My Talking Avatar Lite

My Talking Avatar Lite [Education] App Description & Overview

The ultimate Avatar Movie Maker!

Awesome features:
* Create a cast of avatar characters for your movies and pictures
* Record short emoji videos or long avatar movies in a simple and fun way for your friends and family to see
* Make avatar music videos by loading songs from your iTunes music collection
* Create pictures to use in your own comic books
* Express yourself. Tell stories with your avatars
* Share your creations to WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr.

* Schools love it for language arts activities, including storytelling and creative writing.

The lite version has some appearance and animation options locked.

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My Talking Avatar Lite Customer Service, Editor Notes:

My Talking Avatar Lite now fully supports iOS 12. Fixed user interface bugs on older devices. Improved performance and responsiveness. Fixed audio bugs.

My Talking Avatar Lite Comments & Reviews

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- App

This looked like fun when I first got the app, but then I got in and there were no instructions!! I really wish that I could use this app but I don’t know how. I’ve tried pressing the screen a bunch of times but nothing works. I would like that if you are new to the app, then there should be some instructions on how to do it. Developers, if you can please write back and tell me how to use it that would be great. That is all. I would’ve rated this 5stars but I don’t know how to use it so just 1star for now.

- My review

It’s great and I really like this game, but there is only one thing missing. It’s that if you make a mistake creating a character or a video there should be a undo button. But otherwise it’s a great, fun game!

- Accessories

Love this app only thing missing is accessories like glasses.

- 3 star rating

Everything was great! But it doesn’t really talk if it copied what I said i’ll give it a five star rate

- Really??

Not to be rude, but this app to me, is kinda not my thing because I mean there is a lot to choose from but like, it just DOESNT MAKE ANY SENSE!

- Glitching

Freezing up..

- Sooo much better than a different game

This game is sooooo amazing and I recommend it for everyone! The game lets u costimize your character while u can make MORE than one. Another game had everything wack. For some reason those people think we are all millionaires. And here’s why. Everything. I repeat. EVERYTHING cost 9.99 or more! Nobody likes that game. Most people that sent a review (well all of them) said that the game was horrible. That’s wayyy different in this game So I guess I wrote a whole essay so bye!

- The Best!👍🏽😱

I love The app!

- I love this

This gives my imagination a workout. I think it’s the best. I am considering making an in app purchase.

- Amazing!

I love this game, because you can do cute little skits with characters

- More hairstyles & body types free please!

If there were more hair and clothing options in the free version and more body styles, it would have 5! Oh! And tattoos and earrings I might even pay for! Great for quick marketing videos when I look horrible! Lol!

- This is a must have app

There are so many different avatars to create

- Wow

This app is helping me put a different twist on our business

- Four star

Every thing is awesome but there’s some thing that I would love you to add. Like get free hats and all those things! Some of the characters have them already but if you delete it you can’t get it back. So if you do me this favor I’ll give you five stars but for now it’s going to be four stars.

- Great

Please add body mass so I can make the avatars fat. Thanks so much for this app it has brought countless joy to my life. Think I will use it for YouTube videos as well.

- Great love this app

Great for video voice recording goes all the way to 5:00 minutes which is not bad at all

- Roleplay

It’s good I guess but I wish instead of saving clips then I could do roleplay


BEST APP EVER!!!!!! The only avatar you will possibly ever need!!! THANKS SO MUCH !!! Keep up the smart work!!!!!!

- Fun app!

This app is really cool but there isn't an option where you can wear glasses and you have to pay/upgrade to get things like cat ears to add on. Overall, I would recommend this app.

- awsome

I've been looking for a app to replace bitmoji because i cant get it and this is the perfect app for someone like that

- @mmmmmmm🥺

I like it it’s so cool I like it so much all day I will make my own person it’s so cool it’s so cool I am not know how I will say it for you how I feel OK I won’t go see you bye

- I would recommend

Hello, I would like if the ears and most of the good accessories were needed to be paid for. But a good game!


Me and my friend make videos all the time with this! It’s super easy, and I love all the color options! If u haven’t gotten this game, you have too! 😎 thanks, Porkie

- Luv it!

Easy to use cuz I know squat about this techie stuff So much fun to send to kids and grandkids Thank you for making this so much fun!

- Ok.

Fun! Easy!’s just not a great game. Not even with the full version. You can’t make great movies with your avatars because there aren’t enough moves. This is great for kids who enjoy just being creative. But if your looking for a simulation or a movie-making game, I wouldn’t recommend this. It’s fun for creativity...not for me.

