V2Box - V2ray Client App Reviews


V2Box - V2ray Client App Description & Overview

What is v2box - v2ray client app? V2box - VPN Internet network proxy , Supports multiple proxy protocols, such as Shadowsocks, V2ray, Vmess, Trojan , SSH , Socks


- Support for adding custom servers proxy (Shadowsocks, v2ray, trojan,vless,vmess, SSH)
- Support Reality (xray)
- Support vless vision
- Support utls
- Support SSH with UDP Gateway (udpgw)

- Multiple encryption protocol support, AES-128-GCM, AES-192-GCM, AES-256-GCM, Chacha20-IETF, Chacha20 - ietf - poly1305, xchacha20 ietf -- poly1305

- Stealth and stable, no need to log in and register, easy to use

- Does not save any user log information

- Wi-Fi Security when using Public Hotspots

- Protect your network IP and privacy security

- Unmatched network speed and performance

Terms of Services: https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/

Privacy Policy: https://subcenter.xyz/V2Box/terms.html

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App Name V2Box - V2ray Client
Category Utilities
Updated 13 March 2024, Wednesday
File Size 137.47 MB

V2Box - V2ray Client Comments & Reviews 2024

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its nice. In the new version, it was much better by adding routing settings, but in mac os when I click on ||| button (right top), it's not responsive enough to handle it and I cant use it...

Good. Tanks keep it update , Pls add ability to user can select and update xray core

Bug ! Delete configuration not work. In iOS 15.7.5 I try delete configuration, swipe left and show me the ‘delete’ but when click on, it not work! Please check it.

Too many ads!!!!!!!. Each time I change the connection to see if it works it shows an ad! U can at least limit to an ad each 30 seconds.

Better than napseternetv. App is better than napsternetv but the slide to connect animation could be a little accurate and better, other than that it’s pretty good so far

HATE SEEING THE ADVERTISING. The app seems to work well after a week. I have not used any other proxy app except ShadowRocket, but V2Box was even easier to set up than ShadowRocket and seems to offer the same performance - though the ping back test seems to give a slow number which may not be accurate. About every 5th launch you get a noisy video playing which must be killed (either upon entry, or after your VPN use is over - you must ALWAYS "Skip Video" and "X" out of the advert. Give us a reasonably priced PAID APP OPTION!!

Disconnect. When slide to connect vpn, after just second it’s disconnecte and i cant use app

Good but High battery consumption. It is good, but I wish it would consume less battery

Works perfectly, app performance is awful. The app works perfectly. I use it on both iOS and macOS. They have many UI issues. Moreover, the performance needs to be improved. Glad to give 5 stars if you fix those issues, let me know

Great. It just works great, and the ui is simple and no-non-sense. thanks to the creator team.

Good app. I like this app for many reasons like good interface and more features in comparison to other apps

The details show not set. Encountered a bug with the VPN connector app. When importing SSH connections via subscription link, the app indicates a successful import, but the details (address, port, user, password) show as "Not set". This makes the SSH connection unusable. Hope the developers can address this issue soon.

Subscription update doing nothing. Subscription doesn’t work, it’s not updating links

Has Potentials but not quite there. This app is great for older iPhones (iOS 15 and below) but still has a lot of bugs 1- it makes my iPhone 7plus too hot 2- after updating none of my reality configurations work Though this is understandable that this app is still on early stages. If you want contact me and I will help you debug your app by providing the info you need for debugging. I’m willing to help

Trouble. Using the VPN connector, I stumbled upon an unexpected hiccup. When I tap into a subscription link to get SSH details, all seems well at first with a success prompt. However, vital connection elements (address, port, etc.) stay blank. Awaiting a patch from the dev team. Keep pushing forward!

Ssh performance. Improve the ssh options and performance Napsternetv be popular because of this options

Very good free ss/v2ray/trojan VPN client!. Hope you could improve the MacOS version. And please release an Apple TV version.

how to use. can someone pls tell me how to use this app. paid for it, added subscription using email address and v2ray uri but whenever i try to connect, it says "select config first" did i missing something?? pls help

4.5 Star. I I very happy with the service, but have no way of figuring out what my usage was!

Bugs. Navigated the VPN connector on my device and hit a snag. The SSH details, when imported through a subscription link, seem to go amiss. While the app celebrates a successful import, critical data like address and credentials are nowhere in sight. Eagerly waiting for a developer solution. Kudos for the hard work!

