FROST [Games] App Description & Overview

Draw paths to guide the flocking spirits to their home planets. Watch countless beautiful creatures emerge from light, bring balance to a world in constant motion, and unravel its mysteries.

For the first time in your pocket:

• Dancing Stardust
• Frantic Swarms
• … and Neutrino Flowers

In a breathtaking tale about attraction, interaction, and transformation.

Also starring:

• Particle Hunters
• Glowing Baitballs
• Firecracker Bouquets
• Living Walls
• Fountains of Light
• Supergravity Shepherds
• … and many more!

*** Please note ***
In FROST, you can interact with swarms and flocks consisting of thousands of individual agents. To make this possible, the game utilizes the graphics technology Metal to the fullest and is therefore available only on the App Store.

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FROST Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Optimized for the new iPad Pro • Auto high-brightness can now be turned off and on

FROST Comments & Reviews

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- Love This Game!!

There are 50 levels to this game. Each increasing in difficulty as you progress. I was able to solve all the puzzles in a couple of hours, obviously I did not have much to do today, but it was a great way to spend the time. I found most of the puzzles quite challenging. I got lost in this game and was a little saddened when it ended. The developers ask, at the end, if you would like to be notified when new levels are released. I’m looking forward to the new levels... please make them soon!! After you answer the question about being notified, the game starts over and if you are like me, you may not remember how you solved some of the more difficult ones, so the fun starts all over!! Good thing I’m between projects at the moment 😳

- Great App - Takes a While for Challenge to Begin - ONLY 2 DIFFICULT LEVELS! :(

It wasn’t until level 42 that I actually felt challenged. Was gettting really bored after the visual effect became a regular thing. After level 18 I thought about just stopping the app because it wasn’t any fun anymore because it was the same old thing. 20s were ok, some new things introduced then 30s were mundane again. Finally! Level 42 and I had to actually figure out something! Then it got easy again. I got to level 53 and I think that one was difficult but not crazy. At the end it was so easy it was like the developers gave up. This game is much more about what it looks like than a puzzle game. I get that they worked hard on the visual effects but come on. Where in the world was the challenge. Make more complex levels. Make more intricate ways you have to move things. Make some doors or latches you have to hit in sequence to open up a path to the goal. Really REALLY REALLY DISAPPOINTED that this cost me $5 and was nothing more than an interactive screen saver really. I expected more in terms of challenging puzzles by the 50s. Visual effects are amazing but way too long to get to challenging puzzles. Also, it took me a small portion of one day to solve them all. So, I just spent $5 for one day of playing an app on my phone. NO reason to restart the levels because I know how to solve them all now!

- Beautiful, Zenlike Puzzles

I downloaded this for something to play while winding down in the evening. It is close to perfect for that. The UI is extremely minimalistic and smooth. The graphics are beyond mesmerizing. The reason for the 4 star rating: as beautiful as a minimal UI is, it would be nice to be able to go to one screen and select any level instead of going forward or back one at a time. Also, (and I’ll be contacting them to see if this is a bug) the game keeps my screen at 100% brightness and will not let me dim it at all. Since I play in the evening this is more light than I’d like and the option to keep my screen dim would be very good. Last note: a free play, zen, or sandbox mode where you could just push around the lights freely would make this app amazing. Making your own puzzles in it (a la Kami 2) would skyrocket it to the best app ever.

- I couldn’t stop

If you think that this game is pricey, think again. Breathtaking graphics, stunning features, wonderful music, as well as serene, beautiful, yet challenging puzzles. I have completed all of the puzzles which only took me a few hours, but was the best experience I have ever spent my time on with my device. I definitely recommend purchasing this app and I also recommend you listen with your headphones or earbuds, for it will make it an even more awesome experience! Thank you for taking the time to read my review and I hope you guys keep working hard the way you do and publish more levels and other games as you continue to venture forth through a game I call, “Life.”

- I use it to go to sleep

I love the game itself. The graphics are soothing yet not to much to where my phone starts lagging so thank you for that. People have trouble with the blue backgrounds but that’s ok because you can just turn on night shift and it makes them a purple. I love the last 55 cause the bass when the little thing goes in the circle it makes a big boom and I like it. The only reason I’m giving this 4 ⭐️ is because I kinda got disappointed when I found out there’s only 55 levels. Please make an update with more levels not a new game that costs another $5 with 75 new levels. Also the brightness thing is kinda creepy but thanks for making a new way to adjust it. Waiting for those levels tho. I reeeee when I found out just 55 xD. Thanks!

- Absolutely beautiful and calming

It’s rare for a puzzle game to be both intellectually stimulating and calming. Frost not only achieved that, but took it a step farther by making the completion of each level a delight. From a user point of view I felt it went too fast. Other games would normally have you play three or so rounds at the beginning before introducing a new elements. Frost sort of sped through that. There are some puzzles where the user is involved, and others where the user creates these light “factories” and lets the glow accumulate on its own - those were my favorite. Taking elements from how light particles work in physics was a brilliant idea. Light waves/particles have been fascinating physicists for centuries. Basing a game off that seems like it could be, well, infinite. Good job.

- Why aren’t there more games like this on the App Store?!

50 hand crafted, drop dead gorgeous levels, all for a small upfront fee. That’s it. No IAP, just a well crafted game that’ll have you hooked for hours. After being an iPhone user for close to a decade now, its gotten to the point where if I see the developer has IAPs, I immediately refuse to read further, just because I already know it will be awful. And I do know, I’ve played a ridiculous amount of games in my time with Apple, and this game, this game right here is a triumph in every way at this point in 2017 for daring to have a user pay for their product upfront and not shoving $99 loot boxes down my throat. Gamers, THIS IS THE TYPE OF DEVELOPER YOU WANT. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Masterpiece😍🤯

This is by far the best iOS game I’ve ever played. I love everything about it. It makes me think of subatomic particles interacting, creating the building blocks of matter or something. A few simple rudimentary rules or properties interact with each other to create awe inspiring complexity and beauty. It’s like an interactive cosmic puzzle that creates a work of art when solved. Even the sound effects are beautiful, as they create a soft musical quality as you interact with the components of this sort of swirling and eddying system. It’s absolutely genius. This game should come pre-installed on peoples devices in my opinion. My only complaint is that there is only a finite number of levels lol.

