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Remind: School Communication App Description & Overview

What is remind: school communication app? Remind is a communication platform that helps every student succeed. Whether you're in the classroom, at home, or anywhere in between, Remind makes it easy to stay connected to your school community.

* Communicate in real time—on any device.
* Keep personal contact information private.
* Translate messages into more than 90 languages.
* Share files, photos, and content from your favorite sites.

Join the millions of educators, students, and parents using Remind to manage school communication and make time for what's important.

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App Name Remind: School Communication
Category Education
Updated 25 January 2024, Thursday
File Size 98.38 MB

Remind: School Communication Comments & Reviews 2024

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App has been acting up. Partially though the year my app notifications just stopped. I would suddenly realize I hadn’t heard anything in weeks so I’d check the app and see everything waiting for me. Then promptly forget to look into why. Repeat over and over until finally I turned on mobile notifications and turned push notifications from the app off. Went looking for info about school and realized I never figured out what was going on with the app. At this point I could just delete it. Now it says I have 29 notifications but nothing I do clears the number. I would also love to clear messages sent to the jr high teachers and teachers from previous years. I remove the teacher but those old messages stay there under conversation. I feel like it would free up phone space if I could delete them. The app is wonderful when it works especially when teachers use it but over the last year it’s been hit or miss... mostly miss.

Used to love the app…but now…. I have used this app as a teacher for years & it worked fine. I liked that students could text me easily without having my cell #. I also liked that messages were never deleted for safety reasons. Cut to a couple of months ago where now I can no longer send “announcements” reliably out to my classes if my district has hit some arbitrary limit on sending announcements. I have no warning if/when the weekly limit will be met and no way to extend my personal account to keep sending announcements. I have no idea how many other teachers in my district use Remind or how many announcements are allowed in total for my district, so this has become very frustrating and is ultimately making me walk away from the app for something else…unless it gets fixed. I understand I’ve been using this service for free for years, but I’d be willing to pay a reasonable fee to be able to continue doing what I’ve been doing without restrictions. Until those restrictions are lifted one way or another I guess I’ll be moving on. Thanks for the years that the app was still good.

Error. Update: The developers reached out to me promptly and corrected the error! It is now working properly. Even with this one issue, I highly recommend this app! There has been the number 1 beside my app for over two months now! I have contacted Remind multiple times and asked for their help and nothing! I have done everything I know to figure out why it is there. I even archived the group that the red dot was beside and it still won’t go away. This is beyond annoying! I have two kids that are in multiple groups that I receive notifications. I don’t want to constantly have to worry that I’ve missed a notice because of this problem. Can someone please help me with this matter?!?! This is a great communication tool when it’s working properly! I do wish you were able to write more words in the body of the message.

Love this app. The Remind App is great. I had never even heard of it until the beginning of the school year when my daughter’s teacher sent all of us parents a link to do it. It’s just fantastic. But if you don’t have a school, or teacher that’s on top of it and sends out the reminders then clearly it’s not going to work. It’s great though to get reminders the night before, or the morning of, ab any changes or special events at school. They even use it to tell us if school is cancelled or delayed due to snow, and send class pictures from special occasions. And you can comment or ask questions, privately, or publicly so other parents that might have the same questions can see it. It’s also secure, it’s individual to each class within each school, and the admin has to approve your request to join, or send an invite link. With life being so hectic this is truly something helpful 😉

I LOVE Remind!. We have always used another major app for communicating with my stepsons teachers, and we’re definitely not very fond of it and have a lot of problems with it and always have the entire 3 years we’ve been using it. It wasn’t until this year when my daughter started kindergarten that I found out there was another app for communicating with teachers. I have been happy with Remind since first downloading it and now after using it for over a month of regularly talking to my daughters teacher- I absolutely LOVE IT. It’s much more reliable than other similar platforms. I also love that you can communicate with other parents if need be. It’s simple, easy to use, and reliable. I would recommend Remind over other similar platforms over and over again!

DO NOT USE THE TUTORING SERVICE. Remind tutoring is the worst service I have had the misfortune of dealing with. From the very beginning it was a nightmare. I signed up for a 12 pm start time. The night before the session I received a message from the tutor that she would only be able to meet with us at 8:30 pm. I don’t have to explain why this was an issue for my 5th grader but they assigned us another tutor which we wouldn’t start with for another week. Also an issue since we would have to wait another week to start our sessions. When we finally do meet with the tutor, she has no idea of how the work is done and we receive a “D” on the first assignment submitted. From there it just gets worse. Her baby is crying through the whole session, we get basically nothing done. She sends you tube videos instead of teaching my son. I could keep going with the horror stories except I’d be here forever. Do not use this tutoring service it will cost you more time and effort just to get the billing right. A nightmare from beginning to end !!!

This is an awesome app. This is an amazing app to use. You can use it for many different things, you can use it for school or just for groups for school. You can use it for work. You can pretty much use it for anything related to learning or working. It’s an awesome app to have because it has helped me to remember things for school I mainly use it for my beta club stuff. You can add friends and different things in it, and you can also, you can make your own profile. You can add friends on it and it’s just a really good app to use if you forget things like I do and I just love to see what things and opportunities for school and mainly my group for school, beta. Whoever made this app is amazing I could give them a huge thumbs up, and also I want to give he/she a hug because of this app I am able to remember things for beta club. THANKS FOR GIVING ME TJIS OPPORTUNITY to make a review. P.S. I want to say thank you again and I want to meet the person who made this app because they are a genius or they all or all geniuses

Love Love Love this app!!!. The Remind app is simply awesome! I struggle with anxiety when it comes to my kids, one high schooler and one kindergartner. I find myself wondering how they are, if they are ok, what’s going on with them while at school etc. My youngest started kindergarten this year and as most of you know that can be a struggle in itself. The first few weeks there were tears, asking teachers to call “mama”, etc. The Remind app has helped not only myself but my little one adjust to going to school and being away from me. Knowing I can check in on them or the teachers can check in with me with updates, emergency’s, class assignments, school functions etc.. its a total game changer! My high schooler can stay in contact with teachers even after school hours for homework questions, help with assignments, etc. Thats a plus itself! I can breathe easy knowing I can be & stay in contact with my kids teachers at anytime! I’m so grateful for the Remind app. We Love it!

Awesome for texting but lacks features for educators. Being able to text people in a class or small groups is amazing and very helpful. However finding individual texts is very difficult to do...there’s no way to sort or organize msgs and if you receive images or attachments from members (students) they are also extremely difficult to find after several threads. You’d have to download or copy the attached picture right away because if you miss it or if you don’t do it immediately then you might as well forget it. The new features to attach files from different platforms is amazing but if you can’t receive msgs in a way that’s easy to organize, you might as well stick to email for more classroom related tasks like assignments and schoolwork communication. If it’s being presented as a tool for constant communication in an educational context it would be most helpful to sort msgs or find attachments somehow in a way that’s efficient and organized. It’s also difficult to find contacts when parents and students are not separated or filed easily, especially using it in the primary grades where the main contact or only contact is with a parent (you still need to know who’s parent they are) and adding that to the “notes” is not the best option.

Remind is a Great Alternative to Email. The app is a great way to communicate with my kids’ teacher directly without having to email, which is so much more convenient. I don’t think you can send videos though, or maybe I just haven’t figured out how? If the latter is the case, then I would say the app needs improved user-friendliness because it should’ve been easy for me to figure out, but I don’t think it’s possible. I have been able to send pics through the app, but have had to send the videos via email. Also, I would prefer a clearly displayed time stamp (hours and minutes) of when messages are sent and received, kind of like some cell phones would show, although I know many of the newer ones don’t do this anymore. With my cell, I have to swipe the message to the left to view the time stamp, which is kinda annoying, but that’s just me and my preference. Other than those things, I think the app is great.

Jumbled. This app is...kind of......ok-ish. This app used to be great! I will be honest and say that the app WAS awesome in the past. However, now it’s just a necessary annoyance. I use it now only because I need it to keep in touch with the schools that my children attend. The stream of messages with no division of which school or class is annoying. The inability to leave a school is annoying. Yes. I get that there is a way to delete a school, but it doesn’t work every time. Try it. It won’t always work. I have a teacher who has two different groups. They both go to the same stream because they were both sent out by the same person. That gets confusing because I have to check the header of each and every message to see which group is being referred to instead of them being able to be separate even with them having different codes!!! It’s a different group!! It shouldn’t come in on the same screen as the other group!!! It’s just annoying!!! This is the situation for the most active groups on my app. Good luck trying to keep track of everything with this crazy app!!!! I’m so sad to leave a two star review for what used to be one of my favorite apps. :-( :-( :-(

Terrible Sign up experience. First, I signed up using the text option provided by my daughter’s school. Second, I downloaded the app and chose to sign in using my google account, rather than creating “another” user account on someone else’s servers. I finished the verification process and and found the account I had just created via text message. I was prompted to merge and I accepted. I received an email saying my accounts were merged so I assumed the app was just a stuck. Third, merging was stuck for over 10 minutes so I removed and downloaded the app again. When I got to the main page it had already pre-populated my email address in the email field. Assuming the app was smart enough to use Google SSO, as I had previously indicated, I clicked the next button. Now it’s trying to create me another account on remind servers. So basically no SSO. And, I’m stuck on the page that wants me to choose a password! I don’t want to choose a password! I want to go back and sign in with the Google account like I indicated in the first place. But now the app won’t let me go anywhere until I enter a password. I’ve deleted the app. I’ve deleted the app and app data, but it appears to be keeping track of where I was in the app. Clearly it’s storing something where I cannot delete it. Now I have no idea how to use this app. It’s stuck and I have no recourse.

