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Weather Live° [Weather] App Description & Overview

With Weather Live°, planning your day-to-day activities is easier than ever before: simply choose the weather parameters you want to track, which layout you prefer, and view your customized weather forecast! Feast your eyes on the breathtaking weather backgrounds that make the forecast as visual as nature itself.


- Accurate 24-hour and 7-day forecasts and local time for multiple locations all over the world;
- Animated weather scenes reflecting weather conditions;
- Bad weather warnings and alerts to give you a heads up about severe weather in your area;
- Adjustable weather layouts — choose which weather parameters you’d like to see first;
- Daily weather reports with important information.


- Today's Min, Max and "Feels Like" temperature;
- Pressure in inches, mm, kPa or mbar;
- Precipitation and humidity info;
- Wind speed and direction;
- Sunrise/Sunset and Moonrise/Moonset time;
- Golden hour and Blue hour;
- UV and Visibility details;
- Dew Point info;
- Wind Chill;
- Fahrenheit/Celsius and Miles/Kilometers;
- 12 or 24-hour time format.


- Useful weather widget: get the detailed temperature forecast and severe weather alerts right on your Home Screen.
- Handy Apple Watch app: view the current weather conditions and the forecast for the coming hours right on your watch face.

Get Weather Live° and be prepared for any weather!

Please note that some supplementary features in the basic (free) version are subject to limitations (ex. UV index, Sun and Moon, Visibility, etc.). These limitations are also subject to change.

Get Weather Live° Premium:

- 14-day hourly forecast;
- Interactive weather maps;
- Hurricane Tracker;
- Lightning Tracker;
- Air Quality;
- Ability to rearrange the blocks with today’s weather details;
- Ad-free experience.

* Subscription payments will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of your purchase.
* Subscriptions will automatically renew and payment will be charged to your iTunes account unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. The cost of the renewal depends on your Subscription Plan. Our standard Subscription Plans are:
* 1-week Subscription with a 3-day Trial (3.99 USD)
* 1-month Subscription with a 3-day Trial (5.99 USD)
* 1-year Subscription (19.99 USD)

* Subscription with a free trial period will automatically renew to a paid subscription. You can cancel or manage your free trial's auto-renewal in your Account Settings after purchase. The cancellation will take effect 24-hours after the last day of the current subscription period and you will be downgraded to the free service.
* Please note: any unused portion of a free trial period (if offered) will be forfeited when you purchase a premium subscription during the free trial period.

Privacy Policy:
California Privacy Notice:

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Weather Live° Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Living in a winter wonderland? Feeling merry and bright? Capture the comfort and joy of the holiday season, no matter the weather, with Weather Live°. Weather Live° 7.2.0 introduces festive Christmas and New Year-inspired layouts and backgrounds to help you feel holly jolly while checking the forecast and planning holiday activities. As always, we appreciate your continued support! Don't hesitate to share your feedback via We're always here to help.

Weather Live° Comments & Reviews

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- Weather: It’s very important and informative!!

Everyone should be interested in the weather they are going to be out in, breathing the kind of air we have to now. This app is especially informative and pretty to look at, all at the same time! Our weather is one of the foremost topics in the news, our children’s children’s futures, and what is happening all around the world every second of every day. A look into a tiny piece of what’s ahead of us, It’s important to us all. You wouldn’t take a short trip into a forecasted storm, hurricane or blizzard would you, not if you could avoid having a bad experience. Sure you can call at the destinations end, but what about the middle part of your trip/week? Weather is nature, and we all know how unpredictable nature can be. Not all things on your computers, iPads or iPhones are really important to guide you through your week. It’s nice to know you have immediate options to plan your trip/week with a simple push of a button, isn’t it? I like knowing and seeing a little ahead, we have way to much stress in our lives, this app is a plus! Don’t forget, the atmosphere everywhere HAS & will now forever KEEP changing! I live on the west coast, and it’s disappearing. Soon it will be gone. Malibu & Hwy.#1 (the coast Hwy.) will be a place in history. I’ve been watching it everyday for many years!! That’s weather changes my friends! Have great days ahead, West Coast Diana

- Great App

I love this app it’s how I get my grandson ready for school I check the weather in 2 cities the one we live in and the one he goes to school in to properly get him ready and it’s never far off. I have relied on it for our first two years of school and I will use it to travel w/ family to various locations....I love it and it’s great and very helpful to me when I’m in school as I went back to get my degree in psychology and I was required to take a astronomy class and it helped me remember the phases of the moon each day it told me the times the sun would rise & set as well as those times for the moon it gives the moons general location if u upgrade and tap on that part of the app/tab... I’m not sure how it could be made better or if it can be made better but up til this point it has served me well and I just love it...??? Mstabatha57

- Loved until crashed

I’ve loved this app and used it faithfully and daily for awhile. Even earlier today, it helped. Now, every time I open this app, it crashes. When I went to the Apple store to check for an update, it was suggested to be downloaded from the cloud. Odd! I started the download abs checked on it later. Upon opening the “new” app, it, too, crashed immediately. I hope y’all fix this issue quickly! Thank you. Update: Thank you for responding. I had already discovered the app was up again. I see you’ve made major changes to the app in its downtime. You added more ads, made it more like another weather app/channel I no longer use for this reason- you seem more interested in money than in getting out weather updates. Every time I open the app, I get an invitation to Premium BEFORE I can see my weather! Which do you think is more important? An impending storm or you making money. Come on! Be a good app and go back to being beautiful and efficient! You were far more appreciated back then ... 2 days ago. Unimpressed by the newest update. Taking your 4 stars down to 3. :(

- Informative and easy to understand

While this app is informative and easy to comprehend, it would be helpful to have an EASY way to clear the notification to get the abnormally large number in red on the corner of the app-so far I have had no luck in discovering how to clear the numbers of the app icon. I love the information you provide, and the only other thing I could suggest was an explanation of what certain things mean. For example, there is a UV scale and there is no gram of reference for an explanation of the scale-it’s basically a number 1-12 and says 11 is high up rays and to take care when exposed but in all honesty it is just a number to me, simply because I don’t understand the scale. It would be helpful to have a bit of educational material to explain what different things mean and how they actually affect your environment. Thanks for all the work you have done on this app! I really enjoy it, I am just that big a nerd to want to actually understand all the info you provide! ?

- Pop up ads make this app annoying

This app could be great if it were not for the annoying pop up ads. I realize the app is free, and ads are what support the free version of the app. However, when you are trying to look at the weather and the screen changes over to an ad that you have to wait for a few seconds before closing, it gets frustrating. Sometimes those ads open up my internet browser and tell me viruses were detected. While I understand the ads cannot be removed in the free version, it would be better if they were within the weather app itself, like at the bottom of the screen or something. The only other thing that could make this app better was if they provided an hour by hour forecast instead of three hours. Where I live the weather changes constantly hour by hour especially in the winter. I drive a bus and it would be nice to know what to expect throughout my shift instead of trying to guess based off of a three hour increment.

- Nice weather app!!

Update: Congrats on an awesome update! Love the easy to read style!! I really like your app. It’s helpful to have all the info in the circle and more details just a scroll below. I look forward to more to come. One thing that could possibly need checking on is the accuracy. I understand that even with all of our science and technology, weather reporting is a challenge. Even so I noticed that the temperature for my area is off by about 8-15 degrees. Currently my outdoor/indoor thermometer is registering 92 degrees but your app states it’s 75 degrees. I wish it was 75 degrees as that is a lot more bearable temperature. Other weather apps state around 85-87 currently for my area. When looking at your app, I usually focus on the real feel temp as that is closer.

- Wind speed is not even close to accurate

I’ve tried many weather apps. Whenever I find one I like it seems the next update messes it up and I have to go looking again. I decked to try this one. I live in Michigan on on one of the Great Lakes. Our backyard actually backs up to the lake. Wind speed and direction information is very important. I need to know the current data as well as an accurate forecast because our backyard can flood and we often need to put up extensions on our sea wall to minimize the flooding. The past 24 hours our wind speed has been from 14 to 18 mph from the NE (got the correct info from another source)which can put massive amounts of water over our wall if we don’t have the extensions on top. The app has given me info that the wind is 2 to 3 mph the entire time of this weather event despite (and this is a good thing) giving me an emergency warning notice for shoreline flooding. The developers need to fix the wind speed glitch, and it would be much more dependable and useful for me.

-’s good, but not any better than others

If not for the annoying ads and pop-ups, I’d of rated this weather application higher. But to get rid of those annoyances, this App expects to charge you $9.99 per year. While that’s certainly not expensive, ultimately its still JUST A WEATHER APPLICATION, NOTHING MORE. There’s plenty of weather apps are readily available online for free, WITHOUT any of the annoying ads contained herein. So unless you’re just dying to part with $9.99 a year for nothing gained, I suggest that you download one of the many totally FREE weather applications and donate that $9.99 to a charity of your choice, as they’ll probably make better use of that money than supporting another overly rich shmuck. Obviously I’ll be deleting this application, as there’s others that are considerably better that are completely free. And yes, I’ve already been donating money saved from finding outstanding FREE applications vice paying for services that are equally as good for free.

- Bait & Switch?

I paid for this app a while back and went to download it on a different device but when I did I got endlessly hassled to subscribe and constantly bombarded with ads. Since I previously paid for Weather Live I tried to restore purchases, ya know like every other app that goes to a subscription grandfathers in those that paid, not here. What they did was really really crappy they discontinued the old app for the exact same app now charge for it yearly regardless if the consumer already paid for it. I don't know if this is illegal it's certainly greedy and immoral. I would advise any reading this to avoid apalon apps going forward. I'm really disappointed in this company. I am aware that I can download the old version of the app that is no longer supported and hasn't been updated in quite some time. Why don't you reinstate the paid version and just push out identical updates at the same time? There are tons of apps that have free versions with iap's and paid versions on the same release number.

- Love the App - two bummers though...

This app is great. I like it much more than all of the other weather apps and I believe it is much more accurate. It also recognizes cities that other apps did not. I also LOVE that there is a setting that shows the current temperature of where you are in the upper right hand corner of the apps icon (just like if you had 5 unread texts or voicemails, etc.). That said, two bummers. First, there are SO many pop-ups and advertising that is actually becomes annoying. Second, as an iPhone owner, I use the Widget page a lot. (Swipe left from your first "page" of apps). On the Widget page, you can only view the temperature in two hour increments, rather than hourly. It is not the end of the world, but it is a bummer. I am hoping that the developers will fix the Widget setting, as I use that the most and have no intentions of BUYING an app about Weather!