- Great aesthetic; no longer hijacks screen brightness. 👍🏻

Thanks for turning off the bright lights. Here are your stars! (Would have noticed this sooner but the old iPad broke and it took a while to save up for another. 🙃 Prior review: I like this dev's design sense; both blek and frost feel like very happily combined investigations of visual design, particle systems, and tactile logic. I find myself wanting to draw with these games more than solve the puzzles, and since there are no time limits, I could do that as much as I wanted. Except for one thing: why does frost insist on jacking up screen brightness to 100%? I'm a little surprised that a sandboxed app is allowed to do this on iOS. It's an egregious accessibility failure: for many users, iOS devices at full brightness are impossible, and even painful, to look at. Given that these bright blue screens are known to interfere with sleep, I find myself wondering if the devs are slyly trying to make us stay up late to keep playing. Can't say I particularly appreciate the prank. Or the splitting headache.

- This game is great, but...

I love this game. It really helps me relax, especially after an anxiety attack. I love the puzzles, but one thing I do want to note is that I really really wish there was a free draw mode. One where we could choose the colors and just color around the screen with no puzzle or block getting in the way, one where we could form shapes and have the colors never run out (in this mode, we would have control over the spheres that trap the light, placing them as we wish). That would be amazing and extremely helpful! Because sometimes, the puzzles, as easy and non strenuous as they are, forced me to stop because of the time limits on the puzzles during especially rough days.

- Amazingly beautiful and fun!

There’s more than one way to solve almost any problem and this game knows that, letting you puzzle your own way through things in your own ways; all the while you’re creating gorgeous patterns and firework-like designs with your solutions. You can revisit levels to play them again, but unless you remember what they were, there’s no hint. My hint... Level 13 Pure Awesome! (One of my solutions looks like the Eye of Sauron. 😁) I’m not far in, only level 22 because I’m savoring each level and just playing with them. It’s so hard not to, you’ll see. Let those creative juices flow!

- Surprisingly good, but short

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the game and took a chance on it, and ended up being pleasantly surprised. The mechanics of the game are interesting, and none of the puzzles are frustratingly difficult — it’s clear each one has multiple solutions available, and it’s just a matter of figuring out the mechanics of that level, and reaching the goal. If there are any negatives, it’s that it’s exceedingly short, and slightly on the easy side. I’m also not quite sure how it’s an “emotional” game, but I guess the music is quite nice and relaxing. Hoping for some additional levels soon.

- Almost a perfect game!

This game is fantastic. It’s beautiful (especially if you happen to have an iPhone X) , refreshing, and keeps me hooked by constantly introducing new gameplay mechanics. The graphics and controls are nearly flawless in my opinion, and the music synchronizing with the player’s actions is a small but much appreciated touch. One of my only issues with the game is that the difficulty progression seems a bit off. I will struggle for several minutes with a level and finish the next in seconds. Perhaps this varies from person to person but this is just something that I noticed. I hope to see future updates for this excellent game!

- A masterclass in contextual learning

Other game devs would be well-served to take note of the lessons imparted here. Frost shows how a game can gently guide you, through your own experimentation, to learn its ever-evolving rules. Without almost no actual written instructions ever given. I’m not even someone who is against tutorials, against “hand-holding.” Quite the opposite, in fact, I wish more games had explicit instructions. But when it can be done this elegantly without them, this is the clear way to go. Just top shelf game design. While also providing compelling insight into teaching and learning in general.

- Beautiful but...

This game had me absolutely floored by its beauty and innovation... for about 2 hours... until it abruptly told me ‘thanks for playing’ after 54 levels. most levels provided little to no challenges. There were a few clever puzzles, and a couple absolute gems. It’s very rare for me to get through 54 levels of a game and be so hungry for more. There is so much potential here. Almost all the levels introduce new fundamental concepts. I kept waiting to see these concepts combined in clever ways to make creative puzzles, but alas, what we’re left with is a beautiful foundation and not much else. Not even a zen mode to keep me busy while waiting for new content. Beautiful and innovative, but pretty unpolished for a paid app

- Beautifully artistic game, very innovative and unique to its own!

I loved this game from start to finish, although the only drawback is that there are only 50 levels to complete the game. Though the offer to be notified when there are more levels has left me excited to see what else the developers will come up for on the next challenges. Not only is this game fun but is indeed mesmerizing as you watch how the game unfolds in front of you with the way that the game interacts with itself as you try different takes on the challenges.

- I really liked this game but...

‘Tis true that this game is beautiful and deserving of Apple’s Editors Choice award however it is waaaaaay too short for the $5 price tag. I completed this game in about 2 hours and I don’t see much enjoyment in replaying any of it. I was quite disappointed, and shocked really, when the “Thanks for playing” popped onto the screen. There are many beautiful games out there that I’ve quite enjoyed replaying, such as Monument Valley and several endless runners such as Alto’s Adventures, but this game’s premise is too simple to revisit. To the dev’s credit, I truly did enjoy this game and it was bug free, but for this price, I’m pretty sure most consumers expect more. TL;DR Great game, too short for $5

- Truly stunning, “dreamlike space”

Truly stunning, mesmerizing, and “dreamy like” game experience . Don’t know the best words to describe this game it is so beautiful, It gives me the same emotional feeling when I look up to the stars into deep space. Appreciate the hard work the developer put into this “reality melting, interactive art piece” with ambient sound effects and colors. But there is only a limited amount of levels in the game, i have high hopes the developer and his team are hard at work, creating more levels for us.

- “Relaxing” game that is actually relaxing.

I have tried many games that claim to be relaxing or meditative but are actually just frustrating puzzles with trippy music and nice graphics. That’s fine if I am in the mood to prove to myself how clever I am but not when I am wanting something relaxing. Frost manages to be what many claim. The solutions to each level are organic and sloppy enough that it doesn’t cross over into frustrating while being just clever enough to be satisfying. Can’t wait for the next installment.

- Looks aren't everything

This game is undeniably beautiful -- mesmerizingly so. But if you strip back the visuals there's not much there... it's hardly a game at all. Each level is far too easy to be named a "puzzle". The only ones that were difficult at all were simply matters of timing, in which the solution was still obvious (nothing to puzzle over) but simply demanded the right swipes at the right time. The visuals really are stunning though - and if the developers found a way to create some deep and non-obvious levels this game would become wonderfully immersive. But until then it just feels like a really cool interactive screen saver!

