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What is bitmoji app? Bitmoji is your own personal emoji.

• Create an expressive cartoon avatar
• Choose from a huge library of stickers – all featuring YOU
• Use Bitmoji in Snapchat and wherever else you chat

Using Bitmoji in Snapchat unlocks Friendmoji – 2-person Bitmojis featuring you and your friends!

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Bitmoji Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bitmoji Version 11.6914 March 2022

*Bug fixes and improvements!.

Bitmoji Version 11.6722 February 2022

*Bug fixes and improvements!.

Bitmoji Version 11.5920 December 2021

*Bug fixes and improvements!.

Bitmoji Comments & Reviews 2022

- Room for Improvement!

Wow! Bitmoji is a terrific app to use and I absolutely love it. My family, friends, and I have competitions to see who can go the longest only talking in Bitmojis. Amazing app! A few things are limited though. I role play in Bitmoji (weird, I know) so I would love to see some updates in headgear and clothing. In some Bitmojis, it changes your outfit (bride, groom, puppy), so I would love to see those outfits available for use in the wardrobe. Any long dresses would be much appreciated! Also for wardrobe, it would be cool if you started by either looking at featured outfits or choosing a brand (Black Label, BitmojiSun, Brrrrmoji, etc) so you wouldn’t have to scroll all the way down. My biggest complaint; Snapchat. I would LOVE to use 2 player Bitmojis and Bitmoji Parties in Apple messages or texting! However, I’m sure there are lots of people like me who don’t have Snapchat or aren’t allowed to use it (kids)! So please try to let some other apps allow 2 Person Bitmojis and Bitmoji Parties! I am completely aware though that, being owned by Snapchat, Bitmoji is trying to advertise Snapchat. One more thing- multiple Bitmojis! I have lots of friends and they all say “Oh, do a Bitmoji of me!” And I have to say “I can’t, it would overwrite my data. And you’d look terrible in Bitmoji Classic LOL.” Please improve game! Still sad Bitstrips got canceled! Stay safe! 😷😷😷

- Hair

I love this app! But there has been one issue that have been there for me and many other from the beginning. There are options for straight hair, kind of Wavy hair, and extremely curly/kinky hair. But there is not a single option for looser curls. Afro texture is almost all there is, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’m glad they have so many options for those with super curly locks! But as a curly haired woman myself, everyone (a lot of girls) I’ve met with the same hair texture as me have complained about this when it’s brought up. This includes every women in my family, we have been forced to use straight hair on our bitmojjis. And my god is it annoying that not one style of hair matches our incredibly common curly hair texture. There is (being generous) maybe one hair option in-between straight/sight wave, and 4C kinky curls. Even just adding three or four generic options at different lengths in the very middle of wavy and kinky would make SO many people happier with the app. If there were 4 groups of hair, moving from straightest to curliest, just to illustrate. Let’s say: Straight. Wavy. Curly. Kinky. There would be nothing for the curly category for women except maybe one hair style. Please make more hair!!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for it for years now! And am leaving this comment after silently just hoping for an update.

- Agreed by most...

So I absolutely love this app!!! I think it’s really cool to have all these different hairstyle options to choose from. I specifically love how you can mix and match clothes, it’s honestly a terrific app!!! Although the app is great now, I feel that it would be a lot better if users had the option to delete specific outfits from the “closet” category. I, as many of my friends, think that it would be an amazing way to improve the app if that was an option. It would be amazing for choosing our favorites outfits we have created quickly, rather than scrolling through the whole closet attempting to find an outfit we loved and have previously worn. This would make a significant difference in the app. I hope you can take this into consideration to improve the app and make it a better experience for all users. I also think that it would be really nice if the Hollister clothes section came back, that was pretty cool and we really liked it. If the creators happen to be fixing the app I also suggest adding in jewelry. Having a section with jewelry options would be pretty cool. Some jewelry that would be nice to have include bracelets, necklaces, anklets and I bet if the creators/editors added scrunchies it would be a big hit. It would be highly appreciated by the current users of the app.

- Jewelry

I love Bitmoji but I think there should be an option for jewelry. & multiple options for each category too like an ear piercing someone may want a cartilage piercing & someone else may want just a lobe piercing or multiple piercings etc. I would like to see other options for piercings as well such as nose piercings - studs, rings, septum, etc. (I have mine pierced & would like my Bitmoji too as well), eyebrow piercings, lip piercings, tongue piercings, belly button piercings, etc. I think by giving us the option of most common jewelry (in every category of piercings) would suffice if we could change the color of the jewelry. Like an example would be to have a few different jewelry options for nose studs & allow us to change the colors and then to also have different jewelry options for nose rings and allow us to change the colors of those too. I think piercings are an important part of expressing someone and should be used in bitmoji. I think another thing that would be cool is if we could use the camera to take a picture of a tattoo and choose where on our bitmoji we want to place it because tattoos are another important way of expressing ourselves. I hope you guys take these ideas into consideration because these are important to me and would make me so happy to have them available.

- More than a review

I have enjoyed the Bitmoji app for years but mostly use it with Snapchat. It’s a fun app but I have additional app suggestion. I am a teacher and during the virtual school change I have become introduced to a group that has been integrating Bitmojis into a wide range of educational uses. The Facebook group grows daily and so do the new ideas and ways to create fun and engaging activities for our students with this technology. Many have been trying to create virtual class pictures and making a bitmoji for every student. I feel there is a definite need for a bitmoji classroom addition with unlimited potential and opportunities. The ability to create and store a range of bitmojis for a class. The ability to connect with parents and families if desired. More classroom and educational themes/sayings for bitmojis. Options for bitmojis to interact with each other. (Similar to Snapchat) I even think that teachers might be willing to pay a small (2-3 dollars), one time fee for an app with all these options an educational opportunities. The world of education is changing more and more to a digital world to keep up with society. I think it would be amazing if Bitmoji joined in to give teachers access to customized resources!

- Cute cartoons, bad implementation

I love the little cartoony bitmojis. I think they’re a great way to express myself in conversations and add flair to chats, however, due to the following issues it’s so frustrating to use bitmojis that I’ve given up. Whether you’re using bitmoji in Snapchat or the keyboard in iMessage, you can never find the one you want. The results for searching are extremely poor, especially in Snapchat. Only some of the bitmojis that apply to your search will show up, if you’re lucky. It’s as if they have some tagged with certain keywords but not others, some that should be tagged a certain way aren’t at all, and some that I swear have no associated keywords because no matter what you try to search it just won’t show up at all even though you know you’ve used the exact one you’re looking for before. Overall the organization/categories are terrible, the results when searching something specific are terrible. Additionally, after the recent updates none of my friends show up anymore so I can’t send any bitmojis with myself and someone else. Yes I understand that my friends would have to go through and approve or whatever but they already did that and now that they have to do it again I doubt they ever will. So much for sending my grandmother cute bitmojis of us. I’ve basically stopped using bitmojis altogether it’s just too frustrating to find the one I want.

- Fun app!

I got this app just for fun to use when I chat with my friends. It’s been really good and I had a lot of options to make the bitmoji look like me. I especially appreciate the hair treatment option since I’ve always had natural blonde highlights in my hair. The only thing is that there are a lot of romantic bitmojis or bitmojis featuring things like alcohol that I would never use anytime soon since I’m 12. There’s really nothing wrong with that, I just won’t use them. I just felt like that’s something I should mention. Also, it would be nice to have some more bitmojis for things relevant to kids my age, or maybe some bitmojis for sports like dance, gymnastics, and cheer. Another thing is, I saw a bitmoji featuring smoking that said no big deal. What’s up with that??? I don’t know if maybe it’s supposed to be an anti-smoking bitmoji or something, but it’s spreading the wrong message. Also, it would be really nice to have options for jewelry, piercings, and braces. Other than that, this app is a really fun app to use when texting with my friends and I definitely recommend it. They have a lot of really good bitmojis with a lot of selection besides the ones I just mentioned.

- It’s nice, but could use some upgrades!

Bitmoji is a nice app. I think that it should let you customize your skin color, hair color, hair treatment color, and some other color stuff. I want to be able to customize my hairstyle. I also wish that you could customize the color of your makeup, clothing, and shoes. I think that chest size is another thing. They don’t have mine.... and I think that they just need more customizable things. There should be more sweatshirt and coat options as well. They don’t have any options that I like. They should ask if you wanna customize your pants, and if you do, then they’ll let you do it that. Shirt options is another thing. I don’t really like any of them. They’re way too simple, I want some more color options, and I want to be able to customize the length. I don’t want a full half top, but not a really long shirt. Or I want a VSCO shirt, a oversized top. I also want better looking shorts. I’m being picky, but it’s better then giving nothing at all. I also want more body type options. I’m going to be giving more of a review. But this is all for now. Maybe vans, the checkered, and shirts and stuff 😉

- Could improve but overall great app

To be honest I really love this app but some things do bug me sometimes, I did see that you guys have different styles of Bitmojis and one of them is bitstrips. I have nothing against that style but why do they have more hair and the ability to have earrings? I hope you guys actually update the deluxe type because that would be great. I would also love it if you guys had accessories like necklaces, earrings, things like that maybe some chains you know get creative with it. Also I LOVE that we can now create our own outfits, I hope the clothing choice becomes bigger in the future but for now it’s really nice! I would love to see oversized sweaters and hoodies, more shoes and socks, high waisted sweatpants, skirts with patters, shirts with design on them, and basically just items that will make us look more fashionable and also let us express ourselves. now hats, they are really good believe me but I would love to see some bandanas in the “babushka style” or the new trendy look, clips, a plant cause aEsThEtIc, and some butterflies but again anything creative and fun is ok with me. That’s all I have to say but for now it’s a pretty good app keep up the great work! :)

- AMAZING APP! Few suggestions for next update:

First of all, BITMOJI IS AMAZING🤩 get this app! 💯% recommended! They got like actually good clothes: BLM✊🏿✊🏽✊🏾 outfits, Pride outfits🏳️‍🌈, crops tops, vans, birks, slides, etc. plus a new update included new hairstyles! (Bitmoji, TYSM finally found my style✌🏾🌸) I used to have a problem with finding a good outfit but not anymore lol. There’s funny Bitmoji about online school that are hilarious, check those out too. Hey Bitmoji developers, could you add accessories like SCRUNCHIES and EARRINGS???!? I know other people have suggested these but just saying it again, that would be awesome. You could like wear the scrunchies on your wrist. Also I know this is a big revolutionary idea but what if you didn’t have to have Snapchat to use the Bitmoji friend option you could just type in someone’s email and make a Bitmoji friend thing with them where you duet a bitmoji pic? That would be so cool! Also, I think (other females will agree) there should be a more variety of chest sizes? Because some girls have smaller or larger breasts than the ones you are offering for the avatars. Ty for reading this and please consider these suggestions. -✌🏾🌸Felisha

- Things to add

I recommend you add varsity jackets, knee length/thigh high socks, and second colors for the clothes. I also suggest adding galaxy patterns and a variety of skirts (long, poofy, short,etc.) Also try to fix lag and if you use the app for an extended period of time it resets to whatever your bitmoji was when you started playing that time. I also recommend adding a feature so you can change your height. In real life I’m very short so it’s just a little weird when on bitmoji stories I’m the same height as my friends who in reality are like a foot taller than me. I also think you should add jewelry if you don’t already have it, basically my defining feature is that I always am wearing a choker. Another suggestion is that you add an option to have a non binary bitmoji. In my opinion it doesn’t make sense to have a non binary flag shirt but still have the actual genders limited to male and female. I also recommend being able to add dark circles under your eyes, and for sure add a T shirt into the jackets section because a lot of people, especially myself love layering shirts. I know it’s a lot of work but it’ll be worth it in the end ♥︎

- Great app!!♥️🥰

Bitmoji is an amazing app! Weather you use it for SnapChat,Texting, whatever! I enjoy how you can customize your own little you. But there is so many ways that you could make bitmoji an even more amazing app! First off more fashion! There is already lots of clothes to choose from, but try to put even more in the app more frequently and that would be fantastic! Second, you should be able to customize even more, like your height, the length of your hairstyle, and have more options for breast sizes. Thirdly, you should be able to change the color of clothing. When I go to pick a different clothing item I want and it’s bright pink or some color that I don’t want I no longer want to wear that item, there should be an option to change the color of the clothing item. Finally, please consider being able to mix and match items, like have and an option to ‘mix clothing’ and select the items you want to mix. Please take this into consideration it and I would give it 5 stars, it would also make the app so much more amazing! But overall I totally recommend this app over any other, it is amazing!♥️♥️♥️

- Men and Women come in all shapes and sizes!

I love Bitmoji and have used it for years. My only issue with it is the limited body sizes and shapes. I hoped with the deluxe upgrade you would remedy this travesty but we’re already halfway through 2019 and from the chin down your Bitmoji editor is still failing to account for the majority of the population. You have 4 super skinny options and one “plus-size” that could be mistaken for pregnant instead. As a large framed, hourglass shaped woman I find this incredibly disheartening. There are twenty different options for noses, chins, even ears, but when you finally get to body size you get 5?!? I’m sure it’s more difficult to create clothing options for every size you offer, but I know I’m not alone in wishing my Bitmoji avatar reflected more of my real life curvyness. Read any women’s magazine today you’ll be sure to find an article discussing how to dress for all the different body shapes. It’s time for Bitmoji to stop catering to a one size fits all market and start offering options for ALL the major body sizes. I would love to see you add options for Pear-shaped, Apple-shapes, Oval, Square, Triangle and hourglass body shapes plus different frame sizes as well. Please make this happen!!

- Needs Improving

This app is really amazing and I love to use it whenever I text, on snapchat, or just to customize it just for fun. One really big thing that bothers me is for the hair, there is no option to put highlights. I feel like most people either have dyed or natural highlights which is why you should add it to the hair section. Another thing is that you should add custom eye colors instead of just putting a certain amount of eye colors. My friend for instance, she has hazel eyes and sometimes they change from light green to light brown to light blue. My eyes are light green but sometimes they change to blue. Also again for the hair, there should be more hairstyles for the girls that have a side part and is wavy and curly. Whenever I’m choosing a hairstyle for myself, it just doesn’t look like my style. Also whenever the bitmoji moves their head, the hair doesn’t move with it so it would be cool if it was like real life when you move your head the hair moves with it. Other than that, this app is really awesome and I love and appreciate what you guys are doing to make it better. Thank you

- I love it but I have one suggestion.

Bitmoji is such a great app. I love the new clothes, skin tones, accessories, etc. I love the new “hair treatment” thing because so many girls have ombré balayage or colored hair in general. Everything is more diverse and you have many options. I have used Bitmoji for a long time now and I am obsessed. I recommend this to absolutely anyone and everyone. This is such a great app to have. Even if you don’t have Snapchat. My one suggestion is that I wish there was a section where you could create your own Bitmoji. Of course you customize your little person, but I don’t mean that. I mean, like if you can send a Bitmoji with a personalized message/pose/background. For example, for all the limelights, a Bitmoji that says “I said boom boom boom now lemme hear you say wayhoo!” Or “Boom boom boom” and a separate one that says “wayhoo!” Or for non limelights, a personal message that says something specific like “I can’t wait to see you later at the game.” Or whatever. Do you see my point? It would be nice to have a variety of Bitmojis ready and to be able to form your own.

- Amazing app! 😁

I think this app is good, but there still could be some improvements. First off hair. I think there should more options for people who have curly hair like me. I also think there should be more options for eye color. Some people have hazel eyes, not just one color. Another improvement could be with clothes. I think there could be something where u could customize clothes or make new clothes more often. And maybe u could have an option for people who have ear piercings. Also there could a setting where u could add jewelry or something like that. And maybe have more options for clothes. This app is really amazing, but just because something works well doesn’t mean we can’t make it better!! Other than this the app is really amazing!!! I have fun reading the funny things my Bitmoji says. If u r interested in getting this app u TOTALY should. I use this app everyday. It is so entertaining and u will find that ur bitmoji is quite the character!😉 It is a fun app where u can customize ur character. I hope the creator of Bitmoji will consider my suggestion!!! Love this app tho!!! 😊

- LOVE IT but..

ok so i love this app. i use it on an almost daily basis when i’m texting my friends, and there’s a bitmoji for nearly everything. however, there’s not enough hairstyles. i always style my hair in an ariana grande ponytail but there’s no bitmoji hairstyle for that. plus, instead of dying the ends of my hair a different color i have highlights, blue highlights, but again there isn’t an option for that so my bitmoji doesn’t look like me..please fix this and i will make my rating five stars. thanks. ps. one more thing: i really feel that having preset, prestyled outfits is boring, i’ve tried so many personal avatar apps and they all have prestyled outfits so you don’t get to pick your shoes, you choker, your t shirt. if you made it so that users could like pick each individual thing on their outfit, from the scarf (if they want one) to the shoes, that would be just AMAZING. each outfit could be uniquely styled to each individual user’s preference. i know bitmoji is so much better than all those other apps and this would make it even better. thanks so much for reading this. i really hope i will be able to give bitmoji five stars in the future.

- Please read ❤️

I love bitmoji! It's super fun to customize your own personal bitmoji, and I find that there's an accurate bitmoji for almost any occasion/situation. Plus, the mix-and-match feauture only adds to further customization. However, I do have a few ideas for how to improve this app. Firstly, I definently think that the designers of this app should add an option for braces! So many people these days find these mini metal machines fixated on their teeth for a while, and couldn't possibly imagine their appearance without them. And it's mostly teenagers who use this app, after all, and they are usually the people who have braces. That is why I think that it's important to add a choice for braces. In addition, the designers should include a low ponytail in the hairstyle section. It's one of the most common, easy hairstyle girls these days wear. The only ponytails available right now is this super high ponytail and an awkward side ponytail. We need low ponytails, please! As you can see, I only have two PRESSING requests. Please see them through as soon as you can. Otherwise this app is great!

- A good app but could be improved

This app is fun to use if you enjoy making avatars of yourself but as someone who can’t make a bitmoji that actually looks like themselves I notice a lot of missing options for character customization. Things like the lack of curly hair and the barely enough set skin tone options can be bothersome if you want to make a character that looks like you. Back when bitstrips was still a thing I believe I remember the option to choose a wheelchair, which was really nice but it’s gone now in bitmoji. There’s a lot of physical features that could be added but something as big as the hair you have can be a make or break for some people’s avatars. Besides the customization features, every time I install the app, I seem to get more ads on my browsers and the bitmoji keyboard always sets itself to the default keyboard, which most of the time, causes whatever app I’m using to crash. I don’t really understand why we have to grant bitmoji full permission to use the keyboard either. Despite all of the flaws, it’s definitely a fun app to use with friends, but it absolutely has room for improvement.

- Puppies please!!!

I just redownloaded the app after a year without having it and I’m loving it so far! All the new options made it so my Bitmoji looks more than just kinda like me! Buuuutttt I really need more photo options with dogs! There seem to be a lot of cats and only a couple dogs. If it could be developed where you could build your dog (or cat) just like you build yourself, either in this same app or in a partner app, that would be the coolest. There are no good options out there for that and I would love to be able to use my actual dog as a Bitmoji!! Edit: After a few weeks of using Bitmoji there are a few thing that would make the customization of the avatar closer to real life. Some way to show tattoos would be great! Even if it was just basic drawings on different body parts it would get the point across. Also, being able to change clothing items individually rather than as a full outfit would be wonderful! And finally, better options for hazel eyes!! I had to go with green because nothing was quite right otherwise but my eyes are rarely just green.

- More creativity in outfits etc.

So, I have been with Bitmoji for a while now, and have noticed that Bitmoji has actually been updating outfits, and other accessories pretty often. Something that I am just a little on the edge about, I really sometimes cannot find the correct hairstyle and have to keep changing it until I find the right one. I’m really hoping that you’ll be able to add more long hair style options, for example, like space buns, of like French braids, or a sleek bun. And maybe make the hairs look a little less glossier because whenever I choose the 2 black options, it doesn’t fit my hair color (very dark brown😂) And also, coming from someone who has quite bushy eyebrows, there isn’t really an option for people with big eyebrows. And one last thing :) try more natural nude matte shades for lipsticks colors, since most of them are glossy, they look different with different skin tones. I really hope that you can help me, and probably a lot of problems that others have as well. (Piercings would be great too) Thanks!