- Massive Visual Appeal but....

This app goes above & beyond in visual representation of data. Which in & of itself is quite an accomplishment. Especially when you consider this is (or should be) the same data every other wether app is reporting. By providing multiple layout options, customizable features, & an outstanding widget; this app definitely sets itself apart from the ever expanding weather apps group. That being said, I am disappointed with the interactive radar being restricted, available only with a premium subscription. Considering that’s a key component for myself, it’s doubtful I will keep the app. Personally, while I do greatly enjoy other points, they don’t carry enough weight to justify me paying for a subscription. Hopefully the designers will roll out something in the future which will fulfill my “must haves” AND maintain the outstanding visual appeal ??

- I like this app

This is an excellent weather app, it’s so excellent in fact that I had just decided to purchase the full version and rid myself of pesky ads, then unfortunately I realized there isn’t an option to purchase the full version, but rather one has to subscribe to the app and pay MONTHLY! I’m not sure what brand of crack the developers are smoking but it must be a good one if they think people are going to pay more monthly for a weather app than apple music costs. I’m deleting the free version now just on principle. I’d rather step outside and look up than pay these people. PS: I put five stars so this would actually be read. And it actually would be five stars if not for the subscription service. In reality its 0 stars.

- No Meteorologist Kittens but the most accurate weather app!

I have tried almost every weather app available for iPhone and this app is the only one that consistently reports accurate current weather conditions for my location. Obviously it is hard to trust an app to give you the forecast for the week if the current weather isn’t even correct (or if the meteorologist is a kitten.. yes there actually is such an app). Do not waste your time or money downloading any other weather app- unless you love looking at cute kittens and don’t really care about the weather. This one has every feature you need, is user friendly, doesn’t give you a headache if you look at it too long and most importantly... is ACCURATE!

- Great App, but could use a little tweaking...

Really like this app, it gives you a huge amount of info in a great layout. Love the hurricane tracker. Would be nice to: -be able to swipe thru the mini parameters, they change a little slowly. -be able to rearrange the components on the main page to your needs. -*would really be nice to be able to change the alert tone or volume or specify exactly what it's for. The current one is crazy and loud and startles me every time, especially when I have headphones on. I don't need to jump out of my skin for minor/freeze warnings! I know this is a free app but the ads are very distracting. I especially like the one that fools you into thinking it's part of this app and you have an urgent message. Then it opens your browser and takes forever to back track and get out of it. What a PITA, I pay more attention now! I usually find it reasonably accurate. However I did have one instance when it was calling for lite rain to start at 3pm. I was moving in an open truck and depending on that info. My plans were totally boogered when it was pouring at noon. We were half way there and had to turn 2 vehicles around and go back home. Was not happy. Good job overall though!

- Pricing?

First let’s get this out of the way.... the App is good very nice app. There are hundreds of nice weather apps. But yours I like because of the graphics. That said, the pricing is usually laid out in the description and unless I missed it I did not see any pricing. So I come to” in app purchases”... it gives a list of maybe a half dozen options but all with the same name, not to mention it does not state if they are monthly pricing which if they are your too high and if they are one time purchase it should say either way . If I have to look this hard for pricing it’s usually too much. Or I stop looking and don’t get the app... you should fix that all of the things I stated here and sales will surely go up.

- deceptive “free trial”

Editing this review to point out that many apps seem to be using this bait-and-switch model. I did like the app, and this developer is only following the standard practice. Still not happy about it, but I have no complaints with the app itself. ====original review==== They essentially trick you into a premium subscription that starts automatically in 3 days unless you 1) start reading the fine print and realize they intend to charge your account and 2) can figure out how to cancel in time. It’s a bit complicated, not at all intuitive — Apple is at fault for making it complicated but this developer exploits that. I actually like the app and the forecast was accurate for my area. I’d have considered the premium subscription IF they were up front and very clear about the pricing options, and offered a trial that is truly “free”. But the deceptive bait and switch, even if commonly accepted as standard practice among app developers, is a big turn off.

- Previous paid version disabled

Like many other users, I paid for the app a few years ago and now we are all being forced to choose either the free app with ads or a new, subscription-based paid service. I understand that the developers wish to profit from their hard work, but simply disregarding current customers by disabling a previously paid-for version without any notice or warning not acceptable. Most reputable software developers don’t disable paid-for previous versions of an app when a new version is introduced, they just offer a new version to those who may wish to upgrade and leave the previous version available and working for those that don’t wish to do so. I’d like the developers to respond to at least one of the previous customers who have this same complaint, since they have so far ignored all of these customers while responding to other users with different complaints.

- A Great Weather App

This is a great weather app for me. If the weather is wrong, you can send an update and the weather will change for you. And, the weather is always accurate! I’ve tried many weather apps, but I have never found one as great as this one. But, there is a few errors. First of all, the wind speed is never even close. Second of all, there is so many pop-up ads. I would just like to enjoy checking my weather without and annoying ads. If you put aside all that, this app is still informative and easy to use. I recommend you getting this app if you can handle all the ads and incorrect wind speed. Other than that, this app is a great app.

- Weather Live App = EXCELLENT !

I’m an Airline Pilot, & I FLY my own single engine, 2 seat ༚ Tecnam ASTORE Airplane. The “Weather Live” App is PERFECT for everyday weather info & basic event & trip planning, up to a weeks weather forecast. I Especially like the “Weather Live” Apps Personalization Display Options. Enabling personalization so it’s easier to see, read & interpolate the weather information. This app isn’t meant for, instead of, or to replace proper Pilot Weather Flight Planning. Pilots should always use F.A.A. approved Aviation Weather Sources, Websites, & or Apps. HOWEVER, the “Weather Live” App is Undoubtably among the Best weather reference apps available. Plus, the Weather Live App is Unquestionably My Favorite “Day to Day” use Weather App Available❗️ Its so Good, I’ll be getting the Pro Version of the “Weather Live” App Soon❗️ The “Weather Live” App is A Definite * * * * * 5 Stars Great App❗️ Thanks. From ཿ A330 Captain ??‍✈️ & Tecnam ASTORE Aircraft PILOT ««φ»» John O. ༓–ཿ—\\࿇//—ཿ–༓

- Really good, glad I purchased

Many, many good things in this app. The hurricane watch must be great for those in those areas. I live in Colorado, though. I’d like to see storm warnings for hail and info for winter weather. It would be nice to track winter storms as they build and watch their approach, with info about anticipated snow depth. There may already be something for this. I haven’t done much exploring yet because I just signed up and it’s summer right now. Maybe I will discover this when winter comes. Right now, it’s a beautiful day, just like the app says. Will edit this if I need to but, so far, I’m pleased with my purchase. I really like the sunrise/sunset and moon info and graphics. Well done.

- Use to Love this app but now....

...the weather is Completely off by at least 10 degrees every single day! It’s 100 degrees in Chicago right now with a heat index of 107 degrees and this app says its 92 with a “wind chill” of 84 degrees. Also, who would pay the exorbitant Premium Price, ANNUALLY, for a ‘Weather app’ other then weather buffs. Even then, there are Pro versions of weather apps that only change a flat Premium fee of $2-5, then you’re set for life. Fix all this if you want to keep regular customers. Question: did anyone upgrade to the Premium version when it WAS $4.99 for life? And if so, did this company go back on that deal and is now trying to charge you with their idiotic ‘Yearly’ fee?

- But what’s up with the...

But what’s up with the temperature being off 10 degrees lower than what it actually is? April 9, at 11:16 PM. You claim it’s 67 degrees Fahrenheit when it’s actually 77°F! However other then that I screw up tonight it seems to be right on! I highly suggest this app to everyone for it so simple to read plus it has everything you want including wind speed and direction which I love the most that I can’t understand why you cheapskate can’t pay for the updated version which is a few pennies out of your pocket each day for a year then it’s completely free from then on SOLVING the problems of your most irritating problems with ADS!!! Get real cheap skates!

- Best weather app among a crowd of awful ones

So, I want to give you more stars, but despite being the BEST single app out of a horde of terrible ones, you guys need to improve, please. What’s missing to make it to 4 stars: * Please stop making “rain map” a default, or let us change that in the settings. It’s nonsense. Radar should be the default, since it’s far more accurate and informative. * Make the animated radar loop an OPTION, not the default. I don’t care what the radar looked like several hours ago, when I’m just checking current conditions. Also, in areas where signal is bad, that loop takes fooorrrrrevvvvvverrrrr, or won’t load at all. Let your users choose the data sucking option only if we really want it. If you want to bump that to 5 stars: * Expand layers to have storm track cones and fronts - you know, like the old Storm app did so well before it went straight to hell by becoming the pathetic Storm Radar. I usually hate apps that are full of ads unless you pay to remove them. But in your case, because you really do have the one decent app in the bunch, it’s forgiveable, and I paid it. I’d just be happier paying for a version with the fixes I described.

- Contagious Weather Application!!!

Just downloaded the app- the interactive picturesque display is a smart way to breathe new life into the world of boring weather apps. The weather forecasts & predictions have been spot on so far. The only complaint I have are the annoying middle-of-the-screen pop-up ads that are really beginning to ruin the experience of this app for me. No way will I subscribe to this app just to get rid of the ads. The ads might be what causes me to get rid of this app. On average, 2 pop-ups a minute is a bit much. IMO, it's the virus that destroys the contagious, user-friendly immerse experience that the developers innovated for this app. Except for the ads, it's 5 stars for the non-subscription edition and highly recommend!!!

- Cool weather app!

I like the look, the layout. There aren’t too many apps with humidity and dew point which also drew me to it. As far as not having an interactive radar, I have an app for that (free). Would be nice too be included here as well. I’m in my fifties and don’t sit on my phone each day going through all the latest updates and apps. Once I have something I like, I’ll stick with it. Just no time. I can deal with the ads, as I know this helps your funding. The only real issue I’ve seen is the delay in updating my location. I’ll get reports from my last location yesterday sometimes. Not sure if it’s the app’s issue or service provider.

