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Bitmoji is your own personal emoji.

• Create an expressive cartoon avatar
• Choose from a huge library of stickers – all featuring YOU
• Use Bitmoji in Snapchat, iMessage and wherever else you chat

Using Bitmoji in Snapchat unlocks friendmoji – 2-person bitmojis featuring you and your friends!

Bitmoji App Description & Overview

The applications Bitmoji was published in the category Utilities on 2014-10-29 and was developed by Bitstrips. The file size is 94.76 MB. The current version is 10.27 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Change your outfit in the Bitmoji Keyboard with just one tap!

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Bitmoji Reviews


suggestion  Anonymous13452  4 star

i think i’d be cool if a feature was added to where you could customize the outfit on your bitmoji w the stuff that’s already in the app. like mix and match stuff. i play w my bitmoji’s looks so much, & that would make it so much more fun.


More!  kgt.k  1 star

Bring more clothing and hair style options!


More clothes  veganweiner  1 star

Add more clothes and curly hairstyles


So this is where the cancer comes from  Hhahshssh  5 star

This is my favorite form of cancer


bitmoji  ryanharris21  5 star

bitmoji is so fun and easy to use 👌🏼🤓


Update Malfunction  JQHDANCER  4 star

This review is mainly just for a new update, because version 25 says that there is ombre hair and that there are more hairstyles. I haven't seen those hairstyles since I updated the app. Though my friends have ombre hair and some of the new hairstyles. For example one has Blue ombre. One has a messy bun and two others have a new short, kinda wavy hair style.I can't seem to find a way to get those. And I don't want to risk loosing my character if I delete the app. But other than my Update Malfunction I really do enjoy the app. One more thing, I think that for the outfits you should be able to choose a shirt, pants, and shoes all separately from each other so that we can create our own outfits. Because Im not liking the outfits. The only ones I like are the crop top ones and I don't really wear crop tops.😊❤️


Very important... Add something about dragon ball  GDenmanuel  5 star

I think I’m not the only one that Hope you guys add something about dragon ball, and if you put it in, a lot of people gonna be happy, I will be happy if you guys can do that, please consider this recommendation


Great, but hairstyles are terrible.  Cee516  3 star

On the new version of Bitmoji avatars, you can only give the girls long hairstyles. As a girl with short curly hair, I don’t have very many options. I would love for them to have more options.


Spell Check!  MKC28  1 star

Loving the new bitmojis...but offense is spelled incorrectly on the “no offence” bitmoji. Just FYI!


Love but....  Skillyj  5 star

I love the game but i'm a girl with braces, and i think i would look more like myself if you had those. The body types are a lil weird but good for the most part and i wish u could change how tall u are! Thanks!!🖤🖤


Minor additional things  Stephski01  4 star

Should be able to customise your bitmoji to have braces / plates for teeth. Should also mix and mate clothing eg. chose your own pants & tee ! Other wise great app :)

chicken fillets


The Bitmoji app is amazing and I love every feature, it’s really fun to dress up your Bitmoji and change your Bitmoji style but I wish there was hair treatment for the classic Bitmoji. I really like the look of the classic Bitmoji but I really want hair treatment for the them.

Samuel polimeni

Football/soccer  Samuel polimeni  5 star

Hello bitmoji staff I recommend adding some football/soccer team outfits into the app because some people like different sport that would be amazing if u could do it. Sam


Outfits and accessories  shadae02  5 star

Just an idea, would you consider allowing us to be able to change the colours of the glasses and hats? Thank you, would mean a lot. You should also see if you could get a sponser with vans and get some old skool shoes happening!!!


Mullet hairstyle mate  fmxwally  4 star

G’day just wanting to know when y’all gonna add the mullet hairstyle and the different lengths for them. Cheers. Hope ya take into consideration.


2 Things...  Samloveschewy  3 star

1. Where'd the headphones go for our characters I am the type of person who wears earphones pretty much 24/7 I want to show other people that with my character, I used to have headphones but they were taken out in the newer updates, why? 2. Why aren't we able to fully customise our outfits? E.g. I want 1 shirt with different pants. But I can have that option because of all the outfits being decided. I don't like any of the outfits. They aren't anywhere near being my taste in clothing.