Don’t force change my settings. I rely on getting my children’s classroom announcements texted to me. I wondered why my child’s teacher wasn’t online today only to find out she had sent us a message through Remind and the techies at Remind decided I no longer needed to receive the text message version! They turned it off for me. Well, thanks not! I missed an important message. If you decide to make such a change, do it NOT on a Monday morning. And announce it prior to and let your users make the decision themselves! I don’t pay attention to the Remind badges when I’m busy, but I notice text messages. I prefer reading the messages in Remind, but please don’t turn off my settings! Also, I’ve got conversations from 5 years ago from groups that no longer exist, but Remind won’t let me delete them. Seriously?! Again with not letting me make my own choices! I want the conversations GONE! Tired of seeing them every day from groups I am no longer a part of. Am I going to have to see them for another 5, 10, 15?

First ever app review.... this should be used at every school!. This is the first app I’ve ever reviewed! But I have to say how this app has been so amazing for our family! My 5 year old son has autism and receives a lot of special services including seeing numerous teachers and therapists at school. Before this app I was never able to keep up with all the emails, found it impossible to go through everything and respond to everyone in a timely manner. Once his school started using Remind, all the important communications, the stuff directly from his teachers regarding things in his specific care, now had their very own home on my phone, and the unique style alerts easily combined to separate these important messages from the noise of my constantly roaring email inbox! With this app I have been able to GREATLY improve my communications with my son’s teachers and therapists at school and it allows so much better cross communication between the entire group on his team as well! I think every school should be using this app. Teachers, get your classroom on here! Parents, send Remind invites to your children’s teachers! I love this app so much and hope to see it used everywhere soon!

Stopped before it started. I’ve heard and read so many great reviews for this app, including from my colleagues so I after two terms of hearing about it, I finally decided to try it. Lucky me! 😒 I’m not sure what I did wrong but within seconds, it has already been a fail. I’ve tried uninstalling and installing and was still a total fail. After setting up my classroom, I went to enter some contacts and it got stuck at asking me what I wanted people to call me, which I had already done in the initial setup. Already strange that it was asking me this again. I typed my name again, and chose “Ms” for the title; then hit next. First it changed what I entered and added an “M.” in front of my name and no title. It then would not advance to the next screen. I repeatedly hit next and it just kept repeating the same screen name question. I even uninstalled and when I installed again; it eerily would reload and show the last screen from before I uninstalled it - still asking me what name. A major glitch to be sure. It just kept blipping “What do you want students to call you?” Call me baffled and disappointed.

Very helpful, few minor flaws. “Outside of office hours” needs to have an option so the app will not notify you during that time. I have at times been unable to silence my phone for personal reasons and been awakened, disrupted or frustrated by students messaging at times I have asked them, numerous times, not to. It has only gotten worse with online learning. Students do not always have the maturity to realize that it is inappropriate to message a teacher at 10 pm to ask if an assignment was turned in or to correct a grade. That option would save me, and I’d imagine many teachers, so much frustration. The good: I use this app daily. It has helped me support numerous students over the years, whether it was simple questions or reassuring them to focus on self-care and family during difficult times. I don’t know what I would do without it. It helps me connect with and help so many students. I very much appreciate what it does, but I need a break from the notifications/work sometimes.

Easy easy easy. Easy to set up, easy to get subscribers, easy to use. Great app for keeping groups informed. I use it for my Sunday School class to keep them informed of events and needs of the class. I have been using this app for almost 2 years now, and I'm still happy with the product. Recent update to the app however, have made it more difficult for me to see the messages. I am visually impaired and need more of a high contrast between text and background. Even when using the accessibility options in the Apple iOS, messages are still difficult to see because of the color schemes that were selected by the developer. Unfortunately, pastels seem to be the big thing now so this is not the only app I have difficulty with. Perhaps allowing users to pick a color scheme in settings would be appropriate I am looking forward to the day when the app takes advantage of Dark mode to make viewing easier.

Very, very helpful. I really appreciate the fact that I can text my students as a class and individually while all of us maintain the privacy of our phone numbers. This is much more effective than the email system our school provides. Teens hardly ever check emails, but they do check texts. I send reminders about homework, projects, and tests; I contact guys who have left their books or their coats in class; I give them a heads-up about inclement weather; and I send notes of praise and thanks as well as offers of extra help and do-overs. The only reason for the four instead of five stars is the limited number of characters in the text that I can send. I usually have to go back and abbreviate heavily or end up sending two messages. Evidently, my school has not bought into the upgrade that would give me the ability to send slightly longer messages.

Good so far, but could use improvement. I really enjoy using remind because it’s user friendly and extremely compatible with all of my apple products. Even my students without smart phones are able to use remind through SMS. I also love the feature of allowing parents to join a class. However, there are a few features that are lacking. I don’t like that my characters are limited when I send an announcement. I tend to send a lot of attachments and that seems to lower the character count additionally. Also, I like to create videos of my solutions to problems and send them to students. Remind doesn’t allow for videos to be sent. It does allow pictures to be sent, but if I have a multitude of pictures (for example a packet where each page is its own separate picture), I have to send the pictures one at a time in their own separate messages. I’m looking forward to updates that will make Remind even more useful for my students and myself.

Functionality differs between app and desktop site. I’m a new user to the app, and I’m sure it’s generally great. However, somehow the app assigned me to a school that’s not even in my district! I see the Remind website provides guidance on how to remove a school, but it seems it only works when on a computer - not through the app on my iPhone and iPad. I realize overall it’s a minor issue, but it’s a major pet peeve for me when the functionality of a website and an app are not the same. I hope this isn’t user error on my end, but I tried everything I could think of to find a way to remove the school to no avail. *sigh* Update - when trying to reset my password on the app it asks for a new password and to confirm the password. When I click save it says the old password is required to change it. Makes sense - except there is no field for the current password! This app is driving me bonkers. I’m truly only using it because my daughters teacher requires it.

Ok but... I Don't Want Notifications. I like the app, and it really helps me for my teachers to be able to notify me of upcoming assignments and due dates. Although I have a small issue, on the gear icon for the settings, there is always a orange dot when I am using the app, on my tablet. I use my phone for actually getting notifications from this app, but I use my tablet just to check back on past messages from my teachers, and this is why I have notifications completely turned off on my tablet. But, I feel it is a bit unnecessary that, every time I open the app on my tablet, it insists on "warning" me that I have notifications turned off. I know that this issue of mine is, most likely, not even a problem in your eyes, but it would be nice to not have this supposed warning, at the top left of my screen, while in the app. Thank you for making this app, and reading this long rant of mine. Sincerely, A Student User

Remind. I like this app as it helps me get more information directly from the instructor (if the instructor is using it regularly). I wish this app was utilized to its full potential. For example: if the instructor is beginning new material in their classroom, they should place the information in Remind. It would help us work better with our children after school, and we would have the opportunity to teach them different methods to achieve the same results. Also, placing the actual weekly assignments, makeover assignments, extra credit, etc. in Remind could be a great way to help parents with knowing that their children are presenting all of their work. Now in the case of my usage of the app and my personal opinion(s)...I would feel better about special assignments and projects if parents were able to begin their own groups “study group”.

Group chats need improvement. *update* They changed it so there are group chat character limits. Part of why we liked group chats are because we can send out messages with more information instead of sending multiple messages out. The group chats also shouldn’t be limited to just 10 people. I coach dance and there are times where I want to create a group chat for each category team so dancers who don’t compete in that category aren’t bombarded with questions related to something they’re not even doing. But this causes chaos because then I have multiple group chats for multiple category teams and some dancers miss questions that the other chats ask. There also needs to be a safe word dictionary. My account got flagged because I said “booty shorts” to clarify with dancers what to wear under their team skirt! What would happen if I had to tell them to wear briefs? There’s also times where dancers have forgotten to pack underwear and now I don’t know how to remind them because I don’t want the account to get suspended.

Great app that is easy to use. I like that the app provides a way to text students without using my personal information and cell phone number. And it provides a platform to send group messages. I am giving it 4 stars instead of 5 because there needs to be a way for us administrators of the app to make changes to a student’s account— for example if a student’s name is misspelled (often due to autocorrect) and it’s submitted, I can’t change it, only the student can. Also, once I put the student’s cell phone and email, I can’t see this information. So if I need to update and make changes to this info, or if I need to call the student or email the student, I don’t have access to the information. Also, it is frustrating that there’s a limit to how many characters I can use when sending group texts.

Great idea. Really helpful way to keep in contact with teachers or classes. However, there are a few kinks to still work through. I cannot message a teacher without having received a message from them first. I don’t understand why I can message anyone in the class except for the teacher. There has got to be a better way to organize classes. More customization within the app would be very helpful. For example, being able to organize the list of classes or teachers in any order, or in alphabetical order or put them in groups. Another helpful tool would be a way to mark something as important or put it in a to do list. It’s great to have these reminders, but once you read it there is not a way to set it aside to remember where it is later if it isn’t something that can be done right away. Lastly, I hate getting text messages as well. What is the point of the app if I get a text anyway. I disabled this in the app, but made the mistake of accepting a class through a text and began receiving the texts again. I unsubscribed, again mistakenly through text, and that ended my ability to send a message to the teacher even through the remind app.

Great Ap for parents. My only child started kindergarten this year so Remind was brand new to our house & this level of communication between parent & teacher was a pleasant surprise. Remind does exactly what you’d want or need it to & is very simple to use. 💕👍🏼🏆 The only reason I left the 4-star rating rather than 5 is that a few times (usually last minute early mornings) the message or announcement will show a sent time stamp of a few hours earlier than it’s received. If his teacher sends an all-parent notice out at 645am there have been a few times we don’t rcv until after 9/930am when kids are already off & gone for their day. The bummer is it’s likely too late to address. I’m not certain however if the problem is somehow the school / teacher piece or within the apps function... I just know other neighborhood parents, w/ different classes & teachers, have experienced the same issue.