- Too Pricey

I understand with the free version ads are necessary. But the volume and sheer overwhelming nature they appear is not appealing at all. I feel they greatly took away from the functionality of the app. They are very pushy and forced making me just close the app sometimes due to frustration of frequency. They launch your browser and take forever to dismiss, banner at the bottom and maybe midway down the page that were not pop-ups would make the ease of use and flow of the app feel more organic. Secondly and maybe more importantly that with so many free apps out there, the weekly fee of $1.99 is just flat out too much!! On that alone I wouldn’t and couldn’t recommend this app to friends. I hope you take the time to consider reformatting the ad display. And maybe adjust the price to appeal to a wider market. Thank you for your time.

- Very informative

I am a retired power lineman I worked in the power line industry. One of the most important things was to know what the weather was going to do every minute of the time you was working. I only wish we would have had a app like this. I am thankful for the weather men that was on the radio over time we knew the ones that knew how to forecast the weather one of the best was rob Robin . I have to say this is one of the best weather app I have ever seen and used. I have found the there’s so much you can do with this app.I really wish they had like a tutorial on how to use everything.

- Reports contradictory chance of precipitation

Nice layout but obnoxious in free version due to pop ups and had a fatal flaw in how the chance of rain is reported that will leave you trapped in the rain without an umbrella. For example, today’s forecast says 10% chance of rain overall but when broken down by periods of the day it’s as high as 50%. FYI to developers the maximum chance that users will see rain that day is equal the max chance it will rain at any point in the day. No wonder I’ve repeatedly gotten caught in the rain because I’ve looked in the morning and thought it wouldn’t rain because this app says the chance of rain for the day is ZERO. Right now 6:27 PM in Manhattan on Oct 23 your widget says chance of rain zero pct on the collapsed screen. It’s raining and when expanded you widget says chance of rain 40% at 7:00 PM.

- Golden Hour gone!!

Edit - the developer contacted me, and I checked what they said would fix the issue with the photography golden and blue hours. Everything was already selected. However, it still is gone. You have to pay for it. This used to be included in the free version. The subscription fee is crazy! It is $2.99 a week or $20 a year! FAR too high for this type of app. I am very sad to see that the latest update took away my favorite feature, the photography golden hour times. This was the only app that I have seen this on. Now, to get this information, you have to pay a subscription fee. The fee is way too high for the information that you get. I don’t think I will be using this as my primary weather app anymore, due to the photography info needing a subscription.

- Good app too many ads...

I get it, it’s free so there’s ad’s.....but there’s so many that it’s annoying to use...too many, and I’m even getting ones that say my phone has a virus (which is untrue) I have an iPhone and have never had a that right there is annoying and it ONLY claims that my phone has a virus when I use THIS app! Anyway I’m most likely going to delete, bc it’s annoying..The Weather Channel is good FREE app and it’s pretty accurate on everything, with out trillions of adds...I’ve had it for had it for a couple years....this app looks prettier and does the job but there’s other ones that do the same with out the hassle...bottom line unless ur willing to pay u get a crap load of annoying and unnecessary adds!


All the info supplied by this good looking app comes from US government's National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration an important agency that saves thousands of lives a year from tornados hurricanes and the like. Thats why we use our tax dollars to pay for it. These days, a part-time web designer/IT firm and a server cost next to nothing - this nice app should cost users @$ .99 to buy, service forever. Five Star design, 0 stars for the greedheads who can't get. it through their skulls that hundreds of thousands of us would pay a small one time fee for presentation pf additional data without ads, and they're losing with an annual fee. Thin I'll dum this for a free coy of Firefox and a bookmark. The "fox is on the hone and bookmarks don't take up save.

- Pretty good app

This app is not perfect, but it’s definitely better than most of the competition. I like the first window that shows the current temperature at your location in a big circle. Then both the predicted temperatures and rain chance for the next 24 hours. Below that is the same info for the next week day by day. Much more information is presented below. The only information that is really lacking in presentation is the hurricane info. Any storm from tropical storm to hurricane is named and distance from the viewers location given, but it’s location is not. Where are they? Which ocean? All in all, I like it and use it more than any other. James Fredrickson

- Where's the rain?

After Weather Underground completely changed their layout, I needed to find a new weather app. I tried a few others, they just weren't quite right. Then I found this app and I thought my search was over. It looked like it had everything I wanted in a beautiful layout. Nothing is as good as WU was before the change, but this was good enough I was even ready to shell out for the subscription. Until I looked for the rain forecast, and it's nowhere to be found. The home screen can show you the current rain, but I can look outside and see that. You can dig around to find the forecast for the day, but it's not up top where it should be. And the weekly forecast doesn't have it at all. What kind of weather app doesn't show you the rain chances for the week? Alas, my search for another app continues...

- Can save your life

Day by day we go about our busy lives we’re concerned about making money we’re concerned about the traffic but a lot of times we forget about the weather. WEATHER LIVE has been consistently on target 100% accurate and I have come to depend upon it every day, whether it’s freezing, very hot day or it’s gonna rain. Sometimes we just forget to look at the weather and it could cost us a lot monetarily and health wise. So be smart check the weather daily. And remember you can also check the weather in various other places you may go. Thank you WEATHER LIVE

- App versus Content Accuracy

As far as this app design and execution are rated-I believe it to be a very good development effort. I enjoy the compactness of it and that it is a much more readable display than other weather apps. I think it is important to differentiate between the app and the data content. I have found the data to not be all that accurate-but developers rely on the data that is provided to them-they don’t make it up. Today is very foggy-so much so that I cannot see the field next to my house or the road out front. It isn’t “cloudy” it is overcast with fog and visibility nearly non-existent-not 3 miles as the app says. On a more positive note-this app provided me the opportunity to submit weather corrections-which I did.

- Feels too invasive and pushy

I like the presentation and the forecasts are top notch. The constant and often repetitive barrage of pop up & interruptions make this app difficult to use. The ratio of annoying to useful is simply too high. Perhaps a finer granularity or a clearer labeling within the “notifications on/off” tool would help. I like the real-time temp readout on the icon but very few other notifications. Please scale back the volume or give me the ability to scale them back myself. I am forced to shutdown ALL notifications and then lose some of what’s good. Bummer! The reporting is very good work and the presentation is easy to ‘see’ the constant barrage of interruptions bring the whole experience way down. This ‘feature’ could be corrected. When I consider the foundation, I have hope.

- Edit

thank you for responding so quickly to my question. Your developers have indeed fixed the problem and the app is working great. I wanted to come back and change the rating to 5 stars. I use the app daily and love it. Again, thank you for responding and providing the weather to us daily!! What’s going on with this app? It keeps shutting down on me. I can open for literally one second (long enough to get a glance at the current temperature) then it kicks me off. This has been happening for two days. Is it a glitch that’s going to be fixed soon???

- Tornado ? Watch & Tornado ? Warnings

WHY are you IGNORING the MIDWEST??? Include Tornado ? WATCH (Conditions right for a Tornado) and Tornado ? WARNINGS (Tornado sighted or on the ground: seek shelter NOW.) LIGHTING ⚡️ in your area. (Take appropriate actions and precautions). SEVERE Weather (Damaging Winds & Debris. Hail. (Take Appropriate precautions.) ### Include short tutorials ? (1 screen ONLy for each of above... like CDC’s Heat Index does ?). ### If you live in the Midwest: If you live in Tornado ? Alley: Do NOT live in a mobile home; Do NOT live in any structure without a basement; KNOW where the closest Tornado ? shelter and Lightening ⚡️ precautions are at ALL times, including while at work, shopping, Little League games, etc (this is NOT under a bridge)! Do DRILLS with those you care about. Do NOT rely on other people to make the correct decisions. Take care of yourself & your family. Do NOT rely on the group to make the right decision for you & yours. THINK for yourself & yours. Whatever you do: stay calm, think, do NOT start a stampede (people WILL die). ### Use EMOJI’s!!! ? ⚡️ ? ? ? This is an APP!!! Use it’s potential! ### Thank you! ? ? ?

- Beautiful but a bug under the hood

I like this app very much, but there is a bug. On the icon in my iPad, it continually reports the wrong temperature. If I open and close the app, the error corrects itself. Then the next time I go to the iPad homepage and look, once again, the wrong temperature is being reported. I have only one location I’m using, so it’s not as if it’s reporting on one of the other locations. If they fix this, I’ll give it another star, but I cannot even find a place in the app to report the problem. For that, I took off another star! In any case, it’s still a valuable and well written app. Once they add a link for feedback and fix this bug, I’ll give it the five stars it deserves.

- Totally Awesome...?

While working outdoors it is crucial to know what the weathers doing at any given time for both scheduling and the crews safety. This app has never let me down and I’ve tried them all. The display and background are perfect and easy to read. Beautiful layout is way better than the ones where you have to navigate to different pages to get everything that this app has to offer and there’s no videos constantly popping up with weather from other parts of the country. Beautiful displays and super simple. To me it is the perfect weather app... Love it...

- Lots of information with great animation

Though the days of free apps are dwindling, I took the plunge and ordered the Premium. There I could fine tune the presentation to my hearts content. The animation, especially on Wind and Rain is very useful, and a little whimsical. The developer produced free apps for years, that were not as useful as this app. I wish there was a manual for the app. I'd like to change the order of information provided. I'd also like to be able to increase font size a bit, but none of these were deal breakers. I did not find an app of similar quality that was free. It's either intrusive ads, or download a gaggle of them. ( " Wind, Wind Chill, Hot, Cool, Rain, no Rain) etc. So I decided to order two less Lattes and spring for this for a year. If there are improvements in personalization, I'll revisit this review, but for now I've accepted that the developer wants to be paid. Gnashing my teeth and caterwauling was not effective. Check it out.

- Eh

I really like the app from all the features added and everything it’s just the stupid thing that pops up when you try to do any other move than the home page to but the little subscription. I really don’t want to pay money to keep my family safe I mean come on I know everything isn’t free but the fact that to stay safe I have to buy a pass or something Is dumb. Also you can just go on some app and just check the rain for free with out having to pay. So in my opinion Buy if u want to spend money on something Edit:I know that you can tap yet it will keep popping up as you are still using the free options if there were halves I would do 31/2

- Gorgeous graphics, inaccurate, insane # of popup ads

I had high hopes for this app when I downloaded the free version, and planned to buy it if it worked well. The graphics are absolutely gorgeous. However, compared to other weather apps’ predictions for my area (Wunderground & WeatherCaster), this one is consistently ‘way off base, often predicting snow, for instance, when temps are too low to permit that. Meanwhile, the constant takeover of my entire phone screen by ads for inappropriate in-app purchases is like nothing I’ve ever experienced; and the app doesn’t learn from what I opt out of, either. A sad disappointment all around: it has such promise. But just on the invasiveness of the ad-overkill “inducements” to, I’d never pay for this app. I hope I’m not the only one giving the developers this feedback.

