Remind: School Communication

Remind: School Communication [Education] App Description & Overview

Remind is a communication platform that helps every student succeed. Whether you're in the classroom, at home, or anywhere in between, Remind makes it easy to stay connected to your school community.

* Communicate in real time—on any device.
* Keep personal contact information private.
* Translate messages into more than 90 languages.
* Share files, photos, and content from your favorite sites.

Join the millions of educators, students, and parents using Remind to manage school communication and make time for what's important.

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We're hard at work on new features and updates to improve speed and performance. To make sure you always have the latest version of the app, just go to Settings and turn on automatic updates.

Remind: School Communication Comments & Reviews

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- Annoyed

I’ve been using Remind for many months not to connect with my friends over quarantine, and I’ve noticed several things wrong with the app. Sometimes, I don’t get a notification at all when someone messages me and I’ve missed important events because of it. Another thing is sometimes the messages don’t appear and I have to shut off the app and re-log in to see the message. I give this app a 2/10 which is unfortunately a 1/5.

- Easy!

Great way to schedule & get quick important info out immediately too! Easy to use!

- Teacher

Poor quality! I have 100 students and only 12 receive my messages. Also, the app only allows short messages to be sent. After several attempts to contact remind me, I have moved on to another app; one that actually works, and one whose support team actually cares when the app is malfunctioning!

- Internet

The knowledge that companies gave me the information that I needed (myself) so my girls would have the same experience they had when they went to school everyday.

- Nick name

Hot turf

- Emojis

The emojis only have white people.

- ewww


- Great app!

Love this app. Only wish I could leave slightly longer messages for my parents as a group announcement.

- Can’t get passed step 1

I entered as a student and it asked me for my birthday, I obliged and gave it that, it won’t let me enter it though saying “I can’t edit my birthday” I can’t get passed the step and can’t enter my birthday, please help me, I need to get into a group.

- More Space

Great app! A must have for me! I wish there was more space to send group messages.

- Early and Often

I was an early adopter if Remind and it continues to be rock solid and dynamic way in communicating with my students and families especially in this time when communication is paramount.

- Don’t get this

I downloaded and my phone started freezing up and it froze to where my phone wouldn’t even turn off I advise u not to use this

- Cool

Pretty good, but honestly Google Classroom will always the the OG

- Remind

Is so good to get updates for class

- Removing old reminds

How do I clean up my Remind list and understand how to use it much more effectively ? I have a few that are listed from a couple of years ago. I didn’t find options to delete or store or move things while trying to update my Remind app.

- Teacher

Love Remind! Immediate communication with parents and very user friendly! I love being able to snap pictures during the day and show parents what fun stuff we’re doing!!

- Annoying

Can’t get rid of notifications, hard to figure out who I should be talking to in organization.

- Reminder

It want let you delete old messages

- Great resource

Remind is the best tool for communicating with your students and their parents. I love it!

- Sending messages

I’d like to be able to see my sent messages and know if they were received by the addressee.

- Good but...

I wish there was a way to delete old conversations.

- Great App!

Remind is a fantastic way to keep in touch with your children’s school(s) and teacher(s). It’s a great way for the school(s) to send announcements during inclement weather or if there are certain things coming up they can send reminders for the dates of those. As well as if you have any issues or questions you can always reach out to your child’s teacher to discuss those questions as well as their grades, extra credit work, etc. My husband & I both have this app and I recommend it to anyone who has children whose school uses it. If your phone can’t hold the app you can also set up where you can just get text reminders which I also think is great bc not everyone has enough memory on their phone to hold the app but they can still get in contact with the teacher(s).

- I don’t like it. My son is in HS and. Can’t delete old Elementary school conversations

I don’t like it

- Excellent

Works well when both parties are using it!

- It works as good as the users decide to embrace it

I used it as a teacher. It was a great way of communicating to parents and students of events, deadlines, or when to sign in for class.

- Awesome!

I like it because you can create your own class

- Remind

I love using Remind. However, the down side is that it doesn’t allow enough characters to be used in sending a group message to my class. Because of this, I am looking for another system to use for my classroom, unless of course it is increased . Then I’ll keep it. Thank you for your response. However we Te a small private school and I am the only one that uses Remind. So there is not money to upgrade .

- Allow changes to names to save teachers the headache!!

