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Thanks to everyone for making MyRadar so successful, with over 50 million downloads!

MyRadar is a fast, powerful, easy-to-use weather app that displays animated weather radar around your current location and to quickly show what weather is coming your way. Just start the app; your location pops up with animated live radar, with radar loop lengths of up to two hours. This basic functionality provides the quickest way to get a snapshot of the weather on-the-go, and it's what has made MyRadar so successful over the years. Check your phone and get an instant assessment of the weather that will impact your day.

One of the most useful features in MyRadar is the ability to provide advanced rain alerts; our patent-pending process for predicting hyper-local rainfall is the most accurate in the industry. Instead of having to check the app all the time, MyRadar will send you an alert up to an hour in advance as to when the rain will arrive at your current location, down to the minute, including details on intensity and duration. These alerts can be a life saver when you're on-the-go and don't always have time to check the weather - our systems will proactively do the work for you and let you know in advance before the rain hits.

In addition to the live radar, MyRadar has an ever-increasing list of weather and environmentally-related data layers that you can overlay on top of the map; our animated winds layer shows a breathtaking visual representation of both surface winds and winds at the jetstream level; the frontal boundaries layer shows high and low pressure systems as well as frontal boundaries themselves; the earthquakes layer is a great way to stay on top of the latest reports on seismic activity, completely customizable as to severity and time; our hurricane layer allows users to stay on top of the latest tropical storm and hurricane activity throughout the world; the aviation layer overlays AIRMETs, SIGMETs and other aviation-related data, including the ability to track flights and display their IFR flight plans and paths, and the "wildfires" layer allows users to stay abreast of the latest fire activity around the United States.

MyRadar also has the ability to send weather and environmental alerts, including alerts from the National Weather Service, such as Tornado and Severe Weather alerts. A new feature introduced in this version of MyRadar includes the ability to receive alerts based off of Tropical Storm and Hurricane activity; you can configure the app to send you an alert any time a tropical storm or hurricane forms, or is upgraded or downgraded.

In addition to the free features of the app, additional upgrades are available, including real-time hurricane tracking - great for the start of hurricane season. The hurricane tracker provides additional data above and beyond the free version, including the cone of probability for tropical storm/hurricane forecast tracks, and it also includes a detailed synopsis from the National Hurricane Center. The premium upgrades also include the professional radar pack, which allows greater detail of radar from individual stations. Users can select individual radar stations around the US, select the radar tilt angle, and also change the radar product being displayed, including base reflectivity and wind velocity - great for experienced weather buffs looks to stay on top of possible tornado formation.

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MyRadar Weather Radar Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We've improved on the detailed "5 Day Forecast" and included the new temperature visualizations, allowing users to get a quick, color-coded glance at the relative temperatures for the next several days. We've also expanded on them to include expected cloud cover and rain intensity throughout the day, as well as new wind information. This release includes fixes for the following issues as well as and stability and performance improvements: * Forecast panel not scrolling on iPad. * Text clipping bug in the forecast for iPhone 7 users.

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- My Radar

I check this app frequently because it’s very reliable and I like that it moves so you can gauge the track of a storm. I often send my friends screen shots of the weather over them because for whatever reason they still haven’t gotten this app. Why ladies? It’s so convenient to have. I walk everyday and like to check this app before venturing out. Plus it pin points your location so you can readily see at a glance where you are in relation to oncoming weather. Good to know if you’re flying what to expect. I like to monitor hurricanes because I have sisters who live on the East Atlantic Coast and the West Coast of Florida and you have access to the entire world’s weather if you care to check. Living in the heart of Ohio we get all kinds of weather and I can see when it’s coming or going to track south or if I’m going to get clobbered with severe weather or light rain. As a gardener I consult the app daily to gauge my watering needs. I can zoom out to see where fronts are located and know in advance if severe weather is headed my way. You also get the temperature at your current location. It’s just so practical to have. And there are no ads. Maybe an unobtrusive banner on the bottom. It’s the greatest app. You should definitely get it! One of my faves!

- Old Radar Loop, 60% accurate, crashes etc

The “live radar” loop runs 2 hours ~20 mins past time. The will rain or storm times graph & time feature is wrong 60% of the time. I have my home marked with a star ( it only allows me to 1 star location tho) Worst is it gives me weather, alerts & warnings for a town 15 + miles away, in a different county that gets different weather & warnings. Ugh. When we were traveling and hit bad weather it was a worthless app. It kept kicking me back home 400+miles then kept crashing all cause I was trying to pull weather from my current location. It started draining my battery, freezing, unavailable data, crashing. If I’m home in my marked Location the app never freezes, crashes, etc. My husband uses a NOAA app (free) and I thought I was downloading the same one he has. No this one is horrible compared to the one he uses. The one he uses gives him current road conditions/warnings/accidents/ radar etc as he’s traveling and actually shows the town we live closest to (3 miles) correct county & he has locations (stars) marked all over the place. The (free) NOAA app he uses didn’t have a melt down when we were out of town or traveling and worked great.. I’m uninstalling this app and looking for the app my husband uses..Idk why so many different NOAA apps are available but lessons learned they are not all equal. The one he uses offers upgrades but the free version works good & has adds just like this one.

- Apple Watch Necessity

I use this on my apple watch every day, it is better than the apple weather app in my opinion because of three things. 1, it has a map of your area as well as a forecast written out in english instead of just symbols and numbers, if you like the simplicity of symbols and numbers, that is still available too! 2, on the watch face, with both apps you get the current temperature, as well as the high and the low. one extra very important symbol is the current weather, a rainy storm cloud or a shining sun, pretty helpful to check without ever opening the app on your watch/phone. 3, the layout design is a little easier to read, apples watch weather app shows a circle dial and is very weird to read if you aren’t used to it. MyRadar has an easy to read linear scroll that isn’t very hard to read, you just scroll down hour by hour, plus you get to use the little dial on the side of your watch! 4, i will be honest, apple weather has MyRadar beat on the watch in one category, weather for multiple cities. on MyRadar, you can check multiple cities on your phone, but not your watch. anyway overall i think MyRadar is a better corner widget than apples weather at least on the watch. 5/5

- Thank you

It seems life has become so fast paced and hectic for most of us that we communicate mostly to complain and express our frustration with the “things” in our life, or complain about life itself. We often forget to be thankful for the things we actually have, and most importantly to those that work hard behind the scenes to make those good things possible. So I’m writing this review as a user of your radar program for the past several years, just to say Thank You! I truly appreciate all the work that goes into making, improving and maintaining this program. There are some that would say is not perfect for this or the other reason, but perfection is hardly ever achieved in life, and the definition of perfection is usually in the eye of the beholder. For me, living in an area of the country with sudden, often unpredictable and dangerous weather (as in thunderstorms and tornadoes) I can say your program has kept me and my family out of harms way many times. Perfect? Perhaps not in some users minds. But for me has been a life saver (LITERALLY) more than once in this many years. So once more, thank you for all you do. I appreciate your help in keeping me and my family safe from the elements.

- Incredible app

Hello. I just wanted to take the time to write a feedback note to you. For years I’ve searched for a fantastic radar app. I’ve bounced between weatherbug, weather channel, weather underground, noaa, dark sky, carrot weather, and storm shield. I’ve even paid $9.99 per month for radarscope. I’ve been dissatisfied with all of them. Each have one or two shortcomings that force me to use multiple apps. One has a good enough radar while another has a better forecast graph, while another has better notifications etc. I must say.... this my radar app is simply incredible. The radar is amazing. Notifications work perfectly. It has fantastic precipitation graphs. It has many options for layers and radar add ons. Just a simply incredible app. Absolutely well done!!!! Never stop developing this app!!! It’s absolutely needed!!! I’d pay $10 per month for this app. It’s nearly perfect!!! I do have 1 small critique/ask. Could you possibly give users the option to remove the crosshairs on the middle of the screen? For me personally it’s a bit annoying. Otherwise, incredible job guys. Wow

- A few complaints

This is a good app, so I pay for the premium features. There are a few things that are irritating, however. First, I cannot seem to log into customer support. It asks for me email address and password. I’ve never created an “account” with MyRadar, so I don’t have a password. Should I use my Apple account p’word? Nope, doesn’t work. So I entered my email address and hit the “reset password” button. It says an email is being sent, but it never comes. So instead of contacting customer support in the app, here I am doing it in a “review.” I wish there was some way to get rid of the grid box at the lower right corner (ipad, landscape) that covers up the 5-day forecast. The 3 lines on that box are: UV index, which basically says the sun shines during daylight hours; temperature, which is already shown on the daily display above it; and barometric pressure, which I don’t care about because I’m not a pilot. So how can I get rid of that graph and display the 5-day forecast under it, which I AM interested in? How about long-pressing the box to pop up an option to hide it? Or a slider on the settings menu to turn it off (or on, for the folks who need a graph to tell them they can only get a sunburn when the sun is shining)? Thanks.

- I Miss the Old Storm app!!

Is there a way to see the future radar like the old Storm app? Is that in the premium packet because my radar ends 10 mins before the actual time & I want to know the forecast radar for the next hour. Also, if I press on a fire icon & read about it, when I go bk to the map, the time on the animation slider becomes 8 hours off. I don’t think the actual radar changes. I only know that I have to close & reopen the app to get the time back to ending 10 minutes before the actual time. This makes me wonder if I can trust the accuracy of this app. Plus, it’s been raining here nonstop for 6 hours but the radar shows periods of no rain. It’s also really annoying when the slightest tap or zooming in on the map will start changing the cities up above because of the crosshairs. And when I swipe left, or right to scroll through my favorite cities, nothing happens- it won’t scroll through the cities even though the stars are highlighted. I miss being able to zoom in & see exactly where it’s going to be raining & being able to chose between 1 hour or 5 hours in the future & clicking on the storm cells & find out the speed & the danger associated with each one, as I could in the old Storm app. It truly was the best weather app out there! I will change my 2 star rating if I can find the future radar.

