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Invoice2go makes it easy for small business owners to create professional invoices on the go.

Create great-looking, professional invoices and get paid faster using one simple app. We are the on-the-go invoicing solution for all types of businesses: from contractors to dog walkers, web designers to musicians. All of your information is automatically synced and available on your iPhone, iPad and computer.

Invoice2go has been the #1 invoice app for 10+ years and counting. Here’s why people choose Invoice2go:

* Streamline your look. Choose from 8 professional invoice templates optimized for easy use.
* Add a logo for your business. Upload your own or create one using our custom logo designer.
* Match your brand. Sync the color of your logo to your invoice.
* Showcase your awards and accreditations. Include additional images on your invoice to elevate your look.

* Sync automatically across all of your devices. Invoice from your iPhone on the go and use your iPad to view reports.You can even use Invoice2go on your desktop or laptop.
* Jump right in without any training. If you can send an email, you can use Invoice2go.
* Experience updates in real time. Review your edits before you send an estimate or invoice.
* Convert on the go. Turn an invoice into an estimate in seconds.
* Set up weekly, bi-weekly or monthly invoices for repeat business and we’ll remind you when they’re ready to be sent.

* Send invoices on the spot. Improve your turnaround time and save yourself the paperwork.
* Accept payments instantly. Add the payments feature so clients can pay your invoices using American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Paypal.
* Never miss a thing. Keep an eye on overdue invoices and send automatic payment reminders.

* Stay up to date. Know what happens to your invoice after you hit “send”. See when customers have viewed your invoices and who still needs to make a payment.
* Keep track of your receipts. Organize all of your expenses and print reports with one tap.
* Run reports on estimates, invoices, expenses and more.
* Get all the information you need in one statement. Just select a client and we’ll take care of the rest.

Invoice2go the ultimate invoice maker: Send simple invoices using professional templates, invoice generator, PDF invoices and quotes, online payments, bill organizer, receipt and expense tracking, time tracking, time management and business reporting — all rolled up into one easy-to-use app. Whether you need to create a construction invoice or estimate, business receipt for your side gig or track receipts for your small business, Invoice2go is the #1 invoice app.

** Ready to get started? Download our free invoice app today. You can try the Invoice2go Pro Plan for 14 days free (no credit card required) before choosing the plan that best suits your business. **

Invoice 2go — Professional Invoices and Estimates App Description & Overview

The applications Invoice 2go — Professional Invoices and Estimates was published in the category Business on 2012-08-07 and was developed by The file size is 102.30 MB. The current version is 10.1.2 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

Thanks to everyone who's continued to share feedback on the new Invoice2go. We are listening. To give you a few updates, we are working on solutions for the key issues that have affected many of our users: Inaccuracies among paid vs unpaid invoices, how you sort, filter and view your lists of expenses and invoices, how you run reports, retrieval of data from removed features, among others.

More updates to come for all users. Thanks to everyone for your patience as we make this right for you.

Say hello to the new Invoice2go. Enjoy a fresh look, streamlined design and increased reliability.
We’ve updated our invoice designs, included real-time updates, improved automatic syncing, added new currency options and more.

Have feedback you’d like to share? Visit to offer suggestions and to find help articles on all of our most popular features.

If you're enjoying the new Invoice2go, then you can also share your thoughts by leaving a rating or review in the App Store.

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Invoice 2go — Professional Invoices and Estimates Reviews


Its a bad experience!  Schabies  1 star

What used to be a good app has become really bad. Too many issues to even mention. Customer service downright pathetic- simply give belated generic responses to specific questions without even addressing or attempting to solve the problem.


Be sure to read reviews in date order. Newest to oldest  kenrkimball  1 star

UPDATE : 6/23/17 • Still the worse revamp ever. I've truly been trying to give this update an honest chance. It literally has cost me more in time and revenue than any other App that I have ever purchased. Gone are many of the features that original made this app good. I honestly forget about them because of the frustration. So this list will be an ongoing. We were once able to more line items up and down the invoice. Now if I'm need to move an item, I have to delete every other line item to put it in its correct place and then re-enter the items I had to delete. The reports which were once great have become a joke to figure out and search in. My CPA is now requesting I move over to another platform. Maybe Quickbooks? Anyone had any experience with them? SUPPORT IS USELESS. The first couple of times I called they basically told me nothing. Now they act like there wanting to reach out but who has time to work on their schedule through email. They should of figured everything out before forcing the update. They should be paying me to show them their problems! Again, this will be On-Going.............. I'll be back soon. 6/18/17 • I have been a client of invoice 2go for just over 3 years. I think you all know what I'm saying when I tell you the actual website was always basically useless but the mobile app always seemed to work fairly well except for us having to resend the invoice time after time. With the new update of the mobile app they have made that now basically useless also. DUPLICATE INVOICES! MISSING INVOICES. Many showing paid on one side and unpaid on the other. All of the challenges they were having with the website are now on my phone. I spoke with support and was given no fixes or even ideas of how they were going to correct. I will be shopping for a new type of POS. It is obvious that Invoice 2go doesn't care about their challenges. They say because I purchased the app through Apple that I should call them for a refund. We all know after this long that is never going to happen.