It was a nightmare this spring having to rely on Remind for parent communciation. With 78 parents in an area where culturally women don’t take their husbands last name so all of my students moms have a different last name it was incredibly difficult. I wish there was a way for teachers to change parents name to something like “Jack’s mom”. It created such a unnecessary headache to have to go into my gradebook and literally search through every student to find the correct parent name and who they belong to. Seems like such a simple fix.....PLEASE PLEASE change it!!!!

- Deleting messages

Unable to delete old messages

- Great

Excellent way to communicate especially during corona!

- Horrible app

After 4 years, never get this to work right- get better notifications off FB. Worst parent/school communication I have ever dealt with!

- Good app

I have used this app several years for classroom communication and been very pleased with it. I love the fact that parent comments hit my text messaging on my phone. I also love the translating options for parents and teachers as I teach in a dual language program. The here are a few suggestions that I would make. One miss for me would be that when my partner-teacher messages parents, I cannot see that communication. It has caused some double messages being sent out and some problems when her answer to a parent question was slightly different than mine. Another would be a class feed to share pics.

- Not user Friendly

When you want to delete information, delete classes, or remove yourself from classes you can’t. Your can’t delete conversations.

- Not user friendly

I don’t like that I can’t delete messages or a teacher’s classroom.

- Terrible reactions to text

I tried unliking a text from my teachers and the app only has “👍🏼,💙,😆, & 😕”. We’re missing the “😑,👎🏼,& 🤦🏽‍♀️” to disagree with ideas. Thanks :)

- Bad app

This is not like kahoot I try to create something it doesn’t show you the + button

- Excellent way to communicate

I love Remind to send messages for my parents. I can work directly on the computer and it simply my life.

- Goodesteverintheworld1243


- Nothing but trouble

Three force of the time it has trouble receiving and sending messages. Always coming up with a banner that says “we’ve hit a snag!”Great concept, terrible technology.

- Wish there we better solutions

Years are passing by and needed upgrades are still needed The app is buggy too often.

- Nice app but few concerns

Hello, my name is Shelly. I congratulate you developers for making such a simple and nice app for commucation. Teachers use this and so do students. Thank you for creating this app. Alrighty, every time there is an update, I’m sorry, but this makes me giggle because all it says in the description is “improvements” and that’s all. 😁 That’s not my concern—my concern is the fact that it kind of glitches with no wifi. Sometimes the messages don’t show up, and I’m confused. I see it on my notifications, but I don’t see it on the Remind app itself until it refreshes, but I constantly try to refresh it and have it take longer than usual. You all don’t need to fix that because it’s due to wifi problems that are easily solved. That’s all. 🙂 Other than that, I believe this app is good and recommended to anyone. ❤️Again, thank you so much for your time & patience reading this.❤️ P.S., I’m sorry about the story someone reviwed here; their bad experience made me feel pity for her and her child. I hope he is doing better now & so is she. I personally wouldn’t know what to do, if I had that kind of teacher. So far, I only had one teacher that wasn’t the best. She didn’t like me one bit but kept a secret / hid that. Maybe it was her demeanor or I perceived it wrongly, but still, it was very awkward being in her classroom. Anyway, I hope nobody goes through that. Tough world out there.

- Awesome!!

Remind is a great way to send a quick message!!!!

- What happened?

It was fine during the school year but now during summer school it’s not working! It has an error it says not connected to internet when it is!

- Edtvubvystsycjb


- Great app

This app is a great way to contact people. I use remind to contact my teachers and i love the app

- Need more characters, please!

When writing a message, I find that I don’t quite have enough characters to finish what I want to say in a message. I usually have to send out two announcements in order to get out what I need to say. Please include more characters! Otherwise I love the simplicity of this app use it all the time with my students!

- Great job

Super job

- Log in issue

Can’t log in

- Ways to connect!!

I wish that there was a way to send longer messages at times to certain groups or to have more than 10 people involved

- This app doesn’t support people with disabilities

I’m a person with dyslexia and the app doesn’t support Apple built in Text To Speech (TTS) when it comes to reading others post and messages. As IOS has very strong TTS build in. It is shameful that this school App has field integrate such a powerful, useful tool, and simple tool. Just to be clear, you can us TTS when reading you’re own wright before you post, but that’s it.

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- Great App - New suggestion

Love this app! Suggestion: add an option to send a daily report about a student to parents and/or between teachers (usually for a student with special needs). Include the ability to add questions with formats such as pull down or check boxes and a place to write comments. Allow for all connected teachers to edit the report and the owner to send it.

- Its good

It helps me communicate with my child’s teacher and classmates

- Poor application

Poor application, a lot of errors.

