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Blek is a unique game about imagination and personality. Everything you draw keeps moving – and watching your creations move is like watching magic.

The goal is simple: shape a line that collects all colored circles avoiding black holes on its route. There are no specific moves that you need to master. To every level countless solutions exist, from delightfully simple to exceptionally deep and complex, yet always elegant.

----- Articles & Commentaries -----

"... one of the year’s best" ~ The New York Times

"The Most Brilliant iPad Game I've Played All Year." ~ Kotaku

"One of the greatest joys of Blek is experimenting with your approach." ~ WIRED

"It’s the sort of game you’d want to put on a space probe: when the aliens play it, they’ll take a liking to us right away." ~ The New Yorker

"Wonderful experience" ~ Pocket Gamer

"Blek is a thing of elegant, intuitive beauty" ~ Edge

----- Awards -----

• Apple Design Award
• Best Mobile Game - Casual Connect Europe, Amsterdam
• Excellence in Innovation - International Mobile Gaming Awards
• Best Game - Content Award Vienna

Blek App Description & Overview

The applications Blek was published in the category Games on 2013-12-03 and was developed by kunabi brother GmbH. This application file size is 206.45 MB. Blek current version is 1.8.1 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

iPhone X support

Blek App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Blek Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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dauhaz   4 star

Crash. Good game, but it crashes every time I try to share a screenshot and hit save.

fiona 3266   5 star

Great game but hard. If you’re like me, spacial awareness is your dump stat and this game will be super challenging. But that’s why I like it! It’s so satisfying to clear a challenge. Sometimes I open the app just to play with the physics and sound effects. It can be a tad frustrating when I’m not in the right mood but mostly it’s a great brain teaser I highly recommend giving it a go

CoCuGi   2 star

Crash. When ever I click share -> save image the game crashes. iPhone XS on 12.1.3, intel, Verizon I’d be happy to give info to fix this. Beautiful game and and sounds though

daveys2222   1 star

No fun in higher levels. No fun in higher levels. The line seems to change direction on its own when near black dots or near colored circles. Frustrating when game play is not connected to your input. It seems skill in launching the line does not help at level 28. It just got boring, uninstalled.

BATzerk2   2 star

Messy puzzle design. The main mechanic is beautiful and expressive, but the puzzles are sloppy and finicky. The puzzles are also not really puzzles... you never combine any information, you just do the one path-finding thing every level. The game is an attractive, mindless trial-and-error experience. This mechanic would make a great non-puzzle game. Maybe a music or zen sandbox.

M a n i t o b a   1 star

Deleted in an hour. Too boring, and this is usually the sort of game I like. Suuuuuuper tiresome. Drab.

little wei guy   1 star

Crap. Pierce of crap. Stuck in level 35 with no way of advancing. Impossible to solve. If only way is to pay to unlock I am erasing this app.

ls a cool aop   5 star

Cool game. Cool

Falintothesun   5 star

Bought just to hear the sound when you hit the black dots.. After reading several reviews about the sound when you hit the black dots, for $0.99 I had to hear it for myself (and I’ve grown to like drawing games). This is a unique game from other similar games. You don’t draw a line to connect the dots and the lines don’t model physics and fall like they do in other drawing games, rather, they repeat. It creates a pattern. If you draw a squiggle then your squiggle will repeat the same motion AND the same angle. It bounces only if you “bounce” it when you are drawing. If you draw a straight line it moves in the direction like a worm until you hit all the colored circles or until it goes off screen or... hits the black dots. It’s unique and challenging but also relaxing fun. So, what IS this awful sound that everyone complains about? Admittedly, I turned the sound down too but I don’t find it as off-putting as some. I think it’s the uncanny-valley style weirdness that makes it so disconcerting more than the sound itself. It sounds like several sounds mixed and it changes. There is a small “plink” sound in one with a light negative tone chime in another and similar sounds in others. The part that makes it “annoying” though is the overlay (I suppose that’s what you would call it?) of a female-sounding voice saying “ooh” or what sounds like “ay-oh” Or “ohhh” - but each sound is mixed with something so it’s hard to say exactly what it really sounds like.