Mostly Great. I mostly like the premise of this app. It does exactly what it says it will do mostly perfectly. Students like it and it’s easy to use. However, a couple things drive me crazy: 1) it’s impossible to clear notifications. I HATE seeing the notification tag on my devices and it’s impossible to get rid of them. I have spent an eternity combing through the thousands of messages I’ve received over the past three years, none of them are unread, yet I still have four notifications that will NOT go away. Grrrr. 2) I know that app designers want us to constantly use their apps, but this one goes too far. It will send me 20 notifications a day, with no options on which to receive and how. They’re either off or on which makes the app either useless or completely obnoxious. There’s no in between and that is annoying. I’ve now uninstalled this app for the second time. That means I only use the web browser version, which is not as convenient, but at least it can’t bombard me with notifications that are impossible to remove. Please fix and I will reinstall!

Awesome addition for parents!. I really enjoy this app, it’s great for parents of younger children that are in school - I get text updates all the time from my boys’ teacher’s, one kid goes to after school care and his program director keeps in touch and sends pertinent updates through it, if they rode the bus (I drive them and pick them up) I would be able to communicate with the bus driver through the app, and even the school principal sends out announcements from the app - announcements that I’m sure are told to the students but by the time they get home they’ve forgotten about and never tell us, so we’re able to keep up to date on things like book fairs, student award ceremonies, dances, dress up days, reward days (Kona Ice comes to the school monthly), etc… it’s just a really beneficial tool to keep up with my children’s different school activities, projects, behaviors, etc. I am someone who does more texting than calling, I absolutely HATEEE talking on the phone for some reason, so it’s great that it’s a text app to keep us informed - but it also makes call for those who aren’t really into texting. It’s a very useful tool to have.

Great App!. Remind is a fantastic way to keep in touch with your children’s school(s) and teacher(s). It’s a great way for the school(s) to send announcements during inclement weather or if there are certain things coming up they can send reminders for the dates of those. As well as if you have any issues or questions you can always reach out to your child’s teacher to discuss those questions as well as their grades, extra credit work, etc. My husband & I both have this app and I recommend it to anyone who has children whose school uses it. If your phone can’t hold the app you can also set up where you can just get text reminders which I also think is great bc not everyone has enough memory on their phone to hold the app but they can still get in contact with the teacher(s).

Great app...just one problem for me. This app is wonderful because it allows me to communicate with my college students. Nothing only that, it allows me to actually download and/or print all messages from students as well as all communications. My only problem or concern is that I have to limit my wording in each message I send (or simply type multiple messages) because Remind only allows so many characters in each message space. That makes it aggravating not only for me but my students, as they receive several back to back messages for just one announcement. On the flip side of is helping me learn to eliminate excessive wordiness! Ha! Ha! Overall this is still a great app...Just please fix my problem and allow at least a few more characters for each message! Thanks

Please Take This Into Consideration. As an eighth grader who participates in many school-wide sports and clubs this app is wonderful. I have the ability to communicate with my teachers, coaches, and advisors, and that is wonderful when you aren’t allowed to have their personal cell phone number. One thing I wish this app had however, is the ability to call and video chat with the people as well. I’m a cheerleader, and the day we voted on captains I had to miss for something more important. I was one of the candidates, but I would’ve loved to vote on my friends as well. (Obviously for fairness purposes you were not allowed to vote for yourself, but we had two captains *one for seventh grade, and one for eighth* and some of my best friends were candidates as well.) If this app had a call or video chat feature I would’ve had the ability to vote on people for cheer captain. Please take that into consideration. Thank you so much for reading. Have a blessed day!

Student/Procter. Remind is a one of a kind tool to use in classrooms, clubs, and really any organization that needs mass communication. It is really simple and easy to use. It can take less than a minute to send a message to the group, and even allows private chats between students and teachers. I think one of the best things about Remind is that it allows teachers to communicate with students without the awkwardness of private phone numbers. It is all done through the app so the numbers are confidential. However, the only down side is that it is very difficult to send large messages to the group because there is a character max of about 130. If Remind were the change it to about 200, I think it would make communication even easier. Sometimes there just isn’t enough space to say all that needs to be said, so the new max character count would aid in that aspect. Other than that, Remind is a high quality and effortless way to communicate within organizations!

Avid User. I love remind. I use it on a weekly basis. I have been part of remind for 2 years now and I can say that my students really love it. However, I don't like the current version of the app. It is hard to find where I can write a message. I feel like I am navigating back and forth and never find what I am looking for. The layout as as is has been the most difficult for me to use and I consider myself technology buff. Hope there is an update with changes soon. Neverless, still use this program folks! Students love it. (I currently use the desktop version because it's easier for me) Update: navigation has gotten a lot better. Easier to find where to send messages. Now my biggest complaint is that I get a notification for the same message sent to different classes. I don’t remember this happening until this fall of 2018.

Perfect for the High school and above student. I had this app for around 4 years, (being during my high school years) after being forced by my classes thanks to the new technology curriculum in my school. Let me say this is a life saver. The teacher will ‘remind’ you when you have things due, an event the next day, or need to being an item to school. There is also a function to privately chat to your teacher, I used it to ask questions on weekends for projects due. However this app is only as good as the teacher and student who use it if the teacher is willing to remind. Although, I enjoyed the app, the notifications are not repeated, the ui and interface is simple, and it’s easy to add classes. Definitely recommend for the forget me not students out there that is busy and stressed with multiple class work

Easy to set up and use. Very useful, just in case.. I found that the app was incredibly easy to set up and to use. I didn’t know much about the app, at first. I wanted to give 5 stars for a few reasons. 1 - This app has a very nice and slick user interface. It’s simple to navigated and find what you want in just a single tap or 2. 2 - The app has features that make it very easy to make and set a reminder. It’s very good to have when taking several classes and labs. 3 - This app does not require a lot of sensitive personal or financial data. Just enter some simple and basic contact information. 4 - The app looks very clean and that’s very good to have when you happen to check what reminder or alert you have set up. 5 - The app is free. And for a free app, it really was designed very well. I think you’ll find this app very useful. It doesn’t require a lot of memory on your smart phone or tablet. Because the app uses so little space, it doesn’t require or use much power from your phone / table to use. I would recommend trying this app to find out if you like it or find it useful. For something that would be very useful and free that can be of help to you, while in college, I would recommend giving it a try.

Some inconveniences. It’s fine to receive basic reminders. We use for school admin to parent or teacher to parent and Vice versa communication. The free version has very low character limit (140) so it’s hard to fit even basic info-so then it’s a reminder and see attachment. Which you can only attach one picture or file. So that means sending several messages which leads to over notifications, which then parents are bothered. (There are plans available for higher character around 500 is the one my school finally switched to. This is very helpful. Idk the cost on the administration side, but I appreciate it both as a teacher and parent.) On the parent side if you have receive notifications turned on then it’s really like two notifications because you get the notification and view it. But then you still have to open the app and view in the app for it to be marked read, otherwise it still looks like you have a new message. Also if several attachments were sent in a row you have to open each one separately. So it’s small inconvenience but adds up. I do like how you can individual message within groups so it’s a way for parents to connect without sharing numbers. And you can individual connect with a teacher. But each teacher had to make their own group. Overall it functions for its basic purpose to send a brief reminder to a group of people who have signed up-but that’s the key-very basic.

Horrible app!!!!. This app is apparently too hard for some teachers to set up. I sent a message to my child’s teacher at about 9:45 pm one evening and the message wasn’t received by the teacher until around 3 am when it woke her up because she had her am/pm switched around in her available hours and had it programmed mistakenly to go to her personal cell phone. When I arrived at the school the next morning to drop off my children I was met at the car/curb by two administrators who demanded that I meet them across campus at an admin office where I was accused of hacking into a teachers personal life and obtaining her cell phone number!! Luckily I was able to prove that I sent the message at around 9:45 pm vs the reported 3 am by showing them the app and the message to clear myself. However, this resulted in the teacher getting embarrassed &/or still not trusting me and she didn't think she could continue being my child’s teacher. So, my son was transferred to a different teacher where he went through an entire school year being constantly abused verbally and physically. Now 2 years later, the teacher who was too stupid to understand how to properly set up her app is now my child’s teacher again and even though I refuse to use the remind app to communicate with her she has created a new nightmare for my child this year!!!

Nice app but few concerns. Hello, my name is Shelly. I congratulate you developers for making such a simple and nice app for commucation. Teachers use this and so do students. Thank you for creating this app. Alrighty, every time there is an update, I’m sorry, but this makes me giggle because all it says in the description is “improvements” and that’s all. 😁 That’s not my concern—my concern is the fact that it kind of glitches with no wifi. Sometimes the messages don’t show up, and I’m confused. I see it on my notifications, but I don’t see it on the Remind app itself until it refreshes, but I constantly try to refresh it and have it take longer than usual. You all don’t need to fix that because it’s due to wifi problems that are easily solved. That’s all. 🙂 Other than that, I believe this app is good and recommended to anyone. ❤️Again, thank you so much for your time & patience reading this.❤️ P.S., I’m sorry about the story someone reviwed here; their bad experience made me feel pity for her and her child. I hope he is doing better now & so is she. I personally wouldn’t know what to do, if I had that kind of teacher. So far, I only had one teacher that wasn’t the best. She didn’t like me one bit but kept a secret / hid that. Maybe it was her demeanor or I perceived it wrongly, but still, it was very awkward being in her classroom. Anyway, I hope nobody goes through that. Tough world out there.

Great concept. The concept is great. Being able to touch bases with your child’s school/teacher is an amazing feeling and builds trust between family/ school. Having said this, all this wonderful potential is cut short if the teacher turns off the ability for the parents to send messages to teachers. Also, teachers have the option to sign up and use the app or not at all. Again, no app automizes the human response, but this one would be better if more teachers embraced this technology and used it *for the entire school year* not just in the beginning when everything’s exciting. Too many parents have been left out of emailing their kids teachers because of some weird school site programmers restrictions that kick outside emails to the spam bin. I would like to see in a future update for this app that teachers are not able to turn off parents comments. Really sends the cold shoulder to a lot of families when it really is all about the kids.

