GizmoHub [Lifestyle] App Description & Overview

The GizmoHub app lets you call, find, and control your Gizmo wearable devices. You’ll need to download and install the app on your phone to set up your Gizmos. Once they’re set up, you can use the app to:

-Speak with Your Child
Call your child’s Gizmo any time, and your child can use it to call you.

-Find Your Child
Check the location of your child’s Gizmo with just one tap. You can also schedule a time for the Gizmo to automatically check your child’s location or set GPS boundaries and get notified if your child crosses them.

-Add Contacts
Invite Buddies, Caregivers, and other Guardians who can call the Gizmo and receive calls. The number of contacts varies depending on the type of Gizmo you have. Guardians and Caregivers can also use the GizmoHub app to find your child’s Gizmo.

-Send Messages to Your Gizmo
Send text messages to your child’s Gizmo. And your child can send emojis, voice recordings, and pre-set text messages to you.

-Manage Your Child’s Gizmo
You can use the GizmoHub app to change settings on the Gizmo like the volume, ringtones, and fun sounds. You can also check your Gizmo’s battery level and turn it off.

- Keep Your Child’s Information Safe
You can protect this app by adding a PIN. Even if your phone is lost or stolen, your child’s information will remain protected.

Download this app and follow the onscreen instructions to get started!

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GizmoHub Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Increased minimum OS requirements to IOS 12 - User Experience and Interface Improvements - Performance Enhancements - Bug Fixes

GizmoHub Comments & Reviews

- Great basic watch

We’ve used a gizmo watch (replaced it once when my son forgot to take off before swimming) for about 4 years. PROS: Aside from the cost to purchase, it’s only $5/month for basic services AND gps (huge “bang for the buck”); the gps is more accurate than iPhone location services, it calls 10 people, location alerts let me know when he leaves school, I can put it on “quiet mode” if he forgets, holds a charge for 2 days (depending on how long his calls are). CONS: It takes at least 3 minutes to locate the watch using gps (this can be nerve wracking in an emergency), it doesn’t allow a 911 call (although I think you can make 911 one of your contacts), if I put it in quiet mode, he can’t take it off, sometimes the text messages are delayed (even though the notifications are on time), there are limited quick response texts (yes, he can use audio snippet but sometimes he is unable to talk), the watch band isn’t too durable (we’ve replaced or repaired ours at least once a year). All that aside, I’d highly recommend it for safety. He finally got a phone but the compromise was that he continue to wear his watch as backup. The watch gps is way more accurate and his phone inevitably dies or he forgets it at home. Eventually he’ll “age out” of this watch but it’s done it’s job for 4 years now. 👍🏽

- Great way to reach and track your child

The Gizmo has been a very good ‘in-between’ device for my daughters too young for a phone. Aside from being able to call them — I really, REALLY like the ability to be able to see where they are at any given time, straight from my phone with the press of a button. The ability to set up time-based alerts sending me their location at specific times is an excellent feature.. I always know if my 5th grader arrives at school by 8:15 every day or not, and I rely on those daily notifications. I also appreciate that I can set up ‘location alerts’ (versus time-based alerts) which let me watch for her to arrive/leave a specified place during certain hours. I set up alerts and delete them on a regular basis for temporary use (Example: Last night my daughter went out of town to a haunted house and I was able to get her location, set up an alert notifying me when she left the haunted house... and using that notification, I was able to estimate her home arrival and have dinner ready when she got home.) It would be good if the texts I send the Gizmo could be longer than 30 characters, but that’s not a big deal as we’re used to it. Also wanted to mention that I appreciate that the developers extended the location alerts to 8 hours versus 2 hours (yay!) Thanks.

- Needs to work with apple watch

Please make this work with apple watch so I can reply via my watch from the app. Also, thank you for updating to the 8 hours. One more thing, please try to do something to speed up the real time location. It take about 5 minutes to get it. We are not rural and neither is my child's school so I'm not sure why this feature is so slow, which would only be used in cases of urgency/emergency. I had to use it once when his bus didn't arrive on time and then drove past our stop. It was a substitute driver who didn't know any of the addresses or the route and it was scary. Luckily I called him on the watch and he answered but he is only 5 and didn't know where he was. I kept trying to locate the bus via the live step by step feature and it took a long time. Needs to update faster in those moments. It's soooo slow for the real time locating. The updates are good though on the set times and locations.

