your snapchat views higher but it also leaves a chance for a relationship. When i first saw it my first reaction was “wow this seems like a good app” and then we i started using it i figured you had to pay actual money to see who wants to friend you i find it kinda dumb since the whole purpose of this app is to find and make new friends but now you’re telling me i have to pay to make friends some people may find it fair however i do not. I like the other power ups but i think the person using the app should see who added and them and have the chance to add them back for free not by having to pay

- Fun app, too many kids.

yubo is a fun app and i appreciate its ability to function without crashing or pressuring you to buy a premium version like lots of other apps, as well as the simplicity of it altogether. however, there are TOO MANY KIDS setting their ages as much higher than they actually are. I have my age ranges set for 16-19, being as i’m 17 years old. more often than not, i see kids with their ages ranging anywhere from NINE to fifteen years old who set their ages higher in my feed. not only is it irritating because i do NOT want to be their friend and those age filters are there for a reason, but it’s also a safety concern on their part, since they are making themselves much more susceptible to predators. creators of the yubo app: PLEASE take a look into this and do whatever you can to keep kids from lying about their ages. i’m close to getting rid of the app altogether.

- Yubo is Fantastic!

So I’ve been using yubo for a while now and since I have been using it, it has been so fun to use and a great way to connect with friends! The yubo community makes sure that they are do everything possible for the app to continue its great quality! Overall, the people in yubo are very kind and since this is an app to me new friends you can meet anyone you want and some people may surprise you! All the feature that yubo has helps you connect with people more and personally I feel that it may be better than some of the other platforms there are! But overall this app is a great way to find friends and just have a great time with them as you find other friends along the way! THANK YOU YUBO!

- What happened to yellow?!

You see such a long time ago this app (formerly yellow) got me to the goal of 400 views on my stories. I like the way it worked like tinder but once it was a mutual swipe you can add each other’s snap. You guys kept adding stuff and taking some away. Idk if you even still have the option to see other’s instagrams. And now this app is so stupid and frustrating because I does accounts by a person’s phone number which is so stupid because I could never log into my old account because I got a new phone and number. I mean I just read a bunch of reviews and think the yellow team should just shut down, wait I meant Yubo. Literally I had an account since yellow was brand new then they added all the other crap like live, Instagram, then group chats, like tf. I don’t understand how somebody who had been with something new and don’t care for all the bugs it had because it still served its purpose. I don’t even know what purpose that is now.

- Buggy

There’s a lot of annoying bugs in the app that make me rate it 2 stars. The most annoying is the fact that when you send someone a message, it shows up as read for you, but a lot of the time they don’t even receive it. Another thing is that when you’re on “match” and don’t swipe for a little bit, a small tutorial comes up showing you which way to swipe and it gets stuck on that, not allowing you to scroll through the person’s profile. There’s also a problem with the amount of underage people on the app. They’ll have 18+ on their profile, but have their actual age in their bio. Yubo has to find a way to detect that quicker. Another thing that really annoys me is that a lot of the people who add you don’t show up on “match.” I currently have 10+ people who’ve added me but are locked and I can’t see their profile unless I buy the Yubo plus.

- Please fix this.

This isn’t a bad app, I’ve met a lot of people. The only problem I have with this app is that every time I send the link to someone on snap they open it and I don’t get an unlock. I’ve tried sending it to the same friend a couple of times and then I tried sending it to random people who I’ve never sent it to before and it always shows that I have 0 unlocks left. I sent it to over 20 friends last night and I didn’t get a single unlock. I don’t know if this is something that is just happening to me or if it’s happening to others. It’s probably just a small bug that should be easy to fix. I really do enjoy the app though, this is in no way a bad review just wish for this problem to be fixed. Thank you for your time:)


There are multiple groups/clans of people on this app that will threaten to take your account, leave your address, parents names, phone numbers, IP address, and literally all other personal information you could possibly think of. The worst part is that it isn’t just a threat. I’ve seen it done multiple times where someone has gotten their address leaked and gotten pizzas sent to their house that they then have to explain they didn’t order. Also, some people are still running the older version of the app so they can kick everyone in a live and take it over for themselves. The previous version didn’t have rules regarding who can be kicked from a live. This meant that literally everyone has to be checked before they can be invited to the live.


