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ExpressVPN - VPN Fast & Secure App Description & Overview

What is expressvpn - vpn fast & secure app? Go online safely with blazing-fast speed in just a few taps with ExpressVPN, engineered to protect your privacy and security.

Download it for free to try on all your devices.

Enjoy the content and apps you love with powerful speed and unlimited bandwidth on any network. Connect to ultra-secure servers in 94 countries.

Protect your data and online activity with best-in-class encryption. Secure your connection on public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Browse in peace while keeping your IP address and location private. Under our strict privacy policy, we don’t collect activity logs or connection logs—it’s been independently audited to ensure your protection.

Get exclusive access to Lightway, a VPN protocol developed from the ground up by ExpressVPN to offer greater speeds, security, and reliability.

Make our app work for you by switching among 17 languages.

Get help in seconds, not days. Ask us anything, anytime, through 24/7 live chat support or email. Help guides within the app simplify troubleshooting.

• Auto-reconnects if your VPN connection is interrupted
• Encryption support for these protocols: Lightway UDP, Lightway TCP, IKEv2
• Threat Manager: prevents apps on your device from sharing your activity with trackers or other malicious third-parties


ExpressVPN offers a 12-month subscription plan.

Subscriptions include access to ExpressVPN apps on every platform, which you can download and install on as many devices as you wish.

Connect to our global network of VPN servers on up to five devices simultaneously.


If you subscribe via iTunes, your Apple ID account will be charged on the last day of your free trial.

Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of each billing period unless you cancel it at least 24 hours before the expiry date.

Manage your subscription or cancel anytime in your App Store account settings.

Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription.



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App Name ExpressVPN - VPN Fast & Secure
Category Productivity
Updated 23 January 2023, Monday
File Size 128.12 MB

ExpressVPN - VPN Fast & Secure Comments & Reviews 2023

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App not ready - do not buy!. I installed the app with its default settings, but the app immediately started reporting that it could never connect, internet traffic blocked. When I contacted support, they told me to ignore that message because the app was really protecting my identity. Really?! So what else am I supposed to ignore about the app or not trust what it’s telling me? Talk about a loss of confidence! How can a company put out a product that is solely intended to protect one’s identify, but the app cannot confidently report that it’s doing so? And I’m supposed to trust some nameless tech support person that everything’s ok? Unbelievable! It gets worse. I asked for a refund as a result of this malarkey, which they processed. But when they did, the app remained in my phone and disconnected it from the internet. All of my apps stopped working. I could not call an Uber or Lyft, could not call for help, and could get no ride to the airport at 5:30 am in the morning when no businesses were open and no one was around. It took me two hours of troubleshooting to figure out that their app’s vpn entry was blocking my connection , and I missed my flight! This could be the worst app experience of my life.

Great but…. It doesn’t work in China anymore! It used to, but now it only works every now and then for only one minute. The connecting sign is always stuck on the last bar. I tried contacting support but, as usual, they simply said their engineers are working on it. Please give us a time frame or some other hope that this vpn might improve. But I do have a suggestion, I was spamming the connect button on a free server in tor vpn the other day and it connected! Stayed connected for the entire day (and then stopped working again). Maybe you can get your engineers to use the technology tor used? Thanks UPDATE: IT WORKS, THANK YOU EXPRESS VPN! Guys, you have to understand that this is a battle between a country and a company, not an easy fight! But they did it! The top of the industry won! We can use it now! Thank you so much expressvpn for allowing us to use the internet freely, I can never stop being grateful for you!

Do not use or waste your money. This product is one of the worst I ever encountered. Continually disconnects. Continually logs you out. Good luck trying to get a password reset email, usually takes half a day. Keep in mind if you aren’t logged in and turned on you can’t use your device, 4K firestick, PC or iPhone. All don’t work for more than 30 minutes. Watching a show? Not for more than 30 minutes you won’t be. You’ll be disconnected. Which is awesome when playing a game and about to win and then you get knocked off due to this worthless app for zero reason. Then you have to reconnect all over again because your device locks up. Want to find your log in info or password? Nope. They won’t provide you that information. You have to wait on a slow to respond help desk. Then when they reply you have to go to a different website and then log in to see your help desk ticket but if you can’t get your password reset you can’t even look at it. Worthless junk. Save your money and headaches.

Works very well but needs more features. This app is extremely simple to use and does exactly what the website says and does it very well. I couldn’t decide between this or Surfshark, but I ended up going with this. I only bought it for a month in case I want to switch. The connections are fast and this is great at unblocking Netflix. But the biggest reason I almost bought Surfshark instead was because it has way more features included like Adblock, multi hop, and privacy from search engines. Overall ExpressVPN works very well and customer support is a 10/10. You can also use their website to change settings around like turning off auto renewal payments. They will email you when you need to renew at the end of your subscription period instead of doing it automatically. Yes I would recommend this and would buy again (if I don’t get swayed over to Surfshark) but if you add some of the added features like Surfshark has, I’ll be an expressVPN customer for life.

You can only cancel subscription via chat on the website.. That’s definitely a fishy tactic to keep users around. All in all I have been satisfied. But I am using this review as a way to 1. Notify you of it. Because I am sure it will not be something most people appreciate. 2. Hopefully let Apple know of it, because there are many users like me who started using this service by downloading the app from the App Store and then converted to credit card subscription so they can use it on their Mac as well. Here’s the whole story: I started using this service with the iOS subscription. I then needed it on my Mac so I move to a CC subscription. Now I wanted to cancel it I went to the site. I search ‘cancel’ in the help section and there it was written that ‘Customer paying with credit card or Paypal will not see manage settings if they have already turned off automatic renewal. For further assistance please contact the express vpn support team via live chat. On the chat with the support person they I said I wanted to cancel my subscription. The rep told me ‘Thanks please bear with me for 2-3 minutes while I quickly review your accounts ‘ the immediately followed with asking why I was to leave the service. I replied that I find it a fishy tactic bit to provide with a cancel button. The rep then told me that there’s actually a way to do that. So I went ahead and did it. I still think it’s not cool.

Glad I have it and the price is right, but.... It’s one of those things. The service and security it provides is great, but because we expect everything to work in real time every time, it’s super annoying that I commonly have to sign out and then sign back in on my phone to get WiFi. It’s like ALEXA, she’s great and if you’d told me 20 years ago that this assistant would be able to do all the stuff she’s capable of, but with the consistent misunderstandings, etc, I’d say it is still amazing. Unfortunately, it’s 2020 and I don’t want my internet service interrupted 3/10 times I try to log back on the phone. So I guess you get what you pay for, though I haven’t tried the more expensive VPN’s and don’t know if they have these same issues. Also, I never would have written this review if it wasn’t the 30th time it prompted me to do so. Ironically, because I had to disconnect the VPN and reconnect, again, for the previously stated issues...

WON’T allow you to cancel auto renewal!. The VPN works great. No complaints there. HOWEVER, if you ever try to cancel or turn off auto renew Express VPN does everything in their power to stop you. Turning off auto renew on the website does nothing. If you click refresh after turning it off it’s already turned back on. I tried turning off auto renew for more than a month and it never worked. I ended up contacting support through chat and they still didn’t want to turn it off for me. I ended up having to request cancellation of my account. Even then the representative kept trying to save my account and I finally had to tell her to that I was short on time and just needed it canceled. Express VPN holds your credit card information captive. You can’t delete it and you can’t stop the auto renew. You may think you’ve turn it off but it’s really still on. If you don’t believe me, try turning it off on your account today. Really shady business practices from a company that makes an otherwise solid product.

Won’t work from July. I renewed my annual subscription earlier this year, got to say the service was stable and user-friendly which seemed to worth the high price point, but not so much ever since this July, all the locations went down and despite all their “our engineers are working around the clocks” the issue has not been fixed after months, and I have only benefitted from my subscription for less than half a year, now it just won’t work no matter how, I wrote several mails to the customer service requesting for 50% refund or extending my subscription until they fix the issue, but CS will only offer me 1 free month or cancel my subscription from now ( didn’t mention about refund ). How would 1 free month help me while your service down? And what kind of compensation that is to cancel my subscription without refund? Like other users have commented, there are lots of other VPN services which offer a much better price with quality functionality, let’s not waste our money here now.

Testing out the best vpn out there. Hi, Ok so most vpn providers out there usually arent tested out under severe problems under severe conditions but, as a person living in Iran and my country fighting for a revolution from a dictatorship unfortunately we have almost no access to the world and we are basically able to access app store only and the regime based domains that are used to brain wash themselves as well… now as a person living in these harsh conditions most of the times I am only able to connect to only one of all the servers available (woolloomooloo from australia). Now please understand that as a protester my life is in danger for even leaving this review and I am risking the chance of also losing this one and only remaining server. Now, Express VPN is one of the best vpn providers out there I promise and usually no VPNs work in Iran and we are killed because of that (they kill the VPN and the Internet so they can shoot us down and kill us protesters and YES THE CONDITIONS ARE THAT SEVERE IN MY COUNTRY RIGHT NOW… I am writing this review so by any chance more VPN servers will be available for us so we can have more access. As an Iranian person living in Tehran and witnessing the killings take place while the world cant see, I would say please be our voice and help us out so we can ask for international help and also be able to contact our families or the press over seas. Thank you team EXPRESS VPN

The best so far!. I’ve been using ExpressVPN since 2015 and I am truly satisfied with their service. For one, data and information are secure. Two, it’s been working well here in China. VPN blockings are expected and sometimes they could take at least 3 days to get fixed, but they always get it done. I tried other providers cuz I wanted something cheaper, and they said they’d work even with the blockings. I found out they were all awful. Thirdly, downloading and installing are easy, except that you have to have the latest websites for download links for Windows. As long as there aren’t any blockings and Wifi signal is good, connection is fast and stable. I stream TV shows uninterrupted. Finally, awesome customer support. There was once where I felt I was being rushed and he/she was lazy and didn’t want to go through all the troubleshooting, though. But that was it. Overall, I’m satisfied and happy. I’ve recommended ExpressVPN to a dozen expats here, even without getting the free one-month subscription :)). Keep up the good work, ExpressVPN!

Terrible Service in China. I’m not sure why the service is so bad the past couple of months. They sent out an email a while ago saying they were doing what they could to rectify the situation, but it was vague and nothing’s changed. People like me who depend on VPNs for day-to-day work and interaction with loved ones back home have been hung out to dry. I’ve spoken to many customers here who are looking for new service providers because they can’t cope. As I speak, I have the app running on my computer trying to connect to any servers available, and all are just pinwheeling over and over with no connections in sight. I had problems with them early in the year, and it took months before the issues were resolved. Then the summer was pretty much issue-free, and I was hoping they’d finally stepped up their service. I just want a world where I can connect to the uncensored, unpropagandized, unmonitored internet. Instead I just have hours of frustration daily with a product that used to be the industry standard.

Overpriced and not so responsive. I’ve been a user for the past 2+years and most of the time the connection has been satisfactory (sometimes very slow). However for the past 6 months the connection has deteriorated. Sometimes the vpn is down for days and even weeks before the service is restored. I was forced to switch to other vpn and guess what, some of them are much better and charges much less... I’m literally paying 1/3 of the price and getting much better/faster connection...All I can make out of this is that I think the engineers have gotten lazy/non-responsive because of the established status of this branded app. Customer service have told me repetitively that they are “working hard around the clock to solve the issue” but nothing happens for days and weeks. I don’t understand why other vpns are working just fine while this one takes forever to solve. Maybe it’s because you guys aren’t “working hard enough”. So this is it for me, I will not renew my subscription after the current one and I encourage anyone using this to do the same.

Great when it works.... Express VPN is great when it works, however, I find that more and more often it disconnects on me, especially on popular servers like NY, and Chicago, which is really frustrating because it cuts off your internet (a security feature) in the middle of usage. However, it doesn't tell you this, so it may look like you're connected to the internet when you're not. I know that the connection issues are not the apps fault, but it would do the developers good to put in a push notification whenever you get disconnected as you often can't tell until you open the app. If the app could also try another server in the same country after a certain time that'd be nice too (I.e. if you can't connect to NY after 5 seconds try another city in the US). In general I'm somewhat disappointed with the service, but I hope that the above suggestions help the developers make a better app with what they're given.

Good at first, now not so much.. I initially was all about Express VPN. In the beginning it worked as advertised. Two months later would drop unexpectedly and phishing spam seem to increase at alarming rate about that same time. Here lately it says I’m connected but apps or browsers report “timed out” or “no internet connection”. Tried different servers and that solves the problem short term only as the same issues creep back up, sometimes only after a day or two. I’ve had to uninstall the app on at least 3 occasions to get it working. It does what it advertises but only w/certain browsers. It does work w/all major streaming platforms, you might have to try a few servers to find one that it will work with but that’s to be expected. I got this app & subscription because I would not connect to a public WiFi/hotspot or even Barnes & Noble network for fear of my personal info being compromised, &, at the time our carrier did not have unlimited data. Connecting to a public hotspot is 50/50 that it’ll work smoothly, but I suspect that has more to do with the way the public hotspot is configured because on a private network this app works decent, when it works. Bear in mind nothing is fool proof. This app is certainly no exception.

WARNING (fixable): can cause you to lose wifi and cell data connection. Love express VPN but learned that in rare cases it can cause your phone to not be able to connect to wifi or cell data. My wife’s phone was not able to connect to cell or wifi data (icon would not show) even though my same iPhone model could. Apple and cell carrier was not able to figure out the problem (hours with tech support) but I stumbled on a similar issue on the apple support network online that mentioned express VPN. Immediately on uninstalling express VPN all the wifi/cell data issues were solved. I guess the problem is that express VPN was trying to connect in the background and freezes the ability to connect via cell or wifi. At any rate, this is a bug that needs to be fixed and is hard to identify and very frustrating. Otherwise, express VPN has worked well.