MsKrump   5 star

Awesome. I love Blek. Some are really hard but you come back a couple days later and solve it. It’s just cool and a perfect app for the iPad...especially if you have a pen. :)

PhotographyByAlexander   1 star

Very original but Crashes!. Very cool game. Original and elegant. After playing for 30 mins I was hooked. When tried saving screenshots after the game completion it would crash. Then I went to settings and allowed video recording. Now I can’t even open it. It crashes automatically. Well, that was a fun 30 min play!

Itsmish   4 star

Game is fun but. I agree with the other reviews that say the sounds that play when the line goes into a black hole is really annoying. Other sounds are nice.

redkomfoleo!!!~€~£~+%}+   4 star

Question. Good game but is it refundable

iguessnanacuzyeah   1 star

Glad it was less than $1. maybe the game was just not my type. I love brain teasers and puzzle game, but i hate this. I’m disappointed that i actually waisted money on it, but thankfully it didn’t cost much. The sound effects are awful; I had to turn them off just to try and enjoy the game a little better. Every time I tried to start the line from the top it would try to save a picture. The fact that i couldn’t start a move without that happening was frustrating, that should be something they fix/change.

Shdfgghkkfdyseggcbb3466354(8)?   5 star

Soooo satisfying. Love it

SCW1313   2 star

Ew. At first it was addicting, then after 30 minutes, it started grossing me out. One of the sound effects is mouth sounds. Have you ever known anyone that makes a lot of sounds whenever they move? That’s this game. it started to skeeb me out. If people chewing grosses you out, this is not the game for you. It’s a beautiful game, but I just can’t. Not worth 99 cents for 30 minutes.

RachelB613   2 star

Complete waste of $.99. Is there a way to get my money back? :-/

Ronoc Oid   1 star

Hate this game. That’s how I feel

solarexplorer   3 star

Strong start then very poor level design.. Blek starts off great until it reaches the puzzles with timing components, the timings are straight forward but the input is way too imprecise for it, turning an initially charming game into a frustrating mess.

Love is on the move   5 star

Good Game. This game is actually a lot of calm fun. I’m on the train playing it right now. The only negative thing I can say is, what is that sound effect when going into black holes? It is annoying. The sound heard when hitting colored dots is pleasant though. At least find a way to allow customers to mute only the back dot sound effect or something. Other than that, thanks for a good game.

AE.Father   3 star

iPhone x update breaks iPad view. The lates update zooms in the picture dose not give enough place to draw.

Chade1512   3 star

?. Where is access to new drawing area ???

BACBC42   5 star

If you get a gray screen. At first all I got was a gray screen that made some sounds. I rebooted my iPad Pro and it lit up.

Charlie71421   5 star

Incredible game. ..

JustinOring   4 star

Challenging fun. It's a great game. Sometimes it's hard to solve levels and you have to guess till something happens. Lol. The black dots are like black holes. The only thing I don't like are the sounds when you hit the black holes. It's annoying so I have to turn the sound off. Other than that prepare to be challenged.

Helllfhf   4 star

Cool game yet frustrating. This game is great for moments youre bored and want to challenge yourself

3663585745jvkdhdhdh   1 star

I don't get it. I don't get it and it doesn't have a tutorial so i don't even know what I'm supposed to be doing

Pokemon awesome   1 star

READ. When I'm playing a level and I put line at the top it tries to save a picture soooo..... 1 ⭐️!!!!

Anonymous295339542   5 star

Cool and fun. I hope you don't say blehck when you see this review

Narimanr   4 star

Fun and challenging. Really good brain activity while killing time

Advertorial    5 star

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Byvgvjvthdcfdg   5 star

Love this game. One of the cleverest concepts in app gaming that I’ve played in a while. Every level has its own challenges, it progresses in difficulty but not too fast. The sound effects are fun too. I like that there’s no time challenge which makes it a relaxing game but still makes you think. Great job, developers.

Frank on Ipad   2 star

Non adapté au Ipad Pro 2018. Le jeux ne remplie pas l’écran complet. Très décevant considérant le prix de ce jeu.

LucieAndree   1 star

Not as great as portrayed. Goes all over the place, it’s almost luck of the draw even when we figure out the movement needed

SpecialKen   5 star

Great. Most of life doesn’t come with an instruction manual, this is intuitive, but half the fun is discovering how things react to you. Give it 25 levels before you judge.

