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The successor to the highly acclaimed Editors’ Choice-winning game Euclidean Lands is here!

Euclidean Skies combines marvellous architecture and turn-based movements to create a beautiful world with mind-bending puzzles.

The game’s focus is on shifting and rotating, challenging you to think about the breathtaking structures from multiple viewpoints at once.

When using the spectacular AR* mode, fantastic castles will float in your living room, right in front of you.

Twist and turn the architecture to outmaneuver enemies and guide the heroine to the exits of 40 elegant levels.

Designed for all ages, Euclidean Skies evokes the feelings of a physical toy, where the joy lies in the act of play. While it’s possible to play the game with efficiency in mind, playing around with different shapes and forms, without the pressure of solving a level, can be truly satisfying too.

● 40 hand-crafted levels with mind-bending puzzles
● Fierce boss fights
● Beautiful AR mode
● Special achievements for ambitious players
● Skip-a-level option for impatient players
● iCloud sync across all your devices

*The augmented reality mode can be switched on and off, at any point, without interrupting the user experience.

Euclidean Skies App Description & Overview

The applications Euclidean Skies was published in the category Games on 2018-10-25 and was developed by kunabi brother GmbH. This application file size is 332.35 MB. Euclidean Skies current version is 1.0.5 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

Bug fixes.

Euclidean Skies App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Euclidean Skies Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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Self Bias Resistor   5 star

Cool game. But it gets boring after a while.

IanmLentz   5 star

Finally!. A fun puzzle game that includes defeating enemies to progress. Artistic atmosphere and graphics. The included VR mode is innovative and new. Buy it!

Game keeps crashing. My game crashes every time I open it

greg.waite   1 star

Crashes on launch. Crashes on launch. Never even get to see the menu screen.

Taylor5739374   4 star

Prefer Euclidean Lands. The off-centered axis is very unintuitive and frustrating. Maybe that is part of the appeal for some people, an extra challenge. But for me I much more enjoyed the previous game Euclidean Lands with its intuitive rotation. If you are undecided between the two, I recommend it instead. But overall this is still a very well crafted game.

mercy461   5 star

Love this game. It’s one of my faves. Please come out with future games.!!!!! In this series.

amandarandom   3 star

Frustrating controls. Difficult to get to move predictably. Potential to become an interesting, pretty, and fun puzzler, like the Monument Valley games. But I keep putting it down, annoyed at the block controls and camera angles.

unijunkie9   5 star

Fun. Fun game to play. Do not overthink the levels.

Player...123   2 star

Clunky and not smooth. I regret purchasing this. It’s trying to be like Monument Valley, but doesn’t capture the same fun or gameplay. It’s very awkward to rotate the different views. I don’t recommend it.

KingPanda000   2 star

Bad, regret spending the money. The gameplay is jerky The controls aren’t intuitive. The difficulty comes not from dynamics but instead from overcoming bad design. It is gorgeous. I wish I had the opp to play this for free and avoid it.

hl2.exe has stopped working   3 star

Beautiful graphics; frustrating controls. The graphics are well done, and the AR mode is neat. But the controls are incredibly frustrating. It’s almost totally a guessing game as to what blocks will rotate, and in which direction. This makes solving a puzzle very unrewarding, since it feels like I just got there by chance.

Jolson201188   2 star

Novel Concept, Beautiful Visuals, Horrible controls and camera. It is hard to rotate blocks. Ruins the whole experience

Wallix   3 star

Befuddled. Surprised at how poorly it performs on a XS Max. Controls are not good for the iPhone screen. Maybe it’s better for iPad. It’s very pretty though and the AR is neat for 5 minutes or so.

maztec   2 star

Overly complicated finicky controls. The controls for the game are overly complicated. The same touch or gesture can result in at least four different rotations at any point. Then the next time it doesn’t rotate without any obvious reason for it. The result is a game that becomes more about manipulating the controls than manipulating the game world. The still graphics are pretty, but the character movement is one full chunk at a time with no fluidity or connectivity between motions. As a result the game is more like watching segments of time than a fluid passage. Overall the game has promise, but it needs polish and refinement to make it engaging to play.

ilovemyrocks   5 star

Worth every penny!. Not only a wonderfully fun game, but it’s absolutely beautiful too! A pleasure to play, and a great puzzle experience. Saw something online that the designer quit his full-time job to finish making this game, and I’m so glad he did!

asimp4444   5 star

Fun challenging puzzle game!. If you enjoy Rubik's cube or Sudoku you'll love this game! Very fun!

just me deb   5 star

Fabulous! Fantastic!. First half hour playing this game and I am amazed at the complex mechanics and freedom with which levels can be solved...(ie, slash em’ with my sword or smash em with rotating blocks and the millions of possible configurations of rotating blocks to reach the exit). Really fabulous programming and gorgeous aesthetic. The skeletal dragon or dinosaur (?) is a fantastic added danger. Full of discovery and beauty. It is, however, pretty tough on my poor iPhone 6....hopefully newer phones will fare better, but old phone users be prepared for slow launch and very laggy rendering, though only at times...over half the time it is smooth and not glitchy. Airplane mode helped. This one will get many rewards, I am sure!

Advertorial    5 star

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pollo_con_carnage   2 star

Decent with drawbacks. Visuals are pretty nice! But I had to restart the game twice now. Also controls are finicky as hell and sound design is horrible.

Advertorial    5 star

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