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Step into the shoes of Agent 47 in Hitman: Sniper and discover the most compelling sniper experience on mobile.

Hone your strategic skills and orchestrate the perfect assassination.

Prepare for non-stop action in a true test of your accuracy and speed of execution.

Improve your strategy for the perfect assassination as you uncover secrets and subterfuges.

Eliminate targets, collect weapon parts and complete blueprints to unlock the most powerful rifles.

Boost your score and climb up the ranks to become the world's finest silent assassin.

Hitman: Sniper is memory intensive. Devices such as iPad 2, iPad Mini, iPhone 4S and iPod Touch 5th Generation will suffer from occasional dips in performance and will not support Everyplay.

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Find this site the customer service details of Hitman Sniper. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/904278510/hitman-sniper/contact

Hitman Sniper Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Hitman Sniper Version 1.7.33709 September 2020

Various bug fixes and improvements.

Hitman Sniper Comments & Reviews 2022

- Most amazing sniper game ever!

It was totally worth the money and it’s so addicting I even bought a few guns and it made the game so much better! All of these abilities are amazing! The only thing I suggest you guys do is put a tutorial for a few certain things. For example, I’m confused about how to do an accidental kill 🤔 At the beginning it also took me a while of how to do a dispose kill but I got the hang of it afterwards. This game will be even more awesome and maybe a bit trickier if you added random locations for body guards and maybe even a few different maps with different obstacles 🤭🤷‍♂️ Overall, amazing job guys! Very satisfied 😌

- This game should be rated 12+

Me and my dad play this all the time, and I love it! This is easily the most professional feeling mobile game I've ever played, as well as my favorite! The only thing I could ask for is that you change the age rating to 12+. I feel this age rating will be more appropriate as there is very little in game blood, and there is already an option to turn it off, so maybe you could just permanently take the blood out and remove the option to turn the effect back on? Even still, I have played many games with the 12+ rating that have been WAY more violent this title. I know the phase "Hitman" sounds a little brash, but I totally think 12 and up could handle it. I really want more people to have access to this awesome game, including my brother and cousins, and I really think its a benefit for those younger, as well as knowing that it certainly wont scare off potential adult audiences, as I'm sure the game was originally intended for. In fact, more adults might even begin playing this game, as they are sure that the content wouldn't be too extreme with a 12+ rating. This game would be rated T for Teen by the ESRB, and therefore 12+ is closer to 13+ than 17 is. I really hope you consider my suggestion, and change this age rating in your next update. Im excited to have hopefully helped and keep up the great work!

- Almost Flawless

Love this game great way to kill time, or just have some fun playing on your mobile. In my opinion I would say this game is “perfect” if it wasn’t for two flaws. First flaw, if a guard or guards alert is suspicious and you shoot a nearby object you’ll see a guard limping when they were never shot and their alert will change to detected which makes no sense. Second flaw, when using the sniper rifle with poison gas if you use that ability but didn’t shoot your target to poison them, when their body is found by a guard their alert will change to detected, which once again makes no sense. I know it’s just a game but if you didn’t actually shoot the target to poison them then how would a guard know? That’s something that should be ruled out as an “accident”. Lastly how is it possible for bodies to be found by NPC’s in the dark? I killed a high profile target in the bedroom with the lights out and their body was found, I just don’t understand 🤔. Anyways, please fix these minor flaws because it really takes away from the game, and it is a lot of fun to play 🤩.

- Still the best sniper game after 2 years...

I played this game 2 years ago. I have tried many sniper and FPS games since. I downloaded this game again after 2 years yesterday. It is still the best out there. The biggest plus other than great graphics and sound, purchases are not required to succeed! You have to think, be patient sometimes, in a hurry at other times, you can be creative with kills and you must learn the habits of the many targets in order to meet the objectives. Absolutely great game. I would like to see an update to remove the lunar new year skins and overlays. Well worth the download.

- Awesome game

I must say I love the Hitman games and will rush to the store or AppStore as soon as a new game comes out! You really get the experience of a sniper/hitman in the game. There is only one problem though. When 47 is given an assignment, he has to go to wherever his target will be. In this game it’s the same target(s) and the same map over and over again. Yes the zombie apocalypse thing has a different map but zombies aren’t real and the realistic deal of the game is what makes it great. Anyways, great game, Square Enix do not stop the Hitman series, if you do my reason to play video games will be no more. HITMAN IS THE BEST VIDEO GAME SERIES EVER!!!!

- Bug!