- Great, but serious flaw

This is an amazingly original and addictive game. I would have given 5 starts except for two serious flaws. There are too few levels for a paid game. I finished right away. That’s OK. I’d happily go back and enjoy the levels again. Flaw #2... You can’t. It says “See you later” and you can’t go back to any of the previous levels to enjoy the gameplay again. For a paid game, come on! Let us enjoy your genius design for more than one hard stop round of levels. I understand that more levels may be coming, but the game is now dead in the water until they arrive.

- Awesome

Very neat game the music is relaxing and ambient and the puzzles can be very good for people looking to fine tune their creative problem solving skills. Something I believe could make it a bit better is adding more dimensions to the game play might be something that could make it even more enjoyable. But overall I would recommend this to anyone interested in something that requires a bit of creative attention to environmental changes from one to the next. Very trippy!

- Beautiful with One Flaw

This is a beautiful game. The physics are fantastic. The downside is once the game is beaten (a few hours in), levels cannot be replayed. The script appears, "See You Later". That's it. No options to play again or return to the home screen. There are a few levels that I would love to play again. In fact, I'd play all the way through again if given an option. I'd feel the value would increase based on the price paid if the levels were available to continue to play once the game is completed.

- Doesn’t quite meet the hype

At first I was angry I had even paid for this game because the “puzzles” were ridiculously basic, and even boring. It’s not until you get to around level 30 when it becomes more like what I expected -but it takes an eternity to drag yourself thru the levels to get there. I almost quit & deleted the game, but was a little more content when it became somewhat challenging. I’m definitely not seeing why others are raving about the game or why Apple promotes it, and if I could turn back time, I probably wouldn’t have paid more than $1.00 for it.

- Gorgeous game!

Since I got my iPhone X this is exactly the kind of game I’ve been looking for. Perfectly utilizes the full screen and fantastic graphics of the device. Mesmerizing visuals, great sounds, and at times challenging puzzles. Very addicting, so much that I was able to finish all levels within a couple of hours of gameplay. More devs need to make such games that untilize the new iPhone X features! Great work on this one!! I just wish there were more levels (hopefully soon)

- Wow

This is one of the most beautiful and relaxing games I have ever played. The background music fits so well with the game and I love the beautiful graphics. The one thing that could be a little better is the first few levels where you learn the controls and dynamics, because in some parts I had to figure out for myself with a little frustration. However this is a small issue that is easy to get past. This game is definitely worth the money.

- Needs more levels

This is a well-made game with regards to pleasing graphics and sounds. It’s fairly intuitive when learning how to solve the puzzles. Some of it involves a little guesswork to figure out what things actually do in the game. My biggest complaint though is the fact that I finished all the levels in the game in one sitting...and it wasn’t very challenging. I’m hoping for the price paid that they will add many more levels in the future. There are probably better free games out there that provide more gameplay time. Looking forward to more levels.

- Love the game!!!

I love the game! It is truly a wonder. The amazing graphics were truly perfectly mixed with the hardness of the levels. I do wish though that when you move one of the pieces to its certain color that there wasn’t a thick blue line under it. I think it takes away from the magic of the piece, but other than that this game is a wonder! I too ,like I’m pretty sure the other gamers, are looking forward to more levels! Thank you!

- Addictive

Game is addictive and fun little upset I paid $5 for just 55 levels. Then to tell a friend about it who purchased it a day or two later for $1.99. I saw it said more to come so I hope that won’t take too long to get back into it plus I hope they add the option to chose the level you play after completion so I don’t have to go through all of them again to get to the new items.

- Relaxing and challenging

This game is both relaxing and challenging enough to keep you interested. I was playing at first and kept saying to myself one more level, then I would look back and it would be 5 levels. I like how the designers provided such brilliant color and the gentle sounds, it felt dreamlike with the way the little orbs spun and got completed. I hope more levels are added because I’ll be finished soon.

- Ruined by brightness issue

As others mentioned the game ends too quickly only 50 or so levels but each level is entertaining. My biggest gripe with this game is the brightness issue. For some reason this game always overrides the brightness setting on the iPhone and plays in 100% brightness which puts a strain on the eyes and also ruins the aesthetics of the game. I asked the developer if there were any plans for a fix but got no response. For $5 would have expected at least an acknowledgement. Anyways don’t waste your money on this game till they address the brightness issue.


I took weeks to even address the “system” in a way to elicit pseudo-intelligent habit particles (particle or wave?) streams. But after that I enjoyed figuring out, and intuiting, responses to higher levels at a logarithmic acceleration such that my amygdaloid reward centers began feeding on this game and my body temperature rose 4 degrees temporarily. Then a write a review field opened and I composed this and I cooled off. Now, a break, but unlike others of days I’ll be back soon to go to level 30.

- Perfect to wind down and get in a dream state

Been playing Frost every night before bed for about 5 minutes at a time and has been just perfect. Love the visuals and sound. Some levels are more challenging than others which keeps the flow pretty nicely. As you go up colors and design get more and more beautiful and intricate. So far my favorite game on iPhone since I got one. Keep this kind of interactive apps coming!

- Beautiful Simplicity

On paper, this game involves particle effects and how they interact with each other. Not that impressive until you see it in action. I have never had my jaw dropped and actually said “wow” aloud on each stage of a game. It is simply mesmerizing. Like how you can spend thirty minutes staring at a campfire. You can’t really define what is so enthralling about something so simple and common place, but it IS that enthralling nonetheless.

- Close to Godliness

This game is amazing. There are a few ways that you could make it even better. The permanent maximum brightness is kind of annoying, so maybe add a brightness setting. It would also be nice to be able to change the finger trail size. A sandbox mode would also be a good addition. Please consider changing these few things. I really look forward forward to seeing what kinds of improvements will be made in the future.

- Beautiful, Calming

I love this “game”! Truthfully, it’s more of a meditative exercise in stress relief. It deserves a five except for one tiny flaw. Without permission, it takes over the brightness and cranks it all the way up! I play it on my iPad and no matter what I do, I can’t make it stop turning up the brightness! I back out, push the light back down, go back into the game and, bam! BRIGHT! Can this be corrected? Please? I’ve searched for a way to contact the developers but can’t find a link even on their website. Please fix. Thank you UPDATE: Review upgraded to 5 stars for brightness fix. THANK YOU developers! I actually do play this game at night in the dark when I can’t sleep due to racing thoughts. Very therapeutic. Offer to sleep clinics maybe?

