Toca Band App Reviews

Toca Band [Education] App Description & Overview

What is toca band app? Play with sounds and create your own band!

Rock out with Toca Band!
Toca Band is getting ready for their big concert and needs your help to mix beats and sounds together for their hit song! Toca Band is a fun and easy toy that encourages children to explore music in a new creative way! Choose from 16 different cool characters – each with their own unique quirky sound and musical rhythms. Put your band members on stage to get the music started – then move them around and see what happens! Try out new band combinations, explore different sounds – and while you’re at it, why not give the lovable rapper, Stikk Figga something he always dreamed of: a solo performance!

With Toca Band you can play together with your kids and experiment with sounds, beats and rhythms in lots of fun ways. Guitar or opera, upbeat or downtempo, let’s find out what sounds best together!

√ Background music, animation and fun sound effects.
√ 16 colorful characters, each with their own unique sounds and moves!
√ 48 fun sound loops that can be put together in endless combinations
√ Change the way each character plays by placing them further up- or downstage
√ Make the song the way you like it – then dance along with your own moves
√ Play and improvise in solo mode by placing a character on the star
√ Combine rhythm instruments with melody and vocals
√ Amazing original graphics
√ No rules or stress – play any way your kids want to!
√ Kid friendly interface!
√ No third-party advertising!
√ No in-app purchases!

Each character plays their own instrument in Toca Band - and there are loads to try:

- Bang Bang Chef - Drums
- Dancy Nancy - Piano
- Mr Whizzle Whiz - Whistle
- Shaky McBones - Maraca
- Zuzz - Accordion
- Figara - Opera Singing
- Kalinka - Singing
- Stikk Figga - Rapping
- Lil’ Riff - Guitar
- Frig’n Frog - Frog
- Wao Miao - Theremin
- Tic Toc - Clock Percussion
- Shoe String Charlie - Bass Guitar
- Balooney - Balloon
- Dolores - Percussion
- Bimbell - Harp

Toca Band is not a game – it’s a toy where you and your kids get to explore music together. Oh, and don’t forget to let your kids make some noise of their own too!
As with all Toca Boca toys, there are no high scores, time limits or stress. Your kids can play with it however they want! Toca Band is suitable for kids between 2-9 years old.

If you like Toca Band – check out our other digital toys available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad! Find all on


At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 150 million times in 215 countries and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at

Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy:

Toca Band music created by: Håkan Lidbo Audio Industries

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Toca Band Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Toca Band Version 1.0.811 September 2018

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon. Thanks for sharing your feedback and reporting bugs — we’ve made some updates. Get the latest version to have the best experience! And leave us a review — we read every one of them! If you’re having issues or simply want to tell us about something cool you’ve discovered, visit or talk to us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We’re @tocaboca! KEEP UP WITH TOCA BOCA Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube:

Toca Band Comments & Reviews 2022

- Great, only...

I really like this game and how each character seems different! The only things for me are just that the sound NEVER WORKS on my device. I have tried to redownload the app but it hasn’t worked, and I have shut down my phone at least 6 times. Also, it would be great if there was a new character or two. I really like this game, but if you could tell me how to fix the sound and make a new character, I would rate this 5 stars!! You should get this game

- I used to like it before..

Okay so, when I first played this game I thought it was an absolute dream! ♡︎♡︎ but then after a few years past, I thought to download it again for some nostalgia, it still felt the same, yes, a dream! But then when I deleted it and re downloaded it, I could’ve sworn I heard the creepiest sound ever, it was like glitching, only the star one could work, I tried to do the people that did the songs but then I heard just glitches, I was so freaked out..and the green creepy teethy thingy majig was never used by me, nor the old lady because when I first used the green one, THE APPEARANCE SCARED THE HECK OUT OF ME!! and then the old lady one did the same, do you know how you have to touch her clothes she’s wearing in order to make her sing? Well it kinda gave me the creeps and made be kinda uncomfortable due to her choir while touching the clothes, but the one that made me really uncomfortable was the top one on the old lady, because her uh..boobies were there and her just going “Aaaah~” to that made me feel uncomfortable, you can play this game if you want but the one that also creeped me out was the blue beatboxing thing, the sound it made absolutely scared me! I recommend you supervise your children, but if they don’t need it then they don’t! overall it’s still a pretty nice game. Bye!