I would just like to say this app is overall an amazing app. I’ve met some of my closest friends on this app. There is so much to offer on this app, I mean like every apps there are flaws and this app does have a few but nothing that stick out. All the pros of this app outweigh the cons, yubo has really took their time in listening to the community when it came to bettering their app. They have a lot of games to play on this app, and there are so many lives to join, just overall so many opportunities to make friends so download rn. You can even verify your own identity which is pretty cool so people know the person in the photos is you. :-) I myself an trying to rejoin the yubo community because I really do love this app :)))

- Ari

Okay! So, I met one of, if not, the coolest person in the world. Her name is, Ari, and she is one of the sweetest human beings I’ve ever met and I couldn’t have been able to meet her without this app. I don’t use Yubo anymore because I really was set with talking to her. I didn’t really want to give anyone else a chance because my connection with her is something I don’t want anyone else besides her. We’re really close now and getting closer ever time we text 24/7. We never had an off day, we’ve always hit it off regardless the hour of the day. I couldn’t have asked a better friend in my life and I hope we can be more one day if she’ll allow me the chance. Which is great because my gut is telling me my chances are good.

- Money

Okay, so I downloaded Yubo as an app to make new friends and everything was alright until it told me I have to money to see the people that added me. I thought this app was to make new friends and to talk to new people, but I didn’t know I had to pay an amount of money every week or months to see who added me. If this is the way you make friends then why use Yubo? And what if your not old enough to pay like I’m 13 and my parents don’t give me money which I’m okay with but when this app asks people around my age to pay money to see the people who are trying to become friends with you. That’s just stupid! I’m sorry but please do fix this and don’t make people pay to see who added them.

- The heck game developers.

Paige Listen, I don’t know if this is a glitch or other people have had it before, but I only played for a few minutes, and I didn’t even get into the actual STUFF. Here’s what happened: I was minding my own business, trying to find a real friendship game (cause I’m lonely,) and suddenly I see Yodo. Hah, little do I know this game will not help at all with my anxiety. I got into the Sign-in Page and when through the scrolls: Name, Paige Age, [ ] Gender, Female. Then the real trouble began. I went to the ' Put in you’re Profile Picture phase. ' I put in a cute picture of my toddler-sister squatting while she did her classic, " Let me talk to you’re manager " attitude face. I added it and it got almost all the way through the loading in until... It said above, " There seems to be something wrong with you’re connection, check Setting. " Problem was, I was connected. So I kept waiting. And waiting.. and waiting. And then I rage-quit and deleted the app. :>Yeah, I get angry on games that just don’t work. So I hope the developers see this because, if it isn’t a problem for other people, then it’s a big problem for me. Me and maybe some others cannot play the game, and I was really looking forward to maybe making some friends. See ya soon, Paige 🙇🏽‍♀️

- Great app

I’ve found the love of my life on this amazing app, they say they love to read, have long walks on the beach, and hit up the vape shop in their free time. They’re so much like me! I think we were made to be together forever. She takes days to reply but I’m sure she’s just really busy, although she just recently filed for unemployment so I’m not really sure what she could be so busy with in her free time, but that’s none of my business! I just can’t wait to take the short 3 hour drive to meet her at her parents’ house, like we’ve been planning! She said she carried lots of emotional baggage but it’s nothing I can’t fit in my fanny pack I’ve got strapped to my side, don’t really know what she meant by that but whatever haha! Thanks Yubo!

- Swipe limits

The app was good until it was made that you can only swipe 15 times every 15 minutes. The only way to get “unlimited swipes” it’s to annoy people with this ad and they have to actually OPEN the link, or you buy the upgraded version, which isn’t gonna be worth it due to how many people that have and are gonna delete the app. Which if it doesn’t get taken out i’m for sure doing too. You wanna make a app letting people find and make friends? Then keep it that way, by adding this feature, you guys literally just went against the whole point of the app and making the most crucial part of the app to find people practically useless. good job on crashing your own app 🤷‍♂️

- Good App, Could be Better

Let me just say this: This app’s concept is phenomenal in my opinion. However, the execution is sub-par. One of the biggest issues with this app is the messaging problems. The messaging service is what I mainly use on this app when meeting new people, but it works 60% of the time. Either a message sends 4-6 times, a picture doesn’t send, or a message never sends. The app is also sprinkled with bugs here and there. For example, when I try to unfriend someone most of the time they don’t appear to leave my friends list. Notifications are also bugged as well. They either appear but there’s nothing to notify you, or the app doesn’t send a notification when it needs to. I’ve tried most of the other apps like this, and I’d say this is the best one. Just squash a few bugs and blam-o!

