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Bitmoji is your own personal emoji.

• Create an expressive cartoon avatar
• Choose from a huge library of stickers – all featuring YOU
• Use Bitmoji in Snapchat, iMessage and wherever else you chat

Using Bitmoji in Snapchat unlocks friendmoji – 2-person bitmojis featuring you and your friends!

Bitmoji App Description & Overview

The applications Bitmoji was published in the category Utilities on 2014-10-29 and was developed by Bitstrips. The file size is 113.10 MB. The current version is 10.19 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- Improved linking of Bitmoji to Snapchat, so you can use Friendmojis with your besties in Snapchat with ease!
- Fixed bugs and improved overall keyboard performance and reliability.

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Bitmoji Reviews


Please add more facial hair options  Zzjjll101  4 star

I love these but add more features please

Ry Harg

6/10  Ry Harg  3 star

Not enough hair


Earrings  m_bol11  4 star

How do u get earrings for bitstrips on Bitmoji for a boy


Bitmoji looks  Dreaxoxox  1 star

The hair options should have more variety and longer length. +1 for emoji me on the variety of looks and shades of skin tones -1 for bitmoji.


Love it!  unibellafarah  5 star

I change my avatar every day and use it for Snapchat! I love all the clothes options.



I HAVE BEEN A BITMOJIER SINCE THE BEGINNING OF MY DAYS, you adding the house as a Halloween is amazing funny and comically great I will love you if you keep doing what ur doing love u bye


Great  StarLord3355  4 star

It is great but please do an NHL line of clothes.

Redmond W

GoT outfits  Redmond W  5 star

You guys should add Game of Thrones outfits as an option. You had the GoT theme packs up until recently which were really cool. Should definitely get added as outfits too, similar to the Batman vs Superman ones that have been on for a while.


Tacos...  CamHa0205  5 star

I like tacos... 🌮


Great App, needs search feature  Nursenikki3  4 star

Love this app, love that it has Astros outfits :) I wish it had a search feature, and wish you could click on the images and make them bigger.

:) :') :D

More clothes  :) :') :D  4 star

More maternity clothes options would be awesome! And possibly a new range of normal outfits too 😍


Outfit Personalisation  IAmAPenguin303  3 star

I love using Bitmoji, but I think that a great addition to the app could be that you should be able to create your own outfit for your avatar by mixing and matching clothes from the standard outfits, so it can be more personalised. Please add something like this soon, it could make the app so much better!!


Great app  vicmoji  5 star

Overall a great app lots of fun but not enough to say every thing


Awesome job👌👍👨‍🌾  Hairyplotter  5 star

Thanks that apps amazing I can do every thing with it


NEED MORE OPTIONS  Zdfbmnf  2 star

When I was making my bitomoji it was really hard because I have medium length really curly hair and there’s no option for that or for my skin colour or my body type which actually makes me feel kinda sad coz like I’m not like the average human I guess but I hope they do more options and stuff but I still love the app

Christine Tully

Hair  Christine Tully  3 star

I don't know if this is just me or if it is everyone but I have family and friends who could customise their hair length and the choose from the styles. On my phone I have only medium length styles and their are not many to choose from. Anyway basically more options and hairstyles would be good.


GREAT BUT MORE FITS  reginasdfghjkl  4 star

Loveee my Bitmoji and I love looking at others however just a bit of feedback. I also only use it on snap. Please consider more skin tones.. I feel like with my moji’s skin colour is other light or pretty dark, no really in between. Relative to this, please consider more lip shades or eyeshadows that are nude or with the trend. Also a big one for me.. MORE FITS. Right now there okay, but please consider maybe looking at other clothing brands. Maybe Urban outfitters, H&M or something well known. Or even just create more outfits under the Bitmoji category but look at current trends. Thankqqqqq and great job!


Bitmoji upgrade  brad.donald  4 star

Bitmoji’s are amazing! I love using them! I would love to make a suggestion. In Snapchat, when using bitmoji’s its great when the person your talking to has one because you can send such creative ones to each other featuring both of your avatars. I would love to see this feature brought into everyday messages or iMessage. I keep having to screenshot duo avatars of Snapchat then crop them to send them over messenger sometime so I think having duo avatars over message or iMessage would be brilliant!


Love my Bitmoji  24KaratSV  5 star

What a fantastic app!!! I love using my Bitmoji in messages and now I've started including it for things at work. Like others I'd love to be able to mix & match clothes and also save outfits like my work uniform as a go to outfit.


It’s ... ok..  pareol  3 star

Looks like it’s not bad, there’s only problem that you can’t use everywhere, like messenger every time I’m trying to add something it’s not going through...


Appearance  ShortyFlyyyy  4 star

Can we have the option to put braces on our bitmoji?

David K. Miller

App maker sells your cell phone number and name to others.  David K. Miller  1 star

If you don’t want your child marketed to with their first name via text don’t download this app. The app maker sells your data and name to someone. The only app we are never signed up for my daughter with us and she received texts to her first day inviting her to things.


Colors  Mamamamman  4 star

I would like to be able to change the colors of the hats


Headband  LolAwYa  5 star

Can u add headband because ppl like me wear one


Great App...  bababaadis  5 star

This App is a great App...and for a business man,i think it has alot of potential...How about you turn this into a chat platform,were we can use this mojis to chat...


I love this!  felipasalazar  5 star

I love this so much I love how it’s connected to Snapchat and all the little filters is it hard for it and also I love the stickers it has


Improvements  CELForever  5 star

I really enjoy the app! One thing i would add is seasons that the bitmojis react to


Great  TheLocalWiseGuy  5 star

Great but give us NHL Team outfits!


Updates  Sudhcudi  4 star

Y’all should give more accessory choices like chains, necklaces, grills, gold teeth, watches Etc. and also y’all should make it where you can create a bit moji by showing a picture of something and they make it for you

Sara Lehman

Pretty good!  Sara Lehman  4 star

The only thing I wish they did differently was have halloween costumes and other fall clothes for the bitmojis!

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