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Bitmoji is your own personal emoji.

• Create an expressive cartoon avatar
• Choose from a huge library of stickers – all featuring YOU
• Use Bitmoji in Snapchat and wherever else you chat

Using Bitmoji in Snapchat unlocks Friendmoji – 2-person Bitmojis featuring you and your friends!

Bitmoji App Description & Overview

The applications Bitmoji was published in the category Utilities on 2014-10-29 and was developed by Bitstrips. The file size is 148.81 MB. The current version is 10.57 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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Bitmoji Reviews

My experience with the app

GOOD APP BUT NEED NEW OUTFITS  My experience with the app  4 star

Good app but the outfits are getting boring we need new outfits cuter outfits more fashionable or maybe have an option where we can use the Snapchat game coins we earn playing the games to purchase clothing for our bitmoji

Goldensavage/JuliusJackson ll

Hair  Goldensavage/JuliusJackson ll  4 star

Everything is good, just dye the dread. Like make it to where you can dye the tip of the dreads any color. Great job with the app!


Love it!!  Ss964kl  5 star

I just love this app!! Sooo cute.


Great....... But  Njuhrejnqief  4 star

This app is amazing and so fun but I really wish that you could make multiple Bitmojis at a time so that if you made a new Bitmoji you would not lose the old one.

yee boi pewdiepie will win

Yes  yee boi pewdiepie will win  5 star

I love this app but it would be cool to have ombré hair or we can design a outfit! It would be cool to be able to make a background check


Not a review, just a suggestion.  Theblondemenace  4 star

Can we please PLEASE just have piercings or tattoos on Bitmojis? Some people are alternative and that’d be mad dope just saying 🤷🏻‍♀️ great app tho. Love my mini me.


Keyboard  jenfkanf  5 star

One thing I don’t like is that i do want full access to the Bitmoji Keyboard, the app sees all my past texts. 😑


Getting Boring  Queenicole  2 star

Updates for minor bug fixes and performance issues come out regularly but new features have not been added to the app for quite some time. Getting a little tired of the same hair styles, hair colors, accessories, outfits.... I think it would be much more fun if users had control over shirts/pants/shoes instead of having to choose one whole outfit that’s “premade”. The app isn’t very interesting when you know exactly what’s on there? Would appreciate an update with real changes soon.


Amazing  emilymariereese  5 star

This app is amazing’s bad at the same time it always takes Up a lot Of Space but other Then that amazing


Good👍🏻 but suggestion 📃🖊  game184  4 star

I love this game. It is super fun, even if you don’t Snapchat you can still use it on iMessage and it has a lot of stuff on there. But I do have suggestions. I really think you should add some more hair types on the hair thing, hair styles like French braids and curly hair. Because my hair is curly and my friends are like, “ girl you hair not straight” and then one of my friends has long hair but their is no hair style for that so maybe longer hair styles. And buns! You only have loose buns and I don't really like that.


needs more clothing choice  Chrisy744  5 star

the app is fantastic besides the clothings choices, i wish we could create our own outfits. i’d be amazing!!


Add hazel as a eye colour  madds.124  4 star

Very good app but you should add hazel as an eye colour.


ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!  ugfjgigigggibihg  5 star

This app is the best! They have so many different varieties clothing! You can use it in messages,Snapchat and many more! I highly recommend this app to everyone! I ❤️ this app!

bucket of goldilocks 🍒😚

clothing  bucket of goldilocks 🍒😚  5 star

i really think there should be a new batch of clothing each month. thankssshhhh


Outfits  overiiiiit  4 star

Please add Flight attendant and bartender Bitmoji. Thank you!

Skwirrle Nutkin

Why  Skwirrle Nutkin  3 star

Dear Bitmoji users and Staff If I am completely honest there are so many off putting thing on Bitmoji like the ones that say “I suck” and things like that as well as not being able to pick and choose out fits... If you really want people to use Bitmoji, then get rid of all the off putting things like the horrible things on there that are so negative and horrible I hate it and I know personally that many many many users don’t as well. People are sending theses and then putting them selves down and I know that that can lead to death put on them by them selves. (I can’t spell the other wa


Love but could use a few updates..?  JadieBabieCakezz  3 star

Love this and love all the different stickers because they basically describe me to a T in the mannerisms and basically how I am 😂! Butttt... Could definitely use a few more options/updates in the Hairstyles section, makeup colours, and headwear a lot more options In long hairstyles, lengths bangs etc. Also need need need more and more clothing options! I always see the new updated stickers but never seem to see a lot of new clothing options? My little avatar is sick of wearing the same stuff because a lot of the stuff you have on there is either sports related, massive big costumes or just not my style. Could definitely use a lot lot more new updates styles please!