- Great communication tools

This has been such a effective tool to communicate with students and colleagues. The set up is quick and easy with many access points, from phone, email, to pc.

- Don’t ask me to review or it’s an automatic 1 star.


- Handy App communication

Great tool for communicating with groups. If it wasn’t limited to 140 characters, I would give this app a higher rating.

- Review

I’ve enjoyed using remind over the past several years however I will not use this platform in the future. I’m limited with character spaces which is a challenge. Also, not everyone has been able to join due to phone carrier services this year and since there are other free apps, I will switch over in September

- Overall good

The only thing that glitches is when 2 people are admins it will boot one person out when the other signs in. Kind of annoying

- Why

It says I can’t use it anymore and I haft to buy it but in the App Store it says that I’m fine what is going on

- Great App!

Remind was always great and has been a lifesaver during COVID. The ability to communicate with the teachers both publicly and privately, get updates and feedback, and overall it’s great. The only fixes/modifications I’d ask, is: 1. The possibility to listen to messages with both the earpiece and speakerphone when in the app [You can always use the web version or on a computer (and the audio is generally intended to be private), but an option may be nice]. 2. The ability to send video when needed (only came to light as a result of Covid). That being said, it’s a solid and reliable app for parent-teacher communication. Even the tech giants could learn some lessons from the quality put forth from the Remind development team.

- Less then one star at this point

Awful no support

- An awesome app

Fantastic way of keeping in touch with teachers .. It’s easy to use and uploading files and photos is quick and easy

- Tips

I wish the announcements didn’t have a word count limit. It’s been very frustrating to work around. I do like the messaging part with each person though.

- Awesome

This is an awesome communication program. Allows a lot of options and versatility.

- Hard to use

This app is hard to use, the font is so small And I can’t find a way to make it larger.

- Lol

It always crashes and never work

- Delete now

Terrible Hate this app

- bad

don’t lik

- Terrible

This app is terrible and disappointing

- Good

I wish I could change the sound 😕

- Ok

This app is good but it lacks customization. It lacks a dark mode and notification noises. I know that this app can’t be incredibly customizable but at least a little would be nice.

- It gross do not download this app

This app sucks it’s keep crushing yuck

- DO NOT GET I can’t delete it off my phone

It logged me out and says my password is wrong no Matterhorn many times I try it. I was going to make a new account and got half way through and changed my mind. It won’t let me get back to the starting screen so I deleted it and re downloaded it and it was just how I left it, it won’t forget my information! So I tried to delete it again and now it won’t even delete so it’s stuck on my phone!

- Very useful

We have found the reminders incredibly useful, I prefer this method then having my son lug around a paper agenda.

- Character counts

Are too short!

- Remind : Pros & Cons

Pros - This is a great app that informs students and parents of upcoming work - It is very easy to understand Cons - can u make it easier to change your profile Solution : instead of making a small pencil button to edit your profile, either make it bigger or make a new line that say edit profile - I was typing the class code but for some reason the app just stopped me from typing the rest of the code and I joined the wrong class Solution : Pls make sure the app is functioning properly more often so people don’t run into problems

- ㅡㅡ

how do you go back to the start after you get to the point with the password

- Remind App

It is a good app: some limitations: msgs have limited characters, ‘conversations’ have limited attendees, which makes interactions with your whole class/families difficult. Today it has removed my powers to communicate with my class in a the most crucial of times, claiming that I violated a rule, which I can attest I did not.

- Absolutely horrible

When ever I use it my teacher tries to get me to send pictures of my dads balls terrible don’t get

- App sucks

App sucks it doesn’t work properly

- Bad

Poo poo

- Harassed.

My teacher texts me so much i could file it as harassment. Also the texts have a limit so he sends about 50 to get his point across.

- Remind

Wonderful App. Best way to stay in touch with teachers, especially now that school is out!

- Not compatible

Not compatible with all networks

- Excellent time saving parent-teacher Communication

Excellent time saving parent-teacher Messaging app for teachers and students’ parents. A photo and 117 character summary of the day keeps parents happy and in the loop. 160 characters if it’s text only. Highly recommended. I wish there was an easy to find upgrade path within the app.

- Class announcements

Classroom announcements should be more characters. I can never send a whole message out to parents.

- Great

It never fails!! Thank you

- Impossible to clear the notification badge

Impossible to clear the notification badge even after reading all unread messages.

- Great app!