- Lips, Hair & Clothes

I just wanna state before I continue that i am talking about the options fir females & i have a few complaints. My First & biggest issue is that I strongly think you guys should add more variety to lips, the lips are awfully thin & theres people out there (like myself) who have very full lips, you should not only be able to pick the size but the shape as well (i.e cupids bow or a pout). My second complaint is that there are not many hair selections for girls with loser curls, especially on bitstrips. They go from very very loose waves to somewhat curly to kinky curls or theyre are very short cuts with no layers... There also should be an option for a part (left side, right side & center..) as well as an extension for bangs possibly. My last complaint is the mix & match, I really think you guys should add a lot more items to it (items from the pre-made outfits & such). As for clothing i think jewelry should 100% be added (hoops, pendants & crosses, bracelets, piercing & maybe even rings..). But overall i love this app a lot & new & amazing things cone out of it every time its updated ♥️

- Good... wish it was better

I appreciate all the updates they’ve made and they’ve all been improvements I just wish they would put all the updates together. For example, they have some great outfits and good separates but you can’t edit the given outfits. You also can no longer search for things. I also wish they would add pattern availability. If they would catalog all the items in the separates that are in the outfits and added a search availability that would totally improve the app. If there was a pattern section maybe they could let you design your own patterns to apply to clothing items. Another thing they could have is a color slider/creater instead of the list. For the hair section you should be able to apply various bang styles to any cut or style (bangs on a ponytail instead of just straight). Ik parts of this seem excessive but some of these things they already had and were good but replaced with something else good but not the same (taking away the search feature and adding separates). Rant over ;)

- I love it! Just need this added

This app is Amazing! I love creating a little Character and using it text all my friends and family they new Version of the bitmoji the deluxe IS SO AMAZING. . . . But one thing I would love to be added is being able to customize your clothing. . . I mean I really like all the choices I get of clothes but some of them just look weird . . . And the limited choices kinda get boring and I somethings check in to see if the app has new clothes but nope it just the same boring stuff. . . . Adding this for a update would be great! 1) people can either choose to keep the original outfit or they can take like the top the bottoms or the shoes 2) people can show themselves in the different ways they can in the clothes their bitmoji wears. . . 3) Some think this is a cool add on to the app and others don’t (but majority people think it’s a cool add on that you bitmoji should do) I hope that if this add on is a update I hope you can switch all the clothes to make your own. That would make us (or some) happy just like me.

- Still tickles me...consistently AWESOME

I have 0 complaints. I never review apps, but this one is one everyone should have. There is now something for nearly every occasion. You don’t even need an occasion to use it. You can have a complete conversation using these personalized bits/emojis without ever typing a word. From expressing anger, sadness, boredom, sarcasm, anxiety, over-worked, tired, nonchalance, attraction/flirt, toilet break (haha), waiting, long distance, and new ones added ALLLL the time. What makes this app unique in my opinion, is the detail in the face expressions. It makes them not only stand out but also more relatable. The ONLY thing that I miss having access to is BitStrip... there was nothing more entertaining than being able to create a bit strip with one of your friends and having the ability to personalize it. A long while back I had seen that it was available in other country’s but not in the IS. I really wish we could access it here... because it was awesome.

- 𝙰 𝚏𝚞𝚗 𝚊𝚟𝚊𝚝𝚊𝚛 𝚠𝚒𝚝𝚑 𝚊 𝚏𝚎𝚠 𝚜𝚞𝚐𝚐𝚎𝚜𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗𝚜💫🌷🤩

Hi! I feel like overall Bitmoji is a fun little app, where you can make an avatar of yourself (or someone else or a made up person) and then a bunch of little layouts with the avatar come up that you can send to friends!! I really enjoy Bitmoji and a lot of my friends have it! But one thing I don’t get is that when I turned on Friendmoji, only one of my contacts showed up that had Bitmoji even though I had like 3 other friends who have Bitmoji as well. That’s not a big issue, but I don’t know if other people are having the same problem? Anyways, another suggestion I have is that there should be a way for you to make your own Bitmoji templates. I think that would be really fun! Overall it’s a great app, and very funny! Another little compliment is that, for example, if it’s the morning the automatic Bitmojis that will pop up will be ones that say “good morning” or have pancakes and such and same with if it’s night or a special holiday 👌🏻

- Christmas and Hanukkah clothes

I love the Bitmoji app its the best. Far from just your causal emojis or Animoji or Memoji, the Bitmoji is WAY better. As from coming from a kid who is writing this. I would like the people or person who created the clothes in Bitmoji, i would like them to please make an update for Christmas and Hanukkah decorated clothing. They can make the clothing through these times and maybe finish it a little early I don’t know but it would also be really nice if they would also make snow gear, snow boots you know that kind of stuff so that the people up north won’t feel left out if they have Bitmoji. Sooo yeah that would be nice so if you can do it then thank you so so much i really appreciate it. Sincerely: I don’t wanna say my name cuz I don’t want hackers or stuff like that sorry. P.S. this is a kid writing this !!!!!!! But I can write this right?? Hehe

- Absolutely Love this App!! But...

I absolutely love using this app for texting my friends. It adds a touch of fun in group chats. There are something’s that I wish were different, however. I agree with PuppyLover147 on things that would make the app better. Mix-and-match-able wardrobe would be ideal. Some of the outfits don’t match my personal style, or one part of the outfit does, while the other does not. Accessories such has earrings on brace are not available (at least I’m pretty sure). Also, the app IS rated for 12+, however, the language used makes me cringe every time I come across one. Once again agreeing with PuppyLover147, I suggest a parental filter, or something of the sort. One last thing. I personally don’t have Snapchat. My friends do, and I want to play Bitmoji games, too. The app Game Pigeon is an app that allows you to play numerous games with your friends over text. I was thinking that you could implement some kind of Bitmoji game like that. But, besides these few things, Bitmoji is a great app that I enjoy having so greatly!

- Love it!! But....

I love this app!! It's so fun!!! Even got my co workers hooked on it!! Love that you have scrubs now!!!!!! I haven't checked recently, but could we make it easier to use for commenting on Facebook? Like that we can use it as a status update, but being able to comment without having to like screen shot or something, and then finding the post we want to comment on would be soooo much easier. Also could we get a selection of pjs and a bigger selection for maternity, I'm not that big yet, and none of those outfits are ummm my type, and I am sure other users feel the same way. Otherwise doin an awesome job guys!! Keep up the great work!!!! Update: with every update, I love this app even more!!! I’ve gotten so many friends hooked on it!! I have used this app since bitstrips came out. More ways to customize our clothes more specifically would be great!! Also maybe some mini games within the app to play with our mini games, or maybe an extension of the app for a game?? Just suggestions, still doin a phenomenal job guys, keep it up!!!


So I downloaded bitmoji when I saw it on Snapchat a couple of months ago and absolutely loved it. I managed to make my bitmoji look exactly like me and when the update came out w/ the camera feature my bitmoji looks even more like me and that’s what got me hooked into using this app a lot especially in text messages. The only thing I have to complain about this app is the clothing options! I wish there was more constant updates w/ the clothing. It’s boring not having many options and we all know that clothing is the way we express ourselves and of course in many other ways but for me clothing is how I express myself. There’s too much sports related clothing and not enough of day to day clothing. I check in every week to see if there has been an update to the clothing options and every time I check I get less and less enthusiastic about bitmoji. I find myself using it less too. Eventually I’m going to stop using it all together if we don’t have enough clothing options 😩 PLEASE MORE CLOTHING DON’T LET US DOWN!!!

- What u need to fix

I love bitmoji and sending them to my friends but I think we should be able to customize our hair style because some people have short curly hair but it’s not parted the way that they part it. And another thing is that when I am going in to close it’s just harder to find stuff and like sometimes like there’s not the shirt that I wear or stuff like that so I think we should be able to just like customize our self without having to pick one of our options and also the lips in the size of our face because the lips don’t match my lips because like I’m weir. And another thing is that when I am going into close it’s just harder to find stuff and like sometimes like there’s not the shirt that I wear or stuff like that so I think we should be able to just like customize our self without having to pick one of our options and also the lips in the size of our face because the lips don’t match my lips. And we should just be able to like have way more options than what we have now.

- The Mishaps

Before I updated Bitmoji, I had an issue with the picture not sending to one of my friends and I thought it had something to do with my wifi, so I paid money for faster wifi. I didn't send Bitmojis to that person anymore so when I tried with other friends it STILL DID NOT SEND!!! I finally figured out that it had something to do with my app, so then deleted the app, downloaded it again, made my character, and EVERYTHING was fine. When I got an alert that I can do an update I immediately did, it finished and I opened the app. Every picture was white and supposedly loading and usually it takes a minute or so to load. I thought it was loading and waited, but none of the pictures loaded. I am confused because I got faster internet. It might be because of the update or the app. It is still white and "Loading" right now. {Edit} APP IS GONE! Okay, I got a new phone recently and I downloaded Bitmoji. It said it was done downloading so I go to my home screen trying to send a Bitmoji to my good friend and the app wasn’t there. LIKE WHAT... IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!? I’m born in 1997 so it’s not the age... So what is the problem? I don’t know.. why or what, or is it a bug? That’s why I gave you 1 star...

- Love it but..

Bitmoji is great but you need to have more clothing few more ways to express yourself would not hurt either. On bitmoji their could be a chat room to talk to friends, but other than that bitmoji is great I use it a lot when I’m texting and for my profile pics on social media. But you could make it a bit more kid friendly I have some siblings and their to young for some of bitmojis content. Also the girl body’s are weird I know you can do better, (of course I have not seen the boy body’s but their most likely weird to). As I was saying before about more ways to express yourself, sometimes I want to use bitmoji but I can’t because you don’t have the right bitmoji for it like ( I lost ). And with coughing you really need to step up your game bitmoji when I go to put on a new clouthing it takes me forever to find something I like. But in conclusion bitmoji is not prefect but if your looking to get the app I recommend it to you and I give bitmoji five stars to show l mean it!