When going to the shop in Death Valley the game freezes so often I am afraid to upgrade! I have a feeling that the shop button is at the top and I think the screen pull down (Notification Center) starts to happen which then messes up the game! It can not get out of the shop menu no matter what I do and I have to kill the app and lose all my progress. It happens in the story mode too but it’s not as bad as zombie mode since you are trying to go to the shop and buy upgrades when it freezes! Once this is fixed I will update the review since this game is fun and I even bought a gun to support the devs and have more fun. Too bad this bug freezes the game but I think I see it in a few other games (zinga poker) too but they don’t freeze completely.

- Excellent Mobile Game

Easy user interface (controls, mission selections, level ups, etc.) Hitman also offers a unique challenge that makes playing the same map never seemingly get old - each mission feels different than the last. Its “zombie mode” is also a fun, less serious, gameplay mode that enriches the game. Overall a very professionally done mobile game that is seemingly bare yet very in-depth. The best part as well? Micro-transactions are not needed to be successful, they are there pretty much for a handful of unique firearms but the game could easily be played without ever spending a dime in-game. 5/5

- Best snapping game ever

This game is a really good sniping game and I could say the best totally worth the pay the games controls amazing it’s full of strategy the game runs smooth and the zombie mode is fun to even tho there’s only one map the different missions make it fun it’s really amazing I totally recommend this game and you should give the developers support 5/5 any day no questions asked I enjoy the game so much it’s so addicting best game ever I would play it 10 times over has 150 missions the best game ever totally should play it hitman sniper is the best sniping game.

- Changing sensitivity..?

The Hitman series of titles for various consoles, PC and mobile platforms are ALWAYS a blast to play! Hitman: Sniper is no exception. With console quality visuals and a wide variety of arsenal at your disposal-make every shot count! But wait a second.. Why is the sensitivity normal on my iPad 6th Gen but extremely slow on my iPhone XR..? I’ve looked thru settings and couldn’t find anything on sensitivity. Hoping that’s not the case and I’m just missing it. Does anyone else experience this..? Overall-the game is awesome! Some pricey IAP’s but what app doesn’t have IAP’s nowadays..? Rated 4 Stars. 5 Stars if you add a sensitivity option!

- Always the same fish, in the same barrel

I can’t believe there are only 2 areas! One for the main “story” and one for the zombie level. Do they really expect people to run the same area hundreds of times to finish the story mode? Or the same super simple area hundreds of times to collect zombie tokens? I already have a boring job, why would I pay for this? It’s very difficult to compare the difference between the gun statistics. Doesn’t really matter because the only things that seems to make a difference in missions are the special abilities, which are locked to the different guns. Getting bored fast. Can’t imagine why anyone would buy special guns for this hugely repetitive carnival shooting game.

- This Game Is A Blast

Picked this up for free during a special and I have to say, I would pay for this game. I am addicted and can’t stop playing. There is a lot to do, and the gameplay is just very cool. My only complaint so far after two days of playing is that the content is opened up rather slowly, such as game modes and gameplay mechanics. The game kind of holds your hand really bad at first. I would like to see a bit more difficulty and variance in the core gameplay. Definitely recommend though.

- Great game

I love the game play. While it can get a little repetitive in that every mission is at the same place and most of the guards inital movements are the same. Your targets change and the parameters of the mission change enough so that you can’t always kill everyone the same way twice. Once you start shooting, guards get curious and movements change. And if you get bored being a hitman, you can switch over and protect a guy from zombies. All in all a great game.

- Great game great series brought to mobile

The Hitman series has always been one of my favorites when i first laid my eyes on Blood Money i knew i had to play this game all of the levels all of the ways to take your targets out is just amazing this has always been a close to heart series and even though this is just a mobile sniping game its the best one on the mobile market for a very small price its an addicting game and i cant wait to see where the Hitman series will go!

- Love this game

I would like to see a “shooting gallery” mode that you could just shoot without any mission objectives - both with and without wittiness’ alerts. It would also be great if you could have some other venues outside the mansion. It gets a little tedious when that is the only mission location. Zombie shoot is just okay. Update: Been now playing for several months and have pretty much lost interest. Almost anything would help freshen the game; different targets, more or less security/bodyguards, and certainly a new location beyond the mansion in Montenegro.

- The best mobile shooter game!

At first, I didn’t quite know what this game would be like. Having played the hit man games on console, I decided to give it a try. To my surprise, the game played really smoothly with working mechanics and great gameplay. Not only that, but you can play offline as well with unlimited amount of plays (no stupid energy recharge times like most other games). I really enjoy playing this game and would definitely recommend it!

- Terrible App - ZERO APP SUPPORT

WARNING!!! DO NOT INSTALL THIS APP!!! I recently downloaded the Hitman Sniper app and purchased several upgrades. Unfortunately, the app regularly and unexpectedly crashed. After trying several iPad related fixes without success, I resorted to removing the app and reinstalling it. Unfortunately, when I reinstalled the app my purchases were not restored and the annoying app crash problem persisted now with a much greater regularity. The app crash problem became so terrible that I permanently deleted the app and will NEVER download another app from this developer. As a side note, I tried to reach out to the app developers for support and found their support websites to be as terrible as the app.

