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KEELO is the high intensity and strength workout program for you.

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Workouts take about 7 to 20 minutes to complete. Do them three times a week. You’ll see and feel improvements in just a few weeks.

We combine strength, cardio, and conditioning into one program. You'll workout and develop your body's full musculoskeletal, central nervous, cardiovascular, and metabolic systems.

We get the decision fatigue of trying to figure out what to do. Instead, we tell you exactly what to do with video instructions. The app keeps track of your scores and progress.

Do them at home or gym. Bodyweight-only workouts included. Some gym equipment, e.g. barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, recommended. But don’t worry. If you don’t have the equipment, email us. We’d be happy to suggest alternatives!

Email our coaching team at [email protected] at any time to ask questions about workouts, alternative movements, weight selection, what workout to do today, and more. We want you to succeed.

Chat with your coach to get faster responses to your workout questions.

With your permission, we sync your calories burned and workout time with Apple Health. If completed through an Apple Watch, we also record your heart rate during the workout.

More Features:
• HD quality instructional videos for all movements.
• All workouts scalable to beginners and experienced alike.
• Measured performance. Compare previous scores to see you're improving!
• No login required. Just open the app and go.
• New workouts added regularly.



"Awesome app, it suits both newcomers to the world of fitness and those whom have been training for years, it pushes you no matter your level. Highly recommended, and it's free, I would pay for it if they wanted, and that's saying something!!" — Holmesy749

"The HIIT workouts make me feel I can squeeze in a real workout in a short amount of time (<15min usually). I work out a lot more bc it's much much easier to find time for 15min than 30min. Videos guides are high quality, the programs have lots of variety." — Gr8well

"I just finished my first workout and have a great sweat going and my heart rate is way up. I did the recommended first work out, and found the videos a great way to show perfect form. The first exercises were easy to do, but the repetitions were enough to make me feel like I pushed myself pretty hard. I would love to do this every day." — Roy_19475849



Keelo is free to download and use. To further your training plan and variety, Keelo Premium provides programming, warm ups, cool downs, and unlocks all workouts.

Keelo Premium comes with a two-week free trial. If you cancel during this trial period, you will not be charged. Otherwise, after the trial period, you will automatically be charged the price as shown in the app. (USD 12.99 for monthly recurring subscriptions. USD 79.99 for annually recurring subscriptions.)

Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. It is not possible to cancel or receive a partial refund for any existing subscription. Auto-renew may be turned off at any time by adjusting your account settings.

Privacy policy:

Terms of service:



If you encounter any issues, please email us at [email protected] That way, we'll be able to respond directly. Your feedback helps us fix and improve our app. Thank you!

Keelo - Strength HIIT Workouts App Description & Overview

The applications Keelo - Strength HIIT Workouts was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2015-07-17 and was developed by Throwdown Labs, Inc. The file size is 83.07 MB. The current version is 4.1.2 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

Try Keelo Premium for Free. Two-Week Free Trial.

- iPhone X ready
- Bug fixes and improvements

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Not bored anymore  Pie123321111  5 star

I was really getting burnt out on working out. I have never enjoyed strength training until now. Keelo gives me a different workout everyday and is challenging. The videos thoroughly explain how the exercises should be performed. I also like that if you workout with keelo at least 3 times a week that you will have worked every muscle group in that week. My all time favorite fitness app!


Fantastic app  Cjomelia  5 star

Great app. Great combination of strength and cardio.

Gortat K

Major flaw  Gortat K  2 star

You can’t get to your next day’s workout without going through all the videos for today’s workout. I chose to skip watching 5 videos of squats and just do the squats, only to find I had to watch through the videos (with rest period it’s about 15 minutes) to get to the next day’s workout. You can’t skip. If you want the option of following the workouts without having to watch the videos on your phone (I have bad service in my gym, so needed to do that), you can’t. Really annoying. The one workout I saw was good


Paid before  Cujo1013  1 star

I’m a bit confused, I bought the app almost 2yrs ago and had full access!! Now it’s saying I have to pay a monthly fee to get those same workouts (premium), I understand that it comes with personalized workouts but I don’t want it. All I want are the workouts that I had access to before!


Excellent robo-coach!  Bri48966  5 star

Using it for months. Shows you how to do exercises properly and adjusts difficulty to your progress. Provides motivation to do workouts and improve performance by tracking workout score. Online access to love coach for questions is also fantastic. I’ve never been in better shape.


