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Step into the shoes of Agent 47 in Hitman: Sniper and discover the most compelling sniper experience on mobile.

Hone your strategic skills and orchestrate the perfect assassination.

Prepare for non-stop action in a true test of your accuracy and speed of execution.

Improve your strategy for the perfect assassination as you uncover secrets and subterfuges.

Eliminate targets, collect weapon parts and complete blueprints to unlock the most powerful rifles.

Boost your score and climb up the ranks to become the world's finest silent assassin.

Hitman: Sniper is memory intensive. Devices such as iPad 2, iPad Mini, iPhone 4S and iPod Touch 5th Generation will suffer from occasional dips in performance and will not support Everyplay.

Hitman Sniper App Description & Overview

The applications Hitman Sniper was published in the category Games on 2015-06-03 and was developed by SQUARE ENIX INC. The file size is 1.02 GB. The current version is 2.1.33 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

What's New in Version 2.1.33
-Various bug fixes and improvements

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Hitman Sniper Reviews


Classified  Redpretzel  5 star

See for yourself. Only you decide how much you will, or will not like this game. I thinks it’s fun. Is that bad?


Deserves more than 5 stars  IAMPRODAWGS184  5 star

This game is amazing. Keep up good work!


good  imanseif  5 star



Bought Game to Check out Hitman series  Tttttoooommmmm  5 star

This is a far better game than many of the other sniper games out there... I may well by the full version of the game after playing this one!!!


Maps  IAMROIT1  5 star

More maps would make this even better!


Awsome game  udjskdjcjxidjcjjfud  5 star

Super fun I recommend it if you like FPS games


Amazing Game!  Knight_of_R  5 star

I have been playing this game off and on for a couple years. I finally got to a high enough tier that I now have more than one gun in my arsenal. I recommend it for ages 12+ but if you have strict parents 14+ is good as well. Thx for reading!

crangers mcbasketball

Fun, but 1 level?  crangers mcbasketball  4 star

Why does this game only have 1 Level - Montenegro. It’s fun to keep playing it but after a while you know how all of the characters will react and it isn’t challenging anymore. Need new locations with new puzzles.

Poopy McShitlicker

Great game, but not very challenging  Poopy McShitlicker  4 star

I love this game, but I wish there were more levels. Everything takes place at the mansion and once you figure out the guard’s routes and where people will be, it becomes very easy, very quickly.


Best Game ever!!!  shawnh2o  5 star

Seriously, this is the best game ever. I’m so addicted to it. It’s so well designed and put together. Thanks


Nice game  kivyjjhvhjvjhjvhjhvhjvhjjh  5 star

I like this game because shooting was ok and the graphics was good

cool as man!

New Map  cool as man!  4 star

This game is by far the best sniping game on the App Store. But the one thing it lacks is the variety of maps. That’s the only bad thing about this game. If the developers add more maps, this would easily be the best game on the App Store.

miget king

Good  miget king  5 star

Good graphics


Great overall game just one problem  dominic🙂  5 star

I think the overall game is really fun and never gets boring except for the fact that it’s only got on main map for the normal mode

Harvey tresise

Love it 😍!  Harvey tresise  5 star

I love this game so Mutch its better than any other one cuz graphics are good and it’s an awesome expireansr

Liz 72

New map  Liz 72  5 star

This game is very good the graphics and quality are good but the thing I think annoys everyone is the fact there is just one map so I think if you are to add new maps then put in the best locations from the entire hitman series so plz add more maps


Needs new map  Bbabbabab  3 star

Enjoyable , get repeatative

Baby No. 3

Not Telling  Baby No. 3  5 star



Great and fun would recommend!  damosan  5 star

This game is full of fun and hitman-like experience thank you so mutch 9.5 out of ten!


Fun and Addictive  166595  5 star

5 Star

Bullyed Friend

Great game BUT  Bullyed Friend  4 star

This game so far is extremely enjoyable. The only thing so far I have found unenjoyable is when I am aiming down sights, shoot but accidental tap a target icon, curious etc. This could be fixed by allowing players to go into HUD controls and make certain icons temporally invisible, icons go around a circle (to represent the scope) in top left right etc.


Cool game  entropycult  5 star

Arcade play and a story.