- Amazing

Love this game all the other emoji games are good this is great.I have tried other apps but didn’t work.Love this game ,u should get it

- Please remove

This is not what I thought it was. Not happy with it. Please remove

- Free version

I do like this app but for sure to get the avatars to really do better moves I know the paid version should be way more fun with more options

- Awful

I hate it it won’t let me record and it won’t let me out of the record section like at all!

- Avatar Movie Maker

Fun app, especially for kids, to create your own avatar and make him/her speak. Various poses and actions are available. I can imagine many uses for it...

- I would like to cancel this app I purchased the wrong one

Ok thanks

- Fantastic

This app is purely amazing

- Glitch

I’ve played for only 10 minutes and I hate it. Somethings wrong with the game because when I ask for a skin color only half the body is covered and the face is out place. It’s hard to do anything because it’s lagging all the time. But I also understand that this could be a virus and could be fixed but based on my experience I gave this a two. Please fix this in the near by future.

- No speech

Her speech is broken up how do I fix it?

- This is me worthy

This is an amazing app I always use bitmoji and I could not speek but with this it is a bitmoji that speeks and this is the beat app ever thanks creator you are my hero.

- Choppy

The speech recording is very choppy and clicks, instead of recording the speech.

- Cute! Recommended!!!

This is a cute little app! Adjust the bugs! But, keep it enabled for iOS 9 too! Pleeze!

- Horrific!!!👎👎🤬

I got this app because it has good reviews but when I actually play the game and made my avatar I try to make a video and I’ll Leah came out was curt Burt slurp Burt Burt.Morning you people do not run any circumstances get this game you will be just as disappointed as I was.Boo.👎

- Play this kewl app and then ur kewl

Ok so really really REALLY fun but here are suggestions 1.make a baby thing and a kid thing and pet thing make more clothes. 2.put in fnaf and Mario kart and more other games. 3.add some more dances like srsly I need a dab,hip hop dances,the floss.but other wise kewl kewl kewl kewl

- XD so fun!!!

I luv ur app tee hee xp its really good 4 making scene frens XD IM. A VERY RANDOM GIRL rofl

- Sooo fun!

Oh my gosh This is my fav app.... it’s totally amazing and filled with hours of fun your personal self can shine through be yourself on this game express yourselves! I promise u will love it ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤💔❣️💕💞💓 Best app ever

- Great but...

This app is very fun don’t get me wrong but most stuff are locked and you have to pay

- My talking avatar

I would give it a five star if I only knew how to make the eyes move while she's talking help????

- Best game ever!

Awesome awesome awesome!!!

- Oh my i love this app

Ok i think this is one of the best apps I’ve ever used so what if I don’t have many options or want to spend money on the other stuff I've got a big enough imagination as it is I enjoy making the avatar videos and sending them to my boyfriend or other friends who are needing a laugh or two this app is cute

- I like this App, pretty good! 😃

I like this App, pretty good! 😃 But it would be better if you add more Features like backgrounds and Styles! 👑 I give it 4 Stars Not Bad still Great! 🌟🌟🌟🌟

- Why is my baby brother not taping the iClould? know my little brother is not taping the IClould? He seems kinda lazy. But I taped the app for him. Do you think babies can help kids?

- Great app expected...

Awesome app only the problem is that the game has more locked items that means LSS REEDM TO DO WHAT WE WANT AS A PERSON WITH THE APP?

- You got me!

This app looks fantastic. It amazes my friends and family. I’m impressed.

- Cool app

This is really cool app, and I’m having fun making me and making the videos! So... I think you guys should play it!

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- Boffe

C le fun mes pas tros tros geniale je vai pas passer toute laprès midi desu😂

- Effacement de séances

Je suis vraiment de déçu car quand je voulais effacer pour recommencer ma phrase ( ça n’effaçait pas )... donc vraiment plate comme application. Je ne le recommande pas.

- Fun but no options

It is very fun to dress them up but there is very few options to use and if you want to use them, you have to pay a lot of money just for one thing! So I feel like they should fix that so I can make it a full five star rate

- Merdique

Monsieur savard nous a forçer a l’instaler criss ses dla marde

- Amazing but mist some object for the avatar

The object are not all here and this is not fun

- Sooooo coooool

It’s a really fun game you can make your own family members amazing 😉

- Jeune fille

La seule façon d’obtenir l’avatar d’une fillette de moins de 12 ans est de partir d’un modèle de garçon. Peut-être qu’un modèle sans sein serait bon à ajouter dans les modèles proposés. J’adore l’application!!