- The creepiest Toca game I’ve ever played

Are used to play this when I was four and I don’t know why but it literally freaking scared me half to death the characters are horrifying and the sounds they make it also creepy and other people might be thinking this is weird because they might think it’s fine and it’s fun for a little kids that like just fun music but when I was four I got really freaked out from this game I hated the sounds I thought all the characters were literally so creepy and I feel like you should fix it but you don’t need to because literally no one here has wrote a review in like years so like all the reviews say that it’s been like For years three years two years one year I just think that this is really creepy

- Ok

The "guitar player" is actually playing a ukulele. It has 4 strings and it sounds like a ukulele. It was ok but my little sister got bored of it. I would recommend this game to kids who don't get bored with games. Also I think ore characters would be nice.

- Malfunction error

I used to love this game. The sounds were ok and I made "sick" beats. But!!!!! When I re downloaded it, I was terrified! All I heard were glitches and the only one that worked was the star spot. But I couldn't even hear it. Because all I heard in the background was what sounded like an old man having a seizure while playing the keyboard. But the keyboard was from the dumpster and is 20 years old. I would not recommend this game until this bug is gone forever! Otherwise, it's a pretty good game but for now, uninstalling. Thank you for reading :)

- Uhhh... please fix?

Hey so, I am one of those weird people who plays little kids games for entertainment. Well, this game is one of my favorites, but the sounds aren't working anymore. By that I mean the sound is just a loud never ending streak of ugliness. Awful. The only thing that works in the game is the star thing, but without being able to actually combine character's sounds to make music, there isn't much of a point to the game anymore. Please fix, I'm sure all the younger kids who play this game would very much enjoy that too. Thank you.

- Am I the only one having issues?

I have this app installed on 4 different devices and when we start it, it keeps crashing. But when it loads, it is one of the most amazing apps we have. My 7 years old loves it and I love it too when we play together

- Used to be awesome but now no sound

This app used to be so great, but all of a sudden there is no sound. The only way to fix the issue is to take my phone off mute. First off I want my phone to stay on mute and secondly how do you expect me to tell a 1.5 year old that "honey, wherever you play this specific app you need to take the phone off mute". All the other apps work and have sounds whether the phone is on mute or not. Common guys, fix this silly issue. Please. All the apps I have from you do this, is reality frustrating.

- The best

This game is so great I love it! I have some suggestions to make the game even better! 1. I think we should add 2 more characters 2. Let's do like job interviews for playing on stage and stuff like that! 😁 3. No more suggestions! Anyway i used to play this game when I was a kid so this brings back memory's.

- Cool but Creepy

I like the music in this game. It's fun to play, and I do enjoy it, except for one thing... THE CHARACTERS CREEP ME OUT. The green skeleton thing that makes a chattering noise - I mean seriously, I don't use him so I don't have nightmares. Seriously, this is a little kids game??? Plus, that little clock thing makes a terrible noise. So do the balloons. Oh, and, why do you have to add an old lady? Totally creepy. Overall, the game is okay though.

- Great, but......

I love this app! I play it all the time! The only thing is that the sound doesn’t work. It only works with headphones, and I have to share my earbuds with everyone to show my music, so, Toca Boca, my favorite app company, please just fix this minor bug. Thank you!

- Awesome!

Toca 4ever! I’m 10 but i’m into colorful games that let you create! (Acept fashion games!) People shouldn’t complain about it not being for their age because it wasn’t made for their age, it’s rare for kids like me to like these kind of games. Toca forever!

- It's ok...

So when I first got it I thought wow this is cool but after a hour I deleted it I think it needs more people and it gets annoying after a while you need more sounds and i think there should be dancers that you can make it up with so you can make it creative and when you put it on the spotlight you can't make it like the real way only different sounds do yeah ☹️☹️☹️☹️

- Awesome!

