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Looking for a portable scanner?

iScanner will turn your device into a powerful digital office and help you become more productive in your work and daily life. Download this scanner app for free to instantly scan, save, and share any document in PDF, JPG or TXT formats.

Go paperless with our fast PDF scanner – store all your documents in a neat mobile office right on your phone!

This tiny yet powerful free scanner app is a must-have for students and anyone involved in a small business: accountants, realtors, managers, or lawyers. Scan anything you need, including receipts, contracts, paper notes, fax papers, books, and store your scans as multipage PDF or JPEG files.

• ID-CARD & PASSPORT – a mode specifically designed for fast and convenient scanning of ID-documents.
• MATH – solve math problems and complex equations. Just point your device camera at a math expression, whether handwritten or typed, and get a solution instantly.
• AREA – measure an object’s length and calculate the total room area.
• QR CODE – read any QR-code with your device camera.

Would you like to keep your entire office in your pocket and increase your productivity at work? Use scanner pro features to handle your paperwork with ease. Say goodbye to huge and ugly copy machines and get this ultra-fast scanner app for free now!

– Scan documents and photos to PDF, JPEG, or TXT
– Easily scan multiple pages into one document
– Recognize text from any scannable object with OCR
– Put your electronic signature on documents

– Edit scans using color correction and noise removing features
– Use file manager with folders, drag & drop, and document editing features
– Protect your confidential scans by locking folders and files with PIN
– Add an electronic signature

– Scan documents and share them in just a few taps
– Print contracts and invoices right from the scanning app
– Share and upload scanned documents to cloud services like Dropbox, Evernote, or Google Drive

With this secure free scanner app, any scanned or exported documents are stored locally on your iPhone, and neither we nor any third-party can access them.

Made with love in the USA.

Privacy Policy:
Terms of Use:

For any questions or inquiries about our mobile PDF scanner, feel free to contact us at

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Thanks for staying with us! The new version offers: – Minor bug fixes – Usability improvements We love getting feedback from all of you! Please leave your reviews, so we can keep making the app even better.

iScanner - PDF Scanner App Comments & Reviews

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- Best app for all the things 🙌🏻

I used this app at first just deleting as I went the first few so I didn’t have to pay for it because Ill admit I’m not one to pay for an app when so many free options are around that is until I realized how truly awesome this app is! It was great using the lite/free version and since I deal a lot with legal documents in my educational field I decided that this app was a must have, I can now scan, upload, fax, etc my documents from ANYWHERE-to make it even better the full paid version allows me to pin/fingerprint lock the documents that are legally binding and for certain viewers only and I’m just in love with the ease and access it provides! I recommend for anyone in any career I use it for personal reasons as well as for work! Not to mention was able to offload my Neat scanner and free up some space and I would recommend this over any other app or product out there and I’ve used numerous! Yay iScanner! Seriously worth the money!

- Works way better than I expected!

I have just been so delighted by this. I’m a travel therapist and as such I do not work in the places I get paid. I scan all of my documents and send them in. It’s great. In addition my husband has his own business and I do the books. When he gets a bill or a receipt he just scans it and emails it to me from his phone and it is AS CLEAR as if I used a scanner in a home office. No matter what I have used it for it hasn’t failed me once. Sometimes I have to use the manual feature for smaller items like driver’s licenses but it still works amazingly well! The picture is so clear and it looks like it has been scanned. When I used the photos from my phone it never looked clear enough and I was always being asked to scan it again.

- Simple n great

Use all the time to make pdf's and mail them from phone. Keep all kinds of docs handy. Have copied whole 50-page docs and sent by email. Also easy to transfer via ftp server in app, normally turned off of course for security. You can passcode-protect any document. Sometimes it is frustrating if it insists your doc fits in one of the predetermined sizes/shapes, which makes your doc look distorted but the original is still there if needed, and you can still try another. Saying “Original Size” solves shape but makes the email recipient unable to print without expertise. Also wish I had better corner fine-tuning: my thumb just isn’t precise enough when I let go. Small issues compared to the incredible usefulness just about every day.

- Good app but I almost deleted it before I tried it

Two recommendations to make if you want better reviews the first one to not start something a person to upgrade to the pro version I think I've given them a chance to try the trial version at least let me use my maximum of three document until you start bugging me about pro seriously it was overkill and I will even try it I almost just deleted it immediately second suggestion distinguish the two applications from each other the icons are identicaladd the word pro to the pro application for god sake's otherwise I could delete the wrong one and I would consistently trying to upload it would mess I'm just distinguish them from each other

- A Necessity!!!

I have been scanning documents for work and church choir “old school style” for a while now. This app is so handy and saves a TON of time! I recommend playing around with it to see if you like it and download the Pro version because it installs a different app for Pro and I didn’t see a way to carry your documents over. The Pro version has a few really cool features you’ll love. This app is a necessity in business for sure. I’ve been playing around with it for only 20 minutes and already made a couple PDFs of songs I need for mass tomorrow. I am so excited about this app! Make sure to pay attention to the tutorial when you first launch the app, FYI. I definitely recommend this app!!!!

- So far...pretty helpful!

I purchased the Pro scanner to aid in sending documents to my attorney, employers, and important documents regarding insurance claims and so far it's been amazingly helpful as it's saved me a couple of trips to the office to use an actual office scanner. My only issue is that when I tried to save a rather large file to the iCloud Drive it would not allow me to do so. I also can't find anywhere that indicates what the maximum size files allowed to be saved to the iCloud Drive are...? HELP PLEASE?? Is it me or an app thing? Also when I upgraded to the Pro from the "free" app, I lost several documents I had scanned using the free app. 😡 Other than that, I love the ease of use and will probably recommend to anyone needing to scan and send documents on the go! ***UPDATE: After digging into the app a little further, when choosing what you'd like to do with the documents, I selected the option "Move to.." and it allowed me to save my very large file (43 pages in all) to my iCloud Drive. 🙌🏼 I'm giving 5 stars after all and will humbly refer to my first attempts as "User Error."

- Mystery and no way to contact anyone

Just downloaded the app and it looks like I need an account of some type to use it but no clear directions on how to proceed or what to set up. I am not a gamer that enjoys figuring out a cryptic challenge! Supposed to be able to share with up to 6 users but only shows the buy app page with $$ when the 2nd user/device tries to download. Did not want to guess whether or not it was going to charge again for an app download that so far is NOT user friendly- at least not for this user. Thought I’d try the “contact us” function but it will only only allow screen shots - Really!&@? If someone from the App reads this just please let me know if you care if I can use your App and how I can contact a real person to get some clear directions on how to use and share this app! So far I am regretting spending the $6.99 for the scan and fax app package - been a waste of a morning.

- Perfect scanning app

I’ve been using this app for a few years and it’s awesome! I love how easy it is to use. The quality of the scans are great and I haven’t had any problems yet. You can change how the scan looks after you’ve already ‘scanned’ it but changing it to a gray scale, black & white, all colors, etc. It’s simple to remove/add pages as well as rescan a particular page. The best part about this app is being able to save as a PDF and emailing as a PDF. I’ve also recently started using a faxing app and this app makes it so much easier. Plus it’s all free! Overall great app. I rarely write app reviews but I had to write on for this! You won’t regret downloading this app.

