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HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies [Entertainment] App Description & Overview

HBO Max is the streaming platform that bundles all of HBO together with even more of your favorite TV series, blockbuster movies, plus new Max Originals.

Get comfy, because you’ve got 100 years of epic entertainment in your hands. You’ll have unlimited access to all of HBO, together with even more favorites from Sesame Workshop, DC, Warner Bros., and more.

More reasons to love HBO Max:
Thousands of hours of hit movies, addictive series, and exclusive Max Originals.
A personalized streaming experience for up to five viewer profiles.
Collections hand-picked by real humans — not robots.
Download top titles to watch on your favorite devices anywhere you go.
A curated kids’ experience that grows along with their interests.
HBO Max Hubs devoted to your favorite fandoms.

Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your iTunes will automatically be charged at the same price for renewal, as stated above, within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period. You can manage your subscription and/or turn off auto-renewal by visiting your iTunes Account Settings after purchase.

HBO Max is only accessible in the U.S. and certain U.S. territories. Some restrictions apply. ©2020 WarnerMedia Direct, LLC. All Rights Reserved. HBO Max™ is used under license.

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HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We’re bringing holiday cheer with bug fixes and performance improvements galore. Our series detail pages have a new look and feel—and now include ‘More Like This’ recommendations—so you can quickly find what to watch next. We also took care of some bugs impacting our video player to make your streaming experience even better.

HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies Comments & Reviews

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- Not binge-friendly, not inconvenient streaming

Great content, nice looking interface, and easy to search for things to watch. Also, I like the fact that whatever algorithm they use doesn’t hide content from you. It still shows you suggestions based in on your watch history, but unlike Netflix it doesn’t flood your feed with suggestions and cause you to miss things you may have wanted to watch. HOWEVER.... 1. Will not auto play episodes if you are watching a series 2. If you didn’t subscribe via Apple TV then you can’t cast to your tv 3. If you subscribed via the HBO Max website and not via the Apple store then you will not be able to watch on your phone unless you pay for another subscription 4. In order to watch on my Roku TV, I have to connect it to my laptop with a HDMI cord. All of the other streaming services I subscribe to allow me to cast from my phone or download the app straight to my tv. This is very annoying!! Especially when I’m watching a series and the episode ends. If you don’t have a super long hdmi cord, you’ll have to get up after every episode and click on the next one. It also kicks you out of full screen , so you’ll have to expand the screen after every episode as well. YOU CANNOT HBO MAX AND CHILL!!! lolol ****You can now click onto the next episode as the episode you’re currently watching has ended. Still have to get up after every single episode when watching on the big screen though. Also seems less glitchy when watching with hdmi connection

- Content Good - App Bad

I’ve only had the app for a couple of weeks but already it’s got major issues compared to other streaming apps that I am not sure how they aren’t fixing... When connecting to watch on my TV via Chromecast it will just stop a few episodes (or sometimes halfway into the very first episode I watch) and look like it’s “buffering” but really it’s just a connection issue, or something along those lines and it will never actually resume. The only way to continue watching is to disconnect, restart the app and reconnect which is ridiculous. Other issues include some of the user interface irritabilities others have pointed out like the “continue watching” section giving you no options to go to the show details, episode selection, etc. and the fact that you can skip the ads and intros when watching in the app on your device, but not when casting from your device. All of these issues make for a very clunky, unprofessional and honestly overpriced viewing experience. I’m really just binge-watching all the shows I got the subscription for so I can cancel after one month, and resubscribe in the future once they learn how to build a proper streaming app.

- Great idea but poor execution

I love the idea of HBO streaming service. Since I’m a Direct TV customer I was even more excited because it’s included for no extra charge. However, I’m very disappointed to find that not only is there a maximum download limit for the entire household of 30 downloads and worst of all it seems like every time you leave the app screen it pauses your downloads. Perhaps it’s just me but even when I leave the app open in the background while I text or check email I go back to the app screen to find everything was paused while I multitasked. The 30 downloads per household maximum, if you are using all 5 profiles, really limits your ability to download much depending on what the other users download for themselves and frankly if the app can’t/won’t download your selections if you leave it open in the background so you can multitask it will take so long for people like myself to download our selections it becomes counterproductive and makes it far quicker and more efficient to simply buy the series you’re interested. I sincerely hope the app improves as time goes on, as I recognize that it is new, because I love the idea but hate the poor execution.

- Good content, bad User interface

Sorry HBO I really love your shows, but here are the things I have issues with your App and your Xbox One version of the app (it seems like others are having a problem with this too, like Ps4) My List- this is always a great function in a streaming service. When it’s accessible... My List does not always appear in HBO Max. Additionally doesn’t not list all the things you’ve added to it when it does. This is frustrating for people who are trying to watch something they have added, only to have to search for it again. Big no no. Episode Selection- watching a show sometimes you miss something, wether you got busy around the house or fell asleep, I know I can find the episodes.. if I search for it again. But unlike other apps I can’t select another episode from the episode I’m in. For example. Netflix on the Xbox, or PlayStation. While watching an episode you can hit (X on Xbox) (square on PS) to view the episode list. Why do I need to search it again. All in all I respect the Swift Roll-Out for HBO Max, and switching the subscriptions from HBO to HBO Max. But the Max App for Console and Phone is MISSING vital features to a streaming service. I highly suggest fixing these issues because I don’t want to see your app use slow down or disappear all together. Even after a boost in advertisements, not having these functions could end the popularity of your service. Please consider these thoughts and I hope to look forward to these changes.

- Functionality not quite there

The app seems to work for the most part, but I don’t like a few things: it seems weird that when I click on something in the continue watching section, there is no way for me to pick another episode from there. It seemed I had to go to the search option to find the show and THEN I could pick the episode I wanted, rather than where I left off (I often fall asleep while it’s on auto play and have to go back.) Also, it keeps giving me the cellular warning over and over, even tho I’ve turned that fiction off in the settings. One time it changed my setting for streaming with cellular data, and wouldn’t play at all until I switched the setting back. So weird. One more comment, why does the iPhone app allow you to jump ahead 15 seconds but the browser version on my computer does not? All in all the app is okay, and I like the extra content as compared to HBO now. But why the separate version of HBO? Just come out with one for goodness sake!

- One of the Worst Streaming Apps Ever

You would think that a multi-billion dollar company with probably the most expensive streaming service around could make a decent app but apparently not. It has auto play but it only works half the time and you have to listen to the entire credits track unlike on other streaming services where they give you the option to play the next episode once the actual content of an episode ends. It’s casting capability is terrible, a lot of the time when you try to cast you just get a plain black screen on your TV. Other times it’ll cast but every time you leave and then open the app it has disconnected itself from the casting capability while the show is still playing so you can watch it but you can’t control it at all. It does this every single time. It also likes to say you’re offline when you’re clearly not, it mostly does this when I try to access my settings or account information. Overall it’s a terrible app, with a mediocre service, and it certainly doesn’t have enough content or functionally to be worth the price. 0/10 would not recommend.

- Broken downloads feature

For the most part, this is a decent app. The content is great, of course. Download management is poorly designed. Currently you must click edit, then scroll through your list, X out the download you don’t want, then scroll back up and click Done. It’s a lot of real estate to go through. Secondly, downloads don’t play on their own off of the phone unless the phone is taken off network. So if I have a slow or poor internet connection, shows don’t play immediately or at all, and I suspect that they’re eating data instead of playing off of my phone. Downloads only play well in these circumstances if I set the phone to Airplane mode. Finally, the Renew option doesn’t work. If I click on the exclamation point to renew, I get a dialog to Renew or Cancel. Click on Renew and nothing happens; no shows or movies renew. I can only get them back if I delete and redownload them. Like I said, it’s a decent app, but this part proves to be a frustrating experience.

- Parental Control (and Pin) broken

Content on HBO Max is great. The problem I have with it is how the parental controls are set up. It is backwards of how it should be. You should have to enter a parental control pin to access adult content (if that’s what you choose) but instead you enter a pin to exit a kids profile. I set up profiles for me, my wife, and my three kids. If my wife or I are watching something on our profile and exit without changing it to one of the kid’s profiles, the kids have full access to the adult profile when they launch HBO Max. Defeats the whole purpose of having restricted content profiles. The other thing that doesn’t make sense is the parental control pin. When you change profiles and are prompted to enter the pin, it shows the pin as you enter it and displays the whole pin before you hit enter. So if your kids are in the room and you’re doing this on your tv, they can see the pin. If HBO Max had parental controls and pin the same as Netflix (or Prime even), would be 5 stars. Hopefully the developers can fix this.

