Keelo — High Intensity HIIT Workouts at Home & Gym

KEELO is the high intensity workout program for you.

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Workouts take about 7 to 20 minutes to complete. Do them three times a week. You’ll see and feel improvements in just a few weeks.

We combine strength, cardio, and conditioning into one program. You'll workout and develop your body's full musculoskeletal, central nervous, cardiovascular, and metabolic systems.

We get the decision fatigue of trying to figure out what to do. Instead, we tell you exactly what to do with video instructions. The app keeps track of your scores and progress.

Do them at home or gym. Bodyweight-only workouts included. Some gym equipment, e.g. barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, recommended. But don’t worry. If you don’t have the equipment, email us. We’d be happy to suggest alternatives!

Email our coaching team at [email protected] at any time to ask questions about workouts, alternative movements, weight selection, what workout to do today, and more. We want you to succeed.

Chat with your coach to get faster responses to your workout questions.

With your permission, we sync your calories burned and workout time with Apple Health. If completed through an Apple Watch, we also record your heart rate during the workout.

More Features:
• HD quality instructional videos for all movements.
• All workouts scalable to beginners and experienced alike.
• Measured performance. Compare previous scores to see you're improving!
• No login required. Just open the app and go.
• New workouts added regularly.



"Awesome app, it suits both newcomers to the world of fitness and those whom have been training for years, it pushes you no matter your level. Highly recommended, and it's free, I would pay for it if they wanted, and that's saying something!!" — Holmesy749

"The HIIT workouts make me feel I can squeeze in a real workout in a short amount of time (<15min usually). I work out a lot more bc it's much much easier to find time for 15min than 30min. Videos guides are high quality, the programs have lots of variety." — Gr8well

"I just finished my first workout and have a great sweat going and my heart rate is way up. I did the recommended first work out, and found the videos a great way to show perfect form. The first exercises were easy to do, but the repetitions were enough to make me feel like I pushed myself pretty hard. I would love to do this every day." — Roy_19475849



Keelo is free to download and use. To further your training plan and variety, Keelo Premium provides programming, warm ups, cool downs, and unlocks all workouts.

Keelo Premium comes with a 7-day free trial. If you cancel during this trial period, you will not be charged. Otherwise, after the trial period, you will automatically be charged the price as shown in the app. (USD 11.99 for monthly recurring subscriptions. USD 69.99 for annually recurring subscriptions.)

Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. It is not possible to cancel or receive a partial refund for any existing subscription. Auto-renew may be turned off at any time by adjusting your account settings.

Privacy policy:

Terms of service:



If you encounter any issues, please email us at [email protected] That way, we'll be able to respond directly. Your feedback helps us fix and improve our app. Thank you!

Keelo — High Intensity HIIT Workouts at Home & Gym App Description & Overview

The applications Keelo — High Intensity HIIT Workouts at Home & Gym was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2015-07-17 and was developed by Throwdown Labs, Inc. The file size is 94.75 MB. The current version is 3.8 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- 10 new workouts
- Bug fixes and improvements

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Very Effective!!!  Mildollas  5 star

This app is great for a quick intense workout!!


Best personal training app  Silvertopdoc  5 star

This is the best high intensity training app for your iPhone. I love the demonstration videos and the random work out routines. Customer support is great. They wrote me back in less than 30 mins. It is worth the money.


Great program  Jeff2413  5 star

Love the variety this program gives me. Plug in the equipment you have and it does the rest. Don't worry if the workout seems to be weighed heavily on one particular body part....the following workouts will target the others. I'm actually looking forward to my workouts now!

Size 12 please

Great that compliments Crossfit  Size 12 please  5 star

I love this app B/c it allows me to work on moves that I learn during my sessions at crossfit with my trainer! 5/18- cancel subscription due to price increase from $5 to $11! No way!!!


Great app!  monteec  5 star

User friendly, great workouts. Like xfit at home edition.

Benjamin Stone

Great app, exceeded expectations  Benjamin Stone  5 star

Have gladly deleted others this one superb, and videos very helpful for ensuring good form.


Great app!  SH5162  5 star

This is a great app for those wanting a crossfit workout at home, but without the stress of programming workouts. I just open my app and it's all done for me. I have enjoyed all the workouts and think this is a great value!!


Just what I need!  AyDee24  5 star

Awesome app that keeps me accountable and motivates me with the subscription edition. I advise you to pay the low rate because it's so much more helpful.


Motivating and awesome user interface  AccountingNewbie  5 star

Love how easy this is!


Good workout tool  Sdjdw10  4 star

I have only started exploring the capacity of this app. So far, the program is fun and applicable to all fitness levels. I'll follow up as I go through the first month.


Perfect for on the go!  Olmedoe  5 star

I travel often and some places don't have a gym or one with options, just your basic. This app lets you tailor your equipment in the app so you can modify your workouts according to what you have to work with. Best part you don't have to spend hours in the gym with workouts that will make you feel it in 12 min to 30 min wanting to crawl back to the room. Best app I've tried!


Nearly perfect  Jaersh  4 star

Let me start out by saying that this app provides a service that I've been looking for for years. Customized workouts, coaching, videos, etc. It's like a personal trainer in my pocket! I have some minor feedback about the app and UX though. It would be great if my phone and watch synced during the workout. If I move to the next stage of the workout on one device, the other device doesn't also progress. Additionally, it would be nice to pre-download the videos for today's workout automatically over Wi-Fi so they are ready to go when you start.


Great training for kids  N8thegreatestofalltime  5 star

I play NJB and AAU basketball and flag football. I'm in middle school. This app is great for keeping me in shape and making me stronger and faster. I try and exercise every day, so if I don't have practice for my sports teams, I try and do Keelo instead


Time efficient workouts  Lonepatrone  5 star

The new workouts this year are even better. This app never gets old. Great workout variety.


My Favorite Workout App  sherrymj2020  5 star

First ever review because this app is worth it. Have tried many workout apps over the years and Keelo definitely keeps me coming back on a daily basis. I look forward to the daily workout. The other apps tended to grow stale and monotonous with many of the workouts repeating themselves exactly. I have a home gym that grows every year, and this app helps me utilize many pieces of my equipment that I otherwise used under my own direction. However, a home gym is not needed. I love the guidance and the workouts are intense and are just right. If you want to do two in one day, you totally can but one is perfect on most days. The Coach in the app really appreciates questions and offers kind and thorough feedback. Definitely worth the money and effort. My favorite app yet- truly transformational.


Have stuck with this app the longest  Buddman22  5 star

The dynamic content that takes into account the tools you have available makes this my go-to for interval and HIT training


Enjoying  jarsen1717  5 star

I've tried a few similar apps and this is the one I'm enjoying most so far: the app design is clean and engaging. I like being able to filter workouts by available equipment. One frustration I experienced was I had my workout box and dumbbells out at the gym ready to go, and then I realized there was some equipment there I hadn't noticed and so I added it to the list which triggered an immediate recalculation of the current workout to something else lol so I had to put all equipment back without using it because I couldn't figure out how to set it back to the original workout.


Great app  C33yarber  5 star

Having everything but a rower I wanted an app that gave me what to do and tailored it to my level. This app does that. If you have the equipment I'd recommend this app. It's pricey but when you consider how much you'll spend at a box/gym it's worth it. I love that it shows you a video of what to do as you go through the workout.


Doesn't sync with phone  RereW  2 star

I'm using the trial version and just realized when I start the workout from the app the phone doesn't show the workout as complete.


Keelo  Champinec  5 star

Best fitness app

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