Awesome app. This is an awesome app. Works much better than a couple different apps

Good free VPN software, MacOS version has a little bug.. Please fix and improve. Sometimes, "edit server" shows a blank form with no content.

Great app!. In such a short time it has come a long way. With the right configuration which you can find on the Telegram app for free, it actually works.

Thankfull writing. I appreciate you for this opportunity

VPN split tunneling. Please add split tuneeling in next update . We use vpn service for some apps , but V2BOX add this connection to all apps on phone . For banking apps we had to disable the service and again enable it . With split tuneeling we can chose witch app use vpn and witch one by passed that .

Browsing Problem. I cant browse with safari and google chrome when I start it

Lovely App!. I don't know how to thank God for this free app and these lovely developers who take the world of "editing for all" to a new level.

need to add allowInsecure option to settings. thanks for your great application for ios this app is best but we need to add allowInsecure option to settings thanks i make 5 star after this

Ssh not working. When you setup ssh config then connect to it It says connected but it's not working Same config works on other apps

connection bug. Hello. After selecting the connection button, it connects for a few seconds and then disconnects. Please fix it. It is mostly seen in the ios15 version.

Diconnecting. Why does the app keep being disconnected from the server? I lower the range as it says but again it is disconnected frequently It has been the best vpn ever but recently it is annoying me!

Can't swipe to delete with mouse. With mouse pointer, can do slide to connect in home page, but can not swipe to delete config

Good but…. It’s a really good app with usable features but please able the user to insert servers with configs which contains space (like in their service names or…).

It’s the best app. It’s very good app and support all of kind servers everything is good but it needs update to decrease pings test time

automatically disconnecting on Monterey 12.6.6.. After sliding to open the connection, it works normally for about 30 seconds before automatically disconnecting on macOS Monterey 12.6.6.

Real time refresh page. Hey there! recently i added a group of proxy servers with subscription section and i’ve tried to ping / sort those servers but i found out that the ping circle icon keeps turning around without showing the real time pings and you need to go to another page for example ,settings and come back to check the servers ping it’s kinda glitch i think, anyway just wanted to let you know about it. Good luck.

Add Paid Plan. Please add pay option for remove ads Thanks

Great. It's working great specialy ping and Mux ability but the program use too much battery in background more than 35% per hour and it's the worst thing about this app

Ssh need improve. Thanks for added ssh but telegram works fine with ssh and instagram not loaded with ssh. i think it's need improvement.

Connection. Hello . Thank you for your good application. But the problem is that there is a problem with the connection on the ssh protocol and I can't receive internet on this protocol after connecting. Please check and fix this problem.

Crashing and so heavy... with latest update. it's keep crashing and Laggy .... the app become so heavy when i added subscription. even my mouse freez when i want to choose server.... this happend on my macbook m1 and also my iphone se 2020. please release new update and fix this problem.

Add Chinese. A very user-friendly software, it would be great to add language options, and Chinese is very needed

Having some problems on SSH connection. Having some trouble with the VPN connector on my new device. When I try to pull in SSH details using a subscription link, the fields (like address, port, and user credentials) just display as "Not set", even though it says the import was successful. Would be great if the team could look into this and provide a fix. Thanks!

Great but needs to be fixed. Major problems that I have with this app are: 1-speed is significantly lower than the other apps 2-when u add a config u can not delete it 3-some parts of config can not be modified and list goes on But this app is fairly new and these kind of bugs are normal Good Luck

Disconnect frequently. The connection can only last for a few seconds

It can be better than this. The addition of ssh is great, but the problem that exists in Mac 13.5 is that it does not connect and stays connected. Or when it is connected, it blocks the operation of the network.

Great job 🔥🔥🔥. This improvement was awesome (trojan, grpc... support) Thank you, Though if you update the subscription link, it would be awesome(and would be the FIRST IOS APP that supports it)

AllowInsecure by default. Please add an option to set allowinsecure true by default. This is necessary for us in Iran because of heavy filtering and setting it to true for every config is a very time consuming process.