Ok, has problems.. I’m only giving it two stars, because it has problems. I’ve been running the vpn for six months. And it often goes through stages of disconnecting, and you’re waiting for it to connect when you open your phone. I’ve switch servers, and it does it on every server. I’ve messed with their setting. And there is no smooth running in the background. It often feels like you’re fighting it to stay connected. And it often lags my internet speeds. And requires me to shut it off. I paid 100$ for a year. And I regret it everyday. I often hear how well other vpn are working for people and become jealous. The flip side. “When” it works. It does it’s job. Google often check to see if you’re a bot because it routes traffic. Over all, the vpn is marginal at best. Definitely not worth the steep cost. There customer service will reach out to you, to try and help. But their service should just work in the background. iPhones are made for vpn, and if you cannot have your vpn work in the background smoothly. You’ve failed.

Good VPN... When it actually works. I’ve been using ExpressVPN for a few months now. When it’s connected and working properly it’s a pretty good service. Before the latest update I would occasionally have a connection drop, but it didn’t happen often enough to bother me. Since the update my iPhone is constantly disconnecting from the VPN servers. Doesn’t matter what server I connect to either. Sometimes when I unlock my phone it’ll have a hard time connecting back to the server and I’ll have to manually open the app and select a new one. Other times it’ll drop the connection while I’m using the internet. There is no warning for this. All of a sudden it just stops working and I have to disconnect and choose a new server. This happens at least 10x per day. My connection actually dropped while I was in the middle of typing this review. It’s incredibly frustrating. There’s also no kill switch in the app that I’m aware of so who knows if my info is being leaked. I understand every VPN service has connection issues from time to time but this is a constant thing. For the price of this service I expect much more out of it. I’ll be shopping around whenever my subscription expires.

Excellent VPN. We’ve been using EVPN for a couple of months. They’ve had regular updates and some minor UI changes. We use it on iPhones, iPads and Windows PCs. All connect and run well. I have one mini gripe, a slightly minor complaint and an observation pertaining to router upgrades. The mini gripe is that my iPad will connect to the guest wifi at work with EVPN, but my iPhone will not. Also, prior to 2 updates ago, it would connect my iPad in 30-40 seconds. Now, it takes 1-3 minutes with something closer to 3 being the norm. It seems to pause for some time between attempts. Before it appeared to try more rapidly. The minor complaint I was aware of going in; only 5 simultaneous connections. There are several services with comparable security and worldwide connections with more simultaneous connections for a lessor price. The 2 reasons I went with EVPN instead of one of the others was 1) to support a particular affiliate and 2) EVPN is the only one to have their no logs policy verified in the field. Reason number 2 was a distant second to no. 1. I really would appreciate more simultaneous connections. So much so, that I will likely go with a competitor when my current subscription expires, if EVPN has not increased that number. EVPN doesn’t appear to have verified compatibility with any wifi 6 routers. On the site I only found ACxxx capable or lower.

Months of service failure after good experience earlier. I’ve been using ExpressVPN for around a year as a paid user locates in China. It used to be working all good and brought me desirable experience. But since this September, Express constantly fails to provide me the services I purchased. At this moment I didn’t see any big events going on in China, I asked my friend who also uses Express and he less-frequently encounters connection failure. I’ve done what the official blog tells user in China to do, update App, correct settings, wait connection, etc., all efforts in vain. I also switched among home wifi, cellular data, and smart phone hotspot, still, I couldn’t get stable connections. Compared with the great experience before September, current situation is very confusing. Also I noticed there’s no live-chat service anymore but only Email us service under Help category, while last year there was. I hope that Express could work this out and deliver an effective solution soon.

Absolutely disappointed.. I’ve been with this service since 2016, but this year I made a huge mistake by extending my membership. 30 days money back is only for the new customers, before they give their money to the company and old ones are not protected at all. I just paid another year in August, now it’s December, and every month for at least two weeks I didn’t have the proper service. Yes, I had to buy another application, which btw, works great, but my money for this year just wasted, because the support said that they can’t give money back after the 30 days. I talked to them around the 8th of December, after this I used my new VPN for 2 weeks, but decided to try to connect Express VPN on my other device again. And guess what? The issue is not fixed or they have troubles again. I’ve been trying and waiting for an hour. No connection. Basically now this service is just money waste! Even little cheap applications for 1-2 usd per month are working better. The support is really sweet and offers the free extension of the service that is not working every time when I try to figure out when will I get the proper connection. Absolutely disappointed.

Users in China. Without a doubt Express Vpn was magic for users in China back then. But I won’t recommend it or any other paid Vpn for users in China! This year has been horrible, it doesn’t connect even when it does it takes like forever to. You only get to use Singapore/Japan/Hk or USA LA 5. I don’t actually blame Express Vpn, because I tried using socks5 proxy and had the same issue. So it’s more of China censorship issue! I would have canceled my 1 year sub, just that my cousin in Japan is using it! Which by the way he is able to connect to all listed locations. It’s strange thou because now I am using the free Vpn and for some reason I easily connect but I don’t know why the paid Vpn doesn’t let me. Won’t say work on that because I know you guys are working on it due to the constants updat notifications I get on my phone, so I guess you guys should keep working on fixing the connection issue. For now I am stuck with the free vpns

Best in China. I’m tired of all the reviews bashing this service in China. It is currently illegal to have a vpn, and the government is working diligently to curtail vpn usage. And yet, with only a few exceptions, my connectivity is outstanding. The only time I can’t connect is when the government steps up its efforts to block ALL vpns, and then ExpressVPN works quickly to restore their connections. We have had other vpns, and none have worked for more than a few months. Express is the only one that has worked for the 6 years (and counting) that we have been here. They keep us updated when the service is blocked, post product updates quickly, and respond promptly when a real issue pops up. It can’t be easy keeping the lines open, especially right now, but my vpn works and works very well. I’ll definitely keep it once we rotate Stateside!

Blocks All Internet Connection. Worked fine in the beginning then it began sparingly blocking most or all internet connection. I stumbled upon this by turning it off finally and miraculously everything working properly. Unfortunately I didn’t discover this until some months after having the app. Additionally, I discovered that some websites still know my location. I’m outside the U.S. I’ve tried going to a U.S. website to make a purchase and I was rerouted to its foreign counterpart. Very frustrating as Asian sizes are not the same as American sizes. So I’m going to have to delete and go back to my old VPN. Update: I discovered that not Express VPN is not the only VPN that that doesn’t totally hide your location. When trying to watch live sporting events with other VPNs, my my location was still discovered, so I added one star to the rating. Although I didn’t use their customer support, they responded to my review very quickly. They seem to really care about their product. There are just several more VPNs that are a lot less expensive.

Rarely use now on IOS16. I loved my express VPN subscription for awhile. It does lack some extra features on iOS like split tunneling and advanced customization like automations etc. However, ever since I bought a new iPhone the experience with the Express VpN app and service has been a headache. It completely broke the wireless CarPlay experience. I’d have to remember to turn it off before getting into my car, ignoring the hassle of it I’d usually forget anyway. When that happens I would have to go and turn off the vpn, then go to CarPlay settings and turn off CarPlay, then re-enable it. Sometimes that didn’t work, so I’d either have to forget car and re-link and/or power cycle my phone. This is a huge hassle and basically removes all the added convenience of wireless CarPlay for the usually short trips I make in my car everyday. Another issue was that my phone would lose all connectivity overnight quite a few times and turning off/on VPN did not seem to work. I’d have to power cycle my phone…ugh. Beginning to sense a pattern here. Ever since I stopped using my express vpn neither of these issues have occurred again. I will not be using this service until ExpressVPN and/or apple get their act together. The base functionality still works, so it gets 2 stars, but with all the hassle it causes on iOS16, I cannot go any higher.

VPN location keeps switching to Canada. this morning, I ordered ExpressVPN in order to be able to stream live TV from the United States while I am in Canada (Vancouver, BC). Express VPN keeps assigning my VPN location as Ontario, Canada, which literally defeats the purpose of having a VPN for live streaming! I have to keep going into the app and changing my location to Seattle in order to be able to stream live TV. Once I change my location in the app, it works fine. But I have had to manually change my location five times today alone. I wonder if this is a function of having ordered the VPN today while in Canada…? Whereas last year, I ordered it before I left the United States. I was in Mexico for three months and had no such problems, my VPN was somewhere in New Jersey and live streaming was seamless. Once I established the ExpressVPN account, I never had to touch it again. It’s annoying, to say the least. What happened ExpressVPN? Or have I done something wrong?

Boomba-bing-bong-bong - release!. You know why you’re looking into a VPN and ExpressVPN not only does what you’re expecting but does it well. They have many servers in many countries that enable you to realize your aim. Although I am sure other services can also do this they will likely be unable to do it as well. The technical assistance and customer service has been the best I have EVER received for ANY product or service. The support is quick and addresses all issues with what is certainly an unmatched subject matter expertise. If you are contemplating paying for a VPN look no further. From their simple-to-understand do-it-yourself videos to the ability of technicians to accurately resolve your individual issues you will but up and running and no time. Has my highest recommendation.

Do not use for China!. Express is unfortunately extremely unreliable for use in China. I’ve experienced periods of several weeks where it functions wonderfully on my laptop with minimal issues, then it’s followed with constant disconnecting and failure to connect. Even while it functions well on my laptop, it will absolutely not work on my phone or tablet concurrently. This is a feature they explicitly say is something they have, several connected devices, but it does not work. Even if it says connected on my phone or tablet, it will not actually function and I can’t open anything I should be able to. Instead the browser will act as though I’m not connected to the internet. And there are constant updates which would make you think it would get fixed but no, I’ve updated my app during a period where it’s been working and then after the update it will no longer connect. If I were to put it into my own statistic perspective (so take this with a grain of salt) I would say it works 60% of the time on my laptop, 40% of the time on my tablet, and 15% of the time on my phone. I use all apple products. Honestly I’m really disappointed and frustrated with the overall performance of this vpn so far during my time living in China.

What happened to this ExpressVPN?. Not just the app but the ExpressVPN service has been unreliable and I don’t think it’s very secure. I am a US user but anytime I connect to a vpn location in the US, it thinks I’m in the UK. so my search results or apps will give me only pages that are in the UK. Sometimes they give me results from India or Brazil, but I’m really connected to a city in the US. When I performed a IP address check, it said that the owner of the service provider was an LLC run by some company in the UK. Another thing is I cannot visit certain websites without disconnecting and they’re websites I frequent everyday. The response says I am not allowed on this server. So I have to switch locations to find one that works but lately none have worked. So I’ve had to disconnect the vpn. What is the point of having a vpn that doesn’t work or doesn’t let you do what you need to do? Last thing is that auto-renewal is extremely hard to turn off. And when I finally did, the service was poor right up until I renewed for another month. Then it worked for a week and then problems again. What happened to this app and to this service? I don’t trust it is reliable or secure anymore.

A lot to be desired. Being a subscriber since August 2020 while traveling in Taiwan and China during this period of time. Using it while in Taiwan was no problem at all. Access was pretty smooth and successful anytime. However, within China, it was a totally different experience. The VPN version used on my devices is pretty up-to-date since I check constantly. Within China, connection is hardly ever successful the first try at all times and the process seems sluggish regardless of the VPN locations (Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and US, etc.) I tried. Even when connected, the connection didn’t seem to be stable and long lasting. I said so because I have a company-used VPN on my devices as well. So, when I get frustrated with Express VPN at home, I will take advantage of the company VPN. When I do so, I pretty much get connected right away. There is nothing proprietary about the company VPN because it is just an app downloaded from the Apple App Store except the company pays the subscription. I’m still giving Express VPN benefit of the doubt due to the good comments I read online. However, I can’t said my experiences match well with those good words and my patience is wearing thin.

The Perfect VPN. Researching the many VPN services that are available can be a painstaking process, and with so many options to consider, it can leave you unsure of which VPN service will work best for your specific wants and needs... A private network service should be able to function properly and provide the service that it advertises without causing any headaches, and yet that’s not always what you get with some of the available VPN services... I’ve used numerous VPN services over the years, and the majority of those were disappointing... Finally I ended up switching to ExpressVPN for both home and business network security and it has worked flawlessly for me without even the slightest hiccup... With ExpressVPN you get a virtual private network service that will function as advertised to keep your network and personal information safe without causing any confusion or frustrations... The interface is simple and intuitive making it very easy to use... ExpressVPN provides extremely reliable service that will keep you and your personal information safe... If you need network security for home or business, ExpressVPN simply has you covered... ExpressVPN is the perfect all around VPN service for your network security needs.

Desperate, dark marketing. The service works all right, certainly nothing to write home about. The company’s founder has a suspicious history with invasive ad tracking companies which does make one wonder… However it is the dark marketing practices that led me here. In short, the forcing customers to enroll in auto-renewal, the lack of an App Store subscription option (probably because it’s too easy to cancel your subscription!) and the difficulty in canceling a subscription through the company should all give a person pause. If your service is so great, why do you have to erect enormous walls to keep people in? It smells sleezy, it reeks of today’s internet profit-over-customer approach to everything. Is it not enough to have a decent product, charge a fair price, and compete in the marketplace? Unfortunately the only competition going on here is between customers trying to speak to a customer service agent and cancel the scammy auto payments on your card. Somehow it seems the customers always lose.

Extremely disappointed. I repeatedly cannot get connected despite WiFi and/or a good cellular connection. When I’ve asked for help I get a message saying they’d get back to me later because of an unusual amount of demand at the time. They did not get back to me for 1-3 days, after the fact, when I no longer was needing the help. Also, when I tried their suggestions, they made no difference. It’s over a mo. since I paid for my subscription, and bought through this Apple Store, so Express VPN turfed me over to Apple for a refund, and I went there and filled out their online form. They gave me an immediate online response saying I “was not eligible” for a refund. This is disappointing. It definitely has let me down on occasion failing me when I really needed it. UPDATE: I am having better luck connecting recently if I go off WiFi at some locations and use my cell phone network. I therefore revised the text of my feedback and have bumped up my rating from one to three stars.