Matt Lebl   2 star

It’s a fun game, but…. After completing each level, a huge balloon appears, containing a screenshot of the level you just completed. This balloon obscures at least 35% of the next level, and it takes at least three seconds to go away. If you accidentally tap it, it takes at least five seconds pulling up a share sheet. It is so obnoxious that playing the game has become more of a chore of waiting for the bubble to go away than finding ways of solving the puzzles. If it were up to me, I would have the bubble be smaller, not obscuring the level. Perhaps in the upper left corner or something.

帕德里克   1 star

Sucks!. This is a good idea but with no tips or hint for first time player!

Tranquility Base Here!   1 star

Meh. The concept is interesting, but this game gets old really fast. I also hate how I have to play this game on mute because the weird sound effects are pretty annoying.vIt literally sounds like a child or small cat is wailing in the distance.

Szarky   3 star

Got bored quickly. Tough little game

Captn G   1 star

NOPE!!. Just what i've been waiting for a super pretentious game that makes you guess how things work. Awesome

NorthV   5 star

Beautiful game. A very challenging game that's beautiful to play with no ad interruptions (yay!). It's a keeper

SheepTamer   1 star

Not intuitive. Not sure how you could rank this more then two stars. Not that interesting and controls and intro do nothing to avail themselves on how you play this. Weak

Mjpu   1 star

Fuk. Gukbubby

Megnameshef   4 star

Perfectly made, but needs more. GREAT game but it needs more things to do. Of course, there's many levels but it needs more modes. DEFINETLY worth a few dollars though

Parasitic_Chick   2 star

You WILL get bored. The game is fun...for a while. Then after about a few days it gets REALLY boring REALLY fast. If you're looking for long lasting appeal don't bother buying it. It really is not worth it.

Colleenmike10818   5 star

Delighful!. I do not recall the last time a game made me feel this happy. Try it - it will put a smile on your face.

Mr. Man500   5 star

Blek. I'm blek!

JamesLid   5 star

Blek. Great game. Only way it could be better is a sequel.

JRJulius   4 star

Tricky and extraordinary. It took me a while to get the hang of it but I was hooked for hours

itewolde   5 star

Beautiful game. But please do something about the sound. It's irritatingly bad

Caramelstew   5 star

Awesome game. Best part is this game doesn't bug you to rate itself

Stary_27   5 star

Amazing:). It's awesome

tasso11000   5 star

😃. This game is amazing

Awesauce77   5 star

Cool. Really fun game. I can't get past some levels though!!!!!!!!

Lilme👌   5 star

Challenge. Good game

DJZuruzukin   3 star

Not for everyone.. I bought this game because the reviews were incredible, and the video made the app look great! I played it for about an hour but got stuck. Once your stuck, your just scribbling all over the screen in hopes to get through the level. You should really make a lite version, so that people can test the app and see if it's to their liking. Definitely not for everyone. But good concept, and it would be fun for those who need an puzzling but calming game.

FluffySquee   5 star

Modern Masterpiece. This is one of the most cleverly designed and intricately challenging games I've seen in a long time. You can spend whole weekends on one level and it all clicks together in one amazing moment, and it's the best feeling I've ever gotten in an app. Amazing game, buy it!

Zihaker1   5 star

Fun. Yeah. It's fun

EmpathicPepperMax   2 star

Once You're Stuck, You're Stuck. The game has a certain charm but, once you get stuck at a level, that's it — you may as well delete the game. I have yet to find a way to get hints on how to solve a particularly hard level. Instant boredom once you're stuck.

fotophill   5 star

Original Game play AAA!!. Very creative game.. Lots of thought required for harder levels.. Worth the cost!!

Shabam1000   5 star

Awesome game. Definitely worth it

Advertorial    5 star

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cloudhopp   5 star

AnnyM. An intriguing and mindful game. Clever and simple in presentation. No pretentious graphics or drama.

Dirtycheese101   2 star

Way overpriced and fake reviews. 90% of the reviews on this are fake. It's an average game at best and DOES NOT DESERVE 5 stars.

Uncle.Worm   3 star

Overrated. The game has an original concept but most of the challenge lies in drawing the stroke with your finger accurately rather than figuring out the puzzle of what path the stroke should take. Especially in the later levels, you'll find yourself drawing the same stroke over and over until it's precise enough to pass the level, which is not my idea of fun. Puzzle fans should look elsewhere.