- App needs help

We’ve only had our Gizmo for a couple weeks. So far it works great for phone calls and, though it takes a while to show the location, it does bring up where my son is. The issue is with the text function. This is preferable for us since I work in an office and he is at daycare and we can keep in touch this way. Unfortunately, my son sends me texts and I get an alert on my phone and a badge on the app, but when I open the app there are no messages. When I check his Gizmo watch later, I see that he did send me some messages that I never received. Occasionally they will come through later - sometimes after a day or 2. But usually they never come through. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, closing out of the app, and have done a hard reset on my phone, but this has not fixed the problem. We have the Gizmo watch to stay in touch, so not being able to receive texts from my son is a huge issue. I appreciate you looking into this or offering suggestions on how I can fix this on my end.

- I want to love BUT don’t.

I had heard such good things about this watch, but I have to say since getting one over 2 years ago, I’ve learned they have BIG flaws. For starters, when signing up you’ll want to be sure you’ll never change your email address as you can’t edit this for future usage. Also if you run into any troubles, Verizon asks that you contact LG, and vice versa. Then there’s the app... it truly lacks in upgrades/updates. It takes a bit of time to generate location no matter if your phone is on network or WiFi. It frequently signs me out without notice or reason. Notifications are set for numerous “features”, but no notification is ever pushed through or received. The app greatly limited fun emoji’s for kids and the voice memos are sometimes difficult to make out due to microphone clarity. Also the watch itself often hangs up on contacts at random. I just feel all in all this device & it’s app utilize a huge amount of my time monitoring it, than it provides of peace of mind benefit of being in contact with my child on the go. Save your time and money folks.

- Unable to pair watch to phone!!!

We bought this watch yesterday from a Verizon store. We tried to pair it to my phone as well as my husbands no luck. Went back to the Verizon store where they tried on both of our phones, factory reset the watch, gave us a new watch, called tech support...still no luck. Tech support says this is a known issue and they will contact us once it’s been resolved. So until then thanks for taking my $200 bucks, charging me a monthly service fee, and leaving me to try to explain to a 9 year old why her cool new watch that she has been begging for months now has to sit on the shelf and in all actually will likely be returned...sigh, EPIC FAIL!!! Update: I have been on hold with customer support for 1 hour and 6 one seems to know what is wrong BUT that it is a known issue and they have other tickets open for this same problem...meanwhile my 9 year is crossing her fingers that her watch will work...the saga continues!! Update: Bye bye gizmo, returning it today. It never would pair despite multiple attempts with Verizon customer service and emails to app support. This would be a great product IF it actually worked.

- Getting a second watch!

We got this for our daughter last year when she started riding the school bus. The bus is often late, or has a substitute driver. They’ve gotten lost and been stuck down a one-way alley downtown before. Basically the bus could drop off anytime between 3:50 and 5:30 (that’s a crazy large window of time). I don’t like her walking down the street alone; we live in a big city! Now, we can track the bus and see exactly where she’s at and when she’s about to be at the stop so we can meet her there (rather than sitting at the stop for over an hour waiting). I also love that she can call me or text me, anytime, from anywhere. She has called me from school when she’s just having a tough day and needs some support and encouraging words. This watch has been a huge lifesaver! We love it so much we’re getting a second one this Christmas for our 8 yo son! Love, love the GizmoPal watch!

- 2 Weeks, 2 Gizmos, Still Not Working

So a few weeks ago my wife bought our son a Gizmo watch. We downloaded the app on both phones and neither one will sync. Went back to the store, had a rep come by our business, then to another store, got a 2nd Gizmo to replace the first one, and it still won’t sync with either of our phones. Between 5 Verizon reps, 2 Gizmos and a lot of my time, deleting, updating, doing everything numerous times because “nobody has ever had this type of problem with syncing a Gizmo”. But it turns out you can spend a few minutes online and see it’s a known problem. The issue is likely with the latest Gizmo Hub App (an update probably is to blame) and they have a few more days to get it fixed or we will be giving up this thing for good. No telling how many others have already given up theirs, probably in the thousands since it’s been going on for a few weeks. I hope Gizmo has their people working around the clock to fix it because this issue could end the whole product if it continues much longer. It’s such a great idea, but like any idea, if it’s not executed properly it’s a waste.