- Sniper

If you like shooting games, then this is the game to get! It’s very addicting. Once you start you won’t want to stop playing. There are a lot of weapons with different features so you can switch weapons for different high profile targets. There are quite a few ways to get extra points and you can also takes a break from live targets and shoot some zombies!!! It’s well worth checking out this sniper game! Sammy D

- Great mobile game

Well Worth spending some of your money on this free game to reward the developers. It is a very well put together mobile sniper game, and while it has only a single board the various weapons found and purchased allow for variable game play and avenues of approach. Developers.. I would only request 1. Zombie board with just unlimited time / ammo / zombies. Just shooting zombies. Maybe Ben is locked in a building / high-point commenting on your shots though the game is not not having to protect the character, just unlimited zombie kills with sarcastic remarks from Ben (“I bet you couldn’t hit that zombie in the head”, etc) I would pay the developers for a board like a zombie land fun park (and for a fun gun) just to aimlessly shoot zombies in crazy ways. Nothing else to add

- Great game but repetitive

The game is good as far as mechanics and all but I’m sooooooooo tired of playing ON THE SAME MAP!!!!!! I get it, it’s a sniper challenge but I’ve gotten to a point where I’m just bored with killing the same targets and bodyguards over again on a map that I know by hard. I bought this game thinking it was going to be something like 3D sniper with different levels and mission structure but it’s literally the same thing over and over. Please mix it up some and give us some different maps and targets. I really want to have fun with this game again.

- Good game but very boring play in same map/spot

It’s one of the best mobile game design. A lot of details and great interaction from every role. But after hours I realized that they only have 2 map to play: the big complex and the zombie field. Play the game you have to repeating in killing same group of people with different skill, gun, strategy. It’s more like a training program for the real Hitman game, not a game you can play independently. I have to kill same guy many times and it’s kind like you are in the movie “ the groundhog day”. Always in same place again and again. Boring.

- Be patient

Finally a game that appeals to my slow-and-steady style of gameplay. I always watch and wait and take forever to do anything in console stealth games so it’s nice to have a game on the mobile devices that doesn’t try to rush you and continuously suggest you buy crystals or gold or whatever to go faster.

- fun enough

The game is fun enough, but it lacks some things that would make it a great game. My main complaint is that the single location gets boring fast, despite challenges. Character behaviors are consistent level after level. Basically you just aim at targets at the same gig house, over and over again. There is no consideration of wind direction or speed, atmospherics, distance to target, etc. You can even shoot straight through concrete for perfect headshots every time. Could be improved.

- Rankings are not legit

Spent a ton of time playing and ended up 18th in the world rankings with a score of 119 million. It takes darn near perfection to get that score. I was disappointed that the next highest score is 147 million, then it jumps to over 200 million. It’s not possible to get scores that high on this game, so I’m assuming it’s BS. I can’t recommend anyone playing a game where the high scores aren’t real. No one scores over 200 million, there just aren’t enough targets. So don’t waste your time and money like I did.

- Plz add a free roam mode

First of all of love this game it’s very much like the hit man game you play on Pc but what I would really like is a free roam mode where we can walk around the place and take disguises and eliminate our targets in person that would be really fun I’m sure everyone can agree with this (I still enjoy the game but a free roam mode would be fun to play)

- Great game, just repetitive.

To start it off, this game deserves its age rating because you are actually shooting human to human and get extra points by shooting them in the head. Other than that, this game is fast paced, flowing game with great graphics. I reckon it does get a little less credit as it deserves as i4t is only on IOS and many could say that it is better than the PC version: Hitman Bodyguard

- Amazing Sniper Sim

Fun game, actually 2 games in one. The first game has you playing as a contract killer. The challenges become more difficult as you progress. The second game has you defending your pal "Ben" while he fixes his broken down van, which mysteriously always seems to break down in towns overrun with...zombies.

- Fun...for a little while

Mechanics and initial challenges are fun and highly addictive. Played non stop for a few weeks. Once all the scripted challenges are exhausted and your only goal is to move up the leaderboard it’s pretty much done. Tried for a little while to move up the board, did fairly well, but you hit a point where you don’t care anymore. Badly in need of an update with more maps and challenges.

- Repetitive but creative

While everything is the same the levels are different in the missions. Each mission has a difference that distinguishes it from the others. Other people may say it’s the same crap packed into levels , but I disagree. The objectives keep it nice and hard it’s an action packed game with more than one flaw but keeps the fun going.