- Nov 2020

What you had before wasn’t good but it was much better than what you guys did with this new update here we go! Home Screen intro is horrible taking up 80% of the screen displaying content most people do not like or are already watching. Why not make a banner consisting of 25% of the screen with new content did I say new I mean NEW brand NEW. Not Euphoria for Gods sake Euphoria with the girl crying over and over and over again! Show different content from the show not the same face again and again and again makes one hate that show without even watching it. Please be smart don’t fill the whole screen with a 80% poster. You are not convincing people to watch what you want them to watch they are smarter than that. How about categories like 70s, 80s, 90s, blockbusters, Globe Awards, Indies things like that! FOR YOU omg that is so annoying bunch of shows that I would never watch at all let alone select them for MY LIST. Speaking of My List put that first under the 25% New show Banner that’s better. My goodness who do you have working there?? Oh people who don’t use HBO Max app that’s who.....Enough Rant geeez.

- The Infinity Train

Please please please keep making more Infinity Train, it’s many people’s favorites on this app. I heard that it might not get a 4th season because people might now be willing to buy HBO Max for it, so other people might pirate the show. One of the reasons why people will pirate is because they’re not willing to pay that much money for another streaming service, but also because HBO Max isn’t available in other countries. Many people from other countries really want to buy HBO Max and watch the content, but it’s not available to them and you may not see the numbers you want to see on series like The Infinity Train, so if it could be more accessible to more people, more people might buy this streaming service. Edit: ok, so I got the app working, but pleaseeeee keep The Infinity Train going. Lots of kids can relate to the struggles of the characters, and it’s so well done. Edit: I got into Studio Ghibli and I’m so glad you have it on your app. Good content

- It’s cool but...

I wish I could give this a star or Maybe 2, But when my parents want to watch something in Spanish they have to go to Latino to do so but what if they don’t want to watch the stuff there what if they want to see for say ford v Ferrari they you don’t get the option to hear the audio in Spanish and can’t even get subtitles to even at least read what they say translated in English to Spanish and/or audio. On a side not please get more of the best movies Warner’s media has made not some of these titles that were made like 30 years before I was born apps like these are usually attracting the younger crowed and at times (like my parents) get some time off work to watch a movie with there kids (like mine who unfortunately don’t fluently speak or understand English[i guess that might be the reason I’m writing this because I want to watch a movie with my parents without telling them every now and then what they are talking about/say])

- HBO Now My List is missing

Update 6/4/20 - Developer response was not very helpful, including the link that was provided in developer response. I’m not certain that the link was telling me that My List was not supposed to transfer to the new app and be available. I know where My List was supposed to be and I know where new items added to the list in the new app will show up, but irritated that I have to search and add again all items that were on my list. Good thing it was not a huge list. After updating HBO NOW on my Apple TV to HBO Max, I no longer have a My List or at least can’t find it. I found the Joker movie, which was on My List prior to update, and added it to My List. However, I can’t find My List to even see the Joker is added to it in HBO, but I can see it in HBO Max, but still all my My List from HBO Now are not there. Now I’m just doing searches for movies that I have on a separate list. I searched for Glass, find it, and now instead of My List its added to Up Next. Where the heck is Up Next?

- Worst customer service

I created an account before the app was available. The app worked for one week and then I wasn’t able to play anything. I kept calling their customer service multiple times, I’d get an email from a service tech and I’d respond and nothing. Finally some rep discovered that my emails weren’t getting through. So now I had to call literally every time to respond to emails. This meant re explaining everything every time I called. But the phone reps wouldn’t just transfer me to the techs. They would try to trouble shoot. Pretty sure if my ticket was escalated to their tier 3 techs, you phone reps aren’t going to be able to help. But even the techs weren’t helpful. Every single person I worked with just asked me the same things over and over again even though it was documented multiple times. 1. Device information 2. Is my device up to date? 3. Is the app up to date? 4. What is my internet speeds? 5. Turn it off and back on. After that when it still wouldn't work they would escalated it. For 5 months not one person tried anything different. I finally got fed up and just wanted to cancel. I spoke with a women she “canceled” my account. I requested to be refunded for every month this service didn’t work for me and they refused. Only refunded me for 1 month. Now I say “cancel” because I just got charged again today. So now I have to call them yet again. Horrible, horrible experience. Worst company I have ever worked with. One star is too many stars.

- Forced into HBO Max

I liked HBO go and I used it all the time. In the middle of an episode I paused suddenly it was no longer supported and I was forced to download HBO Max. None on the items on My Lis transferred and I wasn’t even sure what season I was on by this point. I can’t stand the new look. It’s trying to copy the appearance of other online companies and I don’t care for their look either. I don’t enjoy the scroll screen when I search for shows/movies or even just my list. I preferred the screen showing 6 movies and then it moves up. For some reason the side scroll makes me sick and sets off migraines. I’ve stopped using the other companies bc of it and I was happy with the other format you provided. Either I’m going to have to know what I was specifically, let my husband search, or move on somewhere else. I don’t enjoy being forced out of something I have grown accustomed to and I felt was way more user friendly.

- One issue

Overall it’s an amazing app, you couldn’t possibly run out of content to watch.. there’s one problem I’ve ran into to, that’s downloading movies or videos often times when the app is in the background or if the phone locks it destroys all progress coming back to see it’s not downloaded and having to find the movie or show again and download it.. you have to literally stay on the page to keep it there so it’s a shame however once done it does stay downloaded. If could please fix this I’d consider going from my trial and to full membership. However I feel my membership has been ruined by that because I was gonna use it for a week away into a area with hardly data or wifi.. it’s not likely I could get another chance either but good app just please fix that and I may consider coming back and buying a full membership

- Not working

Currently I use this through my cable provider (wow! Cable) without signing up for an hbo Mac account and I’ve used it twice so far with no problems, it allowed me to make a profile and cast through chromecast. Each time I’ve used it is has not saved that I’ve logged in before. I have to go through the entire log in through my cable provider every time. I’ve done this today and when I go to play an actual video it automatically says I’m not logged in and starts over. It will not play as of today. Every video I try keeps saying log in even though the play button finally appeared after logging in before. Don’t know what to do other than to say it’s currently unusable. Seems like when it works it’s great but it has to work. I don’t like casting a show or a movie to be an entire process of searching providers, logging in, starting over...each and every time. Please save our provider information and please figure out why it’s currently unusable.

- Cost is way too much for an App that doesn’t include all content

I just received a developer response —12/4- and it only consisted of an ad for new and returning customers to receive 20% if they prepaid 6 months. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for those of us that have been paying for it all along even though we didn’t have access to it on a fire stick. Useless customer service. I have the same complaints others are sharing, but I would also like to add that the App shouldn’t have been released until ALL contracts are signed with companies. Because of the rush to get this out, I can’t watch this $15 a month App on my fire stick. MAX includes all shows and my HBONow is limited still. I subscribed to this for Friends and other specific shows and now realize the app cannot been added to my fire stick or the Roku device because the greedy companies can’t come to a decision on their costs they want to pay or be paid. You shouldn’t be charging the consumer your high-price if you aren’t able to supply the full product.

- Could use more content, but loving it 📺

When I saw this app being announced, I wasn’t onboard on getting it. But when I saw this tweet from Cartoon Network that there were bringing some classics, I had to at least give it a try. So I downloaded, scroll through everything and I was like wowed on the contents from Cartoon Network, adult swim, crunchy roll, DC comics, and so on... it was like ultimate app to have if you’re a 90’s baby lol. My only minor complaint is that there’s not that much content from Cartoon Network like: Ed, Edd, n Eddy, the grim adventure of Billy & Mandy, courage the cowardly dog and so on.. same goes from some the other channels.... which was actually the very reason I decided to get it, since those shows were being teased in. But I understand could be some licensing thing and I do hope more and more content could be added. I am enjoying this and can’t wait for Harley Quinn

- Not able to watch downloaded movies without service?

I recently downloaded a couple movies in preparation for a long plane ride. I was quite excited that this is now a function and I was even going to give the “Raised by Wolves” show a try. Once in the air on the plane I was unable to access the app. Every time I opened the app it came up with an error that HBO MAX couldn’t connect. Me, a rational person, wasn’t concerned because I had downloaded movies. But the developers of this app decided that if the app is unable to get service you would be locked out of the app by a barrage of error messages, restricting access to any content you may have downloaded. What is the point of downloading movies if you are unable to watch them offline? The downloaded movies need accessibility while you don’t have service. Severely disappointed by this failure on HBOs part. (Intentional or not)

- Pretty Good

Just downloaded this as my subscription was included with my new phone plan. It’s so great so far but I feel like it’s still a bit lacking. Unlike other streaming services the content here isn’t diluted with a bunch of nothing, all the series here look and feel quality. This is especially true considering when browsing the associated channels. However the series amount does seem a bit limited, especially in the horror and international sections. I’d like to see more genres like Mexican soap operas and asian dramas be included. On the topic of genre they have a sizable anime selection so I find it a bit strange that they don’t have that as a category yet. And for viewing series I wish they included a time for the individual episodes so you’d know how long the show is before you start it. Overall great new app and I’m excited to see how it develops.