This game is REALLY worth downloading! (For me.) But the people who are complaining about no-sound bugs wrote their reviews a year ago. The toca people fixed the sound problem, so now the game is great. I play it for HOURS at a time!

- Great!

All of you people ( most of you ) say the star thing is the only thing that works. However, for me everything is great! The sounds are catchy and you can mix and match to create a great beat!! Keep it up!!

- Sound stopped working...son is really upset

These are all great apps, but the sounds stop working after a while. I have to give 2 stars because it's really frustrating. I have yet to find a fix. The iPad is brand new and is not the problem. The sound for all my other apps and games work. Please fix this problem. My son really misses playing these games.

- The app is good but a little inappropriate

So this app is for little kids. And when I put the blue rapper guy in the front section of the stage, i heard him say the n word a word that sounded very similar to the n word. I suggest that you change that because little children who hear him say that might repeat it and that would be very bad.

- Thank you

Or not.... grandma, get the fishing line. Dudes got it out for me! Seven years ago and it’ll never happen again. Blah blah blah tush, tell it to the judge, rocket genius. Never mind forever, also, also. If you think about it, doo doo deep boop bop beep beep beep beep boop boop beep bump BAM. Just like the injured frogs. Theirs this thing. C -me

- Pleasant fun

No ads, no cost, no add-ons. 14 instruments with unusual sounds. Any can be played by the user. Playful intertwined medium-length musical phrases that change depending on their position on the stage. Swap them while playing. Definitely worth the download for 5-year-old, tween, or bored adult in airport.

- Why

Listen I really love the game but why is it only on appple?!?!?! Tell me now or else but overall it’s a great game and it doesn’t cost too much so please get it I really recommend this app to everyone and anyone

- Great game but needs updates

This such a wonderful game and I love it but every time I play it it will kick me out I’ve tried to delete it then download it again but it won’t work pls fix

- Please fix

I was playing my game and then it started to glitch the whole thing turned black and when I got another character out he could stand anywhere BUT The platform where they’re supposed to be if you don’t fix this I might cry I might Please please please please please please please please please fix


First, the sound cut off and really disappointed. Second, all the characters are creepy, especially the chef dude. I had nightmares for goodness sake! Last but not least, it had no point. Was the point to help kids to learn different sounds or they just want kids to have nightmares. I'm 9 years old and this game is just bad. Do not download!!!!! The worst well one of the worst games ever.

- Why do I need headphones to hear it

I have to put headphones to hear the sound but everything else is good

- Needs Update

The game has not been updated in a long time and there are performance issues that need addressing. Characters cannot be moved around and when they do, they are replaced by black boxes. The game also crashes upon loading very often. Please fix soon.

- My Review on Toca Band

It’s ok just it glitches and lags at some point it’s kinda rare to experience it I guess but it’s is all a good app for a music person who loves Toca Boca (sorry if that made no sense!)

- Awesome

This game is a me and lets you be free no one tells you what or how to do it it’s fun and I also think there should be more characters but it’s a five star to me.

- As you can see

Some times the girl with tall strings with colorful raindrops sometimes crashes and in solo mode with that character fix that game please.

- Characters

Could you consider adding more characters?

- Great game for kids

Really fun game to make music with. I love all the different creative creatures that make the music. Like the frogs or the tear drop playing the harp. Great game!

- Does not fit my iPhone X screen!!!

I had bought this game when I had my iPhone 6 and liked it. So I got it again when I bought my iPhone X. The game is fun but it takes up half of the screen and there is no way to make it full screen so that’s why I’m rating 2 stars.

- Fantastically Fun!

Great fun. My kids and I have spent hours playing this app over the years. It’s enjoyable and easy for the young and old. Loss of a star for only having one song. And loss of a second star for file size (320MB!!).

- I can’t even play

I grew up with this game as child, but I have downloaded twice and when I open it and the face come up, it give me a black screen and send me back to my home screen, PS how do I fix this

- A request!

Toca Baca could u make a game where u can make/ design ur own Places and Characters! I hope u make this a game! Thanks for such great content!

- Great but...

I found a bug. If you use the accordion drop thingy super fast back and forth, the drops stay and the game goes craZy!