Appreciation!!. Was so pleased that thru the first few months of this school year that having this way to communicate with their teachers helped a lot. Miss Keddie and Miss Churruca were really supported and helpful to our Kadence when she needed it. Wish I can turn back the time to the beginning of 6th grade to really appreciate the days Kadence was attending at Ocotillo. Days went by so fast blink of an eye!!! Children grow up so fast!!! Really saw Kadence’s face light up every morning when she approached the school and when picking her up at the end of the day I looked with so much happiness and loving feelings to see my granddaughter happy with her friends and her family. Her parents were not around so her grandparents, which was myself and my husband, took charge to take care of our beautiful grandkids. They are now reunited with their mom and day and doing well still at our home. They feel safe and have support and so much love from their family. Thank you again!!!!

Remind is Awesome. We have used this app extensively for our Drama Club for the last three years and it’s absolutely invaluable. Parents and students can be so easily and quickly contacted about anything! Especially last minute rehearsal changes, and reminders for when things are due. The app does have a couple of small bugs - it doesn’t refresh well without clicking out of the screen and back again; sometimes it’ll say I’ve got a message on my notifications, but it won’t show up on the app unless I close it and open it again. But these really minor bugs don’t make the use of the app even uncomfortable. It just costs an extra 10 seconds a day, but the app itself saves us hours! So I think it’s absolutely 100% worth putting up with the minor bugs. I LOVE this app! Thank you for making it!

Great idea, challenging interface. The concept is great: a simple way to share reminders and urgent messages quickly via text with my class parents. The challenges I run in to every year is 1. fixing errors in the spelling of parents names (which is a problem when autocorrect changes Oriana to “Organs” and you don’t notice until after the invitation has been sent and accepted), and 2. Correcting mismatches in a couple’s names/numbers. For instance I accidentally linked a wife’s name to her husband’s phone. He accepted her invite (and his own) so now all announcements go to him. I’ve tried chatting and submitting help requests. I’ve been told the solution requires the parents to download the app, create an account, and fix the problem at their end. I appreciate the need to respect privacy, but that’s putting the onerous on the wrong party. Administrators have to be able to make simple corrections at our end.

So happy with this App but... This App is great! I am glad I can finally keep in contact with my teachers over the weekend or even when school is out and there is no after school tutoring. There are so many great things about this app to talk about but I do have one complaint. See I move a lot being a military family and also moving schools. So when I try to switch my schools to my current one it kept saying that it wasn’t advised to do it and wouldn’t let me it took me 46 minutes until I was able to get my school switched with the help of a teacher. I thought it would automatically switch when I became registered in a different school because I am in high school and it said I was in middle school. And because it said I was in middle school I couldn’t join any of my high school classes on remind. I would just like it to be less complicated in the future. But otherwise this App is 5 Star!! I recommend it to all of my friends all the time!

Great for teachers. I love this app. The only reason I am not giving it 5 stars is because I think you should be able to send longer messages. I often have to send 3 messages to relay the week’s reminders, which is annoying to me and the parents. Also, I have to keep a parent contact log and I wish there was a way to sort the dates of messages sent directly to the parents that aren’t whole class messages. I have to go into each parent and do them one by one and it takes forever- so a sort drop down menu filter would be nice. What’s great? The fact you can go back and look at old messages. I actually had a parent try to sue our school because she said her child slipped on the bathroom floor and lost a permanent tooth. On the day her daughter was playing with the sink water, she did slip and lose a tooth, but her mom texted me through remind and said, “ thank goodness the doctors said it was a baby tooth, her permanent one is getting close to coming in.” Lawsuit saved! I also like that it lets you attach pics. I often take pics of school flyers or homework sheets and send.

Can use some work. I like the app! But… There are some things that could definitely be improved. The first and biggest issue is the maximum characters restriction. Remind allows you to write a message up to 140 characters. This forces me as a teacher to condense my messages so much that at times I am not able to get my whole message across. Granted, I can always send another message, but As most of you know, most students will not look farther back than the most recent message. That means that they are missing valuable information at times. The app lost 2 stars because of this one. Secondly, I’m not a fan of how a recipient is not able to click on a link directly from the message and be taken to the corresponding website. The user is forced to click on the Files tab to be able to open those links. This causes much consternation for me as my students didn’t bother to click on the file tab and just don’t bother looking into it further as they figured the link was just bad and now have an excuse to ignore the message altogether.

Remind is AWESOME!. I have been using this app to communicate with my students’ parents/guardians for several years! Starting last year, I started added grandparents (as long as parents approved) because they wanted to support their grandchild with anything they had going on at school. I teach 3rd grade & our administrators do not allow us to text with children, for obvious reasons. I can send group photos when I take special pictures like: First day if school, homecoming week dress up days, fire prevention week, and this week we are doing Red Ribbon week! Everyone enjoys knowing what’s happening at school! This is a format that allows me to share “great things” instead of just negative phone calls. Parents are much more helpful when they see the teacher as a positive and meaningful person in the life of their child! Remind gives them this new perspective! Thank you for this app! Teacher 3B! 🐝

Lots of positives but one huge negative. I’ve been using the Remind app for the past few years and have found it to be very helpful and easy to use. However there is one big flaw that I wish could be fixed to make this a true 5 star app. The allow reply feature which enables parents and students to directly message teachers should have the option of being on an automatic timer of sorts. So instead of having to manually turn it off every day at 4, I wish I could schedule to have it on from 7-4 and then it goes off for the rest of the day. I know lots of teachers who have told me that they’ve taken Remind off of their phones because of the constant messages at all hours of the day. The away message that Remind has made available is not a deterrent at all. It’s just a sign that everyone ignores. So while the app does what it’s supposed to do, it has taken on a 24/7 life of its own.

Great app, just one small problem.... The remind app is great, it helps me know when assignment or tests are coming depending on what grade I’m in on my phone. However in this case I’ve been in a conversation ever since May, I haven’t been able to leave the conversation even when I looked it up on online and using the help center. It said there was a bar where It say X to leave conversation where the icon is. I tapped on the Icon and all I saw was my teacher, the info on the view profile, the options to block or report, and the conversation history email option . I have no idea how get out of this conversation. I’m a student first year into high school and I’m still in the conversation back from end of May that isn’t even necessary to me with no way to leave myself. If you could add in a way to leave a conversation for students it would help so much for anyone else having this problem.

A great teacher-to-student ap and vice versa. When I returned to teaching in the fall of 2018, I knew some teachers were using Remind but I did not see what the big deal was. Mr. Covid has made it very clear to me what the big deal with Remind is. Remind gives a teacher the convenient, easy, and quick way to communicate with his/her students, either individually or as a class. Remind also gives each student the same option to communicate with his/her teacher. If a student has a problem or issue that s/he does not want to share in front of the entire class, Remind is the perfect vehicle for that student-teacher communication, especially if the teacher has his/her phone out and available while teaching - as I now do. Why not just use the school's email system? Simply because many students now do not check their emails frequently. They use phone aps to send and receive messages. I know now that Remind is a terrific phone ap for useful and needed teacher-student conversations. I am now a true believer in the power of Remind and will be making extensive use of this ap in the fall when my school district returns to in-person instruction. I strongly recommend all other teachers do likewise.

Remind Review. Hello! I think this app is great! It keeps students in touch with teachers. However, I do have a few things to announce; Some good, some bad. First off, this app is very useful for communicating (obviously), and you can plan out times. I even used my old email to create a teacher account and I used a made-up school. The purpose is to help kids in my class; but I don’t really have friends so this is sadly impossible. Second, I found a glitch. On my main account (Student account), I cannot change my picture. When I go to “edit” and select a photo for it to be, then I exit, it says, “Changes complete!”. When I refresh the app, however (Close app entirely then re-open it), my picture I chose isn’t there! If you could fix that, it would be REALLY helpful. Lastly, I think it’s cool that we can send pictures. That way, students can tell which paper you mean. For example, if you gave out a homework on day one, then another the next day, and one is due on day 3, you can take a picture to show which homework you mean, or which was assigned that day. That is all for my review. All in all, this app meets all the requirements of a good student-teacher communication app. I rate this “5 stars” because it is simply just USEFUL! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Communication. It is such an easy and fantastic way to communicate to our kids teachers I absolutely love it. I am kept up to date with how my child is progressing at school. I really am enjoying this app a great idea

Pretty good.. Reviewing as a teacher. Great app except there are things I can only do on a desktop that can not be performed on a phone. Also, you are able to set office hours for when you would be available to be contacted, however, you can be contacted at any hour regardless of office hours. This means I sometimes have parents contacting me at all hours of the night. To stop this I need to go into my settings when I go to sleep and again when I wake up to change the notification settings which is really irritating. Otherwise works great and I like the option to message my parents instead of call them (creating a stronger line of communication as it is easier to send a text than make a phone call- without giving out my personal phone number).

Anonymous. Could be better

Better messaging. Would be great if the messages work like Facebook post where you can comment and not limited to a number of words. Also being able to include photos

Amazing. Absolutely amazing app

Not designed for international market?. Only in process of setting up and already noticed that it only offers US time zones. Would be greatly appreciated if its extended to worldwide time zones (inc Sydney please!) Also the only way to get people to "sign up" to your group is by texting a US number ... again no good for an international market. Shame!

Simply fantastic. The fact that I can have a real time update about my kid and also be able to feedback is a brilliant idea. The app works seemlessly.

