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Turn your iPhone into an MPC with more than 600 samples, 47 editable programs, 80 editable sequences, and iconic MPC workflow.

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iMPC brings the look and feel of the classic Akai Pro MPC to your iPhone. iMPC includes everything you need to create a beat quickly and easily. With features including built-in effects, plus the ability to create new sequences and record and overdub beats, the possibilities are endless. The app’s built-in sampler can record samples three different ways: using the mic on the iPhone, using the line input on the iPhone, or using the multi-touch turntable interface in iMPC to record samples directly from iTunes or other music libraries.

- Exclusive iMPC sound set and classic Akai Professional sound library
- "3D Perform" controls -- use your iPhone's motion sensors to control parameters
- Export tracks to MPC Software for use with MPC Renaissance and MPC Studio
- Share on SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or export to your computer
- 16 Levels mode: 16 levels of attack, velocity, length, and tuning
- Note Variation slider: adjust attack, velocity, length, and tuning as you play
- Trim and categorize samples, undo takes and erase samples
- Create new sequences, record and overdub beats
- Live Sequence queuing for real-time performance and playback
- Simple drag and drop program creation
- Effects include delay, bit crusher, master compressor/limiter
- Time correct: 1/8 note - 1/32T with variable swing
- Note Repeat: 1/8 note - 1/32T timing, with latch
- AudioCopy beats and sequences to compatible apps
- AudioPaste samples from hundreds of compatible apps

iMPC for iPhone App Description & Overview

The applications iMPC for iPhone was published in the category Music on 2013-08-01 and was developed by Akai Professional. The file size is 78.71 MB. The current version is 1.4.7 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Here are the fixes included in this update. Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing directly at [email protected] :)

- Fix pitch/tempo bug for newer iPhones that don't have headphone jacks
- Interface changes accomodate newer iPhones that don't have home buttons
- Better Bluetooth audio support
- Updated UI support, including...
- Added iMPC Pro 2 in the left hand menu
- Moved transport control from swipe up bottom into main UI
- Removed swipe up from bottom gestures throughout app

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iMPC for iPhone Reviews


Akai drumpad  bboyjukes  5 star

I have learned how to make awesome music by learning how to use this app. It’s a great tool to keep your creativity alive. Thanks for making this amazing app. I wonder how iMPC 2 is like. I don’t have that app yet.


??  Codacaino  2 star

Where can you get questions answered after you purchased this app? My stars fell due towards lack of customer serves


All of the sounds are rubbish  DJLokeyzy124  1 star

Str8 hogwash of sounds. None of the sound effects motivate you to want to make a beats. Everything’s sounds so dry and limited


What a joke  nukkayourareawolf  1 star

I’d call this app garbage but that’s an insult to trash. I bought the app and I can’t even delete the stock sounds that are wack as hell. I want to scrap everything on it and sample all my sounds. Why is that so unnecessarily difficult? lewl 1 star since I can’t give zero


Cool drum sampler  rcon303  4 star

awesome classic look and feel and easy to use and has tons of built in sounds !


This app is a hit or miss  Kuleone  2 star

Now the update is out why do I have to pay full price? It should be an upgrade price for current users. What’s even worse is I am a MPC X owner, this should have free to begin with??? Smh Akai not cool....


I love this app but...  IsraelARB  2 star

there seems to be a bug where the bpm are waaaaay offf. I have to use a metronome and compare the tempos in order to set it right because it can be up to 10bpm (give or take) off. I would use it for church rhythm loops, but the tempo issue is really wack. I don’t want to use iMPC Pro 2 because it can’t transition smoothly between sequences from different songs without having to exit out and load the next like an actual MPC1000, for example.


Doesn’t work with iPhone X  Microphonemike  1 star

Can’t slide to change windows. Just sticks in the pre programmed beats window. Waste of money!!!


One thing  Excaliberr  3 star

iMpc is perfect for new producers. it’s simple yet gives what you need. my only problem is that since i’m making sample based beats, i need a wide source of samples. the only two things you can use to sample on impc is audio copy which is garbage or your own music library. in garage band you can upload from your own iphone files. if impc could do the same it would be near perfect. also giving the option to delete samples would be great


Everything is good but this......  John3538383  3 star

I love that fact that you can sample songs and them remix them and so on and so forth, but Apple slammed the DMR on all of my Apple Music songs. It is much harder to sample the music that I want very quickly, and it is frustrating and time consuming. I would like for us to be able to load music from other apps like the Apple iCloud files, documents, etc. All from my iPhone. Besides that: The app is great! Good quality, easily accessible, and very fun!