- Loveeee

I played this game when I was little and I loved it!!! But I’m very shocked it has a 3 star rating it’s really good

- Epic video and app

The video that was made like 7 years ago is epic and the app too! All the characters are so cool and funny

- Found a Glitch

When I put the rainbow-colored raindrop harp thing on the star, I strum hard and the drops just stay there. And when I put another person on the stage, it doesn’t move and I see black pixelated stuff on them.

- So classsssY to classssIC

I played this when I was little! My sister was born the same year you started! I LOVE YOUR GAME,your characters are so classy! Like this game is classic!

- Very bad. Full of glitches.

I used to love this game unit I re downloaded it and it was terrible. You could put characters on places where you couldn't before, terrible sound, only sound on the star spot worked. Overall you need to fix this problem.☺️😒☹️

- Really fun

I think this game is really fun. I like the rapper guy the best. I like to make different songs and to annoy my sisters by turning it up really loud.😸

- Unfair price

I spent four dollars on their music game- the only things you can do is just endlessly stare at the same dang characters and make the same tune E V E R Y S I N G L E D A Y. But I’d say it’s pretty fun. It’s just the price isn’t really fair.

- Doesn’t work.

I can’t even play the app! >:( All it does is play the intro over and over so I deleted the app. So I decided to get another toca boca app and it did the EXACT same thing! I’m really disappointed and I would like you to get rid of this bug. Thank you have have a nice day

- Awesome!!

This game is so fun for me because I like to make music and I love to here different sounds!! I recommend this game

- Wanting a Toca Boca Band 2

My autistic son loves this! Great app! My son keeps requesting a second version of this.

- I want more band people

There aren't a lot of characters just a little more would be great

- Good Combination

I recommend the la la lady and the rapper. Also I really like this game I just think the old lady,the balloons and the skeleton are creepy. Also DONT USE THE FROGS!!!!

- Fix this now

When it gets past the intro it crashes fix this now or I’m switching to my town games

- Toca boca = touch mouth

You realize that toca boca translates to touch mouth in English right? Please tell me why you named it touch mouth/toca boca😅

- The App won’t go past the opening title

My kids are so sad! Every day they want to play Toca Band, they press to open the app, they hear a half a second of the intro and then it goes blank. I’ve deleted it, re-downloaded it, the same thing. So disappointed.

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- Great app

I had 2 other apps by toca boca, the one were you give Santa a haircut and toca tailor fairy tails which are both free but they are bad so don't get them but this app is the best toca boca app so everyone GET THIS APP! There could be one improvement though so if they can, please make there be more songs you can choose from instead of just one song all of the time but other then that the app is AWESOME!!!!

- I LOVE IT! (Read) 👍🏼👍🏼

Toca Boca games are really worth it! Even when you have to pay for them, such like toca Boca worlds. They are really good for imaginary play. I have had toca Boca games for years and I absolutely love them! Well done Toca Boca! I don’t mind paying for games because with Toca Boca, they are really worth it!

- Keeps kicking me out. Time: 12:26. Date: fri/6/mar/20

Hi Toca boca, ever since I was looking at what Toca boca Game to buy( love you games) I found Toca band. I was like okay so then I downloaded the game. When I got into the app, it kicked me out. So I tried again, but it kept kicking me out. Toca boca, please fix the game because of it kicking me out. Any way, toca life world is ok now because of some changes I made on 1/3/20. Toca life is the best Game in the whole entire world. Please tell me about your response to this comment please. Because, I am such a big fan and I play Toca life world every day. When I am at school, I always look forward to play Toca life games. Love READ EVERYTHING!!!!!! 😻🥰😍❤️❤️❤️❤️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

- Fix this now but it's funny

There is a problem in the game that happened to me where instead of the normal sounds it sounds like a disordered robot and some don't have a sound so can you please fix it but it's funny sometimes.... can you please fix it because it getting annoying

- Great for sick beats

Great game! You can make sick beats, I mostly use this apps when I do rap battles against my sister!

- Bugg

There’s a bug with the game where it glitches and shuts off just before the title. And when it does work there’s no sound. I’ve deleted and re-downloaded the app severals times and it still doesn’t work. Fix this please!!