When I first started playing the game it was definitely and that’s what I love, I don’t like how you get to the end and there’s really no more challenges. You are on one level or zombie mode. I feel like when you get to the end of the level challenges you should unlock another map to go to, just like the regular game. Hitman is definitely one of my favorite games. Please update with newer better maps.

- Great sniper game

I like the 0 time limit, no pressure allows you to use all the stealth a real sniper would utilize. Fun to take out extra targets before you go after prime target. All around great sniper action! Had to come back and make sure review posted ok. This is best sniper game I have ever played!! Hope we get more locations.....

- Awesome but repetitive

The hit man series are some of the fondest childhood memories I have. Long hours of me and my dad playing up all night trying to sneak to get our target. When I saw this game I was stoked! And yes I enjoyed the first few days with it...but when I began to notice my life would be limited to playing the same mission with little adjustments and tasks, I was bummed!! It took the surprise factor away and now all I feel is a monotone never changing scenario....major disappointment!

- Wonderful for a mobile game

People expect the world from mobile games, however this is one of my favorite games to play. Has amazing gameplay, wonderful user interface, quite easy to learn to play. Very fun experience. Would highly recommend.

- Needs More

Overall it’s a pretty good game for being a mobile sniper game, but my main criticism is that it only has one map. This and how the levels get really repetitive, make the game get boring after about a month. This is a shame because it is a well made mobile game, but it still really needs more content, maps, and mechanics. It would be cool if it also had a story.

- Not bad for Hitman mobile!

Since it’s based from the Hitman saga, I expected them to focus more on 47, but the game is even better than Sniper 3D, although Sniper 3D isn’t that good itself. Point is, Hitman: Sniper is a great game, especially if you like the Hitman saga! It’s great because A, it’s a great sniper game, and B, it’s like you can play Hitman on the go!

- Great game BUT

This game so far is extremely enjoyable. The only thing so far I have found unenjoyable is when I am aiming down sights, shoot but accidental tap a target icon, curious etc. This could be fixed by allowing players to go into HUD controls and make certain icons temporally invisible, icons go around a circle (to represent the scope) in top left right etc.

- Best $1.99 ever!

I have no qualms about this game. Even though there is only one map, you never do the same thing twice. The possibilities are endless when consistency can be an issue. The missions keep the game different as well! I love it!!! I got it with the Hitman GO game. I love puzzle games as well!

- Engaging sniper game, not a sales trap, worth the purchase.

Really like how this game lets me play it without having to fight against the constant sales pitches, commercials , and tactics to get into my pocket. There is an engaging level of strategy here, so it doesn’t make you feel weird about enjoying a sniper game so much.

- More Maps Please

The details are great, but most of the time I am not looking at the champagne glass on the table. Drop some pointless objects and just make a few more maps. Certainly a few mores faces could be randomized up. The guards could use a bit of randomizing too.

- The graphics and smalls stuff

Love how the missions aren’t monotonous and the same target/people aren’t targeted over and over again. Also love the extra little things—how people react to a shot object or car, the pacing, etc—and how smoothly it all runs at once. Very good game

- Relentless advertisement of in-app purchases

The game will. not. stop. redirecting attention to its store and loot system. It is not just available, but full-screen ads follow most every break in gameplay. Every screen contains flashing ads for pay-to-win shortcuts. Slot machine rewards sometimes involve the same cutscene, played multiple times. The quick, tight arcade puzzle is there, but the game spends most of its time (and players’ patience) busking for micro-transactions.

- My rifles... gone

Great game no doubt about it but after a while i got bored left and came back 6 months later but after i came back all my rifles were locked. I even had some that said i didn’t need a rack to use them. Used my cloud data and now I’m a rank 21 with 2 beginner rifles smh highly disappointed.

- Could've been better

There's a lot of problems with The game overall like the score idea that is just my opinion it's not really that Fun And i really like how the rifles Look Very HD in 47s hands And The Other Rifles have Different Scopes And Some Rifles Have Silencers and Some Rifles Don't Have Silencers Good Job On The Weapons And The background For The Game It Self it's good with Problems

- Fun game

But I hate it when the camera automatically whips the view over to another threat, or the main target when you're already aiming at something else; plus, the shoot button is to close to the reload button which accidentally gets hit sometimes while trying to shoot - other than that, its not a bad game; though it would be nice if they had more maps than just the one..

- Excellent

Fantastic game. Incorporates the elements of detailed target background and clever methods of eliminating targets that the original games are known for. Really cool to see the developers apply that to a new format. Only critique is wish there were different locations for mission. Other than that, awesome!!!

- Lack of support is killing this game

I’ve had this on my phone since the day it came out. The game itself is great. However for what seems like the last 2 years the only changes have been new rifles. Most of which cost over $20 when they are on sale. No locations changes other than the holiday decor changes. Seriously guys. Save this game. Add a location and new targets. Make the rifles more accessible/cheaper.

