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What is brothers: a tale of two sons app? **Supported Devices iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 or newer devices.**

Critically acclaimed, story-driven adventure game from award-winning Swedish film director, Josef Fares and originally developed by Starbreeze Studios.

10/10 - Joystiq “It’s rare for a game to forge a connection so strong.”
9/10 - Polygon “Moved me to tears.”
9/10 - Eurogamer “A triumph.”

Winner of more than 50 awards including Game of Year, BAFTA, DICE and more.

A man, clinging to life. His two sons, desperate to cure their ailing father, are left with but one option. They must set out upon a journey to find and bring back the "Water of Life" as they come to rely on one another to survive. One must be strong where the other is weak, brave where the other is fearful, they must be... Brothers.

• Guide two brothers, Naia and Naiee, on an epic fairy tale journey using specially designed, dual virtual joysticks
• Control both brothers simultaneously as you experience co-operative play in single player mode
• Solve puzzles, explore the stunning locations and fight boss battles, using unique qualities of big and little brother each varying in
strength, size and speed
• Experience an emotional story told without words…narrative above the ordinary

This is one journey you will never forget…

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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Version 1.7.218 December 2018

Optimized for the latest Apple devices..

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Comments & Reviews 2022

- Pretty fun game, but needs improvements

I have really enjoyed this game so far, the storyline is entertaining and the fantasy aspect holds your attention. The graphics, although not great at times, really didn’t bother me, and overall the game was pretty enough compared to other games. It’s also just a really sweet tale about two brothers on a quest to save their father! That being said, the controls are terrible, and the game is pretty buggy. I had to restart at a checkpoint several times because the characters straight up didn’t move when I wanted them to move. The joysticks are also badly placed and it doesn’t seem like there is any way to move them, only to make them bigger or smaller, or more opaque. I wish I could leave 5 stars, but for what I paid, it doesn’t quite reach the bar!

- Great game,want more

I actually stopped in the middle to write this review because I was so disappointed. This game has been fantastic, engaging, and entertaining, UNTIL... the part where you have to swing the brothers by a rope around a cliff. There were NO instructions or references to anything like this in the tutorial at the start, or the gameplay thus far. I actually thought it was some kind of bug at first, until, in my frustration, I accidentally made one brother fall so he was dangling. I went to setting, and looked at how to use the controls. Nothing. I even googled a walkthrough because I was enjoying it so much until this point. It took me like 40 minutes and god knows how many tries to figure it out. You have to touch the screen (not the joystick,which moves all over the place anyway) and I figured it out by trial and error. In my frustration I have given 3 stars, but I will come back when I finish and give another rating. If this game keeps going like the first part, it is 5 stars all the way. But these iOS controls are NOT intuitive, and some minimal guidance would make the experience a million times better. Rant over Now I’ve finished, and i changed to 5 stars because I cannot give 10 stars. Fantastic game despite small issues with controls

- Some ups and downs to the game.🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

First of all the controls are terrible! I can barely even make the brothers walk smoothly without having one of them walk into a wall! Second of all the graphics are horrible! Whenever the weird ugly troll with mushrooms growing out of his pale un tanned back climbs up a wall you can see his hands glitching a lil. Now to the positive stuff. I love ❤️ the levels and the sense of nature! the game just never gets boring! During some parts the game is just kinda a stress reliever, for example canoeing through the smooth beautiful water and walking through the beautiful woods. Besides the controls and graphics this game is amazing! I highly recommend this game! 😊 😊

- Not Optimized for IPad mini 5

Don’t get me wrong this story is riveting and is so well done. However as another reviewer who played this game on the same device as mine, their iPad mini 5, mentioned, the graphics and rendering of images are messed up, and it stutters. This device uses a A12 chip so there is no excuse, it just hasn’t been optimized to work on newer devices. However it ruined the experience terribly even though it is such an amazing story. Without spoiling, the levels near the end were in one word jacked up completely at times. It would show character models walking in thin air because the ground wasn’t rendering and was invisible. As with other objects including walls and objects you had to climb. Even an important character. I had to guess my way through. It was horrendous. Please fix so I can replay and completely enjoy this game as it was intended, and I can give this game the rating it deserves.

- How do we do the last achievement one last game

I love this game very much but I don’t know how to do the last achievement I’ve looked online it says nothing about it so please come back and answer my question thank you.

