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Turn your iPhone into an MPC with more than 600 samples, 47 editable programs, 80 editable sequences, and iconic MPC workflow.

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iMPC brings the look and feel of the classic Akai Pro MPC to your iPhone. iMPC includes everything you need to create a beat quickly and easily. With features including built-in effects, plus the ability to create new sequences and record and overdub beats, the possibilities are endless. The app’s built-in sampler can record samples three different ways: using the mic on the iPhone, using the line input on the iPhone, or using the multi-touch turntable interface in iMPC to record samples directly from iTunes or other music libraries.

- Exclusive iMPC sound set and classic Akai Professional sound library
- "3D Perform" controls -- use your iPhone's motion sensors to control parameters
- Export tracks to MPC Software for use with MPC Renaissance and MPC Studio
- Share on SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or export to your computer
- 16 Levels mode: 16 levels of attack, velocity, length, and tuning
- Note Variation slider: adjust attack, velocity, length, and tuning as you play
- Trim and categorize samples, undo takes and erase samples
- Create new sequences, record and overdub beats
- Live Sequence queuing for real-time performance and playback
- Simple drag and drop program creation
- Effects include delay, bit crusher, master compressor/limiter
- Time correct: 1/8 note - 1/32T with variable swing
- Note Repeat: 1/8 note - 1/32T timing, with latch
- AudioCopy beats and sequences to compatible apps
- AudioPaste samples from hundreds of compatible apps

iMPC for iPhone App Description & Overview

The applications iMPC for iPhone was published in the category Music on 2013-08-01 and was developed by Akai Professional. The file size is 77.67 MB. The current version is 1.4.6 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Our latest update includes bug fixes! Here's the full list:

- Much improved wav export (fixed bug that was leaving gaps in the output on some configurations)
- Fixed bug in Interapp sampling that could lead to garbled audio
- Camera icon in SoundCloud share menu works again on later iOS versions
- Fixed bug in which SoundCloud could sometimes upload a track as Private when Public was selected
- Minor visual fixes (e.g. tilt performance slider no longer overlaps with drum pads)

Need help? Email us at [email protected]! If you are happy with this update, please leave your review. Your feedback means the world to us :)

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a disgrace  subrhcosheo48495  1 star

this has no relation to the workflow of an mpc, it is just drum pads with stock samples and a sad excuse for a workstation

reilee williams

cool app, but it doesn’t work with my bluetooth headphones  reilee williams  1 star

outside of this problem, the app is alright, but the fact that i get this weird sound when and only when my bluetooth headphones are connected is really disappointing and annoying. does anybody have a solution? this is beyond frustrating.


Impc pro  Jfisher125  1 star

Can we get an updated app....please

🚨🚨🚨  3 star

Please add a way to delete samples right from the app we all don’t have computers

Dink Jenkins

There is something wrong  Dink Jenkins  1 star

This app became useless. The sound is glitchy and it crashes.


Please fix this. I need you to, very badly.  lmdrew  5 star

I love this app i really do man but the app keeps crashing and deleting sounds off beats. Please update (more often) bc the last one didn’t help at all. I don’t want to lose all of my work bc of a faulty app. :/ i know y’all can do better


When it works it’s great  TheAndSuch  3 star

The app crashes constantly but other than that there isn’t a single thing I can complain about.

Patrick drouillard

DRM protected songs can not he played unless upgrading.  Patrick drouillard  1 star

I have songs that apple and no one else owns the rights to they are mine. They wont work and i can’t play them in this app. This app is ok but as far as an update goes the turntable feature Will definitely need updating so that people who own the rights to their music (and music that wasn’t purchased in the app store) works correctly.


Amazing App  TheMusicReviewerPerson  5 star

thank you so much for updating! I use this to make beats when I'm on the road all the time. it's still not easy to swipe sideways for different menus (it only works when I use my pointer finger and drag the tiny area that has hatch marks specifically), if this function were made easier it would be much easier to navigate the menus. thanks again for this amazing tool of creativity!


Great potential, but limited  Fretless33  2 star

**Updating my review since the most recent app update. I lowered my rating to 2 stars. When are they going to listen to their customers!!! Still no interapp audio or Audiobus support. The exporting of beats still has dead space at the end of the beat making it loopable only if you trim it. This app is still no match for could be...the iPad version is much better, but the iPhone version gets tossed...what a shame.** This app is a solid drum machine, second in sounds only to iMaschine. However, I wish iMPC worked better in the iPhone. They give the iPad version all these sweet updates and the iPhone version gets neglected. I contacted support for the app and they promise Audiobus and inter app audio is on the way, but time just ticks cool update yet. All iMPC can do for the iPhone is work as a sketch pad...if you try to export a beat it does not export it as a loopable rhythm and if you export to AudioCopy the sound gets all distorted...they dropped the ball for iPhone use 😕🤔


poor service  scgriff  2 star

i have no way of knowing how to paste sounds into the app from audio copy.. this app wont show up in audio copy app and there is no instructions i can find and the web link here is dead .. pretty poor service


A little buggy but awesomely powerful  LetterAfterZ  4 star

This app is fantastic, it may have a few bugs but once you know what they are they're easy enough to work around. I've put together about 15 tracks with this app involved and I must say it holds up pretty well against real gear.


Don't waste your money  Sndrthsndr  1 star

Crashes all the time


What do you expect?  Ifwhats  4 star

There are a few reviews that compare this to the original, of course it's not! This is an app you use whilst killing time and has the potential to yield results. If you're buying this as a replacement to your 2000xl you're a silly duffer.