- Fun game, I have a complaint

It has been 7 YEARS, we need a new map, please make this game new again, I love this game so much and it can be a brand new fun game again if you just give it new things, new guns, new map, brand new contracts, please I’m begging you to do this, if you see any review through, please see this, it’s important

- A little shaky at first

Takes a little getting used to at the beginning on your phone. Not as forgiving as some of the other sniper rifle games that I have played on my mobile...but I guess that where the realism comes into play?

- Best sniper game by far

I love it is THE BEST sniper game I have ever played the goal is while playing as agent 47 is to kill enemy targets and you can choose to set off a car alarm leading them there or just get the glass when you’re standing near the edge of the balcony lol but yeah it is a good game Recommend it a sniping game 5 stars

- ridiculously difficult and completely pointless assignments

I just want to play it my way and have fun but it keeps giving me these ridiculously difficult and completely pointless assignments. Oh and I bought 7,000,000 dollars and have nothing to spend it on and bought a nice gun and then realized that the gun doesnt come with instinct. Buyer beware indeed

- Kids working for them

I reached out to support for an explanation as to what one of the objectives for a level mean. They responded with “we cannot help you, you have to find a user guide somewhere”. I replied back and told them they are a joke. They could have atleast give. me an idea of where to find the user’s guide”. Suddenly my account has been disabled and I can’t login to play anymore!!! Gladly I haven’t spent any money yet otherwise it would have Ben different issue.

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- This game is amazing.

I have a IPhone 6 + and this game is smooth. It runs fine, the animations are great and the idea of a hit man is nice. I like that this game is very cheap. It’s only 99c and it should be worth 5.00$. When I got this game I thought I’d be disappointed but its better than sniper 3D. So buy this game if you can ITS WORTH IT. I promise!

- Fun and enjoyable

This game keeps a good pace the whole time, and the controls are well balanced and integrated. The one gripe I have is that the map is always the same. They need to have a new map every couple of missions. You eventually know everything that’s going to happen and all the goodies, and it makes it just that little bit boring.

- New map

This game is very good the graphics and quality are good but the thing I think annoys everyone is the fact there is just one map so I think if you are to add new maps then put in the best locations from the entire hitman series so plz add more maps

- Great game butttt

I love hitman sniper it’s fun and addictive but two problems one there is only one map which gets repetitive and boring. Two in game money should be able to buy a few guns because the only time money comes in to play is when you skip a mission or upgrading. Other then that good game. Hope you can fix and upgrade this problems/ suggestions. Thank you

- More rewards

Great game love playing it in my spare time, my only wish is that there are more rewards I’m currently at gold 3 and have only gotten cash Wish you could up the rewards a little

- Great overall game just one problem

I think the overall game is really fun and never gets boring except for the fact that it’s only got on main map for the normal mode

- Excellent versatile game

I have been playing this game for a couple of months now (almost ever day) never gets repetitive or boring... well done, plenty to keep you interested & thinking...

- Great game

Hello square enix, it would be great if you guys added different maps coz there being only one map is kinda boring and make it so we dont have to pay for it.

- Cool!

The game is good and the music gets good when the target has been killed and I think I enjoyed slight problem there’s one map please add more and I enjoy wasting my money on it try it!!

- New map!!

Fantastic and addictive. Great gameplay but pleeeeeaase you need to add a new map. Although I love the mansion, it gets a little tedious after playing it for three years.

- So great

This game has the best gameplay. I really like the reload swipe features, and the realistic decisions and rag doll physics that this game has. AND the graphics are beautiful. Would recommend. PLEASE ADD A NEW MAP

- New Map

This game is by far the best sniping game on the App Store. But the one thing it lacks is the variety of maps. That’s the only bad thing about this game. If the developers add more maps, this would easily be the best game on the App Store.

- Really Good Game

This is a great game. Great UX, smooth and very cool looking. My only suggestion is a map without time limit. A Marathon map. See how far we can go before being caught.

- Great game

One of the best games on IOS good graphics, great gameplay. Only problem I have with game is how expensive new guns are and there is only one map.

- Needs more things

Love this game I play it everyday just it needs different maps and enemies

- No new assignments since 2018

Game is ok only really one scene u play on but the assignments aren’t updated anymore shame really especially if u pay to unlock weapons. Worst thing is the reload button is right next to the fire button so always hit reload when I need to shoot.

- New map!!

This game is so great and enjoyable, but it has been the same map/scene for literally 4+ years (and no, the zombie mode doesn’t count). I can’t believe they have NEVER updated this game with a new map let alone several. Players need new maps with new missions, surely that is not hard?

