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FaxReceive - receive fax app App Description & Overview

What is faxreceive - receive fax app app? FaxReceive allows you to securely receive a fax or receive faxes directly to your iPad or iPhone with a temporary fax number on a pay per use basis.

Fax receive occasionally without the hassle of owning a fax machine or paying for a fax line month after month and do so in a quick and convenient fashion.

For users that want a permanent fax number, we offer a one year receive fax option. When renewed, the fax number does not change.

The app let's you receive a fax anywhere you are rather than be tied to receiving a fax at a fixed location. It provides a secure method of receiving faxes - there is no chance your fax is read while sitting on some unguarded fax machine.

Download FaxReceive and have it handy for when you need to receive fax.

When you are ready to receive fax a document, FaxReceive lends you a temporary fax number valid during that fax receive time window and any extensions. You receive the use of an in-bound number based in the US for a period of time after which the number is no longer valid. You provide the fax receive number to your sender and they fax the document during the time window you've purchased.

Fax receive is secure so you (and the sender) don't have worry about being unwilling or unable to send to your actual location or the physical security at your fax. This is a requirement to receive faxes from the IRS for example.

If you need to occasionally fax receive signed legal documents, hand written, hand notated documents or simple send a scan of something then this is the solution.

Temporary fax receive numbers are all in the US.

FaxReceive does not use your device, minutes or phone number to actually receive the in-bound fax. You must have an internet connection of some kind.

Your fax will be delivered directly to your iPhone or iPad and will not pass through or be stored in your email account.

Faxes are provided in PDF format so you transfer them to a wide variety of applications.

By downloading, you agree to:
Terms of Use: http://www.actualsoftware.com/EULA.pdf
Additional Terms of Use: http://www.actualsoftware.com/faxreceive_additional_terms.pdf
Privacy Policy: http://www.actualsoftware.com/faxreceive_privacy_policy.html

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App Name FaxReceive - receive fax app
Category Business
Updated 20 September 2023, Wednesday
File Size 6.86 MB

FaxReceive - receive fax app Comments & Reviews 2024

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Go with another fax service!. I paid for a one hour token to receive a fax. The first try to receive the document came through with squiggly lines. I had it faxed again and received a notification saying I had another fax. When I went to open it the app wouldn’t allow me because I only had two minutes left. And now it is saying the second fax was never sent, although I saw the document come through and received the notification saying it arrived. I believe this is a ploy to make me buy more tokens aka time. Customer service was zero help. Don’t use!

Scam. Spent $4.99 for a fax that never came through. I recommend looking elsewhere if you actually need the document that is being faxed

Extremely Expensive Be aware. The cost to receive a fax is VERY EXPENSIVE. Not worth it. Find another alternative.

Great service. I needed a fax! It works great!

Does the job. My fax was sent! Only issue I have is the inability to create and send a cover page... I would hope to be able to have a cover page free of charge, seeing that this is normally the proper way to do business! Good app, though!

Impressive. Needed a financial doc, bank of Dinosaur had fax or mail as options, "really?". The entire process took less than 2 mins, couldn't be happier...👍

❤️. I love it! I using it for the first time and I must say it exceeded my expectations yesterday I sent files and today I received them . I will be using this app frequently .

Works great! Pricey. Would prefer to pay by fax not hourly

Convenient & Affordable. App very easily installed and activated. Purchase of tokens was a breeze. Received flawless PDF docs in seconds. Couldn't be happier!

Good for Occasional use. I just needed to receive ONE very important FAX from a bank who are total dinosaurs (they can only snail mail or FAX, no e-mail or DropBox), so I got this app and although it cost $5 for one hour of FAX receiving (I only needed 10 minutes) it was worth the convenience of getting the FAX at home and not driving somewhere for a cheaper service.

DOES NOT WORK. I spend the $4.99 expecting for this service to be quick and easy however the fax instead of being received and being able to see it, it kept incoming NULL and never received the fax. I was only willing to pay this amount because it was an important document, I end up having to download another app which was actually quick and easy, it also had a FREE trial period for 7 days. If you download iFAX APP I promise you is way better than the Fax Receive app plus quick and easy to setup and received or send that much needed Fax document!