- Used to be good

I used to love this app. The layout is great, and provides easy to read weather information of all types. HOWEVER, 2020 seems to have been the end of this app because the forecasts are so ridiculously off, it’s completely undependable. It tells me it’s raining when it’s blue sky. I finally deleted the app when it told me to “expect rain” and it had already been raining for over an hour!!! Done! Call me when you use actual weather forecasting. Update: The app developers contacted me describing how I can report the correct weather! I want an app that reports the CORRECT weather to ME, not vise versa! You’re the developer! If you want me to report the weather to you then I better be getting a royalty on your company. This has got to be the most insane review response I have ever seen!

- Inaccurate in my area, annoying ads

I really like the interface of the app. And the temperature notification bubble. But that’s about all. I rarely take the time to rate apps, but I feel this one is over-rated. 1. I have had the app for one day. As I’m watching it rain outside my window (and it’s been raining on and off all night) this app is literally telling me 0% chance of precipitation right now....huh??? I’ve pinned three different locations in the city and they all tell me the same thing. At least for my area (Las Vegas) it seems to not be very accurate. 2. The ads are pretty obnoxious—Every time I open it I get pop up ads and boxes that I have to dismiss before actually seeing the weather. It makes the app much less convenient to use. And to get rid of ads costs $1.99 per week? Yikes.

- None Better!

This is my go to weather station site every day. It keeps me updated and connected to family and friends by offering a glimpse at what they will be facing that day and for the week ahead. Saving and setting favorite locations is a great feature. The information helps plan packing and activities on up coming Vacations and out of town trips. Last year we traveled to Gothenburg, Sweden to pick up a Volvo and spent 10 days traveling to and from Bergen, Norway. This site had me plugged into all the towns we where to visit and provided accurate info on the kind of weather conditions to expect along the way. At home, it helps determine sailing conditions and plan other outdoor activities. The only recommendation I can think of is to include info pertaining to tidal conditions. Other than that, you’ve earned the highest praise and deserve the commensurate rating. Paul P. Stuart, FL

- Please respond

I just want you to know, that this is the most beautiful weather app ever. I love the layout and the photos. The map is also very clear. I did not pay for this app though. This app has many more features that I would like to use. I know and understand that you have to make money but, Im pretty sure you have other apps. This is just my opinion but, I think that you should open this app up for people who cant spend money on being able to know the weather and keep themselves and their family safe. Again, just my opinion on a weather app. If you happen to come across my review, please respond. I would like to hear what you have to say about my opinion. Thanks for your help, Anonymous

- Beautiful app

The app is wonderful and generally the purchase, unlike most apps it allows you to customize the info on the first screen and includes uncommon but useful info such as the barometric pressure and trend up or down. However it has two almost glaring downsides. When opening the map it 1) defaults to the rain amount instead of being able to open directly to radar which is most likely what you're looking for, and 2) defaults when you do get the radar up to a past image sometimes as old as 2 hours old so you have to manually drag the slider to see the most recent radar image to know what's out there and coming.

- Not that helpful

I was really looking forward to the things that this app promised but instead of joy over the information, I’m left with the gnawing feeling in my mind that I’m actually paying for this. I’m in agriculture and weather is something I constantly monitor. Yesterday, for example, the app says “no rain” and no chance of it yet when I look out my window, it’s raining. The app has little icons that say that it could rain throughout the day but doesn’t give any probabilities for it. That’s not helpful. My decisions for the day are vastly different between a 10% rain chance day and a 90% rain chance day. This app seems to have bells and whistles but the things I actually need don’t deliver. The layout is pretty.

- Overrated, inaccurate

I have used this app for over two years and I am finally ready to move on. It is simply too annoying to wait every time I launch the app for a chance to close the ads. Who has time for that? As for the app functionality, it is regularly inaccurate as others reviewers have stated and the parameters ordering simply doesn’t work. No matter what order you put the available parameters in they never change on the main screen. It could also benefit from more detailed long term forecasts and allergy forecasts. Lastly, I initially tried this app because of the nice looking interface, but I think other apps have now caught up and this one is no longer fresh and appealing as it once was. Goodbye Weather Live. Deleting now and forever.

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- Pretty good!

Some nice layout options, looks nice, fairly accurate weather (well, as accurate as some other weather apps). The only downside is the ads can be annoying, but they’re not too bothersome. It has more information than other apps while keeping the nice background. Worth downloading the free version, unless you cannot stand any ads.

- Slow to refresh and needs some improvements

Temperature on badge doesn’t refresh frequently enough. Basically, you can’t rely on it, and actually need to open the app in order to know the current temperature. For those who use Celsius, there should be better way of indicating that the temperature is in the negative on the badge, such as reading “110” for -10, since you can’t have a negative number on the badge. Big difference between 10C and -10C. Otherwise, you need to frequently open the app and wait. Also, it would be good to know when dawn is. Early morning people such as runners would want to know when there is first light rather than when the sun gets above the horizon (sunrise). Otherwise it is OK.

- Great App but...

I really think this weather app is really awesome, the only thing that I wish is that it included for free is a simple hurricane map/ Typhoon map. It doesn’t need to be fancy, just a basic “ where is it, and where is it going to hit.” I would rather stay with your weather app but I have family in Queensland and in Florida USA, I need to see if they are in any danger. Now I’m going to have to find another app so I can have this information included. I’m sure there are free apps that have this. But I really do like your app... Torn?

- Weather info

I love the interface - can get all the weather info you want and customisable also, nice an clear. I think the developers need to tap into more accurate local weather data. I know the attitude in some countries is a little less than professional so when you are actually in the weather and it's a bit or a lot different than the report that's disconcerting to say the least. It would be nice also to have access to historical weather data. DG, Fiji.

- Looks nice but ... location way off

Not sure I can use an app which has my location at a minor place more than 20kms away. There is a major town closer than that. You need to get your AUSTRALIA Locations sorted. When typing in a location every other conceivable place in the world comes up first. And yes location is ON. Developer response was to turn off locations and enter my postcode. Hmmm ... guess what? Australian post codes aren't recognised ... unless overnight the pole shift occurred and I'm now living in Bulgaria, Spain or France. Also my nearest major town is not there. Only my nearest city and our weather is quite different. Deleting app again.

- App Crashes

I have enjoyed using this app but today it has started to crash on opening. If it continues I will have to cancel my subscription. Have received support from the developer telling me the issue has been attended to promptly and I am happily using the app again. Thank you to the developer for listening and acting.

- Smithton -Edith Creek

I find the weather report and information very very helpful and as we are isolated on the island of Tasmania We are on the north west end it is a comforting situation to have your weather report and it is always very precise and we can work the farm and our cattle to the weather conditions as they seem to be 80 to 85% correct thank you very very much signed off Beth Leech

- Constant weather notification.

As far as l am concerned l feel that a weather report every 5 or 15minutes duration is not required considering one can access your App at anytime for a check. The constant alert is annoying. How about a contact about every hour or so, unless there is a serious emergency. Thanks. For your consideration.

- One of my fav Weather Apps ??

I’m really in love with this one. Beautiful animations, you get a lot of nice features even without a subscription, (I have the yearly sub, my Hubby doesn’t) the weather is very accurate. I like the lightening notifications. ? PLEASE PLEASE could you get a “real time” rain Notification too like TWC has, and I will love and subscribe you forever. ?☺️?

- Visually appealing but overwhelmed by advertising

The app is visually attractive but not always intuitive to navigate. This isn’t helped by the constant, intrusive and overwhelming advertising in the free version. I understand there’s a need for revenue but this was just over the top. Some very strange forecasts were noted ... things such as extremely low temperatures and thunderstorms predicted when no other forecasts mentioned anything similar and the predicted weather didn’t eventuate.

- Great app. Incredibly accurate

Had the app for about 2 years and I check it every day. Highly accurate and I am able to see the weather forecast and rain predictions. Very well thought out and easy to use. Also gives frequent and accurate updates on weather. Brilliant

- No wallpaper option

I can’t find any way of making this my home screen/wallpaper. No options in settings are available. It’s a key feature I decide to pay for premium and download the app. I’m on IPhone X. Is this an option? If not, I’ll be cancelling but if can get a resolution will upgrade rating as the app otherwise seems to be very good.

- Detail but inaccurate current conditions

Lots of information, very nice BUT current temperature are far from accurate. Last evening, the temperature reading jumped from 31 to 12 to 26 degrees again. I live in Melbourne, Australia and please check if it is just a problem with this city or with everyone. Thanks.

- New user

I love to keep checking on local weather and this app helps me more than others, but my Map is not working now and your update on Covid is never updated. If you are going to offer many parts to the App, ensure they are up to date and working properly

- Best designed weather reporting app, I have ever came across.

I have had many weather apps and this is the most comprehensive app, I have ever come across . All reports so far are accurate, just proves there are some people out there that actually can read the weather and not just take a stab in the dark. Very proud of yourselves, ( you should be).... Stars should be out of 10, I would give you a 10. We lived in the country many years ago and and I used to be a reporter for the weather in our area on Foxtel. I was so proud of myself for doing such a good job. Anyways, keep up the great work.

- Great App

This Weather live app is so great that it tells the the weather how it is going to be that day and you get updates every day if the weather is going to change, must have for everyone!! Youhave to pay every year but it’s worth it compare to other weather apps!!!!

- Great interface but......accuracy questionable

This app has a lot of great features like showing the temperature without having to open it but today the app forecast for my area states 0% chance of rain when it is actually sprinkling rain as I write this and the black clouds are building. On checking the B.O.M. forecast it states 10% chance of rain!!! Far more accurate I think.

- Accurate and fun to use!

I adore following the weather and enjoy using this app. Having followed BOM for years and having to switch between different pages I have found this app has all my favourites on one page! Highly recommended

- Yeet.

It’s so good I’m writing a review on it. If you have a phone that’s not older than maybe 5-7 years old then it will work fine. The ads aren’t a pain, as they generally are at the bottom. All the info you really need is at the top. Pretty good, I have to say.