CUSTOMISE OUTIFTS!!  Channy548  5 star

Everyone’s style isn’t identified through the limited outfits that you provide. Don’t get me wrong there are some good choices, but having the opportunity to choose a different top, pants, shoes etc instead of just one look would be AMAZING!! Please consider this idea! It would make personalising and creating a more accurate avatar for your users to identify themselves as. Thank you x


Tattoos  R.Mozz  4 star

Hi Bitmoji staff, app is great and the new features are really good, are you guys considering adding tattoos into your next upgrade? This would really help customise the Bitmoji

usually joyfull person

Doesn’t work  usually joyfull person  1 star

Fix your problem!!! I recently updated the app and was told that if I took a photo using the app that it would be able to create a personalised emoji although it doesn’t change anything and when it does work it looks nothing like me. disappointed


Go back to old bitmoji style  _aprill  3 star



iPad?  Eemamma  4 star

I just started using this at the suggestion of a friend. I enjoy it so far, but I’m seriously disappointed that I can’t use this app on my iPad. The Bitmoji apps for iPad all charge and don’t function as a keyboard.


We need more options  For_eva_baddie  5 star

I wish they looked more realistic and that It had more options like hair clothes body size the makeup all that


Missing Emotions  Aries_r.l  2 star

Didn’t have an “it’s okay” Bitmoji...could have saved me awkward confrontation:(

Billy bob jeniffer the 3rd

love!!  Billy bob jeniffer the 3rd  5 star

i love bitmoji and i’ve used it for around a year and half because my friend kept sending them to me and i thought they were cool. i think you guys should add more outfits like jeans with a flannel or hoodies and new casual outfits.


Mzjaquoi  mzjaquoi  5 star

I am in LOVE with the new additions!!! Thanks so much for the update, and look forward to what else is in store!! ❤️

good game 02 ves

In love  good game 02 ves  5 star

I totally love this app you have such a variety. Personally I would have set it up better just with the outfits and facial stuff, it is NOT CONFUSING so you can instantly have fun. I have braces and I think they should totally add braces because that can really mean a lot when you have braces. Ear rings would also be a nice touch but overall 😍


More updated ethnic hairstyles are needed.  Kenjunior  4 star

Let me say that first and foremost, i really enjoy this app. I’ve watched this grow since back in the early years with Facebook. It would be greatly appreciated if Bitmoji could add more hairstyles for ethnic people. For example, many of us Black men have 360 waves, and prefer line-ups, whether it be a regular Caesar or variety of faded haircuts, rather than an ordinary natural hairline. Other than that, keep it up; you’re doing great! 👍🏾


Outfits  YourFavoriteSpicyApple  4 star

Bitmoji is an amazing app where you can create your own avatars, and I love everything about that.The only thing that I personally dont like is the outfits, there should be more options and, instead of having pre made outfits have the option to pick your top, bottoms, and accessories.


Fun app  ChiVol  5 star

Lots of fun being able to change outfits. I wish there were more outfits: college teams, country gear (think Olympics), premiums from other designers!


Suggestions  MattyTheBatty  4 star

This Bitmoji deserves to have more style selection on the deluxe just like the original bitstrip version & should add like a custom clothing like for example a shirt/pants/shoes that I want to wear & match real life.


Hair  OtiBash  4 star

I don’t like this new bitmoji cause it doesn’t allow me to choose a type of hair like the last bitmoji, you can only choose from hairstyles not hair type or hair length


Not seeing the difference  Deji_oni  1 star

I can’t see any deluxe version, checked the whole thing to confirm, Rip off


Great App  zee_queen  5 star

This app is a really nice app, it also works on sc(Snap chat) WhatsApp and wherever you chat! Take it from me, go ahead and download this app.


Your update has messed up my app  abyhonour  2 star

My app was working fine till I updated some hours ago, now when I open the app, nothing displays. It's just blank


App Issues  Loolah!  1 star

Not downloading ooo


Facial hair (Beard)  Shuktas6  4 star

I Noticed you don't have, A Goti... for Guys


Braided hairstyles (box braid or normal braid)  Ddixye  4 star

It's amazing and I love it! But I wish you could add different hairstyles like box braid or other kinda braids I hope to see a newer update soon with those hair styles Thanks.


Problem downloading the application  Janiacat305  1 star

I am unable to download the application on my iPhone6


Problem downloading app  yasirgarachi  4 star

I can't download the app on my iPhone

Timi Blake

Poor  Timi Blake  1 star

I hate the way it post on my Snapchat


Outfits!!!  DorkPrincess💋  4 star

Would be awesome if there was an update on the outfit choices, as they’re all a little old now. Also, to be able to mix and match different outfits but be a good idea to add to a new update!


2 plaits  Hazel🎉  5 star

I love bitmoji BUT plz add 2 plaits in the hair styles 💁🏻‍♀️


Love  sorryimnicola  4 star

I love bitmoji, I mainly use it for snapchat! The only thing I wish was an option is picking and choosing outfits, and some facial piercings! Other than that I love everything! The new update is awesome


Love the new update but..  LeanneMariexo  4 star

The mouths look a bit odd! However the hairstyles and everything else are great. I think we could do with some new clothes too!