- Almost perfect

The app overall is fantastic with my only minor complaint being the inability to adjust the sensitivity of typing in the pin access to open the app. I tend to have to attempt to type in the number a couple times before it gets picked up in the app. The bigger complaint is with the watches themselves. My kids complain that the watches will randomly dial someone and the call connection can be distracting even in school when in silent mode. I’m sure this is due to screen sensitivity of the watch itself and them not being aware of the accidental contact they make with the screen. It would be great if I could help my kids by using the app to adjust the screens touch sensitivity of the watch. While this observation is not directly app related, I used the example to highlight where app improvements could help the overall experience. Otherwise, no regrets on the watch products or the app that controls it.

- Love the watch and app

I love the gizmo watch and app that we recently purchased for our son who has autism. The ability to contact him without him having to keep track of a phone is invaluable- as well as the location services. There are two reasons I gave it only four stars- one being the limited text response from him. I have edited them but he is 14 and has more to say than the few allotments we have available. The second is that the app will not work on my Apple Watch. I forget my phone at home quite often (the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!) and I can see an alert when he sends me a text but I do not have the ability to respond if my phone is not with me. I wish that could be updated. Even with those limitations I would highly recommend the gizmo watch and app to those who are looking at purchasing a communication device for their children.

- Great little watch

I got this for my almost 8 year old because he is often with family or has other after school activities. This way I can always let him know exactly where I will be to pick him up and he can call to let us know if there is a time change for anything. It is wonderful. It allows us to reach out to him— without him having all of the bells and whistles of a smart phone (like apps and the internet) that he does NOT need. I also love that only his contact list is contactable. He loves sending quick little recordings and emojis in the text box to family across the country. He gets to feel like he can keep in contact without going through me all the time. My only complaint is how long the GPS takes to update his location. I am nervous about keeping the real-time location on and draining his battery if he is not due to be picked up yet.

- Great Smart Watch!

I picked up this Gizmo smart watch in October for my son who was going to a new school during a pandemic for only two days a week. He has multiple allergies and asthma so I figure this would be a great way to communicate with him without getting in trouble for having a phone in school. I also thought it was great for kids who don’t care to have an actual phone. My son is 11 and although I love the features of the watch I hope that they make a teen version of it with a few more apps such as blue tooth capability and maybe a camera. Would love some apps like music as well. I think if it had a couple more of these functions he may wear it up until his teens with out needing an actual phone. Other then that we don’t have anything negative to say about it. We did switch out the band to make it more sleek looking. A couple people thought he was wearing an Apple Watch.

- Life saver

Let me begin this with saying I literally don’t know what we did before my oldest had his Gizmo. He’s 7, and has moderate ADHD that we don’t treat with medication. He’s gotten lost on his bus route several times and often forgets who is picking him up/where he is going (I’m a single parent of two and an RN, so we are BUSY). This device and app allows me to be aware of where he is at all times, and allows him to the freedom to call me any time he’s away (he spends a lot of time with his dad and extended family, for example). I can also call him and check in or remind him of appointments or events. That being said...the app itself is pretty glitchy. It takes a long time to refresh and update location, can display incorrect battery life, and can take a long time to load. Again, as a whole it’s indispensable, but the app definitely needs some work.

- Not Pairing to 3.2 version

My daughters first watch Gizmo Pal would turn off automatically so upgraded to Gizmo Watch. Which I was worried about the screen so bought an expensive liquid screen protector which didn’t work at all cause while my daughter was taking off the watch it fell and screen broke. So I have insurance on the watch and no problems they sent me a new watch. New watch came in got activated and and wouldn’t pair to gizmo hub. So they sent me another brand new watch. same thing. I’m on my third watch now now and still won’t pair. I finally got someone in Verizon that knows what they doing and said it’s not the watch it’s the app. Not happy as it’s the busiest time of the year for me and my family and my daughter have been without her watch since May 1st. I can’t call her after school to let her know what’s happening or anything. Not happy at this time as I’m paying for a service and My daughter is without her Gizmo Watch. I will change my Review once this gets fixed because before this issue it was working great. Need to fix this ASAP

- A peace of mind

I love the Gizmo Watch ! I’m actually looking forward to up grading my daughter watch. The watch she has now she can only have 4 contacts. The contacts you add on her watch is the only contacts that can call the watch. The gps on the phone and watch works well together. It gives me her current and past location. Also if she doesn’t answer her watch It can be set up to automatically answer! I love that I got her this watch it’s a lot of things going on in this cruel world why not invest in something that would be beneficial for our children . The upgrade watch has more to it like 10 contacts, capabilities to text, you can change the band on the watch, gps, water proof, has a fitness games and etc! I recommend all parents to get the watch for their children.