- I never give 5 star ratings

I love this app, absolutely love it. I've thrown out my Fujitsu scan snap because this app is so awesome. The fact I can upload to google drive right from the app and it has OCR built in (not that I've found a reason to take advantage yet) I was hesitant because of the reviews but my experience has been nothing but positive. I love that I can just use the manual option and crop things later and make it fit. The color, BW, and the fading features are awesome! I can't wait to use it and I get excited every time I have something to scan. No app is perfect and I feel to give 5 stars would be to say there's no way this app can be better. WELL worth the money for sure. With such a digital world we live in it just helps to have my smart phone replace one more device and it can now fit in my pocket. Right now my wife and I are being licensed for Foster Care and there is A TON of paper work. As much paperwork as there is there's more people requesting that paper work so the fact that I can email from the app and store information in the cloud, is HUGE for us to stay organized. Highly recommend to everyone!

- Great Scanner

Scan the pages, drag the corner of the image box to the corners of the pages scanned, click done, email to self or upload to box. Very easy to use scanner application with great quality. I scan documents on the go, client documents handed to me to look at; no longer to I have to ask can you send me a copy of that; no longer do I have to take the original scan it at a traditional machine and then have to return the document. If you have ever needed a digital copy of a document, or a copy to take with you for later, then you need to get this application now. It will save you time and money.

- Almost Perfect!

Could easily be a FIVE star app IF… This app is so close to being everything you’d want in a mobile scanning app. For iPhone users, adding iMessage as a feature would make this all that much better. I don’t like or use Messenger and probably most iPhone users use iMessage anyway, so why wouldn’t you offer it? Let’s face it... there’s got to be a lot of us. Makes no sense! The other thing I would really like to see in a premium app like this is the ability to rotate the signature graphic, whereby it could be properly rotated to easily fit the profile of any scanned document. In the default alignment, it just doesn’t always come out the way you need it. That’s frustrating! These enhancements seem like simple enough fixes to get this to a perfect rating. I’ve made these requests several times in the past but the developer seems unwilling to concede. We’ll see. If this app could do these additional things, I’d probably throw away my other (less impressive) apps that can do these things, now. It’s a very, very good app... it could easily be just that much better and the only mobile scanning I need, IF...

- Insane.

When I purchased pro from the App Store there was no indication that it was a monthly thing. I don’t do upgrades in app and now that seems to be what you have to do? I so now I have two of the same app on here because the pro expired. It def wasn’t enough of a service to pay 4.99 a month, I’m very selective about paying for apps it need to be worth the money. It was worth the one time cost it seemed to be, well maybe it would have been had that purchase actually been a purchase. Not worth a monthly cost. Making sure I have the documents saved and deleting both versions of this app. Not completely sure what changed between when I purchased and now but I would have never missed that it was a monthly fee to have pro. Good thing there are many options out there and I will be more careful from now on.

- Terrific auto scan, no iCloud sync

I actually have two scan apps, I really like the workflow on this one. There is just the right amount of features and they are clear and concise. The auto scan is fast and accurate, it really puts the so called number one scanning app to shame in this category. However the big deal breaker for me is the lack of IOS cloud sync, I use multiple devices and scanning something on one device and not having it sync to the other devices makes it nearly impossible for me to use, consequently I'm deleting it from my devices. On the contrary, if you have only one device, say an iPhone and you want a scanning app, I would give this app 5 stars, look no further. Hopefully in time they will add iCloud to the sync.

- Great App all around

I’ve been using said app for a few years now and it has been a tremendously appreciated addition to my app arsenal. If you do business related anything often then this is app worth investing it. It’s simple and straight forward. It’s as user friendly as anything out to date. For example, get the document you need, hold phone over said document and boom, it’s scanned. You don’t event have to press automatically does it for you. You even have the option of editing what you scanned. Great app hands down. Don’t take my word for it..try it out for yourself.

- This app has saved me many times!

This app is very practical and I'm so glad I have it! The only complaints I have is that once you've made a scan, you can't seem to ever delete it. I accidentally took a picture in scan mode of a wall, somehow it got saved and now it's in my list of scans. You also can't change a scan once it's made (add a new sheet, rearrange the order of pages, etc). Not a big deal, as I just make a new one in those cases, but annoying to have a list of useless scans, or one time scans, accumulating in the app. Otherwise, this app has saved me many times!

- Does what it says

This app pretty much kills the need for a flat bed document scanner and allows you to scan anything anywhere quickly which I like and instantly email it to yourself in .PDF format. The work flow is straight forward and the auto border detection works amazing most of the time. It's also faster than a flat bed scanner and the resulting document looks crisp and you can't tell it wasn't scanned in but rather taken as a picture. I also like that if your scan from a distance the iPhone 7 still has enough resolution to give you a crisp, square image! I would like it to automatically sync the scanned documents to my iCloud and Dropbox and also be able to save the documents as images so they go into my roll as well as a .PDF. Another great feature is you can use an image as a document if someone sends you something to sign in an email and even apply a live signature on top of it using your phone and mail it back to them. This way you don't waste any paper and can turn around signatures very fast

- The best out of many I have tried! Even just the free version.

I have used many different scanning type apps. However, there is just something missing with their organization or edge detection or file saving. It is very fast and will allow you options to either take a picture or import one from Photos. I will be upgrading to the paid version for the OCR capabilities. However, just using the scanning and file saving is everything that I need to go paperless. I absolutely love this program. I do not believe you can go wrong with the free Version if scanning is all you need.

- What an awesome scanner!

I was using Scanner Pro as my scanner of choice, but now I scanner is the only one for me! It does everything I needed to do and does it effectively efficiently with an excellent interface and gives me email ability as well as one drive and Evernote excesses. It is fast and efficient and includes OCR. I bought the bundle with the fax, but I probably will not use the Fax program as I seldom use faxes and it is a monthly charge and not a credit charge total. I paid throughout dollars extra for the bundle, but just having a scanner is well worth $10. But don't tell the developers… That

- No more need for bulky portable scanners!

Call me old school, but I was actually researching portable scanners to use while traveling for business, when my very handsome and intelligent husband said, “Why don’t you just download an app on your phone?” (Duh...I’ve got a high pixel camera, but never made the connection.) So, I played around with his phone’s iScanner app (after reading the FAQ/instructions in “Settings”) and viola...the best little scanner I could possibly want in palm of my hand! So naturally, I sprung the “big bucks” for the $4.99 iScanner purchase instead of the $269 for the scanner I was thinking of buying online. 😁

- Incredible. Lifesaver

I volunteer for a dog rescue and work for a design firm. In my daily life I have access to high end scanners and copiers. Whole volunteering I am always in the need of scanning medical records and adoption documents for the rescue dogs. I never expected to find an app that would even compare to the equipment that I have to work - I was wrong. This app is incredible, flexible and fast. And the quality is better than our high end scanners - truly. This app is worth every penny and has saved me endless hours standing at a scanner and is a smart app. I highly recommend.