- 1 shining star

The app seems to have potential, it looks nice! There are several problems but I’m gonna focus on the things or I guess thing they seemed to get most right. The live feature is the reason that this app should be downloaded. If you want to talk to people and make friends, like this app is for. The only way you are getting that done is to jump into someone’s live group chat. ( this means you are basically on a multi person FaceTime call that how ever many people after four or five I believe can watch and type in the chat. Everything else about this app is pretty bad. The best adjustment they could make is that you should be able to add people who added you without having to pay for it first. If you like jumping on FaceTime looking ratchet with a bunch of ghetto teenagers then this is the place to be.

- Actually is pretty good

I just downloaded the Yubo app on Sunday and honestly I gained a lot of friends pretty quickly, versus on other social apps where it might take me awhile to really start making friends, but honestly I’ve had this app for a week and I already have 400 friends on here, which is the highest number of friends or follows I’ve had on any social app. However, I would have to say that I wished this app offered more swipes instead of having maybe 15 swipes of swiping through people before basically waiting 15 or so minutes so you could swipe again which at times can be pretty annoying and frustrating. But other then that it’s a pretty good app nonetheless though.

- Favorite app

Honestly I love this app so much, although I had problems in the past with lives but honestly this app has made me feel better about myself. Growing up I didn’t have a lot of friends but yubo has helped me step out’ve my comfort zone and be myself and make many new friends which some I have met in real life. I love all the updates and I miss the dance challenges the most it was very fun, you should definitely consider bringing the dance challenges :)). Other than that i'm on this app for many hours of the day whenever I have free time, thank you for creating this app it has allowed me to meet some friends I hope to keep forever, can’t wait to see what comes from this app!

- What Happened to Live

Live stream stopped showing up 2 updates ago and hasn’t returned. Never shows anyone on live stream even when settings are on worldwide. Others have issues getting on streams and being able to write messages. It’s gotten frustrating to say the least. Fix it! Lots of fake profiles and creepers. Not understanding why you’re allowing a platform for children most of their parents don’t and won’t know about as it’s based on live streaming. It’s like spoon feeding the pedophiles. Truthfully you need to watch some live streams to see what you’re exposing children to. Your age guidelines make no sense either. You say 13 to register but it says 17+ for age when you’re looking at the information from the App Store. This truly isn’t an app children under the age of 18 should be on. Makes me grateful my children do not have smartphones to be exposed to such vileness.

- Always getting banned

I keep getting banned with no explanation as to what i did, or why i’m being banned. It happens 3-4 times a week and i don’t even do anything differently. I don’t have any revealing pictures of me, my bio isn’t nearly as bad as most people’s. It’s a funny, pretty average bio, etc. I have to wait like 2 days everytime it happens so that i can get back on yubo. I like the app itself but this absolutely RUINS the experience. I cant count how many times i’ve had to verify myself, and everytime that i get temporarily banned, i end up having my bio deleted, or a random picture deleted that wasn’t at all inappropriate. Sometimes they will review my account, and find nothing wrong with it, and other times they will review the exact same bio and pictures, and delete a picture or my bio. It’s very frustrating, especially since i’ve spent money on this app for things such as boosts or the power pack.

- Good App

Overall finding people with the same interests has never been easier. I have made some friends on this app, however, I wouldn’t say it’s like the best app and you should get it. I hate how you have to pay for a power pack just to see who adds you. I feel like, to me, I want to see who added me without paying anything, that way there is more connections and such being made for free vs paying for it. I understand that’s how you make the money and such, but I don’t like how you have to do all these things justto see who wants to be your friend and pay such money to get the results. That’s the only thing I hate about this app, but overal this app is good. I hope you can heat my request and hope you take good intent into this request.