- Great game

Definitely one of my all time favourite games but could use one more map or new mode

- One map?

Really really love this game but it is really annoying that I only have one map to play with and you get used to everything that goes on rating it 3 stars will rate more if you give it more maps.

- One map and patterns over and over

Could be a six star game, but even two or three levels would be amazing. It feels like they were making the perfect sniper game but just gave up and went home after making one level

- Maps

Add more maps otherwise game just gets boring

- Maps

The game is fantastic, but I don’t think it would hurt to add another map.

- One major problem

This is a great game but it is annoying that there is only one map, please change it

- Read it fix it

Ok when I play the fifth level whenever I shoot it reloads everytime and I cannot do the level

- New map

Boring and repetitive but fun just wish there was a new map

- Amazing graphics! And awesome content!

I don’t know any other game this good on iOS, Amazing graphics it just a brilliant game!!

- Great and fun would recommend!

This game is full of fun and hitman-like experience thank you so mutch 9.5 out of ten!

- The best game ever 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤯🤯

I’m mind blown how did you creat this game it is the best game I have downloaded you are the best gaming compiny oh my god like a am totally 🤯

- Love it 😍!

I love this game so Mutch its better than any other one cuz graphics are good and it’s an awesome expireansr

- Review

Good game worth buying and everything is realistic.

- 👍🏼

Great time killer, one of the best sniper games around. Well worth the 99 cents

- Great Game

I’ve a load of fun playing this game. I’m not a bad shot for an old bloke. Great fun to relax with.

- Great game

I deleted the app but then I realised I had great stuff I hot all of the guns cost money :)

- Pretty good for mobile

Maybe not a good hit an game but definitely a good sniping one, square made a good call.

- Hit an PS4/PC

I really love the game but, it would be cool if you could make it like the hitman on PS4 and PC, so you can roam around in maps.

- Good but....come on - just one map!

Must have more maps. It’s a simple as that.

- Nice game

I like this game because shooting was ok and the graphics was good

- It’s ok

For an IOS game it’s pretty tight however the only drawback is that all the maps are the same...

- New maps ?

Please add more maps !

- Good game

It’s pretty fun would recommend

- Great Game

But need new maps for sure

- Customisable guns

They should add customisable guns and skins and you should be able to lick fifteenth guns

- Cool

I like it just maybe a few fixes

- Amazing game

I love the Hitman series and this one. This game is sooooo coooll

- One map

One map? Not worth it. Every play through can be done the same way.

- Fun and Addictive

5 Star

- Connection issue

I can’t connect to my facebook profile.😤😤

- Needs new map

Enjoyable , get repeatative

- It’s a good game

What an amazing game love the idea

- Expensive

To expensive for what you get

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- Agent 47 the espionage Secret Service

It’s Espionage and Assassinations where Agent 47 must use his Tactical Secret Service skills in order to complete his mission wisely. You know Hitman 2: World of Assassins will come out soon like you enter the Ruthless World of Espionage from Canadian Alps to the Yacht.

- $193 for the full assortment of weapons? Are you kidding?!?

This game is price manipulation at its most blatant. If charging $193 to buy all of the guns wasn’t enough of a cash grab, there’s $14 “micro-transactions” on top of that for in-game cash!!! Shameful.

- Addictive

Very addictive game. Don’t push you to spend money on better weapons.

- Killer game

Great game worth the money

- Good fun

The game is made well and is fun to play, my only complaint is that there is only one map (excluding the zombie mode) which is a bit disappointing. The game and its mechanics are very well polished but it feels empty and gets repetitive. But if you just want to have some mindless fun and blow some people up, it’s worth the dollar you pay for it.

- Needs something new...

Cool game but is in a serious need of new material. Can only play the same backdrop for so long.😴😴😴😴

- Hitman

Makes you feel like you’re right there in the thick of things. Smart, direct and right to the point. Definitely recommend for the sniper in everyone...

- Needs ability to move reload button

I can’t tell you how many times I have a perfect shot lined up and my finger inadvertently taps the reload and I lose that moment to take the shot to fulfill the requirements for the level. Please make it so the reload is not by the fire button!

- Hit the mark on this one

This is probably one of the best games I’ve ever played

- Such a good game

I love this game they did good not like other games but I gave this game five stars for all the work put in this game

- Hitman sniper

Started of good but then the game started again but will jot go past armoury it freezes up and will not go past this screen

- Freezes

Game freezes when I try to upgrade in Death Valley. Otherwise fun game

- I can’t login into my Facebook account

I can’t login into my Facebook account, every time I try it doesn’t work. Plz help me.

- Super!

Excellent et surtout pas trop de pub!!!