- Absolutely awful, good scanner

This app works incredibly well as a scanner in its most basic and simple meaning. If you have something that you need scanned then your in business. But, you better not want to back that file up or anywhere. Or, god forbid your 1 device breaks or stops working. Or maybe you purchase a new device or already have 2 devices that you would like to use this app on. HOW IS THERE NO SYNC OPTION. Nearly all apps backup user information for a seamless transition from one device to another, which you would expect in an app meant for storing files and business use. It's 2017, my pointless phone games sync and are saved to a cloud but something as simple as this isn't. If the scanner didn't work so well this app wouldn't even deserve 1 star. Hopefully the developer can add something like that in so that I don't have to use my 3 year old iPad for accessing these files while my brand new devices is sitting next to me. Also there is no select all. I have business cards and contact info saved and in order to save my nearly 2,000 items I have to click on each and every one. What a joke Great scanner, awful just about everything else.

- Wonderful App

App works extremely well and does everything as it should. You must however pay 5.99 and buy the app otherwise it's not worth it. The ads that it pops up are absolutely out of control and you can only scan three documents so the trial version is not worth it if you really need it just buy it it is worth it. The auto scan/picture function is much better and easier to use than Turbo scan. One major negative issue is you can save to cloud servers but not iCloud that I can find anywhere thus 4 stars.

- Literally replaced my file cabinet

Once I found out I could fax or upload to google drive or email myself anything I bought the app. Just being able to scan about anything and it looks like a legit scan or fax helps when you don’t have a scanner/ printer. Last year I went through and scanned everything in my file cabinet and organized everything in the app. Really this apps usefulness comes from how simple the design is and how robust the options are. This app alone is better than the Neat scanner.

- Hands-down the most useful app on my phone

Of the tons of apps on my phone, this is the most I paid, yet the BEST money ever spent on an app. Worth FAR more than I paid. It’s extremely user friendly, and very versatile. I use it all the time .... being able to create PDFs in my pajamas using my phone camera, and then email them instantly (it accesses my entire phone book) is priceless. I am also able to name and store the documents, and add pages at any time. This is a workhorse and I highly recommend it!

- Crashing Now

App used to work great! But recently it’s been crashing all the time, omitting pages when saved to my files (e.g. had an 89 of document that only saved 29 pages) and mixing up the pages. For example, I had a 12pg document I kept adding more pages to in chunks of 10 totaling 92 pages. When I saved it to my iPhone files, the pages were all out of order, and instead of adding each new chunk of 10 pages at the end of the document, it added them to the beginning of the document. But it keeps everything “correct” in the app. Just can’t share or move a correct or complete copy out of the app. Tried emailing, saving to files, google drive, text. Nothing works.

- Making my life so much easier!

I just recently downloaded the app and shortly after upgraded to pro because I can seriously see myself using this a lot. It is easy to use and manage documents uploaded with ability to edit document quality and share directly from the app. I cannot really tell the difference in quality between the pro and free version other than the elimination of upgrade messages. I will say being able to password protect documents is really useful specially when uploading documents with sensitive information.

- Super for Traveling Instructor but...

This app is suuuuuper awesomely convenient for me. I travel to various schools and studios to train actors and must report Attendance to home base office. This app allows me to NOT have to make it to a copier machine and scanner for 30 minutes every week. I simply snap a photo scan of their old-school handwritten attendance sheets during class cleanup time. Email immediately aaaaand FINISHED! No paperwork! Now, this app LOSES HALF A STAR because it's not in color and just so grainy. And I have an i6s I'm working with. There are also too few post-editing options to truly take over as my main scanner.

- Disappointed with later updates

I paid, I think, $4.99 one time for this app. I was happy for months until the latest updates. Now after I scan, I have to go back and edit every document because the original scan cuts off the pages in odd shapes. It never did that before. There’s another version of this app by the same creator...for $9.99 a month. I suppose it works better??? What’s up with that? I don’t think that’s fair to loyal customers. I should get good quality scans just like I did before. Sounds fishy that my version doesn’t work well and I would have to pay more for better quality. Can someone tell me why this version is so messed up?

- A must have!

This app is a must have for every iPhone user! I have saved tons of time and even money by having this app. I have used iScanner for school permission slips found left at home, for court paperwork, banking, and even my photography business! Once you get the hang of how to get the camera angle right (hold directly over the document) it is faster the using a hardware scanner. Just an additional tip. Use the color choice feature to see what is the best quality for your documents.

- Email Glitch?

I keep attempting to email a PDF or Jpeg image of a document to myself (or others) and I just keep getting a banner across the top stating "!Enter your email address to send documents to it". I've entered my email address under the settings toolbar and there is no other place to input an email. Has anyone else encountered this problem? I even purchased the Pro version to overcome this and continue to have the same issue...making this app useless to me at this point.

- Gr8 App & Gr8 Idea! Love It!

Gr8 App & Gr8 Idea! Love It! Could use a couple few improvements but I'm sure that'll come with usage.... I just hope that any Company's, State Office, Government Or Whatever Else used for excepts the App & it's Scanned Pics of Documents is all I'm wondering bout! I'll try it myself ASAP! Other them that the airports absolutely great highly recommend anybody that is a paper order such as myself but would like to have it all in one little click of a button is your chance right here! "I'm Luvin'It!!!🤓

- Great purchase with an annoying flaw.

I use this app religiously for scanning documents at work on the fly and I like that I can back things up on Dropbox, Evernote, etc etc... but if there is one thing that has started to annoy me to no end, is that I bought the app not only for utility, but so I can avoid the ads every 9 seconds. Now even after I bought it, it still gives me pop ups to sign my email up for news and promotions. Absolutely annoying. I already paid you 5 bucks to use your app, stop repeatedly bothering me!!

- App Suddenly Broke. Can’t open at all. Scans inaccessible.

This app was extremely helpful up until a week ago when I updated it and it subsequently stopped working. I have many things saved in the app that I can no longer access, and I can no longer scan anything new. The app was acting up - every time I scanned something a blank white page was the result - so I updated. Now when I click the app it instantly closes. I am afraid to delete and re-download the app because of the things I have saved in the app already, but it is as of right now useless. I will be happy to change my review rating if and when this is resolved. In the meantime I am very frustrated and would not recommend this app.

- Good mobile scanner app

The quality of scan is pretty good and provides options for adjusting clarity of written content. It would be great if it allowed adjusting the size of the scan. At times it creates really big docs and prevents sending it out on emails due to the big size. Update June 19, 2017 It has almost replaced my need for using a proper scanner, which I still use it but only when I need high quality scans. For everyday regular scan iScanner has been doing a marvelous job.

- Best mistake ever

I purchased this app to scan and upload my ID to my States government website. Unfortunately, the website didn’t work with iPhones so I felt I wasted $15 on an app I’ll never use. However, I was so wrong! I did an ENTIRE home loan application using this app. Not once did I have to go to Print, scan, eSign, or make a pdf file from the comfort of my iPhone. It even has the option to fax. Saved me many trips to The UPS Store or Fed/Ex Kinkos. I highly recommend this app!

- Great app but documents disappear

I absolutely love this app because I can create folders and add pdf documents from scanner. I have noticed on occasion that the documents mysteriously disappear. I would say user error, but I specifically checked a scanned document in a folder from last night but can’t find today. This has happened a few times previously and thought I may have inadvertently deleted the files. Now I check each time and it happened again. These were important documents.