- Hmm

See I have been using this app for probably a year now. I’m gonna be real with you, I don’t like the time-out feature. Why do we have to wait to swipe after like 15 swipes. Like at least make it a good 100 or so. Lemme waste my time with this app, otherwise I’m not having a lot of fun. Ever since this has been put in place, my phone has been extremely dry from lack of conversation. Besides that, the app is great. It allows communication from everywhere which is really fun. But I am sincerely annoyed by how you make me send a link to people, which by the way they’d never open. Update; Things changed, and it’s like how it used to be. which is good. thanks for listening, devs.

- OG Yellow user

I was on Yubo ever since it was called Yellow and the only thing you could do is swipe to add each other on snap. Sometimes I miss the old Yellow setting, but I’m glad to see that Yubo is growing and evolving. No matter how many issues I have with the app I always still use it. It’s almost addicting to be on this app. I have gained so much from using Yubo like friends, possible partners in life, or just some really cool people that I’ve had experiences with. Honestly, Yubo probably saved my life. I’ve never had many friends in real life but Yubo helped me change that by being able to make friends across the continent and the whole world. Yubo has positively changed my perspective on life.

- I highly recommend this app

I use this app often and have met so many people and talked to many and learned many things. You can set a certain radius to find people but I don’t really think it works. I wish that it was easier to find local people. And I wish you could have a shorter range of age. For example, I’m 17 and would rather just find people my age or a year younger, not anyone 15 and below. I often see people even younger for some reason which is weird. Also seeing boys sometimes when I have only girls selected for my swipe. Those are my only issues I’ve come across. Other than that the app is pretty simple and easy to use.

- Unban me Yubo or this review stays

I used to love this app and honestly I wasted way too much time on it. The community was really cool and I met a lot of cool people too. I had a lot of fun on this for about 6 months with no problems until now. I had over 500 friends on the app and had been in and out of Yubo groups. With a decent amount of friends that I actually got close to as well. Until Yubo decided that it would ban my account forever for no reason. I hadn’t done anything that went against the guidelines of this app and honestly, I know people who have gotten away with nudity on this app. But instead they decided to device ban my account, that is banning my account forever, and have decided to never let me make a new one. Despite the fact that there are people actually doing bad stuff on this app and getting punishments like 2 day bans, meanwhile I’m getting forever banned for behaving myself. Thanks a lot Yubo.

- One MAJOR suggestion

i love this app. there’s so many cool features but the one thing i wish you could do is browse people with common tags. possibly making a section on search with tags where if you type in a specific tag you can find people. i think that would be very interesting and make it possible for me to find people with the same interests, because there aren’t many rodeo kids where i live, and i want to be able to find them no matter where they live. i love really close to a city, and a place where there are mainly city kids, and i am not one at all. i think this would absolutely make the app perfect!

- Why so expensive?

It’s so annoying how you have to pay to see who swiped on you. How are we supposed to make friends and see who added us if we can’t even see? Greedy, money-hungry app. $5 a week? What teenager do you think can afford something like that 😂 $15 for 3 months isn’t that bad, but this app isn’t worth a subscription. I think an up-front fee would be way better. I’m seriously thinking “are you joking?” It’s crazy that developers think this is a good idea to run the app this way. It’s a cool concept, but the creators need to take a step back and fix a lot. I can’t get over how expensive it is just to see who added you? What’s the point of making it that way? You guys need to actually read your reviews and see how many people think this app needs improvement and consider changing it to cater more to the people using it.

- Awful Support

This app is okay. Most of the issues on the app come from the users themselves, and that's not something the devs have much control over. My problem? My account got locked for "security reasons." Cool, so I go to verify my account to get it back. I don't have any of the supported IDs for Yoti, so I contacted Yubo Support. I sent them an email with three images of me and my Military ID, as instructed. I've done this three times, and I still have NOT gotten a response. I've even been emailed back to be told I need to send the photos. The email wasn't very clear, so I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or what, but I'm over it at this point. It's great for what it's worth, though. I've met lots of nice people on here and made many friendships that have lasted me, met in person and everything.