Worked ok.... for a minute. When the service works, it works good. But when you are on a perfectly stable home WiFi system, and it either 1. Disconnects all the time, and doesn't tell you, or 2. Seems to "auto disconnect " after a period of maybe 20 minutes, and STILL doesn't tell you, claims your "connection unexpectedly dropped, reconnecting" (both a lie) it is more than infuriating. Since I updated the app to the latest version (as of 2/19) it has only gotten many times worse. I have contacted their tech support countless times, and it's like dealing with level 1 Comcast tech support "is it plugged in", you provide all the stuff they ask for, and they provide zero useful solutions. Lots of "I'm sorry" and "have you tried the most basic stuff you have already obviously tried like try connecting to a different location " I am quite displeased with the reliability of this system, and unless something greatly improves, I'm done after my subscription expires. There's gotta be a better alternative.

Terrible service in China… do not buy!!. I got express VPN back in 2018 when I first moved abroad for work in order to maintain contact with friends and family and also still have access to my favorite online streaming platforms. For the first few years it was great, however perhaps starting last year it has been much harder to maintain a consistent connection. I’ve even experienced weeks or months at a time where I couldn’t connect or the app would say that it’s connected, however I couldn’t even access google. I tried contacting support or looking at the updates however these were fairly unhelpful. I’m honestly very disappointed with the quality of service recently. Perhaps one could say that part of the blame is the escalation of blocks during certain political events however it’s gotten to the point where VPN will be working fine and then I update and suddenly I can’t connect anymore. I feel like I’m stuck in a continuous cycle of frustration at this point. While the support staff is nice, they really can’t offer any better advice than we are aware of some issues but we don’t have a timeline for when things will be fixed, watch the update page, and we would like to extend your service for a week.

almost 2 years customer – still extremely happy. I’m living in an area, which doesn’t allow any kind of video call services, they are blocked by the ISP's. I tried several VPN services, free and paid, and all were so slowly, that it was impossible to use the calls still. Because of the slow connection, I got interrupted regularly. I’m now a crazy happy ExpressVPN customer since almost 2 years, and never had this issue again! It simply always works, and it’s always fast enough for everything I do. I have download speeds between 30 and 150MBit/s (slower speed on my “incredible” WiFi, faster speed on the phone with 5G network), which is more than enough for typical internet usage. Based on my personal investigation, it’s also a really safe connection. As I never had any kind of leaks in my connection. Thumbs up for this incredible service, I’ll stay with you forever if this things don’t change 👍🏼 About new version 10.0 – looks nice, but a new small vibration after the connection is established makes the bigger difference for me 😀 I like that small thing very much 👍🏼 Thank you guys

Improved connectivity?. Not so much... so sorry I did this update! This is just par for the course with this service. Having an iPhone, it is important that I stay connected to receive timely messages. I’ve never had this experience in the year I’ve had this service. I actually set up a shortcut to bump my WiFi off and on to get reconnected, and I use that shortcut constantly because the app requires I hit the circled X to disconnect from the service to choose another location. That leaves my connection unsecured. And if I want to use a location not in the main list, I have to enable the All Locations option every. single. time., though I choose that option every. single. time. I mean, how hard is it to have a list of favorites at least? It seems to be designed for maximum aggravation. And I’ve also been through the “try this... try this... “ tech support theater. C’mon folks, how hard is it to create a better user experience? Staying connected more than three minutes and changing locations shouldn’t be this frustrating. What would this service be like if the providers actually cared about their customers’ experience? We can only wonder. #igiveup

Don’t Waste Your Time. Everything starts off fine, but after about a month the issues will start. At first I thought it was just my wife and operator error, but a month later I started to have more and more issues. So let’s begin.... do you love scrolling through your news feed or watching videos on Facebook? Not anymore after a joyous ~15min you’ll be forced to troubleshoot your connection as it drops and struggles to reconnect. When and if you get it working again, usually by manually disconnecting or switching locations Facebook will force you to begin anew as it refreshes your feed since you just got on the internet...again. You will get to spend quality time with customer service time and just when you think their advice worked... guess what... it didn’t. Lost connection, waiting, manually disconnecting, trying to reconnect, waiting, manually disconnecting, switching locations, more waiting, manually disconnecting, switching locations, and more waiting, deleting app, reinstalling app, more waiting, resetting settings to prescribed settings per customer service, trying to connect, more waiting, restarting your phone, more waiting, contacting customer service, new prescription settings, and finally a connection till you guessed it... tomorrow or sooner just to start again.

Don’t buy something that is broken. Update #3 - So I’m insisted that I reach out to support even with them knowing that I didn’t renew . 30 mins later their exact words are ( do you want to renew so we can troubleshoot the problem?) once I see positive reviews I’ll be more inclined to reconsider. I can’t stop laughing. Let me sell you a car that doesn’t start Update #2 - auto renew turned off. For those who wish to discontinue express VPN make sure your auto renewal is turned off. I noticed another update from 6 days ago. I never told they released it. The last to updates screwed it up. I’m not going to even bother. Best of luck to everyone finding a better iOS vpn UPDATE:: just a robot asking us live chat. Unbelievable that they can’t see their own issue. I’m so happy I paid only for a month. They don’t want to fix anything. They just want to delay and pass the buck Well there you have it. Support insist everything is okay with a ton of the same complaints. And the robot responses crack me up. Express you need to be 10 steps ahead not 20 steps behind. Get your act together. It was working fine a week ago. To bad express lies. If you live in China get a different VPN. Thank god I only got a month

Fast but compatibility and connections issues on iPhone. I use this for my computer and it’s great, but when it comes to my cell; I have some issues. I am using a lab iPhone 6s+ iOS 14.2. Now there is 2 technical glitches... 1.) When I connect to Uber via my Wi-Fi; I can do so with the VPN on with no issues at all. Yet when Im away from home and I try to use it with my 4G LTE network; it won’t complete the connection while the Uber app is on. Not to mention the Uber app won’t work unless I disconnect it, and run it unsecured :-/ It’s a bit problematic for me. I also noticed that sometimes the Wi-Fi will connect without turning on the VPN application at all. I’ve noticed that even upon startup that it will sometimes fail to launch after the Wi-Fi has already connected :-/ I was under the impression that the VPN app wouldn’t allow a connection of any kind; until after it has connected? Anyways aside from those 2 issues; it runs great. Although I am much more satisfied with the computer version than I am with the mobile app. As I believe your version of the mobile app needs allot more work :-/ Thank you for your time!

ExpressVPN. Cant begin to explain how happy of a recipient I am of this service and subscription. The VPN is fast on pretty much all locations with little to no reconnection hiccups. Amazing customer service with a response via email in no more than 2 hours for any enquiry ive made. For the simple interface, tutorials, quality customer service, high speeds, and strong encryption to go along with it i would highly recommend sparing any heartache from a free VPN and getting a ExpressVPN subscription and then downloading it on 3 of your favorite devices. Doing the month by month payment with 0% markdown versus the bundles for 6 and 12 months which offer a significant price cut for one payment of that alotted time. More than happy with that at just under 13 bucks a month, havent seen competition that even compares as far as I am concerned. 5 stars 🤙

WARNING: No mobile kill switch!. I spent so many hours looking at reviews of the best VPN services and Express and Nord were always at the top of the list. I decided with this one because it seemed like the fastest. BUT when I downloaded the app I was informed by the support (very quick btw) that unlike their desktop apps, their mobile apps have no kill switch feature to block internet if you’re not connected to the VPN. I witnessed my device try and connect to the VPN lots of times but was unsuccessful, and I had no way of knowing this unless I wasn’t actually looking for the VPN icon that appears at the top of my phone. This feature is critical to anyone who never wants their privacy broken. I want a RELIABLE VPN that works all of the time on all of my devices. If my phone can still connect to WiFi and data for a while before the VPN connects and protects me, I’m still vulnerable for a brief time and that defeats the whole point of the VPN. Nord has this feature on their mobile devices and when I asked Express’s support about this, they said “We can also file this as a service request to our engineers and if we get enough similar requests for it, they can prioritize to have this feature fully functional on the future versions of the ExpressVPN app.” Why would you not automatically put this feature on the app to protect users? I guess we either have to wait before they implement it or have people request it to get this feature, but for me Nord looks better at the moment.

It’s great, until it’s not.. I live in China, and for almost a decade Expressvpn has been my go to work-around for the Great Firewall of China. Sure, once or twice a year the government would crack down and it would be out of commission for a few days, but nothing unbearable. Until this year. For the last few months it seems like it doesn’t work more than it does and customer service, while deeply sympathetic, does nothing more than refer you back to their service page which regurgitates the same useless advice ending with “ bookmark this page and check back for latest updates”. There’s also no refund for the time it can’t be used beyond extending your subscription for a month at the most. As they’re currently into the 7th non-functioning week, it doesn’t feel like fair compensation. My advice if you need a vpn for China would be to go with one of the smaller, less well established vpns that seem not to attract the attention of government censors so consistently, several of the free ones have been working fine while Expressvpn struggles. It’s a shame but it seems that they are a victim of their own success.

Nearly perfect. The service is almost great, sad to leave a mid tier review. But nonetheless I have to be honest, It is extremely annoying that the VPN fails to connect so much. The moment I leave my phone locked for more than 2 minutes, the service always fails to connect once I unlock my device. I have to physically re-open the app each time and manually reconnect or else the service just puts my phone in this weird limbo state (iPhone XS). Even if I am still on LTE/Wi-FI, because it is attempting to reconnect most messages or apps will fail to load/send. The worst part is, when I open the app to manually reconnect it always says that it is “reconnecting” but it never does. I have to temporarily disable the VPN & reconnect manually. Fails each and every time. Once again, if it reconnected automatically I would have left a five star review. I tried to troubleshoot via tips on reddit/google and I could not find a tip to help with this. If this issue gets fixed, I will undoubtedly update this to five stars.

Not for China. I’ve been here for almost a year and truly depend on VPN, as I’m a teacher who researchers a lot for classes. I gave 3 stars being generous. We are constantly needing to update VPN, but how to do this when your service isn’t working. I found that, yes, China’s blocking for events is partly to blame, however, a service that can’t break the blocks has to take at least 50% of the cause for disconnect. Say #1 VPN in China is a bit of stretch. I rarely watch my subscribed services in my home country and loose more money per month on paying for services. I continue to hope I can access. I feel ambivalent and if I return will probably seek out using another VPN service. Not being able to contact family is also extremely difficult when here. And yes, the “5G” service doesn’t exist outside 3 or 4 major cities so slow/poor WiFi gets a bit of blame , as well.

Avoid this company!. They are horrible! I signed up for the free trial. After checking out their services all seemed ok. Then I tried to change the firmware on my router to their firmware which was supposedly required. It messed my router up. Since my router stopped working I reached out to support, or what then call support. Next day email response was the best available and even then it wasn’t next day most of the time. To fix this problem, under those circumstances, would have pushed me past the free trial period. I called ASUS instead as it was their brand of router. They have actual live people to talk to and they tried to help me. Even though their help didn’t solve my problem at least I could get help. Since then it’s been back and forth emails. I was over it pretty quickly so I asked to have my free trial cancelled and a refund. Nope! Still don’t have it. The last email I got suggested the refund and cancellation would happen. Nope again! Just got an email for a $99 charge from this horrible company. Get it together! So now I disputed the charges with apple. Next it’ll be with my credit card company if need be. Exhausting! They claim to have top notch customer service. Don’t believe them! How do companies like this stay in business. Avoid!!!

Frequent Service Outage. I have been a customer of exp vpn for years. The biggest problem is whenever there is some national/political event going on in China, the server is ALWAYS DOWN. Sometimes they are able to get it back to work within a few days, sometimes it takes weeks. Over the past 11 months of this year, I have experienced cumulatively at least 30 days of service outage. Now is December 1st as I write, the service is still unavailable on all platforms, although they stated that they were already aware of the issue and were working on a fix, back on November 23rd. When you try to reach out to the support team they will ALWAYS tell you to do the following useless processes: reset, delete and re-download, etc. where the issue is apparently on the server side, not on the client side. Initially when I picked express vpn I was hoping that it could would work ALL THE TIME NO MATTER WHAT, and there shouldn’t be any excuses. Unfortunately, they have failed to do so and, sarcastically, even some free vpn apps are still working during the event. I pay for a full annual service but I am only able to use it less than 11 months. And of course they won’t refund me the money for the downtime as a reimbursement, neither will they offer a discount to their long-term customers. Got sick of such company that spends a lot of time working on the advertisements boasting about the quality of their service and provides such a horrible service.

Increasingly disappointed with ExpressVPN. The experience with VPN has becoming increasingly disappointed and frustrating…there were challenges as well while using it in China in the past, usually it could find a fix to security upgrades and recover the connections in few days…starting from late 2021, the situation just gets too worse, very frequently, it ends up with no connection at all, and each time it takes up to weeks time for ExpressVPN to recover the service. When i turned to their technical support on line, i got same feedback that their engineers are working around the clock to find a fix with no indication and timeline at all when they could get the connection back on line. What even worse is that it seems that they have no plan or strategy at all on how to responding to this challenges. For users in China or anyone intending to use this in mainland China, I strongly recommend no to subscribe! Having been a subscriber for years, I’m on the lookout to find other workable solutions…

Rated a 4. The reason I rated a 4 is. I have a Iphn 13 Pro Max and Samsung zfold3. Need to separate And Block home networks. Scenario: If your living with the owner of the internet. A separate VPN not using Netgear or router. One for your mobile device that you don’t trust the owner of the internet in the house. Make a separate VPN that DOESN’T allow the owner to see your activities. Expecially with a home Router that can still track your online activities with the IP and identification, what model your phn is your using/ or the name of your phn. There must be a better way to hide your phone identification on a home Router and Modem from the owner. Using a persons WiFi is a huge security problem. Other than getting your own internet equipment. As a renter your not authorized to make holes in the walls to have your own dedicated phn lines. So there has to be another way to block and just use your unlimited cellular isp but with a vpn that can’t be detected with all your information. (If on someones network. They can see when you log on. Be able to change the model info and name of your phn, IP if need to) Or notifications sent to you. When your being tracked and the information it’s tracking. The data. It’s a problem I am going thru. Otherwise it’s user friendly and support is very, good.