- Highly recommended!

I like this game a lot! The story is great, deep and has great morals. I hardly liked fantasies with fantasy creatures because they were too idealistic for me, but this is great!!! I loved how they combined fantasy elements with a realistic world. It helps you accept reality insteading of escaping like other fantasies do. And unlike fantasies, the game requires you to use your brain to solve situations rather than using magic to get out of them. I love this story! It’s pretty serious, but very good morals. Love the scenery, design and music! And I love the ending! This is a great app idea, I wish they have more like this!

- I won’t forget this one!

I’ve played this all the way through with my 6 year old son, twice now! It’s a great bonding experience. The graphics are wonderful and the music is magical. You need to work together to figure out and complete the very interesting puzzles. There are many surprises along the way. I’ve been playing games for many years and this one stands out for the many directions your heart will get pulled. Well worth your time. If they make another, I would purchase without question.

- Absolutely Incredible!!!!

I’ve played this game 3 times and it still never gets old. I keep hoping there is more. Every year I look up “brothers 2” I was thinking maybe this time the younger brother can have a baby brother because the dad married someone else or something. And then it shows the younger brother and his baby brother at an older age and they go on another adventure. I love all the details and the graph Inca are amazing. Please make another one!! I can’t get over how much I love this game!!

- One of the Best Games in iOS

This is one of the best mobile games I’ve ever played! The graphics are great, the story is very engaging, and it’s a great adventure that keeps your interest and makes you want to keep playing. The navigation is very different; you have to use two virtual joysticks to control both brothers. When you get the hang of it, it’s very easy to use. I wish they would come out with a version two, but with the way this one ended, I don’t know if they can.

- No Sound!

I love this game to death. It was one of the first playthroughs I ever watched and I’ve had it on all of my previous apple products with no problems. When I got an iPhone X, I really wanted to redownload and play this game, but to my disappointment, there was no sound. I tried uninstalling the app, adjusting the in game volume settings, turning off my device, resetting my device, even using different headphones to see if mine were just broken but nothing worked. The support center I got sent to was not helpful at all and there were no auto generated questions addressing this issue. Am I the only one experiencing this? Is there a way to fix it? This is my favorite game and I really want to play it so I’m just very upset.

- Simply Stunning

I am blown away by this unexpectedly beautiful game. Or is it simply a story we partake in? It’s not only gorgeous, graphically, but the gameplay is perfect. I did not find the controls difficult to use, though the puzzle part is that there are many ways to use them. This is the only game I’ve ever felt compelled to review. I hope the developers have created or will create more. I’d buy another in a heartbeat - but you’ve set the bar high now, so make it well. 😉

- Graphics ALL screwed up on iPad mini 5

Just got my iPad mini 5 and it shows it’s compatible under ‘compatibility’ on the game page, but alas, the graphics are ALL screwed up. The water is completely brown with zero wave effects, the lightning effects looks bad, textures all rigid and draw distance makes the whole thing look fake. The game looks better on my iPad mini 4. The issue is this, you guys claimed to do an update to the game so it plays better and is optimized for newer iPads and the the newer graphics chips. Well clearly the A12 chip is just too powerful and the game can’t handle it. So you guys either need to do another update to fix or remove from the compatibility section.

- Great Game

I would recommend this game to anyone with an adventurous soul. Only negative is that there’s this annoying ding when you make one of the brothers do something. I wish they could remove that dinging because it would make it more natural and peaceful, then this game would be fun and an awesome adventure with amazing scenery that opens your eyes to the beauty of nature. Great sound effects and the water and other scenery is very clear and accurate. This is a quality game.

- Unbelievably awesome

I couldn’t understand the story, but I realized you don’t need to understand what you are hearing to feel. All I can say about this game is (Wow) and it should be a 10x star rating because all the people who created this Game are bright stars. Im looking forward to part2, I can’t stop smiling never played a game that made me want to cry after finishing it. I don’t know about anybody else but I felt like I was actually apart of the story and lost my brother:(((

- Bug in the end?