- Super!

J’adore cette application ❤️

- Bogue

Avec la nouvelle mise à jour IOS 12, l’enregistrement sonore ne fonctionne plus.

- It needs more

I think the app would be better if you added more hair styles like a high pony tail, bun, braid, and maybe like curly or wavy. Also I think something that would make it WAY BETTER is if you could make age option so you could be a kid! But I do like the app

- Gay

I love the part where you can make a couple and I use to make gay couples

- We need more

Its a lot of fun needs more features though, like brightest control for the skin, weighting like fat or musclier people, also size like make em small or tall or even kids like character would be fun, it'll make it way more fun and I bet a lot of people would get this app thanks for reading and hope ya think about the suggestion, love the app by the by

- It's good

It's ok but it needs more stuff to do

- Sweet!

This app is great! Really fun videos

- Amazing just

There isn't as much clothing options as buddy poke! The characters in this look so much better just ya add more clothing like swimsuits and festive clothes and for sure more shirts and hairstyles! Thanks ! Still love the app!

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- Cool

So cool I'm making a really cool movie out of the app and this is totally recommended


This app is REALLY awesome! Some stuff really doesn’t even NEED to be locked. But, over all it is a really fun app and I think beginners in iMovie ps should definitely get this app in case they don’t want their face shown on a big screen yet, they can just make an avatar!!

- Simple and Dope!

Just what I was looking for to make my Youtube Videos!

- Cute but needs more

Its cute i will give you that

- Lovely but

I love it very fun yet I would appreciate mkre options for 2 characters. Instead of love and hero

- This game is lit bc when it plays my music it sings !!😱😱😱❤️❤️😍😍😍


- Strongly Recomend

If you are feeling bored and have nothing to do this is definitely the app for you! It's amazing and I love it a lot. The only thing I want for it to be better is the talking graphics. It doesn't look that real and is kinda weird lookin'

- I hate you app makers!!

I can't get this on my flipping phone!

- This is great

I can make these for my frans and they'll be so happy

- Love it

I love this app so much because you can create anybody you want so amazing

- Talking avatar

Love this app!

- So cool

I love it!!

- Recommended! ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

I've only been playing with it for about an hour, but thus far, I'm liking it. I haven't yet read any instructions on it's use, I'm figuring out how to use it by trial & error. it's pretty user friendly. I've used a couple of similar apps in which I was able to create avatars that bore a striking resemblance to me, but this is the first animated one I've tried. This app does supply quite a lot of features from which to choose when making ones avatar, but there just aren't enough to enable a more convincing likeness of the user. I'm having fun with it, and it's making me literally "lol". Even though I haven't used it beyond creating my avatar & making her "speak", I recommend it!

- Hermosa muñeca que habla

Me encanta esta aplicación muchas gracias

- Omg this is so stupid

How do you use this app you can't even dress it up I was just testing it out I haven't even rated this app yet needs more improvements please . . . . . . . .

- Like it but would love more

Personally I like it because I am able to record my voice with it. However I would like to see more options such as dresses, heels, flats, etc. As for our grandchildren they Love playing with it more then me. Thanks for creating this app! 😁

- More Please :)

Hey I have this character named Sabrina in the cartoon 5 Star she wore a Dress With Glasses where is that? The free version should have more stuff that one you have to pay version like earrings,Shorts that don't need a belt for the female so please add more for the free thxs

- Please Upgrade

I want to have this app updated please 😊

- Awsome

Love, love, love

- Ok

I just got to say that it is not good but not bad

- Nice

It is nice just can you add skirts

- I love it

It's so much better then voice recorder cause You don't see someone that you can design your own person

- I wear glasses why no option for specs

This is easy, basic and fun so thank you! Just disappointed you offer 'rabbit ears' but not eye glasses! More people have glasses they are more recognizable & with which we identify. Just saying ... please add free option! Much gratitude!

- I love it

I love the app, the only down part is that you don't get most of the stuff since you don't have the full version. But still I LOVE the app.

- Nice

Made an awesome avatar quickly and it talks with my voice awesome!!!!

