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What is garten of banban 3 app? Languages available:
- English
- Spanish
- Portuguese
- Russian
- Japanese
- Korean
- Chinese
- German
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Embrace the horrors of Banban’s Kindergarten. Delve even deeper into the depths of the establishment that was left suspiciously empty. Try to survive the unexpected residents and continue the search for your child…

Explore further into the depths of Banban’s Kindergarten:
The depths of the mysterious establishment that is Banban’s Kindergarten turned out to be much bigger than anyone could have thought, with many floors having been built underneath the seemingly innocent Kindergarten explored in the first game. With friends being present at every turn, you have no choice but to continue delving deeper into the place in hopes of finding your child.

Turns out making friends is not that easy!
Despite the number of opportunities you have had to make friends, you still fail every time. But with you delving even deeper into the establishment, perhaps you will find more success down in the lower levels. In Banban’s Kindergarten, there are friends to be made in every corner!

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App Name Garten of Banban 3
Category Games
Updated 18 May 2023, Thursday
File Size 412.08 MB

Garten of Banban 3 Comments & Reviews 2023

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Really good game but there’s a problem... The game is amazing my sister loves watching me play it but there’s a problem with the jumbo josh part we’re I die every time but every thing is put back so could u guys fix it?

YAYAYAYA. It's a good game but I can't seem to get over the big cyan monster and the intro music is THE BEST Ive always wanted to have garden of banban but since you made it cheep I bought 2 and 3 thanks for making this game exist

You’re welcome for the support. You’re welcome for the support and remember never give up even if people aren’t nice to you just ignore them they are just bully’s so ignore them because you know what they say is not true I get bullied to just keep looking at the good Ryan’s comment s on you’re games like mine keep going I bet more people will love you’re games like I do make games as long as you can remember never give up

Read this comet is first time playing. First I find a lot of people complain about the crashes like stinger Flynn crash or Nabnaleena or Jumbo Josh crash well they released it after a week when the game came out so I think they should spend more time looking what’s causing the crashes so the Stinger Flynn they said they fixed then people started getting disappointed when they played when you download it it and you play it might kick you out and there is a glitch no one talks about its the sheriff toadster rounds well every time you jump on a color a color appears on the spot you land on and also I forgot to say the tarta bird the 3 head guy. (I forgot his name but he’s to hard) so please fix this 5 stars for the effort.

Please fix this!. Every time The game crashes when loading into stinger Flynn‘s car. and when I get back in the game, it loads me in to nabnaleena’s room. and I can’t progress in the game I just constantly redo the spider assembly part. please fix this.

Good game but one weird thing of Tarta Bird. I gotta say the game is quite fun and it’s very good but after the Tamataki & Chamataki boss when I put the hats on Mr. Kabob Man and bring him, scare the small chick and pick it up, Tarta Bird comes and I jumped on her and clicked and I got on her and died at the same time and I keep on trying to jump on her and survive but I keep on dying pls fix (if it’s even a bug)

When is banban4 coming out?. I am so tired of the last few weeks of playing this game so I want to play banban4 when is banban4 going to come out

The Euphoric Brothers deserve a award!!. The Euphoric Brothers (Faris and Ghepo) are outstanding developers creating Garten of Banban, He needs his Medicine, and even more amazing games. I am truly the hugest fan only finding Garten of Banban on Roblox, then finding it on Steam, playing it alot and , making it my favorite game. Garten of Banban 3 on iOS is breathtaking with the graphics and just the gameplay. Keep the great work up Faris and Ghepo!! - Ace

Tarta bird bug. Definitely the best out of the 3 chapters there’s a small issue though that keeps bugging me I always get on tarta bird you know like at the end but whenever I get on him he kills me pls fix this issue it’s been bugging me thank you .