New Locations, please!  ChaseRU2  3 star

Awesome game. But because you can only play in 1 location it gets old fast. I’d pay $20 for a new level/environment. C’mon. Gotta be worth it.


In App Purchases  216tsk  5 star


mark zurkberg

Just amazing  mark zurkberg  5 star

It’s an splendid game Just keep improving it day by day by enhancing the graphics and the controls and by making more games of hitman and enhancing this one evolving more date among the apprehend one


Hit man  B-Snacks  5 star

I love this game, one of the best app’s out there!


Amazing game  Crackheadbillyjones  5 star

This game calms me down and it’s just really fun


Create new environments  itscdub  2 star

It's a good game at the start, but how many times can you play Montenegro? Build different missions, people, and locations...Miami, London, LA, Monte Carlo, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Langston Watson

This game should be rated 12+  Langston Watson  4 star

Me and my dad play this all the time, and I love it! This is easily the most professional feeling mobile game I've ever played, as well as my favorite! The only thing I could ask for is that you change the age rating to 12+. I feel this age rating will be more appropriate as there is very little in game blood, and there is already an option to turn it off, so maybe you could just permanently take the blood out and remove the option to turn the effect back on? Even still, I have played many games with the 12+ rating that have been WAY more violent this title. I know the phase "Hitman" sounds a little brash, but I totally think 12 and up could handle it. I really want more people to have access to this awesome game, including my brother and cousins, and I really think its a benefit for those younger, as well as knowing that it certainly wont scare off potential adult audiences, as I'm sure the game was originally intended for. In fact, more adults might even begin playing this game, as they are sure that the content wouldn't be too extreme with a 12+ rating. This game would be rated T for Teen by the ESRB, and therefore 12+ is closer to 13+ than 17 is. I really hope you consider my suggestion, and change this age rating in your next update. Im excited to have hopefully helped and keep up the great work!

carter myres

This game is the best  carter myres  5 star

It’s the best sniper game that I can find and it’s just fun so ya I really approve of buying this app


More maps needed  Gablarkleplockchock  4 star

Excellent game but one star removed from five because of the same map over and over. It’s too bad the developers have stated they won’t be adding more maps.


Not bad, but could use some improvements  -<[IMMORTEN]>-  2 star

This is not a bad game in anyway, it’s basically the mobile version of “Hitman: Sniper challenge”. But in both games cases; it’s the same map you play over and over again, with no change at all, every guard and targets move exactly the same in every mission and for the most part you can use the same tactics over and over as well. I wish there would be a bit more variation in the missions, in terms of how targets / guards move as well as maybe add more maps. Especially in a game with micro transaction and rifles that cost upwards of 30+€, there’s just no point for this at all, as the rifles you get from normal progression does the job just fine, and especially when you know every guard and targets move.


Hitman  Tuesday123!  4 star

Great game pity the one location

James 5968

Sooo good  James 5968  5 star

The game is really good just it would be nice to have a few different maps I would highly recommend downloading it because it is so good 😊


Great game  RossMoore  5 star

Brilliant game to pass the time and hours of fun!


Sniper  Samitronio  5 star

Very good game but the best thing about it is that it is a cheap game


Very good but only one map  Jumbokis1  4 star

The only map you play on is the one shown in the video yes there is a lot of missions but your just killing the same targets over and over and all the guards and security don't move every different mission they just stay they move in mission but they start in the same place and you will be like oh time to kill this guard the same way I killed him / her the previous 100 missions how fun. It is also too easy I could beat 50 missions in an hour or less. Maybe take an approach that instead of the same kill some random guy. You need to kill people in a certain pattern to help an inside source escape or maybe have something poisonous beside food so you can shoot it and poison your target. There needs to be more ways to kill your target then shooting them and there needs to be more missions that don't make you kill someone maybe you can shoot a car tire so your target can't escape. What I am trying to say is it's a great idea and game but can be improved in many ways.


Excellent Fun  LeoDoyleIRL  5 star

A great game with hours of fun

Patsy Hutch

Killer game  Patsy Hutch  5 star

Challenging but new scenarios would be nice even if you had to pay the game is that good


Licence to thrill  Skywatcher210  5 star

Really enjoyable and addictive game

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