- Great app

I love Bitmoji! It may seem like not a big deal, just being a sticker app, but it does make it much easier and more fun for me to express myself while texting. You can customize your Bitmoji with lots of hairstyles, hair colors, and clothing options. The best part? It is FREE. While you can buy cool Bitmoji merch which obviously isn't free, (and I wouldn't expect it to be free, the developers need to make money!) I love how these developers are very generous and make the app completely free. I kept expecting to try to put a clothing item on my avatar and having a sign pop up that said: Buy the premium version! or VIP outfit set: $3.99! It was great not to have to deal with those pesky things. I only have one suggestion, add braces. A lot of people who use this app are probably high schoolers or middle schoolers, which is a common age to have braces. Even some adults have braces. I know they don't seem like a big deal, but you do see the avatar's teeth a lot in the stickers. Other than that, nice app!

- Outfits- MORE

WHERE ARE THE NEW YEAR OUTFITS!!!! The outfits have been the same so much. The new mix and match closet is cool but in my opinion released at the wrong time, right before Christmas. There should be more modern clothes and more options for body types too. Variety is key. I wish there were more hairstyles too. I love bitmoji, it’s so cute, but my primary concern is, again, the outfits. The maternity section has lots of the older, nicer outfits which bitmoji decided to remove! I really want one of the outfits in the maternity section, why is it only available there? Do I have to get pregnant to wear exclusive clothes? Please make the outfits in the maternity section available for others. I also truly miss the hollister and forever 21 outfits from 2016. I wish those would come back, in my opinion they were the nicest outfits bitmoji has ever had and now they’re removed for uglier outfits which people aren’t wearing as much. I don’t see many people wearing anything from the sporting section which you have made so much room for, nor the bitmotees section. Please consider my opinions to improve this app and make everyone happier :)

- So much Fun!

I refused to download the app for a really long time because I thought creating an avatar would be too time consuming. It’s not! It was so easy and so fun! In fact, after the update to have the avatar look life like, every single one of my friends said that mine was the only one that they could say looks like me. I do agree with the featured review that there could be ways to adjust hair length and more styles for curly/wavy hair. I also would like to see more clothes options, or mix and match options. Some of the styles are too over the top or too simple for my liking. Some outfits I love except for one feature that I could do without and would love to eliminate it or swap it out for something else. They could be a really great feature; a “build your own outfit” section ( like Cher’s closet in “Clueless”!) Oh, and maybe change up the “goodnight” options, those haven’t changed in months and they are getting pretty old. Still an awesome app. Love that we can add friends to our bitmojis when sending them.


First off, I absolutely love this app. If your considering getting this... DO IT!!! This is an amazing app it’s a super fun and silly way to communicate with friends. I have some suggestions though. First off I’d love to see an option to create your own sticker! Where you can customize fonts letters and Bitmoji poses. Also I’m super happy to see you added Friendmoji without Snapchat! But, I’d love to see an option to create a scene. By creating multiple people and adding them to stickers considering some of my friends are not using Bitmoji. I have quite a few ideas for clothes to!! First idea is a cold shoulder shirt. Oh! And flannel shirts! Also I’d like to see short skirts with leggings under it. Also can you add short sport shorts (like the new ones but shorter). Also please add a dress section! Here’s my last suggestion. I’d like to be able to make multiple Bitmojis in one style! If I see a few of these ideas go into the app I’d be happy to raise my rating to a 5 star review. Thanks!!

- Gender Options (or rather, limits)

This app is great! I prefer using my Bitmoji over GIFs. My only issue is that I, as a FTM transgender person, do not like using the male avatar because the face and body shapes do not fit my pre-transitioned face and body shape, but the female avatar does not have the "male" outfit choices that I would like. This could go both ways. Gender is not tied to expression. Men should have the choice to wear crop tops and tights in their right body shape and women should be able to wear muscle tanks and cargo shorts in their right body shape if wanted. It would be outstanding if, like the hair section, there were no gender tied to the options provided. It would be great if all of the options provided to men were provided to women and vice versa. It would be beyond great if there were no need to choose in the beginning which binary gender you are, as not everyone considers themself male or female and that shouldn't determine the options you are provided. Please take this into consideration. Otherwise, I love this app! I'm just having dysphoric dilemmas.

- It’s amazing but...

I love Bitmoji, I’ve seen some people get pretty creative with their avatar and it’s a great way to create it to match you! However, as much customization there is currently I’d still love to see a few more features implemented; such as disability features (wheel chairs, amputee’s, cochlear implant, etc.) to shirts with an awareness (Autism, Down syndrome, different cancers and more!). I’d also love to see more skin details such as full body freckles, stretch marks and conditions such as coloboma. Updated clothing (ESPECIALLY RIPPED JEANS 🥺🥺) updated makeup with more depth (Smokey eyes, wings and realistic looking lashes ALL customizable and separate, better contour and blush); MORE UPDATED HAIRS, INCLUDING Afro texture’s!!! Updated skin tones to match darker tones with the variety of undertones (pinks, blues, rose, golds) and lastly PIERCINGS!!! So many people today have piercings and tattoos and I’d love to be able to make it look just like me!! I’d love for you guys to please consider these updates in making Bitmoji more diverse and inclusive!

- Customizable folders would be the icing on the cake!!

I love love love Bitmojis!!! However, the one reason I don’t use them nearly as much as I would like to is because of not being able to sort them into categories/folders/tags that would correspond with the way I would personally think to search for them. For example, I scroll through and see all these Bitmojis that I love and I think to myself “that would be a perfect response when someone says ______ to me.”, but then when someone actually says ______ to me, I can’t remember specifically what it was I wanted to use in response to that. But if I’d been able to tag that bitmoji or sort it into a folder with a category that works for me, like “a response when someone says something that sounds crazy” (but with a much shorter title lol), then I would have been able to pull it up (along with others I’ve put in that same category to choose from) quickly and use it. The only other thing I can think of that would make my Bitmoji better would be maybe a couple more body type options to choose from. I feel embarrassed sometimes using my bitmoji that’s a bit thinner than me. One body option is a little too thin to look like me, but the next bigger body option is too heavy to look like me. Thanks for all the hard work you guys have put into Bitmojis over the years (I had many laughs over Bitstrips way back when). They’re so fun for me!!

- One of my favorite apps

Bitmoji is one of my favorite apps. I love almost everything about it. I wish that on bitmoji you could make your own outfits. Instead of having pre made outfits you could style whatever you want. I also think it would be cool to change the color of clothing. Sometimes I love the outfit but the color isn’t for me. I think it would be really cool if you could take a picture of yourself and it would immediately change to looking exactly like you. One setting I think would be awesome is to save creations so if you like a bitmoji you made but want to make a new one you can save it and come back to it later. One last thing I want you to add is more clothing options. You give us so many styles but I feel like you need to update. The summer styles you gave us last year are pretty good but I want you to add different outfits for more selection. If you were to make these changes I would absolutely give this app five stars. Please consider my ideas. I love this app ❤️

- It’s great! But...

Ok, I still have this at five stars because it’s not horrible. There is only a couple things I wish they would add. There is no glitches I’ve seen so far, and nothing is super inappropriate or anything for younger’s just the customization of my bitmoji. First, I am a teen, so I have braces. When all my friends see my bitmoji, they are all like, “where are your braces??” I keep telling them that this app doesn’t have any. I look different and for me, I’m pretty picky, but I’ll live. But if you guys do add braces, don’t make them look al weird and crappy (sorry), because that would just be worse! Second, clothes. I wish there was more clothes. Everything there which was recently’s just too much. Just something basic, but cute! That’s all I really have to say. It was just ideas mostly. But if you want a little mini me of yourself you should get this app! I really enjoy it and I don’t think I’d be deleting it soon.

- Soooo close to a 5 star but...

I love love LOVE this app and have been using it for sooooo long. It never crashes, and it’s never slow and NEVER lags, but I just think the selection of STUFF to edit your avatar in general should be bigger...Especially the hair selection. I still can’t find a style just right for my hair, which is wavy and thick with a natural side part but it doesn’t BULGE out or anything. And also the outfits. Although only Boo! (Which I deleted because it completely doesn’t work anymore) had this feature, I just think being able to customize and mix and match different pieces of an outfit would be awesome. Also one more thing...eye colour. My eyes are brown but a light shade that most of the time leans more toward amber, but the only brown eyes that are offered are really dark. Maybe you could have some sort of bar that can adjust the lightness and darkness of each eye colour, like Boo! used to have. Also there’s no hazel eyes! Thanks for a great app anyway! I use it all the time!!🙂🙃🙂🙃

- Great. But needs improvement

I love Bitmoji. My friends and I use it all the time. But with certain hairstyles, and when you wear hats, your hair still sticks out so it looks weird. I think that maybe you could actually make it look like the bitmoji is wearing an actual hat. It’s the same thing with straight and long hair. It’s all sticking out and it looks really weird. But other then everything is AMAZING. But with the Halloween costumes, I think there should be more costume selections. Such as a mummy, bat, wizard, Frankenstein, or even horror movie characters such a Michael Myers, Freddy Kruger, Jason Vorhees, the Ghost Face from scream, a Ghost, e.t.c. Also we need more clothes. Like for instance, when I get dressed in the morning, I pick out pants and a shirt and shoes to go with what I’m wearing. But in Bitmoji you can’t to that. I would love to see that happen though. But I LOVE bitmoji and I would love to see more improvements. It is a great app. I think everyone should get it. Thanks for reading

- Need a favorites “tab” on the keyboard

Update 5/2/19: WHERE IS THE ABILITY TO FAVORITE A BITMOJI that I use all the time and new one’s that I want to use all the time?!?! This is a BASIC feature and it’s irritating that it hasn’t been added after at this time. I do a lot of conversing via text and I don’t have time to sit around and swap to the Bitmoji keyboard and search for a keyword (since we don’t know what each bitmoji is called), go back and paste it in. It severely limits my use of the app, which is a shame because I really do love it! Previous review: I really like this app and the keyboard that you can use while text messaging. But, they really need to add a “favorites” tab to the keyboard where you can favorite the bitmojis that you love so it’s quicker to find then when texting. In a conversation that moves along at a good pace, you don’t always have time to scroll through the myriad of options looking for that one elusive bitmoji. So, developers please consider adding this simple feature.