Love Remind for communicating with school sports teams and students on field trips. A great and easy way for quick communication. Wish that Rogers network still supported this app!

- Bad

This app allows teachers to message students and their parents which is pretty mean like some teachers can just message ur mom when you failed a test like damn man why you have to do ya like that!

- Bad

Doesn’t even connect you to the right class! No looking good for education

- Great Teaching Tool

Love sending out reminders. Students can communicate when absent. Wish messages could be a bit longer👍🏻💙

- Roses are red

Idi love this app, cause it helps me at school and reminds me what I miss when I was gone Freriks school

- Sucks

My teacher always messages me🙄

- Five stars

Remind is an excellent way to communicate quickly, with any size group. Easy to maintain Highly recommend.

- Great comm tool

It’s an easy way to work communicate with teachers and parents.

- G


- It be ok

It truly be okay

- NO! da

bad bad bad app. teacher is scary and uses it to bug me. every time i get a notification, i think its from my friends and i get happy but NO! its my stoopid teacher reminding me to bRiNG pEnciL cRayOns tO cLaSs or eNjoY tHe sNow on snowdays. this app is painful and not beneficial in the slightest. it makes me sad. very very sad. thank you for coming to my tedtalk and follow me on tiktok my user is @_chxrryred. thank yew again for yewr time.

- Bad

This app is really bad and is hard to work with

- Ok but notifications don’t acknowledge all the time

The app doesn’t acknowledge notifications unless you go back to the main menu then into the notification message

- Pretty good.

Reviewing as a teacher. Great app except there are things I can only do on a desktop that can not be performed on a phone. Also, you are able to set office hours for when you would be available to be contacted, however, you can be contacted at any hour regardless of office hours. This means I sometimes have parents contacting me at all hours of the night. To stop this I need to go into my settings when I go to sleep and again when I wake up to change the notification settings which is really irritating. Otherwise works great and I like the option to message my parents instead of call them (creating a stronger line of communication as it is easier to send a text than make a phone call- without giving out my personal phone number).

- Painful

Automatically selects earpiece speaker and you have to manually go into sound options to select speaker mode every single time you play any sound recording.

- Remind

I love this app makes life so Much easier for mums and teachers

- Great for communication between teachers and parents

Love that I can ask questions and be reminded of events at school and within the classroom with this app.

- Remind

It’s the best app ever because it lets you communicate with other people and your teachers. And you are able to see all the work that your teacher sets for you

- Better messaging

Would be great if the messages work like Facebook post where you can comment and not limited to a number of words. Also being able to include photos

- Fantastic!!

We all know on a daily basis we can be very busy and find it hard to remember all the upcoming events etc without having to write them down making notes etc - with remind we get it straight to our devises with the notifications making it 100x easier to keep up with our busy bees. 😘 🐝 📚

- No good

I can't add my phone number

- Messages too short

There is a very small character limit on messages that rarely fits what I want to say, so I either have to send more that one message to parents or cut down and give less detail. Not very good for communication and sharing, I don’t think! Plus, when I added a photo, it took away from my word limit, so I couldn’t have a caption! Am I missing something?!

- Don’t like

Don’t like make me work

- Communication

It is such an easy and fantastic way to communicate to our kids teachers I absolutely love it. I am kept up to date with how my child is progressing at school. I really am enjoying this app a great idea

- Awesome app

Awesome app, best way to communicate with teachers! I love the sharing of photos

- Amazing

Absolutely amazing app

- Best app by far

As a teacher, we don't always have time to contact all parents with messages without having to destroy a forest to tell them what's happening. Remind is the best app to keep parents up to date with what is happening in the classroom or at school.

- Love it!

I love this app! It's great communication between myself and my sons teacher/s. I'm updated on notices, I'm sent pictures of activities or things he is learning. I can private message his teacher any concerns or ask questions or let her know anything about him like when he will be absent. I love it!

- App won't open

I updated the app and now it won't open and my sons teacher has sent out messages and I can't even read them!

- Parents

Can parents send messages to all the other parents and set up events? We are currently using it for our class and only the teacher can seem to send messages to all parents. Thanks

- Has potential

We need to be able to add states from other countries. It won't let me create an account without it.

- Simply fantastic

The fact that I can have a real time update about my kid and also be able to feedback is a brilliant idea. The app works seemlessly.

- Seems to only work in the USA

Shame, because I was excited to try the app, and it's available on the AU iTunes Store.