I’m playing through and at the Tree, there’s a cut scene where you fly on the bird. Then it resets back where you have to the tree scene again. Over and over again. The game never advances. I think there’s a bug and it’s probably too old of an app for them to fix. I’d probably pass on this app because the iOS version is a bit hard to use. I also have a screen shot where I sawed a tree down and got punted up to some invisible areas and had to reset the chapter. That happens a lot in this game Sometimes the brothers get stuck. Like the rope tied to each other. It got tangled on the steps and they got stuck. Instead of untying themselves and retying the rope, the game stopped allowing them to move. I have about four other instances I can recall where they stuck and restarting the chapter fixes everything. Just not this tree back to spider reset, it happens reapeatedly. And sad, i think I’m near the end of this story.

- Way Too Underrated.

This is a game that has an amazing story plot, astonishing graphics which can be seen from different angles, and a one of the most easy yet convenient control. The puzzles in the game need some thinking, but are not difficult. Plus, there are tones of tones of tiny details that congregate to make this game one of the best. I have to emphasize again: this is an amazing game that's underrated for no reason. I FEEL SORRY FOR THE PRODUCERS AND CREATORS OF THIS MASTERPIECE. THEY MUST'VE SPENT A LOT OF TIME TO MAKE THIS GAME WONDERFUL, BUT....*sigh* :((((((((

- Excellent game

I played this game over a year ago and still have fond memories of it. Yes, the gameplay could get a little tedious and frustrating at times with the dual control but overall it worked well and the concept was fun. The story and scenery are beautiful and heart wrenching, especially if you have a sibling you’re close to. Great game, thanks for sharing the world with us.

- Pleased overall

I originally came into contact with this game by watching Pewdiepie play through the first few challenges but found it too boring to watch. When I stumbled upon it again, I thought it couldn’t hurt to test it out. I became pretty enthralled with the storyline. While at times it’s a bit silly, it was playful enough to be equally engaging. I found the ending however to be defeatist and made me feel blasé. The gameplay was unnecessarily frustrating to the point that it took away from the story. I found myself focusing on control positioning and would start to lose my place. As a bookworm, the thought of being forced out of my headspace mid-story is unappealing. In the end, I was still sad to see the story come to completion. Brothers is now a part of the criteria that games must be held up against in order to determine their worth.

- Awesome Game

This Is one of the funnest games I've ever played with a surprising, sad/bittersweet ending, there's only 2 Issues I had with this game, the controls are not always the best and It crashes at the very end on my iPad Pro, I had to close It out and go to the chapters category to finish the game, but other than that I'm still giving It 5 stars, hope they make another Brothers adventure to tell what happened to the boys mother!

- Cool

Brothers is really fun game except at the very end that the older brother dies but it’s really fun and if you like to have adventure I would definitely hundred percent suggest that you get this game it will take you a few hours to complete it and it’s very it’s semi hard it’s good for people that are learning how to make up their mind imagination nothing bad ever happens no bad words they do talk in a different language and I would use headphones

- Awesome Game!

Really different game with clever solutions to solving problems. Game was pretty short. Under 5 hours play time, but I didn’t see this as a negative. It’s like renting a movie or some other activity that you expect to entertain you for a short period of time. Well worth a few dollars for 5 hours of highly entertaining and engaging gaming fun. And you can play through again to get the achievements...

- Interesting game...until it goes black on the owl ride and starts over at the last auto save

It looks like the developers need to fix the bug that prevents progress after reaching the tree and taking what I assume is the ride back on the owl. The screen goes black, or alternately shows a blip of the brothers falling through space (which happened to me once during another the game when the characters accidentally went off course).

- Outstandingly Underrated.

I recently purchased and played this game and I love it! Of course it has its small bug and issues, but which games don’t? It’s incredibly emotional, nice, funny, and just plain out beautiful. If you are bored with Earth and wish to live and go into a whole new amazingly realistic one, this is the game for you.

- Great Game!

What an enjoyable game! Admittedly I ran into one glitch that forced me to start the chapter over & the controls are a bit wonky. It does take a few scenes to get used to them. I played on an IPad so no joystick involved. Even so I really enjoyed the story and hope to see more of these developers in the future.

- Controls

It’s a fun game. The only issue I have is the controls. A little bit annoying to have to constantly walk around with both brothers at the same time because it kind of throws you off. It would be nice if while walking and doing neutral things, the other brother would just follow instead of you having to constantly be confused controlling both

- 5 Stars! Way Underrated! Perfect PUZZLE ADVENTURE GAME

This is the best adventure/ puzzle game I have ever played. I have been searching and searching for similar games and I have yet to find one as good as this. Controls are great and moving the 2 brothers at the same time is challenging and fun. Amazing graphics and great story. Shocking end but great game!