- I really enjoy this app

It's a lot of fun! Very entertaining and addictive. I wish they had more options like dreadlocks and eyeglasses and high heels, but it's still very fun. :-)

- Really Cool!!!

So much to do with this avatar. Nice!


Get unlimited items by downloading the 'My Talkking Avatar' that doesnt say "free"😉

- Lovely

I lov it but I can't get the full version 😍😘😭

- OMG best app ever

This app is so fun and awesome that I'm addicted, I recommend this app to people who like to make voices and customize characters. 🙃😀😁😄

- Cool

This app has one problem,the two characters speak at once but everything else is high quality and great for movie makers

- Add Glasses

This app is great, but I did some characters that need glasses. Please add!

- Love love love this app😊

This app is amazing, sending your voice with animate figure is awesome. Only wish we could change the avatar by giving it different hair color, eye color etc. but it is still fun to send

- Fabulous 😄

This is an amazing app! First off, it's not like any dress-up game. You can customize the colours and styles of the shirts. You can change the skin colour, as well. I've never seen those on a dress-up app. I love this app a lot, but there are limited features. 😗 You have to buy poses, and clothing. I use this app to make models of my ocs, and I don't have much with animal ears... I can't buy poses or clothing, so this is a problem, still. Also, there are no tails to go along with the ears. And can you make at least one jack free? And maybe add a sweater and an open jacket. 😗😗 And also, if you ever have the time, could you make another app like this, but for animals? Like, wolves, cats, badgers, raccoons, foxes, bears... Really, any animal like that. It would be great for Warriors, Seekers, Survivors, and other animal book fans like me (I read Warriors)!! ☺️😄 But overall, this is an amazing app. Thank you for reading my review, if you are ☺️☺️😗😄

- I love this app!

This app is awesome! I like the varieties they give you! I give this app 5 stars!

- Great app


- Pretty cute

Intuitive and fun. Enjoyed creating my Avatar.

- 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

It is awesome

- So Funny!

Kinda hard to get at first but me and my friend have a blast

- Best game ever!!!! :3

I love this app it's better than movie star planet. Can you add something? Can you upgrade it to add more people than 1 plz!!!!!so thanks plz do it I would be happy! :3

- Stupid

The graphics are pretty good. I don't like that almost everything is locked. And an avatar is a character that YOU create. I can not create anything just choose from the dumb options of about 4 characters. Also it does not talk. Like what the heck. I do not like this game AT ALL. You can't change background much. The character does not move. The controls are not obvious. You could have made this better. I hate the app.

- OMG!!!

Ok here's the deal ppl the game is....... GREAT!!!!!!!! I like play this game all the time it is soooooooo cool But one thing is wrong when I make the ppl have a talk moment.... TH OF THE STINKING PPL TALK AT THE SAME Fix it plz👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😹😤😩😂😇😍😎😋👾👾

- My talking avatar

This game is very cool you get to make males or females and say what you want to say I love this game I found it off of one of my friend ❤️ Thank you

- Brilliant! I love it!😍

It is sooooo cool! I'm using it to make all the characters in this game my friends and I made. Whoever wrote that review "deleting it now " is crazy! So just to recap it's awesome 😎

- I love it but,

I think that this game deserves a 4/5 star rate because a lot of the items are locked in this game unless you buy them, other than that I think that you guys should get this game if you are board most of the time!❤️😃😊

- Funny

It give you something to do when your bored!

- Excellent

Fun and creative! Talking thru the avatar. Nice touch.

- Love this app💗😍

Awsome game creating avatars taking pics

- My thinking

I love this game because you get to make your own cute avatar it's fun but you have to buy some poses but I really don't care

- Best

Best thing ever

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My Talking Avatar Lite 1.0.6 Screenshots & Images

My Talking Avatar Lite iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

My Talking Avatar Lite iphone images
My Talking Avatar Lite iphone images
My Talking Avatar Lite iphone images
My Talking Avatar Lite iphone images
My Talking Avatar Lite iphone images
My Talking Avatar Lite ipad images
My Talking Avatar Lite ipad images
My Talking Avatar Lite ipad images
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My Talking Avatar Lite Education application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

My Talking Avatar Lite (Version 1.0.6) Install & Download

The applications My Talking Avatar Lite was published in the category Education on 2014-11-18 and was developed by BuddyPoke [Developer ID: 409434446]. This application file size is 25.85 MB. My Talking Avatar Lite - Education posted on 2019-01-08 current version is 1.0.6 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

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