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Bitmoji is your own personal emoji.

• Create an expressive cartoon avatar
• Choose from a huge library of stickers – all featuring YOU
• Use Bitmoji in Snapchat, iMessage and wherever else you chat

Using Bitmoji in Snapchat unlocks friendmoji – 2-person bitmojis featuring you and your friends!

Bitmoji App Description & Overview

The applications Bitmoji was published in the category Utilities on 2014-10-29 and was developed by Bitstrips. The file size is 77.03 MB. The current version is 10.23 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

* Fixed bugs and enhanced overall functionality.

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Miss long hair  D1an1ta  1 star

I need to complain about not being able to make my avatar like me. I have long hair!!! The avatar doesn’t resemble me because there is no long hair. So Im about to get rid of this app just because of it. You should think about this option because I know I’m not the only person disappointed by this missing feature. If I could give no stars that will be my rating. Update: Thanks for your response, but the bitstrips option is not coming up, maybe because I never had that app?


Like it  Gym_cat  5 star

Hey ok I love this app! But there need to be more clothes plz plz plz! That’s all.

Jdieie dhgf fyfhr

Useless without Search  Jdieie dhgf fyfhr  1 star

The search feature was removed in order to force you to enable the keyboard. This app should be perfectly usable without it having full keyboard access. Super shady.


Awesome  nygmaboss  4 star

It’s awesome I love it but the only thing is o l wish you could suggest new clothes you might like


Loaded with options!  NARecovery11  5 star

There’s an immense number of Bitmoji selections to choose from. For just about any relevant occasion, phrase, term, metaphor, or activity, you will most likely find something within relation. Highly addictive and extremely fun when messaging your friends or family...or even your boss! High recommendable for all ages.


Where is the eye shape option?  Msasunflower  4 star

I just noticed that the eye shape option is no longer there.


Yo boi  Whovian56413  4 star

This is a great app. I love it and I just got it. But I feel like u can pick like a different shirt, pants, shoe and jewellery for your avatar. Not a whole clothes for it. Other than that it’s AWESOME


Unsubscribing  Chickenbutt7  1 star

These outfits are not for me. Where’s the options? You can have every team on a shirt with a hat but everything from forever 21 is a dress? There’s like -3 options for good taste and with how many people use Bitmoji, they can do better.


Great; however would like more customization abilities  Achandavy  4 star

I loved how much I can do with it! I wish I could customize my outfit. From the shoes I wear to the headwear I want to put on. Then I can customize it all the time!


I love it!  Jdjsnhahshay  5 star

This app is such a great way to express your feelings without using words! It’s a great way to show how everyone is very different in looks and style, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. Some social media apps even use this for silly pics all the way to happy birthday creations! It’s a very fun app and I recommend it 10/10.


this app is great!! but...  Bowden4  4 star

i really wanna say more of a, i guess you could say "guys" range of clothes for girls. some of us would really like it, ‘cause a few most of the clothing choices are a bit too girly. other than that, i think the app is great!

Gems suck dick. 💔

Nice app but needs more long hair styles for boys  Gems suck dick. 💔  4 star

Nice app but I’m finding trouble finding a style for my hair. It would be nice if you could add more hair styles for guys that goes to around between the ears and shoulders . Thanks


Just one option  okayyeahhh  3 star

Bitmoji is really good to use! Can you guys add an option where you can "Create your own outfit". I highly think everyone would love to have this option! So that it really looks and represents them' ILL DEFINITELY GIVE A 5 STAR RATING IF IT HAPPENS!

~Lu <3~

Piercings  ~Lu <3~  4 star

Please include more piercings like nose rings etc


AMAZING  livvycarter_06  5 star

Great and recommended to everyone


Not enough customisation  Lunamoon7744  3 star

Not a lot of hair styles and skin tones and such to choose from. There is nothing to match my hair, which i’d like, please consider adding a wider variety of customisation


Where’s the avocado 🥑?  Jawejdkeke  2 star

Dear bitmoji, I just recently added my bitmoji with my Snapchat and I was wondering where’s the avocado 🥑. I really was a big fan about the costume and now it’s gone so if you could get it back that would be wonderful. Kindest regards


Fix Hats & Hair  QLDER6  4 star

Works great but only some headwear moves the hair behind the ears and repostions it. Would like to see all headwear do this so it looks better rather than half the hair sticking outside the hat


Want to but can’t  Rapunzel1113  2 star

Everyone I know is using this app but I refuse to use it until you put more hairstyles and options on there for people, there is plenty of clothes but where are the long hair, hairstyles? It’s supposed to be a reflection of you and yet there is nothing to help you be unique from everyone else’s bitmoji 😕

i just wanna wear what i want

Please don’t gender the clothes.  i just wanna wear what i want  4 star

Apps pretty fun to use but it would be so much better if you didn’t have to gender the clothes as there’d be more for every one to choose from. If there’s an update where this changes I would be ever so grateful.


Love it  Cutesparke  5 star

I love how you can make a emoji that looks like you and the update is lit omg


Love it  Grace😋😶💩🏀  5 star

You should add an option for braces on Bitmojis


App has no search and no preview  Atxmob  2 star

After a glitchy (crash crash crash) first attempt to make the avatar I was finally able to. But then found the app has no search function (only keyboard does) and no full size preview of the image you select within the app. Not everyone wants to use this as a keyboard only and these failures make it less user friendly and less fun. Might delete cuz it's annoying.


The Grateful Girl  SAVAGE SENDER  5 star

I personally love this app but weren’t emoji’s made first.On second thoughts I can say: I ❤️SNAPCHAT

sad girl😕

My curiosity  sad girl😕  4 star

I installed it at first but when I found out your app was linked to snap chat I had to uninstall. I don’t care for snap chat and don’t wish to have an acct sorry 😕


Would give 5 stars but...  braceface1999  4 star

can you please make an option to have teeth with BRACES!?😂 I feel like my Bitmoji doesn’t look like me bc it doesn’t have braces🤷🏼‍♀️

Nat Geo Kid Fan

AMAZING!  Nat Geo Kid Fan  5 star

I really love bitmoji! Me and my friends chat all day and use bitmoji for the funniest things or anything we want to do with it. But I wish there was more clothing and like add more bitmoji messages like for example: Ballet, sitting on the floor, or laying on the floor. PLZ add more cool features and styles. Opps, I gotta go… POST MORE BITMOJIS!!!!

Cynthia 💅

More hair color options  Cynthia 💅  4 star

Love the app but I wish it had more hair color options So I hope you guys add more color choice and hair style choices in the future updates Like ombré and stuff


Hair colors  Tricia46375487477467468  4 star

I have purple hair but there’s not purple hair color in the app so I just do blue but I’d like you to add more hair colors to the app.

Miss Lady B Nice.

Options  Miss Lady B Nice.  1 star

I hate the limited options with the only one Bitmoji. 😡🤬

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