- Came back to a horrible app

I recently re-downloaded this app after not having it for a few months. I met some good friends on here and loved the app. But I come back to a horribly insecure app who is scared of who knows what. Trying fruitlessly to win the trust of users by making the verify process impossibly tedious and meticulous. It’s impossible to get verified and the wait is ridiculous. I understand maybe a ban on nudes and inappropriate content may be necessary, but paranoid of every last person on the app is unbelievable and unfair to those who just want to make friends. This went from an easy 5 star app full of good people and an easy to use interface with minimal problems like a stupid premium thing. To an app unusable and abandoned due to the lack of effort given by the devs. Idk where the devs got their drugs when they made this update but I hope they get clean soon to see what they did to the app.

- Not great

I like this app and I’ve met some pretty cool people on here, but there’s so much that’s changed recently that I just don’t like. I think it was much better before, when there was no limit on how many people you could swipe on or who you could swipe on. Not to mention the age thing. Apparently now if you are under 18 you can’t swipe on people 18 and older. I am 18, but for some reason my birthday in the app says I was born in 2002, which I did not put there. I tried to change in back to 2000, and it said I had to verify myself on Yoti?? That’s so ridiculous. So I figured I would check out the Yoti app, and it seems like a TOTAL SCAM. There’s no way I’m putting all of my information there, especially since all I want to do is change my birthday back to what it was originally on a completely unrelated app. Because of this issue, I find myself no longer using the app because it only allows me to swipe on people younger than me, who I have no interest in. I’m thinking about just deleting it and being done, but I genuinely enjoyed having it before, and I hope the developers actually read this and fix the problem.

- Be patient .... I deleted a fairly cool app after one day.

I deleted your app because I downloaded last night before traveling. I thought the app seemed interesting and decided to create a profile but I did not have a chance to finish last night. Welp, I open the app today and it says “you’ve been blocked” which is something daunting to see when you’ve done nothing wrong but not had a chance to finish the profile. Give people a chance to get to know the app before they just give you all of their data and photos....do you think Facebook got where they are by blocking users without giving them a notice or a period of time to finish the profile. No....in fact, Facebook wants users so they don’t care if someone doesn’t want to show everyone their picture. The app just lost a user and I’m sure more soon. People can’t always build their whole profile in one siting.

- Something’s wrong

I honestly love this app. I got it last summer and it was great. But then I kinda stopped using it for a while and when I got back on it, I realized I needed to update my profile pictures, so I deleted the ones I already had and every single time I’ve tried to add more, I says something is wrong with my internet connection. So now I can’t use the app because it won’t let me put a profile pic. I’ve tried everything from resetting my phone, to deleting and redownloading the app and I’ve even turned on my WiFi and tried other people’s WiFi . I’m tryna create a new account but still can’t upload a pic because of my “internet connection.” I hope you take this review into consideration and work on this bug please so I can recommend ur app to others. Thank you.

- Locking my account for no reason

It’s pretty annoying to have just gotten the app because you’re friend said it was worth downloading and then a day after use you’re account gets locked. I actually met a good amount of people that I was hoping to get to know. I went as far as making a new account because I really wanted it to work and my the new account that I made still ended up being locked. So I don’t know what to do because when I looked for ways to get it unlocked they were all ways I was uncomfortable with as I am a minor and there’s a large scale of pedophiles in the world. The Yoti app seems really suspicious so I don’t want anything to do with it. And I don’t want to send pictures of myself to a development company I know barely anything about or where they’re based. I’ve heard so many things over the years that I don’t want to take any risks that I could avoid.

- How you could fix things.

So it’s alright but I hate the update where you have to wait to add people now like a good 15 minutes, I also don’t like that I can’t see who added me without embarrassing myself with having to show people on snap and I honestly don’t want people to see what I’m doing in my personal time. Also I’m not gonna pay a lot of money on an app for guys to be dry with me or to leave me on read, there’s no point in spending my money on something when I could spend my money on something better. Please make it to where you can get a month free depending on a point system, not a difficult one either, I feel like people would stay on your app longer and want to use it more.

- Yoti & getting locked out

I genuinely enjoy being on the app, i’ve made a bunch of friends on there and it’s made me happy, but recently they’re kicking and locking people out of the app (me included) and saying in order to be able to use your account or the app again you have to install a second app called Yoti and “verify” yourself. I find it to be a hassle and there should be a separate way to “verify” yourself, because not everyone wants to go through an entire separate process on a different app to prove they’re who they say they are. I should be able to just verify myself through email or phone number instead of a completely different (and honestly quite shady) app. It’s a shame because i do enjoy the app, but that’s a tad too much.

