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Be fitter. Be healthier. Be the best you
- Find friends in the largest fitness community
- Log all activities (steps, run, walk, weight, etc)
- Training plans created by top personal trainers
- Meal plans and recipes (Keto, Paleo, Vegan, etc)

As featured on 2016 Apple Watch Commercial 'Chase' with Nick Jonas, USA Today, CNN, TechCrunch, Gizmodo and many others, Argus is the BEST all-in-one health & fitness app in the WORLD. Download Argus now and join the world’s LARGEST social fitness community. MILLIONS are already benefiting every day by setting lifestyle goals, conquering them, and sharing their progress along the way!

- 100% FREE – we believe that leading a healthy lifestyle should be accessible to everyone!
- 100% INTEGRATED – Argus uses only your phone!
- 100% EFFECTIVE - MILLIONS of users worldwide have seen DRASTIC improvements in their physique and emotional well-being!



- ADVANCED SLEEP TRACKER – track your sleeping habits and use our proprietary algorithm to wake you up at your lightest stage of sleep!

- WORLD-CLASS HEART RATE MONITOR – visualize your waveform with the tip of your finger and your phone’s camera!

- 24/7 STEP PEDOMETER – tracks all your steps with our efficiently engineered ultra-low battery usage technology (10x more energy efficient than leading competitors!)

- MULTI-ACTIVITY GPS TRACKER – track running, cycling, climbing, and more!

- ULTIMATE CALORIE COUNTER– Argus has an EXTRTEMELY ACCURATE calorie counter along with the most extensive food database in the world, ideal for weight watchers, paleo dieters, Atkins dieters, and more.

- IN-DEPTH HEALTH CHARTS AND ANALYSIS – track what you’re doing right and what you could be doing better!

- CUTTING-EDGE BARCODE SCANNER – instantly log all your foods by taking a snap of a barcode!

- PERSONALIZED WEIGHT-LOSS PLANS – set your weight-loss goal, sit back and relax as Argus calculates your calorie intake!

- HD VIDEO WORKOUTS – Do Yoga, Pilates, Stretching, Squats, Pushups, Deadlifts, Bench presses, and more!

- CHALLENGES – invite friends and family with challenges to motivate each other in a fun way

- LEARN MORE – get exclusive access to our blogs and learn tips & tricks on how to improve your nutrition, weight, fitness and health!

- MORE TO COME – enjoy new features the second they’re released! We constantly strive to make Argus the best free health & fitness app in the world.

Azumio Team

Argus: Calorie Counter & Steps App Description & Overview

The applications Argus: Calorie Counter & Steps was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2013-07-03 and was developed by Azumio Inc.. The file size is 187.63 MB. The current version is 5.118 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Be fitter. Be healthier. Be the best you.
Track all your activities (calories, weight, steps, walks, runs, sleep, heart rate, etc) within one app. Transform your body with the most active and motivational fitness community.

Your reviews and feedback are important to us! We read them daily to continually improve our application.

Your advocates in healthy living,
The Argus Team

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Argus: Calorie Counter & Steps Reviews

Luck to my friends

Best app  Luck to my friends  5 star

Very nice way to help you track everything and lead you to a healthier life


Tracking my health  Albee9989  5 star

I’ve use several health tracking apps and in really like Argus. It gives me a quick way to see what’re I am on a daily basis. The suggestions and links to other fitness apps and suggestions has increased my awareness of my total body health.


Fantastic app but just wants your money  Nick110381827491  3 star

It would be cooler if you didn't have to pay for most of the features


Amazing app!!!  D.D.M.  5 star

Amazing app!!!

For girls&boys

Yes! Great App  For girls&boys  5 star

This app keeps me going with my exercise and food choices. Thanks!

Shay 27

Apple Sync steps  Shay 27  2 star

Why doesn't this app sync with Apple Watch or phone to account for steps. Frustrating!!!! Extremely!!!


Great app for physical fitness  Byronshoelaces  5 star

Argus has awesome apps inside the program. Very effective for tracking your calories. Gives you options on checking heart rate, coffee usage. Tracking weight and giving you good meal choices is very helpful. I would recommend to people with diabetes and other chronic health problems. Use it today for good health and to keep your blood pressure down


good app  mohsen64  5 star

very good application.but the app not connect to xiaomi band. if connect app to mi band xiaomi


Love it  coolest-mom-nyc  5 star

Love this app!! As long as ur phone is with u - it tracks ur steps! Easy! U have options to enter water intake as well as food (bar code scanning as well as manually) but i wish the exercise option was better! I trued upgrading but it wasnt much different so i opted back to regular! U can set goals as well...


Great but not privacy ready  scottcal  3 star

I like how it tracks my exercise, but people that follow me (who I don't know) can see where I run and can see a bit too much info about my run. They can prob tell where I live too.