XanLev   5 star

Bleak makes smile. I just downloaded this and I got a happy surprise. The game makes me laugh out loud sometimes; it's very pleasurable to play. You draw a shape e.g. a small line or squiggle and it immediately takes on a life of its own as it repeats, squirming across the screen. Then you have to use the shape to pop random bubbles as it moves around. Very cool, funny, easy yet challenging game. I'm quite picky and I like it a LOT.

A. Joubert   3 star

I WAS SO LUCKY!. I got past level 4! You need to do like a 'bump' on level 4 on top and if you're lucky, you'll get past! All you need is skillz and luck.



Faerion   4 star

So challenging and cool. A good brain teaser.


BESSTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT GAMMMEEEEEEEE EVVEERR (Sort of). I downloaded it, It was really fun at start I looked at it I though it was RETARTED and Dumb an did stupid but when I got it I said "you know what I retake what I said this is a pretty good game!! 5 STAR RATE!!"

223355478288   1 star

Annoyingly hard. On the fourth level I got stuck on it because it's not ever letting me do it I need help please tell me how to do it. But this game is alright, I only gave Blek a 1 star rating. Please tell me how to do level four!!!!! I might give you a better rating if you tell me how to do it! Good Bye for now.........

KitTkaTz***   5 star

Review. It's not as easy as it looks!

Tron90210   1 star

I want to like it. When I pass a level, I don't know why I passed. Needs some brief explanation otherwise the game is a waste of time.

Shane.McNeil   5 star

Great. Love this game. If you like puzzles you'll love it.

----Insert===Name----   3 star

Fun but Hard. When started playing this game it was so interesting and fun! But it got harder and harder but that's how games work. It's a great game for people who want a challenge!

Clutx   5 star

Extremely pleased. Truly a very unique and ideal way to pass the time. I love the challenging levels and also enjoy replaying the easy ones and finding new ways to do them. Please add more levels!

Zsaxjhv   5 star

Awesome. A fun different puzzle game that gets you thinking differently

inkandwater   4 star

Fantastic!. Creative, minimal and addictive!

Traypin   5 star

Blek is the best. This game is the best and now there is 20 new levels yay.

evie0702   5 star

Great Game !. This is a fantastic game that will test not only your logic but your creativity as you try to find a pattern to get all the dots ! Well worth paying for and definitely not a disappointment ! It also doesn't take up much space . I totally recommend :)

Laugh_Girl_xXx   5 star

Good, but.... Hi! This app that I got is really good, or should I say FANTASTIC. But, when I got it it just told me to draw a semi-circle, but... when I was playing the first few levels it wasn't showing me any directory whatsoever. So maybe in the next update, could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE IM BEGGING YOUUUUUUUUU to add in some directory for newbies.

imbpau   5 star

One of the best games. Worth spending the time! But I won't more than 60 levels.

Jack Davis   5 star

A+. Would play again

ElenaRig   4 star

Nice!. Beautiful to look at, so you don't get mad when you are stuck on a level! One of those games you can play all day then put down for ages and come back to and it's fun again. Could use a bit more direction though but isn't too hard to pick up. Worth it 👍

Lewis Custom   2 star

Not worth downloading. Fun for the first couple of levels but it soon gets very repetitive and boring ..

2wyz4u   5 star

Cooooooool :/ :D. PLEASE ADD HINTS

SRTChrisS1   4 star

Spiralling black hole. When I draw a perfect circle, a spiralling black hole appears. What is the purpose of that thing?

Hrithe   1 star

Hrithe. Waste of money

Stephaaaa   1 star

Stupid. How do you even play this stupid game! Instructions would be nice please


BRILLIANT JUST BRILLIANT.. This game is so brilliant Kosta is going to rage.

gorby1956   5 star

Impressive new wave. A totally new concept of game play,Zen- like in its simplicity ,artistic in its complexity.

jungkookaha   1 star

Horrible.. Entirely not what you think it'll be. So boring. Simple in a bad way and you get stuck easily. Don't waste your money.

hordtheviking   5 star

Really fun. Wish I could think up cool stuff like this,really nice work and great fun.

SocialJusticeWarrior   1 star

Blek. This app is just.....blek

ZannyAndy   1 star

3000th review. Pah

Heystevejoe   1 star

Poor User Experience. Where is the sound control? Terrible.