A little buggy but awesomely powerful  LetterAfterZ  4 star

This app is fantastic, it may have a few bugs but once you know what they are they're easy enough to work around. I've put together about 15 tracks with this app involved and I must say it holds up pretty well against real gear.


Don't waste your money  Sndrthsndr  1 star

Crashes all the time


What do you expect?  Ifwhats  4 star

There are a few reviews that compare this to the original, of course it's not! This is an app you use whilst killing time and has the potential to yield results. If you're buying this as a replacement to your 2000xl you're a silly duffer.


No no  MickOxford  2 star

Not good. Lacks almost every feature you need to make serious music. Akai... I love my MPCs... Seriously, why would you release this useless app? Why would you ruin your reputation like this? Where is the company that once built the MPC60, MPC3000... and also the 2500 and 1000? Now you just release things like this app. It's sad :(


Good idea, few problems.  Salbo223  3 star

I love: Being able to sample music that's on your phone + live sounds, the beat pads, 4 channel mixer, exporting, pitch shifting and sample library. I hate: Pressing the audio paste button makes the app crash immediately. This is a huge problem because even though I know, I still sometimes touch it, loosing everything I was working on. tracking in a song when sampling is very, very painful with the vinyl needle. Recording is just terrible; If you record and make 1 wrong note, on any track at any point, back to the start for you. There is no undo.

Finn the dog

Only for the Akai fans!  Finn the dog  2 star

It lacks a zoom function when chopping samples. Also no auto chop function to be found, therefore chopping and assigning samples becomes very tedious. Beatmaker 2 is a much better and fully featured app. Akai - I love most of your products, but this one is a let down! Step your game up!


Good  CorruptFrequency  4 star

Im really liking it! Only downfall is it crashes occasionally & always crashes when I try sharing my sequence to soundcloud. Overall my favourite beat making app so far for iPhone.


An awesome addition to iPhone Beatmaking!  engelberthumperdink  4 star

This app really is awesome. It inherits all of the powerful iPad features and gains it's own unique feature called 3D Perform Mode. This uses the iPhone's gyroscope to allow you to manipulate parameters my tilting your phone. It does loose the classic Akai kit found on the iPad making it half the size. If they want 5 stars retronyms need to add Audiobus support badly! Please listen to your users Retronyms :)

Zwrv Yungn

Hot garbage  Zwrv Yungn  1 star

This app is a joke, and this review is coming from a Mpc enthusiast. You can't even quantize or change the timing. Epic fail Akai. Epic!

bluetooth fail

No step sequencer! SAD!  bluetooth fail  1 star

I am incredibly disappointed in this app. So disappointed believe me. No one has ever been as disappointed as I am in this app. Seriously no step sequencer? I 'm supposed to just tap my beats out perfectly on an f'ing phone? Fix that and you have a solid app! Sounds are good but writing a beat by tapping is a nightmare!


Crappy, please fix!!!!  Eljjoak  1 star

I have iPhone 7plus and the pads seconds off. I want my money back.


Audio Copy Issues  Mspyker  2 star

I experience stuttering and sometimes even missing audio while exporting loops to audio copy. Exporting needs a fix, but other than that, solid app.

KudZu Tang

Will NOT do inter app recording/sampling anymore.  KudZu Tang  2 star

Since update the inter app sampling/recording function is no longer working. iPhone 6 Plus. iOS version 10.2.1. Reinstalled, still no go.

Alexander the taint

No sound for 5s?!  Alexander the taint  1 star

No sound comes out on my 5s and everything is working as it should sound is on and volume is up.. Want my money back or fixed asap!


great!!  leatherby  5 star

I love that the MPC is on the iPhone. This app does everything that a MPC 2000 did, at a fraction of the price.

S. L. Biggs

We got forked!  S. L. Biggs  1 star

No sound for iPhone 5S!


Useful and fun in so many ways  XxHodgepodgexX  5 star

With impc I was able to show my son, he is 9 and has developed an interest in making music, how you can sample various instruments and create kits that can be used to make beats. It was a really cool experience and impc made it really easy to demonstrate the process for him. I was going to rate this four stars just for the fact that I couldn't figure out how to delete my unwanted samples. After emailing the retronyms team they showed me how to do it and it's not difficult, it could be easier but it's not too bad. I'm glad I bought this app. It's fun, functions well, and the fact that it helped me teach my kid something to keep him interested in music is just awesome.


It's all here  Sexagesimal  5 star

MPC in your pocket. Nice sampling. Responsive on the pads.










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