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Capture your mood and improve your thinking habits through an innovative approach to journaling! Moodnotes empowers you to track your mood over time, avoid common thinking traps, and develop perspectives associated with increased happiness and well-being.

ustwo studio (creators of Monument Valley) and Thriveport’s clinical psychologist founders (creators of MoodKit) have partnered to bring you Moodnotes! This one-of-a-kind app is grounded in the scientifically-supported content of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and positive psychology. Includes Apple Watch app and iCloud sync/backup.

Moodnotes helps you to:

● Track your mood and identify what influences it

● Develop healthier thinking habits

● Learn about “traps” in your thinking and how to avoid them

● Bring new, helpful perspectives to situations

● Increase your self-awareness

● Reduce your distress and enhance your sense of well-being

Exclusively featured by Apple in the App Store Today tab story "All The Feels."

One of Tech Insider's "100 World's Greatest Apps" and exclusively featured in Wired, The Guardian, Business Insider, Fast Company, TechCrunch, Lifehacker, Mindful, Mashable, Vogue, and more. Fast Company's 2016 Innovation By Design Awards finalist.

Moodnotes App Description & Overview

The applications Moodnotes was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2015-08-06 and was developed by ThrivePort, LLC. The file size is 45.03 MB. The current version is 2.3.3 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

iPhone X optimization plus squashing a couple of bugs!

Thank you for your amazing reviews and support! : D

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Moodnotes Reviews

i think this app's great

Helped me so much  i think this app's great  5 star

I don’t usually write reviews but this app has helped me realize what things in my life attribute to making me feel anxious and depressed. It helped me overcome these things by letting me make insights and reevaluating my thoughts and it’s helped me make changes in my life to feel happier and more mentally healthy. More importantly I was able to do it on my own, without the feeling of burdening other people for help or paying for costly therapists. I highly recommend this app for people who want a visualization of what adds value to there life and what takes value away, and for people who want to take a step to take control of their emotions and mental health. This app has helped me a lot and I’m so glad that it exists!


Incredible App!  Semimer  4 star

This app is very useful to keep track of your feelings, to know how you feel most the time, and writing in it and rethinking feelings and thoughts. Realizing thinking traps that I fall into has helped me change my perspective on things. This really is a great and useful app!

Logan the epic

Pretty Good!  Logan the epic  4 star

I can’t say this app is helping me stay more positive on its own, but it allows me to analyze what’s swaying my mood in general, which in turn helps me figure out what I should and shouldn’t be doing/focusing on.


Beautiful and easy to use!  minicrewton  5 star

I usually fail hard at keeping any firm of a journal but moodnotes has a beautiful easy to use interface that has actually helped me get into the habit of just jotting things down quickly on my phone. The insights feature is great too because if I rushed anything I can go back and rethink it but at least I have the ability to quickly capture my thoughts in a very intuitive interface.

Savina Hawkins

Amazing app!  Savina Hawkins  5 star

There are lots of mood regulating apps on the market. After trying out many of them over the last year, this one has emerged As a favorite. It has clean and thoughtful design, and has enough features to be useful but stays minimal and sleek enough that you’re not bogged down by all the content and features. Excellent design! Feature requests for developers: The only feature I wish they had that’s similar to Pacifica is to be able to highlight parts of the thought and link them to specific thinking distortions. That’s the only thing I liked about Pacifica when I used it. I would also like a separate tab in the app where you can scroll through all the insights you wrote in the “insights noted” section so you can see your progress in terms of meta learnings. Thanks!


I can dig it  _brigy  5 star

^^see above


Super helpful  wayduh  5 star

Been using for almost two weeks. Been super helpful lately. I set a reminder for 10:30am everyday and fill notes throughout the day. The advise built in is unique, and doesn’t feel cookie cutter. Would definitely recommend to anyone, even if you are just trying to maintain a more positive attitude or changing your mindset.


Great companion tool  Bardelocio  5 star

I’ve been going to a councelor and using this app as a companion tool. I’ve been hetting great insights that have made my conseling more effective. It is a great tool! Give it a try, totally worth it!


Not worth $  k9pals  2 star

Don’t waste your money.