- Not about the content

HBO has had great content for decades now. However, this new version of the app may add more content and offer the option to continue where left off, other bugs are really mind blowing. Just like the old app, this version is every now and then not playing any sound. The only way to get the sound back is to switch off the TV (existing the app isn’t enough). This isn’t an issue with the TV as the sound works fine for any other app on the TV when it does not for HBO max. Another issue is the fact that when trying to go back after finishing a movie or a show, the app is unendlessly loading. Again, the only option to get out of that loop is to switch apps and reload HBO. The inability to quickly switch to the next episode is showing how far back HBO is on various streaming services. All of that makes me rate the app 2 stars. And, most of that rating is because of the content not the archaic way this app is coded.

- It's okay, but could be better

First of all – great choice of titles, kudos to HBO for winning over the shows like South Park and Friends along with the all-time favorite HBO originals! As for the app itself – the UI/UX is not friendly at all. E.g. traditionally on iOS there's a back button in the upper left-hand corner; it is here too, except that only the left half of that button takes you back, and the right half takes you to the list of episodes... I guess it's convenient, but it's really counterintuitive. Same thing with the preview pictures – tap in the middle takes you to the episode's page, but tap in the corner starts playing immediately. Just make buttons look like buttons, and if it's two buttons, make them look like two buttons – don't re-invent the wheel. Also, please add support for iPad's Smart Keyboard – it shouldn't be too hard.

- No AirPlay Support

This app doesn’t work consistently with AirPlay (iPhone to AppleTV). Some shows play correctly, but most I’ve tried cut off the video signal as soon as the ads end and the show starts. I hear the audio, but the TV screen goes black. If I turn off screen mirroring, the shows play correctly on my phone. It’s only certain shows/seasons. For example, Search Party seasons 1 & 3 play on the TV, but season 2 is audio only with a black screen. I’ve tried this on both our iPhones, same result. Which, along with only certain shows being affected, tells me it’s the app or something on HBOs end, not something to do with my hardware or network. UPDATE: After trying the app on our various iOS devices, I've identified the common denominator, I think. Downloading seems to be what causes the black screen. I thought I had to download before playing, but that's not the case. Shows play correctly with AirPlay when I just tap play without downloading. For now, the workaround seems to be DO NOT DOWNLOAD.

- Poorly considered app

1) Auto Play: you can’t turn it off, it won’t turn itself off. If you fall asleep watching a series, it will play all night. Good lock finding where you left off 2) If you watch a series that is not on your “list,” it’s hard to get back to it without using the search function. “Continue Watching” takes you back to the last episode of the series you finished watching with no apparent pathway to choose an episode from the series. (So from the “continue Watching” menu, if you last watched Episode 5 of a series, it’s easy to rewatch Episode 5, but not so easy to get to episode 6.) 3) The thing I hate about Netflix is that it is hard to find content—there’s so much there that you’re not seeing. Netflix at least tried to cater to your likes, to give a selection based on your viewing preferences, but this basic issue of streaming services was made worse with HBO Max. They seem to offer you some basic selections, and there’s no real education about what’s there. 4) Searching movies by genre is convoluted. The page never loads all the way. It loads 12-15 selections then stops. If I Choose a movie, then back out of that screen, it will load a few more movies, but finding material is a nightmare, the bigger the catalog, the worse the problem. 5) No Roku. I can’t use it in my living room. (As usable as it is.) I can’t believe this is the best effort of one of the biggest media companies on the planet.

- Great content, kinks in usability

Definitely room for a lot of improvements with download function on mobile. Many times when I try to select something from the downloads section that I’ve already downloaded it will glitch and tell me I need to be using wi-if to stream. If I try multiple times or close and revisit the download section it will right itself and start the downloaded video. Anytime you close or switch between the app (if you get a quick text etc) it completely resets and you have to go back through all the steps to get to where you were, which is troublesome if you’re streaming from a phone. Wish there was a longer pause in the app holding your place. All the new content is excellent and the color scheme of the app is great contrast for visibility. Just needs to be a little more reliable/consistent.

- Great title selection. Horrible interface.

This post is mostly about the interface. I feel like the discovery/home page is very limiting in titles. Instead of just providing and endless list of scrolling, each section just has a set of 8 or 9 movies to choose from. There’s no “suggested titles” when you click on a show/movie to get me to view other similar titles. Lastly the most annoying thing is on mobile when I go to adjust the volume, it brings up the time scroll bar and all the other settings in the seriously couldn’t develop just a tiny volume pop up to show you controls rather than putting all that extra stuff on the screen and interrupting the viewing experience? Hope this review actually gets read and you guys can fix some of those issues. Especially the volume thing.

- Love HBO Max

I didn’t have a problem with logging in with my hbo now information I just wish it was available on roku tv maybe in the future. At least it’s available on all my iOS devices, xbox one s & playstation 4 the only bit of a downside no 4K HDR10 content. I was glad to find out I can watch og teen titans, rick & morty, impractical jokers, the boondocks, fresh prince of bel air, adventure time, tom & jerry, also all seven films of harry potter. The hbo max hubs include dc, sesame workshop, tcm (turner classic movies) along with studio ghibli, cartoon network collection, adult swim collection, crunchyroll collection & looney tunes. My overall experience is great I still enjoy it i’ll definitely be keeping my hbo max subscription because they’re just gonna add more content next year & i’m looking forward to it all.

- 5 ⭐️ for HBO but 2 ⭐️ for the rest

I had huge expectations for the new HBO Max. I woke up, updated my app, and proceeded to check out the “new” offerings. Though I still thoroughly love HBO’s original content, I am left a bit disappointed in the Max content. Impractical Jokers only has the first two seasons; I had hoped for the whole original Looney Tunes series; there’s not a whole lot of the DC content as I was expecting; just a lot of old movies and incomplete series. Hopefully they will absorb all of DC’s content in the future and add complete seasons of stuff that’s missing. Besides those issues, the app seems clunky with much of the content images barely loading on my device. I would blame my internet, but all of my other streaming apps work fine, as does the original HBO content. I’m sure things will improve in time, but until then, I will only give the app 3 stars.

- HBO Max is Working Impaired

HBO Max joins the plethora of big-business apps which show 0 regard for the visually impaired tv- and movie-watching population. It’s really easy to build accessible apps from the ground up. It’s harder to implement accessibility after release. At least this app occasionally does something when I tap on it and would, in theory, let me watch something. I managed to sign in because I explored my screen thoroughly by touch (many blind people swipe from item to item, which doesn’t work at all in this app for ... some inexplicable reason.) I clicked on several categories and each failed to correspond with its label, though the labels were readable. It’s like many apps. It starts somewhat useable and ends up disappointingly, predictably, foolishly useless. Worse yet, the parent companies of these apps keep saying, over and over, that they really do care about accessibility. Forgive us if we decline to agree.

- Fix the list

So I was pleasantly surprised with all the content. Specifically the older series like Fresh Prince and the TCM, Looney Tunes and DC hubs. Plus some great Criterion Collection selections. The sole reason for my 3 star rating is the My List function. I went through the vast content and added several things to my list. First, your list is not easily located. It’s on the main page. There isn’t a Home icon (Apple TV App) so you have to back into it using your Menu button on the remote which takes you through all the visited screens. So if you browsed different hubs or categories, you have to back through all of those to get to the home page. Once I found my list, I scrolled through to find my last 8 or 10 additions and the last option to “See More.” When I select that I get redirected to the top of the home screen. So after I spent all that time building my list so I won’t have to endlessly search for content I like later, I can’t even access the bulk of it. While I can deal with the inconvenient way of accessing the home page, the My List option isn’t functional so serves no purpose to me. Wasted a chunk of my life browsing and adding to a feature I can’t access. If that is fixed, this app would easily be 5 stars for me.

- It’s fine

When seeing negative reviews I always try and go though a bunch of them too see what people have to say rather than just accepting the star ratings given. That being said, I find that more often than not countless bad reviews on products and services are a result of user error or downright incompetence. I use this app on iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPad Pro, ps4, and my laptop. Works just fine 95% of the time. People tend to be too critical and it’s not a companies fault that a large majority of the population lack the mental capacity to solve the smallest of problems. The only issue that I have is that from time to time my show will freeze and I’ll have to go back to home screen and restart it. Other than that I have no problem finding things, playing things, enjoying things. If you are seeing a show in “continue watching” and want to see ALL the episodes available, select it, and when it pops up click on the series the title just ABOVE the thumbnail and all episodes will show up. It’s not hard to figure out. So for me, HBO please work on the occasional freezing/glitching and the addition of an auto play on/off option would be nice. Other than that I love the app. Thanks.