- Love the New Style!

I highly recommend Bitmoji because of its new realistic style. I recently just updated the app and received “Bitmoji Deluxe.” Let me tell you all the details. You now get to add highlights to your hair and I read that they include over 100+ hairstyles. Your clothes stay the same! They always come up with NEW cute stickers almost every single day, featuring some emojis. You get to link this app to various types of chatting apps, such as, Messages, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. If you link Bitmoji to Snapchat you get Friendmoji which features your friends in your stickers. Many cute stickers and all of them feature YOU in the spotlight! I give this app 5 stars because this is all FREE! No lie! Although, I would like to make just one suggestion, they should add a new clothing line so we have more outfits to express our Bitmoji. Thank you for reading this review, hope this helps you out! I highly recommend Bitmoji, so hope this guides you!

- -Bad problems-

Hello! I think you might be thinking the same thing I thought this app was...but did it happen, all of a sudden? Did it say low WIFI service ,when the WIFI bars are full?! Well...let me tell you my journey of what happened here. So 1 day, I was casually looking threw the App Store and came across BitMoji. For a split second I thought this was just a messed up, bug problem, no good for use, emoji making app. But I decided to ask my friend Tommy if she knew anything good about this BitMoji app. She said she had it and it was AMAZING! And the word AMAZING means a lot in definition, so, I downloaded that app and signed up witheverything...and off course what I thought the app was it was! It said usernam no longer existed and I did not login in I had to MAKE an account! Then it said LOW WIFI SERVICE when I had FULL BARS! I thought it worked for some people but it didn’t work for any device I used and they were all Apple!!! This made me disappointed in this messed up, bug problem, no good, emoji making app. So...I made this review for the developers of this app! Here what’s I want to say to them, “Make sure to shove this app down the trash bin and fix it!“-Sophia’s Journey

- It’s A New Year! We Need New Improvements!❤️❤️

I LOVE this app and like many others I have a bit of an addiction to it. I love this new style!! ❤️❤️❤️ But, I do think there could be some more things that could be added to make this app be even better. 1. For the female avatars I personally think there should be a wider verity in long hair styles. I was scrolling though and many of these styles were short and seemed more appropriate for the male avatars. 2. The clothing in the app hasn’t changed much which is kind of sad seeing that the new year is here and many fashion trends are on the rise. I think what would make it better would be if you could swipe though all the tops,pants, dresses, shoes, etc, and make your own outfit. Many people like to wear many different things, this would improve the app in many ways. I do truly love this app. I just think that some improvements could be made to make it even better!! I hope you all agree!

- Love it, some suggestions

Love the app, love making my own outfits. A couple suggestions tho, to make it better. When making it look like myself i cant find my hair color, hair style, body shapes, so add more styles, that are more wavy/curly or wavy/straight, add more dark browns for hair color. Body shape, let us adjust it to match our body. More clothes, like ripped jeans, cropped hoodies, add earrings, hoops, necklaces, different colors of bucket hats, more designer clothes but more than 3 things for the brand. Add Tommy Hilfiger, pink, nike, adidas, or give us an option where we can design our own clothes, like add things to it. More skin tones too, or lets us customize it to match our color. Basically let us adjust the color of our skin, hair, eyes, and body shape. Add more designer brands, able to customize our clothes, like adding things, also making our own colors for the clothes, and hats. And adding earnings and necklaces, make the clothes fit todays fashion.

- Very disappointed

I have been using the app for about 2 years now and I was loving it. But now I find that they have taken the Superhero styles away. My Avatar was dressed as Wonder Woman this whole entire time until today, when I changed her clothes to a baseball uniform for a point I was making in a text to family members. When I went to change her clothes back to Wonder Woman, I discovered that I was not able to because the Superhero section is no longer there. For the most part the app is really pretty good and a fun way to express oneself, which I do frequently with this app. But I am very disappointed that the Superhero section has been taken out along with other fun movie sections like Game Of Thrones and X Files. It seems that the clothing sections that were the most fun are the ones that have been taken out. Now I am left with either sports or boring attire for my Avatar to wear. Just to give you an idea of the type of character I am: I a 60 year old woman who owns lots of crazy sox because they are an extension of my personality, loves Wonder Woman, gaming, adventure, and I sport intense lilac color hair. Please bring back the Superhero clothing. PLEASE BRING BACK WONDER WOMAN!!

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- Please add more clothing options

Dear bitmoji staff, i think that the bitmoji app could really use a feature that allows users to create there own clothing items and outfits and even also be able share them with other users that or user on yor snapchat friends list, i kinda like shadey mysterious outfits for my bitmoji and theres only one out of all the ones i can possibly pick to use that is of my liking, im sure that many other user would like to see a feature like this added, i reckon that users can make them on a bitmoji manikin to help design any piece of clothing that meets their appropriate desires, I understand that perhaps this may cause problems with some users bitmojis wearing inappropriate items of clothing but im sure you can find ways to prevent that from happening and still with a vast array of many creational options, the outfit I currently have is great and all but its kinda starting to get old and i think implementing a feature like that allows you to make items of clothing can make it more satisfying for users that strive for that perfect outfit or clothing item I really hope you guys listen to these because there are some really good words of advice, i hope you can try adding this feature and if you have read this far then thankyou and please do put this into consideration if possible

- What I love & suggestions :)

I love the Bitmoji app but I think the outfits opinion needs a bit of an update where u can label outfits and assign hair/makeup to each look because it takes forever to get a good look for the moment and i feel like this option would make it easier and quicker to compare outfits-I also think within the Snapchat app you should be able to have the option to match outfits to events/locations to help be able to express yourself more 😊.id love to see custom options in the way of clothing but that feels a bit unrealistic to get around the problem of inappropriate designs but I would like to suggest colour changeable dresses,more shoe options (vans pls🤤🤤),definitely more jackets/jumpers, more baggy jeans/fittings,more beanie options, and more tank top options :).i also think the app needs the full outfit options they have to also be mixable and interchangeable so they’re is more time to find the most expressive fit! Love the app and hope it can improve to be more enjoyable :)) and I definitely Recommend this app to everyone

- Amazing! <3

Dear Bitmoji staff, I love Bitmoji very much, and it is the best way to send full sentences with just pictures. But, I was wandering, if you could make a suspicious Bitmoji, and maybe one that says “Come back!” on it? Also the Bitmoji app: you can search Bitmojis on Bitmoji Keyboard, but it would be really handy if we could search them in the app. For clothes, facial features and hair: maybe a really long straight hairstyle that goes down to their waist? That’s almost how long my hair is, and a nice long straight high ponytail that goes down just above the waist, and an outfit that is a slightly cropped baby blue sweater with a cartoon moon and stars on it, a black skirt, a nice black heart necklace, some socks and black converse boots. Also if you could make a recolour with a pale pink sweater, that would be pretty cool too. Also maybe some white shorts and pale cold-shoulder, slightly ruffled at the top long-sleeved shirts in the colours of the rainbow, including pink with some white and black runners. Maybe some more colour options with the cat ears. (Please include rose gold!) Also can we have freckles spread right across the nose, not just on the cheeks? Just a few ideas for an improvement that I would absolutely love!!!!!

- This is cool!

Hello so I want to start off by saying this app is amazing! I love this app because it allows me to have my own personal emojis. Some people say it is not necessary because you can have the Memoji on ur phone, but my phone does not have that and it is a bit sad. I was messaging my friends and they sent their Bitmoji and I was like “wait gurl where did u find how to make that” my friends told me and I downloaded the app straight away!! But when I was making my Bitmoji it had nothing that was my style and had no styles I put my hair in?! So my Bitmoji is quite off to what I look like. I would just say to make more styles and u don’t need to do this but it’s just a bit of feed back! Thx for reading if u did? keep up the good work! 😅☺️ Also if u could pls try and take this bit of feed back and put it on the app pls! No need but just a preference :)

- Amazing app! BUT...

You guys have done an amazing job on this app! There are so many options for basically everything and it’s super fun and therapeutic to create or redesign your Bitmoji or change the outfit every now and then. I especially love when you added the option to choose tops and bottoms of clothing individually! The app also runs very smoothly and I have no issues on that topic. However, when it comes to facial features of the Bitmoji, it would be amazing if there were even more options in terms of size/shape for different features. For myself in particular, whenever I try to edit the eyes, eyebrows and nose, I find it hard to get it to look just right (if you know what I mean!) A suggestion would be to allow eyebrow and eye size to be adjusted independently (I can never get both of them right together!) Another suggestion would be to have options such as width or length (as well as shape and size, which are both already implemented) when choosing a nose or mouth, for example. In saying that, these are very small and possibly pedantic requests when your app is clearly doing super well. I have zero complaints, just some suggestions of things to add. Thank you so much for all the work you have obviously put into the development of this app!

- Great app but it could be better

It’s great and all but you should be able to choose your height you see I’m like tall but you should be able to choose small medium or tall it would be great you also should add tattoos and let the person making their Bitmoji choose their tattoo people should also be able to make their own clothes not saying that the clothes you pick out for us are bad but we should be able to make our own by ourselves I know some people might choose inappropriate clothes but you can prevent that from happening here’s how you can make it so people can show pictures of their clothes and if it’s inappropriate you can just not let them add it this would be a great update thank you very much for those who readed this all

- Hello.

Hello Bitmoji staff, I just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful additions, changes and updates that you have made to the Bitmoji app. The app is running great, there are lots of amazing costume and facial features and lots of funny stickers. I would like to suggest an idea for a possible additional feature to your app. I think it would be nice if there was a way to have both a female and a male Bitmoji character at the time. A few of my friends, myself included are not currently “out” as Trans* or other parts of the LGBTQ+, and although I have made a male character I sometimes remake my character and change it back to female so the people I haven’t come out to won’t know. This may sound silly as I know I could always just not send the stickers, but this would also be great for people who identify as genderfluid and the like, as they would be able to switch to and fro from the different characters depending on the day and how they are feeling. Please note that this is not a piece of judgement or anything like that, but a simple suggestion. We know that you put a lot of time and effort into this app and wanted to thank you for all you hard work. “You’re doing great sweetie!”

