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Bitmoji is your own personal emoji.

• Create an expressive cartoon avatar
• Choose from a huge library of stickers – all featuring YOU
• Use Bitmoji in Snapchat, iMessage and wherever else you chat

Using Bitmoji in Snapchat unlocks friendmoji – 2-person bitmojis featuring you and your friends!

Bitmoji App Description & Overview

The applications Bitmoji was published in the category Utilities on 2014-10-29 and was developed by Bitstrips. The file size is 125.29 MB. The current version is 10.48 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes and improvements!

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Bitmoji Reviews


Hmmhh...  GROOT_LOVER❤️💖💝💞  1 star

I don't like how it requirers iOS 10 or higher because I can download it! Also I think it should be for 10+


Clothing Options  ohmylollipops  4 star

It’s a great app but in the next update could you please include an option where you can chose a top then pants then shoes, not have them all together on one outfit of that makes sense. Cuz there might be a top I like and a really nice pair of shorts, but they’re not together.


Absolutely Amazing!!! BUT.....  JJsommi  5 star

It would be amazing if you could add braces, and different colours so it looks more like them. Also I live on a farm and here you can’t really wear fancy stuff you have to wear a brim hat, jeans, boots and a long sleeve work shirt. I know you have the brim hat but it would be amazing if you have the rest of the clothes to match it. Apart from that this is an amazing app especially if you are in a rush to get somewhere. Good job!!! ☺️😀👍


Good, but needs more  Graciiiieee  4 star

Bitmoji is pretty good, never any issues with it. But I would love the option for more hair styles. E.g top knot with long hair, or space buns with long hair, braids, half up/half down etc. It would also be cool if there were more clothing options, maybe a simple outfit that you can change the colour of the top/bottoms of. And last but not least, a bitmoji emoticon of a van or campervan! The only camping related thing you have is a fire. Thanks for reading my suggestions! X


So much fun!!  kdayart  4 star

Absolutely love the app, I have so many comments how much my emoji looks just like me and I’ve sent them all over to get their own. Just one thing missing. The clothing is quite conservative (not like me at all lol) any chance of adding some hippy/boho/witchy styles at some point in the future? Thanks for making an awesome app .... ps, loved Bitstrips as well 😊

beezelbub jones

Gender non conformity  beezelbub jones  3 star

This is less a review and more a suggestion. I'm 100% the kind of person that deleted and re-downloads this app to change their Bitmoji. I'm also a the kind of person who doesn't want to be confined to a masculine or a feminine figure. This is just my humble queer opinion, take it if you want. I think Bitmoji should include a third ambiguous option or even better a fully customisable body that accommodates to anyone on the gender spectrum as well as those whose body types aren't representation in the available choices.


Great App  Baz108  4 star

Great App, don’t get me wrong. But I wish there was more options for people with CURLY to frizzy hair. Like more types of Afro’s, tight curls ect. :)


Great  OttawaB  4 star

I’m surprised that your bitmoji can’t get earrings though.


GREAT  Den&jem  5 star

I love it


More outfits and hair styles  Lopsidoodol  5 star

I absolutely LOVE this app except I always find myself in a hard situation where I can’t find any5ing I like that I want to wear or a hairstyal that suits me. Could you maybe have some more up-do hairstyles (a dream come true) and or some more maybe magical, everyday, comfortable clothing. e.g some cute denim shorts with a turtle neck. Thanks so much!!!! Otherwise I love this app and if you have Snapchat then I highly recommend this app for you. 🤗🤩😁👍🏻

3 stars✨

The clothes  3 stars✨  3 star

I love the app but I wish there wher a option to mix and match your own clothes like a pink to and black pants 👚👖👠


Yup  lil_dickynicky  5 star

Love this app but would love if you could put piercings/tattoos on my person 😂👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


Lav this  Gymnasticsmai  5 star

It helps you to express your personality in your own awesome format.It creates an image that you can customise in which ever way you want .


Alright app but better with one tweak  Madara_Uchiha.  4 star

Bitmoji is alright but needs way more things like expressions for example there needs to be more than just smiling, no serious look whatsoever Btw it’s just personal but I would love to get anime styles too for the face and clothing like eyes, hair and costumes cuz let’s be real a lot of ppl would love that. And split hair color for hair like one side is a different color to the other but that’s just my personal belief it’s alright but needs to expand on people’s taste cuz it’s only based on one thing

annonymous 2006

Great few issues  annonymous 2006  4 star

Love this app but there should be a few more options such as two plaits and piercings. However an all round great app otherwise

leah xox

more hairs  leah xox  3 star

i love this app but there needs to be loads more short hairs. i got my hair cut a while ago and there’s not many hairs that look like mine which is annoying so i have to use the long ones.


Add more?💓  peachyboi1256  5 star

I think Bitmoji is fantastic as it is right now and I’m loving free updates but I’m always hoping that facial piercings will be part of an update soon. Like the full thing, lip piercings, brow piercings, nose piercings. Even like loads of ear piercings! I think it would be super cool


Please, add braces?  Ness_2018  5 star

It’s great! There’s a bitmoji for literally EVERYTHING. I would just like to make a request. Could you please add braces? I’ve recently gotten braces and I went to change my bitmoji and there was none and I was quite disappointed to say the least. It would be really great if u could add them. Thank you.

Faye Ní Nuallain

Just one thing  Faye Ní Nuallain  5 star

I’m a person that likes braids. And in the hair section there are none. I think they should be added in too. Otherwise the app is so fun. I love how creative you can be. Please add the braids in. Thanks


Outfits?  Daisy2343  4 star

My bitmoji had a Forever 21 outfit that’s no longer available and it’s so annoying not being able to find it anymore:(

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