- Language selection

When I saw the list of anime that was added I got pretty excited however when I noticed only a few of them come with both English and Japanese language while the rest only come in Japanese audio and many of those anime series I know have English dubbed versions of them as well but HBO MAX doesn’t have them. Also the old Godzilla movies that are on there which I was pretty excited to see but found only two out of all of them had English audio while the rest were Japanese audio only. I’m sorry but to each their own if they understand the Japanese language or don’t mind reading subtitles but for me after work when I want to watch an anime series or an old Godzilla movie I’m not in the mood to read subtitles after a long day of work. I’m sorry but the app and the HBO MAX service is lacking and right now all it’s good for us just steaming HBO content new movies and the DC universe movies

- Downloads

For $15 a month, I should be able to temporarily download to my laptop, a feature that I’m able to do with Netflix. Due to poor internet connection in my room, being able to download to the laptop allows me to actually watch shows and still use my phone. I forgot to check the billing date, and was just charged, which was my fault, but if I stayed on top of that, I would have chosen to skip the HBO subscription this month, and used Netflix instead. This month I’ll have to keep HBO, but I’ve canceled it for next month, and next month I will keep Netflix instead simply because of the ability to download to my laptop. It’s also frustrating to have U-verse, pay for U-verse, but not have HBO max included. I honestly only have it for lovecraft country, and will probably be done with the service all together when I finish the series. EVEN STILL with the ability to download to my phone, I have the same issue as another user who commented about being able to connect a device to the tv. The downloaded episodes are so frustrating to get to work properly when connected to the tv, I end up just watching it on my phone, which is no fun when you’re trying to watch with someone else. Too expensive, not worth the content in comparison to the many other streaming services.

- Problematic with iOS 14 and Chromecast

A pretty good app but it definitely needs work on its Chromecast connection. This is important, of course, since because of contract disputes, it can’t have any of its Max content seen on Roku. So, naturally, it’s a good idea to cast it to one’s big screen via Chromecast. But it doesn’t work under ios14. Not at all until Local Network is turned back on in manual settings— Apple reset it— but even then very glitchy and slow and “how do I do this?” Once Local Network is on, it just churns to connect. It will get there from the main screen (not the program) eventually, in my experience so far. But mainly, I’ve been casting from an old iPhone 6, which doesn’t have these new operating systems. Works fine. So: Apple and HBO Max and Google, please pull up your socks and get this seamlessly working, as it was before iOS 14.

- WHY???

The old NOW app won’t even load without this update, which I cannot download because my iOS isn’t supported (it’s not even that old, why do this-don’t you want as many customers as possible)? The new app is not supported on roku either. TL;DR: This is a premium streaming network with exclusive streaming rights to one of my favorite shows (that I’ve been unable to stream since January b/c of your deal, so, you know, thanks for that too) and I. CAN’T. EVEN. USE. IT. 😡 Guess I’ll finally be buying the rest of the Blu-Ray box sets for new Doctor Who (and perhaps a couple of HBO shows) and forgetting this app exists unless things change quickly. Even my satellite provider hasn’t offered HBO for over a year now. I literally have no way to access your content anymore w/o buying DVDs/Blu-Rays. This will mean significantly less money for you in the long run (because I won’t be buying shows I’ve never seen on the chance I’ll like them) but apparently you don’t care. 🤷‍♀️

- Maybe a few bugs?

I love all the content as compared to the original HBO, and the app itself is easy to use and navigate. However, every time I leave the app to check a message or if I turn off the screen, it closes out the app entirely and I have to restart it, and it resets whatever I was watching back to the beginning. It doesn’t save my watch progress. Also, it resets my downloads back to 0% every time the app closes. Please make it to where it can run in the background and not close entirely if I have to leave the app or turn off my screen. It’s very frustrating when I want to watch or download something and it resets my progress every time I have to do something else in my phone (iPhone). Otherwise, it’s a great subscription, I just think the app just needs more optimization.

- Garbage

When HBO max launches my account was apparently deleted. When trying to access the Catalogue I was told that I hadn’t had an active account since June of 2019 despite using and being charged for hbo now until last week. After called customer support twice, being told I would be contacted about my issue being escalated to someone who could help me I called today to try and find out how to stop further charges for an account I was unable to use. The operator stated canceling was simple and with no attempt at retention canceled my account. When I inquired about a refund for the charge I received on the 28th he told me that hbo has a no refun policy. Further inquiries led to findings that someone had fixed my account without notifying of the resolution to my escalation and that I’d just canceled service and would be charged to reactivate. So now I’m without hbo and cannot receive refund for service hbo’s error prevented me from using. Great customer service.

- A nightmare to use when streaming

This app is a UX nightmare when streaming to your tv. It’s actually shocking to me that somehow it got push through. When I cast it to my tv, usually the preview for a show will play again (even if you watch it on your phone already) or just spin in circle waiting to load. Once you get it to play on your tv, don’t bother trying to do anything else. The control interface at the bottom of the screen will disappear. How do you get it to appear again? Who knows. It’s a random luck of the draw. Trying to find the control interface once casting is torturous. Also discovered tonight that apparently the 15-seconds fast forward button actually rewinds it 15-seconds. I’m convinced that no one tested this app before the launch. If you are only playing through your phone or iPad, great!! If you’re going to try and cast it to your tv... good luck!

- HBO changing so often and do not care about customer experience

We were long time customers, but with all the changes from cutting ties with Dish, then going to the Now platform, then the Max platform its caused too much headache. Content isn’t that much better than Netflix to be worth the constant headaches. HBO can’t even keep their own online FAQs with links to the right places to log in. I don’t think they have the right man power behind their technical solutions - stretched too thin with frequent changes and having to support Now, Go, and Max platforms concurrently. Their app streaming quality sub-par on multiple different platforms and devices I’ve used. They are experts in entertainment not software, and it shows! Also not so great at making transitions easy for customers. Don’t waste your money, wait to buy until they get their model back to working with providers. They aren’t handling the transition to direct delivery themselves very well.

- Great shows as always, app is a headache

The app is constantly getting disconnected when I’m watching shows, especially when casting to my tv. It’s odd because often times it will be playing on the tc and I’ll go to pause or rewind, and the app makes it seem as if I’m not even playing it. It also often forgets where I’m at in a show. Also, a show I’m clearly watching week to week or a movie I stopped will be nowhere I sight when I get back in the app. I know, first world problems, but most of the time these streaming services encourage you to keep watching something, they don’t hide it away so you have to go find it. Obviously hbo has the best content, so I’ll keep using no matter what. But for real, I was happy with the old hbo app on roku or fire stick. Its just annoying that I had to get another streaming service to watch hbo, and the hbomax app is somehow worse.

- App is less than AIGHT

HBO in terms of content, is for sure my favorite out of all streaming services. But the app is trash on all devices. It only works about 60% of the time on the smart tv app and the mobile app isn't too much better. Shows are always loading or glitching, and the app layout is way more complicated than it should be. Theres no skip intro option, like on other platforms which gets old because every single episode you have to fast forward through the intro and then it loads forever because its always glitchy. The app layout overall needs to be easier and cleaner to use. HBO subscription price is pretty high for all the glitches, complicated layout, and they still sneak in little ads every now and again. Love the shows, but the app has a long ways to go.

- Great additional programming, but has a long way to go technically.

While the additional programming is great, I really don’t understand why they didn’t keep the same exact series navigation that you could do in HBO GO and HBO NOW. It was so easy to get to the lists of seasons and their associated episodes, but now with max it’s definitely different. This new app also doesn’t pass through dolby digital 5.1 to Chromecast. I know this because I used HBO GO for years and they worked hard to fix a lot of the bugs along the way. I really hope for the same experience with HBO Max, we just have to report all the problems so hopefully they will work hard to fix them. At least things are generally functional, so that’s a good start, they just have several tweaks to make to get it up to par.

- No WiFi...No Video

So, I download a few videos to watch while traveling. I start watching one, then have to board the plane. Now that we are in the air I decide to watch the rest of the video...would you believe, the app won’t open up to let me watch the video because it can’t reach the servers. What is the point of downloading if you can’t watch them “off line” ???? Another annoyance...if you have a downloaded video and you click on the video from the main menu, even though it says it is downloaded, it will stream the video instead of using the downloaded data. You have to goto My Stuff and look at the downloads and play from there. Once on the ground (from the scenario above) I didn’t have WiFi but did have cellular so the app opened but I had the app set to not stream over cellular. That is how I found the streaming issue. Simple fixes...