EXPRESS RIP OFF. I use to be a big fan of Express VPN... now I am a big hater! When I had my account before the time the COVID-19 started... I travelled all over the world. Express VPN gave me the sense of security and confidence they had offered. I let my subscription expire since no more traveling... but things have changed again. So now I need to travel... so Express VPN came to mind and I opened my account again. My mistake... the app worked smoothly before... no connection problems... just a simple list of cities of the connections areas that I could choose from. Now... I don’t get connected... I cannot use the internet or connect properly because the VPN is not connecting. I cannot use another city location because it only shows what it thinks is the best. Once again... too many upgrades have ruined the perfect recipe for satisfaction. You took a great app and made it into a mediocre app like do many other apps that are already out there. I am just waiting for my subscription to expire... then I will find the right app that does the job as it states.

Works perfectly. I am doing this review unsolicited and not being compensated, this is a real honest review from a real person. I’m in the security business and regularly travel to Dubai, Oman, Pakistan, India, and Egypt. I had three different VPNs before I had express VPN and I discontinued them all after a few days into the trial period. One of those I canceled was NordVPN. With my previous VPNs, I would have trouble connecting in Dubai or Egypt, for example, so I would call customer support who would send me a list of instructions on what to do on my phone to get past the block that was being imposed by these countries. It was frustrating and time-consuming and often did not work. Listen, if I wanted to be a computer technician I would have gone to school for this. I simply want a VPN to work with no drama! Express VPN works!! You simply press the big button and it turns on and you don’t have to think about anything else. I have had this for six months and have not had a single problem in any country I visit with them trying to block my VPN. If you are tech savvy and want to change some settings or change your home city, Express VPN allows you to do this, but if you are like me and just want to press the button and have all the security you would ever want, this is the VPN!! -Dean

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No longer a great Solution for China. Using for about 3 years in China - even though a little expensive, it has been pretty reliable except for occasional ‘sensitive’ political events. This year however has seen a lot of disruption + times where I’ve been unable to connect (and less stable connections even when I do!). Now have spent last 5 days unable to connect (even with recently released updated apps) + will reluctantly start to look for a new solution. It is not express vpn’s fault, but for whatever reason, they seem to be losing the battle with the Chinese censors. Hope they can get back on track.

Most reliable VPN in China. Living in China would have been much less enjoyable if I didn’t have express VPN. It always works here - with the exception being when the government puts up extra barriers during a foreign event (but then nothing else works either) and express VPN got around that block in a few days. The support and tech people are amazing. Help available 24/7. Totally worth the extra cost.

Works Seamlessly - Worth Every Cent. I rarely write app reviews, but I have been using Express VPN for just over 5 years. It gives me peace of mind both at home and particularly while travelling overseas. I use it constantly and what I like about it is: it simply works, it’s easy to use (turn off/on), intuitive user interface, there’s no noticeable drop in the performance of my devices, it’s regularly updated and enhanced, and the customer service is great. Yes it’s slightly more expensive than other VPN products, but it’s well worth it. BTW I also subscribe to the Express VPN Blog and have learnt a lot about staying safe online. Keep up the great work Express!

Simple, but lacking features. No map view to select servers. The recommended servers are often ones that are geographically very far away, like across the ossification ocean far away, instead of far closer ones, which I find unusual. No server loads present. No way to disconnect from the VPN on certain wireless networks, which is handy if you run a VPN on your router. Battery usage of running a VPN is huge too, by far my biggest battery hog even on 4+ hours screen on time.

Thank You Express VPN!. Before using a VPN, I was dubious about trusting their capabilities, and was super afraid of detection online. My internet activity was of course limited. I read so many positive reviews about Express VPN, and so decided to use it on a trial basis. It’s been a few years since then, and I am confident in saying that I will never change to another. I trust Express VPN implicitly, and totally recommend it. 👍🏻👏🏻

Just Renewed. I’ll admit the VPN does have some blocking / throttling issues. I set it up to run through my router at home and the VPN started throttling connections to that IP. So I changed the country... problem kinda solved. I does have slow down but that is because of the extra secure connection creating an extra node. My only issue is sometimes it doesn’t connect to free wifi... but that is probably because the owner has blocked the ports. Even if I change Protocols, it still doesn’t work. Just wish you could speed test for the fastest connection speed on mobile. But thanks for the quality service. ps I leave the connection on over 4G as well and it doesn’t seem to eat too much data...

BEST APP EVER. I love this app because it helps me to watch my favourite shows! Like on American VPN? So I’m over seas,But I wanna use other stuff luckily this helps me! The paying it totally worth it! Get this app! You’ll be satisfied! BEST APP EVER! I enjoy it much more then any other VPN. But the best part is I can choose lots of country’s! Like how if someone was in America… TT is banned there right? Well download this then you’ll be able to watch all the TT’s in the world!

Best I’ve tried. Having had NordVPN for over a year, and still having more than a year to go with that subscription, I began having trouble connecting on my iPad so gave ExpressVPN a go. Should have done it earlier! Nord is okay, but there are light years between the two. Express is so much faster and easier to use. Five stars for sure!

Works 65% of the time in China (3.5 out of 5) stars. I have been using ExpressVPN for the past 5 years now in China. It used to work 80-90% of the time when I first started with blocks usually occurring at large scale festivals and sensitive political events. but now it works about 60-65% at best, and the blocks are becoming more frequent. China has beefed up its blocks on VPNs and seems to be winning the battle. Won’t be too long before using VPNs in China will be a thing of the past. Enjoy it and subscribe when you still can.

Terrible service. I have been a long time customer of Nord VPN. I wanted to trial ExpressVPN with the 7 day free trial as my subscription with Nord is coming to an end, and I have only ever read positive things about ExpressVPN. Well my experience has been far from positive. When I attempted to sign up I received a message saying “I’ve already used a free trial”, which is incorrect as I have never used ExpressVPN before. I attempted to have the matter resolved with online chat where my case was sent to the billing team. After multiple emails back and forth they have told me that I have already used a free trial, when I ask when this was I get told they can’t disclose this to me. Based on my experience I will be sticking with Nord. All I wanted was to trial the product for 7 days!

Peerless. I have been on mainland China for twenty years and with ExpressVPN for nearly ten of those. Like other users it’s the live support which lights up this app. Connectivity is variable because we’re behind the Great Chinese Firewall and while ExpressVPN do their best to up-date the product it’s a constant challenge. I have over the years tried other brands but I have never found a more reliable product nor better support services. Thank you for keeping me connected.

A few logistical bugs. Works fine, but out of all the locations only 1 seem to connect. And then when the trial is over, I am unable to pay to continue because where I am, I NEED to use a VPN to access the web site to pay. Can’t select a plan in the app. That seems counter intuitive given using such a service on a mobile device would mean there is a high chance the device will not be able to communicate unless vpn is active, that’s the whole point of having one?

Use in China Update. I’ve used ExpressVPN for over 2 years in China. For the most part, it has been good until recently. The blocks have been so strong that I haven’t been able to access the VPN for weeks or even the Status Page. If it suddenly comes on, it’s for about 3 minutes and then off again. I have no contact with most of the outside world or know what is happening around China. I need friends from overseas to copy and paste info that I can’t access. It really is the Dark Ages. There hasn’t been an update for iOS for weeks and some updates previously haven’t been very successful. At this rate, I will put off renewing my subscription when it comes up for renewal if things don’t improve!

ExpressVPV is broken. I recently decided to switch over from another provider to ExpressVPN. I subscribed to 1 month only to test it out before I commit to the 12 month subscription. At first it worked okay. Few days later my favourite app, FOXTEL GO stopped working. I raised a ticket with support, and they advised me to use split tunnelling...this is not available on my iPhone and iPad. So the way I look at this, no solution was provided. So unless they do something to fix this issue like change to new IP, or update iOS app to use split tunnelling, I’m not subscribing for additional 12 months. Also recently noticed it takes longer to connect sometimes, and Netflix is getting slower too.

Doesn’t work in China. Does not work in China most of the time. This app advertised ‘plug and play’, yet I have spent hours dealing with chat questions from the people who are supposed to help. My account was cancelled and refunded only because I complained the service was not working. Once the the service was actually working I was cut off and trying to reconnect is a ‘Kafkaresque’ experience, apparently my account expired already in the future (January 2021). Don’t bother with this app it is a rip-off and doesn’t work half the time and the chat people will interrogate you rather than provide solutions.

You can’t put a price on privacy. Though Express VPN may not be the cheapest option, it’s still the best VPN on the market. What make Express VPN the best is its speed, simplicity, customer service and above all, privacy. My only gripe is that takes up to minute to reconnect to the internet while my phone is not in use. But, as I said so in the title... You can’t put a price on privacy!

Disappointed and NO recommend to use in China.. Been using this app for about 3 years now in China. Worked fine at the beginning, however starting this year (2019), the connection is getting poorer by daily. The success connection is only 30%, and the average time to get connected is at least 10mins. Have submitted the complain and report, every time they responses the same helpless info “the internet environment is harsh in China...already been working on the issue...please try other connection...” 🙄 🙄 I PAID for vpn service, so pls provide what I deserve!! NOT recommended if in China, and NO MORE subscription. PS, I believe I should have certain refund with such poor service.

Doesn’t really work as advertised. I’m sure it protects my data but I was very disappointed with streaming content. Disney plus and binge will not open when the VPN is on. The streaming services that do work won’t connect to my chrome cast so I cant watch it on tv when I try to watch other regions’ content like American Netflix. I turned off automatic renewal because the price wasn’t worth it but then I was automatically charged 2 weeks later so now I’m stuck paying for another month

Not reliable enough for China users. Been living in China for over 5 years and using this service for the last 3. At first it was excellent but from 2019 and definitely 2020 it is just not reliable enough. It seems that as soon as China has some sort of ‘activity’ there goes the VPN for several days until an update is released that resolves the problem. I’m still using it (this time only renewed for 6 months, not a year) because the interface is easy to use and quite frankly I’m not sure how much longer I’ll stay here, but if I was staying more long term I would definitely change. Of all my friends who were using it, and recommended it to me, I’m the only one still using it. Interestingly, random free VPN service providers have been more reliable and I find I’m using them more often. Adverts are plastered all over the internet that this is the No. 1 VPN provider in China. I would seriously doubt that claim, but if it is, it is no wonder that China goes after it.

Great easy App function VPN. Have used Express VPN for a while now and find it is easy to navigate, to use, is quick and very few issues. Customer service is good. I like the layout of the App - both on mobile and computer and recommend it as a product.

You won’t be able to watch much international TV. Used to work fine but no longer works to access overseas television as advertised- almost every service tells you to log off your VPN before viewing. Even local TV viewing is affected - when I attempt to watch TV on my own country I’m prompted to log off the VPN before being permitted to watch. So it defeats the purpose of having a VPN for the two reasons we use one 1. To watch international television 2. Have privacy while connected to the internet to avoid being marketed to every time we touch an internet connected device. Waste of money now. Don’t buy, you’ve been warned.

So far so good. Some sites are a problem to access from OS but the important security you need when travelling is provided by Xpress VPN. The help line is useful but there are some issues that can’t be overcome which is understandable. Setting up was relatively easy and you can protect your phone, tablet and portable easily with the one subscription. Besides using antivirus software this provides an added level of protection from hackers.

Works well but frequent updates are required.. I am currently living in China and this app is an absolute lifesaver. I can use Googles services and watch content I otherwise wouldn’t be able to in China all because of this app. And let me put it out there, this app is fast basically all of the time but there is one major problem with it, every once in a while this app will just not work for some reason and I have to wait for about a week until an update comes out before I can use it again. Putting that minor problem aside I can really recommend this application, 5 stars definitely.

Great... when it works. Been in and out of China for a year, Express VPN works 25% of the time. When it works it’s awesome. But it only really works when they release an update - and then two or three days after the update is released, it stops working again. The real shame, is that there are other FREE VPNs that although aren’t as quick, work 90% of the time. Honestly, I’ve pretty much given up wasting 5-10 minutes of my time trying to connect to Express VPN especially when there’s a strong chance it’s not going to connect anyway. I’ve contacted their support team a few times, tried all the recommended locations, and after a year or so of using it (following their best practice), I will likely subscribe to a different VPN provider in China.

Difficult to cancel subscription.. The subscription was not under my Apple account, I only bought it for a month, but it automatically renewed my subscription without noticing me. Very nasty! Anyway , I had to go inside the app to cancel the monthly subscription. But it wasted me nearly $50 because I do know it. I want my money back. Update:the Customer service people contacted me after reading my comment and gave me a refund, to be honest I didn’t expect that, hope you people can make theInstruction and cancelation more clearly in the further, so you don’t lose costumes due to misunderstandings. because the app itself was still quite useful.

ExpressVPN review. Have used ExpressVPN for years, had absolutely no major issues apart from very minor IT issues that were promptly rectified. Their customer service is first rate, they give a quick response often within an hour and everything customer service need to diagnose issu is automatically available. Example diagnostic data is as simple as flicking a switch. You will certainly find other cheaper VPN providers but having used others when employer was paying I then swiftly changed back to ExpressVPN when I could. Others I have used I found particularly slow in comparison.

Not working in China (Jan 2023). I wont repeat all the goodness this app gives. It’s a great solution with an very user friendly app. I activated my subscription for a trip to China in Jan 2023 after reading the some reviews from the same month that this is still one of the best to get around the great firewall. But the result is opposite, I failed to establish vpn connection from all major telcoms in China. I raised a ticket and received some auto response . Support admitted difficulties and gave no ETA in a resolution… Just writing to let ppl that have the same usage know the situation. Use mobile roaming or enterprise solitons if you want a reliable way to pass the GFW. I would easily give express vpn a 5 star if it wasn’t for this.