- Great but short

This game has amazing graphics and is very relaxing. However, I feel it is a waste of money for the amount of content. The game took me only about 30 minutes to complete, so for those looking for a long puzzle game I do not recommend. Great game, just not worth the $5. It only has 50 levels, and nothing else to do after. No endless mode, no level creator, no more content. However as from my knowledge it is relatively new, so I hope I get more features later down the line.

- Definitely puzzles so far

I bought Frost because the designer said, in an interview, that he’d created a game for people who liked to explore, not people who liked to get in the head of the designer to figure out what puzzle he had in mind. I’m on puzzle 23 now (evidently out of 50), and there’s been zero that reward exploration. All of them have a clear solution. So unless half the game is tutorial, I am pretty disappointed. However, it’s still a mild pleasure, at least, to be solving puzzles that feel organic and non-rigid.

- Good, relaxing, different, but needs one change

I’ve enjoyed this game, played it through a couple times actually. I’d like more levels just like anyone, but what I’d really like is to be able to change the screen brightness. Currently the game hijacks the brightness setting and turns it all the way up. I get that you want the user to have a good experience, but if I’m playing somewhere dark I don’t need it, so it’s just an unnecessary better drain.

- So relaxing and brain stimulator

Absolutely love this puzzle game, I wish they come up with more levels faster, already finished all the levels and can’t wait any longer for more, I ended up repeating all levels like five times. I wonder how Candy Crush creates levels so fast I can never keep up? This game is way better but cannot come up with more levels that fast, shame.

- When I go to bed I JUST CANT STOP PLAYING THIS!!!!😅

This game is so satisfying, and so relaxing 😌. I couldn’t stop finding better games and since am 19 I can’t find a single game that interest me when this appear...I was so interested in this type of game when I first tried it, it was the coolest THING OF MY LIFE...well not the whole life but ITS STILL COOL. I really, REALLY want more of this type of games, I hope 🤞 this will be the coolest and the greatest game ever!!!

- 56 Levels of Peace

Beat the game 🥰 I use the term ‘beat’ to display my excitement for finishing a game (rare in my case). In all actuality the game is more of an experience than something to beat. Sometimes it took weeks of untouched play to get past a level. I explored, played, waited, and experimented during each level. I found that when I was particularly relaxed or inspired by thought, that I was able to overcome a level far faster than usual. Or maybe it was a sense of playfulness that in turn created a pattern of thought (or lack of mental “noise”) that allowed me to relax. Beautiful game, gave good feels, never felt pressure to perform- maybe a feeling of challenge at times, but no sense of failure. Rare for those two to coincide in games.

- Stress free and addictive

I dont really play games. Most games in my opinion are boring or serve no purpose but to waste my time. But this seemed interesting enough that I gave it a try. You will have to think a little to progress to some of the levels, but it's not stressful thinking at all. It was very relaxing and refreshing to play. Great way to calm down and unwind, but def not boring. I felt like my brain went to the spa! :)

- Amazing Experience

Very unique gameplay that will grab your attention for a long while. The sound and style of gameplay is very relaxing yet challenging at the same time. There isn’t anything like it on the App Store. I would also like to thank the devs for making a premium game that separates itself from all the free to play garbage that has taken over mobile gaming.

- Do not buy this game if you are light sensitive

This game overrides the brightness controls within iOS. While I understand why the developers want a brighter screen to make it easier for folks to see little details, that level of light is way too much. As someone who has light sensitivity and keeps their brightness low (along with having Reduce White Point and Low Light accessibility modes enabled) more than half the time, this is a big usability problem. Requesting a refund from Apple as soon as possible. Developer - a warning should be placed on your description page for that behavior.

- I loved this game, but....

This is such a beautiful and hypnotizing game, challenging yet soothing! I love it! BUT there’s only 50 levels! And once you get the hang of it you can go through all 50 in no time at all! even faster when you’re going through for the 3rd or 4th time! It is really disappointing that there isn’t an expanded package of challenges! I really hope the creators are working on making more Frozen puzzles. Please!

- Beautiful & Relaxing, but no replay?

Just played through all 60 levels in one evening. It’s a fun, relaxing game that is mesmerizing with its visuals and ambient soundtrack. While I look forward to installments of more levels, my only big disappointment is there is no ability to play through the levels I’ve already done. Every time I start the app it takes me to the “See You Later” message, with no menu options or choice.

- Good, but not worth the money.

While this game is beautiful and very entertaining, there are only 50 something levels. That sounds like a lot, but it really isn’t that difficult of a game, I finished all the levels in two days, probably could’ve done it in one if I hadn’t gotten bored the first day. $5 is pricey for a very simple game that doesn’t last long. Still beautiful graphics though. Just hope the make more levels, and not make me pay even more to access them.

- ‘Cute’ game - WAY overpriced

I rated 3 stars because while it was boring to me, The graphics are appealing, puzzle game is cute, and the music is relaxing (but same throughout), I didn’t realize there were no instructions so I was tapping and swiping and by default, restarting my game over and over. I’m sure a lot of people enjoy the repetitive nature of the ‘levels’ throughout the game, but for me it got boring and I stopped at #9 or 10 I do think it’s priced much too high given The game is basic and lacks strategy.

- Short

This is one of the easiest games I’ve played and if it wasn’t for the graphics i wouldn’t buy it for a dollar. After I found a simple trick to the game it took only an hour and a half to fix nosh the entire game. At least there needs to be more than fifty levels for such an expensive game. Also there needs to be more variety on levels because you basically play the same one five times in a row so it’s only really ten different levels to solve. Joy worth it until there are new changes

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- Love it

I love this game the sounds are super satisfying when you pass a level my only let down is at this current moment there’s only 55 levels :( But still worth every cent

- Incredible game!!!

Worth it for sure Recommended for anyone of all ages I only wish that there was more levels but still I can't wait for lifelike on apple arcade after this!!!

- Totally worth the price!

I love this game, The visuals are stunning and the sound and music is amazing! I played through the 60 levels in one day, I only wish that there were more levels.

- Gorgeous Game

Seriously. This is beautiful. The synergy of the sound, gameplay and concept is just spectacular. One of my favourite games in my iPad.