- Love it

This watch has been a fame changer in our house hold. We bought my 9 year old daughter this watch about 4 months ago. Few issues it’s takes about 3 minutes to get a update on location, battery status, the biggest is I will get a notification that I have a message from the gizmo watch but when I go into the app there is no message. I will check my daughters watch and see a message has been sent but I do not see anything on my end. I have tried turning off my app, reinstalling the app still nothing now this doesn’t happen every time but it does happen 1 out 5 times maybe witch is a big concern. However having this watch for my daughter has helped my daughter with her anxiety knowing I’m just a call or text away. Please fix the texting issue, this is a huge glitch in your system. Thank you.

- Has been handy

We have had 2 sons use Gizmo Gadget and Gizmo Pal watches. I would definitely recommend Gadget over the Pal - many more features for both parent and kid, and worth the price difference! We have used every option on the app and find them all very helpful, especially the GPS! It is accurate and a nice way to check in without needing to “bug” your child. The areas I’d like to see improvement: 1. Sometimes my messages will not get delivered to my son for hours - or even days. Or if I call, sometimes he won’t pick up. When I ask why, he says the watch never rang. On multiple occasions I’ve then checked the watch, and he wasn’t lying - my call is not registered. Scary! 2. How quickly the watch dies after giving you the low battery warning. (The battery does stay charged for a good amount of time, but once it’s dying, it goes FAST.) 3. The durability of the band (it’s not horrible, but we’ve made some self-fixes that have worked for now). 4. The time it takes to locate all the time, but especially if the parent is in a building it seems to take longer. 5. Seemingly randomly, sometimes the app will sign me out. Overall, we’ve been very happy with the product and feel it is well worth the $5 a month. (Not so much with the Gizmo Pal.)

- App does not allow me to clear past notifications

Overall, the watch works as advertised. However, I can find no way to clear off past notifications I no longer want to see. I have gone thru the instruction manual, Googled problem, and even contacted Verizon Customer Support and no one has been able to help. There is an option to clear the text messages on the messaging screen but no option I can find on the notifications list screen to clear them off. Clearing off past notifications should be an option for the primary account owner to do so. Do all these notification stay there forever? Also, on the Notifications options screen you can an only choose “all notifications” or select only one from the list. I think the account owner should be able to select only those options they want - no all or only one.

- Great product!

We bought the GizmoGadget for my high functioning autistic son. He had been wanting a bit more freedom outside of the house and this has given him what he desires. I love I can limit who he calls and who calls him. I love he doesn't have internet access with his GizmoGadget where he can get into a bunch of things he doesn’t need to know. I love the auto answer feature. The price was great compared to other options I looked into like angel sense, other GPS watches, and cellphones. The only reason I didn't give the the app 5 stars is because of the lack of real time GPS location services. I do wish I could set a timer to go off for reminders for different activities he needs to be reminded of. Beyond that, great app for what we need it for and easy to use product.

- Frustration beyond measure.

I never write reviews but if I can save just one person from the immense frustration of this device, I’m here for it. First Gizmo2 stopped working after a day. Just relentlessly turned on them off. Forced to order a second Gizmo to replace the first (still waiting on that refund) and now the Hub won’t connect it to my child. I activated it per GizmoHub instructions. I go to pair with my child. It said that Gizmo is already connected to my account. But GizmoHub says I can’t do anything because I have no gizmos added to my child. Click here to add gizmo. I add gizmo. That gizmo is already paired to my account. Lather, rinse, repeat. Hours with Verizon tech people. First delete and add a child. Then delete the app and redownload. Completely circular instructions, same “add a gizmo” then when adding the Gizmo, “that gizmo already paired with account.” Now I have to go to the store to get THIS device refunded. Don’t put yourself through this. There are other more reliable ways to keep up with the kid. This is junk.