No no  MickOxford  2 star

Not good. Lacks almost every feature you need to make serious music. Akai... I love my MPCs... Seriously, why would you release this useless app? Why would you ruin your reputation like this? Where is the company that once built the MPC60, MPC3000... and also the 2500 and 1000? Now you just release things like this app. It's sad :(


Good idea, few problems.  Salbo223  3 star

I love: Being able to sample music that's on your phone + live sounds, the beat pads, 4 channel mixer, exporting, pitch shifting and sample library. I hate: Pressing the audio paste button makes the app crash immediately. This is a huge problem because even though I know, I still sometimes touch it, loosing everything I was working on. tracking in a song when sampling is very, very painful with the vinyl needle. Recording is just terrible; If you record and make 1 wrong note, on any track at any point, back to the start for you. There is no undo.

Finn the dog

Only for the Akai fans!  Finn the dog  2 star

It lacks a zoom function when chopping samples. Also no auto chop function to be found, therefore chopping and assigning samples becomes very tedious. Beatmaker 2 is a much better and fully featured app. Akai - I love most of your products, but this one is a let down! Step your game up!


Good  CorruptFrequency  4 star

Im really liking it! Only downfall is it crashes occasionally & always crashes when I try sharing my sequence to soundcloud. Overall my favourite beat making app so far for iPhone.


An awesome addition to iPhone Beatmaking!  engelberthumperdink  4 star

This app really is awesome. It inherits all of the powerful iPad features and gains it's own unique feature called 3D Perform Mode. This uses the iPhone's gyroscope to allow you to manipulate parameters my tilting your phone. It does loose the classic Akai kit found on the iPad making it half the size. If they want 5 stars retronyms need to add Audiobus support badly! Please listen to your users Retronyms :)


CRASHES ON LAUNCH !!  m3f4d0n1  1 star

Bought this app for $3 installed and it keeps repeatedly crashing RIPOFFF DO NOT BUY I've had no luck after resetting my phone several times and even turned my data just to get passed the launch screen to at least get a glimpse of what I purchased WHATS GOING ON ???


Worst APP management EVER  Quiksandd9  1 star

To everyone wondering if AKAI will fix this APP that they CHARGE for, they are oblivious. I called AKAI and the man I spoke with told me he is unaware with the issues on the app. I tweet them constantly and sent emails yet no response nor an update. This was a waste of money and space and I suggest to anyone reading this review NOT to give AKAI your money.


Very Promising but Dissapointing.  SteveLikesTacos  1 star

It started off as a good easy to use app, but then when it came to sharing it led to disappointment. The Audio becomes corrupted after sharing & ruins the song, all that hard work for nothing. Thanks IMPC for wasting my time.


Crashes on me  DaRealDimSumLuv  3 star

Everything was fine up till a few days ago when the app kept crashing on me. Every time I open it, it auto closes. Unsure of what to do!

Derty skynerd

Mpcer  Derty skynerd  4 star

Really since each pad is able to adjust levels its like having unlimited tracks plus sample recorded thru phone sound real good . Pretty nice little machine


Sampler  Rog0605Yeaaa  1 star

Cant use the sampler at all i load a song into it and it sounds horrible!!!! Waist of money this was


OVerall decent app  VinceMota  4 star

A thoughtful app with design quirks that actually make a lot of sense from a performance standpoint. (Check out the genius of the beat repeat switch). Over all as a whole through design the app has shown it's true nature as an innovation. It sounds good too especially once you mess with the compressor What I would like to see: Ability to choose the amount of pads: (the mpc 500 had 12 pads so I don't think 16 needs to be a lock in exchange for performance comfort) An option to turn off the recording click If individual pad pitch could be changed for right from 16 levels function instead of needing to reload samples and repitch them An undo function on all effects A tray that slides down from the top that takes you directly to the pads (maybe to make menu dives easier by giving a quick way straight to the performance spot I'm thoroughly surprised by this app and excited to watch it evolve the range of it's workflow


Horrible Keeps Crashing  Nahhdahh  1 star

This app doesn't work continuously crashes on the iPhone I had a friend introduced me to this app on iPad and it's a totally different version and I loved it. So I went and purchased it but my experience on the iPhone Version its completely garbage how do I get me money back I do not want this taking up space on my phone complete trash.

James Yeargin

Needs Update  James Yeargin  4 star

Musicians need to be able to share this with each other. Please make app to app sharing. I have musicians who have this same app but we run into issues sharing it. Everyone has to make their own version of the same thing or rush to switch iPhones to play the mpc


exporting audio; crashes  Swagtastikk  2 star

please please help. every time i try to export my audio track i recorded, it crashes. i tried to redo it and it still crashes. in fact anytime there is any kind of recorded audio even just one sound or stab for less than a bar it crashes. but a blank recording exports fine with no sound recorded at all. only when there is any type of sound/recorded track my attempt to export...crash. in need of a serious update to fix many bugs. very upset because this is a wonderful app fir music producers but simply isn't enough just to use it on my devices.


Who needs Maschine or Push??  Macker757  5 star

This is a great piece of software, introducing you to the world of MPC. There are many dedicated MPCs on the market, including Ableton Push and the awesome Maschine Studio. Expensive devices to say the least but enjoyable all the same. This little gem is a powerhouse of capabilities and possibilities, for creating your own sequences of sound and drums with a hint of da bass😆 After only a few mins of messing about I had a groove going on and able to lay down a track, I could then export to iTunes then onto a memory stick enabling me to play back on my trusty Jupiter 80 synth. I then played along to the track seamlessly as if it was part of the synth. Amazing!!


Next Update  Karaballd  4 star

When is the next update??


Beats From The Beast  Applekutt  5 star

For someone who can't afford the real mpc monster this app is one of the reasons why I bought an iPad,for someone who enjoys making beats on the go I recommend this app for all ya'll hip hop heads and house heads outh there,worth every madibas(RANDS)BUY THIS!! You won't regret it :-)

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