The Euphoric bros deserve some love 💙💜. When garten of banban 1 Came out I thought it was stupid and just a rippoff of poppy playtime but when two realeased I thought I would actually react to chapter 1 And I really liked it! And then I saw that garten of banban 3 just came out on iOS when I played it it was crazy awesome so please give the Euphoric bros some love ❤️

Amazing but one issue. Tamataki and chamataki part is to hard I have had this game for about a month and I am still stuck on tamataki and chamataki boss fight but keep up the good work -miles

I’m Impressed 🤩. So the last two games you made, Garten of Ban Ban 1, 2 Where okay I just wished you could have actually made the controls a little bit better. But Garten of Ban Ban 3 jumped from a low point to a high point because this game was just better than the others. I’m impressed, and actually excited for Garten of Ban Ban 4

Boring & overpriced. The game looks… terrrible. Some sequences were fun but for the most part everything was boring & there for a longer runtime. It’s such a cashgrab! The models looks absurd, the textures, and the voice acting overall is just BAD! The graphics are terrible too. I mean they make there games in like 2 months?! And they charge $3.00 for this dogwater? Just buy Poppy playtime…. smh

About garten of banban 3 and what they should add to garten of banban 4. Garten of banban 3 was awesome like the rivals song and family feud. But one problem. There was a glitch where it got out of it at where stinger Flynn is bringing you to second dream. And can you make the look like really awesome. And also like a third bird and the stone like what banban says. He says three birds with one stone but Mr. Kabob man says the opposite. Like I’m excited for the jester I’m also excited for sheriff toadster. Will stinger Flynn come back. He is the main protagonist right? Can also add tarta bird to wall and other garten of banban 3 characters. Will chamataki and tamataki come back. I’m so excited

I loved it, but…. I love the to the Garten of banban but I’m just really excited. When is part four coming out I’m really waiting because you’re reading this add it to the App Store right now please and thank you.

Great game great game 👍🏻. This game is very fun. Highly recommend. also, is very challenging in a little bit. Frustrating because of touchscreen control but still amazing game. Good job.

Read. Great game overall very good but can you fix the lighting it is hard to read stuff and the mobile version is just to fast when jumping to the blocks in the jumbo josh area so can you fix that thanks

My Garten of BanBan 3 Review. Wow this is way better than 1 and 2. And it’s actually getting close to a 5 star review. The Stinger Flynn sections were pretty good. Not as good as the rest, ESPECIALLY. WITH. THE. RETURN. OF. THE. CANNON GAME!!!!! But it’s way better than the second games version thanks to Stinger Flynn who controls pretty well. As for the rest the cutscenes we’re pretty good. The Nabnaleena Section suprised me, the Jumbo Josh made me realize this game is way better than the last one, the Tamataki and Chamataki boss fight was pretty good and made me hope there’s more boss fights in future games. And the last Devil BanBan Chase was pretty good. Overall this is getting closer and closer to that good old 5 Star Review. Sincerely A Cool Dude

One thing. I just about finished the nabnaleena section so when I was going to go on a field trip the game crashed it says they fixed it in the fix part of the App Store page so why is it still happening?

Not happy. My son has been looking forward to play this game. We finally get the chance to download it, he’s all happy and excited but then left in tears and frustrated due to the fact it keeps crashing once he gets to the beach. That’s the part he’s been looking forward to and he can’t even play it because it crashes and when he gets back on it, it skips the whole beach part. We’ve tried it on my tablet, we tried it on his tablet, we deleted the app and reinstalled and it just crashes.

The graphics could be better…. I wish the game was more like the steam version, just like how the first garten of Banban mobile game was like the steam game. But this game doesn’t have that great graphics. Another thing is that the ceilings are always light up. For Tamataki & Chamataki’s boss fight the stuff of the wall is duplicated, and the boards just seem off as they float. There is also some simple stuff like how in the fight in the end a railing is covering the whole thing so you can’t see what’s really going on. I hope you guys see this, other than that stuff it is an awesome game.