Great Help!  Zombie28282  4 star

If you or a Loved one has Depression or has a hard time pinpointing emotions this app is wonderful. It gives daily reminders to check in on you and lets you write what’s making you feel a certain way and select emotions. My only Critique is that there is only different variances of happy and sad and that the emotions for the face don’t go anywhere else and that they are too general.

thomas of bacon

Useful but a touch heavy handed  thomas of bacon  4 star

Although i have not been using mood notes for long i can see a map of my moods starting to form. The user interface is clean and easy to navigate and the general feel of the app is that it wants to help you get a better understanding if what makes you feel a certain way. My only complaint and the reason i believe it to be “heavy handed” is that it sort of always checks in reminding me to journal. I know when i need to use to it to get an accurate measure of my moods and this aspect of the app just gets a touch frustrating.


Great app to sort out my thoughts  chloehyw  5 star

Moodnotes provides a good scaffold to help me dissect my thoughts and reflect upon them. It is something that a lot of other journaling apps doesn’t do well enough. I usually use it before bed or on the go when I feel like I need to write something down. Being a user of this app for a couple of months now, I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to journaling their moods and thoughts.


Well made but gets repetitive  KINGKIDDO  4 star

It was really good for the first week, but then I got over how repetitive it was, selecting feelings, reading about the same thinking traps over and over. Further, I really wanted to be able to analyse my mood from day to day, week to week, month to month, etc. I want to be able to zoom in and out on this data to easily see cycles, or low points, or high points. I want more data analysis tools for my moods. The mood input method is good, but graphs to analyse that data is lacking. Overall, well made app but with limited functionality. Might check it out again in the future

Steve Androulakis

Well thought out experience  Steve Androulakis  4 star

I think there could be more insights based on analytics though


A great App for reflection and recording your moods  humft  5 star

I find this app wonderful to gain insight into what may have led to the mood I am currently experiencing. It helps me never stand by using reflection how I can possibly think about things differently when I experience negative feelings. It has also gave me insight by reflecting what may be going on for other family members who are struggling what may be going on for them. It asks you to rethink what may have contributed to the most recent negative emotion, which I assess what may have been going on for family that I have had conflict with. It is a great app and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this app to anyone who wants to gain better insight into what may have triggered their feelings and what they can do/remember to experience more of the happy feelings that they experience.


Recommended.  Kornmehl  4 star

I have been using this App on a daily basis for about three weeks now. To be honest, it is a little prescriptive in its limited binary-type selection of moods and facial expressions, and the ability for users to add their own customised feelings would be a welcome addition. It is also important to acknowledge that it should not be seen as anything more than a ‘paracounselling’ measure, until professional help is sought. Having said that, there is much to say about the benefits of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and I have found myself in a consistently brighter and more positive place since using Moodnotes. For that reason, I would recommend this App to anyone who is not travelling as well as they would, or should ideally be.


Don’t buy.  fraser997  2 star

If you have an iPhone X don’t get this app. Really basic features like Face ID and taking advantage of the iPhone X screen realestate is a real let down. I want to love this app so badly but I can’t with such a high price tag and unpolished feel. Another feature I’d like to see added is the ability to add photos to my journal entries to cater to people who are more visual thinkers and want to see and reflect on past entries and view photos of what made them feel happy or sad on a particular day. Over all it is a good app but I’m getting a refund and deleting it. will download when they fix the iPhone X problem. :)

Kit Kat 2.0

Awesome  Kit Kat 2.0  5 star

Awesome app works great and love seeing the progress

Dino ville

Amazing app  Dino ville  5 star

I love this app I learned that I'm mostly happy but sometimes I just feel sad this app is really helpful with sadness and with the thinking traps i love the information they give you like don't make a situation too bad but really it's not that bad


Please bring compatibility for iPhone X.  DavidNutella  2 star

An otherwise great app; will change my rating later, but the old iPhone black boxes is an eyesore.


Great app  ladychilipepper  5 star

I’ve been needing an app like this for a while but it couldn’t have came at a better time. I’m going through multiple severe crisis‘ all at once. Writing it down really helps a lot and being able to see a pattern I believe will be very helpful in my path back to a happier version of myself.

Mikey C What It Be

Random Alerts  Mikey C What It Be  5 star

I love this app but I wish it gave you an option to randomize alert times throughout the day. Usually I’ll have similar moods at similar times in the day, so a 12:30 pm alert time will always catch my mood during lunch, which may not be an accurate representation of my mood through the day. Random alert times will gather a more representative sample or daily moods


Love the app just needs one thing...  OneSassyB  3 star

I’ve been using this app for quite some time and find it very helpful. It’s definitely calmed me during some stressful times, but I guess any app that allows you to journal can do that. Moodnotes is just a beautiful app all around so I didn’t mind paying for it. But-please let the user be able to add their own emotion! The list is the app is WAY to small. Many others that review this app say the same thing. I’ve submitted feedback through the app twice when a survey popped up. Hoping for an update! Would be happy to give five stars if the emotions list is added to, and/or I have the ability to add my own emotion.