XPRESS VPN. Came back from NORD just last week kept being hammered via text & email to join up again for another 2 two years. I can’t afford 2 years & with countries I used either slow or dropping out I had enough, paying their price at their time & getting nothing in return? Then being told “it’s because of Covid 19? What the hell has that got to do with a VPN? Came back to XPRESS VPN, found I could pay ONE year, logged on to the same countries I used previously, ALL worked immediately & stayed linked all day with no drop outs. That is all a customer wants, no bling no 200 emails, just DO IT! “Simple” Enjoy! Thanks Phil

Great VPN, Lots of possibilities, Great Speeds, But needs local AUD Currency. Hey Development Team, Express VPN as a whole is excellent! And i think your reviews and strong stance on privacy / zero knowledge is what keeps people loyal. But i do have a few suggestions that i have seen mentioned many times, but never actioned by your team: 1. Allow sign up of the subscription service through the app 2. Allow subscription / sign up in our local currency (AUD). I realise you may not be interested in the in-app sign up/subscription, as you want to avoid additional fee’s from apple. If thats the case, offering AUD currency on your website would benefit all of us Australians, as we always get stung for conversion rates making your service even more expensive. Currently i can only see USD & EUR as an option, please consider adding AUD, and in app purchases for your IOS app. Cheers, Luke

Great product, great service/support. App was recommended to me for travel by a China-resident friend (gotta have a good VPN there to access almost anything on the ‘net!). Have found ExpressVPN to be perfect for me while travelling. No issues accessing my home country services from locations of dubious internet security. If I’ve had a connection problem, their Support service is fast and super helpful. Highly recommended.

Long term member of ExpressVPN. I’ve been using ExpressVPN for as long as I’ve been living in China which is quite some time. Once you get used to regular updating then it’s essentially a seamless connection to VPN 99% of the time. Any time I’m unable to connect, a quick update via the APPStore used to download the APP (not Chinese APPStore) usually has me up and running in a few minutes. I use it on all my Apple devices, switches on and off easily and there’s always an update within a day of major escalations in internet blocking which can be common at certain times of the year. Thank you ExpressVPN, you have made living in China as close to normal as it can be for online work, movies and social media. I’m a stayer as long as the reliability continues.

Great vpn, one suggestion though. —> Suggestion: PLEASE make a control panel toggle to turn it on and off. This may not be an issue for some people but it drives me nuts not having one Other than that, I’ve had a great experience. Both the pc and mobile apps are nice, simple and efficient. The prices are quite reasonable as well, overall, no regrets.

Not working at all in China. I live in Sydney and I have to travel to China for a month in the January 2023. I purchased one month plan for the purpose of using the high rated VPN in China so I can stay in touch with my work, my family and many more. But when I landed in China and turned on this VPN, it was struggling to connecting all the servers I was trying to connect. The VPN was redirecting at all times and it will never connect to every single server. It won’t connect no matter I was using a wifi or mobile data! And there was a strange thing that when I turned on the VPN I lost my wifi connection and turned it off, wifi come back automatically. Luckily, I can access to Apple Store to write this review. Do not waste your money when you are travelling to China. I now can only use iMessage to my Australian friends who are using ios systems. I can’t use my gmail, that meant I can not work at all! Will ask for refund when I go back to Australia.

Absolutely horrible for users in mainland China. Still trying to connect. As always. Unless you wait for at least 5 minutes (well in most occasions much longer than that). Then it would kindly pop up a window that says oops unable to connect. BUT if you are in luck and do get connected: congrats! cus now you have to load one single webpage for 3 minutes or longer with a stable connection speed of 40 kbs! AND it has been like this for a few months even though the updates never stop. Wonderful age of technology. Don’t tell me the internet environment in China is harsh. I didn’t pay 50 dollars for you to tell me about it that.

Have it 5 years and not changing anytime soon. Have been a customer with annual subscription for ~5 years now. Love the live chat support. Use it as added security for kids iPads, all phones, pc. Use it on smart tv to access tv shows from abroad. Good speeds. I do miss the world map version when you turned it on, it zoomed into the location of IP address on the app, it was really good for teaching my kids geography! There is so much more to express VPN services but I’m not a tecchie so I probably don’t use other aspects as much as I could. I have no interest to change as long as the live chat supports stays good and connectivity speeds and reliability stays as good as it has always been. Thanks Express VPN, great product and service. 5 stars!

Great VPN!. There's a reason this VPN is rated number 1. I tried other VPNs and then found Express VPN and haven't looked back. So quick and easy. A few suggestions/questions: 1. Are you thinking about have a way to stop the VPN for a preset time (eg 15min/30min) if you want to stop it for some reason (eg, site or app you are trying to use doesn't work properly under VPN), and have it automatically switch back on? 2. Foxtel Go doesn't seem to work under express VPN. Have to disable if wanting to watch. 3. ABC Australia live stream via app only seems to work on Sydney 2 VPN. 4. Is there a difference between Sydney 1 and Sydney 2 VPN? Thank you

Great but..... Often suffers from dropping of connections. Works great when you first install the app for a month or so but gradually gets worse until I have to manually reconnect because it’s so slow at reconnecting. Usually pick another server and it comes good for a bit. The workaround is to delete/reinstall every month or so. Don’t know if it’s the app or iOS.

I just wish I found it sooner. I am so happy to have found express VPN for my iPad. I just wish I found it years ago. It has allowed me to watch television from home when I’m away from home. You have made travelling so much nicer because I don’t have to watch boring CNN when I’m trapped in my hotel room because it’s the only English language program available. - now I watch all the shows from home, and it’s so easy to use that a totally non techno like me can use it. Your online support team was also very helpful when I had a question. The bonus is that I can buy by the month on and off so I just pay for the months that I travel. You guys are GREAT.

Yes but also No. Just to put things in short. It performs well when there isnt any external internet block. It runs butter smooth in the initial months, many location subjoint servers which is yes definitely thumbs up. However, one reason why I bought this is tjat reviews out there says it performs much better than other major components in countries like China, that this vpn deserves a higher price. Then, since 20th of July all the way to now, 8th August, all connection joints lost and the successful connections is just getting fewer every day. I understand there is extenal blockings out there but I believe its also part of the service duty. Status updates are up but it pretty much doesnt help at all and every new updates is pretty much only changing the date of post. Meanwhile days are still counting off on the subscription. Ive contacted staff once, they extended another free week but meh it just doesnt help. Besides, whats the value of a vpn that doesnt connect? I appreciate the effort the team is trying working things out againest the new block. But I just need some more solid updates.

Expensive, unreliable. Think carefully before prepaying for a full year. I regret purchasing a 1 year subscription for this vpn. Granted when I first started using the app, it worked great. Then about 3 months down the road, my ISP started to actually block their protocols. Now you maybe saying that it’s not expressVPN’s fault that my ISP started to block them, but that’s the reason why I paid for the one of the most pricey VPN to begin with. I expect it to work, and to issue fixes when things don’t work. So now, I have a remaining subscription for an app which occasionally works, is highly unreliable and needs continually manual tweaking to even get it to work. Not what I expect from an expensive paid VPN. The only reason why I haven’t given this 1 star is because they have a half decent customer service (they may not have any workable solution for you, but at the very least they respond promptly). Will not recommend this app based on how unreliable it is for me at the moment.

Helpful team!. A very easy to use, simple app. It works great and I do recommend for those who need to protect their devices. Unfortunately I had to unsubscribe for personal reasons. But the team were extremely helpful with the '30-day money back guarantee' and I’m grateful for that. Will definitely use this app in the future!

Coronavirus Free. The internet is so interwoven in our daily lives, it now fashions the way we conduct business and communicate. As a regular user, I am conscious of privacy violations and stealth threats. Knowing I have the security of a fast and reassuring VPN allows me to focus more of my attention on the task at hand. ExpressVPN provides that security, plus more.

Great service and app but dodgy business practices. I have been using ExpressVPN for years. The service is excellent, and the app is top notch. Recently I decided switch away just to try another VPN, I found it’s very difficult to unsubscribe the service. The UI for unsubscribe is designed to trick people from doing so, where you had to confirm twice to disable auto-renew. Even after I disabled auto-renew, they still charged me. I had to contact support for a refund. I did love ExpressVPN, but I don’t think I will ever do business with them again.

Long term member - really bad in China now. I have been using ExpressVPN in China for many years now. Earlier on, it was great, no issues at all. Starting a couple of years ago, connection has become a problem - whenever there’s a “thing” in China (eg National Congress or Party Congress), it would be really difficult to connect to VPN, but generally only for a few days and less than week. Nowadays ExpressVPN is simply a joke in China. About one month ago, ExpressVPN simply became unusable - you can connect to VPN but the internet simply didn’t work (you cannot load anything). If you ask for help from the support people at ExpressVPN, they would acknowledge that things were difficult in China and they are working hard to find solutions but there’s nothing they could do to help in the meantime and then offer you a one-week free extension on you subscription. Why do I need to extend a subscription that simply doesn’t work?? If you can’t get things to work in China, you should really refund people’s subscription here and truthfully tell us to seek an alteration supplier instead!

Can’t even sign in. I can’t even rate the app because it’s never let me sign in. Changed my password etc log in via google and no worries,but try the app and no good. Considering they want $100 a year it’s not promising that they can’t even get the app to work.. Guess I’ll try cyber ghost

Great customer service!. If you want a VPN with an outstanding customer service experience then look no further! Even though I was having issues on my end completely unrelated to the app, I had to ask for a refund and within 5 days the money was back in my account. I highly recommend at least giving this VPN a shot as it ranks in the top 3 of all VPNs and the odd chance it is not for you and you have already paid the subscription, you will get your money back!

Unable to get connected. I’ve been using ExpressVPN for a year and at beginning I was really impressed by the reliable connection. However since June this year there have been so many times that I just can’t get connected on my iPhone. Sometimes it works well on Mac but just not on the mobile. I know it may be challenging to stay connected in China but I was just so disappointed especially when the app says “connected” when it actually is not. There have been lots of updates so I guess the engineers were trying but still only a few of them worked.

What happened?. Im based in China and this app use to function really well until maybe 2 years ago when we had constant connection problems. We wouldnt be able to connect to any of the recommended servers or even other ones we think would work. I get that these thinks happen sometimes and in the past it would only be for 2-5 days every 3/4 months that we had connection problems but now its more frequent and we wouldn’t be able to connect to any of the servers for up to 2 weeks and sometimes longer. So basically we find ourselves paying for a service we cant use half of the time. Two star rating because 1) there was a time i actually got my moneys worth and 2) your customer service team is top knotch, they were always patient and tried their best to help.

Credit card confirmation annoying. Credit card confirmation was annoying and felt really dodgy. Still, after a three day email process, absolutely no other issues in first two weeks of use. A few sites do appear to be slightly slower but hard to tell, might not be so. It seems to confuse Apple Photoes upload too. Basically really good and what I needed.

Least cost-effective choice in China. I have been using it for almost 3 years and now I finally decided to cancel subscription for its awful performance in China. It was one of the best, but now it hardly works. Sometimes it says “connected” but in fact it doesn’t. When there used to be some political events in China which may cause troubles on connecting, the technicians were trying to fix it and it usually got back to normal in a few days. But now they simply ignore the problems. The service is extremely unstable in China for almost 3 months and no improvement is made so far. Btw, yes, it’s very expensive.

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This app sucks, it only works 1/10 times. This app sucks

Your technology is too weak. Your technology is too weak, and you will fail when China meets!

Can not use since Oct.2022. Can not use since Oct.2022 Please fix it ok?

Night mode!!!. It’s a good app: stable and consistent. Been using it for years. But please, I want a) night mode for iPhones; b) a traditional Chinese version of the app!

Advert Overstatement. I know all VPN’s have their issues but when I pay for a 12 month subscription I expect to get 12 months of service. Over the course of a year the VPN is down countless times and for days and sometimes a week at a time, this adds up to a month or so of considerable accumulated down time. Express VPN does nothing to compensate its customers. Their advert says customer support 24/7, get answers in seconds not days...this is not always the case because their support staff is not always 24/7 and their live chat option always asks me to leave them an email and they will get back to me. Please, Express VPN, don’t advertise what you can’t provide to customers, be honest with what you can do.

This doesn’t work in China!. If you plan to use this in China then don’t bother. 99% of time you won’t be able to connect and even you successfully connected all the traffic are blocked.

Don't buy it if you are using it in China. For the past 3-4 month, this vpn only worked in China for less than 2 weeks, it never connect for the rest of the time. Don't waste your money please.

No BBC access. I hope this known problem can be fixed, but until it is, ExpressVPN is pretty much useless to me. (Re developer suggestion to email them: I already did have a chat with ExpressVPN but I had on my own tried the suggestion to attempt connecting on the different UK servers, and all had failed. ExpressVPN: better to just admit that it’s been busted for weeks now and that you don’t know if you’ll be able to fix it. Otherwise it just sounds like empty marketing words.)

Do not subscribe. I paid for it and it won’t let me use it at all, scam

Updates don’t work. Haven’t had a stable connections for multiple weeks now, so useless in China. Whenever I do connect, it automatically disconnects every 5 minutes.

Hard to connect in China. I have been using this app for almost half year, but I have connections blocks with this app for 4 times. Now I can’t connect VPN with this app for one week. If u want to use this app in China, u better could have plan B.

Bought By Alleged Malware Company. I no longer trust this app now that it has been bought by Kape Technologies. They have a controversial and questionable past with inserting malware.

Waste of $. DO NOT BUY! Good reviews were 4 years and this is not working in Mainland China anymore.