- Portable

I don't have a scanner at work. This is saved my life. Makes me look professional when I send something out as a PDF. Am easy way to store documents. When asked for them, I can simply open my phone and send them as I am standing there. I have had a couple of instances where people got the PDF and couldn't read it but that is it usual, and I'm not sure why it happens. Document can be signed, locked, rescanned. Very user friendly.

- Making life simple

This simple to use pdf scanner has made my life and expense reports so simple. The quality and easy of use is fantastic - you can change the color and contrast to capture even the lightest receipt. I use this for scanning documents, loan paperwork, IDs for business use, etc. This is really the best app on my phone for business and personal use. Don’t waste your time with other scanners!! Download this one - you will not regret it.

- Love it! Useful, easy, powerful!

Capture docs simply, fine tune or not, save--even send--all within the app. I haven't even begun to discover the range of things I can accomplish with this app. My daughter recommended this app to me, and it's obviously going to be indispensable for saving documents and records. With next to no effort almost all my filing is going onto my devices rather than into file drawers. Plus I can email scans (jpg or PDF) effortlessly. Thanks for a great app!

- Very Convenient

I've used this scanner for business & personal use and I'm very happy with it. Its so convenient especially when your on the go & don't have access to your printer/scanner. The one complaint I have is that when I upgraded to the pro version I lost all my previous scans. But there's plenty of options to save - Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive you just have to remember to do it after you scan your document.

- Great app except

This app is great for the ticketing items I need to scan. The automatic border detection makes scanning multiple pages a breeze. But two issues I have encountered made me give the 3 stars 1st: when scanning pages there is no option to retake the scan once the picture is taken, you can delete the scan but no option to retake a scan should the picture not be clear or etc. so minus one star there 2nd: email advertising for the purchased product. I get it advertisement is key for apps but should I really be subject to it when I have purchased the app? It is very annoying to have IScanner in the subject line of my emails and in the body of the emails also, It looks very unprofessional. Not to mention I have to manually delete both of those items when sending emails, please give me to option to turn this off or remove it from the purchased app and I will give back the second star. Over all a great app with many options but leaves more to be desired with those two issues

- Works great

I no longer need to worry about purchasing a printer with scanning features, as this app takes care of my scanning needs. It's super easy to scan documents with multiple pages. I can instantly send the scanned documents from my phone to any of my contacts. It also has a great security feature where you can lock/password protect your scanned documents, so I don't have to worry if I ever lose my phone. So easy!!!

- Awesome App

I have been using this app for a few years now and it’s a very useful tool. I use it quite a bit at times and it’s extremely easy to scan things, save them as a pdf and email it off all while on the go. Everyone has had to get an important document out at some point when they’re nowhere near a printer/scanner etc. Well fear not because this app can make that process less stressful. Great App/Tool.

- Needed it more than I thought I would.

Okay, I originally ordered this because my son was on leave from the US Army and needed to upload a signed document, we were at a restaurant and we did everything right at our table. I haven't had to use it much, only a total of 4 times over the last 2 years but each of those times it was very urgent so I'm glad I had the app. Turned out to be a life saver!! Totally worth it.

- Need to update the icon for the elite version

This is an extremely useful app and well worth paying for the elite upgrade. Great for turning both multi-page documents and collections of photos into PDFs. Only issue I have is that the elite version uses the same icon and title as the free version. I had to keep both because I had documents in the free version that the elite version didn't import. Hard to tell which one I'm clicking on.

- Have never been happier!

Just get a paid version right away, way cheaper then a $100 scanner!! This app is perfect for a quick scanning of any document on the go, honestly I preferred over any kind of scanner, it is just faster and more reliable. However, if you have to do scanning on the regular basis, like a lot of papers at once, and just a lot of scanning in general, I would definitely recommend getting a scanner.

- Best scanner ever.

It auto scans sides of paper for you, you can mess with setting to have them in color or not, more than one page per pdf (easy to add and take away unlike any computer program), and sending PDFs to where ever you want as basically the same options as a picture on your phone. I used this app on 4 phones with a $70k scanning project with tripods and it was great the whole time. No complaints. None.

- Quick, convenient!

Honestly, it saves me a trip to a copy center every time, copiers come back clear, allows you to adjust or crop background of the place you took the pic from , allows you to mail immediately after and all scanned copies can also be kept saved for future sharing. Hands down one of the BEST apps I have on me phone. Ohhh! Did I mention I can do all of this from the comfort of my phone? ;) Great app!

- Love this So! Much!

About a year ago I started using iScan and it was a godsend!, it's like having my personal office right on my phone. It allows me to not only scan and revise the document but also enhance the document as well and I love that it makes everything else obsolete this app is a must have!!!! The only thing is if you're sending multiple documents in one email it takes a little longer to send. -Kim T

- Very useful

I purchased this app for my daughter to use at school and after seeing how easy it was to capture a multi page pdf, I actually bought it for myself. I’ve used it at work when I receive a document I have to print and sign, but send back electronically. With this app I don’t have to try and find a scanner. Highly recommend this app for how easy and functional it is.

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- Just so simple, even I could use it

This is one product which lives up to its name and reputation. I was having trouble with my home printer and scanner, mostly because I use them so rarely now. The thought of trying to find someone who would look at my scanner and be able to fix it cheaper than buying a completely new one was, frankly, too much to bear. I spoke to a friend who told me about iScanner. She uses it for all her work and she has a busy business of her own as well as handling the accounts for the family business. I don’t like wasting money, but for $20bucks, there was not much worry there. It works, it tells you what to do, and by the second time you use it, you are an expert. I am sold!!

- Great, clean function - fast & easy

I really like iScanner :) thanks heaps to the app makers for a reliable & helpful solution to home scanning without a scanner. Just one suggestion (and why I only rated 4 stars): once you’ve scanned and are in edit mode before saving the document - please make it easier to swipe to the next page of the document (or a different scan of the same page when you’re trying to choose the highest quality scan). There either needs to be an extra button added to press to view the next page, a bigger empty space made so there’s room for your finger moving across the screen (without accidentally tapping on one of the pages) or the current tiny blank space needs to be made more sensitive to detect a swiping movement (if that’s actually possible). I am often stuck on page one for way too long trying to swipe to page two. Overall though, a great app, just needs a little tiny tweak to make editing easier.

- Great for an emergency!!

This app is one of my favourite purchases ever. The free version has all the same features as the paid, except for the number of items you can save (free having a limit). It’s very easy to use, and once you get the hang of where the tools are, it’s SO EASY AND FAST. Must have for uni students/people who need to scan things on the go, and a really good tool for helping you keep everything centralised on your phone.

- Frustrating

The whole look and the UI of this App is very clean, attractive and straightforward. Unfortunately though, I do not believe that it performs well at all. Even though the quality of the scanned image is very good and the editing tools are excellent, it's ability to recognise borders and to efficiently photograph the image, is extremely frustrating and makes all the good points not count for much. I am surprised with the cost of the app when considering the time required to effectively scan just one image is longer than other similar priced apps take to scan several (or in some cases even more) pages with the same quality results. Perhaps get it to scan as well as Scannable, and then with the features already ideal in this App, it will then - at the very least - come equal to the top performing apps of this category.