- GPS quality has gone downhill

We’ve had our watch for about 2 years. We only use it when my 10yo son with autism wants to walk around the neighborhood and walking trail behind our house. We have noticed a decline in accuracy of the gps tracking over the last 6 months or so. Sometimes it shows he is on the freeway next to the trail or inside an apartment complex so it can be a couple hundred feet off. This seems to be a new problem because it worked much better when we first started using it. Other than that it’s worked well for us especially this year during COVID. He can go for a walk to get about of the house and get some space from us but we have the peace of mind knowing where he is. Even when the Sheriff picked him up after someone reported him walking alone (kids walk around our neighborhood all the time but my son makes odd body movements so they thought he was lost) the Deputy saw the watch and knew what it was and was able to get my son to call us so we could come get him. I would make these recommendations: Have a function that gives you walking directions back home (or school, or your Nana’s) Map feature to show the kids where they are and maybe reverse locate parents. Overall I’m happy with my purchase, just wish that the GPS was more accurate.

- A wonderful and amazingly useful technology.

First, the Verizon gizmo works great. I can tell where my granddaughter is at any time, and send her a text message if I am going to be late picking her up. It gives both of us peace of mind, especially her. Also, when my daughter and granddaughter are traveling together, I can monitor their progress (which is a relief) and advise them about traffic jams etc. Finally, the offhand text messages from my granddaughter always make me smile. I just wish the battery lasted longer, and it was a little smaller (my granddaughter is 7 and it 2x the diameter of her wrist 😊). Oh, and it's a wonderful and safe introduction to networking technology for kids. Much better into than getting them an iPhone.

- Pretty good watch

Overall the watch is a good option. I like that my 10 year old can reach me when he needs to. We can go about 2 days on a charge. One feature that seems very basic to me and I was surprised the watch doesn’t have is vibrate. My son has missed messages from me because you basically need to be looking at the watch or you don’t know when you get a message. Also, more often then not there is a delay with the app receiving and/or notifying me when he texts me. I need to be constantly checking the app because you can’t count on the badge to alert when a text is sent. We are glad you have the watch but would love for there to be a vibrate feature and an app update.

- GPS/location tracking takes forever and is still incorrect

I am still very frustrated with this app. We have been using it since August of last year and there have been absolutely no improvements made to the GPS locating feature. Taking 2+ minutes every single time I want to see my child’s location, and half of the time the location being wrong (not actually updating) or stating that there is a weak connection and the location cannot be found is ridiculous. Isn’t this what we pay monthly service fee for?!? Using the GPS is the main reason we have this watch and it’s extremely frustrating that I am paying monthly for something that does not do it’s job. Also, The battery life never updates when I go into the app, I have to physically tap it every time to get an update or turn my phone off and then back on to get an accurate battery reading. PLEASE FIX THESE ISSUES, ESPECIALLY LOCATION TRACKING.

- Parent notifications need work

Bought this for my son who is now riding the bus home from school. All seems to work great. GPS is normally a little off, but close enough. My problem is the notifications on the parent devise. When my son sends me a message I get a quick ding and the badge icon. No screen pop up or repeating sound like a text message and nothing on my Apple Watch. So that means when the iPhone is asleep, and all notifications revert to the watch (like it’s supposed to) I get NO GizmoHub notifications. I often don’t see messages for hours bc I don’t get notifications on my Apple Watch. Even dominos tells me my pizza is ready on my watch, but not this? I need repeating/more aggressive iPhone notifications and I also need Apple Watch notifications to give this 5 stars.

- We like the peace of mind

We got the Gizmo watch for our son a couple of months ago. We’re enjoying the peace of mind of being able to contact him when he’s out & about in our neighborhood playing with his buddies. And, he likes being able to contact us, when needed. The only thing that I’m not crazy about is the delay time in pinpointing his location. Sometimes it’ll take just a couple of minutes. Other times, it won’t update his location for 10 minutes or so. My hubby tells friends and family that we’ve “low-jacked” our son! 🤪 Overall we’re really happy with it. Just wish it would update quicker when it’s not in real time mode. That really drains the battery quick!

- Great device, poor design

We love the device! We can easily track our son throughout the day, he loves checking his step count, we love the to do list feature, and the ability to contact him when we need to. The only negative I have to say about this is that a watch designed for children should be more durable. We have a screen protector on the watch and my son cracked his screen when he took a tumble at camp. No one repairs Gizmo Gaget screens not even Verizon the only option is to purchase a whole new watch and pay the activation fee. We are very disappointed that we cannot get his watch fixed because nothing is wrong with the watch other than the screen.

