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Remind is a communication platform that helps every student succeed. Whether you're in the classroom, at home, or anywhere in between, Remind makes it easy to stay connected to your school community.

* Communicate in real time—on any device.
* Keep personal contact information private.
* Translate messages into more than 90 languages.
* Share files, photos, and content from your favorite sites.

Join more than 31 million educators, students, and parents using Remind to manage school communication and make time for what's important.

Remind: School Communication App Description & Overview

The applications Remind: School Communication was published in the category Education on 2012-05-03 and was developed by remind101. The file size is 116.93 MB. The current version is 10.0 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

We're hard at work on new features and updates to improve speed and performance. To make sure you always have the latest version of the app, just go to Settings and turn on automatic updates.

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Remind: School Communication Reviews


Easy and convenient  SupernovaFaye  5 star

This app is the best! Get updates right away! Love this app!!

RT 2013

Not user friendly at all  RT 2013  1 star

Unable to edit or remove phone numbers connected to the account. No customer service available except through email.


Unfriendly for users  taniarene  1 star

I find this app to be extremely hard to use and difficult to set up.


More words please  Belovedjedidiah  4 star

Would love it more if I could write just a few more words...


Not enough characters  SRK1825  3 star

Wish they’d give more space as a teacher account. I often run out of room and end up sending an email.


Builds parent/family/teacher relationships!  MaryBeth65  5 star

Most convenient, quick method to reach my students’ families separated into specific grouping. Love it!


So useful  AnnieS2029  5 star

I am an ESL teacher and the possibility to communicate with my non english speaking families is just a benefit that has no price!! It’s a human value. Outstanding!

imovie user {1264}

Great app  imovie user {1264}  5 star

Great app, don’t need any improvements. Gets reminders to me, and sends my questions. Great app, period.


speaking to teachers  Yeyeyeteye  5 star

I’m really glad i can use this app to talk to my teachers, my one teacher sent out a message telling us not to go to school bc we didn’t have school when there was a blizzard, my school can’t call my mom so this was really convenient


Love this!  WllwsMm  5 star

I think it’s amazing to finally have a way for my daughters daycare to be able to reach the parents in such a way as this. Any announcements about weather etc come straight to me!


Fantastic!!  karleasha  5 star

We all know on a daily basis we can be very busy and find it hard to remember all the upcoming events etc without having to write them down making notes etc - with remind we get it straight to our devises with the notifications making it 100x easier to keep up with our busy bees. 😘 🐝 📚


No good  0212Y0818  1 star

I can't add my phone number


Messages too short  Dgtrsvb  2 star

There is a very small character limit on messages that rarely fits what I want to say, so I either have to send more that one message to parents or cut down and give less detail. Not very good for communication and sharing, I don’t think! Plus, when I added a photo, it took away from my word limit, so I couldn’t have a caption! Am I missing something?!


Don’t like  schoolmans  2 star

Don’t like make me work

Danny D'mello photography

Communication  Danny D'mello photography  5 star

It is such an easy and fantastic way to communicate to our kids teachers I absolutely love it. I am kept up to date with how my child is progressing at school. I really am enjoying this app a great idea

Copa daycare

Awesome app  Copa daycare  5 star

Awesome app, best way to communicate with teachers! I love the sharing of photos


Amazing  Jesabl  5 star

Absolutely amazing app


Best app by far  Me!74  5 star

As a teacher, we don't always have time to contact all parents with messages without having to destroy a forest to tell them what's happening. Remind is the best app to keep parents up to date with what is happening in the classroom or at school.


Love it!  xtina_l3frost  5 star

I love this app! It's great communication between myself and my sons teacher/s. I'm updated on notices, I'm sent pictures of activities or things he is learning. I can private message his teacher any concerns or ask questions or let her know anything about him like when he will be absent. I love it!


App won't open  Abcdefghij2017  1 star

I updated the app and now it won't open and my sons teacher has sent out messages and I can't even read them!


Not user friendly  Jmbrim  1 star

No flexibility. Feels like an app from 5 years ago.


Love it!  kaylikat  5 star

I love the remind app. I teach and coach and remind is a perfect means of communication for my classroom and my team. I only wish I had more characters so that I could send longer messages. I recommend to all who wish to maintain privacy while still delivering necessary info to your team or group


Yeah  suckitdingers  3 star

I have a notification I can’t check it’s really weird


Mrs. Luker’s Lifeline to Parents  Soler-Luker  5 star

Remind101 is my communication with parents EVERYDAY of the week and on weekends! Not only is it used for announcements but also to let parents know of incidents, medication needed, assignments, supplies needed, and to report accomplishments as they happen. My parents and I depend on this app for survival during the school year! I ❤️💜💙 this app! Thank you for allowing us as teachers and parents to enjoy it!😊


I’m a teacher & I LOVE Remind!  sonjalance  5 star

Remind helps me to safely communicate one in one and as a whole class to students for announcements, reminders of tests, to bring something in for a project etc. I’m so relieved that I can still easily use Remind even though I have Verizon!! Thank you!!


Keeps prompting me to confirm my email  katiec1419  2 star

I keep getting “confirm your email” emails. I always click the link, and it takes me into the app. Nothing happens and I can’t find anywhere in the app to do this. A few days later I’ll get another “confirm your email” email.


Awesome  A.Cerna83  5 star

I love this reminder app. I can communicate with my sons teacher. If I have a notification I can see it. Very helpful. Would recommend it. Alejandra


Disappointed  1crazymotherofboyssoccermom  1 star

This app needs help. Don’t get texts. Don’t get notifications. Chooses when to let me see them. If it wasn’t a school making me use it to communicate, I wouldn’t chose to!

Kimberly Lynn88

Remind App  Kimberly Lynn88  5 star

I’ve used Remind 3 different times for 3 different seasons of sports, and I have been pleased with every experience so far. It’s a great way to communicate with coaches and parents all in 1 app. I have 2 boys that are active in sports 8-9months throughout the year and if you have children in sports you know we are very busy majority of the time with work, school and practice all in a 24 hour period. This app helps you stay organized and in the know, helping my life be a little less hectic! Remind is awesome keep up the good work😛

Mo's Wife

Amazing  Mo's Wife  5 star

My sons school uses this to communicate with parents and I absolutely love it. My school also uses to communicate w our teachers ! This app is a must have for every educational or business institution. Definitely a great way to send reminders !!!!!!!

Trev (Ireland)

A dream of an App!!  Trev (Ireland)  5 star

I'm a teacher. This app allows me to schedule notices ( so if I see that a documentary is on TV in a week or so, I can write a message and have it delivered on that date). There is safety for all parties (the student never sees your personal email details and you never see the students' details...I was thinking of using Twitter but it's too open; this app allows student and parents access via a specific code. The only negative aspect of using the App is not being permitted to delete posts. I find myself rechecking everything twice before is time consuming and removes the opportunity to add to previous posts. However, I really enjoy this app and I urge every teacher to download it...9/10

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