- 2nd review not happy

This was my first review Turn photos into pdf's (documents) absolutely great for for taking screen shots and then converting them into emqil pdf format this app!!!!! Here’s my second !!!!!!!! I don’t understand this thing that seems to be happening a lot lately re purchasing apps on the App Store I bought the pro version of this app at a fixed price when it first came out as I loved it. Then all of a sudden i am now being asked to pay for a subscription when I have already purchased it. I think this is wrong on a lot of levels.....I think that existing customers who have paid for the pro version should be exempt as they previously purchased the app in good faith rightly assuming that they then would have ongoing use of the said item for the price they paid, there was no disclosure at the time to say that this may be the case ...(I did try the restore purchase option just in case)....To me this is like purchasing something from a shop and then being told 2 years later that you now have to pay a regular fee in order to use it...very disappointing! Great app ...switching to Adobe ...I cant even access the many files I have in your program!

- Fantastic app!

I’ve been using this for over a year now and it still works great! It’s very easy to use and the most important thing for me is that I don’t need to go home to use my photo copy machine because I have this app. I can use it anytime and anywhere. Absolutely fantastic if you’re a university student, work in an office or cannot afford to keep buying ink for your photo copy machine.

- Why iScanner is better than Notes

It’s true, your iPhone notes app has a document scanner inspired by iScanner, but here’s why I still use iScanner. You get a better scan. I find iScanner’s edge detection to be faster and more accurate, as well as the edge edit feature being MUCH easier to use because of the cleverly placed magnifiers. On Notes the magnifiers end up hard to see under your finger. With iScanner it’s actually fun trimming up those edges. The color tuning options are also very quick and easy to get the best look from the scanned document. Easier to manage and share. I much prefer using iScanner to manage my scanned files and export them to PDF/JPEG on the fly. Just my two cents worth.

- Bad update and popups

The app has updated and is much less intuitive to use. Previous version was much better i think. Once again after paying for a product it can be totally changed via a update. Hardly the same app. Maybe the previous version (good version) has been on sold and we are back to trailing and working the bugs out of this one. I would prefer to keep the product i selected and paid for. Forever getting popups requesting a rating.

- Excellent App, use it regularly instead of a scanner

I was planning to buy a scanner a few years back for the home office, until I realised how expensive they were! Got this app for $5 or thereabouts and it fulfils so far every scanning use I’ve needed it for. Intuitive, fast, easy to use as well

- Sneaky

Found functionally ok but only if y you purchase. Get sick of prompts to rate it every time I use it. Needs to be more disclosure about functionality b4 I download Response said that problem would be fixed on April 25' now July 25 and still have same problem. Definitely a waste of money. Buy a different app Always asks me to upgrade to pro when I did that months ago. Very very annoying andv time wasting

- Pretty Good

When it works which is most of the time it is a great app. Like others I get annoyed by the rate now and is in part one of the reasons I am rating now in the hope that the request will go away. Just recently when I email the PDF to my mac laptop I have trouble printing it which I did not have before and it only relates to items saved on this app

- Great app!

Does what you expect from a Scanner app. The only thing, you cannot change the auto text that it adds into the emails when you send the attachment out, have to change it manually every time which is quite annoying.

- I love this app

I was going to go and buy a small photocopier, but then I came across this app. I use the app to scan in what I need copied and then just print it off on my home printer. This app has saved me a lot of time and money!!! It's very easy to use and a great price. I couldn't be happier with it.

- saves time

The app gets better when you become more familiar with the features, save time by taking photos of the pages first and then create the pdf. using the camera can be frustrating

- Great app!!!!

Don't know what I'd do without this app now. So many functions but so easy to use!! Recommended if you sign & email a lot of documents, it actually works faster than my scanner at home & you can save it into many apps right from your phone. Love it!!

- Easy to use

I used this app for free for quite a while but found it so handy that I ended up paying for it and haven’t regretted it. It can easily create multiple page documents and adjust resolution so as to have a reasonable size file.

- Great app, very handy

Just when you need a scanner and then realize you have this app! It's great , used it for signing contract document and sending straight from app. Like anything it takes familiarizing yourself with it and then becomes easier to use.

- Simply brilliant

Easy to use, makes sending important documents easy and safe. Does it quicker and better than our home printer/scanner does. Bought full version so we can drop box as well.

- Simple Easy and Fast

Turned my iPhone into the most important tool for our start up business, capable of creating, assembling and sending all my documents simply easy and fast.

- Efficient, but expected more

Really efficient and simple scanning tool. However I had higher expectations and was somewhat disappointed to the fact that it may take a while to recognize the borders and/or get a steady shot due to hand movement. Nonetheless I recommend this app

- Excellent App

This app made my life much less complicated when I was between houses and so computers. Still use it even though I have easy access to a computer/scanner as so convenient.

- Convenient and it works

The scanner app allows you to scan from your phone. Excellent - does away with putting on the printer and scanning from your computer. Excellent

- iScanner

This is a simple app which does its job very well. It’s best feature as far as I’m concerned is that I can add my signature to documents and then email them from the app, although they always seem to be queued to send even when I’m connected to wifi.

- Generally very good.

Only problem I have - Crashes every time I try to ‘Share > JPG > Save Image’ though which is very annoying. Sometimes some other random crashes when editing an image but they are only occasional not every time.

- Great app

This app is very quick and easy to use in creating PDF files and sending them via email plus it has loads of other features excellent app

- Quick and easy

I love this app!!! It is so quick and easy to use. I love the conversion straight to a PDF to be able to email right then and there. I am a nurse educator and recommended it to all my students.

- On the mark

Makes my job far easier. On the road and mobile is how I like to be. This app shuts off a reason to return to the office. I can email easily to where I need the doc. to be.

- Fabulous!!

What a fabulous app!! So easy to use. Very clear resolution, auto adjusts to scan documents, etc to fit perfectly. Easy to email or message scanned documents. Very clever having a scanner app!! Well done!!

- Rock solid scanner app

I own a construction firm and won’t waste time with convoluted or flakey programs and apps. This scanning app is rock solid, intuitive, and makes it child’s-play to transfer documents from the worksite to the construction office fast.

- Great scanner

I like the iScanner because it is easy, convenient and it's easy to email everything from accountants forms to school orders. If it's colour you want, you need to take the photo first and then import.

- The most useful app I have!

I have used this app, for so many important things... don't know what I would do without it now. Completely eliminates the need for a home scanner.

- Excellent aide to a mobile executive

This simple tool aids the most mobile of business people. It is very easy to use and it portability is fantastic. The ability to use OCR is also an advantage

- Best scanning app

Quick, accurate , easy to scan and upload to the cloud! Would be nice to have an automatic upload to the cloud feature....

- Great handy tool

Fantastic and easy functionality. Gets rid of having to scan almost any DOC. Love the integration between photos and scanning process. Dead easy!

- Won't email images anymore

Was awesome. Now it doesn't sent image which is my primary function and reason for the spend.

- Can't live without it

My favourite most functional app! This makes everything look smooth and professional! Thanks so much for this app.


I didn't even realize you could do this sort of thing (not overly computer savvy) Since getting the app I'm scanning all sorts of things it's super handy and so easy to use 👍🏻

- Very happy

Very happy and quick all paperwork and send ready. And same photos to jpg quick. A+++ thank you, keep going work hard.