- Very Unreliable App/Device & Poor Support

It’s really too bad the GizmoHub and GizmoWatch do not function as intended. Even worse is the lack of support you’ll get from Verizon in troubleshooting the device. Often the app is unresponsive and watch unable to be tracked. Even when the watch is in a wide open area with phenomenal cellular coverage. The notifications you set up with various arrival times at certain destinations work one day and not the next. You only bought this to monitor your child. No big deal if it only works sometimes right? (Sarcasm obviously) Then when you visit Verizon to troubleshoot they will not help you in store. Instead you are sent instructions on how to create and send “device logs” to someone who will respond to you less than 50% of the time. And oh yeah, not resolve your issues. Buyer beware.

- Never pairs correctly

I just received a replacement device for the gizmo watch. I was trying to pair it to the phone and after hours of messing around deleting and re-downloading the app and spending over an hour on the phone with technical support from Verizon they basically told me there was nothing further that they could do in the watch was no good. My only option was to reach out to the app developers and hope that they may have a solution. This is not my first replacement watch that has not worked. Fortunately in the past after spending long hours trying to get it to connect it finally did but not this time. The amount of time that it takes two pair of these watches seems ridiculous and frankly not worth it. I’m very disappointed as now I am paying for a watch I can no longer use and my child is without a contact device.

- It works but not very user friendly

I’m updating my review after the update. Somehow.... somehow they made it worse... the update fixed none of the bugs, added clicks to perform functions such as logging in and added.... advertisements! For something I already pay for monthly. Down to 2 stars now. I mean... when you have already bought the gizmo watch it’s not like you have a choice but to download it. That being said: it works. Doesn’t crash and I gess that’s good. It’s not very user friendly however. After you send a kid a message you have to just sort of click on random things to get back to your dashboard since there is no button to do so. I also constantly have the red “1” on the icon even though I have no messages. It works but if there was an alternative I would download it

- Great watch

This watch has been great as a communication device pre phone and keep the unknown from calling/texting. My son used his for a few years and I would agree with other users that other than a few things it is pretty near perfect even for a 6-7yr old just due to size I probably would not have a younger child wear one. My son was concerned that in the event of an emergency he could not call 911 which is ultimately why I switched him to a phone but we kept the watch going as a back up for a while until he got used to keeping his phone charged and carrying it around instead of it being on his wrist.

- Hate it!

I gave this to my 15 year old son for his birthday because I am an overprotective parent. One day, my son took his gizmo with him because he was having a sleepover at his friend Koni Mahoni’s house. I checked the gizmo to see where he was, and it said he was at 4768 Brown Street. Being the overprotective parent that I am, I looked in the school directory to make sure that was his friend’s house. But it was not. It said he was at Tony Lavoni’s house, but his best friend was actually Koni Mahoni. I drove over to the address and demanded to see my son. The parents were surprised, and brought him down with his friend. It turned out Tony Lavoni went by the nickname Koni Mahoni. Thanks for nothing.

- Gizmo

I love this gizmo watch for my son, he’s 8 and we’ve been a little nervous about letting him go play at the park and with his friends but now it’s super comforting knowing we can call or check on him. He can go to the park and to his friends house, we set check in times and he calls or sends us messages. The auto answer feature is great, so if he is busy or can’t answer it picks up no matter what, the only down side is that it’s for Verizon only, I wish they made this for AT&T, now I have to switch my cell service or have two separate bills. If that’s my only complaint I think we’re doing pretty good.

- App issues

Im having issues with the app. When I get into the app it says I have to update the watch through the app. I click to start the process but it says open it won’t let me update it. I’m on WiFi the watch and my phone are fully charged and I even out them on the charger just Incase. I turned my Phone and the watch a bunch of times and nothing. I’ve contacted Verizon already to let them know what’s going on . They opened a case for me to investigate what’s happening. Now let’s wait and see, if me of the reps told me it seems like it’s an app issue. I hope it gets resolved very soon! The rep was very nice and helpful. It was through text messeges and also through Facebook messenger! Verizon help me but also good job!

- Update request loop

I can’t use the app because it tells me I need to update the app, but the app is up to date. No way for me to get past this issue because there is nothing to update and that notification won’t go away. I have literally been stuck in this loop and tried to press the update button 5 times, the app is the issue, not the App Store. When I have been able to use the app, it has been very poor aside from this. I would not recommend buying a Gizmo because the app makes it unusable. Apparently the developer thinks it’s okay that I have to delete and reinstall the app to fix this issue. I shouldn’t have to delete and reinstall and re-enter all my information to check the message from my child! I have never had to do this with any other app. Really embarrassing glitch.