- Good but needs accuracy fix

I've used this app for about a year on several IOS devices. I like the simplicity to quickly see the radar and incoming weather without a lot of navigating, and also easily zoom in or out. I have found however that many times the radar overlay is not accurate with the location of the actual precipitation on the map. Today for example, the map accurately showed my location but the radar indicated heavy rain over me when it actually was about a mile away from my observations. So, until this is corrected the app is useful as a general view of what might be approaching but not accurate to a precise level. Also, I've noticed that the precipitation levels on the map are somewhat exaggerated over what is actually occurring. Overall, it's useful if you want a simple view of the radar and some other basic functions. Update 3/3/20: I was hopeful for improvements in the new update, it has a new icon and title page, but same issues exist. Accuracy is off- radar shows rain at my house and it’s not doing anything. Notifications are not reliable, they stop working after a while even with background app refresh enabled. Disappointed.

- OOPS! Now my radar works again!

Recently, I wrote a critical review complaining that this app had become so bloated with extra features that the basic radar feature stopped working. After a week of not receiving any acknowledgement of my support request, I sent an email to corporate that got a response. However, none of the suggestions that were offered to me worked, and the developers never responded to the diagnostic file that they requested and which I provided. I gave up, deleted the app, but then re-installed it after I learned of a new update. But the radar still would not load. In preparing to send another request for help, I discovered the problem! My iPad was set to the wrong time zone (London) as a result of a recent trip. Once the time zone agreed with my physical location, the radar layer displayed properly. I still believe that the app is becoming bloated, and I’ve learned that support is often difficult to reach, but this app deserves more than the one-star that I previously gave it. If they are able to improve support by offering faster responses and a knowledge base, it will be a 5-star app. Until then, I’m changing my 1-star review to a 4-star review.

- Great Radar App

I’ve tried six or seven weather/radar apps and My Radar is the best one for my purposes. Most apps give you the weather when you open them, and then you have to find the radar button. I like the radar on screen when I open the app. All weather reports are an average of weather for your area. Even My Radar will notify my that it will begin raining in 12 minutes. But when I check the radar the rain cell is moving just north of me, so no rain at my location. I also like that the radar always on, I don’t have to start it or restart it. The layers feature is excellent with easy access so I can turn on temperature, wind speed, clouds, fronts, earthquakes, warnings and watches, aviation layers, and several more. You can choose the type of map with the features that suit you, and you can adjust the radar features for speed, timing and opacity. This is truly a radar app that includes excellent weather information. Also enjoy seeing the weather radar anywhere in the world just by moving the map. Highly recommended.

- I have used My Radar for 6 years

I originally purchased this app 6 years ago. I needed a reliable radar source that I could use at my place of work. At that time I superintended bulk cargo loading operations onto ships for export. The cargo was weather sensitive. We could not load cargo in the rain. When you have a gang of very expensive Longshore labor standing by for weather, it was critical to be able to reference MyRadar to look for windows of dry weather so we could load. This app gave me the ability to see when weather was coming and going. I was able to ready the gang prior to the dry windows, so I could maximize my loading windows. Needless to say, this app is accurate in my experience and it helped save a lot of money in gang standby time. Customers were also happy to sail their vessels earlier than expected in many cases. I still regularly use and rely on MyRadar in my retirement years, for camping, anticipating when to come in from sitting in my backyard. I love the “layers” options. I feel this puts them above other radar apps.

- Great fee app, great paid app

I switched over to this app after Weather Underground’s “Storm” radar app was obsoleted and replaced by the terrible sequel by The Weather Channel. Immediately, I appreciated all the layers that this app has, and the customization that it’s capable of. I also like that while you can get a “basic” paid functionality (do it! Even if you don’t mind the ads, support people who make quality apps!), you can upgrade different bits of functionality a la carte, as you need them. For example, while I’m a private pilot, I’m not actively flying currently. But if I DO get back into it, the aviation charts functionality is built into the app, for an annual subscription (which makes sense, since av charts update and need to be kept current). Excellent, excellent app. The only suggestion that comes to mind is to enhance the functionality of the “storm center” feature so that the center moves with the time-lapse. Currently, it is stationary, and stays in the position it is in the latest radar frame, as the radar time lapse “catches up” to it.

- When beauty enhances accuracy

There’s lots to be said for simplicity. This app delivers clear, dynamic, and beautiful radar images quickly. Moreover, the images provided appear to provide (in my opinion) a better indication as to how a storm is developing and moving. I’m able to look out from 7600ft to the south and west from the southern Sangre de Christos, taking in a thousand square miles of view shed and storms up to 100 miles away. I can watch individual storm cells developing and compare them to what I see on my screens. I’ve tried dozens of other apps and when it really matters I’ll always revert to the raw NEXRAD feed, toggling between clutter on & off when making important go/no go decisions for travel in remote areas. But this is the radar app I keep coming back to. I wish I understood why it’s better. It may be due to the fact it includes some of the info in a “clutter included” nexrad image without including too much of the noise. It also smooths out gaps in the radar image caused by inversions, dust, etc. Nice work, MyRadar developers!

- My favorite app!

I’m a lover of skies, weather and being out of doors. As an organizer of an outdoor adventure group of active retirees, My Radar is perfect for helping me plan and to know when it’s safe to be out on the trails and water. Thanks to using My Radar, many times while out kayaking we have known to cut our paddle short and head back to safety when we see that a sudden storm has popped up and is coming our way. We also have had times where we could see on My Radar that the storm’s path would skirt past us so have been able to stay out enjoying instead of retreating. As a former middle school teacher when taking 7th graders on a Cape Cod hike we were able to show the students why they really did need to don their rain gear as a soaking deluge was destined to hit in a few minutes. When planning to fly somewhere, or just curious, I can see the weather, in most places, all over the world! I really appreciate and love My Radar and I highly recommend it to everyone!


I loved MyRadar it was so well designed helped me figure out if I should stay inside & wait 5 minutes to stay dry or go out side & bite the bullet on getting wet. It was Truly a wonderful app, which is why it blows my mind that they decided to SELL THEIR USER’S LOCATION TO DATA MONETIZATION COMPANIES MAKE A LITTLE EXTRA MONEY. I understand apps need to make money I get that, but selling my & every other users’ location to make money is unethical. One might so “oh everyone sells your data what’s the big deal” all of it to me is immoral but this app goes above and beyond the levels of immortality by selling “both precise location and other sensitive customer data to data monetization companies "at all times, constantly" sometimes without customers being aware of the location data collection. The information is used for purposes like creating databases for ad targeting.” Even if this app pledges to stop selling my CURRENT LOCATION I won’t re-download, how can I trust them? If there were any staff who worked on this app & didn’t know about this I’m sorry that this is impacting you. But to the screwup leadership that made the decision to SELL OUR CURRENT LOCATION I’m glad that this story is finally out in the open. Nobody will trust you now.

- Superior Hi-Def Radar Imaging

This app has superior radar imaging. I usually turn on the wind stream indicators at low opacity to help me see how storms might track. You can store various geographical locations and swipe to any of them and the radar map will become centered at that location. The radar animation can be over 10 minutes behind the current time. I have seen it fall behind by 12 minutes. It’s always at least 5 minutes behind. So, hopefully, future versions might concentrate on more recent animations. Also, the only way that I can get the animation to load an update is to quit the app and restart it. Otherwise, the animation timer just gets stuck saying, “Loading.” Also, there is only detailed textual forecasts of Today and Tomorrow. Many times the precipitation percentages reported in the textual forecasts are significantly different from the hourly percentages. And I can’t determine what the Lock icon does in selected local report pulldowns. Great eye candy app, but needs more frequent radar updates and more days in the extended forecast.

- Great Replacement for Wunderground

Wunderground seems to have recently lost their way, removing the super useful lock screen widget with daily and weekly forecast graphs, and making useful weather information harder to discover in-app. I tried out about ten weather apps looking for something to replace it, and this is by far the best! Displaying the temperature and precipitation for the day and upcoming week as a graph with lines is SO MUCH nicer and easier to parse than a bunch of icons. It’s super nice that this is available on the lock screen widget. Also, the radar display is absolutely fantastic, beating the heck out of wunderground’s, even before their recent descent into madness. It’s clear the MyRadar team has a good sense for what people actually use the app for (like, you know, checking the weather for the upcoming day), and they make those things as easy and straightforward to access as possible. Keep it up! I will definitely be paying the super reasonable $10/year to support something so useful.

- My Radar

I’ve lived in Ga. since getting out of the military and every year when the seasons change from winter to summer and from summer to fall we have tornados, back in 1973 we lost our home to a tornado, back then we didn’t have anything like My Radar, nowadays we have all kind of warnings, T.V. Radio, and weather programs on computers, I pads, and cell phones; I’ve tried a lot of different weather radars and I always come back to My Radar , it’s the best one I’ve tried, The screens are clear the clouds are different colors and it tells you when there is a possibility of severe weather. My Radar can be set up to each persons preference, it is also available for pilots and can be setup that way, it’s just an all around great weather program. The program can be set up to send weather notices to a smart phone or from your computer to your I-pad. This program beats all off the others hands down. Try it and you will see for your self, James D. Athens, Ga.

- Where did the good app go??

Open the app and see the local radar…Boom! Swipe left or right through my favorite locations and see the radar for those places…Boom! That’s what used to happen. Simple, perfect; I couldn’t ask for much more. Now I don’t see the radar. I see the data instead. Then I can’t slide the panel up for several seconds, and when I finally can I am greeted by the radar for the entire western hemisphere. What is up?? This app no longer does what I need to do quickly and efficiently, the reason I installed it a long time ago in the first place. Swiping from one favorite location to the next Is no longer reliable, either doing nothing or including places that I’ve never heard of and did not mark. When I tell it to locate me, I get a dot at my location on a map of the entire western hemisphere, and then zooming in doesn’t happen smoothly and I end up in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, after which I have to zoom back out and then try to zoom back in. I don’t see any reason to keep this app any longer. And when this app is in the foreground my phone begins to heat up; and I just went through the battery replacement thing so I don’t want to toast my new battery.