- Very handy scanner

I don't have to search around for a scanner for immediate scanning of documents. I would have given 5 stars if the app could give Gmail app support with it. Other than that perfect app

- Essential for teaching

I use every day to save digital copies of written maths answers and board notes etc. so easy and quick to use.

- So easy

I use this all the time to PDF signed docs and email them back to clients and institutions. It is quick, the resolution is great for docs, it auto crops. Saves me heaps of time.

- Issue when closing the App

It would perpetually ask for your passcode or thumb when you try to close the app.

- Excellent

I have used this app for over 12 months and it is really great. Simple to use and delivers good results. I would recommend it

- Great app easy to use and worth the $

Great scanning app that is very easy to use and edit the documents I love it and think it was well worth buying.

- Worth the money to upgrade

This is a great app, very user friendly and so convenient on the run. Definitely worth purchasing!

- Very Useful

Having a scanner that is easy to use and in your hand whenever you need it is great. This one fills the bill for me

- Not intuitive.

Whilst OK, for a first time use. I found it to be not particularly intuitive. I've used other scanners that were less confusing. I hope this issue improves with more use.

- Very good

I have used this app for a few years now and paid for the full version, works well

- Awesome App

Use it all the time. Does the job perfectly. Couldn't be more pleased. Five stars from me. One of the best apps on my phone. Highly recommended.

- Great application.

I m very happy with this software . This thing made my life much easier. No need scanning any more . No need that big machines any more . Thanks to whom who invent it

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- Powerful app, well worth the price.


- Very good

Very good

- 5 stars to me

I tried it out and loved it! Bought the bundle. It really does a good job! Worth the money for me

- BP Scanner performs Amazingly




- Best app I have ever purchased. I’d Recommend it to anyone!

Normally I wouldn’t write a review but this app is great. It has been a huge help on many occasions at work. Being able to photograph documents and edit them with the option to save in different formats including PDF. It’s an app I think everyone should have as an easy way to keep track of and back up important paperwork and documents. I wouldn’t even bother with the free version. spend the money for the full version you won’t regret it! I cant recommend this app enough!

- Paperless at its finest


- Great Scanner app!

Fantastic....very powerful scanner....thank you!

- Evaluación

Very, very good. Thank you.

- The best scanner

It’s fast an professional save me lots of time

- Newest version broke functionality

I can no longer email to myself or save to iCloud, perhaps an issue with latest version. IPhone 8+, iOS 3.6.

- Great product

So easy to use and always saves me when I am in a pinch to send documents via PDF. Must have on your phone.

- Iscanner

This app was very easy to use, definitely will continue to use for all my scanning and email needs.

- COO, World Fashions Group

Excellent service!

- Très utile

Excellent pour la prise photo et la qualité de l'image. Permet de créer des PDF pas trop lourds. Le cadrage est facile a exécuter. Le hic: ne permet pas de zapper entre différents scans du répertoire Iscanner. Il faut à chaque fois fermer l’image et ouvrir la suivante.

- Love it.

By far one of the best apps I’ve ever purchased. I use it soo much. It is super convenient and easy to use.

- Convenient AF

Great app been using for 5 years

- Can’t add photos from photos app

App freezes when you try to add pages from photo app. Never had the problem before.


This app has saved me many times when I needed a copy of a document or needed to send a fax.

- Great

I use it all the time and it saves me time!!! I love it!!!

- Gray app

Easy to use and a great app!

- New update crashing

I have been using this app for over a year with my business. Yesterday I updated the app, now it will not open and I fear I will have lost all the data stored in the app. There is no way for me to get support other than to write this review and hope iScanner contacts me...

- Great program

Easy to use.

- I love this app

Amazing App! Have everything I need just love it! You can do auto or manual! Has many options!

- Trop excellent!!


- Nice and easy app

Easy to scan and organize documents

- New Update Crash

New update keeps crashing when trying to copy file from other apps. Please fixed it ASAP

- Love this app

Works great for legal documentation. Can't imagine not having it. An amazing must have tool for anyone on the go.

- Love the app

I wish I knew how to insert a page that I missed into a group of pages

- A life saver!

So handy and so precise. I love it!

- Regular user. Handy and easy.

Good app. Very useful for billing.

- Simple and easy

Works every time. Super user friendly and simple.

- Easy

Very convenient and reliable

- Great product

The ability to move borders to fit the actual document is a good feature.

- Amazing app !

It has saved the day for me so many times ! Can’t work without it !

- Je ne pourrais partir au travail sans lui et très efficace et simple d’utilisation

Facile, clair rapide pour un camionneur qui doit partager ses documents quotidiennement! Gerald Transport Grayson Inc.

- Excellent app

Great app! High resolution and professional quality! Using an Iphone 11 pro camera is even better!

- Best app for my daily use

Really happy with this app.

- An app I cannot go without

Very practicle to scan any document or to create PDFs from pictures. Very solid app with a good number of features which makes this app simple yet powerful enough to do everything I need.

- Pictures are too big and can’t change size

Pictures are too big and can’t change size

- Essential “tool”

I see it in the field every day - incredible convenience!

- Family sharing not working

Family sharing doesn’t work , tried to share with wife and they want $20.99 . That is not family sharing! Don’t buy until this is changed!

- Excellent app

I have been using iScanner for two years to scan time sheets, receipts, and other important paperwork back to head office. It has proven to be well worth the cost. Not only does it save me from having to lug around a bulky scanner everywhere I go, it scans crystal clear. The only issue I have is that many times I have scanned a document and the self capture has cut the page short leaving information out of the scan. Occasionally this becomes a pain but considering the alternative, I can deal with it just fine.

- Folder within a folder

Love the app! but please add the possibility to create a folder within a folder, would help tremendously!! Absolutely need it, starting to look like a mess

- Décu de lapplication

Plus sa avance et plus lapplication se comporte mal! Incapable de bien cadrer les bordures depuis les dernieres mise a jour!

- Review

A most useful and efficient app. It saves me enormous time and resources

- IScanner

I use this app lots with out any trouble using this one of my fav's They got this one right :)

- Great App

Been using this app for quite awhile now, works great, never had an issue.

- Love this scanner app

I don’t have a scanner and this was recommended to me. It’s absolutely so easy to use and I use it almost everyday.

- Reliable when on the road

This is amazing for when I am out of the office and only have my phone on me. Great clear copies

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- The perfect little tool

This is the perfect little scanner app! Well worth the 4.99 price tag. Extremely simple to use, minimalist design, and makes my life so much easier. High quality scans, and multiple ways to share documents. There are several tools in the app I have yet to use, but I'm sure they are just as simple. Please, save yourself any unnecessary headaches and get this app. You'll thank yourself later!

- Easy. Convenient.

This app is intuitive and easy to use. Within one day of using the free app, I upgraded. The capability of emailing with the push of a single button is one I use over and over again. If give the app 5 stars, but there are two things I'd like to see. 1. Shorter time in the email que and 2. a manual option for photographing successive images. There are times the app photographs something other than a doc. It's a bit annoying. Otherwise, Great app.

- Better than a cheesy snapshot!

I downloaded the free version but quickly purchased the unlimited one... I can't believe how many times I need to use it! What I love is that you can edit the document and save it as a professional PDF or JPG attachment to an email. Very cool and it's user friendly after the first few times. I keep docs in separate files and easy to lock them so they don't get lost or deleted!