- This game was different to expected

I love puzzle games! And this just takes it to a whole new level! Something that I definitely unique! But just a note to if you get stuck on a level, I noticed there's no hints or anything? Which I guess is a good thing but just a hint to the creators, if people can't finish a level they will loose intress in the game. But other than that great music, surprisingly relaxing to what I thought, and very smooth no lag what's so ever and very straight to the point 👌 Great game 🤩

- Good but very short game...

I’m a little disappointed that there is only about 30mins of game play, especially for the price tag. Hopefully the devs will expand the game time to match the price. Otherwise a good game.

- Finished in under 1 hour

Ok so it’s kinda clever but I knocked it over in under 1 hour? I didn’t find it particularly hard. For the price a minimum of 100 levels would have been good. If I knew it only had 50sum I would have slowed down a bit.

- Need more levels

This game is so pretty but it needs more levels

- Too simple, too expensive

Too expensive for such a boring and simple gameplay. All puzzles are very similar and not challenging at all. Worth 0.99 for the good look maybe, but definitely not 7.99 (australian price). I wish I could get a refund, but SURPRISE, this item is not eligible for refund! What a joke.


I love this game it has all the great features of a piratical game but I would really like a free play mode

- Lovely game

Intuitive and very well worth the money

- Awesome!

This game is absolutely outstanding the art in this game is perfect it’s a very good challenge

- Great game creative and mildly addictive

A well designed yet simple game

- No sound

The sound didn’t work at all after checking all the settings and my volume

- WOW!!

Amazing!! Straight forward and a beautiful game. And the soundtrack puts in trance must play with ear pods!!

- Rinny36

Love the game,but way to short for $8.needs more levels to make it worth the money.

- Great game.

Awesome game but needs more levels!!

- Nice work

Beautiful & elegant game

- Thanks but no thanks

Maybe stoping the game from turning the brightness the whole god dam way up might help with the whole relaxed vibe your trying to go for. 👍

- Amazing

Amazing game, love it

- Great game but...

Awesome game, amazing but way too short

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- Well worth it

One of the very few paid apps that is well worth the relatively pricey purchase. GG developers :)

- Phenomenal Graphics

Absolutely brilliant particle movement. The puzzles are relatively easy to get through, though, for $6.99 I expected more of a challenge to get through all levels as I completed them in under 24 hours. Developers, please add some kind of free play or editor mode so users can pick a few types of particles and play around with them on screen. An editor could be handy for users to create a level and submit it for other users to play. All in all, fantastic job on a visually-pleasing-to-the-eyes game!

- Short but sweet!

Well worth the purchase!

- Love it!

Very cool dreamy physics/microbio-like game

- Mesmerizing But

This game is simply incredible, worth every penny. My only tiny complain is the amount of levels, there’s 56, they will release more but I just Can’t wait!

- Love this game

I wish it had more levels

- A rare gem.

Anyone looking for a (mostly) relaxing puzzle game need look no further. The music is very fitting and the puzzles gradually get more difficult as you go teaching you the game with every level.


please refund or correct problem. Application refuses to open after 3 trials.


This game is so well worth it!! Incredible graphics!! I love that it's so mellow and zen. This is one of my favourite games by far. I am not a bot!! This is my opinion.

- This is not a game. This is art.

If you consider art has value. Then this app would be the cheapest piece of art you can buy considering what your heart and brain would gain of from it.

- Beautiful. Relaxing. Way too short.

Please make more levels!

- Great game, but the brightness

the cake is amazing but i am unable to lower the brightness while i’m playing. the brightness will that change to anything under full brightness.

- Worth it

Incredible game. The background music and the gameplay is beautiful. Chilling!!!!

- Lovely game, but not for some people with migraine

I was loving this game, but had to stop on level 13 because the speed and pattern made me sick. If there were a way to slow it down, that would have made it more accessible.

- I love this game!

The color swirls are beautiful and the challenge of finding the proper strategy for each level is fun. My grandchildren really like it too. They will go through all levels before they want to stop. It’s magical and I highly recommend this game. When a level is completed, the glow and sound effect is so cool! That’s my favourite part. This company also makes the game Blek which we all love too. I look forward to other games from this developer. 😊👍👍

- Frost

Beautiful, relaxing and mesmerizing. Well worth the money, great way to clear your mind after or during a busy day. Great game!

- Clever

A very lovely and unique puzzle game. My only issue is the run time. There are 56 levels and they go by fairly quickly. For the price of the game, I expected a little more play time. Either add more levels, or reduce the price...

- Best in Genre

Have three devices and have it on all three. Best gameplay since Osmos (which our entire family still plays).

- Beautiful game.

Relaxing to look at but needs more levels!!!

- Worth the money

Well designed. Beautiful. Found myself instantly playing the game again after I had finished just so that I could have a cleaner run. Happy to support pay once games.

- This game is beautiful

I have no words for how satisfying and almost mesmerizing this game is!

- sheer beauty

This game had me hooked from the git-go. The “swarm” graphics are gorgeous, the “particle physics” is pleasing and intuitive, the puzzles are engaging yet never so difficult as to discourage, & the ambient soundtrack creates a dreamlike, peaceful mood. I enjoyed it so much that I will certainly play the whole game again, more than once. I found the difficulty level somewhat random (i.e. some late puzzles are quite easy, some are harder, not really a smooth increase in difficulty) but this perhaps varies with the player. The art work is some of the most beautiful I have ever seen in any game. It’s sheer touchscreen magic. Sometimes I was disappointed when I solved a level “too soon” because I was having such fun just playing with it! It is very “more-ish” too, I stayed up far too late several nights playing “just one more level.” Highly recommended, with handwaving. I cannot imagine what a sequel would look like, but I’d definitely buy one (hint hint).

- No

Just no this is the most trash frekin game

- More level

You guy better be working on more levels

- Very relaxing

So beautiful and energetically crafted.

- Great when it works

Beautiful and imaginative; however the app won’t work after playing with it once. Keeps shutting down. 🙁 Refund pls?

- Draws you in

I had a blast with this! The mellow sounds, simple game mechanics and primordial vibe are easy to glide into and hard to put down. I've already gone through it twice!

- Worth it

Wish there were more levels pleas add more

- Nice

More level! More level!More level!More level!More level!More level!