- Weather Changes Things:

All my friends said, you should return home to Groton at least and cut your vacation short at Block Island, because the TV weather man said that there is thumder storm coming up from the southwest and it’s gonna be a mess out there. Well I was concerned so I opened up my app and I checked the true track of the storm right on my phone. It was a little cloudy this morning, but the storm missed us and stayed against the mainland and if I had returned to Groton I would have sat in rhe rain most of the night and all morning. Instead I went to the beach, walked around the town and eat lunch out on the upper patio over looking the New Harbor. The weathermen up here in the Long Island sound area don’t always get the weather right, it most likely because they’re reading from a script that was published lord knows when, but being able to watch the storm track using your app proves very valuable. Weather changes things out on the ocean.

- Love BUT

Have been using this App since moved to FL over 10 yrs ago. It’s great! The hurricane tracker is excellent & love watching Leslie...(more on this later). Here is where the BUT comes in. With every update we get, granted, the app “DOES” the new global feature (something had at start, but went away. Now it’s back), along w/ some other cool features. What isn’t great is loading times. On the new iPad Pro 11” this app “feels” slow & loads slower each update that’s pushed out. I’m worried when iOS 13 hits....what will happen! Also, know Leslie can’t be in every weather report....needs a life, but she’s the face of the App, the person that helped us through hurricane after hurricane when couldn’t get any other information....KEEP that in mind, & keep her put & happy! The newish Fast Forecast isn’t as catchy as old one... All in all, get the app more responsive like used to be, less crashing & will change stars back to 5/5. Until than...dinged you 1.5 stars. Sorry....want it awesome like used to be! My score= 3.5/5

- Time means Life or Death

This is the first and only app that I can count on with 100% certainty when it really matters. I am watching weather patterns develop and occurring in “Real Time”. I can actually predict what, where, and when without the need to “Tune in” to a local station. See you later “Weather Bug!”. No kidding! I am able to determine within the accuracy of minutes or even seconds...(my wife thinks I’m taking meteorology on the side) of when the wind will start swirling the trees in the woods, when the first rain droplets will begin, when the droplets will suddenly become a deluge and when it’s time to get into our life saving place of refuge. Let’s face it, this app is the same app our friendly local weather forecaster’s are looking at. I don’t think I need to have the TV on or a talking head telling me something I can see with my own eyes. That puts me at a tremendous lifesaving advantage when every second counts! Get MyRadar App NOW!

- Wow!

This app is amazing ‼️? and I don’t get excited by much. My brother, who is also a pilot ?turned me onto this last year. I’ve been a weather geek ?for 50 years and everything I want is right here. It is densely packed with so many features- especially aviation info. Extremely user-friendly. Beautiful UX/UI. Just very well done from top to bottom, inside and out. I ponied up for the subscription ? which unlocked additional features. Well worth every penny and the best deal of 2020. Even works in the Middle East and North Africa where I am based half the year. The balance, I spend in the dirty south where convective activity ⛈ and popcorn thunder showers ⚡️?are a daily occurrence and can wreck your world. This app gives me a much better vector on how to plan my flying ?, windsurfing and daily runs. Well done dev team! ?. Whether you’re an amateur weather enthusiast or professional, try this app. Doubt you will be disappointed.

- Updated: My go to for planning travel and daily activities, avoiding flash floods

I want to upgrade my review to five stars. With the regular releases and well considered feature additions, I can tell this team has considerable experience, from app design through to application back-end infrastructure and deployment. It has been very reliable for many months and it is a complex app; I appreciate the well thought out integrations that keep coming. Personally, I use this prior to canyon hiking in known flash flood areas. Helps to keep me from appearing on the nightly news! Suggestion: Add dew point as a future feature. Important to us here in Arizona. === Previous: This has been one of my favorite ‘go to’ apps for two-plus years. But, it has had it’s quirks on the iPad Pro 12.9”, and now with the iOS 12 release it hangs and crashes continuously. I hope a tested release is in the works for this new OS version.

- Phone app great...Watch app., not so much

I have used this app for years and it has always been great and have recommended it everyone I know. I got a Apple Watch this year and was excited to see that there was an My Radar app for it. It was a paid upgrade, but app has been so good for so long, I bought this it. First off, the watch radar is not animated, which is a huge disappointment. A snapshot of radar doesn’t show me direction of movement, as well as closing speed, and if it building or not. Second, it was slow and buggy as all get out. Now, at some point it has disappeared from my watch all together. I reset the watch, phone, and reinstalled the app on the phone completely. I restored the watch purchase and nothing is there. The watch control center on the phone doesn’t even show that there is a My Radar app all. Update: The patch released allowed me to get the app back on the watch. I will update if the performance is improved.

- I was wrong to complain!

I complained about My Radar app annoying me with a pop up before I could even see the radar. We were about to have a big storm so I quickly wrote to complain about the annoyance and threatened to find a different radar app. Well, after checking out a bunch of other radar apps, none of them were as good as My Radar which is probably why I chose it in the first place! I was wrong to complain because this really is the best of the lot!. Get it and you will see for yourself. No matter where I am, it shows the weather system surrounding me and it is accurate! The notifications of rain, severe weather, etc. are correct within minutes. And I can see an expanded view for the entire region or continent or ocean of interest, or a very close in view! My Radar is still my go to weather app, especially during hurricane season. Thank you.

- De-stresses storm forecasts

I love this app! I live In a very storm-prone area, and I stress out to the max when storms are forecast for fear of yet more downed trees and damage. But now, I can look and see for myself where a storm is actually heading, and I don't fret needlessly when danger is nowhere near. Just last week I saved myself a lot of grief using this app, when the forecasted storm decided to head elsewhere and I was aware of it. Yay! And the local DC weather forecasts just ignore this area of the nearby Piedmont. So who needs them anymore? I have my app now and the weather forecasters can go crawl under a rock. HOWEVER-- the pop up ads at the bottom are much too large, and they obliterate much of the screen. I get why they're there, but they shouldn't be that big. They're coming with such frequency now that I'm starting to look for another weather app! Otherwise I would've given this five stars.

- Great app, and growing

Ive used this app for the past year as my main radar and overview weather app for my flight school needs. As far as accuracy goes it is the most accurate radar ive used. Some guy was ranting in the reviews about how its not accurate and its old data, blah, blah, blah. I have many other live weather resources such as awos and asos as well as a couple other sources to pull weather data from and i can ensure you this app is accurate. Its interface is great and there arent any pop up ads, which is great for a freebie. There is just a tiny bar on the bottom that plays ads in the background as you use the radar which is totally fine for me because im cheap and dont care enough to subscribe, which is a happy medium. The quality has gone up since i originally got the app as well. The clouds used to look pixelated and really bad but now they have definition and you can tell which parts are thicker and thinner and it really gives them depth now which is a huge game changer. I think something that i would love to see is cloud layers and wind speed by altitude, IF I COULD SEE CLOUD CEILINGS I WOULD SUBSCRIBE IN A HEART BEAT. Other than that the app is perfect, the notifications are neat too because it will tell you light rain stopping in maybe an hour, or something of that nature. Anyway its a great app and the dev team is doing a great job!

- Premium Features

I’ve had this app for over 7 years and I use it pretty regularly because I tend to live in places where weather can be destructive. When I first downloaded the app there were no premium upgrades, everything was included. When included features were made premium there was a time that they were included for long time app users, this has gone away and I don’t really understand why? When app users are provided with a certain service for free it doesn’t seem right to begin to charge them for it with no real added features for the customer. Also, I don’t feel that it is right that the features that are now premium upgrades include real life saving features, like hurricane tracking. This is a feature that can really help people, but only if they can afford it! Please bring this app back to the great app it used to be!

- Best radar of all

Have several radar apps on my phone and many times I am shut out or there’s a commercial advertisement in the center of the radar scene or I can’t get the hurricane far east enough on my radar screen because the radar doesn’t go that far but My radar is fabulous it it’s dark screen you can see the light colors of the tornadoes or the in the hurricane brightly colored the names of the cities are bright and I can read them against the black background it’s fabulous I just love it I use it all the time now and I hope that others will enjoy The concept of the dark screen with the light writing in the very bright hurricane views and in the future whatever it will show of weather that you’ll be able to see it clearly great work My radar have several radar apps on my phone and many times I am not able to see anything.

- Best radar app

I have about 6 weather apps installed on my phone as I’m a super weather nerd. I like reading radar maps and trying to beat out the meteorologists. This by far is the most cut and dry one out there and keeps all functionality that apps made for the masses do away with such as the ability to add the layer for fronts. Also the ability to see lighting strikes as they happened where they happened with it without historical markers. It’s obvious this was made for functionality, not so that they can paywall you into a subscription service. That said, there are some premium options behind a subscription paywall. But compared to the other apps in this department it is much cheaper than what others would have you pay. Can’t recommend this enough to people who spend more tome on the radar portion of their app rather than the forecast section..

- Buy an umbrella or get this app...or both, both is also good.

The alternative to this app is carrying an umbrella all the time. This app is cheaper than an umbrella. I like this app. I’ve used this app many times to avoid getting soaked in a sudden down pour when running to my car. Whether leaving work or at the grocery store this app gives you the tool needed to decide when to run or when to just chill a few minutes and let it pass. Why guess when the rain will stop when it’s right at your fingertips? This app will tell you when it’s likely to rain in a few mins. Hello? Siri won’t do that for you! Wake up people! Know when it’s gonna stop raining. Don’t be that fool running through the parking lot getting soaking wet when it’s gonna stop raining in just a couple mins. I’ve tried warning people they scoffed at me. They were wet fools. I was not. Don’t be a wet fool.