- Some new things that could be added

Gizmo is a great thing! I love everything about it. However, there are a few things I that I wish would change. - To-do list. I like the to-do list idea, but I don’t like how you have a time limit to do it. Could there be an option where you don’t have to have the goal duration, and the kids can just check it off? To me, that would be better. - The messaging aspect. I wish that if the contact is a “buddy,” they could still message. I also wish that when the kid is writing back, they could type, or have more options of things to write back. - For the contacts, I wish that the child could call the other people something else besides “Mommy,” or “Daddy.” My child calls me momma. I wish that I had a way of changing it to a different name. It is not that important, but I think it would be nice. I hope you take these things into account. If these things were changed, I would rate it to a 5 star. Thank you for reading this.

- I don't know what to title this...

So I don't have a gizmo but my best friend does and I wanna be able to text her on my phone to her gizmo. I was setting up the app and it said to put in MY gizmo's number. I don't have a gizmo so I put in my phone's number. It said that they couldn't find that gizmo's number. I tried putting in my friend's number just to see if I messed up but it came up with "The number is already being used from another child." What do I do??? Never mind I found out what do. Wow I'm dumb! 😂 Never mind again I ran into the problem! AGAIN!! There is no way for me to text or call or do anything without putting in a gizmo number. I try her number I try my number but it doesn't work!!!

- GPS Optional?

I would love to see an option to turn the GPS on/off for “caregiver”. I absolutely want it on when the grandparents are babysitting or taking the kids somewhere, however I want to switch it off when they are not! As an adult, I don’t need my parents seeing our every move through the kids watches when we are not together. The kids enjoy texting feature with their grandparents. It would also be awkward to turn them into “Buddies” now since grandparents already put GizmoHub app on their phones and are used to texting the kids. This technology is going to cause family drama - please update with a feature to turn GPS on/off for caregivers.

- We overall enjoy it!!

We bought two watches for our boys 2 years ago and we’ve enjoyed it. Both of our boys are high-functioning autistic, and this watch provides peace of mind when they take school field trips or staying with out of town relatives w/o the hassle of worrying about social media issues. The best thing is the ability to speak to them and any given moment. The one feature I wish would be faster is the GPS tracker. It takes approximately 2min or longer to locate. That may not seem a long time, but it feels like an eternity when waiting for the location to pop up.

- Lack of Privacy - SCAM to steal information

I purchased 2 of these devices for my children at that time the device did NOT need access to ALL of my contacts and I don’t understand why it does now. 3 months after the release of the watches the app update REQUIRES access to my contacts. MY contacts are mine and have nothing to do with this device or MY CHILDREN!! Why does Gizmo need the number of my plumber?? I can no longer use the app to text or track my children because I refuse to give all my contacts Names, addresses, emails, and birthdays to GIZMO. Not to mention the app take ‘other’ information but refuses to say what. This is a scam to gain private information using children as bait. Reporting to the BBB. At $250 per watch I should be able to use with out giving up all my data.

- Found Pocketbook

My wife recently went on vacation in lake George, N.Y. and had her car broken into and had her pocketbook stolen out the car. While trying to remember all that was inside the pocketbook to report to the police, we remembered that the Gizmo Hub was inside the stolen property. After activating the Gizmo and getting the exact address and pinpointing the location at that address my wife’s pocketbook and 4 other stolen pocketbooks we recovered and returned to the rightful owners. I highly recommend the Gizmo hub and it’s precise GPS tracking, if needed to track down our children.

- Works well so far

The Gizmo2 was a Christmas gift. I did have to spend quite a bit of time on the phone trying to get it to pair with the app. It’s possible that was due to the age of my phone. REQUEST - could an intermediate level of permissions be established between Calling Contact and Caregiver, please? A level that can make and receive calls AND can send and receive texts would be just right for kiddo’s older cousins with phones. A level like Gizmo Buddy but for a contact using a smartphone rather than a Gizmo. They don’t need to be able to locate or enable auto answer on the Gizmo! Thank you for considering.

