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Support your health. Reward your life.

Earn rewards for doing healthy activities on the apps and devices that you already own, use and love.

• Connect the health and fitness apps you already use
• Track and view your activity from your phone, on-the-go
• Get rewarded for your Apple Health app data
• Earn rewards for healthy activities through Offers, a destination for you to take healthy actions and earn more points
• Learn about opportunities to join research studies

1.) Connect the apps/devices you already use with Achievement to track healthy activities like walking, meditating, logging food. We support 30+ health, fitness, and lifestyle apps and are always adding new ones
2.) Take Achievement’s Health Survey to share more about your background. To start earning points, we’ll share tailored surveys, health programs, and online research studies which you can contribute to from wherever you are
3.) The Apple Health app--already built into iOS 8 and later on iPhones --puts all of your health and fitness data in one place, and lets you track things like your daily steps without requiring a wearable device. The Achievemint app lets you easily and securely share the data you choose from your Apple Health app to earn cash.
4) Contribute to online studies to help advance medical research. If you qualify, you can receive compensation for joining studies like ones about sleep habits etc.

• You must be a US resident to redeem rewards
• You must be over 18 years of age
• Connect your iPhone’s Health app and choose what data you want to share by tapping the categories on the screen

Achievement - Reward Health App Description & Overview

The applications Achievement - Reward Health was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2014-01-22 and was developed by Evidation Health, Inc.. The file size is 69.31 MB. The current version is 3.1.6 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

Thanks for using Achievement! We launched some new, sleek brand refinements to make navigating our app easier. We'll continue adding even more Offers for Achievers to take healthy actions and earn more rewards (points!).

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Achievement - Reward Health Reviews


Great app!  Omegaphish  5 star

Easy to use, and rewards me for logging in apps I’m already using.


Passive earning for being active  Ezgoinhapygoluky  5 star

An easy way to earn money and a little motivation to stay fit. It takes quite some time, but you can forget about it and then you get a notice saying you earned $10.


Do fitness things...get rewards.  Trancehound1  5 star

Pretty straight forward. I've collected a few $10 dollar rewards so far. Pretty cool little way to generate tiny passive income.


Great app!  ss0610  5 star

Workout, live a good life and get rewarded!

Mattie P-J

Just a little Extra  Mattie P-J  5 star

It's not to prove anything to anyone. Great... Motivational Tool that's keeping me in check. I appreciate the motivation.


Great app!  Saiping  5 star

Great app with brilliant idea to track fitness and sleep! And it rewards! I love this app!


Love this app  Rob93bie  5 star

How many apps are there that reward you with money for your exercise and sleep! I simply think this app is amazing!


Monika  MMMorriss  5 star

A nice way to be rewarded for what you’re already doing every day.


Great way to stay motivated to move!  flores1ta  5 star

Provides incentive to keep moving and even to get enough rest. Great app!


Fun and motivating  Estabestah  5 star

Everyone can use that extra incentive to be active. No catch to this app. Definitely download.


Great, fun, and motivating app  User12121212user  5 star

This app has made it fun to track my physical activity and rewards you with $

Candy day

Great app  Candy day  5 star

Takes a while to build up enough point to earn money but I'm logging my food anyway so why not make the extra cash! I just cashed out my first $10 that I wouldn't have had if I didn't have this app!


Highly motivational and easy to use  Bkgra7777  5 star

I like seeing my progress in the form of a monetary reward.


Great easy app  ncsufrog  5 star

This app syncs easily with my other apps and I just sent $10 to my paypal! Woohoo!


Easy to use  Lolo💙  5 star

I really like the “set it and forget it” style of this app. I literally forgot I was using this. Makes it nice, and easy to track steps and heart rate. I like this app. A lot. !


Super Motivating!  airislife  4 star

Really glad I found this app! It’s a great idea and a great form of motivation to keep me active. It takes a really long time to get to 10,000 points but it is still a great incentive for just walking and keeping healthy!


Easy and fun!  Berries~vines  5 star

Keeps you mindful of your activities

Tena Albers

Love ❤️ this app  Tena Albers  5 star

Pay for moving it’s awesome 👏🏼


Nice to earn some cash for working out.  Blmahnke1964  5 star

I must have signed up a while back and linked my activity tracker and completely forgot. Just logged back in and had a $50 reward waiting for me. Whoohoo!


Great rewards program  LadyLeejames  5 star

Great rewards program for something I do daily.

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