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Over 2 million members are already getting paid to be healthy. More than $500,000 have already been paid out. Achievement is one of the top health apps in app store. Yep, you earn cash by tracking steps - what are you waiting for?!

Backed by some of the top investors in Silicon Valley and driven by a social mission to help drive scientific research forward and make America healthier, we literally pay you cash (via direct deposit or PayPal) to do healthy things like walking, eating well, and even sleeping! We also provide any consumer with the opportunity to contribute to cutting edge health research.

"My sister told me about it, and it seemed too good to be true at first. But when she said that she had already received $20, I signed up. It was so easy and a monetary motivation really encouraged me to get up and get moving."- Estella

“I enjoy having Achievement here to motivate me. I have had back problems for many years. Walking is one of the only ways I keep my back problems under control since the more you move the looser your back becomes and helps blood flow to heal your back. When I have the benefit of making money from keeping myself healthy, I go just a little longer each day." --Kelli C

”Achievement, which is a division of Evidation Health, helps users integrate a variety of wearable trackers, but in addition to using quantitative data pulled from said trackers, they also posed more qualitative questions of their user base for the purposes of this research. “ --Brit & Co

We pay you to:
• Track steps
• Log food
• Log meditation sessions
• Log sleep
• Log miles biked

Answer surveys or opt into a programmatic health programs

Link any of your apps to track healthy activities: Fitbit, Strava, Stop, Breathe, Think

Redeem your points for actual cash.

So far, we’ve paid out over $500,000 to our members, and there’s no limit to how much you can earn.

Earn $10 for every 10,000 points. Rewards are paid out within 3-7 business days, and Achievers can redeem cash directly into their PayPal account or bank account of choice.

We also partner with leading health companies to offer you extra opportunities to earn money by contributing to cutting-edge health research (totally optional and must meet study qualifications).

What else can we say? It's literally that easy - we pay you cash to track steps, no strings attached! Over 2 million members are already earning money with us, just install and get started!

Achievement - Reward Health App Description & Overview

The applications Achievement - Reward Health was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2014-01-22 and was developed by Evidation Health, Inc.. The file size is 76.35 MB. The current version is 3.2.7 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

Fixes for iPhone XS screen sizes.

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Walk and earn!  NolaSteph  5 star

It’s as easy as walking around to earn your points and then some cash. I’m not super active, but I’ve earned $10 in less than a year just by having the app on my phone.

Gym goddess

Fun  Gym goddess  5 star

It takes a while to reach 10,000 points but it’s not a big deal because it’s not like you’re having to do anything but your normal activities. Finally reached mine today


Motivation  erinshea2  5 star

Great motivation to exercise. Payment goes directly into your PayPal account or a gift card.


Takes a little time but legit  AHnickname  5 star

It’s not much and takes a while earn a reward but hey, I’m not doing anything different in my life so it truly is free money.

Magnus Greel

Achievement  Magnus Greel  5 star

Great app!! Easy way to earn extra cash.


Love It  asw0370  5 star

Love getting paid to do my normal fitness!!!!! It takes a while, but doesn’t everything worth doing?


Achievement  cinmuck  5 star

Great app! Get rewarded for exercising, sleeping, answering questions and taking surveys. Easy to use. I love it!


Really does reward  PVAngelWellness  4 star

I love this app!! I earn points and I get money. It does take time to build up but it’s worth it.


Great app  rpal13  5 star

Very happy with this app !


Fun app  Rosh1944  4 star

A little slow to earn rewards but, worth the download.


Easy to use!  paladin1990  5 star

I earned $10 without really thinking about! Easy app to track your activity and earn money.


It works !!  Mel5ma  5 star

I’m Getting money to track my health cool !!


Easy money  mochafilzer  5 star

Couldn’t have found an easier way to make money! Although it does take some time to get 10,000 points, it is nice knowing that everyday I get a little bit closer .


Awesome  Mojaamericano  5 star

Great app, keeps me motivating daily by letting me know how many points I have earned for my activities. So far I got paid twice, I recommend it if you looking for motivation.


Easy way to get a few extra dollars  AchiementKat101  5 star

Easy to earn points without keeping track. The updates are automatic based on the info you already actively or passively put into your phone or activity tracker and you earn money for what you already do!


Easy to use  runningbug67  5 star

Great app!


Awesome!  sierrakay123  5 star

All I do is keep this app connected to my Apple fitness (and occasionally my Fitbit when I use it!) and I get points without even trying! Every few months I get a 10 dollar reward without even trying! It’s an awesome app to have in the background if you want to work towards something! I recommend it to everyone.


It’s fun.  Dina21x21  5 star

It’s a fun app to use to gain points and redeem for cash. It’s not a lot but they offer surveys for more points


Love it  Soodler  5 star

Super easy to use and shows your progress daily! Gives me motivation to get more steps and step on that scale to monitor my progress.


Nice app and motivation!  JT1009  5 star

I enjoy using this app to keep me in line on some of my health goals — working out, drinking water, etc

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