- Attention All Teachers

Whether we want to embrace it or not, we now live in the digital world and must adapt old concepts to new technologies. Remind is the perfect way for teachers to connect with students and parents alike. No more "forgotten" or "lost" notes from the teacher. This app is a must have for all school teachers. Shout out to my sons Year 8 Science teacher at Waverley College for bringing this to my attention.

- Great for teachers.

This gives me the ability to communicate with my students in a safe manner. It goes straight to their phones which they always have on them. It's a bit glitchy sometimes but overall works well. I strongly recommend it.


Our school has never felt this wonderfully connected before, love it.

- OMG!!!! Love it!

It's my new best friend!!! Easy to use, instant messages sent to parents. You've got to give it a go - so simple.

- My niggs

Shout out to year 10 camp guys

- Awesome and I would recommend to all teachers

So easy to use

- Anonymous

Could be better

- Using Remind to Connect

I've been using the Remind app to connect with other teachers in my Twitter PLN... It has been a great way to link up with teachers who use #aussieED. I can see the practical benefits and will be using it for my class in the coming school year. Also, after reading earlier reviews, I can see that the technicians at Remind have listened and modified the app to suit Australian users too! Great app!

- Reza

It's a really good app to communicate with teachers with and to know what's going on.....

- Not working

The set up process failed for me... Does this app work in Australia?

- Not designed for international market?

Only in process of setting up and already noticed that it only offers US time zones. Would be greatly appreciated if its extended to worldwide time zones (inc Sydney please!) Also the only way to get people to "sign up" to your group is by texting a US number ... again no good for an international market. Shame!

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- Nice app

Una de mis favoritas apps porque no satura la memoria del cel

- I like it but want to love it

I like the app because it sends reminders straight to my parents’ phone. However, when I use the announcements section I am limited to how many letters I can use which means I would then have to use a second program for my parents to then log on to receive any further details. I’d like to keep everything in one place

- Not needed.

I would rather just use my phone and my regular number. I don’t need another app for this.

- Amazing app😝

Hi I am righting a review cuss I think this app is amazing so if you are looking for and app to help you communicate with group of people then I think this is the app to get I have Ben using it for acting groups ai I can no all the up dates and wen we have shows and things like that I really suggest this app it is awesome hope this app is the thing you are looking for!

- Remind

Amazing app

- Dope

this app is cool

- Characters

Need more characters for messaging

- Remind us great

We have really appreciated the use of Remind with our chorus. Remind makes it so easy to keep in touch with the group and stay updated on events.

- Include black and brown emojis

I’ve used Remind for three years now and it is still missing a black/brown thumbs up hand. Please add. I’m sure I’m not the only black teacher who has noticed this missing. Thanks!

- Hate it

I don’t like apps I think they are a waste of time I won’t use it unless I have too

- I love it

Can you not make us sign back in again. It is the best it helps me with my work during cOVID-19.

- tedious

I’ve been using remind for some school organizations and stuff, and the character count is so terrible. Same with how it sends messages to individual people and not groups or anything like that. It ultimately gets the job done but is pretty annoying.

- Youth Choir communication

My youth choir is not likely to read emails. This allows me to send rehearsal and scheduling notes, sound clips, videos, etc... with greater confidence that my teens will actually read it. Parents are on the list and get copied on everything as well. I always ask for a thumbs up to acknowledge that they have read the messages.

- Can’t leave a class from within app.

It is practically impossible to leave a class from this app. Their instructions don’t match up with what is available from within the app.

- Amazing!

I’m now always able to check my email or able to answer my phone calls. So this app is perfect to contact my kids teachers. Love it. 🥰

- ...

Go o d

- Super nice

Muy buena app !

- Best

This is the best app to communicate with the teachers

- Very Glitchy

Sometimes the messages with repeatedly go up and down and sometimes I have to restart the app. The keyboard also almost never keeps up with what I’m typing. This never happens with any other app I’m on so I assume it’s remind acting up.

- Great

Great way to stay informed about our kid’s. Works Great

- Teach

I would like more characters so I could write more. I would also like to send more than one picture at once.

- Perfect communication

Love being able to send one way communication or delayed messages

- It is a good app and easy to communicate

It is good to communicate

- Very good app

It is a very reliable app since I am in high school it is a way simpler way to talk to my teacher and work

- More characters!

I need more characters to send a proper Remind to students.

- Excellent service!

I love Remind! It has been so helpful during the pandemic. Thank you!