- Adventure

I love Adventures. And this was the best adventure game I've played in my life (More like the best game I've played in my life). People out their that LOVE Adventures you should most definitely play this game. At the end it was so sad but I still enjoyed the game. Josef Fares I hope you and your crew make a Brothers 2.

- Worth the money

This was a well made game. It is so much different than anything out there. Not too hard and just so much fun. I was able to finish it and wish they would add more chapters. And of course I’m willing to pay.

- Great game, many bugs

I absolutely love the appearance and the story of this game, both are beautiful! Unfortunately, I’ve encountered several bugs that render the game unplayable if you don’t start over, and it seems impossible to get through. Maybe playing on other platforms is a smoother experience, but this version, at least, isn’t working.

- Needs work

I loved what I could play but I'm stuck in the first chapter because the joysticks are horrible. The joysticks need to not move around so you can rotate the buttons and then froze my iphone6s plus several times. I'll wait for an update before I attempt to play again (recent update fixed nothing).I usually don't purchase games and I'll think twice next time.

- Very buggy, can’t finish game

Crashes on the iPad Pro (gen1) on (what I believe) is the final cut scene. Can’t see the ending! Huge letdown! Also lots of little bugs along the way that were annoying, but usually fixed with a reset of the app. Also often jerky animation. Needs some more optimization’s. Otherwise a well done game if the bugs were fixed. Note for kids - there are many unexpected dark moments in the game. Probably better for >= teens.

- Stuck at zip line in part 2

Have restarted the check point and my six year old is so bummed as we just hang on the zip line without moving. We will try to restart the chapter next but that’s bogus as it appears to be a common glitch and I really wish the company would get their act together and make updates rather than just take her money and watch us fail.

- LOVED it

The game deals with teamwork and a lot of logic. It was emotional, and the graphics, for a mobile game especially, were great. I have NO regrets spending money on this, though I did get through it faster than I expected.

- Good this game!!

Hats off to this game it is a hand down well written masterpiece! Like (for real) I want to play it again.,it was so good!? So I don't think theirs a sec one coming out due to the death in the family? This is a keeper right here!

- It so amazingly good graphics

When I first bought this app I thought it would be a fraud but when I played it I was like “woah” and there is one question is this a two player game or no

- So great 😃

I think that this is a great game and I really recommend playing this and it’s such a moving experience to get to play . I would like it if there was a part 2!

- Awesome game

The effects in this game were good ..the story line was sad but what an awesome only downfall of this game was the controls...GET DIRECTIONAL BUTTONS...the joystick was all over & made it hard to play...I almost deleted it 2s bc of it...all in all the game was great...

- Beautiful game

I have played this on P.C. through steam years ago and I remember crying in the end. It was so touching and I love everything about the game! I can’t wait to try the mobile version.

- Good game

I thought it was going to be a bad game because people said they were terrible controls but they weren't I completed it all and the end is 😭 sad

- Vote Change

I originally wrote a stellar review and now I take it back. I have reached a point in the game in which the boys are in a “water” cave. There is a T bar they are to jump on and move along the rail. I have tried ever button push and combination and nothing happens, they just hang there. They don’t move! I can no longer continue the game. 👎🏼

- Please fix the last scene

Innovative and beautiful but the crashing that others have noted needs to be fixed. It’s already painful enough to have to bury your brother but the game crashes then loops you back to that awful scene again and again. What happens to his father? What an utter disappointment

- App won’t download

I purchased this game 2 days ago and the app tries to load but then says can’t download at this time cancel or retry. I have been retrying for 2 days over and over again. They took my money but it won’t even download the app onto my iPad Pro. I contacted the developer and of course haven’t heard back but yet they are sitting there with my money.

- Great adventure game!

I have no reason not to give this game 5 stars. Very well done with the story. I really hope you can continue the story!

- Meh

This game has amazing graphics and a great storyline but I can’t finish chapter 2 Part 1 because on one part it won’t let me push something.I would like this fixed.

- Happy, BUT....

I pretty much got through all the levels to the burial part,HOWEVER, the issue is that the game wouldn’t load the very last mission where you return to the father, instead it would take me back to the burial mission again, great game, just disappointed with the crash.