- Repetitive

Don’t get me wrong it’s fun at first... but after you play a couple rounds it’s same old same old just that you need to get an accident kill or something, and besides other guns cost WAY to much!

- Bb


- Awesome

Good graphics good fun good game

- From the game testers.ink

We have tried a lot of games and this is the second best game we’ve ever tested the best game ever was hitman 2.

- authentic Hitman experience but it


- Repetitive but somewhat enjoyable

There’s only one setting. You’re looking at a party with around 17 enemies and you have to kill one of them while satisfying a specific condition (kill 4 guards before the target, get x points before killing the target). There’s an interesting farming system where certain opponents drop certain gun parts, allowing you to unlock new weapons for free. It gets repetitive, given that the only thing that changes is the goals, but it’s not too heavy on paid content and there’s a mildly entertaining zombie mode that’s an interesting diversion from the main game, but it too is essentially the same game over and over again. I wouldn’t say it’s worth the dollar you would spend on it, but if you don’t mind spending a buck, you might feel differently.

- Great Game

Great game play, been playing for a while

- Goood game

Enfin un excellent jeux comme je les aimes

- Only 1 map....$60 dollar rifles...cash grab that makes you watch ads for in game currency


- Noice Game


- Decent


- Addictive

Love the game and very addictive! One of the best and no ad nuisance while playing the game

- Game is Great!!! DLC to expensive!!!

Are you freaking kidding with some of your prices! Do people really pay $30 To $70 bucks for a gun in a $1.00 game

- Nice

Good game I love it

- Holly crap!

So do we get real guns for the money we pay for upgrades in the armory. Like what! Why are the upgrades so dam expensive. I saw someone’s else’s review and thought no that can’t be real. But yeah we paid for the full game and then charged huge amounts for upgrades. Nuts.

- Great game expensive dlc

A great game for a buck just don’t like how much the dlc weapons are. 70 bucks for a sniper is not worth it in a doller game. Other then that the game play is fun and enjoyable and the graphics are good.

- Great game

This game is really good I give it five stars it good game

- Very good game !

Since quarantine, I’ve been waiting to receive Hitman 2. This game is a good introduction to the sniper mode and a good aiming train. I recommend it however they should lower their in game prices 70 CAD or a sniper

- Very Good!

I just got this game & I’m in love with it.

- Good game

It’s a fun game but I think they should lower their in-game purchases

- Nice

Super jeu

- Good game

I love it bought it yesterday

- I want a refund

I want a refund

- Best sniper game ever !,

Please!! Add more levels!!!

- Meilleur

Le meilleur jeux de sniper que j’ai joué jusqu’à présent. Pas trop compliqué, pas trop simple, abordable si l’on veut mettre un peu d’argent

- Christmas

Absolutely love the Christmas theme... Excellent work! Great Job! Sniper all the way!

- Great game but......

The game is great but since there is only one map and one scenario every mission is basically the same PLEASE ADD A NEW MAP!!!

- Nice sniper game vert funny


- Really good game.

I was debating on buying it for awhile. But now that i did i’m having loads of fun. Think i might even invest more money when the time comes!

- 4/5

Great game, but it’s been the same map for the last 3-4 years

- Move the reload button away from the shoot button

Move the reload button away from the shoot button Move the reload button away from the shoot button Move the reload button away from the shoot button Move the reload button away from the shoot button Move the reload button away from the shoot button Move the reload button away from the shoot button Move the reload button away from the shoot button Move the reload button away from the shoot button Move the reload button away from the shoot button Move the reload button away from the shoot button Move the reload button away from the shoot button Move the reload button away from the shoot button Move the reload button away from the shoot button Move the reload button away from the shoot button Move the reload button away from the shoot button Move the reload button away from the shoot button Move the reload button away from the shoot button Move the reload button away from the shoot button Move the reload button away from the shoot button Move the reload button away from the shoot button Move the reload button away from the shoot button Move the reload button away from the shoot button Move the reload button away from the shoot button Move the reload button away from the shoot button Move the reload button away from the shoot button Move the reload button away from the shoot button Move the reload button away from the shoot button Move the reload button away from the shoot button Move the reload button away from the shoot button Move the reload button away from the shoot button Move the reload button away from the shoot button Move the reload button away from the shoot button Move the reload button away from the shoot button Move the reload button away from the shoot button Move the reload button away from the shoot button Move the reload button away from the shoot button please, and thank you.

