Reboot with Joe Juice Diet

Based on the New York Times best-seller, The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet, by Joe Cross. Let us help you reach your weight loss goals and feel amazing.

Features Available to All Users
· Track all juices and food consumed
· Log in exercise – walking, running, biking, swimming, stairs, etc.
· Track mood + weight changes
· Chart your progress
· Instructional videos on juicing
· Connect with friends and follow each other’s progress
· Personalized tips and badges

Features Available for Premium Users
· Reboot Meal Plans (3 Day, 5 Day, 10 Day, 15 Day and 30 Day)*
· Notifications at key moments of your plan (e.g. when to eat & drink)
· Easier entry of juices and foods from plan
· Shopping Lists
· The app contains over 80 recipes: 36 juice recipes plus 46 reboot-friendly recipes (smoothies, salads, soups, and veggie dishes).

*Includes meal plans for those on a juice only diet as well as a juice + food diet.

Use the app today for free or upgrade to our premium version and unlock more features.

Note: an account is required to use the app (it’s free).

Reboot with Joe Juice Diet App Description & Overview

The applications Reboot with Joe Juice Diet was published in the category Food & Drink on 2014-11-13 and was developed by Joe Cross. The file size is 27.01 MB. The current version is 1.11.3 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Fixes an issue that was preventing videos from loading. For help, support or feedback please email us [email protected] with any issues or suggestions.

Thank you for using the Reboot with Joe Juice Diet app!

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Reboot with Joe Juice Diet Reviews


Not worth the money  Shanbuds  2 star

I paid for the premium and it is a joke. Not worth the money.


Just Okay  PorschaLuv  2 star

If you've never used a food tracking app, this might be a good way to start while doing a Reboot, but after 30 days on a 40 day Reboot I stopped using this app since I was also mirroring my food, exercise, water and weight tracking with MyFitnessPal since that had my past years of data in it. I paid for the "upgraded" Reboot app, but found it wasn't worth it since I got my recipes from the Reboot with Joe website and his books.


Great app  Spiiseven  5 star

First reboot, and the app was great!

Not me122

If you Reboot this App is a must!  Not me122  5 star

I don't think I would've made it thru my 60 day reboot without the help of this app. It simplifies the process. The assistance it gives on a daily basis was crucial to my success. It plainly informs you of what to drink daily and gives you recipes. It also provides you with a shopping list for the different weeks of the reboot. I love this app and thank it for helping me lose 85 pounds during my 69 day reboot! #juiceon

B Sure

I lost over 40lbs in 60 days!  B Sure  5 star

I really works! No hungry pains, Joe you are the Man!

Poem Finder

So sad  Poem Finder  1 star

I truly admire Joe Cross, I have been really inspired by his story. The app is so disappointing!!! The app does not retain the record of juices consumed from the daily reboot nutrition section. I enter over and over again, it disappears all the time. I have tried everything to resolve the problem. Nearly impossible to keep track of reboots. Do not waste your money!!!


Anonymous  Araaf2013  1 star

It says free App! What's the point of getting when there no free recipes at all, every recipe I click on need be upgraded to premium membership. You need to first at least few trials to test it out and then make it premium.

Calendar 2352

Money talks  Calendar 2352  1 star

What's the point of downloading and promoting this "free" app when you have access to nothing??? Every time you click on anything in the app it prompts you to upgrade to premium. Lame.


I've never felt so great in my life  Mo_AlTamimi  5 star

This restored my relationship with my wife. I did the 45 day reboot and lost a total of 23 kilos, dropping from 119 to 96 kgs. Im working out daily with my wife, I enjoy going out with her, feel more confident about myself thanks to all the recommendations and support with information. I just hope it was more interactive app, I would welcome new changes and am ready to be team member to promote this way of life, I did make a few new juices along the way that I feel could be looked into.


I love it!!  Jowiesgirl  5 star

It has improved my households lives! We are all getting healthier!


Very Intuitive  Enigma2u2  5 star

As a detox coach I often refer clients to use this app! Accountability, reminders, visual icons, number measurements are all great. A few suggestions would be helpful. 1. When you enter bloodwork, it never saves the data. I'd love to compare and in an advanced version a graph would be helpful. 2. I agree about the water measurement. Water is fuzzy because each person will have their own requirement. But I often forget to drink water and it's not on the reminder list, instead is accounted for separately. 3. If I could add my own custom habits I'd like to focus on during this fast (prayer, mantra, or skin brushing) is love to add it to my progress. We all want to do daily self care but life is often busy and we leave our bodies. I'd love to not have to put those reminders in a separate calendar. Keeping my reboots focused. 4. When choosing custom reboot, it would be great if you could add either recipes from the in-app upgrade selection to each day like a reboot template. Overall, awesome job and great app!


Really works.  TerryO'se  5 star

Lost 18.7lbs in less than 10 days. It changed the way I eat and think about food.


Love this app!  ReneeYoga  5 star

This app is the bomb! So convenient to track yourself during a reboot, get gentle reminders, and extremely helpful at the grocery store.


Great App would just like some tweeks  Liane0625  4 star

I do love this app and found it super helpful when I was doing my 10 day reboot. I have the premium version as I wanted access to all of the features and recipes. Everything is easily accessible and easy to navigate. I would just like some minor tweeks. For one, the videos available never seem to work, I can never hear it even though my volume is up. I don't know if this is a glitch or if it's something I'm doing (but all other videos/sounds outside app work just fine). Also, I would love access to browse at the juices and recipes without having to 'start a reboot' or cleanse. Also when tracking water, I would like a way to click on ounce numbers that automatically add up (similar to how Fitbit tracks water) versus selecting a picture of a glass of water many many times. These are minor things but would be helpful for me. But I do think this is a great app and worth trying :)


Great app  Blazntexan  4 star

Love the app, but cannot get sound on the video.

Dwn 2

Useless  Dwn 2  1 star

Unless you pay the price for the premium version this app is useless


I'm impressed  ShaolinESQ  5 star

I almost NEVER write reviews. No, really, I have carpel tunnel in both hands and it hurts like heck to type. But, I'm trying to go slow for this review. Wow! This app is incredible. I'm very OCD about planning and organization and I have to say that this app is truly fantastic. The daily plan and recipes and layout for checking off progress is nearly perfect! The recipes are delicious and satisfying. The quality is better than restaurants! While they are a bit time consuming, they are truly worth it. Particularly because I am able to choose my ingredients and know that I am getting healthier by my own doing. My only suggestion would be to add options for off-plan items that are not listed in the app, such as my cheesecake that I had in a moment of weakness. It is easier to absorb a failure now and then when I'm able to see how many good things I did adhere to!


Do not get unless you have a juicer  K121512290906  4 star

This app is great if you have a juicer. I paid the $7 and for that you get a plan and recipes. I think Joe Cross is a good guy and I am glad to pay the money just to support his cause. I thought I could use a blender and strain the juice out but that did not work. However if you have a juicer in place it's a great app. I am going to keep the app until I can afford a juicer. I would of given 5 stars if it had other basic features to track weight loss and such but it only seems to have plans and recipes.


Reboot never was easier  Raglandr  5 star

Love this app! Takes all the frustration out of a 30 day juice fast!! Shopping, to what your going to juice with the option to choose a different juice. Although when you extend to do the classic 60 day you don't have as much structure making it harder to stay on the program for me.

Life's in the greens

Incredible app, incredible program  Life's in the greens  5 star

Worth the download. User-friendly, easy to follow, great results.

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