- Windmill glitch

I got stuck at the windmill jumping section and kept jumping off finally figured out to do it manually by pressing outside the controller above it slightly to do a manual drop

- Best game ever

This game is pretty good for its age! 5 years ago and the graphics looked like this can’t wait for the mobile version

- Very very nice

This game is very very beautiful of the most beautiful games that have passed in my life and the story is very wonderful and adventure ><،، why the game ends this way😭💔

- Fantastic Game

Great game.I played it with my 5 years old son. I hope there will be second part coming soon. Thanks

- Amazing

The graphics are really detailed and the story is interesting. Overall it's just a really fun game and it's worth the money.

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- Love this game so much but....!

This game is absolutely amazing, even though it’s old! I love this game and I love to play it, how you have to figure out how to do things and get to control both brothers! But there’s 2 things that I don’t like. I find it very tricky controlling both the brothers as it’s very confusing which one your controlling, but you get the hang of it I guess. But my second thing is that, it sort of lost my attention when it got up to the bits with the giant dead people and the people who hung them selves, those bits are really messed up, and lost my attention to the game, I don’t play it as much now, because those bits messed me up, as good as this game is, I don’t think those bits were really necessary.

- Great game

I loved playing this game even though it is quite glitchy, but was disappointed with the length of it. I seemed to just get started and I was finished. I have many free games which have many more levels than this paid game.

- Rarely write reviews, but making an exception here

Brothers is beautiful to look at, and superbly written. The controls are on the one hand clunky, but on the other hand serve to draw you into the game, and play a critical role in making you feel the presence and absence of the brothers as you go through the game. Massive thumbs up, poignant, powerful ending, worth every minute you spend on it. A couple of spots I thought were glitches were in fact just me not being sufficiently familiar with the controls - if you find something like this just take a deep breath and work out what you need to do.

- There better be a second one

I was thoroughly disappointed by that depressing ending !! It would have received my approval if the two brothers came home together. I was absolutely amazed by this game !! You don’t understand how annoyed I am that it’s finished !! I really wanted to be playing it for days months even !! 1 day 2 at most is not enough game play. Could you find it in your heart to create a second one. maybe it could be ‘brother and father’ Or even ‘brother’ You need to be working on it now. chop chop !! Ill be waiting.

- Extreme Bug in Starter Cave

There’s a bug near the endish of the starter cave that doesn’t allow me to go any further into the game. It is at the part of that rail thing that twirls it’s way down before they have to start running away from the bridge before it collapses. Basically, even though the brothers get on the rail thing, it does not move, they just stay still and I can’t get them down. When I reset the checkpoint, they both go on the rail BUT they climb up further onto some invisible bar?? I can let go of the action button and they do drop from the bar but it still won’t go into the cutscene. Please help.

- Love it!!!

When I first downloaded this game I was astounded by the graphics and amazing story and the emotions that came with it. If you have played Zelda breath of the wild then it reminds me when you leave the starting cave and the camera pans around the outside. Recently I came back replayed it and also fell in love with the puzzles and the glider. 5/5 one of if not the best mobile games... EVER!

- Favourite game

When I first started playing the controls took a while to get a hang of but after awhile it was alright. The end also was very emotional, surprising and shocked me a lot. It was a really fun game and I enjoyed having to try figure out all the puzzle sorta bits in it.

- Amazing Game.

Once you get a handle on having to play both characters together this game is an amazing journey with challenging puzzles and superb graphics. Well done developers for creating a beautiful and challenging puzzle!

- Warning

Do not read the reviews below. One of them contains a massive spoiler. This game also needs some major updates, such as controller support, and more importantly, iCloud support, so you won’t lose your progress if you reinstall or delete the app and can continue it on another device like the iPad.

- Wow

This game is just...WOW...and also very sad. Might play it again in a few years, just need time to get over the ending.

- Zip line in chapter 2 does not move

After climbing the zig zag, the two brothers climb on the zip line and stay there forever. Please fix? I noticed I’m not the only one with this issue

- Best game ever

This game is amazing and definitely worth the money

- Absolute brilliance

The best game on the App Store. Thank you developers.

- Awkward controls and boring game play.

Not very interesting to play.

- Can’t play

I even can’t open the app...

- Won't even load!