中国的朋友们千万不要买. 今年极其不稳定,经常连不上,也不便宜,谁用谁是冤大头。

Excellent for China. Used a competitor’s but it never got connection. Express VPN works well in China. Have been using for 5 weeks on iPhone and iPad without any issue.

Doesn’t work. It doesn’t work on RaiPlay

Lots of travel. Works very well, have used it in China, the Middle East and have had no worries.

Vague subscription “cancellation” process. Tried to cancel and thought I did so successfully however I continued to be billed. It turned out that after “turning off auromatic renewal” and receiving the reminder to make a payment before the next billing cycle in order to keep my account active, I would again be billed the following month. Steps required beyond “turning off automatic renewal” and not the simple “click save” found in online instructions. Even received emails appearing to entice me back with lower prices - supporting my thoughts that I had cancelled. I manage several online subscriptions and never have had issues like this. Not impressed. SUBSCRIBER BEWARE.

No bbc. Would be nice to get iplayer now been with out it for 4 weeks. be nice to get iplayer

Latest version blocking images in Facebook. Images will not load in Facebook if VPN is running. Another in a series of annoying features with this product on iOS and Mac OS.

Owned by Kape Technologies. Now owned by Kape Technologies, a company known for distributing malware in its software.

Doesn't work for netflix. Not working

Not working from China. Be careful if your main purpose is to use it in China, it's just not working properly.

The best. Worth the money

Excellent application!!. Far above and beyond other services I have used. ExpressVPN delivers not only an outstanding application but exceptional product support. Highly recommended!!

Best VPN I’ve ever used. Nothing negative to say user interface works very well no slowdowns 5 stars

fast. very fast and stable

It never works. The new update today still just never works !

Not the Hype you think it is. For my friends that plan on using ExpressVPN in China, beware that it will only work half the time. It may be the only VPN that can get you fast connection in China if any at all but, it is also the one most blocked. I am staying here for 4 months and ExpressVPN only worked every 2 weeks or so for about a week or less. Shame that there is only a 30-day money back guarantee because for something that is so hyped up and is not cheap, it sure doesn’t seem to work a lot. There should be a rule that if there is a certain amount of days it doesn’t work for you get your money back. Users in China, you were warned.

Iplayer no go. Can no longer watch shows on bbc Iplayer. The BBC seems to have found a way around vpns! Boooo

Well deserved 1-star; hate and fear mongering; supports right wing propaganda. Express VPN is a sponsor of Ben Shapiro’s YouTube vitriol “show”. A purchase or good review for this app is a contribution to the spread of hate and xenophobia. I have also deleted express VPN from my PC today after learning they support providing a platform for racism and misinformation.

down in China for weeks. down in China for weeks and did nothing to improve

Usually very reliable. I find this vpn to be very reliable, except for the few times when it isn’t. It has happened a number of times where I was thrown off, or where I had to search for a server location that would actually allow me to connect. It does not happen very often, so for the most part all is good. It’s definitely better than without. I love the fact that my smartphone and my laptop are hooked up through the same account.

Can’t connect here in China. As a user in China, it’s pretty frustrating when the Vpn can’t connect, and that’s often the case. Currently, it is unable to connect which forbids me to access the sites I need to access for school.

doesn’t connect. it was perfect but latest version doesn’t connect.

DOES NOT WORK. Whoever said this VPN worked is lying. It never connects to any server, ever. And to make matters worse, immediately after trying to connect, the app blocks all connection to the internet so your web browser is rendered useless. Only after rebooting will the internet work again. Also, the app blocks other VPNs from connecting. This app has malicious intent, avoid it at all costs.

it doesn't work well in China!. I cannot use this in china neither on my MacBook nor on my iPhone. If you plan to use this in China, Don’t waste your money on this App

This product works great everywhere. I have ExpressVPN installed on my Mac, and all my iDevices. Super easy to use, and really does let me watch region unlocked content from around the world, reliably and consistently. Thanks, ExpressVPN!

Underwhelmed. Not impressed

No Connection. worst VPN i have ever used. never connects and constantly dropping... i want a refund im so annoyed.

This new update has not been good. Ever since you rolled out this new update I keep having pop ups saying “internet traffic is blocked” on whatever location I choose. And every app I try to use stops working completely when that pop up appears and it happens so frequently.. It’s super frustrating to be trying to do something and then everything stops because my VPN cuts off my data or my wifi. At first I thought it was my phone data just slowing down but I mean the pop up of internet traffic is blocked happens on my wifi at home.. my internet is good so I know it’s the VPN. This is my second year as a subscriber to this VPN and this is the first time it’s ever acted this way. Please do something to fix this!! Thank you for your time.

5 stars. Exactly what I needed Lightning fast servers Wide selection including the Bahamas Perfecto.

Just so useless -in China. A million updates later, and it’s still not working properly

Deteriorated Connectivity in China. The connection is not working in China and it appears the development team is not really aware of that.

Awful. This gets one star because of it working. I got this app with intentions to only use for a month. Well jokes on me, it takes 5-7 business days to delete the account, but you need to separately get in contact with someone to cancel the payments. This is completely outrageous I have tried to cancel my subscription MANY times and I’m still being charged. Best of luck to others!

Literally the best.. ExpressVPN is quite literally the best VPN available. Want US Netflix and Hulu? Use UDP (OpenVPN) in the app and any US server works for both services - and FAST. I use NordVPN, ProtonVPN, Perfect-Privacy, VPNArea, and HotspotShield - but NONE come close to ExpressVPN. SOLID SOLID SOLID SERVICE.

Shows connected but failed to access Google. I have been using it for a week in China, it’s fast to show you it connected as the app shows in the first picture, however, I can’t access to Google or other blocked websites. I changed to other vpn protocols like Lightway ucp or tcp but didn’t work. I tried it again and again and only ont time did I succeed yet in a short time。I’ve tried many different ways like “pick for me” option but still helpless. Can anyone help me please? I have contacted official support and they told me they are improving this. I will wait and modify my score and update review later.

TVA+. TVA+ ne reconnaît pas la localisation du VPN alors que TOU.TV le reconnaît. Je ne peux plus regarder mes séries sur TVA+

Excellent speed but no M1 native app. Please add a native M1 app as well.

Ripped Off. Just lost $140 for what, they offer you a one week free trial and take a $140 without authorization without even opening the application, what the Fock.

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Clunky, Slows down my Computer. I have never had issues with my Mac until I downloaded and used ExpressVPN. Now I’m lucky to have a day where there aren’t connection to the internet issues or slow internet speeds and apparently processing issues. It may be possible to reconfigure my whole computer to improve things but I just want it to work without having to call customer support to troubleshoot everything. I don’t want to worry about my computer acting like a PC all the time. When I paid for the one year subscription I didn’t imagine the service would cripple my computer and that I wouldn’t want to keep it but now I’m stuck having prepaid for the whole year. It’s not worth my time to call them and ask them for a refund since they will require me to troubleshoot everything before they consider offering a refund if they are disposed to do it at all. To me the service should just work and therefore I will simply stop using the service and get my computer back to full functionality.

Deceiving, read on. At first, it seems like a great VPN. Highly rated, easy to use, simple user interface. As the months went on, you have to learn the quirks and the problems of it. Sure no VPN is perfect, but about six months in it started acting really bizarre. My phone would just start to completely not work unless I turned it off. webpages with time out. I would change to different locations but it didn’t matter. Restart the phone, it didn’t matter. Close the app and reopen it. Didn’t matter. Then I would turn off the VPN and it would be lightning fast. LIGHTNING FAST. Then, within a few months after that, I would look at my recent history, and it would say “connected to India via UK”. WHAT??? I have never, not even accidentally, hit that. So I would select a different recent location to clear that off the screen. But within a short amount of time it would show up again. W H A T ? ? ? I contacted customer support and got zero response. So then I tried to cancel my subscription. However, there is no ability to do that on the website. You cannot actively cancel your subscription. You have to email customer service (I assume), which I haven’t heard from. So now I have to contact my credit card company to block them. Wow! Stay away Go with a bigger name

Not what it’s cracked up to be. I have very mixed feelings about ExpressVPN. There’s simply no way of proving that this app has given me any real protection from anything. Are they using fear tactics to get you to send them money so they can “protect” you? What I DO know is that, more often than not, ExpressVPN interferes with, and prevents me from using, most of the other serious apps on my phone, particularly nearly any app requiring a wifi or Bluetooth connection such as cameras, headphones, and smart devices. And forget about using it reliably on a cruise ship or airplane. Now, I cannot even read the menus because ExpressVPN is displaying in some foreign language and their so-called customer support hasn’t a clue as to how to fix that bug. I’ve had ExpressVPN on my phone for three years now and it is OFF way more than it is ON because it causes way more trouble than it’s worth and their customer service is non-existent! I’m not renewing my subscription again!

Great product but it has it’s flaws. As time passes by technology advances and there’s eventually a way around everything, ExpressVPN used to be a great service to do what is intended to do, but now ISP’s, providers and developers know that we use VPN for various reasons, therefore they are blocking access to there services by detecting what port we transfer our data and other methods, rendering VPN servers useless. It is frustrating how a high valued service such as this one hasn’t updated there methods to have this issue solved. With that being said let me give some examples: you cannot make a secure transaction with Myatt because ATT has blocked ExpressVPN I cannot browse Offerup safely because Offerup has blocked this service as well, TeamViewer has banned access to my account cause they have detected that I was using my secured ExpressVPN tunnel to access my wife’s computer securely, what can I do with ExpressVPN now that can barely use it?

Horrible customer service. I am getting very frustrated with this company very quickly. In their print they say that they honor the 30 day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with the service but don't believe them! I am jumping through email hoops trying to get my money back and they are being redundant with their questions. I use google a lot and using this VPN reCAPTCHA is always being prompted, FOR EVERY SEARCH. It is absolutely annoying and it's not just one either, I have to go through 3 reCAPTCHA's every time I do a google search! It's ridiculous. I'll update this review and hopefully give it a better star once my money has been returned. If it's still a one star DO NOT buy, it means they still haven't refunded me.

Solid VPN. Having read numerous reviews of VPNs of all kinds and personally trying out many of these, none come close to matching the ease of use/setup, the ability to use across multiple platforms, or the speed and security of ExpressVPN. There are costlier and more complex setups out there that may be able to give you the security you need....a lot of these services are more for business/commercial use. My 4 star rating is because I still do experience occasional disconnects on my iOS devices, most notably cell phone where it can take 15 to 30 seconds for the VPN server to reconnect. I’ve noticed an improvement with app use, and as of now, Twitter is the only app that continues to give me issues on my iPhone, not iPad. These are minor issues for me and still think ExpressVPN is the best personal use VPN service available.

EXPRESS VPN WORKS IN CHINA!!!!!. I have seen a lot of people giving bad ratings for ExpressVPN because they stopped working in October 2022, but remember, this is a battle between an app and an entire nation! And thanks to expressvpn’s engineers hard work, express vpn won! The top of the industry is still the top, still managed to provide internet freedom in the end. Although the vpn struggled a little in October, on November 6, it won the battle against the firewall, and I cannot ever stop being grateful for it. Thank you so much ExpressVPN! You don’t know how happy I was the day your vpn started working in China smoothly again! I don’t know what to do without this app! Once again, thank you so so so much

Doesn’t work as advertised. User from China. I’ve been in China for almost a month now, and ExpressVPN has honestly been quite terrible to use. The VPN rarely works, and when it does, the connection is very fickle. It times out very quickly, and then I suddenly find myself without access again. Imagine going through your FB feed, or chatting with your friend on messenger, only to find—out of the blue—that the VPN connection has suddenly been lost. What makes this frustrating is not just the day to day inconsistencies, but the fact that this has been going on since the day I arrived in China. Of course, the VPN connection might have to do with the argument that China is a very restricted country and, hence, of course the connection would be inconsistent. BUT, the fact that my other VPN (which is free, mind you) has been working consistently and robustly says a lot. Please consider other options of yore going to be in China and am looking for a reliable VPN.

ExpressVPN new Lightway protocol. The new Lightway protocol with UDP works well with WiFi. Connection speed is much faster, and the drop in speed when using the VPN is okay: from 73.9 Mbps without VPN to 66.0 Mbps with it. It is a different story with AT&T cellular, however. From 40.2 Mbps without VPN to just 3.46 Mbps with VPN. This huge difference was repeated at night and again during the day. I did not see this kind of speed drop before the switch to the Lightway protocol. This kind of slow speed makes using the VPN unusable with cellular for video. To solve the speed problem with cellular, please give users the option of using the UDP protocol without Lightway. I am not interested in using the IKEv2 protocol, as it is not as secure as UDP.

Great VPN. I’ve been using express VPN for a couple of years now. Generally speaking it’s one of the best VPNs, in my opinion. My biggest complaint with express is, if you do not go in and adjust your settings, it will hijack your whole system and prevent it from connecting to the Internet. That’s great if that’s what you want however if there’s any kind of glitch going on with EV (and it does happen) and the service cannot disconnect - you will lose your connection & may be stuck in no-mans land with no connection at all! If you are in the middle of working, a conference call, an online class, etc. then that is a huge nuisance and problem. Know that there can be glitches in using the VPN however overall, I would not operate on any device without it. It definitely works!

The app was excellent.. But I had a problem. I just downloaded the App. And I took 1 month subscription. For 12 dollar something. Basically cant say that this app isn’t good. Actually it good and it is super fast and working very well. I love this VPN. Honestly I been using different VPN. But this is the VPN that changed my life. And the best part is the app is so easy. To use. I don’t have to go for May option to connect to a surve . One click. Boom. It’s done. And wanted to tell you guys about this. That I tried different surveys. But I couldn’t use my Netflix. I don’t know what’s happening. I’m not pretty happy with. But anyways I love this. App. If you guys are looking for a VPN. I highly recommend this app. I hope that you will help me to find a way to connect Netflix. If it dose be very happy about that. How you would give me reply.