- I forgot to add this to my other review

I did do another review around 30 mins ago. But I forgot to add this I was just reading some of the other reviews and this came into my mind. It would be cool if we could customise our own stickers. Like I read a review saying if there was like a ‘Comeback!’. But if there was a ‘Make your own sticker’ tab, u could make your own sticker so bitstrips wouldn’t have to make a sticker with every single catchphrase or other texts. It would be more fun for bitmoji users. Like if u want to make a personalised birthday message with a name on it, it would be very useful. Or if u just wanna make new stickers. U could have like sooo many positions for your bitmoji, other sticker in the stickers e.g. if u want to add a cat, hamburger or stuff like that. This would be great on like laptops, like I said in my other review- if they was a bitmoji laptops app. But u could make it on iPhone, but like me if u have a small iPhone, u could also have like a ‘Bitmoji Studio’ page on the bitmoji website. If there was a sign in tab, that would make the ‘Bitmoji Studio’ work. Yeah, please use this idea and my other suggestions on my other review. Thx

- Love it but a few changes

I really love bitmoji, all my friends have it and we always send each other them. I know it isn’t just me that thinks this, but wouldn’t it be cool if you added a make your own video with bitmoji or make your own bitmoji sticker to send to your friends and family! I think adding a make your own bitmoji sticker and video would be great because it would allow people to be creative about it and move people would want to download this game! Reason 1 Everyone LOVESSSSSSSSSS this game and would love it even more! Reason 2 It would be way more fun allowing you to be creative and have loads of fun sharing videos and stickers with your friends! Reason 3 Ok, I know I’m running out of reasons BUTTTTTTTTTT PLEEEAAAASSEEEEE consider this to the next update, PLEASEEEE it’ll make it way more fun Reason 4, I was looking through emoji apps like boo mojo and stuff, and they have it to! Please can we get it to😫. If you read all the way up to here, your amazing I would give you a high five🙌👏 Goodbye amazing people and please consider this, I really love this app, and would loveee to love it more!💘

- LOVE IT but..

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this app especially for Snapchat!! But I do have a few suggestions for the next update that would be absolutely amazing to help the bitmoji look just like you! 1. It would be awesome if you could choose the colour of your hair, like spray paint it or something because som people (like me) have dyed their hair so the bottom colour is different to the top if you know what I mean😂 yea that would be pre lit 2. It would be cool if you can put braces on your bitmoji so that when it smiles it looks just like you! but if you do make sure their is a range of colours so it’s the same colour as yours😂 that would be awesome! So yea those r just some suggestions but otherwise love it!

- Polynesian Outfit

To the creators, I love the bitmoji characters that we get to create but I have an idea for you guys. It would be an honour if you would at some point bring in something from my culture, the pacific island culture not just Hawaii or Fiji, but I was thinking of expanding it Samoa, Tonga and Cook Islands. There are so many Polynesians, Micronesians and Malenesians, who believe that the culture is being ignored. I would give you people the time to study the beloved cultures of the Pacific and get some ideas to create some of the outfits that we wore before civilisation and the tattoo we bore as they tell stories. Take as much time as you want, this a request for me to honour and pay respects the bloodline of chiefs, my bloodline.

- More outfits?

Hello to whoever see’s this, if you are a creator for Bitmoji I would love to see a way to make custom outfits. It would make it so much better and would help people out a lot, especially people who identify as another gender. I know there is a big range of outfits but it really doesn’t allow all style preferences. If it’s possible, could you also add a feature to customise hair or hair colour on a colour wheel of some sort and if we could choose where on the hair we would like that colour. I think adding features like this would be more personal and would actually make everyone look different and unique. Hope you see this and don’t ignore it

- Love the game! Just a few suggestions.

Hi Bitstrips, I REALLY love your game bitmoji! It’s awesome. More than half of the people in my contacts use it. I love it so much, I really want you to make other games, so I have a suggestion. In the other game, it could be like bitmoji (you create a character) but could you create more than one character and save them all? Your game is the only actual game I’ve found that allows you to create good cartoony characters and I LOVE games like that, but you can only create 1 character in bitmoji. Thanks for the awesome game and stickers! I have no other problems except that I’m really annoyed you’ve only created one game!

- Bring back search

Dear Bitmoji staff, I hope you read this on the behalf of all of us using Bitmoji, I love this app I must say, but there is one issue I have that annoys me a lot, there used to be a thingy where u could search a clothing item and I found that helpful since I didn’t want to keep scrolling just to find an outfit to my liking. And some clothing brands, like Hollister for example is gone when I really liked there items, another thing is please add more items like ripped jeans and strapless tops and dresses so there’s more of a variety of items. Other than that I really enjoy this app, please make this possible in the future.

- More options for customisation

Love bitmoji! But what sometimes gets on my nerves is the restricted freedom we have with customisation. Is it possible that each avatar style could have the same custom options rather than one avatar having more than the rest? Eg, deluxe having wider range of options than the other two, such as hair & accessories. I do favour the classic & im sure many others do too, but dislike how we dont have the same options. I would also like to recommend if outfits were separated into individual pieces, so we can be able to choose what shirt goes with what pants.

- More clothing options PLEEEEASE

Great app, you guys have done a great job but like many other reviews, the clothes options really don’t represent my personal style and I’ve had the same outfit for ages and it’s getting ooold- there’s no long skirts or dresses at all! I would not wear absolutely anything else that’s currently on offer and I rarely see any clothing updates apart from more boring sports outfits. At one point, you guys had real designer labels available – what happened to that? I also really like the suggestion of being able to create our own outfits -I would pay for this as a premium in-app function.

- What am I meant to wear

I have been a massive Bitmoji fan since it started and love having the options to change my outfit depending on what I’m doing or the weather etc but the women’s clothing options are extremely limited and in all honesty they are not great, if I was a 40+ year old conservative mother of 3 then yes the options are endless but I’m not. The only options I liked which were the Steve Madden dresses and the bomber/dress combos have now disappeared, you need to improve the outfit choices for the women’s Bitmojis to be more feminine and versatile and actually clothes that younger women are wearing or just have more general every day options for us, if the outfit options improved I would 100% change my outfit and Bitmoji a lot more

- About the customizations

I a person who likes using Bitmoji like a lot and I have to use the bit strips because when I go to use bitmoji deluxe it doesn’t have some of my features like bitstrips do and same with bitstrips it doesn’t have features that I have and there are probably many more people with the same problem and I don’t think we should be limited in what we can do to our bitmojis because we all come in at different shapes and sizes so I think you should put all features in every different a avatar you can choose

- New Clothing

Hi guys! I love Bitmoji and I have been using it for at least a year now as well as Snapchat but there is one problem... I would love to have more clothing options such as possibly denim jumpsuits, champion hoodies and shirts, flanelette shirts and jumpers. This would be greatly appreciated if this could happen! I would also like in the app to be able to have earrings on your Bitmoji. I heard you could do this on “bit strips” but I didn’t really like the look of bit strips so can we please have earrings on all the types of Bitmoji in the app. Other than that it is a great app that I would recommend for everyone to use 😁

- Please add an option for braces

Hi, i know braces would make a great addition to the bitmoji. This really personalises the character and makes it look more like us as an individual. I also think that we should be able to change the colours of the outfits, for example what colour shirt or shorts or shoes or pants. It would also be nice if we could add additional piercings like how many ear piercings and any other body part piercings. Please add these into the app it would look so good trust me everyone would love it please add it in. These little details would make it really amazing especially the braves and piercings. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

- Clothing ideas

You should do different themes, such as a baby moon theme I noticed that someone else had the sorta same ideas as me maybe something to do with stars, the moon or zodiacs that’s would be very nice, I also beg for you to add individual chokers to bitmoji, I always find an outfit and then think “this would be great with a choker” I also have a few choker ideas I would really like a choker that has a black heart , and a broken black heart, I and my friend would also like a moon choker and well as a star choker thank you for your co operation , from Lara, melisa, Lilly, Candice , Jackson , Brian

- Bitmoji Clothing

Would absolutely love if we got a sims type feel to the app. As in getting to choose individual clothing items instead of having a set style for our choice. More skin colour options, more makeup options for blush and lipstick, more styles of clothing like denim skirts and jeans etc. I also think adding in accessories such as handbags, jewellery, watches, bracelets is a good idea. Also more hairstyles for girls. Such as the half up half down curly ponytail, cute messy bun etc. just a few suggestions that I know would please myself and others!

- Great but needs some improvements

I downloaded Bitmoji because all my friends had it... At first I was satisfied by the clothes and the hairstyles that you could use... But now I’m a bit unsure. I mean it’s great for designing yourself but, I think it needs a good update! First, it is very glitchy... And it takes about five minutes to load one thing! Second... add some modern clothes (maybe designer brands) and hairstyles like French braids, better looking buns and other more modern hairstyles. Otherwise I really do love the app... Would recommend to anyone that wants to create their own selves 🤣

- Bitmoji need dressing gowns

You know some days I want to look hot AF with heels, tight pants, and bling, whilst other days - I. CAN’T. EVEN... and I need to stay in my dressing gown for a day... a week... a month. Since becoming a mother for the first time, this rings true even more. You’ve got the sweet maternity line, but where is the I’m-a-mum-now-and-I’m-lucky-if-I-get-to-brush-my-teeth-AND-my-hair-today outfit??? Dressing gowns are also handy for total ballers who lounge about in loafers, velvet, and sip champagne all day too. Please add this small, yet basic wardrobe requirement to the Bitmoji closet. ❤️ But also 5 STARS! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Please respond

Hello while I enjoy the customisation of my character I feel it lacks personal things individual people have that would make it even better. For example can there be an update to add tattoos, piercings, and jewellery such as watches, necklaces and rings. Would also be wonderful if we could change our body sizes to what we feel matches, be able to bulk up the arms or tone them down, gain or remove weight from a certain area. I feel there is so much more that could and should of been added awhile ago to make this a more unique experience when making a cartoon version of yourself.

- Updates...