I've seen a walkthrough of this game so I know it's good, hence why I bought it. My problem is when I click on the game the the game companies logos appear and it then takes me to a loading screen that says it make take longer to load the first time, which is fine, but the thing is it doesn't load but instead it crashes every time. So a warning to people who want to buy this game, this could happen.

- Fun!

Really enjoy this game. It's very different from anything I've played before. Great graphics and soundtrack. But I would love to see 3D Touch support for the joysticks e.g. press harder to interact with an object

- Saddest storyline

Game play and puzzles were fantastic. I was almost angry with what happened at the end, I really wanted it to end happily. I was crying so much. Overall, I still loved the game.

- Amazing

Amazing game everything works great graphics and amazing adventures. This game is definitely worth the money

- Windmill

You can't get off the windmill in chapter 4 but otherwise amazing game.

- Sweet as

Works fine on my iPad mini 2 ?? Nice graphics nice gameplay Nice sound 8/10

- Best game!

Please add more chapters to the game. I really enjoy playing it- very touching game. I want more of it.

- Very very bad bug

I been playing brothers. A tales of two sons on iPad Pro but there's a really really bad bugs after the death of one of the brothers. When the youngest brother flying on a bird the graphics when really really bad. I couldn't finish the game. Nice game


I bought MFI controller, and downloaded and paid many games, this game is my favor, i really want it be supported by MFI Controller. THANKS IN ADVANCE!

- Gamer

Love this fine on my iPad ..beautiful music and graphics..I guess if there's a downside the controls are very sensitive..well worth the money as my sister bought the same game for PlayStation 4.Ten times the price for what I paid here ...Well worth the money.

- Compatibility Issues

Yeah guys, I downloaded for iPad mini and it just closes every time I try to open it. Can’t you make it accessible for regular iPad users?

- Disappointing

It started off as a nice adventure, but sadly I didn't read the ratings. Lesson learned. Why does every game have to have blood, gore, corpses and supernatural ideas threaded through. Sad that I bought this.

- Sorry for the 1 star...but

I was so excited for this game, however it just crashes when it starts loading :( pretty devastated

- Doesn't work

I keep trying to load it, its suposed to be for an ipad mini, and then it closes buy its self, i wish i didnt pay for this. big regret....

- Doesn't download

I'm trying to download it but it won't. I've paid already but it just doesn't come up

- Money back please

This app says avail iPad mini but as others users state it doesn't open and closes by itself. Very disappointed. WANT REFUND!!!!!!

- App crashes after upgrade

What is going on here. The app crashes after latest upgrade. Unplayable !!!!!! I want a refund.

- App won't run just always crashes

And the makers provide no help or support or refund. Avoid avoid avoid!

- Cheapskates

I warn you don't buy this game! I spent my precious money on this game so just run away don't buy this game

- Glitch

Bad glitch needs fixing!!!

- Doesn't support iPod touch 6th gen!

As above

- Cool but glitchy

PLZ FIX THE GLITCH!!!!!!!!!!!! Ps:I hope u like pugs

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- Glitches me out of the game

This game is fun but each time I try to play the game it glitches me out of the game If you see this please fix the issue!

- There is no “Windmill Bug”

Fantastic game, people complaining about a windmill bug; when one of the brothers is on an object, simply tap anywhere (besides their control stick) on their side of the screen and they will drop / let go. To get off of the windmill, tap when you’re over the platform. Enjoy finishing the game!!

- Un chef d’œuvre,bravo!

Très beau jeu,amusant de contrôler les deux enfants et on ne voudrait pas que ça finisse.

- If you don’t want to end up depressed don’t finish the game 🙄

Great graphics but the twist at the end got me depressed 😑

- Bug fix.

For the love of God, could you please fix the windmill bug? I really want to know what happens next.

- Bug fix!?!?

Stuck on the two windmills. Tangerine boy jumps off of windmill but jumps back on without commands given to do so. Please advise.

- 5 stars if

The new crashing issue on iPad Pro iOS 12.1.1 were fixed.

- Not Optimized for 2018 IPad Pro 11

Game is not optimized for 2018 iPad Pro 11 inch - It is letter boxed on both top and sides Please update the app

- Tres beau jeu

J’aime bien le fait qu’on peu prendre notre temps pour admirer le paysage et écouter la musique, a part quand le troll nous coure après ou que l’araignée veut nous dévorer, c’est une belle histoire malgré quelle soit triste...