Part 3 of euphoric brothers read this. After the crash you go to the Garten of banban you see the door is open the orange door is open there puzzle to not fall after the puzzle you saw the real monster face to face without riding the bird you run and you can look back hijacked banban and Mommy long legs to they both fell in love to they try to kill you for together banbleanna helps you becuase banban cheated on her the 30 doors open you see the fight happened jumbo josh and stinger Flynn kills mommy long legs Jumbo josh:smash banban to the ground Stinger Flynn: stings her and throw mommy long legs to the ground because on the left side of the room there’s a shredder after the fight you see someone it’s literally bendy but it’s not like you know bendy the ink demon tells you find the rainbow friends Find red don’t let cyan and yellow get to you and the game ends after you fall down

Really Good Chapter Out of All. Chapter 3 of Garten of Banban is Like Better in my opinion There’s like new enemies we see like Evil Banban stinger Flynn and other good content I got to say this is the best out of all of Garten of Banban

It’s pretty good but lags. When I played the first two it was hard even look around I even downloaded this and still lags You have to fix that is why I can’t even get past a single part of this game Please fix it

Why is this game kinda glitched on iOS. I was on the secret entrance club and I kept on losing and I was doing everything right and I kept on losing pls fix that glitched and it’s a really good game

There is a very bad bug. After getting Mr. Kabob Man’s “costume” and scaring the baby Opila bird the game asks me to jump on Tarta bird’s back but I keep getting jumpscared instead of teleported on tarta’s back, It’s not fair all your other games on mobile are low rendered and have 30 fps and has multiple bugs because in the pc version of the 3rd game the player simply jumps and gets teleported onto Tarta bird’s back can you least disable the jumps are for Tarta please🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺I had to put emoji’s too because I wanted you to have a better understanding of what’s going on anyway.

Game good but one thing that hard.. This game is good but the jumbo josh where you have to use the blocks is hard can you please try make it easy thank you!

I gave it 5 stars but I need a bit help on this. Every time I enter the game it won’t let me play for some reason if u know about this bug let me know ok Cool cool

It’s wrong but fun. I’m Aaron and I’m 9 but it literally says it’s for 12 year olds but I beat the game like in 2days and won it again a lot of times also I really wanna play 4 but I cant so please release 4 on iPhone soon please🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

Hard Puzzles But Good…. this is as good as the first one ( I made A Review With All Of The Garten Of BanBan Games 1 - 3 ) Four Stars because the Puzzles are just too hard, I kept losing from Nabnalenna ( Is That How You Spell It? ) But Stinger Flynn Was a banger, animations were pretty good. But the runaway chase scene was just a little too hard. So this has to be a honest review, Bye!

Great game, but this needs to be patched. I love this game, you did a great job, but you need to patch the stinger Flynn sequence crash. I can’t get past the second stinger Flynn sequence because my game kept crashing. Please fix this

GARTEN OF BANBAN 4 IS ALMOST OUT!!!. Ok i wanna say GARTEN of Banban 3 is extremely fun, good, and hard. So I was SO excited for GARTEN of Banban 3. But now there’s a GARTEN of Banban 4 that is going to come out this month I think. Now I saw the official trailer for it and QUEEN BOUNCELIA SHOWS UP AT THE END AND LOOKS INSANE!!! Now the official trailer has showed me that this game is the meaning of my life. I love you so much!

Dream crash. This game is good but every time I try to do dream 1 (I.e. the beach) it just kicks me but when I get back on it skips to roadsters room ,it also skips dream 2 (I.e. car accident ) it just kicks me AND when I get back on it spawns me back at medical room.

One problem. When stinger Flynn tricks you the 2nd time my game crashes so euphoric brothers please fix that overall it’s totally worth the 2.99 and the story and characters are so unique keep up the good work euphoric brothers I can’t wait for Garten of ban ban 4

It’s a great game! Idk why people are hating it.. Ok, this is one of the best indie horror games ever, you brothers created a original and a well executed game! Don’t listen to the haters, it will only slow you down.