Deceptively difficult to cancel. As others have mentioned, it’s pretty hard to actually cancel your subscription to this service. Yesterday, I thought I canceled my subscription that was due to be charged in a few days. For some reason, this morning I went back and automatic renewal was still on. You have to click “Cancel Automatic Renewal” 3 separate times before they’ll let you cancel. If you’re like me, you might think the first time you clicked on it, you actually canceled your subscription because that’s literally what the button says, but if you don’t do it two more times, they just got you for another month you didn’t want. I liked this service, but I will never use it again because this tactic is disgusting. Now I know why I was unable to cancel it before now. This service took $20 from me by simply being clever enough to make it impossible to cancel without jumping through hoops with a poodle on your back while carrying the blood of a virgin and 7 unicorn hairs.

The best VPN ever! Excellent and Outstanding. We did review many VPN’s and this stood out from all the others. We liked their reviews and yes they are number one our book. They have kept of information safe and we love how quickly they get on. I don’t leave my devices running, I shut down everything, if it’s not in use. What I like about this is they know we are seeking our privacy and they are so fast and so quick to get on as soon as I sign in. I am so so happy to find a good VPN with the care and understanding about our privacy. More and more people are home and the security that a business afforded are gone and without a good ethical working VPN your information could be lost. I can’t express no pun intended how awesome Express is and I recommend them to anyone who wants to remain safe. FYI check your updates every few days or you could lose information. Also update your iPads and phones when called for. All of these things will help but this VPN with safeguard you. I am fortunate to have so many others also watching my back thank you all

Boomba-bing-bong-bong - release!. You know why you’re looking into a VPN and ExpressVPN not only does what you’re expecting but does it well. They have many servers in many countries that enable you to realize your aim. Although I am sure other services can also do this they will likely be unable to do it as well. The technical assistance and customer service has been the best I have EVER received for ANY product or service. The support is quick and addresses all issues with what is certainly an unmatched subject matter expertise. If you are contemplating paying for a VPN look no further. From their simple-to-understand do-it-yourself videos to the ability of technicians to accurately resolve your individual issues you will but up and running and no time. Has my highest recommendation.

Highly recommended. Living in China, it’s hard to get on many different sites. Express VPN is constantly working, changing, and fixing to help people like me be able to access these sites. There are continual updates, and special links for me to access such as, ‘In China? Click here.’ These allow me to constantly update the app for great use here. There are always days when it doesn’t work, or works poorly, but I have yet to find a VPN that works 100% of the time. After living here for almost 5 years, Express has been the best fit for my needs, has the best customer service of all the VPN companies I have had to work with, and the one with the most consistency. I would strongly recommend it.

Doesn’t work where you need it. I downloaded ExpressVPN for my computer (MacBook Pro) and it simply does not work when confronted with any sort of traffic on a public router - which is exactly where you need it. In a coffee shop or airport, ExpressVPN isn’t reliable at all. I’ve tried it for over three years and it connects, but can’t deliver a webpage about 70 percent of the time when a public router is being used. It’s great at home when I’m the only person on the network, but I don’t need it then. Fortunately, I was given a refund. Tech support is friendly, but unable to fix this issue. If you’re using a VPN for protecting your connection in public spaces that have a handful of users or more on a shared network, try another solution. I thought that spending $99 a year would give better service. Honestly, it’s just a prettier interface than most of the competition. Ultimately, it’s a disappointment.

Does it still work in China?. I’m a long time user for this VPN service, started in 2016 and it’s been working wonders. I would recommend ExpressVPN to whomever come asking for a VPN that actually works in China. However, for the past week I’ve been experiencing difficulties connecting on both on my phone and laptop (iOS). Sometimes the APP itself would connect successfully but in reality nothing will load, now I can’t even get a successful connections. Tried updating the App and switching to different locations, all getting “the VPN server did not respond” error. What’s really frustrating is that the help websites won’t load without having connected to a VPN, and the message support option doesn’t work either, kept getting the “please try again” notice, probably for the same reason. So if I don’t have a connection, then I can’t get help, but if I can’t get help, my connection issue won’t get fixed. Chicken or Egg?

Doesn’t work. Sorry it just doesn’t work. I’ve used other VPN’s and I did everything I could to get a connection. It’s either super slow or doesn’t load browsers at all, which should be faster for a simple google search to “dogs”. They said select a virtual location that’s not far from my physical location. Same problem even with the closest location to my actual location. They say it’s my bandwidth and my routers fault, but when I turn off the VPN it’s all high speed internet for me. I don’t know what else to do but cancel. I have the latest phone and app updates on the iPhone 13 Pro if this helps you fellow developers. I’m grateful for the free week trial tho. A lot of my friends have said this was a great service until a couple years ago it stopped working for them. I noticed it’s been a long time since some reviews came up so I’m triggering this with 1 star to help you guys out to make sure you look into this. Thanks!

Expressvpn server interface impossible to navigate to on Nvidia Shield. Description of problem: On Nvidia Shield console (one of the few gadgets I use or would like and need to use VPN service on) the expressvpn’s Austria server is unreachable ie impossible to find on that console’s app. When under category “All” I choose and klick “Europe” the furthest I can navigate down your server list is “Isle of Man”. Since your server entry for “AUSTRIA” is physically located ‘BELOW’ that of ‘Isle of Man’ (blow my mouse curser is capable navigating to) it is to my intense frustration unreachable and unusable for me and i have to look for a VPN with a less user unfriendly more userfriendly web page app server interface design than your incompletes EXPRESSVPN webpage app - it appears like a noncompleted /halfway abandoned webpage design with half of the entries unusable...

Disappointing. I have used Express VPN without a doubt was the best VPN service. However, all things considered it’s no longer a service which I would recommend to anyone. For almost 5 months now the connection has been so poor despite countless attempts and complaints to the online service which is offer. When you call them they are eager to first know your account details prior to speaking. Afterwards they will tell you the technicians are extensively working on the issue, same thing you can read. Basically they say just follow up and we will give you an additional month due to your issues toward your subscription, sad to say that hasn’t happened yet and my account still wasn’t credited and service is still down. Honestly they were once good, but there are better and reliable. Sorry Express VPN.

Simply the best.. Set it and forget it. I’ve been using Express VPN service for over a year and it just keeps getting better. Let me start by saying I’m a little more tech savvy than average but I’m not a programmer or anything. I just happened to have an extra wifi router that was compatible with the ExpressVPN firmware and I got it all set up with their directions. I’ve been using it at home and it’s been excellent, way faster than I expected. Now all my other devices like wifi security cameras and light switches are protected too. The computer and phone apps are excellent too, works when I’m traveling I’m not afraid of sketchy wifi hotspots anymore. Great product, would definitely recommend.

Good not great. I do like using a vpn and this is the first one I have used. Not sure how it compares to others. If you research and as you know the benefits to a VPN, but I’ll let you know the things that I find irritating about this one that I’m using. Some of the servers they use do get locked up occasionally. Some websites must have them marked as being some sort of mass server because they won’t let you load their webpage until you switch to a different city that maybe is not on their List of mass hubs. Using them on my Apple TV‘s are nearly impossible without buying more expensive routing equipment that is compatible with there Network. They have instructions to do it some alternate method but I’ve tried it many times and I am pretty literate at these things and I can’t get it to work. But on my computers iPads and iPhone when it works properly it is good.

Works in China Now. I left the review below before the update came out. It seems to be working much better In China now. But I did notice that if you are have problems connecting, try opening a browser while it’s trying to connect and initiate data transfer, for some reason it seems to solve my connection problem. “I purchased this app because it stated that it worked in China. I was able to connect a few times but it always dropped, but now it does not connect at all. I sent a message to customer support but never received an answer, might be because I cannot get to my gmail because the app doesn’t work. The support site just tells you that they are having problems with China, and gives you a list of options to try that do not work.”

Thanks Express VPN for responding…Update. Hello. I appreciate Express VPN trying to keep up the quality service. The best geographic location choice for me is Washington DC. Since the fall season of 2020, the DC location appears to have capacity issues with the volume of users. I do see that Express VPN added another Washington DC server choice. I updated this review because I did not mention the issue occurs over the cellular connection and I realize that my cellular provider could be causing the VPN on demand issue. It works but seems like it takes almost 30 seconds to connect after my usage is idle. I did not state that on WiFi I do not have this issue. Overall I appreciate the Express VPN service. Thanks

Do not do router install. Do not install ExpressVPN on your router! Keep it on your devices. You won’t be able to do half the important things you need to because of it and will have to keep disabling it all the time. Once it’s on your router, it won’t come off. Internet won’t work on your phone if you have it on your router. So you have to turn it off on your phone every time you go home. Appliances don’t like it. Banks don’t like it. Streaming services don’t like it. Absolute waste of time dealing with this router nonsense. Tried to message support. They respond telling me I can’t respond to the email thread even though it says to respond to the message in the message. It’s like those old antivirus programs that are impossible to get completely rid of on your computers, except now they have a stranglehold on my router.

Please don’t let the big name deceive you. ExpressVPN has a pretty big brand name and invested a lot into customer service. Which means two things: one is it probably catches more attention from anti-VPN gov actions; second it’s overpriced to pay for those human support. During the five months I used it in early 2020 from China, it has issues with China blocks every other week. 80% of the time I need to wait for a super slow connection process which ended up unsuccessful. Human customer support always follow a email template that doesn’t help much. If I really put in the effort of chatting with a human online, it takes up to an hour to may or may not find a solution. It ultimately depends on how quick their engineers find temporary ways around the blocks. Overall I strongly discourage choosing this vpn for Chinese users. Believe me the experience was not great and finally exhausted my patience to go and find an less popular alternative.

Don’t suggest Express VPN. First to be fair with Express, now is a difficult time with vpn in general in China. Express used to be fairly reliable (I’ve been in China for 6 years) but now the quality of the VPN is terrible and has been for at least the last 6 months (for the most part). Connection speeds are so bad it is generally unusable. Further, it would be good to hear from express about updates being worked on for the improvement. Express does post updates “sometimes” but they are often outdated and all during this time the vpn service is quite bad - and customers would like to know the most updated information about improvements and what’s being done and keep these statuses up-to date. For example the last status update was May 22nd and befoRe that was March 17th, while all during this time connections were often very bad or nonexistent. Today is terrible and has been, so I suggest you save your money and not subscribe with Express.

Garbage Service & Even Worse CS. Let’s start off by saying I got this VPN because everyone referred me to it. I’m military overseas and was promised this would allow me to stream my Netflix, Prime, and HBO Max services while stationed in South America no problem. Well it was a lie. Every month my streaming services stop working for weeks at a time and when I speak to customer service all they tell do is push the blame game on an imaginary problem by using canned statements like, “things are fine on our end” and “we’ll elevate this to our engineers to work on” but no one actually does anything. They don’t offer solutions, other than ask me to drop another $200 on a router that has their app integrated into it (because my $400 router “isn’t compatible” and forces me to stream via their DNS servers). I’ve dealt with no streaming services for two months now (Dec & Feb) and what did they “compensate” me with? $3.88 Yes. That’s supposedly the “pro-rated” amount of VPN service for the time it didn’t work. So I lose all the money I paid towards streaming services and ExpressVPN throws $3.88 at me to shut me up. Outright the worst and most unreliable VPN I’ve ever had. I’m probably the only bad review in here so I’ll understand if it goes unanswered and unheeded, but don’t waste your time on this VPN if your overseas. Just don’t.

Worst App. After I changed emails, ProtonMail claimed to have updated. This was a lie. My new email would not work, and double billed me. Express then billed me for second account, charging me an additional $148 per year. I already had account that covered 3 devices. They refused to honor that contract, and double billed. Lawsuit has been filed, waiting for California Secretary of State to serve their foreign corporation. EXPRESS did this to segregate accounts and double bill me. I am owed a refund, and now I am denied access to both old email address and new email address to sign in. INEPT BUFFOONS IN CUSTOMER SERVICE. Have screenshots stating that my searches unprotected. So it’s not just breach of contract. They are being sued for fraud. They are cheap, dishonest company. Do not trust them with your data. My attorneys can’t wait to get them into court, and are demanding attorneys fees plus punitive damages. Apple is also a named defendant for enabling fraud by Express and collecting money for non-working app.

It works well but I hate constant captchas.. It’s a pain in the booty to have to “click on the bicycles,” “click on the mountains,” “click on the buses,” “click on the boats,” “click on the crosswalks,” “click on the streetlights,” “click on the stairs,” it was probably annoying to read all that as much as it is to be forced to do complete those captchas every time I want to search “Ben Shapiro AOC feet” or “1/6 was absolutely an attack on the US,” “Tucker Carlson American traitor” ya know, just basic common searches to read more about things. Why do I have to do that constantly? No other VPN triggers this nonsense from any other site. So far it has only been expressvpn. There’s also sites I can’t even log on like HBOmax, even PEACOCK of all things flags me as being a bot… PEACOCK! That’s like if Quibi figured out where I lived and took out my family. Overall, it’s too expensive to justify being bombarded with captchas no matter how well it does it’s job. It’s worth a free trial and a check to see if you like it. Maybe you won’t have my experience. I will say the customer support is fantastic and 24/7 and it doesn’t feel like I’m talking to a bot, I may be wrong and it may be a bot but it sure doesn’t seem like it and that’s a big bummer because I could use that level of support on the apps I’ll actually use.

:(. Still no effective update for Iran…and please don’t lead Iranian ppl to customer support link, it doesn’t work, we can write a review here because the app store is not banned in Iran, for contacting customer support we still need VPN which is apparently doesn’t work due to heavily internet shutdown. Also, Please add a feature to help us check the availability of each server base on user internet connection strength (red/green light) because each day we need to check manually for hours to find the connection and most of the time user can’t find the right one…even with premium accounts…i understand Iran is a small market for your company compare to other part of the world which means probably you won’t do anything at all for us…but still thank you for your probable support

CHINA USERS. I’m studying abroad in China for a year, and my university from the U.S. runs on a google platform. That being said, I need a reliable connection to non-Chinese servers. So far I have been in China for 3 months and Express has failed to work. I have contacted support multiple times, and they give me good feedback, however it still doesn’t help. If you are planning to go to China I would not recommend this app. I can’t speak for other countries as Express might work well in other areas, but in China it doesn’t hold up. I have spoken with students who also have Express and they agree that it doesn’t connect. I have found other VPNs that work perfectly, and at a fraction of the price, but I don’t want you to read this thinking it’s an ad for competing VPNs. If you plan on studying abroad in China or are traveling to China, I would consider waiting until arrival and ask around because everyone here uses a VPN (even the locals). That’s what I did once Express wet the bed and now I have a great connection.