- Excellent Weather Site!

I love this site because not only does it inform me of immediate Weather in my suburb or across the ocean afar, it displays a live camera of either billowing clouds floating through the sky, in the middle of the day, or a light show display of a billion stars at night fall. Thank you, Kerry Dinté

- Meets my requirements.

This app is all I need to keep me up to date with the weather. I have another too. Not sure why I haven’t deleted that one! Weather Live ticks all the boxes for me. Easy to see all the data I’m after, in every city in the world, at any time!

- Top weather app

I like it the pro’s, u really don’t have to update unless you won’t to? The con’s, the add’s and how many times it ask you to keep upgrading, press the x button it’s keeps popping up. You get though all that and it’s a great app thank you.

- Great basic weather app

I downloaded this app because I needed a good basic weather information app. This provides a lot of relevant information within a simple interface and I would recommend it.

- Don’t think it works in Australia

I put this on thinking it would give me alerts while I am travelling. The second day I got an alert Thunderstorm warning. Well the storm was 24 hrs before the alert. Then it showed up as cloudy. Not a cloud in the sky. Tonight another thunderstorm warning. Well no thunderstorm last night. Not going to happen tonight maybe it is for tomorrow night. Just unreliable. Sorry guys

- Great Weather app

An accurate and attractive app. From my perspective, the rain map section could be improved. It is very difficult to follow developing rain or storm and the time that this is predicted to occur. Also the approaching storm notification is unreliable.

- Good but not....

Okay, down to business. Firstly, a hundred points for aesthetics. Lovely. ☺️ Secondly, WHY do you need to pay to see the rain graphs??? You can see the hurricanes BUT you need to pay to see exactly where they are on the map. ???????? Too much paying, care more for people getting help with the weather than money. SeRiOuSlY, wHaT tHe HeCk, Be BeTtEr PeOpLe, NoT mOnEy-HuNgRy IdIoTs.

- Not working

My app has stopped working. When I open it, it stays on its Home Screen for a second then closes. The Apalon help page in the App Store offers no way to contact them to resolve the issue. So I am left with this review to state my problem. And it won’t let me give zero stars. A non working app is not worth one star, but I have to give it one just so I can submit this “review”. When it works, I love the app and would give it 4 or 5 stars.

- Stay safe all

I absolutely love this app it covers everything and if you know what you need to press you can see what is going to happen in real time . Thank you for your app I plan ahead with this app and it is so helpful.. ??☔️☔️☀️☀️

- Changed business model - AVOID!

I’ve been using this app forever, now they’ve changed their business model - without any prior warning - and are wanting a hefty subscription ($7 per week, $29 annually) with constant (whenever the app is launched) and annoying (full screen timed lock out) barraging to unlock what was formally for free. Even ‘unlock for free’ buttons take you to the subscription page. AVOID! I’m going back to Apple’s weather.

- Excellent Photos

I love that you can see the weather for a week in advance. I also like the excellent photos. For example, there is a thunderstorm in our area just now, and the photos of lightning are really good.

- Weather Live

I have only recently downloaded the free app. I like that it gives me the weather details every time I open my iPad. There are also a lot of details given for each day. Thank you.

- It’s okay but needs work...

The most frustrating thing is that it shows I have 28 outstanding notifications and I can’t clear these for some reason. But I’ve also realised how much I rely on coloured icons to display the weather - the simple white outlines showing the upcoming forecast require more concentration and I’m not a fan.

- It was good until the recent update

It’s a good app until the latest update to ios 11. Ads still pop up though i have the paid version from a few years ago. Support gave me a link to download another version but ads still pop up and was told that it is not ad free. Maybe they want me to buy the ad free app again. But if it not ad free why bother?

- Very useful!

And reasonably accurate, I found, so far. I also like the design and features of the app (and wish the esthetics of presentation were more generally given this kind of attention).


They make you think it’s free, then charge you over $26 dollars. Then the weather isn’t even accurate. Today’s temp going by this app is 28 when in fact it’s 37. How this is even in the App Store is ridiculous. Guys I’ve tried to contact you and all you say is contact apple. So people do not buy this app. Save your money. Your better off going out side and testing the weather with your tongue. That would be better than this app.

- Reliable

This is a really reliable app for local weather rather than just vague predictions based on major city forecasts. It gives all the information you could possibly need.

- Downloaded a free app, started charging automatically

DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP EXPECTING IT TO BE FREE EVEN IF IT SAYS IT IS FREE. The worst sin a free app can do. Downloaded a free app, started charging automatically. There is clearly a problem with this app. There are many many reviewers who downloaded it as it was free and then get charged a subscription automatically that they did NOT apply for or approve. The developer has a cutnpaste standard answer every time this happens which is clearly false and blames the user.

- Best weather app

With my work i often travel to remote locations in Australia This app is always reliable in defining my exact location . Also when i travel overseas it is equally as reliable. Top free app!!

- Weather Live

Frequently incorrect Also it’s ridiculously difficult to UNSUBSCRIBE! I accepted a trial which did not reveal the ongoing cost and did not wish to continue. This feels like a ripoff. You make it enormously convoluted to opt out. NOT HAPPY will NOT recommend


This app is go good and accurate. It even shows if there’s a hurricane anywhere! Buy it. You won’t regret it! This is way better than any other weather app. No glitches it’s just perfect

- Bad UI/Idea

Fancy pre charging consumers for an app you haven’t even used or experienced before. The whole idea of making users pay for a trial is ludicrous. First thing I did is stop the payment and deleted the app. It’s a weather app guys. I can choose from 10s of other options that don’t try and rip me off and even offer more. Stop it stop it stop it.

- Weather

The app shows 11 deg. But actual weather is 27 deg at the moment in braybrook .As I mentioned your app showed 11 deg on Monday morning approximately 1100am when it was actually 27 deg on my thermometer and the radio reported 27 deg. This is the only time this has happened, I am not complaining just bringing it to your notice. I am reasonably happy with the app Kevin

- Weather app

it is the best app ever it tells you exactly what it is and if it is going to rain and what time and how much rain. it tells you what time and everything you need to know.

- The best

I used this app many times it has all the things to know about weather, usually every morning I’ll have a look at the app, keep it up great work

- Help!

How do you cancel this? I am getting charged $2.99 per week and there is no option anywhere to cancel this recurring payment. Many thanks for response. Love the app now I know how to cancel.

- Only just got it

Like previous reviews. Only had the app for 5 mins and I'm reviewing it... I think it's terrific.. but once I've used it a bit more I'll know whether it's terrific or not!

- Love it

I love all the new features, I have been using the older version for a few years now but the extra features make it more interesting, well done ?

- Loving this app

Been using this app for a couple of months and I like it. Seems very accurate and I like all the information you can find on it.

- Inaccurate lately

App has been showing inaccurate temperatures lately. Temperatures have been showing as the temp that would only be correct up to 6 hours later. Eg temp will be 35 at 1pm but the app shows it will be 35 at 7pm. Also for some reason doesn’t allow you to select weather provider. (Who wouldn’t use the bureau of meteorology)...

- Great app

Had a paid version then upgraded phone and now have free version full of ads. Update: developer has now restored my original purchase, thanks.

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- Lots of detail.

Comprehensive and complete. So far so good. Thx!

- Way off

We had a thunderstorm last night. The app showed sunny skies and zero rain. This morning it is overcast. The app still shows sunny skies. If it cannot get this part right what are the chances of other data being accurate? Canada.

- Goodbye...

I’ve used your app for years. It looks as if the free one no longer works. That’s ok...there are others, I can download. See ya.

- Weather

Too much advertising!!

- Weather

This weather network is not accurate at all!!! It was a low of 20 degrees that day and this app said it was a low of 2 degrees. Big difference !

- Great Ap

Quite like this ap. The weather is fairly consistent with the predictions. After all even when the weather predicts 70% chance of a nice day it leaves the unstated prediction of 30% not nice. Overall it's the best ap for weather I've seen.

- Publicité agressive

Belle application mais développeur assoiffé d'argent. Publicité bien trop abondante et agressive et trop cher pour une simple application météo.

- Weather

Nice display with time and temperatures. Like the following day as well. I enjoy it.

- It seems to be crashing

I’ve used this app for years with zero problems, until today. When I click on the app, it comes up for a few seconds (enough to see what the temperature is) then it crashes.

- Crap

App keeps shutting down as soon as it opens, it shuts down!

- Premium not

Bought premium version so I wouldn’t get ads, even saw developer saying in other reviews that there’s no ads in premium version. Opened app and pop up comes on with ad to buy others apps. Plus there are times when the weather seems off, says cloudy when it’s sunny and vice-versa

- Weather live

Love it

- Hmm

The app shows the sun shining as I watch the rain come down, guess predicting the weather is tough?

- Hi

Good job

- Very disappointed in this app

I’ve had this premium app paid for on November 11, 2020 and its stopped working today, Dec. 8, 2020. I click on it and it shuts down as quickly as it comes on. I even checked for updates and uninstalled it and reinstalled it and still it shuts down before I can see the temperature. I even rebooted my iPhone, nothing has worked, what do I do now? Thank you, all is working well now, and I’m very happy with it. Thank you once again, and Merry Christmas to you all! ?

- App not working

I’ve had this app for a month. Why is it suddenly opening up for half a second, and shutting down? Turned phone off and on, with same result. Nice app, love the graphics, but at this point it’s of no use to me. UPDATE: developer contacted me and the app was fixed. I’ve complained about functionality of other apps before, and all I heard was crickets.. Five stars for a beautiful app, and a responsive developer to boot! Thank you!

- Won’t Open

App was great when it was working, but now won’t open and keeps crashing every time it’s accessed. Too bad...

- V14.2 compatibility issue

It keeps on crushing on v14.2

- An "All I Need" app.

It's an excellent app. It gives me everything I need, even enough to prepare for flying. I find that the app isn’t the same for me as the original. It doesn’t seem to operate as quickly or smoothly. But I find that it’s a good “first look” before I go flying, as well. Thanks

- This is a great app

This is an amazing app that tells the forecast for the next 7 days, what time the sun will rise and set, precipitation, and wind chill. The only down side is that every time I log in it tells you to get premium. I use this weather app almost everyday and it has never failed me.