Pls fix. At the part when Jumbo, Josh checked on you but when he’s near, do you have to clean the place I clean the place he still killed me fix right now

Jellyfish crash.. When whatever happens when stinger flynn puts his tentacle up and the screen fades to black, the game crashes. And then when I go back into the game and try to continue it, I end up at the sheriff toadsters place. Please fix this so I can complete the game without skipping an entire section.

Great game but a glitch for me. I love Garten of ban ban and this is the best one yet but there was this glitch that when I played the zolphius audio disk it played the spidery reunion tape I’m not mad about it I’m really happy because I got to see the car part again just so every one knows it is not a scary game I’m nine and the scariest part is hmmmmm no scary parts still a great game but when I was playing it I just saw evil Banban floating in the sky now I’m going to tell you something sus about Garten of Banban there is someone always watching you in the elavator in 1 jumbo josh 2 slow Seline 3 baby opila bird

Some issues. There are some issues in this game that I cry about, 1st, when you’re done with the turtle thing and get the hats and then when you die from tarta bird you go back to where you started when you defeated the turtle, 2nd when demon Banban is chasing you it’s hard to press the buttons to sabe slow or go faster.

Plz fix. The boss battle with the two headed chameleon and turtle is a little unfair Idk if it’s a hit box bug or what but when it slaps it’s tongue in the middle platform it’s killing me but I’m on another platform, the same thing is happening with the bubbles,they will just kill me and I’m nowhere near them. Please fix this

Can’t finish the game. So I think the controls came out perfectly from the other 2 this game could be better if I could finish it when I press the slow down arrow I go heck a fast at the chase scene pls fix this!!

There’s a glitch that you guys need to fix. There’s a glitch well, whenever you turn into Stingle flen your game crashes, and when you load the game, it takes you all the way to after being single Flynn

A lot of problems. Like gobb 1 and 2 the brightness is bad the camera movement is slow and the vhs tapes don’t work, and I’m trying to get zolphius but when I play the audio on the speaker it shows the spider assembly again and brings me back to jumbo josh lounge please fix this.

I loved it this what the problem I didn’t beat it. So this game is so fun just keep up get a five star keep doing it until Garten of banban 100

Love it but one thing…... I love this game sooooo MUCH but one thing when I get to the tamataki and chamataki boss battle right when they come up from the abyss the game freezes when the music is still playing! Can you plssssss fix this?

good game but the boss fight crash. this is a good game it’s a 10/10 but I have a little issue with the start of that boss fight so when hamataki and chamataki climb up the game freezes and crashes so I have to load my game so do you think you can fix this it’s a good thing though so thank you for making it :)

Wow good job he usually doesn’t like horror. My brother loves this game I can tell why which is surprising for him he usually doesn’t like horror games keep up the great work

Love it. So I love garten of banban but when garten of banban3 mobile came out I begged for a Apple Card so I told my grandma and she said I can get it on my grandpas phone and loved it thank you for making this awesome games for us

I enjoyed this game…. A lot of people complain about this game and call it a bad game, however I played it with my brother and the both of us had a lot of fun, I have every garten of banban game that has been released, and I’ve enjoyed all of them, I appreciate how quick the Euphoric Brothers are to fix bugs and fix other problems. So honestly no matter what anyone else says, keep making games! Trust me they’re amazing, and I really love the idea and story of garten of banban, I think both Faris and Ghepo are very creative and skillfull developers and their stuff is great so check them out!