Laura Socca

Very nice!  Laura Socca  4 star

Theres not much thats actually wring with the app, its actually very good to me! I just would like more variations of clothing, like more summer stuff, more casual, more fancy clothing and a few more colour swatches. Over all its pretty good.

Guest 904776

These costumes are disgraceful  Guest 904776  2 star

I’m am very offended. Bitmoji you need to make a giraffe costume I am offended. I would like a giraffe costume thank you have a nice day come again

victorious fan

Great  victorious fan  5 star

This is a great app especially for creating a Bitmoji

Rhianna 💜🔫

Good  Rhianna 💜🔫  3 star

Needs new clothes and if we could chose a certain pants, top and shoes separately it would be Much better tbh

bitmoji lover💖

Design outfit  bitmoji lover💖  4 star

This app is great! But it would be even better if we could design our own outfit😁 but still keep the selections of outfits.

Omg so funny xD

The new update is too hard to use  Omg so funny xD  2 star

The new update makes it almost impossible to use and it’s so confusing, overall there is some stuff like the hairs that are cool but before you could go to “long” “short” “curly” etc but that’s gone 😡 and the layout is confusing as heckkk


Loving it  Rsedibe  2 star

Bitmoji is great I suggest if you don’t have it obviously you not living life

Liam Govender

Outfits  Liam Govender  2 star

Literally need new outfits, everything is a bit outdated now.

Clint Nkosi

Cool app  Clint Nkosi  4 star

This is a really cool app bit the only problem is Esther I don't know how to Or it just doesn't work because I can never get it to shoot a photo and then build a bitmoji.

diep blou see

Crap  diep blou see  1 star

Crapp app, one of those you have to register to use


One my favourite and most used app!!!  BD4000  5 star

For the death of me, I just don't understand why everyone with a smartphone doesn't have this app. Bitmoji is hands one of my all time favourite apps. It allows me to convey the full gamut of my emotions in the simplest and funniest of ways. If we all communicated Bitmoji style the world would be a better place. 😄 To the team behind this app kudos and keep up the good work. Really loving the Bitmoji + emoji combos!


Shoes  Snapster2008  5 star

I completely love this app it's just so cute! The only thing is shoes I think you should be able to choose them individually. Love the app


More hair please😂  khutso❤️  5 star

You guys should really make more hair styles with braids but other then that I absolutely love the app❤️❤️


Love the app but...  Kimsy08  3 star

The app is great but could you please make more skin tones because I can’t find one that matches me well and I’m an olive skin tone and the olive you have is like could you please make more for everybody.

Jeff rood

Super cool  Jeff rood  4 star

I absolutely love this app, for the most part because of its compatibility with Snapchat. It’s brilliant in its content and structure, and really fun to use. Whether it’s in conjunction with Snapchat or added as a keyboard. The only tiny concern I have is the lack of variety in the hairstyles. The outfits are a nice touch and enrich the content significantly. X

Bea Green

Fat Emojis  Bea Green  4 star

Maybe need fat Bitemojis


Appearance  Hi-Gamer  5 star

There should be a beard without prominently joining mustache


Problem logging in  ewurabenatyga  5 star

Pls I am having problems linking my Bitmoji to Snapchat...I can’t log in or even try to sign up

aj kofi

Jerseys  aj kofi  4 star

Please add soccer teams to the outfit


Update  Blaqswan  2 star

I am unable to update my Bitmoji it's been about 2 weeks I try and I'm told Bitmoji can not be downloaded at this time

Heart eyes kitten

Friendmoji  Heart eyes kitten  5 star

It will be really nice to see the friendmojis on more apps other than just Snapchat.. that's my favorite thing about bitmoji . Makes it super fun to use


Football Jerseys  ClaRke_eddy  5 star

Really amazing app...I noticed the introduction of the NBA jerseys and I think it will be much more interesting to see that of football Jerseys as well...I really want to see my avatar in a Manchester United jersey.


I love it  Roxybysticscuttie  5 star

Wow this app is so amazing


Nice app there  Naa🔥  5 star

This app is great, but can the developers make it come as an emoji not as a picture


I like it!  QueenElka  4 star

Great app. However, I find it annoying that my bitmojis show up as pictures when I use the keyboard anywhere other than snapchat. Could the makers make them appear just like an original emoji would? I understand that it would need to be larger to see the facial features. I am not opposed to that. It can be slightly bigger but not an image that the person has to download to see it. Get on it bitmoji developers! Other than that, its a fun way to change up your keyboard.

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