- Cool app

I did not know this app have a corona settings

- Working well

Hopefully it keeps it up, but so far so good. I have yet to find an actual good weather predictor

- Thought it was free

I accidentally downloaded this app but want to cancel it right away. How do I make that happen?

- Report

Too many ads asking to go for the pro version. Barring that it’s superb. Almost the best

- Great app

Really nice app but I have given 3stars because it shows too many ads improving it I will give 5stars

- Good weather app, however...

It is a bit scammie. Lots of ads and constant requests to upgrade to pro. There is a free trial, but only 3 days which then reverts to $5++ a week sub. The yearly plan is obv cheaper, but still pretty pricey. Maybe worth it for some people on yearly plan, otherwise enjoy the ads and pop-ups when viewing weather.

- Déçu de l’application

Toujours de la publicité et mode payant.

- Dead wrong

The current conditions are dead wrong. It needs to be sensitive to my area within the city. Toronto weather probably means the airport. I need something closer like weather network allows. How do I stop any payments for this thing?

- Removed awesome widget

They removed their widget which was the best, stupid decision...

- Degrees

iPhone app is set to Celsius but Apple Watch is in Fahrenheit and nothing I do will fix it. I even uninstalled and downloaded again.

- Weather app

Good wherever you go Excellant new format see everything at a glance

- Annoying unless you pay

Inundated with ads and $5.50/wk for weather?! I think not.

- Inaccurate


- That is unfair.

I have purchased the Pro version before, installing it on a new iPhone doesn't restore my purchase and requesting me to subscribe now. That is unfair. hone doesn't restore my purchase and requesting me to subscribe now. That is unfair.

- Horrible

Ads are everywhere and when you click on them accidentally they can not be stopped. Additionally they are not muted automatically and can be very startling to someone not expecting it like a senior. Having paid content is fine but REMOVE these ADS which are HORRIBLE.

- Not even close to accurate in Canmore AB today

App is currently showing Canmore AB 14 degrees partly cloudy with 30mph winds. In reality it’s 2 degrees and cloudy after snowing last night! Their response to being told the app isn’t working is to treat you like an idiot. Pretty sure it’s common knowledge on how to refresh an app. Do not spend money on this app!

- Nice but it doesn’t have family sharing

I like the app and paid for premium. The app is labelled as Family Sharing but it does not recognize this for my spouse. There seems to be no app support other than through reviews. :-/

- Beautiful App, Broken on Apple Watch

While this app is beautiful it seems to be broken on WatchOS 7. Just get a spinning wheel and nothing else.

- Totally off!

It is always off by 5 degrees or more

- Good Accuracy and Layout

I have been using Weather Live for many years. It is often more accurate about precipitation than my husband’s app. The main page is customizable and the app as a whole provides a well-rounded look at the weather. Links to interactive maps are also helpful.

- Sun and Moon

Since your last update, I can't read the sunset time and moonrise time correctly because these times overlap. There should be a small gap between the two ...

- Olga

Annoying animated full screen ads. App Uninstalled

- I like it

I like it

- Usually Incorrect

Always have an issue with its accuracy in Calgary AB. The weather network is almost always more accurate than this app. While I do enjoy the layout and the features, with it chronically wrong it makes it difficult to plan my days/weeks.

- New design?

Slow to respond to my touch (I thought it was frozen and restarted twice. Almost deleted it till it finally responded. )

- Upgrade...nope.

Since the upgrade, I don’t have the temp number on my icon badge. This stinks. Just to make more money, I’ve deleted.

- Sweeney

It was a really great app. Then they updated it and changed everything. Now confusing too busy for a quick glimpse.

- Used to be a great app

I’ve been using weather live for as long as I can remember. What I liked the most was that you used to be able see the temperature from the badge icon notification, so I can always see the temperature on my home screen. That alone was worth putting up with the ads BUT the most recent update took this feature away ...

- Inaccurate forecast

it’s 35c and the phone says 28c. A few degrees I can forgive not that much. Is off more than it’s on .?‍♂️

- Very good weather forecasting

Enjoy the information on their app. Too bad I have to pay for it now as it was free before.

Libertex 📈

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- Could Be The Best

This weather app is extremely informative and beautifully laid out. I upgraded on my phone only to find out it does not transfer to my iPad. I might be doing something wrong but if this is the policy I am disappointed. Let me just say I have deleted four other weather apps from all my devices because this one has it all. Update: I was inspired to try deleting the app from my iPad and downloading it again from the cloud and it included the upgrade. I change the title of this review to...It Is The Best!

- Bought premium for no ads. Yep, still has ads.

This app has a hard time with accuracy for me. That would be ok except every time I open the app it makes me click "no thanks" for something it wants me to buy before I can access the information. I paid for supposedly ad free premium access for three months, but it's not ad free - the ads make me so irritated I'm about to delete it and give up the $3.00 I paid for this thing. Once you get to the information, it's visually pleasing (which is why I'm giving it a three). So, pretty to look at once you work through the ads that aren't supposed to be there. Not going to pay again. ☹️

- Inaccurate

This is one of the very few apps I have ever paid for. The interface is lovely, not just the app itself, but also the widget. The second reason for spending money was the 'one-time' payment, not a subscription like many other weather apps. I should have done my research and checked first however, because the live weather conditions and forecasts are very inaccurate. I can understand some forecasts being wrong, but when the app says it's 20C and raining while it's 30C and completely sunny, you start to wonder. The forecasts too are inaccurate. We could all safely assume the air temperature gets warmer from the morning hours until early afternoon. Well not according to this app. On too many occasions the day may start, say 9am at around 14C, then for noon it's forecasting 8C. Obviously this is incredibly inaccurate (many times as far as 12 degrees centigrade off). Sadly my money was wasted, I don't use the app anymore and have reverted back to Weather Underground. Which is not as pretty as this one, but 90% more accurate, and in the end that's all a weather app should be.

- The Best Out There!

This is beyond a doubt the most up to the moment, all inclusive, best weather app around. It is user friendly and so easy to change the location settings, which is a must for me. Hubby & I are retired, and we full-time camp host at state parks, so our weather information needs change frequently. Weather Live serves us well in this regard. Unfortunately, we are on a fixed income and cannot continue the weekly subscription. I have had to cancel due to this fact, & I will miss your services.

- Current Temp Never Accurate

The current temp always seems to be off. And not just by a degree or two, but off by 7-8 degrees. This morning at 11 in Tucson, this app had the current temp at 90 deg F. It was HOT out, so I checked two other apps. Both had the temp at 97 degrees! Also, the design on the app’s main page is a little hard to get used to. Yes, the current temp is displayed prominently (although usually inaccurate) but the day’s Hi and Lo are very small. (And I’m still not sure what the point is of a compass that’s not functional.) Finally too many pop-up adds. At least two every time I go in to check upcoming weather forecast. There are much better weather apps out there, some with no pop-ups.

- Safety isn’t first

Right in between an alert for a tornado warning and a new alert for a special marine warning, I tapped the new warning and got an ad. After closing the ad the second warning was gone and couldn’t be found again. There was no follow up on when the tornado warning was supposed to be over or if had been extended. Having an ad pop up in general is what keeps the app going; however, don’t pop up ads in the middle of tornado least wait until you learn how to give an update that the warning has been lifted or extended and the user has closed that message and then pop up an ad—it may have the opportunity to be remembered at that point instead of making a scary situation possibly more life-threatening!

- Beautiful Failure

This app is beautiful but it fails at weather forecasting. Not only is it wildly inaccurate but it even contradicts itself. For example, right now it says there is a 0% chance of precipitation but it also says it’s going to snow and mist all day. Two days ago, it claimed there was a 96% chance of precipitation but there was nothing on the radar for at least 300 miles. (It did not end up snowing.) I reached out to Support who first asked for screenshots and later sent instructions for how to refresh. I sent the screenshots and also suggested they enter my location and look for themselves. Their solution was to blame my Internet connection and send instructions for how to refresh, both of which could have been ruled out by looking at my screenshots.

- Please add quick radar button

I really like the dashboard layout, but what I really need is quick access to radar maps. Instead of scrolling down to the bottom I would prefer a toggle button panel on the main dashboard. All the iPad versions of other weather apps have this, but iPhone layouts seem to force everyone to swipe through to save screen real estate, but when I’m planning outdoor activities I’m typically on my iPhone and the most critical info of where it’s going to rain soon is the least convenient to access. Please add a radar button to the main screen and be that much better than the rest.

- Irma is 127 miles away from me!

I have over half a dozen weather apps on my iPhone & iPad Pro, but this one is the only that tells me how far an approaching hurricane is from me. 125 SE of Miami/St Maartin/Antiguilla, etc. of other maps does not do much for me. This app tells me, first 209 mi then 195 mi now 109 mi. Wow! That's what I'm talking about. This app also tells me both the current wind speed & direction, as well as highest gusts & average speed of where I'm at. It tells the UV rating for the day & whether sunscreen is recommended. All for free. I would have given a five, but the number of ads is positively off the chart. Too many, too often, too repetitive, more ads than on any app I've ever had. I just won't allow myself to be annoyed into paying for an upgrade. May have upgraded very soon after getting the free version, if not for the absolutely incessant ads. Overkill really killed the sale.

- Worth the $9.99 a year

The ads do make this app cumbersome and mars an otherwise beautiful, clean dashboard so spring for the premium version if you can. It’s worth it. Everything I need on one scroll with the same clean design from top to bottom. Nothing flashy or unrelated to weather. It’s a beautiful quick interface and easy to read. The info is spot on accurate. And I was able to remove my NOAA radar app since this is built in already with this app. Everything on dashboard, nothing to dig in for. Enjoy!

- Love app but few annoyances

Works great. Seems accurate. Forever I've hated: I have always hated that every time I open it, it treats me like a first time user. Trying to get me to 'try the new feature' that I don't care about. The weather data 'bumps' itself like I'm too dumb to know there's more data to be scrolled for. Hate that. Its always been like that. Every single time I open app. New dislike: the moving clouds wallpaper. I turned off parallax bci get motion sickness REALLY easy. Yet this app thought it needed a moving background. It pauses and does move slow but that's the problem.... Parallax was subtle movements hardly perceptible... Exactly the same as the dang clouds. I can't look at the app for longer than 30 sec or I become mildly nauseous that won't go away for an hour. Exactly the same as parallax. I hate this feature/ non feature. :::::::::: At least have an option to turn off the cloud motion. It improves nothing.