The game always crashes when I enter one of Stinger Flynn’s hypnotic sections. So I just got this game and not even far into it i get to the first dream section with Stinger Flynn where your on the Beach and then it crashes! And when I load it it just skips the section where you talk with Flynn in the dream and the first part where you play as Flynn it just loads me into Sheriff Toadsters room

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Pls fix it. Can you pls make the water more realistic because every time I step in the water it kicks me out

Plzz fix ty. Hi when I got to tamotaki it freezes please fix I am rly close to finish Ty love the game

Pls add this. Pls add sensitivity to the settings to garten of banban 1 2&3 pls pls pls

Tarta birds head…. When I ride tarta bird and go to the balcony, tarta birds head blocks to button to go ahead From your biggest fan, Toonie This message is to the euphoric brothers

Great game but please fix this bug👏🏼. It’s the best Garten of Banban game but when stinger flynn transfers me to his dreams,the game glitches and immediately shuts down and I can’t play as stinger flynn. The problem is that after he transfers me the second time it glitches me off and once I go back on and press load game, it teleports me to after the Nabnaleena surgery and I can’t finish the game plz fix for everyone’s account 👏🏼

Yellow door broken. After the nabnallena part when I got to the yellow door it didn’t let me open it so I can’t continue with the game please fix it by the way like your games

Pls. Please make the nabnaleena part easier because I can never get it right and please release Garten of BanBan 4 quickly on App Store because I don’t have an account on steam and my mom don’t let me spend money on websites thank you for listening you are the best game creators

Jumbo Josh lounge 😎😎😎😠. Can you please make the jumbo Josh lounge easier I can never get pass it thank you😀😃

Please. Make the water more realistic on mobile because whenever I go into the water I get kicked out also it looks just like dark blue space and I can’t go in the water. Please help 😟😟😟

Stinger Flynn still not fixed.. I know you’ve already “fixed” this, but When stinger Flynn puts me into his mind, the game still crashes! Please fix this I know you can thank you, euphoric brothers!

The super secret jumbo, Josh lounge. Bro every time when everything is the same it says “NO THE SUPER SECRET LOUNGE entrance, not supposed to be like that” even know it’s the same💀

Great game fees bug. Stinger Flynn’s room is bugged when his sequence it crashes then respawns me at sherif Toaders prison -Then at the aquatic centre Nabnabs door is already open and the lounge room door is closed.

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Stinger Flynn crash. For some reason when stinger puts me to sleep my game crashes pls fix.

😤😤😠😠. It is an excellent game, but at the procedure of Nabnaleena there is glitch that the procedure is not start. 😤😤😤😠😠😠😠😠😠😠.

Please fix this. the game crashes when your going to play as stinger Flynn for the first time please fix it I really want to play as stinger Flynn

Not working. Just downloaded it and it’s not opening! Waste of money

This is a cool game😎😎😎. This game is cool. But it had random stuff that did not have to be in the game. Pls realese Garten of Banban 4 or else one star

This game is for cool people. I love the Garten of banban series! Cant wait for chapter four!

I cannot play this game anymore because this bug. It’s because when stinger Flynn is trying to touch you when you meet stinger Flynn in the stinger Flynn room you don’t get teleported to the beach your game crashes please fix

Save game bug. Sorry if there is a bug again but when I got in it made go to sheriff toaster puzzle game is still amazing

It doesn’t let me in the game. Pls fix the game so I can play without the glicth

Fix please. When I get to the second stinnger Flynn part it and as soon as he touch’s me I go back to the nabaleena part

meeeeeowkid. When I get to the tamataki chamataki boss fight it crashes the game and it’s driving me crazy

One word glitch. My game keeps glitching it won’t move the barriers on the stairs in the tarts bird fight and I can’t hop on his guys should fix it 😡😡

Needs to be fixed. When stinger flyenn takes you to the jumbo hush part it crash’s

Super nice. The game is super good but somehow when I was at the canon stinger Flynn part it kicked me out of the game and I didn’t get to do it

To euphoric brothers. Can you guys please fix the glitch where when your playing as stinger Flynn and shooting the buttons it doesn’t even chose a button that your able to shoot at making the game unbeatable

Good. Love it but I always crash in the stinger Flynn part. Can you fix it please?

Issues. Hello. I downloaded this for my son. It won’t opens for a brief second and then shut off and kicks him out. Not trying to complain just hoping you can fix it. I deleted it and redownloaded a few times

Glitch. The game is really good but in the part with jumbo josh, it didn’t let me place a block. Probably a glitch but please fix it. Thx

Great game. Love this great game

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Please fix this.. So whenever jumbo josh gets you in the jumbo josh place my game crashes.