- This is by far the best wether radar on the App Store

So far I’ve installed the local weather app and the weather bug app, the noaa weather radar, not to mention accuweather and was annoyed when I ran them all side by side and had different images from each. Later I realized out of all the maps the my radar was the most updated one and the most accurate one of the bunch. Showing rain when it was actually raining and the severity of the storm being exactly what it was... I always assumed they were the same , using the same radars but never had much luck until I started using “my radar”. I mow lawns so knowing where the rain actually is and when it’s coming means staying dry in my line of work. Also this is the first review I’ve ever written and wouldn’t take the time if this wasn’t truly a honest app that works and shows accurate information

- Love this app

I’ve been using this app for around two to three years I guess. I’m a weather fanatic lol. I used to use the weather channel app, and I used to use two others. Primarily I was looking for just a weather radar map when I found the app. I’m not sure but I think when I first found the app it had like storm track like directional boxes which I love but cannot fig out of its still there sense the revision. (Minor thing if it was there before and not now). I really really love this app. It’s my go to and only weather app I use. The forecasts are reliable. The warnings, watches, and alerts are timely, the ease of use is spot on. Now I’ve lived in northern Vermont, Western Mass, and have traveled through New England. No matter where I am, the app works and is reliable. I also like all the customizable features. Shout out to the app developers, this app is stellar!!!

- Nice App but can be improved

All in all i think this is a great app. However, two changes could maker it better. I'd like to see a pause or stop button on the animation. Most other weather apps have this. Make it easier to see how close and when the rain is going to be there. The other thing i have noticed is that when you're location is in the green, chances are it isn't raining. I rarely see rain until I'm in the yellow or above. I'll compare the radar to another apps radar and they show me in the clear while this app shows rain. Maybe you could update your algorithm or whatever converts your radar data to the app image. Update: The devolper got in touch and showed me how to adjust the speed of the animation. Also how to stop it. He also said they have more tweeks coming to make the radar more accurate.


I’ve been using this app for years! I mean years! So when my HURRICANE PRO app maker retired last year and the app went dormant I had to find a new hurricane tracking app. So looking at my options and prices. Your $2.99 to upgrade on My Radar seemed like a steal! Well it’s NOT maker of the product and ppl reading my review! For $2.99 when you upgrade in the app luckily I hit Upgrade on Hurricane Tracker or whatever it is and I thought I would get what was all listed the upgrade...UM NO YOU DON’T!!! Well you know what you can take you $2.99 plus tax and stick it up your ⭐️?! Seriously! I would have given it 5 freaking stars if you had given me what you advertised for the PRO but nope you didn’ here I am complaining and I want a freaking damm refund! Once I get my refund I will never use this app again! I will be deleting it for good after this! It’s the principle of the matter! Misleading and not honest that is what you are! Don’t spend your $2.99 or you will be disappointed people! Money back plus my tax developer of this awesomely crappy app! I’m going to complain till I can’t!

- Love it.

I’ve been using this app since day one of finding it in the App Store. And I love each update that’s added new features and taken Premium features and made them available on the free version. Although I would like the ability to zoom in on my location on the version for the Apple Watch as well as see lightning flashes or where a bolt has hit, since I can better tell where the lightning strikes are in relations to my location since I’m using my phone’s camera to record the thunderstorm to go back later and take screenshots of the lightning. But if I want to go to an exact location of a lightning strike(once it is safe to go outside again) to see the damage that it has caused. Like the ability to set a known strike radius around my location that would then log both Lon. and Lat. location of the strike and get me close to the area where I need to look. Because I would love to give a target to the picture of the lightning that I do manage to capture. Also I would love it if you can have an option that would allow us to have different maps of the same area with different configurations set to each on to where all we have to do is swipe either to the left or right of the current map layers we have set for that page to the next one.

- Great app! Devs please read :)

This app has it all to rain, wind, hurricanes, fires, earthquakes and more. Its amazing that we can view them all within this app. Not to mention that they notify you when its going to rain, and its accurate! After getting the notification a minute later it started raining. However I really wish we could revive rain alerts for all types of rain. Devs if you’re reading this please add this in the next update, I would really love to know when its going to be light rain or heavy. Would be better than just one type of alert! You could also add the feature that send us notifications on hurricane updates that we choose to see. So all we have to do is click on the hurricane then click a button like “keep me updated”. Would love these features!!! Keep it up I love the app :)

- Love this app

I got this app because I wanted a really good radar app. I wasn’t looking for anything else. It fit the bill beautifully. Literally. The graphics are beautiful. And then it kept getting better. My favorite recent features are the option to show jet stream winds (rather than surface winds, which are still available) and the option to show weather fronts. In short, this is starting to show the weather features that I really value to understand why what’s happening is happening. Then I know how much stock to put in the forecast! So it has turned out to be much more than the basic radar app that I expected, although it still fills that bill. I should also say that I have not added on a lot of extra features. I’m very satisfied with the app just as it comes. Okay, I removed the ads...

- Actionable local weather information

Living in an area with several micro-climates I really appreciate the ability of this app to give me timely information specific to my current location. If I’m hiking in mountainous terrain or a canyon 20-30 miles from my house I can center the crosshairs of the app’s map on the GPS location of my iphone and find out the weather that’s going to impact me in a short time. If I’m not using the app I still receive warnings in the form of a banner on my phone advising me of rain, snow, hail, wind events, flash flooding, and the expected time and intensity so I can make preparations if needed. The current radar picture around my location is always accessible. “MY Radar” is really a great name for this app. I have found no need to use the previous weather apps that have been on my phone.

- Swing and a Miss - Dated Data

Poor view of the weather ten minutes ago. After looking for a replacement for a great weather app taken over and destroyed by the Weather Channel I thought I might have found it. With a an extra yearly subscription of $10 I could get “”unfiltered individual NEXRAD reflectivity and velocity data.” This option should allow filtering out ground clutter and seeing better the strength of a storm system. What I got was there unknown angles most likely still composite of various angles and no wind velocity. You can’t get a static view only the video that ends ten minutes in the past. Unfiltered should equal live radar and not a delayed product. Control of the angle should include degree by degree adjustment. It should be a real-time scan and not some composite video. Wasted money if you want the true unfiltered radar and a total fake representation of what you’re paying for in the upgrade. More of the same when it comes to rip-off promotions of “upgrades” from the Apple Store.

- Best weather app

Typically I do not write reviews but when an app really impressed me I want to send some support. First off looking for a weather app I have one criteria, to be accurate looking in the App Store there are about a dozen different weather apps and only one works it becomes questionable the reputations of the others. Living in Wisconsin with winters i need to know if, when and how much snow will be coming. Or maybe I’m just crazy and like to know those things. Anyways this app is spot on accurate. Better yet the map options and the clarity of the map, plus the speed at which the radar works is amazing. I tried the free app and only after a week I bought the app. For what “my radar pro” offers I would have paid double, because it simply is the best. No other weather app even comes close!

- Better than Storm

I really loved the original Storm app, but it has been turned into useless money-grabbing crap. MyRadar is a great alternative. The free version is easy to use and informative, with a particular exception. I have the app set to follow my location always. The idea, of course, is that whenever I open the app I should see the weather for my current location. And when I’m not using the app, any notification from MyRadar should regard my current location. But, that isn’t happening. Whenever I open the app, the map and weather shows the previous location of when I last opened it, and any notifications I get are about that same previous location, never my current location. As a truck driver that drives 48 states and Canada, I kind of need to know what to expect down the road. If that could be fixed, this app would be perfect for me.

- Below the cloud

I like the app because I am able to control how far out from my location I can look. The only complaint that I have is, I have to work to get to my location. If I have purchased this application it should open to my location and not have to zoom out to fine my location, I know there is a blue dot for the user to zoom out from, the user expects once the application opens that they will see at once what is happening at their location. I guess I am trying to think for every user, no one can do that but the God that created all things, but God decided not to do that, but let man, woman and the Angels make their own decisions about what they prefer. So I prefer to open the application and go directly to my location on the map, that is all I have to say about that!

- MyRadar

I’ve earned a commercial pilot license With a certified flight instructor (CFI) rating. I have a lot of weather (Wx) knowledge and experience. You learn more when you are actually up there flying in the Wx. Your Wx app is extremely flexible by using the robust layers feature. There is even an aviation layer that shows things that pilots need to know about. It’s been interesting watching Florence with your app. I did spend $2.99 for an in app purchase of your valuable hurricane tracker. One thing though it wasn’t obvious if that was a one time purchase or if it was a subscription of some sort. To sum it up I enjoy using your app. It’s accurate and shows a lot more than just weather- even earthquakes and areas of flooding. And, apparently you can look at things all over the world. Keep up the good work on your MyRadar app

- Great app for current radar

This app has nice features. I use it all the time. Can get wind direction arrows and advisories. Can add hurricane tracking which is great since I live on the south east coast. Would be better if the radar pics updated more often than once every 10 minutes- especially for boating and tracking local tornados when waiting in the safe room for the bad weather to clear. It would also be better if the % chance of rain and temp graphs were on a more fixed scale or increments that made the math easier at a glance. It appears the computer auto scales which is not always the way a person would do it...otherwise I would have given 5 stars. I also like the percent chance of rain in the next hr graph broken down in 15 min increments- it’s a nice feature...

- You can see the fronts!

I love this app. I have had it for a few years as my main radar app, but somewhere along the line they added the option to show the fronts as a layer on the map (or I missed it from the start)! Finally! I used to love WU Storm before they sold it to the weather channel, because you could layer winds and fronts over the precip on the radar, plus it had all kinds of useful forecast and conditions info. Now this app had all that too. The wind animation is the best I’ve seen, you can add fronts, and it has almost all the forecast and conditions info I want. Has a widget too. Now if they could just add future radar it would be the ultimate app. It seems very accurate too. I work outside, and the weather usually matches this app’s predictions. Thanks for an awesome weather app!