I get updates for the app so I do them. Clearly they’re for bugs and things like that but a lot of my friends are getting new outfit updates quite regularly and I don’t? I would like to be able to change my outfits to something I actually like or would wear to make it more personal haha. I know it’s not a huge issue but I’m just wondering why some of my friends get the updates of new clothes so often and I don’t. Also some new hairstyles and makeup would make it more fun too! Overall I think it’s a cool app and it’s enjoyable to use.

- A few tips

I love Bitmoji especially because you can make your character so unique and look just like yourself but I have a few suggestions to improve the app - Inclube braces. I personally don’t have them but a lot of people do and it would be a great addition - Maybe have a feature where you can design your own clothes - The one thing that really bothers me about the app is that you can only make one avatar. In the next update please allow you to make different avatars. You could have a limit of characters so it stays manageable.


Loveee my Bitmoji and I love looking at others however just a bit of feedback. I also only use it on snap. Please consider more skin tones.. I feel like with my moji’s skin colour is other light or pretty dark, no really in between. Relative to this, please consider more lip shades or eyeshadows that are nude or with the trend. Also a big one for me.. MORE FITS. Right now there okay, but please consider maybe looking at other clothing brands. Maybe Urban outfitters, H&M or something well known. Or even just create more outfits under the Bitmoji category but look at current trends. Thankqqqqq and great job!

- Hair features

I think there could be a lot more added to the hairstyles on the app. I love the ones that are already there, but it would be cool if you could have different options or a seperate section for the front of the hairstyles, like me for example, my hair is straight at the back and around, but I have small pieces at the front that shape my face and they’re shorter than the rest of my hair and also curly. Please consider this, I think it would be a really cool thing to add and it would make people’s bitmojis a lot more accurate :)

- Mixed gender clothing

Dear Bitmoji staff. I would really like it if there was the option for the male clothes and hair styles to also be for the female bitmoji body type. I find it very hard to find clothes that look like what I would wear in real life since I tend to wear more boyish clothes. I know that I am certainly not the only girl to wish there were more tomboy clothes options. I’m also sure it wouldn’t be too hard to simply put in different clothing options. Especially since they have already been designed and made for the app.

- Wow

Wow Bitmoji is an amazing app but I think it could have more... HP like Harry Potter stuff e.g hufflepuff,ravenclaw,slytherin and gryffindor stuff bc I’m a huge fan and would use Bitmoji a LOT more my friend showed me this app and she is a slytherin and I’m a hufflepuff and I know she would love that and so would like 20 of my friends and if you had somthing to do with Harry Potter they would All download Bitmoji (which they should do anyway) thx for taking this into consideration hopeing for Harry Potter stuff in the future from -Navy (Also sorry for spelling mistakes)


I absolutely love Bitmoji and it’s a really good app and can get different outfits, but exactly what you want. So my suggestion is that’s you add jewellery such a rings, necklaces, earrings, ect. And could you please add something were you can customise your own outfits so then it matches what your style is and plus no one will have the exact same outfit as you. Also add different shoes so you can pick them out instead of having the perfect outfit but ugly shoes and add like converse shoes and vans that would be really good. Thank u

- My Suggestions

Dear Bitmoji Staff, I love the bitmoji app I love to use it when messaging my friends. My suggestions are that maybe you could add a school uniform outfit. You must add this because majority of the outfits that are there for the users to choose are casual clothing. I know that you have added the work section to the outfits but I know that adding a school uniform section will help the users express themselves even further. Thank you for your consideration and I hope that you can get back to me soon. Thanks!

- Bitmoji upgrade

Bitmoji’s are amazing! I love using them! I would love to make a suggestion. In Snapchat, when using bitmoji’s its great when the person your talking to has one because you can send such creative ones to each other featuring both of your avatars. I would love to see this feature brought into everyday messages or iMessage. I keep having to screenshot duo avatars of Snapchat then crop them to send them over messenger sometime so I think having duo avatars over message or iMessage would be brilliant!

- More outfits and hair styles

I absolutely LOVE this app except I always find myself in a hard situation where I can’t find any5ing I like that I want to wear or a hairstyal that suits me. Could you maybe have some more up-do hairstyles (a dream come true) and or some more maybe magical, everyday, comfortable clothing. e.g some cute denim shorts with a turtle neck. Thanks so much!!!! Otherwise I love this app and if you have Snapchat then I highly recommend this app for you. 🤗🤩😁👍🏻

- Mojis Clothes

Love this app so much!! Just wondering with the selection of clothes they’re mostly for people that wear the trendy stuff that is common to see around the place. Could there may be some more alternative style clothing like stuff at Hot Topic and similar stores as I’m someone who wears more grunge style clothing and there’s not really much of that to choose from. Other than that the whole idea of Bitmoji and how you’re branching out to other developers like Snapchat it awesome, keep up the hard work!!

- AMAZING, but could do with a few updates.

This is an AMAZING app and I luv it! Me and my friends all have it and it great for Snapchat as well! Although it could do with a few updates. 1st: Can you put braces on the options so that our Bitmoji could be EXACTLY like us? 2nd: Could you add some more clothing options cause I spend AGES scrolling through the outfit options trying to find on that I like. Thank you that’s it! Well done on making a great app!

- Amazing but needs more outfits

I really love this app, it’s super fun to message friends and it’s also cool how you can use it on Snapchat. The only thing I want to point out is that there is no where near enough outfits that look good. The other day my friends and I were texting each other, showing each other our Bitmojis and I had the same outfit as two other people in the group! Anyway keep up the good work!

- This app= awesome

This app is awesome! I'm never getting bothered by billions of adds or any bugs or viruses! 😄👍🏻 It's totally worth getting bc it's awesome fun designing your avatar and sending it to friends! The Age limit should definitely be changed to 8+! It's only so high bc they need to make sure that little kids don't make purchases without permission but otherwise you should totally get this for you, friends and family! Thanks for reading my review! 😁

- So cool, but...

This is a truly amazing app. The fact that I don’t have Snapchat and can still use it on messages is great. But whenever I go into messages, it takes forever for my bitmoji to load. And I’m not kidding. My phone was on 80 percent and i was still waiting until I gave up hope and my phone was on 48 percent. I’m not sure if it’s my internet or data connection but if it’s to do with the app, I would love it fixed ASAP. Thank you so much for considering my letter

- Search Option

I love using my Bitmoji but think in the app there needs to be a search option like how we can search while writing a message. Please forgive me if there already is however I haven't found it yet and I wouldn't mind having someone tell me where to find it. Would also love to have two person Bitmoji's like we did in Bitstrips, it was always fun including a friend. Keep up the great work.

- Camo shirts, jackets, pants, jewellery and personalised clothing

Like I said in the title, we just need camo shirts, jackets and pants. I have irl camo pants that would look real good in my Bitmoji. Also imagine if you could insert an image and the app could process the image and create the desired outfit. Just ideas. EDIT: I also found I would like jewellery options, bangles, hair ties, watches, rings, necklaces, chains, for both men and women. Shirt with a create your own text would also be a great idea

- Bitmoji is awesome but...

I love bitmoji so much! But i do have a few suggestions to improve it! 1. More hair treatments. I dont mean as in colours, i mean as in the styles. At the moment there is only ombré, which is great but my hair is naturally blonde in some places but dark blonde in others and i cant figure out how to make my bitmoji look like me. 2. Braces. I have braces and alot of others do. I feel like if you add these it will definitely make your bitmoji more real in the sense of looking like you. But you have to add different colours! 3. More clothes. The clothes in bitmoji arent at all like what i would wear in real life. I would actually wear what the boys options are... so please consider more clothes, such as sporty clothes, or even just stylish clothes. Dont get me wrong, i still love bitmoji! But these additions i think will make it a whole lit better!

- This app is amazing but there are not many options

Dear bitmoji, I find this app very useful and smart but the things I struggle with are the options, when I go to change my self there aren’t much hair options to Chose from. This frustrates me a lot because as a girl it take a long time for me to do my hair and come to find out there aren’t even enough hair options to make it look like me. I would really love for you to work on this and fix that.

- Bring back the top and shorts outfits!!

Hi bitmoji creators, I really love your app, and I cant stop changing my bitmoji, ITS SO FUN! Anyway, I was on bitmoji the other day and realised that you took out the top and shorts outfits (which I believe were either in bitmoji sun, or the summer collection). I was wondering if maybe you could bring it back? I really do appreciate everything you do for this app and I think bringing back the summer collections would be awesome :)

- Great app!!

I personally love the bitmoji app!! I use it a lot and in some cases it’s helpful. My only complaints are firstly, that there are female and male options but none for those who do not self identify as either of those. (E.g. transsexual,genderfluid e.c.t) And secondly that the legs of the bitmoji characters are less aesthetically appealing in comparison to the other character features. Aside from that I would recommend this app to any social media/mobile phone users .

- Gender non conformity

This is less a review and more a suggestion. I'm 100% the kind of person that deleted and re-downloads this app to change their Bitmoji. I'm also a the kind of person who doesn't want to be confined to a masculine or a feminine figure. This is just my humble queer opinion, take it if you want. I think Bitmoji should include a third ambiguous option or even better a fully customisable body that accommodates to anyone on the gender spectrum as well as those whose body types aren't representation in the available choices.

- 👍

Alright so this app is amazing I loveeeee it. But. If U could put some hair styles like; long straight hair, short straight hair with no fringe, short curly hair, long curly hair that doesn’t stick out of the head, long wavy-ish hair and short. Thannkssss. Oh and a feature where u can mix and match clothes. For example: the shorts with bikini top- and - crop top and boyfriend jeans- you can wear the boy friend jeans with the bikini top?! Thankssssssss That’s all aha sorry for the long comment 😬. Thank you 😊

- Good, but needs more

Bitmoji is pretty good, never any issues with it. But I would love the option for more hair styles. E.g top knot with long hair, or space buns with long hair, braids, half up/half down etc. It would also be cool if there were more clothing options, maybe a simple outfit that you can change the colour of the top/bottoms of. And last but not least, a bitmoji emoticon of a van or campervan! The only camping related thing you have is a fire. Thanks for reading my suggestions! X

- Outfits

This is an amazing app. But I was wondering if you had any army style or spy style outfits? As I really like those kinds of things but I can never really find them. Also a really cool feature (well I think it’s cool) if we were able to favourite some outfits so that when you update and add new outfits we can always find the ones that we’ve saved. Just a few ideas. Thanks.