- Amazing App !

Yubo is one of my favorite apps. I meet new people on their all the time and have met some of my closest IBFs (internet best friends) there. When I’m NOT meeting new people there it’s just a fun place for me and my friends to go live. We’ll do “talent shows” or “bio reviews” and it’s just so fun. We could be on there for hours at a time and never get bored😭 I would highly recommend this app for not only meeting fun new people but also having fun with your friends. Side Note: it’s a very safe app. It has you put your age to make sure you only chat / interact with people your age. A lot of apps don’t do that and it think it’s cool they take that extra step to ensure safely there :)

- Awesome app (please read)

This app is absolutely amazing. The creators of yubo really took time into making it a safer and better place! I love the verification you can get on your account as it processes that you are the age you are and can only interact with people around your age to ensure the safety of the community. It is easy to use and so so fun! Huge upgrade from the previous Yellow app. ONLY LITTLE THING: their are lags sometimes that cause people to exit the app, or to continue screen share even after you end it, and sometimes messages won’t show up, but other than that, I made some awesome friends so far and I will continue to grow my music career with yubo!

- Why does it make me put my information to use the app

practically the app was going great actually perfect but then one random day it says “your yubo account has been locked for security reasons,please verify your account to unlock your account”. so the steps and it want me to put my passport??? Your wildin. I put my school card instead and it still doesn't work saying that i have to show the year of what grade i was in which is clearly on there. I have tried multiple times to put my card but it says the same thing. I delete my account with 1000 freinds i have gathered over the year. I make new accounts. and it says your yubo account has been locked for security reasons,please verify your account to unlock your account”. It says same thing over and over as soon as i log into the account. I have made 7 plus accounts and it keeps saying verify your account.

- I use to love it

I use to love Yubo and I went on it everyday for HOURS, but now I can’t stand it anymore. I had it for a whole year but then I had to delete it. It’s literally an online High School. A bunch of people being sexual to each other and so much drama. So many guys asked me sexual questions and said sexual comments to me it made me feel so uncomfortable. And everyday there would be drama on the app in a live. And people catfish people everyday too. I got tired of all of that. If this app is for young adults, then people on there have to act like one and be mature. Some people on there would be old men or children. When I just got the app a guy in his 60 was saying inappropriate things to me and then the next day a 10 year old said “I love you” to me. To anybody who’s reading this, if you can’t stand drama, extremely sexual people, or being catfishes by children and old men, this app isn’t for you.

- Respect Yubo

Yubo I respect what y’all do with your app but I’ve got banned multiple times for no reason and it always pops up yoti verify but I have nothing to do with that because I don’t have a if and I feel that it’s being forced to get verified and why do you ban people for no reason with such eas also I love this app and I feel like the app would be better if you can post like clips and more things from your live to get your self out there like a update like that would improve the community of people you have and I would say it’s used to promote lit people and can you at least lower the restrictions on the app but I love the app all respect 🙃

- BIG issue...

Alright, the app is good. Technically speaking. Everything works fine, but there’s a huge blaring problem with it. The people. Never have I been on such a unbearably toxic app. Whether it’s me, or my friends going on, every single person I meet is just so rude and hostile for no reason at all. Some people might think “lol well your just probably an annoying kid.” (and I don’t know how to say this without sounding dumb but) I’m just a regular nice human being like MOST of the people you meet in life. Nothing outrageously wrong. But still, the people on this app truly have horrible personalities. It feels more like an app used to just put you down. It has nothing to do with the people that made the app, in fact I have no idea why the users for this specific app are so toxic, but what I do know is that it worries me for future generations.

- Decent app, a few suggestions

I like this app and it has a lot of potential. But you guys shouldn’t make us share this to our snap in order to unlock friends. Otherwise the swipe feature is useless in my opinion. That’s not right how you guys want us to advertise your app in order to unlock a few people when we don’t even know what they look like. Paying for unlocks are just as bad as well. If you guys want more people to download the app, you shouldn’t make us share to our snap to unlock new people. If you guys let us see who added us on the swipe without sharing to our snap or spending money, this will allow more people to make friends on this app. I’m assuming that’s what your guy’s goal is for individuals who take part in this app.