- Excellent

This app is excellent. Very cleverly done. Great for 3 year olds and up.

- Bug fix needed

Game frequently becomes a series of hums and drones. Quitting the app does not resolve.

- Funny, educational, funny - Toca Boca team at its best!

Fantastic app - one to make sure all parents & grandparents know about. This is a colorful package of accessible basic music theory and good fun. My husband is a muso and he has spent happy hours explaining timing harmonies layering etc to grandbabies (9 & 4) while having a hysterically good time. The characters/musos/singers are gorgeous (stig man is da bomb). Wonderful. Perfect. Brilliant. As other reviews have noted, sure, another song or two at some point wd be great (takes me a day or so to get stig man and the fat lady out of my head). But that's just a 'looking forward to' There's nothing lacking in this app - in fact way more than I wd've bargained for! With the grandbabies I've loved Toca since I first bought an iPad. For me this app cements yr great rap. I mean rep :) Heartfelt thank you, developers !

- Completely cute

My little one is going to love this.. Very very cute and quite a lot of fun also a great creative element.. - it's only weak point.. A little repetitive.. Will need another song or two added at some stage please!

- Great music education

This is a fantastic music app for children. Great tune, good isolation of instruments and sounds as well as cute characters. Introduce one character at a time, highlight their specialty and your little ones will be on their way to developing musical listening skills!

- A Toca favorite.

We have a few Toca Boca Apps, but this one may well be our new favorite. Bought it for our 3 year old, then found myself playing with it after he went to bed. Gorgeous characters and great fun experimenting with different sounds.

- Toca Rocks!

My husband & I have had as much fun as our kids playing with this app. Totally worth paying for, hours of fun mixing your own cool beats! As a music teacher I love the ideas that have been incorporated! So simple, soooo much fun and so cute!! Thank you guys

- Perfect for 1 year old

My 20 month old son loves this App. He is able to navigate and use it all by himself. It can keep him entertained for at least 10 minutes. Highly recommended.

- Amazing

I luv toca Boca games. They are fun for me to play, even though I am nearly 13. I would luv toca even more if there was a toca baking! I luv baking and I think it would be amazing if there was one! Many thanks, em.


I am 11 and my 25 year old sister lives this game more then me but don't listen to the bad reviews it's way to good but lucky it was free for limited time(finally) but buy the game so far no need to update

- Cool

You should make it where you can record it because I have made a cool sound


This game/app is amazing, don't listen to any reviews that say it is a bad game, because I haven't enjoyed an app this much in a LONG time. Wouldn't rate it anything else but 5/5 stars.

- Kids are having fun:)

Kids are having so much fun this game is fun and so cute seeing my kids having fun on this game and it is so cute

- Awesome!

This game is gorgeous! I love playing it, it makes me smile so much when playing it. I'm 16 and I think children will absolutely love this game, so simple and fun! Love it!!

- Creative app

My toddler loves this app and tries all the combinations possible. It is simple to use which is perfect for his age. Love the sense of rhythm and tones. The characters are cool.

- Love It But

It Is A Great Game, My Kids Love It. However There Should Be An Option Where We Can Record The Music. I Wish U Guys Hear This Request. Thx Anyway ;D

- Really fun

I like it alot except it should have different tunes 4 each character

- Love it

I love it it think it is one of the best game ever i like how you can control the speed and the rapper

- Could make a ringtone...

Very addicting and would make distracting ringtones 🎶

- Love it good for all ages!

I love it I am 12 and I may be a big old for it but its a great game to mix different things to make a song and it's a great game for passing time. I LOVE THE LIL RAPPER!!! GO STIK FIGA! 😄

- Really fun!

It's a great app, but can you please mix up the chord progression t make it a little more interesting? Then I'd give it 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟. Thanks!

- Perfect for children and grownups too!

I'm 20 and I LOVE this application, it's really fun to play and looks gorgeous!

- Game rater

I love game i can not stop playing it good game toca can you Put more people in please thanks 😃😃😄😄😄😄

- Lots of fun

We love the Toca Band and now we can't stop singing the various tunes Thanks again Toca Boca.