Vless does not work ,sometimes delete config also doesn’t work. Vless does not work ,sometimes delete config also doesn’t work

UI adjust. I use"force RTL layout direction" which makes "slide to connect"(slide to the right) hard to slide, hope it can work as Iphone shutdown which turns swipe to right to swipe to left

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Good. Good

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تشکر. عالی بود

Works great. Love it

Routing need improvement. Configuring routing is too hard it need to be more clear and easy to use

عالیه. دمت گرم

bad update. my app stoped working after the last update on my mac , please change it back

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i don't know wy. i can't use ,i have clash v2ray node can use .

Like v2rayng. Fully support protocols

Default DNS does not work.. Default DNS is set to, but the log shows that the DNS query is also by Why?

Hi. Give me free VPN confing

Nice app. light quick stable great v2ray client

in-app-ads. in-app-ads is so noisy

upgrade request. Hello, please add the app version in the user agent

v2box stopping very frequently on my mac. v2box stopping very frequently on my mac

Quit unexpectedly. There is a very serious issue V2box sometimes disappears from the background and the VPN logo also disappears iPad pro 16.5 version

beest. best one

Ok. Great

Best v2ray. Editable v2ray config 😍

Super. Very good

Ssh. Ssh does not connect to Instagram and WhatsApp just connect telegram

automatically disconnecting. on monterey 12.6.7, disconnecting after few seconds, my vpn is vless.

great. great

widget please. add widget

Proposal. Please add the ability to sort by ping It is a very good program

Disconnect unexpectly. It disconnecting automatically after a few seconds on macOS Monterey

Connection. Very bad vpn, poor connection, poor after services, weak servers, do not recommend any purchase of this vpn, you will regret it

Routing is not working. It disconnects immediately if I enable routing.

Too many Ads. Click to connect ,ad come out Click to stop ,ad again Click to config ,ad again

very nice. free!simple!work well!

Add SSH. Please add SSH Protocol...

the best v2ray modified version for ios. really appreciate for the free app

ssh not work. hi , ssh tunnel not working at all please fix it in next update

Great v2ray client. One of the top 3 if not the best one

The Best Free V2ray app with Reality. First version was not so good But this one with MUX , is awesome ! Thank you man , i love this app 👌 This is by far the BEST V2Ray App ever

CCP spy. The server's tls port will quickly die after using this app.

Ssh. ssh is not working properly, there is a bug, the connection is disconnected after a few minutes, please fix it

Bugs. You still can not import v2ray xray reality config to the app.

Vmess bug. In vmess it does not import sni correctly!

No speed. Please increase the connection speed to the configs and your program has a lot of bugs

Best v2ray app ever. This is great app. Simple and effective app

Ali. Perfect app i like it

its not working anymore. the previous version was good ( at least working ) but this one not even working when you give it the config in mobile it works but here dont

Amazing and support all types of V2ray. Amazing and support all types of V2ray

Great JOB. Please fix removing configure problem and add ssh tunneling

Cant download for 5s and 6 ios eror. Help 6snd 5s users for download

Update xray 1.8.1 and mKCP. Please update app to xray 18.1 and Please make it support mKCP as well

No port configuration on mac. I want to configure the port of the proxy on mac

Sad. Very hard to set and work….

dont support GRPC. app is slow and dont support grpc protocol

Good very very. Good

it's good at all. it's a very good application, but it interface need more attention

ssh not working. ssh isn't working for web browser but work for apps install in mac. please fix this...

Annoying on iPhone 6s. Please fix that

Very good. very good and handy tools for connect to free Internet

needs some bug fixes. its a good app but there are a few bugs 1-you cant delete configs 2-there is no update button for subscription servers . there should be a button for updating

Reality not work. Missing reality sni setting

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 8.7
Play Store hossin.asaadi.V2Box
Compatibility iOS 14.0 or later

V2Box - V2ray Client (Versiyon 8.7) Install & Download

The application V2Box - V2ray Client was published in the category Utilities on 07 April 2023, Friday and was developed by Techlaim [Developer ID: 1519025202]. This program file size is 137.47 MB. This app has been rated by 44,902 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. V2Box - V2ray Client - Utilities app posted on 13 March 2024, Wednesday current version is 8.7 and works well on iOS 14.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: hossin.asaadi.V2Box. Languages supported by the app:

EN ZH Download & Install Now!
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V2Box - V2ray Client App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- bump xray-core 1.8.9 - update geo assets - fix unable to disconnect if config not selected - fix auto select config after update subscription - get subscription name from header - improve typo

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