- This app needs improvements bad !!!

This app is so poorly designed. For starters, when people are in the app in general watching lives it tells me that they aren’t online but they really are. It should really be when they are on the app and in it watching lives it should say. The age limit does actually say what they app required. The ages in the app are outrageous, kids under the age of 13 are in the app and it say it’s for 17 when really the app allows it to have kids 13 and up but the age limit is 17+, MAKE UP YOUT MIND PEOPLE!! When people are reported for a thing they did wrong, they person whom reported them should get updates on the account and person too for say if they used foul language or showed inappropriate content and they were reported, they person who reported should get a text from Yubo saying there account has been taken down or he has been banned for 24 hours.

- Poor customer service

I’ve had this app for about maybe a year. But recently I’ve decided to get back on it since I never really used it like that only once a week to see if anyone i knew was on. All of a sudden my account got blocked I couldn’t swipe on anyone and all of the lives just disappeared and it would say choose another country, no other country had lives. I couldn’t message anyone at all and when I contacted the customer support they said “ sorry for the inconvenience we’ve identified the issue and will fix it in the next update”. 7 updates later and almost a month or two later nothing has been fixed and no update from customer service on what happened or why it was happening to me. After several emails I recently got the same message again and honestly just done with the app. Nothing has been done

- The easiest way to connect with people!

I’ve been using Yubo (Yellow) for a very long time and I’ve noticed that there are so many people that come here strictly because they’re lonely, sad, or just in need of friendship, If you lack friendship/communication with others i’d recommend the yubo app because it’s just so amazing how fast you’re able to connect with the community, It’s jam packed with amazing features and so many amazing people that are here to help others/ gain friendship themselves! Thank you for changing my perspective on the world and putting us all one step closer to learning about other people/cultures/ways of life with a simple swipe !

- Here we go again...

I’ve been a Yubo user for over a year now. And I’ve gotta say I’m in love with this app. I live everything about it, it’s actually a really really great way to make friends and talk to people you never would’ve ever met other wise! Really I’m so glad I got this app... now with that said, swipes... at first I thought they had gotten rid of the, “out of swipes” system. Apparently I just have a lot of swipes or they brought it back. I get that they’re trying to advertise it however, I know very little people that would actually post and especially not pay, to get more of them. That’s my only complaint great app keep it up.

- Why

OK so the only reason why I downloaded the app was to make new friends and to talk to different type of people and I’ve done that for the past two weeks but then yesterday I tried going into the app again and it told me that I need to download a security app for security purposes to unblock my account from some thing but the only reason why I download this app was to like make new friends so I thought OK let me put in a fake birthday and then I’ll just talk to people and they could just ask my birthday there but like I didn’t know they have to like share my personal info such as my ID or my permit which I have none of those because of course I’m not over 18 or 16 so I don’t know if I delete the app or make a new account but yeah

- Please change distance settings.

I love Yubo, I have met good friends and even a girlfriend on the app. The crippling aspect, however, is the distance settings. I’m looking for people in my area, but i need to swipe through at least 50 people just to find someone who’s in the same state as me. What would be a great addition to the app is if, in the settings, there were an option to ONLY have people show up within ___ miles of the user rather than showing those people first (which the app doesn’t do anyway). So if i live in Los Angeles, only people within, for example, 20 miles of my location would be visible. I would only find people in or around LA and not someone in Georgia or Illinois.

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Yubo: Make real friends live 3.54.4 Screenshots & Images

Yubo: Make real friends live iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Yubo: Make real friends live iphone images
Yubo: Make real friends live iphone images
Yubo: Make real friends live iphone images
Yubo: Make real friends live iphone images
Yubo: Make real friends live iphone images

Yubo: Make real friends live (Version 3.54.4) Install & Download

The applications Yubo: Make real friends live was published in the category Social Networking on 2015-10-12 and was developed by Twelve APP [Developer ID: 953855529]. This application file size is 105.92 MB. Yubo: Make real friends live - Social Networking app posted on 2020-12-21 current version is 3.54.4 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: co.yellw.Yellow

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