- Best app on my iPhone!

We move a lot for my husband's job in the Military. I found this app when I was trying to register our children in their new school. I had to scan and upload documents. We didn't have any of our household items, yet. This app provides you the capability to scan, upload, use any email, save to anything you need, and keep all the information as PDF or jpg. Amazing and FREE!

- 2020 Scanner Helpful

This app works well and it's preferred even with other apps available. I have been through administering my mother's estate, children graduating from college and starting grad. school, working more than one job, moving, and maintaining my health. I have been so glad I have this resource that creates PDFs from any document and lets me send them immediately from almost anywhere.

- Why change?

I use this app all the time for work. There used to be a feature that allowed me to quickly email something to my work acct but it was removed with a previous update a few months ago. I thought maybe it was being worked on and would come back. I may start looking for another scan app. The loss of that feature has me spending an extra 10 seconds or so to send my work email the doc. Over the course of the day that time adds up.

- Very Clean and Easy to Use Scanner App

I’ve had this for a few years now, I am just one of those people who keep refusing to review apps that I use constantly. The irony. I love this app, it’s helped me get through organizing files for several different cases. I don’t want to send someone a crappy image of a document revealing natural light, I want to send them an image that looks like it’s fresh out the printer.

- Very Useful App

I work in commercial construction and I find myself using this app on a daily basis. I use it to send in my weekly hours, any reports or receipts that need to be filled out. I also scan parts of my blue prints for use out in the field or to send to other foreman and workers on big jobs. It’s simple to use and has changed my workflow for the better. Don’t want to be without it.

- Consumer

Great App! Made my files more manageable- and on top of that scan ready. Features are clear and without clutter. For my purposes, I haven't seen a downside yet. I'm glad I upgraded to pro version. I just hope that there will be enough data storage, and since I don't know that yet, my advice to would be users that if you need huge data storage, check on that first.

- Buggy

Like it and great for uploading receipts and docs for work. Uploaded from a picture is really bad quality. I had better luck with the other app I used before this one. Comes out way too blurry/unreadable. Cannot email scans out. It keeps telling me to set up an email using this Mail settings of your device. I have email set up on my phone, email inputed into the settings of the app and not working. I can still upload to google drive which is sufficient for now but would be. Ice to use that function to avoid more steps.

- Life made easy

This app has made my life easy! Being on the go can sometimes make my work life hectic, but with app I just click, scan and send. I don’t miss out on important orders and i make my customers feel important because I able to meet there needs immediately. Anything they need emailed or faxed is just one click away, no matter where I am. Love it!!

- Good app on the iPad - Useful

Had this app for about a week. Had to scan medical records with it. It has worked exceptionally well so far. Very happy about that. The accompanying Fax App however, is a dud. Didn't work out of the gate and they don't explain you have to buy "credits" to use it. Asked for a refund on that one. The Scanning app however is excellent. Would recommend it without hesitation.

- Awesome app

This is app very handy to have. I mean why not have. Anything or any picture that you take you can easily shift it to a paper, in a very awesome way. I use this to scan documents, to save certain docs on file, it’s useful for we I need to reprint, or if I take a picture of a document I can add it here. Put like this it’s a mini office thats within reach of your hands..

- Latest Update causing problems

I normally LOVE the use of this app! So many great quality features!! But the latest update messes up my scans when I try to upload them to Google Drive or even email them to myself. The document becomes a mirror image & upside down. It looks normal on my phone but when I transfer, it gets funky. Please update this glitch! And also provide iCloud backup. Otherwise overall good app!

- Does All I Need it to do

I did pay to get the upgrade. It is well worth the investment. This app makes it so easy to email documents back and forth with my customers. I have yet to be disappointed. I also love how it saves my documents for each event in a file for that customer. It only takes a second to find what I'm looking for.

- Good but image quality could be better.

I do like this app and use it quite a bit. I bought the advanced version. I do hope an update will come that will improve the pdf image quality. The image quality is the only reason I gave it 3 stars is because of the image quality. I can see if the lower priced version was not as crisp but I believe the version I’m paying for should be better.

- Super Easy & looks legit!!

Other scanner apps I've used in the past (especially the cheap/free ones) were clearly a picture of the document instead of an actual scan. I believe if you scanned a document with both a true scanner and this app, most people would find it challenging to correctly identify which was which.

- Review

Great help with today's technology. Use your cell phone to take a picture and turn it into a document you can email!! Started out using it for my Masters program and continue to use it for my job and emailing paperwork instead of faxing or scanning which is so unreliable. It’s so easy to check to see if went through.

- Love this app

I used the free version for a while, but this app has saved me so many times that I decided to support the developers and get the paid version. It's user friendly, fast, intuitive and has great features and really saves time. Much quicker and more efficient than using a printer to scan many pages. Thank you for this app.

- Best scanner ever!

Incredibly easy to use, super quality, Scans look better than original. Super professional quality, and let’s you combine photos into one pdf as you shoot them. And fabulous text recognition build in. Great sharing options. Files can be combined. And so much more. A dream! Better than any hardware scanner I have ever used.

- Great scanning program

This is a great scanning program. Very easy to use, intuitive and really makes scanning on the go a breeze. Would have given it a five star rating had the "rate program " pop-up not continued to interfere with my workflow. So now I am giving it a review so the pop-up will go away. However if you want a great little scanner program for your phone you may have found it.

- Quite a useful app

I have used this app for a number of different tasks. It has been especially helpful with genealogical material, both text and pictures. The only drawback is that the design is such that it is taking me a while to figure out details of how it works. Haven’t found the design tremendously intuitive. But I do like it.

- Love it

Outstanding app. Only one critique would be in the resolution of the pdf's. Some (90%) come out beautiful while a few (10%) come either white washed or blacked out. I use an iPhone 7. This app is still very convenient, easy to use and the fastest way to organize document. But what i love the most is how i create pdf's out of pretty much anything.

- Gmail and Apple mail app

If you have deleted the Apple mail app that came on your phone and replaced it with gmail you will have to download the Apple mail app in order to send emails to yourself after you have taken photos of what you need to send. That was the solution in my case after multiple times of entering my gmail in the scanner app and checking my gmail settings.

- Fabulous method to a send a fax, when a fax machine is not an option

We have all been in situations where we need to send a fax urgently, but a fax machine is not convenient or available. This app provides essentially a flawless solution to getting your fax tasks done! I ha e been I’m using it for over 3 years, and am a huge fan. (Finally got around to express my appreciation)

- Great for truck drivers

Great app! I’m a truck driver and gone all the time. I can send in paperwork from anywhere instead of finding a store or truck stop that charges ridiculous amounts. Also, the app stores whatever I’ve sent so if there’s an issue I’m not digging through mountains of paperwork to find the missing page. It’s right in the app. Boom!

- Great App

I use a scanner a lot for work but have been wanting a way to track my expenses on the go and not have to keep up with so many receipts. This app is very user friendly and allows you to quickly organize all your scans into categories so you can access them without a hassle. I highly recommend...

- Amazing, convenient, life saver!!!!