- The problem with running the game iPad 4

The problem with running the game iPad 4. After start the game screen rolls up and out of the game. What should i do?

- Wow

Rien à dire! Jeu parfait, long et divertissant! Graphismes superbes et une histoire très originale et intéressante!

- Brothers

Game is horrible not worth four dollars

- A Work of Art

What a clever, creative and awesome game. Loved every minute of it.

- Needs a few improvements but otherwise great

This game has a great story and is enjoyable to play. It would get a five star rating from me if not for the fact that one of the brothers control sticks glitches a bit. The music is amazing and the animation is also very nice. I LOVE the animated scenes and way that each brother must rely on each other and work together. Maybe another thing I would change is that you could name the brothers and chose what colour their clothes and controls are at the start, it would make the game more personal.

- Crashing on start!

iPhone 7plus, want to make a refund!

- Great game

Loved the game and the controls. The game always worked for me, I had no problems at all but the story was kind of depressing lol other then that it's awesome!!!!

- 😻😻😻

Je veut une deuxième parties

- Fun,but sad😢

The game is very fun but it’s sad when the lion owl dies and when the big brother dies😢. So can you PLEASE CHANGE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

- Game won't start. Don't spend money on it.

Very disappointing.

- Will not start

Like many others this game will not start. Thought recent patch would solve the problem. But it didn't.

- THAT IT???

I want my money back!

- Want a refund

Game crashes before it starts. Lost 5 bucks and I want it back NOW!!!

- Won't start...

Don't waste your money. The game will not even start - it shows the developers and then display "game best played with headphones" and then just a blue screen. Complete waste of money and the developers do not support the game even though the reviewed are of the same complaint. You have been not buy.

- Fix the crashing

Keeps crashing at the start just fix it :/

- game will not start

game will not load past starting

- Game won't start

Don't download this game if you don't want to loose money

- Brothers a tale of two sons

Please fix the game or give my money back. Help please

- Crash

Game won't start

- Fantastic

Fabulous game, must buy

- Refund please

Game crashes before it even starts, refund wanted NOW

- Crashes at beginning please fix

When I got it it didn't let me play, when it was loading it would load a few sec. then crashes please fix it looks like a great game. But till then I rated a one star.

- Do not get this game

This game has multiple bugs and uses up a lot of battery. It has nice graphics but it's a dysfunctional game. There are many flaws. I was not able to complete the game due to it not loading after going on the app a few times. This game also takes up a lot of space on devices. It is a fun journey if it works but the puzzles aren't that difficult. If this game works for you I think it's a nice, relaxing game to play when you're bored. Otherwise I would NOT recommend this game.

- Crash in chapter two

I've paid much less for much better games. The controls were sloppy, the 'puzzles' were not even close to being puzzles. I'm disappointed that this game came up on a best adventure puzzle games list. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. Cash grab indeed!

- Dr

Cash grab. As numerous other reviewers have said, on multiple devices the game crashes before even reaching the intro. Really poor programming and their support page url doesn't work. Thumbs down.

- The people complaining of crashing must be doing something wrong.

This game was absolutely beautiful. And terribly tragic. It broke my heart. I don't want to give spoilers, so I won't, but prepare yourself if you buy this game.

- Game crashes

Game crashes while initially loading, I should had seen the multiple reviews complaining about the crashes


Sublime parfait ❤️ Seulement pas assez long pour le prix Mais très très beau

- Bad

This app is such a disappointment I downloaded it and it won't even load for the first time, every time I open it to play it just crashes on me I spent money on this ? That's not fair.

- Game crashed

I was really hoping to play the game, it looked a bit like uncharted :) but when i downloaded the game it would start to load and tell me to wait. But then it never loaded and crashed and went to my home screen. PLEASE FIX THIS. Anyways I would waste $7

- Bugs

I like this game very much until a bug in the chapter 2 stops me playing. Very disapointing.

- Beautiful but not my first choice.

Extremely nice visuals however not a puzzle-centric game like many other of my favorite adventure games. Good if you feel like escaping and traveling into a visually gorgeous world. Lots of moving around from place to place. Just not my thing.

- Fantastic!!!

Great storyline, good graphics, good puzzles. Challenging, but not hair pulling. Nice story. Every puzzle solveable. No major bugs at all. Plays well on iPad 4 with nothing else major open. A great effort, and well pulled off. I'll be looking for more such titles from this company!