- Great Content but Bad App/Website

I love HBO movies and TV Shows however I have had numerous issues with the apps across all different devices. The app won’t load majority of times and when it finally does it sometimes won’t register I am taping on my profile. (I know this is an HBO Max issue because it does this on Xbox one, PS 4, Laptop, iPad, and iPhone). It often will freeze in the middle of a show and I have to restart the app. Most of the time it won’t even load the start page. It sometimes won’t show my continue watching list which is frustrating because we don’t always know which episode we ended on. Overall, I just have had issues with it loading and working properly. I do enjoy watching HBO movies and shows it’s just extremely frustrating to pay for a service and not be able to use the app or website to watch them.

- Lol how does this get released

This service is such a mess it’s not even funny. So today in the just added section they added the newest fantastic 4 movie that bombed. The icon is the new movie but when you select it the main movie is the original one with Jessica Alba and Chris Evans but the one below it is a picture of the new one and says extended version. No matter which one you select it’s the old movie. Has HBO just been released or has the service been around for a long time? Another thing is take mad tv where most of each season is missing random episodes and if you watch episode 2 and the next one is 4 it will bounce you back to the menu cause it can’t continue episodes if they are not the very next one. For the price this is and the mess that it is it’s not worth it at all. Never have I ever experienced issues like this with other services that haven’t been around as half as long as HBO.

- Disappointing

The app constantly crashes and constantly had an issue with buffering and we don’t have an issue with any other streaming apps doing this. On top of that, we have a roku tv and since the app is still not available on roku it’s just a hassle to have to hook up another console to watch it on. First world problems, I know. But with everything else being so accessible it just makes the flaws in this more apparent. I was content to wait for it to get on roku but it’s been months and still no word. It’s really a shame because the show and movie selection is great. Maybe that’s why I kept paying $16 a month for a service that has been such a disappointment. But this is definitely stopping this month, maybe I’ll hive it a shot again when it’s roku compatible, but for now the price isn’t worth the unreliable service.

- Downloaded Feature Needs WORK

I was very happy to see Batwomen available on here for download! I had an upcoming road trip and needed something to watch during it, Batwomen being what I thought would work. So, I downloaded it, but it kept making me restart, had a hard time loading, and didn’t download in order (not that that’s much of a problem), it was overall very frustrating. Although this all could have been because of my WiFi. Eventually I was able to download the episodes I needed, but then when I went into the car to try and watch them none of the episodes would load, even though they were downloaded. I really don’t understand why this won’t work, I understand this is a fairly new app, so malfunctions are expected, but I hope this can be fixed soon so that I can watch Batwomen on my next road trip!

- Great Content, Bad App

I’m really paying for the content, but it’s extremely frustrating dealing with this glitching app. Video constantly blacks out when using auto play, so that I have to constantly be unplugging phone from HDMI and reloading video. Even does this when playing anything at all, 7 out of 10 times. Most frustrating is the auto play never working, it takes probably five minutes to try to load the next episode and then just isn’t able to play. And having the option to play video straight from my home page ‘continue watching’ list doesn’t really work for series, 9 out of 10 times it takes me to the episode description from which I can hit the play triangle but that honestly is extremely annoying and bad ux/ui design. I know y’all can afford to make this app better, please do that.

- Good content, Bad UI and Optimization

The first part of the title is self explanatory so I’ll skip to the second. The user interface can be frustrating to use. It isn’t easy to access other episodes. Not all content that qualifies for the “last chance” and “just added” categories actually shows up there. What annoys me most, however, is how poorly optimized the iphone app is. It takes longer than many of my other apps to open, but that wouldn’t be so terrible if it stayed open while I use other apps. I could switch to a messaging app for a few seconds, come back, and it’ll have to reopen. That’s my biggest gripe. It’s a new service, but some of these things have been done so much better by other services that I wonder how they can exist this way at all.

- Refuses to work off of WiFi/cellular

What’s the point of allowing users to download content if the app insists on a connection even to simply open? Even when I get it to open, it’s impossible to tell if a video is playing off of the app or sucking up my data. A major fail for such a well-funded app. Update to developer response: Even when I start watching from the downloads section I get a warning about data usage anytime I venture away from WiFi signal. If I then turn off cellular to make sure my program is playing from the download and not using data, the app refuses to open due to lack of signal and says “try again.” When I ultimately get back into the app and return to my downloads, the program does not remember where I left off and restarts from the beginning. In short, this app still needs a lot of work.

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- Great selection and almost great interface

Would’ve rated it higher except for the search feature on the tvOS version of the app. It is absolutely inexcusable to force users to type in a search query letter by letter on Apple TV like that. There is dictation support and keyboard support using your iPhone or iPad to type. Instead you chose to make it as difficult as possible to do a search and is the most difficult streaming app to do a search on Apple TV with. You don’t make someone a computer or tablet search like that, why did anyone think it was a good idea to do it on Apple TV when it’s just as unnecessary? Other than that it’s a great app but when the purpose of an app is to curate and allow people to search a database, it’s inexcusable to make searching so unnecessarily painful.

- Great content, worse design

HBO GO's design was great. I gave that app 5 stars then. I don't like reviewing new apps, but 3 months is more than enough for HBO Max to reconsider its design. I love HBO and the titles they have like The Wire, The Vow, Watchmen, LWT. The anime and CN/adult swim titles are really good too. Despite this it still feels like an app that was rushed in a week made to compete with Disney+ (miles ahead btw). It's not the worse design (like Crackle or Peacock) but I have noticed just a few things that can improve the interface. * The background is literally a static PNG. * Profiles should have pictures. It shouldn't be that hard to make. * The "about" tab only gives a brief synopsis. I don't expect a Wikipedia info box but there should be more there to fill the blank space. * (anime in particular PLEASE) the option to change audio/captions mid way through video like Netflix. I don't want to be looking for transcripts learning the language and switching tabs. * Add resolution options on the download page, for those without much storage space. * (unrelated to the app) More keyboard shortcuts to the web player on PC please? Just left arrow=back, right arrow=forward

- Extremely poor picture quality

It is remarkable that we are at the end of 2020 — the year of the pandemic in which home entertainment reigned supreme — yet, HBO’s premier digital streaming platform completely lacks support for both 4K HDR and Dolby Vision content. The lack of this mainstream feature is even more glaring when contrasted with Netflix, which began streaming 4K content six years ago in 2014. Today (2020), every other streaming service that I pay for (i.e., Netflix, Disney+, AppleTV) supports 4K HDR. The persistent failure of HBO Max to support mainstream technologies such as 4K HDR and Dolby Vision strongly suggests a lack of viable engineering support for this app, and — more broadly — a complete lack of awareness regarding mainstream video technologies within the company. In summary, the HBO Max app does a great disservice to some of the truly excellent content that it hosts by failing to support modern, mainstream video technologies. HBO owes it to its creators and its audience to do better.

- Incredibly frustrating

This app’s ability to control what I’m watching on my chromecast is virtually nonexistent. The pause/play bar disappears almost immediately, and often there’s no way to get it back. I exit and go back into the app, and even though it’s still connected to chromecast, the pause/play option is unavailable, so essentially I have to disconnect if I need to pause it to go do anything. Or I can select the episode again, it which case it has to buffer and there’s a 50/50 chance it’ll start playing from an earlier point of the movie or episode because it can’t keep up. And often the pause/play control STILL doesn’t show up. There’s also no easy option to go to series details if I want to choose another episode of the same show. Everything requires an annoying workaround.

- Disappointing

For such a hyped-up service, the HBO Max app leaves much to be desired. The content itself is great, but I have no other way to stream said content except through the app, and to say that is a frustrating mess is a gross understatement. Programs constantly get hung up or stop playing altogether, and at times impossible to start. Oftentimes a preview will play before a show without issue only to have my connection with Apple TV will drop out completely. I would suspect something on my end might cause the issue, but I do not have similar problems using other streaming apps. Then there’s the interface, which I also find frustrating to deal with for numerous reasons but will not go into detail here since that may not apply to everyone else. The technical issues are inexcusable for such a large media company and $15 price tag. I know a better job can be done.

- Everything is terrible

Despite having downloaded videos over Wi-Fi, it tries streaming the downloaded videos over cellular data, videos constantly can’t load with perfect Internet connection (not even slow, just won’t load at all), and it always locks you out of your account randomly. The worst streaming app by a mile. Edit for developer: Yes, I am watching the downloads from the download section, and I still get the darn notification that I’m streaming over cellular data. The only way to avoid streaming over cellular data (even from the downloads section, not the main screen) is to shut off my cellular data, and then it usually locks me out of the app because it can’t verify my account without cellular data, even though I was logged in two seconds ago... Terrible app. Don’t blame this on me. I know where to watch the downloads from. Your app is just awful.