MarcSpectre   5 star

Great!. Solid app!

•Nobody•   3 star

The icon looks like a butt.. That is all.

KillTerris   5 star

Fun and enjoyable but. The sound effects when hitting a black dot make me want to die. It's cute that you recorded them yourself and all, but cmon

von998   5 star

Love and Hate this game - highly recommended. I previously gave a 3* review cos my game wouldn't sync across platform, not that gameplay wasn't good. But somehow, the sync works now - thus - I'm back to give this a 5* instead. Great game. Makes you think but not too unreasonable. Challenging enough and sound is nice especially on the iPads.

von998   3 star

Great game but no syncing between multiple devices. Enjoyed the game but very disappointing that it doesn't sync across multiple devices. In this day and age - this is not quite acceptable. Especially when the game cost $2.99!!!

Fiveos66   1 star

It's ok. Boring, and the noises are creepy👎

Kat3016   5 star

Fun and challenging!. Really like this game a lot! It took me a few rounds to get the hang of it, but after that no issues. Beautifully and simplistically designed. Challenging enough that I want to keep playing! Great job, no complaints!

ZooberDude   3 star

Meh. Meh, not quite my style. Well designed, though.

Need2paint   1 star

Monotonous. Got to level 27 and got bored. The line doesn't always start where you first start drawing so an entire run is wasted. Very very annoying oversight on a game requiring precision.

Pjsasabear   3 star

Love it but to hard to quickly. On level 29 I can't figure it out

phxAZdweller   3 star

Stuck at 60. I think puzzle 60 requires a wide screen device. Can't continue on my iPad Air and am uninstalling.

VictorSK   5 star

Perfect Puzzler. The perfect second screen game. Fun and addicting to keep playing, but perfect when watching TV or doing something else to relax.

Show meign   5 star

Excellent. Very well crafted. Plays very smoothly. Is peaceful as well as very challenging easily the most fun game on my phone.

Fhbfrieabiguiaubb   1 star

Not worth it. The controls are not the best, it's hard to play.

ADHDavy   3 star

It's alright.. It's pretty alright. Wouldn't say it's a masterpiece but I sure as heck wouldn't say it's garbage. Gave me a good bit of entertainment but it just got kinda dull and to go with it, a little too much. It just got to be a bit of an eyesore design wise. Playing it is pretty fluid though. I'll give them that.

Ndjdgeb   1 star

The game is literally impossible. Level 36 is so hard God himself cannot even do it

Psyc0Fly57   1 star

Johntron. Johntron

Hashislicious   1 star

Buyer beware: This app was redeemed & now won't delete or install.. A fair warning to keep away. Now I've an icon that won't disappear even after rebooting my device. I can't do anything about it.

MaxxCashFtw   1 star

Infuriatingly broken. Just don't. It's not worth it. Spare yourself the wasted time.

[jointhebrotherhood]   5 star

Fun. This game is so fun when I'm bored I play it. But it gets hard in a good way I love this game

Puckered Poophole   4 star

Good. Enjoyable.

Important message:   5 star

Originality. You earn five stars for this. Congratulations for just being unique.

Hsjzsown   5 star

Very nice. Very nice game however the tutorial should be a little better in my opinion

Blinkyrocket   1 star

Only the foulest of profanities for this game and its maker. I owe my sanity to deleting this game.

GabN7   4 star

Pleasant Time Passer. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Urban Mountain Man   2 star

Basic puzzle game.. Interesting idea but too silly to be "fun." When you solve a puzzle it feels kinda phony. Other than the minimalist design, it doesn't stand out from other puzzle games.

Dhhbgujb   5 star

Sorry I didn't do this earlier. This is a wonderful game! It's like that brain game site thing that starts with an "L" on the TV commercials, but this is better! This is such a great game! It helps you so much, and it's really fun! It's the best puzzle game I've ever seen! I would recommend it to anyone! I can't thank you enough for no adds or pop ups, it's so nice and I hope you keep it up cause your doing great! Good job game creators!

Noob monster   5 star

Very hard and very cool. This is incredible

Bond.   5 star

Great game. Doesn’t bug you for reviews.. Fantastic puzzler. Beautifully design, both audio and visual.

CybtzVtbtxzc   5 star

Awesome!! :D. Interesting and fun!