Just the app I've been looking for  zil84  5 star

I love this app and I’ve been using it everyday for at least a year. Its been great!

Not a happy temple runner...

iPhone X Support  Not a happy temple runner...  5 star

hoping to see the iphone x get support. will update once it does.


I’m hyperventilating  CatsAndBoxes  5 star

I purchased this for 5 dollars with a card and I’m freaking out. Where do I send feedback to the apple company? I feel like I did something illegal. 😫😖😖


This is an amazing app, could use a few improvements  16BlackPoodle  5 star

I love this app, and my therapist is growing quite fond of it as well. As someone who suffers from mental disorders, this is a great app to help me visually see my highs and lows. It is also simultaneously simple yet thorough so I am not overwhelmed by using it. With that said, there are a few things I wish were included: 1. Being able to export and send a break down of our insights, trends and entries to another person (ex: therapists). In my case this would allow my therapist to review my week and decide a plan of action ahead of time, not wasting precious minutes waiting for her to read my entries for the week during my session. 2. I wish the graph was vertical (top to bottom), instead of horizontal. It would be so much easier to read. EDIT: I discovered the EXPORT function! This app is perfect for me now!! Thank you so much!! I love that it exports as a PDF, so I’m able to print it out!! AWESOMENESS!!!!! From 4 stars to 5!!


This app is great for me!  Klainer24/7  4 star

This app is so helpful for me! A lot of the times I don’t know how I’m feeling so seeing all the different emotions I could be feeling really helps me decide. The reminders I get to log my mood also helps a lot to make sure I document all my mood shifts. I highly recommend this app to anyone!


Great app! Very useful to track moods & patterns  tssfallen  5 star

Everything about this app is great, just make sure to be consistent with your entries to get accurate readings of your mood trends. Something cool you guys could add is adding photos/videos to your entry.


Love love love!  cupcake2799  5 star

Best way to start or end the day! Definitely buy!!

Dénis Wettmann

Finally found the perfect app for what I need.  Dénis Wettmann  5 star

Initially, I was searching for a gratitude journal, however, most are not evidence-based, either outdated or awful to look at. This app has it all and more: it is evidence-based, it is aesthetic pleasing to the eye and it is fun to use. It is self-empowering to track your moods and find out the potholes of your thinking. I am so grateful for this as I can be quite the negative person and always wanted to change that, merely lacking the structure for sustainable change.


Handy and always there  LtPaulo  5 star

Great for logging your thoughts at any time.


Great support app  Whitfy  5 star

Gr8 app


Genuinely makes a difference  Tsetigsgjdejvddjd  5 star

Personally I've found using it has genuinely calmed me down and helped me look at everyday frustrations differently.


Mood app  Waytogoh  5 star

Excellent app. Been doing it for 3 days and it has really helped my mood. Would totally recommend it.


Excellent App  Mickelas72  5 star

I have been using this app every day since I bought it a week or so ago. It is really helping me to capture my moods and giving me helpful insights to help me manage them better.

Grimdog John

Great app  Grimdog John  5 star

Really helpful in changing the way you think about events and putting a positive spin on things.


Great app  SnowBetty22  5 star

App is a great resource for consolidating the principles of CBT and helping you to be more aware of your thinking processes.


Great app  Playitbyair  5 star

So worthwhile - simple and effective.


Good app  lukgsp  4 star

Wish it supported documents and pictures


I really, really enjoy this app but...  GeorgianaFroud  4 star

I want a feature where I can click on the section of the pie chart of my moods and it will show me all the notes listed under that mood. Also with the moodtrends could you include an option to see them in a graph? Otherwise I really enjoy the app, keep up the good work!


Good app  Landie1407  4 star

I really like this app. It works well and I find it useful to track how I am feeling.


Highly recommend this app!  Jezabell124554331  5 star

This app is overall an amazing app that helps you write down all your emotions and feelings, it is a secure way of documenting your feelings and is a quick way to jot down your ideas, I highly recommend this app to anyone who does not have the time or patience to write it down in a journal.


Very helpful  jon.mixnblend  5 star

Helped make sense of patterns in my moods and avoid negative thinking traps.


Very good app  TheOwlandthePussyCat  5 star

Records moods and trends, great tool to identify patterns. Well researched and implemented.


Thank you  Dugcla  5 star

Really helpful in logging my moods and seeing the pattern in my moods

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