- Worst Streaming App

I like the content but the app is not user friendly. If you’re lucky, you get one episode in before it crashes and you have to complete exit out and restart in all the ways we have to watch it including PlayStation 4, phones, and tablets. On good days, it’ll load the next episode after anyone’s guess on how long it needs to load between the episode but eventually it’ll play the next one, sometimes. But I thought we were beyond the days of waiting for things to buffer as it also does that mid shows/movies... Overall, I wish Friends would transfer to another streaming service because that’s what’s been holding me from canceling the subscription although at this point it’d be more convenient to switch out the DVDs every couple episodes, less interruption.

- Internet Disconnect

I thought this would be as good as the previous versions but no. I was trying to watch the beforeigners and after a little bit into the show I would get a message that it was not available. After a few times of this I noticed that my router would reset itself and reboot. I don’t need someone saying that it is my equipment since this only happens when I use this app. Until they fix this issue it looks like I will be spending money on something that does not work. I did an online search and noticed that people where having the same issues. I doubt that will fix this anytime soon and will probably only respond by saying contact there support team. Why should I do that if I explained the issue in this review. This is not a thing that should not go unresolved.

- “Subscription” Issue

Whilst signed into HBO Max with my cable provider, it tells me to subscribe wben i attempt to watch a movie or show.. So when i select “Already subscribed? Link your subscription” i do the process again of signing in with my cable provider. After i sign in, it brings me back to the page that tells me to subscribe to hbo max. So i return to the home page, go to settings, billing information, and it says “Your HBO Max subscription throught Cox has expired”. But i know for a fact that it hasnt. Bc we still have the same cable plan. The issue i’ve experienced has happened once already. We did a troubleshoot with hbo support through text chat. It solved the issue. That was maybe 2-3 weeks ago and this issue has happened again. Doesnt make sense. This happens on my phone, computers, and the xbox.

- Impossible App

Obviously HBO’s content is good. However, the functionality of this app leaves a lot to be desired. Navigation is cumbersome and organization of content across the app is not great. What really annoys me is how shoddy the casting is. Buffers in the middle of a show and I have to close out the app and reopen it to get it to keep playing. It constantly hides the info of what’s playing when I’m casting to my tv. Worst of all is that you have to click the play icon to play something, and it’s so tiny it sometimes takes several tries to get it to play. New issue today - app is connected to tv for casting, I’ve hit play, the screen goes black and the content doesn’t appear. Just a waste of money if it doesn’t even work.

- I love it but...

I love it!!!! Even though I think people don't update there HBO Max. That's why there experiencing problems. But I always update my HBO Max. 😊 Even though... why did Creepshow (1982) got taken off. Also, if it comes back, I hope you bring in the whole Franchise because that would be great. And 1 more thing, add Roku Tv!!!!! Because everyone is asking for it!!!! Please add it!!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 And again still 1 more thing or more, but whenever I'm gonna start to watch something it keeps a saying like your having bad internet connection(?) I think. Something like that though. Even can guys PLEASE add all the Halloween movies. Like the Michael Myers one. Also had Hocus Pocus. I would love that. 😍❤️

- Glitches/ dysfunctional

There are so many glitches. #1 at times it doesn’t play the next episode. So it will stop with no option to go to the next one and if you hit play it will repeat the SAME episode. #2 to view all episodes you have to manually search then click on the show. You can’t access it through continue watching or while the show is playing. #3 when it does play the next episode (on computer) you have to click full screen every time because it automatically zooms out if it goes to the next episode #4 on the phone there is both a back/ fast forward 15 seconds, but on the computer there’s no fast forward just the back. #5 the show/ movie when first clicked on will sit there and never load. To fix this I have to ex out, go back in, and keep doing that til is loads. #6 the video options will CONTINUOUSLY pop up on the screen even if you turn cellular streaming/ stream over wifi on or off either way it pops up. #7 if both cellular/ WiFi streaming is on and you don’t have WiFi it will not allow you to play the video EVEN if the cellular streaming option is on. p.s. there is no button to skip intro so if you’re watching friends have fun with that Besides issues above it has good content.

- It’s not to great....

The first thing that I’d like to clarify is a bug, when launching the app sometimes it glitches and closes the app immediately which can get annoying sometimes. I also think there should be more movies and tv shows in the kids category because there really isn’t many compared to the other categories, the last thing I’d like to add is that since the tv show “Steven Universe” is added shouldn’t there be “Steven Universe: The Movie” and “Steven Universe Future” along with it since it’s a continuation of the show, this is just a recommendation not a bug issue or anything, other than that this app is so far pretty great and I can’t blame it too much for its issues since it just came out and that will be all.

- Great content but terrible app performance

HBO is the only streaming service that has constant glitches while trying to enjoy tv. It buffers frequently and sometimes for long periods of time. On multiple occasions the audio wouldn’t work for any content on the service even after restarting my tv twice (and all of the other streaming services were working fine). Not to mention, their partnership subscription with Samsung made it extremely difficult to cancel. And when i decides to give them another chance, they made it difficult to renew. I don’t know if the content is worth the frustration. For such a large streaming service it’s silly that they have not fixed these basic issues (especially the buffering) and will probably lose subscribers for it.

- My new favorite app...?

The only thing that really disappointed me was Boomerang not really being a part of this service. I mean it’s nice to see some shows from boomerang make it on to MAX, but I wish they had more. I have seen some of the shows that are on MAX and was blown away by how high quality it is. I really wish the person who said they were not gonna add much from Boomerang didn’t say that because I really wanted to see old Hanna Barbera look so high quality. Yes, I know the app just launched, but it launched with lots of shows, all with full episodes. By the way, how do you make (Technicolor) Popeye look so high quality?

- Keeps Crashing on iPad

I love HBO. I will always pay for HBO because I love the programming, but this app on the iPad is truly awful. Sometimes when I open the app it tells me I’m disconnected from the internet when I am, in fact, not. Sometimes it tells me it can’t verify my login when I was literally logged in and streaming the day before. Today it crashed in the middle of a show to tell it it couldn’t find the episode (I clicked ok), then that I was offline (I clicked ok), then that it couldn’t verify my credentials. It literally stopped working after 20 minutes of streaming to tell me it couldn’t verify me. Restarting my iPad helps in the moment, but to have to do this EVERY TIME I want to watch the app, and sometimes several times (including while I’m watching), is beyond ridiculous.

- Ad volume is out. of. control.

Overall, HBO max is much the same as its predecessor, HBO now. I have one major complaint. The volume of the occasional advertisement before a show is SO much louder than the program that it scares the living daylights out of any person or animal in earshot (distance estimate: 5 miles). The worst is when I happen to step away while an episode ends and the next episode’s ad comes up and I have to come running from another room to mute the tv lest my neighbors think I’m murdering someone under cover of the cacophony. My pets run pell-mell for the safety of the bedskirts, convinced the world is ending. The volume discrepancy is so extreme that only hyperbole can begin to describe the trauma this sound imbalance inflicts upon unsuspecting viewers.

- Why is this so difficult to use?

It has nothing to do with the movies. The movies are great. I do feel like HBO should pick up on Dragon Ball Z live series but that’s another matter… I have the hardest time using it on my Xbox and PlayStation ....I don’t have this hard time with any other service. Why? For the love of God how many times do I have to change my passcode only for it not to work or just freeze. What is going on? I stepped away from it for a while hoping when I came back it would beA solved problem…It’s not. When it gets frustrating I simply just go to another service and drop the App. If this continues I’m just gonna drop the service. It’s been too long now and other people are complaining as well as I can see and still no solution. Or really a solid explanation.

- Add a little more stuff.

To: HBO Max producers From:TV Watcher-27 I like all the good movies and Tv shows on HBO Max and I like how great you people created it but I think it will be better to add a few more things. 1. I think it would be better if HBO Max added a few more things to the DC section like: Arrow(Season 1-8,) The Flash(Season 1-6,) Supergirl(Season 1-5,) Dc’s Legends of Tomorrow(Season 1-5,) and Black Lightning(Season 1-3.) 2. I also think it’s better to add something else to the Cartoon Network section like: LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu(Season 1-11.) and LEGO Nexo Knights(Season 1-4.) 3. And can you also add Scooby-Doo and Guess Who?(Season 1-2)If you can please add these that would be great have and I appreciate how awesome this app is have a good day.

- HBO Max is fine but could be better visually

I like the hubs and the way HBO Max is organized, but they should improve in visually. Like instead of circles, the profile pictures should be characters from the WarnerMedia library like from Sesame Street, Adult Swim, HBO, Cartoon Network, Warner Bros, DC, etc (kinda like for Netflix and Disney+). Also, I wanna see all the episodes of TV shows at once quickly instead of scrolling down in the end which could take forever so decrease the episode sizes when I look at a season so it can look nice. Aside from what I said, HBO Max isn’t awful: it has fine display and great content. Can’t wait to see the changes to the app in the coming years!