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- 4/5

i love this app but i wish we had more “options” you know? such as hairstyles, eye colour, piercings, height, choosing your own outfit (or more variety of clothes), etc

- 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Wish you could pick your outfit separately between shirts pants & shoes, but still good 👍🏼👍🏼

- Where are the African hairstyles?!!

This app should have African hairstyles for those who are African. For example, cornrows, afros, braids, twist, etc. We need to express our bitmoji especially with our hair if we come from Africa. Please make a change to the app

- Bitmoji

You should add more customisation for the clothes. Like picking each piece of clothing, instead of it being a whole outfit


ADD PIERCINGS AND OTHER PERSONALIZING STUFF! I really enjoy the app but it needs more personalization, like piercings, tattoos, etc.

- Buttttt

We need more hair color options! Please you guys never have my hair color. I feel left out

- More variety

Instead of choosing one outfit you should be able to combine different clothing articles. Kinda sucks when all the guys on my Bitmoji app wear the same thing and all the girls look the same.

- Security risk

I downloaded “Bitmoji” with my little sister at dinner and by the next morning I received emails from almost all of my accounts saying that there had been suspicious activity. All passwords except for PayPal and gmail had been compromised. I believe Bitmoji to be a huge security risk to your personal I formation.

- Needs more than one character

I think that Bitmoji is amazing but I think it should have more than one character you can make, for fun 😂

- New outfits

We should get to choose the pants separately from the shirts and shoes, also some new clothing would be nice

- Instantly deleted

Why do you need my personal info? Hmmm - to sell it? FAIL

- Lack of diversity

The body types for women are absurd. Your options are: skinny, super skinny, very skinny & “fat” with an awkwardly huge belly that depicts no fat person I’ve ever seen. Please change this fatphobic app because over half of all women are size 14+ now. Your images are unrealistic. Quit fat shaming us!


Please update so that we can add piercings to the right or left of our faces! And more hair styles please!!

- Needs more personality

This would be wicked if u could add some tats and piercings!

- New pregnancy outfits?

Hello, I love using my Bitmoji! I use it a bunch in chats with my friends on Snapchat, but I would love to see cuter outfits for the maternity wear. The dress with booties is cute and so is the winter wear option, however maybe something with skinny jeans or leggings and a top with cardigan or something or the sorts. I feel like they seem like older women’s clothing that is all :)

- Just a few suggestions 🙂

I really like this app, and I think you’ve done a pretty good job of adding diversity, but it’d be great if you added height options. I also think that you should add more clothing options to the mix n’ match like the Adidas clothes and the NHL shirts so that you can choose your pants to go with it. I think that more hairstyles and options for non binary people would be cool. Color wheels instead of charts for hair and skin too :). Add piercings and more freckle and birthmark options. And a dresses category. So overall a lot more options but really fun app!!!

- Don’t have a phone number

I love this app, but I’m using it on iPad and I really wanna use friendmoji, but I don’t have a phone number, is there any other way you guys can let other people use it without having to put down a phone number? Maybe like email or something? 🙏

- Eye color

Great app pls pls PLS add more eye colours

- New friendmoji sucks

Bring back Snapchat friends instead of using phone numbers and emails! Annoying update.

- Allow access to contacts for friendmoji? Nope

I’m very disappointed in the new update asking for permission to access my contacts to let me use the Friendmoji feature. As we’re moving towards more control for users over their data for privacy, I don’t see how Bitmoji has decided to swim upstream. I don’t feel comfortable sharing my contacts and Friendmoji was all the reason why I used Bitmoji. I hope they reverse this because I can’t be the only user unhappy about this.

- Hairstyles

There isn’t much hairstyles. I was having troubles finding African hairstyles maybe if there were hairstyles from different country’s it would be better. I hope this helped you with understanding what my issue was.

- Kush

Dear Bitmoji, Please make bitmojis with kush (as it is apart of my culture), along with customizable cats. Thank u in advance -griff

- more options

id love if my bitmoji had piercings and tattoos like me, she’s looking kinda plain rn.. add for 5 stars

- Well

Its a good app but more long hair options would be very helpful

- not alot of selection

Needs more types of hairstyles

- Used to be cool

Must be an error but lost most of my friends Boring

- Friendsmoji issue

Newest version cannot access my contacts. All permissions granted for access but no luck. I can no longer do friendsmoji.

- ⚠️☠️🔴BROKE SNAPCHAT bitmoji friends & CONTACT SYNCING DONT work🔴☠️⚠️

In this update: 1. Lost all Snapchat bitmoji friends 2. syncing contacts with my phone doesn’t generate a single bitmoji friend, even with those I have in my phone and know use bitmoji 3. Make all bitmoji’s available all the time instead of on rotation, or limited time frame. I can’t find some of my old bitmoji that I enjoyed.

- New update “Friendmoji” not working

Since the new friendmoji update, I am mot able to connect my bitmoji with someone else. That person can even after friendmoji update, but mine is somehow bugged. I tried many things, even reinstalling, but it still not working

- Messed with friendmoji

You messed with friendmoji, now my friends are gone. All my contacts say the same thing. You really screwed up this update. Fix it!!!

- Friendmoji

Friendmoji is no longer working after it got me to link my phone number to sync my contacts.

- Bugsssss

So many bugs since the update. I lost all my Snapchat friends. Now the friendmoji thingy doesn’t even work completely. Bring back my Snapchat friends !

- Don’t like the new update

This friendmoji thing is really not cool... i cant see my friends on Snapchat anymore because they don’t have the update or activated their friendmoji Bring it back like before 👎🏼👎🏼

- no ❤️



I think that there should be more options of glasses facial features styles because I just can’t get mine to be ME. The reason for that is because I am a BIG poterhead and think there should be Luna lovegood glasses and things like a Harry Potter scar. It would make me VERY happy, so PLEASE

- A

You guys should add a play short and just hoodies no zippers that would be great also toques with pom-poms you should also add more pants

- Bring back the old outfit styles

Is there a way I can get an old outfit style back or is it gone? Can’t find it. Wish I had it back. If the style is gone please bring it back. And add more outfit styles!

- Hairstyle with wave please?!

Honestly I think the app is great but for the female hairstyles can you please add one that is like the straight but with some wave to it? Other than that I think it’s a really great app. Also I feel like it should have ear piercings because a lot of people have piercings and there is no option for that

- Good App

....But I wish there were more diverse options for skin tones, weights, heights and genders (non-binary and transgender).

- Okay?

It’s good it’s just you don’t really have Haley the is parted in the middle and shoulder length! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GET IT

- So much fun!

Absolutely love my bitmoji! Would love to see more winter bitmojis - it just snowed here! UPDATE: What is going on? All of a sudden I am no longer able to use bitmojis on my iMessages unless I go into my settings and allow full access?! Seriously? This is not acceptable!

- Skins

Needs way more skin colours it’s really hard to make a bitmoji that looks like u when ur mixed because the only choice your giving me is black or white when u kinda need more of an in between so please expand the shade range

- How

How do I get those filters on Snapchat for my bitmoji? I have wondered a lot and no one could help me answer! I hope you can

- Liked old Bitmoji more!!!

My old Bitmoji actually looked like me! New one is too serious! Can I send the two images to show you?

- More!

Longer beards and tattoos would be nice!

- Love it !!

I really like Bitmoji and the new updates but I would really like to have more hairstyles like wolf cuts , mullets , etc, and also more shoes :) thank you

- goodd but more options to customize

i love itt, but i’d love to customize it to where i can add tattoos or piercings, even more selections of hair styles and clothes, would be even better


It's football season there's NBA and MLB fan apparel where's the NFL's?

- Hey!❤️

I just looveeeee this app sooo much! But it’ll be awesome that you guys add an option like piercings or tattoos! That’ll be the perfect 10!😍keep the great work, thank you. 🤩

- new

need new mid length hair styles

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CantabKitty BSc

I am Old. Can someone tell me what a "bitmoji" is? Is it an app that draws a cartoon that looks like you.

Maayan Ziv

Finally @Bitmoji adds wheelchairs! A good and long awaited step in the right direction ♿️


@unpeak_ @AIi_Shaf @kiqxr_ @razhro Yes that’s not his bitmoji

mol + lima

i want to give his bitmoji h*ad🔪🔪🔪🔪

Coffee and Teach

@Clive_Hill To clarify, I’m not actually the above ’Bitmoji’ emoticon

Coffee and Teach

@Clive_Hill Or are we all just behind the educational Bitmoji curve...? Also me... 2 months later:


@Clive_Hill I made Bitmoji stickers today...

Tina Bynum

@and_mrsharris @TravisMSBobcats @Bitmoji @iInstructIrving @enw_ELARedu @ryanflint_edu @CokerPutman13 @MrKhanYe_ We really need to change our outfits every once in awhile! 😂

𝘽𝙖𝙧𝙗𝙞𝙚 ♕

Do y’all actually look like your bitmoji ?


@Bitmoji please make it so my bitmoji can have both freckles and dimples thanks

Gian Carlo Villatoro

I just uploaded “Bitmoji talk” to #Vimeo:

Avery LeBlanc

Don’t HMU if your Bitmoji has a cowboy hat...


I'm going to make my bitmoji sexy so he will come back to me

Gian Carlo Villatoro

I just added “Bitmoji talk” to Victory Church on #Vimeo:

404 error page not found

My bitmoji is sexier than me 😞😣

Bitmoji 11.69 Screenshots & Images

Bitmoji iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Bitmoji iphone images
Bitmoji iphone images
Bitmoji iphone images
Bitmoji iphone images
Bitmoji iphone images
Bitmoji Utilities application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Bitmoji (Version 11.69) Install & Download

The applications Bitmoji was published in the category Utilities on 2014-10-29 and was developed by Bitstrips [Developer ID: 694701217]. This application file size is 98.69 MB. Bitmoji - Utilities app posted on 2022-03-14 current version is 11.69 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.bitstrips.imoji