Update hair and clothes options!  piperd04  4 star

Love the app! Although no options for people with curly hair besides full Afro. My bitmoji only has either straight hair or a lions mane. Which isn’t me. The clothing options are old and outdated. Please update!!!

Bull - just no

Hair  Bull - just no  4 star

There should be a colour option of slight regrowth coz so many blonds have natural roots but on there Bitmoji they have full head one colour due to no slight regrowth style


Needs a search function  $olitaire  3 star

Can you please add a search function in the app. Thanks!


Great app! but....  🦄silovethem  4 star

I love this app! But I think that there are definitely some things like the way to get to the keyboard is a bit of a pain, like you have to click on the emojis than to on the letters or go through the apple app thing but if your getting this app on Android then your going to have a bit of a problem without the little widget thing to help you. I think that in the update that you should make it so that way you can ask to have a button on your own keyboard or if you want to switch to a Bitmoji keyboard where the emojis are both Bitmojis and whatever emojis there are on the specific kind of phone you have. I think that the app itself is great but there are some minor details that need to be worked out. Over all outstanding job with the app


Good  udjffjf  5 star

It’s a very good app I just wish we could have more options for clothing and shoes


Amazing  CS🐘  5 star

WOW Bitstrips. You've done Such a great job on making such a great and useful app. I use it all the time in my texts, but I wouldn't recommend it toward younger audiences. It does have a few cuss words but nothing too major. I do wish that you could change your outfit color and I also think the app would get several more hits if they could be added to GIFs. Mabye possibly incorporate the Bitmojis on to games.Thanks again for a great app. 😀🐘👍🏻


RGycjulljymg  Ffdffqerffzsvxffftfvddttgfeeggftggggggg  4 star

Sc be a HMUyrby


Clothing  Ajshdbdsj  2 star

They haven’t come or with any new Bitmoji clothing in forever. This is getting boring. Sorry not sorry .. step it up!


Outfits  BaileyHoran  5 star

I love the outfits and I love the app in general, but I really wish there was an option to design your own outfit instead of having to choose the ones already premade


Needs a weed smoking theme.  saraya_sykes  5 star

It already has everything it’s an amazing app but being a marijuana consumer I would love to have some of my Bitmoji just chilling out smoking or with a friend for like a bit more of fun as the app already is! It already has like a drinking theme. Why not a weed one?

#Mika Lior

Best app ever!!!!!  #Mika Lior  5 star

It’s a really good app that’s very useful and fun.


Bitmoji app...  Renaudio  5 star

App is really nice in giving you that right emoji expression. But I have just 2 questions: 1. Why is there so much profanity and nasty gestures? 2. With every update, the icon goes away you’re left with this white empty background where the Bitmoji spot was.


Needs search bar  madifivetwo  4 star

I love bitmoji and I love customizing it whenever I change my hair or my style. Recently however I’ve gotten pretty annoyed when I try to use bitmoji in apps where it doesn’t automatically connect (I.e. Instagram) and I have to scroll through the entire app just to copy one specific bitmoji. The app need a search bar just like it has when it’s connected to snapchat or other apps. Other than that, it’s pretty great.

ig analyzer fan

amazing  ig analyzer fan  5 star

It’s amazing but I want more outfits thanks

Victoria Lunin never works >:<  Victoria Lunin  2 star

I LOVE Bitmoji, in fact, I love it so much that I want some merchandise. Do they have merch? Yes, yes they do. Can I get it? No, no I cannot. NEVER WORKS FOR ME and it makes me extremely disappointed. It says I’m not connected to the Internet when I have full WiFi. It says that the website has been shut down when my friends have been on it the entire time beside me. And it’s not just my phone. It’s on ALL my other devices as well. It’s not anything wrong the Internet or my devices, the website just doesn’t like me for some reason. :(


Update  bambilou88  3 star

Please update clothes they all awful, I like to change outfit regularly. And hairstyles!!


Fabulous app!  nyancat_159  5 star

This fabulous app is plainly fabulous I can’t even think of enough things to say about this app! My friends and I always make full conversations using bitmoji! 5/5 stars!


OUTFITS  katieeeeeeenelsssoobbbbbn  3 star

We should be able to mix and match our outfits

Maya Girgasz

Please  Maya Girgasz  4 star

Please please please add more hair styles AS WELL.


Ori I guess  kirsty_buick  4 star

U need a O'Neill Gaelic clothes section pleaseeeeeeee

this nickname is teken

BitLocationi  this nickname is teken  5 star

Wow what a great way to gather information on teens and their interests so it can be sold to data housings and advertising markets!


Help  Darkwaifu  4 star

I Dont See The Girl Clothing For My Bitmoji :/


Add more things?  Timeeasimion  4 star

Can you guys add more outfits? Like trendy outfits and outfits people actually wear. And more trendy glasses and hairstyles cause there isn’t a lot of options.

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