- Great for those with autism

We got this watch for my teen living with autism. The calling feature has worked great. It gives peace of mind being able to contact him without worrying about a phone being left someplace and auto connect is great. The texting is not very user friendly. I love the GPS tracking feature and is an absolute necessity for us however the location response time is very slow, sometimes up to 5 minutes. There are phone gps trackers out there that are much better than this and gizmo needs to improve this feature.

- Marginal Tracking

Time to upload location data is long, like takes minutes to decide where child is at, and refreshes maybe every 30 seconds. The delay makes it only marginally useful. Notifications won’t turn off the main page even after you’ve looked at them which drives me crazy especially considering how not useful the notifications are. Calling is OK. Child texting you doesn’t send you a special notification so you miss messages unless you keep looking for them, because the notification system trains you to ignore notifications. The only thing I find it useful for is calling my daughter.

- Peace of mind!

My daughter had a busy summer of camps and travel. This app allowed us to keep tabs on her and coordinate pick up and what not. She flew solo from Texas to Oregon and this watch gave us great peace of mind. She was able to text when she was on the plane, she new she could call if our friend was not on the other end to pick her up. (Of course she was!) Everybody has benefited from the phone and the app. I have had no problems with glitches or updates. My only wish was messages popped up in the iPhone text app but I understand why they don’t.

- Awesome!

My ex wife was making phone call with the children beyond frustrating. Purchased a gizmo after reading reviews about cell phones for younger children. My oldest is 9, and she loves it too. Easy for her to text, call, and loves the sounds and colors. I love the ability to make calls to her and her sister whenever I want, and can send important messages about transportation, school reminders and even can tell if she is where she is supposed to be. Great purchase, affordable, and every parent should have one for their child period!

- Awful!!!!!

Watch is junk. Band broke within a week, and then screen cracked because it fell off my child’s arm. There is no one who repairs gizmo screens, not even Verizon, and when I went to buy a new one, they charged me an upgrade fee!!!! The app is glitchy. If the WiFi is spotty the app won’t work. I can not communicate with with my child during parts the school day or in parts of my yard. Several calls and texts show up hours later of at all. It shows a text on my end but my child doesn’t see it in the watch or vice versa. It often doesn’t recognize my account when I try to login, requiring me to set it up again. Huge waste of money. I am not sure why I am paying 5 dollars a month when it’s not using my cellular. Find other gps watch!

- Dark Mode

This watch app is great! The only recommendations I would have for a change would be a dark mode and a home screen that shows the kid’s names with the notifications for calls and texts all in one place. Sometimes I forget to switch screens between each of the children and I miss messages that they send to me. Otherwise, this app is wonderful. We are a blended family and it allows the kids to reach out to their other parent who is not in the home anymore whenever they want to. It’s really great for the kids and the absent parent.

- Stopping an unwanted connection

I am a caregiver and not the controller of the watches. After one of the watches failed and was replaced it needed to be reconnected to my app. Instead of waiting for the invitation I jumped to adding a device. Being in a different town that could not work and was not the proper method. But once started I could not find a way to cancel or exit. After several exchanges with Daniel at Verizon gizmo tech support we did solve the issue. A problem a bit unusual but he worked me through the solution patiently.

- So far...sorta good

Got this for my daughter for Christmas. We selected this watch primarily for the calling feature because she is still to young for a phone. We have a large property and want her to be able to reach us when we are not in the house. One glitch we’ve noticed is she can not hang up a call once she’s made it. Super annoying. If the person doesn’t answer or declines her call the line goes to voicemail and she can’t hang up or get out of the call. The line stays open for a long time. Why the heck would you have a calling feature without the ability to hang up? Would love some help on this.

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- Prefer previous version

The previous version is simpler, more user friendly. This version has a dashboard automatically opens to update location and battery life. I don’t need to track location every time I open the app. It is a waste of time and battery.

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Jason Karns

Parents: don’t be scammed into believing that @Verizon gizmo watches support texting. It’s not true sms texting and only works through the GizmoHub app. Junk

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GizmoHub iphone images
GizmoHub iphone images
GizmoHub iphone images
GizmoHub iphone images
GizmoHub iphone images

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The applications GizmoHub was published in the category Lifestyle on 2014-11-22 and was developed by Verizon Wireless [Developer ID: 411772703]. This application file size is 51.25 MB. GizmoHub - Lifestyle app posted on 2021-07-27 current version is 4.0.7 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.vzw.gizmopal