- Great Game

Stunning, Simplistic Masterpiece.

- Amazing

I love Frost! Best purchase ever

- Good but

Bought it beat all the levels in 2 days no other levels been 2 months now

- satisfying

to be short and quick. the nicest game i played this year. its beautiful and soft to play, well done!

- Amazing game, though some problems.

After purchasing this game i’ve quickly mastered straight to level 39 without much or any issues. Unfortunately i’ve been stuck on it for the past month an a half and haven’t been able, in any way possible, to pass this level. So, a quick google search allowed me to find a way to complete the level. Just to continue the problems, level 39 shown on my app has a different layout than the one shown on the guide, though same level just organized differently. Again, yo continue the problems the way the guide completes the level does not work for me and my app. So, at this point i’ve deemed level 39 uncompleteable.

- Fun but not that many levels

Super creative and fun but only 55 levels and I finished in 2 days...wish I knew that before purchasing this pretty pricey game :)

- Love it

Very relaxing

- Best visuals ever

I am so glad I bought this game, best game it’s crazy

- Forces brightness to maximum

Can the app not force my brightness to maximum? Some of us like playing the game at night and would prefer not to be blinded

- Beautiful Game!

Graphics are surreal!

- Amazing!

This game is very asthetic and puzzling at the same time. Its a nice stress reliver if you need a calming game. I do have one recommendation. Could you make a sandbox mode? With all the different particles you encounter during the game? I feel like that would be a nice touch to those finished the game and waiting for new levels.

- Beautiful game

Shows the power of the iPad to deliver a great gaming experience. Be nice if there were more levels, hopefully they will come soon. Currently game play is about 2 hours.

- So mesmerizing! I love it!

This is great app with an amazing graphic design. The levels are well thought and the music is very relaxing. The animations are awesome! The level of detail is breathtaking. For sure it deserves the design award that got in the WWDC

- Full brightness = bye bye battery

I don’t know why Apple allows an app to set the brightness to full with no way to change it. Heaven forfend that I should want my battery to last more than 20 minutes!

- A delight

My six year old nephew: “I love the music. I’m going to beat you. (every four higher levels) Arrghh, can you help me?” He finds different solutions than I had. After you play first, spend some quality time, so much better than any kid game. Learning about attraction-repulsion, reflection, and problem solving. Be around at a distance and let them play, surprising what they don’t need help with. ‘The planets needs energy. If that doesn’t move with your finger, what does? The planet uses energy quickly when it is delivered. Remember a few levels back, you can fill the tanks first’ Delivering an engaging and educational experience, a great buy. Over an hour till he was stuck at a level, we’ll learn timing later.

- Gorgeous & Relaxing

I love this game that is also a playful space for discovery. The makers of Blek have done it again. Well worth the price!

- Nul

Puije me faire renbourser svp

- Mixed feelings

Good game. Needs more levels, its been months without anything new. With the price of the game there should be constant updates improving the game for us.

- Not supported on iPad

So disappointing and expensive when I can't use it. The reviews are all great, so I was looking forward to the game. Now what? Can I get my money back?

- Disappointed

Failing to load on ipad air and ios v11.2.6, craqshes to desktop instead of rendering the game.

- Boring

Indeed it is a beautiful game, but I found it rather boring.

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- Relaxing and Intriguing

This is one of the most unique puzzle games you will ever find. There isn’t much to compare it to. Definitely worth paying for! I can’t wait for more episodes to come out! Also, something that would make this game even better is if there was a way to make your own puzzles and post those. That would be amazing!

- Nice game, sad shortness

I was playing the game and everything from the graphics to the sound was perfect My sadness comes from the fact that the game ended so suddenly, I wish there was more or maybe even like a sandbox mode where you could spawn any type of particle or whatever and watch them all interact at the end as a reward. Heck even a DLC would be nice

- I adore this game, plz more bio levels

As a biologist I absolutely love seeing the interactions and behaviors. I recommend this to anyone, everyone! I do however think there’s too much replication and redundancy in the levels. The ones that are out of the box are amazing! It’s just the intermediates that just add one extra element that are a bit disappointing. Devs: please make more levels with a biology theme!!

- A relaxing challenge.

How does a game cause you to feel relaxed and challenged at the same time? I’m not quite sure, but 25 levels in I’m feeling just that. At the end of each day I like to shut out the world before bed just the regain a bit of myself. Normally that means no games or tv. But frost has a zen-like quality that actually aids me in calming down for the evening.

- It’s a great game don’t get me wrong

Now this game is gorgeous and I’d give it 5 stars but the main reason I downloaded it was because of the first video on the preview of this app. I honestly thought it had that music in it and honestly it’s just the same tune the entire time and never changes much. (The time from the second video) but like I said don’t get me wrong, this game is far worth the download, just don’t expect it to have variety in its background music.

- Fun App, but...

This is an amazing app. I love how your mind gets running in a good amazing way. If you do not have imagination then this app will help you gain some. The “but” is that there are only 55 levels and note that this app took 2 days for me to beat. I strongly recommend this app, but just be aware that there are not many levels. This app is stupidly expensive, but It is still amazing.

- Not quite worth it

Honestly I’m a bit disappointed. In my opinion, the game is too overpriced for something finished in a few hours. For this much money I was expecting at least double the amount of levels, and some other modes (maybe sandbox or something). The game is beautiful, very addictive, and intriguing, but it just doesn’t quite cut it for the cost. Nevertheless I still found it fun and I look forward to where the game will go in the future.

- Not great

Got to level 45 The gimmick is that you figure it out as you go, but that’s actually all there is to the entire game, and it does not get better than that. The creators decided they had a great concept, but frankly, the actual gameplay is awful. The first 35 levels are too easy, and all that follow them are vague and uninteresting. You can solve them if you google it, but that is the hallmark of a crappy game. This is the perfect example of coders who stumbled upon how to do something interesting with graphics but failed to turn it unto a decent game. Do not buy.

- Absolutely beautiful Frost

I am amazed at the genius and creativity of your designers. I was playing with level 17 when my cat walked over to my iPad and sat staring at the designs. He watched intently for at least a minute then he put his paw on the screen and made the pattern change. He even tried to catch it with his tongue! I will try to send you a video of my cat playing FROST. Betty Jean Andrianoff

- Mesmerizing

I an not much of a “gamer”, so I just downloaded Frost on a whim just to check it out. I cannot put it down. The first 10 levels seem too simple, but then it starts to get more and more challenging to solve the puzzles. Not only is this a challenging and thought-provoking puzzle solving game, it is also beautiful in a poetic sort of way.