This app has helped me out so much!!! Idk what I would do without it! I have used this app to send over very important school documents/ work documents. Definitely recommend this for any college student and especially if your job requires you to fax over excessive amounts of paperwork. Such a genius app! Will never delete! My holy grail.

- Little bit of a rip off!

While I think the app is great, I got the free version and kept getting the alert to BUY the pro version! I created several documents and finally when I tried to use the camera in the free version, I was no long able to roll I BOUGHT the pro version!!! Now I have documents in the other one to try and figure out how to move, but I did not want to spend the money on this one! This is "a bit of a rip off!"

- Firefighter use

On the wall at our fire station we have many “sub grids” or mini maps of different apartment complexes. I have a file folder in this app with all of our subgrids. This way if we are not in the station I can look up the sub grid on our way to a call, I can direct our driver right where we need to go.

- Life changing app

Love this app! I have been using for a year now and it has been changing my life. I travel a lot from a country to another and now do not have the stress anymore to scan docs and transform them into PDF. Highly recommend it as it is a huge gain of time, things to carry (you simply need your phone) and money!

- Only got Better

I got the previous version which was fine and worked well. Then I got the new version at no charge (fair developers) and I love it. It's so smart that it would detect the document and you don't even have to press the take photo button. Works seamlessly with Dropbox and email. I really recommend it!!

- Hope the developer sees this!

I purchased the scanner and fax app bundle for work. I've tried sending a PDF via email to someone and all it says is "Your email is queued in the mail app" what mail app? I linked my gmail to this and I am very confused. I keep checking my sent folder in my gmail but it isn't there. What is wrong? Also when I got the fax app I thought I could use it to actually fax. Nope! Turns out I have to purchase a $9.99 subscription service so I can fax or buy credits to do it. I already paid money why do you need to do this. I feel very ripped off!

- Best thing since sliced bread!

No longer do I have to curse at my cruddy printer/scanner device that behaves only when it wants to and demand the sacrifice of my sanity just to scan a receipt for my tax account... this app makes everything related to document storage and transmission easier, faster, and totally portable. I'm so glad I spent the money to purchase it!

- Great scanner app

Great scanner app. I use it mostly for black and white text documents. Very easy to import photos of docs from the iPhone photo app and convert to pdf. Easy to trim the edges, straighten images, combine pages, and email final scanned documents of one or more pages. Provides same quality I get by scanning or copying using a typical office machine.

- A little jewel

This application solved a major problem when my desktop scanner failed! My documents were quickly scanned an transmitted via email using IScanner. Many thanks! A year later, my desktop scanner has become a relic. iScanner is the only scan tool I use, in the office or in the field.

- Works like a charm!

I run a Tree Service and now I can have all my paperwork with me at all times, without having any of the actual paper! Makes doing business much easier. My only complaint is that I can't text directly from the app I have to save as a picture to then send as a text.

- No one response

Actually this app is pretty good, it runs their core function very well, but i have several questions through contac us in the settings, but no ine responses. Please check it guys, i’ll change the stars to 5. One more questions, i have one drive app, but it not sync directly to iscanner, i have another 2 cloud storage, dropbox and google drive, it sync very well. Why dont microsoft onedrive? And how to move the saved document to icloud?

- It’s so good, I even wrote a review!

It sounds crazy, but whenever a friend asks me what my favorite app on my phone is I always say this one. It cost a few bucks but has been 100% worth it as someone who routinely scans worksheets and receipts. It works near-perfectly, has a great UI, and offers all the bells and whistles you would expect e.g. emailing, sharing

- i Scanner App 👍

I downloaded the app to handle all my business receipts. Now I don’t have to be home to put all my receipts in PDF format. I can do my business expenses on the road. The app is easy to use, it is not expensive, and it works great. I don’t like a lot of extra junk on my phone. But this is one thing I’m glad I have.

- Good app, but must upgrade first

The free trial was good, but if you scan a lot of documents for school or work, you'll have to upgrade the app in order to get the full benefit. But it's amazing! I scan it and the documents appear really clear as long as your phone camera is in good condition. Hated that I had to pay for it, but totally worth it.

- A great tool!

This tool makes me much more efficient. It does that by allowing me to scan things when I want to rather than waiting until I get home from trips. Also, the quality of the scans is photo quality and not the stuff I get from my scanner at home. I totally endorse this product!

- Excellent App but Needs Work

I LOVE this app, as a college student with research papers, it’s a life saver. That being said, the app won’t access pictures from my phone to scan. I’ve allowed access and everything, but the app just freezes. This is frustrating, especially if you have no other way to get these documents scanned. Overall, very user friendly and helpful, and I would recommend to everyone.

- Great app!!!

I work for a mortgage company, and I have customers that use this app to send me documents. The quality is better than most of what I've seen, and they can be reprinted in equally good quality. I downloaded this app myself, and showed all my coworkers what it could do. It's a life saver if I need to get a signature in mere minutes.

- Working Well

Works well for all of my scanning needs. Quick and easy. I would like a little more control of the speed of scanning from sheet to sheet. Snaps the next scan a bit too fast occasionally and cuts off the page or gets surrounding stuff in the screen shot. A few additional user control features and it will be the perfect app.

- Super Easy

Easy to understand and use. App leads you through the minimal steps needed to automatically scan your page--or pages keeping them together--and creates a PDF for you to email or message to someone. Accurate, very clear images, too! And, the best part? This was my first time to use it.

- Convenient and easy to use

I've been using the app for about three years now and I love it. It turns images into PDF file, either from photo library or the camera. I've recommended it to many of my friends who need this function on their phones. Great app. Definitely worth the price!!

- Terrible

I got free one first. Needed to scan urgently. After scanning, was trying to email and it kept giving error enter email. There was place to add email. I added one in settings and it still did not work. Everytime I tried it, it showed me ads and still did not work. Finally after frustration and urgency, i bought it. Then it installed a separate app and could not find the docs I already scanned. So i had to redo all the work. Still the same email issue. Eventually I uploaded to drive to make it work. Terrible experience !!

- Invaluable program!

Invaluable program and I use it all of the time for my job. I have a request. I have standardized on the way we save hard copies of service reports and need the ability to create and save a standard prefix to the file name. After the prefix I would like to continue to add a custom name.

- Best scanner app I've found

This is definitely the best scanner app that I have found. I have used others and they require any purchases to scan with my document a day. This also has very good quality scanned documents. Some others I have used make it look like a fax from a very old fax machine.

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iScanner - PDF Scanner App 4.1 Screenshots & Images

iScanner - PDF Scanner App iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

iScanner - PDF Scanner App iphone images
iScanner - PDF Scanner App iphone images
iScanner - PDF Scanner App iphone images
iScanner - PDF Scanner App iphone images
iScanner - PDF Scanner App iphone images
iScanner - PDF Scanner App iphone images
iScanner - PDF Scanner App iphone images
iScanner - PDF Scanner App iphone images
iScanner - PDF Scanner App iphone images
iScanner - PDF Scanner App iphone images

iScanner - PDF Scanner App (Version 4.1) Install & Download

The applications iScanner - PDF Scanner App was published in the category Business on 2015-09-10 and was developed by BPMobile [Developer ID: 1085442365]. This application file size is 81.79 MB. iScanner - PDF Scanner App - Business app posted on 2020-11-09 current version is 4.1 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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