Top app!  Soslack  5 star

Easy to use

mrs beed

Argus  mrs beed  5 star

Accurate, efficient and caring without being overbearingly obtrusive in my busy daily existence. Easy to manage too. I am on only the most basic model, with is just perfect for my needs. Easy to recommend - in fact my friend asked me how to procure it also for her IPhone, but that seemed a bit beyond my immediate abilities at that time so she is still waiting! Thank you, Argus, for supplying me with a brilliant insight into my daily physical activities.

Buddha lee

Great except adds  Buddha lee  4 star

Great except adds love the tracking of walks with map


Works well  informatics  5 star



Some bugs, but really worthwhile  Flashducks  3 star

I really like Argus, and the social networking it provides. However, the activity tracking features which I love, continue to crash with use. It used to occur when I took a photo, but now frequently from the start. There are many apps that do parts of what Argus does, some better. But Argus manages to put the, all together in a single intergrated app with great social support from its own network.


Great way to keep track of your health  Corbytron  5 star

Great app, not many bugs


Very good app  wjcpo  5 star

Easy to use and connects readily to other apps. Recommend


Excellent  smilingsudoku  4 star

By far the best app which integrates everything! Please remove the constant annoying preimum ads, that's not going to encourage us to get it


Awesome  B-olious  5 star

Nice and simple, does what it says.


Krystel  Krystelmaria89  4 star

Love the variety of activities that you can keep track of, and the interpretations the app offers. Very happy with the step counts and stand up test, and the suggestions the app offers for improving health.


RN  MvGeel  5 star

Love this app! It's what I needed to get off my butt and walk!!!! Hope to lose 75-80 lbs! Only negative is that you cannot delete old statistics! It's adding up to big bites by now!!

Saslaka me1

Keeping me going😀  Saslaka me1  5 star

Best way to keep me reaching my goal Greyoma


Great  AmgelR  5 star

I think this app is amazing. Considering I've been through about 20 different tracking apps this one is amazing. I wish it had something to help figure out body fat or body mass something in the vicinity. Anyways this app has basically everything else you want!


Easy to use  Arwya  5 star

Very accurate app!!!


Needs updating  Lankylegs7071  2 star

This app has a wonderful social community or I would give it 1 star. The app crashes and hangs up a lot. The app does not sync with Apple Watch. So if you don’t carry your phone your steps don’t count on Argus. Has the potential to be the best fitness app on the App Store but is sadly in the hands of developers who don’t know what they are doing. I have been on Argus over a year. If you want a great fitness social community this is the best. If you want a solid fitness app then I suggest find something else. Sorry Azumio. I’m tired of waiting on you to fix this app. If you fix it I will change my review.


Mr.z  Fdnycli96  5 star

Great app. The best I ever downloaded. I love this app. Everybody running an buying fitbits. I got mine for free and it never leaves my side.


Great  Lowscore  5 star

Until I got my Fitbit, this what I used constantly. I still use it a lot. It's GPS tracker showing where I've walked / run is excellent!


Pretty great, but a few things I would change  Nikkaayyy  3 star

I purchased the premium version of this and I LOVE all of the great workout plans and in general I do really like this app. However, there are a few things that kind of make me crazy. 1, I tried to take the meals test and nothing happened.. I thought it was going to tell me which type of program I should be doing and get me started, but instead it just took me back to my meal log. Not sure if I'm missing something or if there is a glitch but I thought that was super odd and ended up being useless, honestly. I would really love if the meal test led to the goal setup screen and gave you macros and calories for whatever your suggested programs are. 2, I cannot stand that the honeycomb moves around. It drives me nuts when I go to touch an icon and then the app decides it's ready to refresh and move everything. I personally like to know where my icons and apps are. I'm a creature of habit and I like to log religiously and quickly throughout the work day. In addition to that, when I go to add multiple glasses of water, as soon as I touch it once, it shoots to the top. I will say I do love this function though (being able to tap to add glasses of water). It's a fun and easy way to keep track of my water intake. 3, I have used other apps where you can easily pull the meal that you ate the previous day without having to save it and name it and I would really love to see that function on this app. Again, I like to add things quickly as I move about my day and being able to just swipe or touch to add yesterday's lunch would be supremely helpful. 4, sometimes when you touch an icon, you get stuck. For instance, I touched the calendar icon and there was literally no way back to the honeycomb without restarting the app.


Argus walker  dee9530  5 star

Argus is fantastic for keeping up with my goals even when I don't have time to tract it wonderful life saver. I would recommend it to anyone.

Temperature on screen

Daily hydration  Temperature on screen  5 star

Handy app helps me remember to drink regularly. Use it every day ‼️😊

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