- In The Eye Of The Storm

During Hurricane Florence, even though we had evacuated northwest to the NC mountains, I had marked the location of our house in Wilmington, NC, with a yellow star. We were able to monitor what was happening to our home, during the entire storm. We took pictures of the eye wall hitting our home and watched, on radar, tornadoes tearing through our neighborhood. It really helped us to understand why and how what trees fell. I texted the pictures to myself to show the insurance adjuster, just in case I needed any evidence. I highly recommend this app, as well as hurricane shutters. We had heavy yard debris along with many trees down. Limbs had obviously been deflected by our shutters, which also helped to keep our roof from blowing off. We found our house to be dry and in great shape, minus a few shingles.

- Top notch!

I’ve had this app for several years now. I was just reading through some of the other reviews and am blown away by some of the mistakes people make and blame the app for. For example, you kinda’-sorta’-HAVE-TO allow your location to be accessed if you want accurate, local to you, weather. I mean, just sayin. No one can tell you the temperature where you are unless they KMOW WHERE YOU ARE. Also, learn the app. Play with the layers. Wind, lightening, etc. tap every little icon and see what it does - it’s not like you can break the app by adding clouds to your layers - BUT if you play with the layers, and remove the clouds, don’t blame the developers the next time you open the app and it’s raining in your head but the radar isn’t showing a single cloud. Also, by adding these layers, you can watch hurricanes. Anyone who thinks you MUST PAY TO STAY ALIVE maybe just needs a hug.... they’re angry about something that just isn’t true. I’m amazed at how many people think they do not have to participate in their own lives and everything should just magically happen. This app is awesome, if you do your part and learn how to use the features that you want. Everything you want is available on this app.

- Excellent App With A few Glitches

I’ve purchased the subscription version and am overall pleased with it. But one issue vexes me. With HD radar selected I’m unable to see the actual precipitation coverage for my location. I see what looks to be cloud cover but the actual colored precipitation layer is always at the bottom edge of this cloud cover making it look as if there is only a layer of clouds over my location and no precipitation when its raining and snowing here. Selecting the classic view presents the radar view I’m used to with coverage over the entire map including my location. Perhaps this is due to my unfamiliarity with the app but I’ve found no way to remedy this so I leave it set for Classic view. If I’m doing something wrong and can find out how to correct this or understand better what I’m looking at I’ll give this 5 stars.

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- Love this app!

Use this app all the time. My go to for radar any time the weather looks like rain.

- Stop commercials.

The radar info is great. The commercial adds need to be stopped.

- Confidence while travelling

A retired Navy Air traffic controller (Air craft carrier) informed me of this excellent App while I camped at The Charlotte Motor Speedway RV Park during a period of periodic rain. This App gave me confidence on when to travel (as I don’t like driving my RV in the heavy rain)....

- Weather

Very accurate when rain or snow comes

- Not working in Canada

Have always liked the App, just loaded it on my new 2018 iPad and clouds and precipitation does not show. Old iPad worked fine.

- MyRadar

Love it. Why go elsewhere?

- Reliable radar weather information

I have enjoyed using this app for a good five years. It is reliable and provides a good timely presentation of active precipitation wherever you are.

- Constantly Freezes

Most times when opening up this app it just freezes. Real annoyance

- Great app

Really excellent features and display -nice to have on hand

- Great tool!

I work in construction health and safety, being ahead of the game I terms of weather is easy, even with the free version! Love the different settings and modes!

- My Radar review

Really enjoy this it daily and matter where I am...signal is always accurate...and responsive to my current needs. Couldn’t have said it any better myself...truly due appreciate this app...Bob Lindsay.

- MyRadar review

The software is quite good, accurate and detailed. The information has some gaps, due to the way the information is gained, but overall it is very useful.

- mr. aninder

great app

- Helps!

Great for monitoring systems during our outdoor events!

- Want the weather this is the app

Real time weather and very accurate ??

- ???☀️?

I love this app. SO dynamic.

- Weather

If the weather is calling for rain I always check my radar to see how close it is!

- Paid subscription to remove ads

Ads keep loading and I always have to click restore previous purchases. Wasted my money here too many times

- Great app

I do not know anyone show has found a better app and I have at least one hundred people on to it ☀️⛈❄️⚡️

- Excellent

So easy to use and very accurate no matter where you travel

- Works great

Awesome app. Always works and is fairly accurate

- Good so far

Only used it for about a month now, so far it’s been really good. Kinda surprised

- My radar

Accurate and current

- Great app, a few flaws

This is a great app, and in my experience gives more accurate forecasts than the built-in weather app on the iPhone. I also use it with my Apple Watch where one of the most useful features is a 15 minute alert before rain (which typically gives me just enough time to clean up anything I’m working on outdoors). It does have a few flaws though. The Watch app frequently comes up in F even though I have selected C. The other annoying thing is on the temperature view on the map, the scale is just “cold to hot”. Some actual temperatures to go with each color would be nice, since otherwise the map is pretty but useless.

- Great app

Us it every day better than local forecast love ie

- Solid App

if you're a information junkie, get this app. Absolutely intuitive navigation and customized for the level of detail you want (think real-time lightning strike graphically...). I love it.

- Awesome app!

This app is great, the notifications are usually on key and quite handy. Gives you time to put things away if rain is approaching. Highly recommended

- Great app

Use MyRadar for weekends on the boat on Lake Ontario. I get great lead time on any incoming storms!

- Best weather app on the market

Download this app if you need alerts to rain and lightning. Great for golfers and cottagers. Most accurate weather app available

- Great app!

I’m a motorcycle rider. Your app helps me make informed decisions before I head out for a ride. Very accurate! Thank you.

- My Radar

I just love my radar and the accurate notices I receive.

- Great APP

Have been using this free version for 5 years or so and it’s been great. Thank you.

- My radar

Very best weather information up-to-date not forecast this is what’s happening now

- Good simple radar tool

Easiest way to predict if there will be rain coming soon based on observations and checking this radar. Wish it would project a little into the future but by the same token you know that what you are seeing is true.

- Highly recommend

This is a great app. It doesn’t predict where the clouds will be, only where they were and are, which I prefer. I love this one. I recommend it to friends and coworkers often.

- What happened

When I first got this app. A few years ago it came with a lot more options than now they went from awesome app to a ok app , sad that someone would change what was good , sad every time I open this app and see how crap it is ,I just wonder how it went down hill so fast, I deleted the app by mistake that’s how I know when I re did it I had lost half of the options your radar sucks now

- C4wpg

Most accurate radar app I’ve used yet

- Canada

Your app is great and mostly accurate. I would like to see more features brought up into Canada as that’s where I’m from.

- Awesome app

Just the picture you need.

- It’s good when it works.

Usually when I open the app I’m stuck on “loading”. I’ve let it sit for a long time to see what happens with no other response. Other similar apps load up fast but not MyRadar. I sure wouldn’t pay for it.

- I love MyRadar!!!!!!

This APP rocks. Love that I can text/email an animation of the storms coming in my area. Superbly addicting weather app :)

- Great I'm always checking it to see what's coming our way. Great for planning trips.

I'm always checking it to see what's coming our way. Great for planning trips.

- Complimentary!!

Excellent real time images!!!!


The free version of this app is soo much better than paid wether radars. It’s precise, accurate, easy, interesting the list goes on. This app is beautiful in terms of what it does, please consider downloading.

- Radar love

We are boaters, so it helps to see up-coming weather headed our way. The only comment I have is that I wish it would move into the future instead of just to real time. I already know by looking out the window what’s going on more or less. Maybe I’m doing something wrong??

- Golf

Great ap for assessing golfing prospects.

- Great App

Best app for following the storms. Very accurate. Very detailed.


We have a pleasure boat and, among other sites, it is our most accurate reference to take decisions. Very accurately we can see if a 'mini storm' is coming or we can calculate how much time we have to continue enjoying the lake or coming back to the marina. Fully recommend it !

- Suggestion

Ajout des prévisions jusqu'à 4 jours

- Deadly Accurate

Love this app. Perfect batting record with reports on when weather is happening

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- Great App

I love this app for it’s ease of use and amount of information it supplies including all of the different layers you can select from and look at one by one are combine them in multi layers. My favorite part is that you get messages when it’s going to rain (goes to Apple Watch as well) which is helpful in the AM when getting ready for can plan to make sure you have an umbrella. I like looking at the whole map and seeing what it is like weather wise in countries across the planet. You can zoom in to go down to a specific location or zoom out and see entire weather patterns across the nation and track storms. You can also see other stuff like earthquakes and other similar things. Great app and sometimes fun to explore across the world.

- Great Weather App!

This weather app is among the greatest out there! There are so many good perks. It notifies you when storms are approaching, and it also lets you know ahead of time too. This app also has a real-time radar system where you can look to see where other weather is at is nearby cities or even across the world. A new feature allows you to track the ISS (International Space Station). It’s something I was looking forward to seeing. If I may, I would like to request an additional feature. If you could add a news section on the app. Please make this news straight forward and unbias. Although this is a weather app. I believe that this app could get so much more support with news. Hopefully this could be added. Thanks for making this great app!

- Back to great

Update: app is functioning as normal now with only a 5 minute lapse between image and real time. Received a developer reply to my original concern which goes a long way and frankly is not the norm among most developers. Developer suspected a temporary problem although that problem it could not have happened at a core critical time while bracing for a severe thunderstorm. Hoping this is a temporary problem, but the radar loop ends 50 minutes and counting in the past. Have been accustomed to it being up to 10 minutes old, but in the interest of seeing “current” radar in the midst of a Severe Thunderstorm Watch, a 50+ lapse renders the information essentially worthless. Will have already experienced the passing off a strong storm before the loop catches up. Disappointing!