Messages too short. There is a very small character limit on messages that rarely fits what I want to say, so I either have to send more that one message to parents or cut down and give less detail. Not very good for communication and sharing, I don’t think! Plus, when I added a photo, it took away from my word limit, so I couldn’t have a caption! Am I missing something?!

Awesome app. Awesome app, best way to communicate with teachers! I love the sharing of photos

Attention All Teachers. Whether we want to embrace it or not, we now live in the digital world and must adapt old concepts to new technologies. Remind is the perfect way for teachers to connect with students and parents alike. No more "forgotten" or "lost" notes from the teacher. This app is a must have for all school teachers. Shout out to my sons Year 8 Science teacher at Waverley College for bringing this to my attention.

Parents. Can parents send messages to all the other parents and set up events? We are currently using it for our class and only the teacher can seem to send messages to all parents. Thanks

Good comms app…but…. … the font is quite small to read clearly even with my specs. Perhaps it could be adjusted to conform to the phone’s accessibility settings for font size.

Not working. The set up process failed for me... Does this app work in Australia?

Easy App. It’s been very user friendly and easy to use, we had no issues with anything regarding the app. Been on it for nearly 3 and a half years

Painful. Automatically selects earpiece speaker and you have to manually go into sound options to select speaker mode every single time you play any sound recording.

Has potential. We need to be able to add states from other countries. It won't let me create an account without it.

Don’t like. Don’t like make me work

Best app by far. As a teacher, we don't always have time to contact all parents with messages without having to destroy a forest to tell them what's happening. Remind is the best app to keep parents up to date with what is happening in the classroom or at school.

Fantastic!!. We all know on a daily basis we can be very busy and find it hard to remember all the upcoming events etc without having to write them down making notes etc - with remind we get it straight to our devises with the notifications making it 100x easier to keep up with our busy bees. 😘 🐝 📚

Great for communication between teachers and parents. Love that I can ask questions and be reminded of events at school and within the classroom with this app.

Remind. I love this app makes life so Much easier for mums and teachers

Reza. It's a really good app to communicate with teachers with and to know what's going on.....

Great for teachers.. This gives me the ability to communicate with my students in a safe manner. It goes straight to their phones which they always have on them. It's a bit glitchy sometimes but overall works well. I strongly recommend it.

Awesome and I would recommend to all teachers. So easy to use

My niggs. Shout out to year 10 camp guys

AMAZING. Our school has never felt this wonderfully connected before, love it.

Remind. It’s the best app ever because it lets you communicate with other people and your teachers. And you are able to see all the work that your teacher sets for you

Seems to only work in the USA. Shame, because I was excited to try the app, and it's available on the AU iTunes Store.

App won't open. I updated the app and now it won't open and my sons teacher has sent out messages and I can't even read them!

Practical. Great for parent teacher communication

OMG!!!! Love it!. It's my new best friend!!! Easy to use, instant messages sent to parents. You've got to give it a go - so simple.

Love it!. I love this app! It's great communication between myself and my sons teacher/s. I'm updated on notices, I'm sent pictures of activities or things he is learning. I can private message his teacher any concerns or ask questions or let her know anything about him like when he will be absent. I love it!

Ok but notifications don’t acknowledge all the time. The app doesn’t acknowledge notifications unless you go back to the main menu then into the notification message

Using Remind to Connect. I've been using the Remind app to connect with other teachers in my Twitter PLN... It has been a great way to link up with teachers who use #aussieED. I can see the practical benefits and will be using it for my class in the coming school year. Also, after reading earlier reviews, I can see that the technicians at Remind have listened and modified the app to suit Australian users too! Great app!

good. look i already got banned once for swearing but i’ll let that slide. just pls let me send all the emojis im sick of sending 🥺 and it coming up blank :(

No good. I can't add my phone number

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Love the app. Great app! Just wish their was an option for video👌🏽

Mixed Feelings. This app is helpful as it gives parents and teachers Direct Communication, however a HUGE FLAW is the fact that you can ONLY write SMALL MESSAGES about one sentence long and ONLY leave SHORT VOICE MESSAGES. This can get confusing and is cumbersome to use. For example: I attempt to write a 5 sentence message; while writing the message the teacher responds to the first sentence not understanding what I am expressing. Then the other 4 sentences appear that I am responding to the teachers message when this is not the case...perhaps I should have given Remind a lower rating. #FrustratingToUseForMoreThanOneSentaceMessages

So far so good. A colleague recommended using this app. Love that it is free and that I don't need to share my personal number with parents. Relatively easy to use, with email option for those who don't have cell phones/text messaging. Message is instantaneous and a faster (possibly even more efficient) way to communicate with parents. Would love to be able to send more than 1 photo at a time and to be able to create small groups within a class and save those groups so only certain parents see a message and I don’t have to keep finding their names for each new message.

This app really helps organization. This app helps student and teachers connect to each other out of school.

Remind app. Not user friendly

It’s ok ig. There making me download this for school:( it’s a ok app tho

Blah. Won’t make notifications numbers go always. Says I have 36 notifications but there is not any new ones. Very annoying

Good but needs improvement. Only negative is that announcement sections are too short. You can barely write two sentences.

Very bad. It is super bad!

Excellent Classroom Resource & Support. The educators in our room and our students and their families all find this to be an excellent way to have ongoing communication whenever and wherever it is needed. Home and school both give it five stars!

Remind. Tech at its finest! Saves a paper hand out!

Won’t allow me to make an account. It asks for me to edit my birthday then says your not allowed to edit your birthday then I can’t progress from there

Good app but not excellent. 1. It downloads very slow 2. Images and videos not clear enough 3. It doesn’t allow to see whether the messages are been received and or seen

Decent app, better alternatives. I don’t like the fact that the teacher can not delete their posts. I will be using Class Dojo messenger in the future.

Please consider. Please allow for video to be uploaded. Also, please have more words available to be typed into group messages.

Very challenging. I have two kids with two different teachers. Both use remind. One works well, the other, I always have to search for. Every time. Even though I’m signed up the same way. I have to go into the app and search her to find notifications. Not very helpful!!

Login issues. The app almost NEVER keeps me logged in, making it hard to get messages.

Greatest Teacher Tool Ever!!!. Remind has been great since day one. I've been. "Reminder" for 10 yrs now and my students love it. Now that photos and files can be sent... Well that's just fantastic.

Garbage. Horrible doesn’t work all the time

Great Home School Communication tool. I have used this app for 5 years now. I absolutely love how easy it is to set up each year, get info out to parent for set up, and to navigate. My wish for this app would be that it would allow for more characters in the announcement feature; I find that it is quite low and I need to send 2-3 messages in order to state what’s going on that week, general messages, etc. especially during a time where communication with parents is vital. I would also like to see when I delete a class that it deletes all the contacts on my end as well. Otherwise fantastic app. I highly recommend it.

Impossible to clear the notification badge. Impossible to clear the notification badge even after reading all unread messages.

Removing users. Love the website. I can remove the old users I had on my messaging list. The app, however, has no way to do that. So I have to scroll through the long list of old users to find my current ones amongst them. I don’t want to be tied to my laptop. Let me know if there’s a work around.

should add a way to delete. fine other then that you can’t delete or edit your post/images

Can’t download pictures. After the new update I couldn’t download pictures like I used to do before ! Not sure why

Networks. It isn’t supported by all networks, so doesn’t work for all parents. Also, Be sure to let parents know that they shouldn’t reply via the app as it could cost them. However, because it sends notifications, it is read by most parents regularly and they report a high degree of satisfaction. Limited characters means sending multiple notices and some parents will unsubscribe.

Great tool for communicating. Great concept would love to be able to delete old messages though, couldn’t find an option anywhere, unless I’m missing something?

Not good. If there was an option for 0 stars I would put that

School. Why?????? 😭

Great app!. Ridiculously user friendly!

Character count. Waaaay too low!!! I can hardly communicate a regular announcement without being cut off. This is so frustrating! Can you please increase it!

Quick Notification. Very helpful for parents who has young kids attending school.. Kilo.

Good App. The only thing that would make it better would be if you could delete old conversations.

Great, but... Remind is a very great app. But you are only allowed to add 8 people to a group chat which is annoying

Notifications are driving me nuts. The app works well for reporting absences, however there does not appear to be a setting to let it know the communications from the school go to my email and I don’t need them marked in the app. Also for the last few days the notifications ping my phone over and over again for the same message! I have it ding and clear constantly for up to half an hour for messages I’ve already read

Relegated to 140 characters. Everything about this app would have been perfect if it were not for its 140 character limit. That’s not even enough to say what might be in an attachment.

Needs to have a “confirmation” feature. I wanted to search for a school name “@“ when I was automatically joined to the wrong school / class. There is no confirmation if that is the actual class you want to join when you type a school name. I am able to delete the school and class but the teacher’s name stating they are a “Remind Expert” or that I have joined a class and will automatically appear in “All classes” conversation without any messaging. I cannot delete not archive these names. Even if I have deleted the class that I did not wish to join, I have had a few new teachers’ name that state they are a “Remind Expert” will appear in “All classes” without any messaging to them for two days. Remind can consider a feature to ask to confirm to join a class instead of automatically having a person join a class. This avoid the mess I have of unwanted people in my conversation list that I cannot delete nor archive.

Constant error messages. Constantly get notifications & then can’t read them because of error messages. It’s frustrating!

Please add option to remove old conversations. 4 stars. Would be 5 if option to remove old conversations is added

Great Platform. GreatPlatform which enable teachers and parents communicate during the school year to keep trucking children’s performance any education

Awesome. Very useful app easy to use 💕💕💕

Love this app!. I have been using this app to communicate with my students’ parents for several years now. They tell me that they love it as much as I do! It’s a quick and easy. I only wish that Rogers’ network still supported text messages. Come on Rogers!!

Delete. Unable to delete classes no matter how many times you read the instructions. A simple swipe with a verification after would be so simple.