- Great interactive story game!

Beautiful game! The controls aren't amazing, but the game is simple enough for it not to be a big issue. The story is really captivating!

- Stuck on level glitch

I agree with all the other reviewers that said this game is very buggy and it hangs up on a certain level that you cannot get past. I hope the developer updates this but I would not hold my breath. Stay away from this game!

- Powerful story

Unbelievable craftsmanship went into creating this game. It's highly intelligent, intuitive and visually/musically a work of art. I have never been this emotionally involved in the story while playing a video game. Nothing about this game is cliche and it left me wanting more after I completed it... In the best way possible.

- Enthralling Adventure

This game was absolutely fabulous! It features amazing graphics and engaging game play. Furthermore, this game is not meaningless and addictive, but has a beautiful story line and dynamic characters who you come to care about as you play. In conclusion, money VERY well spent!

- Fantastic Value!!

Very Cool. I'm no gamer, but this has been a lot of fun to play!! Beautiful little world.

- Decent game - works fine on iPhone 6

Not a fast paced game at all which is what I was expecting, slow and methodical. Nice visuals, kind of boring at the beginning but I'm getting into it. For all the reviews that say it crashes, works fine on my iPhone 6, wouldn't pay full price but the 50% off deal is worth it.

- Not Working, Waste of Time and Money!

I purchased the app super stoked to try it and i open it....only to find it doesn't even load to the main screen it just glitches and then takes me back to my home screen. I'm really disappointed considering I paid for the game and I don't even get to try it.

- Amazing

Amazing game, great graphics and the story is awesome. I play it on my iPad mini and having no troubles at all!

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@Sarizardd Puess...The Witcher 3, Ori and the blind forest, Brothers a tale of two sons y Dishonored

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons developed 505 Games @505_Games is the mobile port of the beautiful story-based 3D adventure game and we just finished reviewing it. Check it out in the MiniReview app:

Kornilios Kourtis

@Jam_sponge - Thomas was Alone - Oxenfree - Baba is you - The Gardens Between - Brothers - A tale of Two Sons - Road not Taken - In Other Waters - What Remains of Edith Finch - Mini Metro

Ben Gelinas | Wishlist Slumber Clause!

Playing Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons on one controller with your partner is couples’ therapy.



VoidBurger 🍔🎮

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons: C04WY-H0Q57-??9?B ??? = last name of Futurama's protagonist #VBkeys


@fluidfyre Most recently Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (aka "good luck remembering which Brother is controlled by which trigger").

NasTGC ∆

@_Butt3r_ @kuru_hs @planBesports 50\50 half controller each, we play "brothers a tale of two sons"?

Alexandre Armont

@RockLoi At least the visuals are more clear in these games so you learn why you mase that mistake. I'm curious: have you played Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons?

Tom Murphy and 1573 others

@smartereveryday Brothers, A tale of two sons. Its not only a really beautifully produced adventure-puzzle game, but also a genuinely touching account of a childs view of love and grief. Honestly, you couldnt have your kids get into a nicer game!

Matty M.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons by Starbreeze. $4.30AU


WinGameStore 505 Games Holiday Sale: ABZÛ, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons, Control Ultimate Edition... (pc) #videogames #xbox #xboxone #playstation #ps4 #videogamedeals #nintendo #switch #movies #tv

Game Socket

If you've never had a brother before, here's a brother simulator steam code for you - Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons First one to use it keeps it: EK68T KP66N PNTRW #giveaway #steamcode


Some personal recs for the Steam Winter Sale: UNDERTALE. UNDERTALE!!!! ALWAYS UNDERTALE!! The To the Moon series: To the Moon, A Bird Story, and Finding Paradise Celeste Ori and the Blind Forest/Will of the Wisps Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons


Heya, I am streaming right now! It is time to start playing some of the 100+ unplayed games in my Stream library 😂 Starting with: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons 1.7.2 Screenshots & Images

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons iphone images
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons iphone images
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons iphone images
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons iphone images
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons iphone images

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (Version 1.7.2) Install & Download

The applications Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons was published in the category Games on 2015-10-22 and was developed by 505 Games (US), Inc. [Developer ID: 392990484]. This application file size is 1.76 GB. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons - Games app posted on 2018-12-18 current version is 1.7.2 and works well on IOS 6.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.505games.brothers