- Really great app, but a couple suggestions

What a great app! MyRadar is noticeably more detailed than many other weather and radar apps that I’ve come across. It’s super helpful in not only tracking weather systems, but also understanding why forecasts are the way they are. A couple suggestions for improvement I have would be: 1) allow for seeing more than one hurricane path at a time for premium subscribers (for example, users should be able to track current hurricanes AND prior hurricanes); 2) users should be able to search for prior hurricane any name instead of having to scroll though a long list of storms by year; 3) update the iOS app design for iPhone X/Xr/Xs screen orientations (right now the app design doesn’t seem optimized for no home button and a camera notch. Otherwise, thanks for the app and great job!

- My Amazing Radar Application Sent From Heaven

This app is the most accurate and positively fenomenal in its class if it was to graduate ? ?‍? ?‍? it would be in honor roll in the top 5 and possibly #1 only and sully Because I will never try another sense this has been such a satisfaction I would not dare cheat on My Radar. Apart from my love ? for My Radar, I recommend it because you’ll never find another one that can give you such a high quality definition on weather or hurricanes if you subscribe to the hurricane alerts which are absolutely amazing as well that you would think ? that the features would come standard in other apps until you try another app and see for yourself that’s not the case at all. Stay dry and up to date with My Radar app. ???

- Boos for Bummer "upgrade"

Latest and greatest does not work. Tools load, but no images. I'd love to write my last review again, see below....but pre product release testing still counts even in the world of creating programming and machines with vegetable life cycles. Old review: "Back to being my favorite weather app when any storms are in my area and to see general cloud cloud cover & movements. Not quite as fast and bombproof stable as the original app, but reasonable enough. Zoom out easily, but carefully, to see the whole nation's status. I don't use the other more complicated and comprehensive features the developers have included, and I suspect that the features bloat is the cause of the slower speeds, and slightly fussy zooming care, for the basic functions that I use."

- Slow loading and annoying ads

It seems to be the new way...put out a decent app that worked well for years, then taint it with annoying ads that are always somehow connected to Google. Google is a synonym for “selling your soul to the devil”. Could the painfully slow loading possibly improve if you were not also loading advertising? Seems obvious to me. And I am sorry, but the new icon (March, 2020) looks like a child spilled paint to “design” it. Is there a reason it changed, other than to annoy your users? Sorry, but this was a decent app that has succumbed to greed and mediocrity. Just another 3 star app. Summer, 2020: So slow that I can no longer use it, even after reinstalling. They have ruined what was good. Obnoxious ads now outweigh the modest value of the app: ONE star! Developer has reached out, that’s nice. But ads that sit on the screen and flash on and off (this can cause seizures in some people), as well as ads that target you based on some google search you previously made are truly obnoxious and an invasion of ones’ privacy. Sorry, but this goes way beyond anyone’s expectation of proper business practices. I acknowledge the load time has improved in the last few weeks but it’s still somewhat slow, even with a fast LTE connection. I’ll add back a star for that fix! BTW, has anybody ever bought anything that appears in these ads?

- Consistently great app

Been using MyRadar for many years; for a while just using the “free” version to get a simple, clean, accurate weather map to supplement my more complex weather apps such as WU’s “storm”. That app was destroyed, along with every other weather app that was bought up by that huge corporation;I won’t even mention their name. So.. I deleted those sadApps, and I made myradar my singular go-to weather app, thinking that it would a temporary switch. Not the case. I have found that myRadar has filled the void, and has just continued to get better and better; it seems that the devs really care about their product and listen to feedback. The interface has improved, the forecasts are accurate, the widgets are cool, just to name a few things. This app has grown and I’m really liking it. I only wish that it could have a bit more functionality such as future radar, and perhaps being able to select the storm vectors on the interface and get some enhanced nerdy info on a particular cell. Nerdify the app a bit more and I’d love to put a fifth star up there! Seriously, throw these guys some bucks and select the ad removal level $ amount at least. We need to support devs like this that care about their product and aren’t greedy.

- Best radar app, hands down.

Being a huge weather nerd, I use a lot of different apps because there never seems to be one weather app that has all I need, and nearly every weather app has pretty lackluster radar. So I downloaded this app, thinking it would be good for just radar. And I was right— but it was also so much more than I expected, too. The layers alone are things you’d see only in paid apps. The functionality and features in this app are everything a weather nerd like me could ask for, and it isn’t just radar; the forecasts are great, too! But man... seriously, this blows every other radar app out of the water by far, and I say that as someone that has used a lot of different ones over the years.

- Great app

I have a few issues though. For the past couple of weeks, every time I open the app it crashes. It works fine if I open it a second time. It gets a bit annoying to need to open in twice every time I want to check the radar. Second issue started a few days ago. I got an alert about the hurricane/tropical storm. Thought it was weird since that's not anywhere close to my area and just assumed it was a one time glitch… except it wasn't. I finally found out how to turn off that notification only for it to pop up again. I turned it off again thinking it didn't save my settings only for it to go off again. I even completely turned off all notifications just to get the alert again. Please fix this. I know I'm not the only person getting it.

- Best Weather App on Appstore.

Living in Florida, bad Weather is almost a daily occurrence during the Summer. I've downloaded and tried just about every weather app and always end up using MyRadar. It has the best Radar images, I actually picked out possible tornados just seconds before recieving Tornado warning. Purchased Full version to track Dorian, and from info I had from App, I knew the storm would turn up and follow coast, due to frontal system, As weather Channel continued to report on " Catastrophic Storm" that will make landfall around Melbourne. I know they don't want People to let their guard down but seriously? Anywhoo, Awesome App, totally worth the $10 yr. And track storm through MyRadar, and maybe Weatherbug. Avoid Jim Cantore's Sign shaking antics on Weather Channel.

- Solid app but one thing bothers me a bit.

This app works well and is easy and quick which is great. Much faster than the stop iPhone weather app for accessing the radar. The one issue I have is that once you set a star on your map, the only way to see what the weather is and what is coming is to have it in the center of your screen. All the weather that is coming (generally) comes from the west, so I always have the screen screwed with my home to the far right of the screen to see what is coming, negating the ability to see the actual forecast for my home. There is no need to see so much past my star to the right. The aiming sight should be skewed to the right at least 3/4 the width of the screen if not more so you can keep your star(s) on it and see what is coming. Just an opinion.

- Good replacement for Storm Radar

After The Weather Channel consumed Weather Underground and utterly destroyed the amazing Storm app, it was replaced by Storm Radar. The replacement was/is a disaster. My Radar is a worthy replacement for the old Storm, although I wish it could access the network of amateur weather stations from around the world so that we could have finer granularity with things like precipitation and temperature data. Other than that, the only other really cool new feature would be to add Apple CarPlay functionality so we could monitor storms relative to our driving location while on the road. This one is definitely worth the free download, and maybe even a subscription. One BIG improvement would be to add Apple CarPlay to its functionality. That would be wonderful when on the road!

- My Radar is like having your own private weatherman!

The east coast has left the weathermen baffled this year. I can forecast rain better than any weather report in the DC area by simply watching My Radar constantly FOR A FEW DAYS to get totally familiar with it. Thank goodness for My Radar. I would have lost half my bike riding days this summer listening to forecasters. Take control of your outdoor planning and stop wasting your valuable outdoor time. After a few days of following My Radar and comparing it to what’s happening outside you’ll be amazed at your own forecasting ability! Days that are forecasted as a total waste allow you to sneak in a couple hours of biking or running time almost every day. Stop being a prisoner of the weatherman!

- Overall a nice app

Well if I were to judge this as a weather app alone it wouldn’t get very far, but as a radar it works better than expected, exceeding most I’ve tried. I would remove the photo future unless you can get it working properly because it rarely if ever uploads my photos to the map or even to the tab “my photos”. I love the wind directional graphics/jet stream on the screen, that really helps you get a good eye on the general direction of a storm unlike the “false forecasts” most other apps rely on. As one other user mentioned, the forest fire information is an A+ as it does provide a great benefit, sure fires change quickly but I was able to monitor a fire in Southern Oregon close to my parents from Georgia which eased my mind a bit during an uncertain time. Keep up the good work!!

- Right to the point

This is the one of my most useful apps. If it looks like there's rain approaching and you want to immediately figure out just how many more passes you can make with the lawnmower before you'd better head indoors, you need this app. Unlike other weather apps that require some navigation to view radar then take further time for it to load, this app will show you a very accurate real-time animation of the precipitation within seconds of simply tapping the app's icon. The maps it overlays are high-quality and zoomable to a localized, high resolution. Moreover, if you're a traveler, you can see real-time radar pretty much all over the world with this app. Some other radar services cut off outside North America.

- Great app!

I’m a flight attendant for a major airline. Storms were rolling through the area where we were taking off from. Had dignitaries on board who were addressing their countries general assembly the next day(the morning we were to land). The gentleman had to be at his local at 9:00am. So, we had rolling delays. Panic starting to hit one gentlemen when times started to get very tight. Knowing the industry, and having your app to show why I thought he should get off the flight and have an associate make their presentation. The gentleman got off the flight thanked me for the frank advice. We landed at 9:30. Hope it went well. Your app gave him a great chance, because the airline and airport said he should stay on board, he would make his time frame.

- When you need reliable info fast!

There are no shortage of weather apps. out there, most of which seem to put fashion over function. I do home/ log cabin improvements in the Smokey mountains of E. Tenn. when you have Tools & materials strewn out on a job site and the sky starts to look questionable,I use the My Radar app. to get a fast/ accurate estimate of how much time I have take action. My Wife and I also ride motorcycles as often as the weather permits. We use the the My radar app. for riding even more than for work! We rode 115 miles on New Year’s Eve 2018,also in E. Tenn. with rain all around us. By periodically checking the My Radar app. we avoided the rain completely ,while using the App. As a map to plot our course!