- 🤬

Omg! Why can’t I fire all of my shots! I always have like two shots left and I’m about to win and the game takes me back to the menu! Great game otherwise and would be a 6/5 stars, I’m disappointed

- Hit Man Sniper

Jaroslav Benak Cannot Be Found Because He Is Not On The Level I Am Playing No Way Can This Be Done To Get Him Game Not Designed To Play On iOS System I Tried And Tried No Way Can This Be Done Because He Is Not On This Level Although It Is A Nicely Made And Designed I Tried Again He Does Not On This Level At All No Way Game Defective Jaroslav Benak Non Existant On Leval No Way Can This Level Be Completed At All Tried He Is Not On This Level As He Does Not Exist No Such Person Exists Any Where Here Tried Again No Luck He Does Not Exist On This App What So Ever It Is Just A Myth Target Does Not Exist Tried And Nothing At All No Way

- Dece

No idea how to replay past missions. Also too much pay stuff. But cool game, nonetheless.

- Amazing!!

One of the best games ever. So good. You should get this. Super good price and totally worth it!! Super fun and addicting and a nice game to play when your bored and on the road. 😂👌👍👍

- More levels needed...

This game needs more levels because it gets boring really easily as all the levels are on the same map... but fun game though 👌🏽

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Bugzy Lee

I'm not a #dj I'm a #Dragon - #bugzyLee is my name ..... welcome to 2021.... The Year of the Dragon #stagekiller #snipper #stealthmode @ Hitman Sniper

Omar Samir

I have beaten every single Hitman game ever made... On the series' 20 year anniversary. That's: Codename 47. Silent Assassin. Contracts. Blood Money. Absolution. 2016 and 2. Hitman GO. Hitman Sniper. Hitman Sniper Challenge. Hitman Vegas and Los Angeles. HITMAN 2 CHRISTMAS GAME.


@SynergySSB Was it the festive hitman sniper bot? I recently started to play TF2 again too and was planning on streaming it one of these days but the festive hitman bot instantly killed the fun for me.

Zee 🚁

Got Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, Chaos;Child and Hitman from the Winter Sale since I got a gift card for Christmas for PSN And a stream of all these games are coming in the days ahead, DMC too


@PrOuDKeKisTaNi_ @labcatluke @PAYDAYGame Hitman but sniper?


@PearlteaRizzy I bought a BRAND NEW DS4 when I got my PS4. The right stick has drift but only when I'm using a sniper rifle, scoped, in Hitman 2. NO OTHER GAME. BRAND NEW DS4.

Dr Loco

@sebtadpole @scr1804 So Lego star wars is the same as overwatch, star wars battlefront is the same, super hot is the same, sniper elite is the same, hitman is the same because they all have guns


Want to be friends in Hitman Sniper? Just open this link with the latest version of Hitman Sniper installed on your device!

Massimo Niccheri

Want to be friends in Hitman Sniper? Just open this link with the latest version of Hitman Sniper installed on your device!


Been playing quite a bit of Hitman 2 in anticipation of #Hitman3 so here's my ranking of all the levels (excluding the tutorial ICA Facility and Sniper Assassin maps) 1- Hokkaido 2- Sapienza 3- Paris 4- Mumbai 5- Isle of Sgàil 6- Bangkok 7- Miami 8- New York 9- Haven Island


Google Stadia on iPad Pro is a game changer. Outside of exclusives, we’re hitting a point now where you don’t actually need to drop £500 on a console. Been playing PUGB, Sniper Elite 4, Hitman, all absolutely flawless. Zero lag, zero frame rate drops.


@Gothicpolar @zSolarStorm @Hatsuu95 @RagdollPenguin @Ubisoft @RevolutionAndre @watchdogsgame New? Dealing between generic NPCs isn't that interesting. Hitman, Sniper, and Splinter Cell all had better mechanics that pushed the genre.


I just finished all Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 missions including the expansion packs ones and the sniper ones. Lol. Hitman is a really good game, but I won’t get the third part until it goes on sale or something. I’m not paying 90€ for a game.


Hey Guys I have got only few views in my new video which is on Hitman: it not good or you forgot to watch it.If you want to watch it now on YouTube click the following link:-

Psyche Jujutsu™ | Your Psychological Arms Dealer

@TonyLinklet For the guy in the trenches #3 seems most profitable. All roles are legitimate. Soldiers: guys who want true comraderie under arms, acquire special skills, test themselves, family military tradition or enjoy killing with pay, all respectable. Hitman is just a civilian sniper.

Hitman Sniper 1.7.337 Screenshots & Images

Hitman Sniper iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Hitman Sniper iphone images
Hitman Sniper iphone images
Hitman Sniper iphone images
Hitman Sniper iphone images
Hitman Sniper iphone images

Hitman Sniper (Version 1.7.337) Install & Download

The applications Hitman Sniper was published in the category Games on 2015-06-03 and was developed by SQUARE ENIX [Developer ID: 300186801]. This application file size is 1.09 GB. Hitman Sniper - Games app posted on 2020-09-09 current version is 1.7.337 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.squareenixmontreal.hitmansniper