- This app is usually wrong

As weather apps go this is the worst one I have. I use a number of weather apps to try and get a handle on what’s going on and what the forecast is likely to be. This app seldom gets the temp right the forecast is most often just wrong and the current conditions it states are most often at odds with the actual conditions. For example it states there is 0% chance of precipitation this morning and it was just snowing. Not much use to me. I also have a weather station set up so I have the wind speed and temp etc. and they seldom ever match. I know that there can be variations depending on where the app gets its info and my precise location however this app can’t even seem to get close to my actual conditions, sorry.

- What a disappointment

Beautiful interface, a plethora of information—I went all in with this app (paying $20 I think, which I rarely do for ANY app), only to then sit under the overhang today, watching my boat bob around in the water under a steady rain, despite the app showing me that not only was it NOT raining at that moment, but that it wouldn’t be until many hours later. I planned my whole day around the Weather Live report that there was pretty much no chance of rain all day, just overcast skies. Popped open good old Weatherbug for a completely different—and accurate—forecast. I don’t know who’s providing the data for this app, but I no longer trust it and sorely regret the purchase.

- Great app for outdoor enthusiasts

For me, there are a few specifics things that I like to see quickly. I like temperature, in a bold, easy to read fashion. I also like to see wind, both direction as well as intensity (speed). Most apps make you "hunt" for wind info. This one is very user friendly. I also like to see these details in the 10 day forecast. The moon information is as very useful and confirms what I see on other (solunar) apps. The graphics als tell me at a glance what I need to be prepared for when I go outside. Great app!

- Apple Watch Complication Needs To Be Fixed

This is my first ever review for anything in the App Store. It’s probably because I really like this app that I want to continue using it, especially for my go to weather app. The biggest problem that I have with this app is that the temperature varies greatly between the Apple Watch and the iPhone. Right now it’s 59° on the iPhone but it’s a staggeringly inaccurate 73° on my Apple Watch. This is a real awesome app and it’s very detailed, but are those details accurate? For now, I’m going to continue to use a different app until this is fixed because the huge inaccuracy is killing the greatness of this app.

- Temporary bug was crashing it, but developer fixed it

I loved this app enough to pay for the subscription to avoid the ads. It had all of the information that I wanted. But starting today it crashes when I open it. I’ve tried everything I can think of, rebooted the phone, updated the app, updated the iOS, deleted the app and reinstalled. Still doesn’t work. My husband started having a problem with his app on his phone this morning as well.

- Love this app!

I like just about everything in this weather app! I live in a very windy area (49 mph sustained winds with 62 mph gusts last night) and this app is one of the very few that details sustained wind AND gusts without me having to dig down through the available data. I also like the very clean interface and background screens.. I did try the app ad free for 7 days and am now paying to keep it ad free. If I were to change anything, it would be to merge it with my other favorite weather app “Windy”!

- Very Inaccurate Weather Info

Best, most polished interface, but the information is extremely unreliable. I have numerous weather apps on my phone, with info from sources such as National Weather Service, NOAA, The Weather Channel, and legions of small privately owned “weather stations” networked together. All of these generally agree with one another pretty closely. It becomes a matter of who does the best job delivering the info in a usable, agreeable format. What a sadly ironic twist that the app with the best interface, is the only one that is out of step with the generally accurate information everyone else seems to offer. Makes me doubly frustrated that I spent $20 on this app for a year of service. You can bet I won’t pay another $20 next year!!

- Great program, one major flaw...

When you add your location, Sylva NC for example - you can’t manually move your location on a detailed map to your actual location. Most other weather apps allow this for a few reasons 1) reporting your localized conditions and 2) displaying your exact location on the interactive weather maps, and most importantly 3) customizing your weather view and notifications based on your actual location. Please consider adding this feature. I do appreciate all the work you have done up to this point and will look forward to future releases.

- Like it

I’ve been looking for a weather app that I can view from my lock screen on iPad, and although this technically does not, you can set it up to send notifications to lock screen and also view it easily on your home screen. Beyond that, it is a visually appealing, user friendly, and customizable experience and has an interesting variety of weather data. Main downside is that the frequency of ads and cost of subscription seem neither appealing. A one time app purchase cost would more likely get my business.

- Wind report..

The Wind is howling from the NW.. with high gusts.. and you have it at 2mph from the South..I have noticed this other days as disappointed with this APP. And I paid for the is now several hours later and the Wind is even stronger..and the Gusts are up to 30.. and you still have the wind at 2mph..think I will cancel..actually the Gusts are up to 50mph.. how can you be so inaccurate? And the Temperature is higher than every other Weather App.. It is now Monday night, and you are still recording the Wind at 2mph when it fact it is 19 mph with higher Gusts... it has been so strong all day and yet you have recorded 2 all day..this is crazy...also your temperature is higher than every other Weather App.. what is going on?

- Improve this app

This app would be a whole lot better if it was accurate it’s always 10-15 degrees off! What’s up with that????? For example you predicted 82 for today, it’s actually 100 and your app reads 91??? I notice this regularly, I am usually in the Denver metro area, the particular day I complained I was in commerce city colorado and in centennial Colorado and every where in between. The readings are always off. For instance yesterday 6/28 it was 100 and the weather app never read more than 92????? 7-7-18 update it’s almost 100 degrees and you ppl say it’s 89 degrees ? argh ? 7-10 It’s 103 degrees today in the Denver metro area and you predicted 90!?!?!?!?!?!?????? You people are in the wrong business. Even the local news weatherman was closer than your app!!!!!?????

- Timely Accurate Weather Notifications

Although my wife is a very good amateur weather forecaster, she isn’t timely and always accurate. This app fills the need to know. It provides accurate forecasts and timely storm warnings. You can change notification settings. And, it goes where you go, giving you accurate and timely weather forecast and notification for where you are. Check it before you go, and don’t leave for vacation without it.

- Terrible update

The app was “ok” at best, before. Not the most accurate. Telling people with the standard “cut and paste” response to report their own weather doesn’t help. Should we have a thermometer near our window so we can tell you the precise temp, as well? I only liked the temp badge because it gave me a relative ballpark figure to expect when I ventured outdoors. And then you remove that feature? Not the best decision, I’d say. There are PLENTY of weather apps available to choose from. I only kept this one because it offered an on-screen temperature. Definitely deleting if the feature doesn’t return. (No need for the cut & paste developer response about it not being offered anymore...I can read everyone else’s)

- Current temps always grossly inaccurate

I was noticing that the current “live” temps were consistently off (by about 30 degrees). One day I woke up on a 32 degree day to this app reporting that it was 72 degrees outside. I was, momentarily, so excited. I wrote to the developers to report the problem, but they insisted that I must have a poor internet connection (not the case) or that I need to drag the screen down to refresh the temperature information (still shows incorrect temps when I do that). The future forecast always seems to be accurate. There is a bug with this app - it would be great if not for this problem.

- You Had One Job

Yes this app has a beautifully designed UI and, yes it offers much in the way of customization. Where it fails for me is in performing the core function of a weather app—accurately telling you the current weather conditions and at least somewhat accurately forecasting upcoming weather conditions. Weather Live is has been consistently wrong when it comes to current weather conditions. For example, here in San Clemente, CA, Weather Live says today's high temp will be 72° and that it's currently 70°. Well that's just wrong. It's currently 85°. This inaccuracy is a chronic issue, definitely not an isolated occurrance. I paid for premium because I do appreciate the design but I'm deleting the app because the info it provides is useless.

- Really Good App Except for Advertising

This is a really good app in many ways. I love the fact that it displays the temperature on my screen without me having to open the app. Unfortunately, there are far too many ads and it taints my experience. Had the cost of the app been lower, I would have paid for it long ago, but there is a subscription I just can’t justify. If they had charged $10 or less to buy the app without any subscription, I would’ve jumped in it.

- Have been using it since 2015, stopped working today.

The app started crashing when I attempted to open it today. Made multiple attempts throughout the day. I tried uninstalling, rebooting, and reinstalling however the issue persists. I also clicked on the Weather Live App Support link in the App Store, however it takes me to the Apolon website and there’s no support contact option. I really like the layout and ease of use of this app. Any assistance or guidance for resolving the crashing issue would be greatly appreciated.

- I don’t like that you cannot report if wrong

It is showing fog. It’s clear as a bright sunny day. The new update is dumb ! What did they get paid for. They removed one thing and made the rest bigger. Really . I pay for this app because it actually had where you could add what’s actually happening. I am not a radar. But I can see for miles. Put the input back please. And then leave the app alone. Go invent something useful for diabetics or high bp . They have even worse apps.

- Sunrise and sunset times are shown now

For some reason the half circle arc showing sunrise and sunset was not showing last night. Now I know why: after sunset the arc graphic is replaced with a small vertical arrow depicting only sunrise. This morning the arc is there so all is good on this. However I posted another comment this morning about needing more rain percent info perhaps putting it in both the Short Term Forecast and Long Term Forecast expanded graphs. All in all a beautiful website making weather fun.

- Why does app no longer open/work on iPhone

Today around 11:00 MST the app does not open. Will reload after deleting but will not even open now. Currently using iOS 13.6 on 6s iPhone. Was working perfectly and great up until today. Hope it gets fixed! Update The app developer responded to my email to make them aware of issue and of course they knew. The app is up and running great - good job!!! Thank you!!! Had I known that they are partially based in Belarus I would not have made my initial review. It appears that the app was caught up in alleged actions by others that they had/have absolutely no control of the outcome that resulted in their being “offline” for a time period. Quick recovery, will stick with them, their app is full of useful information and is a perfect tool for my everyday requirements ?.

- Tacky Ads and pop ups

Give this five stars if not for non-family friendly ads and annoying pop ups. Don’t you know popups usually are a part of scam sites and sites considered dangerous to visit??? It’s been that way almost since the inception of the World Wide Web. Not saying to get rid of ads on the free version just make sure the ads are appropriate and eliminate the pop ups. Otherwise this is a beautiful weather app. Tons of information is available. Not interested enough to pay for it so I uninstalled the app because I didn’t want to deal with with ads as I described them.

- Still looking for water temp!