TranquilSky   1 star

Am i an idiot or what?. Did I just seriously spend $3 on this?... All is well, good night.

bluebananasplit   5 star

Love it!. Super duper fun, and worth the 99 cents! The sound effects are really entertaining and it's just a fun game that I think could last a long time for me.

Schy147   2 star

Not worth 3$. I really like this game but 3$ really?

Spawn0220   5 star

3$ isn't a lot... This is worth it. Like others say it's fun, intriguing, and new. It can be repetitive at times but you will feel rewarded for completing a level you were stuck on. There are many levels and the game is nicely polished. Ignore the douchbags rating it no stars cause they thought it was boring and overpriced. People don't realize how hard it can be to actually create something like this. The game's concept is simple and clear and never boasts more than it delivers so you should know what you're getting into before you buy it. Don't be that person that puts a game down just because you couldn't appreciate the concept and because you "think" it's overpriced. If this was 5$-10$ then itd be overvalued. These people are biased and they're reviews don't reflect the actual quality of the product. It's worth it. If you like puzzle games that you can just pick up and start without learning how to play, and are complete with the same problem solving solutions that can be solved in multiple ways with increasing difficulty, get this.

Ivybros   5 star

Great game. Get this game now!

Trif   3 star

I don't get it. Meh. Too much hype.

🌀I Like Chicken🌀   1 star


S.a.y.g.e   1 star

Boo. This game glitch out my phone

Jzjdjshjdjsifuvhhg1948847   1 star

Absolute crap. I rate no stars don't waste your money on it

Boktai   3 star

Wrestling with the interface. The gameplay itself is fun and mind bending, but I wish I had the option to flip the screen. Most of the puzzles play out from left to right, and I'm constantly trying to see around my own hand. Playing left handed may improve it :)

Honeyclay   1 star

waste of money. i didnt enjoy it because it so boring

Bob sun 12345   5 star

Love it. Very unique

Greer-z 17   1 star

BORING!!. I bought this game on sale for $0.99 and thought I hit a bargain. Then I played the game. It was boring and had no point. I would strongly suggest saving your money even if you find it on sale.

Ninquie10   1 star

Why?. Why do people like this? It's boring and I regret paying for it. I want my money back

4intheflats   5 star

I got this app for 99 cents. I love LOVE this game for .99 money well spent

Maxor08   1 star

Good but not worth the price. Dont buy it unless you are prepared to face defeat several time!

Stanleyminou   5 star

It's perfect!. I read these comments and i can't believe that a lot of people are saying that this is a bad app. I LOVE it. Its just so addicting. Its worth the price!

applenade   1 star

Way overrated. This app is way overrated

PetrolHead76   1 star

Terrible. This app is not worth the money. Don't get it.

AppleUser1001009   1 star

No instruyions. Oh my god i pity me seriously no instructions how are you supposed to know how to play yeash

awesomeguy3652   5 star

Read. Hard but fun im up for the challenge

TheEmeraldMiner   5 star

Awesome!!!. LOVE IT! You should make Blek 2

IHeartTheiPad   3 star

Beautiful and original, gets old quickly. The minamalist graphics are clean and lovely. Pefect for iO7 on a retina display iPad. The gameplay is innovative, but it soon gets repetitive, and I'm finding that as I progress through levels, they're involving less strategy and more trial and error to complete (particularly after the introduction of "black holes"). This is a well-made game, but IMO, it doesn't quite live up to to all the hype.

Garence from Tweed   1 star

No .... You don't need to bother with this game. It's not even worth the 99 cents it costs on sale.

TendMyGarden   4 star

Add more Levels!. Great game, makes you think! :). Needs a lot more levels though!

Bucks chamfer   3 star

It's a meh kind of game. It is boring a repetitive, is modern and simplistic and all, but it is boring. Spend your hard earned money some place ellse.

Gpjones   1 star

Clever but so boring. Clever concept but once you get going it really is super dull. Yawn!

The man of wizards   5 star

?????. It was kind of annoying pushing me to rate every three clicks of anything but it's a great game!

Fdhshgg   5 star

Great game. some tricky levels but it's a good game over all

hayleyb60   4 star

Great!. I really quite love this game. The only thing that I would change is the level buttons so that they can be away from the screen so that you can actually use the whole screen to play. Otherwise a great game!!