- Decent

I’m glad you’re able to react to messages and be able to get ahold of your teachers. But I need a feature that you can send videos, sometimes I need to send screen recording because something isn’t working and I need to show what I’m doing. I just need a video feature

- Excellent

So good.

- So many good features...could be great with a few tweaks

I have been using the Remind app for about four years now. It has been a tremendous help for our afterschool and summer camp programs. Great way to stay in touch with parents. I would like to see more control with being able to edit members of a class. Currently if there is an incorrect item in an account the administrator can’t fix it! There are some parents who have registered as students and I need to change them to parent status but do not have the ability.

- Remind for Teachers

Remind has been an extremely useful tool not only to communicate with my students while we were in the physical classroom,but especially so in distance learning. It has allowed me to maintain a constant academic, social, and emotional connection to my English Language Learners! It even allows you to translate messages.

- Doty

Very helpful app!!

- Remind

Remind is so helpful to me! It helps me remember everything I need for class when I forget what I need!

- Amazing


- Crashing For Weeks

This app has been phenomenal throughout the school year for communication with the teacher, however, in its most important times with covid-19 it has been crashing upon opening for the last few updates for the past 2-3 weeks and has been causing a lot of missed communications as a result.

- Scheduling

I love REMIND but I have two suggestions to make it better! #1: Allowing for more text would be great. I often find my messages choppy because I’m deleting words that don’t fit. #2: If you could add a scheduling feature, that would be AWESOME! I used seesaw for the classroom & was able to schedule messages in advance. Google Classroom also lets you schedule messages in advance. Just suggestions but I’m very fond of REMIND!

- So helpful!

Remind helps me communicate with my high school students and teams, my children’s elementary school teachers, principal and event coordinators, and several community groups! I only wish it wasn’t as limited on characters for announcements.

- Hey

It is great to Connect with teachers

- Needs more options

For parents, I wish Remind would add: parent of Many parents don’t have the same surname as their child and I don’t know which student parents are talking about sometimes.

- Great App, but a few bugs

I wish I could move families from one class to another so I don’t have to reinvite them. Arabic formats terribly and this is a language we use often in our district. Wish I could access contact information in the app for when I need to make phone calls. Other than that, a valuable resource in our schools!

- Great tool

Remind is quick, easy to use, and kids love it. It really helps keep quizzes and homework in view for students. It just gives one more layer of help for students who are not well organized or who procrastinate. It also allows quick and easy two way communication with my students, even during the summer!

- Suggestion

I would Love to be able to use the translation in separate conversations.

- No substantial messages

I have been using this App for 4 years now and they have yet to fix the fact that when sending messages to groups you are severely Limited in the messages substance. You can only write a short message. This year this App is worse than last year it consistently drops messages and you are unable to communicate

- Love the app

I love the app. I just wish you increased the word capacity.

- Review

Great app ❤️

- Can delete messages

I don’t like this app because you can delete messages that you sent.

- Teacher Friendly

I am so glad to have had your service the last two years. I am a teacher and REMIND made my job so much more user friendly with my parents than any other form of communication that I have used. Having this tool especially during the Covid shutdown, helped me keep in touch with my classroom family daily. Thank you.

- Covid-19 Most helpful tool Award

In a time when things were so new to students, families and teachers this was the one thing that was consistent in the transition to Distant Learning. It was what my families were used to and so it was the best way to communicate and offer my support, instruction and needed resources! It was the way, families knew they could reach out to me. Thank you!

- Loved it

Great app

- Notification and unread message symbol

For the longest time I have had the unread messages symbol and I check my class period to read the message and nothing is there. I have no messages but the symbol it’s there. It’s frustrating every time I open the app to see the same thing.

- Feedback from Coach Phil

Easy to use, everyone gets the message at the same time,

- Communication tool

This is a great communication tool. As parents we need to be informed and sometimes we need to communicate during the day. This tool allows messages to be sent quick at each parties convenience.

- Information

Great way for communication with kids teachers on events and school work that they have done

- Does what it needs to

Simply said. That it is able to function

- Good communicator

It helps me to keep update with information and classroom activities

- Not reliable

The app keeps closing down on my account

- Keeps saying we hit a snag

Disappointed. It keeps saying we hit a snag and is glitchy. It worked for months but now I don’t know how to fix it.

- Not the worst

When trying to do a group project you can only talk to a single person. It really messes up the group because you need to talk to each other when somebody isn’t there and you don’t have other ways of contacting each other

- Too much contact with my teacher


- Helpful.