Great tool. It is an excellent tool for teachers to communicate with parents

Poo. Poo

DO NOT GET I can’t delete it off my phone. It logged me out and says my password is wrong no Matterhorn many times I try it. I was going to make a new account and got half way through and changed my mind. It won’t let me get back to the starting screen so I deleted it and re downloaded it and it was just how I left it, it won’t forget my information! So I tried to delete it again and now it won’t even delete so it’s stuck on my phone!

Really disappointed. I'm really disappointed in the fact that I was threatened with my account being deleted for rules I didn't break. The rules I was accused of breaking was, impersonating someone or putting false information. I didn't impersonate anyone and I didn't put false info. To the developers, the person who threatened me is Meghan.

Trash. 100 character limit on posts. What a great way to actively discourage people from using the app. Make it infuriating to try and message a group or person. Absolutely trash, avoid at all costs. Actively seeking a better solution for our school. Avoid at all costs.

Some settings are broken. I tried messaging my teacher privately but the app would send me to a group conversation which I didn’t want and is probably going to get me in trouble and you’re not able to delete messages he’ll even edit them which absolutely idiotic

Never use the app. It wasn’t working it sent emails to the teacher to the office

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Great communication app. We use this for school to keep in touch with teachers and also for sports! Creating and adding to groups is very easy! I did have an issue the other day but the support team was fast and friendly and solved my issue very quickly! I highly recommend this app for teachers or anyone who has a large group of people you need to be in contact with! The only thing I don’t like is when sending a message to my entire group they only give you 140 characters per message, so I have to break it up into 3 and 4 messages to say when needs to be said 😫 if they changed that I would love the app even more!

Disappointed in last update. I love this app and I have been using it since 2015. I would have given it 5 stars up until the last update. I am really disappointed in the last update. It is now limiting the amount of characters in an individual message. When you are having an individual conversation with a parent and you are trying to answer their questions fully, it is hard to do in 140 characters. I completely understand the character limit for group messages but individual messages should not be limited. It makes our messages sound cold and short. I would really love it if this feature is changed back to its original form. If it doesn’t, I may have to consider another option that allows me to communicate effectively with all of my families and to meet their needs.

Notification Alerts are Badly Implemented. The app is functional to keep you from having to use cell numbers to communicate with students, but there is a pretty broken issue. The app has invisible alerts for things you can’t clear. Mine sits at 15 right now. What is it alerting me to? No clue. How do I clear it? No idea. Basically this means that I need to keep alerts off because they don’t actually come up with new messages- meaning that I must manually check the system from time to time and won’t just be able to treat it like a proper messaging program. There are too many bells and whistles and if I find a simpler program, I’ll make the transition. I’d honestly be happy to pay for an app that worked like this and let me use alerts by only coming up with new messages like would be actually helpful.

Good and very useful but could use some improvement for distance learning. I love this app and am happy my district decided to start using it. It makes communicating with teachers the easiest it’s ever been and I have had kids in school for many years. I look forward to being able to quickly reach my kids teachers during our distance learning over the coming weeks. The only thing I would like to see is a way to organize. It would be wonderful if I could easily glance and be able to tell the chat streams apart by grade or student or even school. As my kids are in a few different classes that are titled similarly. Maybe be able to group them up myself on my screen. Something anyway. Otherwise it’s a wonderful app.

Great. I just downloaded this app today because of what is happening out there I need to communicate with my parents so far I’m just starting to use it today got some parents accept my invite that’s really good and send a group message which is awesome I have to keep navigating through the app so I can get use to it so far I like it a lot. Update!!! The more I use it the more I liked this app and is very very helpful. with this app I’m able to communicate with all my parents and they are responding back to me and sending pictures and videos of the children’s doing work at home during this pandemic!!! This is really a great app thank you. I recommend it to my co teachers and they are starting to use it 😁!!!

Teacher Essential. Wow, where to start about Remind… I love this app so much. How is it not useful?! It helps me get out reminders that I forgot to tell my students in class, remind them about projects and long-term assignments, Develop relationships with students that may not typically speak up in class, and help answer questions or problems that students/parents have a quickly and efficiently. All of my students and their parents signed up for Remind at the beginning of the year. I hand out the instructions for how to sign up at back to school night and explain how I use it with the parents. I think one of the most exciting things that Remind has done recently is allow teachers to link their Google classroom account to their Remind account to streamline and makes it simple to send out important announcements that require an attached document to students in one quick click of a button. There are many more helpful qualities about this app, so I recommend downloading it and exploring. It is extremely user-friendly and easy to pick up without ever using it before and you don’t need another person to explain anything! I highly recommend this ANY teacher!!!

Remind app for my Prek 4 sunshine. This app has been wonderful for me during my daughter’s first year of school. It allows to me to communicate with her teacher regarding any concerns either of us may have. I get pictures of classroom activities, and messages about upcoming activities and any letters that are being sent home for parents fill out and return. I can also let the teacher know if my child is sick and will attending school that day, checking out early for an appointment, or being picked up by another adult in carline. It has been amazing for me!! Would recommend it for any parent!!

Greedy. I have used this app since it started as a way to communicate to the parents & students of the high school I work at. I work at a small public school & funding is not abundant. In order to continue to use it this year I was going to be required to pay $4,000 because I had more than 150 people in my group (our graduating class averages 250 students). Unfortunately we are unable to pay that so I had to change ways to communicate to them. The new app I’m using isn’t as good but unfortunately I don’t have another choice. They did offer a $500 discount but after using something for free for 4 years that seemed like a slap in the face.

Still deserve a four can’t send multiple photos.. I lost everything. It said ‘hit a snag , try again later’ a few minutes I was sign out. Told to put my password , I didn’t know it. I created one. New account . Where are all the class? All the assignments I posted to be send at a later day I have no access to now. I went back delete the app , reopened it, new account. Was it because I put a child last name? I don’t know . I think the reason I have a new account it’s because of the auto email set up that was already written and I have different names for different accounts. It may have been my fault for having a new account.

Useful, but needs at least one addition. I teach preschool and just started using remind this school year. It is a great app and saves me a lot time since I can send out messages to everyone at once. My one problem is that I have a co-teacher and we have not been able to add her in a meaningful way without my winding up with her kids’ remind notices in my account. So consequently she is unable to communicate with parents directly. It would work much better if we both had the ability to communicate and could see all messages from parents but also remained independent. The character count initially gave me problems but I solved the issue by creating a poster, taking a screen shot of it and then sending it out. I’ve also done that with forms, etc. Now it’s not a big deal.

I want to like this app. This app use to be a great app. Back when our school system started using this app years ago, it was a good app. At that point it was also ahead of the times, it is now behind. The app notifications are always lagging, but I hate getting the app and the text. I wish I could cut the app notifications off and get just the text. It’s also sad that the app doesn’t have the ability to add dates to calendar apps or anything like that. I mean I can add a date sent to me on Facebook to my calendar. It is also an absolute nightmare to change contact information. God forbid if anyone else ever had the phone number registered within the app, you will have to contact the president of the United States in order to get it changed.

Great for high school. Remind offers a great way to find students where they are: on their phones! My students rarely check email, but Remind allows me to text them without any creepy exchange of numbers! I choose to allow students to contact me as well, but that’s the teacher’s choice. You can send whole class messages, individual messages, or even a group message. Warning: If you send a message to a group (not whole class), then kids in the group see one another’s responses; if you send a whole class message, then only you see any student responses. Overall, I love Remind and have been using it for quite a while.

Remind App. I’ve used Remind 3 different times for 3 different seasons of sports, and I have been pleased with every experience thus far. It’s a great way to communicate with coaches, teachers and parents all in 1 app. I have 2 boys that are active in sports 8-9months throughout the year and if you have children in sports you know we are very busy majority of the time with work, school and practice all in a 24 hour period. If you have children you know that alone is a full time forever job so with that being said, if you have children in 3rd grade up. It is nice having their teachers just a message away. This app helps you stay organized and in the know, helping my life be a little less hectic! Remind is awesome keep up the good work😛

Great app, one suggestion.... Hello Remind development team! Thank you for providing an easy to use, and extremely necessary communications tool for students, teachers, parents, and administrators at our nation's institutions of learning. My family relies on Remind daily to keep informed of the latest class assignments, announcements, and school administration communications. I would like to make one suggestion related to notifications. I would like to customize notifications for each class that I belong to, such that I may choose the type of notification that I receive from each class. I know that simple is always better, but I would really like to see this 'complication' implemented if possible. Thank you again for a really great app!

Amazing and useful!. I’ve been using this app for years for high school classes and clubs and it’s a very useful tool for communication between teachers and students. Teachers can send reminders to all of their students at once easily and students can privately message teachers easily as well. The customer service is also fantastic! I had a bug with my notifications for unread messages not going away so I contacted them for help and they responded with the utmost care and attention. I appreciate them very much and I praise them for their hardworking and helpful staff. Highly recommend this app!

App is great, but photo problem. I love this app. I am a preschool teacher, and it is a great way to communicate with the parents of my students. That being said, I find the fact that you can only send one photo at a time to be a HUGE downside. I don't know if any of you have ever tried to take a picture of 10 one year olds where they are all looking at the camera and seem to be having a relatively good time, but it's almost impossible. It would be much more convenient if I were able to make an announcement and send a group of photos to all of the families, rather than having to send an individual to each family or blowing up all of their phones by sending each picture one by one to the whole class. Any ideas on if you guys will be fixing this issue?

Love Remind! Wishing for a Teacher Subscription. I love remind and it’s option to translate between languages! The convenience of communicating with parents has helped foster a family-like classroom environment. I wish my principal would subscribe to the school-wide plan so that I could call parents through Remind and do-away with the character limits. However, she is not interested in paying for the subscription (despite my many efforts). I wish there were an option that would allow individual teachers to subscribe to these features. I would definitely pay out-of-pocket for this ability! Remind, you have changed my classroom for the better! Thank you!