Looooooot of bugs. The game kicked me out when I want to see SF dreams When I try to leaveThe medical sector it doesn’t work

Pls fix Garten of banban. Can you pls fix Garten of banban 1 2 and 3 just like fix it already if your even fixing it now and the what happens is the game kick me out for no reason fix your pls now😡

It’s good but…. So I played the game, and when I get to the opiate race scene at the end my slow button doesn’t work and BanBan keeps getting me…

OMG LETs GO!. I saw this automaticity downloaded it and it’s amazing one thing is you jump really far😂 and I love it can’t wait till the fourth one

Read this. I love this game so much don’t care about the hate. It’ll always be the best game.

Such a great game. I hope banban and stinger flyn come back in chapter 4 and also stinger flyn is so sad

It’s good but it does not work for me. Every time I go I it kicks me out. I like the game it looks good but it does not work for me

Very good game it is the best game I. It’s the best game I have ever downloaded ever but the par t with the cannon mission was really hard but it is so good

There is a glitch. There is a glitch in the game on the jumbo josh puzzle when I try to take off the block and it’s still there and I get killed

Garten of banban is the worst game ever. The chapter has no effort put into it the graphics are horrible and it’s just a ripoff of poppy playtime and five nights at Freddy’s the game also has minigames that are just trial and error it’s just so bad I don’t recommend it

Very good game. There was a bug when Singer Flynn made me fall asleep I didn’t go to the beach and I ended up in the sheriff roadster room

such a good game!. there literally like 3 chapters and they made a alot a games and they get lots and lots money goob job bro idk why some people like it and some don’t it just a wonderful game man like banban is my favorite they put so much detail in the game and man the jester is the best just the designer to the character good job euptoric brothers bye ✌️

Tamataki chamataki crash. When tamataki and chamataki like come out of the abyss it crashes pls fix I’m begging u (iPad)

Aidyn I love this game but is bug. When trying to get jombo josh to not jumpscare me please fix the jumpscare bug

When will Garten of ban ban 4 come out?! >:(. When the heck will it come out!? I’ve been waiting forever and it still hasn’t come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At The End Chase Tarta Birds Head Blocks The Button To Summon Stinger Flynn. The game is fun and all but at the end chase Tarta Birds head sometimes turns which blocks the button to summon Stinger Flynn.

Just amazing. Everything in game is super good that I play on it all day my favorite part is the bird riding it’s sooo fun you guys are better then poppy playtime and you guys are very fast(:

crash. When fight with tamataki and chamataki starts the game crashes please fix it

Glitch. Nabnalena jumpscares you while laying down not gets up like pc ver

Thank you so much for 1.1. I was mad about that crash , but devs Heard my cry and fixed it. Thank you very much devs

Amazing game!. Wow, the game was intense and challenging but managed to put some great scenes in there and I would play again. Definitely better than the first two. Also, EUPHORIC BROTHERS WHEN IS GARTEN OF BANBAN 4 COMING OUT?!

Help. When I am fighting against tamataki and Chamataki I keep dying even when they are not shooting at me can I Pls just skip this part if possible thank you for reading pls respond

Why🥺😭😢. When I went to the car cutsean it did not let me progress in the game and it kicked me out! (IPad)

I like the GAME BUT. so on bird riding to press slow down and it no work and Banban keep jumpscaring me and I still like the game

Game doesn’t load. Just downloaded the game, paid $2.99, and it won’t load at all. Crashes within 3 seconds of my son trying to log in to play. We would like a refund.

Amazing game. The third one was the best out of all of them it had long playtime a good story and it was terrifying

they lied to us. it says on the what’s new thing it’s said they fixed the crash so I played the game to see if they fixed the crash but the game still crashes this game is terrible.