Angry customer. I downloaded this app to receive a fax. I was not able to get the pages from my fax had been sent 6 times by my sender. The only form of support was through email. I sent several emails prior to my time running out and no one returned my messages or helped out. Very upset with this app and want my money back.

Great app. Great

The best app. This app has saved me time and money


Amazing. I needed a fax number to receive important docs and found this app a lil bit expensive (4.99) for an hour fax but totally worthy. I received the documents and was able to export them to my email. Fantastic 😊

Never received my fax.... Waste of money. My doctor’s office faxed to the number provided and I never received the fax. My doctor’s office called me multiple times to tell me it was communicating.

Waste of money and time. Spent $5 and the darn fax wouldn’t open. No support no customer service -

FaxReceive. Needed a quick fax receipt, so downloaded faxreceive, already using FoxFile to send faxes. FaxReceive was quick to download and I received the fax I needed immediately. Really like this app as we don't have a landline anymore and no fax machine.

Worked like a charm, first time. So easy to use and worked instantly. Love it!

Exceptional Service. Awesome app, little pricey for 1 hour BUT works like a charm

Receipt of faxes ongoing?. Can we get our own number and just have faxes come whenever? I paid for an hour and wasn’t sure if it were enough time. If we get our own number and not have to watch the time then the app is awesome. If not, then I am somewhat disappointed.

In a world without fax machines.... In a world without fax machines, Fax File is the relief when you find that one instance that requires you send a fax. Thanks for saving me the headache. Great app.

Simply perfect!. I love that you can just purchase as you need it! No need for 1 month subscription!! Its a little pricey for one fax runs at 4.99. But i guess at least i saved gas going somewhere to receive a fax!

No faxes were received. $5 wasted on an hour of worthless fax time. All of the faxes that were sent failed to actually come through. Asking Apple for a refund

Way too expensive. These prices are insane. Don't recommend at all

Waste of money. Spent money for an hour and none of the faxes are coming through. I’m sending from work pc so I can see it’s because of an “unexpected disconnection” thanks sooo much for taking this single moms last few dollars

DON’T DOWNLOAD. This app is a waste of money and time. Also, you can contact the developer but NOT to truly trouble shoot with you. They will blame who ever is sending the fax ... even if it’s coming from a reputable source (like the government). You can not extend time without paying. But you won’t have to worry about that because you’ll never get any pages of the fax. It might work if you need a quick 1 page fax? Idk But it won’t work if you need multiple pages. More than anything THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS TERRIBLE... and that is everything.

Work smarter not harder. Needed to receive a document for a deadline for my sons higher education. I received it in my home and printed it out within minutes! Love it!

Received fax. It’s amazing it actually works I received my fax right away!

Exactly what I needed!!!. While traveling in Mexico, my wife needed antibiotics. As a long time user of fax file, I tried to use that. It doesn't receive, but the app suggested "fax receive". While we were ON THE PHONE with the doctor in the US, I downloaded the app, bought some credits, and was assigned a fax number which I gave to the Doctor. In a couple hours, her Doc was able to fax us the prescription and we took it into the local Farmacia! I've been the family app geek, but now I'm a hero! Two thumbs up!

Awesome App. I love this app plus I can send faxes anywhere now, if you don't have this app, go purchase it now, awesome app

Waste of time and money. I couldn’t receive any of the pages after paying 4.99

It’s An Economical Way To Send And Receive Faxes. I wish I could find criticism in using this app, but I can not. It sends and receives faxes, which is why I no longer need my landline phone line to fax from my printer. This saves me so much time. Love this app!!!!

New To App. Ok I just purchased this app. I purchasedI can receive faxes and I’m still waiting to get a fax number? I hope I didn’t waste my money.

6%Percentile. By far 100% best system I’ve ever used!!!!!!!

Great product. Needed something quick and easy. This is the solution!