- Good content terrible app

As the title says, the HBO content is great, and the additional shows and movies are good too. BUT, the user interface is clunky and the app poorly thought out. I could get past that, but for the fact that I can reliably find and watch exactly ONE show or movie reliably before the app crashes (on iOS and Samsung smart TVs). After that I have to force close the app or wait five to ten minutes until I get an error message and can reopen the app to repeat the process. I don’t understand the problem, as I found the HBO Now app to be very stable and well organized. If I had another option to stream this content, I would use it. Unfortunately I don’t, and will be stuck using this subpar application until they finally get around to making something with a passing resemblance to functionality.

- Won’t stay connected

Every time you leave the app, even for a brief moment, the casting disconnects. The video will still play on the device you are casting to, but if you was to rewind, pause, or any other basic function you use while watching a show, you have to reconnect to the device again (even though it is still connected and playing). A lot of times it will start the entire thing over and you have to tinker around with minutes and seconds to try to find where you were. This is not new either. It was the same way on the old app. Casting should not be this difficult when it is so commonly used by everybody these days. I keep hoping they will fix it but nope. Same issues over and over. Love HBO and their shoes. The app is atrocious when it comes to casting to a larger screen.

- Great content, buuuuut...

I love the content on the streaming service, in fact I’ve been using HBO Max the most lately, but there’s just one problem. I’m pretty sure this isn’t a problem when using an Apple TV or accessing HBO Max using a tv app (on a tv), but when using the HBO Max app on an iPhone, the subtitles don’t work. I’ve restarted my phone and stuff, but the subtitles don’t work. I also wish it was easier to find content through a recommended section or something, rather than having to search through every genre. Edit: After iOS 14, auto-picture in picture was working fine at first, and still is except for HBO Max. Now HBO Max’s Picture in Picture doesn’t work automatically like other apps.

- Needs more features

I really hope this gets through to the devs bc I absolutely love the app i love the show selection my problem is when i find a show that i really enjoy but i cant look at or for related titles and furthermore the way its laid out limits what shows/movies are even presented to me for example every show i watch on HBO Max i had seen a commercial or heard about and had to go and search specifically for it and i just wish it would show me more of a personalized recommendation based off of my watch history etc etc my main point i want to make here is please show related titles when you click on a show/movie thx yall c:

- “HBO to the max”, could be.

The app has quite a few bugs and glitches that need to be fixed. Also, for the downloads section, the TV show downloads should be grouped as a series rather than being downloaded as individual episodes, just like how some of the other services do. That seems very much clustered, IMO. Content don’t play at times. They don’t even download at times. I also think that there should be an option to download an entire season of a series. Many features that were promised during the presentation are missing as of now and I hope those are added sooner rather than later. So far, I like the service but it can and I hope, will be better with time.

- Great! Closed Captions???

This app is great and I love watching all the different selections of TV shows and movies! But I noticed one thing about using the app, the closed captions never work! I tried figuring it out and eventually went to the website, and did the instructions for iPhone or iOS, and they still don’t work. This is a struggle for me as I am part of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. I usually don’t use this app anymore because of how tired I was of figuring out what people were saying while watching. Please fix the Closed Captions as soon as possible!! Other people I know who have this app also have this issue so please fix this! But other than that, this entertainment app is great!

- Parental controls

Parental controls are a joke. Why would you put a pin to leave a profile, rather than have one to enter a profile? If your kids start out by selecting the profile and choose the wrong one then they have access to everything. Only if they are starting with what you set with limits and try to leave that will a pin be requested. “Just set the other profiles with limits too!” Well, you’d think that would be an option too, isn’t. You can’t unlock a single title within a profile. It just tells you your profile isn’t allowed to view titles with that rating. This is HBO after all. There should be better parental controls. HBO, take note of Amazons parental control methods. Far better to control content.

- Still no image fr iPhone to TV from Downloads via HDMI

HBO Max You just released an app update that did nothing to address the fact that your last forced update took away the ability to play downloaded content from my iPhone to my TV connected via hdmi cable. This is something I’ve alway been able to do. I can still do if I stream the same program using my iPhone cell data. I don’t have WiFi capability at my home. HBO Max is useless to me now if I cannot watch downloaded content, except on my iPhone (I’m an old, ill Veteran and don't want or need any more devices in my life) Playing downloaded content from iPhone to tv via hdmi will play sound through the tv, but no image. This problem did not exist before the last version of the update which was forced. If I play the same exact episode of a program via cell data streaming it works fine. It’s likely a scheme to thwart the copying of downloaded content, but now inhibit normal playback. So sad that you will be losing so many customers, market share and a good reputation if arguable the best content because of a consistently substandard app. Please feel free to get it right.

- Horrible Show Page UX

The UI is clean and responsive and many aspects of the experience is solid and works.. The thing that gripes me the most is the fact that on the show pages there is NO WAY to get to the next episode without going back to the show page.. AND if I continue watching an episode on load of the app.. I can’t get to the next episode unless I search for the show OR if it’s being promoted on the front page.. it’s ridiculous!! Maybe I’m missing something here but it’s infuriating that no one on this massive app thinks that users first action after finishing a show is to get to the next one.. easy fix cmon UX designers get this fixed on the next release. Add a next button or thumbnail box for the next episode.. sincerely, fellow UX designer

- Great content but a buffering nightmare

Would give 2 stars but the shows on it boost the rating. Some background: I previously had HBO Now which worked just fine. Then I started binge watching some titles on Max and about every 5-10 minutes there’s an annoying pause where the video buffers for about 10 seconds. Not a killer but it definitely disrupts the viewing experience to a fault I have fantastic internet (400mbps download speed) and stream on other platforms without these issues, so it’s clearly the app to blame for this ongoing problem. I hope AT&T can get its act together and solve this problem that other streaming platforms have already figured out.

- Great app

I always have the HBO app on my phone it’s very useful for entertainment when you’re somewhere far we’re just waiting for someone and now the upgrade to HBO max which I also enjoy but I wish there was differentGrade levels of payments like they just have it monthly I wish they would come up something like three different levels like monthly every three months and yearly I would prefer a yearly subscription because it would make payments and budgeting so much easy Hopefully take a look into that but I have no complain about the app I love it thank you

- Worked great... for about a week.

Have always loved HBO, so upgrading to Max was a no brainer. But after using the service for about a week, I am unable to view content. I have my account linked through AT&T but am unable to view content as it asks me to subscribe or link my account, which was working perfectly when i signed up. AT&T nor HBO can help, both keep telling me the other service is the issue. So as of now I pay for something I cannot use in hopes that it starts working again. I honesty never complain but I don’t know what else to do. If the service through the app doesn’t work, it’s useless to me. I would love to keep watching their content, but I simply cannot, hopefully they get a grip on their service link issues soon.

- Decent but can be improved

First I want to say that the purple theme is very nice - it’s unique compared to other streaming services. However other aspects of the UI needs working on. It feels smooth but slow, would like things to be faster. Also, it is hard to get to the next episode when you aren’t on the homepage - only way is to go to the end of the video and click on the next episode pop up. Not to mention in the “Continue Watching” section, it’s hard to go back to the main title and have a look at all the episodes in that specific season (and its description) + other seasons. Would also like 4K/UHD/HDR support on iOS devices so we can get the best video quality.

- Vizio Viewer

I’ll start by saying the app all in itself works really well. It looks very pleasing to the eyes and works very smoothly. However, if you have a vizio Tv and wish to cast to it be ready for some issues. If you close the app while watching the video continues but when you reopen the app you will have to disconnect and reconnect to control anything with your phone. On top of that with your remote the only control you have is to pause and change the volume. Also if if you are watching on the app already and try to cast the video the app will not even pretend to play the video. So just be ready to click that cast button over and over and over.

- I am canceling

I really like the content on HBO Max, especially the movies from TCM and the Max Originals. I am not going to keep my subscription, though, because I hate the Apple TV remote; it’s pretty, but not very functional and I end up using it for a little while, unplug the box in frustration and return to Roku, where I can watch HBO shows, but about half the catalog is missing. I know this is not supposed to be a device review, but Apple charges megabucks for the streaming device, then an HDMI cable and functional remote have to be purchased separately. I don’t know how those things were tested, but it could not have been in a real world situation. I’m glad NBC Peacock is available on Roku, it’s a good service with quite a bit of variety and not as expensive as HBO.

- Unable to Sign In

I was just watching hbo now a few hours ago. My mistake was to to update the app. I signed in with my email and password after updating and now I just get messages saying currently unavailable through your provider. However, I signed up through Apple store, same email and password. iPad is brand new, latest iOS, reinstalled the app, restarted iPad, asked for another password as that was suggested by the site and still got the currently unavailable when I only tried to reset my password. This app should not have been released as clearly there are bugs. As of this time, I suppose I will have to wait to visit desktop site on my laptop and unsubscribe from the service and billing. I may or may not resubscribe in the future, currently super frustrated with this app.