Perfect way to communicate with teachers!. I love how easy this makes staying in communication with teachers and the PTA. If I forget something and need to drop it off, I text the teacher. If I’m at the store at night and want to know if the class needs something, I can find out quickly. If I need clarification on homework, easy. If it’s my child’s birthday and I need to know how many treats to bring, I just shoot a quick text. This morning I woke up to a PTA reminder that today was crazy hair day. I totally forgot, but my kids were able to participate. Last week my preschooler was having a melt down at drop off. A few minutes later the teacher sent me a pic of him sitting happily on the carpet to set my mind at ease. This app is a MUST!

Customer service issues. We use Remind for a non-school related group. It has worked well for our needs—namely, the ability to send out info that doesn’t get buried by a ton of comments afterward (using the “announcement” feature). Why only 3 stars? Remind has some features & unique aspects that make having a LIVE customer service rep very helpful (or at least a live online chat option). I have been trying to communicate via email with a customer service rep at remind & have been pulling my hair out trying to get my questions answered. I would send a question and get a response that literally had nothing to do with my question. I asked to get a phone call and was told they were unable to do so due to limited staffing. So, just be aware of that issue should you decide to use this app. It’s unfortunate because I think Remind has a lot of good qualities. But lack of customer service when there are issues or questions can turn a 4 or 5-star app into a 3-star app.

Cryptic. This app is a bit confusing to navigate and make me severely miss last year’s simple colored dittos of the whole month in advance, which I could just hang and refer to visually ahead of time. While I understand this is the 1st go with these apps, it would have been nice to transition with the calendars also being sent out, which wouldn’t be too much to ask for (IMO). I’m still not sure how to get the most out of this app (IN ADDITION TO the other apps we must be separately signed in to). I, like other parents, am a bit frustrated with the transition and usability of all the different apps. I will continue to attempt to navigate this and my other two apps (as per students enrolled in separate classrooms), but was there no way to simply use one app that you could access each of our children’s classrooms as well? (Because those are each different and equally cryptic in nature). I’m a bit frustrated...

Good in Theory; Not Useful. This app could be very useful but it falls short. I was added to one son’s school announcements fine but the other son’s school has not worked all year for me. The teacher had to individually send me the same information than the other parents. When she left in December, I received no more pictures, updates, or announcements even though the teacher was sending them. I also hoped this would be a good way to contact other parents for carpooling or parties. So far, I have never seen another parent in any of the “groups” so this seems to be more of a one-on-one app. I had asked the school multiple times to help fix this problem but no one knew what to do. If these issues are fixed and it becomes more practical, I will change my rating.

I was hacked!!! My daughter may be kicked from swim thanks to this.. While I was sleeping someone wrote bad messages to my daughters school swim team group consisting of faculty parents and students. They used curse words and my daughter woke me up to find out what was going on and while the phone was sitting on my night stand with no one touching the phone, two more messages showing to come from me, appeared with more nasty words. I use this app to keep track of my kids school work and extracurricular activities. I have deleted the app, called the police to report this and have also reported this to my phone carrier. I was instructed to write a review about this experience to let the developers of this app know so that they can fix this so this does not happen again. My daughter may be kicked off the swim team over this!! Please fix this so no parent has to go through this EVER AGAIN. Sincerely, worried mom of crying daughter.

Total Waste of Time. This app is a total waste of time! I spent my parent conference day trying to get 👥 parents on the Remind app and only two were able to get on it. There was some sort of glitch where it was sending an error message when parents were putting in their phone number stating that their phone number had to be different than the students. So somehow the app was making an assumption that in registering it was the students not the parents and they wanted another phone number. I would rather pay money and have something that works efficiently than having waste five minutes with each parent trying to get them on an app that would not accept a phone number. Really disappointed and frustrated. The worst part is there’s not even a phone number to call somebody to sort it out or have them walk you through it.

Great app. I think this app is a great way to communicate with my kids’ many teachers. My only drawback is that you cannot group the classes. It would be even better if you could separate the classes under different “kids”. I have a high schooler, a middle schooler, and two in elementary school. The classes are usually labeled under the teachers name, and not necessarily the grade. This makes it kind of confusing if you don’t know every teachers name for all of their classes. I have about 20 classes all in one line and there’s no way to group them together to help differentiate them. High school classes mixed with elementary Lolol. Other than that, it’s great. If they fix it so you can clump the classes together per kid, I’d give it 5 stars!

Mediocre. Services its purposes.. Fine app considering it is free. The help/FAQ doesn’t match the actual app. Not sure if this is iOS specific, but even trying to change the “no replies” option can’t be done based on the archaic directions through Remind. There is a major character limit which is frustrating. It seems that at least a few sentences would be allowed. People (class members) are constantly confused about what they have to do or if they need the actual Remind app. I don’t find the layout to be particularly intuitive. Am definitely doing to be searching for an alternative. This app gives me some light frustration, but to reference the FAQ and it NOT having actual updated information and, in one case, the layout of the FAQ had the iOS instructions to the right and— wait for it— completely cut off the screen and out of view. Fine for a basic group messaging app, but even a minor setting change is an issue.

Excellent Communication Tool for Educators. Love this App as a mother and former educator and counselor, this application has been proven to be a quick Communication resource for my kids that are in various extra-curricular activities, as well as, various grade levels. I'm able to respond to the coaches, band directors and/or coordinators of the different organizations, activities and functions. When there are alerts, or important information that is being relayed and the person sending the information allows you to respond you are able to ask pertinent questions that triggers them to maybe remember things they should send out to the rest of the group! 😇 I Love 💕 Remind 🙏🏈🚌 🎾🎺 🎶 🏀🧐

AMAZING!!. I have never had an easier time communicating with teachers in all of my children’s school years! Teachers are so responsive, so informative and the app is so easy to use! This app has allowed me to really establish a relationship with my children’s teachers, receive important information from my youngest sons medical para quickly, to receive updates about my children and school schedules/events. This app has allowed me to be really involved in my children’s well being in school and in their academics! I LOVE remind and am truly grateful that our school is using it! Thank you to the developers of remind and to the staff for using this method of communication with us parents! P.S. 216 staff go over and beyond with their quick response time!

Suggestion?. I love this app!!! It really lets me get in touch with my teachers about assignments and even lets me connect with a club I've started! However, I am a very talkative and expressive person, so I feel like adding videos would be able to give more of a learning experience. For instance, maybe if a teacher needed to explain a question in the homework packet and not many people got it from the Announcement message, the teacher would be helping kids just by texting. As I student myself, I've noticed I begin to pick up on things in class better when I hear the teachers voice AND see an example, see them guiding me along. While the voice clips help some what, it doesn't help to the full extent.

Glitches. I use this app for school and clubs and most of the time it’s works well and I have no problems. Recently I’ve been continuously logged out of the app and today it just stopped working all together. I tried to login in again today as the app always makes me login in every time I open the app, and then it made a brand new account. I was like whatever but then all the classes I was signed into disappeared. I figured maybe I used the wrong email and tried again. I only have two emails so it’s one or the other and to my surprise it still made me a brand new account. It was like my account that I’ve always been able to access had just been deleted. After removing and redownloading multiple times I’m still at unable to reach my account.

I need a little help.. Okay, so I'm having trouble with something from your app. When I tried to add my parent on the parents list, something pop up that said, "You're not allowed to make this parent-child relationship." I was confused so i searched about it. The only results I got were the instructions on how to add family members on the list(which I already knew how to do.) Asking my peers was no use either. They all told me they didn't come upon this and so now I'm struggling on this. From all that aside, this app is honestly very useful when it comes to my school work, since this is the only communication I can use to talk to my teachers for any work during quarantine and I'm always updated on announcements the things I need to do.

Almost Amazing. The app a great alternative to getting text messages in a ton of threads for different functions and has many more functions and controls which i don't even know if you can do with texting. However, it lacks the instant aspect of the text messages. Yes, notifications come through instantly, but to view them or reply, it takes a while. The notification system within the app feels glitchy, like how it doesn't show the new message instantly, the "unread" indicator doesn't always go away after it is read in all classes or within the class sometimes, and the app number badge doesn't go away all the time. Overall though, the app works well except for those annoying tendencies.

Really cool app; could easily increase functionality. First off: this app is great, and extremely convenient and efficient way of sending information to a class. My one main critique, although not dire, is something that could be easily fixed.I understand that this app is designed for schools and that’s great but I think it’s a useful tool for other things as well. It would be nice if instead of just having the option of “not affiliated” there was a custom affiliation that could be added. For example a private music teacher or dojo could list themselves there. Not super important even for these people, but it would be so easy to do and would encourage them to use this service a little more.

Remind is amazing!. “Remind” is an amazing app! It helps us parents keep in touch and updated with the teachers, as well as each other! Gone are the days where we have to send notes in with our children for early dismissal, being absent etc. This app has been a total convenience for me and I love it! The teachers even post pictures of our children when they have special activities or occasions, so we get to see what’s going on. My son loves when I pick him up from school and mention the pictures his teacher posted of him and his classmates! Whoever came up with this idea is a genius! 💙Mama to Joey, a 4th grader at Hooper Avenue Elementary school 🐾 Toms River, New Jersey

Great Communicator with Some Limitations. I have been using this app for three years with my middle school students and parents. Overall, it works very well for quick notifications for tests, a quiz, or homework. However, I’ve found the area to compose your message is limited. The space does not allow for a list/items, multiple dates, and/or descriptions. Sending each item can make for one’s cell phone to be ringing like crazy. Granted, if I needed to send a full email I could. For the teachers that are trying to cleverly hook/get their students attention, I feel more messaging space is needed. Parents have been super excited about the app and the more students who have access to a smart phone, iPod, etc. the more engaged they are. The result is independent and responsible learners.