It Saved Me!!!. I was in a real bind. I was going to an important appointment and realized that I had forgotten 7 pages of documents that I needed for my appointment. I did not have time to go back to get the documents and still get to my appointment on time. Within 10 minutes I had installed the app and had the pages successfully faxed to me!! This app saved me!!

Works Well. Love getting g a FAX to my phone. I can now receive a fax and didn’t have the capability before. Recommended.

The last step in having a mobile office. This application works seamlessly. I am very happy to say that I've never missed any faxes and no one has ever said they've had any problems sending me faxes

What we needed. Needed to receive a fax and this app solved our problems. Download and registration was quick and easy. Received faxes with no problems. I love fax file and now, this is an app I also love by the same company. Thank you so much!

Horrible !!!!!. Bought a coin faxes didn’t even work when I wrote support for a poor excuse blaming the sender

Worked Great. First time user, received one fax and it worked just as promoted, no glitches. I was somewhat surprised at the cost to receive one fax but it certainly was convenient. I will no doubt have many more uses now that I have fax receiving capabilities.

Fraud. I paid $4.99 for one hour and it never worked

You Foxy Fax. This app is a great app when you are in between cloud offices. They were there on an emergency basis for something that could not wait and between this app and its sister app Send Fax they really saved the day. Thanks.

Expensive. I regret buying this fax service , I needed it for the day but it is extremely expensive beware of the length of time to receive faxes.

awesome!. just what i needed for the few times i need to receive a fax! no subscription just pay when needed.

Great App!!. This is so easy to use! Perfect if you are self employed! No bulky fax machines!

This is the best Faxing app on the Internet. I highly recommend FaxFile (to send a fax) and Faxreceive (to receive a fax). The “foxes” are the best faxing apps on the internet. In contrast to the competition (see paid ad that is probably listed above this in the search results), the “fox” app directions are easy to follow, tokens are fairly priced, and this is a competent and legit company. I’ve had great experience sending and receiving numerous faxes over the last couple of years using my iPhone.

Terrible Customer Service. I purchased an hour so that someone could send me a fax as soon as I got off the phone. I gave her the fax number in the app and asked her to repeat it back to me so that I know that she has the correct number since I only purchased one token. The lady stated the number just rang and would not connect to the fax. I called customer service for a refund and they said she dialed the wrong number. How would they know? They would not refund the $4.99 for the token. Now they lost a customer and I hope that you do not use their software and lose money because there’s is an issue with their system. That is just poor customer service.

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Works Really Well!. No problems and was pretty quick!

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No stars-glitch cost me money & time!!!!!. Love the app until their stupid survey of "tell us what you think of our app" page popped up &...will not move off the screen so I can't see my received fax or get back to my data!!!!!! Furious!!! No online support or help available.

Love it. Needed to receive a fax ASAP and didn't have a fax machine. I downloaded this app and was able to receive the important fax that helped save me from losing my car!!

Clean and easy interface. Worked like a charm!

Did Not Work. Needed access for temporary fax. App did not work. Requested refund, but none given.

Director. Great App! Thanks!!

Not working. Says it can't each servers. Error communicating

Does not work and I want a full refund. I would like a full refund because I purchased three days and the fax number does not work and I could not get my faxes that I needed..... So please refund in full asap! I tried to contact you thru support but it kept saying I don't have a mail account set up??? My name is Suzanne Porter

Refund request. I haven't been able to use this app!!!!

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 2.2
Play Store com.actualsoftware.faxreceive
Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

FaxReceive - receive fax app (Versiyon 2.2) Install & Download

The application FaxReceive - receive fax app was published in the category Business on 13 June 2016, Monday and was developed by Actual Software Inc. [Developer ID: 672100121]. This program file size is 6.86 MB. This app has been rated by 1,019 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. FaxReceive - receive fax app - Business app posted on 20 September 2023, Wednesday current version is 2.2 and works well on iOS 13.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.actualsoftware.faxreceive. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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FaxReceive - receive fax app App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bug fixes and feature improvements.

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