- Breathtaking in every way...

This game is as beautiful as it is challenging. There’s something a bit intuitive and thoughtful about each level that invites the player to devise unique ideas, which is very rare in most puzzle games. Would highly recommend this game if you are looking for something to put a stressed mind at ease.

- Frost is an 11 out of 10!

This game is so beautiful! It was definitely worth my money! This space-like strategy game is definitely a game to play when you just want to relax and soothe your mood. The SFX and music really does add to its entirety! It really takes advantage of the Apple’s Taptic Engine and screen resolution! I definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a beautiful game!

- Game is beautiful but

The game goes by so quickly. In less than an hour I’ve made it to level 34 and from other reviews the game is over around level 55 with no replaying... if you can replay and increase difficulty it would make the game a lot better in my opinion. With how it is now the price point seems a bit high and as others have said your brightness is by default 100% so don’t plan to play this at night.

- Need more.

So I payed money for this. Loved the game and the challenge. But it stops at 50 levels. I beat this before the iPhone X came out. Still have yet to see any new levels. It even asked me if I wanted to know when more levels became available. I hate wasting money on something that doesn’t get developed. I could care less about support for other devices. Even if they did 5-10 levels at a time that would be better than not at all.

- Very relaxing game

This is a great simple game that is sure to put you in a relaxed state. The see less iCloud sync is perfect for switching between playing on the commute to your couch at home. However the app does not support all iPad screen resolutions (especially obvious on the 12.9”). But aside from this the attention to details is great

- Fun to play over too quickly

It has been out on the market 3 years and only 55 levels. It was done in less than 90 minutes. It’s a lot of money for a game that is over and done so soon. In 3 years time, one would think the developers could add levels. Otherwise the game play was fun. I enjoyed the puzzles. They were rather easy to solve.

- Beautiful game, but...

I finally downloaded this game today and have loved it so much. It’s very peaceful and a great tool to just fade into relaxation. The only problem I have with it, is the fact that I can’t dim the brightness when playing it. I use my phone at night when in bed. And I dim the brightness down all the way to not disturb my husband. But the game won’t let you, if this could be changed I definitely be giving a full 5 stars

- Beautiful, but short and has little replay value

This game is gorgeous. There are 55 levels, (at the end, the game asks you if you want to be notified when there are more, so I assume that more are coming) which you can get through in a few hours. Once you solve a level, there is really not much incentive to re-do it and figure out other ways of solving it.

- Great, but short and overpriced

Was looking for a game to play with my non-gamer girlfriend. This was perfect, had great sound and allowed us to cuddle and each take turns on one phone together. Level 53 was by far the most challenging, we were stuck for a long time, but I managed to crack it. Imagine my disappointment when the next two levels were easy-peasy and then the game ended. 😤 For the cost I’d have liked to get 105 levels, not 55...

- Stuck on a Level? You Will Stay On That Level!

App Support is non-existent. There’s no mention of contacting them through the App, so I came back here and I clicked App Support and went to their website. Once there, I found no direct info about Frost or a link for assistance. In fact, their site just talks about how great their games are and how Apple gave them an award. Apparently whoever gave them an award never played this start to finish, because if they had - perhaps they wouldn’t feel so warm and fuzzy about the Developers. I finally tracked down a General Info email address and emailed them three times asking, ‘would they please forward my message to anyone who could lend support’? Not a single reply ... maybe they were too busy polishing their Award from Apple?! I CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS GAME IN GOOD CONSCIENCE.

- Great but short

The first “hard” level is 53, and then the game is over at 55. The first 30 levels or so are just kind of tedious “swipe-done” and then some require a little thought. 53 was the level I actually had to think about for a minute. If there were 100 levels, I’d give it 5 stars, but, it seems too short at 55, especially when the first challenge is at 53...

- Creative Engineering

The artistic style to this masterpiece is just incredible. It’s very relaxing and enjoyable to pick up and play. Just experiment with it, try different things and you will see yourself fly through the puzzles. The art goes along well with the changing music as you carry out different actions. Well done.

- Best game I’ve played in a while.

This is a stunningly beautiful and elegant game. The graphics are simple and compelling at the same time. It is very interesting how with each level you must figure out how each part reacts with those around it. The soundscape also makes this a wonderfully relaxing puzzle to solve.

- Wow

Mesmerizing, relaxing, yet engaging and challenging. This literally may be my favorite game ever. It was totally worth the $4.99, although I was disappointed to see that I’d have to purchase it again to use on my iPhone. But as good as this game is - I might end up doing just that. Great job to all the developers who made this work of art a reality!

- Mesmerizing. Nothing short of mesmerizing.

The most enthralling game I have engaged in (or which has engaged me) since the 70s, when I started playing such games. Challenging, innovative, BEAUTIFUL, and distracting. Start and stop when you want, with no ground lost. Each level more challenging than the previous. It’s a new world you have here!

- Best minimalist puzzle game I’ve ever seen

Easy to learn gameplay even without instructions. First puzzle game I’ve actually sat down to play multiple levels of in a long time when not sitting somewhere waiting. The game is too good to just play randomly. Well worth the download and I can’t wait for more levels.

- Relaxing, Beautiful - Worth Every Penny

This game isn’t plagued by ads or in-app purchases. It is beautiful and simplistic. The music is subtle and entrancing, and the puzzles are both visually stunning and challenging. In today’s ad-ridden world of apps and games that are all a re-skinned bubble candy saga or dragon war fantasy nonsense, this one is definitely worth your money.

- Amazing totally amazing

So when I bought the game I thought it was gonna be like oh what is this is this is horrible but no it’s just amazing the music in the sound of this we feel so happy I mean I don’t even know how to express it. Honestly it’s a 11 out of five star game it’s just unbelievably colorful and just full of life.❤️❤️❤️

- Unique

This game is far from your average mobile device games. It is mystic. It is relaxing. It is entertaining. It has spectacular visuals. It is different. It does not micro transaction you to death. This game is in a class of its own. Buy it. Play it. You will like it. 5 stars. Keep up the fine work here!