Needs updating. This app is great for parent/teacher communication. The app doesn’t allow parents to do much of anything except send the teacher a message or add the class. My child’s classes from the previous year are still listed until the teacher removes me. You can’t label the classes how you want to so that you can arrange them in class period order. It won’t let you lost your child unless it finds them in the schools listing. How do teachers know what child’s parent you are if there is more than 1 with same last name? It doesn’t allow the parents to modify the app on their end only teachers can. Parents should be allowed to determine how they want to label and see things on their devices.

I’m so annoyed.. I’m so frustrated with this app. We have to use it for our preschool to communicate with parents and it is just the worst. So glitchy. So difficult to use, so difficult for parents to join. We rely on this app for school announcements and communication with parents and it is not reliable at all. A teacher’s job is already hard enough and we got this to try to make things easier but it made it worse. We like to send photos of the children and you can only send one photo at a time on this app and it EXTREMELY reduces the photo quality. It is always saying “sorry we hit a snag” there always seems to be something wrong with it. I have never written a review for an app before but I had to let people know how frustrating this is and if they don’t improve I would never recommend this to anyone ever.

Sorta like private IM. Such a great app to maintain communication with my children’s teachers… It’s almost like instant messenger. It’s quick and easy (and they don’t get my phone number and I don’t get their phone number), but I have it set up to receive notifications and alerts. I have one high needs child who requires me to have constant communication with her teacher, and my other child has a super active class. Her teachers love to give us weekly announcements for what they have planned for the week. I’m not sure how they do it because it does come in choppy in about 6/7 messages- so that could be better. But, otherwise, I have no complaints.

Notifications are a problem. I am forced to use this app due to the new Verizon that will eliminate my use of the text message feature. The app now with the notifications on shows I have 3 unread messages yet all my messages are read. This is a problem because now I have no idea if I have actual messages or not due to this glitch. I have tried everything I can think of and the notification will not go away. I even uninstalled the app and reinstalled it which clearly doesn’t fix the problems. The app is glitchy and confusing because it has messages from two different groups o joined in the same message thread. I prefer the text messages! I think Verizon is being unfair but this is what we get for electing Trump because he allowed net neutrality to exist-net neutrality is why Verizon can do this to Remind.

Remind. Love the Remind school Notification App. Love having the ability and access to all my daughters teachers and classes and to get updated information from each teacher, class, schools, the whole school district i get updated information notifications for all school events or functions,sporting events, school new letters, can send private personal messages to each teacher,etc etc great app to help keep track and get updated school activities and classroom and teachers concerns or opinions great way for parents to stay involved in your child’s day to day life and school involvement and educational needs.

Cost. I love the app and being real time. It allows the teacher 24/7 access to parents. The only bad thing is Verizon is going to charge teachers a fee for distribution of text messages. This in no way pertains to the app this is total on Verizon. I don’t know if some input from the creators would help with this matter or not. Teachers can’t offed these cost bc it would mount to millions of dollars. I’m sure this isn’t what the creators intended. Teachers just can’t afford the cost. So please anyone with Verizon call the head office and let them know. If enough people complain maybe Verizon will back down and change their position on this. To good of an app to have this done to it.

Notifications won’t go away and FAQ helps with nothing.. Remind gives me 20+ notifications for unread messages that aren’t there. This is extremely detrimental as, since many of my classes rely heavily on remind, it’s hard to tell whether I should check my remind when it gives me 20+ ghost notifications. I’ve checked their FAQ and have checked the All Classes tab and, despite the problem existing on both browser and iOS, I’ve updated and reinstalled Remind multiple times. I’ve sent Remind a request a few days ago and the lack of a response is disappointing. I wish I could use a different software but the insistence of my teachers to use this faulty app makes catching up with schoolwork a real difficulty, especially since some teachers have started using Remind as an avenue for last minute changes to assignments,

Honest Review. Reminder a very good app for teachers with a few issues that I wish they would improve. First, the number of characters that you are limited to when sending a message to a class is far too limited. Most often I have to send multiple messages. It’s very annoying because the kids don’t want to check the Remind anymore if they’re getting constantly bombarded by notifications. Secondly, you are limited in how many people you can send a message to in conversation mode. I don’t understand why there are these limits for teachers, if the app is made for teachers to be able to communicate with students efficiently, effectively, and completely.

Mrs. Ziegler. I have two preschool classes set up in Remind. I am also a parent signed up under my children’s teachers. I absolutely love this connection to parents and families. I wish my most recent conversations with individual parents would stay at the top of my list. It shows me messages that went out to every parent. For instance, my recent message history will say each parent’s name and the message I sent to the whole group. I also noticed that any time a parent messages me, I have to scroll through almost our entire message to get to the newest one. Maybe that’s just me. 🤷‍♀️ Seeing or finding my scheduled messages is always confusing for me as well. I wish that was its own tab or section to click on. Minor things, but those are my observations. Keep Remind the best parent/teacher communication out there!

Works great, needs small tweaks.. I think of little things every once in awhile that could be better when using this app, but they obviously aren’t that big of a deal since I can only remember one right now. I enjoy this app, and it makes my life easier by also having the kids install it on their phone and checking for homework and test updates. I would like to see the requirements change for allowing minors to use the app. As of right now, I am suppose to send a signed form. If there can be a simple text to a parent/guardian’s number to reply “allowed” or “not allowed”, that would be great. Thank you for creating this!

Very good and useful but..... Hello developer... it’s nice to have used your app but I would like an option to permanently delete classes which I have mistakenly create not just archived it. It’s good to have the archive still for re use of the class but what if I don’t use it anymore?, please kindly put an option to delete permanently class that is for sure not to be use anymore so that it wouldn’t clutter and pop out it’s kinda annoying though sorry... And one more thing, can you please allow at least 160 words to type on for my announcements for my classes. What I do nowadays is cut my messages to different messages kinda annoying to my students’ notification ... one notification is enough I think . Anyway, thank you for your time indeed a very good useful app, keep up the good apps. God bless...

Reminds me of the DMV. Seems like it should be an essential app. Communicate with teachers and students. Make progress. Learn. Fail. Succeed. Fail some more. Succeed again. I love education. It’s one part of life that is constantly evolving. Bit this app needs some serious improvement and it seems like no one is even looking. I want to send my daughter’s teacher a message. He sends the entire class updates fairly regularly so he is definitely a user. I try first through his post to send him a direct reply. Nope. Can’t do that. So I search for his name. I enter his full last name and get a list of people that aren’t even remotely similar to what I typed. So I search by all names but the list is truncated at the first part of the M’s. Both his first and last names begin after that. Reverse order? No luck there either. Frustrating, to say the least. All I want to do is communicate with someone. Isn’t that what the app is for? Then why should it be difficult to do that? It shouldn’t be difficult to do the very something for which the app is designed. Since it is in this case, there is no way the app can receive any more than the two stars I gave it. Why two and not one? Because it’s a good concept. Now it has failed. No problem. Now fix it. As for the DMV reference... Thank you for reading. :-).

Great communication tool, but.... I use Remind all the time. Such a great tool for communication with students, parents, etc. I use it most on field trips. When the kids (high school) are let free for lunch, we use it to get them back together in time for our bus departure. No more late students! Also, I love the fact that you can schedule messages ahead of time & attach photos, files, etc. A true time saver. So why only 3 stars? First, the character limit is challenging. I sometimes have to send multiple messages instead of one and then I get irate replies from parents/students. Second, and more importantly, it’s been MONTHS and the false notifications still hasn’t been fixed. I’m showing 2 missed messages and I can’t get rid of the false missed message notification. It drives me crazy. Please fix this!

cool app but it could use some more features. remind is a pretty good app. it's easy for teachers to communicate and all that and i like how it's easy to get info quickly. however i do have some problems against this app.... one, there's no dark mode, so my retinas are constantly assaulted. i don't like actually opening the app anymore because of this lol. i don't even know if it's actually an option on this app, but if it is, it's REALLY hard to find the setting to turn on dark mode. two, you can't delete conversations like you can in the regular messages app. i know it's different than imessage, but itd be nice to be able to delete conversations. three, i also get texts on the imessage app along with remind messages. so now there's double the notifications clogging up my phone. i don't know how to turn it off. not sure if blocking the numbers would turn it off, but i don't want to risk not getting remind messages either. other than that, it's a great way of communicating without teachers having to be potentially weird and getting your phone number.

Great for communication. This App has been instrumental in helping our After School Program stay connected with our parents! When we are away on field trips we have this tool to send pictures of the great things we are doing! When our pick up location changes, we are able to send clear directions to the new pick-up area on campus with an image of the location attached. In meetings we can use the notification percentages to discuss communication responses and better ways of executing information. We like the fact that our sent messages must be brief and to the point. Thanks for creating such a wonderful app for parent/teacher communication.

Please add a DELETE option!. I used this app a few years ago with my oldest and I loved it! Now that my second has the same teacher we are using it again and I HATE IT! There is no way to delete all the old conversations from my oldests class. I can “leave the conversation” but it doesn’t delete them from my message board. It also still has all the parents from the first class, so I can’t send messages to any of them because I am not sure which of them are from oldests class and which are from this year. Ugh so frustrating!!! I can only imagine what will happen when I have 2 kids teachers using this app. 😱

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 15.0.1
Play Store com.remind101.Remind101
Compatibility iOS 15.0 or later

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The application Remind: School Communication was published in the category Education on 03 May 2012, Thursday and was developed by Remind101 [Developer ID: 522826280]. This program file size is 98.38 MB. This app has been rated by 1,472,363 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Remind: School Communication - Education app posted on 25 January 2024, Thursday current version is 15.0.1 and works well on iOS 15.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.remind101.Remind101. Languages supported by the app:

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