Seems like a pretty good app.... 2.00/week is a little expensive for a weather app thought! Living on the coast I’m still looking for an app that has the water temperature on it. Weather Channel use to have it but did an update about a year ago that removed it for some reason. Water temp is very important to people who reside along the coast, not only for weather indications but also for fishing! The temperature of the water gives a good indication of where to find certain types of marine life. For example; scrimp tend to leave waters that are below 60-65 degrees. Oh well, still looking!

- Thank the lord!!! ( read this!!!)

Let’s say you are looking at the weather and you want to go to the beach in a few minutes your getting ready and you hear your phone or tablet ringing and in your notifications it said beach hazard big thunderstorm coming in ! That app just saved your life you should get it 100% they are very good at their job. If it wasn’t for them I would be toasted! I thankfully thank them and got out of the beach alive ! It could save your life like this !

- Great Visuals!

Then: Love this app! Easy to read & very accurate. Now: Editing this app from 3 years ago where I gave it 5 stars--wish it could have been 10! This is my "go-to" weather app because of its thoroughness yet simplicity. I can scroll down if I want more detail for a day but I mostly use the first page for a synopsis of what's coming. Like the pop ups, too, letting me know how much warmer/colder today is compared with yesterday. Keep up good work, App people! We love this!

- Amazing!

This app has so many amazing features. If you like weather and like to be informed about all aspects of weather this will give you, to mention just a few: rain, snow, humidity, temperatures, radar, storm and hurricane tracking not to mention your choice of locations to include outside of the United States! I would give this 8 stars if I could. Highly recommend doing the upgrade so you have additional features available, and worth every penny. Love it!!!

- Better than default app.

This weather app shows temperature and weather info for the current day and days in the future. It shows wind direction and speed too. The notifications on this app on the home screen (the little number in the corner) shows the current temperature so you don't need to open the app! It's a step up from the one that came with my phone for sure, even if it sometimes gives you pop-up ads. Thanks guys!

- I LOVE IT!!!!!!

I love this app!!! Everyone should have this app for many reasons! The feature that is most useful to me and the app is being able to send in the weather you have at your location. Say the app says it's drizzling but there is a thunderstorm, you can tell the app that! That is an amazing feature! The hurricane tracker is probably very useful to people on any coast! I live in Pa so it’s not as useful but it’s kind of nice to have for vacation purposes! Thanks for making such an amazing app!!!!!

- Will not open on iPhone XR

Updated:Had on iPhone for over a year. Today will not open. Uninstalled and reinstalled from Apple apps and will not open. Great customer service. Developers responded and fixed the app so it now works as expected. I went ahead and subscribed to get more from the app and the latest version is really clean, colorful, and informative. In the past I’ve sent actual weather conditions and seen them updated in real time.

- Icon temperature always wrong

One of the things that I was most excited about this app was that it put the temperature on the icon so I didn’t actually have to open up the app in order to see what the temperature was outside. However the icon temp is never correct. It’s close but never correct it’s usually about 5° off until I go into the actual app to update The Weather and then it shows the correct temperature on the icon. What’s the point? Pretty disappointed! **Im in Frisco Texas and this has been happening all day long since I first downloaded it a week ago and like I said the icon temp gets close but is usually off by about 5*

- Wx report in a hurry!

This is a great app. I have several wx apps on my phone and this one is the best. It gives the earliest severe wx warnings of all of them and is just handy with everything you could possibly want to have. It even has a function where you can report severe wx to help warn others! Get other wx apps if it makes you feel secure, you will find this app is your most informative one, and this one gives the earliest warning for severe wx, it could save your life!

- Pop up Ads overwhelm the pros of app

This app would be amazing if you were t being forced to watch advertisements via pop ups over and over. And it’s not like it once per app opening. It’s multiple times in just a few minutes. And you can’t even pay a flat fee to get them to go away! if you decide to upgrade to an ad free version through the app is a monthly subscription cost FOREVER. Ridiculous just to see what the temp is, and though the app is lovely the constant pop ups outweigh the good and with so many other choices out there, I recommend you save yourself the hassle and frustration and pass on the app.

- The old app was much better

I’ve used the app for many years and was quite happy with it. Now they’ve discontinued the legacy app for a new version. The new version has stripped the dashboard down and eliminated the day and week high/low scale. Also, the new app requires a subscription to get the information I used to get with the legacy app. There’s something seriously wrong with a business plan that forces their longtime customers to a subscription plan they didn’t need in the past. I wouldn’t mind paying for something that was actually value added and beyond what was already in the legacy app. I’m tired of the dozens of nickel-dime subscriptions I keep paying for these silly little services.

- Tired or pop up ads and upgrade solicitations

I don’t like using apps that fly ads out in front of the information you are searching for, or pop up an upgrade option every time you open the app. Terrible user experience. Response to the developer: I appreciate you taking time to respond, but I get why ads exist. It’s the format of your ads that turns people off. There are millions of free apps that rely on ad revenue, but the ads aren’t disruptive to the user experience. All your users want to do, is check the weather. They want an app that is attractive, easy to navigate, and has a great user experience . They expect ads. Your advertising strategy ruins the user experience.

- Best weather site

I was looking for a weather site on my apps. I choose this app because of the reviews. I have NEVER regretted it. I closed out the other two sites I had. The information is so detailed, the graphics are great, and it’s so nice having the hurricane information. I have convinced many of my family and friends to to switch over. Paying for non advertising version or really worth it. Thanks for such accurate weather reports. Kansas OZ lover

- Disappointing

I tried this app to get familiar with it knowing I could walk away after a trial period because even though the subscription is on auto renew (sneaky)you can turn that off, they say. Once I got into it I saw nowhere to turn off my subscription. And now I’ll have to report it to Apple. Not fun. Otherwise it looked nice-ish. Update: I still believe the above is true. But the developer read my review and responded to me. Hallelujah to connect with a real person. Customer service like that earned them another star.

- Excellent weather app

Weather Live is an excellent app for all kinds of details about your local weather. The graphics are very pleasing , especially the sunrise and moonrise times. The main home page background is lovely and let's you know right away what the weather is currently just by seeing the graphics. The radar coverage for tropical depressions and hurricanes is very useful particularly the expanded view of the United States. I highly recommend this app.

- What I've been looking for (with some suggestions)

Other than the ads which are annoying this is the weather app I've been looking for. Finally, I can get my weather in proper metric units. It is surprising hard to find an app that displays temperature in Celsius, pressure in kPa, and precipitation in mm all in the same package. I do have a few suggestions though. All of which pertain to the widget. The first is that placing the high/low temperatures on the the first line across from "Feels like" is unnecessary since it's displayed in the lower line with high/lows for the next few days. Second if that spot is freed up then that frees up space on the widget for another parameter like precipitation or humidity. Finally and most importantly, in the widget across from temperature you should place a wind speed indicator like in the app itself. Just a small compass with the speed indicated to the right.

- Uses iPhone widget and icon superbly

This is what I was looking for in a weather app. I see current temperature right on the icon. Then, I can swipe to my iPhone Today screen and see a complete picture; hourly, weekly and current conditions, without even opening the app. Seems quick, even when the app opens. I didn’t have this long , and I decided to get the pay version- don’t usually pay for an app, but I find this worth it!

- A Nice App!!

I like the layout and extra information offered. Sometimes it's "off" by some degrees, but for the most part, I'm happy!! I also want to Thank You for allowing those of us who, for whatever the reason, are still stuck with older phones, to still download good, decent apps. There are a lot of "favorite" apps we can no longer download because we can't upgrade to a newer version. Why can't they appeal to All of us? Oh well, a Big Thank You to your developers!! You are appreciated!! ???❤️

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@RightDisplay I am no fan of winter ❄️ & cold weather can't live where the ☀️ isn't vivid all year long 😊but the waterfall Subhn'Allah is breathtaking

Sherry Osborne

Sounds like an interesting mix of weather here on Saturday - snow, then rain, then back to snow with slippery conditions. On the bright side I think I'll get to try out my Yak Tracks that I bought awhile ago. In related news, why do I not live somewhere dry and warm? 😂

New Longton Weather

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Live for this kinda weather ❤️


Here's a quick check of LIVE Doppler radar and weather conditions around the area. Visit to see what we are tracking in the days ahead.

Steve Rudin

The latest buzz! ABC7News LIVE Doppler is tracking a line of heavy rain with some lightning. Check it out here:

Ahmad Bajjey

Shoutout to @BriaJonesTV for going through every type of precipitation Michigan weather has available in Every. Single. Live shot she has done today. I owe you a box of handwarmers haha #miwx #ice #snow #rain #freezingrain #sleet @midmichigannow

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The latest look at Live Doppler 7 radar. Track it all on the @whiotv weather app: #whiowx

Energy 100FM

Are You Awake? THE WEATHER IS EVERYTHING, ISN'T IT?! Let's Get Your Saturday Going!!! @NashawnOfficial is LIVE on the #SaturdayBreakfast show right now

New Longton Weather

Live Weather for New Longton Lancashire - Forecast @

Braziliz Creative Grooves

Weather Report Live in Tokyo Japan (1984) #jazz #art #fusionjazz #instrumental #jazzlegends

jaci ₊˚.༄

@habitalex im kinda tired bc the weather it’s hot asf rn where i live, but overall im good :]


@ellymelly @ToomeyWright @theoztrucker Yep, they are awesome... model well into the future with total unknowns, yet whilst having access to current live data, can't work it out🤦‍♀️. I use to be able to predict the weather better than that when i was 12 y.o. from the isobar chart in the local rag

Paul Miller

Masaryktown Live 23h | Current weather Wind: Calm Gust: 0.0 mph Temperature: 70.2 °F Humidity: 88 % Pressure: 29.95 inHg Rain: 0.00 in Solar radiation: 0 W/m² UV index: 0 #Weathercloud


📹 angry-rapscallion: Would be a hell of a job.  This is why I live in South Texas.  Weather like that only happens once every ten years.

Weather Live° 7.2.0 Screenshots & Images

Weather Live° iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Weather Live° iphone images
Weather Live° iphone images
Weather Live° iphone images
Weather Live° iphone images
Weather Live° iphone images
Weather Live° iphone images
Weather Live° iphone images

Weather Live° (Version 7.2.0) Install & Download

The applications Weather Live° was published in the category Weather on 2013-11-26 and was developed by Apalon Apps [Developer ID: 749046894]. This application file size is 161.16 MB. Weather Live° - Weather app posted on 2020-12-11 current version is 7.2.0 and works well on IOS 12.4 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.apalonapps.wlf

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