You need to fix this glitch on iPads. So there’s this big glitch whenever I finish the nabnalina surgery room I get kicked out of the app and I have to do the whole thing again please fix this glitch

Just a few fixes. I am an iPhone 11 trying to play this game but it keeps kicking me out

The jumbo josh crash. The game is pretty good but every Time I die by jumbo josh my game crashes plz update it

Great but…. This is it. The part where you have to perform on nabnaleena is WAY to hard and kind of confusing. I can not get past it.

I hate this. Well I love the game but every time I jump on tarts bird a die and I even click on him but I die so pls fix this or is this already fixed idk but That’s why I don’t like it

Great work. They always make sure to make everyone happy great work

Dear. Faris and ghepo. I love the game but can you guys fix nabnalinas procedure? Also can you release BanBan 4s trailer? And the water of the sea where Stinger Flynn is? Also I love your OSTs

It’s not bad anymore. Well I did not even know I could just jump and click the bird

Struggling, yet perfect! 🤩. The only issue was that the Jumbo Josh puzzle was to hard.

Please read this. Are you making Garten of banban4 on iPad I love Garten of banban3 I’m just curious

A glitch. I really Love it but when I’m done doing the nabnab thing when I get teleport I get kick off the game and it won’t let me jump on tata bird

Refund? Game does not open.. Have not been able to play this game. Purchased and it doesn’t even work. I click on the game icon, appears to want to load and just closes. How do i get a refund??

OMG WTH ITS SO GOOOOOOOOOD!!!. When garten of banban was released I thought it was some ripoff poppy playtime, I kinda is but when I found out it came to mobile I LITERALLY was mind blown

A bug with the first time you play as stinger Flynn. Please fix the bug where you play as stinger Flynn for the first time

Ok… What?!. So It’s A Good Game And All, But! There’s Always A But. At The Beginning Of Fighting Tamataki & Chamataki, The Screen Keeps Freezing And I Have To Rejoin EVERY SINGLE TIME. Please Fix This…

Garten of banban not working. I downloaded this game and I tried to play it and it keeps crashing!!!! How do I fix this?

Messing up speedrunners. I fell off the cable cart and got to the bird riding

Really good. This game is a massive step up from 1 and 2 having more content, lore, bosses, and is harder.

Amazing Game, but I cannot see a certain part. After Stinger Flynn Finishes Talking and says “Tomorrow will be a better day”, when the screen fades the game crashes. Can you please fix this?

Way better then the first 2. Amazing Game

Way better but i need something😥. the banbaleena part in the medical room is hard for me.

greatest game ever played. this game is amazing and buying it was worth it I definitely recommend it shout out to the developers!

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Garten of Banban 3 1.1 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of the Garten of Banban 3 app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with Euphoric Brothers LTD and other users?

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Garten of Banban 3 1.1 Games Screenshots & Images

Garten of Banban 3 iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price $2.99
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 1.1
Play Store EuphoricBrothersGames.Garten-Of-Banban-III
Compatibility iOS 14.0 or later

Garten of Banban 3 (Versiyon 1.1) Install & Download

The application Garten of Banban 3 was published in the category Games on 17 May 2023, Wednesday and was developed by Euphoric Brothers LTD [Developer ID: 1674284923]. This program file size is 412.08 MB. This app has been rated by 1,120 users and has a rating of 4.4 out of 5. Garten of Banban 3 - Games app posted on 18 May 2023, Thursday current version is 1.1 and works well on iOS 14.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: EuphoricBrothersGames.Garten-Of-Banban-III. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
Other Apps from Euphoric Brothers LTD Developer
App Name Score Comments Price
Garten of Banban Reviews 3.9 4,372 Free
Garten of Banban 4 Reviews 4.4 455 $4.99
Garten of Banban 2 Reviews 4.3 1,353 $2.99
Garten of Banban 3 Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Fixed Stinger Flynn sequence crash. - Fixed notes issue.

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Find on this site the customer service details of Garten of Banban 3. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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