Very handy, especially for the small things like early dismissal. It may seem repetitive at times but it’s not! Sometimes we need four reminders for the same thing 😊

- Better than instagram

I’m going to miss so many messages now that we use Instagram.

- Awesome

This app helps you to communicate with your teachers and it helps you to get organize. I also like how how your teacher can make there own class since of everyone has their one it will be messy. Thx from Canuckearmuffkid.

- Remind write up

It sucks, don’t ever use it!!!!

- Easy

This app is the easiest and simplest app I have use to send and receive memos and reminders between individuals or groups. I’d rather se this app used school wide to replace some of the others used

- Love it!

Really easy to use, love to be in touch with the kid’s upcoming homeworks

- Efficient

Helps connect with the teacher easier and faster than writing an email and waiting for ages to get a reply. And you can put in your phone number so it acts like text messages. It makes my life easier and a bit better 😄👌👍🏻

- Cool app

Best way to communicate with your child’s teacher in daily basis. Really cool app

- Yeet

Works well

- Very buggy

Not very user friendly

- Communication is key

A great way to keep updated on my child’s day, and with his teacher

- Love this App

I love this app. It keeps me and the teacher on the same page! I highly recommend it!

- Boom boom Poop

I was forced to do this against my will

- Finally!

It is so great to be able to communicate with my son’s teacher immediately! She is able to update me if my son had a rough day, or needs to improve in certain areas. Really helps along the school year rather than only relying on report card. This is exactly the app we need for the technologically advance age we are in.

- An easy form of communication!

I’m very pleased with the ease of this app, it’s a great way to communicate with my children’s teachers!

- Awesome

It lets me get in contact with my daughters teacher and I know when the tests are and when homework is due.


It has been so helpful and instrumental in my extracurriculars and my academics! It’s a great app

- No privacy

Other parents are able to breech the privacy and contact you directly. Terrible. I have been personally been attacked by another parent over something silly and it was completely left field bullying. This should be made more secure and only keep contact between teachers and parents. I am very unnerved. This violent parent knows where I live. I will not use this app any more with my school.

- Issues

Constant issues

- Abuse of power

Teacher gives me homework and I'm like damn shordy chill

- Remind sucks

Remind is not letting me accept a friend request and she is trying to figure out what is wrong with it . So am I because I asked for her email and it’s saying that she doesn’t exist but she does rl and md

- Annoying

Very annoying

- Best time saver!

Remind us the best app for teachers to send quick messages to groups of students. So much better than the app that is promoted by my school board!

- Amazing

I just love how remind works great for teachers and parents. I just love remind!😁😁😁😁👍😄😂😀

- Only SOME students

Since the change in contracts, this app is almost obsolete since only some of my students get the message. The email doesn’t work well. It was way better about 4 years ago!

- Great app

Great app to keep up to date with my sons teachers and school events. I can ask questions about projects or homework and get answers without any delays. If my son misses a day I can get homework assignments for the time missed. Highly recommended

- Love it

Fast and easy way to communicate with your child’s teacher. For example my son bumped his head playing gym but it was not serious enough for the office to call me they gave him an ice pack and keeper a close eye on him. His teacher thought although it was not that serious let me let the parents know I was informed right away. Another time the students in grade 1 we’re making new year’s resolution my 7 year old said for his resolution he wanted to get “Jacked” and have “Abs” the teacher thought this was quite funny and was able to share this funny moment with us. I love it and wish more teachers used it even more high school teachers.

- The story of my life, by Marshall Kocher

I can’t type, due to the text being white. I would like to say that I never used remind and never did use remind, but the app looks cool and probably has uses. For this reason, I rate this application 4 stars out of 5 stars

- Great app

Love how I can speak to our teachers when needed. Email is great but this app means I get a hold of a teacher right away. It’s quick and wonderful. Fast and affective.

- The Remind App

It’s very good for groups Other than sports teams to communicate. The leader of the group or the one who starts the chat can send a to the group but what’s cool is we all see that message as being sent out separately to each person. You can also make group chats with people who are in the original group and it’s separate from the main group

- So Convenient

THIS APP IS AMAZING! I use it as a student and I love that I’m able to contact anybody in my class using it as well as my teacher, it’s very convenient!

- Dads house catastrophe radar refers staffs

Radars stat Gr Gr ftcxccf ffc. Ferguson tfffc. Tffvgdf

- Remind app

Love having away to communicate with sons teacher and get updates etc and the pics ❤️❤️

- Timely

Remind is very useful to our club. We can use it to inform and make public announcements. We find it very helpful and it allows us to inform our club members in a timely fashion. Everyone now clues into the information that is posted.