So frustrated. The app works well enough on the iPhone, but I just spent an hour chatting with support trying to get my credentials so I can use the vpn on a Windows device, which is close to impossible, it would seem. I had a prior account with ExpressVPN set up through my email that expired in 2018... this email is also my iCloud/Apple ID, which I suppose is part of the issue? I explained this to them at the beginning of the conversation, but they still had me reset my account 2x. They then asked for the last 4 digits of my credit card, which I provided, and the billing date, which is today. They had me send screenshots of my subscription pages and finally were asking for me to send copies of my bank statement. I spent an hour of my time trying to get login information that should be present in the application for people who subscribe the way I do (this is how NordVPN does it). I have asked Apple for a refund.

Unstable connection; blocked by more sites. Used this service last yr and found this the best of many VPNs (10+) I’ve tried, probably. Blocked by the fewest amount of sites/apps and fairly quick. Was considering an annual subscription recently but decided to try monthly first. Good choice. During this month, all internet connection would either stop or be so slow it’s is effectively stopped, on my iPhone. The only way to restore connection is turning Express off or changing cities. Emailed support and a couple of emails provided no help. As you’re unable to select a particular IP address for each city (1st I’ve seen) this wookd be an annoying issue that happened several times per day. Don’t remember this at all when I had them last yr. Also, more blocked sites/apps than last yr. Asked for my money back and considering its expensive price, will no longer consider them anymore for annual membership.

Best VPN I have tried.. A notorious thing about VPN’s is they slow down your internet by heaps and it is kind of a trade off between privacy and slower internet. This VPN however is an exception, I have been using it for 3 days now and my internet hasn’t been affected at all, as a matter of fact in some scenarios it speeds up my internet by a few milliseconds of ping (don’t really know why,) but I just love it. Premium is the best VPN purchase your gonna get, I have been using it on iOS and my PC and it doesn’t even feel like I have a VPN, that’s how fast it is. If I could recommend get this one at all costs, you won’t regret it, and a big thanks to the company behind this VPN for giving us all an awesome private, fast internet experience.

Lost My Cable Service & Too Many Cross-town Trips to hit a reset button. After being a fully paid customer for 2.5 years, I can say this product has many many problems. It is not self-healing. There is no mechanism to automatically reconnect after its unspecified timeout period. So if a storm knocks something out for 5 minutes, you are going to have to travel to reset the device. Customer service was not helpful. They didn’t try to upsell me, they were just telling me to connect manually. I asked for a script to do it and they indicated I should know how to do that; it’s their product not working. My desktop machine is crosstown working, while I tended to long-term family-medical issues. Also, It was also leaking packets & my cable service terminated my contract for too many violations (doing research, I needed certain files tracked by RIAA or whatever it’s called—8 times I thought upgrading would fix it but: No). Really really disappointed. Infuriating, if I’m to be honest. TERRIBLE!

Best VPN. I’ve been using this vpn for many years and have tried others but always came back to this one. Primarily because I trust it and it’s very consistent. I’ve never had any of the issues I’ve read on here about blocking apps or websites. Any time I’ve issues were my internet stopped, which has been few, it has always been fixed by Turing the vpn off and reconnecting. Or just connecting to a different server. I also like the emails they send about current privacy and internet issues that are going on. There is also a lot of information about the company itself on it’s website that I have rarely seen on other vpns. If you’re looking for a safe, secure, and consistent vpn, this is it.

How Is This The Number One VPN?. Before moving overseas, I wanted a reliable vpn, so I could keep in touch with family, friends, and have no problems using online resources I had in the states. I heard wonderful things about Express (which I'm starting to believe are their own employees leaving sales-boosting comments and reviews), so I figured it was worth the money. But it is not! At least 3 times a month you will experience connection issues. So, you will contact their 24 hour customer service line who really have no solution to any of your problems other than "update to the latest version," "try a different location," and the cop-out "blocks are at a high, there is not much more we can do at this time so you will have to wait." This wait can take anywhere from a day to almost a week.. And if you do get it to work, you will have problems with streaming sites because they recognize you are using a proxy or data blocker! I got so annoyed with waiting around for their latest update, that I went ahead and downloaded a free version of a different vpn, and guess what - I HAVE HAD ZERO CONNECTION PROBLEMS?!? How is that possible? This company does a great job hyping themselves up, but they are nowhere near as good as they claim to be. Waste your money on something else.

VPN location keeps switching to Canada. this morning, I ordered ExpressVPN in order to be able to stream live TV from the United States while I am in Canada (Vancouver, BC). Express VPN keeps assigning my VPN location as Ontario, Canada, which literally defeats the purpose of having a VPN for live streaming! I have to keep going into the app and changing my location to Seattle in order to be able to stream live TV. Once I change my location in the app, it works fine. But I have had to manually change my location five times today alone. I wonder if this is a function of having ordered the VPN today while in Canada…? Whereas last year, I ordered it before I left the United States. I was in Mexico for three months and had no such problems, my VPN was somewhere in New Jersey and live streaming was seamless. Once I established the ExpressVPN account, I never had to touch it again. It’s annoying, to say the least. What happened ExpressVPN? Or have I done something wrong?

No Support for Mac on app store. Like expressvpn seems the most legit of all the vpn services (although stil feel somewhat uncomfortable regarding allegations of cto who used to be involved with some dodgy biz. Those reading google to make up your own mind) The above aside, the fact that expressvpn has no MAC app, results in me switching over to Nord (who are even more controversial and who i dislike intensely) Long story short. Put your app on the MAC app store to run on apple silicon and I’ll switch back right away. Lastly I would like to conclude by saying do the right thing and dont mislead users into thinking VPN provides security, it does not. Some of your ads are rather misleading…you guys are probably the last trustworthy service from the bunch. Dont loose your integrity through misleading adds and scare tactics. Cheers.

Excellent product. I give this app a very high rating in the service as well expressVPN deserves to hold the rating is number one in VPN services it might be a little higher price than others the reason why you pay for a service like this their customer service representatives alone are worth the price a few issues I’ve had minor we are all expertly taken care of by courteous well-trained and prompt customer service agents I have had no problems with the program with the VPN service itself and what few issues I did have a minor enough not to even mention mostly just errors on myself regarding my account but even then it was dealt with promptly you’re very courteous about it they should definitely receive a 10 star rating and be considered #1 In the VPN services

Connection drops occasionally. I’ve now been using the service for almost a year regularly on my iPad, iPhone, and MacBook Pro. Overall, it is a good product. I have not decided whether to renew my subscription when it expires or try another service. ExpressVPN is very easy to use; however, it is pricey and allows only three devices per subscription. I have noticed as the newer versions of ExpressVPN have been released, there has been a increase in the number of drops. I’ve learned that whenever I have internet access issues to check ExpressVPN first – usually it has dropped the connection. Disconnecting and reconnecting fixes the issue 99% of the time; rarely, but it has happened, I’ve had to disconnect the session and leave it off to use the internet.

Misleading Marketing. So I’ve been using this on my phone and tablet for a few months now overseas and it’s been great, not as many servers as other offers but they’ve been steady and strong. All in all, pinging good speeds any time of day or night. However I specifically purchased a year with Express VPN because on the picture and information it says, “supports all devices” and includes the MacBook logo. Firing up my MacBook today, it appears it is not in fact for all devices. Considering that is was the deterministic factor that made me choose Express over a competitor, I am now 100% to not go with them in the future; not being available across all platforms is acceptable, publishing falsified information is not. If you just need this for a phone, I suppose you could be happy with it but if you live in the 21st century and enjoy having all of your devices working in harmony - sort of the whole appeal of using Apple products - you will be sorely disappointed.

Does not work. Hello, I would like to request for a refund. I am aware that it has been over 30 days since I purchased this account, but a fair and lawful transaction entails an exchange of money and service, and service I have not received. I paid $100 dollars for allegedly the best VPN and the service is mediocre at best. Forget about speed, I am lucky if express connects 1 out of 10 times I try. I often go days without being able to connect at all. And now there are only 2 servers that Chinese users can pick from, and again, neither of them work for me. Even if it connects sometimes, it drops within thirty minutes. My total connected hours since my subscription started probably does not exceed 2. I have tried everything that express support has instructed me to do, and still nothing is working. Since you fail to provide the service you promised when I made the purchase, I am afraid that I must respectfully ask for a refund.

If you live in China, don’t waste money!. I’ve used ExpressVPN for over 2 years now, more or less for reasons that there is simply a lack of better VPN services available in what is undoubtedly one of the most censored countries in the world. In terms of ExpressVPN’s consistent connectivity or connectivity speed, your annual $100 could certainly be better spent, because in the 2+ yrs that I’ve used their services, I’ve had nothing but problems. For starters, the VPN DRASTICALLY slows down your internet speed (and if you’re already living in China, you know how slow the internet is to begin with). Secondly, there have been week-long absences of viable connectivity, which have proven to be quite infuriating for someone who heavily depends on certain social media outlets to stay connected with family and friends back home. I strongly suggest that you find other means of privacy and access, unless you simply don’t mind wasting $100 of your hard-earned money.

Outclass most others.. Strict no log policy, despite they only collect how much data go through your traffic, alone side with aes 256 and rsa 4096 ensure the ultimaye privacy. In terms of speed, i subscribe to a 1Gbps up and down isp,the max i have while hook on VPN is 130Mbps up and 110 Mbps down: they do have a physical limit, yet still outclass any other in the industry, by much more. The above average price to me, unlike to others, is not a con. Extra cost are fully invested in extraordinary performance. If you wish to trade performance for cheaper price, and wish to share it with all your families, chose nord vpn. They are cheaper and slower, while the encryption, compatibility and support are as good. But if you prioritize performance, and have a smart router like asus ac3100, this will be a money well spent talk.

Disappointed. I got Express VPN prior to my move to China from the USA in August 2019. Since coming to China, Express VPN has been so inconsistent, slow and most times flat out won’t connect. Even during my travels to Russia over the past few months, the same holds true. Then when Chinese cyber security got tighter at the end of September, it has been almost pointless to try and connect. Express VPN puts out updates to the app, has a China update webpage on their continued efforts to improve their VPN but it’s just more of the same. There was a 12 day period where my Express VPN wouldn’t connect AT ALL. There are times when I can be sitting next to another person with the same iPhone, on the same WiFi network with Both of us having Express VPN trying to connect to the same server and one us will connect while the other can’t, and even if one of us connects, the internet is slow and the vpn disconnects before too long. Very frustrating to have spent good money on a subpar product that frankly doesn’t do enough to improve its service.

Need better support(connecting from China). The vpn works every now and then and is great when it works. However, after paying for the service and using it for a few months, the vpn stops working very frequently to a point where it is unusable. The vpn drops connections every few seconds. When you ask the support team, if you mention that you are connecting from China, they will just say that they are working on it and give you extra weeks of the service. While I do appreciate the extra weeks given, it is annoying that there is never a current fix for these issues. Other vpns(such as nord and surfshark did not seem to have this issue) and always gave methods that ended up working(temporarily). This is a great vpn service if it works. However, it is really annoying when it doesn’t because they basically have no solution to the issue(if you are connecting from China).

Pretty Good. Overall it functions pretty well on IOS. However, if your phone is not unlocked the VPN disconnects until it is unlocked. This can cause, as you might imagine, issues if you lack mobile data where you are. This also causes issues even with mobile data. From what I’ve gathered this is something done by Apple so I can’t really fault Express VPN. Except for seeing products advertised that, “keep VPN connected on IOS” I just refuse to pay for both a VPN and a keep alive app. An alternative is just constantly streaming Pandora or something to stop the disconnect. Works great on my computer. But on the IOS it... checks most of the boxes but not quite all of them. Hard to beat the privacy it gives — so I deal with the nuisances.

Not great. I chose ExpressVPN for a number of reasons, one being their large number of servers all over the world. Imagine my surprise, then, when I was in Panama or Costa Rica, both places where ExpressVPN has servers, the “smart location” feature chose a server in Houston. It wasn’t just one time. It was every time. And a speed check of ExpressVPN servers showed that the servers closest to me were not the fastest. Why am I paying more for more servers if I’m not going to use them? Next complaint: The “smart location” feature is not that smart. I don’t know how many times I’ve been in one corner of the country and it stayed stuck on a server in the other corner of the country where I just came from. Sometimes it would catch up. Often, it would not. This seems to be an OS-specific problem. The MacOS version is better than the iOS version on this point. Finally, connection problems. Frequent connection problems, in every location I’ve used. One moment, it’s connected. Later, it won’t connect to that location. Or the connection would drop and not reconnect, necessitating a manual selection of another location. For what this service costs, I expect it to work much better than it does.

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Language English
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Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 11.78.0
Play Store com.expressvpn.iosvpn
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

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The applications ExpressVPN - VPN Fast & Secure was published in the category Productivity on 2014-08-11 and was developed by ExpressVPN [Developer ID: 886492894]. This program file size is 128.12 MB. This app has been rated by 245,046 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. ExpressVPN - VPN Fast & Secure - Productivity app posted on 2023-01-23 current version is 11.78.0 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.expressvpn.iosvpn. Languages supported by the app:

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In this release, we: - Improved connectivity for some countries. - Added tips under the Help menu on what to do when CarPlay, AirDrop, Apple Watch, or media casting aren’t working.

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