Hard to ask for more  Triplethedad  5 star

There are 100s of this type of app. Content and feature wise, some have more and lots have less. This is a nice balance of all the things you look for - good quality videos show the workouts, the workouts are a challenge but can be adjusted for fitness level (something lots of apps lack). Something I really like: you can tell the app what equipment you have and it considers is in creating workouts. UPDATE: weeks in and I still love it. Workouts are varied and just the right amount of difficult! UPDATE II: Years in now and I still love it. This app has pretty much completely replaced all my other workouts. Its quick, complete fitness that is customizable. Truly a great app worth the money.


FINALLY! This is IT!  JustDanWilliams  5 star

Due to a freak injury, I was forced out of full time CrossFit, the fitness community that brought me to the highest level of overall fitness in my life (I'm in mid 40's). I've been searching for a replacement plan - something that I can safely do at home with limited equipment. And then WHAM! After tons of shopping around I come across this gold standard app. Not only is it training me with video coaches, it's letting me customize the workout to fit my limits. Then, it makes me feel like I'm back at the gritty Box! I'm beyond happy . Nice work.


Love this  ezfilm  5 star

Like having a virtual personal trainer. Learning and enjoying new exercises every time I use the app. Incredibly produced app.


Keelo is exactly what I was looking for!  timms_21  5 star

Going to the gym has always been a bit boring to me. Especially when I don't have a partner to lift with and my accountability fades ... I usually get sucked into the basketball court and just ended playing Bball the whole time at the gym instead of working on my strength training. Keelo has a variety of workouts and makes strength training a ton of fun! Always trying to beat my best times!


Great App  jordydelani  4 star

Nothing like the other apps


Norts78  Norton1407  5 star

Great app. Workouts for all levels!


Nailed it  .Marley  5 star

First workout. Feelin' it.

Ruby bliss

Awesome quick workout app  Ruby bliss  5 star

I love this app, it's clean and simple, works flawlessly. Great variety of workouts, built in timer and video demonstrations, I could not be happier.


Great workouts and UI  mr.neverstop  4 star

Been using this app to give me HIIT WOD ideas. It just works. I wish it had cloud sync features though.


Great app  dfosterton  5 star

Super helpful! I use it three times a week now.

Loopy Bird

Best workout app!  Loopy Bird  5 star

Love this app! Easy to use, all videos are there in case your not sure about the exercise and are fully integrated into the timer. The app saves your time so you know what to beat next time you do that workout!! Fantastic!!


Well thought out app, easy to use, great workout  Vanilaredd  5 star

I have been using the app for 2 days and so far I am loving their clean integration of the workout sets into Apple Watch. Also not having to think about what to do for me workout is fantastic.


Awesome App  Dwhittington  5 star

This a great app for beginner crossfitters, or the experienced one that can't make it to the gym everyday.


Best online workout app out there!!  MitchandJulie  5 star

Best online workout app out there!!


Workouts  LMcNeil III  5 star

Keelo can be done anywhere at anytime there is no excuse why you can't workout.

pet playpen user

Cjbags  pet playpen user  5 star

Totally worth the small investment. Utilizes equipment I have to build interval workouts that are quick (20 mins if you're able ) and intense. I've never liked working out and I still don't but this is a great way to make progress in a short period of time.


Great app  e_an77  5 star

I find it hard to get to the gym with work and 3 kids. The flexibility this app gives and the amazing array of HIIT/Crossfit workouts is brilliant. Love it!


Horrible experience!!  Piherna0611  1 star

I downloaded the free trial! I tried to unsubscribe only to find out I couldn't! I was charged and it caused and over draft fee with my bank! Do not recommend!!!

Music editor46

Great workout app  Music editor46  5 star

This is by far the best workout app I have used. Tons of thought went into the user experience, quantification and workouts. Workouts are varied, challenging, and teach you to hyper focus on 2-3 exercises per workout. Sometimes you will do a workout in 7 minutes and feel like you ran 3 miles. I used to do Classpass, and took over 300 classes that were on average 45 minutes. But during every class I felt like we were wasting time. I felt each class could be boiled down to 20 mins or less. Keelo has shown me that focus and proves major results can take place in short amounts of time if you pair the right exercises, time, and track everything. I obviously highly recommend this app.


Love it and im a runner  30Bananaguy  5 star

Great app for newbies, i likebody weight stuff to prepare me for weights.


Awesome!  Strangé  5 star

Great tool. It helps me keep on track.

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