- Saved my marriage!

This app literally saved my marriage! Me and my wife love to ride the motorcycle. Our favorite thing to do is go on really short trips across town. Before I downloaded my radar, we would have to pray to our Lord and Savior the one and only Holy Jesus Christ that he would keep the skies clear so we could enjoy our 10 minute motorcycle ride to Little Caesars. Now we don’t have to rely on the Son of God to help us! In fact, that was the only thing we ever needed him for. Cutting Christianity from my life allowed me and my wife to realize we wanted an open relationship and didn’t really care for Monogamy. Now she gets to dress and act like the slute she is, and I get to fool around with all of the fatties I please!! Thank you MyRadar! You are the best!

- Turned into a pay app

This app and it’s Apple Watch app used to be the best weather app but with the latest update they have turned it into a pay app. The major downgrade is that to get a working Apple Watch App you must now subscribe. It shouldn’t be listed in the Apple Watch App Store as a free app since it’s no longer free. Before this change I would have rated this app as five stars but with this change I feel the app is a ripoff if you download it from the Apple Watch App Store. Update: After using this app for a longer time I have changed my mind and now consider this to be the best weather app you can get. My objection above about the Apple Watch app has been corrected fully (perhaps it was a bug in the latest update).

- Fast map and rain alerts are handy/accurate

The map loads way faster than any of what used to be my go-to websites. My computers are getting on in age but I shouldn’t need the latest hardware to run a weather animation... Anyway, the rain notifications have prompted me to rescue my laundry on the clothesline, close my car windows, and cover up landscaping projects that would to turn into slop if left open. There are a handful of false positives (saying it will rain and it doesn’t maybe like 8 or 9 times out of 10) and even less false negatives (not warning you about rain probably less than 5% of the time). I’m in western PA—curious if experience in other climes may vary, but I find the whole package super solid.

- Total fail

So, the design is great. I love the app itself. The problem is, I get an alert that says light rain in the next 5 minutes. Not it was nice and sunny when that alert came through. 5 minutes later we are heading for the basement because the side of the barn blew off and the trees where dripping limbs and we thought we where getting hit by a twister. Worst storm I’ve ever seen here. About 10 minutes after the storm is passed I get another alert. This one is telling me that sever weather may occur in the next 24 hours. By this time, I was already outside cleaning up the mess. What good is an app like this, if it can’t even predict a massive storm? Clearly this storm rolled through an area. All the towns west of me got slammed. Unacceptable for a weather app on the smartest phones. All this technology and you can’t give even a somewhat accurate warning? Oh and I have excellent cell service at home too. ?

- Where are the wildfires?

I love this app and use it all the time. However, I cannot get the wildfires to show up any more. I live in southern AZ and wildfires are a part of life in the summer. Recently a fire closed a road which I would have liked to know and it sometimes affects our hiking locations. I have looked at ‘layers’ and the wildfires button is on but still no wildfires show up. Please bring this feature back. I am writing a response to my original review. A day after I wrote my first review, the developer sent me an e-mail to explain why they had not put fires on their maps. He also explained that they were using another service and, sure enough, the fires now appear. Great customer service. Thanks.

- Best weather app I have

MyRadar is the best weather app I have because of its simplicity and intuitiveness. It does not do all of what other weather apps do, but it does what most people want a weather app to do quickly without almost any interaction on my part. Tap on icon and everything is there for GPS enabled devices for your current location. If there were to be any complaint it would be how fast the radar image loads, but none of the weather radars in any weather app load very fast. It is worth than they ask for to remove ads from free version. Simple is good and in this case it is the best! One bad... it does crash from time to time and you have to restart it.... should be a little more reliable than that. And several months down the road it still crashes!!! 5 stars if they would fix.

- Great app. I highly recommend it.

Chose this app when looking for an app that would give me local radar. I like how you are able to zoom in and see how close the storms are. You can’t do that on the national weather website. You can also move the radar around to any part of our hemisphere and see what kind of weather is going on. That can be addictive. I actually turned the earthquake part on July 4 when all the earthquakes were going on in California. That was neat to see where they were and what their magnitudes were. A lot of extras on this app that I probably won’t use as I mainly check the radar, but I’ve found a lot of cool stuff so far. Great app. I highly recommend it.

- Doesn’t work on the Apple Watch. iPhone app is fine.

The iPhone app is fine. Works well, has lots of features. The Apple Watch complication was pretty awesome when it worked. However, they then started charging for it - ok, I can be down with that. But I paid for the Premium Account and the watch complication does not work. I got in touch with customer service, who says it’s a known problem and they are “working on it.” Well, they’ve been working on it for 6 months now without fixing it. I’m paying for a specific feature that does. not. work. When I brought this up to customer service, I was again told they are “working on it.” Pretty uncool to charge for a feature they know does not work. I think I’ll move on to another app. EDIT: The app is working on the Watch after the newest update. MUCH better!

- Emergency warnings don’t work

Ever since Hurricane Florence this app does not send out warnings correctly. I’ve had same problems as other reviewers mentioned. Latest big storm, we had 4 tornado warnings within an hour. This app never warned me. Husband uses diff weather app. His went off every time. More often than not, the app doesn’t pop up the warning info screen when you tap a zone on the map, like flood warning zones for example. Last summer we had an Amber Alert, I got that notification...24 hours later. Temps have been off so often over the last year I don’t use the app anymore to check daily temp in my area. I still use the app for rain radar, and I really like the app’s setup...the ads aren’t too obnoxious, but unfortunately that’s it. Was a wonderful app, until after Hurricane Florence. During Flo, it was a blessing! But it’s never been the same since.

- (Was) Great radar app!

(Was) Simple, smartly-designed, easy to use, and accurate. ** Updated after one year of use. ** I keep the app updated but it just gets slower and slower loading. The maps load, the built-in advertisements load, and then, if you’re lucky, you will see the rain or storms. I have other apps that load way faster than this. I have replaced my phone and even deleted and reinstalled this app with no success in speeding up the images. It is raining and thundering outside right now but, there is nothing on my radar screen. I originally gave it five stars but, now I am changing to one star because I cannot give zero. Went from great to garbage in one year.

- Unethical

This app allowed an ad that looked like it was representing a weather service. It came across like MyRadar had an update that would provide a new service. The entire flow looked legitimate and normal. After the “update”, the service did what I expected. Perfect. The next day my inbox was loaded with SPAM emails. To my dismay, I discovered the “update” added a new email box called Daily Doppler, and this was the source of the SPAM. When I went into my accounts to delete it I found out that it could not be deleted. I had to go into the settings to disable the email account. I’m going to have reach out to Apple to get help deleting it. At that time I will take the opportunity to call out this developer for allowing such an ad on their app. BEWARE. Update: I wrote to the developer for help on the matter. They just denied it could happen. It was an advertiser they allowed on their app. They should be accountable. They chose not to

- Inaccurate radar—Removing hurricanes from the radar??

This is literally the dumbest and most inaccurate weather app to exist. They completely removed the hurricane from the radar. You have to purchase the $2.99 hurricane package in order to see the hurricane on the radar and get more details. I can (somewhat?) understand charging $2.99 for more details but how are you going to remove the hurricane from the radar ? Now for someone who only uses this app they would have no idea a hurricane was on the way. That’s so dumb. I wouldn’t trust this app. It’s main focus is radar but yet it’s not accurate as they apparently remove weather conditions from the radar. Better off downloading the weather channel app because there you can see the hurricane and any other weather conditions without paying a penny. Also, who would pay $2.99 when you can see the radar and the forecast on literally any news website?

- Problems on iPad Air 2 since upgrade to iOS 12

A day or two after I wrote the review below, there was an update that fixed the problem I had. Great response from the developer (at least I will presume they read my comments). Once again I am very happy with a great weather radar app. The app had been working VERY well on both my iPhone 6 and my iPad Air 2, using iOS 11. It deserved 5+ stars rating without reservation. But I recently upgraded to iOS 12 on both devices. Now it still works very well on my iPhone, but on my iPad the app dies sporadically (screen goes to black and then my home screen opens). It probably can and will be fixed, so I’ll patiently await the next update.

- Almost perfect

Fun and intriguing weather app! I love all the layers and the ability to tour the world’s weather conditions and forecasts with ease. This would be my go to weather app if the following would be modified: 1) snow radar changed from white. It just looks like clouds and is difficult to distinguish severity. 2) a horizontal line on the temp/precipitation graph that showed freezing. I love the graph otherwise. 3) the weather details often cut off the last few words. It would be nice to see the whole thing. 4) I got into the star citizen portion of the app with no clue what it was all about, and it was very difficult/non-intuitive on how to exit out. Maybe some instructions? 5) consider adding a different access to the list of favorite locations. If the developer uses TestFlight, I’d be willing to help work out bugs.

- What about the watch?!?

I first purchased the free app to have on my watch as it said it was compatible. Then I get a notice on my watch that says, “Please purchase the Apple Watch upgrade in MyRadar on your iPhone.” I did this. I now have the free version as well as MyRadarPro on my watch and they both give me this same message. I’ve tried having only one version on my watch as well as both and the outcome is the same. I’ve tried rebooting my watch as well as the phone and no different. I’ve installed the latest update on watch and phone and again no change. On my phone this is a fantastic app and if I didn’t have the watch I would have given a 5 star rating; however, I bought this intentionally for the watch and it doesn’t work at all. With that in mind I would’ve given zero stars Oh yeah, I paid for the premium subscription to make sure that the watch was available and yet it still is not.