- Amazing

Loving this app. Great way to connect with child and teacher throughout the day

- Pictures

Sometimes the pictures don’t load

- Good app

The app helps me to keep in touch with my class

- Easiest app to manage multiple students in multiple classes.

I have two students in three different classes and with all three teachers using this app I am able to receive notifications, personal messages, photo updates from all the teachers in one place. I particularly like that it notifies me when there’s a new message. We’ve had teachers use six or seven different apps over the past few years and by far this one is the easiest to manage multiple students on.

- Great

Simple, easily connected to your text messages as well. Very convenient and makes the teacher-family communication a lot easier and therefore improves it.

- Awesome

I use this app all the time with my class and it works great! The only thing that would make this better is if you could talk to your teacher privately without starting a whole new class. But overall, it is great.

- Okay

Good. But no “Rogers” :( why?


What a great way to send a fast message to the parents of my students! I love this app! My only complaint is you can only reach 20 members of your group at one time.

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- Rather good.

Remind keeps teachers and students connected without exposing our phone numbers which is great. However, videos can not be sent. Also the recording is limited and of course the number of words is also limited. All in all, functional with potential!

- Revolutionised our college communications

We are now using Remind for the second year. Students are familiar with app based systems so they have readily engaged with it. Staff are able to be flexible in communication and remind students of assignment deadlines(most of our students only attend 3 days a week)as a result our late submission data is at an all time low. This year we have encouraged parents to join which allows much more access to information and opportunities to engage with staff. The app itself is simple too use and has become an integral part of our courses.

- Absolutely outstanding

Love the app so much

- Joe


- Great way to communicate

A safe and vital method of communication to reach students quickly and effectively. Wouldn’t want to be without it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Outstanding Messaging App

We use this with our 6th form students to send messages, resources and homework. Students really like it and it really has improved the communication between staff and students. Well worth a try (especially as it’s free!)

- Please add support for UK Phone numbers

Hi love this application moved to the UK and cannot add UK phone numbers. Please update so I could include UK contacts.

- Defo worth getting

Really good app

- Freezes

Every time i open the app and try to scroll it isn't possible but if i get a message and click it then the app will open normally and i’ll be able to scroll through the conversation..needs to be updated and fixed

- This is a good

Jk it’s trash

- Dead

deadest ting going tell u lazy wasteman to do their homework instead of asking how to do it

- So good.

This app is definitely worth downloading, it helps you to keep up to date with school information whenever you need to. I love it.

- Great app

Fantastic app

- Doesn't work in UK

This looks like it could be an amazing and useful app but it doesn't work in the UK.

- Bobbins

...bobbins, absolutely bobbins for use in the UK! Pity really as it seemed so promising....

- UK User

Doesn't seem to work in the UK?

- No UK support

Needs uk support asap

- Great idea but doesn't work in UK

Requires users to register to a US text number that doesn't work here. Shame really.

- ???

Why on earth is this not compatible in the UK? This would be a lifesaver to me as a dance teacher. Not happy.

- Could be a useful app if......

They thought a little harder and considered that there is a world outside the US and it's time zones. There was a thought about other uses for the application.......

A4: proceed with caution & remind that not always being on the same page is ok. Menus & options “what can I do next…

School-Home communication is a key to a strong education. While email & phone calls are still widely used, applicat…

A new school year means new Remind codes! Make sure to subscribe to keep up to date with announcements and communi…

A new school year means new Remind codes! Make sure to subscribe to keep up to date with announcements and communi…

@HeatherC12271 Yes, this is key to fostering excellent school-to-home communication. I try to use multiple lines o…

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Remind: School Communication 11.8 Screenshots & Images

Remind: School Communication iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Remind: School Communication iphone images
Remind: School Communication iphone images
Remind: School Communication iphone images
Remind: School Communication iphone images
Remind: School Communication iphone images
Remind: School Communication ipad images
Remind: School Communication ipad images
Remind: School Communication ipad images
Remind: School Communication ipad images
Remind: School Communication ipad images
Remind: School Communication Education application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Remind: School Communication Education application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Remind: School Communication (Version 11.8) Install & Download

The applications Remind: School Communication was published in the category Education on 2012-05-03 and was developed by remind101 [Developer ID: 522826280]. This application file size is 72.57 MB. Remind: School Communication - Education posted on 2020-07-09 current version is 11.8 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

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