- Best ever

My little sister loves this game she is addicted she plays it whenever she get her hands on my iPod she loves the little rap dude

- Kids love it

My kids (ages 3, 6 & 8) really love this game. It's very cute and has a catchy piece of music.

- Love it

This is the best game in the universe get it and play it all the time toca band is really good get this game now

- Why!!!!

This game is super duper awesome but some how when I play at the start I can't go in... But get it


So addicted to this app, played it for 3 hours straight HAHAHA I know it's made for kids but really it's for everyone! I love it!! GET IT!!!

- <3 it

I am a huge fan if toca boca so of course I heart this app just wish it would use different tunes instead of the la, la la, la la la laaaaaa

- Best app!❤

Entertains my little 14 year old sister for hours! Seriously good app! Love it!❤💜❤

- Toca boca band

This app is really fun! I love how you can make music! :) get it!

- Toca Boca

The only Toca Boca game that's worth it's money's and well thought out..

- Great

Fantastic game my son loves it keep up the great work

- Excellent

My 2 and 3yo love this app! As well as my 8yo step daughter. Good work!

- Great

My 18 month old daughter loves this app, and so do I?!

- Music

Love this game but needs different tunes and sounds

- Addictive

Great for children and adults.

- For all aged

I'm 14 and I can't help but love the well presented game Top marks

- Great!

My 12 year old daughter loves this game. See, it is for all ages. LOL

- Fab

Soooo good please get it and rate it 5 stars because it amazing

- Cinsuper4444

I love toca boca games they're fun to play on iPads

- Best kids (and adult) music ap

Just adore this

- Amazing.

I love this and I'm a fully grown adult. That is all.

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- Muted

For some reason, the Moment I got this app, it was Muted! Please fix!

- Toca band

Ive been downloading this game off n on for 6-7 years, best way to entertain the little ones! No conplaints whatsoever

- SO good!

What on earth is wrong with you guys, like it’s not there fault that you are having nightmares about the black girl. Like WHY. Also there’s no way there are ads in an app that you have to pay for soooo yeah😡 PS Great game love it 👌🏻

- Muted on iPad and iPhone

Might want to fix this!

- I’m too old

I got the game about 2 years ago and now it’s not fun and I somewhat got a nightmare about the black girl.

- Fun but....

This game is super fun but it make a kinda ringing sound and it's really annoying please fix this:/

- This is rlly annoying

I played this a bunch and it was rlly fun but then all the sudden it muted. I can’t play now because there is no sound. I even tried deleting the app and getting it again!☹️

- Won’t open

This game won’t open and i don’t know why I still love it and I want to play it so fix this plz

- Doesn’t open

This app doesn’t open, I’ve tried redownloading it, turning off and on my device. I’m just paid $4 for this, please help.

- Latest update added Ads

Looks like the newest update provided no enhancements other than a clickable button on the splash page to launch ads. Kids are now clicking this button instead of playing the actual game. :-(

- Dang!

I love this game but the sound is a ringing, annoying kind of sound :/ plz fix this

- That word

There is the guy where when u put him on the main stand and you click the pictures on his glasses (person on the app picture) one of the ones he says sounds like he's saying the REALLY bad word the worse word but anyways apart from that the gam is awesome!

- Good!

Now I am in my pre-teen years. Why I am rating and writing a comment I because I used to play alout of toca Boca apps when I was younger, and I honestly still play toca Boca hair salon because I love messing up people and animals hair and fur. I know,it seems like a wast of money but whatever. Now I was looking up toca hair salon on my computer and I saw this app and it seemed fun for younger kids. So I'm rating it. Now like I said, I have never played it but it seemed fun for young kids!!!! I recommend it to parents!!!✌👍😊

- Toca boca :)

I wish I could buy every single toca boca app there is ,but they are so expensive. Could you make them all all free for a bit of time, please.

- I love this

I love this app. The song is so catchy, shame I can't record it and add it to my iTunes (that would be awesome.)

- Great learning

Toca games are wonderful for kids. My son was two when he started with them, and loves them. They definitely got it right.