- Love HBO, but horrible App

For some reason, the streaming and buffering seems a lot slower than other apps like Netflix and xfinity, etc. I haven’t even completed a download of a movie or tv show to watch offline because it is God-Awfully SLOW. I’m not sure why only this app is like that. One more thing, when choosing from the Home Screen to “continue watching” it would be nice if you could also pick a different season or episode from the next screen, instead of only having the option of watching that specific episode. It would save multiple steps of having to go to the search screen and picking the desired show. Still love HBO though!

- Having Challenges Downloading Shows

I usually download shows on my iPad Pro from home and watch them later on my break at work where there is no wifi signal. We have 4 sources of internet at home: a sattelite internet, a portable wifi, and 2 LTE cellular hotspots. However, it’s quite a challenge downloading shows for offline viewing. It’s like HBO Max only wants you to downlod one or two shows at a time and won’t download whole season of a show. 4 tv shows takes about 2 days to download if your internet hs no interruptions. I thought the problem was with our networks but on all 4 networks, the download rate was the same. Also, the download process freezes at a certain point and when that hppens, it resets again. I’m sticking to Netflix and might just cancel our subscription.

- Deep catalog, interface improving

HBO has a deep catalog, dauntingly so, which seems to intimidate a lot of users because they aren't sure how to navigate the platform. The "curated" lists are very useful, and are in fact more like filters than actual lists. My favorite at the moment is the TCM filter, which can be broken up by time period: 30s-40s, 50s-60s, etc. From Rashomon to Citizen Kane, there are some real gems here. In this respect the only streaming service that I think could compare is Mubi. As I familiarize myself with the app, and HBO adds improvements to the interface experience, my impression of this service has improved dramatically.

- It’s the same thing

It is literally a re-skin of HBO Now and even though they added some shows to the service, it isn’t a brand new experience that HBO is trying to get everyone to believe. There is no 4K HDR. There is no native support on my LG webOS TV. There is no subtitles in non-English languages. There is no built-in rating system. The new website still doesn’t truly stretch to full screen which bothers me in a weird way. Good thing is that it doesn’t cost anything extra compared to the original HBO Now, so it can only mean good things for you if you are already a frequent/long time subscriber. However, you’ll be sorely let down if you were expecting a brand new experience.

- HBO is slacking

Where to start? Since HBO doesn’t take feedback (or ever respond if you figure out how to contact them), I guess bad reviews is my only option. They have the worst closed captioning of any service. Weekly shows like Last Week Tonight are still spitting out text well into the next scene. It’s completely unwatchable. This is crappy for parents who need quiet and for the hearing impaired. They don’t care. This is the only streaming service that will NOT allow you to use the phone to input search terms, so you have to use their stupid horizontal alphabet to discreetly enter each. letter. Individually. Which means searching for anything take approximately 16 times longer than it should. You can’t use the arrow keys on an ipad pro keyboard (or any keyboard) to fast forward or rewind You can’t use the space bar to pause Right now I’m watching a brand new, HBO MAX cartoon and the entire 2nd episode does not have audio synced correctly. It really seems like heads need to roll at quality control. I have loved HBO since I was 6 (in 1986). I’m super stoked about the Studio Ghibli partnership. I want them to do better. Please?

- Nice content, some issues that can be improved.

I like this streaming app because it has some of the content that I want to watch. I think it just needs better organization. It also needs a trending list and a recommendation list. The HBO, DC, Adult Swim, Looney Tunes and TCM buttons should be near the top like the other services to better guarantee navigation. Also, there’s not a lot of content in the DC section. Or original content. Which I know is hard for a service that just launched. But there isn’t a lot of older content for DC. Other than the content, organization and navigation issues, I will still continue to stream HBO Max. There is enough to enjoy for a while.

- Basically broken

I have gig internet. I have no issues with any other streaming service. This service buffers frequently; most often at the beginning and, inexplicably, around the final 3-4 minutes of a stream. But random audio dropouts and buffering occur throughout any stream. If you are watching a series, the app will sometimes play the next episode, and sometimes it won’t. Sometimes when you switch back to the app to play the next episode (because it failed to do so automatically), the thumbnail for the next ep will just be a gray box, with no option to play it. This necessitates killing and restarting the app. The HBO Now experience was already quite bad, but somehow the new HBO Max app had managed to top it.

- Great Content - UI/UX a little rough

I was finally able to log back in on all devices with provider creds. 👍 Happy to be logged in, however, UI/UX are still not optimized. E.g., having to back out and search the show you’re in the middle of watching to see a list of all available episodes, isn’t a great experience. While it’s a small, silly thing to complain about, the app is D2C, right? Should be a great experience all around for Cs. I’ll hold out hope that with all the user data coming in, they’ll do some testing and get it all sorted. In the meantime, I’ll keep watching the good stuff and trying to work around the UI.

- Needs way more testing and bug fixes..

As an avid Friends fan, I was ecstatic to hear that both that show and my other favorite (SaTC) would be all on one platform. However, the platform has to actually work! I can navigate through the app, but no video will play—from any tv show I click on. It will give me a black loading screen, but then after several minutes says it can’t play the content. This seems like a very poor rollout considering you cannot get the app on Prime TV nor on Roku. First they don’t offer it everywhere, then where they *do* offer it, it seems like they didn’t properly test because bugs are popping up everywhere (subtitles have been an issue for others I know that have downloaded the app). Who approved this release to production????

- Great selection but program needs more

I love the selection of stuff to stream on here! But I wish that there were some other features. I wish that when watching an episode it was easier to go back and select another episode from the viewing instead of having to go all the way back to the Home Screen then to the list then re select the episode. I also think that when watching on the computer/laptop when a new episode starts playing it shouldn’t go back to the small screen with the description on the side making you click full screen for every episode Lastly I think there should be a sleep feature when viewing shows. Like on Netflix after a certain amount of episodes it asks if you’re still watching and if you don’t click yes it’ll go to “sleep” and if I accidentally fall asleep to HBO max it plays all night. Honestly I’m not going to continue paying for this if some stuff doesn’t change to where I don’t get annoyed every time an episode changes.

- First world problems.

I cannot change my tv (which is a fire tv) therefore I cannot watch HBO Max. I know there are issues over the contracts but I was really excited to watch hbo max, checked each day to see if the app had updated, and then to find out that it’s not available to me because of my tv?... that’s a no from me dawg. I do not have a laptop, and why would I watch tv on my tiny phone when I specifically bought a new and larger tv less than a year ago. My only “gaming” systems are a PS2 and 3 (too old for the app). The other TVs I have access to (but watch maybe for 2 hours a week)? Not smart TVs, but have a Roku plugged in to them. Why would you not have contracts figured out with two of the largest streaming providers BEFORE you launched and hyped up the app/upgrade?

- Good for the most part

All the shows I’ve watched over the last 10 years are on here so I’ll be binge watching for weeks to months, this has all 7 Harry Potter movies. Everything on here is good. I do have a complaint about the amount of dc content you have. You have all the newer ones like Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Joker but lack films like the dark knight and the old Superman movies which were promised at launch. As I do enjoy the Tim burton Batman movies I feel as the dark knight trilogy was the peak of the franchise so I hope in the next few days you add these movies.

- HBO Max just outstanding start

I have been a fan of HBO when I had cable that would be my go to bundle deal for everything else I was gonna need to see my favorite titles. Fast forward today now we have everything we could have ever asked for at your fingertips I love the interface could be a little faster when swiping through the screens but very intuitive. I can’t wait to take a deep dive into all of my childhood memories, movie and tv shows and exclusives this is truly everything I could have asked for in a streaming app. ☺️

- Great App

I just started using this app today when I signed up for a free trial, and I wasn’t expecting much to be honest. The reviews are terrible but I was pleasantly surprised! It’s so easy to browse movies and the app isn’t glitchy like other streaming services. One of my main concerns was that most of HBOs selections would be dirty... not the case at all! I found so may movies I’ve been dying to see and couldn’t find anywhere else. There are lots of new movies available as well! Great app - I might drop my subscription somewhere else and keep this one!

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HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies iphone images
HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies iphone images
HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies iphone images
HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies iphone images
HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies iphone images
HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies iphone images
HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies iphone images
HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies iphone images

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The applications HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies was published in the category Entertainment on 2015-04-07 and was developed by WarnerMedia [Developer ID: 1514826633]. This application file size is 70.33 MB. HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies - Entertainment app posted on 2020-12-16 current version is 50.8.0 and works well on IOS 12.2 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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