- Very good game with some minor flaws

Frost is beautiful and relaxing, and I highly recommend it. Easily one of the most peaceful games I’ve ever played. Two small gripes are that the game feels a bit short for $5.00, and there is definitely more potential in the level design for added complexity.

- Yummy Brain Food

I love the calming music and gorgeous graphics of this game. At the same time It’s a series of puzzles that require both logic and intuition. Doing puzzles is an important tool to maintain brain health & fend off Alzheimer's. Frost is such a delightful way to do that. It's so beautiful & the music so calming that it feels like a little vacation instead of work.

- The music

I just got the game, and am so far enjoying it. I like the little challenges it gives, but I really enjoy the music. I would say it is the only game where I’m able to think about other things in life and have the game in some sense be meditative for me. I like it, and hope they add to it.

- Incredible

Typically, when I write a review it’s unfortunately usually negative. However, in all my years of game play, I have never seen such a beautiful game on my iPhone. (Especially on the iPhone X). I’m a tough grader and very picky but this is a simple game with a jaw-dropping design. Wow, props to the developers. You have to give this game a try.

- I loved this at first...

But I'm frustratingly stuck on puzzle 53 and I can't move forward from it. There should be a skip function or auto complete after so many tries so you can get back to enjoying it. This isn't zen. There are other games to get frustrated on, I liked that this wasn't one of them. I guess I'll keep trying. I go back every couple weeks to give it a shot, but it isn't the fun relaxing game it started out to be.

- Fun and addicting but very short

I love this game but I completed all 57 levels in under one day. I honestly don’t think it is worth the 5$ unless you like to replay levels over and over. Maybe if it only costed 3$ I would give it 5 stars but because it is so shot I am only giving it 4

- Not easy!

You can quite a bit of time just playing with the lights and making patterns before you move to finish a level. Some of the early ones seemed harder, but you develop a “feel” as you move along. The more you relax, the easier it gets. It’s hard to stop playing though.

- Wow...cant recommend enough!!!

First review I’ve ever done over the years it’s that awesome! Gorgeous, innovative, always new and surprising stunning visual puzzles that are giddily creative, hypnotic music that also inspires when big things happen, legit therapeutic, no joke I’m glued to my screen and hope it never ends!

- Great game.

Stunning, restful, and amazing. Only downfall is the brightness is cranked all the way to 11. Drained my fully charged iPad Pro to 50% in about 10 minuets. Charging while playing doesn’t work either. Plugged my iPad in at 50% and about 10 minuets later I was at 45%. Need option to turn brightness down, or have app obey your current brightness setting.

- Wonderful Game

I really like this game. From the soothing ambient sound to the rich colors of each level and the fun puzzles that test your brain using the amazing particle physics. This game is great. But it definitely needs many more levels to justify to price of this game. Please release new levels soon.

- Visual and Auditory Treat

There have been a few challenging levels along the way, but I’m not looking for hours of a challenge here. I just want to be mesmerized, and I am. I would never pay $5 for a game, but I got a gift card for Christmas and decided to give this a try. Very worth it.

- Never have I enjoyed a game as much!

I have never played a game that is as visually stunning or as intuitive and peaceful. I struggle playing video games and games on my phone because of the stress and anxiety that they cause but Frost is incredible. Easy to play and perfect for interactive relaxation. And gorgeous. I’m in love.

- Frost

Is amazing!! Relaxing and you just don’t ever want to put it down!! Great for right before sleep or meditation!! Claims your mind!! I wish there where more levels or a way to create your own to share with others with the frost players. 5 stars from me!!! Thank you!!!

- Wow

Don’t buy this game. It is a beautiful game and thought provoking but also a let down. $5.99 for a 55 level gaming app is pathetic. There are no new levels coming. Clearly the developer of this game was in it to make some money and then moved on. This saddens me because it seems like the stigma now. Please lower the price because you are ripping off your consumer. I would have much rather spent my money on something that would have given me more play time, and continued to peak my interest.

- Yes it’s pretty but it’s only an hour of play

Full credit, it’s very visually beautiful. But it feels more like a game mechanics demo than a game. The levels are in no way challenging. The mechanics demonstrated in each level could be combined to create some rich, complex puzzles but the levels in the game present no actual challenge. Great work by the developer on the game engine, just now it needs to be handed over to a level designer to turn raw mechanics into an enjoyable game.

- Level 10 flame out

Seriously, this is most fascinating thing I’ve ever seen! On my phone AND iPad it stops at level 10. I’ve tried everything I know to do. Please hurry......... I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Sooo app support is non existent! Why should there be app support they already have my money, right🤬

- Beautiful but quick

This is a beautiful, mellow, relaxing puzzler. It’s worth the price given those characteristics, but it’s over way too quickly. I bought it and immediately finished it in one sitting (a little under 2 hours). No regrets, though.

- Needs more

It’s a great idea. Beautiful, relaxing, and mesmerizing. But most levels are very simple, usually focusing on only one mechanic at a time. I wish there were more levels that combined mechanics in clever ways and completely filled the screen. Also, as another reviewer mentioned, a sandbox mode would be fantastic.

- Good but short

Would be nice if we had to option to play around with the elements and just have some free fun instead of having to play levels only . I beat all the levels and now just don’t play waiting for new ones . Good game but too short. When will we get new puzzles?

- Beautiful, but VERY short

I beat it in an hour...for $5...can't help but feel a bit cheated. Also, it offered very little challenge. I feel this game has SO much more potential, and the fact that it has parallels with biological systems and all the possibilities that offered really had me going for a bit until it ended without doing much of anything.

- Cost to much for how short the game is

This game is really great, it’s mechanics are very well designed but with only a few levels, many of the games unique mechanics are only used in a few levels so once you understand them you will never use them again. The game promised more levels on finishing the last level but the they never created them. A great example of company greed out of laziness.....

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Husker Extra

In "grading" both Adrian Martinez and Luke McCaffrey at practice leading up to the trip to Iowa, Scott Frost says both players threw at an 81 percent clip. Also, both committed two turnovers. #Huskers As a result. both played.


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FROST (Version 1.0.2) Install & Download

The applications FROST was published in the category Games on 2017-10-25 and was developed by kunabi brother GmbH [Developer ID: 712167048]. This application file size is 176.2 MB. FROST - Games app posted on 2018-12-21 current version is 1.0.2 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: kunabi.Frost

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