Total fail..LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS!  1 star

This new update has ruined this app 100% Customer service is lame with their scripted email response. Instead of trying so hard to make this update work, how about listening to your paying customers and give them the old app back when things were good and people were happy. Now my business has taken a hit with this crappy update and I'm looking for another app to take the place of this one. I just renewed in April so I may be requesting a refund if the old version is not an option.

App is now a piece of crap!  1 star

*** I HATE THIS NEW INVOICE PROGRAM!!!*** Horrible update! So many useful options now gone! Takes twice as long to create an invoice! Looks like a cheap low rate invoice program! They took away the dashboard. Took away the calendar. Took away all the other professional and convenient features. Why? I have so many issues in this transfer with duplicates and other things I want to scream! You have till August to fix, that's when my term expires. Then I'm buying elsewhere! So sorely disappointed. I feel you could not have hurt your loyal customers anymore than you just have! Hate it!!!!! Bad move!!! I rated the last invoice app a 5-star because it was! This one is simply put, crap!!!



We are too stupid to figure out how to use there new version, so go watch their webinars, lol. Who has time for webinars. If you happen to be offline, forget accessing your invoices. Complete and utter CRAP. That means they can turn off the lights to your business at any time. They don't need customers because they have investors. Apparently, investors who don't care how there money Is used. This app went from awesome to worthless overnight. There were a lot of features that are gone. Navigating and searching is cumbersome and dashboard is no longer available. Duplicated many invoices giving completely inaccurate figures. Maybe developers are trying to sink app? All I can assume is that the update was done more for the developers than the app users. I have been using this app for 4yrs and loved it until update. I referred app to many people and bragged on its ease of use. If this current version is what the app remains, I would look for something else. Please give app users the ability to resort back to old version so I can give it the 5 stars it deserved.

Makotime 2914

Do not use this app  Makotime 2914  1 star

The recent update made this app so complicated I will advise everyone not to use this service,, if invoice to go smart they will go back to the original setting and make everybody's life easier Whoever did these changes will have to take some losses because I know a lot of people will stop using this app

jorge quintanar

Mr  jorge quintanar  3 star

I like the old stile how can I have it back


K9tootr  K9tootr  2 star

Not a big fan of new changes. I can no longer add check number with payment. In general I don't find "their" help very helpful.


I can't believe these people had all their bad reviews removed!  aaahandy  1 star

This company remove a decent invoice service and replaced it with garbage. What ever you do, do not get this service cause it is total garbage. And the customer service is in hibernation. Their CEO on his blog, admits that they have rolled out a pile of garbage, and needs to at least July 19 to fix it. WHAT EVER YOU DO, DO NOT BUY THIS APP, YOU'VE BEEN WARNED,

Pork chop 911

Needs old profit loss sheet back  Pork chop 911  3 star

I like the new app but I absolutely hate how the reports are now. The old way of reviewing the reports was much easier!


Update is garbage  vincentstrim  1 star

If I could give it less than one star I would. The update is complete garbage I might as well keep track of everything on paper myself.

Mr Winer

The old version worked great, the new one is horrible  Mr Winer  1 star

Why would they change something that worked? Now my customers have to learn to identify a new invoice. I will find something different to use.


Worst Upgrade  Fdg0616  1 star

What happen? I've been using this App for the last 3 yrs. Now, its useless.


Don't like the new update  Obamaonetimepresident  1 star

I though it was me but I can see lots of people Don't like this new version,the old one was much better sorry.


Old app was simple, new app is a shiny box that I can't open  Venting757  2 star

What a disappointment


What the F!?!?  BMXpert0  1 star

Thanks for ruining a perfectly good app, anyway I can un-upgrade!?

Mad Scientist 007

2017 New update  Mad Scientist 007  1 star

Worst app update you can possibly think of. If the old version wasn't broke then why would you change it. I'm Not a happy customer at all and I will not be using this app any longer


Not happy  Lizalg63  1 star

I really liked the invoice set up the way it was ! Please change Back or up date so I can see the invoices like before ! This is not an improvement! ! This is making it harder for me

Love my Willys

Wish I can give it 0 stars. Update is BAD.  Love my Willys  1 star

Wish I can give it 0 stars. Update is BAD. I have been a user for 3 years with almost no complaints now after being forced to download the new version I am currently look for a new program. The worst part is: we are back to hand writing invoices. Do NOT buy the app.


App is big ole circle jerk  Jkhammond  1 star

This app was awesome before the update. Since update I've lost all my history and I can't even figure out how to add sales tax to my invoices. I paid for the app in January and now I'm being charged another fee for this aggravation. My customers are waiting and I don't have time for this crap. Currently searching for another app.

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