- It's fun but...

I think the rapper says a bad word when you put him on the yellow star circle and you keep pressing the image, on tile you see a F and a spray can spraying then press on that and you well hear the bad word!!! :-( !!!! :-()

- Sound

This is a great app but the sound does not work on my phone. It is completely useless without sound. The problem is not with my phone because the volume is as high as it will go. Please fix this.

- Omg best game in the world!!!

I'm very surprised with this fun game for little children. This game shows children the great joy of music and fun and different types of music. Best game ever!

- Amazing!

More songs please!

- Great games

Love Toca Boca Keep Working!!

- Good for kids

This app could be great for kids, it's could also learn you kids how to play guitar, drums,mand exc..... I give it 5 stars

- My kids love this

But please fix the bug in iOS 8.3 so many crashes .

- Toca Love

We both love all the Toca Boca games!!! Keep them coming:)

- Awesome!

I love this game!!!!!!😍

- Rule breaker

Is it ok that I'm over 5 years old😂

- Awesome

This game is cool and fun I play campus life and this game all the time i just wish you could have a update to add more pop stars!

- One song, kinda boring

Each character adds a track to the song. Cute animations, but only one song (actually more like a 7 second loop) and gets boring after 3 minutes.

- My kids loves!!!

My kids loves

- Awesome!

Very well done! Great graphics, great music, great all around! Would be great if we could record MP3 files. Not sure if it does it already. Even without the recording, a very well done app!

- Fun

It is a very fun app but it crashes.

- Great Game

Honestly, the age says made for 5 years or younger but personally (me being a teenager) I love to just mess with the music and see how many song combinations I can make and its a great app to just play for fun. Ideas for updates in future would be a. Being able to record songs b. More characters c. And customizable stages (maybe being able to choose how many platforms go where?)

- So fun!!!

The best toca boca

- Good

It was good but you should add more characters

- such a cute game

This is so fun

- Luv it

So many characters to choose from. My favorite is the la la girl. Add some more characters and I will rate 5 star. Luv it and all your other games rock n roll too. By: Kitty gal

- Fun but...

Very fun and entertaining. But here's what it's MISSING... 1. An option to record the music you make. 2. A variety of songs. If you include those two this app is a 5 star for sure.

- Crash

It crashes when you go back and forth on the rain girl.

- Great for kids

Great for kids. Let's them make music from combining different characters together to form a band

- Good App for young kids

Please add more sounds for each character and perhaps options for a music theme (Rock, Pop, Country etc.)

- Kids love this game!

Toca Boca games are the best... Simple, but kids love them. Toca band is so cute and entertaining.

- Very cool

I love this game very entertaining cool

- Fun and educational

My toddler loves the characters and learning how to piece together different sounds. More fun characters please!

- This is a great game

Great game but need more characters

- I have some suggestions

This game is off the charts amazing, although the song that they play gets boring after a while. Maybe you can change the song so that adults can enjoy it, because it sounds like a lullaby. Also, the character that sort of looks like a balloon that makes a squeaky sound bothers me a lot. Please take it away and replace it with a better one. Speaking of that, please add more characters to choose from. And a recording button. Please try to do as much as possible in the next update.

- Awesome!

Love it!

- Awesome

Awesome for toddlers and some older! So cute!

- awesome app!

I love the grand'ma👵💕

- Excellent

This is a great app. Have to get it.

- Awsome

So cool

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Peter St. Jacques

@JayDes888 I know!! It reminds me of the app Toca Boca Band that my daughter used at that age...🤣👍

Toca Band 1.0.8 Screenshots & Images

Toca Band iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Toca Band iphone images
Toca Band iphone images
Toca Band iphone images
Toca Band iphone images
Toca Band iphone images
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Toca Band (Version 1.0.8) Install & Download

The applications Toca Band was published in the category Education on 2012-09-19 and was developed by Toca Boca AB [Developer ID: 419103351]. This application file size is 309.16 MB. Toca Band - Education app posted on 2018-09-11 current version is 1.0.8 and works well on IOS 6.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.tocaboca.tocaband