Connorhos   4 star

Amazing puzzle game. Great but could their be a level select

mongiie   4 star

Good. Great game but hard

bshaas   4 star

Good concept, great fun!. A bit expensive at $4 though and it only took me around 1 hour to complete. Needs more levels to be worth the price.

『Connor Dabron』   5 star

Astounding. This game is amazing. Not in one situation do I think it went wrong. Blek is a puzzle/strategy freemode app which has a range of features to entertain users. The most impressive part of this app is the idea of it all. Any idea could become a masterpiece and this is what has happened here. 5 out of 5.

Captain Vortex   5 star

Great. If you've got a high iq but sometimes need to relax doing things that require a low iq then this little lovely little time wasting stress reliever is for you.

Brodz2010   3 star

Looks good.. As you get into the harder levels, they're easy to figure out still, you've just gotta do it 100 times because you've got to line it up properly. That's a real killer. Makes me lose patience to play. Pros: Looks good Sounds cool Cons: Nothing amazing Tricky to line up Line glitches when starting if you don't hold completely still. Easy levels

Pingazzz   1 star

Frustrating. Don't buy this game if you get easily frustrated. I feel like I wasted 3$ On this game as all it did was cause me to get angry and frustrated at my phone to the point that I just wanted to throw it at the ground

Agentjsc   5 star

Cool Cheat. Draw a medium dot sized circle. If you do it right it becomes a spirally black dot. If you draw two of these they act like portals!!! It is difficult, but once you get it you'll understand.

KYELC1   1 star

Lol. Waste of $3 ... But I never expect this review to make it out there

Gknavs   5 star

Amazing game, first game reviw. I had to take the time out to congratulate the devs, this is a well thought game you deserve the money I paid for this!!!

HowardisAwesome   5 star

Fantastic!. Awesome game! I finally finished it! Can't wait for more levels!!

GemGem S   3 star

Ehh. The game is good BUT doesn't tell you what to do... I had to google it because I had no idea, it's a hard game

Stop and Listen Right Now...   5 star

I'm impressed!. I was really bored one arvo and decided to download two games. One of them being blek.. For the last 48 hours the only game I have played is blek.. I'm in love with it... When first buying it I was a little worried about the cost but I think it is well worth it. I find it very amusing. I can't wait for an update to come with more levels and hopefully {fingers crossed} a level select section so you don't have to use the painfully slow buttons and a menu option to give the ability to pause, mute certain sounds and so on. All I can say is this game is extremely artistic and I love it!

ameyzing13   5 star

Very good!. This game fills time with puzzling levels and once you complete one... It would not be necessary to have a hint or a skip button. They just require you to use higher level of thinking. Overall a great game. Not sure if it is worth $3.79 probable $2.49 at most.

Michelle&Kids   5 star

Great game. If you just want to sit down and chillout for a bit play this game, this game is great, definitely on the top 10 list

MorgansReview   5 star

Great game but too short for the money. Really love the game but it needs way more levels. Please update with more levels! I finished it in an hour or so

Zxorgan   1 star

Buy this game if you want to get upset!. There are no instructions, nothing comes with this finger-waving game. With thousands of games in the apps store, why would anyone waste money on this one (well, of course, if duped by the "awards" as a selling point!).

Mikey!!!   2 star

Mostly boring. It's a nice original idea. But it gets boring very quickly.

celinetheho   5 star

Greeeaaatt. can you make it compatible with predescent generations pleaseee

mrwafu   2 star

Don't make my mistake... don't buy sight unseen!. I was desperate for something fresh and fun to play on my phone, so given all the praise for this game I picked it up without checking out gameplay footage. Big mistake. After the initial "what am I even supposed to do" the game throws at you without any guidance, I quickly found myself bored and annoyed I had spent money on it. Oh well, live and learn...

Im stalking your mum   4 star

Great. But there needs to be a button to mute those annoying sounds when your line hits the black dots

YaBoyLandy   4 star

Good game. Interesting and good but way to expensive for how much value you get out of it

Hhfgfgffgfgfg   4 star

Great. But it needs a help or skip button but worth the money 😀

spookiest   5 star

AMAZING!. I've never seen such a great game it's so awesome!

JOHN MEMER   5 star

Wow. I can't believe over two nights, it went to number one paid. Great app

Lachie43   4 star

Needs a hint or skip button. ^

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