- Best weather app I’ve found

Not your average weather app. It’s better at predicting , but its not perfect. no weather app is for that matter. It’s got a few glitches still but, you can fallow hurricanes. Check temperatures. See wind speeds and directions. And was my favorite thing. posting pictures and viewing other people’s pictures. I had gotten into the pictures and was posting pictures almost every day. Then one day bam my pictures were gone. A few days later I was scrolling around the globe looking at the earth quakes. And seen my pictures south of Africa in the ocean. I touched my pictures and got kicked out of the app. So my pictures are useless for me to view and post. But other than this freak issue I love the app. Richie from Florida

- By Ryan Manning

I really think that storm is really a great weather app. Because it gives you everything you want to see, And I just love it I really do. And I especially just love the storm outlook for today like “ Thunderstorm outlook” “ Marginal outlook” “ Slight outlook” “ Enhanced Risk outlook” “ “moderate outlook” and “ HIGH OUTLOOK”....... I just really love seeing that on the storm app today. And I hope in the future there will be more more features about that, and more interesting thangs. And how I just really love the weather....!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And. I really hope that some more weather stuff will go on this storm outlook in the future and how awesome that would be. Well I just really think that it’s great today. Comment from Ryan manning

- Best Radar app

I have had this app for years & have used it more than any other app. This is by far the best weather tool on the web. Trust me I’ve looked for anything better. Don’t rely on the local weather forecast, this is the only tool you’ll need and it’s fascinating to watch bad weather approaching on the app and then experience it IRL. I was caught in a serious tornado this year stuck in my car and just had the app open the whole time so I knew when it was safe to resume driving. I’ve been able to accurately plan countless outdoor activities that had I gone by the local forecast I would have either missed or wasted. I couldn’t recommend this more

- Saved Our Bacon On The Road!

Great app, great features, I recommend this app to everyone I know. I love being able to truly get the big picture on the weather around me. On the road last year, there was a massive thunderhead in the distance in the direction we were going, in Arizona. Long story short, MyRadar saved us from trying to drive through a dark mountain path during a very severe storm- we were able to watch the radar in real time and shoot the gap to a safe rest area to ride it out, under cover from damaging hail and the roads being washed out. It kept my whole family safe- not only were we able to check our immediate location for ourselves, we were able to relay very specific data to family in a moving truck about 30 miles away. All they had to do was tell us where they were and we were able to send them screenshots of the radar in the exact town they were in. I use this app daily, living near the gulf coast means the weather can sometimes change drastically, fast, and I always feel like I’m on top of what to expect.

- Great, but don't mess with success

The last update (late August 2018) introduced a new Location "feature". Instead of tapping on the arrow to center on my current location, I'm now provided two options in a pop-up. Current Location (target icon) and Search (magnifying glass). Good idea to have both choices. But a terrible implementation. I now have to do two taps for an activity that took one before. 99% of the time I want to center on my current location. The exception, "Search", should be a separate icon or incorporated differently. If you track your app-clicks, My Radar, I think you'll see the dats supports my assessment. Please please please make the "Center" function work as before, make a separate Search function.

- Best radar app I’ve ever used, period, end of story.

My stinking weather app that comes with the phone will say “ sunny and 0% chance of rain” but it will look like it’s going to storm. So I check this and I can see when that storm is going to come through or if it’s going to pass over. It lets you know the direction it’s going in and if it will end before it gets to you. How long it’s going to last everything. It’s just a really good weather app. My favorite thing is it gives you notifications like lightning proximity alerts and light, moderate or heavy rain how long you got till it hits how long it will last and other stuff like flood warnings tornado warnings. It’s great

- Wonderful App! Accurate as hell!

Iight so BOOM, here’s a story. Some friends and I were going to Little Caesar’s for some pizza, but it was raining as we were leaving. I was complaining about the rain and my phone vibrated. It was a notification from the app telling me the rain would be stopping in 15 minutes. Well, we left in 10 minutes when the rain lightened up, and 5 minutes later the rain had completely stopped. We got to Little Caesar’s, got our pizza, and when on the way back, my phone vibrated. It was a notification from the app telling me it would rain in 10 minutes, so we rushed home and made it all without ever getting terribly poured on

- Notification Issue

This is a nice app but needs a change in the notification settings. The issue is thunderstorm and tornado warnings are lumped together. I was awakened by a very loud notification from this app this morning. It is exactly what I want for a tornado warning that affects me, but not for a thunderstorm. Unfortunately, there is no way that I can see to turn off thunderstorm notifications without turning off the tornado warning notifications as well. I ask that you please separate the two. Until then, I will have to uninstall and try a different app, as tornado warnings are the main reason I tried the app. If this can be addressed, I will certainly give it another go, because it is a really solid app otherwise.

- One of My Favorite Apps

This has been one of my favorite apps for a while. I reported a problem yesterday and by this morning it was fixed. THAT’S GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! Now to my praise for this great app. I don’t say that lightly. I have tried other radar apps and none compare in features, ease of use, user options and clean functioning. I’m particularly annoyed with the cluttered look and intrusiveness of competitors. I particularly like the notifications of approaching weather and the unique tone (optional) that accompanies them letting me know that it’s My Radar signaling me and not one of the less important notifications from other apps. Thank you for this free app. Keep up the great work!?

- Saved my family’s life

Let me start out by saying that I never EVER write reviews for anything. But this app is the best, it literally is a life saver. One thing that I love about this app is that you can track storms to see what is coming your way. Back in April of last year my grandmother and aunt were in the way of a few storms. We were 2 hours away tracking the storms that were coming their way and noticed a pretty bad one according to the radar and advised them to go inside. Turns out it was a Ed-4 tornado that was headed in their path. This radar has helped my family take shelter and saved their life’s. I highly recommend downloading this app! Thank you MY RADAR!

- Quick and accurate

I’ve only been using this app for several months but it seems to be doing a pretty good job. I have not explored all of the features and options. It is easy to zoom in and out and move the focal point. There may be an option in the settings but it would be nice to choose when you re-launch the app that it would default to a specific location and zoom level Of your choice versus any other previously viewed location. Sometimes I may follow a particular storm and when that has passed through if I re-launch the app several days later it zooms to that same location which is irrelevant. I have given the app permission for my location.

- Need more attention to fire activity

Not to be rude but why has the largest fire in the country, beating the current 5th largest AZ and previously largest in the country, not been updated for over a week? There are daily updates available. Good app pretty cool but I installed it for fires and it’s severely lacking and I’m having to go to inciweb to keep up to date on activities. Having an easy to use app and not having to go back and forth between the two. I also noticed that the fires that are 100% contained will be updated almost daily. A contained fire means there is no possibility of fuels reigniting and it’s completely finished. So we have totally finished fires being updated constantly when they should disappear and huge important fires not being updated for weeks. Again no offense it’s just severely lacking and the data is readily available. Edit: All fire activity is now vastly out of date

- More isn’t always better

Been using this app for years. I bought most of the extras. They keep adding functions to the functions, and it’s interfering with my use. For example, it used to be a one touch button to center the map over your location. Now, the same button opens options to search or center. My fat fingers seem to always hit the search button which opens a text dialogue that needs to be closed. I appreciate that the developers are trying to make this bigger and better than ever, but more isn’t always better. Keep the basics simple. I rely on this app for a number of things. It’s accurate and full of information that helps me prepare and navigate. Keep the fluff in the background and realize what makes this app a success.

- Clear and accurate

I have tried other apps that give live radar images, but this is the clearest and most accurate display I have seen. I don't allow it to update in the background, but when I bring the app to the foreground it immediately updates the data from the past 90 minutes or so and displays a loop. This is extremely helpful when I am trying to determine whether it might rain where I am or where I plan to go in the next hour or two. I also like that I can focus the display on the area I am most interested in, which in my case happens to be almost the entire state. Very well done and great detail on the maps!

- Solid app, could use more

This is a very solid radar app. It would be very useful if it also came with options for different forecasting radar tools, like velocity. Seeing relative velocity is useful for some people, especially those with a background in meteorology. Other awesome bits to add would be total rainfall, expected rainfall, basically every kind of radar that you can find on the NWS website. I think it’s silly that you have to pay extra to unlock ads AND the Hurricane functionality. I think they should be included together. Regardless, a solid app. Could use more features but to be honest I wouldn’t want to pay extra for those features. It’s going to cost enough as it is to unlock the full app.

- Get this app!

The free version is great but with very reasonable add ons it is exactly what I need living in tornado alley. I can even put the pointer on the hurricanes and see the wind speeds all around and in it. You will usually see the highest velocity on the right side of the eye. I get one up on my brother in law when the weather gets interesting. Love that. Should I tell him what Im using? Maybe next year. Great App guys!!!!!!! Love the earthquake tracker too! Amazing. Cant wait for some high Fujita action this spring. I can clearly see the hooks and hail cores. Thanks to your team of talented guys and gals I will be using this app for many interesting scenarios to come. Hats off and no I don’t know these people but you are kickin &$$.

- Well supported App

Very solid feature set and decided to purchase the premium subscription (yes, subscription instead of one time...the sub model for apps is getting out of hand...). I love the way the map setup works in terms of background and overlay choices. Suggested changes; a slider between map and details that allows you the ability to expand the details for more information, and then details information selectable via tabs on top or side so I can see all the text (information is being cut off due to fixed window). It would also be nice to be able to scroll or see several hours of upcoming precipitation to see how heavy it will be in, say, 6 hours when I get off work.

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MyRadar Weather Radar iphone images
MyRadar Weather Radar iphone images
MyRadar Weather Radar iphone images
MyRadar Weather Radar iphone images
MyRadar Weather Radar iphone images
MyRadar Weather Radar iphone images

MyRadar Weather Radar (Version 7.17.1) Install & Download

The applications MyRadar Weather Radar was published in the category Weather on 2009-07-17 and was developed by Aviation Data Systems, Inc [Developer ID: 294802544]. This application file size is 197.55 MB. MyRadar Weather Radar - Weather app posted on 2020-12-19 current version is 7.17.1 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.fboweb.MyRadar

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